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OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2016, Issue 4




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Ohio PHC Contractor is the official publication of the Air Conditioning Contractors of Ohio and the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors of Ohio

The Official Publication for PHCC Ohio & ACCO Contractors and Suppliers

ACCO MISSION Our Mission is to identify, develop, promote and provide business resources and tools that will give our members a competitive advantage in the HVACR industry.

PHCC MISSION PHCC Ohio is committed to the continuous improvement of our industry and society’s quality of life through ongoing education, training and political action.

Volume 2016 Issue 4


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A Message From ACCO President, Kris Guzik


A Message From PHCC Ohio President, Brian Nieman


Dry Patrol


Legally Speaking: Secret Recordings By Employees Now Legal!


Champion Pump - PHCC Ohio Industry Partner


Keeping Score: Who’s Watching Your Money?


What Do Women Want from Their Service Contractor?


Reaffirming Customer Relations


2017 ACCO/PHCC Ohio Convention & Expo 22-23 Information & Location


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OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2016, Issue 4

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Planning for the Future


ACCO & PHCC Ohio 2016-2017 Officers & Directors The exclusive benefits from the Industry Partner Program provide recognition to contractors, as well as the public, as a leader in the PHC and HVACR Industry. Income from the Partnership Program makes it possible to improve the overall financial stability of PHCC and ACCO while supporting companies receive unique advertising and promotional opportunities.


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Water heaters and boilers, residential and commercial, high efficiency and high output – Bradford White has the products you can count on for years of reliable service. We build water heaters in Michigan and boilers in New Hampshire. But no matter the location, each manufacturing facility is staffed with a highly skilled and experienced workforce. These people know how to design and build a great water heater and a great boiler. They do it every day. They do it for you. We have exactly what you need, everything you need, to get the job done and help you build a very long list of greatly satisfied customers. If what you do for a living involves water heaters and boilers, remember this – Bradford White is an American manufacturer that builds products for wholesale distribution to a Bradford White is the Official Water Heater and Boiler of the PHCC.

dedicated group of professional installers. These are your products. We are your Bradford White.

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www.bradfordwhite.com Volume 2016, Issue 4 • OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR


ACCO President, Kris Guzik


nother year has come and gone. I hope you look back and find a profitable and productive year, both personally and professionally. As business owners, it seems like they are one in the same sometimes. When preparing your company’s budget for 2017, I want you to consider joining ACCO. For the small annual amount of $230, the benefits far outweigh the cost. Your membership allows you to access savings items that are critical to your business - gasoline, workers compensation, credit card processing fees and vehicle leasing charges. Membership in ACCO also provides you with a voice in Columbus. ACCO monitors legislation and code changes. We also alert lawmakers about how new laws and regulations will affect our businesses. ACCO, along with PHCC, sponsors an annual convention for all Ohio members. In this issue of the OHIO PHC Contractor, you will find all of the details and registration information. I am very excited about this year’s convention and expect it to be our best ever! It will be held at the Embassy Suites in Independence from March 29 – 31, 2017. The theme of the convention is ALL IN. For us Cavs fans from Northern Ohio, we are very familiar with this mantra. Whether you are trying to win an NBA Championship or operate a business, you

must be ALL IN and fully committed if you expect to succeed. We invite you to be ALL IN! You have the opportunity to expand your network of contacts, gather new ideas, share with others and find new partners from around the state. You will also have a good time. It all starts on Wednesday night with our opening reception. Back by popular demand is Colin Dussault and his mix of harmonica, blues, rock and soul music. Our opening keynote speaker on Thursday morning is Susan Roberts-Frew. Susan is a business coach by trade who has propelled her family’s Denver plumbing business to grow by 535% since 2013! She will be sharing with us her 12 points of LOVE philosophy in customer service. We will end the day on Thursday with our jam packed EXPO. Come view the latest products, tools, innovative solutions and technologies. We expect the EXPO to be a sell-out once again. So come early and stay late!! Education is the primary focus of the convention. In between these Thursday events and all day Friday, we will have top notch education sessions and speakers. They will present relevant concepts and timely information to boost your business. I hope you will join us at the annual convention and all year long with your membership. The success of our business is critical for me, my employees and my customers. When operating a small business, if you are not ALL IN, you’re not IN at all. I will be ALL IN March 29 – 31, 2017. Will you?

PHCC Ohio President, Brian Nieman


as it almost been a year already? Everyone told me this year would go by fast, but with the industry being busy and our company enjoying a very productive year, personal commitments and my presidential duties, it seems like it has only been three months. I have just returned from the PHCC national convention in San Antonio, Texas, where Bruce Stebbins, from Stebbins Plumbing in Dayton, Ohio, was sworn in as Zone 1 Director to represent us at the national level. Although the time away from work made for a busy return, it is still great to attend classes, the expo, and talk with other contractors from around the country. One hot topic at the national convention was the labor shortage in the skilled trades our country will be facing in the next 10 years. Somehow, we need to engage our youth into our industries. I am not sure the best way to do this, but it should be at the top of our list! I would like to mention and thank our associations and members who have brought us 8 new members this year. A very big thanks to Joyce and the membership in the CMPA who have 6

OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2016, Issue 4

secured a majority of these members for us. Let’s try to get 5 more before the convention in March. As I have mentioned in the past few letters, we are always looking for testimonials for the “I am PHCC” campaign. Just finish this sentence “I am PHCC because…..” and email to rocco@phccohio.org. Thanks to everyone who has already contributed to this promotion. On the residential license issue, it seems that since I have been president, “Nothing has changed,” as a good friend of mine would say. I do know that it is slowly moving forward, just not as fast as some would hope. Also on the issue of testing plumbing systems, it seems that we are making some headway towards a good solution for everyone, hopefully soon. I would just like to thank Rocco, Debbie and Mary for all the help they have given me this year. It has been a pleasure to represent and serve the PHCC Ohio. I hope to see everyone at the state convention at the Embassy Suites in Independence in March. A special thanks to my wife, Shelli, for understanding the need to be away from the house during my time at meetings, convention, and other items. If anybody needs anything that I might be able to help with, feel free to reach out at any time. PLUMBING-HEATING-COOLING CONTRACTORS

