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Dear reader The April issue is extremely rich. It brings together the main news of the upcoming season almost in its totality. From the content that has been gathered in this issue and in the numerous meetings undergone with the operators in the sector, there is a sure will for change in the air. Craving new things in particular are the companies that produce licensed consumer goods, the licensees, as they act as the pillar of success for a property, whatever it may be. These companies invest in the licenses market, they suffer and enjoy the ups and downs of a brand on a first hand basis, and in these that have to place the first bets in the hands of change. This does not have to be in the reduction of the licenses themselves. Quite the contrary; the license stands still and acts as the instrument that mostly helps to sell a brand’s own products. Here are a few tips for change. First of all, stop with the competition within the same product categories that has now ended up being only a battle of the killer prices, damaging for the actual licensee. Second, diversify and discover the true abundance of brands that are available on the market. Third, be active protagonists and hunt for brands with which a project can be constructed and have an active role with the partner. Fourth, bring the dialogue to three and not two: in every project it is fundamental that the licensee has support from the licensor or company and that retail can count upon both in order to not only place products on the shelves but to create an in-store experience. Therefore, the change is confronted in a positive manner and we invite our readers to read our magazine with this vision in mind and discover, over the next few pages, the brands that are well adapted for development of the next winning project.


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Cover story RAINBOW

A YEAR OF SUCCESSES WITH TV SERIES’ AND CONSUMER PRODUCTS Rainbow, with their innovative television production and articulated licensing strategy, never lose sight of promotion as they continue to be trendsetters. And not only in Italy. Each property in the Rainbow house is a case history of success. For each newcomer, the factory plans a dedicated development strategy and the strategic research partners chosen can always contribute with an added personal touch, exclusive for the success of each individual brand. On the marketing side, an articulated network of initiatives with strategic partners, that often involves licensees, allows them to have more channels of visibility outside of the retail environment. Continued proliferation of content, other than in television, has been thought up specifically for the web and social media, not to mention special events. Amongst the axes used in the development of properties by Rainbow, publishing has a fundamental role to play. The subsidiary Tridimensional creates content development for TV series’: they are ongoing and allow protagonists of the series’ to live outside of the screen,

during the times that Rainbow’s live action show is airing. Looking at foreign interests, the TV series has been launched in Brazil, France, Eastern Europe and Russia; while from the beginning of March it is available on Netflix in the USA, Canada, UK, Italy and to follow, in Brazil and France. The TV series is a winning mix of fashion and music. The latter is always dominant, to the point where the group formed of the protagonists of the live action show, the Moodboards (Maggie, Bianca, Jacques, Quinn and Edu) are set to be in a concert. It is a real live show, that will be held in Rome on May 20th in a top location, home to the biggest events in the capital city, the Auditorium Conciliazione. An event that will make fans sing and dance Maggie & Bianca Live Event providing the bases to ensure long life for each single brand. Rainbow aims to create properties that last over time and become evergreen, above all else. With this in view in only a year three new series’ have been released onto the market, and have gained the attention of both the general public and those in the field. The following is a little more detail about the developments of the new titles in one of the main content factories in Europe.

Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends

Cover Maggie & Bianca Magazine

In Italy, the television production of Maggie & Bianca, the live action series produced by Rainbow and in co-production with Rai Fiction, is extremely positive, to the point where Rai Gulp, the Italian channel for children between the ages of 6 and 10 years old, has become the most followed


App Selfie Skicker by Melazeta

Cover story selfies with stickers, backgrounds, effects and icons that are inspired by the elements that are central to the TV series. It is available through the App Store and Google Play and is linked to the Simba app, Selfie Sticker. To sum up, the important collaboration with Simba Dicke Group, boasts new products such as a lookbook that is enriched with stickers and activities, original headphones and smartphone makeup. Finally, on the marketing plan, there are in development several events and initiatives to consolidate the brand awareness.

Look Book Maggie & Bianca by Simba along to the most emotional and involving songs of the series, with outstanding choreography. Following the trail of music, before the live show the album is set to be on sale from 31st March with Sony Music Entertainment Italy. The CD Come le Star, will be a “best of” album from the first and second series’ of Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends, interpreted by the Moodboards, the band composed of the protagonists of the live action tv series: Maggie (played by Emanuela Rei), Bianca (played by Giorgia Boni), Jacques (played by Sergio Ruggeri), Quinn (played by Luca Murphy Saviozzi) and Edu (played by Sergio Melone). On the publishing side, the Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends magazine came out in February, edited by Tridimensional.

Headphones Maggie & Bianca by Simba

The magazine contains many fun tidbits about the protagonists of the live action series, fashion tips, games, tests, posters and a free gift with each issue. The magazine launch has been promoted both on air and on the web. On the books side, Mondadori is proposing new books on the market for the arrival of summer, such as the Fan Book, the official guide to the TV series, a must-have for all fans. The second book is an activity book with stickers, The Creative Book, which contains games and manual activities. As we have already mentioned, the other element that is central to the TV series is fashion, and therefore the clothing collection cannot be missed. In particular, Rainbow has signed a partnership agreement with LOVE FOR DENIM BV for the VINGINO capsule collection. Vingino has a fresh and colorful style that fits the mood of the TV series perfectly. The first collection comes out for the Spring/Summer 2017 season. The entire line is characterized by graphics and icons that are featured in the series such as the motto GO.ZY. and the Fashion Academy logo. Regarding the digital world, always more present in every licensing strategy, there is now an app, Selfie Sticker - Maggie & Bianca, in partnership with Melazeta, who have already launched numerous Winx apps and are also working on apps that are dedicated to Regal Academy. The first Maggie & Bianca app that came out in January, was created to personalize


Regal Academy Magazine Regal Academy The new animated series by Rainbow, of ironic tones and fun to watch, is inspired by the most loved fairy tales of all time. The series is produced in collaboration with Rai Fiction and is on air with Rai YoYo. It is already a success in the US and in Italy not to mention being distributed in over 100 countries over the last 10 months. Also for this property there is a rich licensing programme that is being developed. Starting from toys, Giochi Preziosi comes out with three new versions of dolls that interpret the magic of the fairytale show for young fans, Regal Academy Dancing, Diamond Princess and Fairy Glitter. The magazine of the same name is not to be missed, also published by the group’s publishing house, Tridimensional, available from the beginning of 2017 and supported by a wide tv and web ad campaign. The books are taken care of by Fabbri Editore, who published four more books in March: other than the third novel in the

Cover story RAINBOW

Regal Academy books by Fabbri chain of books that is already available in bookshops, a cartoon activity book, Manual of Spells, and two other activity books with stickers. Tsumanga Studios, a consolidated partner of Rainbow, with 4 app on Winx Club already launched, is planning to launch in April a new app “Regal Academy - Fairy Tale Pop�, based on the fabolous contents of Regal Academy TV series. The app will be available on both Google Play and App Store. Juice Mall is the official licensee for the organized events at the shopping malls, which are interactive shows with the protagonists of the TV series who invite children to enter into the fairy tales world.

Academy Dancing, Diamond Princess by Giochi Preziosi

Regal Academy Fairy Tale Party at Gradara At the beginning of next summer, at Gradara Castle (Italy, Marche Region), Rainbow will have the main Regal consumer event. In fact, between June from 2nd through 4th, in the picturesque castle a large event for families and children is planned. The Gradara Castle is set to transform for 3 days into the magical world of Regal Academy. The themed areas in the main locations of the castle, both indoors and outdoors, will be endowed with Regal Academy motifs; activities inspired by the series; games and interactive performances inspired by main elements and protagonists of the animated cartoon, and live performances. This event at the Gradara Castle is one of the major initiatives of a broader marketing plan, enriched by an integrated communication dedicated to the family target and with a local and international development.

Events Regal Academy by Juice Mall


Cover story RAINBOW wide, the next countries to await the distribution on free TV of the animated series are Russia, Brazil, France, Turkey and many more to follow that will be announced shortly. Regarding toys, the fashion dolls inspired by this new TV series came out at the last fair in Nuremberg. Witty Toys, a company of Rainbow group whom products are distributed by Giochi Preziosi, presented their new collection, with optimum response from the world of retail. According to the NPD group data, the last Winx doll that was launched, the Winx Tynix fairy, in November 2016, was the best doll in terms of sales performance in Italy. The dolls from this new collection include the well awaited Dreamix doll, already familiar to all Winx fans and available in six versions. More news with the electronic doll ActionSpy, with the illuminated body and with an added gadget, a glove similar to that, which was worn by the heroines in the TV series. Publishing is always central in the development of Rainbow properties. Other than the classic magazine, that overtook its 150th issue last September, Edicart are publishing six new books, divided by stories, activity books and games books such as puzzle books. The launch of these products is predicted for the end of Spring. This launch will work alongside the chain of Winx Club books, that will continue to come out regularly and are considered to be a continuous presence on shelves, both in bookshops and at the GDO. In Spring the launch of two new books in this chain is planned.

World Of Winx by Edicart World of Winx The magical world of Winx is always full of news and stays at the top of the Rainbow universe, even with the new productions. The property is now considered a classic, it touches the girl’s target and also speaks to older girls who have grown up with the Winx fairies. A solid brand on the Italian market and abroad, synonym of quality for partners who adhere to the numerous projects that have the most famous fairies in the world as protagonists. In 2016 the new TV series that was co-produced by Rai Fiction in association with Netflix, World of Winx, came out. The series saw

the heroines on new adventures, this time on Earth and searching for young talent, inspiring new graphics and styles for numerous partners of the brand. The last TV series was launched last November on Netflix USA and has been on air with Rai Gulp since January with positive results. Amongst the new characters of the series we find Ace, the presenter of the talent-reality show “WOW!”. In World of Winx the five fairies receive a new power, the Dreamix, that they don’t fully understand the strength of in the beginning, leaving them to discover it through the thirteen episodes. As the programming on Netflix is world-


Winx Dreamix Fairy



gives us some more detailed information.

Showlab kick starts their journey in business licensing aiming at the hottest targets in the industry, preschool and teen, and they pull this off with two specific brands. On the preschool side, the YoYo tv series is on the market, inspired by the Rai tv channel of the same name that aims at preschoolers and is leader in viewing audience. For the teenage target the most popular content of the moment is proposed, the world of YouTubers with Blasteem, a platform full of live events and much more. The following are two interviews to find out more about YoYo and Blasteem, respectively interviewing Guido Bertè, General Manager of Showlab Consumer Products, and Maurizio Valente, Editorial Director of Blasteem.

Airing from the end of March, the animated series for preschoolers, YOYO - composed of 52 episodes of 7 minutes each in 3D animation - is the first project that the licensing division of Showlab are concentrating on. Strong from the great awareness of the RAI channel of the same name, the series met great interest from the very beginning with players in all merchandise categories. Guido Bertè


LM. Can you tell us more about the series? GB. The series, produced by Showlab in coproduction with RAI, the Belgian company Grid Animation and the Irish Telegael, was created in collaboration with the great Ugo Nespolo, famous Italian exhibitor of international Pop Art, who is working with 3D animation for the very first time while putting all of his joyous chromatic energy into the project. The protagonists of the series are two twins of 7 years of age with very different personalities: the shy and prudent YO, who reflects before acting and the expansive and impulsive YO who acts before thinking. Two Heads are better than One: this is the motto of

News merchandise categories that are related to the target. Moreover, we have verified, with great pleasure, that there is proven interest amongst companies that are not usually close to licensing.

each episode as we see YO and YO involved in particular situations that can be resolved only when empathy kicks in between the twins; their recurring phrase states “Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Yes, as usual!�. The stories are set in 12 fantasy worlds that have been created by Ugo Nespolo, in which the protagonists adventure together with their trusty friend, Ragoo the dog, who lends a paw throughout the series giving it an unusual edge of comedy for the preschool target. LM. When did the licensing programme

begin? GB. It began in January 2017 when Showlab and Raicom started to develop a specific plan containing the basics for a lengthy licensing programme. After having contacted the main partners for the first time in the two driver categories, Publishing and Toys, the Showlab YOYO Licensing Day became the key event in which the beginning of the license sales began. Some agreements are currently in the advanced stages of negotiation in the Recurrences, BTS and Clothing along with other negotiations covering all of the


LM. Are you already thinking of international development? GB. The safe success of the YOYO series on the RAI channel has allowed our television distributor to activate concrete decisions with the main international broadcasters from the start. Starting for Southern Europe - Spain, Portugal, France and Greece -, where the series has already been presented for the past few months, we are adding the finishing touches to the first company agreements to set up the initial licensing negotiations, focussing on the same driver categories as Italy. It is our intention to replicate the day dedicated to the presentation of the finished property in these countries, in order to create a dedicated licensing programme with our agents, supporting this with a series of marketing activities along with communication in the most authoritative magazine publications in the sector. After this development phase, following the positioning of the TV series, Showlab intends to continue development in other company agreements, covering the entire European territory, from the Emirates to Russia and CIS.


