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Over 250 guests attended Knight Fest ‘19 in April. Faculty, Staff, and Administrators pose with Chef Jen Story ‘99. Complete coverage on pages 8-9.




Link Crew Arrives at Bishop

An exciting high school transition program makes it debut in 2019-20.


Knight Fest Makes its “Return”

Alumni, faculty, parents, and friends enjoy a night of great food, drink, music and fun at Knight Fest '19.

10 Making a Difference, One Revolution at a Time Members of the Class of 1972 gather in support of a classmate and a cause.

12 Graduation 2019 The Class of 2019: the newest members of the alumni community.



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Brandon Bibbins ‘09

The Latin word Veritas is defined as “truth.” In Roman mythology, Veritas was the goddess of truth, a daughter of Saturn and the mother of Virtue. Veritas is also the name given to the Roman virtue of truthfulness, which was considered one of the many virtues any good Roman should have possessed. “Veritas” is included in many university mottos as well, including Yale University’s Lux et Veritas (Light and Truth). Veritas is also the motto of Harvard University, and the Dominican Order of the Roman Catholic Church. The BMHS motto is “justice, truth, honor” and the case can be made that all pursuits, if they are valid, must first be rooted in truth. We, as a school community, certainly strive to achieve that goal. Principal: Dr. James Garza Director of Development: Andy Marafino Director of Outreach & Public Relations: Dione Dierks Events & Communications Coordinator: Amy Traxler Director of Publications: John Hong Editors: Andy Marafino, Dione Dierks, Amy Traxler Photographers: Brandon Bibbins ‘09, Dione Dierks, Andy Marafino, Lifetouch, BMHS Yearbook Staff. Cover Photo: Dione Dierks Cover Design: John Hong Printer: Shanahan Printing & Graphics, Inc.

Published by Bishop Montgomery High School for alumni, students, faculty, parents, and friends of BMHS. © 2019 Bishop Montgomery High School For more information, address corrections or to send comments or suggestions, please contact: Andy Marafino, Director of Development Bishop Montgomery High School 5430 Torrance Boulevard Torrance, California 90503 310.540.2021 x 246 •


Dear Bishop Montgomery High School Families and Friends, It is a time of change in education and these days, I often find myself thinking of the future of Catholic education, of learning, of student college and career readiness, and our mission at Bishop Montgomery High School. One significant change is the shift toward project-based and active forms of learning, in which students conduct projects during class and the teacher facilitates a complex process of creation, collaboration, and revision. These 21st Century skills are highly prized by colleges and employers. During the fall Open House, I spoke about the importance of incorporating these 21st Century skills into our core curriculum. Beginning this fall, I am pleased to announce that Bishop Montgomery High School will offer an engineering class through Project Lead the Way (page 15). Another challenge for Catholic schools is how do we grow and nurture our Catholic identity and community during a time of rapid change? This past year I spent time bringing together stakeholders to examine how we can enhance our Catholic identity and what it means to be a Catholic high school. I am proud of the role BMHS is playing, and will continue to play, in preparing our students for life after high school. In our cover story for this issue you will read about how BMHS is taking steps to enhance our Catholic community by providing support for students through our new year-long freshmen transition program, Link Crew. Also, in this issue we highlight how the spirit of comradery, service to others, and friendship exist long after our students walk across the graduation stage (read more on page 10). The power of Bishop is not just who will walk across our graduation stage; our power is in the souls that our alumni and faculty touch, those lives they assist, and those doors they open for others. These stories tell the immeasurable value of a Bishop education and the weight of the challenges we must address. I am excited and inspired by all that we can accomplish together. Throughout the pages ahead you will read stories about our students, faculty, and alumni and how your support impacts this extraordinary school. As we celebrate this past year’s accomplishments, I must, on behalf of the entire school community, thank all who make our mission possible at Bishop Montgomery High School - parents, faculty, staff, grandparents, alumni, donors, and especially our students. I look forward to working with our entire community as Bishop Montgomery High School continues to graduate students spiritually and academically prepared to succeed in the 21st century. Peace be with you,

Jim Garza, Ed. D Principal

4 • Veritas


New Program Builds Connections & Community


rguably, the high school years are the most important time in a teenager’s development -- a window of significant change physically, emotionally, and intellectually. And, the transition from middle school to high school often involves moving from a small environment to a much larger one, which can create high levels of anxiety. In fact, one would be hard-pressed to find a person who did not experience some nervousness or apprehension on their first day of high school. In short, the beginning of high school is a major event in the life of a young person. • 5

COVERSTORY At the start of each year at Bishop Montgomery, our freshmen arrive on campus with the same questions as those who came before them. Will I fit in? Who will eat lunch with me? Will I make it to class on time? Why am I having trouble opening my locker? Can I fit every book I own in my backpack? These ninth graders are nervous and scared, all wondering if they will ever feel comfortable in this new place, with these new people who seem much bigger and much older.

One of the keys to the success of Link Crew is faculty mentors trained to facilitate the entire program. Garza knows he found the right people in Casey Dunn, Brian Haynes ‘89, and Amy Meehan ‘89, Bishop’s Link Crew Leaders. “We have three enthusiastic and dedicated staff members who will spearhead this effort,” says Garza. “I am very pleased that they will provide the leadership to make this program a smashing success.”

A few years ago, Bishop Montgomery implemented a freshmen-only Dunn, Haynes, and Meehan are all veteran staff members who bring first day of school, allowing the tremendous passion to everything newest Knights to experience their they do. Dunn serves as Bishop’s first day of high school in a less Director of 9th Grade Admissions, as congested, more relaxed atmowell as the academic counselor for 9th sphere. On that first day, just the graders. She is also married to Bishop freshmen come to school and go alumnus and science teacher Alvin through their schedules of classes Dunn ‘96. Haynes and Meehan have with a little guidance from upperbeen a part of the Bishop community classmen ASB officers and Bishop since the 1980’s, when they arrived Ambassadors. Sprinkled throughout on campus as students. It is no secret the buildings, these juniors and to anyone who knows them that their seniors make themselves available love of Bishop runs deep. Haynes to help the ninth graders when they teaches history and video production have trouble finding room 203 (hint: and is the head coach of five sports: it is the computer lab inside the boys’ and girls’ cross country, girls’ Dieter Media Center) or if they have soccer, and boys’ and girls’ track and trouble with those tricky Master field. Meehan teaches in the theology In June, Bishop's first Link Leaders learn the activities they will teach to their Link Crew groups on Orientation Day. locks. Over the past few years, this department, has two daughters who “freshmen-only” day has made the graduated from Bishop, and is typically start of high school just a little easier for the ninth graders. the first teacher to volunteer her help when asked. “It is not a secret that I love Bishop,” says Meehan. “Link Crew is going to make our With the start of the 2019-2020 school year, an innovative program students love Bishop while they’re here and keep them connected to is coming to campus to provide freshmen with even more support the school and their classmates forever.” as they embark on an altogether exciting, confusing, and exhilarating journey. Boomerang Project’s Link Crew freshmen orientation program makes its debut at Bishop this fall, giving the Class of 2023 a full year of orientation and guidance; but, it is much more than that. The results of the Link Crew program show that its effects are immediate-the benefits last a lifetime. Link Crew is a high school transition program that welcomes freshmen and makes them feel comfortable throughout the first year of their high school experience. Built on the belief that students can help students succeed, the program is a proven high school transition program that trains junior and senior student mentors to be Link Crew Leaders. As positive role models, these Link Crew Leaders guide the freshmen in discovering what it takes to be successful during the transition to high school and facilitate success. “I have been very impressed with BMHS’ strong sense of community and I felt this program would enhance our existing sense of community and take it to another level,” says Dr. Jim Garza, Bishop’s second year principal. When Garza arrived at Bishop in the summer of 2018, Link Crew was forefront in his mind. During his tenure as principal of El Segundo High School, he brought Link Crew to that community and saw firsthand its potential to transform a school. Data collected since the program’s inception in 1992 confirms the positive effect Link Crew can have at a school and reports that schools with a Link Crew program report greater student connection, increased student participation, fewer disciplinary issues, and improved academic performance. In short, when students have a positive experience their first year in high school, their chance for success increases dramatically. 6 • Veritas

(L to R): Amy Meehan '89, Brian Haynes '89, and Casey Dunn are the Link Crew Leaders who will guide the program at Bishop Montgomery.

COVERSTORY For these three facilitators bringing Link Crew to Bishop serves another purpose: evolving with the times. The way young adults interact now is different from years ago and it is important to adapt to meet their needs. “Kids don’t socialize the way they used to,” says Meehan. “They don’t come to high school with the same set of social skills that we did because of cell phones and social media. We want them to connect with people on a more personal level.” That personal connection is really at the heart of the entire program. “We want our students to feel connected with each other so they can then pay that forward to the next set of students and leaders,” says Haynes.

about community and we have an opportunity as leaders to continue to build on that feeling.” For rising junior Alexander Lehr ‘21, being a Link Leader gives him an opportunity to pass along the things he has learned his first two years at Bishop. Between grades six and nine, he attended a different school each year, so he knows what it is like to be the new kid on campus, and he is looking forward to helping others. “It's important for [the Link Leaders] to be there for the freshmen; to let them know that we are growing up together,” he says. “I want to let the freshmen know that it is okay to make mistakes because they will have supportive people around to help them.” Raetz-Vigon echoes Lehr’s sentiments: “I want [freshmen] to know that the people here are loving and caring and are here to be supportive.”

The real key to the success of any Link Crew program sits directly on the shoulders of the student Link Leaders. In the program, student leaders - juniors and seniors who have been through the challenges that high school poses, and understand that the transition to a larger school can sometimes be overwhelming - are paired up and assigned a group of 10-12 freshmen to mentor throughout the year. This spring, rising juniors and seniors went through an application and interview process to become Link Leaders and Dunn, Haynes, and Meehan are confident they have found 50 students who are perfect for the job. “Students were approaching us wanting to help before the applications were even avail- Jordan Parrish '21 gives Jizelle Berdiel '20 a lift after one of the Link Leader able,” says Meehan. “They were saying, orientation sessions. ‘If there is a way I can help the freshmen, I want in.’ We have such great students at Bishop.”

In preparation for the new school year, both adult and student Link Crew Leaders will continue to ready themselves for the big day on August 16 when the freshmen arrive on campus for their formal Link Crew orientation day. It will be a day of learning, but most importantly, it will be a day of fun and excitement. “After the orientation, we are confident that the freshmen will be excited for their first day of high school,” says Dunn. “Our goal is to eliminate any anxiety they have so that their entire high school experience is incredible from day one.”

Link Crew’s year-long transition program includes four components that will be implemented throughout the year: High School Orientation, Academic Follow-Ups, Social Follow-Ups, and Leader-Initiated Contacts. In the Orientation phase, Link Leaders and freshmen start building the mentor/mentee relationship and freshmen receive information about how to be successful in high school. At the end of the 2018-19 school year, the Link Leaders experienced their own orientation, spending a day on campus together and going through building blocks that make Link Crew so successful. “We did a lot of the activities that we will be teaching the freshmen on their orientation day in August,” says Jacqui Raetz-Vigon ‘20. “We also did a lot of cheering and learned that our primary role will be to welcome [the freshmen] and to let them know that they are supported.” In the Academic Follow-Up, Social Follow-Up and Leader-Initiated Contact components, Link Leaders will connect with and support the freshmen in their home groups during both structured and spontaneous visits and interactions. For the student Link Leaders, it will be an opportunity to pass on first-hand knowledge and experiences to the freshmen. “If we can teach the freshmen some of the little things they should know to make their lives easier, then that could be really special,” says Sonya Melendez ‘21. “My goal is to show the freshmen that the community here at Bishop is very vibrant, which is something that most public schools don’t really have. Bishop is all

For more information about this exciting program coming to Bishop Montgomery, visit To support Link Crew and the success of our newest Knights, visit and select "Link Crew" to have your gift earmarked for the program. • 7

KNIGHTFEST Local Beers. Great Wines. Rockin' Tequila. Phenomenal Food. Live Music. Tremendous People. The first annual Knight Fest had all of this and more on April 6 when over 250 guests filled Bishop's Student Activity Center. One of the things that made the event so special was the gathering of different members of the school community - current and past parents, alumni from every decade, faculty and staff both past and present, and tons of friends. As guests arrived, Bishop's Jazz Band set the mood with lively tunes. After playing for 90 minutes, The Last Seconds (a 'mostly' alumni band) took over and played a great selection of cover songs. Three members of the group are alumni - Drew Hardesty '08, Kyle Leach '09, and Patrick Lenon '08 - and they showed off their talents both instrumentally and vocally. "Having live music at an event always makes it special," says Andy Marafino, Bishop's Development Director. "What made the event even more special was the music was provided by our own students and alumni." Two of the highlights of the night were the food and drink that the guests enjoyed. Local, southern California breweries - Lagunitas, Green Cheek, Unsung, and Beachwood - provided some of their best craft beers for tasting. Guests were also treated to wines from about a dozen wineries from California, the United States and all over the world. And of course, not to be missed were the different tequilas provided by Rock n' Roll Tequila. As guests sampled the beer, wine, and tequila, they had an opportunity to chat with Bishop faculty and alumni, who took shifts pouring throughout the night. Of course, pairing the beer, wine and tequila with the perfect foods could only be provided by one chef, Bishop's very own alumna Jen Story '99. Many thanks to all the people, businesses and organziations who made the night a huge success and so much fun. Special thank yous to Bob Jamison '68, Tom Jamison '64, and Erin Jamison '13; BMHS art teachers Jennifer Kallok '88, Alica Muldrow and Catherine Wilson; all the faculty, staff, and friends who helped take a shift pouring; Chef Jen Story '99 and her team; The Last Seconds; Lorie Aldeguer and her team at Exer Urgent Care for keeping guests hydrated; our parent volunteers; Eric Hankey and the music department and music booster club; and the BMHS maintenance team. We would also like to say special thanks to Amy Traxler (Development Office) and Dione Dierks (Outreach & Public Relations Office) for all they do.

