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December 2007

The Alverno Alpha gives thanks to the Alverno staff and faculty “I stopped the woman and and I was to call her the folasked what her name was. She lowing morning to do an over confirmed that she was Mary, the phone interview.” Long before we had com- but was in a hurry to get to the Well, as luck would have it, puters, television, radio, tele- ceremony. However, she Thomas was very sick the next phones and telegraph, decided to quickly take the morning. She called into work newspapers were the cheapest time to go upstairs and pose and laid back down to rest and most efficient way to reach for a few shots. She was a real with intentions of getting up mass audiences with news, trooper and so energetic! I in a few hours to contact commentary and advertising. appreciated her enthusiasm Patterson for her interview. Reporters are a newspaper’s and dedication to the Fitness Thomas’s alarm never went off front-line eyes and ears. They Center and its programs.” and she didn’t wake up until interview many types of Manry tells of another expe- an hour later but contacted people to get the information rience on covering the Field Patterson anyway. She was out they need to construct their Dedication Ceremony. She of the office but returned story. But, what if a reporter really didn’t know what she shortly after and called Thomas doesn’t get the cooperation was going to write about. So right back. and the interview? The Student Produced Newspaper of Alverno College she contacted Alverno Athletic October “I cannot express how 2007 At Alverno College, the Director, Brad Duckworth. He appreciative I was to have her reporters count on the faculty was extremely helpful by return my call even though I for various articles for the emailing Manry back a list of was the one who dropped the Alpha Newspaper. These arti- activities going on for the day. ball’ Thomas added. Patterson cles distribute information to “I met with him during the gave her a thorough interview the Alverno Community. event and he again, was very with thoughtful responses to Students act as reporters inter- helpful. Afterward, he was each of her questions. viewing different faculty mem- able to email me his reflec“Although I understood bers for the Alpha Newspaper. tions on the outcome of the that she had a full schedule of Some students conveyed their event in quote format. other things, she did not rush experiences on how the faculty Coverage on the event would through our conversation. It staff at Alverno has helped have suffered significantly was apparent how diligent them create their articles for without his help, so it was Joanna is in her craft. I don’t the Alpha Newspaper. greatly appreciated.” know anyone who is as enthuBrenda Manry, Alpha Co-c a r e women soccer team their f u l l yThomas, another siastic, Caroline professional and Editor-in-Chief, told me of herdescribed best start ever with a record Alverno how Alpha Newspaper friendly as Joanna. She is great!” positive experience. She wasmodest of 3-0. the the opportunity reporter, had So, the Alverno Alpha asked to take several photos to interview “Today is a snapshot of not equipment wasJoanna Patterson Newspaper would like to one Saturday. It was lunchtimeandfrom thehow Career Lab. “Joanna extend their thanks for all of only the current, but a and the Field Dedication cere-excited is an instructor of mine this the effort and help that they celebration of the past and a the mony was taking place. She semester new beginning for the team was for to the Professional have been given from the facsaw an energetic Seminar and I approached herALVERNO November suddenly 2007 ALPHA ulty and staff at Alverno future. To have this type of finally receive woman with an Alverno badge after class asking for an inter- College. Without their help, facility will help to put our new uniforms student articles athletewould and not be created coming toward her and she view in regards Former to the Career college and our athletic during her time alum,Portfolio. Janine Dougherty shares remembered that Mary Froelich Binder/Professional and the Alverno Community department on the map,” the team. So a heartfelt story to express from the fitness center was onon She was very enthusiastic would notjust be informed. said Duckworth proudly. grateful and how far Alverno athletics have her list of photos to take. about offering her comments Just prior to the hopeful for the come in a short time.


