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September 2011  September 2011 

Customer Expectations: Pride Cometh Before a Fall By: Robert Brady Source: Whether you’re selling a product or providing a service, one of the first steps in any business relationship is setting expectations. How you set those expectations can make or break your business relationship.

Internet marketing agencies for PPC with SEO and social media bundled together. During the process I was told that another agency made the following claim:

The Deadliest Sin

In most accounts of the seven deadly sins, pride is the original sin and the most deadly. Usually, I do not make such bold statements. Perhaps it is “We can get you the same my naturally conservative number of conversions on half nature or a desire to overdeliver, the spend.” but I would not have made this type of claim myself. However, I looked at past performance and saw how the other agency had arrived at their claim (there was a lot of spend and a lot of keywords that were not performing). I took the deal without adjusting this expectation.

My Sad Story A while back I was approached by a client that was looking to improve their online marketing. They had been doing a lot of PPC advertising and weren’t getting the results they wanted. Therefore, they had been getting quotes from numerous

The reason I learned this was because the client preferred my company, but they wanted to get that half of their spend back. And here is where pride enters the scene. Continued on Page 4

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September Chamber Calendar of Events *** indicates all may attend

Mark you calendars for a HOLE lot of fun!

September 5 Chamber Office Closed Labor Day

September 15 Chamber Board of Directors Meeting 7:30 AM Chamber Office

September 23*** Hillsdale County Chamber & Hillsdale County Sheriff Department Golf Scramble White Oaks Golf Course 9 AM

September 25 - October 1*** Hillsdale County Chamber of Commerce Fair Booth Hillsdale County Fair Grounds New Merchants Building 10 AM - 10 PM

September 28*** Chamber Chat on WCSR 10:45 AM

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September 23, 2011 - 9 AM White Oaks Golf Club Hillsdale County Chamber of Commerce & Hillsdale County Sheriff Department Golf Outing. Watch your mail for the registration form

A NOTE FROM KARDear Chamber Member, It’s hard to believe summer is nearly over. Children will be back in school, leaves will be starting to change and the Most Popular Fair On Earth will be here. We still have room for you to promote your business in our fair booth. A few spaces are available, so if you are interested in sharing our booth, please give us a call today. There will not be a Hello Hillsdale County this month due to the fair, we will resume in October. Our new office is really working out nicely. We are seeing an increased amount of traffic in our new office and visitors and members are complementary about how nice our new office looks. As you know, we didn’t budget this move, so everything we had to do to be able to move in was done on a shoestring budget. We have a couple of items on our “wish list” that we would like to get done as soon as funds are available. Those items include getting the main sign fixed (ballasts and new sign faces) and window blinds for the main office. If anyone is interested in helping with either of these items, please let us know. This month is slated to end the 2010-2011 TUF program. We have surveyed the TUF band consumers and TUF business participants. We will be evaluating the participants feedback in order to evaluate the future of the program. If you are a business participant or TUF band consumer, please be sure and participate in the surveys. Mark your calendars - September 23, we will be hosting our annual golf outing in partnership with the Hillsdale County Sheriff Department. Watch your mail for the registration flyer. The last quarterly lottery of the year will be held in November and tickets are on sale now for just $10. Winning numbers go in conjunction with the daily 3 evening draw of the Michigan Lottery. You can win more than once, be sure and get your ticket today. Four hundred dollars will be given away the first and last day of the drawing and one hundred dollars on all other drawing dates. We also pay twenty five dollars if your ticket is just one number off (up or down) from the winning number. As always, if there is anything we can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. Respectfully, Karri Doty, IOM, CBSP President/Executive Director Page 2

Showcase your business at the Hillsdale County Fair with the   Chamber at our booth in the New Merchant’s Building  September 25 - October 1, 2011 1/2 day shifts 10 AM - 4 PM or 4 PM - 10 PM $50 per shift (10 AM - 4 PM shifts must be interviewed on WCSR for an additional $25)

Rules and requirements:  


1) You must be at the booth at all  mes during your shi  and will share a booth   with the Chamber.      2) You must provide a door prize (entries will be collected during your shi  for     your door prize giveaway and you will be able to take the entries back to your     business to create a prospec ve customer list).  The Chamber will provide entry forms.       3) You are responsible for your own parking and entry fees to the fair.      4) Pre‐payment is required to reserve your space.