Save the date for Knight Fest '20: April 4, 2020

8 • Veritas



Knight Fest photos courtesy of Brandon Bibbins '09. • 9


MAKING A DIFFERENCE, ONE REVOLUTION AT A TIME “‘Tis not in numbers, but in unity that our great strength lies.” These words of Thomas Paine, written in support of the American Revolution, apply today to members of the Bishop Montgomery Class of 1972. Separated by years, they have reunited in support of a classmate in the quest to make a difference in a revolution of another kind. On June 8, 2019, seven members of the Class of 1972 joined classmate Kevin Dooley ‘72 in Philadelphia at the 6th Annual Million Dollar Bike Ride. And if a bike ride in Philadelphia sounds like the perfect place for a revolution, that’s because it is. The event is hosted by the Orphan Disease Center at the University of Pennsylvania, and each year riders descend on the historical city to raise funds to help find cures for rare diseases, those that affect fewer than 200,000 people nationwide. This year, for the first time, a team was accepted to represent the muscle disease, inclusion body myositis (IBM). Mike Fleming ‘72, Sue Freiler-Mendenhall ‘72, Joe Gerard ‘72, Jean Hanten-Gerard ‘72, Ralph Lepore ‘72, Steve Pilon ‘72, and Mike Williams ‘72 joined Dooley, his friends, and family as part of Team Cure IBM. The ride proved to be very successful, not just in money raised to help find a cure for IBM, but for reasons that were largely unexpected. In 2016, Dooley was diagnosed with inclusion body myositis, a rare disease in which muscle strength gradually worsens over a period of years. In most cases, onset of the disease starts after the age of 40 or 50 with symptoms that are often mistakenly believed to be part of the normal aging process. Patients experience difficulty standing from a low chair, a weakening grip, or trouble swallowing, and because these symptoms are often subtle, diagnosis is commonly delayed. The disease progresses relentlessly, however, and most people eventually need to use a wheelchair, and some lose the ability to move their arms or legs, or swallow. The cause is unknown, and there is no treatment. When he was diagnosed, Dooley began researching the disease and quickly became dissatisfied with the information that was available about the disease and shocked by the lack of research funding for IBM. More 10 • Veritas

information about it needed to be out there, and Dooley made it his life’s work to raise awareness. As a medical doctor, Dooley was in a special position to accomplish his mission. Following high school graduation, Dooley attended Colorado College with a plan to become an ecology professor. As an avid hiker, both then and now, Dooley always took a keen interest in what he was looking at on his hikes. He majored in biology so he could take courses in subjects like field botany, insect ecology, and animal behavior. One summer while in college, he found work as a counselor at a camp for blind children and found it incredibly rewarding. “The camp experience really got me interested in working with people,” says Dooley. After taking a few years off after college, Dooley started thinking about applying to medical school. “I figured studying anatomy and physiology would not be so bad if I could help people,” quipped Dooley. In 1983, Dooley graduated from Harvard Medical School and became an ophthalmologist. He worked in private practice for a few years before joining the team at Kaiser Permanente, where he stayed until retiring about five years ago. In his work, Dooley enjoyed learning about eyes and using high-tech equipment, such as lasers, but was most passionate about his patients. “I just really love helping people,” he says. Today, Dooley continues to help people through his non-profit, Cure IBM, and is dedicated to raising awareness about the disease and funding research grants. As a doctor, he has access to physicians, researchers, and information not readily available to someone outside the medical profession. And he has come a long way since he was first diagnosed. “Even though I am a doctor, I originally had no idea what IBM was,” he says. “I had never even heard of it.” Dooley has helped start research funds at Washington University in St. Louis and Johns Hopkins in Baltimore in hopes Above: Back Row (l to r): Cindy Williams, Mike Fleming '72, Kevin Dooley '72, Steve Pilon '72, Joe Gerard '72, Jean Hanten-Gerard '72. Front Row (l to r): Sue Dooley, Sue Freiler-Mendenhall '72, Ralph Lepore '72.

KEVINDOOLEY of one day finding a cure. Dooley admits that finding a cure in his lifetime is not realistic, but there is hope. “If we can find ways to slow [IBM] down, that would be valuable,” he says. “That is more of a realistic goal for my lifetime.” Dooley was joined in Philadelphia by his wife, Sue, and their two daughters, Kristen and Kathy. Team Cure IBM had about 30 riders, and the team raised enough money to fund a $100,000 research grant to study inclusion body myositis. Kevin Dooley '72, front, crosses the finish line along with friend and classmate, Steve Pilon '72. Many members of the BMHS class who could not come to Philadelphia donated generously, and their contributions made them valuable members of the team. Their donations added to the spirit of unity and community. Several classmates signed up to be fundraisers, and their efforts magnified the success. Because Team Cure IBM proved a worthy participant in the ride, there is optimism that they will be invited back to the City of Brotherly Love next year. If so, Dooley and his classmates can count on another memorable and meaningful trip in which the magic of Bishop Montgomery is on full display. Perhaps the most beautiful by-product of the Million Dollar Bike Ride for Dooley, his classmates, friends, and family was the love and care for each other that was on display despite the fact that some of them had not seen each other much since high school. For Gerard, the entire trip was a perfect celebration of “the magic of those [Bishop Montgomery] friendships that have survived for decades, as well as the beauty of the fabric that still binds us together.” Dooley was particularly moved by seeing everyone develop such a strong bond over the course of the week. “It was an eyeopener to see how everyone bonded,” says Dooley. “I renewed friendships with some people I had not seen since our days at Bishop Montgomery.”

Like Williams, Mike Fleming and Ralph Lepore were inspired to help their classmate and friend find a way to put an end to a terrible disease. “I like to localize non-profit donations of time and money to those where I believe we can move the needle,” says Fleming. “A disease where a passionate and knowledgeable individual is the center of the community seems to me to be that effort.” Lepore, who describes Dooley as “a very gifted person,” was inspired to help the cause as well, even though he was only able to ride the shortest of the available courses. “I rode the 13 mile course because I am old,” says Lepore. Fleming, Lepore, and the others plan on participating again next year and, like Dooley, hope to make their combined impact even greater.

(l to r): Mike Fleming '72, Ralph Lepore '72, Jean Hanten-Gerard '72, Joe Gerard '72, Mike Williams '72, Cindy Williams, Sue Freiler-Mendenhall '72, Kevin Dooley '72, and Steve Pilon '72 enjoy dinner before singing the BMHS Alma Mater.

No moment of the trip better defines the power of unity more than a dinner that took place before the bike ride (above). While sharing stories of their days roaming the halls of Bishop Montgomery, the members of the Class of 1972 “spontaneously broke into song, harmoniously performing our BMHS Alma Mater,” says Gerard. “You would have thought we were a choral group. It was totally unrehearsed. The bar patrons, completely surprised, gave us all a loud ovation.” What happened on that June day was a bike ride; but for Dooley and his classmates, what resulted were renewed friendships and confirmation that the power of the BMHS community is stronger than ever. “You can’t script what happened to each of us that week,” says Gerard. “I didn’t count on this being such a fun week,” says Dooley. “It is amazing that all these classmates did this for me.” "The path may not be smooth, and the climb may be steep, but together, we can climb mountains." Kevin Dooley '72, MD

(l to r): Kevin Dooley '72 in Philadelphia with his wife, Sue, and daughters, Kristen, far left, and Kathy, far right.

The trip clearly illustrated that Dooley and Cure IBM were not the only benefactors. Every classmate who made the trek to Philadelphia was moved by being in each other’s presence, and it proved very powerful. Back in high school, Mike Williams recognized how special a person and friend he had in Dooley, and continues to draw inspiration from his fellow Knight. “[Kevin] was brilliant and always demonstrated that indomitable spirit which he personifies today,” says Williams. “In the face of this horrible disease, he smiles, carries on with the business of living and continues helping others that have the same IBM challenge.”

For information about Inclusion Body Myositis, including diagnosis, treatment, resources, Dooley's blog, and the Million Dollar Bike ride, and to donate to help in the fight against IBM, visit • 11


"In these seats are not only accomplished students, athletes, and creatives, but good-hearted and faithful people. Because at the end of the day, Bishop fosters a culture that does not solely take pride in what we do, but more importantly, who we are." Kayla Padilla '19, Co-Salutatorian

THE CLASS OF 2019 SHINES BRIGHTLY This year, Bishop Montgomery celebrated its 59th commencement when the Class of 2019 received their diplomas on Friday, May 24. The ceremony was held in Bishop Montgomery’s Knight Stadium with over 2,500 people in attendance on a beautiful, sun-drenched day.

than 50 classmates, teachers, and administrators. It was a true salute to the many people who make Bishop a special place.

When Padilla was told she was a salutatorian and would be delivering a speech, she was simply told to "salute your class." As she took the Twenty-six seniors were acknowledged as valedictorians for earning podium, she relayed her instructions and told her classmates to get cumulative GPA’s of 4.45 and higher. Senior Matthew Norambuena '19, ready for the shortest graduation speech in history. Padilla then put her who earned the class’ highest right hand against her forehead GPA of 4.76 and will attend and, quite literally, saluted her Northwestern University, gave classmates. After the laughter the valedictory address. Two diminished, Padilla addressed seniors, Kennedy Dierks '19 the class by talking about what (Seton Hall) and Kayla Padilla 201 Number of Graduates she knows best: basketball (she '19 (University of Pennsylvania), will play at the University of 198 (99%) Seniors Attending college/university were named Co-Salutatorians Pennsylvania). Padilla compared 161 (81%) Seniors attending a 4-year college/university and also addressed their class. their four years of high school 37 (18%) Seniors Attending a 2-year college/university With humorous, yet moving to the four quarters of a basket189 (94%) Seniors who applied to a 4-year college/university speeches, each touched on ball game. She expertly took her 183 (97%) Seniors who applied and accepted to 4-year college/university some of the highlights from class on a journey from their 43 (21%) Seniors attending Cal State University the class’ four years at Bishop freshman year (1st quarter) of 36 (18%) Seniors Attending UC System Montgomery. feeling their way around school, 24 (12%) Seniors attending Private, In-State to their senior year (4th quarFor Norembuena, the focus of 54 (27%) Seniors attending 4-year, Out-of-State ter) and the critical moments much of his speech was on some and decisions that help them in 4 (2%) Seniors attending 4-year, Out-of-United States of the universal lessons that he reaching their goals. She conand his classmates learned in cluded by telling her class that their four years. "Since day one at Bishop, we’ve learned the value of wherever they go and whatever they do, to "try to be good." helping those in need," says Norambuena. "We were blessed to have a Fr. Jonathon Meyer '04, Assistant Director of the Queen of Angels faculty unlike any other school - one in which each teacher, administraCenter for Priestly Formation and Mount St. Mary's University Campus tor, and staff member went out of their way to make sure each student Chaplain, served as the archdiocese’s representative and conferred was okay. Their care translated into an environment where students the diplomas. Before awarding the diplomas, Fr. Jonathan implored felt safe asking for help, and everyone was always looking out for one the graduates to always keep their faith first as they embark on new another. This care for those in need will lead us as a community to adventures and chapters in their lives. He reminded them to find joy in make the world a better place. A good knight is chivalrous, and always everything they do-- not just for themselves, but for their families, for helps those in need." their colleagues, and for a world that most needs it. The first Salutatory speech was made by Dierks, who took her classmates down memory lane while playfully quoting Dr. Seuss' "Oh, the At the ceremony’s conclusion, the seniors moved their tassels from Places You'll Go!" She spoke of drama productions, exciting sporting right to left and Principal Jim Garza pronounced them officially as events, service projects, and classrooms where teachers made them“alumni of Bishop Montgomery High School.” After they processed off selves available for guidance. While reminding the class of some of the field, the graduates were greeted by families and friends for pictheir wonderful accomplishments, Dierks menioned, by name, no less tures all over the BMHS campus that lasted well into the afternoon.