ALVERNO Volume 27 • Issue 1



A fantastic day to kick-off the “Inferno Firepit”

Alverno’s Athletic Field Dedication Ceremony and Tailgate Party BY BRENDA MANRY ALPHA STAFF WRITER

“If someone were to have scripted the day, it would have been exactly as it turned out. What a fantastic day!” said Alverno Director of Athletics, Brad Duckworth, at the dedication ceremony for Alverno College’s new athletic field.

tailgate, President Mary Meehan shared some insight about the activities planned for the day. “This really is a family event. We’ve invited the local community to come and join us for the tailgate Alverno President, Mary Meehan party and enjoy all addresses the crowd of over 400 of the festivities attendees during the dedication planned for ceremony with Alverno Director of today.” Athletics, Brad Duckworth. Field dedication speakers included The celebration on Sept. 8 Alverno President, Mary kicked off with a lunchtime Meehan; Alverno Director of tailgate party with free food, Athletics, Brad Duckworth; lively team mascots and a former student athlete and touching dedication aluma, Janine Dougherty; ceremony. The icing on the and current student athlete cake was a 3-1 victory for the Alex Salsbury. Inferno against North Central “What a true honor it is to University, giving Alverno’s

Alverno remembers

Siri Voskuil


In a memorial service Sept. 11 at the Alverno College Chapel, family, friends and colleagues gathered to remember the legacy of Siri Voskuil, a woman who many say changed their lives. Siri Voskuil was born August 18, 1950, in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, and died July 1, 2007. She received her undergraduate degree in 1991 at the University of WisconsinWhitewater and her master’s and doctorate degrees at Marquette University. In her 7 years as an instructor at Alverno College, Voskuil inspired many with her courage and passion as a mother, grandmother, teacher, mentor, woman and friend. Alverno Alumna Melissa

Bodoh said when she was going through difficult times in her life Voskuil helped her find strength. “Siri helped me find myself and realize that I can rise to meet any challenge,” she said. Like Melissa, many of Voskuil’s students remembered how she urged them to explore their own worlds. They said that Voskuil’s encouragement is reflected in their passion and advocacy for social justice for all children. Voskuil will not only be remembered for her commitment to professional development, but also for her great recommendations in wine. At the memorial, Alverno staff reminisced about shared toasts and laughter with Voskuil at conferences and special gatherings. See VOSKUIL Page 5

Alpha Readers, The semester is winding down and the holiday season is in full swing, a perfect time for reflection. I’m graduating in a few weeks so what a great opportunity for me to write my first and last letter from the editor, for my school’s only student-created/produced newspaper. People seem to be reading Alpha more than I can remember. We thank you for reading and reacting to our stories – please keep your comments, ideas and story beat requests coming! You too can be an Alpha staff writer, either by taking CLD/PCM 421 as a course or simply by submitting your work for consideration. You can also contribute as a photographer or can design graphics or advertisements without being in the class itself. Once you’re at a point where you can take 400-level courses, you can take CLD/PCM 421 as an In-dependent Study to become part of the editorial staff. If you’re interested in any of the above, be sure to drop Christy Steele an email at, as she will continue to serve as the paper’s faculty advisor in spring 2008. If you have ideas now, connect with her before the semester begins so she can start planning to incorporate your contributions. I’ve had a phenomenal experience this semester, serving primarily as Production Editor but also as co-Editor-in-Chief. Aside from editing stories however, I maximized my Independent Study opportunity. I designed the Alpha masthead and a few advertisements in Adobe Illustrator, collaborated with Managing Editor Julie Gilboy, in assigning and tracking articles each class using social media tools like Yahoo Groups and Instant Messenger. I even wrote several articles including one feature story. I also assisted Julie with creating the first-ever Alpha Staffbook for policies and procedures, developed my digital photography skills and sought out photos and graphics using stock photography for other student’s articles as well as my own. I drove the process of getting Alpha back on Alverno’s intranet. To top things off for our December issue, I designed Pagepage 5 8 using Adobe InDesign. This semester has been a dream because I was able to pick the path that I wanted to explore for my experience, and you can too; the options are truly limitless. Being on the Alpha Staff is a memorable experience and it really does make an impact on the school’s culture and history. Please keep the progressive writing, photos and design elements alive and join the staff and make Alpha a part of your Alverno experience too. As I look forward to my graduation this December, I have had one of the best semesters here at Alverno. It was a perfect ending to my journey as an Alverno student.