Matt & Bise

BLASTEEM: THE FUTURE IS ONLINE Blasteem is the first Italian Content Factory, created by Showlab with participation from Mediaset, entirely dedicated to the most followed webstars in Italy. Renowned as the “Italian YouTube…”, Blasteem is an online portal for premium content created by the main Creators in the world of Social Networks. LM. Maurizio Valente, as editorial director, could you tell us what The Home of the Creators is, exactly? MV. Blasteem is not only a destination, but also a real physical space: a structure of 1.600 square metres with rooms, recording studios, game-play areas and a

basketball court, situated in Milan. Here, the creators can meet and converse, plan new ideas, make new connections, not to mention have technical and professional support in the creation of their videos. Last but not least they can meet their fans face to face. LM. How many creators have already experienced the Blasteem life? MV. We have already collaborated with over 60 webstars who together make up over 20 million fans. To mention a few names that are well known by the public: Matt & Bise, iPantellas, Dexter, Illuminati, Leonardo Decarli. LM. Blasteem is not only a moment of sharing between Creators, but is also


live. What can you tell us about this? MV. On 5th December 2016, at the Blasteem headquarters in Milan, the 4th live event edition took place, where awards were given after the web votes took place, in particular for YouTubers but also for faces of the music and entertainment industries that are well known on social media. The Web Show Awards takes place every year in December. The first edition was held in Naples in 2013 and was presented by Jacopo Marini and Frank Matano. The second edition was held in 2014 at the Bologna Motor Show and was presented by Alessandro Cattelan. The third edition was held in Rome in 2015 at Webland. The event has involved the main Italian cities to date. LM. Who exactly does Blasteem target? MV. The content on Blasteem is really close to the new Millennials as it is part of their nature, and for the last Generation Z. The videos are mainly by youngsters between the ages of 13 and 24 years. The youngest of these categories tend to prefer using smartphones as daily technical support. Creators, Influencers, Bloggers, Youtubers… these are all of the characters that are not too clear and comprehensible for many parents, who even being “connected”, are not always perfectly happy when their children are “online”. Though they may be the fountain of inspiration, the management of social media and web content is very difficult and complex in its “spontaneous” nature. On the other hand, however, even if Millennials and the Generation Z are attracted to the brand, they still can’t really identify with it. They want to be identified and they are concentrating on self-branding. This

News evolution of new creators and new trends. For example, the gaming brands. As organizers of the main event in the sector, we declare that 2017 will be the year zero in Italian programming. Blasteem has chosen the Overwatch team, the strongest on Italian territory and winner of Games Week 2016, who will train and compete in the Blasteem Factory, in an area that is super-technological and always online, completely dedicated to programming. In this way we gain new content and protagonists of the world of the web and social media.

is where the profiling of YouTubers and Creators is born. The aggregation criteria and interest amongst people of these two generations pass through the sharing of themes and ideas in a space that is temporary and restricted. YouTubers are often phenomenons that last for a limited time and are replaced straight away. The motto of these generations is: “If you have to say something, say it. If that which you are saying is interesting, I’ll follow you”. So, it isn’t a case of totality but of champions in specific arguments, being able to influence and create real behavioural role models. LM. What is the relationship between Blasteem and other brands like? MV. It is an ever evolving relationship.

For example, for the first time in web history, the Italian comic pair Matt & Bise are taking over the role of the Nesquik rabbit for the launch of EXTRA CHOCO. This operation was born of the request by the brand to get closer to the new Millennials with the Nesquik EXTRA CHOCO product. Blasteem created an online pathway with content, both in entertainment and education, arriving onto the shelves in the supermarkets. This is an example of the interaction that we are facing with other brands and I’d say we are just at the beginning. LM. Do you scout for new content? BM. Blasteem acts as a translator between the worlds of youngsters and adults, and we are always aware of the birth and


“Blasteem is the only known aggregator and bearer of positive messages inside this world. The goal is to help young talents to express themselves with the most correct formality, placing them in conditions to create freely, in a context that works in their favour”. Maurizio Valente, Editorial Director of Blasteem


A NEW ITALIAN RENAISSANCE TODAY SMILEY IS ENJOYING A TREMENDOUS RENAISSANCE IN THE ITALIAN MARKET, WITH 68 LICENSEES SELLING INTO ITALY ACROSS 13 CATEGORIES, REPRESENTING A 50% INCREASE IN LICENSEES SINCE 2014 AND A 71% GROWTH IN REVENUE DURING THAT SAME PERIOD. THE COMPLETE FASHION LIFESTYLE Smiley is seen as a complete lifestyle fashion brand in the Italian market, enjoying amazing brand collaborations in the last 12 months with some of the biggest names in Italian fashion including; Fendi, Moschino, Moncler, Happiness, Joshua Sanders, Jimi Roos, Le Pandorine, Palm Angels and Giuseppe Zanotti, as well as exciting DTR’s and retail partnerships with Brekka, OVS and Prenatal, as well as licensing partnerships with Sabor and Sicem, that once again prove Smiley is an all-encompassing brand that is able to take the Smile from the catwalk to the boardwalk.

the world’s happiest brand in Italy, with the launch of a host of new categories and licensees cross the full mix. This includes children’s books from Edicart boosting publishing, whilst Zaini will launch Smiley Candy and a Surprise Range of chocolate eggs and other candies packed with Smiley surprises. This will add to the brands growing food roster in Italy that already includes Witors and Dalla Costa. Existing partnership in back to school with Franco Cosimo Panini will be complimented by ever expanding gift and toy partnerships

Smiley Sweets by Witors

RECORD BREAKING 2017 2017 looks to be another stellar year for

Smiley books by Edicart

Smiley by Moschino

brand collaborations with Palladium, retail partnerships with Zara, Pull and Bear and Calire’s and extremely successful licensing partnerships with Giraudi (Food), Nici (gifts and plush) and Simba (Toys).

with Creativemente, Rocuccio, Marpimar and finally Multiprint, who have launched stamps and scrapbooking sets that are being well received by Italian retailers nationwide. These new licensees will boost Smiley’s growing business with existing retail listings at Coop, Auchan, Piazza Italia, Carrefour and Esselunga. Finally Smiley also has a number of extremely prestigious and volume driving accounts that are selling very successfully into the Italian market including fashion 20

CELEBRATING A GAME CHANGING MOMENT 2017 marks the 20th anniversary since Smiley CEO, Nicolas Loufrani created the world’s first digital smileys, since then they have since gone on to revolutionise communication and become a major consumer phenomenon used by billions of people globally every day. In the 20 years since, these Smileys have been featured on 10’s of thousands of products created by more than 800 licensees, generating over $1 billion in retail sales and helped to turn The Smiley Company into the lifestyle brand of choice for the digital generation.

Stamps by Multiprint


Turner: upcoming news not to be missed! The following are the top major titles for the upcoming season. THE POWERPUFF GIRLS: the new girl’s icons Last April, Cartoon Network launched the new series The PowerpuffGirls (40 x 11’) worldwide, obtaining great success. The popularity of The PowerpuffGirls is growing throughout the whole EMEA area, with 38 million people having tuned in for the launch.

THE RETURN OF BEN 10 BEN 10 is one of the most followed and loved series’ for teenagers and is also one of the franchises that has enjoyed the most success on a global scale with Cartoon Network, with more than 4.5 billion dollars in retail sales mostly in toys and interactive games. 2017 is the year of the launch for many consumer products for the new BEN 10. Landed in autumn of 2016 on Cartoon Network, the show is set to air with Boing for the upcoming back to school season. For the new series of BEN 10, Turner have signed an agreement with Playmates

Toys for the quality global Master Toy partner, while Giochi Preziosi is set to be the official distributor of Playmates toys throughout Europe. Products will hit stores in September 2017 and the launch will be supported by a strong marketing campaign. As Ilaria Rossi, Director of Licensing, Italy at Turner and Head of L&M, Boing Spa, explains: “The new BEN 10 has been eagerly awaited and, last February, in Nuremberg the Consumer Products launch took place with the presence of over 300 licensees and journalists. All of the main partners in the Italian panorama, and also throughout Europe, have joined us and we have been honored to work with the largest companies to date for this re-launch. Other than the toy launch that is expected in September, willing the series to become a classic, the launches by the next licensees are to be distributed over a longer time span that will also cover 2018”. 22

In Italy, the series was launched in Spring 2016 on Cartoon Network, where it became one of the channel’s Top Shows for 2017 straight away, becoming free to air, in exclusive with Boing gaining optimum results. The PowerpuffGirls, as


a matter of fact, gained 6.8% of shares for the kid’s target on Boing, making it the most watched show in prime time amongst all children’s channels. Turner has signed a Global Master Toy agreement with Spin Master, who foresees the launch of the toy line, on shelves with the largest retailers and toy stores from April 2017. With this important announcement and with the Spring/Summer 2016 capsule collection by Jeremy Scott for Moschino, many important licensing agreements have been revealed for 2017. Amongst these: the girl’s clothing line by Original Marines, the savory snacks by San Carlo, Easter with Preziosi Food, back to school with Giochi Preziosi, the sticker album and magazine by Panini, the girl’s clothing line by Sicem for OVs, personal care with So.di.co, the cell phone cases by Cover Store and the young adult clothing and accessory lines by Bioworld. The PowerpuffGirls are also a global brand of strong interest for numerous partners in clothing and fashion across the world. The two London fashion designers Fyodor Golan are also interested, shown in their

last spectacular fashion show at London Fashion Week, where they presented their original collection that was inspired by #girlpower: The PowerpuffGirls. Lolly, Dolly and Molly are also the protagonists

AW 2017-18 Collection by Fyodor Golan of the new Autumn/Winter 2017 collection of the two designers, thought up for the woman of today. The collection is composed of 15 pieces and is made up of a wide assortment that is created for women of strong personality, with a “minime” collection for little girls. The Autumn/ Winter 2017 line is set to be on sale from July in selected department stores and boutiques across the world. Regarding this fashion phenomenon, Ilaria Rossi explains that the development in this direction “allows the brand to be seen as iconic, and not only in the characters, but also in the development of their values”. 23

News TURNER Keeping an eye on the little girl’s lines, she stated that “in the original target, we are continuing to register great following by way of television and consumer products”. ROBOCAR POLI: the new preschool property Robocar Poli is the new show dedicated to the preschool target, on air with Cartoonito and in acquisition with Boing for the exclusive development of licensing in Italy. The show’s protagonist is ROBOCAR, an emergency service team of cars that each match their personality: Poli, leader of the group and police car with a strong sense of duty; Roy, a courageous firetruck, fair, trustworthy and always available; Amber, a wise and kind ambulance, and last but not least, Helly, witty helicopter with a

spirit for adventure. During each lifesaving mission of the ROBOCAR team, children will learn the rules of daily life to stay safe and the importance of helping others. “ROBOCAR is a strategic property for us in the Italian market under the preschool target”, explains Ilaria Rossi. “On 2nd March we organized an event dedicated to licensees, present was the licensor Roi Visual with the contribution of the retailer Rocco Giocattoli and the Master Toy Partner Silverlit. The response was really quite interesting for the companies that were present”.


CARTOONITO founded in August of 2011 by the joint venture between RTI Mediaset and Turner. The free thematic channel is available on digital terrestrial, aimed at children of a preschool age, with 24 hours of daily age appropriate programming. Taking children by the hand and guiding them through the programming of the channel are the Cartoonitos, six fun characters that introduce each program as it is aired.

BOING TV born in November 2004 of the joint-venture between RTI Mediaset and Turner. The first free children’s channel on Digital Terrestrial TV. The Animadz, that are the testimonials of Boing - Bo, Bono, Dino, Maissa, Katrina and Otto integrated they make up of the brand and are real valuable assets of Boing. The channel offers high quality general viewing 24 hours a day of cartoons, films, series’ and original Italian productions.

CARTOON NETWORK is a Turner channel and is present in 194 countries across the world, in over 376 million cases and speaking 26 languages. In Italy it reaches 2.9 million families that are subscribed to SKY pay-tv platform. The channel offers its audience quality 24

entertainment from Cartoon Network Originals such as Ben 10, The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time, The Regular Show, Courage the Cowardly Dog, not to mention prestigious international acquisitions.

BOOMERANG is a Turner channel present in the SKY pay-tv platform Kids Package and reaches over 3 million subscribed families. Destined for cartoon fans of all ages and for parent-child TV sharing time, Boomerang shows great series’ such as Be Cool ScoobyDoo!, Bugs!, Tom & Jerry Show, Inspector Gadget, Bunnicula, L’apprendista Cavaliere, The Jungle Book and the best of the slapstick comedies, such as Cracké, The Happos Family, Grizzy and the Lemmings, Oddbods and many more.


Atlantyca’s first 10 years With their solid background, a company rich with content and developing projects for the near future From Geronimo Stilton to BAT PAT In 2017, Atlantyca Entertainment is 10. This is an important landmark, the perfect time to weigh up what has been achieved until now and to plan out the licensing strategy for the years to come. In 10 years, the company has grown, expanding their business across the world and to many different sectors. In these years of growth, Atlantyca has coincided with the one of Geronimo Stilton brand: an expansion that has passed through publishing content, animation, web & digital, live, amusement, promotions and naturally, licensing. The Geronimo Stilton numbers are notable: 400 published titles, 48 editorial languages, 140 milions copies of books sold world-wide and 150 territories showing the TV series, website in 19 languages, 70 live events a year, 7 musicals and 2 theme parks, global licensing program and promotions.

Thinking about the upcoming goals, Marco Piccinini, Licensing Manager of Atlantyca told us that “the greatest goal that Atlantyca has taken on for the year of the tenth anniversary has been that of identifying, inside of the enormous patrimony of stories and content created over the years in publishing, a brand with


the same capacity to adapt Geronimo Stilton in a transmedia manner. The brand needs to follow the same steps and yet continue to grow, month after month, in the world of entertainment, developing the same numbers that have been enjoyed�. A challenge, according to Marco, that has already begun, just in time for the

News tenth anniversary, with BAT PAT. One of the main acknowledgements that the content factory has earned in the recent past has definitely been the block of Atlantyca branded programming: every morning, in the preschool time slot, one of the most followed times by children and the most requested time to launch new TV series’, RAI GULP shows almost an entire hour of Atlantyca productions. The slot is composed of two BAT PAT episodes, followed by two episodes of Geronimo Stilton, season 3. “As I have already mentioned, we are on the right track”, proceeds Marco Piccini. “Atlantyca has already launched a new winning franchise in BAT PAT, loved by children, shown on RAI Gulp, with Publishing, Licensing, Amusement and Live programs to go alongside the show and are already in the phases of development”. 2017 will surely be full of news and announcements from casa Atlantyca and, amongst these, the presentation at the Bologna Licensing Trade Fair of the new style Guide entitles Geronimo Revolution. The classic style guide that everyone was waiting for. As noted, the main Italian partner of Atlantyca is Mondadori, who publishes 40 books dedicated to Geronimo Stilton each year, with hundreds of thousands of copies sold in Italy alone. As everyone recognizes the publishing success that is Geronimo Stilton, the new style guide has been studied to exactly recreate the elements that have decreed the success of the books. Positive content, Editorials,

Social Expressions and Graphisms (the illustrated words, unmistakable trademark of Geronimo Stilton) are the secret of the success of the books, and they are now to be transferred into style guide licensing, becoming an integral part available to partners in consumer products. As we have already said, from today Atlantyca owns two TV series’ that are aired in Italy and across the world: the great classic of Geronimo Stilton and the

brand new BAT PAT. With this news in mind, in the licensing strategy of the company the developing of a collectable product is intended, or to develop the main characteristics of the product: 3D figures developed by Tema Promotions; a sticker album by Panini that has been launched in Spain; collectable surprises in the new 2017 Easter egg range, developed by Balocco. Even the other BAT PAT licenses, currently in the phases of development, move in this direction: Plush, Promotions, Gifts, Birthday Cards, all based upon the BAT PAT character. Atlantyca, to put their strategy in action, have developed instruments that are adapted to a traditional style guide, with many iconic and fun BAT PAT expressions, character poses of the bat and character poses of the 50 monsters that, episode after episode, make up the world of BAT PAT. To enrich the content side, there is even a spin-off of the style guide entitled The Secret Life of BAT PAT, where all of the fun costumes that BAT PAT wears in each episode are immortalized; these are also available for licensees.


