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Volume 78 Number 3 Fall 2013

Serving the Mechanical-Plumbing-Heating-Air Conditioning-Electrical-Refrigeration and Sheet Metal Industry of Virginia

Connect... Connect... Connect... PMPVA Members Take Issues to D.C. Apprentices Compete for Honors

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IMAGE Plumbing & Mechanical Professionals of Virginia Chairman James S. Steinle Atomic Plumbing 1377 London Bridge Rd Virginia Beach, VA 23453 757-464-2934; Fax 757-363-8403

Vice Chair Michael Hurt Long’s Corporation 11215-G Lee Hwy Fairfax, VA 22030 703-323-1776; Fax 703-385-7446

Past Chair Theresa Dagenhart Long’s Corporation 11215-G Lee Hwy Fairfax, VA 22030 703-323-1776; Fax 703-385-7446

Committee Chairs Laurie C. Crigler L & D Associates, Inc. 935 Good Hope Church Rd Aroda, VA 22709 540-948-6230; Fax 540-948-5617

Jason Richard Parrish Services 7865 Coppermine Drive Manasass, VA 20109 703-656-2008; Fax 703-656-2006

Randy Baldwin Frugal Rooter, LLC 10476 Business Center Ct. Manassas, VA 20110 703-580-5325; Fax 703-392-6343

Dan Foley Foley Mechanical, Inc. 8390 Terminal Rd., Unit 1 Lorton, VA 22079 703-339-8030; Fax 703-339-8031

Matthew Kemp Aireco, Inc P.O. Box 414 Savage, MD 20763 703-209-7386; Fax 301-953-1962

Executive Director Susan Milhoan PMPV-VAPHCC P.O. Box 11128 Norfolk, VA 23517 800-947-7450; Fax 800-947-7415


Volume 78 Number 3 Fall 2013

Serving the Mechanical-Plumbing-Heating-Air Conditioning-Electrical-Refrigeration and Sheet Metal Industry of Virginia

Connect... Connect... Connect... PMPVA Members Take Issues to D.C. Apprentices Compete for Honors

FALL 2013

FALL 2013

INSIDE THIS ISSUE Chairman’s Report - Jim Steinle 4 Executive Director Report - Susan Milhoan 6 PMPV Committee Reports Laurie C. Crigler, Legislative Chair


Randy Baldwin, Communications Chair 10 PHCC 2013 Connect Las Vegas


Getting Started on LinkedIn


Make Meaningful Connections Using LinkedIn


2014 Virginia Trade Show and Convention


Connect with Education You Can Use


OSHA: Hazard Communication Standard Final Rule


The Affordable Care Act and Your Business


You Have to Be Kidding!


Make Time to Play!


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Volume 78 / Number 3 Senior Editor - Susan Milhoan Image is the official magazine of the Plumbing & Mechanical Professionals of Virginia and is published four times annually. PMPV does not necessarily endorse any of the companies advertising in this publication or the views of its writers. Image is designed and published by Blue Water Publishers, LLC. Articles and information published in this magazine may not be reproduced without written consent of the PMPV or Blue Water Publishers, LLC. The publisher cannot assume responsibility for claims made by advertisers and is not responsible for the opinions expressed by contributing authors. For more information on advertising, contact Jim Aitkins, Blue Water Publishers, LLC, 22727 - 161st Avenue SE, Monroe, WA 98272 360-805-6474 / fax: 360-805-6475 /

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Learning is a matter of connection