Locally Represented By: Rep Source, LLC 740.927.6880 www.repsourcellc.com

Volume 2016, Issue 4 • OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR


PHCC Ohio Industry Partner

Dayton: 937-790-1650 Columbus: 740-417-9006 Akron: 330-733-2010 Cincinnati: 513-874-9300


ounded in 2007 by Derron Oakley, Dry Patrol started as a pick-up truck and a trailer. Ten years later, Dry Patrol has four locations across the state of Ohio. The growth of this company has not been easy. It has taken a strong work ethic, long hours, intensive training, focus and integrity. Every day we see homeowners and business owners in a start of panic and distress. They wonder “will my home or business be okay? How much will it cost to get back to normal?” We understand how devastating water damage, mold and fire can be to your home, business and family. It’s always been our policy to treat the people first, then the problem. We do this by first and foremost striving to be the industry leading experts in water damage mitigation and mold removal. Our Dry Patrol teams bring only the top quality, state-of-the-art equipment, techniques, knowledge, professional integrity and compassion to every job we do—we never cut a single corner. We are proud to be an Industry Partner of PHCC Ohio and will continue to serve you proudly.

You can view all of Dry Patrols products and services at www.drypatrol.com and be sure to visit them at this year’s Expo on March 30 at booth 21

Please make it home safe today. We believe you deserve more than just insurance. You deserve valuable risk management tools—like the “What is Important to You” distracted driving prevention program—designed to help you and your employees make it home safe today. Federated provides clients with access to services offered through wholly independent third parties. Neither Federated nor its employees provide legal advice.


OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2016, Issue 4

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Legally Speaking>>>

Bob Dunlevey Dunlevey, Mahan & Furry

SECRET RECORDINGS BY EMPLOYEES NOW LEGAL! Employers – get ready to be secretly recorded by your employees and be prepared not to be able to do anything about it – compliments of the National Labor Relations Board. In recent articles, I warned that the National Labor Relations Board is aggressively regulating what terms you may place in your non-union employee handbooks and work rules. The NLRB is wreaking havoc on the use of traditional handbook provisions employers have come to know and love. There is at least a 90% chance that one of your handbook provisions currently violates what the NLRB calls “Section 7” employee rights. Yes, the National Labor Relations Act regulates not only union operations but also non-union as well – a surprise to many employers. The current NLRB is aggressively striking down handbook provisions and work rules in hopes of giving more rights and power to employees – and, in further hope that your employees will use these rights to bring a union into your workplace. NLRA Section 7 gives employees the right to not only form and join a union, but also to speak out regarding wages, hours and conditions of employment free of reprisal – even if they are not engaged in union activities. This is all called “protected concerted activity.” The NLRB has carried these employee rights to an extreme in the recent past – far beyond what any logically thinking person would ever imagine. One of the most recent employers falling victim to this initiative is Whole Foods – an international retail employer with over 350 stores.

Whole Foods’ handbook contained a frequently found rule prohibiting audio and visual recordings in the workplace and subjecting violators to discipline. Among other things, it required employees to get advance permission to record conversations. Whole Foods’ stated purpose for the rule was to “encourage open communications, free exchange of ideas, spontaneous and honest dialogue and an atmosphere of trust.” Whole Foods was concerned that if an employee suspects he or she is being secretly recorded at work, in person or on the telephone, it may stifle open communications and destroy an atmosphere of trust. Does all of this sound logical? – Not to the NLRB! The NLRB ruled that the “no recording” and “no picture taking” policies fly in the face of the NLRA’s protected rights, no matter what the employer’s intent may be. The NLRB’s rationale was that prohibiting recording devices bars employees from utilizing a tool for their “mutual aid and protection.” The NLRB must be thinking that if the employee records a conversation with the HR manager or supervisor, it can be valuable ammunition in processing an administrative claim against that employer. If the employer cannot articulate a compelling interest for a rule prohibiting recording, these activities will be permitted and the employer will not be able to discipline or discharge the employee even if the recordings are publicized on social media. Of course, there are some circumstances where a carefully crafted rule may be permitted and this would include

Volume 2016, Issue 4 • OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR


where privacy is necessary, such as in a healthcare facility, or when security is required due to the manufacture of highly top secret products. Stay tuned for other exceptions but don’t expect a lot of them. Critical to the NLRB decision is that the Board found that Whole Foods’ rule prohibited all recordings; it chilled Section 7 rights and restricted rights to self-protection. The Board believed the employees would construe the Whole Foods’ rule to prohibit Section 7 activity. The NLRB’s new rationale for striking down these and other rules and policies is that they are “overly broad.” They are found to be overly broad if and when employees would “reasonably interpret” the rule to regulate protected activity – a slippery standard at best which permits the NLRB to strike down almost any handbook policy based upon the mythical employee’s interpretation. Some states prohibit individuals from recording conversations at meetings and on the telephone when the party being recorded is unaware. Ohio permits recording of a communication between two individuals only if one of them is aware it is occurring. Of course, the employee doing the recording is already aware of it and Ohio’s requirements would be met. Other states prohibit recording to a greater extent. Most states have invasion of privacy causes of action as well and a claim could be made by the unsuspecting individual being recorded that this is a violation of a common law tort related to the right of privacy. But when state laws conflict with federal labor laws, most of the time state laws are trumped. In Section 7 cases, the federal courts customarily disregard conflicting state law. How will all of this play out in the federal courts? Only time will tell. The Whole Foods case is being appealed and briefing starts May 13, 2017. In the meantime, do not take disciplinary action against an employee for this conduct without first consulting employment law counsel. If you are engaged in an employee investigation and you conduct an interview with an employee, expect your management team to be recorded and expect to hear excerpts from those recordings at your next unemployment compensation hearing or EEO proceedings. Obviously, your handbook and work rules need to be reviewed in detail at this very time and revisions carefully crafted by your employment law counsel. For more on this topic, see the prior article Employers’ HR Policies Under Attack at http://www.dmfdayton.com/learning-center/articles/item/400employers-hr-policies-under-attack.html?author=Robert%20T.%20 Dunlevey,%20Jr.