12 • Veritas


Class of 2019 Matriculation Members of the Class of 2019 were accepted to the following schools: Academy of Art University Alabama State University Arizona State University Art Center College of Design Aurora University Azusa Pacific University Bard College *Baylor University Belmont University Benedict College Bennett College Bethany College Biola University Boise State University *Boston College *Boston University Bucknell University Butler University California Baptist University California College of the Arts (San Francisco) California Lutheran University California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo California State Polytechnic University, Pomona California State University, Bakersfield California State University, Channel Islands California State University, Dominguez Hills California State University, Fullerton California State University, Long Beach California State University, Los Angeles California State University, Maritime Academy California State University, Monterey Bay California State University, Northridge California State University, Sacramento California State University, San Bernardino California State University, San Marcos California State University, Stanislaus Carroll College (MT) Cerritos College Chapman University Clark Atlanta University *Colorado School of Mines Colorado State University Cornell College Creighton University Crown College Dillard University Dominican University of California Drexel University El Camino College Embrey-Riddle Aeronautical University, Florida Embrey-Riddle Aeronautical University, Worldwide Emerson College Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising Fisk University Franciscan University Franciscan University of Steubenville Fresno State University Furman University Gonzaga University Grand Canyon University Harvey Mudd College Hawaii Pacific University High Point University Hofstra University Humboldt State University *Illinois Institute of Technology *Indiana University, Bloomington Irvine Valley College Ithaca College John Cabot University John Paul the Great Catholic University *Johns Hopkins University Kalamazoo College King’s College Knox College

Lafayette College Lake Forest College Lewis & Clark College Long Beach City College Los Angeles Harbor College Louisiana State University Loyola Marymount University *Loyola University Chicago *Marquette University Maryland Institure College of Art Marymount California University *Miami University (OH) *Michigan State University Montana State University Montana Tech Mount Saint Mary’s University Muhlenberg College *New York University North Carolina A&T University *Northeastern University Northern Arizona University *Northwestern University Oberlin College of Arts & Sciences Occidental College Oregon State University Otis College of Art & Design Pace University Pacific Lutheran University *Pennsylvania State University, University Park *Pepperdine University Point Loma Nazarene University Pratt Institute *Purdue University Quinnipiac University Regis University *Renssalaer Polytechnic University Rhodes College Rochester Institute of Technology Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Sacred Heart University Saint Mary’s College Saint Mary’s College of California Saint Michael’s College Salve Regina University San Diego City College San Diego State University San Francisco State University San Jose State University Santa Clara University Santa Monica College Savannah College of Art & Design School of Visual Arts Scripps College Seattle Pacific University Seattle University Seton Hall University Sonoma State University *Southern Methodist University Spelman College St. John’s University St. Michael’s College St. Olaf College State University of New York, Albany State University of New York, Oswego *Syracuse University *Texas Christian University The Citadel The College of New Jersey The New School *The Ohio State University Trinity University (TX) Tuskegee University

United States Air Force Academy Universidad de Navarra University of Alabama University of Alabama, Birmingham University of Arizona *University of California, Berkeley *University of California, Davis *University of California, Irvine *University of California, Los Angeles University of California, Merced *University of California, Riverside *University of California, San Diego *University of California, Santa Barbara *University of California, Santa Cruz *University of Chicago *University of Colorado, Boulder University of Colorado, Colorado Springs University of Colorado, Denver *University of Connecticut *University of Denver University of Hawaii *University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign *University of Iowa University of Kansas University of Kentucky University of La Verne University of Maine University of Mary *University of Massachusetts, Amherst University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth *University of Michigan *University of Minnesota University of Missouri University of Montana, Missoula University of Nebraska University of Nevada, Las Vegas University of Nevada, Reno University of New Mexico University of Northern Colorado *University of Notre Dame University of Oregon *University of Pennsylvania University of Portland University of Puget Sound *University of San Diego *University of San Francisco *University of Southern California University of St. Andrews, Scotland University of St. Thomas University of Tennessee University of the Arts, London University of the Pacific University of Toronto University of Tulsa University of Utah *University of Virginia *University of Washington University of Waterloo *University of Wisconsin, Madison *Villanova University Virginia State University Washington State University Westcliff University Western Colorado University Western Washington University Westminster College Whittier College Whitworth University Willamette University *Worcester Polytechic Institute Xavier University Xavier University of Louisiana

Bold indicates Class of 2019 graduate attending the college or university. *indicates US News & World Report Top 100 National University. • 13




In February, BMHS’ Sports Medicine students and teachers participated in the National Honor Society of Sports Medicine’s Annual High School Seminar sponsored by the LA Clippers and Providence Health Services. Joining students from across California and the western U.S., Bishop's team spent the day testing their sports medicine knowledge and skills, and learning from NHSSM members and professionals.

Over Spring Break, nineteen students from Bishop's French classes took an educational trip to France to immerse themselves in French culture, explore French landmarks, and participate in authentic French experiences. These students, accompanied by faculty chaperones, spent three days in Paris and three days in Bordeaux. After flying into Charles de Gaulle airport, the students and leaders met up with their tour guide, Bernard, who led a walking tour around the streets of Paris. The students were able to enjoy éclairs, chou à la crème, fondant au chocolat in one of the many Parisian cafes, explore classic French stores like Monoprix, and take in the scenic architecture of the Parisian buildings. The next day, students walked through Louis XIV’s magnificent Palace at Versailles and its accompanying gardens. The group then traveled to Montmartre, one of Paris' famous art districts, to participate in an painting lesson of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. That night, the students, traveling like local Parisians, took the Metro to the homes of local families who welcomed them for authentic French dinners. On the final day in Paris, students headed to famous landmarks including the Arc de Triomphe, Musee de L’Armee, and Les Invalides. The students also explored the Louvre and ascended to the top of the Eiffel Tower. After having a wonderful time in Paris, the group traveled to Bordeaux on the TGV, France’s highspeed train and took a walking tour of Bordeaux, where they were able to take in the breathtaking landscape of the beautiful city. On the students’ second day in Bordeaux, they traveled to Arcachon to learn about oyster farming and participate in an oyster-tasting, and that afternoon, the students climbed Europe’s tallest sand dune, La Dune du Pilat. On the final day of the trip, students met up with their French pen pals for a tour of their school in the city of Mont-de-Marsan. Students explored Mont-de-Marsan with their pen pals, visited a bullfighting arena, and ultimately returned to Bordeaux to enjoy the city for one final night. Our students were able to fully immerse themselves in French culture eating authentic French food, utilizing and expanding their knowledge of the French language, and seeing many of the famous landmarks they had previously learned about in their French classes. Caitlin Frichtel '19, who enjoyed the opportunity to travel to France with her classmates and experience the French culture firsthand noted, “This trip was the experience of a lifetime and I will cherish these memories forever." Her experience seems to be representative of all of the students who participated in the trip, had an incredible time, and will always remember such an exhilarating and memorable travel experience abroad!

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The day included a rotation through stations led by NHSSM staff and students from Cal State Northridge’s sports medicine program. Students learned and practiced speed and agility drills for recovering athletes; received hands-on instruction on how to splint; watched virtual dissection and injury identification demonstrations on an Anatomage table (just like the one at BMHS); and learned more about emergency medicine treatment and rehabilitation techniques across a variety of injures and situations. The seminar also featured presentations from physicians and experts from various sports medicine fields. Katie Miyamoto ‘19 appreciated the opportunity to take her learning off campus and explore her passion for athletic training and sports medicine. “It was a great way to gauge how much we’ve already learned through Bishop’s Sports Med program and also see how much more there is to discover in the field of sports medicine,” said Katie. “This seminar was so much fun and got me even more excited about pursuing a career in the medical field.”

COLLEGE PLANNING PROCESS BEGINS EARLY As students begin planning for college earlier in their high school years, providing direction is more important than ever. Beginning in 2019-20, the Academic & College Counselors will coordinate planning meetings with sophomore students and their parents to review the student’s academic progress and plan for the next three years of high school. The focus will center on reviewing course selections and discussing post-secondary options as sophomores begin the college exploration process.

ACADEMICS TWO STUDENTS HEADED TO UNITED STATES AIR FORCE ACADEMY This spring, not one, but two, BMHS seniors received the acceptance letter of a lifetime-- appointments to the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Quinn Henry ’19 and Alexandre Some ’19 will begin BCT (Basic Cadet Training) on June 27. For both young men, it was a long and arduous process from their initial interest in a military appointment to their recent appointments. The application process, which included written paperwork and interviews, as well as medical and physical fitness tests, hinged on a nomination from their respective congressperson. For Some, it was Representative Maxine Waters; for Henry it was Senator Kamala Harris and Representative Ted Lieu. “The nomination was the hard part. You have to have that to move on,” commented Some. “And, each congressperson has their own evaluation and interview process [in addition to the Air Force Academy application].” Adds Henry, “Waiting was also tough… finding out if you made it to the next step.” The Academy piqued Henry and Some’s interest during their sophomore year, and their desire to attend the prestigious institution was confirmed when they applied and were accepted to the Air Force Summer Seminar in July 2018. The young men spent a week in Colorado Springs visiting classes, touring the facilities, and even got a taste of boot camp during their visit.

an education will support. Both Some and Henry will pursue degrees in mechanical engineering, but after their four years at the Academy and five years of service conclude, they will pursue different courses. Some hopes to secure a job with NASA, become an astronaut, “and work at the International Space Station. No matter what I do, I want to continue serving my country in some capacity,” he says. Henry looks forward to a career in developmental engineering or cyberspace ops. “The Air Force mission includes air, space and cyberspace, and I definitely want to work in one of these areas." Though he’s not sure yet of his exact career path, he does know that he is ready for the next four years at the Academy: “I want to go in and see how it goes. I want to give it my all.” No matter where their Academy experiences take them, both young men are excited for their futures. They are also appreciative of how their educations at Bishop Montgomery have prepared them. Henry believes that the academic preparation at BMHS will help him succeed in the Air Force: “Academically, looking at Bishop, I was able to challenge myself and do well with the rigor over my four years.” Some adds, “Bishop also taught me time management. For example, at the Air Force Academy, you have to play a sport in addition to all of the other responsibilities. Doing that already at Bishop has helped prepare me for what’s ahead.” In addition to what they look forward to, they also know what they will miss. “It’s always tough [no matter where you go to college] to go from senior to the bottom. But, I think we’re ready,” explains Henry. Some agrees. “Ya, being at the top of the food chain and dropping back down will be tough,” he laughs, “but we know it’s coming.” They also both agree that the process of applying and preparing for the Air Force Academy has been a valuable one. It’s an experience they recommend for those students behind them looking at a future at one of the U.S. military academies. “The process to get there is not easy,” says Some. “But, you just have to push through and know there’s an end. You have to have fun with it.” And, what’s Henry’s advice? “Just do it. Enjoy the process. You’re guaranteed to learn a lot about yourself along the way.”

(l to r): Alexandre Some ‘19 & Quinn Henry ‘19 will begin their service at the U.S. Air Force Academy in June. They join alumni Christopher Arce ‘17 & Andrew Choi ‘18 on the Colorado Springs campus.

After the seminar, both knew it was their top choice for post-secondary study and looked forward to spending four years at an institution with so much to offer. For Henry, a BMHS Ambassador, member of the football and track teams, and a class valedictorian, it is the Academy’s “atmosphere of excellence that is embraced by everyone there. You have to always be at your best.” Some, a member of BMHS’ football and golf teams and a class valedictorian, agrees with Henry and enthusiastically adds, “Skydiving! There are so many opportunities for skydiving and parachuting, and I can’t wait!”

The young men also look forward to the academic rigor inherent in an Air Force Academy education and the future job opportunities that such

PROJECT LEAD THE WAY MAKES DEBUT AT BISHOP When the new school year starts in August, an exciting engineering pathway will be added to the curriculum at Bishop Montgomery; making its debut on campus will be Project Lead the Way: Engineering. PLTW provides transformative learning experiences for both students and teachers. In the engineering component of PLTW, Bishop's students will engage in hands-on activities, projects, and problems that are reflective of real-world challenges, and will learn essential, in-demand skills validated by the world’s leading companies. The first course offering, as part of a four-course sequence, is Principles of Engineering. Throughout PLTW, students will explore a broad range of engineering topics, including mechanisms, the strength of structures and materials, and automation. Bishop's students will also develop skills in problem solving, research, and design while learning strategies for design process documentation, collaboration, and presentation. • 15



In almost every way imaginable, Kennedy Dierks ‘19 was prepared for what was ahead of her in March when she stepped off a plane in Cajamarca, Peru. Well, almost. Dierks, a valedictorian in the Class of 2019, embarked on a life-changing trip when she traveled with a team of southern California ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgeons to Peru’s northern highlands, in the Andes Mountains, ready to serve the community and help provide free medical care to the local population. As it turns out, the trip was life-changing for both this aspiring doctor and the patients she met. For seven of her nine days in Peru, Dierks spent her time helping patients and doctors, performing triage, and observing surgeries at a local hospital. She also spent a day at an orphanage where she helped renovate the recreation room-- painting walls, installing a television, and setting up art supplies for the girls’ living at the facility. “When I arrived in Peru,” says Dierks, “I was shocked that such a beautiful place could hold so much pain and poverty.” Upon arrival at the hospital on the first day, she was greeted by stray, diseased dogs roaming the halls, dust and dirt covering the floor of the triage room, which was really just a glorified closet, and a building that could best be described as dilapidated. Undeterred, Dierks was ready to meet patients and her first one was badly in need of assistance. “I tried hard to maintain a poker face when he walked in, despite being taken aback by the large tumor growing from his right cheek,” she says. “It was the size of a softball, sitting on his parotid gland -- not an uncommon case back home, but definitely out of the ordinary to see a tumor of this size.” What happened next surprised Dierks. Her patient and his wife hugged her and thanked her for simply writing Parotid Tumor, Recommended Surgical Case on a piece of paper. “In that moment, I saw for the first time how different the [United] States really are from Peru,” she says. “In Peru, people will cry tears of joy for something as simple as a diagnosis. As grateful as they are for a cure, they are appreciative of someone recognizing their problems and offering a potential, even if unguaranteed, solution.”


During the month of September, Bishop’s football program participated in the Touchdowns Against Cancer campaign to help defeat childhood cancer. Donors made a flat donation or a pledge for each TD scored by BMHS in the month of September. All proceeds benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. BMHS Football raised $1,703 and received 3rd Team All-American status from Touchdowns Against Cancer. The amount raised by BMHS was the 11th most money in the United States and the 3rd most in California. Thank you to all our awesome donors in helping us fight childhood cancer.

SENIOR HONORED WITH PRESTIGIOUS AWARDS Eloise Belandres '19, past Lieutenant Governor for Division 19 South Key Club, was awarded the Robert F. Lucas Outstanding Lieutenant Governor Award (RFL) and the prestigious California-Nevada-Hawaii Key Club (CNH) Distinguished Lieutenant Governor award (DLTG) at the annual District Convention for the CNH District in Ontario, California in April. A Key Club member all four years at BMHS, Belandres served as past club treasurer and president during her sophomore and junior years, respectively. She is thrilled to have received the awards. "It truly is an honor to receive the RFL and DLTG," says Belandres.

Over the next week, Dierks helped diagnose more tumors as well as deviated septums, nasal obstructions, and cases of chronic tonsillitis; and, every single patient hugged her with tears in their eyes. She credits the education she received at Bishop for preparing her for the many things required of her in those 10 days. Classes like Honors Anatomy, AP Calculus, AP Physics and Sports Medicine prepared her for the “academic” side of her role. She also credits her faith formation with something, perhaps, even more important: “My faith taught me to have hope in situations where hope seems lost… and, to give thanks when there is a bit of hope.”

