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spring/summer 2020

The Reverie Issue

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The Reverie Issue

Blush is produced by the students of the Fashion Institute of Technology, part of the State University of New York, with funds provided by the FIT student government association. FIT is committed to prohibiting discrimination in its programs, activities, and employment, whether based on race, color, nation origin, sex, gender, gender identity, religion, ethnic background, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, military service status, genetic information, pregnancy, familial status, citizenship status (except as required to comply with law), or any other criterion prohbibted by law. Inquires regarding the nondiscrimination policy may be directed to the affirmative action officer/title IX coordination, (212) 217-3360, Blush is produced by the students of the Fashion Institute of Technology, part of the State University of New York, with funds provided by the FIT student government association. FIT is committed to prohibiting discrimination in its programs, activities, and employment, whether based on race, color, nation origin, sex, gender, gender identity, religion, ethnic background, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, military service status, genetic information, pregnancy, familial status, citizenship status (except as required to comply with law), or any other criterion prohbibted by law. Inquires regarding the nondiscrimination policy may be directed to the affirmative action officer/title IX coordination, (212) 217-3360,


Isis Manzanilla

creative director

Isis Manzanilla

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Hannah Brower

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Ava King

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Melissa Guillen, Queena Chen, Sharis Chan, Fanny Wu, Rebecca Kim, Colette Antonaccio, Jordan Rush


Daniel Kolomiyets, Cameron Reed, Zachary Olewnicki, Caroline Levine, Katie Motta, Tina Dirosa, Daniella Liguori, Aaron S. Cheung, Nikki Dovzak, Isis Manzanilla, Aaron Ortiz, Carissa Wayman, Blakely Harrison, Paola Escobar, Hailey Burling, Fabian Ospina, Megan O’rourke, Jasmine Garoosi, Gabriella Spiegel, Felicia Disalvo, Grace Tran, Ava King


Thomas Richards, Nicole Windram, Raystter Alves, Ella Miller, Caroline Levine, Kayla Chapman, Grace Stratton, Ava King, Viviana Harris, Maeve Johnston, Amanda Baganha, Grace Connaughton, Taralyn Peck, Camryn McClain, Georgia Addo, Ava King, Isis Manzanilla, Alfonso Badillo, Stefano Varela


Francesca Byrd, Marissa Alicea, Regis Price, Isabelle Moser, Sweekriti Dahal, Justine Scott, Aryon Holley, Victoria Long, Jianna Petrilli, Jazmin Thomas, Julianna Portante, Hannah Rongo, Ines Santos, Elena Garrido, Catharina Christiana, Shivangi Mistry

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Kelly Fung

Screaming Mimis, Rags-A-Gogo, Moxy NYC Chelsea, Tick Tock Diner NY, Cafe Fiorello

The Reverie Issue



Isis Manzanilla

Kelly Fung

Ava King

Hannah Brower

editor in chief creative director

art director

managing editor senior fashion editor

fashion director

Leah King

Cat Trzaskowski

Concetta DeFabrites

Rylee Hanson

photo director

photo editor

beauty director

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Danielle Zbodula

Justine Golota

Shruthi Nattanmai

Caroline Levine

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The Reverie Issue


self portrait edited by Leah King makeup by @cassmcleod


EIC letter

Welcome to Blush’s very first spring/summer publication: The Reverie Issue. I cannot believe you are holding this in your hands. This student run magazine has weathered all that you probably have this year, and it is better because of it, as you now probably are. It has been through a global pandemic that forced us to complete the second half of the issue remotely, with our executive team scattered across America. Our Fashion Director had garments shipped to her from FIT designers to conduct shoots, as well as managed remote styling. Our Managing Editor scheduled and casted models across the country. Our Photo Director helped us figure out new approaches to shooting remotely, while our Art Director found solutions for photoshoots that weren’t possible anymore. Everyone at Blush stepped up and turned this vision into reality. I am grateful to be able to work and create alongside such talented, inspirational people. Thank you to my executive team for listening to my ideas, expanding them, and making them real. Thank you to all of our contributors for sharing yourselves with us. Thank you to our supporters, you, for giving us the opportunity you’re giving us right now. Reverie is to be lost in a daydream. Our minds naturally go into this idle state, where you are, briefly, in your own world. Physically, maybe you are on your commute. Maybe you are stuck in a boring conversation, in a never-ending lecture, painting, jogging, braiding your hair. Or, maybe, you’re in quarantine. A place where the days blend together and the news is like an intro to a thriller movie that is your life. You don’t know what will happen next, nobody does. Every time you go on a supply run it is a risk. Being near the people you love is dangerous. The world is suddenly dystopian. It forces you to travel inward, and learn new things about yourself in the state of Reverie. What are your dreams? Who is your deepest self? What do you want from this life? What matters to you, really? Where does your imagination bring you? In a way, this dream-state brings you back to the basics, which aids your reality. Connecting with your most genuine self

EIC letter

will enable you to connect with the world. Maybe that’s why it took a pandemic for people to wake up, out of their own personal world, and see the need for the revolution that is the Black Lives Matter movement. With feet on the pavement, screaming behind masks, arms raised to the sky, we learned, and we listened, and we practiced, what it really means to create change. To be an ally. An activist. To fight for this dream, to speak up, to hold each other accountable, to be a life-long student in learning how to fight for equality and justice. Others have been in this fight their whole life, but for some, it took a pandemic to really see the reality of our world. It is up to us to do better, and carry this momentum with us everywhere we go and in all of the work we do. Through fashion, beauty, design, or whatever industry you plan on conquering, you have the power to create change. Going into this issue, I was inspired and interested by the natural way we all practice escapism, and continuously find ourselves lost in this dream world. Finishing this issue, I find it less charming and more concerning that we tend to want to escape society, and the reality that has been created for us. We should paint our whole house blue. Pink. Shave our head. Move. Quit. Apply. Kiss them. Speak up. Run for congress. Hell, run for President, we all know it can’t be that hard. Live as YOU, the core you. Try. You have the power— we have the power—to do whatever it is we daydream about. Re-imagine our world, and then help create it. It’s only a dream until it’s not.

Best, Isis Rayne



PHOTOGRAPHY aaron ortiz PHOTO ASST. paola escobar FASHION thomas richards, hannah brower, isis manzanilla HAIR regis price MAKEUP francesca byrd, marissa alicea MODELS chetan cutting, tina dirosa OUTFITS PICKED OFF THE RACKS FROM SCREAMING MIMIS



Take a trip down memory lane to experience the treasure-filled thrift shops that New York has to offer.

A red 60s Coach bag with a small leather shoulder and brass metal buckle stands upon the wooden shelf. The leather is shiny and as smooth as butter to the touch. To one’s eye it would look like a new bag—with decades of memories and stories to tell. The beauty of thrift is to create your own stories through these items. It’s just like hunting for treasures, you never know what you will find. It might be something you always dreamed of, or something completely unexpected that you didn’t know you needed. The search for something unique also reflects the goal of sustainable fashion: thrifting not only aims to challenge the way we style and shop, but looks to challenge the fashion system forever. Historically brick and mortar, our favorite thrifts face challenging times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We must collectively support the shops rooted in this mission to create an eco-conscious and creatively-unbridled fashion landscape. There are ways to support local businesses such as buying gift cards, shopping online, sharing their brands, etc. Thrifts shops like What Goes Around Comes Around and Screaming Mimis allow customers to shop online, which is convenient and time saving.



This luxury vintage store’s mission is defined by the continuous initiative to create a sustainable marketplace. Likewise, What Goes Around Comes Around is a hub where pre-owned luxury and vintage pieces can find new homes. This upscale secondhand shop offers various designer brands, including Chanel, Gucci, Celine, Christian Dior, Goyard, and plenty more! The buyers travel globally to hand–select the finest designer handbags, accessories, and apparel from the most coveted fashion houses. PRICE RANGE: $300-$4000 LOCATION: 351 West Broadway, New York, NY 10013



This Japanese-owned, expansive thrift spot offers a wide range of shirts, sweaters, and vintage handbags–all artifacts of extensive fashion history. This vintage store’s aesthetics and decoration are reminiscent of Tokyo Shimokitazawa vintage stores, displaying its plethora of pieces by color. The apparel is perfect for true vintage-lovers with authentic, vintage military clothing offerings that you can’t find elsewhere–10ft Single is ready for you!

Owner Joshua Suzanne founded this thrift in 1990 and has been in the business for over 27 years. The store specializes in street-fashion vintage clothing and vintage vinyl records (every vinyl is only $6!). Rags-A-Gogo carries a large, eclectic range of items to choose from at reasonable prices. Find tons of videos on the founder’s Instagram that introduce everyone to the exciting world of vintage! When you enter the store, you will surely feel Joshua’s passion.

Open since 1978, Screaming Mimis built their iconic reputation by approaching vintage clothing and costumes from a fashion stylist’s perspective. They aim to excite and sustain the souls of true individuals in a world of mass-production. The store carries a mix of designer–label and vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories. Prices range from $20 to a few hundred, depending on the piece’s designer and quality.

PRICE RANGE: $25-$100 LOCATION: 285 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

PRICE RANGE: $5-$25 LOCATION: 218 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011

PRICE RANGE: $20-$200 LOCATION: 240 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011




As the new decade begins, diversity and inclusivity are becoming more important than ever, especially within the fashion industry. Innovation and creativity are being pushed forward through beautiful garments and pieces created by female designers. We wanted to recognize three out of the many women-run brands/designers creating a shift–one that values quality over quantity, creativity over profits, and most importantly, the significance of women within fashion. As the world continues to change in beliefs and values, one can only be excited for what the future holds for female designers.


ge a bridn art e betwe shion. a f &

Blanca De is unconventional: she creates when she wants to. Her brand, By Thursday Party, doesn’t produce her all-handmade clothing seasonally. What makes this brand unique isn’t only its beautiful pieces–but the fact that De is completely self-taught.

While some pieces can be purchased online, most must be purchased on commission basis in order to consider measurements. Money isn’t De’s motive, though. She describes herself as “a creative person more than a business person”.

Nonetheless, there’s no lack of skill, and one look at By Thursday Party makes this apparent. Knit tops with vertical reverse-hem detailing, matching pants, and swimwear in classic silhouettes exhibit De’s clear knack for design.

“I make and release the piece when it’s ready, and when I feel confident about the product”, says De. Her unconventional approach has garnered many clients–from working college girls to A-list celebrities.