Where to buy products in Ohio

To find the nearest Ohio supply house for Taco Comfort products, call the main numbers listed or visit the suppliers’ websites.

Behler-Young Co. 616-531-3400 / www.behler-young.com

Famous Supply 330-762-9621 / www.famous-supply.com

2-J Supply 800-228-1325 / www.2-jsupply.com

Morrow Control & Supply 800-362-9830 / www.morrowcontrol.com

New Haven Supply 419-933-2181 / www.manta.com

Robertson Heating Supply 800-433-9532 / rhs1.com

TTI Maumee Equipment

Bob Dunlevey will present an education session, “Current Legal Trends & Issues” on Friday March 31 at 12:45pm at the Annual Ohio Convention in Cleveland. For more info, visit www.ohioconvention-phccacco.org

800-421-2864 / www.ttisupply.com

Wolff Brothers 888-659-6533 / www.wolffbros.com

Worly Plumbing Supply 614-445-1000 / www.thinkworly.com

www.TacoComfort.com 10

OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2016, Issue 4

The simplest, most reliable radiant systems. Taco believes that radiant should be the least of your worries. So we design all-in-one products that make installing and controlling radiant systems easy. All-In-One Radiant. The Radiant Mixing Block® is a complete injection mixing system in one handy package. The X-Pump Block® starts with the Radiant Mixing Block concept and adds a heat exchanger for complete system isolation. It’s the easiest, most cost effective way to add radiant. Add Precision Temp Control. For precise, cost-effective temperature control in every zone, we suggest iSeries® Mixing Valves. The iSeries modulates a 2-, 3-, or 4-way valve, and comes with a full featured outdoor reset or setpoint control built right into the actuator.

Circulator choices. Add reliability to your radiant system with an Outdoor Reset, Setpoint or a Variable Voltage variable speed circulator, or use a rugged 3-Speed Circulator or even install the all new 00e™ series ECM high-efficiency circulator to fine tune your radiant system. Taco provides tremendous options. Learn More. Turn a good job into a great job by joining our free FloPro Team online community and sign up for FloPro support, webinars and e-learning taught by John Barba. You’ll be in the loop in no time!


Volume 2016, Issue 4 • OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR


PHCC Ohio Industry Partner C

hampion Pump co-owners Jeff Hawks and Jeff McFarlin didn’t run in the same circles, but both attended that same high school, only separated by three years. As their professional careers moved them through the same circles in Ohio, Hawks, a sales manager and McFarlin, a director of engineering, they never developed anything beyond a professional awareness. But one winter day, in that high school in Ashland, Ohio, changed all of that. Both Hawks and McFarlin had secretly harbored a dream to build a business and a professional dissatisfaction with working for large corporations. At this chance meeting, the two shared their desire to start a pump business. McFarlin was especially motivated, a recent victim of corporate downsizing. Hawks was simply ready to pursue his dream. Three weeks later, the two met again at a high school event and decided to go for it. With mutual respect for each other (Hawks knew McFarlin as the best engineer around, and McFarlin knew Hawks’ sales abilities were second to none), they jumped in with both feet. But it was not just mutual respect for each other that made up the foundation of Champion Pump. It was also their mutual commitment to grow a company that operated on a few key factors:


A small-business feel. After long professional careers working for other people in large corporations, Hawks and McFarlin had seen what happened to customers of big companies. They were determined to do business a different way, wanting to create an atmosphere where customers had access to the owners, and where the business could respond to customers’ needs quickly and with less red tape.

Customer-centric. The owners structured Champion Pump in such a way that it could meet its customers’ work requirements and ensure efficiency and reliability. They took pride in being able to create customized pumps based on the specifications of a specific project or industry.

OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2016, Issue 4

You can view all of Champion Pumps products at www.championpump.com and be sure to visit them at this year’s Expo on March 30 at booths 10 & 11 from 3-7pm.

From the meeting of two expert minds in the pump industry to its humble beginnings selling a 1/3HP pump as one of the three products they first offered customers, Champion Pump is now proud of its long-standing relationships with customers and its agile solutions to customers’ specific requirements. After 10 years in business, the company now offers up to 60 HP pumps. For a company that endured a building fire, and multiple business locations along the way, Champion Pump endured, and ultimately overcame, without wavering in its commitment to maintaining a small business feel and putting its customers first.

And we have the extensive product line to prove it. Whether bidding on future projects or providing solutions for an urgent plumbing issue today, it’s critical to know you have the right resources in place. That’s why T&S offers a vast selection of high-quality products that are easy to install and built to perform for years to come. And with a full assortment of in-stock items ready for same-day shipping, it’s no wonder contractors everywhere rely on T&S when it matters most.