As a Lt. Governor, she served as a liaison between 13 schools in the South Bay to the CNH District that broke records this year by fundraising over $240,000 for the Pediatric Trauma Program to support their partner hospitals in the three states. Her division alone logged over 8,000 service hours and raised $3,100 for the program. Belandres, with over 350 hours herself, also received the Presidential Service Award for volunteering over 250 hours throughout the year.

What this recent Bishop graduate learned on her trip could fill a medical journal. And, as she prepares to start a 7-year joint Bachelor’s and M.D. program at Seton Hall University in the fall, she received a gift that may have not been expected when she got off the plane. “I learned that love is not limited by language, and serving others brings more joy and love than anything else I’ve ever known.”

Belandres was officially recognized for her achievements as Lieutenant Governor at the Key Club International Convention in Baltimore, Maryland in July.

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SPIRITUALITYANDSERVICE THOMAS LI '19 RECEIVES CONGRESSIONAL SERVICE AWARD REP. MAXINE WATERS PRESENTS BMHS SENIOR WITH CONGRESS’ HIGHEST HONOR FOR YOUTH Prior to Easer break in April, United States Congresswoman Maxine Waters visited Bishop Montgomery to present senior Mingkai Thomas Li '19 with the Congressional Service Award in front of family, faculty and staff, classmates and government officials from Torrance, including Mayor Patrick Furey. Li was awarded the honor for his achievements in four areas: volunteer service, personal development, physical fitness, and expedition. Waters, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, noted that Li was the first recipient of the award in the 43rd congressional district since 2013. Li first learned of the Congressional Service Award and its requirements as a sophomore. He was drawn to it because "it was a very diverse program that not only focused on academics, but also on service and developing personal skills." For Li, the award represents everything to him that a balanced life should have all under one umbrella, so he submitted his application, received his own Record Book in the mail, and began documenting his progress. Continuing with a volunteer service project he started as a freshman, Li worked at least 10 hours every week as a volunteer computer science teacher at Palos Verdes on the Net, a well-known education technology center in the South Bay. There, Li tutored students of all ages, from seven years old to adults, during drop-in sessions and scheduled classes. While volunteering at PVNET, Li continued playing the clarinet, which he started at age six. During his freshmen year, he joined Bishop's Thunder By Knight band where he quickly rose in popularity among his band mates, not only for his talent, but for his calm and kind demeanor. A natural leader, Li has been a key member of TBK and has not only seen his own skills grow, but through his leadership and guidance, the skills of his band mates as well. Li credits this creative outlet and his advisor, Music Director Eric Hankey, as an important part of his personal development over the last four years. In addition to the exercise that comes with playing in a marching band, Thomas also maintains his fitness as a member of BMHS' swim team. Under the guidance of Coach Amy Traxler, Li competed in the pool in the 50-yard and 100-yard freestyle. A swimmer since middle school, Thomas enjoys swimming, not just for the physical fitness, but for the camaraderie and friendships that being a part of the team creates. In the summer of 2018, Li set out to Yosemite with two of his PVNET friends to hike and work on the expedition component of his award. Over two days, the trio hiked 20 miles, including a trek to the top of Half Dome. Planning and documenting the trip was a required part of the expedition, as well as writing a reflection once it was complete. Li spent months preparing for the trip and filled many diary pages detailing every step and what he accomplished over those two days.

Thomas Li ‘19, center, with (l to r): BMHS Principal Dr. Jim Garza, Torrance Mayor Patrick Furey, U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, and Li’s mother, Bin Li.

After completing the requirements of the four components, Li mailed his completed Record Book to the Congressional Award Office and waited for a reply. A few months later, Li learned that he had, in fact, earned the Congressional Service Award’s silver medal. “I felt very excited and very honored,” says Li. “Hard work pays off.” Not long after sending off his Record Book for the silver medal, Li began working towards the gold medal, the highest level of the Congressional Service Award. Soon, he will submit that Record Book in the hopes of meeting yet another personal goal and earning one of the nation’s most prestigious awards for young people. Li’s primary focus on his work for the gold medal has been in the volunteer service component and his work at PVNET. Along with his co-workers, Li has been researching potential contributions that machine learning can make to aid patients suffering from depression. With over 500 hours of research and the help of open source technology, Thomas is preparing for the publication of a research paper with his team’s findings. Li hopes to learn of his gold award status in the next three or four months and, says if awarded, he will willingly come back to Bishop Montgomery after graduation to receive the medal, especially if Maxine Waters will be presenting it. “It is a very big honor to have received this award,” he notes, “but, it is an even bigger honor to have Congresswoman Waters present it. I have always been a very big fan of hers.” Li was a Class of 2019 Valedictorian and will attend UC San Diego.

THE EXAMEN: CELEBRATING OUR CATHOLIC IDENTITY Since 1957, an important part of each day at Bishop Montgomery is morning prayer, as it sets the tone for the day and allows students and faculty to be reminded of God’s presence in their lives. Beginning this fall, Bishop's students, faculty, and staff will practice The Examen together each Thursday as a way to carry on the celebration of the Catholic values on which the school was founded. The Daily Examen is a technique of prayerful reflection on the events of the day in order to detect God’s presence and discern his direction for us. The Examen is an ancient practice in the Church that helps us see God’s hand at work in our daily lives. Through school-wide prayer and silent reflection, the Bishop community will observe the five-step Examen that St. Ignatius practiced: Become aware of God’s presence all around us; review the week with gratitude and conviction; pay attention to our emotions; choose one grace or virtue to ask the Lord to give us; and look optimistically toward God’s providence in our lives. • 17



MUSIC MINISTRY WELCOMES MINNESOTA’S MINNETONKA HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR In March, BMHS’ Music Ministry was visited by Minnetonka High School’s choir from Minnesota. Arranged by Music Ministry Director, Gabe Hernandez ‘12, and TBK Band Director, Eric Hankey, Minnetonka‘s visit provided a great learning opportunity for both music groups. BMHS was Minnetonka's first stop in California, after arriving in the state the night before. To start off the morning, the Minnetonka choir performed two amazing acapella songs. After, BMHS’ Music Ministry performed two mass songs accompanied by BMHS band members Jared Drews ‘19 on piano, Alex Lehr ‘21 on guitar, Lauren Niro ‘21 on bass, and Jacob White ‘21 on drums. The two choirs also had the opportunity to teach each other new songs after their initial performances.

TBK is Back! Prior to the start of the 2018-19 school year, Bishop Montgomery Band Director Eric Hankey and Development and Alumni Director Andy Marafino invited Jovy Bartilad-Garcia ‘93, Robert Lesaca ‘90 and Vanessa Tamayo ‘93 to campus for a meeting they told the alumni would be about the recently established TBK Alumni Scholarship. When Bartilad, Lesaca, and Tamayo arrived on campus, the school surprised the three alumni with the announcement that Bishop is bringing Thunder By Knight back as the official name of the BMHS band, drum line and color guard. On their visit, Hankey presented them with sweatshirts adorned with the TBK logo. After the presentation and announcement, the group walked to the band room where they were welcomed by Principal Dr. Jim Garza and the members of the band. "Jovy, Robert, and Vanessa were instrumental in starting the TBK Alumni Scholarship (see information below) last year and have been wonderful to work with in so many ways," says Marafino. "We are excited to bring the name back as it represents so much that is great about BMHS, most importantly our students and our alumni." In 1985, Bishop Montgomery named the marching band, drum line and color guard Thunder By Knight in part to give the group an identity both on campus and in the community. The name caught on quickly and soon TBK became the largest student group on campus. "I know that everyone involved in TBK had a great amount of pride in being part of the group," says Marafino. "But more importantly, they all loved representing Bishop Montgomery."

TBK ALUMNI SCHOLARSHIP ESTABLISHED Prior to the return of TBK, Bartilad, Lesaca, and Tamayo approached BMHS about the idea of establishing a scholarship to provide tuition assistance to a current member of the music program. Without hesitation, the TBK Alumni Scholarship was established to help deserving students. For complete information about the TBK Alumni Scholarship, including how to make a gift in support of the fund, visit: 18 • Veritas

After the two groups’ performances, the students had an opportunity to ask questions about our different schools-- Minnetonka is a public high school with over 3,000 students. The two groups also asked each other about their different home states and what it’s like to live in each. In addition to the 80 Bishop and Minnetonka students who were part of the choral performances, other BMHS students from different music and art classes stopped by to hear the performances and talk to the Minnetonka students throughout the morning. Over a pizza lunch, students were able to talk to each other, make new friends, and exchange contact information. Some students even decided to do extra performances, like one by a smaller subgroup of Minnetonka’s choir, as well as a jazz solo performance of Fly Me to the Moon sung by Music Ministry’s Brianna Smith ‘21. Despite an overcast sky and a little bit of drizzle, the Minnetonka students said they enjoyed the "warm weather," loved the overall experience of visiting Bishop, and enjoyed sharing their talents and amazing voices!




Soon after the Christmas holidays, Thomas More Hall (TMH), home of the campus theater and drama program, received a facelift when 65 new theater-style seats were installed just in time for the spring production of ‘12 Angry Jurors.’ A very special thank you to all those who made a gift to this project. It could not have been completed without the support of so many wonderful parents, alumni, and friends. As part of the project, many benefactors chose to donate by naming a seat “in honor of” or “in memory of” a loved one. As of this publication, there are still 34 seats remaining that are available to be named. "We are thrilled about the new seating in the theater and what it means to our students and patrons," says Sierra Evans '10, one of BMHS' Drama Lab moderators/directors. "The addition of the seating gives the theater a professional look and just adds even more to the entire theater-going experience for our students and patrons. We are so grateful to everyone for their support."


The first production with the new thearer seating was clearly a hit for the patrons. “I am so happy that I had the chance to stop by and see [12 Angry Jurors],” says Danny Blake ‘88, one of the theater’s wonderful benefactors. “I am so proud of BMHS and its Drama Lab on all the hardwork and dedication to these talented students, who very well may have a bright theatre future on their horizon. I was so happy to also see all the students in attendance, and overheard some of them ‘WOWing’ the new theatre seats as they entered. It really has made TMH into a true theatre.”

TALENT IN ABUNDANCE AT ANNUAL ARTS FEST The Annual Arts Fest Week is a wonderful part of each spring at Bishop. Student talent is displayed through many genres of the arts: painting, drawing; sculpture, photography, 3D and graphic design, music, poetry, and film.


Below are some of the winning works in the art contest along with a list of all winners (all winning artwork at

Painting: “Vice” Sophia Croasdale ‘19 Religious: “Christ” Juliana Zovak ‘19

Photography: “The Up Side Down” Ryan Shelburne ‘21

Drawing: “Marbles” Alyssa Accinelli ‘19

Other winners of the Art Contest: Thomas Li ‘19 (music performance); Angelina Herrera ‘19 (muisic composition); Svetlana Altshuler ‘20 (original poem); Hannah Tiedemann ‘19 (film); Annaliese Kaxon-Rupp ‘19 (3-D design); Madison Jacobus ‘19 (graphic design); and Kristina Capozza ‘19 (mixed media). All student films can be viewed at bit.ly2019ArtFest

It had been at least four years since Drama Lab put on a musical, but that didn't stop directors Megan Ashby-Moreau '01 and Sierra Evans '10 from taking on the challenge. After all, they had a little help. Actually, they had more than a little help. For the Fall production of 'Little Shop of Horrors', Moreau, the lead director, and Evans turned to some experts on campus to help with music, vocals, and dance. To pull of a production unlike anything they had done in the past, it was going to have to be a team effort. "This was the first time we had done anything to this scale," says Evans. "Megan wanted to involve as many people as possible, so getting the band students invloved was huge." To pull off the production, the band pre-recorded the musical numbers under the guidance of Eric Hankey, Bishop's Band Director. In fact, some of the students in the band also acted in the play. For vocal training, teacher Lisa Roehl-Walle '00 was brought in to help. To help choreograph dance numbers, teacher Kelly Marin offered her help, while art teacher Jennifer Kallok '88 had her students help paint the sets. In all, Evans estimates that close to 50 students and teachers were involved in the production. "The most rewarding part of it," says Evans, "was getting the opportunity to broaden our drama community on campus." • 19



BOYS’ CROSS COUNTRY Boys’ Cross Country continued their winning ways in 2018, winning their 3rd consecutive Camino Real League title under head coach Brian Haynes ‘89. Four runners were named 1st Team All-Camino Real League for their efforts: Connor Bevan ‘20, Matthew Craig ‘19, Alexander Lehr ‘21 & Ryan Yearley ‘20.