A conference like none other Alverno opened its doors: Ragan Communications Many stepped into a Telesis Institute reaches out to community Chicago hosts its first-ever liberal arts adventure Other Event Highlights future Alverno,

of she

thanked The newly named, “Alverno Firepit” field The Telesis program at offers Bobby classes, workshops and B Yfocus SHERYL H OYTAlverno’s andseminars Roysmall Reiman provided a house was a key during for all to attend.&That Alverno is a great way to Activities BY JUDITHA LPHA GUNKEL STAFF WRITER for means theday. new are invited too. include the community in coltaste of the Athletic Field Dedication Ceremony and men ALPHA STAFF WRITER Co-Editor-in-Chief members don’tfield Attendees witnessed Tailgate Party on 08 Community September, 2007. by sharing From making a clay vase in lege life. Telesis makes Alverno • Field House Naming: The The fallhave general education Brenda Manry to donate a football andfield experienced thegift Ceramics that, “This Beginning with not just a place for students to “Inferno Firepit” was the conference, Essence, to Distilling get such involved at Alverno. The c o n nwill e cMarilyn ttouch i o nBond s far or having Shirley receive their degree; it is a throughout the day – first with be able to represent a BY BRENDA MANRY winner; “The Fireplace House” and anyone wanting was held atTelesis AlvernoInstitute College on at lives Alverno between art and Jensen teach how to speed where a focus on internal more than you will ever fine Sept. institution as the ALPHA STAFF WRITER 25, 2007. was a day Place” were the other offersThis something for everyone science in read; athe myriad of“Blaze’s possibilities to learn is welcome. With its communications, then the know.” director of athletics. This job staff, devoted to students, choices. “Using social media in the value of social media to – learn a new language, cook ofare distilling given. doors open to the community, Thisprocess was a highly successful is truly easy with the faculty of Alverno College dog and training; workplace is much like driving organizations. Following was exotic foods, the the color essence ofthe program began the Telesis Institute offers The Telesis parevent for college and tremendous staff and members of thestudent community to dedicated car; there are rules in place to obtaining • $10,000pro- ticipants scholarship there is even a class ink on paper, thus an educationalaexperiin 1980 as an outgrowth management athletics departments. And athletes that explore I amtosurrounded learn, connect in d e m keep toeveryone manageable support for social media alland the beer connoisseurs out o n s gram t r a t i nto g the opportunity for a ence HS student – community. and the opportunity was it a great day for an by. Their dedication the arts Guilbault’sStarting an interdisciplinary safe,” said Tom Keefe of initiatives and finally; covering there. to liberal beliefout with to form a personal with the winner going toDVD. justburned more a new network of and friends. outdoorTelesis event? Countless advancement of our environment. Volkswagen Credit, Inc. at So college what is the that “science can be beautiful, Diane Knight’s group was For additional information than 1,000 participants, today a member Jessica Knudson, of policies that work for social times the phrase, “What The joint efforts Itofoffers and athletics is faculty Ragan Institute? non-credited expressive and Telesis creative.” extremely to aher the program grown orreceptive to Band, request catalog, callCommunication’s first- media programming. thehas Germantown HS weather today noted — isn’t from various academic commendable,” said Brad “unConference” at the programs for great anyone who Larson Dara “further session on guided music to approximately 5,500performed people during 414-382-6218 or evervisit who lunch. Social media in the it new just skill perfect?” was heard Millennium Knickerbocker Duckworth. wants to learn a or connections between relaxation. The player concept and participating annually. Milwaukee Wave throughout day among Former student brush athlete up on an old one. Telesisthe scientific study appearances of connections of music’s affect hotel in Chicago, Ill. on Sept. workplace and autographs attendees. and theItcreative on them captivated the 26. and alumni, Janine more than 400paper Social media is a trendy way to launch The free all-day term that means a variety of as she audience as they learned its Dougherty offered a colorful was a superb process,” • Give aways from the Bucks, The Student Newspaper of Alverno College to the a new taught spiritual, impact physically, "unConference" on social things, but in the workplace story about how she not only the start Milwau kee, Wisconsin Brewers and Admirals, Alverno media tools and strategies school year, but the economic, aesthetic physiologically, psychologically In your November issue, an she took her time to look at my help a student with a project, it's about working online using transferred to Alverno from Bookstore, and Chipolte attracted more than 80 technical beginning to aand well-deserved editorial by Arielle Reed program andaspects show meand howsocially. it whoDiane fix flatsaid tiresthat in the parking collaborative business tools another college at 40 years of Co-Editors-in-Chief Stafflike Restaurant. professional communicators and She nonshe had “lovedlot, thewho opportunity to in and picture long