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Bishop Montgomery High School

Knightlife April 4, 2017 • XLXVII • ISSUE 6

Above: The boys’ and girls’ basketball teams both won CIF titles and had amazing seasons this year.

BBB = Bishop Baller Brand Written by Harrison Cook and Madison Reynolds Photographed by Libby Hadnett

Bishop Basketball truly experienced some March Madness this past month! From winning CIF Southern Section Championships in top divisions to becoming State Champs, both the girls and boys basketball programs have seen their hardwork and dedication pay off. Dominating some of the most elite teams in all of California, including Chino Hills and Mater Dei for the boys, and King and Huntington Beach for the girls, all of Bishop’s student body, faculty, and administration loved watching as our Knights played with passion, skill, and genuine heart. Senior Guard and Captain for the Lady Knights, Jessica Malazarte ‘17, said that “This CIF game meant so much to me because, as a senior, I had to give it my all… I had to come in

with the mindset of winning and only that. This meant the world to my teammates, as well, because in order to strive for greatness, we needed everyone to be locked in.” And locked in they were. The Lady Knights finished their season with an overall record of 21 wins and only 10 losses. Great job Lady Knights! In between signing autographs and preparing to play at Oregon State University in the Fall with older brother and Bishop alumnus Stephen Thompson, Jr. , we got a chance to chat with our very own Senior Guard and Captain Ethan Thompson ‘17 about his final season at Bishop Montgomery. We asked him about his final game of the season against Woodcreek High School in Sacramento for the State Title, and

he said that he and the team just had to “go out and work hard every single possession and do what we’ve been doing all playoffs.” And that mindset certainly paid off, as they defeated the Woodcreek Timberwolves 74-67 last Saturday night. You might be wondering, just as we did, how a star player like Thompson prepares for such an important game. He said that he listens to a specific music playlist on his phone before his games, simply titled, “fire emoji” in order to pump himself up. The Knights finished their season with an overall record of 31 wins and only 2 losses. Can’t wait for next season, boys! During the height of the basketball programs’ playoff appearances, the former “Gauntlet” underwent a major makeover, turning into the self-titled “Swaglet,” founded by Senior Myles Stafford ‘17 and led by senior

Nick Simone ‘17. This student section added even more excitement and intensity to each game, and some even referred to the “Swaglet” as Bishop’s “SixthMan” on the court. As Nick Simone ‘17 put it, “It's great to have a part in creating the school spirit at BMHS. Being a part of the ‘Swaglet’ helps the students see their effects on the game being played." Whether you were a player or viewer during these last few action-packed basketball games, both the boys and girls’ 20162017 seasons will surely go down in history as some of the most spirited!

Springing Into Spirit Written by Haya Rabadi and Devin Brown Photographed by Mariana Madrigal As always, Spirit Week was eventful and lively; however, this Spring Spirit Week was especially exciting for the Bishop Montgomery Knights. With our basketball team winning game after game in the enthralling CIF playoffs, school spirit was at an all-time high. On Tuesday, a spirit week staple was held: Class Color Day, in which students were encouraged to wear the color representative of their class. Though each class has different colors to convey the uniqueness in each grade, we eventually join together on Black and Gold Day on Friday to show how, despite our individuality, we are all Bishop Montgomery Knights. Battle of the Bands is always an event that is highly looked forward to by musicians and fans

of music alike. This year more bands than ever participated, including bands from Mr. Hankey’s Music Production class. For two days during lunch on the lower field, bands competed for a spot in the Band Finals, showing off their singing and musical instrument skills. Senior Ashley Kim, who played bass for the band Banana Telephone commented, “It was fun to play instruments with people that like similar music. It’s great to also be able to play the songs you like to listen to”. The competition was eventually narrowed down to the bands Banana Telephone, Crybaby, and KRJ Project, but it was Crybaby who won and took the grand prize. During spirit week, there was also sign-ups for Key Club’s annual blood drive. Every year, Key Club holds an all-day blood drive at