They did it! The Bishop Montgomery girls' tennis team, coached by Angel Quimson, capped an undefeated (19-0) season in 2018 by winning the CIF-SS Division 4 title with a 10-8 victory over El Toro at The Claremont Club in Claremont. It was the second CIF title in the program's history. BMHS captured the 4A title in 1977. “This CIF title was meant to be,” says Andy Marafino, BMHS’ Director of Development & Alumni. “Afterall, the girls captured the title just a few weeks after the 1977 team was inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame. It was good karma.” After winning the program's 13th straight Del Rey League title - a school record for consecutive league titles by a team - the Lady Knights entered the playoffs as the #4 seed in CIF-SS Division 4. BMHS opened the playoffs with consecutive 14-4 victories (over La Mirada and Bolsa Grande, respectively) before winning a tough match against Trabuco Hills 9-9. In a thrilling contest, BMHS was victorious based on total games won. In the CIF-SS semifinals, BMHS traveled to Temescal Canyon where they won 12-6. As a bonus for winning the title, the team was honored by the CIF-SS in April prior to a Los Angeles Angels game. Individually, the Lady Knights had many outstanding performances throughout the year. They were led by the league champion doubles team of Cameron Banks '20 and Samara Guillory '21, who captured their second straight doubles title together. In addition to Banks and Guillory, four other players were named to the all-league team: Samantha Guillory ‘21 (1st Team), Nicole Baigorrotegui ‘20 (2nd Team), Annie Elming ‘19 (2nd Team), and Emma Tiedemann ‘21 (2nd Team). 2018 CIF Championship Team: Lisa-Ann Agorsha '22 Nicole Baigorrotegui '20 Cameron Banks '20 Natalia Cortes '19 Annie Elming '19 Natalie Galullo '19 Samantha Guillory '21 Samara Guillory '21 Zhen Guo '20 Fabi Higueros '19 Diana Jimenez '21 Stephanie Lew '20 Anita Michlitsch '22 Grace Okafor '21 Maya Pitts '21 Emma Tiedemann '21

20 • Veritas

2018 was a complete turnaround from the previous season for the Knights. After going 2-8 in 2017, the Knights finished 8-3 overall and captured the Camino Real League title with a perfect 3-0 record. Despite losing a thrilling game to Garey, 49-48, in the first round of the playoffs, it was an outstanding season for Bishop under head coach Ed Hodgkiss. Eight players were named 1st Team All-Camino Real League: Quinn Henry ‘19, Brenton Hewitt ‘20, Sebastian Keaton ‘20, Nick Laufenberg ‘19, Kyle Moten ‘19, Matthew Origel ‘19, Patrick Stofila ‘20 & Johnnie Torres ‘19. Four players earned 2nd Team All-Camino Real League honors: Eric Alvarez ‘21, Pierson Cordova ‘20, Ian Wecker ‘20 & Evan Williams ‘20. Origel was named Camino Real League MVP after passing for 12 TD’s and rushing for 17 TD’s. He led the team in passing yards (945) and rushing yards (1,308). Moten was named league Offensive Player of the Year after rushing for 1,155 yards and 14 TD’s.

GIRLS’ GOLF The Lady Knights showed great improvement in 2018 under the direction of head coach Pat McOsker ‘78. Two members of the team were named 2nd Team All-Del Rey League: Kaitlyn Bali ‘19 & Lindsay O’Brien ‘21.

GIRLS’ VOLLEYBALL Girls’ Volleyball (22-14) made a run to the CIF-SS Division 4 semi-finals and the state regionals under new head coach Tiffany Morales. They lost to Pasadena Poly in the semi-finals but not before beating Gahr, Mayfair and Alta Loma. The Lady Knights were led by Maddy Cardenas ‘19 and Dakota Quinlan ‘21, who were both named 1st Team All-Del Rey League and 1st Team All-CIF. Three players were named 2nd Team All-Del Rey League: Tina LeVine ‘19, TaKenya Stafford ‘21 & Lauren Turner ‘19. Morales was named Daily Breeze Coach of the Year.

GIRLS’ CROSS COUNTRY Junior Cristyn Oliver ‘20 was the lone member of a young Lady Knights squad to make the All-Camino Real League Team, garnering 1st Team honors for the Lady Knights.


The 2018 CIF-SS Division 4 Champions were honored before an Angels game in April. The team is pictured along with their head coach, Angel Quimson (far right) and BMHS Athletic Director, Eric Wood (second from the right).

The boys’ basketball team (24-7) turned in another impressive season under head coach Doug Mitchell. The team fought through a variety of injuries throughout the season and in the playoffs; in fact, they played only a few games at full-strength prior to the start of playoffs. That didn’t stop the Knights from advancing all the way to the CIF-SS Open Division finals, where they ended up falling to Sierra Canyon 64-57. The Del Rey League Champions were led by one of the best backcourts in the state in Gianni Hunt’ 19 and Josh Vazquez ‘19. Hunt was named Del Rey League MVP, 1st Team All-CIF and 4th Team All-State. Vazquez was a 1st Team all-league and All-CIF pick and


• We are looking for stats, records, & honors. Check out our Athletic Record Book & Almanac at

was a 2nd Team All-State selection. The duo were joined on the All-Del Rey League team by Will Crawford ‘19 (1st) Nick Schrader ‘19 (1st), Jordan Archie ‘19 (2nd) and Isaiah Johnson ‘20 (2nd).


before falling to the top singles player from Corona Del Mar in the quarterfinals. The top doubles team of Scott Moore ‘21 and Joe Takeuchi ‘20 captured the league doubles title for the Knights. All four players earned 1st Team All-Del Rey League honors. 2nd Team all-league picks were Brian Dyke ‘20 and Kellan Marshall ‘22.

BOYS’ SOCCER Boys’ Soccer (6-9-1) advanced to the CIF-SS playoffs for the second year in a row under head coach Clive Hulbert. The Knights lost a tough game in the first round to Torrance, but many players turned in outstading seasons. In all, seven players were named All-Del Rey League: Kenny Lee ‘19, Joey Raad ‘19, & Thomas Van Schoor ‘19 were named 1st Team while Andrew Baeza ‘21, Neal Draves ‘19, Gregory Flowers ‘20 & Nicco Schiappa ‘21 were named 2nd Team.


Kayla Williams ‘19 & Kayla Padilla ‘19 The Lady Knights (24-17) let it be known in 201819 that they are one of the best programs in the state. Under Head Coach Noelle Quinn ‘03, BMHS captured their 2nd consecutive Del Rey League title and advanced to the CIF-SS Open Division playoffs. Under a new Open Division playoff format, the Lady Knights essentially advanced to the semifinals before losing to Sierra Canyon, 61-59, in a heartbreaker. Individually, several players will need to clear some space at home for their awards. Kayla Padilla ‘19 was named 1st Team All-Del Rey League, Daily Breeze Player of the Year, 1st Team All-CIF, and 2nd Team All-State. Kayla Williams ‘19 was named 1st Team All-Del Rey League, Daily Breeze 1st Team All-Area, 1st Team All-CIF, and 3rd Team All-State. Khylee Pepe ‘21 was a 1st Team All-Del Rey League, Daily Breeze 2nd Team All-Area, 2nd Team All-CIF, and 1st Team All-State Sophomore. Anna Andrade ‘21, Cyan Dyke ‘20 & Nicole Hayase ‘20 were 2nd Team All-Del Rey League.

GIRLS’ SOCCER Girls’ soccer had another exciting season under Head Coach Brian Haynes ‘89, finishing the season 10-9-0 and advancing to the 2nd round of the CIF-SS Division 4 playoffs. The Lady Knights had a truly dominant player on their roster in sophomore Simone Jackson ‘21, who scored an impressive 23 goals and is one of the top players in the country in her age group. She is a member of the U17 Women’s National Team. Jackson was named 1st Team All-Del Rey League and 2nd Team Daily Breeze All-Area. She was joined on the all-league 1st team by Crystal Flores ‘19, Julia Hadnett ‘21 & Jordan Parrish ‘21. 2nd Team selections were Kacey Alejandre ‘21, Harley Lampkin ‘21, Kira Parker ‘20 & Bianca Rojas ‘19.

BOYS’ TRACK & FIELD Elijah Tolsma ‘20 A young baseball team had its ups and downs in 2019 under head coach Eric Fuller ‘94. At times, the Knights started four freshman, a few sophomores and only a few seniors. BMHS finished 12-13, and though they did not qualify for the playoffs, there were some impressive performances. Elijah Tolsma ‘20 hit .328, was 6-0 on the mound, and had a 0.22 ERA, a new school record. James Brandon ‘19 found his way into the record book as well, posting the 10th highest batting average at .453. Tolsma and Brandon were named 1st Team All-Camino Real League and Tolsma was named 2nd Team All-CIF-SS. Sean Delany ‘19, Neal Draves ‘19, and Kyle Sugimoto ‘22 were 2nd Team allleague picks.

BOYS’ GOLF The Knights finished 9-5 overall and tied for 2nd in league under head coach Pat McOsker ‘78. Joshua Lorenzo ‘21 was the Individual Champion at the Del Rey League finals. He was joined by Jonah Rodriguez ‘19 on the Del Rey 1st Team. Justin Mai ‘22 & Robbie Vezzuto ‘20 were 2nd team picks.


The boys’ track team was led by Nicholas Leeds ‘19, who won the league title in the high jump with a mark of 6’4”. Leeds advanced to the CIF-SS Finals where he finished 7th in Division 4. He will compete next year at Cal State San Marcos. Another top performer for the Knights was senior Quinn Henry ‘19, who broke the school record in the discus with a throw of 107’. Henry qualified for CIF-SS Prelims along with Brandon Murray ‘20, who competed in the high jump.

BOYS’ VOLLEYBALL Boys’ Volleyball (17-8) finished 2nd in the Del Rey League under new head coach Cody Cowell. The Knights traveled to El Segundo in the first round of the playoffs and lost a tough match to complete their season. The Knights were led by 1st Team All-Del Rey League picks Tony Cerofeci ‘22, Josh Crocker ‘19, and Jack Kane ‘21 and 2nd Team all-league selections Jack Murphy ‘19 and Joey Murphy ‘20.

GIRLS’ SWIMMING The Lady Knights took home 4th place at Del Rey League finals in 2019. The 200y medley relay team of Reilly Solheim ’22 (backstroke), Noelle Kondon ’22 (breaststroke), Hanna Douglas ’21 (butterfly) & Brianna Davis ’22 (freestyle) came in second at league finals.


Patrick Melia ‘21 Patrick Melia ‘21 was the top male swimmer for the Knights in 2019. Melia captured the Del Rey League title in the 100y backstroke and 100y freestyle. In addition to those events, he posted CIF consideration times in the 200y individual medley and 200y freestyle.

BOYS’ TENNIS Boys’ tennis did their best to try to match the success of the girls’ team in the fall. Under head coach Angel Quimson, the boys’ were Del Rey League Co-Champions and advanced to the CIF-SS Division 4 semi-finals. There, they lost a tough match to Flintridge Prep, 9-9. Flintridge advanced based on games won. For the third straight year, junior Jinta Sasamori ‘20 captured the league individual singles crown, defeating teammate Yuta Yamada ‘21 in the finals. Sasamori had a nice run in the CIF Individual playoffs. The junior won his first two matches

The Lady Knights had four athletes qualify for CIFSS Prelims. Amalya Mahloch ‘20 qualified in both the 100 and 300 hurdles; Simone Jackson ‘21 qualified in the 100m; Sonya Melendez ‘21 qualified in the discus; and Cristyn Oliver ‘20 qualified in the 3200m.

SOFTBALL The Lady Knights finished 9-10 on the season under head coach Gary Ferrin. Senior Madison Jacobus ‘19, who will play at the University of Utah next year, capped an impressive career at BMHS. She hit .611 (4th in school history) with 9 doubles (4th), and 6 home runs (3rd). For her career, she hit .558 (135-242), hit 16 home runs and struck out only 9 times. She was named 2019 Camino Real League MVP and 1st Team All-CIF-SS. Jacobus was joined on the All-Camino Real League 1st Team by Kat Hummer ‘19 and Kori Liu ‘19. Hummer, who hit four home runs this year, has signed to play at Loyola Marymount. Three players were named 2nd Team All-Camino Real League: Jodie Garvey ‘21, Danielle Fifer ‘22 and Francesca Villaneda ‘22. Fifer, only a freshman, had 27 RBI on the season, which is 6th in school history. • 21




January 17 was a special night on campus as some of the best to ever wear a Lady Knights’ uniform returned to campus when the girls' basketball program hosted a "Knight at the Game." Prior to the game against Cantwell-Sacred Heart, alumnae gathered in the Schneider Retreat Center for a reception and a meet-and-greet with the current varsity team. The alumnae enjoyed refreshments provided by the current BMHS basketball parents and alumna Shelley Dungo '94. Girls' Head Coach Noelle Quinn '03 invited the graduates to talk to the current players about their experiences playing at BMHS and offer them words of wisdom about basketball, school, and life.

Each May, Bishop Montgomery celebrates May Crowning at a school-wide mass. It is not only a celebration of Mary's importance in the life of the Church and in our own lives, but it serves as an opportunity to honor all the mothers of the seniors. It is always a special Mass on campus because so many moms are on campus. This year's Mass was made even more special as Bishop recognized two very special faculty milestones. Mrs. Linda Reano (above, left) retired after 19 years teaching Spanish and Italian. In addition to teaching so many students over the years, Reano also served as a class moderator and National Honor Society moderator, among other things. Reano was also a fixture at almost every BMHS event. "Linda has always been so supportive of everything at Bishop Montgomery," says Andy Marafino, Director of Development. "She attended plays, games, fundraising events, Mothers' Club events, you name it, she was there." For Reano, supporting the students and the school was not something she took lightly. "[Bishop Montgomery] is a home to me," she says. "When I came here many years ago, I knew it was a special place with special people." We thank Linda for her selfless dedication to the students and the school. We know she will spend her retirement traveling the world and drinking great wines. Also honored at Mass was Ms. Carrie Rey (above, right), who celebrated 25 years of teaching at BMHS this year. Rey has been a fixture in the science department. In addition to teaching AP Biology and Honors Anatomy & Physiology, Rey serves as Science Department Chairperson. She played a vital role in Bishop's purchase of an Anatomage Table, the school's state-of-the-art dissection table. Over the years, Rey served as an assistant coach in the girls' volleyball program, and, from 2006-2010 was the head coach. She led the Lady Knights to three league titles and was the 2008 Daily Breeze Coach of the Year. "Carrie has had an impact on the lives of so many students in her time at Bishop," says colleague Celeste Adams '94. "She coached me when I was a student and the lessons I learned from her were invaluable in every aspect of my life."

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"It was truly a special night on campus," says BMHS Director of Development & Alumni Andy Marafino. "Having our alumnae back on campus is always special because we want all of our alumni to feel like this will always be their home. The ladies tonight are an inspiration for everyone, especially our current student-athletes. They are all so successful in their lives because they are wonderful people and great role models."


On Saturday, June 8, approximately 50 members of the Class of 1969 gathered on campus for a tree dedication ceremony honoring classmates who have passed away. It was a beautiful tribute as those in attendence read aloud the names of deceased classmates and told stories of their time at Bishop. The tree was then blessed by Rev. Paul Gawlowski, OFM Conv., pastor at Our Lady of Guadalupe. Special thank you to Paula Schmid-De Manuel '69 for organizing the event.

