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Senior Living Communities

Voted 5 Years in a Row, Cobb’s BEST Retirement, Assisted Living & Memory Care

• A Variety of Large Floor Plans to Meet Any Need

• Diverse Amenities Inspiring Our Residents to Live a Social, “Sterling” life

• Certified Parkinson’s Programs - Emphasizing Balance & Maintaining Strength

• State of the art Wellness Centers & Programs, led by Sterling Recreation Therapists and Exercise Specialists

• Award Winning Food

• Beautifully Landscaped Campuses, in Neighborhood Settings

“We sold our home of 20+ years earlier this year, above our asking price, and moved into our beautiful cottage home at Sterling Estates, freeing us from all the responsibilities of homeownership. We freed up cash, traded in property taxes and constant maintenance for the many benefits we’ve discovered living here at Sterling. We exercise more than ever. I love to walk through the grounds and enjoy the large wellness center, while my wife swims almost daily in the indoor heated pool. She is fond of her weekly art classes. A day here is much more fulfilling for us, we wished we had moved sooner. We encourage you to come see what we mean.” - Bill and Sally R.

STERLING ESTATES Independent Living, Assisted Living & Memory Care WEST COBB 3105 Dallas Hwy Marietta, GA 678-498-7414 Lacey & Sherry EAST COBB 4220 Lower Roswell Rd. Marietta, GA 678-929-2374 Shelly
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In This Issue SUMMER 2024


Nutrition After 40: Join Tara’s Journey...........................8

Talkin’ Sports

When Two World’s Collide for our very own Justin Hanover!............................................................................11

Cover Story:

Just a little help from a friend with Seniors Helping Seniors of North West Atlanta.....................................15

Community Spotlight

Changing the world one dog, one person and one athlete at a time, meet one of Cobb’s coolest familes, the Resnik’s......................................................................21 Book Club Sit Down, Relax & Join Our Town’s Book Club.........23

Real Estate

Wondering what’s going on in the world of Real Estate? Well, now you can “Call on Josh”, Our Town’s newest community voice.............................................................29

Travel Is travel insurance worth it? Travel expert, Heather Meliski, has the scoop.....................................................34

appy Summer, my friends! I hope every moment is sunny and magical for you. As my first baby approaches her senior year of high school, I plan to savor every second. I’d actually love for time to slow down a bit but knowing it will not, I choose to celebrate everything. I hope your summer is filled with many celebrations as well.

“The more you celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” -OprahWinfrey

Featured Photographer M. Jae Photography...........................................................5
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6 Travel To Insure or Not?
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Where Passion Meets Innovation!

We are excited to open our doors and provide comprehensive care with compassion, commitment and care.

We welcome all pediatric patients from newborn to age 21.

We pride ourselves on our patient-centered approach in promoting well being and achieving optimal health outcomes.

FB: Our Town Monthly IG: @our_town_monthly 7 FAMILY LIFESTYLE NEWS MAGAZINE
Welcome to
3950 Cobb Pkwy / Suite 801 / Acworth Lake Pointe Professional Center 678-889-0487 Join Dr. Figaro and Cora Crumby, PNP on their journey to revolutionize pediatric healthcare for our future young leaders.
Dr. Figaro Cora Crumby, PNP

A A Nutrition Adventure with your 40-ish friends Tara and Allyson

s a Registered Dietitian, I work with a lot of busy moms, many of whom are in their 40s and beyond. Some believe they mostly know how to eat right, often relying on a mix of personal experiences, popular diet trends and even social media influencers to guide their choices. Others are completely confused about the conflicting messages that coexist in our society. Most of them have struggled with being consistent with anything for a prolonged period of time, either because it’s too restrictive or not sustainable.

The proliferation of fad diets and misinformation on social media further complicates the landscape of healthy eating. From keto and paleo to vegan and intermittent fasting, each diet claims to be the ultimate solution for weight loss and overall health. However, not all of these diets are backed by scientific evidence, and some may even be harmful if followed incorrectly.

While the basics of nutrition—such as consuming vegetables, fruits, healthy fat and lean proteins—are widely known, the nuances of what constitutes a balanced diet can be more complex. As women enter their 40s, nutritional needs can shift due to changes in metabolism, hormone levels, and the onset of perimenopause, and the things that used to be effective to shed a few pounds in their 20s and 30s are no longer working.

Tara came to me with the same struggles as a lot of the women I work with. As a full time working Mom, her busy schedule poses a challenge when it comes to a balanced diet that can be implemented in a way that fits her lifestyle. Let’s hear what she had to say...

Tara: The main driving force was a direct order from my doctor after my annual birthday physical... she told me I needed to consult a nutritionist because what worked for my health in my 20’s and 30’s is very different for me now in my 40’s. Sheinformedmewithoutweighttraining,cardioalonewasnotgoingtocutitand I needed to desperately increase my protein. Truth be told, I have counted points and calories, but never protein- I had no idea where to start. Second, as my social community mainly includes fellow sports and school moms, I had noticed a trend in the past few years of our bleacher chats taking a turn from our kids activities intocomparingourexhaustion,erraticsleeppatterns,extrabelliesandhormones. Sound familiar? That is when I approached Allyson.

We decided it would be fun to let you follow Tara’s journey over the next 6 months as I help her navigate how to make reasonable changes that will have a significant impact on her overall health, her energy and even the bloat.

QA &

Let’s dig into a few of the top questions that I ask all of my clients, and see how Tara replied.

Q: What specifically do you want to achieve in the next few months?