News ATLANTYCA Marco confirms that “there are 50 monsters, 50 outfits and dozens of poses and expressions. In one word: collectables”. Publishing and digital according to Atlantyca The publishing success of Geronimo Stilton is known to all, translated in 48 languages with editors such as Scholastic, Planeta, Albin Michel and and 140 milions books sold all over the world. The Geronimo Stilton publishing programme was enriched with the Panini magazine launch this year, and licensing agreements have been developed with PIEMME, that offers little fans something new: the stories in comic strip form. The apple of the eye for the publishing side of Geronimo Stilton is the Japanese edition. Each book is a work of art, based on the local adaptation of stories to laugh by Geronimo Stilton, to read obviously from left to right with ad hoc illustrations that interpret the character in perfect Japanese style. BAT PAT follows in the footsteps of Geronimo Stilton and already has the publication by Mondadori on the Italian market, Random House in Spain and

THE BAT PAT ID CARD The singed hero who helps monsters in need! Target M+F 5 -9 years Genre: Creepy Sitcom Format: 52 x 11’

Pelckmans (Van Halewyck) in Benelux. With 13 countries that already air the series on television, it is legitimate to await a very rich publishing program on an international level. In the publishing environment, the successes of Atlantyca are continuing. Mondadori is set to launch the Mermaids of Make books, supporting the Live Action series that is dedicated to girls between 7 and 10 years of age, shown on Disney Channel and Rai Gulp. The books are developed by Mondadori and are set for launch at the BTS 2017 event.

Synopsis: Bat Pat is a talking bat who lives with the Silver family in Fogville, a town on the beach where supernatural creatures seem to find themselves at home. Every adventure shows a different creature as protagonist, who bursts into town life causing trouble. Together with Bat Pat, the Silver siblings, Martin, Rebecca and Leo manage to help toothless vampires, cowardly ghosts and many more.

Added value to the TV series - Humor: Bat Pat is a fun hero - Thrilling: mystery and fear are key ingredients - Adventure: The Silver siblings - No discrimination: the monsters are accepted though they are different The series has already been sold in 13 territories, including Italy (RAI), Spain (TVE) Belgium (VRT), Nordic (SVT and LRT) and Middle East (MBC3)



THE MATTEL NEWS IN BOLOGNA Victoria Licensing & Marketing, Mattel consultant for Consumer Products in Italy, returns to BLTF 2017, where the portfolio of the Mattel brands is present, in their strong development, both in the area of consumer products and in publishing. The brands to look out for are Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher Price, Thomas and Friends, Fireman Sam and Bob The Builder, with particular focus on Barbie and Fireman Sam. MATTEL AND THEIR MISSION: INSPIRING THE WONDER OF CHILDHOOD In 2017 Mattel presented themselves on the market with a new mission: “Inspiring the world of childhood”. Mattel’s focus for 2017 is on “nurturing” the imagination of children, because helping children to live out their childhood also helps them to grow in the best possible way. The

main objective is to involve children and parents alike with the Mattel brand, incrementing the points of contact with prospective consumers. BARBIE: THE 2017 COMMUNICATION CAMPAIGN WITH FOCUS ON FATHERS In 2016 the Barbie brand was supported by the campaign “With Barbie you can be anything”, putting the focus on the cultivation of the incredible potential that

working alongside important licensing projects, through the offer of products that reflect the latest trends and news for girls. Amongst these, Easter with the Barbie Ferrero Big Surprise Kinder Egg, not to mention the partnership with sun City and Fly in the Barbie clothing department with new collaborations involving leader companies in clothing retail.

is within every child. This communication is continuing through to 2017, with mum and dad as targets of a new ad campaign. A fine example is the commercial that has been launched in February, putting the focus on dad. The new advertisement shows real life dads as they play with Barbie together with their little girls and shows how Barbie inspires the imagination of children, through dad’s eyes. PR events that are linked to this campaign are 29

SAFER AT SCHOOL WITH FIREMAN SAM! For Fireman Sam the partnership continues with Giochi Preziosi, distributing new vehicles and playsets in Italy, all created by Simba. The licensing plan is enriched with brand new categories thanks to collaborations with Ravensburger, Zaini and Admiranda. To support the property, an important edutainment project has been launched that is dedicated to schools, Safer with Sam, involving children in the main rules in risk prevention in daily life. The project is also online on the website of the Scuola Channel with a rich menu of instruments that are fun and educational: a strategy based on learning through play, aimed to mature the capacities within the safety and responsibility themes.


Mondo TV announces first licenses for Robot Trains Following last year’s agreement between Mondo TV and Korean content and marketing company, CJ E&M, for the new action adventure show Robot Trains, the first two licences have been announced. They are with Italian food company, Preziosi Food, and Grani & Partners of Preziosi Group, whose diverse portfolio includes licensing and product development. Preziosi Food will provide a variety of food items, both savoury and sweet. They include Easter eggs, surprise eggs and spreadable cream. The agreement will run for two years from 1st January 2018 and it will cover all Italian territories. The agreement with Grani & Partners, starting from the same period and covering the same territories, is for the distribution of collectible Robot Trains products on newsstands. The two agreements represent an encouraging start for Mondo TV’s licensing campaign for Robot Trains, a new 32x11’ HD CGI series aimed at children aged between 4 distributor in Turkey, the Middle East and Africa, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Israel and the licensing agent in the Middle East, Portugal, Spain, and Italy. CJ E&M and Mondo TV plan further collaborations in the future.

and 7 years. The series is set in Train World, whose sole inhabitants are trains, but five of them are different: they have the ability to transform themselves into robots! The new show features the exciting adventures of the five Robot Trains - Kay, Alf, Duck, Selly and Victor. Two years in planning and production, with a total investment of over $10 million in both production costs and

merchandise development, Robot Trains brings together quality animation and dynamic action in the first major project from CJ E&M’s animation division, which aims to become a leading player in the Korean animation development business. The division was launched by a content and marketing company, which has been one of the largest in South Koreaì in 2015. For the first season of Robot Trains, Mondo TV is to be the TV show’s 30

The launch of the series will be supported by a major licensing program; starting with the Master Toy Partner Silverlit, based in Hong Kong and distributed in Italy by Rocco Giocattoli, who has confirmed a great commitment to this project, making large investments in marketing and product’s promotion with tv campaigns. Matteo Corradi, CEO of Mondo TV, said: “We are delighted to welcome these major players on board for this exciting new property. This is a very promising start for an important new era in Mondo TV’s distribution business.”


European overview of Xilam brands

Marie-Laure Marchand Xilam, the award-winning animation production company, has had a year of success for its evergreen brand Oggy and the Cockroaches. With high worldwide viewing ratings and exciting new licensing activity, the brand continues to grow into 2017 with season 5 which is due to air with key broadcasters such as K2/Frisbee in Italy, Gulli/Canal J in France, Cartoon Network Asia, Latin America and Africa during the peak back to school period, followed by seasons 6 and 7. After almost 20 years of success, this spectacular addition of 234 new episodes will project

the brand in the next 15 years, as it will keep entertaining the children and their parents with them. To support the new series, licensees will have a brand-new style guide addendum to work with, which allows new designs, styling and will lead to fun and broader international consumer products offering. Marie-Laure Marchand, Senior Vice President of Global Licensing at Xilam says: “The outstanding new seasons to come along with our strong broadcast partner across the globe will certainly set the ground of an exciting time for our licensing partners.”


On licensingmagazine.com you can read the full article on Xilam, including also the interview with Marie-Laure Marchand.

Xilam is continuing to see the growth and success of its comedy children’s property Zig and Sharko, with outstanding viewer ratings on leading broadcast platforms worldwide. Gulli in France has seen it become one of the highest rated series on the channel. It was also rated the top show during BTS 15 (source Gulli PR 2015/16) as well as being one of the most viewed shows on Gulli Replay with 14.1 million views. In Germany, Super RTL has broadcast Zig and Sharko daily in primetime slots since January 2016 and season two has achieved up to 40% market share of children aged 3-14 years (source Eurodata TV). Italy’s K2 kids network ranks Zig and Sharko season two as the top performing show among children 4-14 (source Eurodata TV). Meanwhile in South East Asia the series, which broadcasts on Disney Channel, is also reaping rewards and leading the way with strong ratings amongst 5-14 year olds’ (source AGB Nielsen). The new pre-school animated comedy series, Paprika, has been commissioned by France Télévisions which will launch in November on FR5 followed by Disney junior (EMEA) in Spring 18. The bright and colourful series is currently in production at Xilam’s own studios in Paris and Lyon and will consist of 78x7’ episodes.


Interview with Maria Giovanna Gurrieri, General Manager of Southern Europe, CPLG Goals, challenges, bets, experience. These are some of the keywords that pave the way for CPLG in Italy to follow the vision of Maria Giovanna Gurrieri under the licensing theme.

Maria Giovanna Gurrieri LM. What have been the results over the last year and are there any new goals? MGG. CPLG is going very well on a global scale, having registered the best group performance in 2016 since the founding of the company. We are a strong partner in each territory for the management of strategic brands on an international level and at the same time we are credible local interlocutors. The next goal is to continue the territorial expansion in South America, thanks to the partnership just announced with Tycoon, and in the Far East, to strengthen our glocal strategy, that is global in the acquisitions and in the consistence of the method and approach, and local in the development and in further acquisitions.

entertainment and many international groups have chosen to manage properties directly on the market. The silver lining of this mutation of the system is that CPLG has intensified the brand licensing activity, the scouting of brands from the independent production world and have valued the content coming from DHX Media - the group that CPLG is a part of, known as one of the largest companies for children’s products - all the more. We have constructs our new portfolio to give each target a structured offer, and the Bologna Licensing Trade Fair will be the first opportunity for presenting the new acquisitions to the market. LM. Moving on to the news. CPLG has never had such a rich portfolio. Let’s

LM. What role does CPLG have today as an independent agency? MGG. Over the past few years there has been an enormous proliferation of properties across the world of 32

start to look at preschool. MGG. For entertainment licensing, let’s start with the girls preschool show, Rainbow Ruby, from the Korean animation studios CJ Animation, creators of SuperWings. The TV series is on air with Frisbee, dedicated to girls from 3 to 5 years of age, promotes important values celebrated by the partnership with UNESCO, such as the message that little girls can dream of a career in any field they wish, going beyond stereotypes. To follow, the colorful TV series entitled Hey Duggee, produced by BBC Worldwide and on air every day on Cartoonito, telling the stories of the adventures of the Wolf Club, a scout organization made up of a team of funny baby animals. The Italian publisher Coccinella has recently bought



the rights for the book from Penguin Group, master publisher of the property. Last but not least we have Oddbods that is aimed at a family target. It is a viral TV series, gag slapstick in style and is aired on Cartoonito with teasers on Boing. LM. Amongst the preschool shows, a classic is the TV series “Teletubbies”. In 2017 the Teletubbies celebrate their 20 years. After the record launch on CBeebies in the UK, the new series is conquering all of Europe, with a new look, new gadgets and brand new characters to renew the success of 1997. The Teletubbies are still protagonists of a unique series in their genre, a television product that is insuperable for the attention to detail and care that the experts of the sector have put into the construction of content and visuals of the show. Never has a product been seen as this safe by mothers of tiny children as with the Teletubbies. The repetition and the slow rhythm that characterize the series, allow children to comprehend and feel close to the characters. It is

without a doubt the preschool property of excellence. LM. Passing onto the kids target, first of all Yokai Watch... MGG. Yokai Watch is a phenomenon that is in a phase of exponential growth! It is our top property for the boys target that is set to be aired from April on Cartoon Network with the new series, and to

follow, with Boing. For 2017, other than the new Nintendo videogame and Hasbro toy line, a film for the big screen is also on its way! All of the brand’s partners are working in harmony and cross category, thanks to a careful planning from the licensor that is reflected in the positive flow of the sales of products. On the publishing side, after the launch by Fabbri Editore at Christmas with the first activity and novel titles, 2017 is the year for an important publishing plan with Panini, through a manga, the official magazine and the sticker album. 33

HEY DUGGEE Target: PRESCHOOL Synopsis: Duggee is a dog leader in the Wolf Club. In each episode, Duggee brings together the little “wolves” and, with a patient air about him, proposes the activities that will in turn take them to the discovery of fun activities with the goal of conquering the challenge of each activity with pride to then return home. Added Value: A BBC branded production, synonym of excellence, and the plot, adventure and comic that encourages children to resolve their problems with a positive approach.

TELETUBBIES Target: PRESCHOOL Synopsis: Known all over the world, Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po are the protagonists of the new TV series produced by DHX, on air every day with Rai Yoyo. The new official YouTube channel has over 100 million viewers. Added Value: Other than fun, the Teletubbies have an educational job to do that favors personal, social, emotional and physical development of children. It is the preschool show of excellence.

