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BLUSH M A G A Z I N E Rebecca Aschen EDITOR IN CHIEF Creative Director: Jordyn Ferriss Senior Editors: Brittany Burgos, Avanti Dalal Photography Director: Collins Nai Art Director: Vivian Zhen Beauty Director: Alexandria Cott Fashion Director: Aaron Valentic Web Director: Mikayla Madigan Fashion Writer: Erik DeFruscio Beauty Writer: Cassandra Shaffer Health Writer: Kathryn Farrell Senior Photo Editor: Ashley Naftaly Senior Designer: Joyce Xu Advertising Sales Manager: Vivian Tai Online Beauty Writer: Liana Prinzevalli Online Fashion Writer: Kimberly Larco Assistant Web Editor: Michaela Bartlett Social Media Editors: Christina Buscarino, Sarah Fielding, Nicole Glickman Contributing Men’s Editor: Steven Rodriguez Contributors: Samantha Ayala, Bonnie Azoulay, Brittany Barbarite, Shannon Blanks, Monica Boylan, Kristina Cappuccitti, Katie Farrell, Ruby Frei Lena Greer, Oliva Kenny, Emily Keough, Kimberly Larco, Ariann Lesko, Sarah Michelson, Lexy Monaco, Audrey Ouimet, Jasmine Paulino, Chrissy Riley, Cassandra Shaffer, Kyle Ursin Laura Hatmaker ADVISOR

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Weekend Getaway?






MAJOR: AMC HOMETOWN: Schoharie, NY FAVORITE ACTIVITY TO DO IN A NEW CITY: I love exploring the parks whenever I travel to a new city. ONE THING PEOPLE WOULD BE SURPRISED TO KNOW ABOUT YOU: I have a lot friends from all over Asia that I met through a job I had in Florida. READING NOW: Grace: A Memoir by Grace Coddington. LISTENING TO: A lot of classics like Shania Twain and Cher. CAREER ASPIRATIONS: Editor In Chief of a men’s fashion magazine. Or maybe even start my own fashion magazine.


MAJOR: AMC HOMETOWN: Waterbury, CT FAVORITE ACTIVITY TO DO IN A NEW CITY: Pretend I’m a local. ONE THING PEOPLE WOULD BE SURPRISED TO KNOW ABOUT YOU: Singing is my favorite thing to do, and I do it pretty well. READING NOW: Damned by Chuck Palahniuk. It’s endlessly funny and very thought-provoking. LISTENING TO: My go-to artists are Biggie Smalls (“Hypnotize” is my morning alarm), The Story So Far and The Smiths. CAREER ASPIRATIONS: Writer, fashion editor, creative director—something that makes me happy.


MAJOR: FMM HOMETOWN: Dunellen, NJ FAVORITE ACTIVITY TO DO IN A NEW CITY: Find the food that the city is known for and find out where the locals hangout to get the real city experience. ONE THING PEOPLE WOULD BE SURPRISED TO KNOW ABOUT YOU: My family has been making an onion dip for years that consists of three ingredients. It is incredibly addictive. However, it only seems to taste right when a Boylan makes it. READING NOW: Nice Is Just a Place in France: How to Win at Basically Everything by The Betches LISTENING TO: “Say My Name (Hermitude Remix)”- ODESZA. CAREER ASPIRATIONS: Breaking into the fashion industry as a merchandiser or production manager is my current aspiration.

Letter from the editor


fter a semester of being weighed down by the pressures of projects, exams, internships, and deadlines, even with a the concrete jungle of New York City as our campus, it is understandable that we students are just itching to explore come summer vacation. An enticing opportunity to take on “la vie bohème,” or a bohemian life, in this issue, we explored ways to create a covetable summer, filled to the brim with travel, relaxation, and wholesome living. Equipped with our suggested throw-on summer staples, natural beauty products, and that standby no-makeup makeup, you’ll be prepped and ready to head to festival campgrounds, travel abroad, or simply explore the scorching New York City streets in style. Regardless of where you end up, however, we hope this issue has prepared and excited you for a liberating, fun-filled, and restorative summer ahead!

Rebecca Aschen Editor in Chief

BEAUTY NEWS By Bonnie Azoulay

O N E N ’ O N LY B R A Z I L I A N T E C H K E R A T I N LUSTERIZER Curly hair holy grail product alert! If you have locks similar to Solange’s coils, you know your mane can be hard to maintain. You’ve probably tried tons of curly hair products to no avail, but before giving up, try the One N’ Only Brazilian Tech Keratin Lusterizer. Similar to the effects of the pricey keratin treatment alternative, this product is similarly intensive, keeping hair smooth and shiny but not oily, and it effectively revitalizes natural curls. The best part is, a full-size bottle is only $11.95! SIDE EFFECTS In this busy day and age, any multitasking product is a welcome addition to our hectic lives. With our watches now functioning as iPhones, its no surprise that we expect our beauty products to go above and beyond. Enter Onomie Bright Concealing Elixir. Not only covering up unwanted imperfections, this lightweight concealer also serves as clinical dark circle corrector, de-puffing eyes and visibly diminishing the appearance of dark circles. Launching this May, this product is definitely on our must-buy list for the summer. Added bonus: The co-founder of Onomie is an FIT alumna! TECHNICOLOR LOCKS After seeing our childhood idol Hillary Duff and her ever-changing hair color on Instagram, technicolor locks are on the rise. Go bold like Lizzie this summer and test out an unconventional color. And if you’re not up for dousing your whole head in a vibrant hue, try using a colorful hair chalk to paint your strands with vivid pigments, brightening up your look for those sun-filled days ahead.


Cupboard Cosmetology

By Shannon Blanks

We are all aware that yogurt serves healthy and scrumptious breakfast option, especially when eaten with bananas and berries—now it’s been proven to be more than just a tasty treat. You can use it as a facemask to help cleanse the skin and tighten pores. Instead of just using yogurt, we suggest jazzing it up by combining all the elements of the classic banana face mask to add additional moisture—think of it as a three-in-one product! It’s really simple to make, just mash up a banana until it is a smooth paste. Then add 2 tablespoons of honey and quarter of a cup of plain yogurt. Apply gently to your face and neck and leave it on for 20 minutes, before rinsing it off with cold water. We tried it here at Blush and our skin felt so soft and hydrated; there was definitely a noticeable firmness and plumpness that we absolutely LOVE! Now there is no need to overfill your beauty cupboard with endless products, just take a trip to your kitchen and see what you can find in the fridge that will make you beautiful on the outside, as well as within.