Bishop Montgomery, where students, at least eighteen years old, can donate, as well as any parents and teachers. With the event on March 30th, many seniors have readily signed up to participate in this cause, representing Bishop’s spirit of selfless action and giving back to the community. As always, spirit week concluded with a Black and Gold Day. Students came to school with their Black and Gold spirit shirts and jeans, only to return later that night with their 90’s inspired attire for the Sadie Hawkins dance. From 7-10 PM, lowerclassmen and upperclassmen alike came together on the Friday night to enjoy the annual Sadie’s dance. This year’s theme was the 1990’s in honor of the Senior class of 2017 being the last students born in the era. Whether sporting denim on denim, 90’s band t-shirts, or other trends of the decade, all who went agreed it was


a fun night of music and dancing. When asked about his time at Sadie’s, senior Johnny Brunac said, “I thought it was so fun being at my last Sadies.” Despite not being as crazy as Fall Spirit Week, hopefully Spring Spirit Week was just as memorable, especially as it is the last spirit week of the school year and the seniors’ last spirit week at Bishop Montgomery.

Above: Kenneth Dixon ‘17, Jeremiah Deomano ‘17 and Rebecca Martin ‘17 perform a jazz piece at Battle of the Bands.

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BMHS Basketball Brings Home Trophies Written by Olivia Thompson & Arabella Stadvec Photographed by Simon Tran It was a very successful season for both the Bishop Montgomery girls and boys basketball teams who made history with their outstanding victories. Several trophies were brought home this year between the two teams, including two CIF Division I championships and one State Open Division title. The girls team beat King High School 63 to 47 in the semifinals to advance to the championship. They were headed by Jessica Malazarte, who broke the 5th place all-time scoring record during the playoffs. On their journey to State, the boys team beat Mater Dei 70 to 55, with an amazing comeback after being down in the third quarter. They also faced Chino Hills, a rival from the previous year. The boys were able to overcome the notorious Ball brothers, beating Chino and then Mater Dei once again in the State semifinals. Bishop Montgomery was poised to cheer to their teams to new sets of championships. With the school behind them and anticipation building, the players began to feel the pressure of the championship games. Led by new coach Noelle Quinn, the girls appeared in the CIF finals for the 14th time in school history, facing off against top-ranked Huntington Beach. The game was very close, with Jessica Malazarte leading the

team to a 41 to 38 win. The Lady Knights earned the honor of calling themselves champions. To top of the amazing season, Noelle Quinn made history by becoming the first former player turned coach to win a CIF championship. Meanwhile, the boys got ready for the Open Division championship game in Sacramento against the Woodcreek Timberwolves. Even with the seven hour drive, the student section proved their dedication and came decked out in gold to support the team. Jordan Brown posed a major threat, standing at 6’11, and ended the game with 35 points. Nonetheless, the Knights prevailed with a final score of 74 to 67. As starting center Fletcher Tynen expressed, “To win both State and Cif was probably one of the greatest accomplishments for my teammates and I”. Junior Daniel Matheney added that it felt “huge for us coming in as the ‘underdogs’ throughout the playoffs but ending up being the best team in the state.” Seniors Ethan Thompson and Jordan Schakel played a vital role in the victory, with 26 and 20 points respectively, along with help from David Singleton and Gianni Hunt. The season was a testament to the determination and work ethics instilled in the players by head coach Doug Mitchell, who has been with the program for almost thirty years.

The basketball players and coaches were not the only students who came through for Bishop during the championship run. The student section at each game was a key aspect of each victory as the teams fed off of the outrageous excitement and support of their peers. The students, who have been nicknamed “The Swaglet”, did not hold back. Junior Bella Pilon described the enthusiasm of Bishop students as “really intense, but in the best way possible. People get really into it, which makes the game even more exciting.” The energy was so power-

ful that even the game announcers seemed in awe that a small school could have such an passionate fan base. The love between the crowd and the teams was remarkable, with every game ending with the players running to the stands to celebrate with their friends. Between the players, coaches, and students, Bishop Montgomery is a force to be reckoned with on the basketball court.