awaited paintedofa her negative of ofallwestern fit athletic together. always prepare food a speJulie Gilboy blogs, Wikis, communities, Jennifer Gomez age, with two children the instant paper. share these tools thesoccer. service somefield Alverno stu- western words of encouragement.” cial useful way, who seekto out from scholar-companies across for Alverno’s team. messaging, audio Brenda Manry JudithGunkel own, to come play She United processed dents report receiving from Participants As to the Business combat Office, stress.” ships for students in need, who States and Canada, recording (also known as Sheryl Hoyt serving as an innovative and podcasting) Faculty Advisor message various offices. I’d like to offer pulp Tuttleand saidproduced that wheneverThe shetheme find and public venuesof for students andSherievideo King stimulating workshop prior to Christy Steele sheets of banana and the day seemed to filter a different view. had questions, “I was consis- to show and sell their art work, streaming much like whatMayne can Michelle a two-day “Social Media be found on the ever-popular and prompt, kozo through no have matter which Alverno actively promotes a cotton tentlypaper given cour- who helped students find Arielle Reed disciplines culture and the Aesthetic sponsored by site, Technical Advisor/Layout fiber bark teous, cloth. helpful service.” seminar was attended. It was have a Summit” of service and respect. jobs, and who even also You DraganaTube Savic Engagement Ability RaganinCommunications. This ( Susan C. Quantrell small group displayed to experience, andchildren Faculty and staff expect Aand “I never had aan bad day experiwatchedexplore students’ Caroline Thomas Department created 13 wasneed the first time the company the Tuttle Mediasays, celebrate all the disciplines: are expected to treatintense every effort ence in here,” “and their office if the students Social media tools can aid Kristin Walker different seminars on Hub’s an entire day significantly in Sophia session Art, English, sponsored member centered of the Alverno com- double I’m someone who on always hadCommunication, a to go to the Assessment Center the mobile Wattleton this year’s theme. Distilling This visual art Music, Psychology, munity,The from the stu- lot of questions. I have phe- Nursing, or the Registrar’s Officedevoted or the to learning from work environments that are justnewest by Claymation. attending a Wave Essence Program encouraged BY JULIE GILBOYdent to the game. throughstories creative andhow Science. most came senioralivenomenal about Business Office. I am proud to moving forward. Instant Editorials of identity ALPHA S“expression TAFF WRITER of clay, photography, video Essence a day administrator, as someone who much the library helped Distilling me. call these was people My Alverno messaging, blogs and Wikis can To use kick off this through narrative, wellness, music. Theof six-member worked hard and to get And course, all many of mylooked Family.beneath the help employees more of the Many Alvernohas soccer fansveryprogram, The editorials published in Alpha areshare the opinion Alverno image, sound, movement, production team headed by exception, surface to extract the essential is valued for her role. without I hope that Ms. Reed’s expeinformation down writers and not necessarily those ofand the cut Alpha staffon or Alverno got aenvironment, chancehere toandmeet students are instructors, invited heritage, and assisted by elements betteratunderstand that Ms. Reed’sJoyce experi-Lange went above and beyond what to riences Alverno change so emails. College. All editorial submissions should be sent to Milwaukee WaveI believe player Todd dress up in their favorite community…” Lynnand McDonough andofBarb self and life. ences are the exception was expected them.”education,that when she does leave us, communities (similar and Social must include the writer’s name and Dososky at the Athletic Field outfits for Hawaiian Lauralee Guilbault’s Jakopac, left Tuttle’s with their IMovie not who the rule. story reflects the it’s on a more positive note. MySpace or Facebook) offer The editelephone number. Allto submissions will be considered. Dedication. Those did Luau Night at 5 p.m. on chromatography seminar Tuttle,— whom you might vast majority of student And I would encourage her to a combination of most social torial staff reserves the right to determine what is published not have another Jo chance Nov. 3 at the U.S. recognize from the Bookstore, reports I’ve heard in my 21 take a moment to recognize media tools in a shared and to edit all submissions. Alverno is providing a chance Cellular Arena. is both a full-time staff person years teaching at Alverno.Wave Yes, player the times when Alverno staff location - and can replace a Milwaukee Todd for all students to see him in Discounted Alpha Editorial Policy ‘Splash’have off days. Anyone do provide her with excellent and a recent Alverno alum. people traditional web site, typically Dososky at the Alverno’s Athletic action, but this According time on the ticket Alverno vouchers can can get be crabby to Tuttle, frustrated, service, to stop, and to say maintained by newspaper at least one Field or Dedication. The Alverno College Alpha student is published field. purchased the in a while that leaks thank you. That mightSteve always provided her with atand once just be Crescenzo shares case These tools are are welcome by the PCM 421 