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What is geocaching? “Geocaching (pronounced geo-cashing) is a worldwide game of hiding and seeking treasure. A geocacher can place a geocache in the world, pinpoint its loca on using GPS technology and then share the geocache’s existence and loca on online. Anyone with a GPS device can then try to locate the geocache.” -

Getting Started: • You’ll need a Global Posi oning System (GPS) device: a handheld GPS, your car GPS (set in ‘Walking Mode’) or a smart phone. (For smart phones, a variety of applica ons are available for GPS coordinates.) • Log onto and create your free account. • Use the given coordinates to find the area of the hidden cache. • Once found, a cache will contain a log book, write down your account name and the date you found the cache. • If there is an object in the cache, and you take it, you must replace it with some thing of equal or greater value. • Place the cache back exactly as you found it. • Report your findings online.

As you go: • Respect the environment and be mindful of your surroundings. • When you find a cache, be sure to put it back just as you found it. • Geocaches are meant to blend into the environment and will never be buried; so look very closely.

Terms: BYOP: Bring your own pencil so that you can sign the log book. DNF: Did not find. This is used when logging the cache online if you are unable to find the cache. FTF: First to Find. Wri en in the logbook or online when being the first person to discover the cache. Muggle: A non-geocacher. Usually used if a non geocacher looks puzzled a er befriending a geocacher searching for a cache, or when one unexpectedly finds a cache. Travel Bug: A dogtag a ached to an object; moved from cache to cache, its travels are logged on TFTC: Thanks for the cache. (More available online at

Calhoun County Course: Ten caches are placed throughout Calhoun County and are wai ng for you to find them! Each cache, a li le different from the other, and each with a different owner, adds a new element of adventure to the course! Each cache has its own special code on the physical cache. Be sure to keep track of that code on the back of this guide. Then, bring the guide to 77 E. Michigan Avenue, for your prizes! Each sec on, has it’s own reward, with a grand prize to be given away in November, 2012.

Each par cipa ng cache has an interes ng and informa ve descrip on. However, not everything could be listed in this guide. For complete lis ngs visit to learn more about each loca on and cache!

Many of the geocaches provide a code for you to crack. Use the following decryp on key for these codes. The le er above equals the le er below and vice versa. A|B |C|D|E|F|G|H| I| J |K |L |M -------------------------------------------N|O|P|Q|R|S|T|U|V|W|X| Y | Z

Individuals paricipa ng in geocaching do so at their own risk. The Calhoun County Visitors Bureau, its affiliates and cache owners are not responsible for accidents or injury. Please obey all appropriate laws and exercise extreme cau on.

800.397.2240 • 77 East Michigan Avenue Ste. 100, Battle Creek 49017

Level 1 Arcadia Creek Cache

While you are here, check out this cache! DGS OperaƟon Black Gnome - GC35P47

N 42 ° 19.372 W 85 ° 11.459 GC1V3AV - RXWranglers Located in a quaint li le park in Downtown Ba le Creek. Enjoy your stay; watch li le cachers near the water’s edge! Hint:


Michigan Craft Brewing: Black Beauty II N 42 ° 16.009 W 84° 57.782 GC26XY5 - Ypsi Gizmo Celebra ng Michigan cra brewing. This is a favorite brewpub in Michigan. BYOP. Parking is located next to cache. Hint: WHFG


Decryp on Code: A|B |C|D|E|F|G|H| I| J |K |L |M -------------------------------------------N|O|P|Q|R|S|T|U|V|W|X| Y | Z

Irving Park: Duck Duck Goose N 42 ° 20.071 W 85 ° 10.866 GC36QZN - BBMFB Just off the train near the pond. Small silver pill container. Hint: FGRC


While you are here, check out this cache! Irving Park not in my Backyard- GC35EXQ

Level 2 John Wilson Park, Athens MI N 42 ° 05.565 W 85 ° 13.975 GC2ZZ8F - HIKAMTN John Wilson Park is located in Athens, MI. If you want to have a picnic, it has two nice pavillions with picnic tables. Equipment for the kids to play on and a nice stream. There is a Farmer’s Market from 2-6 PM on Friday’s from June - October. Mosquitos and muggles. Have fun! No hints.

Decryp on Code: A|B |C|D|E|F|G|H| I| J |K |L |M -------------------------------------------N|O|P|Q|R|S|T|U|V|W|X| Y | Z

While you are here, check out this cache! Gator Zoo - GC1WTY8

The One that Belongs N: 42 ° 08.782 W: 84° 48.102 GC2ZRRP - Drummy3 Homer was se led in 1832 by Milton Barney, who originally named it Barneyville. In 1834, Barneyville was renamed Homer a er the city in Courtland County, NY.