Jim Steinle Chairman

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lot of things change as you get older. For me, one of the biggest was my attitude about education and making the connection that learning is a lifelong activity. I was not a scholar in high school (although I was good at math) and had no interest in attending college. Pursuing a trade was absolutely the best decision for me. While I sidestepped the traditional education route, I realize the essential value of learning. As I have grown my business, I am quite certain that continuing education is critical to success, but I recognize the diversity of learning opportunities. Two outstanding examples are the annual PHCC trade show/ convention and apprenticeship programs. Indeed, CONNECT offers a full agenda of excellent educational opportunities, but I have found the trade show component to be rich with new ideas. I have discovered new products, new approaches and new ways of doing things. I always leave with more knowledge and a greater appreciation for my business. Working with the apprenticeship programs locally and at the state and national levels is a tremendous learning experience. After three decades in this profession I still find myself picking up new ideas from those just entering the field. They bring their own approach to solving problems and share techniques learned from their mentors. I am consistently rewarded with new ideas and knowledge I take back to my business. That is also the intangible benefit of a trade association. Helping others in the profession and sharing information benefits everyone involved. Why start from scratch or reinvent the wheel? I disagree with those who see this approach as helping the competition: it helps all of us. Furthermore, any educator will tell you that teaching sharpens and deepens knowledge, benefiting the teacher as well as the student. If you are able to attend CONNECT, I encourage you to take advantage of the many opportunities to connect with peers, providers and students. Alternatively, you might be surprised at what you can learn by just getting connected at a local chapter meeting.

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Make Connections Fearlessly (Pass It On)

Susan Milhoan Executive Director

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his issue of IMAGE provides readers with information about making connections. Obviously, one of the best opportunities is attendance at CONNECT 2013 October 16-19 in Las Vegas. It is a world class event that connects attendees with peers, education, suppliers and more. If you have an opportunity to attend you will appreciate the value of your investment. For those who are in business – and successful – connections make all the difference in the world. Whether you call it networking, making connections or just good business, knowing the right person or process or people skill can make a big difference. Even with all the evidence supporting the tangible value of making connections, there are still those who are reluctant to embrace the practice. They want to expand their businesses, improve their operations and profitability or build awareness, but fail to execute the effort. They may claim they have no time or money for the exercise. Or, they may join organizations but do not take advantage of opportunities to connect. It’s like joining a health club to lose weight or get in shape and not using the membership. It is understandable why some people are hesitant to jump in. They may be shy or their experience in networking involved being accosted by an eager and domineering sales person. Anyone can be good at making connections if they understand that it’s not the what or the how of what you do that attracts people to you. It is the why that inspires connections and opportunities. Why you do what you do reveals your passion, which allows you to be what business coaches term an “attractor of possibility.” Instead of viewing networking as an exercise to gather opportunities, those who are effective at making connections use such events to share information and demonstrate their passion for what they do. This simple shift of paying it forward changes the dynamic of the conversation and yields better results. Plus, it is a more comfortable position for all those people who are ill at ease with the role of an extroverted promoter. Try it. Attend CONNECT, take advantage of local events, serve as a mentor or advisor within this association. As you see results, the behavior becomes a habit and the habit benefits everyone. Pass it on.

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Falls Church 6535 Arlington Blvd. Falls Church, VA 22042 P: 703-584-1500 Chevy Chase 8530 Connecticut Ave. Chevy Chase, MD 20815 P: 301-215-6310

Richmond 2120 Maywill St. Richmond, VA 23230 P: 804-325-8554 Rockville 15815 Frederick Rd. Rockville, MD 20855 P: 301-795-4700

COMMITTEE REPORT: Legislative Committee By Chairwoman, Laurie Crigler

This is THE Year


s we rapidly approach Fall, the election season is upon us once again. This is THE YEAR…..all 100 seats in the House of Delegates are up for election, plus the Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General. After all the conventions and primaries, here is the official line-up: GOVERNOR Ken Cuccinelli (Republican) Terry McAuliffe (Democrat) Robert Sarvis (Libertarian) LT. GOVERNOR E.W. Jackson (Republican) Ralph Northam (Democrat) ATTORNEY GENERAL Mark Obenshain (Republican) Mark Herring (Democrat) In addition, ALL 100 seats of the Virginia House of Delegates are being elected/re-elected. There will be significant changes as there are at least nine delegates retiring. The list of retirees this year is staggering and they are all folks that have been around for awhile. Maybe that is good, maybe that is bad but one thing is certain…it sure will be different. Here is the list as of late July, of those who have decided to retire: Delegate Joe Johnson-Democrat-4th District Delegate Anne Crocket-Stark-Republican-6th District Delegate Donald Merricks-Republican-16th District Delegate Lacey Putney-Independent-19th District Delegate Jim Scott-Democrat-53rd District Delegate John Cox-Republican-55th District Delegate Harry “Bob” Purkey-Republican-82nd District Delegate Sal Iaquinto-Republican-84th District Delegate Bob Tata-Republican-85th District

