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Hollywood Rehabilitation Center: Dangers of Drugs or Substance Addiction

Are you or a loved one suffering from drugs or substance addiction? Perhaps, reading the dangers of drugs or substance addiction below shared by the Hollywood Rehabilitation Center will convince you to put an end to this addiction problem now. Physical side effects of drugs or substance abuse      

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Potential damage to organs (heart, lungs, liver, brain) Hormonal imbalance Can lead to cancer (nicotine or steroid use) Development of birth defects to unborn child Gastrointestinal disease HIV or AIDS (injected drugs)

Depending on the level of drugs or substance taken, the dependent may also develop alarming medical concerns that could lead to a chronic case or worst long-term or permanent damaged like neurological dysfunction (mental condition). Mental or emotional side effects of drugs or substance abuse       

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Feeling of depression Anxiety Loss of memory Agitated Mood swings Paranoia Psychosis

The mental or emotional state of a person who has addiction problem is greatly affected and eventually could result to one’s death, either overdose, failure of heart to perform or brain to function leading to coma.

Can addiction problem affect the social life of the person? Addiction is a growing problem of the community because it can generally affect the social life of the person suffering from drugs or substance abuse. Among the social problems that may arise if a person is suspected with addiction problem are:  · Loss of self-esteem  · Loss of relationship with loved ones  · Feeling of loneliness may develop over time  · Social anxiety may occur  · Suicidal thoughts  · Feeling aggressive towards others (friends and family members) What are the possible legal consequences of an addiction problem? Whether you are into drugs or substance abuse, there are possible legal consequences that you will have to face when caught in use or in possession of large quantity. Below are the legal consequences that you or anyone with addiction problem has to deal with in the near future:  · Facing civil lawsuits like illegal distribution of drugs or substance.  · Being sentenced to go to prison for the maximum period of 40 years if caught in possession of prohibited drugs or substance in huge quantities.  · Involvement to crime related activities like stealing to fund for your bad vices like drugs or drinking.  · Paying large fines due to a third party claim leading to settlement like driving under the influence of alcohol and causing

major damage to another car or vehicle or worst physical injury to another driver or pedestrian.  · Loss of civil right to vote  · Possible restriction to live or reside in a particular area  · Driver’s license suspension

How to treat the addiction problem? According to the Hollywood Rehabilitation Center addiction problem at any level is treatable and it usually encompasses the following procedures: 



This is the initial step of an addiction treatment program done at a hospital or any rehab treatment facility where they have the presence of highly trained medical professionals who have the ability to perform detoxification procedure. Here, the admitted

patient with drug or substance overdose or addiction is required to undergo detox. 


Inpatient or outpatient treatment programs

After detoxification, patient is recommended to undergo various treatment programs, either as outpatient or inpatient. In most cases where a patient with serious medical condition has to be confined and be an inpatient while undergoing one-on-one counseling, group therapy sessions and other programs designed to teach drug or substance dependents life skills and coping skills that will help them achieve full recovery. 


Aftercare treatment programs

Even if the patient succeeded in completing the detox drug rehabilitation center program at the Hollywood Rehabilitation Center, he or she is also advised to continue the recovery support by attending various aftercare treatment programs like private counseling with a counselor or group session that will be there to give advice and prevent a relapse from happening while on the recovery process.

Hollywood rehabilitation center dangers of drugs or substance addiction .... Are you or a loved one suffer...

Hollywood rehabilitation center dangers of drugs or substance addiction .... Are you or a loved one suffer...