Below: The boys’ basketball team celebrates their victory over Mater Dei for the CIF Open Division Finals.

Be Our Guest! Written by Sarah Oppenheim Photographed by Jenna Yu

Disney has just released its newest version of “Beauty and the Beast,” and it promises to be an exciting film for those who love the animated classic. For those unacquainted with the original story, the plot follows a young woman named Belle, who is the odd girl in town because of her passion for reading. Later, Belle is taken prisoner in a castle guarded by a hideous Beast, a character who changes throughout the movie. For those who know the original Disney classic, the story and the characters are the same ones that we have come to enjoy. Unlike the previous film, this “Beauty and the Beast” is live action (with real actors as opposed to drawings) with

some incredible computer generated characters like Lumiere and Cogsworth. Another thing that Disney fans will love is the return of some classic songs like “Be our Guest.” To put a more modern twist on the film, Disney has added some newer ones as well, such as “Evermore.” Disney also adds a more in-depth backstory to a few of the main characters. The audience now discovers background surrounding Belle’s mother, and how the Beast came to be so arrogant. Emma Watson, who played Hermione in “Harry Potter,” was very excited to play the lead part of Belle and feels honored that she has the chance to play a Disney princess, and this passion was brought onto the screen. Critics praise the film, saying that Emma Watson played the role of Belle perfectly, and most critics give it a 7 or 8 out of 10. Every single person that I have spoken to has agreed that it was a great film. Some even claim that it is better than the original. Either way, I recommend that you “Be our Guest” and go and see the new “Beauty and the Beast.”

Above: Eager fans of “Beauty and the Beast” line up on opening day to watch it at AMC Galleria.

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Left: David Singleton ‘18 and Ethan Thompson ‘17 talk strategy while they get some rest on the bench. Below: Liv Pope ‘18, Alli Vicelja ‘18, Brenna Starkey ‘18, Katie Pope ‘18, Erin Atkinson ‘18, Hannah Lopez ‘18 wear white for the “White Out” game against Mater Dei.

Campus Life

Basketball Pep Rally

Left: The girls’ basketball team unveil their CIF S.S. Championship banner. Right: The boys’ basketball team proudly display their CIF S.S. and CIF State Championship banner.

Left: The short flags team was honored at the pep rally for their National Championship. Right: Mrs. Debbie Skelley pedals a tricycle for the faculty team during the pep rally games.

Left: The Swaglet shows off their team spirit and fashion sense. Right: The Bishop student body sings our school’s alma mater at the pep rally.

Kairos: Our Journey Written by Alec Rupp & Theresa Sitter Photographed by Simon Tran The morning of Wednesday, March 22 marked a special day for the 55 seniors and select juniors who attended this past Kairos retreat. Before packing their belongings into the bus, the students headed to the chapel for a mass led by Fr. Ken to prepare themselves spiritually for their special three day journey. After a two hour long drive, the students arrived at the beautiful retreat site, Camp Mt. Craggs in Calabasas. There, they were greeted by their Kairos leaders consisting of both student and staff members. The student team comprised of seniors Grace Culley, Ian Gogue, Lauren Hubbard, Kaelyn Jefferson, Angelo Pasco, Jeff Muir, and Julia Urquizo, while the adult team was led by Mr. Adams, Coach Buckley, Ms. Hicks, Mr. Fitz, Ms. Hendry, and Fr. Ken. Kairos consisted of both talks from the student lead-

ers and some of the adult leaders which were meant to help students spiritually. In between these talks though, students had some time to themselves to either relax or to hang out with friends. The retreat area had many activities for students to participate in like hiking, softball, and basketball. While students hung out with the friends they knew, these free periods gave students the opportunity to meet and befriend fellow classmates they may have spoken very little with. For this group of students Kairos was a spiritual adventure which not only allowed students to better understand themselves, but to understand and learn about one another. Through this eye-opening experience, both the retreatants and retreat leaders gained new insight in their relationships with God, themselves, and their community. Senior Allie Ambriz reflects on her Kairos experience

saying, “Kairos contradicted my expectations and went beyond what I could have ever imagined. It was an experience I can honestly say I will never forget, and it completed my high school experience on a high note.” Similarly senior Alexis Mendoza, one of the student leaders, comments, ”Being a leader for Kairos was a completely different experience

from being a retreatant. This time, I really made it about my group rather than myself. It was cool to see everyone’s reactions to things I knew were going to happen.” Below: A Kairos group bonds with one another through sharing and having fun!