[ 8 ] IMAGE | Fall 2013

A couple of these folks had aides for many years and their aides have decided it is time to step into the limelight. Jim Scott’s aide, Marcus Simon is the Democratic nominee for that district’s seat and Buddy Fowler is the Republican nominee to for John Cox’s seat. What I am trying to say: the political geography of Virginia is changing as a result of the Fall 2013 elections and we need to meet and greet the new folks, introduce them to PMPV/PHCC and get to know them so they will know who we are when we need to introduce legislation for our industry. Find out who is running in your district and go to an event, introduce yourself and get to know them. It really pays off in the end and it WILL make a difference Speaking of making a difference….the main issue I have been following is a potential regulatory change. The “Proposed Regulatory Change” will eliminate the CEU programs for all trades except “water-well drillers” and “elevator mechanics” (and that is because their CEU’s were written into the law when they got their licensing passed by the General Assembly a couple of years ago). The “Proposed Regulatory Change” is now in the Governor’s Office (as of this writing). Once the Governor signs off on it…it will be published in the Virginia Register and there will be a “Public Comment” period (again) and several public hearings across the state. It will be VERY important for us to be present at the public hearings to state our case. We would very much like to resolve this issue by helping DPOR to cut expenses without necessarily eliminating the CEU program. Maybe through this all, we will end up with a MUCH better CEU program Remember to join PMPV/VAPHCC, a professional organization which looks out for the public AND the industry and be part of the solution! Laurie C. Crigler is Legislative Chair for the Plumbing and Mechanical Professionals of Virginia and owner of L&C Associates, Inc. in Aroda, Virginia. She can be reached in her office at 540-948-6230, on her cell at 540-718-3000 or by email at

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COMMITTEE REPORT: Communications Committee By Communications Chairman, Randy Baldwin

It Takes Two to Communicate


f you have ever attended a seminar on leadership, communications, business growth or most any other topic, effective communication is cited as an important component. You have also probably heard that 93% of all daily communication is nonverbal. According to those who quote the statistics, 7% of any message is conveyed through actual words, 38% through certain vocal elements, and 55% through nonverbal elements (facial expressions, gestures, posture, etc.). Whether analyzing your communications with family, employees, customers or members, there are a few “rules” that will improve your ability and get you closer to your desired outcome. These components aren’t essential to casual interaction, but when the communication effort is important, they can make a big difference. First, understand what you want from the communication. Whether it is helping an employee improve performance or getting a contract from a customer, you should have an end goal in mind and aim for that outcome. Similarly, you should be careful about the timing of the communication…choose the appropriate time and location (for in person conversations) and stay focused on the interaction. For written communications, reconsider sending tirades in the middle of the night or assignments after hours. If you know the objective of the conversation (or written communique), stick to the subject. For the best outcome, avoid the tone of accusation usually signaled by sentences starting with “you” (try for “I” instead); stay away from absolute terms like “never” or “always” and watch out for the preachy tone of “should/shouldn’t.” Remember that the words you use are not as impactful as your tone and body language, so stay calm, don’t interrupt and stay engaged. Remember that every conversation also requires listening. To assess your listening skills, check that you [ 10 ] IMAGE | Fall 2013

are paying attention to content, monitor the other person’s tone and body language to confirm your understanding, assure that you are sending signals back that you are listening (nod, smile, etc.) and make sure you ask open-ended questions or paraphrase what you heard to validate. Randy L. Baldwin is a licensed Master Plumber and owner of Frugal Rooter Plumbing & Drain as well as Homedic Home Improvement. He has over 20 years of experience in the field. He can be reached at