By Thursday Party was created to produce clothing that De wanted but couldn’t find anywhere.


created by FIT alumni


Rui Zhou’s designs can only be described as a bridge between art and fashion. Zhou says, “My inspiration comes from three women in my family: [my] mom, my sister, and myself. Our relationship has influenced my view of the female experience and my own life.” Zhou credits Wabi-Sabi, the Japanese philosophy of appreciating beauty within imperfection, as an inspiration. References to Wabi-Sabi are present within her newest Autumn/Winter 2020 collection as she explores “the space between skin and fabric, body and garment.” Models of all skin tones

and sizes wore garments ranging from pulled-knit bodysuits to gloves and leggings. The idea of a “second skin” is constant within Zhou’s work, however, this collection’s color palette of mauves, whites, nudes, exemplified her interest in skin and the human body. It’s Zhou’s appreciation of beauty within imperfection that sets her apart from a fashion world dictated by profits and trends. Zhou’s clothing is more meaningful–it’s a re-discovery of what we’re most familiar with as humans–ourselves.


all hand–made clothing

Orseund Iris has exploded as an online sensation. Created by FIT alumni Lana Johnson, the brand is a hit with her pieces on practically every trendy, stylish Instagram girl. But Orseund Iris isn’t limited to the social media-savvy. “I like to think Orseund Iris is for everyone,” says Johnson. “I believe our customers have many ‘moods,’ many sides of them and that they aren’t defined by just one.” These moods are present throughout the brand’s garments. Initially known for their viral sensation, the

ribbed knit “tube tank” with underwire detailing, Orseund Iris continues to make pieces for whatever the customer feels. Sporty mood? Try the lightweight ribbed “racerback sport tank” with high neckline and contrast stitching. For something feminine yet effortless, take a look at the “Victorian cotton top” a bustier–inspired blouse featuring centered cotton-covered buttons. As Orseund Iris grows, its ethos remains the same: quality, unique pieces that everyone can wear.




Who gets to say what is acceptable or not? From the moment we enter this world, we are told what gender we are. The clothes that we are dressed in puts a label on us for everyone else to define who we are. Today, fashion allows us to transcend past this cookie-cutter narrative, and is becoming more acceptable as a form of expression. Fashion is not only a huge influence on our character, but it’s a gateway that allows us to move across the spectrum and break free from the societal “norms” that keep us trapped in our gender box. Whether it’s a patterned fitted suit, a dazzling sequin gown, or a plain tee, a single garment can become a statement for the world to see. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a funky outfit is worth a million. What we choose to wear becomes a part of our identity, so why not be free about who we are through our clothing? Before, there was a fine line between what men and women were expected to wear, but now that line is becoming less and less distinct. Icons like Harry Styles and Billy Porter are pushing these boundaries with their androgynous, eye-catching styles. Their out-of-the-box fashion senses are further blurring the lines of gender in fashion and are paving a colorful pathway for the next generation.

Our gender and our clothes are two major factors defining who we are, but that doesn’t mean one needs to influence the other. With fashion, the possibilities are endless. We shouldn’t have to feel boxed in when choosing what to wear in the morning due to a fear that someone might disapprove of it. Fluidity in gender and fashion should not only be normalized, but it should be celebrated. We are no longer living in a world where we will stand for society controlling who we are. It is time to change the narrative.


FASHION alfonso badillo, stefano varela

MODELS samantha espinal, chris bennett

blazer & pant Haagar orange blazer Charollette Russe belt Sanctuary necklace Forever 21

For many, clothes are a form of self-expression, but for some, they are a way to cope with personal struggles and push past adversities. Billie Eilish is known for her angelic voice and baggy clothes. She made this fashion choice to avoid the media’s harsh criticism and to cope with her body dysmorphia. By doing so, she is protecting herself from society’s unrealistic expectations of women having to show off their bodies in order to get attention. Eilish proves that women don’t need to wear barely-there outfits to be successful and is a role model for the future generation. Gender neutrality has been making its way onto the fashion scene, and we are here for it. Clothing brands have been popping up left and right to cater to society’s changing beliefs and to celebrate gender neutrality. Businesses like Olderbrother, TomboyX, and Official Rebrand offer gender-neutral, gender-inclusive, sustainable garments for anyone and everyone. With these brands, ranging from everyday basics to unconventional statement pieces, there’s something for everyone to feel confident and reflect their identity to the fullest.



pink top Eyeshadow pants Vintage


black dress Goodwill black suit Tahari black pants Stylist’s own gloves Vintage


1920S TO NOW an analysis of the similarities and differences we find in 1920s and 2020s fashion.




Your car door is opened by a man wearing a perfectly tailored pinstripe suit and white gloves. As you step out of the car and make your way to the grand steps, passionate jazz music flows out of the residence. The French doors swing open to an enormous ballroom abundant with lavish decor and elite people. Women in short, sparkly dresses and long feathers in their hair dance energetically while servers holding glimmering silver platters pass around hors d’oeuvres and champagne. You watch, admire, and appreciate all of the unparalleled culture that the 1920s has to offer.







raystter alves hannah brower isis manzanilla

emma kubek natalie preston cole ackerman

isabelle moser concetta defabrites

carissa wayman

veronika kindred

regis price



dress Vintage scarf Saks Off 5th shoes Zara earrings Vintage



suit Stylist’s own





The Roaring 20s was undoubtedly one of the most iconic times for fashion. We may look back and believe that its style is just a thing of the past but contrary to popular belief, a majority of these styles are quite common today. We often see fashion pieces embroidered with beads, patches, or crystals. Wedding dresses are customized with jewels, and iron-on patches on mom jeans allow for an extra personalized detail. Kim Kardashian’s 2019 Met Gala dress, embroidered with thousands of white crystals and sequins, creates the illusion of water droplets. This awe-inspiring look was possible all thanks to the creative minds of 1920s women, who used beads, jewels, crystals, and thread to elevate and customize their closet. Oftentimes, vintage dresses or gowns were detailed with delicate beads and intricate threaded patterns to embrace individuality and set the owner apart from the rest of the crowd, but this wasn’t the only thing that made them stand out. The 20s marked the first time women were seen exposing more skin than ever in short dresses and skirts. Today, there are no rules when it comes to length and the classic slip dress from the era is now seen styled with heels and statement jewelry, or dressed down with a pair of sneakers and a jean jacket. fashion

The trend dating back to the 20s is even seen on the red carpet. For the 2020 Oscars, Scarlett Johansson opted for a lamé, gold gown that accentuated her beautiful figure and left fans in awe at her simplistic yet eloquent choice of wardrobe. Without the influence of the boundary-breaking 20s, this exquisite dress may not have been worn. Not only was fashion a factor, but the hair and accessories made heads turn: the Lob, hair that’s too long to be a bob, but still not long enough to be considered “long hair.” This hairstyle is extremely popular because of the 1920s, which was the first time women began cutting their hair shorter and adding exquisite feathers, headdresses, and of course, the pearls. These short hair styles marked a shift toward freedom of self expression, liberating women to make their own decisions of who they want to be. Freedom at last! Many stylistic connections can be drawn from the 1920s to today. This time period was extremely significant to modern fashion, as it paved the way for women to express themselves through their appearance. In these terms, women began to gain the freedom as society as a whole started to embrace individuality. One can take inspiration from the 1920s mindset as we develop into our own identity and learn to navigate the Roaring 2020s.






Not so Black Once so black and white, the fashion industry has been submerged into a gray area full of changes and questions. All that is left to do is unite and adapt. With the plethora of controversies surrounding everyday life, society has begun seeing the world through an increasingly polarized lens: with opinions making a lot of noise, taking the form of “I am right, you are wrong, end of discussion.� Our new reality, brought to us by the coronavirus, has impacted this trend in ways no one could have anticipated. When it came to the fashion industry things were running in an exceptionally black and white manner, with old traditions unwavering and set in stone. People knew, or at least thought they knew, where their garments were coming from, that there would be certain seasons and shows that ran accordingly. Then, the tides turned and the world turned upside down taking the retail and fashion world along for the ride. There has also been an air of unity that has shown itself in these trying times. All of these phenomenons and more have emerged and will continue to persist, in the fashion world.

A New Wave of ''Sanitary Fashion'' With this new reality comes new priorities. People may be less likely to care about finding a blouse with the most flattering silhouette, than they are about finding a mask that is comfortable, will not wash out the little bit of their face that is exposed, and most importantly, protect themselves and those around them. People do not want to sacrifice their style, and why should they have to? Designers everywhere asked and answered this same question.


Brands ranging from Rag and Bone to Gucci have released their own version of the cotton face mask, a new found fashion staple. On top of that there are designers, such as Christian Siriano and Dov Charney, taking the charitable route and putting their resources towards producing masks pro bono to be used in hospitals all over the country. For so long the staples and priorities of the fashion industry have been stagnant, and for the first time in a long time a new mass market has exploded. Will it stick around, and will everyone be able to keep up?

THE FUTURE OF FASHION WEEK Ever since the early 1940s, Fashion Week has become a staple for the industry. Fashion weeks around the world, taking place at nearly the same times every year, have been the undisputed check point for clothing seasonality and trend evaluation amongst nearly every big brand in fashion. Whether it be in Paris, New York City, or Milan just to name the big ones. The most important names in fashion would all gather together to see what will be in and out whether on the red carpet or in the local malls. However, recently, a gathering of even 10 people is pushing the envelope more than many are comfortable with and any trip outside of one's home, especially overseas, seems almost as far-fetched as time travel.


and White

By Molly Gelman

What does this mean for fashion houses? Will we still be seeing the seasonal lines we are all accustomed to, or is that a thing of the past? Designers such as Donatella Versace have already spoken positively about the prospect of slowing down the fashion cycle, and are ready to welcome in this new reality. The only thing left to do is wait and see who will be able to adapt to this new way of making, buying, and viewing fashion.

A FOREVER CHANGED RETAIL LANDSCAPE For years people have been questioning the life expectancy of the brick-and-mortar store. With a surge in e-commerce in recent years it has no doubt crossed the minds of many how long a physical store will be a necessary, or even desired commodity. However, the way retailers have had to react to current events and the response of the general population has opened up several new facets to this already complicated discussion. For some the retail store has, and always will be, an irreplaceable necessity when it comes to shopping. Others, however, love the convenience of being able to refresh their seasons wardrobe from the comfort of their bed. Without the option available to peruse racks, see store displays, and even interact with customer service personnel, many have realized that they may miss in person retail if it is gone forever more than they may have anticipated. In theory this should be great news for many retailers, especially those such as large department stores, who rely heavily on revenue and foot traffic sourced from

things other than their direct merchandise, such as events and restaurants. The problem however, is exactly that with forced closings many stores are suffering and some, such as Neiman Marcus, have already declared bankruptcy. This new cocktail of those who dearly miss the in person retail experience, those who have realized they are more than happy without it many stores fighting for their lives, will surely bring a new wave of change to the retail landscape that it has never experienced before. Despite the creative nature of the fashion industry, its traditions were as black and white as they come. While the trends and garments themselves may have changed over time the industry truly has not. While it is very hard to see any silver linings in the tragedy that is the coronavirus, at the very least it has allowed us to reflect on how things were and have forced us to change moving forward. Whether it be large scale change like slowing down fast fashion, or alterations we make to our everyday life, such as a daily walk or a friendly hello to a neighbor, this world-shaking event has undeniably introduced us to a whole new grey area of life that we have only just begun to explore.

photography leah king fashion ella miller, hannah brower hair justine scott, aryon holley makeup sweekriti dahal model jazmin zyrie


bodysuit H&M shoes Nasty Gal tights Target



PHOTOGRAPHY cameron reed FASHION rachel nhan, hannah brower MODEL hannah brower garment Rachel Nhan



Fashion and Technology: a power couple made for the future.