Visit tsbrass.com and learn more about how we’re partnering with contractors just like you. T&S plumbing products represented in Ohio by: Midwest Spec - 513-353-9191 TSB_0592 2015 PHCC Pubs.indd 10

12/18/14 10:46 AM

Volume 2016, Issue 4 • OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR


Keeping Score>>>

Michael Bohinc. CPA

FRAUD – Who’s Watching Your Money?


n past articles, I’ve discussed the importance of proper job costing, the industry’s dismal 4-5% profit percentage before taxes, the difference between profits and cash and why cash flow is so important to the company. Let’s assume that you have educated yourself on those topics and your business is performing at or above that profit percentage. What would you say if I told you that, on average, a typical business loses 5% of its’ revenue each year due to fraud? According to the 2014 Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), survey participants estimated that 5% of annual revenues are lost to fraud each year.1 The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the United States in 2014 was 16.4 trillion dollars. That means, in the U.S. in 2014, $820 million was lost to fraud. Wait a minute! The industry’s average profit is 4-5% but the average percentage for fraud is 5%. That means you could be in the hole up to 1 percent! Fraud isn’t only a “big business” issue. It isn’t only a “retail” issue. Small businesses are actually more vulnerable to fraud because of the constraints of their financial and personnel resources. Small businesses (less than 100 employees) incurred a median loss of $154,000. Take a moment and think about that if you’re a small business owner. Could you sustain a $154,000 loss right now and survive, let alone, grow your business? Many business owners I know couldn’t. That’s why small businesses are less likely to survive an average fraud loss. Small business owners don’t think they’re at much risk because they trust the employees they have. They tend to place too much trust in their employees. “None of my employees would steal from me.” Wrong. Any employee in any business large or small might resort to stealing if their situation becomes dire enough and there aren’t proper controls in place. As a matter of fact, according to that ACFE report, those employees who earn a higher level of trust have more opportunities to commit a fraud. What does fraud mean? The ACFE defines occupational fraud as the use of one’s employment for personal gain through


OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2016, Issue 4

the deliberate misuse or misapplication of the organization’s resources. For fraud to develop, there are three conditions that must be present (The “Fraud Triangle”): - - -

Need Opportunity Rationalization

Need (Motive)



NEED – There must be a need by the individual(s). There’s got to be a motivation for them to commit the act. A nonsharable financial pressure might be a spouse losing their job, a reduction in wages or benefits (like health care) or increased medical expenses. The employee could have a drug, alcohol or gambling problem or could be dissatisfied with their job.

RATIONALIZATION – The individual has to justify their fraudulent actions. They need to have an excuse for committing fraud. With the current state of the economy, they’re finding more excuses. Do any of these excuses sound familiar: - I’m worth more than they’re paying me. - I’m doing twice the amount of work since they cut staff. - I need more money to pay my bills. - Others are stealing so why can’t I as well. - They’re making plenty of money. They won’t miss this much. - I’m just borrowing the money. It’s a loan. I’ll pay it back.

The third component needed for fraud to occur is the only one that the company has control over. That one is…

OPPORTUNITY – There has to be an opportunity for the fraud to be committed. They have to believe that they won’t be detected or caught perpetrating the fraud. Some examples of opportunities could be: not reviewing employee time cards, not securing access to cash and company checks or not monitoring company fuel purchases. You need all three angles of a triangle in place to have occupational fraud. Some “red flags” to watch out for with your employees: - Living beyond their means - Financial difficulties - “Too close” relationship with a vendor or client - Irritability, suspiciousness, or defensiveness - Family problems (like divorce or child custody) - Control issues – unwilling to share duties or take vacations

of it occurring. What are some of those things? Come to the 2017 ACCO/PHCC Ohio Convention in Cleveland, Ohio March 29 – 31, 2017 to find out. I’ll be there doing a program on fraud and ways you can reduce your chances of being a victim. NOTE: I will continue our discussion on budgeting that we started last issue in the next issue of Ohio PHC Contractor magazine. Since the Associations have asked me to do a program at the upcoming 2017 Ohio Convention on fraud, here’s a column on the topic that I wrote a few years ago.

Michael A. Bohinc, CPA will present an education session “Fraud in the Workplace – Who’s Watching Your Money” on Friday March 31 at 10:15am at the Annual Ohio Convention in Cleveland. For more info, visit www. ohioconvention-phccacco.org

While you can never completely eliminate the possibility of fraud, there are things that can be done to minimize the chances


MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE Power, efficiency and performance included The Rheem Classic Plus Series Induced Draft Water Heater delivers built-in, not added-on, enhancements. Its small footprint, lightweight design and highperformance features make it your best choice for new construction and for fast replacement of existing 30-, 40- and 50-gallon models. Hands-down, it’s got everything to provide homeowners with more hot water, faster, and at a lower cost. Reliable solutions—all included to meet your customers’ needs—and yours. ®

• Small, Yet Powerful—29-gallon unit with 61 GPH recovery rate outperforms standard 50-gallon models* by 49% • Efficient, Low-Emission Design—Features up to 0.70 EF and eco-friendly, low-NOx burner • Lasting Performance & Peace-of-Mind—Guardian System® & Sensor, the industry’s best FVIR system, featuring exclusive air/fuel shutoff and maintenance free design

RHEEM ® Classic Plus™ Series Induced Draft

• Perfect for Replacement—17-3/4” diameter for a small footprint in a post-NAECA market

*Atmospherically vented 50-gallon, 40k Btu/h gas water heater with 0.60 EF and 38.4 GPH recovery rate

Same Day Jobsite Delivery

City Counter Service Hours: 7:00 am – 4:30 pm, Mon. – Fri. 8:00 am – 12:00 noon, Sat.

6606 Granger Road • Independence, Ohio 44131 • (800) 522-2284 • (216) 447-0050 • www.welkermckee.com

Welker McKee Induced Draft ad_CHOSEN.indd 1

Volume 2016, Issue 4 • OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR 2/29/16 12:17 PM 15

What DO Women Want in their



ost contractors, when planning their marketing budget, plan based on funds available and sometimes a geographic area. What if you could be more focused in your marketing efforts? Would you like to double your leads for the same price? It is possible when you focus on your highest VALUE clients….women! Baby Boomer Women represent a net worth of nearly 19 TRILLION dollars! Boomer Women have more disposable income than any other demographic and 95% are the primary decision makers in their households. Millennial Moms are on line close to 4 hours a day and most report using on line reviews and referrals from other on-line sources. 31% of Millennial Moms are bloggers. Wouldn’t you like them to be blogging about your company?