1.800.291.9298 3933 Avion Park Court, B102B Chantilly, VA 20151

Now Stocking in our

Chantilly, VA Warehouse

Proudly representing the following Watts Water Technologies Brands:

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Getting Started on LinkedIn


our LinkedIn profile serves as your online business card. It tells people why they should connect with you and what types of content you might be sharing. In addition, it makes it easy for friends, colleagues, and potential customers to find you online because your public profile is searchable. Like Facebook, there are personal and business pages, plus interest groups. The first step is a personal page. Start by going to: The initial screen allows you to fill in the blanks with your personal information. Among the fields you will notice you get to include three active links to external sites. Make sure you use one of these for your company’s Web site, then perhaps use the other two for your professional blog, and perhaps another profile like your company’s Facebook page. You may want to add a link for people to join your email newsletter list. TIP: don’t use the generic “My Website” labels. Instead select “Other” and you will be able to choose your own label which will become the text of your link. Complete the profile by filling in work experience and education details. Don’t skip over this step since it will help you connect with former classmates, business colleagues and friends. Be sure to add a photo of yourself. There are several ways to add Connections to your LinkedIn account. Start by logging in and clicking on the “Network” tab and then “Contacts,” then click on “Add Connections.” On the first screen, you’re given the option

of either adding contacts from your email account, or manually adding contacts by entering their email accounts in the box. Next you should click on the second tab, “Colleagues.” This screen will show you people you might have worked with at different companies or organizations in the past based on information you provided when you created your profile. With LinkedIn, you can ask colleagues, clients, and other people in your network to you endorse you through LinkedIn Recommendations. As with any social network, providing recommendations and endorsements for your connections will result in reciprocal activity, or you can simply ask. To endorse a skill already listed on someone’s profile: 1. Scroll down to the “Skills & Expertise” section of a connection’s profile. 2. Click the name of the skill, or the + symbol next to the skill. You may see a list of suggested skills to endorse a connection for: 1. Move your cursor over the arrow next to “Send a message” in the top section of a connection’s profile, and choose the “Endorse skills & expertise” option. A blue box with a list of skills will appear. They may already be listed on their profile. 2. Click “X” next to any suggestions you wish to remove. You may also type in additional skills. 3. Click “Endorse.” Fall 2013 | IMAGE

[ 13 ]

Recommendations are more involved and specific. Such recommendations reinforce your professional identity online and are shared with your connections. 1. Move your cursor over “Profile” at the top of your homepage and select “Edit Profile.” 2. Scroll down to the “Recommendations” box and click the “Edit” icon. 3. Click “Manage Visibility” under “Your Recommendations” on the right side of the page. 4. Click the “Given” tab and scroll down to the “Make a Recommendation” section. a. To recommend a connection, click “select from your connections list” and click a name. b. To recommend someone who’s not a connection, enter the first name, last name, and email address. 5. Click the button next to the person you want to recommend and click “Continue.” 6. Complete the recommendation form. 7. Click “Send.” From your profile, LinkedIn will also allow you to create a company page with you acting as administrator (you can have more than one administrator). Go to the “Interests” tab and click on “Companies.” On the upper right you will see a link to add a company. You will be asked for your company name, your email at the company and you will be asked to verify you represent the company. Just as you created a personal profile, follow the prompts to create a company page and be sure to include the company logo as the profile picture. Now when you log in, you can toggle between your company and personal profile by using buttons on the top right of your profile. You can also join or create or join an interest group. To get started, go to “Interests” tab and then “Groups.” To find Groups you might be interested in joining use the search bar at the top and type in your search term (such as plumbing, HVAC, customer service, etc.) and click “Search.” When you find a Group that looks interesting, click “Join Group.” For any Group you’re joining, you’ll be notified whenever there’s activity. To modify how often this happens, you’ll want to choose your “Group Settings” and how you’d like to receive messages. When you’re happy with your settings, click “Join Group.” To start, you might want to join PMPV/PHCC group, PMPV – Plumbing [ 14 ] IMAGE | Fall 2013