The Trick to “No Makeup” Makeup PHOTO BY Collins Nai MAKEUP BY Emily Keough HAIR BY Kristina Cappuccitti

BEAUTY— ­­ T h e T r i c k t o “ N o M a k e u p ” M a k e u p

The Trick to “No Makeup” Makeup By Samantha Ayala

Some say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but makeup is certainly a close second. But while some women certainly love to primp, not everybody is sold on the idea of laboring over your face for the better half of your morning. Luckily, there is a way for you to wear makeup while looking like you have hardly any on. We’re talking about having that “I woke up like this” look. It’s time to go au naturale.

MOISTURIZED, GLOWING SKIN The most essential component of this look is an emollient moisturizer with SPF and a little bit of a sheer tint. The key word here is sheer. These bases result in a smooth, polished and even complexion. Afterwards, apply an illuminator to accomplish a natural glow. You won’t believe how flawless you’ll look in the mirror. REVLON PHOTOREADY SKINLIGHTS FACE, $8.39, AVAILABLE AT ULTA. CLINIQUE CONTINUOUS COVERAGE, $24, AVAILABLE AT SEPHORA.



Need just a bit more coverage to make those pesky breakouts and dark under-eye circles disappear? Use some concealer to make it happen. Applying the concealer under the eye or dabbing it on the blemish will make it look like Friday night never happened.



BRIGHTEN UP THE CHEEKS Apply some blush on to the cheeks to accentuate cheekbones and add color to the face. The trick is to get a color that’s a rosy and warm peach or pink to make the blush as natural as possible. Cream blushes are perfect, as they blend seamlessly into the skin.






There are indeed ways to make your eyes glimmer without tons of shadow and eyeliner. Neutral and brown tones work best to keep the “no makeup” makeup look undetectable. Keeping the eyeliner thin is essential for defining the eyes without drawing attention to the makeup. And if even those steps are too much fuss, mascara is the simplest way to make the eyes pop.

NOT-SO-PLAIN LIPS To complete the “no makeup” makeup look, a swipe of a subtle nude or rosy pink shade makes your lips look naturally healthy and plump.



Naturally Affordable

By Cassandra Shaffer

Time to clean up your beauty routine! It’s no surprise that the beauty industry is one of the ugliest in terms of the harmful toxins and chemicals included in the products we use everyday. According to U.S researchers, many cosmetic companies use industrial chemicals as key ingredients in their products. We put products containing carcinogens, parabens, pesticides and sulfates on our face, body and hair. Not only are these ingredients affecting our bodies, they’re also affecting the environment. Start living naturally with these “naturally affordable” beauty products that will make you, and the environment all the more beautiful.

$10 AND UNDER Treat your worst blemishes with this fastacting, natural remedy. This blemish stick allows you to spot treat acne and inflammation with a blend of 10 herbal ingredients, such as tea tree oil, willow bark and calendula. It gently tones and exfoliates to leave you with clear skin and a clear conscious. BURT’S BEES HERBAL BLEMISH STICK, $8.99, AVAILABLE AT ULTA.

We’ve all heard horror stories about how bad aluminum-based antiperspirants are for our bodies. Aluminum is said to be associated with seizures, breast cancer and kidney problems. Unlike antiperspirants, Jessica Alba’s Honest Company created an aluminum-free deodorant with bergamot sage that doesn’t clog ducts or pores. It has essential oils and botanical extracts that help prevent underarm bacteria and odor. THE HONEST COMPANY HONEST DEODORANT, $8.95, AVAILABLE AT HONEST.COM.

$20 AND UNDER This water-based line of nail lacquers is a natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly alternative to the conventional syntheticbased nail polish. These lacquers come in a variety of colors that won’t harm you or the environment, so why not paint each nail a different color?


These lipsticks really pack a punch with vivid color pigments and natural ingredients. Each lipstick is made of only pigments, vitamin E oil, organic avocado oil, Fair Trade shea butter, organic castor oil and coconut oil— that’s it. As seen on Shark Tank, these lip products come in a variety of colors and leave your lips feeling moisturized. THE LIP BAR LIPSTICK, $20, AVAILABLE AT THELIPBAR.COM.

$40 AND UNDER You apply sunblock to save your skin from damaging rays, but just think about how many chemicals and dyes there are in your self-tanner. This tanning lotion from Lavera is made with organic macadamia seed oil, organic Shea butter and organic sunflower seed oil (among other natural oils and extracts) to give you a streak free, lightly fragranced tan overnight. LAVERA SELF-TANNING LOTION, $32, AVAILABLE AT TRUENATURAL.COM.

Yes, even makeup brushes can be harmful to you and the environment! These, by Urban Decay, are made from recycled materials (no animals harmed!) and are 100% vegan. Easily blend, line, smudge and apply your makeup with these high-quality makeup brushes. URBAN DECAY GOOD KARMA BRUSHES, $20-39 EACH, AVAILABLE AT URBANDECAY.COM.

Between the Lines

Photography by Ashley Naftaly

MODELED BY Audrey Ouimet with MSA Curve MAKEUP BY Jasmine Paulino HAIR BY Kristina Cappuccitti NAILS BY Katie Farrell


Retro `60s Hair-

The sun-drenched summer days are around the corner, a weather and say goodbye to those dreadful winter days. and colorful prints, we start to think about the rest of th haired goddesses of the `60s and `70s, who rocked some BRIGITTE BARDOT

An international sex symbol, with her pouty lips and signature cat eyes, this bombshell truly popularized the iconic bedhead hairstyle in the `60s. Brigitte is the epitome of French chic, often embracing her more feminine sensibilities. She would style her trademark tousled blonde hair with either a floppy hat or with half of her hair tied back in a bow. The French actress effused such easy, lady-like elegance that is irresistibly inspiring.


One third of the all-girl group The Supremes, Diana not only was a talented and powerful singer, but also owned her big hair like the true diva she is. There ain’t no hair high enough for this Motown queen, but you can certainly give it a go this summer. This natural look is easy to pull off under the sweltering summer sun, because you don’t need to worry about every piece of hair looking perfectly in place.