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Sir Port’s Support

Dear Sir Port, April Fools’ day is here and I’ve gotten pretty good at watching out for pranks, but now I want to pull some of my own! What’s the secret to putting together a good prank? There’s a lot of important things to consider when setting up a prank, which can make it difficult for mischief- I mean creative people like yourself to get into. To help you get started, here’s a short list of tips. Ask for help - it takes a village to raise a kid, and an army to move a mountain, but only a small group of friends to psychologically scar someone Prepare in advance - April 1st only happens once a year, meaning you’ve got 364 days to set up! Recurring pranks can get funnier and funnier each time - just don’t overdo it! Ideas - always be thinking and writing them down. Limit yourself to one person and prank at a time, so you don’t mix things up. Feign ignorance - what prank? Observe someone’s daily routine - what small things could you change to confuse them? Opportunity - wait for the right time. Less is more - small pranks can mess with people in big ways. Saran wrap - this should be self explanatory.

FOOLED AGAIN Illustrated by Anna Quast

Is Bishop Saying Goodbye to Meat Permanently Now? Written by Matt Alcedo Photographed by Alexis Cervantes Well, we never thought the day would come, nor did we ever think it was a possibility, but Bishop Administration has officially declared that they are removing all meat-based food from the snack bar menu and are replacing them with vegan-style options. Say goodbye to Kung Pao chicken and breakfast burritos, and get ready for a wider range of fruits and veggies because starting next year, you can kiss meat goodbye. When asked why the sudden change, Vice Principal Vigon-Morffi comments,“As everyone has noticed, snack bar prices have risen by 50 cents to $1.00.” She further adds,”This is because our suppliers have raised the prices across the board for the food, especially in the meat produce. With students protesting the rise in prices, we have decided that the best way to solve this problem would be to cut meat out altogether, saving the school money that could be better put into other departments, ultimately saving the students’ money.” Mrs. Vigon-Morffi did not com-

Knightlife pg.4

ment on where the extra money would be put into, only saying that it will probably go into the departments that need it the most like the arts, English, or science. Already, new vegan menus are in the works for next year featuring veggie burgers, tofu/soybeanbased alternatives, and mac-ncheese as now a staple item instead of being offered exclusively during the Lenten season. While meat may be out of the picture, Administration has assured that they will still sell food with eggs and seafood, although those too may be taken off later on in the year if the costs are still not low enough to bring down the prices. In response to the change, the Knightlife team is divided over the issue; some claim that the student body is still resentful over the rising prices and believe that cutting out meat to lower prices is the logical and only way to keep people buying from the snack bar and refrain from bringing their own food. However, others believe that this is an attack on their way of living; not everyone is a vegetarian, they claim, and

if lowering prices means giving up meat, then it is just not worth it at all. Both sides of the Knightlife team are preparing petitions for and against the snack bar going vegan and are ready to begin campaigning for their side once this issue is put into action. Whether Administration made a good or bad move here would be up for you, the reader, to decide; either way, Bishop Montgomery will never be the same afterwards. All that is left now is to ask, how much will you let it change? Will the school be able to ‘meat’ the needs of students

angry over the rising prices, or is this the ‘vegan’ning of something new and mysterious to Bishop? Only time will tell.

Above: An image of one of the new vegetarian food items: a Veggie Burger!

