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spotlight Port El Kantaoui Port El Kantaoui was developed in 1979, as a purpose built holiday resort on Tunisia’s eastern coast. Situated just 8km north of Sousse, it is a tranquil oasis of pedestrian areas built around a picturesque harbour, populated by a mix of restaurants, cafes, boutiques and souvenir shops. The resort is extremely popular with European tourists and well served with high quality hotels, a bustling marina, golf course, bars and beaches.

Constructed in a traditional Tunisian style, the area around the port is made up of white-painted buildings, cobble-paved streets and narrow walkways. Developed to cater for the quality tourist market, it’s centrepiece is an impressive 350 berth marina that harbours yachts from all parts of the Mediterranean.

This hub of holiday activity plays host to a wide variety of cafes, boutiques and souvenir shops that can be perused at your leisure whilst enjoying a leisurely stroll.


Lifestyle Tunisia


The picturesque marina also provides the evenings focal point, with lamp-lit walkways, gardens and fountains surrounded by bars and restaurants offering a range of local and international specialities.

Port El Kantaoui offers a wide variety of activities and facilities that will appeal to all kinds of holidaymakers. Golfing enthusiasts will appreciate the impressive 36-hole PGA approved championship golf course built amidst a 250 acre landscape of palms and eucalyptus trees. This was established in 1979 in conjunction with the resort, and was designed by the American Ronald Fream, who also helped develop other courses in Hammamet. But, if golf isn’t your thing, and you are feeling a little more adventurous, you will also find paragliding, scuba diving and wind surfing to keep you occupied.

Lifestyle Tunisia



There are also fantatic boat trips from the busy marina, such as aboard the pirate galleons that sail along the coast, either dolphin spotting or enjoying the onboard food


Lifestyle Tunisia

and entertainment. Or, why not enjoy a simple pleasure cruise, a glass-bottomed boat tour, or one of the many fishing excursions on offer.


For those who may wish to experience a more traditional flavour of Tunisian culture, the city of Sousse, with it’s bustling souks and Great Mosque, is only 10 minutes away by taxi, or just 20 minutes on one of the frequent, open-carriage road “tourist” trains. Here, the great medina plays host to any number of colourful stalls and shops, simply overflowing with gifts, souvenirs, clothing, rugs, etc. The museums and the towering Ribat are also well worth a visit.

Tunisia's first purpose built tourist resort is now well established as one of the country's most popular holiday destinations. It has certainly blossomed with age. From the vibrant harbour complex teaming with activity as modern yachts come and go, to the waterfront restaurants, cafes, ice-cream parlours and boutiques, Port El Kantaoui really has the wow factor. Here you will find just about everything one would expect for a family holiday, and enough to keep the most discerning visitor more than happy.

Lifestyle Tunisia


golf Tunisia is already a world-class golfing destination, with ten wonderfully varied courses and ideal weather conditions throughout the year. In fact, it is set to become even more popular as an “out of season” target for golfers from Northern Europe, keen to get away from the wintry conditions on their local courses. Although Tunisian winters might not hold the sweltering heat of the height of summer, the “winter” climate is perfect for golf, and is enjoyed by amateurs and professionals alike.

Spotlight on El Kantaoui Golf Course

The El Kantaoui Golf Course which was built in 1979 on a 130 ha site to coincide with the opening of the Port El Kantaoui resort complex, has been the venue for several Tunisian Opens. Stretching from the sea, up the side of a hill, it encompases two 18 hole courses, each offering different challenges and playing conditions. 10

Lifestyle Tunisia

The "Sea View Course" extends from the beach to the hill and the "Panorama Course" starts from the hill and extends inland through the residential district. The "Sea Course" seems to be the easier of the two as the "Panorama Course" is considered as the championship course for its technical and tougher holes surrounded by olive trees and small lakes.

The course is an ecological site, noted for its rich flora & fauna, reminiscent of a botanical garden with its varied flowers, bushes & ornamental trees. Course Designer Ronald Fream Address El Kantaoui Golf Course, Station Touristique, 4089 El Kantaoui B.P. 32 Port el Kantaoui Location 20 mns from Monastir airport Tel +216 73 348 756 / 348 600 Fax +216 73 348 755 Web Course(s) The Sea Course: 18 holes: Length 6253 m: Par 72 The Panorama Course: 18 holes: Length 6045 m: Par 72 Visitors Very popular in November, February and March when early booking is recommended Facilities Clubhouse with Bar, Lounge, Restaurant with panoramic views over the course Pro Shop, tuition, club repair Equipment for hire: - Electric Cart, Trolleys, Clubs Training facilities: - Putting Green, Practice Ground, Driving Range Lifestyle Tunisia


golf Golf Resorts Offer Much More Than Just Golf Golf is said to have originated in Scotland during the 15th century. Over the years, it has gradually developed to its present form, from the earlier practice of hitting a pebble with a primitive club in the sand dunes. The popularity of Golf has made it a universal game. Golf resorts have sprung up all over the world and each has its own unique features.