This American beauty is famous for her signature golden locks. During the late `70s, this Charlie’s Angels hottie was catapulted into stardom with her alluring sex appeal and her big, bouncy mane. This blonde bombshell’s flip-out hairstyle is ideal for those summer days when you are cruising around with the wind blowing in your hair or simply skateboarding around the neighborhood flaunting your luscious locks.


Known for her striking features and unusual outfits, the multi talented beauty mostly sported her pin-straight black hair in her heyday, but for a short period, Cher did in fact show off some mega voluptuous hair. Her dark curls created and angelic halo of dark voluminous tresses. For those girls trying to pull a Cher, use overnight foam rollers to achieve the same level of volume as the dark-haired beauty.


By Kimberly Larco Illustrated by Kyle Ursin

and we’re more than ready to finally embrace the warmer . As our wardrobes are swapped out for lighter materials he picture. This summer we are looking up to the curlye awesome hair with their own unique flair. STEVIE NICKS

The bohemian goddess herself inspired the untamed and mysterious gypsy look during the 60s. Her voluptuous locks are not quite curly and not quite wavy, but a perfect in-between of the two textures, creating an effortless bedhead look. If you’re rocking all black into the summer, Stevie Nicks’ golden locks would serve as a perfect contrast to your darker color palette, creating the ultimate witchy look.


Foods for Flawless Skin

By Liana Prinzevalli

Want skin that glows from the inside out? Toss your highlighting products aside and pick up these five foods that will have you feeling good and looking great!

B L U E B E R R I E S : This super food contains vitamins rich in antioxidants, and will help prevent premature aging. Blueberries will give you the nutrients you need while keeping your skin softer than ever. Add a handful into your next smoothie for some serious skin benefits.

S A L M O N : Say goodbye to dryness and flakiness with wild salmon. Abundant in omega-3 fatty acid, salmon replenishes oils that our bodies need to keep away dullness and make our skin supple. Try adding some into your diet to keep your skin glowing and looking its best.

G R A P E F R U I T : Rich with vitamins C and A, grapefruit is the perfect solution for skin that needs an extra boost. The vitamins aid in the production of collagen in the skin, enhancing its firm, youthful glow. Additionally, grapefruit contains antioxidants that protect skin from potentially harmful environmental factors like pollution.

S W E E T P O T A T O : This food is a lifesaver for those struggling with unwanted blemishes. Sweet potatoes are full of vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties, which keep away acne causing bacteria and give skin an overall healthy, clear appearance. Try homemade sweet potato chips for a filling snack or add some into a salad of dark leafy greens!

L E M O N : Lemon removes toxins from your body, including those that linger in your skin! Apply lemon directly to the skin to help remove and fade dark spots and acne scars, as well as blackheads and blemishes. Add it to your water every morning to cleanse your entire system.

HEALTH NEWS By Brittany Burgos


Quinoa is probably the most popular superfood in the game, but it isn’t the only grain packed with supreme benefits. Teff is one of the oldest grains, but its comeback is just beginning. Much like quinoa, teff is gluten-free, tiny (about the size of a poppy seed) and rich with nutritional value. However, teff differs from quinoa because it is teeming with calcium—more than any other grain! It’s also rich in vitamin C and iron. Teff is high in resistant starch, a dietary fiber known to benefit blood sugar levels, control weight, and improve colon health. All these reasons point to teff being the superfood of the moment; grind it to make a gluten-free flour alternative or eat it steamed, boiled or baked as a tasty and filling snack.


If you’re balancing projects, schoolwork and a job, it can seem like there simply isn’t enough time in the day to squeeze in a workout. However, this shortage of time is no excuse to skip out on exercising. Research has shown that intense workouts of 20 minutes or less can be more effective than hours of dawdling in the gym. Many workout regimes are advertised for their quick time and fat-burning power, but activities like intensive 7-minute workouts are great—but keep in mind that their original purpose was to be repeated 2-3 times in order to effectively get your heart rate pumping and your muscles burning.


Dietary supplements are rising in popularity because of the advantages that they give to active gym-goers. SHREDZ dietary supplements provide benefits such as extra toning, fat burning power, and energy. They give you the extra boost you need to put forth all of your effort at the gym—even on your laziest days. The supplements for both genders provide benefits like weight loss, toning, energy, endurance, and overall wellness. SHREDZ calls its consumers the #SHREDZARMY; people use this hashtag to post pictures of their body transformations on a regular basis. These pictures provide evidence and inspiration for those thinking of using SHREDZ supplements. These pills are not typical weight loss pills and do not promise to shed the pounds for you. SHREDZ is for people who work out regularly and want some extra help with their fitness progress.


Travel, It’s Good for You By Sarah Fielding | Illustrated by Kyle Ursin

Living in New York, we are lucky to have the opportunity to experience a conglomerate of cultures—on a walk down Seventh Avenue, you’re guaranteed to hear at least three different languages. We talk about the world and its occupants in a wide range of classes. We’ve all taken history, but sometimes, it can feel like there’s nothing left to learn about the rest of the world. Why should we even bother leaving a city like New York that has everything? While this kind of complacent thinking is understandable, the truth is, there’s a whole world out there, full of culture and experience that is just begging to be explored. There’s only so much you can learn from books, the rest is up to you. Sure, it’s great to know the order of the Chinese dynasties, but it’s even better to see the view from the Great Wall. A book can tell you about the eating habits of the Russians, but it’s a completely different thing to try some authentic borsch. Here’s why we say go for it:

is a daring adventure or nothing 1“Life at all.” – Helen Keller Sure, you can sit in that same coffee shop your whole life and you may be content, but do you really want to live a life that you are merely content with? Get back to us when you know what Ethiopian coffee tastes like, you may just reconsider your daily cup-ofjoe after all!


“Traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta Traveling leaves you with the most wonderful topics of conversation. Would you rather tell someone about your day at work or how the sunset looks over the Pyramids of Giza?

makes one modest. You see what a tiny place 3“Travel you occupy in the world.” – Gustave Flaubert

You may be bummed out that you got a B instead of an A in that class you worked your butt off in, but one grade doesn’t carry as much weight as you may think. When you travel, you feel the weight of the world and see that your problems, while valid, may seem a bit trivial in the grand scheme of things.

“If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the 4 religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home.” – James Michener

When you go to new places, it is a free pass to try things you never have before. Go to a Buddhist temple, learn Dutch, and try snails! It can seem overwhelming to immerse yourself in these other cultures, but simply dipping a toe can go a long way in terms of experience and cultural understanding. Resorts are nice, but real life is better.