Mechanical Professionals of Virginia. Fortunately, if you ever get confused, visit the LinkedIn Help Center. Look for an answer or ask a question. Ensure you’re making you and your organization look as good as you can: • Post Weekly: Post something new to your profile each week. Add events, share links to blog posts and press releases, ask for and give recommendations, etc. •

Participate in Group Discussions: The more you participate, the more you’ll build credibility and trust within your industry and specialty.

Keep Your LinkedIn Profile Up to Date: Review your profile whenever something changes…an award or recognition, title change, etc.

Ask and Answer Questions: Tap into the power of your network 2–3 times a month to ask or answer questions (learn how to do this at http:// This will keep your name and business on the minds of your colleagues, and build your credibility.

Make Meaningful Connections


Using LinkedIn

onnections are the key to growing a business… employees who connect with each other and customers, customers who make recommendations based on the favorable relationship they have with the business, or peers who advance the business because of the respect they have for the operation and employees. Optimizing those connections can be accelerated through social media. With 225 million subscribers, LinkedIn is one of the largest social networking sites in existence, but unlike Facebook (1.15 billion users), it is designed specifically for the business community. The goal of the site is to allow registered members to establish and document networks of people they know and trust professionally, making meaningful connections. Used strategically, LinkedIn can help you build your brand and broaden your customer base, and after setting up your profile, you need only invest about 20 minutes a month to grow your network and expand your reach. An effective LinkedIn member’s profile page is one which emphasizes employment history and education,

has professional network news feeds and a limited number of customizable modules. Unlike other free social networking sites LinkedIn requires connections to have a pre-existing relationship. And this is one big reason network members are called “connections.” Users are reminded of the adage “you are known by the company you keep;” you should restrict connections to people/ companies you know and trust. In the related article you can follow steps to establish a LinkedIn profile and company page, but the critical component is the network you develop. There are plenty of ways to grow your network and LinkedIn makes it easy. But beware: don’t use the standard connection request. You’re supposed to be building valuable professional relationships to leverage into career opportunities. Even if you’re reaching out to someone you’ve never met, the better approach is to do a little research on that person, and tailor your connection request. Customize your message to make the recipient take notice and avoid the impression that you are mindlessly attempting to increase your connections.

Install a complete bathroom anywhere you need! Service panel for easy accessibility to the electrical components

3/4" discharge pipe for ease of installation Pumping distance of up to 25' vertically and/or 150' horizontally

25 ft.

Three inlets to accommodate a toilet, sink and tub/shower



1 HP grinder motor for heavy-duty and commercial applications


Plumbing can be hidden behind the wall using Saniflo’s extension pipe


Pre-assembled system for above-the-floor installations Fall 2013 | IMAGE

[ 15 ]

Think You Can’t Afford Health Benefits? Contact your local Federated representative to learn more about innovative health insurance plan options, including high deductible plans and health savings accounts—because quality, cost-effective benefit options are key to financial health. Visit to find a representative near you.

Federated Mutual Insurance Company • Federated Service Insurance Company* • Federated Life Insurance Company Owatonna, Minnesota 55060 • Phone: (507) 455-5200 • *Not licensed in the states of NH, NJ, RI, and VT.

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© 2013 Federated Mutual Insurance Company

Natural Gas. Efficient by Nature.