News CPLG LM. Rumors are flying that there may be another important piece of news from the VIZ MEDIA world… MGG. We are proud to enrich the proposals for the older kids target with the well followed TV series Doraemon, a character that has had a very important history internationally, becoming one of the testimonials for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The acquisition of Doraemon consolidates a relationship with an important international player, VIZ MEDIA Europe. In Italy, the television performance and the level of enjoyment

of Doraemon is very high, even if this has not yet been translated into a licensing phenomenon… but we have accepted the challenge! We begin with a Focus Group that will see children and their mothers as protagonists throughout Italy, and the inquiry of enjoyment of the TV series and the target receives will mirror in the

retail success of products inspired by the property. LM. Any news for the girls target? MGG. The titles that are well worth mentioning are Love Divina, Hatchimals and Num Noms. Love Divina is the TV return of the protagonist of Patito Feo, Laura Esquivel. For us, this is the first experience with a live-action show of a teen target and we maintain that the assumptions regarding Love Divina are responding to a request from the market that is precisely for this target. The TV series (60x45’) makes its Italian debut in June on Super! TV channel and it is already taking advantage of an important publishing agreement with SEM Edizioni of Riccardo Cavallero. Also the Spin Master property Hatchimals is a pedigree to envy, inspired by the world of the most innovative toys and is on the wish-list of the year - this is a product that became un-findable and rare from the get-go. The toy phenomenon is to be developed into the world of collectibles and is undergoing an important licensing program. Num Noms is a property that comes from MGA. It was created as a collectible toy and in the UK it has already enjoyed much interest. The idea has a high level of potential for its fresh and original touch. The Italian distributor is Giochi Preziosi for the toy line that is already on shelves and in newsstands. Supporting the property there is a series of web episodes on the dedicated YouTube channel. LM. Passing over to brands, a new focus of CPLG that is already rich with news. MGG. We have a brand portfolio that is made up of characters from the

RAINBOW RUBY Target: PRESCHOOL GIRLS Synopsis: The series tells the story of Ruby’s magic trip with her well loved bear Choco, towards the Rainbow Village, a fantastic and colorful world where her toys come to life. Added Value: The TV series is advantaged in its partnership with UNESCO to promote the rights to female instruction.

HATCHIMALS Target: GIRLS Synopsis: From the genius that is Spin Master, the Hatchimals are magic interactive creatures inside a robot egg that hatch with the care of children. Added Value: It is a magic and wonderful experience of play based upon the link with affection: inside of the egg, there is a Hatchimals chick to love and pet. Record sales for the toy at last Christmas.

The point of strength known to CPLG Italy is being part of an important international group, but at the same time having a local team that is strong and with an important background!



entertainment world with a lifestyle edge such as Pink Panther, Miffy and Felix, not to mention historical brands of our custom, such as Love Therapy, by the genius of Elio Fiorucci. Floria Fiorucci, sister of the stylist, decided to entrust CPLG with the international re-launch of the brand. It is a fine example of a brand that is Made in Italy and bought by a local office of CPLG. The idea was then shared with the entire group for the important job of internationalization and commercial use. Italy will begin with a master apparel partner, while on an international level, DTR are set to manage it. We are mainly approaching the industry for partnerships and strategic co-branding. Selling to the properties that are becoming lifestyle icons, with Pink Panther I can cite the last of a series of prestigious collaborations, that with Pitti Immagine Bimbo, event through which five prestigious kid’s clothing houses (Monnalisa, Minisol, Twinset, Ermanno

Scervino and N21) created and exhibited capsule collections inspired by Pink Panther. The collections will be in the respective mono brands and in the main

LOVE DIVINA Target: TEENS Synopsis: The protagonist of Patito Feo, Laura Esquivel, returns to the TV screen with a new show for kids, Love Divina, that tells the story of the adventures of a girl who dreams of becoming a singer. A multi-platform choral novela (app, website and SVOD) on air on free TV from June with Super!. Added Value: Fun, music and drama in perfect quantities, mixed by producers in the front row such as Televisa (Patito Feo) and Polka (Violetta)


PINK PANTHER A thin vein of irreverence mixed knowingly with a sophisticated style and glamour make the Pink Panther a timeless icon. Protagonist of 8 movies, 2 remakes, 3 TV series’ such as Pink Panther & Pals on Boomerang from 2010. The style of Pink Panther has inspired prestigious collaborations in the world of fashion with companies such as Ice Iceberg, Pinko, Happiness and Zara. The Pink Panther is also protagonist of a licensing programme dedicated to the infant target with the spin off brand Baby Pink Panther. 35

News CPLG department stores from September 2017. Some of the obtained good will go to Oxfam. A special mention also for the collaboration with Ice Iceberg who in these days is on the shelf with a capsule collection Spring/Summer 2017 for girls, inspired by Pink Panther. Miffy will be protagonist of a charity event in the springtime, where 9 Miffy plush toys will go to auction, dressed by the most prestigious fashion houses in Italy and Gufo will save a corner to dedicate to the Dutch icon in their Milan and Rome stores to present the limited edition t-shirts inspired by the character, also sold for charity. The same operation will see Miffy as protagonist in the exclusive department store of Hong Kong, Harvey Nicols. The final mention, but not by order of importance, for Felix, a new entry to the Dreamworks portfolio, already protagonist of the prestigious collaboration with Halo for the adult target, with brands such as

Coach, Diadora and Ducati. LM. A special mention for the brand extension project linked to BBC Earth. What is it about? MGG. BBC EARTH is a brand of BBC WorldWide that has been producing documentary content for the past 60 years for the wide public television audience. A synonym of excellence across the world, BBC EARTH moves the audience closer to the world of science and nature with TV series’, films for television and documentaries (i.e. Life on Earth, Frozen Planet), transmitted in over 150 countries across the world and in Italy with Netflix and general TV. Also a synonym of quality, the BBC Earth programme allows companies to access an important photograph archive for the development of licensed products, also available for a young target, who are really quite sensitive to the themes and content provided in the BBC Earth projects.

LOVE THERAPY The brand created by Elio Fiorucci in 2003 has dressed and given fun to millions of girls and has inspired prestigious collaborations between front line companies such as Fiat 500, Labello, H&M, Oviesse and Perugina.

BBC EARTH BBC EARTH is a BBC WorldWide brand that has been producing documentary content for 60 years, aimed at the wide television audience. Synonym of excellence across the world, BBC EARTH nears the audience to the world of science and nature with TV series’, films and documentaries that are aired in over 150 countries throughout the world.



New Italian Developments for Angry BirdS and Masha and the Bear While with Granarolo Angry Birds become the protagonists of the yoghurt line for young children, at Leolandia the Masha and the Bear live productions are back for little ones. Masha and the Bear, protagonists of Leolandia in 2017 too

and the Bear Live Show that is hitting all of the main Italian cities.

The collaboration continues between Leolandia and Masha and the Bear that, after having been guests of honour in the 2016, they are once again protagonists for the 2017 season. All of the admirers of the little Masha and her friend the Bear can meet the pair in person, have a photo together, assist in the theatrical production and have fun in the dedicated part of the most loved fun park by Italian families.

Angry Birds are the protagonists of the entire Yomino line, products dedicated to little children Maurizio Distefano has signed a new licensing agreement for Rovio with Granarolo to bring the 100% natural Yomo

yoghurts to children, in collaboration with the most loved feathered friends of all time: Red, Chuck and Bomb. All Yomino Angry Birds branded products are already distributed in supermarkets, hypermarkets and through traditional channels. In collaboration with Rovio, Granarolo is also organizing the new Points Collection system to receive one of the fantastic Angry Birds prizes directly to the consumer’s home. For Angry Birds, a vast range of licenses are in constant development that involve leading companies within their sector and in various other merchandise categories such as Back to School, Personal Care, Publishing, Toys, Clothing and Food. Amongst the signed contracts are Academia, Admiranda, Fabbri, Gilmar, Mondo, NestlÊ, Perletti, Ravensburger, Walcor and Warm Up Industry.

Leolandia, with its 6 themed areas, 40 attractions for all ages, a rich programme of theatrical productions and scheduled animation, the world of animals and the classic Minitalia, is amongst the largest theme parks of the north-west and is the one enjoying the most expansion. In the last year, it registered a record season with a strong growth of the presence and a specific target of reference: Italian families with small children. Masha became protagonist of this new segment after the exceptional results obtained in all of 2016 with the TV series (that reaches peak audience rates of 6.8% for each episode), the programming of the new spin-off TV series Masha Tales (26 new episodes) and the long theatrical tournament Masha 37


Interview with Nadia Caron Interview with Nadia Caron, SENIOR LICENSING DIRECTOR of VIACOM ITALY, speaking of licensing goals and new group projects.

Nadia Caron LM. How is the balance looking between last year’s and today’s activity? NC. The results are proving very positive and we are proud of them. The level of growth that has being enjoyed is extraordinary thanks to the optimum level of work with our licensees, who we have made agreements with on a cross-category basis. It needs only be said that we are now the 2nd Licensor in Italy! (NPD January data, ndr). The sales from last Christmas gave us great

satisfaction! To cite just a few examples, the fantastic result from Spin Master with the successful NickJr preschool property, Paw Patrol, remains in the top shows in the brand; Christmas for Mattel and Fisher Price with Blaze and the Monster Machines, another NickJr property, was also positive, responding well to our vision. LM. Which are the properties that are working well at this time?


NC. We are always focussing on the development of the pre-school properties that are enjoying fantastic success both from a licensing point of view and that of TV. Our strategy is looking at constructing a Consumer Products project based upon the success of our series’ that are on air with our channels. Beginning with our diamond, Paw Patrol, with cross-category development both for girls and boys, passing along to Blaze that is dedicated more to boys, latest news in the Viacom world is Shimmer & Shine, that speaks to a girl’s audience, on air with NickJr since December 2015 and FTA from October 2016. For this property we are constructing a robust development program in all categories. We are obviously continuing work on our core properties such as Spongebob and Ninja Turtles, that are positioned as evergreens in the Viacom portfolio. We need only note that Ninja Turtles was still the #3 property in action figures (NPD data) at the end of 2016. LM. What presentations can we look forward to this Spring/Summer? NC. We have many new projects that will nurture our already precious list of


properties. First of all, Rusty Rivets, a preschool series that is aired on NickJr from January 2017. The protagonist, Rusty, a 10 year old inventor and designer, loves technology and mechanics and, together with his dinosaur robot friend, tries out the construction of brand new objects.

This is also a strong and important collaboration with Spin Master. Already in the first places of viewing and enjoyment, the show has all of the characteristics to become another phenomenon. The product launching program is foreseen for 2018. The second newcomer is Nella the Princess Knight, the first princess that enters into the world of Viacom: contemporary and valorous, a little girl of 8 years of age who loves princess dresses, singing, dancing and much more! She is also a budding knight, who lives fantastic adventures with her unicorn Trinket. The series was launched in the USA and is already enjoying surprising results, and in Italy the series is set for release on our pre-school channel, NickJr in June. The consumer product launch will be important in all categories. LM. How is publishing playing a part in the development of properties? NC. The publishing category is strategic in our business. In Italy, we are working with the best part of the best-in-classes in this segment also. Centauria, Panini, Gedis, Edicart and Rizzoli are leaders that have been working with us for a long time, on various properties, and we are constantly programming entries 39

both in newsstands and bookshops, with magazines and sticker albums alike, not to mention collectables and the world that is books. Our country is amongst the first in Europe for growth! Bologna is the most important time of the year, when new developments are confronted and future plans are mapped out. LM. Relationships and developments with retail? NC. The special initiatives that we organized last year alongside our partners (BMW Tour, Paw Patroller Tour, Turtles Tour and many others) allowed us to collaborate with some of the more important realities on the retail scene. We stay in strict contact with the key retailers in order to evaluate our licensing programmes through ad hoc constructed marketing and retail operations.


THE NEW IPs OF VIACOM CONSUMER PRODUCTS Rusty Rivets When there is a job to be done, Rusty Rivets and Robosaurus are on the case: a 10 year old boy and his best friend, a robot dinosaur, are always inventing new constructions and fun objects in the “Rivet Lab”! Rusty is an inventor and designer, a little technological and a little mechanic, encouraging children to use their imagination and to express themselves through construction of new gadgets and instruments. The main goal of the show is to support creativity of children and their will to construct and invent new things, other than transmitting interests towards science, technology and engineering. The new series in on air with NickJr and is aimed at a children’s target of 2 to 5 year olds.

loves glamour, princess dresses, singing and dancing… but she is also a knight in training! She lives out fantastic adventures in the kingdom of Castelheaven with her friends, amongst them, Trinket, her trusty unicorn, and her family. Her heart is full of good: Nella resolves all of her conflicts in the best way possible, using brand new approaches to find solutions. It is the first preschool series that presents a girl as simultaneously feminine and a warrior! Blaze and the mega machines Still enjoying fun and frenetic adventures are Blaze and the Mega Machines! Each episode introduces a new scientific topic, to introduce the basics and assist learning, encouraging children of a preschool age to explore instruments, machines and the materials that can be used to resolve small problems. In 2017 news, the third season is airing on NickJr while the fourth season is in production.

Nella the Princess Knight Nella the Princess Knight is a series full of action, friendship and adventure. A nonconventional heroine who is courageous and beautiful: much more than a princess! Nella is an 8 year old girl, she 40

Shimmer & Shine The Nickelodeon preschool series that aims at girls has become one of the key properties from the get-go, making the Top Ranking list. The second season is already airing on NickJr and the third is foreseen for Autumn 2017. Paw Patrol Paw Patrol, amongst the key properties for preschoolers, is reconfirmed as the Top Show on NickJr and FTA for the 4-7 target age group. In 2017, the show will bring emotion to little ones as the characters enjoy many new adventures and news. From February 2017 the third season is aired on NickJr and at the end of May, the launch of the fourth season

News of 26 episodes will be upon us. From 8th to 14th May 2017, the Pop Up Channel on NickJr+1 will take place, with a special 24 hour programming of the show containing some unseen episodes. Thanks to the new creativity dedicated to the girl’s world, both in Italy and on other European markets, the declination of the property has brought numbers to the category without damaging the classic line. Moreover, during the 17th Edition of the Annual Toy Awards, the Toy Industry Association gave Paw Patrol the “Best Toys and Games of the Year” award not to mention that of “Licensee of the Year” (Spin Master- Master Toy).

THE GREAT CLASSICS Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles One of the most popular properties of all time amongst children, key product on Nickelodeon with a profile that is concentrated on the male target, from 27th February 2017 the latest episodes from the 4th season are on air, where the Turtles leave NYC and find themselves in space. This new season of TMNT brings together all of the key elements that children love: a new world, intergalactic

enemies, new mutants and vehicles. With Back to School 2017, the 5th season will air on NickJr. The property is on air with FTA with episodes repeated on rotation from the various seasons. SpongeBob One of the evergreen properties of Nickelodeon that is well loved by children and adults alike. This year the show surprises with various new fun. For the SpongeBob Gold event during London Fashion Week, through the innovative collaboration with six international designers - Peter Jensen, Bobby Abley, Salar, Maria Francesca Pepe, Suecomma 41

Bonnie and Bad Denim - the SpongeBob Gold collection was born, made up of a line for girls and a line for boys, together with other proposals for footwear, accessories and jewellery. SpongeBob Gold will be available at sales points outside of the United States from May 2017. Supporting this initiative, both the website, digital platforms, social media and programming will see SpongeBob dressed in Gold. During May and June 2017, the international launch will take place on Nickelodeon and Back to School 2017. Episodes from past seasons are currently on air with FTA on a rotation basis and the 10th season is in production.