Sustainable Fashion in a Digital Age Fashion no longer stands single; it's in a committed relationship with technology: milk-composed apparel, 3D-printed garments, scannable buttons and step tracking shoes—all of them are a part of the fashion world’s tech-evolution. Do these innovations all sound crazy to you? They are insane. They are out of this world, further than our imagination. These revolutionary, spectacular inventions and connections are what happens when two powerful worlds, fashion and technology, decide to couple up. Technology has been a part of the fashion industry for a long time now: initially by industrializing sewing machines, later by manufacturing huge production machines that make everything faster. The goal seems to always be sped up production time and cost reduction—now a new generation of designers entering the game are taking a different, environmentally focused approach: using technology to reduce waste, water-usage, and pollution. Technology harnesses great potential and importance in addressing imminent environmental concerns—fashion is responsible for 20% of wastewater and 10% of carbon emissions globally. That's more than all international flights and shipping combined.

Unconventional Textiles To allow for sustainable yet extravagant fashion, the industry may create new fabrics out of natural resources or develop new procedures. While organic cotton or recycled polymers may seem like a durable option, they are not as sustainable as they may seem. Recycling plastic requires a considerable amount of energy and water for the cleaning process, and these synthetic-fibers are not biodegradable. This is where a common grocery, milk, makes its entrance. German designer Anke Domaske developed a fiber called Qmilk (Kuhmilch=cowmilk), using no-longer-drinkable milk to create a functional fiber. No, the fabric does not smell, instead it has an eco-friendly and silky feeling—still washable just like any other cotton shirt. The fiber feels soft, has less bacterial growth, and features skin-sensory properties, which makes it suitable for any activity in any climate. The designer presented dresses, tops, and pants made out of our milk leftovers, just one futuristic approach involving once-unconventional materials to create a core fashion component. There are designs out there made from coffee, tea, or even pineapple leaves, all having one thing in common: sustainability. Another milky approach was developed by the team Flora Fur, which consists of Isabella Bruski and Noah Silva, both students at FIT. This time milkweed fiber has been used to create fabric. It is from the same named plant and a very sustainable way of creating cloth, needing less water, no artificial substances or harsh chemicals.

Technological Textiles Besides stunning food fabrics, 3D-printing has been up and coming within the last years with Iris van Herpen leading the list. The Dutch designer creates out-of-this-world fashion made from a 3D printer. In her haute couture designs, fashion meets architecture. Apart from its limitless texture and shape possibilities, 3D printing avoids fabric waste. Usually, there are yards and yards of unused fabrics thrown into landfill. The ex-Alexander McQueen intern brought 3D printing to high fashion. So far, we haven't seen much of it in streetwear; however, we are hoping for a shared future. The fast process of 3D printing allows producing clothes on a when-neededbasis, reducing the risk of overproducing, and therefore making fast fashion more environmentally friendly as well as experimental.


The Future of Fashion Innovation Technology opens so many doors to create new, environmentally-conscious designs. Whether it’s the fantastic 3D-printing or the creation of new textiles, exemplifying that the two are a long time needed couple. It’s only a matter of time to see what else the fashion future holds considering it’s already possible to make clothing from food and coming out of a printer.







bloggers, instagram baddies, designers, and all creatives in the industry–please listen up! SCENARIO: While planning your looks for your next photo shoot, you stumble on bindi stickers you would love to use. Your friend asks if it is culturally appropriate to wear, as it may be offensive to some people. You think to yourself, “Well, I didn’t realize that would be offensive… How was I supposed to know?” Well, the fine line between cultural appropriation and appreciating culture can be hard to find and understand.


At the 2012 Victoria’s Secret fashion show, Karlie Kloss stepped onto the runway wearing almost nothing but a Native American headdress, fringe, and a copious amount of turquoise jewelry. While both parties apologized, it was a matter of five years before it happened again in Shanghai. There was no remorse for the appropriation that had wrongfully occurred on multiple occasions. On the other hand, at the recent Chopra-Jonas wedding, the Jonas family dressed in full Indian garb in celebration of the union. In this case, the family was honoring and respecting the unity of the families while appreciating Chopra’s culture. Context is important. ake Madonna’s infamous Amazigh ensemble. Is it appropriate for Madonna to wear North African style clothing to the VMAs? Is this event related to North African culture? Are there any other potential cultural connections between the two? If the answer is no to these questions, chances are what is being worn is wrong. Appropriation is most hurtful when the minority groups being appropriated have previously been oppressed or when the item being appropriated has a sacred meaning. Some Coachella-goers are famously known for wearing bindis and feathers, and many people sporting such things do not understand the significance behind what they are wearing. Bindis, for example, represent the holy third eye, and are sacredly worn in hopes of spiritual development and wisdom.

As someone who has grown up in the United States as a minority, it has been hard to appreciate my own culture while making sure I was not looked at differently. In first grade, I begged my mom to let me wear my favorite pink salwar to picture day at school. I was mortified by the reaction I got from my peers at school for not wearing “normal clothes.” In 11th grade, I went to a Halloween party where two girls dressed up as “sexy Indian princesses.” It has now become cool to wear the same exact thing I once tried to wear. There have been so many instances where Indian culture has been appropriated by celebrities such as Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, just to name a few. My culture has suddenly become “cool,” and it makes me feel as though I am not enough, as if I don’t fit the standard for what makes it “in.”


Within the design community, many wonder whether or not it is okay to respectfully borrow from other cultures. Those who show that they respectfully admire others cultures should always preface, and be transparent about where their inspiration for a certain piece may stem from. The real problem is derived from those who do not understand how their actions may offend others. If the appropriators were to acknowledge and understand the importance of the culture they are trying to copy, I would not be here writing this article. Being in the fashion industry or a lover of fashion allows you to use your wildest imagination to create. Just keep in mind that it should never be at the expense of someone else’s culture.

A P P R E C I A T I O N 26

by hannah matthews


ZERO-WASTE SKINCARE RITUAL remove excess from your skin and the planet with an ecologically safe and naturally effective regimen.



Eliminate 100% of packaging and swap out plastic-packaged, synthetic ingredient facial cleaners with small-batch Meow Meow Tweet’s Pink Rose Clay 100% compostable bar facial soap. Soothing lavender, geranium, and palmarosa essential oils calm the mind and skin, while the French pink clay and crushed rose petal concoction works to gently detoxify, exfoliate, moisturize, and heal all skin types.

Manufactured cosmetics products in all realms are often only considered in terms of their initial application and impact on the skin—not the planet. Looking at beauty and skincare regimens in this context, from the creation of these products to their ultimate disposal, consumers are contributing to pollution, the landfill crisis, and deforestation. Fear not—no compromise is necessary! Discover simple, effective swaps to keep your skin hydrated, well-nourished, and glowing with all organic plant oils—while alleviating both skin and the environment from unnecessary pollution.

Moisturize & Nourish Be good to your skin and planet while supporting an eco-conscious apothecary with Lovett Sundries Rosewater Face Cream—a swap for plastic-packaged, synthetic moisturizer. The 6-ingredient skin-saver is carefully sourced and thoughtfully crafted, non-pore clogging, and soothing—leaving skin soft and supple. Antioxidant-rich and anti-inflammatory properties work wonders for all skin types, and all packaging components are 100% recyclable and synthetic-free!

PACKAGE POLLUTION Skincare products’ packaging and ingredients aren’t always as lovely as they seem: plastic’s chemical structure renders the material resistant to degradation, and microplastics’ persistence implicates irreparable build up in marine and terrestrial environments. Each year, plastic use releases as many as 500 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, plastic containers constituting 50% of recyclable landfill waste. Plastic waste is overwhelmingly piling up in landfills, globally, right now. These routines aimed at maintaining wellness also ironically cause mass internal chemical absorption. The products we use collectively have a major impact, and even one swap can generate significant environmental change. Be remembered for something greater than the waste you leave behind.

THE ART OF SWAPPING The idea of “swapping” refers to making incremental, small changes via replacing these physiologically and environmentally-harmful items with ethical, low-impact options.

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Sun Protection Your sunscreen should be transparent and so should the company that makes it: Brooklyn-grown, Meow Meow Tweet creates vegan products with ethically sourced raw, organic ingredients—inspiring slow, local production in the realm of self-care and beauty. Swap out plasticpackaged oxybenzone SPF with Meow Meow Tweet’s 100% recyclable Everyday Mineral Sunscreen and shield from harmful UV rays, prevent premature aging, and reduce skin cancer risk. Forget the common sunscreen ingredient oxybenzone that harms coral reefs, a known endocrine disruptor for humans and young corals—remember to save the pump for a refill!


There’s community and togetherness in the zero-waste movement and we can all be proud voices, advocating for the environment and those inhabiting it—one swap at a time. Refuse to contribute to industries that historically and systemically pose serious threats to the ecosystem: feel empowered, enjoy dreamy skin, all while showing love to our planet! 27

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Scents have oftentimes been associated with memory and emotions,


but the question remains, what other benefits can users reap from fragrances?


by lisa hahner


Imagine walking on the street, the scent of a certain cologne oddly nostalgic. It’s reminiscent of a high school homecoming game, an amateur relationship, and a deeply buried memory. Such phenomenons are familiar in the world of fragrance, with the power of smell being well utilized by designers and chemists alike. Not only do certain scents hold the power to recall past experiences, but they can also affect one’s mood. The question remains, how did these scents get a hold of such power?

Next time a rut is approaching and a little happiness boost is needed, citrus is calling. Lemon, orange, and grapefruit scents can increase the production of serotonin, the hormone that increases happiness. Putting a citrus scent in a diffuser in the morning will surely contribute to a more positive day!

In the human brain, olfactory bulbs hold great importance. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, an olfactory bulb is “A structure located in the forebrain of vertebrates that receives neural input about odors detected by cells in the nasal cavity.” These bulbs in our brain have direct connections to the parts of the brain that are associated with emotion and memory. So, when humans smell something, the scent goes through these olfactory bulbs, which then link to specific emotions and memories.

Besides the fact that natural fragrances like these have many proven benefits, a large issue in the cosmetics world is the use of toxins. As a result of mass manufacturing, chemicals are difficult to avoid and can have negative side effects. For example, there are chemicals made in mainstream perfumes that have ingredients linked to bodily and mental harm such as hormonal disruptions and allergic reactions.