To reserve your space, contact Jon at (517) 439-4341 or via e-mail to Reservations are on a first come first serve basis.

T-Shirt Alley Judy Lyon 506 West Carleton Road Hillsdale, MI 49242 (517) 278-8101 Apparel Screen-Printing & Embroidery, Banners and Logo Printed Merchandise Page 3

The Victorian Rose Flowers and Gifts Dawn Bugbee 64 Hillsdale Street Hillsdale, MI 49242 (517) 437-9760 Florist

Customer Expectations: Pride Cometh Before a Fall Continued from front cover

What Happened? As you might have guessed from the blog title, I wasn’t able to deliver on the expectation. I did what a good PPC manager should do and plucked out all the best-performing keywords and put them in a shiny new campaign. I used the best ad copy as a baseline and tested new ad copy against it. In theory, it should have worked, but it didn’t.

predictor of future academic performance than IQ tests. The test? A child was given one marshmallow and told that if he or she could wait until the researcher returned (15 minutes), he or she could have two marshmallows. If they ate the first marshmallow or rang a bell to bring the researcher back early, no second marshmallow. Expectations are the same way. They may seem like they’re only a small part of the process, but they are powerful predictors of the relationship’s future. Expectations are at the foundation of the relationship. They’re the measuring stick.

Those are the clients that recommend you. Own Up to Your Mistakes – If you’ve set expectations too high, reset them as soon as possible. The further along you get, the more trust is lost and the more hard feelings develop. It may cost you the sale, but you have to pay the piper eventually.

About the Author

Robert Brady is the owner and head PPC wizard at What Did I Learn? Righteous Marketing, a Google AdWord Here are a few takeaways I can The client beat me over the head Certified Partner. He can help a offer you: with the expectation over and small business owner just over. I told them everything I • Know Yourself and Stick to getting started with was doing to remedy the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or a large problem. I spent hours trying to What You Know – If you’re uncomfortable with the initial company that needs to get better fix the problem. In the end, I expectation you’re probably results from their PPC was buried in the grave of going to be uncomfortable unfulfilled expectations. trying to meet it. Save yourself a management. lot of pain by not letting pride Setting Proper get into the mix.


Proper Expectations Make A famous research study by Walter Happy Clients/Customers Mischel, a professor of psychology When people get what they expect, they’re satisfied. If you at Stanford, showed that a exceed expectations, they’re ecsimple test of delayed static. gratification was a better The views expressed in the Commerce Connection may not necessarily reflect the views of the Hillsdale County Chamber of Commerce or its staff. Page 4

Michigan's New Scanner Law The 2011 Shopping Reform and Modernization Act CONSUMER ALERT BILL SCHUETTE ATTORNEY GENERAL


the price displayed -- for you to be entitled to the bonus.

The new Shopping Reform and Modernization Act, or Scanner Law, requires that most items on store shelves be clearly displayed with the price; by signage, electronic reader, price sticker, or any other method that clearly and reasonably conveys the price to a consumer in the store at the place where the item is located. If an automatic checkout system (scanner) charges you more than the displayed price of an item, and:

3. If I am charged more than the displayed price for several duplicate items, do I get the bonus for each duplicate item?

1) the transaction has been completed, and 4. What items are not required to be 2) you have a receipt indicating the displayed with a price in the store? item purchased and the price charged for it. The following consumer items are not required to have the price displayed in the Then: store at the place where the item is located:

The Attorney General provides Consumer Alerts to inform the public of unfair, misleading, or deceptive business practices, and to provide information and guidance on other issues of concern. Consumer Alerts are not legal advice, legal authority, or a binding legal opinion from the Department of Attorney You must notify the seller that you were General. overcharged, within 30 days of the transaction, either in person or in writing. Within two MICHIGAN'S NEW SCANNER days of receiving your notice, the seller may LAW choose to refund you the difference between the amount charged and the price displayed THE 2011 SHOPPING REFORM plus a "bonus" of ten times the difference, with a minimum of $1.00 and a maximum of AND MODERNIZATION ACT $5.00. If the seller refuses to give you both the refund and the bonus, you may bring a lawsuit to recover your actual damages or In March 2011, the Michigan Legislature $250.00, whichever is greater, plus reasonable passed the Shopping Reform and attorney fees up to $300.00. Modernization Act ("Scanner Law"), with an effective date of September 1, 2011. While PRICING AND SCANNER the new Scanner Law retains many provisions ERROR QUESTIONS of the former Pricing and Advertising of Consumer Items Act ("Item Pricing Act"), the 1. How much money do I get back when a most fundamental change is that retailers are scanner charges me more than the required to display the price of items offered price displayed for the item? for sale in the store at the place where the item is located, but are no longer required to individually mark the price on the item You are entitled to request the difference itself. The new Scanner Law permits the price between the displayed price and what you to be displayed by signage, electronic reader, were charged, plus additional compensation or any other method that clearly conveys the ("bonus") of ten times the difference. The price to a consumer when in the store at the bonus must be at least $1.00, but may not be place where the item is located. more than $5.00. If the seller refuses to pay the difference and the bonus, you may sue for This Consumer Alert provides information in actual damages or $250.00, whichever is greater, plus attorneys' fees of up to $300.00. response to questions about pricing requirements and scanner overcharge rights under the new Scanner Law. The Shopping 2. If a price is not displayed for a sale item Reform and Modernization Act, 2011 HB and it scans for more than the sale 4158 is available at the Michigan Legislature's price, do I get the sale price and the website -- bonus?

You are entitled to the sale price but not the bonus. There must be a price displayed for the item -- and the item has to scan for more than Page 5

No. When you purchase multiple identical items, you are only entitled to one bonus payment of ten times the difference between the displayed price and the price you were charged, but not less than $1.00 or more than $5.00. However, you get the difference between the displayed price and the price you were charged for each item you purchased.


b) c) d)

e) f)

g) h) i) j) k) l)


items sold by weight or volume which are not in a package or container; items sold in a coin-operated vending machine; prepared food intended for immediate consumption; items purchased by mail or through a catalog, or which are not otherwise visible for inspection, if the price of the item is on the consumer's written order or the bill/ invoice; unpackaged food items; items which have a total weight of not more than 3 ounces, a total volume of not more than 3 cubic inches, and a total price of not more than 30 cents; live plants; live animals; motor vehicles; motor vehicle parts; packages of 20 or fewer cigarettes; greeting cards sold individually which have a readable coded price on the back of the card; merchandise ordered by a consumer as a gift to be sent directly to the recipient.

Continued on Page 10

Happening in

Hillsdale County Ray Bentley won a 2012 Ford Fusion with a “Hole in One” at the Annual Kimball Camp Golf Outing on August 13th.

Ruth Brown of Sun Sand and Sea Travel Service is offering travel tips and destination advice in the Hillsdale Daily News.

Hillsdale County United Way is looking for an executive director after Jill Rodenhauser submitted her resignation.

Dr. Kurt Knapp has joined the Knapp Chiropractic Center staff.

Jane Munson of Key Opportunities will be retiring in January, 2012 after 35 1/2 years with the organization.

8 North recently opened in downtown Hillsdale and offers clothing, purses, Godiva and more.

S E N A T O R’ S S P


By Senator Bruce Caswell to prepare for a general education diploma (GED) exam; full-time or August 24, 2011 part-time enrollment in a college, In an effort to provide a university, or trade school; enrollment in more stable transition into a program designed to remove barriers to adulthood for foster chilemployment; or, working at least 80 dren, the hours a month. The legislation would Michigan Senate recently passed Senate waive the work and education Bill 435, a bill that I authored that allows requirement if a youth has a medical foster children from the age of 18 to 21 condition that prevents participation in to continue to receive foster care and these activities. guardianship assistance. Under current law, when a child in foster care turns 18, This legislation is a compassionate he or she no longer qualifies for solution for a problem that has faced assistance. This often causes a hardship countless foster children in Michigan for these young adults at a time when over the years when they reach they cannot generally provide for their adulthood. Parents would not kick their own support. children out of their homes just because they turn 18 and we should not do that to Senate Bill 435 would require recipients foster kids. Through this bill, we of the extended foster care benefits to provide foster children in their early participate in one or more of the adult years much-needed support at a following activities: high school; classes time when they face many changes and

challenges in their lives. Senate Bill 435 has advanced to the Michigan House of Representatives for further consideration. I have a number of informational booklets available to order through my office. You may see samples of these booklets on my website,, under the “publications” link on the right side of the page. You may order individual copies of the booklets online or contact my office for larger quantities. As always, my office is open to anyone seeking assistance. My toll-free phone number to my Lansing office is 1-866-305-0316 and the fax is (517) 373-5944.