Newsperson. Writing class. Submissions Alverno College Athletic samples with attendees at the existence the fall “excellent service.” out in ways thatbegan makeits others thein thing that helps that staff changing the roles rulesa creative from any current student. Our mission is toand provide Knickerbocker hotel office, advisor, and Alverno $2 of But “My academic feel earns disrespected. of of person greet the next Millennium student 1984one as one six charter for traditional web design and of the outlet for free expression under the Code of Ethics Ragan Communications that’sI have Kathy Bundalo,from wasevery won-voucher the reasons stayed of at the with a smile and a kindatword. members American Society of Professionalemployee Journalism: communications. derful,” Tuttleused. says. “She Alverno and still Indoor genuinelySoccer love – Jill Newtonfirst-ever Moore unConference on Just about anyone can host Association social media. ~ Seek Truthand andmanage Report space It ~ Minimize Harm always explained According everything my job isfor the and compasChair: Professional online with tocare (AISA). The team made opportunities both this semester. AWC isits scouting ~ Act Independently ~ Be Accountable ILBOY BY JULIE G completely. When I felt over- and sion future of my members colleagues. I know Department more interactive features than, debut for on Nov. 10, Communication 1984 with members potential successors to attendees. ALPHA STAFF whelmed WRITER or thatTodd there was was no staff who work unpaid overever before. adapted from acquired by the an 8-7 enter win over Chicago to network, enhance intothe mentor/mentee There were two social at the of tunnel, atime or come on days off to a near "As an attendee at the “… Welight reach out end to Wave ourthe professional through trade with in Vultures before sellout experience and relationships in preparation for media experts on hand to student members to giveCleveland us skills, in and December 1996. increase technical elections crowd the of 3,146 at thelater old this guide the discussions but they ‘unConference,’ I found the feedback on what they expect communication knowledge. semester. The open In 2005 he led the MISL in Milwaukee Auditorium. That board came without presentations or information on social media to to has receive outin the of their Alverno enrolled Student membership a member include: speeches. The always lively be energizing and exciting. I postseason scoring with 16 is victory servedpositions as a was empowered to find out membership and are willing to great 2007-2008 Milwaukee Wave begin expanding Communications points and way was to named the springboard for the Wave as Chair, controversial, Steve how social media in the opportunities for them horizons into the professional Publicity Chair, Fundraising Co- and Splashcreate Program, a unique Championship Series MVP Milwaukee won seven of its Crescenzo, host of Ragan’s workplace could be the 'new based on the experience they realm, the but Wave evenwinfurther, eleven Chair contests. and Secretary/Historian podcast, fundraising opportunity that after helping “Corporate competitive edge' in are seeking to incorporate into becoming a board memberfirst can Chair. There is also a need to provides students a its fourth league title. and the professional communications,” their career and life goals,” be more rewarding without maintain the ACAWC Web site. Punishment,” discounted ticket while The Milwaukee Wave “Corporate Hallucinations” stated Julie Gilboy of Cooper says Anita Guerrero, President much additional effort. So, as a Computer Science blog started the day off. While raising money for Alverno "As ACAWC’s publicity chair Major, this may be a wonderful the afternoon was led by social Power Systems, in Pewaukee, Wis., also a Communications, and Web site and fulfilling experience. media “guru” Shel Holtz, ABC Management and Technology manager, I “As Vice President Co-Chair, (Accredited Business created a ACAWC has given me Communicator), who authors senior at Alverno College. number of networking opportunities, the blog “A Shel of My Former An unConference is a g r e a t experience on my resume and Self” conference where the and co-hosts a p r o f e s s i o n a l presence in the community,” communications technology content of the sessions is communication said Bevin Christy. driven and created by the podcast “For Immediate and graphic To find out more Release.” Although these two participants, generally daydesign pieces information, visit the ACAWC big names were on site, the by-day during the course of for my Web site at focus was really on attendees. the event, rather than by a p o r t f o l i o , Their comments were to the single organizer, or small w o r k e d studentorgs/awc/index.html or point and objective. group of organizers, in together with contact Co-Vice President and advance. Four key topics drove the great women Membership Chairperson social – Wikipedia media discussions Shultz at AWCBakeSale.t L to R: Juliet Starks, Bevin Christie to raise funds Chanté and shared and Chanté Shultz prepare for AWC's bake sale. in a Photo by Brenda Manry. ideas collaborative environment,” said Brenda To learn more about of AWC. Manry, Communication, ACAWC, stop in at an The Association for Women Management and Technology upcoming meeting on campus Alpha is a student created/produced newspaper dedicated to informing and in Communications, Alverno