“Once in a while it really hits people that they don’t 5 have to experience the world in the way they have been told to.” – Alan Keightley

You’ve been preparing your whole life for that perfect job and you’re ready to jump right in as soon as you graduate. That’s great for many students, but that doesn’t mean that is the only path to choose. This life is the only one your given, so you might as well soak up all of the experiences you possibly can before you get into the world of a nine-to-five job.



A GUIDE TO GREENWICH VILLAGE By Liana Prinzevalli | Photography by Olivia Kenney As the weather heats up, everyone is searching for ways to have fun with friends in NYC. Look no further—here’s your guide to what’s happening in Greenwich Village this season. Go out and make some memories! SHOPPING Beacon’s Closet: Stop in if you’re in the mood to hunt for some unique vintage or modern pieces to add to your wardrobe. Offering an eclectic mix of styles from high-end to highstreet brands, this store is perfect for young fashionistas in the city. Bleeker Street Records: One of the many great record shops in the village, Bleeker offers a wide selection of vinyls, CDs and DVDs, as well as movie and band posters. Shopping alone? The store’s two friendly resident cats will keep you company while you shop around. Bookbook: This tiny independent bookshop is filled with amazing reads, and carries everything from classics to cookbooks. With varying prices and hard-to-find titles, Bookbook is worth checking out. It truly has something for everyone. E AT I N G Artichoke Basille’s: In a city full of amazing pizza, Artichoke has certainly made a name for itself. Give in to your cravings and check it out at any time of the day or night—it’s open until 5 A.M. on weekends! Big Gay Ice Cream: Everything from the giant unicorn on the store window to the creative concoctions on the menu makes BGIC the perfect place to satisfy your sweet tooth. Choices like the “Bea Arthur” and “American Glob” have this place completely packed with repeat customers. Get the Monday Sundae (Nutella-lined cone? Yes, please!), you won’t regret it. AT T R A C T I O N S Washington Square Park: On a sunny day, this is a great place to kick back and catch up with friends or hang out by yourself with a good book. It’s perfect for days when the weather is too nice to stay cooped up inside. Cinema Village: Rainy day? Catch an indie film or documentary at this cozy theater on your next lazy day off. Foreign films and occasional classics are also shown here, making it a great spot for anyone looking for an interesting afternoon. Grey Art Gallery: Visit this NYU gallery if you’re hanging out near their campus. Future exhibition dates are available to view on their website, and with a suggested admission fee of $3, this is the perfect place for all of us hardworking-but-still-broke college students.


Cultural Appropriation & Fashion By Sarah Michelson | Illustrated by Kyle Ursin

At its core, cultural appropriation is simply historical ignorance and the misuse of another culture’s iconography without regarding its significance. For centuries, Americans have developed a reputation for taking what does not belong to them, and this socalled “exchange” of cultural symbols is often unequal. These symbols have religious and historical references and when used without permission from the minority group, their intended meanings are often misconstrued. As these symbols of history become fashionable and widely used by celebrities, the line of acceptability is crossed. When one visits a country with a Muslim background and respectfully wears a head covering to a holy site, this is appreciation. When Selena Gomez wears a bindi along with a revealing crop top during a performance, that is an issue of appropriation. Gomez isn’t alone in this theft of culture; models and pop stars alike have often borrowed from Asian, African, Native American, and Indian cultures in offensive ways. As music festival season approaches, it is typical for attendees to wear bindis, Native American headdresses and warpaint-style makeup. A Cherokee leader wearing a business suit isn’t stealing from white culture; he’s conforming to it. However, Karlie Kloss wearing a traditional Native American headdress and lingerie on the runway is making a culturally inappropriate fashion statement. When people incorporate attire from other heritages into their own wardrobes, they often ignore the cultural and spiritual meanings that those items are meant to represent. This can be extremely hurtful or upsetting to an entire culture and can distract from the otherwise beautiful lineage and history of any given heritage. This festival season, experiment with the seasons trends, channel your inner bohemian beauty, but don’t risk offending someone’s background in the name of simply looking cute.


7 Tips to Live Like a Yogi By Kathryn Farrell | Photography by Olivia Kenney

As busy college students we are constantly stressed, pushing our minds and bodies to the hilt. There is no quick fix to destress your life, but by making simple changes to your daily routine, one can create a healthier lifestyle that will lead to a more simple and relaxing life. You’ve probably heard about the benefits of yoga as exercise, but following the entire lifestyle of yoga incorporates the mind, body, and spirit. Your diet, your mental outlook, and your physical body all affect your quality of life. Here are seven tips to relax your body and mind as practiced in the yogi lifestyle.


PRACTICE YOGA… FREQUENTLY. A rather obvious tip, but doing yoga should become a routine practice. Exercising the body through workouts, as well as simple yoga meditation sessions, regulates the body and creates a more relaxed mental state by reducing stress, improving physical strength and soothing regular pains and aches.


REFINE YOUR DIET. Your food is your fuel. Most yoga professionals, called yogis, recommend a vegetarian diet. Eating whole, clean foods that will keep your body nourished—fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes, for example. So while you don't necessarily need to become a vegan or vegetarian, being mindful of the food that is put into your body is very important.


BREATHING IS KEY! Gaining control of your breathing has many benefits. Workouts become more productive and one can easily control stress and anxiety. A more stable breath calms the body and allows you to receive the proper oxygen intake. So in through your nose and out through your mouth‌


MEDITATE. Meditation not only helps your mind take a break from the daily stresses in life, but also gives your body a few minutes to simply power down. Take a small amount of time each day, even just two short minutes, to clear your mind of every thought.

5 6

ADJUST YOUR ATTITUDE. A positive mindset is of the utmost importance. Keeping an optimistic outlook will allow for progress in your workouts and meditation, but also in your personal life. GOOD KARMA. Learn to practice Karma Yoga. Doing acts of selfless service for others will not only make you feel better about the energy you are putting into the world, but also creates positive energy for all. Clearing yourself of all selfish thoughts purifies the mind, allowing you to perform better in terms of yoga practice and also in living a more fulfilling life.


KEEP A JOURNAL. Tracking personal progress is important to improve in both workouts and meditations. Taking down a few notes after each mediation allows you to track how you feel and adapt based on your progress. Write down thoughts, worries, and ideas that surfaced during your meditations. Reading over your journal will allow you to sort through the areas of your life that either bring stress or that have a positive effect.