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Jonesville Bakery. Here’s to You make hand cut french fries and serves a secret recipe chili to their patrons. Here’s To You...Pub & Grub hosts a variety of entertainment - Wednesday nights - live band, Friday nights - DJ and Saturday nights - DJ and karaoke. Check out their facebook page for details and upcoming events.

45 North Manning Street Hillsdale, MI 49242 437-4002 After extensive remodeling, Here’s to You…Pub & Grub opened it’s doors in downtown Hillsdale in May, 2010. Kevin, Jessica and Tim put a lot of thought in their menu and came up with a specialty burger that has cheese inside the hamburger. They pride themselves in the fact that everything is made in house and their hamburger buns are made by

For more information or to try their delicious menu items stop by Here’s To You… Pub & Grub 7 days a week, Monday through Saturday 11 AM to 2 AM, Sunday noon to midnight.

Here’s to You…Pub & Grub Kevin and Jessica Conant and Tim Hergert 45 North Manning Street Hillsdale, MI 49242 437-4002

October is Car Care Month 42 Waldron Street - Hillsdale (517) 437-3821

Layman’s Service Center will be hosting Check Lane Day Saturday, October 15th 9 AM - 1 PM

Stop by and have your vehicle inspected. Our technicians will inspect tire pressure and tread depth, belts, hoses, lights and fluid levels and provide patrons with a written inspection report. There is no charge for this service, however we will be accepting donations to help Matt Flynn participate in the Push America cross country bicycle ride to bring awareness on behalf of people with disabilities. Join us for a fun day, enjoy free hot dogs and pop while getting your car inspected.

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Chamber Lottery Tickets are currently on sale for November. Tickets are $10 each and are good for the entire month of November. You can win multiple times during the month. Proceeds benefit many service organizations as well as the Chamber’s general fund which helps sustain operations.

If you are interested in purchasing a lottery ticket, please contact any Chamber Board Member or call the office at 437-6401 to get yours today. Tickets can also be purchased from the following ticket sellers: Ann-Dees Tavern of North Adams, Hillsdale County Sheriff Department, Kiwanis Club of Hillsdale, Jonesville Fire Department, Hillsdale Philly Booster Club and Pittsford Lions Club.

If you bought a TUF band, please be sure and fill out the TUF survey at:

Premiere Mini Storage For all your storage needs

506 West Carleton Rd. Hillsdale (517) 437-4014 Units Available (monthly) 5x10 - $25

10x10 - $40

20x10 - $65 Page 8

K E N’ S O R N E R

A message from State Representative Ken Kurtz

August 30, 2011

As we are beginning to see the end of summer, realizing that fall and winter will follow, we can pause to look back and consider the past. Youth have enjoyed the summer, and families have shared special times together. Crops have grown and for some, the long planned projects were completed. While all has not been easy, we can say there have been accomplishments as we weather the recession storms. Our local schools have met the challenges, and although it has been difficult, they are committed to giving our children the best they have. We now look to the fall to continue the path of living within our means and taking steps that will result in putting people in Michigan back to work with solid jobs.

Reforms have taken place this year within our tax structure, our educational system and most recently, our welfare system. A 48 month cap is being put in place, effecting the cash assistance portion of our welfare system. This legislation assures that those who truly need help can still get a genuine hand up to improving their lives without continuing to hand out scarce dollars year after year to able bodied persons. With other forms of help still available, I am confident that the 48 month cap on cash assistance is a fair and reasonable approach to welfare reform in Michigan. This fall, the committee on Families, Children and Seniors will be dealing with an assortment of legislation dealing with family and custody issues, parental rights, adoption and elder abuse. The remaining months will go by fast and there is much to be done. I look forward to joining with our

Military and Veterans Chairman to bring to our district insight and help to all our veterans and information as to the many changes that are taking place to assist our veterans. Of course, with the end of summer comes the "greatest fair"! I look forward to visiting with many at this years Hillsdale County Fair. It is my pleasure to serve as your State Representative. As always feel free to contact me through my office at 517-373-1794 or via email Kenneth Kurtz Michigan 58th District State Representative multimedia.asp?District=58