“unConference” on social media

To the Editors:


Join in on

‘The Wave’

Association for Women in Communications scouting for new members

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Social Media

• ragan communications | prsa • motorola • 8/16/12

S tory

Ragan Communications and the Public Relations Society of America present:

16 August 2012 Welcome, Brenda My Intranet Profile - Sign Off - Adm inistration I Want To...


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A Web 2.0 Summit for Internal Communications, Public Relations and Marketing

Spend three days in the desert with the leading social media thinkers, speakers and practitioners: • Three tracks to choose from loaded with case studies, including special sessions designed for government and nonprofit communicators • More than two dozen practical sessions from practitioners who live and work in the social media space—and love it! • Bob Evans Vice President Mary Cusick, who has turned her CEO’s blog into a place where employees solve problems, share ideas and swap best practices • “Guerilla-style” social media campaigns—showing that you can create successful programs with very little cash and almost no support from IT • A behind-the-scenes look at Motorola’s popular virtual town halls— a how-to session in using Web 2.0 to communicate globally

Plus, fine-tune all your social media skills in pre- and post-conference workshops: • Four pre-conference workshops will get you up to speed on podcasts, wikis, RSS and interactive video • A mind-blowing post-conference workshop on what the future holds for corporate communicators, by the industry’s leading technology guru Shel Holtz

4 ways to register Call 800.493.4867 Fax the registration form to 312.861.3592 Browse Mail the completed registration form to: Ragan Communications 111 E. Wacker Drive, Suite 500 Chicago, IL 60601

Introducing CONNECT@MMI

March 5-7, 2008 Wynn Hotel Las Vegas

Three eye-opening keynotes Technology editor of The New York Times, David Pogue, will lay out exactly what the social media revolution means to companies and their communicators.

Measurement expert Angela Sinickas will premiere her comprehensive system for measuring social media ROI.

Popular speaker, blogger and podcaster Steve Crescenzo

01 JUN 2011 Creating a collaborative culture where employees connect and interact quickly and easily.


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Employee Communications promotes a collaborative culture where employees can connect and interact with each other and senior leaders quickly and easily. To make collaboration easier, Employee Communications has organized and centrally housed our internal social media tools and their descriptions in one location for an easier way to

Natasa Prvanov (a60075) Shared: Introducing CONNECT@MMI at

CONNECT@MMI. Motorola Mobility has a wide range of internal social media tools, as well as a presence

a year ago · 0 likes · Like · Reply · Following

on a number of external sites. Internal tools help you share best practices, ideas and interests plus company knowledge while respecting the importance of iProtect.

Brenda Luterbach (g13337) @ets050 That's a really great idea, Tim. I think efforts like CONNECT@MMI might be able to help mold our culture. I think it's up to us as employees. Would love to hear more thoughts around this topic.

External tools help our partners and customers engage with the Motorola brand, products and solutions. Here are the four key subsets of CONNECT@MMI: PEOPLE@MMI Look up basic people-based information: time zone, home location, a photo,

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“About Me” and more. Add colleagues to your profiles, see updates instantly, learn more about topics others are working on and people they are working with. Formerly known as "PeopleNet." INFORM@MMI Read, download and act upon the industry, business and organizational

Tarak Patel (wrt867) Shared: Introducing CONNECT@MMI at a year ago · 0 likes · Like · Reply · Follow

information that you need to be an effective and successful Motorola Mobility employee. Enhanced search makes it easier to find the tools to get your job done.