April Fool’s

California Secedes from the US! Written by David Carroll

After the befuddling victory of Donald Trump, California has to flee his orangy terror! Dan Quayle has been elected president of the New California Republic or NCR. Quayle ran to be the 44th vice president of the United States, alongside George W. Bush. The capital of the NCR will be moved from Sacramento to Los Angeles and the North is infuriated. Most of the conservatives in the north have decided to leave the NCR and create the New US State of Jefferson and residents around the southeast desert region have laid claim to the Hoover Dam and declare themselves the new country of Hooverland. The NCR will legislate open borders with Mexico, legalize all prohibited substances, impose heavy regulations on all industries and enact a 95% tax on everything. In

completely unrelated news, a gang of Roman Cos Players calling themselves Caesar’s Legion have declared war on the NCR. The NCR has pushed them back to Hoover Dam where it is ex-

pected that Hooverland will Antarctica. assist in protecting its main source of water and electricity. Finally, Donald Trump declares meme warfare against the NCR Hooverland, Greenland, Switzerland, and

TEACHER TEST CONSPIRACY UNMASKED Written by Jackie Pistole Photographed by Erin Hall If you have noticed that the tests for all your classes just happened to be scheduled for the same day, you’re not alone. Many Bishop students have been noticing that most of their tests coincide with those of other classes. Junior Gio Garcia complains, “It’s painful. Trying to balance academics with out-of-school life, it really brings down my grade. It’s so hard to cram so much studying into one night when my brain is overloaded with information.” The incredible amount of testimonies from overly stressed Bishop students have prompted numerous investigations into this matter. And the results are shocking. Very shocking. These “coincidences” of tests on the same day are not isolated incidents. Teachers have hatched an elaborate conspiracy to plan tests on the same day. New reports have followed up on suspicious activity among teachers and revealed that teachers plan meetings in the faculty house. Going over their class agenda, teachers

all teachers at Bishop Montgomery are involved. Teachers have defended this practice with the new deliberately plan to make their scientific study that less sleep students stressed by assigning actually benefits your perforas much work as possible. If mance in the classroom. Uniyou have ever experienced a versity of California scientists week where you had virtually have been using test subjects no homework or tests, and you to conduct sleep experiments. thought this was purely out of Over a one-week period, Perthe goodness of your teacher’s son A and B were put into an heart, think again. It was all artificial high school environpart of the plan. Though some ment; among other scattered teachers have admitted to par- assignments, Person A was ticipation in this conspiracy, it assigned three tests and a is not yet clear whether or not research paper due on the

same day, receiving two hours of sleep, while Person B was assigned two tests that were three days apart, and received eight hours of sleep the night before each test. According to this study, lack of sleep and heightened stress levels actually increases school performance, prompting active brain activity and ensuring all hours of the night dedicated to studying. This study has since become the foundation of Bishop’s teachers, and some sources are even saying that two finals may be given on the same day!

Above: Found in a teacher’s trash can (we won’t specify who), this note explicitly states the planning of tests on Monday.

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Campus Life

An Odd Corner Written by Skyler Lamar Photographed by Jenna Yu

light Zone. Delivering her lines with a perfect aura of mystery and enchantment, Alex first introduced the audience to the The iconic, chilling tones mitment, hoping to make the audience question why things seemingly quaint town in “The of the glass-shattering intro are the way they are and Lottery,” a more somber place to The Twilight Zone painted than looks would show. In this doubt the very essence of the a bold exclamation point on town, one lucky citizen wins a Drama Lab’s latest production. word “normal.” Ms. Evans exdrawing every year; however, pressed, “most of the time as Adapting The Twilight Zone’s a director, my goal is to make the prize proves more unconseason 4 episode “Miniature” sure that the message for the ventional than money or a car. and accompanying it with audience is really clear walking Protagonist Tessie, played by the dark, small town one-act senior Morea Sabido, faces known at “The Lottery,” Drama out. For “The Twilight Zone,” this truth with a hard edge Lab tackled some serious feel- it was really fun and powerful to play with the idea that we as her unfortunate drawing ings of exclusion from normalwanted the audience to quesof the notorious black-dotted cy and breaking from tradition ticket seals her claim to the tion their own feelings about with the characteristic poise what had happened before winnings: certain death at the of its student actors. Director hands of her family and townMs. Evans found poignancy in them.” Alex Tobias ‘17 tackled mates. The grim conclusion of each of her selected pieces for the role of Rod Serling, the the show set the stage for anthe show. During rehearsals, narrator and guide through the other “misfit hero,” who found a she motivated the students to home in senior Harrison Cook. tackle their roles with full com- confusing realms of the TwiHis character, Charley Parkes, finds solace in a dollhouse, as he alone watches its little inhabitant move and live an unremarkable life, except the fact that she’s a doll. Charley grows more and more invested in the her life, which others view as a descent into madness, until he ultimately leaves his mundane existence to join his love Amelia in her petite, wooden world. As both plays emphasized, no one can truly know why the world and its customs exist as they are; as Above: Justin Taneza ‘17 and Morea Sabido ‘17 act out a scene in senior Margarita Herrera, who Twilight Zone play.