Announcing rebates for residential and commercial customers in Virginia.


lans are being finalized for a 2014 PMPV/PHCC-NV Virginia Trade Show and Convention to be held in Northern Virginia on April 10. The event is designed to connect vendors and suppliers with trades in an informal setting. A variety of seminars will also be offered throughout the day. The exact location will be determined after site visits in September. To be successful, trade shows have to appeal to both exhibitors and attendees by offering something of value; exhibitors want access to customers and attendees want information and value. This is supported by research by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research indicating that 90% of attendees have not had face-to-face contact with exhibitors in a year or more. Almost half of attendees have never been to the trade show or any show in the past year. If exhibitors are looking for value, they could be heartened by the fact that of decision maker attendees, about half make purchase decisions at the show, express a desire to “see what’s new” and invite the trade rep to visit their business after the show. Furthermore, 77% of these attendees say they made contact with a new supplier at a trade show. The PMPV/PHCC trade show will include a variety of seminars designed to appeal to plumbing/HVAC professionals and their employees. If there is a specific topic of interest to you, please contact PMPV/PHCC. During the months ahead members will be kept informed about exhibitors and seminar topics/schedules and other details. For more information email

The Washington Gas Energy Efficiency Program is offering substantial rebates on select natural gas products to homeowners and businesses in Virginia. It’s a terrific selling opportunity for you. These rebates are available for installations performed by qualified contractors before April 30, 2014. Don’t miss this great limited time offer — when the rebates are gone, they’re gone! For additional information and a complete list of eligible products and rebates, go to

Fall 2013 | IMAGE

[ 17 ]


with Education You Can Use


ne of the considerable benefits of membership in PMPV/PHCC is access to a diversity of educational offerings. Furthermore, as a member, many of these classes/seminars are free or preferentially priced.

can be new product orientations or programs on issues impacting the industry. Almost all are held in connection with regular chapter meetings (check for exact dates and locations).

Backflow Certification Online Programs As you know, backflow is an undesirable reversal of There is a lot to know about your trade and even flow of a liquid, gas or solid into the potable water supply. more about running a successful business. As members This is the course needed to be eligible to sit for the of PMPV/PHCC, you can access online webinars that Virginia Backflow Certification exam. PMPV/PHCC is the address topics from accounting to customer service. only Virginia course sponsor. The three-day course also For more information on any of these educational qualifies for certification in Maryland and through WSSC offerings email and WASA. Register now using this form. The Backflow Certification Course, taught by Jim Yacovissi, meets requirements for backflow certification in Maryland, WSSC and Virginia. Cummins-Wagner has solutions for all of your wastewater applications, like This course – currently scheduled for these great products from Bell & Gossett and Vertiflo: early October and early December in Northern Virginia -- includes classroom instruction and a wet lab. Class size is Sump & Sewage limited to 15.


Wastewater Solutions

Impact Series Submersible Self Cleaning Sewage Pumps

Code Specific CEUs As of now, continuing education courses related to state codes are required to maintain licensure in Virginia. PMPV/PHCC membership includes qualified instructors and classes can be scheduled to meet your needs. Chapter Education Each month in Northern Virginia and quarterly in Hampton Roads, PMPV/PHCC chapters offer educational sessions designed to address the needs of members. These [ 18 ] IMAGE | Fall 2013