79% of Millennial Moms use mobile to access social media, while 44% have made a purchase on their smartphones within the past week.

57% of Working Moms research products and services on social media.

61% of Millennial Moms share content online once a day.

OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2016, Issue 4

64% of moms put the most trust in recommendations from people they know personally in their social circles.

The women we surveyed said that the things that are important to them are: timeliness, cleanliness, easy and honest information, name badges, and background checks. With these powerful statistics, contractors cannot ignore their women clients, but instead should focus on the need to target this market and help their businesses to soar above and beyond their competition.

Susan Roberts-Frew will present an education session “What Do Women Want in Their Service Contractor?” on Thursday March 30 at 12:45pm at the Annual Ohio Convention in Cleveland. For more info, visit www.ohioconvention-phccacco.org

Forget the worry of a flooded basement with innovative pumping solutions

We’ve always been control freaks Ion Technologies last much longer than traditional float switches

Ion Products digital level control systems utilize the Ion switch; a solid state sensing technology with no moving parts to wear or fail. They are designed to operate for over 2 million cycles.

Our controls warn you if your sump pump motor is starting to fail so you can replace it before the water damage happens.

Our controls warn you if it can't drain the sump pit

because the pipes are frozen, the pump is bad, the impeller is damaged, the cord is unplugged, whatever the reason.

Only if you have the Ion Solution can you really be fully protected. Call your Ion Solution Certified Installer today or find one online at www.ionproducts.net.


We’re here for you. 815-886-9200 or ionproducts.net Volume 2016, Issue 4 • OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR


Installing innov solutions has nev





Our most depend




Our preassembled duplex alternating system that provides 45 GPM at 10' of TDH. This system comes with two primary pumps, Ion Genesis controller and sensors and necessary piping.


Our preassembled duplex alternating system that provides 51 GPM at 10' of TDH. This system comes with two primary pumps, Ion Genesis controller and sensors and necessary piping.


Entry level preassembled sump pump and backup system that uses a 12 volt standby pump that will run when water level rises above normal levels. This system comes with a primary pump, Ion switch and backup pump with standard switch.




Entry level backup protection that uses a 12 volt DC pump that will run when there is a power outage. This system comes with a DC backup pump with standard switch, an 8 amp charger unit with audible alarms and battery box.

OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2016, Issue 4

vative pumping ver been simpler




dable lineup ever 5 Sumpro

Our most recognizable battery backup power source. Features include easy to read LCD screen for real time monitoring, alarm contact for remote monitoring and notification, solar & wind inputs for battery charging, improved charging circuit and high inrush capability.

6 35 ACi+

Our fully automatic auxiliary power source system that provides 51 GPM at 10' of TDH. This system comes with a ⅓ HP primary pump, Ion+ high water alarm/switch, power inverter with LED screen and battery box.

7 55ACi+

Our fully automatic auxiliary power source system that provides 65 GPM at 10' of TDH. This system comes with a ½ HP primary pump, Ion+ high water alarm/switch, power inverter with LED screen and battery box.


We’re here for you. 815-886-9200 or ionproducts.net Volume 2016, Issue 4 • OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR


Basement flood protection just got a lot easier


⅓ HP, 115 V, 4 FLA, 60Hz


⅓ HP, 115 V, 4.5 FLA, 60Hz



½ HP, 115 V, 5.8 FLA, 60Hz ½ HP, 115 V, 8.2 FLA, 60Hz


½ HP, 115 V, 8.5 FLA, 60Hz

Introducing the Ion+ pumps 1

Pumps come fully assembled with high water alarm.


Proven to pump more water than pumps with similar HP rating.


Cast iron and stainless steel construction for increased durability.


Low amp draw makes these pumps ideal for battery backup systems.

Econ Sump Package 18" x 24"

Econ Pit Package 18" x 30"

SHV 24" x 24" Package

Install with confidence Our packages come complete with every part needed to ensure a quick and seamless installation.


We’re here for you. 815-886-9200 or ionproducts.net


OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2016, Issue 4

Reaffirming CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS By Marvin Montgomery


hat is your plan for reaffirming customer relationships after the sale is closed? You need to have a well thought out plan to benefit from high customer retention. There are a minimum of six opportunities to let your customer know that they made the right choice or else they will get Buyer’s Remorse. Let’s see how your company compares. 1. Once the sale has been closed, it’s extremely important that you verbally tell your customer they just made an excellent choice and here is why. Make sure you provide them with the why. The why is the benefits that they will get from their purchase. 2. Within 72 hours max, your customer should receive a call, card, or email that contains another thank you along with some type of reassuring comment letting them know you have not forgotten about them. 3. In three weeks, you should have another planned follow-up scheduled to check in to see how they are doing with the product or service they purchased. 4. This customer contact was already scheduled. After you closed the sale you scheduled a meeting 30, 60 or 90 days out to make sure that they’re satisfied and all expectations have been met. You will also use that meeting to see if there are any additional products or services that could benefit the customer and explore internal and external referral opportunities. 5. The next contact is ongoing. Looking for opportunities to stay in touch with your customer. You don’t want to give the perception that the only time you make contact is when you want something. Examples: Call or send a card on their birthday. Cut the article out about

them or their company and send it over to them with a personal note. Schedule informative quarterly workshops or lunch and learns that are free to attend but beneficial for their industry or just call to say Hi. 6. I love this last one. Year end. What are you currently doing to show your customer how much you appreciated their business all year long. Personalize this contact. Divide your client list up and give each one of them a Thank You call. That will definitely separate you from the pack. Don’t forget that every time you make a customer contact, not only does it reaffirm the relationship but it puts you and your company back in front of them again and provides you with an opportunity to build on the existing relationship while cultivating additional ones with every contact you make. The Sales Doctor Author/Speaker/Professional Sales Trainer 216.509.0281 / www.marvinmontgomery.com

Marvin Montgomery will present “Becoming a Trusted Advisor” on Thursday March 30 at 12:45pm and “How to Sell Value Instead of Price” on Friday March 31 at 2:00 at the Annual Ohio Convention in Cleveland. For more info, visit www.ohioconvention-phccacco.org

Volume 2016, Issue 4 • OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR


CONVENTION & EXPO March 29-31, 2017

Are you ALL IN?