Sanrio is renowned across the world as the icon of the Kawaii culture and for the success of the Hello Kitty property, which inspires entire generations and is still loved by women of all ages today. New and thrilling collaborations started in 2017: the European fashion weeks were charmed by Hello Kitty as protagonist in partnership with many prestigious designers: from Maria Escoté, Catalan stylist that presented a capsule collection in Madrid, made up of a line of t-shirts and dresses depicting a kidcore and rock Hello Kitty featured by geometric patterns and vibrant colours; to Ryan Lo, stylist of Asian origins, bringing the historical Sanrio archives to the catwalks of London in colourful dresses. In Milan GCDS - the street-wear brand that is loved by celebrities – showed buyers an exclusive preview of its new Fall/ Winter 2017 collection reproducing and re-interpreting its most iconic garments through the Hello Kitty style. However, Sanrio proposes much more: the virtual reality remains strategic to the Japanese company both on the social media side as well as digital and e-tailing. The first cross country influencer

marketing campaign is currently ongoing, that is Hello Kitty Gang: bloggers and influencers from all over Europe, the Middle East and Australia are invited to take part of an exclusive group of Hello Kitty fans, participating to dedicated events and act as spontaneous ambassadors of the brand by wearing a limited edition clothing line. The kick off took place in the UK on the event of Valentine’s Day, boasting of great redemption. On the e-tailing side, the first Hello Kitty European Brand shop on the German Mytoys.de portal was a great success and the launch on Bol. com of a new Brand shop dedicated to the Benelux market has followed. Bol. com is the largest online shop that sells entertainment products and has currently more than 6 million active customers and a brand awareness of 95%. There are more than 1000 products available under the Hello Kitty brand, from toys to books and from personal care to school products. The brand shop will be online throughout 2017 and will be supported by an important marketing campaign.

Maria Escoté x Hello Kitty 42

Maria Escoté x Hello Kitty Collaboration with Digital is fundamental for the development of all Sanrio brands: starting from the historical partnership with Nintendo for the DS console, with screensavers and games to the new 3D animated app Zoobe, that launched at the end of 2016 the GIF Hello Kitty, Gudetama and Chococat stories and Snapchat which brought out multi-character releases starting from Hello Kitty’s birthday celebration on November 1st. Recently, an agreement with Microsoft HoloLens has been signed opening the Actiongram x Hello Kitty programme, which allows the creation and posting of videos where the character comes alive through augmented reality and interacts with the real world. The strategy of diversification in the Sanrio Home is still in process. The Sanrio Characters (My Melody, Little Twin Star, Charmmy


GUDETAMA Sanrio’s laziest character which will charm with its adorable laziness the audience worldwide. Tipically he lies on an eggwhite bed under a bacon blanket. It hates work and is prone to moan. Everyone can empathise with Gudetama as everyone gets lazy like him!

Kitty, Kerokerokeroppi, BadBadtz-Maru, Cinnamoroll, Pompompurin, Chococat, Gudetama and the brand new Aggretsuko) are already taking advantage of important collaborations across the world – above all in Asia and the US - and they are in the process of globalization thanks to consolidated partnerships, one being with McDonald’s. With the aim of further growth on a global scale, the new Hello Sanrio brand is set for its European launch

at the end of 2017. It mixes the main Sanrio characters under one umbrella, in a new-fashioned style and suitable for a teen and young adult target. Sanrio is not only Kawaii: colour and simplicity are the main features of Mr. Men and Little Miss, a brand composed of more than 90 characters who are still amongst the favourites of children across the world, transmitting joy and fun to all generations. Mr. Men and Little Miss have

Ryan Lo x Hello Kitty - Fashion Show, London (UK)

Microsoft Actiongram featuring Hello Kitty AGGRETSUKO Sanrio’s new entry. She is a cute red panda of 25 years old. She works as an office associate in the accounting department of a highly respected trading company in Tokyo and… She loves heavy metal music! She spends 30 minutes of her life every day getting to the office where she is literally overloaded with responsibilities as her bosses give her harsh deadlines. Her appearance is cute, but when she gets pushed to the limit, she goes out after work and takes out her frustration and stress with heavy metal Karaoke sessions!


sold over 250 million books and they are preparing their Asian ascent in 2017 with a publishing expansion plan in China and exclusive titles for every market. Amongst the partners are Royal Mail, Heathrow Airport, Subway, McDonalds, Ohh Deer, Transport for London, Oxfam, Hong Kong Airport, Samsonite and many more!

Digital & Media RAICOM

Interview with Isabella Andreani, Consumer Products and Home Video Manager, RaiCom Amongst the multiple developments and goals of RaiCom, there is that of amplifying and consolidating the already rich portfolio of animation products with the potential for licensing development. LM. Naturally you have selected properties to include in your catalogue. What criteria have you used? IA. First of all, we have balanced the preschool, kids and tween targets, covering an audience between 2 and 13 years of age with our products. Secondly, we selected programmes that are considered key by Rai Ragazzi, fundamental for pushing a property on the market. Obviously we take into account the co-produced series’ at Rai and the standard of quality in connection with the commercial potential.

Isabella Andreani

LM. How much does it count that the choices you have made are Made in Italy, other than for the commercial potential?

LM. The licensing division of RaiCom is driving itself towards animation. Could you tell us more about this choice? IA. RaiCom has always aimed towards animation, and no less with Jungle Book. This is even more justified by Rai being the highest investor in animation in Italy, even comparing to major international projects. Animation is the asset that best carries through our mission of public service, in that it is the cultural expression that is usually dedicated to children. Beyond their educative role, Rai has also managed to spread the public appeal to a much wider audience, with very high viewing rates while maintaining a high standard of quality. 44

IA. I’d speak moreover of Made in Europe, as they are all co-productions that are selected widely on European territory, in that our licensing clients prefer properties that have an international feel to them, also for their own objectives of optimization in the European production and distribution of licensed products. LM. Regarding the selected TV series’, would you be able to tell us something more about the products that are currently being brought to life? IA. We have a very varied portfolio and we are looking at different properties that, even from the target, have a different development and treatment. We are in the beginning phase of this development


in all its complexity and the airing of single TV series’ starts in Spring 2017. One of these programmes will even air from 2018. TV programming helps us in the positioning of the main partners that are to be involved, noting that publishing and toys are the most important drives, for some they are already developed. LM. At the base of your licence development activity, how important is the synergy with Rai Ragazzi?

IA. The synergy with TV channels of Rai Ragazzi is the main element for the creation of a real success in the licensing programme, particularly with Rai Yoyo, which has a strategy of programming that already guarantees extraordinary success for the shows that are aired. One of the latest examples is the programming of Jungle Book. Rai Yoyo is the leader in viewing rates, with a daily average of 1,80% in shares, reaching the levels of general channels in national positions, while the core target of the channel (4-7 years) reaches a daily share of 15% on average. In terms of synergy, we follow the editorial choices of the channel, pulling out the properties that show potential for added value in commercial terms. In the course of the development of the licensing programme, we can count on the support of the channel, as they have been following us during roll-out strategy development of the project. LM. What are the future projects in the RaiCom licensing division ? IA. We would like to aim towards the 45

acquisition of licenses. In time we have become direct licensors in newsstand publishing, with successful case histories such as Masha and the Bear and with over 700 thousand books sold at newsstands with the RCS Quotidiani group, Gazzetta dello Sport and Corriere della Sera. Therefore, this is a parallel idea that we are developing. In the same environment we have acquired PJ Mask, with newsstand development happening from the middle of June. Moreover, we would like to always give more importance to the live side of the territory with respect to the properties that we already manage, or rather theatrical productions, parades, meet & greets and laboratories to organize, with the real value being the relationship with the public. In the future, it would be nice to imagine a unique and large Yoyo village, linked to the channels where the properties that we manage live.

Digital & Media RAICOM



Target: PRESCHOOL TV series format: 52 X 11’ Channel of airing in Italy: RAI YOYO Programming foreseen: Spring 2017

Target: CHILDREN 6-10 YEARS TV series format: 52 X 11’ Channel of airing in Italy: RAI GULP Programming foreseen: on air from January 2017

Straight from the brain of Nicoletta Costa and from the published editorial products of Franco Cosimo Panini, Julio Bunny is a little, sweet and shy rabbit with long ears and a vivid imagination. He doesn’t enjoy surprises, he is trustworthy with his friends, very generous and he acts like all children do between 4 and 6 years of age. The TV series, co-produced with Zodiak and Rai Fiction, invites young viewers to discover the adventures of Julio Bunny and his friends. Enveloped in their unique yet bizarre world, every day is a new adventure for the group and there is always something new to learn. Children can see themselves in the young protagonist. His adventures perfectly reflect their own daily lives.

Until not long ago the young Max Green lived a carefree life with his loved parents and he was one of the most popular kids in the calm Cucurtown. All of this changed when he discovered that his adopted brother and sister, Golia and Teresa, were aliens from the planet of pumpkins, Kemii - Lar. They were sent to Earth to collect information on the behaviour of humans on their planet, to prepare for the alien invasion and make humans their slaves. When Max tries to tell everyone about the aliens, his popularity declines and his old friends start to see him as a bit of a “strange” kid. With help from his new friend, Violet, of his sarcastic classmates, Pixel the nerd and Simon the scientist, Max starts to take measures to get rid of the bad intentions of the aliens.


The 21st edition of the Cartoons on the Bay Festival, promoted by Rai and organized by Rai Com, this year for the first time in Turin from 6th to 8th April 2017. The festival proposes a programme that is aimed at those in the business and the theme of the year is set; gathering up and awarding the Host Country, offering film previews and a programme that is open to the public. For every edition, a manifesto is created that is signed by eminent cartoonists and designers with a theme that is created by renowned artists and animators. After Cuba in 2009, China in 2010, Brazil in 2011, Russia in 2014, Israel in 2015 and South Africa in 2016, this year Japan will be the Guest Country, on the occasion of celebration for the centenary of the birth of Japanese animation.

International Cross-Media and ChildrenÕs Television Festival


INTERVIEW WITH PIETRO CAMPEDELLI Studio Campedelli is a meeting point for new talents in the world of Italian animation and is one of the protagonist companies of the current audiovisual panorama. Pietro Campedelli, President of the Studio, tells us about the dynamics that have allowed the growth of the company in Italy and abroad, the projects that are in the stages of development and the company’s vision on the state of the art about industry of animation today.

Pietro Campedelli LM. Could you give us a 360 on the evolution of Studio Campedelli? PC. We were founded at the end of the ‘90’s as a studio and from 2008 as a business. In time we have constructed a network of external collaborators, that for us does not only translate to selling our service, but also for us to see the strength to create a relationship that is essentially an expansion of the activity that we deal with inside the studio itself, and we try to involve these external realities as powerfully as possible in our work, as if we were all part of an operating team. It is a way for us to manage multiple projects at the same time and also to urge new ideas that can come from new resources. We are also working with companies and talents that are not yet known on the market, but are giving provision to the structure. We do this on Italian territory

for those who work with us and also in the relationships that we have with other countries. We are very present on the international market from the perspective of finding something new and having relationships that are personalized with whomever has already been working with us. Now there are many foreign groups that we contact first when we are looking at interesting content to develop in Italy. This is a relationship that has built up over time and is not a monetary investment, but rather one that gives our small company the possibility to have a position on the international market as well as in Italy. With this in mind, the entrance of Giunti Editore in the social capital of the Studio constituted a leap of quality when it allowed us to share our company choices with an expert management team regarding the world of children. The financial potential is there both for the


institutions and foreign co-producers. LM. You spoke of the importance of


delegating in the company. Could you better explain this idea? PC. Studio Campedelli was born as a professional studio, which was very connected to the history of its founder in that it was always operated on an international scale. Approaching the animated cartoon field, that did not exist in the industry until the end of the ‘90’s, seeing the rich creativity of Italian artisanship and the structural poverty, and the general undercapitalization, I made myself available to find the necessary financing from abroad to give body to Italian animation. In those days this was

a sort of innovation whereas today it is an integrative part of the system. In 2008 the professional studio transformed into a company of capital, with precise intent to transform collaborators into managers and to involve them in the thematics and delegate them management. The delegation I speak of supplies a real capacity in decision making. From the moment in which a collaborator has a strong decision making power, the activity automatically develops. This is how I define creating an enterprise. As we are young and we operate in one of the most difficult sectors (because the results that we are obtaining can be seen in the distance of 3 or 5 years), delegating allows us to shorten the timescales, to have more credibility and to face the decision making phase head on without having to go back later in time. LM. 2016 was a full year. In detail, what was achieved? PC. First of all, 2016 was the year in which Tip the Mouse was aired with Studio Bozzetto, still airing with optimum results. The property is currently going well in Italy and abroad. We are already present in 56 countries. Tip the Mouse is not a product to be shouted from the rooftops, but rather it is sweet, sedimentary and trustworthy. It is a property that needs great attention. We have already signed an 49

agreement with Rai and Studio Bozzetto for the production of the next series of 26 episodes. Regarding Calimero, we finished production of the 104 episodes. We brought an Italian character back to Italy after 25 years of absence, just in time

O.P.S. for it to meet the 50th anniversary. This is also a strong affectionate satisfaction for us. The future could hold a movie for Calimero. Also in 2016, we finally gave life to Atchoo, a new TV series. With Atchoo we followed our usual policy: an Italian co-production, Cartobaleno, and one foreigner, Indiana Cosmos. Atchoo was born from a publication by Cartobaleno. The idea was a good one

Digital & Media STUDIO CAMPEDELLI Giunti Editore. We are in the stage of pre-production and we have already set up the team to work with. In Italy the coproduction partner will be Movimenti, while abroad we have set up agreements and will announce the collaboration very soon. The series will probably be ready for Christmas 2018 or the beginning of 2019. Both for Atchoo and for OPS there are extremes of a long seriality. LM. Underline your method of creating an enterprise PC. We decide upon the project, and for this we work alone. We then verify the interest of the broadcaster (in our case Rai), to then form a team in Italy with external producers and decide upon an important foreign partner that will allow us to both cover the budget and provide a valid product on an international level. If we weren’t able to have valid content, we wouldn’t manage to get to the final phase of the development process. In any case, Italian animation companies are condemned to internationalization.