Hint: YHZORE WNPX While you are here, check out this cache! Barneyville Boardwalk - GCQGAF

Grever’s Nature Center Part 2 N: 42 ° 18.594 W: 85° 02.987 GC29T4N - HIKAMTN Grever’s Nature Center is a gem to visit and about 90 acres in size. The western por on of Mud Lake lies within the center. All areas except the narrow strip of swamp land at the north end are accesible by trail. A very informa ve brochure can be picked up at the parking lot; it provides a map of the trail system and a commentary on the habitat. The cache is located down a well maintained trail about .16 miles from the parking lot. It is only 50’ off the trail. It’s a camo’d pill bo le bigger than a matchs ck container.

Hint: ABG GUVF GVZR While you are here, there are many in the center! Visit to see them all!

800.397.2240 • 77 East Michigan Avenue Ste. 100, Battle Creek 49017

Level 2 Michigan Spirit Quest #17: Circle of Honor Oak Hill Cemetery - 255 South Avenue - Closed a er dark GCYN4C - PairOMedicChick - A Genuine Spirit Quest Cache The cache is not located near a grave... If you find a fallen US flag, please s ck it back in the ground or replace it. As always, please be respec ul, & cache in, trash out. Say a prayer for our brave troops. The cache container is a camoed matchs ck; started with a pencil, but be safe & BYOP.


JUVYR NYSERQ BE WBUA PNA’G TVIR LBH N YRT HC, GURL JVYY CBVAG LBH VA GUR EVTUG DHNEGRE. V GUVAX GURL’ER FNLVAT GB YBBX HC. While you are here, check out this cache! Michigan Spirit Quest #18 ‘A Sojourn to History’ GCYN4X

Decryp on Code: A|B |C|D|E|F|G|H| I| J |K |L |M -------------------------------------------N|O|P|Q|R|S|T|U|V|W|X| Y | Z

LEVEL 3 Parking Miss Daisy N: 42 ° 19.293 W: 85° 11.074 GC2P9ZJ - The Irishman0523 Orange and black container.


*jvax jvax*

Linear Trail 2: Verona Dam N: 42° 19.874 W: 85° 09.199 GC20KDA - Tootentot Located along the linear trail, small stop by the water. On this spot stood the Verona Mill and a boat rental place. It is now a dam along the Ba le Creek River. Cache is a nano. Bring pencil. Bring a pick.

Hint: 1.YBBX NG GNOYR Decryp on Code: A|B |C|D|E|F|G|H| I| J |K |L |M -------------------------------------------N|O|P|Q|R|S|T|U|V|W|X| Y | Z


Rice Creek Series #4 N: 42° 16.200 W: 84° 56.758 GC3EMG6 DucksLanding This is a natural cache located in Ketchum Park (Marshall). The cache is located with the permission of the City of Marshall Parks Department. Caching only during daylight hours. Rice Creek flows on both sides of this area. This is a series totaling 7 caches. Round trip from the parking area is approximately 2 miles but is well worth the trip. This cache is made of natural components and contains just a log. Bring your own pen. Enjoy the area.

Hint: ABAR

Thank you to the local geocachers who par cipated and included their cache in the 2012 Cache Calhoun challenge! ( user names) • BBMFB • DRUMMY3 • DUCKSLANDING • TOOTENTOT • HIKAMTN


800.397.2240 • 77 East Michigan Avenue Ste. 100, Battle Creek 49017

WIN! CACHE COLLECTION REPORT On each hidden cache is a special code. Write down each code, and then bring this sheet into the Visitors Bureau for your prize! Each completed series will earn you a prize! Complete all three series and be registered to win a grand prize of a weekend getaway to Ba le Creek/Calhoun County! Level 1:

Arcadia Creek Cache MI Cra Brewing Irving Park Duck Duck Goose Level 2:

John Wilson Park, Athens The one that belongs Grever’s Nature Center #3 MI Spirit Quest #17 Level 3:

Linear Trail 2:Verona Dam Parking Miss Daisy Rice Creek Series #4

Cache collection giveaway ends 10/31/12. Only one prize per person and per code sheet. 800.397.2240 • 77 East Michigan Avenue Ste. 100, Battle Creek 49017

2012 Calhoun County Visitors Bureau Geocache Brochure  

2012 Calhoun County Visitors Bureau Geocache Brochure

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