It’s a phrase that begs for a full-on commitment.

The question comes from the game of poker, when a player has a hand of cards so amazing that they are ready to risk it all. So they push all their chips to the center of the table and go for it. ALL IN.

But you’re not playing poker—you’re a business owner.

ACCO and PHCC Ohio invite you to be ALL IN. Take the cards you’ve been dealt—risk, passion, intelligence, dedication—and jump into something really big! We’re offering the opportunity to expand your network of contacts, gather new ideas, share your experience and find new partners from around the state.

Join us, and be ALL IN.

PLUMBING & HVACR EXPO You’ll have the opportunity to visit manufacturers, distributors and services providers and view the latest products, tools, innovative solutions and technologies all in one place. LEADERS AND PROFESSIONAL SPEAKERS Top-notch education sessions and speakers will present relevant concepts and timely information to boost your business. Education is the primary focus of the ACCO/PHCC Convention and there will be over 15 sessions led by leaders in the PHC and HVACR industry. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE You have to be ALL IN, or you’re not in at all. You need to learn how to evolve and improve your business. This is the best and most important gathering for PHC and HVAC/R contractors — contractors learning how to make their business succeed where others fail. THE VALUE IS UNBEATABLE Where else can you go and get four days of professional training and networking for $329…including meals? We haven’t found another conference that matches the value we provide for the amount being charged.


OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2016, Issue 4

CONVENTION AND EXPO Embassy Suites Cleveland - Rockside 5800 Rockside Woods Boulevard Independence, Ohio, 44131 Experience the convenience and stylish comfort of the Embassy Suites Cleveland - Rockside hotel in Independence, Ohio. Located at the intersection of I-480 and I-77, the allsuite hotel is the ideal location for Ohio Convention and Expo. Highlights • Less than 12 miles to Hopkins International Airport; just 8 miles to downtown Cleveland • Complimentary shuttle to airport and nearby locations • Casual dining at Embassy Grille • Indoor pool, whirlpool and fitness center • Parking is complimentary Weather Average temperatures in late March for Cleveland are highs near 50 and lows in the 30s.

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11:00am-4:00pm Registration Open

7:00am – 5:00pm Registration Open

7:00am - 3:00pm Registration Open

12:00pm-4:00pm Electrical Code

7:30am – 9:00am Opening Breakfast Susan Roberts-Frew

7:30am - 8:15am Breakfast

1:00pm-4:00pm Plumbing Code Basic Hydronics 7:00pm-10:00pm Opening Reception Colin Dussault’s Blues Project Band

9:30am – 11:30am ACCO Annual Meeting PHCC Annual Meeting 11:30am – 12:30pm Lunch 12:45pm – 1:45pm Education Sessions (3) 2:00pm – 3:00pm Education Sessions (3) 3:00pm – 7:00pm EXPO 7:00pm ACCO Past-Presidents Dinner PHCC Past-Presidents Dinner


OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2016, Issue 4

8:30am - 10:00am OCILB/DOC Panel 10:15am - 11:15am Education Sessions (3) 11:30am - 12:30pm Lunch 12:45pm - 1:45pm Bob Dunlevey 2:00pm - 4:00pm Roundtables (8) 5:00pm - 9:00pm Reception / Installation Dinner


BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND ! ‘Award winning harmonica driven, blues based, roots, rock and soul music’ is what best describes the musical stylings of COLIN DUSSAULT’S BLUES PROJECT. The band was formed in Cleveland, Ohio in May of 1989 by lead singer, songwriter, harmonica player Colin Dussault. In addition to Dussault, the band currently features a New Improved Lineup: Jim Feeney on guitar (since 1989), Greg Hurd on Keyboards and vocals, John Atzberger on Bass and vocals, Steve Zavesky on drums and Robbie the Roadie - Spiritual Advisor


Growing Your Company 535% Using Today’s Tech Tools! SUSAN FREW THURSDAY MARCH 30 | 7:30am – 9:00am In 2012, Sunshine Plumbing Heating Air was a 1 man shop producing 175,000 a year in revenue. In 2016, Sunshine has 9 trucks and 2.2 Million in Revenue. They have won Fastest Growing Company Awards, Small Business of the Year, Top 100 Women Owned Companies in Colorado and Colorado Companies to Watch by the Colorado Governor’s office of Economic Development. In this inspiring presentation, Susan Frew shares ALL of her secrets on how they grew Sunshine 535% in under 5 years. Time to get inspired!

Volume 2016, Issue 4 • OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR



PHC/HVACR EXPO THURSDAY MARCH 30 3:00-7:00PM The FREE action-packed Expo will have contractors ALL IN with distributors, manufacturers and service providers. The Expo is complimentary to all registered convention attendees and Expo Pass holders. This is an excellent networking opportunity for both exhibitors and attendees. To see the floorplan, booth locations and exhibitor descriptions, visit www.ohioconvention-phccacco.org.

2017 EXPO EXHIBITORS (as of 11/1) Bold = Industry Partner; Italics = Convention Sponsor ACCO Arzel Zoning Technology, Inc. Blue Angel Pumps BWA South CareWorksComp Carr Supply Champion Pump, Inc. Clarion Bathware Cornerstone Marketing Curnayn Sales Disney McLane & Associates Dr. Energy Saver, Inc. Dry Patrol Restoration & Construction Services Famous Supply Company Federated Insurance Ferguson Enterprises Foundation Software Glentronics, Inc. Great Lakes Sales Co.

OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2016, Issue 4

HBB Pro Sales Group, Inc. for Rinnai America Habegger Corp Libb Company Midwest Spec Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board PHCC Ohio Picote Solutions, Inc. PuroClean of Western Reserve R E Michel Company Robertson Heating Supply Sioux Chief Mfg. Speedway SVF Sales Co. U.S. Consolidated, Inc. Welker McKee Supply Winstel Controls Winsupply of Cleveland Wolff Bros. Supply

Volume 2016, Issue 4 • OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR


EDUCATIONAL SESSIONS WEDNESDAY MARCH 29, 2017 W-1 / 12:00pm – 4:00pm / Code Electrical Code / 2014 NEC NFPA 70 Mike will give an update on the 2014 NEC NFPA 70 and will provide you with an understanding of how the upcoming changes will affect your company, while satisfying license requirements. Presenter: Mike Farrell W-2 / 1:00pm – 4:00pm / Code Plumbing Code Join our State of Ohio Plumbing Section Supervisor, Jack Soma, as he presents this important session on updates and changes to the plumbing code. Presenter: Jack Soma, Plumbing Section Supervisor, Ohio DOC, Bureau of Building Code Compliance W-3 / 1:00pm – 4:00pm / Code Basic Hydronics Join Tom Gdaniec, as he gives an overview of hydronics. Sizing, product selection, piping systems, accessories, wiring and other options will be covered in this session. Presenter: Tom Gdaniec, G3 Clean Energy Marketing


T-1 / 12:45pm – 1:45pm / Business Becoming a Trusted Advisor People buy from people who they know, like and trust. In this class, Marvin will teach you The Professional Customer Approach including: Selfies for Success, Needs Analysis, Practice and Complete Personal Action Plan. Presenter: Marvin Montgomery, Author/Motivational Speaker/ Professional Sales Trainer T-2 / 12:45pm – 1:45pm / Business What Women Want in their Service Contractor Hear Susan’s research and presentation about what your women customers want from their service contractor. After noticing that 85% of Sunshine’s customers were women, Susan researched this segment of the market. Hear the results of her research and learn strategies to reach this target demographic and make your business soar! Presenter: Susan Roberts Frew, President, Sunshine PlumbingHeating-Air 28

OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2016, Issue 4

T-3 / 12:45pm – 1:45pm / Business Content Marketing 101 In this session, you’ll learn what content marketing is, why it’s important/relevant to your business and how you get started. Colleen will give you simple techniques, tools and resources to launch a successful content marketing strategy. Presenter: Coleen Weston, Marketing Director, Britton Gallagher T-4 / 2:00pm – 3:00pm / Business 12 Leadership Rules: How to Successfully Manage Employee Performance in Today’s New Workforce Telling people what to do and expecting them to do it does not work with today’s workforce. Today’s new workforce, also known as Millennials, have a unique approach and specific ideas as to what having a job is, and what they expect from their employers. This class will give you some insight on some methods on how to effectively create a workplace that encourages better performance with today’s new employees. Presenter: Frank Besednjak, President, The Training Source T-5 / 2:00pm – 3:00pm / Business The Social Side of Retirement Social Security was created by an Act of Congress and signed into law in 1935. Since that time, Congress has made numerous changes that have impacted Social Security benefits and Congress can continue to make changes at any time that might impact benefits in the future. Dan will provide generalized background and context about the Social Security program so you can make informed decisions before your filing decision. Presenter: Daniel R. Ryder, CFP®. Skylight Financial Group T-6 / 2:00pm – 3:00pm / Business From Chaos to Control: How to Generate Better Leads to Boost Your Bottom Line Most companies don’t have an efficient system to generate leads, or nurture them with minimal effort. The internet continues to be the primary source of information for consumers, so as business owners, you must adapt your marketing and sales to better align with how consumers like to buy goods and services. Doing this efficiently means you must develop a clear-cut system you can use again and again. Presenter: Liz Hersh, President, Hersh PR and Marketing, LLC

FRIDAY MARCH 31, 2017 8:30am - 10:00am / Business Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board / Dept. of Commerce Panel Join our expert panel from the State of Ohio as they bring you up-to-date on Ohio codes, rules and legislation that affect you and your business. Presenters: Frank Alexander, OCILB Admin Board Chair; Regina Hanshaw, Executive Secretary, Ohio Board of Building Standards; Debbie Ohler, PE, staff engineer for the Ohio Board of Building Standards and Shannon Himes, Superintendent of Industrial Compliance, State of Ohio, Department of Commerce F-1 / 10:15am – 11:15am / Business Licensing 101 Residential Contractor Licensing…What exactly is it? How did we get here? How will it affect me? Where is it going? Carol Ross covers everything you need to know in this informative session. Presenter: Carol Ross, Executive Secretary, Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board F-2 / 10:15am – 11:15am / Business Bed Bug Education and Prevention Ohio cities claim 5 spots on a list of 15 of the most bed buginfested cities. This session will provide attendees with an overview about the resurgence of bed bugs, identification and prevention. Presenter: Courtney Myers, Registered Sanitarian, Stark County Health Department F-3 / 10:15am – 11:15am / Business Fraud in the Workplace – Who’s Watching Your Money? According to the most recent Report to the Nations on Fraud, a typical company loses 5% of its revenues annually to fraudulent activities. Think small business & PHC/HVACR contractors are immune to fraud? You’d be wrong to the tune of $154,000 (median loss to businesses with less than 100 employees). Mike Bohinc, CPA, will share stories how contractors have been ripped off for millions of dollars by their own employees and he’ll share ways to help keep you from becoming a victim.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Presenter: Mike Bohinc, CPA, Keeping Score, Inc. 12:45pm – 1:45pm / Business Current Legal Trends and Issues Our favorite attorney Bob Dunlevey, board certified specialist in labor and employment law, will discuss the National Labor Relations Board, OSHA and other legal trends that will impact your business. Presenter: Bob Dunlevey, Dunlevey, Mahan & Furry