ATCHOO! and we developed the project involving co-producers. Our modus operandi is in great synthesis here. From one side, it was in our interests to form a group in Italy and, on the other, it was useful to point our interests towards a strong and credible co-producer from abroad. While with the other titles we have followed publishing, here it was the opposite and we were the ones giving new content to the publisher. The television release is set for 26 episodes that will be delivered in July 2017 and the others in January 2018. We are working with RaiCom for the development of the subsidiary rights, that will not be solid until the early stages of 2018. For the rest of the world, we are working with our international distributors, Brands&Rights360. Looking at relations, this company makes up a team with ours. We have all of the necessary elements to make sure that this TV series is a success. Sticking with the content creators, with Atcho we have worked in a strenuous manner. The content is central in the development of this series. It is an added investment that is made before

any other step, considering that it is the content that makes a product last in time. The new TV series O.P.S. comes from a trilogy of books that are published with


LM. Upcoming goals? PC. We have created all that we have put on the programme. This operation allows us to move away from the screens that

Digital Rai headquarter fall upon the induced and are currently slowing down because the structure of companies that produce animation in Italy is very undercapitalized. Until Rai is no longer the first and only interlocutor for these companies, there will be suffering in the market. The question of having to work only with Rai is a problem of the sector. As already put to the institutions, there is a strong need to develop and give strength to the spirit that is associated with the representing of the category as a whole, in order to give the correct amount of dignity to the sector. The new law regarding audiovisuals is an enormous step in the right direction, it goes beyond the attention that is limited to cinema and is understood that awarding the diversification pays off for single interlocutors. It is a law that gives emphasis also to animation and it recognizes the peculiarity of internationalizing and of financial flows.

we have been behind until now, to look towards the digital side of the pond and enter videogames. It is an environment in which we have not yet been present and is an explosive one. We propose to look into this with humility, collaborating with experts in the sector. We are also looking at the opportunity to diversify ourselves into movies for the cinema circuit. This is a challenge that comes with many risks with respect to television, but we feel the necessity to widen our horizons. We cannot deepen our knowledge in this field but we are already working hard on two films.

LM. How do you see Italian animation today? PC. From a prospective point of view, I maintain that Italian animation is advancing. There are many valid and important producers who are looking for new content and ideas from Italy. On the actualization of the offering, just as in the digital world, there is some work that is ahead of its time and some that is unknown. Those who are already stabilized do not give adequate attention to the new platforms. The new generations of talent move towards the new platforms. Entering in the specifics, the matters in


The fragmentation creates development because there are more players that promote the market as a whole. Everyone promotes themselves, but brought together, everyone is promoting the global market and it is differentiated. Those who stay within a single environment are risking great loss and for this reason knowledge of shifting is a must.

Events #BLTF17

THE BOLOGNA LICENSING TRADE FAIR TURNS 10 For the occasion of the 10th anniversary, a 20% increase in exhibiting space has been opened up and the establishment of Italy’s first award in the sector, the Bologna Licensing Award, is playing a part.

10 YEARS OF SUCCESSES AND ITALIAN INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT The 2017 edition of the Bologna Licensing Trade Fair (#BLTF17) represents an important milestone, that of having created and consolidated a unique event of its genre, named as one of the unmissable events of the year for those in the field, also thanks to the strategic concomitance with the prestigious Bologna Children’s Book Fair. It is an event that has been formed with the operators in the sector and it has grown and been structured alongside the industry development. The first decade shall be celebrated with the establishment of a prestigious award, the Bologna Licensing Award, aimed at exhibitors. To follow is some #BLTF17 protagonists news.

MONDO TV takes “Heidi, Bienvenida a Casa” to Bologna In Bologna, Mondo TV presents their funny little animals from the preschool series YooHoo&Friends 3D, based on the line of plush toys of the same name, created by Aurora World; the teen live action Heidi, Bienvenida a Casa, a revisiting of the great Joanna Spyri classic; the second series of Sissi the Young Empress, that prepares itself to reconfirm the success of the first series, and the cute Robot Trains, created by the Korean company, CJ E&M, with the same producer of Super Wings.

Mini Pet Pals is an animated series for the preschool target in which the second series is currently in production (52x 6’) with a cinema special; Ballerina is an animated film with a dance theme (FrenchCanadian co-production, distributed by Videa in Italy) that has enjoyed great success at the box office.

Leo Da Vinci - The Mona Lisa Mission

The Gruppo Alcuni for the first time in Bologna The main news that Gruppo Alcuni are presenting is Leo Da Vinci – The Mona Lisa Mission, animated feature film that is set for release in cinemas at the beginning of 2018 and will be distributed by Videa. 52

The debut as a licensor of DeAgostini Publishing This year De Agostini Publishing will attend for the first time #BLTF17 to present some important brand. Magiki, which has exceeded 30 million items sold in Europe, starting in June will see the airing of the TV series. & Co., also born from the world of flow pack bags, is really a surprise to the market data: over 32 million units sold in 17 different countries. Simple Stilysh and Cake Decorating are two brands devoted to more adult women. Wizzyland is the new bet of De Agostini, while Animal of... series is a security arrived now in its fifth editorial derivation. Egyxos, after the airing, it has 90 million views on YouTube and an app with over 2 million downloads.

Join Pikachu and friends in 2017 as we explore the Alola region and build on fantastic successes: • Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon had Nintendo Europe’s best launch in history, with more than 1.5 million games sold in the first week of sales

• World-phenomenon Pokémon GO was the most downloaded app from the App Store in 2016, exceeding 600 million, and there are more exciting developments to come in 2017

• Following record-breaking sales in 2016, the Pokémon TCG: -Sun & Moon launched in February with the introduction of brand-new Pokémon-GX cards • A compelling rolling licensing programme and special partnerships to be announced • TV animation Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon is set to air in Spring on K2 • A Pokémon live-action Detective Pikachu movie enters production

Visit us at The International Lounge

For licensing opportunities, contact: Romina Ialongo Market Development Manager—Italy and Spain r.ialongo@pokemon.com ©2017 Pokémon. ©1995–2017 Nintendo / Creatures Inc. / GAME FREAK inc. TM,

® and character names are trademarks of Nintendo.

Events #BLTF17 Studio Bozzetto brings the mythic Mr.Rossi to Bologna! Studio Bozzetto &Co. is set to return to Bologna this year. Other than Tip the Mouse and Beasts!, the focus will be on historical properties, that include some great classics in the world of Italian animation such as West and Soda, Allegro non troppo, VIP: My Brother Superman and above all Mr. Rossi, one of the most loved animated characters of all time. German brands represented by Kiddinx Media Among the several German Brands represented by Kiddinx Media in Bologna, 2017 is the anniversary of Benjamin the Elephant. This date will be hugely supported in Germany by an important media campaign on Super RTL, Radio Teddy and on the popular magazine Familie & Co. Moreover, it is planned a feature film in 2018 and 52 new episodes


Events is the new and well awaited series of the Dragon Ball saga, created by the original author Akira Toriyama; while Beyblade Burst represents the new generation of Beyblade, with brand new functions and powers thanks to the digital world.

Benjamin the Elephant

HASBRO invites you to discover IMAGIBOX Imagibox is virtually the box that keeps all of the most important surprises inside in the long term plans of Hasbro. Starting with Transformers that can count on the three new films for the next three years, 2017 is looking rich for Hasbro with the added launch of the first My Little Pony movie. Without forgetting Hanazuki, the first Hasbro property born in the digital world and the news in all of the other franchise brands, such as: Monopoly, Nerf and Play Doh.

of the TV series, as well as toys and plush by Schmidt Spiele. Starbright Licensing presents Dragon Ball Super and Beyblade Burst There are two licenses that return with a brand new look, ready to conquer children all over again. Dragon Ball Super

Sanrio at BLTF17 Sanrio is a worldwide lifestyle brand founded in Japan by Mr. Shintaro Tsuji in 1960 and based on the “small gift, big smile� philosophy that a small gift can bring happiness and friendship to people of all ages. Best known for global icon Hello Kitty, Sanrio is home to many endearing characters including Chococat, My Melody, KeroKeroKeroppi, BadBadtzMaru, Little Twin Stars, Gudetama and the newly added Aggretsuko. Mr. Men and Little Miss, protagonists in the publishing and licensing With a cast of 90 characters, the Mr. Men and Little Miss are a firm family favorite around the globe bringing laughter and fun to generations. Currently one Mr. Men and Little Miss book is sold every 2.5 seconds worldwide, and lifetime sales total 250 million books. Mr. Men and Little Miss are set to take Asia by storm in 2017, with further publishing expansion into China and unique titles specific to each new market.


Events #BLTF17

Promotion by Everlast thanks to EQSG EQSG Srl basing on the distribution agreement for the promotional sector signed with Amoda Spa and in collaboration with Volponi Spa realized the promotion with Everlast brand that has involved all

Walt Disney Company to Marvel, Lucas Film and Warner Bros, Viacom, Universal, Copyright, Rainbow and many more. Zolan: Art is a bridge to the world Zolan Licensing Agency brings to Bologna


For the occasion of the Bologna Licensing Award, LM has made a point of mentioning the experts in the judging panel from the licensing business: Daniela Di Maio, Francesca Ash, Roberta Nebbia, Armando Garosci and Ivan Colecchia.

the Eni Stations. Recent acquisition is the exclusive distribution agreement for the promotional sector of the Pantone brand, becoming more and more recognizable to the final consumer thanks to the lines of bags and accessories. Sun City, the European Leader in licensed clothing Sun City is the leading production and commercial distribution company of kids’ licensed clothing and will exhibits for the first time in Bologna with its own booth. Today Sun City has a wide range of products that cover over 90 brands that are actively licensing in Europe, from the

Licensing Fair four Award Winning International Art Brands: Zolan, Berruti, Mark Ludy, and Laura Fracasso. Published in diverse sectors of the children’s market, these artists all share one common bond acting as a global bridge connecting the world of children and humanity through art.

Building a Bridge © Mark Ludy. All Rights Reserved 56

LM. How do you foresee the evolution of the licensing market? DDM (Daniela Di Maio). That which is linked to children’s entertainment remains to be a market of ever growing trends. The categories with the most potential are those that are aimed at the smallest children, infants and preschoolers. The real challenge is managing to conquer the children of the next age group target up, with all of the indicators that speak of strong changes in the behavior and wishes of older kids that is lowering and lowering in age as time goes on. IC (Ivan Colecchia). Over the past few years we have revealed a constant increase in the competitiveness from within the licensing market. The proliferation of television channels has made it so that children seem “exposed” in a number of ever growing properties. The natural consequence was that the number of known brands for children between the ages of 0 and 14 years has increased more than 60%, in counter-position with

Events #BLTF17

“Children are no longer only content users, but also and above all creators of this. Social networks have become the platforms that children use most to launch their own content”. - Ivan Colecchia -

STEM games and robotics, that teach coding, have a followed growth in Europe and in Italy. On the girl’s side, there is the Girl Power trend, with a blooming of strong female characters. And then there are collectables. IC. The hero is the figure around whom creators tend to build content. A hero that is displayed with both animal and

Ivan Colecchia the value of the market which has not grown in the same way. FA (Francesca Ash). As with most major markets the licensing business is changing and evolving. The economic crisis resulted in retailers taking less stock and the increasing power of major studios, such as Disney, has impacted on both licensors and licensees who find it increasingly difficult to guarantee shelf space. As a result, there are less properties enjoying success in the market and those that do have to be more and more innovative. RN (Roberta Nebbia). Market research tells us of a stationary situation on a European level, while a constant growth can be observed in the licensing of the main Asian markets. The market of licensing has changed very much over the past few years and has certainly not passed by undamaged through the economic crisis. Relationships between licensees and licensors have modified deeply with more openness to collaborations that are stronger between the sides. AG (Armando Garosci). In Italy licensing is a respectable industry: the value of retail sales of licensed products is over 3 billion, a number that puts our market in an excellent position on an international level. The driver of the sector’s growth

is still the virtuous triangle between the licensor, the licensing industry and retail. LM. What are the main trends in Entertainment Licensing? DDM. 2017 is the year of movie-mania, with a rich calendar of cinema releases aimed at children and families . Another trend that appears to be growing is that of technological theme games and augmented reality (AR Storytelling). The

Daniela Di Maio 58

“There needs to be a more integrated approach between partners involved in the success of the IP, and it has to use the same mantra ‘put the customer (i.e. the children) in the middle’, in order to create experience that they live as they are unique.” - Daniela Di Maio -

Events #BLTF17 “Licensors and licensees are expected to work alongside retailers through promotions, in-store activations, live events, characters store visits, to maximise promotional opportunities and sales”. - Francesca Ash -

that the content is easily accessible on multiple platforms. From the other point of view, however, multiplying the screens also requires the multiplication of the fragments and available content. IC. Digital is definitely an element that Francesca Ash human traits. The objective of the authors is to use the element of imagination and aspiration to capture the attention and loyalty of children. FA. The films continue to have a dominating influence. On the preschool side, properties such as Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol continue to be popular. On the girl’s side, films such as Frozen have inspired brands that are centered in Girl Power, while Shopkins have shown a precise trend with collectables. For older children, superheroes continue to dominate in all their forms. RN. The revolution appeared some years ago in the Italian television, and certainly brought its advantages to entertainment licensing aimed at children, amplifying the range of available products. AG. The proliferation of the platforms in the environment, with Netfllix and Steam, has fragmented the audience over the past few years, rising the competition even in this fine moment. Maybe the idea of video-gaming remains the most difficult for traditional licensors, as long as there is no series of great takeover of sporting licenses.

cannot be left out. The tablet and the Smartphone have arrived at levels of penetration in the family, so much so that we can’t avoid being face to face with these devices. We are in front of that which has been defined the Generation C - C being for Content. FA. The digital sphere has an enormous influence on the development of a property. Many of these have an associated app or YouTube channel and things are transmitted through multiple channels and aspects of media. The growth of Amazon and Netflix is a trend that is increasing. The days in which the success of a property was determined by the showing on only one TV channel are gone. RN. In the Entertainment Licensing environment, the digital development of licenses has certainly become essential, in that the digital aspect is an integrative part of life for all of us. This is amplified on the licensing front, with respect to the past, as there are more possible ways to enjoy their favorite characters.