AROUNDCAMPUS TEACHERS PROVIDE SURPRISE ON STUDENT APPRECIATION DAY The bell rang at 8:00am on February 1, just like any other day on campus. The Pledge of Allegiance, morning prayer, and announements were delivered over the p.a. and the school day was off and running like usual. Only it wasn't usual. Dr. Garza soon got on the p.a. to tell the students that he had surprise for them for Student Appreciation Day. A world-reknown expert on study skills was on campus to give the students a seminar they would never forget. The students were immediately dismissed to the main gymnasium, somewhat confused, and not entirely excited about this special "treat." When the students were settled in gym, Dr. Garza began his introduction of the study skills master, and was soon interrupted by the deans, Ms. Behen and Mr. Flores. "Excuse us Dr. Garza, but this is not really what the students want on Student Appreciation Day," said Behen. "Ya, I think they would rather see who is a better dancer," said Flores. "Me or Ms. Behen." The students erupted in cheers and it was obvious to them that there was no study guide expert there to lecture them; they were about to be treated to something much more fun. Over the next hour, faculty and staff performed routines for the students to show them how much they are loved and appreciated. After Behen and Flores showed off their dance moves, the stage was turned into a classroom. Mrs. Skelley and her "students" acted out what a typical day is like in a Bishop classroom (below, left). Following the classrrom skit, Bishop's "teacher short flag" team performed a routine (above) to a rousing ovation. The students then turned thier attention to the big screen where they were shown a video about what goes on in the faculty center, but in the style of the television show, The Office. After the video, it was time for more music, and the students were witness to a performance by "Cardi B" (Ms. Dickerson), "Bruno Mars" (Mr. Hernandez), and their "back-up dancers" (below, center). The final act was a video of teachers reading "mean evaluations" from the students. "We wanted to show the students they are loved because they are just really good kids," says Mrs. Dierks, who organized the day. "I am blessed to work with people who truly love the students and are not afraid to embarrass themselves a little to make Student Appreciation Day a great memory for the kids."

THAT'S SO RAVAN A hallmark of the Bishop student body is the endless and selfless service they provide to the school and to their communities. A shining example of this is rising junior Ravan Robertson '21, who earned her Girl Scout Gold Award this year. Ravan spent last summer teaching art therapy classes at Holly Glen Park in Hawthorne. She also wrote and illustrated three coloring books (for grades K-1, grades 2-3 and grades 4-5) for the Pediatrics Department at Torrance Memorial Medical Center under the guidance of Gina Sievert, the Child Life Specialist at TMMC. As part of her Gold Scout project, Ravan printed 100 of each coloring book and donated them to the hospital along with various art supplies. In all, she put in over 90 hours from start to finish!


The Gauntlet is the official name of Bishop's athletic student section. In gyms and stadiums across southern California, and on social media, they are better known as The Swaglet. Known for filling up the stands both at home and on the road, The Swaglet was named the #1 student section in SoCal for the 2018-19 basketball season by @socalstudentsections. • 23

AROUNDCAMPUS THIRD ANNUAL DAY OF GIVING BREAKS RECORDS Bishop Montgomery's 3rd Annual Day of Giving on May 30 proved to be a great success in many ways. Thanks to alumni, current and past parents, faculty and friends, we almost doubled the number of gifts received from 2018, but more than doubled the amount of money raised for the school (see graphic below, middle). In fact, gifts started coming in even before May 30. Todd Geierman '93 (pictured at right), called the school on May 29 to make a gift because he was traveling the following day. "Our goal each year is to make our Day of Giving bigger and better," says Andy Marafino, BMHS' Director of Development & Alumni. "We want to make it a fun day for everyone in our community. The energy this year, on campus and on our social media was incredible." For the 3rd Day of Giving, Bishop made it a 24-hour event, and included events both online and on campus. In the early morning hours of the day, any donor who made a gift online - of any amount - was placed in a drawing to win apparel from the school's online store. Throughout the day, donors were placed in other drawings to win gift cards and Bishop Montgomery branded items like umbrellas, coffee mugs and more. A unique item given away was was a photo of the WNBA Champion Seattle Storm signed by every member of the team, including alumna Noelle Quinn '03. Quinn even called the lucky winner to thank them for their gift. From the time to school day started, there was an energy on campus that was palpable, and it was not just because it was the last day of classes before final exams. One of the highlights of the day was a challenge to the community. With the passing of longtime teacher Dietmar Farkas earlier in the month, there was no better way to honor a beloved man who, in his 42 years at Bishop, was known for his sense of humor as much as his ability to teach, than by having a little fun. The challenge to the community was that in the 119 minutes between noon and 1:59pm, if the school received at least 42 gifts, then seven teachers agreed to take a whipped cream pie to the face. As soon as the bell rang at 2:10 to end the school day, most of the student body and faculty adjourned outside of room 119 (Farkas' former classroom) to watch the seven teachers pay their end of the bet. Broadcast on Facebook Live, Ms. Debbie Skelley, Ms. Amy Meehan '89, Ms. Megan Ashby-Moreau '01, Ms. Carrie Rey, Mr. Brian Haynes '89, Mr. Lee Flores '84, and Mr. Gabe Hernandez '12 got a little messy, all for a cause. "Anything for Dietmar and for Day of Giving," says Flores, who serves as the Dean of Men. "I know Dietmar was lookling down on us and laughing," says Skelley. "He would have loved this." The fun on campus was not over after the whipped cream was cleaned up. From 4:00-6:00pm, BMHS hosted a Happy Hour in the Schneider Retreat Center. In all, over 60 people - including alumni, faculty, parents, and friends - stopped by for free drinks courtesy of Bishop Montgomery and free appetizers courtesy of Stonefire Grill. Special thanks to BMHS parent Sue Marozik and Stonefire Grill's Rick Yalem for their support of the happy hour and Day of Giving. "We are so grateful to the many people who support Bishop in so many ways," says Marafino. "Our Day of Giving was a success because of the many people who made gifts to the school of time, money, and love." Bishop Montgomery's 4th Annual Day of Giving is already scheduled for June 4, 2020. We will include some of the same fun-filled events as this year, with some new things added in. One thing is guaranteed, though: it will be even "bigger and better."

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AROUNDCAMPUS 2019 ATHLETIC HALL OF FAME CLASS TO BE INDUCTED IN SEPTEMBER On Friday, September 20, five individuals and one team will be inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame in a ceremony held in the main gymnasium. The event will begin at 5:00pm and is open to the public. Lisa Van Wie-Bashford '87 was a softball standout for the Lady Knights. She was a 4-time all-league selection and a 3-time All-CIF pick who threw 6 nohitters in her career, including the first perfect game in program history. She went on the pitch at BYU and has coached softball for over 25 years. Brandon McLemore '95 was a football and basketball star for BMHS. He holds the school record for most receptions in a season with 59 and was one of the most versatile basketball players for the Knights during his career. He played football at the University of Oregon and with the Tennessee Titans of the NFL. Omarr Smith '95 was a football and basketball star alongside McLemore and also competed in track for the Knights. In football, we was a two-time All-Mission League selection and a earned Daily Breeze All-Area 1st Team Offense honors as a senior. He went on to play football at San Jose State and for San Jose of the Arena Football League. He was inducted into the Arena League Hall of Fame in 2014. He currently serves as the head coach of the Baltimore Brigade of the Arena League. Teri Zartman-D'Arcy '97 led the girls' volleyball program to three league titles, two CIF-SS titles and the 1996 State title. She was the first female AllAmerican selection in school history and joins her mother and sister in the Athletic Hall of Fame. She went on to a great playing career at UC Irvine where she finished in the top 10 in several categories. Mike Zuanich '04 is arguably the greatest hitter in school history. A three-year letterwinner in baseball, Zuanich holds the school record in batting average (.568), hits (46), doubles (14), total bases (69), and slugging percentage (.852). He went on to UC Santa Barbara where he led the Big West in home runs as a senior. He played for five seasons in the Colorado Rockies organization, reaching Double A. He holds a career batting average of .308 as a professional. The 1996 Girls' Volleyball team holds the disctinction of winning the program's first state title, paving the way for more to follow. Under the direction of Kim Willeman, the team finished 24-6 and rolled through both the CIF and State playoffs. Six players went on to play volleyball at the college level. Roster and Coaches: Holly Baird ‘97, Candice Burton ‘98, Dana Coffey ‘98, Danielle Graham ‘97, Hedder Ilustre ‘99, Jaimie Kinard ‘98, Alisha Ledlie ‘97, Jennifer Massey ‘98, Katie Olsovsky ‘00, Cerina Pele ‘00, Jaime Soto ‘98, Marianne Sutton ‘98, Vivi Tran ‘98, Teri Zartman ‘97, Head Coach Kim Willeman, Assistant Coach Carrie Rey.

DR. GARZA RECOGNIZES BLACK & GOLD SCHOLARS In the week between the end of the regular school year and the start of summer school, Bishop's principal, Dr. Jim Garza, made trips to three local partner school graduation ceremonies to recognize the 2019 Black & Gold Scholarship recipients. The Black & Gold Scholarship is awarded to the top scorers on the High School Placement Test administered annually as part of the high school application process. Recipients receive half off of their Bishop Montgomery tuition for all four years, given they maintain a high GPA and demonstrate good character. Garza recognized two students from St. James Catholic School in Torrance and one each from St. John Fisher School in Palos Verdes and Trinity Lutheran School in Hawthorne. "We look forward to having these four exemplary students at Bishop Montgomery," says Garza. "They are wonderful young people who we feel will thrive at Bishop, in college, and beyond."

RISING SENIOR ENTERS POETRY COMPETITION This year, rising senior Irenosen Aboiralor '20 represented Bishop Montgomery at the Los Angeles County Poetry Out Loud competition. Prior to the competition, Aboiralor performed her recitations during Bishop Montgomery's Arts Fest Week where she was one of many students to perform in the theater inside Thomas More Hall. The LA County competition, held in February at the Cerritos Center for Performing Arts, was sponsored by The Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) and the California Arts Council. Open to all public and private schools, the program encourages high school students to learn about great poetry through memorization and performance, and provides a platform to help students master public speaking skills, build self-confidence, and appreciate the art of poetry. Irenosen recited two poems during the competition's two rounds. In round one, she recited "To Have Without Holding" by Marge Piercy; in round two she recited "Happiness" by Jane Kenyon. • 25


Leading Scorers on the Court and in the Classroom When Austin Cole ‘15 and Stephen Thompson, Jr. ‘15 graduated from Bishop they left a lasting legacy for their teammates and classmates to follow. As two of the four members of the boys’ basketball class of 2015, they were instrumental in leading the Knights to some impressive accomplishments, including a state title as juniors and the CIF-SS Open Division title as seniors. Along with their classmates, Blake Miles ‘15 and Christian Oshita ‘15, Cole and Thompson went off to college to continue their careers as student-athletes - Cole to California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks and Thompson to Oregon Autin Cole '15, center, at his CLU graduation with his State University (Miles was family (l to r: mom Kelly, brother Preston '21, brother Cole’s teammate at CLU Connor '17, and dad, Tim.) before retiring due to injury; Oshita will play his senior season in 2019-20 at UCSD). With the college careers of Cole and Thompson now over, their list of accomplishments is impressive, not just on the court, but, more importantly, in the classroom. Cole arrived at CLU after playing an important reserve role for the Knights. At Bishop, his teammates included some of the best players in the state, and Cole played valuable minutes and was an incredible teammate. The preparation he received on the court and in the classroom proved invaluable. "Being a student-athelete at Bishop forced me to learn to manage my time earlier than some students," says Cole, reminiscing about Coach Mitchell's early morning practices. At CLU, Cole’s role on the court changed, but not his demeanor. He quickly worked his way into the starting lineup and was counted on to be an offensive threat. He wasn't just a threat; he thrived. "Bishop basketball gave me the foundation and tools I needed to flourish [in college]," says Cole. In his four years at CLU, Cole was one of the top all-around players for the Kingsmen. He finished his career with 1,383 points to rank 7th in school history. He also left the program in the top ten in career free throws made. Off the court, Cole was just as successful and made quite an impression on the CLU community. In May, Cole, who had a 3.76 GPA, graduated Magna Cum Laude with University Honors and received his degree in Business Administration with a management emphasis. He was a 4-year Scholar-Athlete Society inductee and following his senior season, he was selected to the D-III Academic AllDistrict Men’s Basketball Team by the College Sports Information Directors of America. If that weren’t enough, Cole was the recipient of two other prestigious honors for his work in the classroom, on the court, and in the community. The Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference named him the recipient of the 2019 Ted Ducey Award, which recognizes a well-rounded basketball player not only for their skill on the court, but for their leadership, self-discipline, determination, sportsmanship and academics. Prior to graduation, Cole recieved CLU’s highest student-athlete honor when he was named 2019 Male Scholar-Athlete of the Year. It was the perfect finishing touch on an impressive four years. "As an athlete, the Ducey Award is the accomplishment of which I am most proud," says Cole. "As a student, being named Scholar-Athlete of the Year is a huge honor."