FASHION NEWS By Christina Buscarino

C A LV I N K L E I N # M Y C A LV I N S D E N I M S E R I E S After some upgrading and revamping, Calvin Klein is launching a new Denim Series. This limited-edition collection has been inspired by the success of the hashtag “mycalvins.” Model of the moment and social media influencer Kendall Jenner is the face of the ad campaign. This line will have a modern take of the Calvin Klein logo and take influence from the current athletic trend in fashion. The women’s and men’s offerings feature Calvin Klein jeans, logo T-shirts, denim shorts and jackets, jogger sweatpants, unisex backpacks, and hats, available in baby blue and washed black and white rinses. The collection is priced to retail from $58 to $348 and will be offered for one season only. Calvin Klein is encouraging you to post a photo with #mycalvins in some of his new digs. The series will be available online at starting May 15. T H E S U M M E R S K I R T TA K E O V E R Incorporated throughout many trends of the season, from Western to the 1970s, it seems that one essential piece has gone viral and nearly every brand is featuring it—the button up skirt. It’s that “dream mini-skirt,” sitting right at the hip and perfectly flaring out. Popular in suede, corduroy, and denim, you can find it at a local thrift store or from any of the mainstream retailers. This is definitely one of this season’s must-have items. NYFW’S NEW HOME Lincoln Center has been the home of New York fashion week for the past five years, but as of late, designers have become disenchanted with the with the atmosphere and have opted to host shows at various different venues all over the city. The contract at Lincoln Center has not been renewed, and now NYFW is looking for a new home. Although it is still undecided where the shows will end up, there are some top choices coming to the forefront! Skylight at Moynihan Station housed within the post office at 360 West 33rd Street seems to be a frontrunner, along with Skylight Clarkson Square, a 70,000-square-foot ground-level space at 550 Washington Street in west Soho, and a third option of erecting a tent on a pier in TriBeCa.


Go Big or Go Bigger:

Style Guide to Oversized Shirts By Steven Rodriguez

The T-shirt, a staple in any wardrobe, has taken a step forward, or rather downward—way below the belt. This trend that started in the `90s has taken our urban jungle by storm. An oversized or long tee has become a powerful statement, dramatically changing the shape of the body and creating an illusion of ambiguous proportions. Couple this trend with prints, patterns, and bold colors and you’ve got yourself a diverse style, unique to each wearer. A look so basic, yet so complex, and ready for the streets. Remember the long tee is an oversized canvas that can be anything you want—the bolder the better. Let the colors go wild! T I P : Stick to one oversized piece at a time as too many oversized items can overwhelm your shape. Next throw on a pair of skinny jeans to show off your legs and not get completely lost in loads of fabric. A pair of jeans also acts as a foundation for everything else that’s going on in your look. T I P : The lighter the shirt the darker the jean; The darker the shirt the lighter the jean. Lastly you need a bold shoe to cap off the look. This is another opportunity to go big and express yourself. Try a chunky sandal or a bold, color-blocked sneaker. With an effortless item like the oversized tee, your style becomes limitless and versatile in any environment.


Chill N YC C h i c : Monochrome Summer By Mikayla Madigan

Finally, the sun is out and it’s here to stay. Pack away those hefty sweaters, you need them no longer; it’s time to dust off our shorts and slip into sundresses. However, for some of us, the season of bright colors and eccentric patterns doesn’t exactly vibe with our chic, dark New York look. During the colder months, dressing was simple: black pants, black sweater, black shoes—good to go. Even though it’s summer, we don’t have to retire our love of black for three long months. There are an infinite number of ways to incorporate the monochrome palette into your summer look. Here we took three major summer styles and gave them a New York twist!


The `90s style revival doesn’t seem to be leaving us any time soon. It’s a trend that `90s kids latched on to, to express their fun, fresh, and edgy personalities. All this look needs is a pair of high-rise shorts, which we paired here with a band tee and combat boots. Add a red lip to brighten up the look before you head out for an outdoor concert!


This classic look is an easy transition to summer. During the winter, outfits are as easy as skinny jeans, a chunky sweater and boots. For summer, we want to loosen it up while still feeling fashion forward. Here we went with a simple black and white striped, crew neck crop top. For bottoms we chose sheer palazzo pants with loose shorts underneath and some killer platform shoes. We then topped the outfit with a cute hat to protect your head from the hot city sun!


Boho tends to be the go-to style for the warmer seasons because it’s easy and carefree, just like summer. It’s breezy and colorful, which is everything one needs under the hot sun. Festivals control a lot of the fashion from May to August, bringing in tribal patterns, fringe, lace and flower crowns. For those of us who want a more East Coast approach to the boho look, try a sheer, black fringe top paired with monochromatic, tribal print pants and Birkenstock shoes. This look keeps it basic with black and white, while still incorporating the elements of the fun boho style.


The `70s: Fashioning the Modern Woman By Aaron Valentic

Anyone living in the the1970s could not have foreseen the huge revival of the period’s fashion that would eventually take place. In the 1970s, there was a rapid change that was unlike anything seen before. From previous style staples, like the standard shift dresses and oversized bouffant hairstyles, came an unexpected wave of wide-legged pants, oversized blouses and shimmering fabrics that sent the decade into a vibrant disco. Today, the 70s are back with a vengeance. This trend has been seen on and off the runways throughout the season. The two biggest trends to resurface from the 1970s are wide leg flare jeans and suede. Celebrities, street-style stars, and editors alike seem to be yearning to travel back to the era of Cher and Donna Summer. The wide leg jean is synonymous with the `70s and was worn by almost every style icon of the time. This style’s resurrection isn’t simply a flashback; the look has been reinvented for the modern woman. The denim on wide leg jeans has been coated in resin to give it extra shine, paying homage to the distant days of disco. Designers (a la Louis Vuitton) added fixtures such as zippers, oversized buttons, and hardware to amp up the look. Suede is another blast from the past that has been seen on countless runways. Whether it is a handbag, trench coat or buckled-boots, suede is the textured fabric of the season. These specific style inspirations come from an era when two major designers were at the helm of 1970s women’s style. Yves Saint Laurent and Halston are two of the greatest pioneers of high-end fashion who designed new and innovative clothing for the contemporary woman to wear. This season’s exhibition at The Museum at FIT entitled Yves Saint Laurent + Halston: Fashion The `70s encompasses how these two geniuses of the era were able to transform the confining clothing of the `50s and `60s into the liberating fashions of the 1970s. Both designers’ opinions on how a woman should dress and feel were aligned, yet they were each able to create a specific trademark for themselves. For Yves Saint Laurent, it was the idea of a woman in a pantsuit, while Halston envisioned a woman in an evening gown made of movable fabrics, to provide ease and comfort wherever she may be. Without the creative push from both of these designers, fashion would be inarguably set back many liberating decades. The 1970s brought about a new way of thinking for modern women in a time of political and societal unrest; the ability for women to take control of their wardrobe gave them the necessary confidence to dominate like never before.