Another rather cool thing scents can do is affect mood. For example, lavender is connected with aiding sleep, interacting with neurotransmitters in the brain to help relax. A lavender diffuser, a lavender-infused night mask, or lathering on lavender body lotion will be sure to make all the difference for a good night’s rest! Eucalyptus can be of great assistance for feeling more awake and productive. This minty scent can improve the function of the respiratory system, ease stress, and deliver a refreshing feeling that’s needed to take on the day ahead. The smell of this herb contains properties that are linked to an increase in energy. It is also popular for people to hang eucalyptus on their showerheads because it is said that the steam from the shower will free the essential oils to improve mental clarity.


Not only do smells have the power to bring back memories, but it is important to be aware of the benefits of natural fragrances as opposed to fragrances contaminated with unknown toxins and chemicals. Making an effort to use cleaner ingredients is not only kind to the planet, but will make one feel lighter and freer. The cosmetics industry is notorious for having an unnecessary amount of toxins in their products. It is no coincidence that the rise of clean cosmetics is currently trending, as the truth to these products is coming out. Making an effort to use clean fragrances or even make them at home will not only help the skin and body but will also send a message to makeup brands that clean cosmetics ingredients are a must.

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GETTING By now, it’s a well-known fact that snoozing with yesterday’s makeup is essentially a beauty crime, but a little leftover mascara is far from the only nighttime practice that results in lost sleep. The practice of unwinding before bedtime is one that is slowly coming into the spotlight and agreed by most health and wellness professionals to have the ability to significantly impact a person’s mental health. Not sure where to start in regards to creating a calmer end to the day? Fear not! From a simple bath to engaging in a sedentary hobby, the key to a good night’s sleep and healthier mindset is a lot easier than one might think.


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[UN]READY by patricia santiago


Nights spent twisting and turning in bed with worry about tomorrow are, without a doubt, far more common than not. Mornings spent fumbling out of the door with fifteen minutes before class is just as popular, likely due to a lack of preparation. Such unfortunate and frustrating circumstances can be avoided with something as simple as a to-do list or choosing an outfit for a full day of classes ahead the night before. They’re great ways to ensure a better night’s rest and calmer morning-- two things that can significantly improve the quality of a person’s day.


There’s nothing quite as therapeutic as running a warm bath after a long and stressful day. Although they may feel like it, warm baths are not magic and have actually been proven to reduce muscle tension as well as anxiety. Light some candles to set the mood and pop a lavender-infused bath bomb in the tub as an aromatic and calming end to the day. It’s sure to lead to a far more relaxed slumber and productive morning.


Whether it’s keeping a journal or knitting, doing something chill for self-enjoyment and expression before bed truly makes a difference. Not only do these activities help with unwinding, but they also help in avoiding contact with E.E.Ds: enticing electronic devices. Binging seasons on Netflix, pulling an all-nighter with a significant other via FaceTime, or endlessly scrolling through Instagram until it’s time to knockout are fool-proof ways to nights filled with insomnia. So ditch the phone and grab a mandala coloring book instead.


Don’t roll up the yoga mat just yet. Throughout the day, muscles become tense and stretching is a great way to promote relaxation in the body. Add in some meditation and breathing exercises for an even more soothing experience. Incorporating some tranquilizing toons lightly in the background is also an excellent way to set the mood. For those unsure of where to start, Spotify’s Lo-fi Beats playlist does the job.


Creating a soothing and relaxing environment in our bedrooms each night should not be overlooked. Stock up on essential oils to add a sleep-inducing combination to a diffuser every night. Invest in a weighted blanket or a dim night light. It’s all about the vibes after all.


Outer beauty always begins with what is happening on the inside, so unwinding before bedtime should certainly be just as important as a face mask. It’s the perfect way to create a more positive and productive lifestyle, and who doesn’t love the sound of that?

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all the need-to-know facts about CBD, rolled up and ready to share.


The grass is exceptionally green as more uses and benefits of CBD are being discovered. Wondering how to integrate the wonder elixir into daily life, especially as a student? Weed out the facts from the farces with novel applications of Cannabidiol in beauty, workout, and diet routines. This can include starting the day with a CBD drops in a cup of coffee to beat those pre-presentation jitters, or in a nightly diffuser to relax after the third day at an unpaid internship.


One of the sweetest ways to enjoy CBD daily is to try hemp oil tinctures. Tinctures are concentrated herbal extracts made by soaking bark, berries, or in the case of CBD, leaves in alcohol or vinegar. The alcohol or vinegar pulls out the active ingredients in the plant parts, concentrating them as a liquid. CBD tinctures come with a dropper so they can be used with ease. The most popular flavors and scents available include orange, lemon, and mint. A few drops under the tongue or in a diffuser are simple ways to add CBD to a morning, afternoon, or evening!


With over fifty-percent of college students consuming caffeinated beverages daily, it’s only natural to slip CBD into some “study juice”, whether it be 9 am or 2 am. Most notably, infusing coffee with CBD may help combat the jitters, restlessness, irritability, sweating, and mood swings that are so often associated with drinking caffeinated products. By adding CBD to coffee, the crash after the caffeine high can be evaded.


Not a coffee person? No worries–CBD tea is an excellent alternative. Whether starting the morning right or relaxing at night, brew the standard cuppa. From there, add the desired amount (about two or three drops) to the warm water. Pro tip–make sure the water isn’t boiling because water that’s too hot can destroy precious terpenes and cannabinoids!


Sensitive or dry, baby-soft or weather-worn, a wide range of skin and nail types will fall in love with CBD. As the largest organ in the human body, the skin is equipped with cannabinoid receptors. When a person’s skin is not looking or feeling its best, the endocannabinoid system (ECS) may be able to help bring it back into balance. This is why the CBD cosmetic industry is seeing such a massive boom. However, consumers can run into the same problems with CBD skincare as is found with the rest of the beauty industry. Introducing creams and lotions into a beauty regimen can expose sensitive skin to synthetic fragrances, fillers, and other additives. Doing quality research is as important with CDB as it should be with all cosmetics.

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Lathered, dropped, or bitten, the CBD industry is blowing up in unprecedented stride and is expected to continue to grow with new products and applications being released every day. Don’t get lost in the haze of this phenomena–make sure to keep an ear out for all-new ways that skin, sleep, and self can benefit from CBD.



In a world with hundreds of products and remedies to achieve mile-long lashes, how does one decide which option makes the cut? Ever find yourself wondering how to achieve the lashes of your dreams? If so, you’re definitely not alone. The beauty industry has thrown several different products our way to try and give us our best lashes. But the question remains, what is the superior method? I took to Instagram to ask my trusty followers about their thoughts in order to crack the case.

HOME REMEDIES Home remedies such as castor oil and coconut oil were very highly recommended! People found that they help your eyelashes grow, as well as make the appearance of mascara a lot more prominent. One person even said after using permanent lashes for a while, their eyelashes began to fall out and castor oil helped them grow back. It was recommended to apply it right before bed using a clean mascara wand as the eyelashes would most successfully soak up the product this way. This option is definitely the most affordable of the wide range of eyelash treatments.

MID-RANGE MASCARA Walking into any makeup store can be extremely overwhelming with so many options at hand, so I wanted to hear what real customers thought was the best. Surprisingly, I got a large variety of different mascara brands flooding my Instagram notifications. Although Glossier and Milk Makeup certainly took the lead, Glossier’s mascara is not found at conventional stores, and Milk mascara is a bit on the pricier side. So, for a cheaper drugstore option, I found that most beauty enthusiasts preferred Covergirl Lash Blast and L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise.

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PROFESSIONAL EXTENSIONS Lastly, I asked about the newest eyelash trend that influencers are living for: Eyelash extensions. In theory, extensions sound like a great idea. They save you time in the morning since you no longer have the need for mascara or eyelash curlers, but are they really the best option? They take about an hour to do, only last 2-4 weeks, and they can cost you anywhere from $100-$400. Those who got eyelash extensions claimed to absolutely love it, but warned me that my eyelashes may not be so pretty after the fact. Not too crazy about that idea? Fear not! An excellent alternative to extensions is lash lifts! While they may still put a dent in the bank, you can find them for less than $100, are safer for your eyes, and can last anywhere from 4-6 weeks! Essentially, a lash lift is akin to a perm for the eyelashes. Plus, you can still wear your favorite mascara with it!

THE VERDICT In all honesty, the decision comes down to the type of person you are! If you find you are more high-maintenance and set more time aside for beauty, I wholly recommend a lash lift. It gives the lashes more volume, the procedure is safer for the eyes, and still allows for mascara usage. But, if you are generally more low-maintenance and are not too keen on breaking the bank, I think using castor oil is the best option. It is cheap and accentuates the pre-existing shape and structure of your lashes. Always remember, there is no wrong choice!

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the ever-famous discussion surrounding eating before bed is back with a fantastical twist. BY SHRUTHI NATTANMAI

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a sense of skepticism has swallowed the masses in regards to the true healthiness of consuming food before bed. Some argue that a McDonald’s combination meal is just as poor of a choice as a glass of milk, but exactly who decided that a little midnight snack was harmful is still a bit unclear these many moons later. Turns out, years after the origination of such tales, science has proved that eating certain foods before bed leads to more vivid dreams, healthier skin, and an overall sense of well being. Three cheers for research (and snacking)!

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Like all good (and bad) stories start, cheese was at fault for giving midnight snacks a poor reputation. Scientific evidence aside, this accusation spread like wildfire, making its way into the cautionary tales and warnings of parental figures around the globe. Suddenly, cheese was the newest, most sinister nutrition villain. Midnight snacks, a wide array of cheeses included, have been known to disrupt sleep, but not necessarily in a negative manner. While alcohol and nicotine are known to inhibit your body from achieving a REM sleep cycle, a little snacking simply increases one’s brain activity at night. Hence, more vivid dreams! Some may view such dreaming as intrusive and unpleasant, while others look forward to these imaginary short films. Whatever the individual’s preference may be, there’s a very specific amino acid at fault for these occurrences: Tryptophan. A GLIMPSE INTO TRYPTOPHAN

Tryptophan is the main culprit for increased brain activity, being found in foods such as cheddar cheese, chicken, salmon, lamb, egg, flour, white rice, and milk. Perhaps most importantly, this star amino acid is eventually converted into the serotonin–the chemical compound tattooed onto the bodies of hundreds of 20 something-year-old pharmacists. The worshipped brain chemical is responsible for the body’s sleep schedule and mood swings, so it certainly is worthy of a seat at the wellness table. That being said, midnight snacks that contain this amino acid serve a far bigger purpose than a simple lucid dream. THE PERKS OF MIDNIGHT SNACKING

Certain foods such as protein shakes are excellent for overnight muscle repair, while tart cherries and kiwis are the keys to an uninterrupted night’s sleep. But let’s be frank, what’s in it for the skin? Snacks with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and monosaturated fatty acids have been proven to give the epidermis an extra boost, as well as protect against skin damage in the future. Avocados, eggs, papayas, and a plethora of other fruits that are high in antioxidants are not only healthy alternatives to the bag of Hot Cheetos on the nightstand but also grant the skin a healthy glow come morning time. THE FINAL VERDICT

Now, this is by no means a rejection of decades of medical research, but it’s safe to say that a little careful snacking before bed is not the most detrimental to one’s health. That being said, take note of the emphasis on the word careful; a doughnut and a caramel macchiato will likely not contribute to the aforementioned “morning glow”. Instead, reach for some avocado slices or baby carrots to beat the seemingly unbearable hunger that strikes at midnight. Famished night-owls, rejoice!