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Thompson Jr. arrived at Oregon State as one of the jewels of their recruiting class. The Beavers were getting a prolific scorer and intelligent basketball player who was one of the top players on the west coast. What they also received was a young man who was ready to handle all that college was going to throw his way in every regard. “Bishop prepared me to be successful in both the classroom and on the court,” says Thompson, Jr. “Academically, the classes [at BMHS] were challenging enough to make the transition to college much easier for me when compared to other college students. Writing assignments at Bishop especially gave me an advantage in college.” His preparation for college as nurtured on the court in Bishop’s gym on a daily basis as well. “In basketball, Coach [Doug] Mitchell, simulated the sincerity and demand of college practices which also made the transition easy,” he says. Thompson, Jr. is pictured at right with Mitchell when OSU was in Los Angeles to play UCLA, Thompson Jr. concluded his four-year Oregon State career as the program’s all-time leader in 3-pointers (230) and fourth in scoring (1,767). After the 2018-19 season, he was selected to the All-Pac-12 Second Team and the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) District 20 Second Team. Although it was his senior season of playing eligibility, Thompson, Jr. technically played the past season as a graduate student, as he had completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Communication Arts in three years with a 3.57 GPA. His basketball accolades certainly make Thompson, Jr. one of the best players in OSU history; but it is his off-the-court accomplishments that put him in a class by himself. Following this season, which he played while pursuing his Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on speech communication and sociology, Thompson, Jr. was selected the 2018-19 Pac-12 Men’s Basketball Scholar-Athlete of the Year, becoming the first Oregon State recipient of the Conference’s Scholar-Athlete of the Year award in men’s basketball. In his four years, the three-time team captain was also named Pac-12 All-Academic First Team two times, Academic All-District 8 twice, and he represented OSU at the Pac-12’s Student-Athlete Advisory Committee meetings. Outside of the classroom, Thompson also found time to serve the community around campus. He volunteered at the Corvallis Boys and Girls Club and the Corvallis Caring Place; participated in Read With The Beavs at the Corvallis Library; and he spoke to middle school students about the importance of hard work and staying in school. Even with so many accolades, Thompson, Jr. found it easy to pick an accomplishment in school and in basketball of which he is most proud. “As a student, my proudest accomplishment was graduating in three years,” he says. “As an athlete, my proudest moment was freshman year and helping lead the program to our first NCAA tournament appearance in 26 years.” Both Cole and Thompson, Jr. are proud of what they accomplished, and rightfully so. They worked hard to earn their degrees and be successful on the court and in their communities. There is no doubt that they have made their families proud, and that includes the family they will always have at Bishop Montgomery.


Alumna Natalie Torres-Haddad ‘99 Creates Her Own Path In the final stanza of “The Road Not Taken,” American Poet Robert Frost writes, “I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” Although the poem was published in 1916, Frost’s words could very well have been written with someone like Bishop Montgomery alumna Natalie Torres-Haddad ‘99 in mind. From an early age, she learned the importance of being a strong, educated, and independent woman. It has only been 20 years since she walked the halls of Bishop as a student, but she has already experienced and accomplished enough to fill a lifetime.

massive student loans to tackle. “My main message is really to help people not to be afraid to talk about finances and their mental helath, their relationship to money and how student debt is a problem that affects everyone,” she says.

Torres-Haddad can certainly be considered a pioneer in both her family and in her professional life. Born in El Salvador and raised in Inglewood, she was taught from an early age by both her grandparents and parents to be a leader. Her grandmother taught her to be a service to the community and her mother took it a step further. “My mother would always tell me ‘if you can’t find an example to follow, then be the positive example’,” she says. Her father was an equally strong force in her formation. “The message I got from [my dad] was very simple,” she says. “He expected me to get an education, have a career, and own my own home before settling down.”

2018 was a monumental year for Torres-Haddad. She added an impressive public speaking engagement to her résumé when she became the first American-Latina, immigrant TEDx speaker when she delivered her talk, The Foreign Language of Financial Literacy, at TEDxDavenport. TED is a nonprofit that began in 1984 as a conference where technology, entertainment and design converged, and today covers almost all topics, from science to business to global issues. She also had her first bilingual children's book, Yes You Can without a Superman, published. And 2019 has been equally impressive for this Class of 1999 graduate. In June, Torres-Haddad spoke at TEDx Rapid City and she has been hired for a few national commercials advocating for the importance of financial literacy.

Not one to disappoint, Torres-Haddad has put a chackmark next to all of the things her father expected of her. She is the first member of her family to graduate from college, earning her degree in finance and international business from Long Beach State (and a Master's in Public Administration from Cal State Northridge); she started a non-profit organization called LA’s Prom Closet, which, over the course of seven years, provided more than 1,000 high school girls in Los Angeles county with dresses and everything else they needed for their prom; and at the age of 24, she purchased her first rental property. And that is just the start of what she has accomplished. Today, Torres-Haddad, who resides in Los Angeles with her husband and their two dogs, works as a writer, podcast host, brand collaborator, public speaker, and workshop faciIitator. “My business, or really my lifestyle, is always evolving based on the opportunities that open up for me,” she says. In 2012, Torres-Haddad wrote her first book, Financially Savvy in 20 Minutes. The 2016 International Latino Book Award-winning piece addresses something that Torres-Haddad is very passionate about: advocating the importance for financial literacy. In the book, she discusses five basic tools that many millennials, and others dealing with debt, can implement to eliminate debt and create a brighter financial future. Additionally, she hosts a bilingual podcast, under the same title as her book, in which she interviews self-made millionaires and successful people in their industries. As a public speaker and workshop facilitator, Torres-Haddad travels the country to provide financial literacy workshops at universities, engineering firms and other corporations. In her work with employees and college students, Torres-Haddad teaches financial literacy in order to help people be less afraid of any issues they might have, such as

As her speaking engagements have increased, so have Torres-Haddad’s audiences. She found herself speakinig in front of city councils, large organziations and communities that needed a voice. Her workshops began to turn into keynote speeches because so few people were willing to talk about the taboos that surround money, student debt and mental health in regards to these topics. “Because I am a women in finance, a person of color and a bilingual immigrant,” she says, “many companies and universities across the country started to hire me to speak to their employees because they felt I was unique and that representation mattered.”

In addition to praising her grandparents and parents for her formation, Torres-Haddad credits her high school days with helping her achieve so much. She was active in a variety of clubs and activities - ASB, cheerlaeading, choir, Key Club, dance team and color guard - and was voted "Best All-Around" by her classmates. "[At Bishop] I learned the value of being involved and taking on activities that kept me out of my comfort zone," she says. "Cheer, dance, choir, Key Club, and student council all included a lot of event planning and fundraising which has helped me greatly." More importantly for Torres-Haddad were the people at Bishop, teachers and classmates, who inspired her, and still do to this day. Mr. [Erick] Rubalcava '92 and Mr. Wolfenbager were particularly memorable for Torres-Haddad, but she points out that all her teachers impacted her. "I was so lucky that all my teachers really enjoyed what they did and were honest about life struggles, which made me appreciate them more," she recalls. She also continues to be inspired by many of her classmates and friends, including Jessica Enterrios-Cooley '99, Kimberly Collins-Keely '99, Jennifer Story '99, Ruben Raygoza '99, Ivan Jimenez '99, Eric Torres '99, Ricky Reyes '99, Miriam Rosales '99, Liana Borrego '99, and Jaime Jo Gallegos-Sylva '98. Torres-Haddad's unique journey and vast skill-set has helped her to create a career where she can follow her passions. Even though she has had wondeful mentors from whom to draw inspiration, she has taken her mother's advice to heart. She is a positive example for not only her friends and family, but for the people she meets all over the world. Torres-Haddad continues to find her own way to help others live a better life, and that has made all the difference. • 27




In June 2018, Dan “Cool Hand Uke” Scanlan ‘61 had his book, “How to Play Ukulele” published. Dan was asked to write a book after someone from Simon & Schuster visited his online ukulele course, Play Uke Now, at Dan worked on other books over the years, but was thrilled to write this one, which he completed in only six weeks. “I hadn’t had such a tickle since editing BMHS’s first yearbook,” says Dan. Learn more at Melanie Trainer-Baxter ‘64 and her husband, Greogry, recently celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary. They are living in lovely Sedona, Arizona and enjoying retirement. Bill Bedsworth ‘65, an Associate Justice in the 4th District Court of Appeal for the State of California, was named the 49th recipient of the Franklin G. West Award, the highest honor given by the Orange County Bar Association. He figures a “lifetime achievement award” is their subtle way of suggesting he might want to retire. "Beds" also won the award for "Best Column" by the CNPA (California Newspaper Publishers Association), which holds a contest for the best writing and photography in California newspapers. His column, A Criminal Waste of Space, was chosen as the best column in California. His column is syndicated nationally in The San Francisco Recorder. Janice Gale Silva ‘67 has lived in the Pacific Northwest for 49 years. She worked in radio & TV broadcasting for King Broadcasting in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington, at KINK FM and KING TV for six years. She has volunteered for organizations in Seattle, including the Junior League, The Volunteer Park Conservatory, PONCHO (for the arts), the Pacific Northwest Ballet League & Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority. She also volunteers at ST Cecilia Catholic Parish on Bainbridge Island (where she resides), Saint Cecilia Catholic School (where she also taught French) and the Bainbridge Island School District. Janice is looking forward to the BMHS Class of ‘67 52nd Reunion in late June and to seeing everyone there.

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1970s Class of 1970 Reunion • July 25, 2020 • BMHS Schneider Retreat Center • Stay tuned to the class reunions page at for information Joan Griffith ‘71 traveled to Ensenada, Mexico in June on a missionary trip with Starting Point Church in Prescott, AZ. The group worked with 'Homes of Hope' to build a home, in 2 days, for a local family. "We were known as 'The Old Team' as we were a bit more life-experienced than many of the other build teams." The group also bought the family food, clothing and supplies. While in Ensenada, Griffith also visited a day care/orphanage and recovery homes for men and women battling addiction. "We are all very grateful for what we were able to do and for how we grew in our knowing each other – and what we can accomplish with prayer and effort." Class of 1979 Reunion • September 21, 2019 • Los Angeles Air Force Base Club • RSVP & Questions • Complete info on their Facebook page:

1980s Class of 1989 Reunion • August 17, 2019 / 6:00pm • Bishop Montgomery High School • $60/person • Includes Dinner (taco guy & fixings, Open Bar (if enough tickets are sold...or BYOB if you want something specific), and DJ • Potential babysitting available (extra fee) with high school/college children of classmates. • Friday & Sunday events may be planned • Contact Chris Bohney ‘89 /

Alumnus, teacher, and coach Brian Haynes ‘89 received a CIF South Section Champions for Character Award in the fall. Haynes, who teaches history and video production, is the head coach of the boys’ and girls’ cross country teams, the girls’ soccer team, and the boys’ and girls’ track & field teams. He was nominated for the award for his dedication to BMHS and for exemplifying the very finest in sportsmanship, character, integrity, and athletics. Haynes is the first person from BMHS to receive this honor from the CIF-SS office.


In April 2019, Master Sergeant Ronald S. Capulong ‘92 completed 24 years of service in the United States Air Force. Since enlisting in April 1995, he worked on several aircraft projects and programs supporting F-22’s, T-37s, T-38s, F-16s, F-15s, F-22s, A-10s, MQ-1s, MQ-9s, QF-4s, QF-16s, B-1s B-2s, B52s, E-3s, SR-71, CV-22, C-5s, C-17s, C-130s, C-141s, and KC-10s. His assignments allowed him to serve in California (Edwards AF Base); Alaska (Elmendorf AF Base); New Mexico (Holloman AF Base); Florida (Tyndall AF Base); and Utah (Hill AF Base). He has been married to his wife, Michelle, for 24 years. They have two sons who are currently serving in the military: Justin (US Air Force), and Derek (US Navy). His family has also recently expanded. In 2017, he welcomed his daughter-in-law, Kayla, and he will also be welcoming his first grandchild this summer. Dr. Rosemary Diaz '95 was a keynote speaker at the 2019 Cal State Dominguez Hills graduation. Diaz, an optics engineer at JPL, delivered the address for the College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences. She received her B.S. in Physics from CSUDH, and her Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from UCLA. Carmelita Jeter '98 can now be called Dr. Jeter! In May, she received an Honorary Doctor for Humane Letters degree from Cal State Dominguez Hills at the college's graduation ceremony. Jeter, who is currently an assistant track & field coach at Missouri State University, delivered the keynote address for the College of Health, Human Services and Nursing.

In Loving Memory

Sharkie Boehnert-Zartman ’68 and her husband, Pat, received the Lifetime Service Award from the Southerna California Indoor Volleyball Hall of Fame in May. Pat is a former teacher and coach at BMHS and they are the parents of BMHS alumnae, Teri ‘97 and Chrissie ‘01. Steve Czuleger ‘69 has served as a judge for over 30 years. From 2007-2008 he was the Presiding Judge of the Los Angeles Superior Court. Prior to that, he was the Assistant Presiding Judge of the court. Before becoming a judge, he was a federal prosecutor in Los Angeles and San Francisco. In 2014 and 2018 he was awarded Fulbright Grants to teach law students and judges in Albania. He lived there with his wife, Rebecca, who is a published author. He has been married for 41 years and lives in the South Bay. Mike Long ‘69 is retired and living in Costa Rica. In October 2018, he married Costa Rican Xinia Delgado. It is her first marriage at age 51 and his first marriage at age 68. “Hablamos espanol porque Xinia no habla ingles,” writes Mike. 28 • Veritas

Former Bishop Montgomery principal, Rev. George O'Brien, passed away on February 22. Fr. O'Brien served as principal at BMHS from 1972-1976 and went on to serve as a faculty member and University Chaplain at Mount Saint Mary's University in Los Angeles.

Former teacher and administrator Rev. Eugene Buhr passed away on March 31, 2019. He served at BMHS from 1957-1964 as Vice Principal, Athletics Moderator, School Publicity Director & Director of Student Activities. He also taught Religion III and IV.

BEINFORMED 1. Dan “Cool Hand Uke” Scanlan ‘61.

3.Joan Griffith '71 helps build a home for a family in need in Ensenad, Mexico as part of a missionary trip she took in June with her church.

2. Hon. Bill Bedsworth ‘65.


4. Mike Long ‘69 and his new bride, Xinia Delgado. 5. Ron Capulong ‘92, second from the left, with his family, son Derek, left, wife, Michelle, and son Justin, far right.






7 6. Carmelita Jeter '98 receives an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree in May from Cal State Dominguez Hills.