Packaged Grinder Systems

Heavy Duty Sump Pumps

• • • • •



Call 1-800-966-1277 or visit

Hazard Communication Standard Final Rule


ew changes to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Hazard Communication Standard are bringing the United States into alignment with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS), further improving safety and health protections for America’s workers. Building on the success of OSHA’s current Hazard Communication Standard, the GHS is expected to prevent injuries and illnesses, save lives and improve trade conditions for chemical manufacturers. The Hazard Communication Standard in 1983 gave the workers the ‘right to know,’ but the new Globally Harmonized System gives workers the ‘right to understand.’ The new hazard communication standard still requires chemical manufacturers and importers to evaluate the chemicals they produce or import and provide hazard information to employers and workers by putting labels on containers and preparing safety data sheets. However, the old standard allowed chemical manufacturers and importers to convey hazard information on labels and material safety data sheets in whatever format they chose. The modified standard provides a single set of harmonized criteria for classifying chemicals according to their health and physical hazards and specifies hazard communication elements for labeling and safety data sheets. Benefits: The new standard covers over 43 million workers who produce or handle hazardous chemicals in more than five million workplaces across the country. The modification is expected to prevent over 500 workplace injuries and illnesses and 43 fatalities annually. Once fully implemented it will also: • Enhance worker comprehension of hazards, especially for low and limited-literacy workers, reduce confusion in the workplace, facilitate safety training, and result in safer handling and use of chemicals; • Provide workers quicker and more efficient access to information on the safety data sheets; • Result in cost savings to American businesses of more than $475 million in productivity improvements, fewer safety data sheet and label updates and simpler new hazard communication training; and • Reduce trade barriers by harmonizing with systems around the world.

Changes from the Proposed to the Final Rule: OSHA reviewed the record and revised the Final Rule in response to the comments submitted. Major changes include: • Maintaining the disclosure of exposure limits (Threshold Limit Values [TLVs]) established by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) and carcinogen status from nationally and internationally recognized lists of carcinogens on the safety data sheets; • Clarification that the borders of pictograms must be red on the label; • Flexibility regarding the required precautionary and hazard statements to allow label preparers to consolidate and/or eliminate inappropriate or redundant statements; and • Longer deadlines for full implementation of the standard (see the chart below).

What you need to do and when: Chemical users: Continue to update safety data sheets when new ones become available, provide training on the new label elements and update hazard communication programs if new hazards are identified. Chemical Producers: Review hazard information for all chemicals produced or imported, classify chemicals according to the new classification criteria, and update labels and safety data sheets.

Rulemaking background: OSHA published a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to update the Hazard Communication Standard in September 2009 and held public hearings in March 2010.

Major changes to the Hazard Communication Standard: Hazard classification: Chemical manufacturers and importers are required to determine the hazards of the chemicals they produce or import. Hazard classification under the new, updated standard provides specific criteria to address health and physical hazards as well as classification of chemical mixtures. Labels: Chemical manufacturers and importers must provide a label that includes a signal word, pictogram, hazard statement, and precautionary statement for each hazard class and category. Safety Data Sheets: The new format requires 16 specific sections, ensuring consistency in presentation of important protection information. Information and training: To facilitate understanding of the new system, the new standard requires that workers be trained by December 1, 2013 on the new label elements and safety data sheet format, in addition to the current training requirements.

Other U.S. Agencies: The Department of Transportation (DOT), Environmental Protection Agency, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission actively participated in developing the GHS. DOT has already modified its requirements for classification and labeling to make them consistent with United Nations transport requirements and the new globally harmonized system. Global implementation: The new system is being implemented throughout the world by countries including Canada, the European Union, China, Australia, and Japan. Additional information: More information on the hazard communication standard, including the link to the Federal Register notice, can be found on OSHA’s hazard communication safety and health topics page at hazcom/index.html. Fall 2013 | IMAGE

[ 19 ]

The Affordable Care Act and

Your Business


ederated Insurance, recommended insurance carrier of the Plumbing and Mechanical Professionals of Virginia/Plumbing-HeatingCooling Contractors National Association, has recently developed a strategy for small employer accounts (50 or fewer employees) to change their plan year and renew their coverage on December 1, 2013, deferring the impact of many portions of the ACA until December 1, 2014 versus January 1, 2014. Each Federated client will have the option to either change their plan year to 12/1/13 or remain on their current plan year. Electing to change their plan year to begin on December 1, 2013 will allow employers to take advantage of lower premium rates, retaining their current plan design, and possibly delaying the application of non-discrimination rules.


If you are not currently a Federated Insurance client, please consider taking advantage of this opportunity to explore the PMPV/PHCC recommended group health program. Federated has been a loyal supporter of our association and a trusted business partner to many of our members for years. They are here to offer professional counsel and innovative services that will help you navigate these uncertain times. If you are a Federated Insurance client, expect to hear from your local Federated Insurance Marketing Representative regarding this and other health care reform solutions.