had roles in both halves of the show, put it, “the set was black and white, but the meaning was anything but.” Just as the dollhouse represented a safe haven for Charley, so too does Drama Lab provide a creative environment for students searching for an interest that feels just right to them. The Twilight Zone, in its ambiguous and enigmatic glory, marked the last Drama Lab production for almost twenty seniors involved in the show, making the Saturday night show a bittersweet curtain call for many student’s theater careers at Bishop. Michael Smet ‘17 agreed, saying “it’s bittersweet because I love Drama Lab. It’s like a second home to me.” Although the seniors are preparing to move beyond Bishop, they will never forget their time on stage or backstage.

Where in Bishop? Photographed by Julija Garunkstis

Where in Bishop were these three photos taken? The first three students who can correctly identify the classroom or area of each photo will receive a voucher to the Snack Bar for free food! Bring your answers to Mr. Hong in room 205. Be sure to search for these special objects to win Knightlife’s “Where in Bishop?” *Knightlife staff and faculty members are ineligible for this contest. Do not disrupt any classes to look for these items. Special thanks to Mr. McGoldrick for suggesting this contest!

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Congrats to Christian Olsen, Jack Felix, Drake Velasco, Josie DeBellis, and Andrew Choi who guessed correctly the locations from our last issue. The answers were: #1 Junipero Serra Statue between 1st and 2nd building, #2 Damien Mendoza plaque in the Library, #3 Mrs. Fitzpatrick’s candy bowl in the Main Office




From Los Angeles to Italy

Campus Life

Written by Caroline Cusolito

On March 28th, Bishop’s Mrs. Reano and Ms. Svarda and all the students in the Italian program embarked on a field trip to downtown Los Angeles to visit the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles, known as IAMLA. Neighboring Olvera Street, IAMLA sits in the center of the Italian Hall, a gathering place for Italians starting in 1908. While the Italian Hall was established over a century ago, the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles recently opened in 2016. After stepping off the bus, a quick walk around the block led the field trip participants to IAMLA’s front doors. Immediately through the

doors was an old, intricate tile piece with the words “Italian Hall” just before a set of stairs leading the museum’s permanent exhibit. At the top of the stairs was an elaborate chandelier, representing the unique stories and ships Italian immigrants traveled on overseas. Continuing upstairs, the museum was distinctly split into seven sections, one for each category of rich Italian history. Large slideshow screens lined a side wall and depicted quotes and pictures from both famous past and present people of Italian culture. Sections included a wide variety of Italian culture, from the first Italian pioneers to

Above: The Italian classes enter the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles. Left: Our Italian students learn about the history of Italian American immigrants. prohibition to Italians in Hollywood. Recognizable artifacts and items that became a fast favorite were a Tommy Lasorda jersey, a Lady Gaga dress designed by Versace, and a vintage wedding dress. Students enjoyed taking part in a scavenger hunt throughout the museum before heading off to lunch on Olvera Street. The museum became a hands on way of learning outside of the classroom and

Jazz Festival--Band Field Trip

What are you most looking forward towards the end of the day performance?