“Although Entertainment Licensing is still the area that the main investments are concentrating on, Italy has certainly felt the weight of the growing Corporate Brand Licensing”. - Roberta Nebbia Roberta Nebbia

LM. How does the Digital aspect influence the development of a license? DDM. The possibilities to provide visibility and grow in terms of awareness today are notable. The positive side of the coin is 60

Events #BLTF17 than in the development of products. AG. The licenses can bring interesting benefits to the strategies of category management of the retailers, contributing towards either a better commoditized product identity or the creation of distinctiveness in the areas characterized by strong competition.

“Knowledge is now diffused across some categories, although still very little. When there is, it is for the single buyer and the category manager. Knowing the licenses and their value helps the negotiations to buy knowingly and in the best conditions�. - Armando Garosci Armando Garosci LM. How did the relationship between licensing and retail evolve? DDM. Once upon a time, one of the difficulties was to manage to transmit the knowledge and potential of licensing to the retail world, today this relationship is changing. The different standards demonstrate interests, having to experiment with the synergy between licensees, combined with the launches of animated cartoons on media channels and adding marketing activity. An optimum impulse to sales can be given. It is also true that the standards of today confront the challenge launched by e-commerce. It is the brand experience that is created at the physical point of sale, with its emotion and involvement, that can be the right tool to maintain a competitive advantage. IC. The retail world has increased the level of attention to licensing, even if this is still a tactic rather than a strategy. A mostly structured approach, with a plan of the range of licenses to insert into an assortment, covering the needs of the clientele, and not only a tactic to use to follow the trends of the market, but also helping to act as a propeller in licensing growth. FA. The relationship between licensing and retail is becoming, by

necessity, even tighter as the success of a property or its failure is directly linked to retail. RN. Over the past few years, the relationship between Licensing and Retail has become tighter than ever because both sides have understood the importance of the collaboration. This is a necessary relationship to have, because all too often the weak link in licensing programs stands in the distribution rather


Follow us at licensingmagazine.com and get live updates at #BLTF17


Focus on news: Deer Little Forest brings its own unique Baby Books to Bologna Book Fair Koko Rose Media, agent and brand manager for Henries nominated illustrator Jo Rose, will present a new line of original DEER LITTLE FOREST baby books at the Bologna Book Fair. The book concepts will feature original and quirky renditions of classic 0-3 themes such as colours, activities, numbers, learning, and ABC’s, using the beauty and humour of Jo’s unique animals to engage both parent and child. The pages will show a lovely and varied array of characters and objects to look at, in a layout reminiscent of Richard Scarry.

Jo is well known for her instantly recognizable designs which are painstakingly handcrafted using a blend of illustration, cut-outs, 3D sets, and photography. Drawing on a love of Scandinavian Folklore and the inspiration

Koko Rose Media will have a table in the International Lounge at the Bologna Licensing Trade Fair, Hall 31. publishing being a natural fit for this demographic. A vast greeting card range sold at Harrods, Paperchase, Libertys, John Lewis, Selfridges, Rizzoli Bookshop, in the UK and abroad, attest to the charm and magnetic appeal of the illustrations. The debut of the DEER LITTLE FOREST books in Bologna follows the 2017 launch of the brand in Asia by Empire Multimedia at the Hong Kong Licensing Show, and in Russia and Eastern Europe by Icon Company at the Moscow Licensing Fair. All Deer Little Forest rights are managed by Koko Rose Media, a brand management founded by Managing Director Lisa Hryniewicz and Creative Director Jo Rose.

Expect to see some favourite characters like Rowan Fox, Barley-Crumb Badger, lots of frogs and bunnies, as well as a whole new set of friends including a sheep, pony, caterpillar, wolf, panda…and even an arctic fox!

of the New Forest where she lives, Jo created an enigmatic woodland world inhabited by gorgeously sweet animals with distinct, funny and endearing personalities. Jo turned her vision of DEER LITTLE FOREST into a brand which is now represented by licensing agents in 27 countries. The style is ideally suited to baby & mummy categories – with 64


IT’S MONSKEY MANIA The creativity applied to only one form. The final frontier of the brand of styles and content have been made to date, thanks to the many ideas from fans of this super-original doll. Some of the more original designs were selected for concepts and special projects. The licensors created a style guide that is colourful to inspire potential licensees from various categories touching different targets.

Monskey is a Dutch brand, characterized by a 3D plastic doll that has infinite possibilities of texture and colour. The brand’s mission is to stimulate the imagination and creativity of all ages of child, and to be a point of aggregation between people who want to live out moments together. It is a brand that explains how people can be similar and, at the same time, continuously different. For fans of this brand, Monskey Mania exists, present on a global scale. In particular for artists and designers, a type of Monskey has been created that allows them to show off their creativity even more. As soon as it was launched, MonskeyManiac spread across the world

as people were “challenged” to create the most original Monskey of the moment. To bring together parts of this collection, exhibits are organized, creating a space to update on the subject of art and design. It is possible to see the DYO Monskey (Do Your Own Monskey) operas and to request your own doll to personalize using the dedicated site, www.monskeymaniacs. com, from which it is also possible to see a range of personalized Monskeys from all over the world. Other than the versatile doll, Monskey is also an animated series, created in 2D with a slapstick style, in which each character has their own adventure as they meet many friends and enemies. The mini TV series in available online. Licensing is inevitable. Designers from all over the world work on the adventures of Monskey. An un-measurable quantity


From a Retail and Promotional point of view, European & Global Licensing BV internally develop and produce all of the Monskey mini-figures. Obviously the products are available under agreement with international distributors other than direct sales with retailers and promotions for loyalty campaigns.

Monskey make their debut launch at Bologna, as part of the International Lounge of the Bologna Licensing Trade Fair (Hall 31), looking for retail , promotion and publishing partners, and much more!


DIBIDI’ WORLD: A world of marks and emotions A story, a t-shirt and applications, together with a unique packaging that gifts emotions to young readers. To find out more, LM interviewed Arianna Tota, cEO of Dibidì World Srl. LM. How did the idea come about? AT. A while ago, I was inspired by a creative mummy, who created figures for her daughter to tell her stories. At the same time, for various reasons, I was getting closer to the world of children and I started to note two flows: the flow of super-perfect mothers and a flow of creative mothers, who are coming back into fashion, and who are our target for these products. In the centre of the idea, we placed a mark, not as an element of imperfection, but of diversity, creativity and a starting point to think outside the box.

LM. In fact, one of the main characteristics of this property is the mark and the “macchiomondo”. Could you explain it in more detail? AT. Imagine a world without marks or stains, clean, in line; it would be terribly boring and predictable. On the other hand, we believe in marks, because

committing to something to arrive at the required outcome. In the specifics of the story, the protagonists are two children, Willy and Nilly, who, from the moment that they create their first mark, they dive right in, thanks to the cat Spot (who transforms into a mark himself), in worlds where new adventures are lived and limits are tested.

they are the wings of the risks taken and for this reason it is fun to play. For us, they are the imprint of creativity and following them on purpose takes us to new things. Where there is a mark or a stain, there was something unexpected going on and each one represents a wonderful opportunity to create something new. Teaching children that making mistakes is how we learn makes the effort worth, while and shows them the importance of 66

LM. The product was launched onto the market at Christmas 2016. What results have been obtained until today and what does the future hold for Dibidì World? AT. The feedback has been extremely positive and, through the product, we have been able to test the waters in other areas such as: toys, clothing and publishing. Positive feedback is also linked to general growth within arts & crafts retail. In the near future we are working towards amplifying the publishing side of the property and we have the bases of a television development in progress, considering that all of the project in its entirety has already been planned out to be present on all platforms.

Licensees BOLAFFI

A story about collectibles that is renewed continuously in tradition and licensing An experience in the field of collectibles that has lasted four generations. The Bolaffi Group, historical company that was founded in 1890 in Turin, has been associated with prestigious philatelic collections and exclusive numismatics for over twenty years. Moreover, Bolaffi presents their creations linked to two other films that are set for release in Italian cinemas, in preview form. A suggestive 3D medal endowed with a skull from “Pirates of the Caribbean” that, paired with real Caribbean coins and playing cards that feature the characters from the movie to be inserted in a voyage diary, is set to accompany the release of the fifth well-awaited chapter of the saga. And, as the Pixar branded “Cars 3” is speeding towards us, Bolaffi has created tyres with the medals of characters inside, that children can roll to race with the other characters. All of the products on sale are available at Collector Club: the largest club of collectibles in Italy, with over 500 thousand members, offering fans of the fun collectible items, always of the utmost quality from the trustworthy company, with prices for all pocket sizes.

In time, renowned brands - from Ferrari to Disney, along with Ducati, Juventus, Milan, Inter, Torino FC, WWF, Cio, Fifa and Figc, to name only a few - entrusted Bolaffi with the task of celebrating the most important moments in their history, the most significant characters, the goals reached and the victories that were added, with collectible objects destined to live forever. The coins and stamps are

classified in the most important catalogues in the world: a winning partnership that gives an indisputable prestige, a tangible added value for the companies that call on the Gruppo Bolaffi. For the Bologna Licensing Trade Fair event, Bolaffi chose to

mainly exhibit the objects linked to the most recent licenses, that of the magical world of Disney, for whom the company is official licensee in Italy for coins, medals and stamps. The stand is coloured like the Maldives post with characters from “Finding Dory” on some stamps that, together with plates and “fish-medals”, marked the debut of the collaboration with Disney after the 2016 launch of the lucky sequel to “Finding Nemo”. 68


WorldCart. Passion for paper. Worldcart PROCEED with their development that is dedicated to innovation and exclusive partnership as they are growing on an international level with licensed tissue products. new collections of the already existing historical partners of WorldCart. Amongst these, successes such as Disney’s Finding Dory, Frozen and Minnie, the collections dedicated to the Star Wars saga, the Hasbro successes such as My Little Pony and the lines based on films to be launched, such as The Smurfs 3 - The Lost Village.

The basic idea behind the WorldCart success hides within the combination of commodity and design, for this reason the objects that are used on a daily basis such as tissues, kitchen roll and toilet roll are enriched with graphics that are inspired by characters and trends of the moment, making them real life trendy accessories. Competitive and tasteful, the WorldCart products are positioned within the premium brand band of the market. Always being pushed towards innovation, technology and graphical quality, the company offers accessories made from paper of high quality, using exclusively prime materials that come from forests that are managed in an ethically correct and responsible manner, certified each year by FSC and PEFC.

The effort and professionality of WorldCart are second to none on an international scale. Just a few years since their first license, the company is exporting throughout the world and collaborating with the main brands in large distribution such as Carrefour, Spar, Tesco, Acqua&Sapone, Esselunga and Conad. From the perspective of working with the most exclusive and relevant names on the market, WorldCart has recently signed a commercial contract with the colossal cinematographic Universal Pictures, winning licenses from the biggest international successes on the market for Europe, The Middle East and Africa. And so, amongst the upcoming collections are the inimitable Minions and Despicable Me, Jurassic World and Fast&Furious. The Universal lines will work with the 70

To complete the offering, WorldCart dedicates some lines that are created exclusively under the Kartike Collections brand to the trends of the moment and to the suggestions of daily life. Amongst the Kartika news, the Sushi line, inspired by the refined world of Japanese cuisine, and the innovative Kids Educational, a series of paper products with illustrations and words in English that help children to learn while having fun.



M I FA 13 —16 J U N E

Illustration: Ugo Bienvenu & Kevin Manach • Graphic design: Christian Debbane



ANGRY BIRDS MANIA IS STILL GROWING Pea&Promoplast are set to produce promotional plush toys dedicated to the most famous feathered friends in the world.

Maurizio Distefano has signed a new European licensing agreement for Rovio with Pea&Promoplast, leading European company in the publishing and children’s promotion market, for the creation of a new line of plush toys inspired by the most irreverent feathered friends on the small screen: Red, Chuck and Bomb not to mention the complete series of Hatchlings. Pea & Promoplast will put this line, and numerous others matching the Angry Birds theme, on the market for promotional activity with partners from various merchandising sectors. Pea&Promoplast is one of the main leaders in Europe in the production of premium and promotional campaigns, and they deal with Promotion, Collectible Toys,

Visual Merchandising, Publishing and Digital. Gianluca Aprile, Ceo Pea&Promoplast: “The request to become a global partner of Rovio, through the optimum and constant endorsement of Maurizio Distefano’s evolution of licensing, allowed us to strengthen a partnership that was already active with many other properties. We put our twenty years of experience in the production of plush for large players in the industry such as De Agostini, Unilever, Ferrero and Warner, to reach millions of consumers of the funny angry red bird. The project sees us involved in the creation of the new Angry Birds movie collection and in the new extraordinary series that is the Hatchlings, soon to be aired in Italy and in the official guise of the official suppliers, no less, for the merchandising of the new Angry Birds theme park in Doha, Qatar.” 72

Pea&Promoplast is made up of a team of specialists in various areas: Collectibles, Promotions, Toys, Entertainment and Loyalty Programmes. Each team creates, develops and produces international projects in each sector. Therefore, the service that is offered to customers covers all of the strategic activities: ability, high levels of productivity, planning and development activities of promotional mechanics, management of the license and its positioning, logistics and distribution in Italy and abroad. On the licensing side, both for licensing-in and licensingout, we support the main companies in the sectors of Toys, Publishing and Food/ Beverage in the strategies of planning and visibility on the markets of their reference.


INTERVIEW WITH MARCO IAFRATE, PUBLISHING DIRECTOR BY PASSION A company with a double mission: providing a publishing service and being an archive of Made in Italy properties. A business that pays due attention to licensing news dedicated to newsstand publishing. And then there’s EMMEI… at young targets is renowned, but Il Sole di Carta has also created magazines and newspapers for an adult target. Il Sole di Carta is the artistic safe for all that has been created by us over the last 20 years, from Isa & Bea WITCHES to The Enchanted Farm (La Fattoria Incantata, in collaboration with Kids International), from Star School to Bears and Baby Animals, Teddy the Bear and Sissi the Young Empress, just to mention a few.