Member Checklist Attend a Business After Hours Attend a Hello Hillsdale County Breakfast/Lunch Place business cards and/or brochures in the Chamber Office Place an ad in the Hillsdale County Chamber of Commerce Phone Directory Participated in the Chamber TUF program Supported a fellow Chamber member by purchasing a product or service from a member Page 9

fees not to exceed $300.00 in an individual ence between the displayed price and the price charged and additional bonus equal to action. ten times that difference, with a minimum of $1.00 and a maximum of $5.00. 12. What if the store refuses to pay the bonus? 9. Can the seller, as a condition of paying the difference between the price I was If the seller refunds the difference between Continued from Page 5 charged and the price displayed for price displayed and price charged, but the item, or as a condition of payment refuses to pay the bonus, you may bring an 5. What if the store has items that of the bonus, demand I provide my individual or class action to recover actual apparently should have the price name, address, and phone number? damages or $250.00, whichever is greater, displayed but does not? Or what if for each day on which violations of the act the price is displayed, but in a are found together with reasonable attorneys' manner that does not clearly and fees not to exceed $300.00 in an individual Probably not. The Scanner Law only reasonably convey the price at the requires the buyer to provide evidence of the action. place in the store where the item is loss suffered. When the buyer produces the located? receipt, the seller will likely immediately 13. What if an item is advertised on sale mark the receipt to indicate the difference but the clerk charges me the Complaints regarding a store's failure to and the bonus have been paid. The seller, displayed price, which is higher than properly display the price of consumer items however, has two days after notification to the advertised sale price; am I offered for sale should be directed to the tender the difference and any applicable entitled to buy the item at the adverDepartment of Agriculture & Rural bonus. If the seller does not process the tised sale price and receive the Development, Weights & Measures Section refund and applicable additional bonus bonus? in the E.C. Heffron Laboratory, by calling immediately and you do not want to provide (517) 655-8202 or in writing addressed to contact information, you will need to make You are not entitled to the bonus because 940 Venture Lane, Williamston, MI 48895. arrangements to check back with the seller you were not charged more than the price at a reasonable time and location. displayed for the item. Whether you are 6. Can I bring a lawsuit when the store entitled to purchase the item at the fails to properly display the price of 10. Can a seller satisfy the obligation to advertised sale price is a fact-specific items? provide a refund and bonus for question best answered by a court. The scanner overcharges by giving the failure to sell goods, merchandise, consumer a gift certificate? A person who suffers a loss as a result of a commodities, or services in the manner violation of the Shopping Reform and advertised, or the refusal to sell at the price Modernization Act may bring an individual No. The Scanner Law requires that when a advertised, or in accordance with other or class action to recover actual damages or consumer is charged more than the terms and conditions of the advertisement, $250.00, whichever is greater, for each day displayed price, the seller may avoid a creates a rebuttable presumption of intent to on which a violation of the act has been lawsuit by tendering to the buyer an amount violate the Act. found, together with reasonable attorneys' equal to the difference between the fees not to exceed $300.00 in an individual displayed price and the price charged, plus 14. What if the wrong price is displayed action. an amount equal to ten times that difference for an item and the clerk catches it with a minimum of $1.00 and a maximum of before I pay; am I entitled to buy the $5.00. Black's legal dictionary defines 7. If I notify the clerk that I was item at the displayed price? overcharged for an item before I pay "tender" as "an offer of money." and the clerk corrects the overcharge, This is a fact-specific question best am I still entitled to the bonus? 11. Can I sue if I am overcharged due to answered by a court. A store may not scanner error? knowingly charge or attempt to charge a No. The transaction must be complete, and price higher than the price displayed for that you must have a receipt evidencing the item. Therefore, the consumer may have a Unless you are alleging the seller overcharge before you can request the intentionally charged more for an item than claim if the store will not sell the item at the bonus. price displayed. However, the consumer the price displayed for the item, you must first notify the seller in person or in writing may face obstacles convincing a court that 8. Do I have to make a claim for the and provide evidence of the loss suffered. If the store knowingly charged the higher price refund and the bonus before I leave when the pricing mistake is not intentional the seller refunds the difference and any the store? and will result in an obvious windfall to the additional bonus due, you are barred from consumer. further recovery. If the seller does not refund the difference and any additional No. You have 30 days from the date you bonus due, the consumer may bring an purchased the item to notify the seller in person or in writing. The notice you provide individual or class action to recover actual damages or $250.00, whichever is greater, must include evidence of the loss suffered. The seller has two days after notifica- for each day on which violations of the act Continued on Page 11 tion to tender an amount equal to the differ- are found together with reasonable attorneys'