Written by Steven Alvarado and Annaliese Rupp Illustration by Cindy Peng

You may have noticed some of your friends not at school on Friday, March 17th, but do not worry! They were probably on the Bishop Montgomery Knights Jazz Combo and Band Trip! The Jazz group left school on Thursday, March 16th after school on a nice bus that took them on a seven hour drive to Santa Cruz. All the members were extremely excited to go on this trip to spend time with friends, to perform, to visit interesting places, and to learn more about their passion for music. Pianist Jared Drews ‘19 exclaimed, “I am excited about the trip and I am pretty happy about the the bus we got!” Tamayo Avila, the trumpet player, Class of ‘19, added, “I am really excited to go on this trip. This is what we are able to do because of this great music program.” On Friday, the Jazz band got an early rising to get to the campus early, so they had time to set up and practice. They went to El Cabrillo Junior College in Santa Cruz to perform at the Santa Cruz Jazz Festival. Bishop Montgomery’s Jazz Combo performed first, and later, many

of the musicians performed for the Big Band competition. The band and jazz combo was fortunate to be able to reveal their talents and to learn more about music. There were workshops and clinics, which students attended, and they were able to improve upon various musical techniques. The students were able to be adventurous on Sunday since they traveled to San Francisco. Mr. Hankey took some students to UC Berkeley to visit the campus, and some students visited the fun atmosphere of Chinatown. To end the afternoon, the students ate a delicious meal at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. Jeremiah Deomano ‘17, who plays the drums, and Kenneth Dixon ‘17, who plays the saxophone, were awarded with individual Outstanding Musician medals for executing great performances in the festival. The Jazz Combo and Band members represented Bishop Montgomery’s music program very well. This is an experience that they will never forget.

all parts of the Italian museum captured the culture and defining aspects of the Italian American community.

“I want to see how a professional jazz combo group performs different than ours.” Jordan Bell, Class of ‘18 [Saxophone] What did you enjoy most about the trip? If you could have the chance, would you go on the same trip next year? I am pretty happy about the bus we got!” Tamayo Avila, Class of ‘19 [Trumpet] “I am really excited to go on this trip. This is what we are able to do because of this great music program.” Sebastian Fernandez, Class of ‘19 [Percussion]

“I really enjoyed everything about the trip, but mostly was to be on the bus surrounded by friends and that fancy dinner we had on Friday!”

Below: The Jazz band stands in front of Crocker theatre.

Q/A How do you feel about the trip? What are your thoughts on it? “I am excited about the trip and

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Teacher Trivia Corner Written by Riley Parker and Katie Tomanek If an unfortunate accident occurred where you lost a limb, which would you prefer it to be and why?

What is your favorite hobby outside of school?

Mr. Nguyen: “My thumb because you don’t need it anyways.”

Mrs. Galdamez: “Knitting and reading; they are very good.”

Mrs. Galdamaz: “My right thumb because it had problems already, arthritis. It is not very useful and very painful.”

Ms. Montes: “I have lots of hobbies: going to concerts, reading, traveling- that’s enough.”

Mr. Nguyen: “Probably reading.”

Ms. Montes: “None of them! But, the left leg, even though both are important. So just cause, even though I don’t like this question.” What is your favorite sports team?

Mr. Nguyen

Mr. Nguyen: “I like anything UCLA.” Mrs. Galdamaz: “Well I’m not very sporty, but I have to say the Chargers.”

Ms. Galdamez

Ms. Montes: “Oh! I really love las Chivas de Guadalajara. It is my family team.” Ms. Montes

