Blue Door Magazine | Issue 10

Page 110

Kitchen Whisperer Creating truly custom kitchens with Joseph DeCasperis By Alexandria Abramian Joseph DeCasperis learned about the power of transformation early in life. At 16, the New York-born designer lost 100 pounds, a process that not only altered his presence, but his passions as well: “I created a YouTube channel where I filmed healthy cooking videos,” says DeCasperis. “By the time I finished high school, I wanted to be in a healthier environment, and that brought me to Orange County.” But the transformation didn’t end with his arrival at Chapman University. Instead, DeCasperis discovered another calling after his purchase of a Canyon Lake home with his mother. After gutting the house, repainting, refinishing, and installing new lighting and plumbing on his own, his official “aha” moment came with the kitchen renovation: “That opened up my eyes and reinforced where I wanted to be.” And that is indeed where DeCasperis is. The designer is now putting his own stamp on the kitchen and bath industry with a multi-pronged approach to home transformation. This summer, he opened his first showroom in the Canyon Lake Town Center, a golf course-view space where kombucha is served on tap. There, DeCasperis focuses on mid- to high-end residential kitchens and bathrooms. “People walk in convinced they want a white Shaker-style kitchen. They usually walk away with a whole different experience,” says DeCasperis, who quickly adds that he has no specific design agenda. “My style is the homeowners’ style. They call the shots. I’m here to make sure it’s well done and they get excited about that.”