Michigan's New Scanner Law The 2011 Shopping Reform and Modernization Act

Page 10

an amount paid by the seller for their error 16. Where can I report scanner and is distinct from the price the consumer error overcharge complaints? paid for the alcohol. Complaints regarding a scanner error The payment of the difference between the overcharge by a store should be directed to the Department of Agriculture & Rural Continued from Page 10 amount charged and the displayed price, however, is essentially a price adjustment, Development, Weights & Measures 15. Does the Scanner Law apply to the sale and as such, might not be refundable in Section in the E.C. Heffron Laboratory, by of alcohol? calling (517) 655-8202 or in writing certain circumstances (i.e., if the retailer has charged the exact minimum retail sell- addressed to 940 Venture Lane, Yes. However, another law -- the ing price). Since alcohol is not an exempt Williamston, MI 48895. Liquor Control Code -- must also be item under the Shopping Reform and considered. MCL 436.1101 -- MCL Modernization Act, and the Legislature is DOLLAR-BILL-SIZED BILL OF 436.2303. Under the Liquor Control presumed to know that another law (the RIGHTS & QUESTIONS OR Code, alcoholic liquor may not be sold Liquor Control Code) requires certain COMPLAINTS below the "minimum retail selling price" alcohol pricing, this conclusion interprets set by the Liquor Control Commisthe legislative intent when the laws are To obtain a dollar-bill-sized reminder of sion. Spirits must be sold at a mandated read together. your "Scanner Error Bill of Rights," to ask price while beer and wine may not be sold questions or obtain complaint information, below cost. MCL 436.1229. Therefore, contact the Attorney General's Consumer Consumers should direct complaints the difference between the amount Protection Division: regarding alcohol pricing to the charged and the displayed price is only Consumer Protection Division Enforcement Division of the Michigan refundable if the retailer has charged more Liquor Control Commission by calling P.O. Box 30213 than the minimum retail selling price. Lansing, MI 48909 (517) 322-1370 or writing to Michigan Liquor Control Commission, 7150 Harris 517-373-1140 If the consumer is due a bonus, this Fax: 517-241-3771 Drive, P.O. Box 30005, Lansing, MI amount must be paid if the seller wants to 48909. Violations may be reported online Toll free: 877-765-8388 preclude the consumer from bringing a at or by lawsuit because the bonus is not a price calling the toll-free hotline (online complaint form) adjustment. The payment of the bonus is 1-866-893-2121.

Michigan's New Scanner Law The 2011 Shopping Reform and Modernization Act

2011 Advertising & Insertion Rates 3” x 2 ½” ad in Commerce Connection

Inserts Chamber composes & prints (black print & 1 side) $165.00 (exclusive - no other inserts)

ad provided by you (jpeg or PDF format) $25 12 ads (one per month) - 4 changes per year You compose & supply 250 copies, Chamber $175 inserts & mails $125.00

3” x 5” ad in Commerce Connection ad provided by you (jpeg or PDF format) $42.50 12 ads (one per month) - 4 changes per year $410

3” x 7 ½” ad in Commerce Connection ad provided by you (jpeg or PDF format) $60 12 ads - one per month - 4 changes per year $510

E-mail blast E-mail blasts will be sent once per week $35 per blast

Page 11

(exclusive - no other inserts) Chamber composes & prints (black print & 1 side) $115.00 (with other inserts) You compose & supply 250 copies, Chamber inserts & mails $75.00 - Month (with other inserts) $25 for ads created by Chamber Color printing - $25 Colored paper - $10 Second side printing - $10 black and white & $25 color

Tune in to WCSR the 4th Thursday of every month for Chamber Chat. Listen to updates from the Hillsdale County Chamber of Commerce. Learn more about Chamber benefits, program and services offered, as well as Chamber event updates. Brought to you by your Hillsdale County Chamber of Commerce.

David’s Dolce Vita also offer many original and unique items not found elsewhere in Hillsdale County. If you are looking for an item for that hard to shop for person in your life, chances are you can find them something new and exciting at David’s.