Extra Facilities at Golf Resorts Golf resorts are not merely golf courses but they are resorts that offer enjoyable vacations as well. Generally golf resorts offer many other facilities to help the golfer and his family relax and enjoy.


The golfer needs the maximum amount of relaxation after a hard day at the course. A wide range of facilities and amenities like, fitness centers, healthy cuisines, spas and aerobic classes are offered. Personal Training programs Many golf resorts are now providing personal training services, taught by experienced teaching professional, to help improve the golfers’ playing capabilities. Fitness training programs are also available to improve the fitness levels of the golfers through training in flexibility, stability and strength.

Tabarka Golf Course, Tabarka The Residence Golf Course, Gammarth Carthage Golf Course, La Sourka/Tunis Citrus Golf Course, Hammamet Yasmine Golf Course, Hammamet Kantaoui Golf Course, Port El Kantaoui Palm Links Golf Course, Monastir Flamingo Golf Course, Monastir Tozeur Golf Course, Tozeur Djerba Golf Course, Djerba Island Lifestyle Tunisia

golf How to find the best Golf resort The Internet is the best and the most convenient way to locate good golf resorts. You have to browse through the various relevant sites and find the most appropriate resort where you can enjoy your game of golf and unwind. Check the facilities that they offer and match them with your own requirements. It is important to find out whether they have fitness centers, health resorts, spas, training studios and fitness instructors.

Go For Healthy Cuisine At the golf course you will shed a lot of calories throughout the day. Therefore, after a day at the golf course you would need to refuel yourself. And what better way to refuel than by having a non traditional healthy meal. A few days at golf resorts will transform you into a completely different person as far as your body, attitude and game is concerned. You will feel the power oozing out of you. When your golf vacation is over, you will start planning the next one immediately. Lifestyle Tunisia


health & beauty Tunisia is fast developing a growing reputation as a land of spas and thalasso treatment centres. Due to it’s perfect climate and relaxed mediterranean atmosphere, it is the perfect place to get away from it all. So, if you’re after the whole spa experience or more specific thalassotherapy, this is the place to be. What are the potential benefits of thalassotherapy? The many different forms of thalassotherapy that have various effects, helping you to: * cleanse your skin * relax * improve sleep quality * tone your muscles * reduce the appearance of cellulite * boost your immune system


Lifestyle Tunisia

health & beauty

Thalassotherapy is also thought to be beneficial in the treatment of: * respiratory conditions (e.g. asthma and bronchitis) * circulatory problems (e.g. hypertension and arteriosclerosis) * chronic inflammations (e.g. rheumatic arthritis) * post-traumatic disorders (e.g. muscle atrophy) Although there is no specific scientific evidence for the benefits of thalassotherapy, many people can give evidence about how they believe it has helped them. As with any complementary treatment, perhaps as much of the emphasis should be on the psychological wellbeing. Lifestyle Tunisia


health & beauty Where does thalassotherapy come from? Thalassotherapy comes from the Greek word for "sea", and refers to a multitude of treatments that use seawater and seaweed. These are designed to tone, moisturise and revitalise the body and skin, and in many cases to improve circulation. Other marine and ocean derivatives feature in thalassotherapy, too, including algae, mud and sand. Don’t worry, these are cleaned and purified before their use! Thalassotherapy treatment is presented in a bewildering array of packages - mud baths, underwater showers, hydro-massage, aromatherapy, and seaweed, mud and algae wraps. All these exist to help restore your body to a state of serenity, fitness and well-being. Although most of these treatments are available locally, wherever you live, many thalassotherapy fans opt for sunnier climates each year, offering residential stays devoted to the art of pampering, embalming and bathing their guests with various aqua jets, seaweed and mud. 16

Lifestyle Tunisia

What to expect from thalassotherapy treatment If you've opted for a seaweed wrap treatment, expect to be swathed for about an hour in seaweed and herbsoaked cloths. You will probably be wrapped up from your chest to your feet whilst lying on a thermal blanket to keep you warm. Before you start to feel dried out, your therapist will unravel you and give you a body massage to enhance circulation. Alternatively, if a "walking pool" is your treatment of choice, you may find yourself immersed in seawater, wading against a gentle current which is alternately cool then warm.

health & beauty Different kinds of Thalassotherapy This is designed to improve blood circulation in your legs. Or perhaps you've chosen to try an aqua gym, where firm jets of water will target your various muscle groups while you gently work out in a pool with your body supported by the resistance of the water. If you can't decide which form of treatment to take, your chosen thalassotherapy centre can recommend a treatment package for you.