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cabinet cosmetics an everyday grocery list has never looked so life-changing. BY SHAYLA FOSTER

In a world with multitudes of YouTube videos, it’s hard to take a step back and think about what a self-care routine meant before the world went digital. Before thousands upon thousands of tutorials with highly-priced, name brand products, what did the average skincare or haircare routine consist of?

Hair Skin

Apple Cider Vinegar This product is a self-care savior. Buy it once, and it’ll become a household staple. If it isn’t fighting bacteria in your skin, unblocking pores, or restoring vitamins and minerals in your hair. Pour a few tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar into some water and use it on your scalp every few months after a shampoo and condition. Use a cotton round and wipe down your face to avoid pore blockage and inflammation.

Oatmeal When looking at skin and hair care products, oatmeal is not only an ingredient but, many times is in the name of products. Oatmeal has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that treat dry skin and remove dead skin cells. Vitamin B in oatmeal keeps hair moisturized and frizz-free, and can help with dandruff. You can combine the oats with honey, milk, yogurt, or water to create personalized hair or face masks.

Turmeric Turmeric is an excellent way to spice up a bland beauty routine. The ingredient can be mixed with any of the other products on the list, or with water to create an anti-inflammatory face mask that fights off acne, reduces dark circles and hyperpigmentation, protects against sun damage/aging, reduces the appearance of stretch marks, and soothes dry skin.

Honey Flies aren’t the only thing one can catch with honey. When you apply honey to the skin, it opens the pores and captures blackheads and bacteria. Honey has properties that are antibacterial, antiseptic, and antioxidant. Combine honey with turmeric for a face mask that will fight acne and scars. For a more cooling honey hack, mix honey with warm oatmeal and place it on the skin after it cools.

Natural Perks Many of the Mario Badescu and Dermalogica products that a number of sponsored socialites are preaching as a must-have are simple household items in a really fancy dress. Self-care doesn’t always have to be expensive or exclusive. Using DIY face masks and skincare products eliminates toxins, chemicals, and a wide range of other bodily harms, leading to a far cleaner regimen. Not sure where to start? Check your kitchen cabinet!


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MAGIC MUSHROOMS Beauty’s most psychedelic ingredient is here to stay and dominate all things skincare.

by riley jordan Often misunderstood in the current beauty and wellness landscape, mushrooms are truly magical in nature, withholding a plethora of beauty benefits. Because of the common perception that mushrooms can only be used for psychedelic purposes, many people tend to steer away from them altogether. However, the fungus has been known to repair broken-down skin cells, improve the elasticity of the skin, and even better one’s mental health. THE POWER OF PSILOCYBIN Thanks to a compound called Psilocybin, mushrooms enable users to smell colors, all the while reducing anxiety and calming severe mood swings through the process of micro-dosing: the act of eating small portions of fungi before the start of the day. The smaller portions allow one to skip the hallucinations caused by the ingestion of full doses of the mushroom and undergo feelings of heightened creativity and a positive headspace for the rest of the day. Additionally, the Psilocybin in the mushroom functions as a source of energy throughout the day, allowing users to skip the morning coffee run. Watch as that to-do list becomes shorter by the minute, as the Psilocybin works its magic by stimulating the hardworking and creative parts of the brain that grant one the wish of excellence. Three cheers for versatility! ‘SHROOM SKINCARE Not only can mushrooms be used to improve mental wellness, but they can also be used to clear skin blemishes and complexion. The Chaga mushroom, although off-putting in nature due to its burnt, charcoal-like appearance, is excellent for nourishing and moisturizing and therefore drastically improves the skin’s elasticity. The Chaga mushroom is known for its ability to reduce the look of Eczema or Rosacea thanks to the mushroom’s anti-zinc properties. Grab the La Bella Figura Gentle Enzyme Cleanser or the Dr. Andrew Weil Mushroom Skin Relief face mask from any specialty wellness store and use it before bed for the most prominent results. The powdered form of the mushroom can be found at a local health food grocery store and mixed into DIY face masks, or even sprinkled into a meal! WHAT’S THE RISK? Overtime, mushrooms have been linked to preventing cancer, supporting the immune system, and lowering cholesterol. Due to benefits such as these, the fungus is expected to hit the beauty market with a bang. So, what’s the risk? Make sure to read the product’s label before using it to avoid any dosage mishaps. Other than that, the only other risk is having skin that’s exceptionally moisturized! Just maybe, that’s a risk worth taking.

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NOT YOUR MOTHER’S SEX TALK. in celebration of sexuality and all the wonders it holds, here’s a new sex talk–the one we all deserve.


PHOTOGRAPHY katie motta

Sexual uncertainty and curiosity is a universal concept, especially during the years of self-discovery. There’s an infatuation and borderline obsession with the idea of sex and intimacy in American culture. Oftentimes, it can lead to feelings of guilt and embarrassment, especially when strong stigmas surrounding sexual interactions are directed toward women. Sex-ed classes forget to mention that the clitoris is more than just a part of the female anatomy, and the “birds and the bees” explanation remains subpar. Let’s be frank, conversations surrounding sexual wellness should never be censored. For centuries, shame has pervaded so much of female sexuality. Without any exposure to the diversity of genitals, society has created a paradigm for “normal” through pornography. Not to say don’t look at porn, because it still retains many benefits, but it’s important to consider it’s unrealistic nature. It creates a false representation of what vulvas are supposed to look like; bleached, 48

pink, and shaven. There’s even a deep resistance to a person looking at their own genitalia because of the negative connotation around it. A person can practice growing comfortable with themselves by grabbing a mirror and looking at their vulva. Becoming knowledgeable about your body and that of others is essential to experiencing authentic pleasure. It will reduce or eliminate the shame that consumes us personally, and with our partners. Sexual wellness spans wider than penetrative sex. Many teenagers and young adults have been barred from speaking about pleasure throughout their academic careers, so instead, they’ve grown up with an internalized conflict of what pleasure and sensuality is. These same people now have this responsibility to show the younger generation what is reality, because pornography has perpetuated an unrealistic expectation regarding female sexuality and orgasms. Masturbation is all about creating a romance with yourself, explor-

ing your body, and getting to know what you like. Don’t let shame or discomfort dictate your pleasure. Reclaiming your sensuality and making it a priority is the best thing you can do for yourself in terms of sexual wellness. It’s time for women to come to their senses and start cumming. Yes, cumming, orgasming, the big climax, because ladies, settle for nothing less than shaky legs and flushed cheeks! Becoming explicit with this idea about honest female sexuality is the only way for society to ultimately reframe what sexual wellness entails. The power lies in transparency. Sexual wellness is about owning your own pleasure, sexuality, vulnerability, and becoming less afraid of where your sexuality goes. Sexual experiences must be normalized by allowing ourselves to talk about them. Let’s become radical, and redefine what it means to be sexually well.

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if a dream is a wish your heart makes, then my heart may need some therapy.

Just as we all dream differently, each one has a different meaning and gives exclusive insight into our subconscious.



With their long, continuous story line and extensive detail, epic dreams are so vivid you can remember them your entire life. What makes an epic dream so epic is the feeling you have upon waking up. While nightmares can leave you shaken and disturbed in the morning, awaking from an epic dream leaves you with a sense of enlightenment, and an overdose of positive energy. You awake charged and ready to take on the world. However, do not get used to this feeling. These dreams are rare, and may only come around once in your life.






In a lucid dream, you are aware that you are dreaming. This means you have control over your environment, actions, and the narrative giving you a virtual reality experience within the dream. The best technique to control or induce lucid dreaming is known as reality testing. Throughout the day, ask yourself if you are dreaming right now, and try passing your hand through something such as a wall. In a dream, your hand will pass easily. This may seem obvious, but it can help to create a distinction between dreaming and reality.



A M S E R Also known as the thing you do in class, daydreams are a level of consciousness between sleep and wakefulness. Occuring during waking hours, daydreams happen when we allow our imagination to carry us away. Whether you’re imagining dating Harry Styles, or drinking margs on a beach in Hawaii, as our minds wander our awareness decreases. Henceforth, we lose ourselves in our fantasy.


As the name would imply, these are the dreams that repeat themselves with little variation in the narrative. The main idea is that you have yet to acknowledge the trigger or cause of your stress. While they can be positive, they are primarily nightmares due to unresolved conflict in your life. The dream repeats itself because you have yet to fix your problem. 50



















As our routines were interrupted during the COVID-19 pandemic, our lives were subsequently turned upside down. The unprecedented lifestyle changes inevitably affected our dreams. It is clear that pandemic dreams are a result of either stress, isolation, or changes in sleep patterns. While each carries their own gust of negative emotions, they all can swirl together to create atypically vivid and wild dreams. Furthermore, experts believe that the sudden withdrawal from people’s familiar environments and activities left dreamers with a lack of stimulation, and inspiration. This forced the subconscious to dig into, and focus on themes from our past. The best way to cope with wild dreaming is to de-stress, especially before bed. Meditation and yoga can be key in finding an inner peace, and settling the subconscious storm.



While dreaming of having sex with someone can mean you harbor a secret desire for them, it can also mean they have a distinct quality you would like to embody. Whether this person is a celebrity, or the kid who sits next to you in class, they may posess a feature you want to integrate into your personality...or you just really want to have sex with them, in which case shoot your shot! The main idea is that sex dreams are less about the people who appear in them, and more about what those people represent to you.







While the accuracy is only visible in hindsight, prophetic dreams can reveal your future. Having a prophetic dream can mean you are searching for reassurance in life. Searching for answers in your dreams suggests you have a desire for certainty in your future, and are experiencing anxiety in your life. While this can be a mere coincidence, the potential existence of psychic powers proves very intriguing. A more rational explanation is that your unconscious mind can piece together bits of information you have previously overlooked, and therefore can predict what is coming before your conscious mind can fathom it.