Jim Jackson (w20391)

my .mot-mobility .com/portal/site/imoto/menuitem.91ae85f03ba889431b657b10a5600ba0?new sobjectID =378279205

will show you the humor in the worst of the worst of social media—and point out how you can learn from others’ mistakes.

16 August 2012 Welcome, Brenda

Register early to save hundreds. See back for details.

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16 NOV 2011 Immerse yourself in all things social @MMI.

CONNECT@MMI is our one-stop social spot @MMI. CONNECT = PEOPLE + INFORM + SHARE + DISCUSS It's a collaborative mash-up of content, knowledge, opinion and news. The big news is to officially announce "conversation mode," making DISCUSS@MMI feel a lot more like Facebook or Google+ versus just the basic bursts of information, like Twitter. We (Employee Communications + Collaboration & eBusiness IT + MOST) turned conversation mode on a few weeks ago now, so it really isn't new news. But in case you didn't notice, now you can reply inline to a post and follow the conversation much easier. This was our final tweak to "phase 1" of our grand plan to infuse social media into the workplace. The CONNECT@MMI site has already had a few redesigns in its short life. So if you've visited, be sure to

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George Rajkumar (ndh364) Shared: CONNECT@MMI > Get social at 9 months ago · 1 like · Like · Reply · Follow Richard Striedl (ars095) Shared: CONNECT@MMI > Get social at 9 months ago · 0 likes · Like · Reply · Follow Rami Levy (erl005) It's looking and feeling better every day! If you haven't CONNECTed or DISCUSSed yet, what are you waiting for? #connect #discuss #most 9 months ago · 3 likes · Liked · Following Show all 2 Posts...

visit again. Something missing? Add a link to the DISCUSS feed by adding #connect or #social to your

Rami Levy (erl005) @g13337 You're quite welcome. It's a great partnership we've had over the years - and we hope to be able to showcase more of our tools in the near future! #most 9 months ago 0 likes · Like · Following

post. Here are a few of the things we've done: Built a partnership with Blagica Bottigliero, MMI's social media director, (and her team) to provide us with weekly social media updates ("The Weekly Social Media BYTES"), typically more external focused but with the understanding that this audience is internal Ran a contest to name our new consumer-facing blog "Inside Motorola" and added feeds for both blogs and the MMI YouTube feed Added top news and video feeds that pull social content from @MMI Made DISCUSS@MMI a main feed on the left,

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Kim Beals (wcr378) It's amazing to see more and more PEOPLE

my .mot-mobility .com/portal/site/imoto/menuitem.91ae85f03ba889431b657b10a5600ba0?newsobjectID=…


Brand Steward • motorola mobility •


Internal Brand Management


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Internal brand guidelines and resources Motorola Mobility has developed a new brand positioning and visual identity. This site is for primarily for internal brand needs (i.e., general use Motorola Mobility logos, organization charts and email templates, as well as general font instructions). This wiki is designed to equip you with the latest: Brand guidelines Logo treatment Resources Tone of voice Templates This is your one-stop shop for "all things brand" from a general employee perspective. If your needs are more detailed and / or external facing, please reach out to the Motorola Mobility Brand team and they w ill w ork w ith you on your needs on a case-by-case basis.



The templates below have iProtect labels as appropriate. If you have any questions, please refer to the iProtect Information Classification and Labeling Guide. GOOGLE DRIVE


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Dow nload Office Professional Plus 2007 for best results w ith Microsoft templates.*

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8 Business card and stationery August guidlines have been updated. 24 July

The Pow er Point templates have been updated w ith a minor tw eak. In the longer boilderplate language on several slides, a comma w has been removed before LLC. There should not be a comma.

6 July

"Motorola Mobility LLC" has been updated on all Pow er Point templates.

18 Jun

We've added Google Drive templates to this site (see top left of "Templates" section) and moved Email w ith Org Charts.

EMAIL @MMI email template tool (Communicators and admins only - request access if needed) Outlook templates

Internal | Internal w ith third party | Restricted | Confidentiality intro slides | Photos only**

ORGANIZATION CHART Organization chart template

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creating a brand language that brings people together Motorola Brand Visual Center version 3 // January 2011

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