‘‘ I have made more progress in the growth,

professionalism and internal communications of my company in the last 10 years as a QSC member than the previous 28 years before that. I only have QSC and everyone associated


with it to thank.

Roger Fouche Schaal Heating & Cooling Des Moines, IA

Our members say it best! Quality Service Contractors (QSC) is an elite professional association that assists plumbing and HVACR service and repair contractors. We help each member reach their potential in our increasingly demanding industry. As a member, you benefit from business management services and state-of-the-art training to enhance your image and enable you to better serve the needs of your clients.

SAVE OVER $950 Join QSC now, get 15 months for the price of 12 Offer ends December 31, 2013. For more information call (800) 533-7694 or e-mail [ 20 ] IMAGE | Fall 2013


o t e v a h u ! Yo g n i d d i k be

ttending a recent apprenticeship event a seasoned veteran quietly pointed out that one of the PVC pipe joints was in the right place, but installed upside down. To the uninitiated, the flaw was not obvious, but to a professional it stood out like a neon sign. In your experience you have probably seen many such flaws, both subtle and glaring. Some errors are committed by amateurs; some by professionals. Some are even laughable. In a new feature, we ask you to send us photos of what you’ve seen in the field in two categories: • installation or repair flaws that can be identified in a photo (such as an upside down joint), and • blatant laughable disasters. We want to share these images with readers, both

for the educational value and humor. Each issue will include such photos and readers submitting correct diagnosis of flaws can win prizes! Those submitting photos that are subsequently included in an issue of IMAGE will earn the sender a copy of the current PMPV Lottery Calendar (a $20 value that could pay big bucks). From among those submitting correct diagnoses a winner will be selected and awarded a calendar. IMAGE will not reveal the identities of those who committed the errors. The accompanying photo should give you an idea of what to expect. Submit photos to or send to PMPV, PO Box 11128, Norfolk, VA 23517.

w w w.t s b ras 8 0 0 .4 7 6 .4 1 0 3


With new national lead-free legislation taking effect in 2014, there’s been a lot of talk about making the switch. Here’s the truth: T&S was the first fixture, faucet and fitting manufacturer to convert its entire line to lead-free alloys back in 2010. So when you purchase a T&S faucet today, you’re already lead-free compliant. No worries. No hassle.

Visit to download a free brochure about our lead-free products, or contact your local T&S rep for more information.

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4/2/13 Fall 2013 | IMAGE

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Make Time to Play!


here’s a reason why golf is an important tool in a business marketing plan. It helps make connections that facilitate business. There is no other activity that combines the opportunity to spend several hours building personal relationships with sport, entertainment quite the way golf does. Even if you don’t play golf, an outing is a great way to promote your business, gain visibility and network. In May, Kempsville Greens (Virginia Beach) hosted a golf outing for the Plumbing and Mechanical Professionals/PHCC. The event was chaired by Evan Hibbs (Evan Hibbs Plumbing). The event was made possible by Federated Insurance, Advanced Restoration, Aireco, American Leak Detection, Atomic Plumbing, Barger and Associates Brizio/Delta, Comet Plumbing Supply, Copper Development Association, Duhart Company, Evan Hibbs Plumbing, Ferguson Enterprises, Gemaire/ Rheem,, K-Flex USA, Nationwide Insurance, Professional Supply, Southern Plumbing & Heating Supply, State Water Heaters, The Joyce Agency, VAMAC, Inc., Virginia Marketing Associates and Noland. If you missed it, there’s more! On October 8, 2013 Northern Virginia Chapter of PHCC will hold its annual golf outing. For more information, contact Mike Dearring, Trade Ally Specialist with Washington Gas at (703) 750-5945 or via email at If you are working on your schedule or budget for 2014, the Hampton Roads Chapter will again hold its event at Kempsville Greens on May 7, 2014. For more information email

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