Thalassotherapy can come in many different forms. As well as those mentioned such as;Seaweed, mud or algae wrap, Aqua Gym and Walking pool There are also;Hydromassage: underwater massage jets of water Balneotherapy: water-based therapies that use seawater or thermal spring water to improve your circulation Ionisation: a thalassotherapy where the seawater is ionised with negative ions and is inhaled or sprayed. Used to heal the upper respiratory tract VinothĂŠrapie: a treatment combining thermal spring water and inigo-elements with wine and grape extracts to strength blood vessels and enhance circulation.

Lifestyle Tunisia



Tunisia is situated on the Mediterranean coast of North Africa, bordered by Algeria in the west and Libya in the south-east. An abrupt southern turn of its shoreline gives Tunisia two faces on the Mediterranean with a coastline 1,148 kilometres in length. Despite its relatively small size, Tunisia has great geographical and climatic diversity. An extension of the Atlas Mountains, traverses Tunisia in the north to the Cape Bon peninsula. The Sahil is along Tunisia's eastern Mediterranean coast famous for its olive groves and beaches. Inland from the Sahil are the Steppes. Much of the southern region is semi-arid and desert leading into the Sahara.

tourist guide TUNISIA is a beautiful and diverse country in Northern Africa that has a Mediterranean Sea coastline, and is situated at the very centre of Mediterranean Africa. Tunisia lies immediately to the south of Italy and Malta. Libya borders Tunisia to the south-east, whilst Algeria lies to the west. There are many places of interest, cities, towns and villages, all well worth a visit. The information on these pages is a quick guide to just some of those worth a mention, but by no means a comprehensive list of all that Tunisia has to offer. TUNIS is the capital of Tunisia, and is divided into the old city, known as the medina, and the new city (ville nouvelle in French). Although located on the Mediterranean coast, it is spared much of the tourist beaches and resorts, which lay to the north and south. With a population of over 1,500,000, the city still feels small and compact. The must-see attractions are The Souq, which is one of the most authentic and hassle-free in North Africa. Bardo Museum, occupying the 13th century palace of the Ottoman-era ruler and renowned for its extensive collection of Roman mosaics. Cathedral of St. Vincent de Paul. Built in 1882, this is the largest surviving building from the colonial era, in the neo-Romanesque style. Zitouna Mosque. The largest mosque in Tunisia and an important landmark, dating from the 8th century, although the distinctive square minaret is a later 19th century addition.

The ruins of CARTHAGE, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a former city of the Pheonician and Punic periods dating from the 6th Century BC, and are situated 12 km north of Tunis. This was the base of a powerful empire spanning the entire south Mediterranean and home to a population of the order of half a million people. Its most famous general was Hannibal who famously crossed the Alps to battle the Romans. In 146BC the city finally fell to Rome and its destruction ordered by the Senate. The site was later redeveloped by the Romans and Carthage became the capital of the province of Africa.

Lifestyle Tunisia


tourist guide MONASTIR is a city situated 165km south-east of Tunis and 24 km east of Sousse, on the eastern Mediterranean coast. It is an ancient city dating from Phonecian times, and it is believed it takes it’s name from the French "monastère" (monastery). It is the site of a busy SOUSSE is a popular destination, international airport which caters with tourists from Britain, Germany mainly for tourist flights from Europe. and many East European counties Sights to see are theimposing Ribat, visiting the area. It is one of which is a fortified monastery locaTunisia’s oldest cities, and boasts an ted next to the sea with great views authentic medina, which has been from its walls and towers. It has declared a UNESCO World Heritage been used in several films as a Site. Situated on the Mediterranean stand in for Jerusalem, most notably coast it has good beaches and many "Monty Python's Life of Brian". first class hotels. MONASTIR Most of Sousse's sights are located within the medina, the labyrinth which is at the heart of the city. The Great Mosque is a tranquil place despite its location in the middle of the city. Built in 850 AD, it is simple and austere in the Aghlabite style. The Ribat, whilst not as impressive or extensive as the one in Monastir, is a fortified holy site well worth visit. It served as home to a branch of Islamic warriors very similar in natuAlso, there is the impressive re to the Hospitaller Knights that Mausoleum of Bourguiba in the lived in Rhodes. Climbing to the top centre of a large cemetery in of the watch tower affords you fanMonastir, which is the resting place tastic views over the Medina. and home of the founding president The Mosaic Museum, is in the old of modern Tunisia. kasbah on the edge of the medina. SOUSSE