Music Festival

Style Guide

By Kimberly Larco Photo by Ruby Frei

FA S H I O N — M u s i c Fe s t i v a l S t y l e G u i d e

Heading to a festival this season? Whether you’re off to the renowned Coachella, land where the free-spirited music lovers prance around barefooted in flower crowns and hippie paraphernalia, or the laidback land of Bonnaroo, the question of what to pack for the sweltering summer sun, crazy packed crowds and dirty dusty grounds crosses every festivalgoers mind. It might be tempting to run to your local Free People or Urban Outfitters to buy every single item in the store, but ignore that urge because the clothes you wear to the festival will most likely end up getting dirt-stained and smelly by the end. Everything suggested below can be found right in your own closet. We’ve picked an outfit for each festival according to the predominant styles of that venue. Feel free to take some inspiration from these outfits for your festival adventures or add some of your own flair to make it your own. A music festival is a sartorial playground, so break all the rules and let your personality shine through your outfit. ◄ GOVERNOR’S BALL MUSIC FESTIVAL LOCATION: Randall’s Island, New York DATES: June 5-7

Governor’s Ball is the music festival for the posh urbanites. The fashion at Gov Ball is always on point. If you thought Coachella goers bring their fashion “A-game” brace yourself for this music festival’s epic fashion. Since attendees are not camping out on the grounds, the styles are more sophisticated and well thought out. We would recommend wearing an easy cotton black dress with sleek gold jewelry, something with studs, cutout black booties, a black Panama hat and tortoiseshell sunnies.


LOCATION: Indio, California DATES: April 10-12, April 17-19

The epitome of bohemian fashion, Coachella is basically the modern Woodstock of the 21st century. Any style that looks borrowed from the wardrobe of a wandering hippie goes for this festival. If you are stumped for outfit ideas, look to Vanessa Hudgens as your bohemian style goddess. She would definitely rock the above outfit.

FA S H I O N — M u s i c Fe s t i v a l S t y l e G u i d e


LOCATION: Grant Park, Chicago DATES: July 31-August 2 Showcasing a variety of artists like Paul McCartney, Metallica, and Florence and the Machine, Lollapalooza is home to an equally eclectic style. Whether your taste is edgy, bohemian or preppy, you can’t go wrong with an effortless outfit to match the chill vibes of this festival. Throw on a pair of beaten up sneakers, high-waisted short-shorts, and a pretty patterned top. The result is the perfect combination of effortless tomboy and femininity.


LOCATION: Manchester, Tennessee DATES: June 11-14 Bonnarroo takes many influences from its location, inheriting the laid-back attitude of Tennessee. For this festival, we would suggest wearing a classic all-American outfit—think faded denim and a red, white, and blue color palette. A weathered retro tee with light wash denim cutoffs pair perfectly with Birkenstocks, and would be a perfect combo to rock out in.

FA S H I O N — M u s i c Fe s t i v a l S t y l e G u i d e


The craziest festival of all, EDC is like walking into another world—a magical world filled with glitter, neon tutus, psychedelic lights and some sick beats that allow your inner wild child to run free. Anything goes at EDC, so you can go all out with a floral bra, raver beads and fuzzy boot covers; if you want to go for a less dramatic look, stick to a neon crop top and denim short shorts with some fun body art.


Along with Bonnarroo and Lollapalooza, Firefly is more relaxed than the glitzy and glamorous Coachella. Festivalgoers brave the full forces of nature while camping out in the “wild.” It’s definitely a different experience and leaves no time to faff around, perfecting an outfit or putting a full face of makeup on. For this festival, we suggest boho minimalism (yes, we just coined that term, it will catch on).


LOCATION: Multiple DATES: Dependent on location

The largest traveling music festival in the U.S., Vans Warped Tour showcases alternative and punk rock music. For this festival, we would recommend wearing a red plaid skirt, band tee and an acid wash denim jacket to pull the look together. This look beautifully encapsulates the more edgy look that festivalgoers often sport at Warped Tour.

On the cover: SWIMSUIT Reis HAT House of Lafayette SUNGLASSES Nasty Gal NECKLACE Vintage MODELED BY Lena Greer STYLED BY Roberto Johnson and Chrissy Riley MAKEUP BY Emily Keough HAIR BY Kristina Cappuccitti NAILS BY Katie Farrell PHOTO ASSISTANT Ruby Frei


Photography by Collins Nai

DRESS Reis HAT House of Layfayette

DRESS Reis HAT House of Layfayette

SWIMSUIT Reis HAT House of Lafayette SUNGLASSES Nasty Gal NECKLACE Vintage

DRESS Shegul SHOES Aldo BAG R Dalamal

SHORTS Reis HAT House of Lafayette SHIRT 2nd Day NECKLACE Topshop FANNY PACK Erin Dana

DRESS Reis HAT House of Layfayette

DRESS BIYA for Johnny Was SHOES Reis BAG R Dalamal BODY CHAIN Seasonal Whispers


FIT STREET By Monica Boylan | Photography by Lexy Monaco

NAME Aiesha Brown MAJOR FMM WHERE ARE YOU FROM? New Jersey WHAT IS YOUR GO-TO PLACE IN NYC TO GET AWAY FROM STRESS? “Any bar. I find when you have a long day that is a place you can always just walk into and wind down.”

NAME Enrique Page MAJOR Illustration WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Mexico WHAT IS YOUR GO-TO PLACE IN NYC TO GET AWAY FROM STRESS? “My home. Being an Illustration major is very time-consuming, so when I finally get home the stress is lifted. I guess my bedroom is kind of designed as my sanctuary.”