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Out of Body Experience by emily orth

We are more than our bodies. We tend to make it seem as though we are simply the flesh and bones we are born with, and nothing more. Many of us have heard the expression “what truly matters is what’s inside,” but how many of us really live out that mantra? Imagine how different the world would be if we discussed our inner selves even half as much as we discuss our outer selves. Instead of reading articles about how to lose five pounds in one day, we’d be reading articles about five kind acts to do each day, and we all know losing five pounds a day will not make you a better person. The reality is, our bodies are the frames to protect and assist what is inside, who we truly are. None of this is to say that loving your body or wanting to live a healthier lifestyle is wrong or invalid. It is saying that achieving those things will not necessarily lead to success. Though definitions vary, society often links human beings’ success to their physical features, which is not only disappointing but degrading. Having these “ideal physical attractions” will not determine if you are kind, generous, empathetic, fair, or helpful, only YOU can determine those factors. Media plays a huge role in our belief that success comes from our exterior. From Disney cartoons to Hollywood’s greatest hits, the typical “beautiful” character is usually the one who ends up on top, and the “less favorably appearing” character ends up losing. We are conditioned to believe that being beautiful on the outside will automatically make you beautiful on the inside and this is clearly not the case.



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The unconscious part of the psyche is where you will find the values and beliefs we don’t normally think of which may seem terrifying. However, education and reform is the key to unlocking our greatest selves yet. Knowing that there is a much deeper explanation as to why we obsess over our physical appearance will allow us to learn that we must nourish our internal appearance as well. Creating a habit of being cognizant will not only better ourselves, but many , around us as well. Remember to nourish your soul, heart, and the rt a psyche because that is who you truly are. Your mindset and actions will e ultimately determine your happiness and success, not your looks.


Although we may not be conscious of it, these values we were conditioned to believe, live somewhere deep within our psyche. The human psyche has been studied for hundreds of years and still doesn’t have a clear definition, however, one thing is certain: the psyche holds all of our baggage, the good, the bad, and the ugly.



Many want to travel more, but never actually do. It’s not always an issue of finances, but because organizing trips with other people can get very complicated...very quickly. Most people don’t picture themselves traveling solo, but there are underrated advantages to it. No longer planning days around what others want, you’re in control. And best of all, it forces you to interact with new people on your trip.


Packing will determine some crucial things, like costs for checked bags, and how easily you’ll be able to navigate through the airport and city you are traveling to. Make sure to pack important items in your carry-on so you can have easy access to them en route to your destination. If you love to shop, leave an outfit or two at home to leave room for extra purchases on your trip. Traveling during warmer weather makes packing light a lot easier than needing thick sweaters and layers for cold weather, so you may want to keep that in mind before booking a winter flight.


When navigating the airport on your own, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Comfort is key. Wear easyto-move-in clothing, and be mindful that you may have to take off your shoes for the security check. Airports and airplanes are notorious for being cold, making sweaters a must. Bring your own snacks so you’re not stuck paying the high airport prices—but avoid loud and strong smelling foods. Furthermore, we’ve all seen or heard stories about baby’s diapers being changed on the food tray or people putting their bare feet on them; this makes sanitary wipes a major necessity for your flight. Before traveling, it’s important to figure out how you are getting from the airport to your place of stay. Do your research and do not rely on Uber, as it is not always available in cities like Florence, Barcelona, and most recently London. In cities like these, taking the train or a street taxi may be your best bet.


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Get out of your comfort zone! People are receptive to the energy you put out, so be confident and social. The easiest way to make friends during your travels is to go out to cafes or bars. Servers and bartenders are more likely to have great social skills, and are the best people to ask where you should explore. Another way you can make friends is by staying at a hostel. You will be in a room with people from all over the world who are looking to experience a new culture, just like you. Hostels are also a great place to book group tours so you won’t have to go out on your own. Definitely learn a few basic phrases in the language where you are visiting or have Google Translate handy. It is always appreciated when you make an effort to communicate with people.













we’ve all read about how to detox our bodies, now it’s time to start thinking about detoxing our relationships.



The idea of fate can play tricks on our minds. We let this concept take over and begin believing that our charming first encounters—whether that be friends since preschool or bumped hands reaching for the last pint of ice cream—are most obviously destiny crossing our paths to ensure we stay in each other’s lives. Yet, we can’t forget that every aspect of life is sparked by chance, timing, and personal will. Pressurizing fate on the belief that something “should” come from the sheer “how” of paths crossing segways to an easy excuse of why a relationship, romantic or platonic, will work rather than analyzing and accepting that it’s simply not meant to be. We’ve all been there… “But they didn’t mean it that way, I swear they care, they’re just going through things, they’re not normally like that, I’m telling you.” There comes a time when excuses lose validity and the line between accepting imperfections and excusing disrespect becomes blurred. Granted, there’s no perfect relationship, but excuses shouldn’t have to be made to your friends much less yourself when you go to bed each night upset by how they left you feeling. It’s hard to let go, isn’t it? It’s strange how we can be so selfaware, yet does that even matter if we’re not changing the fact that we’re in an unhealthy relationship? We become so involved with someone and the prospect of sharing ourselves with them, that we don’t even notice the shake in our values until it’s already occurred. Suddenly, traits that you wanted most in a person that your partner may lack have now fallen in priority to attributes your partner does have.

it’s too good to be true, that this person cannot be real, that you could ever feel this good being around/with them. However, all of this requires you to take a step back from the toxic person you’re involved with. You, yourself, are enough. Now, “enough” doesn’t mean you’re faultless, and you’d be ignorant to think so. Ignorance isn’t bliss when you’re setting yourself up to believe that you deserve anything less than a healthy relationship. If you are constantly left feeling that you’re holding on to a person that’s giving you no footholes, it’s time to reassess the relationship. No amount of romanticizing expectations comes to fruition by imagination. No matter how much you wish it, you cannot change someone, and that’s okay. Let them live their life, but know that yours is just as important. Start prioritizing what makes you feel good in a relationship like honesty, acceptance, equality, support and respect. Sure, a relationship is bound to have its bumps and turns, but there’s no justification in continuing a connection solely in the hopes that it will one day reach your expectations. We live in a world full of people trying to connect; if someone isn’t making the effort for you, move on to find someone that will. They are out there! Relationships should be dreamy, they should be invigorating, everything and more, but never toxic.

We try to avoid discussing their flaws to our friends because voicing it aloud makes their shortfalls concrete, it makes them real. The possibility that our person we have standing tall on a pedestal could be anything less than ideal contradicts the dreamy, delusory version they resemble in our minds. We must remember that, to us, those we love live without detrimental faults, and once you idealize someone like this, you strip away their legitimacy. It’s easy to fabricate these people in an attempt to bring your dreams of a person into existence, but the nightmare of it all is that they are not a reality. If you’re stuck in this cynical path in your relationship, it’s time to strip the blinders from your eyes, and come to honest terms with yourself that you deserve something different, something more. More than the immeasurable time questioning what they’re thinking, the continual manipulation of emotions, and the belittling remarks. You deserve the WORLD. Whether it be a friend or a significant other, you deserve to feel like PHOTOGRAPHY daniella liguori (top), tina dirosa (bottom) MODELS

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dream dates by maggie mcgarry

Going on a date in NYC is something that has been romanticized in every movie, TV show, and book. Frolicking around the top of the Empire State Building and riding bikes through Central Park seems to be the ideal dates, yet trying to meet those expectations can be difficult. The stress of planning it all usually ends with dates stopping at the corner deli and watching old reruns. There are too many hidden gems that work for every budget in this city to be stuck with reruns. Some occasions call for an extraordinary date that only happens every so often. Whether that be a birthday, anniversary, or just because, these dates usually come at a high price tag. Fancy dates make a great excuse to dress up, hey maybe even take an UberLUX or a taxi instead of the old subway. Being dressed to the nines and running around a magical city couldn’t be more picture-perfect. 56

However, not every night needs the glitz and glamor of a fancy date, nor does the quality have to be sacrificed for price. Some of the best memories can be made at food trucks on the side of the road, late nights exploring the city, or going places you’ve never been before but you definitely want to go back. These weekly nights on the town are what dreams are made of. culture

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fancy Rowboats and Lunch at The Loeb Boathouse Lakeside Restaurant Step back in time with this classic date of drifting along the water in Central Park. Rowboats are $15 per hour and a meal at the restaurant is in the upwards $100 range.

The Grand Tier and Metropolitan Opera Put on your best attire for this night of food and performance. The Grand Tier restaurant resides inside the iconic Metropolitan Opera House with a dinner menu specifically set two hours before showtime. The three-course meal is priced at around $130+ per person. However, through a student account, tickets can be priced at $35-$50 depending on the performance.

Private Sailing

PHOTOGRAPHY jasmine garoosi FAHION amanda baganha, grace connaughton MAKEUP sweekriti dahal, jianna petrilli HAIR hannah rongo , julianna portante MODELS rhys g. rupracht, sophia dufour (left page) nicole solimine, chelsea davis (right page)

DINNER LOCATION Cafe Fiorello 1900 Broadway, New York, NY 10023

If you’re looking for a better city skyline view and something a little more intimate than the Staten Island Ferry, Tribeca Sailing has you covered. They offer private tours ranging for 2-6 people on a sailboat (Captain included). With different sailing options from morning to night, prices range between $95-$260 a person.

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casual The Elevated Acre

Sofar Sounds

What if you could walk around a green oasis that looks down to all the hustle of the city? And no it’s not the high line! Located in the Financial District, this park is free to enjoy and reached by a fairly hidden escalator at 55 Water Street. Overlook the Brooklyn Bridge and the East River as you grab dinner at one of the food trucks on the street level for a true dinner with a view.

Ever gotten tickets for a band you didn’t know and a location you didn’t find out until the day before? Well, Sofar Sounds lets you be adventurous with your date night. For $15-$20, you can sign up for a ticket lottery in your area (Chelsea, Williamsburg, etc.) five days in advance, and you will receive the location 36 hours before without knowing the entertainment until it starts. Most events are floor seating and turn anything from coffee shops to rooftops into the venue!

Sunshine Laundromat Doing laundry isn’t that romantic, but what if you were told your next date night could be at a Laundromat? Sunshine Laundromat is a functioning laundromat in the front with a secret washing machine door that leads to a bar and arcade. Each game machine is 75¢ and drinks are in the $7 range.

Uncommons Cafe

Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain Most movies about pre-1960s feature two lovers sharing a milkshake at a gorgeous fountain shop. While most soda fountain shops have since perished, this original 1920s pharmacy and fountain shop is restored and still serves those classic milkshakes. The Carroll Gardens location serves food and drinks that are priced at $2-$13 per item.

This is the city’s first board game cafe! Offering over 1,000+ games to play while enjoying drinks and snacks. Everything from Battleship to Clue, they have it! For three hours of games, it’s just $10 per person.



ALONE From childhood, we were given concepts of what the perfect life looks like from almost every Disney movie ever made. To live “happily ever after,” one must hold a high-status job, fall in love, get married, and have kids—the end, right? This may be true for some people, but it’s definitely not for all. There’s no checklist we all must complete to live the perfect life, because the perfect life is subjective. These fantasies have created a growing estrangement from people who choose not to complete the “Happily Ever After Checklist,” a checklist designed for extroverts. This leaves the self-contained introverts with the perception of misfortune, though they’re actually thriving on their own. With so many uncontrollable external forces experienced daily, alone time is the opportunity to settle the chaos of the outside world. In the name of self care and sanity, learn to be comfortable with solitude.