2:00pm - 4:00pm Round Tables Our Friday afternoon sessions address your most challenging issues. Each round table is a fast paced 50 minute session and provides attendees with an opportunity to listen, question, and get lots of answers in a small-group exchange. You can attend two (2) of these unique opportunities: R-1 Kelly Denk, CareWorks, **Workers Comp 101: Kelly returns to share updates from the BWC.   R-2 Cheryl Roahrig, City of Columbus, Mechanical Code: Cheryl is back to share the latest on the mechanical code. R-3 Frank Besednjak, The Training Source, Lack of Skilled Employees: Frank talks about the huge vacancy that will be left when 44% of the skilled trade’s workforce retires by the end of 2017. R-4 John Canning, Ohio BWC, **Starting a Safety Program: A structured, deliberate approach to safety is the best way to ensure you reap the full reward of your program. John will cover all the basics to help you start your own program. R-5 Don Kardux, Key Performance Indicators: Contractors will share their measurement guidelines, expectations and the methods they use to consistently track performance (key areas include Installation, Service, Sales and Support Services) R-6 Kevin Johnson, Federated Insurance, Investing in Key Employees: During this session, learn about the triple protection option approach that your peers are using successfully to recruit and train top talent. R-7 Pat Halaiko, Custom Air, Preparing for a Downturn: Things are good now, but what happens if they take a turn? If a new recession is in our future, can your company weather the storm? Pat will share advice and steps to take to manage your way through a potentially challenging year. R-8 Marvin Montgomery, Selling Value Not Price: Selling Value Not Price During this session, the Sales Doctor will focus on 7 Specific Sales Techniques that will enable participants to become more effective at selling the value of their services instead of discounting the price. **These two (2) roundtables qualify for the Ohio BWC rule that requires all employers, who are participating in either group rating or group retrospective rating, who had a claim between July 1, 2014 and September 30, 2015, have to attend and document two (2) hours of safety training between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017. Volume 2016, Issue 4 • OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR



OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2016, Issue 4

Volume 2016, Issue 4 • OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR



OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2016, Issue 4

Frank Besednjak will present an education session “12 Leadership Rules: How to Successfully Manage Employee Performance in Today’s New Workforce” on Thursday March 30 at 2:00pm and a roundtable session on Friday March 31 at 2:00pm at the Annual Ohio Convention in Cleveland. For more info, visit www.ohioconvention-phccacco.org By Frank Besednjak


t the end of every year or beginning of a new year, I take time to analyze or reorganize my business so that I can improve efficiency, client services and profitability. Notice I did not say the word “Sales”? Why not? I’m not a sales coach first. I believe if you have everything in place and follow specific guidelines, have the correct processes and people, the sales will happen. But if you focus on sales, and sales only, you can potentially double your revenue and because your company is inefficient, you have no specific methods of operation and you do not manage your numbers and processes well, all of the additional sales dollars mean absolutely nothing.

DURING THIS TIME OF YEAR, I LOOK AT SEVEN KEY THINGS: 1. How Could I Increase Customer Exposure and Revenue per Customer What changes can be made in the coming year that will help increase my client base in the next twelve months? Sales training for employees? Or maybe a new advertising

campaign that actually works. Keep in mind about 70% of your clients are repeat customers. What can you do to get them to spend a bit more per transaction or use your product or service more often? Increase my product and service offerings? 2. Dump Non-Profitable Services and/or Products How many things are you involved with that generates virtually no profit? Focus on products and services that provide a high return on your investment. If it hasn’t paid off yet, it never will. Maybe it is time to just write off your losses and focus on something better. 3. Look for New Profitable Services and Products Is there anything that you should be offering that you are not? Maybe you should take a second look at what you were considering when you went to the last trade show or conference. Perhaps adding a service to your menu may bring in more clients that you couldn’t get otherwise. Or perhaps there is a service that you could offer in your market that no one else is offering. For example you may consider providing air quality assessments or products. Volume 2016, Issue 4 • OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR


4. Evaluate Your Relationships at Work Every team member needs to hear from a manager as to how they are doing and what is expected from them this year. Be honest and give real feedback and don’t forget to reward good behavior! This is also a good time to look over your business relationships like, partners, vendors and suppliers. Are you really benefiting from this relationship or not? Maybe re-evaluating relationships could save you some money and get you better service. 5. Evaluate Your Systems and Processes This is a big one! No better time than right now to figure out what you are doing well and not so well, and how you can improve it. Get your team involved in this. You may also be missing some incredible efficiency improvement methods by not considering a technology change. There are so many systems available out there that make running businesses easier, that you would be an idiot to not check them out. Also, if you are still hand writing invoices instead of using a tablet, please take the time to contact me and I’ll recommend a few software providers that will take you out of the stone-age with a very limited investment that will pay for itself in a few months. 6. Find New Ways to “WOW” Your Customers Customer’s make buying decisions primarily based on emotions.


OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2016, Issue 4

Building relationships, creating awesome experiences and doing things none of your competitors will do is what makes you the best at your game. Constantly be on the lookout on what can be done to enhance what you offer your clients. Try calling and asking them, it does make a difference. 7. Help Your Employees Manage Their Careers and Lives The best employees work for the best companies and the best companies have the best employees. Getting employees involved in the success and growth of the company is essential, at the same time it is so very important to help employees in their career and growth by offering training and career guidance. I visited one company that had a financial consultant from a local bank come in every few weeks to help employees manage their personal finances. The representative from the bank did it free while trying to solicit new clients, who of course were the employees. The company even invited spouses in to participate. Those who required additional help would meet with the bank representative privately. Contact the bank you use and see if they offer these services. Take the time to look over your business. Re-engineer how things are done, listen to your team and take recommendations seriously, call some clients and ask what you can do better. Remember, there is always room for improvement.


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Volume 2016, Issue 4 • OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR


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Ohio PHC Contractor, 2016 Issue #4