In 2005, David and Debra Kamen opened the doors to David’s Dolce Vita in downtown Hillsdale. David’s Dolce Vita caters to those looking for domestic and imported boutique wines, cigars and pipes. They also offer beer and wine making supplies as well as a large assortment of fine wines, cigars, tobaccos and pipes and accessories. The staff is highly educated in wine, cigars, tobaccos, pipes and accessories and will able to assist even the novice in discovering their favorite. They are a wealth of knowledge. Their motto is: The more you know about wine and cigars, the more you want to know about us! David’s can also help pair the perfect wine with any dish or the perfect drink to be enjoyed with a fine cigar.

David’s Dolce Vita is now open Monday through Saturday, 10 AM to 7 PM. Online shopping is available on their website, and you can also check them out on their Facebook page and keep up to date with product and event information.

For more information give David’s Dolce Vita a call at (517) 437-3351 or stop in at

34 North Howell Street in Hillsdale and discover for yourself the vast array of products they have to offer.

Page 12

Anger Is Not a Leadership Skill By: Diane Helbig Source:

It comes from one of a couple of places – insecurity, fear or mistrust. I submit that you can’t be successful if you operate from any of these platforms.

As a manager or business owner, ask yourself a Over the past couple of weeks I have interacted with couple of key questions: people who work for small business owners who aren’t such great bosses. In fact, they are downright angry and mean.

expectations? 3. What are the consequences – good and bad – of meeting, exceeding or missing the expectations?

4. How well have you communicated #1-3 to your employees? 5. How well have you maintained #3 – followed through with consequences?

When you move away from I can’t help insecurity, fear or wondering what they mistrust and just are hoping to answer those accomplish. Yelling questions, you take at people, demeaning the emotion out of them, using nasty the business, and language – none of therefore out of your these are leadership behavior. Clear and tactics, nor are they effective. 1. What do you expect from consistent communication is key to business success. your employees? You don’t get people to Individually and I should add that perform at their best when collectively? unemotional communication you spend your time beating is critical. them down. Fear is not a 2. What resources do they motivator. This behavior isn’t need from you in order to Continued on Page 14 something that is learned in meet or exceed those leadership training courses. Chamber Testimonials A lady from Hillsdale called for directions to Borgess Hospital. Jon helped her with the directions. She was very appreciative. A lady called to find the name of the new boutique in downtown Hillsdale. Karri provided the caller with information about 8 North. Page 13

Anger Is Not a Leadership Skill Continued from Page 13 When you want people to accomplish something, you have to give them the tools and resources they need. One of those is encouragement. Another is support. And the most important is believing in them. If you are insecure or fearful, keep it to yourself. It’s not your employees’ problem, and taking it out on them is only going to make things worse. You’re setting yourself up for failure. And you run the real risk that the good employees will leave. They know they don’t have to be treated that way. You’ll be left with no one, or the less- than-stellar performers. Not much of a strategy for success, is it? If you don’t trust your employees to do their jobs, why did you hire them? I mean it! Hiring right is the first step. When you know the answer to #1 above you can set out to find people who can meet those

expectations. You can’t hire If you can’t find a way to just anyone. You have to hire treat people with respect and the right people. encouragement, hire a manager to handle the staff. The next step is reminding That’s being proactive and yourself of your goals and solving a problem. Don’t let vision – and that your behavior destroy your communication is critically company. important to achieving them. A couple of Stephen Covey’s When we look at leadership “7 Habits of Highly Effective this way we can see that People” apply to this very anger has no place; it plays topic. The first is to “Be no role in leading your Proactive.” This is where you employees toward success – choose not to be angry. You theirs or yours. You know choose how you are going to those companies I communicate, based on what mentioned at the beginning outcome you wish to achieve. of this article? The good The next is “Begin With the employees left to find a better End in Mind.” Keep your experience someplace else. goals and vision top of mind. The companies were left Before you say or do scrambling to survive. All anything, ask yourself if what because the “leadership” was you are about to say or do angry. will help you achieve your goal. If not, don’t do it! Lastly, “Think Win-Win.” This speaks to understanding that when your employees are successful, you are successful. You want to be sure your people have the tools and resources they need to be successful. When you are communicating in a positive, empowering way, you are helping your employees succeed.

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