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abby mason

LOCATION Moxy NYC Chelsea 105 W 28th St, New York, NY 10001

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by gilliane balingit



With headlines appearing in our news like “Loneliness Might Be A Bigger Health Risk Than Smoking,” alone time doesn’t seem too desirable. It implies that constantly striving for connectivity rather than being lonely is “healthier.” We often confuse solitude: the state of being physically alone, with loneliness: the dissatisfaction in social relationships that lack depth. Feeling stuck in solitude can present itself as unhappiness, but spending time alone simply because we want to is not the same.

There’ll always be this haunting stigma around wanting to be alone. Don’t listen to them, they don’t want us to win, so we gon’ win more. When choosing alone time, friends may wonder if something’s wrong or become irritated by your absence. It’s easy to let them sway your choices and control your life, but you don’t need permission from other people to decide that you’re spending a night in to enjoy your own time.

KNOW THE PERKS When we’re alone, we tend to feel the extremity of our emotions, both the good and the bad. We don’t realize how much we absorb other people’s ideas that influence our lives and distracts us from ourselves. Even Netflix spits out suggestions, leaving no room to inspect our true preferences! Alone, we’re more productive, creative, and clear minded. We could do whatever the hell we please. We connect with our inner wisdom by having the space and energy to focus on one thing at a time. It’s our opportunity for ultimate relaxation without judgement, for time to daydream. Solitude gives us a better understanding of who we are, what we desire, and those we want to be around.

THERES ALWAYS ROOM TO EXPERIMENT Alone time is whatever you make it to be and whatever you do is completely and entirely up to you. When we are alone, no one’s opinions matter except for our own, giving us valuable time to dissect feelings and emotions. Self-exploration is the time to inspect new ideas that rejuvenate our happiness. Having time to entertain ourselves by the distractions that spark our curiosity makes solitude the perfect moment to investigate what’s missing from our lives at the moment. Try something new everyday and see what sticks—read a book, make a song, paint the streets of New York City, sail a ship, the possibilities of self-discovery are limitless!


DONT LET DISCOMFORT DISCOURAGE YOU Shit gets real. We spend way too much energy trying to be happy, escaping all the problems getting under our skin. Once we’re alone, the secrets of our negative feelings are revealed. Why is being alone so unnerving? Why do we crave this constant attention? No matter how much we want to be alone, solitude is daunting. On the rise of technology, social networking, and cellphones, people use social media as a replacement for face-to-face interactions. Checking our phones, be it scrolling through our feeds, or hoping for a notification from that one person is all a means of finding relief from the anxiety of a problem not yet discovered. It’s a vicious cycle that immediately fulfills our cravings, but it’s the temporary satisfaction that doesn’t benefit our self-growth. When we’re alone, we soul search and learn to look within for the answers. By listening to our thoughts and realizing one’s intellectual capabilities, we can understand our passions and grasp a concept of how to achieve them.


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birthday blues cheers to your best years




“One time for the birthday chick, two times for the birthday chick, three times for the birthday chick. Gon ‘head if it’s your birthday chick!” Surely we all got super hyped to that little birthday intro just now; don’t lie, you know you did. So, why is it that we can’t reciprocate that same energy when it’s actually our birthday? The answer is simple: we’re getting, and we don’t like that anymore. Every year, our special day comes around. It truly is a special day because you, an icon, was born. But, as the years go on, we’ve gradually begun to care less about our birthdays to the point where we rarely want to acknowledge them anymore. For a good majority of us, peak age is say, 21, and then we think it’s all just downhill from there. With the inescapability of adulting, bills, or whatever comes along after college looming, we try to hold on to our youth for as long as possible. We yearn for the days when it was all less complicated: we told our parents we wanted a Bratz-themed birthday party at the bowling alley, and all we had to do was show up and have fun with our entire fourth-grade class. But alas, it’s no longer that easy. Now, we have to plan everything. The location, the time, who to invite, what to wear, all while simultaneously stressing about things that can go wrong (because we just love doing that). What if the weather’s bad? What if no one shows up? What if Sasha and Felicia rip each other’s hair out from across the table? It’s all too much. Someone, please explain how to unsubscribe from getting older. Clearly, you’re not alone in feeling the “birthday blues,” we all feel it; you know, it’s my party, I can cry if I want to... So, how do we fight it? By remembering why your birthday is so important in the first place! It is not about all of the material things, but rather celebrating and reflecting on the fact that you’re really out here. You’re an important addition to this world, bringing joy and love to the people around you, and every year should be a reminder of that. Celebrating being another year older, and wiser might I add, is a major milestone. Whether you celebrate with your besties for the resties doing brunch at NoMo, snorkeling in Jamaica with your significant other, or relaxing alone at the spa, this day, your day, is all about you. Make the most of each birthday you have. Learn, grow, and be thankful for each year because once they’re gone, they’re gone. Now, as I bid you adieu, let’s all raise a glass to our golden years. We’re not getting any younger, so bottoms up to getting older. Cheers!

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Extreme weather threatens areas of the world where economies are already collapsing and working people are hanging on by a thread. People in eastern India and Bangladesh were already relying on food aid by the time Cyclophone Amphan hit on May 16th. Heavy wind and rain destroyed newly sown crops that were supposed to feed communities through next season. Experts warned if people relocated to shelters it would be a breeding ground for the virus. Aging dams are a looming climate hazard that the U.S. has been grappling with for some time. Sanford, Michigan understands the effects of these hazards as its city was nearly underwater when Sanford Dam broke in May, flooding the Tittabawsee River and nearby neighborhoods. Hurricane Maria demolished Puerto Rico’s infrastructure and killed 2,975 people. 2018 was recorded as the deadliest and most destructive wildfire season in California. Australia lost one billion animals to bushfires while scorching over 27 million acres of land. Over two million acres in the Amazon rainforest were burned in 2019. It’s no longer acceptable, or frankly educated to write this off as typical changes in weather. These natural disasters are not isolated events—they are the product of rapid transformation caused by human activity. The most important strides we can take in reversing the damage we’ve caused is committing to change, starting with yourself and your community. Vote for leaders who pledge to be a champion of protecting the environment. With time, small but mindful changes in your routine will better impact our world, whether you live to see the impacts or not. Educate others in ways they can go about a more ecoconscious lifestyle. Support companies who combat overproduction and unethical labor practices. Advocate for reform and speak out on these issues. Do all these things not only for yourself, but for the plants, wildlife, communities around the world and future generations to come.



In the late 19th century, scientists first argued that the emission of greenhouse gases had the potential to cause drastic change to our ecosystem. The year is 2020, and the gravity of this change has been and is still underestimated by many citizens, foundation executives, and leaders alike. 2020 was set to be a significant year for many reasons, but it brought unexpected circumstances– a global pandemic. COVID-19 first broke out in central China, ravaging the city of Wuhan and spreading to neighboring countries, making its way to the Middle East and Europe until reaching the United States. In the beginning, the virus seemed to most Americans and its government as a problem of another country’s. News of the virus trickled into mainstream television networks around December and January making it clear that measures would have to be taken to ensure public health and safety. Months later, the United States has passed the threshold of 100,000 lives lost to the virus. COVID-19 has no doubt brought increased awareness to the fractures of the institution that’s supposed to instill hope and support at times like these. The world has been coexisting with a climate crisis for decades, and the coronavirus has only amplified those problems. Many will argue that stay-athome measures put in place by countries around the world have positively impacted the climate, decreasing the emissions coming from cars and airplanes due to less travel. Some take to platforms like Twitter and Instagram to exchange ironic memes captioned “the Earth is healing.” However, it should be underscored that the climate crisis is still a very present threat to all of the planet, and even more now in the time of COVID-19


How many more articles will we get the privilege to discuss about climate change before it’s too late?


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fantasy exploration by payton bierk

fan·ta·sy /ˈfan(t)əsē/ noun the faculty or activity of imagining things, especially things that are impossible or improbable. But who’s to say? Forget reality if only for a moment. Escape to that clouded haze between what is real and what is fantasy. Immerse yourself in the place where every desire drips from your subconscious and every passionate thought that you’ve had the courage to idealize waits to be realized. Delve into the place where we can imagine anything from our darkest urges to beauty that bewitches us. From the taboo to the ideal, fantasy can overlap our reality and make us believe it to be true. Like a daydream, fantasy seeps into our daily life. With 96% of people spending 22 minutes a day in a daydream, what are we all really fantasizing about? Sex. That’s it. That’s the fantasy. We were all thinking about it, so why not jump right in? You’ve probably already had a sexual fantasy of some sort by now, and if not, you probably will before the day is up. When you think “fantasy,” the most restricted topics probably titalize your fancy before any others. Sexual reveries are of the most common types of fantasy whether that be relating to bondage, sex in public places, dominance, sex with an ex, infidelity, roleplay/cosplay, or group sex. But why do we have them? Most often these erotic fantasies cross our minds out of curiousity, whether that be: imagining different sexual sensations, meeting unfulfilled sexual needs, escaping reality, planning for future sexual encounters, or to pique arousal. Even if you don’t daydream about sex on your own, our culture constantly gets us off. Pop culture practically throws itself at us, from the music we hear to the shows that we consume. It has become less taboo and instead, a healthy

expression of our sexual subconscious. We crave it. No longer a secret, sexuality is being embraced by a whole culture rooted in self expression, self love, and empowerment. Now cue the dream. Listen to the choir’s angelic voices and the fluttering harp before the scene ripples away into a serene whimsy. If sex proves to be trivial, fantasy also finds its way into the more debonair parts of our culture: film, photography, and music among others. Think of films that inhibit the power to transport you into transcendence: A Trip to the Moon, The Red Shoes, An American in Paris, Romeo and Juliet, The Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge, or La La Land. Music that can enrapture us, like that of The 1975, Harry Styles, Tame Impala, Lana Del Rey, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, or Nina Simone. Even photography with the imagination of Andy Warhol, Ellen Von Unwerth, or Annie Leibovitz. These outlets afford us the opportunity to dream. They exemplify the ethereal, rawness of diverse beauty, and most of all, love: our closest reality to magic. We yearn for it. With every breath and heartbeat we search for it in all forms. These creative expressions grant us the heavenly feeling that we humans covet. The line between what is and what we believe to be is not always transparent to our heart or head. Perhaps the line between fantasy and reality is more interconnected than we most often think. When you fade into that exotic (or erotic) dreamworld, don’t think that fantasy is letting you escape your reality, but rather, it’s granting you an understanding of it.