8 7. In May, Sharkie Boehnert-Zartman ‘68 and her husband, Pat, in front holding the SCIVBHOF sign, received the Lifetime Service Award from the Southern California Indoor Volleyball Association.

8. Brian Haynes ‘89 (center) with siblings, Martin Haynes ‘94 (L) and Nicole Haynes ‘92 (r), receives the Champions for Character Award from the CIF-Southern Section. • 29

BEINFORMED 8. University of San Diego Professor T.J. Tallie ‘01. 9. Elisa Maldonado-Greene ‘98 and her husband, Everett on their wedding day, April 13, 2018.

10. Walker Oak was born to Matthew Akiyama ‘08 and his wife, Joanna in August 2018. 11. Patrick Modrovsky ‘06 and his wife, Klaryssa welcomed their son, Augustine, to their family in March.



12. Wren Elise was born to Christina Penna-Wismer and her husband, Jeremy, in July 2018.







16 13. Juliana Mae Lepore, daughter of Gregory Lepore '03 and Kari Richards-Lepore '06. 14. Shauna McGuire-Wilson and her husband,, Corey, welcomed son, Salvador, in February 2018.

30 • Veritas

15. Ricky Ruelas ‘09 recently started a new self-defense business located in Westchester. Visit

16.Andrianna Tucker-Felando and Frank Felando were married in 2018.


T.J. Tallie ‘01 was hired as an Assistant Professor of African History at the University of San Diego this past fall after four years at Washington and Lee University in Virginia. His book, Queering Colonial Natal: Indigeneity and the Violence of Belonging in Southern Africa, will be released this fall with the University of Minnesota Press.

In June, Court Buddy, a tech company co-founded by Kristina Bingham-Jones ’03 and her husband, James, was named Tech Business of the Year by Black Enterprise. In the fall of 2019, Christina Kinane ’03 will begin her tenure as an Assistant Professor of political science at Yale University. Nelson Miranda ’04 will begin a tour of Japan with his band in November. He will tour Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya. Patrick Modrovsky ‘06 won his 4th career Lone Star Emmy this fall. In the category of “Sportscast,” Modrovsky received the Emmy as the producer of FOX Sports Southwest’s show HS Scoreboard Live State Championship Night, which was broadcast live in December from AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys. “Our UIL (University Interscholastic League) Football State Championship coverage is a huge event for FOX Sports Southwest,” says Modrovsky, who played football and baseball for the Knights. “My show is the final bow on a fantastic week as we recap all the winners for two hours.” Last December, 213,192 people passed through the turnstiles at AT&T Stadium to watch 12 State Champions be crowned in the days leading up to Christmas. Four people on Modrovsky’s team were first time Emmy winners. “For me, that’s probably as special as anything,” he says. “I’m very proud of my network as we took home the Emmy in 15 categories.”

Marriages Elisa Maldonado-Greene ‘98 & Everett Greene (4/13/18) Andrianna Tucker-Felando ‘01 & Frank Felando (2018) Bobby Jakucs ‘04 & Andrea Cabrera (4/27/19)

Births Kadence Ryan to Jamie Kamiya-Haagsma ‘00 & husband, Brett (8/19/18) Matilda to Megan Ashby-Moreau ‘01 & husband, Rob (1/15/19) Juliana Mae to Gregory Lepore ‘03 & Kari Richards-Lepore ‘06 (2/1/19) Astrid to Alex Bertucci '04 & Jessica Lyle-Bertucci '04 (7/8/19) Kellan Daniel to Kelly Malone ‘04 & Daniella Franco-Malone ‘05 (5/3/19) Wren Elise to Christina Penna-Wismer ‘04 & husband, Jeremy (7/15/18) Salvador Kai to Shauna McGuire-Wilson ‘06 & husband, Corey (2/4/18) Augustine to Patrick Modrovsky ‘06 & wife, Klaryssa (3/4/19) Walker Oak to Matthew Akiyama ‘08 & wife, Joanna (8/31/18) Roger Joseph to Eric Debelak ‘08 & Vanessa Vasquez-Debelak ‘08 (8/1/18)

Expecting Shelbie Luna-Davis ‘09 & husband, Justin, are expecting a baby in November 2019

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Derek Scott ‘08 is a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Army. He is currently pursuing his Doctor of Medicine degree at the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine. Ricky Ruelas ‘09 recently opened 360 Self Defense Academy in Westchester. “We give people the ability to learn how to defend themselves and their loved ones by teaching Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Kickboxing,” he says. His business also provides fitness classes such as cardio kickboxing, footwork/ cardio, and hot yoga. You can view their content on Instagram @360SelfDefenseAcademy, visit or call 310-846-2251.

Submit your class notes and photos for publication in Veritas: 1. Online: 2. Email: 3. DM: Facebook Twitter or Instagram @bmhsknights 4. Phone: 310-540-2021 ext. 246 5. Mail news to: Development/Alumni Office 5430 Torrance Boulevard Torrance, CA 90503

@bmhsknights• •27 31

BEINFORMED 17. Melissa Berouty ‘12 is studying at Syracuse University's Schol of Law.

19. Natalie Di Angelo ‘15 completed a great career at Cal Poly Pomona.

18. LaShawn McFadden ‘10 on graduation day at USC.

20. Tessa Allen ‘15 jumps high for Carnegie Mellon

21. Maliek Reed ‘16 poses for a photo shot for the Los Angeles Times.



21 20



23 24

22. Nnena Nadozie ‘17 turned in a spectacular season for San Diego State.

32 • Veritas

23. Mark Nguyen ‘11, Pharm. D, has started a residency in Las Vegas.

24. Jessica Malazarte ‘17 looks to score for Fresno Pacific.


Andrew Cannata ‘10 recently joined the United States Navy and is honored to be listed alongside the other BMHS alumni who have served. “[Serving in the military is easier] knowing that we have such an amazing community that supports us.” On May, 10, 2019, LaShawn McFadden ’10 received her Master of Arts in Strategic Public Relations from the University of Southern California. After serving for five years at St. Pius X - St. Matthias Academy in Downey, Maggie Smet ‘10 will be joining the Catholic Community Foundation of Los Angeles as their Manager of Client Development. Mark Nguyen ’11, Pharm. D received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree in May 2019 from Washington State University. He began a pharmacy residency at a hospital in Las Vegas in June. Melissa Berouty ‘12 received her Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice with a minor in Pre-Law in 2016 from Bethune-Cookman University. In 2017, she earned her Master’s in Legal Studies from Drexel University and last fall, she entered Syracuse University’s School of Law. Tessa Allen ‘15, a senior Neuroscience major and dual-sport athlete at Carnegie Mellon University, was named Mideast All-Region in the high jump by the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association for the 2019 indoor track and field season. Christine Delapina ‘15 was named to the AllCalifornia Collegiate Athletic Association Women’s Basketball Team for the second time. She was named honorable mention for 2018-19 as a member of Cal State Los Angeles. As a senior this year, she led the team and was second in the conference in assists with 5.3 per game. Natalie Di Angelo ‘15 finished her career at Cal Poly Pomona by being named to the All-California Collegiate Athletic Association Women’s Soccer AllConference 2nd Team for the third year in a row. Di Angelo missed just one game in her four years. Megan Martis ‘16, Colgate University Class of 2020, earned the fall 2018 Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence. Martis is majoring in Astrogeophysics. Students who receive a term grade point average of 3.3 or higheer earn the fall 2018 Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence. Maliek Reed ‘16 was featured in the Los Angeles Times buisness section in April. Reed, a finance major at Loyola Marymount University, formed the Los Angeles Sneakerhead Society as a way to collect and sell sneakers, a growing market. As many as 6,000 members have signed up for the sneakerhead society. Jessica Malazarte ‘17, a sophomore at Fresno Pacific University, was named to the All-PacWest Conference Women’s Basketball 3rd Team. Nnena Nadozie ‘17, a sophomore at San Diego State, was named to the All-Mountain West Conference women’s tennis team in both singles and doubles. Ethan Thompson ‘17, a sophomore at Oregon State, was named to the Pac-12 Conference All-Academic 2nd Team for men’s basketball.

In Loving Memory Alumni Kathleen Flanegin-Moore (3/30/19) Mary Welstead-Webster ’64 (10/14/17) Thomas Greene ‘65 (10/5/18) Pauline Salek-Pruvost ’65 (3/27/18) Joseph Andrade ‘66 (12/31/18) Joan Dessert Stimpfig ‘66 (7/11/18) Fredrick Schneider ‘67 11/7/18) Danny Miller ’69 (7/3/18) Maureen Tyrrell-Kolberg ’69 (7/7/18) Cynthia Shall ’70 (1/30/19)

Susan Smith ’70 (2/13/19) John Cahill ’71 (3/23/19) Sigi Schmid ’71 (12/25/18) Steve Roach '73 (6/5/2019) Sarah Yoklavich-Jones ’74 (2/7/19) Daria Zachar '76 (6/9/19) Marc Waz ’87 (7/12/18) Mari Madrid-Padilla ‘91 (9/3/18) Erica Carr ’93 (2018) Erwin Velasco ’06 (6/13/18)

Parents • Rose Marie Babin, mother of Nancy Babin-McLemore ’71 (7/10/18) • John Barr, father of Kris Barr-Colin ‘83, Kelly Barr-Hudson ‘85, Lisa Barr ‘86, Lori Barr ‘89, Mike Barr ‘92, Monica Barr-Sandoval ‘98 (7/6/18) • Charles Bednorz, father of Jeff Bednorz ‘77, Cathy Bednorz ‘80, Mark Bednorz ‘82, & Tom Bednorz ‘84 (1/21/17) • James Browning, father of Julie Browning ‘75, Steve Browning ‘77 & Kathy Browning-Brown ‘81 (8/19/18) • William Chalk, father of Liam Chalk ’89, Kevin Chalk ’91 & Janel Chalk-Anderson ‘96 (8/9/18). Their mother, Maureen, passed away on July 4, 2012. • Alvin Dunn Sr., father of Alvin Dunn II ‘96 (1/28/19) • Edward Fleming, father of Mary Fleming-Lagusker ’71 (6/26/18) • Richard Homesly, father of Patricia Homesly-Walkenbach ‘68, Diana Homesly-Murphy ‘70, & Richard Homesly ‘72 (10/22/17) • Nancy Jacobsmeyer, mother of Carol Jacobsmeyer-Murin ‘68 (Bill Murin ‘67), & Steve Jacobsmeyer ’71 (2/12/19) • Thomas Jamison, father of Tom Jamison ’64 & Bob Jamison ’68 & grandfather of Erin Jamison ’13 (1/6/19). • Darryl Jones, Sr., father of Darryl Jones II ‘96 (1/26/19) • Jack Kropp, father of David Kropp ’80, Michael Kropp ’81, Rachel Kropp-Powell ‘84, Daniel Kropp ‘88 (6/24/18) • Lidia Miramontes, mother of Cristina Miramontes-Lee ‘01 (8/6/18) • Rose M. Palazzo, mother of Analee Palazzo-Lilore ‘70 & Giselle Palazzo-Keith ‘76 (David Keith ‘76)(8/9/18) • Dr. John Plut, father of Stephany Plut-Prodromides ‘87, Heather Plut-Di Romaldo ‘88, David Plut ’93 & Ian Plut ‘97 (12/15/18) • Eloisa Quinton, mother of Allen Quinton ’82 (1/18/19) • Nan Rager, mother of Jon Rager ‘88 (3/16/18) • Frances Ruggera, mother of Michael Ruggera, Jr. ‘69 & Neil Philip Ruggera '73 (1/28/19) • Charles Strickland, father of Carol Strickland-Schroeder ‘68, & Diane Strickland-Koeritz ‘80 (5/15/18) • Jack Wolinsky (3/30/19) and Anne Wolinsky (4/24/19), father and mother of Debbie Wolinsky-Reynoso ‘73.

In Loving Memory: Mrs. Lorraine Berning Mrs. Lorraine Berning , mother of Marilyn Berning-Klasson ’69 and Christine Berning-Klasson ’71, passed away on October 14, 2018 at the age of 91. In addition to being the mother of two Bishop Montgomery graduates, Lorraine was a loyal employee at the school, serving as Registrar from 1967-1981. She also worked at Little Company of Mary Hospital in Torrance for 20 years. • 33




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Dietmar Fakas: A True BMHS Legend On May 18, 2019 the Bishop Montgomery community lost a legend with the passing of Mr. Dietmar Farkas. Teacher, colleague, and friend, Farkas was a fixture at BMHS for most of his career in education. He will be terribly missed. Farkas joined the Bishop Montgomery faculty in 1976 and, over his 42 year career, taught German, U.S. History, American Government, Geography, and Anthropology. He also served as the World Language Department chairperson. Upon his retirement in 2017, then-principal Rosemary Libbon dedicated Room 119 to Mr. Farkas in thanks and appreciation for his years of dedication to the BMHS community. Today, a plaque commemorating Farkas, hangs outside Room 119.

It is estimated that Farkas taught over 6,000 students, almost 49% of the student population, during his four-plus decades in the classroom. Upon his retirement, well wishes and fond memories from former students poured in, extolling him as "one of the greats," "the best teacher ever," and "my favorite teacher at BMHS." Accolades came from his colleagues as well and were most evident when he received a lengthy standing ovation at his retirement luncheon. Farkas is survived by his wife, Barbara, and daughter, Karin '92. He will always be remembered as a great man, a caring mentor, and an incredible educator with wonderful stories to share, a tough but loving disposition, and a superbly sharp, wonderfully dry sense of humor. The Dietmar Farkas Memorial Scholarship to support tuition assistance was established following his death. To make a gift, visit or call 310.540.2021 x246.

34 • Veritas




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• 6:00-9:00pm • Food Trucks in South End Zone • BrewWings • Okamoto Kitchen • Betos’ Soft Serve • 7:00pm Football Game vs. Pioneer

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