NAME Brian Jordon MAJOR FMM WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Florida WHAT IS YOUR GO-TO PLACE IN NYC TO GET AWAY FROM STRESS? “FIT. I have some family in Queens but I cannot concentrate there. When I come to FIT, I find that it is such a creative environment. It really inspires me and I can focus more here.”

NAME Jenny Suh MAJOR AMC WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Seattle, WA WHAT IS YOUR GO-TO PLACE IN NYC TO GET AWAY FROM STRESS? “The piers. I like to long board there. I also love to go there and watch the water. I love to study the waves and their frequency, I find the water grounds me.”

NAME Jinye Lee MAJOR FMM WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Korea WHAT IS YOUR GO-TO PLACE IN NYC TO GET AWAY FROM STRESS? “I like going to Williamsburg. I like the look of the area. There are new designs there.”

NAME Rachel Thompson MAJOR Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Memphis, TN WHAT IS YOUR GO-TO PLACE IN NYC TO GET AWAY FROM STRESS? “I live near Washington Square Park. It’s a nice place to hangout. I also really love my bed.”

NAME Leah Ansell MAJOR Fine Arts WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Yonkers, NY WHAT IS YOUR GO-TO PLACE IN NYC TO GET AWAY FROM STRESS? “I like to go to Harlem for all that it has to offer. I love eating there.”

NAME Stefania Termini MAJOR FMM WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Brooklyn, NY WHAT IS YOUR GO-TO PLACE IN NYC TO GET AWAY FROM STRESS? “I shop in Soho to relieve stress. I find that going out and grabbing dinner with friends also helps.”


Essential Throw-On By Samantha Ayala

It’s obvious that we live in a world with a diverse sense of style. Individuals getting ready routines also dramatically differ. Some may take their time, making sure they look perfect from head to toe, while others don’t have the time or interest in fussing around. Regardless of your preference, even the most meticulous dresser can appreciate streamlining their routine in the summer. We have found simple, but stylish items that are easy to throw on for any summer day—perfect for the person who’s either detail oriented or rushing last minute out the door.


What better way to look hip and trendy than slipping on a pair of ▲MODCLOTH harem pants? These pants are The maxi dress comes in many so comfy and much better than different silhouettes and designs, but struggling with a pair of jeans. The its simplest form is the simple “tank best part of this specific pant is the top” style. It’s a dress that has no elasticity of the waist—eat your zippers, buttons or hooks, fuss free! heart out on the boardwalk, ladies! It’s as easy as putting it over your With such versatility, there’s no more head and tada—you’re ready to go, worrying involved when getting while still looking dressy and feeling ready for the day. comfortable.




T I P : All these staples can worn alone or amped up with the addition of accessories and additional layers–the possibilities are completely endless.


For those days when you’re planning on going to a fun event with friends, a crop top is just what you need. Like all the other throw-ons, it is extremely essential to have this item in your wardrobe. And we’re not talking about a tight, restrictive top, but a flowy one. This way, it won’t feel as if you’re in a straitjacket, but instead brings a girly, flirty feel.




Brunch with the girls or a dinner date with a significant other? This crochet dress is going to be your new best friend in any dressy situation. It’s perfect for the current season and has a certain, unassuming elegance to it.

Maybe it’s one of those mornings where you can’t decide whether you want to slip on a dress or a pair of pants. Luckily, palazzo trousers are around to solve your dilemma. With the concept of a pant mixed with the silhouette of a dress, these trousers are the perfect hybrid.




Dos & Dont’s

of Fas

When filling your suitcase for your summer vacation this year, take a moment to think about what you are packing—do you throw in the round sunglasses, or the cat-eye? The wide brim floppy hat or the straw fedora? Simple sandals or gladiators? Choosing the perfect accessories for summer will make such a difference to your vacation wardrobe. Starting from the top, hair pieces are the most inventive way to make that beach hair look pretty and feminine. Floral headbands are particularly alluring–everyone knows that they are a festival must, but are they still okay to wear on vacation? According to trend forecasts, it is all about the metal leaf headband, a new and updated version of the more traditional natural flowers. Luckily, they’re popping up in many stores this season, allowing us a chance to achieve the understated elegance that this accessory provides. Wear it to dinner or on the beach, just a little something to add a touch of sophistication to any look. Everyone loves new eyewear, right? Last season was all about the round sunglasses, and although they are still on the radar, it is the hexagonal sunglasses that you really need to invest in for this time of year! These glasses are new and fresh and if you get them in mirrored frames, like Giorgio Armani showcased on his runway, you will score extra style points in our book!

shion Accessories

By Shannon Blanks

Next up are bags. No girl can have too many, but this season its time to dig up a bucket bag. Fortunately, this bag is super practical, so use it as a cute beach bag or stuff it full with travel guides for a city retreat. It’s all about new and interesting approaches this summer, so think 1970s shapes and unique details, on interesting fabrics. Make it printed and colorful like Moschino or go like Gucci, and wear it elegantly and classically. Shoes, shoes, shoes! Footwear for this summer is nodding in the direction of simplistic gladiator sandals, as seen at Stella McCartney and Michael Kors. Let your footwear match your understated summer wardrobe. Looking to make more of a statement? Try out the mule. Derek Lam and Rag & Bone both showcased exactly how mules can be used to give edge to your ensemble and seriously pack some punch. Now for the final touches! Make it big and make it bold. Go for chunky cuffs like Celine and opt for thick chokers like Balmain. Earrings should be oversized like at Roberto Cavalli and rings need to make a real statement. All things simple and delicate need to be put back in the jewelry box for the summer!


Suits For You Come swimsuit season, every insecurity seems to come to light. Are my boobs too big for this? Is my midsection flat enough? Did I do enough crunches? This is unfortunate, considering that swimsuit season signals the beginning of summer—carefree, blissful, fun, summer. Thankfully, there are swimsuits that flatter every body type so you can place your focus on margaritas, not on your imperfections.



This screen siren shape is highly coveted, and this bombshell has curves in all the right places. She can wear pretty much anything and look like a sea nymph, but sticking with solids in interesting cuts can put an emphasis on the figure she worked so hard for (or was born with). She can go crazy with choices, but even unbridled passion needs a few rules. It’s best to veer away from loud, busy prints because they might overwhelm when combined with the curves.