Lifestyle Tunisia

tourist guide SIDI BOU SAID

SIDI BOU SAID is a beautiful and typical Tunisian village just 20km north of the capital Tunis. The best time to visit is autumn or spring, out of the tourist season, when you can still walk the narrow streets, around white and blue traditional houses, enjoying the views. The village is quite small, and perched on a hill, you can enjoy amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Bay of Tunis. BIZERTE is located on the north coast of Tunisia, 65 km north of Tunis and 15 km away from Cap Blanc (the northern-most point in Africa). Noted for its beautiful forests, beaches and scenery, it is known as the oldest and most European city in Tunisia. Originally founded around 1000 BC by Phoenicians from Tyre, it is also known as the last town to remain under French control after the rest of the country won its independence.

PORT EL KANTAOUI is a purpose built tourist and residential area began in 1979. It is situated 8km north of Sousse and around 65km south of Hammamet, centered around a marina and traditional-style buildings, complete with narrow streets and arches. There is the waterfront with walkway, jetty and yacht pier, the open “square� in front of the "gate", followed by another pedestrian area containing a musical fountain, shops and restaurants. To the north, there is a golf course as well as a number of hotels. To the south, there is an amusement park and more hotels. PORT EL KANTAOUI

TOZEUR is a city in south west Tunisia, around 450km from Tunis. With hundreds of thousands of palm trees, Tozeur is a large oasis from which the exported dates are very well known. In ancient times, the oasis was important for the caravan routes through the Sahara, and was an important Roman outpost. From Tozeur there are a selection of camel trips available from which you can explore the edge of the Sahara. Lifestyle Tunisia


tourist guide EL JEM is a small town in the east of Tunisia, 60km south of Sousse, that houses the remains of a UNESCO World Heritage listed Roman amphitheatre. Formerly the Roman town of Thysdrus, one of the most important in N. Africa after Carthage (now the suburbs of modern Tunis). The Amphitheatre was built in the middle of the 3rd century AD, but fell into disrepair, with its blocks being used for building the surrounding town and also the Great Mosque in Kairouan. Declared a World Heritage site in 1979, it was more recently used for filming scenes from the Oscar winning film Gladiator. SFAX is a city situated on the east coast of Tunisia, 270 km southeast of Tunis and approximately halfway between the capital and the border with Libya. The city, founded in AD 849 is a Mediterranean port on the Gulf of Gabes, and due to it’s population and it’s prowess as an industrial centre, it is often described as Tunisia's second city. Wander around the fascinating Medina where life and business go on much as they have for years although without the tourist attractions of other cities. From here, you can also take the ferry to Kerkennah Island where you can wander around in a land, virtually unspoilt by modern standards. 22

Lifestyle Tunisia


KAIROUAN, a Muslim holy city, ranks 4th after Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem as a place of pilgrimage. Situated 55km inland from Sousse, it's large mosques and cultural history have seen it added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It’s main sights are obviously The Great Mosque, which is one of the finest Islamic buildings in North Africa. Bi'r Barouta, which is a Well at the place where the city was founded, and is reputedly linked to the ZamZam well in Mecca, and so is one of the holiest sites in the city for Muslims. The Medina in general is a nice place to wander around, although it may well look familiar as it was used in Raiders of the Lost Ark to double for Cairo. KAIROUAN

tourist guide EL KEF is a small city in northwest Tunisia, built onto the southern face of the Jebel Dyr Mountain, which is part of the Tebersouk Mountains, at the east end of the High Atlas Mountains. It is a relaxed town, offering an authentic taste of Tunisia with some interesting sights to see. The main attraction is the Byzantine Kasbah. Noticeable from almost any part of the city, it rises out of the old medina and used to be a site of a series of fortresses dating back to the 5th century BC. The site's last military use was in the early 1950s, as a place of detention for Habib Bourguiba, the first president of the Tunisian Republic. DOUZ is a small town in south-central Tunisia, often known as the "Gateway to the Sahara", due to it’s popularity as a destination for tourists looking to experience the desert, either by camel or four-wheel drive. The town of Douz has grown up around a large palm oasis that stands on the northern fringe of the Sahara. As a major palm oasis it is a large producer of "diglat noor" dates. Surrounded by little other than desert and scrub land, it was an important stop on the trans-Saharan caravan routes. Today tourists come in numbers, many from the coastal resorts, to get a taste of the mighty Sahara for themselves.