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“with every breath and heartbeat, we search for it in all forms. our closest reality to magic

...rooted in self expression, self love, and empowerment.�



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drea m a te m

by akili dzwill

with every type of friend comes a new lesson to learn



PHOTOGRAPHY felicia disalvo PHOTO ASST. grace tran FAHION georgia addo MAKEUP concetta defabrites HAIR concetta defabrites MODELS aproova grover, mariana

gomez, oasiah washington

Though it’s a tiny island with millions of people everywhere you turn, New York City can sometimes feel like the loneliest place in the world. This makes it vital to recognize the significance of friendships as we wander through life. More than just friendships, the significance of a healthy, well functioning support system. We rely on our friends for sustenance when things go wrong, to whisper words of encouragement, and to be those we reminisce with at the end of it all. The friends we make contribute largely to how we identify ourselves as individual entities. Oftentimes, we make an unconscious shift to be more like those we surround ourselves with. Plenty of different kinds of friends exist, but each contributes something to our lives that we adopt and exercise. These tools or traits we’ve taken from our friends will eventually help as we mature professionally, creatively, and personally.

The Outgoing Friend

can teach you how to put yourself out there. They can break you out of your shell and inspire you to make new connections that could open doors you never would have dreamed of.

The Nurturing Friend

can teach you to think more carefully when it comes to decision making. From their increased maturity level and outlook on life, you can learn different ways to analyze a situation before diving in head first.

The Lively Friend

can show you how to let loose. They aren’t afraid of a good time, and from them, you can learn to not be afraid of it either. Having a lively friend in your circle will teach you that life shouldn’t be all work and no fun.

The Apprehensive Friend

will teach you how to observe. Being reserved like an apprehensive friend isn’t an unfavorable quality in the slightest. Sometimes, it’s better to just listen to the beliefs and intentions of those around you. You’ll find yourself obtaining a new perspective from the people around you.

The Candid Friend

can teach you how to take the back seat and enjoy where life heads. It’s easy to get caught up in wanting control over everything that goes on in our lives and obsess about the details. We’ve all been there. But the candid friend teaches us that it won’t always work that way. Sometimes it’s better to just trust that things will work out how they should. In the end, we should just be enjoying experiences.

The Righteous Friend

can motivate you to do better. They can inspire you to maybe go that extra mile for a stranger, or be a little more patient with your customer at work. They will always remind you that a little love and kindness goes a long way. They can show you the benefits that come from making other causes and people a priority. customer at work. They will always remind you that a little love and kindness goes a long way. They can show you the benefits that come from making other causes and people a priority.

The Delicate Friend

can teach you to be aware and open about your emotions. It is okay to cry, even if people are watching. It’s far too common in today’s age for people to swallow their sentiments in fear of judgement or embarrassment. The delicate friend can help alleviate that mindset and encourage you to accept that you are human, that crying is normal, and that we should embrace it.


“ The friends we make contribute largely to how we identify ourselves as individual entities.” 71

mental health by katie strickland

With a history of being misunderstood and misdiagnosed, it’s time to destigmatize mental health. art sharis chan

Mental health has become a common topic, and rightfully so, as we are in the middle of a mental health crisis, especially on college campuses. Mental wellness issues have a history of being misunderstood, misdiagnosed and stigmatized. It’s easy to get lost in the sea of opinions and feel alone in your own experiences.

In the age of social media, we are less connected to one another than ever before, and self comparison is at an all time high. We see others “living their best lives’’ and automatically compare their highlight reel to our reality. It seems like we are always being told we aren’t enough, be it pretty enough, successful enough, or smart enough. The voices around us and in us can be deafening. Social media is certainly not the only culprit. Mental health has become even more of a challenge in the midst of the pandemic caused by coronavirus. We are facing isolation, grief and fear. With all of this stacked against us, it can be difficult for our minds to find peace. It’s vital that we start looking at our mental health like we look at our physical health. Although it’s not tangible, it is real and we have to take care of it. One of the biggest lies we tend to believe is that we are alone and this is only magnified by quarantine and social distancing. Though intimidating, it can be cathartic to voice your feelings aloud to someone else. Even though we are more physically apart from people now, we shouldn’t stop being connected to one another. Discussion helps you process what is actually going on and why. However, sometimes what we need is more than just a listening ear. Sometimes we need a professional, unbiased perspective. It’s like when we have more than the common cold, we go to the doctor to get a diagnosis and a solution. Going to a therapist is no different. Unfortunately, stigmatization prevents a lot of us from going. But yet, how silly would it be to expect someone to get over the flu themselves? Therapy and “talking it out,” are not cure alls. We’re all unique, and there is no universal answer to depression, anxiety, or any other mental illness. Nonetheless, there are steps we can take to care for our minds. It starts with prioritizing our mental health. This means saying no to some things and realizing we can’t be everything to everybody. It’s not selfish to take time for ourselves and do activities that refresh our souls. This doesn’t mean to slap a facemask on, take a bubble bath, and expect your internal battles to disappear. It’s beyond the surface level of self care. We have to dig deeper. Our own thoughts can become our worst enemy if we allow them to run rampant. If this is the case for you, start taking every thought captive. Ask yourself: is this thought true, positive, or productive? Become accountable for your thoughts and words. Be intentional about speaking positive affirmations to yourself; what you think will come to fruition. If you struggle with your mental health, know that you aren’t the only one, and it’s more common than you think. Daily habits like a balanced diet, exercise, and intentionality help keep a healthy mental state. It’s important to keep in mind that mental health is a broad, complex topic. There are an array of self care options, but it all starts with self exploration to learn what your triggers, causes and solutions are. You don’t have to stay in the mental state you’re in. Commit to making a change and be confident in doing what’s needed to have a happier, healthier mind.



NEW YORK BUCKET LIST by donna hellberg

From spending half your paycheck on coffee, walking everywhere when possible, and being instantly oriented upon exiting the subway, this will be THE checklist to see if you’re a member of the “Manhattan elite.” But how much of a New Yorker are you really? This checklist includes what to do before you officially covet the title of “a true New Yorker.” Get going!

Any group of three people or more that walk next to each other on the street are canceled.

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge at sunrise.

Wear sweats like they’re couture while running errands.

Spot a celebrity casually walking down the street.

Come to terms with the fact that Trader Joe’s is never not busy.

Watch an outdoor movie at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

… and yet, you will keep coming back.

Bagels have become your carb of choice.

Brunch has become an essential part of your week.

Rent a Citi bike and ride around the city with the same joy as Phoebe when she got her first bike.

Take the aerial tram to Roosevelt Island.

Take a run in Central Park even though Joe Goldberg might be hiding behind a bush.

Eats more dollar pizza than you would like to admit.

Attend the “pay what you wish” days at every museum.

Stumble upon a street fair. Accept that you have come in contact with the 0.01% of germs that Purell doesn’t kill while on the subway.

Go to a Chelsea artist gallery reception on Thursdays. Watch the sunset from the Hudson River Greenway.

Make a self pact to avoid Times Square at all costs.

No longer capable of just standing on the curb to wait for a light to turn.


Spend a block trying to pass someone that’s just walking TOO slow.

… and therefore let the changing of the lights decide which way you’re getting to your final destination.

illustrations queena chen


collage queena chen, melissa guillen



dress Sachin & Babi

PHOTOGRAPHY ava king FASHION ava king MODEL ava king

Ava’s Kitchen started when I shared my recipes on social media from the location of where I create and cook…. my kitchen! The name caught on, and people actually wanted the recipes to my creations, thus birthing Ava’s Kitchen. Being a self-taught chef, I learned how to cook from admiring my mother and aunt cook when I was little, and watching chefs like Ina Garten, Giada. Everyday before I got ready for school, I would watch cooking competitions like MasterChef. culture

When I moved to New York City, my love for cooking only grew. I had access to explore the best ingredients and cuisines. Each recipe I create is inspired by family, experiences, and natural flavors. The three recipes I have created for Blush: The Reverie Issue were inspired by bright spring/ summer flavors and being lost in a day dream of delicious homemade food.



uncooked farro

3 cups

low sodium chicken broth

8 oz

jumbo asparagus ribbons and tips

1 cup


¼ cup

golden raisins

¼ cup

toasted slivered almonds

½ cup

cherry tomatoes

1 cup


1 tsp





extra virgin oil

¼ cup

lemon juice

1 tsp

apple cider vinegar

1 tsp

lemon zest

1 tbsp

dijon mustard salt and pepper to taste

DIRECTIONS 01 02 03 04 05

Bring farro, chicken broth and salt to a boil. Cover and reduce to a simmer for about 25-30 mins. Stirring occasionally.

Peel asparagus in long thin ribbons with a vegetable peeler and cut the tips. Add to a saucepan with olive oil and water. Cover and steam for 5 mins until it turns bright green.

Chop thin slices of radishes and cut cherry tomatoes in half. Set aside.

Transfer farro to serving bowl. Add in asparagus, arugula, radishes, tomatoes, and arugula. Then mix in raisins and almonds.

Mix together all dressing ingredients and pour over the salad and lightly toss together. Serve warm or cold.




all purpose flour

¾ cup


½ cup

light brown sugar

½ cup

butter (room temperature)

½ cup


1 tsp

baking powder

¼ tsp


1 tsp

orange blossom water

1 tsp

blood orange zest

4 tbsp

blood orange juice (about 2 oranges) 3 eggs (room temperature)


confectioner’s sugar

¼ cup

lemon juice

1 tsp

lemon zest


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Sift flour, baking soda and salt in a medium bowl. Set aside.

Beat butter and both sugars in a large bowl with an electric mixer on medium speed until light and fluffy. Add in eggs, one at a time.

Add in orange blossom water, blood orange juice and zest. Slowly pour in the buttermilk til fully combined.


Bake for 40-45 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the cake comes out clean. Cool in the pan for 5 minutes. Remove from the pan, cool completely.


For the glaze, combine the confectioner’s sugar, lemon juice and zest. Whisk to combine til shiny and smooth. Pour over the cake and let it run down the sides.

Easy Cake Decoration Tip: Use leftover orange peels and dehydrate them in oven for about 30-40 mins and place them over the cake (as shown) Add lemon zest and edible flowers to wow your guests. culture




champagne (for mocktail, substitute tonic or club soda)

½ shot

Rhubarb Liqueur (omit for mocktail or add rhubarb juice)

1 tsp

lemon juice

2 cup

pink cotton candy (optional)

1 tbsp

strawberry puree –½ cup sugar –2 cups fresh strawberries –¼ cup water



In a saucepan, combine the strawberries, sugar, and water. Simmer on low til the strawberries have been broken down and are juicy. About 8 mins. Stir occasionally.


Transfer to a blender and puree it until smooth. Strain the seeds.


In a champagne flute, add champagne, rhubarb liqueur, and lemon juice.


Mix in the strawberry puree and top it off with pink cotton candy. Enjoy responsibly.


illustrations jordan rush

On the cover PHOTOGRAPHY daniel kolomiyets MAKEUP kendahl robarts / @yurgirlken MODEL kamila fakhry custom dress Emily Puckett

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