Girls like this are strong, have long torsos and cause immediate body envy. She might be a member of the ittybitty-titty committee, so bikini tops with padding, ruffles and embroidery will add a little somethin’ extra to create the illusion of fuller curves. Bikinis and monokinis with strategic cutouts are a great way to show off her washboard abs.



ur Shape

By Avanti Dalal

Shopping for swimsuits is like finding a partner—there’s plenty of fish in the sea, but you have to wait a while for the right one to bite the bait. There are so many different styles of swimsuits for each shape and size, so don’t get discouraged if a specific type doesn’t suit you. There’s another style right around the corner, ready to accentuate your body and boost your confidence.


Apple-shaped girls can make waves in 1950s style maillots, a la Marilyn Monroe. The vintage style is flattering in every way and looks sleek, sophisticated, and decidedly French. High-waisted bikini bottoms are another way to show skin while looking straight out of a black and white movie. For girls who aren’t afraid of jumping in the deep end, wearing whimsical, bold or even crazy prints is the best way to make a splash. LISA MARIE FERNANDEZ, POPPY STRAPLESS SWIMSUIT, $420, AVAILABLE AT KIRNAZABETE.COM


These girls are well endowed and not afraid to get their feet wet. Halter-necked bikinis will keep the girls in control, while staying fresh, fun, and flirty. Bandeaus might be a bad idea for the lack of support, but anything else is a go—colors, frills, and cutouts are all great options. TRIANGL, POPPY BIKINI SET, $89, AVAILABLE AT TRIANGL.COM


Men’s and Women’s MEN’S

Casual sophistication is the perfect look to channel this summer. White loafers and seersucker shorts are a must-have for maximum comfort and ease. A patterned polo fits the upcoming `70s trend while still staying classic. Neutral tones should be integrated, especially with accessories such as a belt and rounded aviator sunglasses, which complement any face shape. Top it all off with a subtly patterned bucket hat, and you’re good to go for any summery occasion.

M E N ’ S C A R RY- O N E S S E N T I A L S

When traveling, having a weekender bag is a must. It’s spacious but doesn’t take up too much room. Packing items that you may need during the flight or right after is always the safest bet. A phone charger, headphones, and a snack will make any flight seem to go by faster. For a quick turnaround, cologne, and a travel size shaving kit can keep you fresh without having to rumble around in your luggage for the necessities.


Summer Essentials

By Erik DeFruscio


A light and airy feel always works in the summer. A denim shirtdress makes for a relaxed and trendy look. Clip-on sunglasses and a raffia sunhat create the perfect amount of shade, while a box clutch is the perfect portable bag. Finished with a pair of chic flats, walking around in the summer will be easy, comfortable, and hassle-free.

W O M E N ’ S C A R RY- O N E S S E N T I A L S

Make sure you carry a bag that has enough room for your carry-on needs when traveling this summer. A shopper tote bag is spacious enough to hold everything, while still looking put-together and stylish. A phone charger, headphones, and a magazine are necessary for inflight entertainment. Once you reach your destination, having sunscreen on hand is always important. Keep perfume and a lip balm at the ready for quick and easy pick-me-ups.


Destination: By Ariann Lesko


From the beginning, fashion has been a global industry. Fashion weeks are held all around the world and each country seems to put its own spin on the new trends every year, giving designers endless inspiration. A lot can be told about the culture of a country through the way its people dress, and taking inspiration from around the world can lead to new and exciting wardrobe choices! Whether you’re relaxing in your hometown or globetrotting this summer, take a look at a few outfits inspired by some of the world’s most famous cities..

ASTR, Tassel Sleeveless Shift Dress, $68.00, available at Nordstrom. Priviledges, Printed Lace Up Heels, $69, available at Charlotte Russe. Express, Fold Over Convertible Clutch, $39.90, available at Express Stores.


The first stop is Barcelona, a city known for it’s vibrant and lively culture. This pat-terned shift dress, inspired by the famous Guadí mosaics in Park Güell, is the perfect balance of color and sophistication, with a cut that’s great for a hot summer day. The lace-up heels incorporate the colors shown within the outfit and are the perfect summer statement shoe. Add a solid blue clutch with a silver chain strap to pull all of the patterns together in this playful summer look.

ASOS, Premium Lace Cami Jumsuit, $99, available at Forever 21, Metallic Ankle Strap Stilettos, $29.90, available at Forever 21. Express, Pave Chevron Pendant Necklace, $24.90, available at Express. H&M, Sunglasses, $7.95, available at H&M.


Next stop: the ultra modern metropolis of Dubai. This city has become a playground for the mega-wealthy, and its architectural accomplishments serve as great inspira-tion for a sleek summer look. The fitted silver jumpsuit with a slight sheen is a nod to the lean skyscrapers, while the chevron necklace mimics their shapes. Keep the accessories simple with metallic strap heels and sharp silver aviators.

Alice + Olivia, Adalyn Pleated Maxi Dress, $83.39, available at Saks Off Fifth. Victoria’s Secret, The Unforgettable One Piece, $88.50, available at Victoria’s Secret. H&M, Patterned Sarong, $12.95, available at H&M . Steve Madden, Cretee Sandals, $69.95, available at Steve Madden.


This breathtaking island in the Aegean Sea is a prime beach escape and deserves an outfit that will capture its essence. Take inspiration from the local color palette with this ocean blue maxi in a semi-sheer pleated crepe fabric. The breezy silhouette and halter-top is perfect for walking in the sun on a nice summer day. When it’s time to hit the water, throw on this white halter-top swimsuit with ruching, which flatters any body shape. Pair it with this striped sarong and nude gladiator flats to complete the look, and you’re ready for a day of lounging by the water, even if it’s just on the Hudson!


Zara, Pleated Short Skirt, $59.90, available at Zara. Forever 21, Dainty Crochet Lace Crop Top, $14.80, available Forever 21. Topshop, Geneva Strappy Court Shoes, $85, available at Topshop. Boohoo, Nia Quilted Corner Detail Boxed Clutch Bag, $35, available at Topshop, Simone Cateye Sunglasses, $30, available at Topshop. H&M, Long Earrings, $7.95, available at H&M.

Let your inner romantic out this summer with this ensemble inspired by the City of Love. Taking a cue from the summer whites trend, this lace crop top and pleated mini skirt are the perfect feminine combo that would make any Frenchman stop in his tracks. Staying true to the Parisian aesthetic, the cateye sunglasses and chic pink heels with rose gold accents are the perfect finishing touch. Add the pastel earrings and box clutch with elegant gold detailing and you’re ready to fall in love at the Eiffel!

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