The Knightlife newspaper is published by the Knightlife club of Bishop Montgomery High School, 5430 Torrance Blvd., Torrance, CA 90503. We hope you enjoyed our April Fool’s issue of Knightlife. The “fake” articles are on pages 4, 5. Please do not contact the administration with complaints about a eating veggie burgers. All Staff nicknames were randomly chosen and do not reflect anything about the individual. Opinions expressed in this paper do not reflect those of Bishop Montgomery High School. Knightlife 2016-2017 Board Editors-in-Chief: Stephanie “Screamin’ Eagle” Trelease & Caroline “Dances with Rabbits” Cusolito Vice Presidents: Jackie “J to the Pizzle” Pistole & Erin “E-Dawg” Hall Photography Executives: Simon “Flyboy” Tran & Jenna “Y-Train” Yu (art) Treasurers: Audrey “Renegade” Egekeze Secretary: Theresa “The Penguin” Sitter This Issue: Staff Writers: Matt “Boom-Boom” Alcedo, Steven “Sir Viper” Alvarado, Nicole “Ironsides” Barragan, Devin “Hollywood” Brown, David “24/7/365” Carroll, Harrison “The Flash” Cook, Caroline “Dances with Rabbits” Cusolito, Jayden “Juice” Davis, Lydia “L-Train” Dawson, Audrey “Renegade” Egekeze, Anjelika “The Summoner” Esteban, Erin “E-Dawg” Hall, Lana “Faceplant” Katnich, Caroline “Killjoy” Kim, Skyler “Crane Kick” Lamar, Liliana “Lil Smalls” Linan, Sarah “O-Town” Oppenheim, Riley “Enforcer” Parker, Angelo “Takedown” Pasco, Camille “Corduroy” Petroni, Jackie “J to the Pizzle” Pistole, Anna “Sundown” Quast, Haya “Baby Face” Rabadi, Madison “Mad Dog” Reynolds, Alec “Tiger Claw” Rupp, Annaliese “Swordfish” Rupp, Theresa “The Penguin” Sitter, Arabella “Captain Bravo” Stadvec, Olivia “Can’t Stop” Thompson, Katelyn “The World is Mine” Tomanek, Stephanie “Screamin’ Eagle” Trelease, Zandra “Robo-cop” Tsao, Ricky “Crazy Legs” Xu Staff Photographers: Steven “Sir Viper” Alvarado, Chloe “Heatwave” An, Johnny “Camelback” Brunac, David “24/7/365” Carroll, Alexis “Tick-Tock” Cervantes, Harrison “The Flash” Cook, Julija “Wyld Style” Garunkstis, Libby “Monkey Brains” Hadnett, Jada “Mohawk” Harris, Lana “Faceplant” Katnich, Caroline “Killjoy” Kim, Skyler “Crane Kick” Lamar, Liliana “Lil Smalls” Linan, Brady “Fire Fox” Liu, Mariana “Click-Clack” Madrigal, Cindy “Sanitizer” Peng, Camille “Corduroy” Petroni, Jackie “J to the Pizzle” Pistole, Katelyn “ The World is Mine” Tomanek, Simon “Flyboy” Tran, Zandra “Robo-cop” Tsao, Jenna “Y-Train” Yu, Staff Advertisers: Harrison “The Flash” Cook, Audrey “Renegade” Egekeze, Ricky “Crazy Legs” Xu Staff Interviewers: Devin “Hollywood” Brown, Liliana “Lil Smalls” Linan, Mariana “Click-Clack” Madrigal, Madison “Mad Dog” Reynolds, Haya “Baby Face” Rabadi, Theresa “The Penguin” Sitter, Katelyn “The World is Mine” Tomanek, Ricky “Crazy Legs” Xu Peer Editors: Theresa “The Penguin” Sitter (1-2), Matt “Boom-Boom” Alcedo (3-4), Jackie “J to the Pizzle” Pistole (5-6), Stephanie “Screamin’ Eagle” Trelease (7-8) Graphic Designers: Erin “E-Dawg” Hall (1-3), Jackie “J to the Pizzle” Pistole (4-6), Julija “Wyld Style” Garunkstis (7-8) Advisor: Mr. “Googolplex” Hong Proofreaders: Mr. “Cowboy” Marafino, Ms. “Hang-Ten” Vigon- Morffi Publisher: Ms. “Dolce Vita” Libbon *Please contact if you would like to advertise in our monthly newspaper.

Knightlife pg.8

Knightlife March 2017  

Bishop Montgomery High School Knightlife Newspaper March 2017

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