Blue Door Magazine | Issue 10

Page 136

Throwing Shade Indoor pool too much of a commitment? Indoor/ outdoor pools let you have it both ways, rain or shine. “Having a retractable roof makes swimming a breeze in all seasons while letting the natural sunlight still come through,” says interior designer Erica Bryen of the Dover Shores home she recently completed.

Cooped Up As COVID-19 fears continue with more time at home, more and more homeowners are taking on the part-time career of farmer and ranch hand. For the “serious” farmer, handcrafted coops are on trend. Dare 2 Dream Farms in Lompoc specializes in handcrafted coops, as well as offering backyard chickens, free-range eggs, and organic produce for sale and delivery. Founded in 2009 by Jeremy and Megan Raff, Dare 2 Dream coops are made from redwood or Douglas fir, with elaborate pulley systems to open and close the coop door, and multiple add-on features. With money to spend, customers are even designing coops that match their home’s architecture. “We are so thrilled that people have found pleasure in raising chickens and are becoming more sustainable in their homes,” Megan says. “This was our dream, and it’s beautiful to see our dream come true while making people happy.” 134

This chicken coop in coastal Orange County was designed and built by architect Tony Massaro for his family. “We got into chickens originally so our kids could learn about real food and science,” says Cindy Massaro. “To our delight, they’ve become friendly and hilarious pets.”