Marco Iafrate LM. What is the main mission of Il Sole Di Carta? MI. First of all Il Sole di Carta is a publishing service that is available to publishers and companies that have the need of constructing products for communication and publishing. We supply “keys in hand” complete products. We can fulfil publishing relationships following an entire spinneret. An interesting example of this is with Space

Kids, a magazine by the Italian Space Agency, ASI, whose goal is to tell the story of and explain to youngsters, in a simple and intriguing manner, facts and themes that are inherent to space. Made by us, this magazine is very popular and it is conveyed in newsstands free with the important edutainment magazine for kids, National Geographic Kids. Not being a publisher, Il Sole Di Carta provides maximum support to ASI in their initiative to break into the publishing world. Our specialization in the artistic production and published material aimed 74

LM. Sissi the Young Empress is one of your works. What can you tell us about the development? MI. In newsstands Sissi has enjoyed two series’. The first published series was created in 2010 by Il Sole di Carta, single owner, and licensed with Panini, who published the magazine and the sticker album. I can only thank Panini, especially Ingegner Sallustro, for the trust that we had from the beginning with the children’s property. Then the animated cartoon Sissi the Young Empress, created by Mondo TV (we are co-producers, with a small and minimal part to play). The magazine version with free gifts derived from the TV series was not licensed but published by ourselves. Today, Sissi the Young Empress is amongst the most sold magazines in newsstands under the girl’s target. A particular thanks goes to the Corradi family, Mondo TV and all of their fierce staff who allowed me to realize my dream. A “made in Italy” character, thought up in the smothery stages of Il Sole di Carta, transformed into an animated cartoon with success! Amongst other things, the new series is currently in production, 26 new episodes that are set to air with

Publishing Cartoonito. I can’t forget that the first to tell me that Sissi would have been a great animated cartoon was Guido Bertè. LM. Is there a good feeling between the other licensees? MI. Il Sole di Carta is very available to all Sissi licensees. With some of them, there has been the possibility to construct collaborations and synergies, with others a little less, unfortunately. The official magazine could be the vehicle of promotion and communication for all licensees. I imagine there should be more attention paid to availability in this way.

LM. Therefore Il Sole di Carta is a publisher in its own right… MI. Il Sole di Carta is a very small publisher, just for fun and as a passion. We dedicate ourselves to our properties, for example as we take Sissi the Young Empress to newsstands, Teddy the Bear and some specials with Isa & Bea Witches. We are always hoping that a “real” publisher, that is surely stronger than us, will eventually fall in love with our creations. In such a case we would be ready to put our role to the test, as it were, with an institution of service. LM. What publishing criteria do you

The Cover of the Magazine Teddy the Bear follow in your choices? MI. We follow, with great attention, the evolution and proposals in licensing on an international scale, regarding the publishing sector. A good publishing service has to make sure that everything is monitored, even for absorbing the strategic role of consultant, I’d say that it is “friendly” for both publishers and clients alike. Where a new license is shared, a new product with publishing management, then Il Sole di Carta can deliver the dedicated publishing project “keys in hand”. Should we become fond of a particular licensing project without finding a publisher that is interested, I wouldn’t exclude a direct experimentation. LM. Thinking of the spaces that could be created, which would be the environments of action for licenses that you would be looking for? MI. The environments are two, for my deformation and background: kids target and comics.

Here is a Sissi magazine cover, that always comes out with great free-gifts. 75

LM. How, in your opinion, does your passion link to the speed of the market? MI. If we are speaking of comics it is not linked at all. Often I like comics that are cornered, alas… but on the other hand, if we are speaking of the children’s target, I have great passion for entertainment and content that generates business. We need only look at what happened with Sissi. In newsstands, with this property, Il

Publishing IL SOLE DI CARTA Sole di Carta wants to remain focussed and important, and to invest in attractive packaging and products with flashy free gifts, that can generate good results in terms of sales. It is in our unique action of publishing service that we aim to construct products for our publishing customers that are absolutely of high commercial quality. With adequate presentations to move the final user. LM. At what stage and level does a license have to be at to grasp your attention? MI. I am all for the extremes. I would either take on a property that is already known, that requires minimal creative and productive input and therefore limits the licensee to package and distribute a published product, that has already been

For the great publisher, Panini, EMMEI creates various names such as the historical Cioè, leader in the teen segment, and their brand extensions defined, in the best way possible. Or I would like to join forces with someone who is in the beginning stages and has the whole road ahead, hopefully to grow together. LM. Let’s make a quick summary of your properties MI. The most renowned are Isa & Bea Witches, born in 2002, under the influence of my daughter, Martina. The comic, in its time licensed by Edizioni Cioè by Fabio Piscopo, enjoyed great success in publishing. We are now working on operation that is quite interesting if not risky, the production of a

A new chapter is on the way for the Isa & Bea saga: set to be shocking new chapter of Isa & Bea Witches, with a new strength: the story is set 10 years later and we’ll discover something quite… shocking! We leave their adolescence and meet the characters again as they are entering into young adulthood. The experiment is to be done, who knows if a publisher or producer of original cartoons or even live action shows for TV will be “enchanted” by them. Teddy the Bear is quite well known. It is a product of edutainment, for the preschool target and it has its own world. I see it working in bookshops… then obviously Sissi, that is in development with the second tv series. LM. Not only Il Sole di Carta, but the other activity Emmei, is to be looked at. What can you tell us about it? MI. Il Sole di Carta is my toy, but my “real life” job (as I often repeat), that almost totally consumes me, is that of Publishing Director and Manager of EMMEI, publishing service and concessionary of advertising with a great number of projects that are property of Panini. Luckily this magnificent publisher is “really made in Italy”, and is diffused throughout the most part of the world with their offices. They are prestigious like few others and we have entrusted each other with work for some years. EMMEI entirely produces, from the initial creativity to the implants for the press, a whole series of Panini magazines that 76

The ASI magazine driven by National Geographic Kids aim at a teen target, preteens and kids. To mention a few of these publications, from the historical Cioè to Pop’s, from I Like to Bomber without forgetting names that are branded Disney for boys and girls not to mention titles for animal lovers, nature enthusiasts and many international numbers based on the kid’s licenses of relevance (from Lego to Fireman Sam, etc.) and this is how it continues. We also saw publishing adventures with Panini in the rare adult target. And we are tempted to also interact with Panini departments that aren’t publishing related, such as Stickers and Loyalties.


BRANDORA: An overview of the German licensing market Contribution by Christel Feyen, Journalist Brandora The German licensing market is constantly in a state of flux and each year it’s exciting to see what’s new and the incredible array of new topics it offers. Among the 2017 annual licenses, the German market can benefit from a number of incredible licenses. Following are a few of the selected topics. Teletubbies are back Teletubbies are back with a series of 60 completely animated episodes. The BBC in partnership with a number of pedagogues has emphasized on the series’ distinctive features: an educational program dedicated to toddlers between 0 and 3. During the 20th anniversary of the Kid’s channel, the program will be broadcast on KIKA during prime time from April 10th. These characters bring color to the lives of children all over the world with a playful approach, suitable for their age. In addition, parents can find the complete

book selection produced by Egmont. Furthermore the beloved stuffed creatures will also be available in Germany; Spin Master will start its exclusive distribution of the product in May together with a selected commercial partner. Diddl is back Diddl is a cartoon character born on August 24th 1990 from the creativity of Thomas Goletz. During the following decades, the superstar mouse wrote his personal unprecedented success story becoming part of children’s lives in over 26 different countries. Postcards and note pads have become collector’s items in schoolyards everywhere. Diddls large family now counts 28 characters between

Christel Feyen

friends and relatives, with over 5000 types of various articles. 2014 was a quiet year for the jumping mouse. Until, during his 25th anniversary, the famous mouse began his new success thanks to a new series of fun and colorful adventures broadcasted on KIDDINX Media. While maintaining its unique features, with a 3D design considered more up to date, Diddl and his friends are back for some fun for all the many fans to enjoy. Strong and reliable partners like United Labels, Bullyland, b-interactive and mypostcard.de attend to the high quality of the products. And now Diddlis also available as „diddlital“, on digital support both as an App as well as games, on Facebook and Instagram. Also for the animated version there are a few new developments. WDR mediagroup launches “Q Pootle 5” on international commercial markets The cosmic space hero from the cartoon series, with his group of alien friends are about to take off also on international

© 2017 Thomas Goletz. Diddl is a registered trademark. All rights reserved. 78


markets. WDR mediagroup (WDRmg), the licensing company that holds the commercial rights for the children’s original format in the GAS (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) region has opened the way for a wide range of new merchandising products. For the first time, during the Nuremberg international toy fair, the renowned producers NICI and Bullyland presented their Q Pootle 5 stuffed characters and collectables such as mugs and much more.

Kids fall asleep with Schlafmützen April kind this year offers an interesting licensing proposal. The creative duo has been collaborating with NICI for the distribution of the soft and cuddly Schlafmützen since September 2016.

The Schlafmützen, which means “night cap” in English, help children fall asleep through a simple and ingenious trick. Kids can turn the Schlafmützen’s nightcaps inside out and literally put them to bed. The Schlafmützen aren’t just playful and adorable stuffed toys, they’re also a valid support for parents in their everyday battle to get kids to bed. An intense TV campaign, which will continue during all 2017, has substantially contributed in making the Schlafmützen and immediate success in Germany. New Schlafmützen characters will be presented in 2017

Chubby the Unicorn – from the illustrated fairytale book The story of Chubby the Unicorn is based on the fairy tale book: Chubby the Unicorn, which was developed in the aftermath of a hobby project by Stephanie Engel of Mettmann. As wide-ranging as its nature are the assortments of the available products. Klaus Herding GmbH producesvarious interior design textiles. Bullyland GmbH produces collectable characters and 79

action figures. Josef Hölscher GmbH & Co.KG (EQuest) produces accessories for horses. The United Labels AG has widened its product offer with writing articles, cookware and much more. Finally in regards to the licensing, there are a number of partnerships already in plan.

To learn more on BRANDORA NEWS and should you have any further questions please feel free to contact: c.feyen@brandora.de

Events UBM

FROM LAS VEGAS TO CHINA, GOING THROUGH JAPAN AND REACHING EUROPE The year-round licensing season kicking off in April in Japan and ending in October in London at Brand Licensing Europe. Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association), will take place April26-28,

UBM’s Global Licensing Group is the global licensing industry’s leading tradeshow organizer and media partner. Its mission is to provide opportunities around the world to bring brands and products together to explore and cement licensing partnerships. The Global Licensing Group includes: Licensing Expo Japan (April 2830 2017), Licensing Expo (May 23-25 2017), Licensing Expo China (July 18-20 2017), Brand Licensing Europe (October 10-12 2017), NYC Summit (March 9-10 2018), License Global Daily E-News, License Global Magazine, and LicenseTV.

2017, at Tokyo Big Sight. The event will comprise a trade show and a conference and will be co-located with IFF MAGIC Japan, a new joint venture between MAGIC and JFW-International Fashion Fair, Japan’s longest running, bi-annual fashion business tradeshow. IFF MAGIC Japan 2017 will be held as the cornerstone of Japan Fashion Week. Jessica Blue, Senior Vice President, Licensing, UBM: “Japan is the world’s third largest market for licensed products after the USA and the United Kingdom, generating $700 million* in royalty revenues and nearly $12 billion* in retail sales each year. Our longstanding successful partnership with LIMA will enable us to deliver an event that meets the needs of the market in Japan as no one else truly can.”

Las Vegas Licensing Expo Now in its 37th year, Licensing Expo is the world’s largest and most influential annual trade show dedicated to licensing and brand extension. The show floor split into three zones: Characters and Entertainment; Art and Design; and Brands and Agents. More than 16,200 retailers, licensees, manufacturers, distributors and licensing agents attend the Expo from more than 67 countries, and brands from over 33 different countries exhibit at Licensing Expo. New to Licensing Expo in 2017 is Licensing Week, which brings together the best new and returning networking, educational and deal-making opportunities that surround Licensing Expo. Licesing Expo is owned and organized by UBM Americas and is sponsored by the International Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association (LIMA).

*Courtesy of the LIMA Global Licensing Industry Survey Report 2016

Licensing Expo China Licensing Expo China, the latest addition to UBM’s licensing portfolio in partnership with LIMA, will be held on 18-20 July 2017 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC), Shanghai, China. Licensing Expo China and LIMA aim to create greater awareness of the benefits of licensing to the business community at large and foster the growth and expansion of licensing in China. Licensing Expo China 2017 is a B2B

Licensing Expo Japan Licensing Expo Japan, organised by UBM and sponsored by LIMA (the International 80



Do you know which brands will be trending in 2018? COME AND FIND OUT! Discover 2,500+ new & innovative brands and secure new deals at the only event dedicated to licensing & brand extension in Europe Sponsored by

Organised by

Register now www.brandlicensing.eu 81

Events UBM licensing industry. In 2016, 7,578 unique visitors walked through the show doors to discover 2,500+ of the latest and most innovative brands from across Europe, breaking all-time records since the show was created 19 years ago. The event is split into three zones: Character & Entertainment, Brands & Lifestyle and Art, Design & Image. The show connects the most influential entertainment, character, animation, gaming, fashion, art, heritage, sports and corporate brand owners and agents with manufacturers, licensees and retailers from all product categories across Europe. New features on 2017 include a gaming activationin line with the growth of this section of the market in recent years.

event which will feature over 250 brands and properties from China and overseas. The fair will connect the most influential entertainment, character, fashion, art and corporate brand owners and agents with consumer goods manufacturers, licensees

and retailers from all product categories across China. Licensing Expo China was known from 2012-2016 as The Licensing Zone at CBME (Child Baby Maternity Products and Services). The Expo was launched as an independent trade show on 18-20 July 2017, co-located with CBME China.

For additional information, visit: www.licensingexpo.com/ global

Brand Licensing Europe (BLE) Last but not least, BLE is the only event in Europe dedicated to the entire European 82

To learn more about LIMA: www.licensing.org


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DIFFERENTIATE your product offerings with licensed brands and characters that consumers trust and love. SECURE the rights to 5,000 of the hottest brands — like Barbie, Candie’s, Coca-Cola, NFL players, and Call of Duty — from a wide range of categories all over the world.

MAY 23–25 Mandalay Bay Convention Center Las Vegas, NV

SPOT trends and find out which brands and characters consumers will be demanding in the next 18–24 months.


REGISTER FOR FREE | licensingexpo.com/BM Or call +1 (888) 644-2022 83

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