HAMMAMET is a resort town located in the south east of the northern peninsula of Cap Bon in the Governorate of Nabeul, on the northern edge of the Gulf of Hammamet.It lies just 65km south of Tunis and 85km north of Sousse and was one of the first tourist destinations in Tunisia. Due to its fine beaches it has become a popular destination for European visitors particularly for it’s swimming and water sports, with a population that regularly quadruples due to tourists in the summer months. The area is particularly known for its jasmine, and this is how the more recent, adjacent tourist resort of Yasmine Hammamet came by its name. Lifestyle Tunisia


tourist guide Tunisia is made up of 24 Governates (administrative regions) These are : - (1) Ariana (Aryana), (2) Beja (Baja), (3) Ben Arous (Bin 'Arus), (4) Bizerte (Banzart), (5) Gabes (Gabis), (6) Gafsa (Gafsah), (7) Jendouba (Jandouba), (8) Kairouan (Al Qayrawan), (9) Kasserine (Gasryn), (10) Kebili (Guebilli), (11) El Kef (El Kaf), (12) Mahdia (Al Mahdiya), (13) Mannouba (Mannouba), (14) Medenine (Midnin), (15) Monastir (Munastir), (16) Nabeul (Nabul), (17) Sfax (Safaqis), (18) Sidi BouZid (Sidi BouZid), (19) Siliana (Siliana), (20) Sousse (Soussa), (21) Tataouine (Tatawin), (22) Tozeur (Touzer), (23) Tunis, (24) Zaghouan (Zaghwen) Official languages Arabic, French Government Republic President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali (Independence from France 1956) Area - Total 163,610 km2 Population - 2008 estimate 10,327,800 Currency Tunisian dinar (TND) Exchange Rates (1st Aug 2009) 1.00 EUR = 1.87258 TND 1.00 GBP = 2.21396 TND Time zone CET (UTC+1) Driving on the right Electricity European-style two pin plugs on 230 volts, 50Hz Internet TLD .tn 24

Lifestyle Tunisia

Important Telephone Numbers International Dialling code + 216 Dial 00 + 216 + City/Area Code + Local Number To make a call from Tunisia you will need dial 00 + Country Code British Embassy Rue du Lac Windermere Les Berges du Lac, Tunis 1053 Telephone: (216) 71 108 749 Emergency Telephone Numbers 197 - Police 190 - Ambulance 198 - Fire Brigade

Tunisia - snapshots

Yacht Marina Monastir Harbour

Ribat at Monastir

Mausoleum of The First President of The Republic of Tunisia

View from the Breakwater back to Port El Kantaoui Golf clubs bigger than lampposts El Kantaoui roundabout Pirate ship sets out to sea White sands blue waters along the promenade at Sousse Another hotel along the coast at Skanes

Let the train take the strain Monastir to Sousse

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framed More Familiar Than You Would Imagine

Tunisia is a very popular tourist destination with Europeans, who flock to enjoy the Mediterranean beaches, historical ruins and desert oases. Although in many ways an exotic and mysterious country, the interesting landscapes are actually very familiar, but you may not realise it. This is because numerous popular movies have been filmed here. George Lucas has filmed several of his Star Wars movies in the deserts of Tunisia and is known to have loved the place, returning time after time for location sets. The planet Tatooine, Luke Skywalker's home, is in fact named after a real town in Tunisia, Tatouine, although much of the desert scenes were filmed in the Matmata area. Due to it's extraordinary surroundings, Matmata was also the location for disco scene in the first Star Wars film (now, of course Episode IV). In this area there are still some fascinating troglodyte dwellings, which are effectively vertical caves dug by man into soft sandstone, usually formed as a circle, with doors and rooms dug in from the vertical walls.


Lifestyle Tunisia

framed Film Set - Tunisia

One of these was actually used as Luke Skywalker's home for the first Star Wars movie, and over again for the Attack of the Clones, and still remains actually as a hotel/tourist attraction. It may even be possible to visit other locations used in the Star Wars movies such as Mos Espa, where parts of The Phantom Menace were set. Other movies filmed either wholly or part in Tunisia which you may have seen include The English Patient, Monty Python's Life of Brian, and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Lifestyle Tunisia


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Prestige Immobilier We are specialists in all aspects of property sales and rentals in the areas of Kantaoui and Hammam Sousse. We speak English. English Language Forum for Tunisia

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Tunisia Homes Direct We list properties for sale, long & short term rental and holiday lets in an easy-to use searchable database.

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Lifestyle Tunisia

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