A: Finding balance and consistency with both food and exercise

Q: When it comes to your relationship with food, what is your biggest challenge?

A: Going way too long without food due to my work schedule, then being overly hungry and not caring about healthy choices. Also, late night munchies.

Q: How will your life be different when you achieve your goals?

A: Overall I will feel better if I get back to exercising which used to be a nonnegotiable. I also hope to sleep better and be a good example for my kids.

By adopting a balanced and mindful approach to nutrition, women in their 40s can promote overall well-being and set the foundation for healthy aging. One key consideration is maintaining a healthy metabolism and preserving muscle mass that gradually starts to decline in our 30s by focusing on lean proteins, healthy fat, and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Protein is the most satiating macronutrient,

while fiber-rich foods support digestive health, immunity, bloating and can help manage weight by keeping us fuller for longer. Omega-3 fatty acids, found in fatty fish, flaxseeds, and walnuts, are also beneficial for heart and brain health, and

Suggested starting points for Tara (or anyone else that can relate to her story): It’s best to start small with a few daily habits to promote compliance, because the last thing we want to do is tackle everything at once. Stacking small habits leads to a new lifestyle over time, and we want to be sure that what Tara is compatible

The first thing I asked Tara to focus on is prioritizing 25-35 grams of protein with each meal. This may sound daunting but is totally feasible with a little mindful-

l 4 oz. cooked chicken, salmon or ground beef

l 1 ½ cups greek yogurt

l 5 oz. can of tuna

l 1 cup cottage cheese

l 2 scoops of protein powder

I also suggested that Tara keep easy, portable protein and fat focused “real food” snacks on hand in her car, her purse, at home and at work. Having access to a healthy choice is often half the battle, and since Tara’s job involves long gaps between meals, the best way to keep blood sugars stable is to ensure snacks are

Some favorites include: nut butter and fruit, plain or low sugar greek yogurt with walnuts, cheese and crackers, jerky, veggies and guac or pita and hummus. The #1 rule is to avoid “naked” carbs, which can send blood sugars soaring and fuel cravings and energy dips. So, an apple by itself sounds like a great choice, but pairing it with almond or peanut butter will make a big impact on blood sugar

Finally, I asked Tara to map out a few days at a time to have a game plan for timing of meals for herself as well as for what she plans for her family. Since her schedule is somewhat erratic, it’s important to just tackle it in smaller increments. One of her strengths is actually cooking balanced healthy meals for her family, but she often pushes through work and doesn’t eat what she’s prepared. Simply by taking the time out to mindfully enjoy a healthy meal with her people, she will be engaging in a healthy eating habit that will serve her well as we build on her plan. This will help her to feel more energized and sleep better at night, instead of snacking

We hope you’ll follow along on this journey, and if you’d like to start your own

Allyson Balzuweit is a Registered Dietitian based in Smyrna and has a private nutrition consulting business. She loves to help people ditch diets and embrace a healthy and realistic approach to eating for optimal health with individualized strategies that considers all aspects of life.
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Throughout my freelance work world, I have pretty much always had numerous jobs. They have ranged from play-by-play broadcasts, public address announcing, radio shows, coaching and so on. On Friday, May 10th something happened that was, well, actually, pretty darn cool.

One of my gigs is for the NFHS Network where I broadcast a lot of the High School state championships. If you have a child in middle school or high school athletics you may know about the network as it has the most comprehensive coverage of Georgia High School athletics. Regular season games are streamed by many local schools so you can watch from afar, if at work or out of town or wherever, and then for the championships a few broadcasters, including myself, are brought in to announce the games.

I also spent the last seven years, from 2017-2023 in the winter and early spring coaching the boys Junior Varsity soccer team at Campbell High School. I, unfortunately, had to stop after last season as it just became too difficult with three young kids at home in three separate school campuses playing a ton of sports themselves. So something had to give and that something was coaching.

Why am I telling you all about this? Because like I do almost every year, I was given the assignment of broadcasting the boys and girls 7A soccer state championship games. And wouldn’t you know it, my Campbell boys, a lot of them who I helped grow and become better players and better men went on an electric run and made it to the state championship game for the first time ever!

To think that these kids who I basically met as fresh faced 14 years olds just out of middle school were now competing for a high school state championship was nothing short of awesome and me being on the mic to call it was frankly, surreal. I will say that I am a little spoiled as I had a similar situation a few years ago when I called my daughter playing for the High School state championship in volleyball. Nothing can top that as that is my own flesh and blood and created an unforgettable and amazing moment for me. But this is pretty close as it encompasses 12 or so of “my guys”. With all of that said there are certainly other coaches that have help developed these young men, including the great Varsity Head Coach in Troy Connolly, so it’s definitely not just me that did it. But I did forge some great bonds with these guys and have made many life-long friends, so sure, I’ll take a little bit of the credit.

championship and both teams struggled mightily at times this season. In fact, Kennesaw Mountain started the season 1-4-1 and 4-7-1 and Campbell was playing so poorly at around the mid-way mark of the season that Connolly benched all of his starters after a lackluster loss against their bitter rival in Osborne. Without going into greater detail, it’s fair to say that strategy worked to help motivate and get this team to Duluth High School, which was the championship site.

Match day: It was a beautiful picture perfect 75-degree night and after an instant classic of a girls final where West Forsyth knocked off Buford in penalty kicks the boys were ready to take center stage. And that they did. Campbell was the aggressor from the get go and almost scored just 15 seconds into the match as Piero Cappelletti almost had a great breakthrough but couldn’t find the back of the net. The same can be said a few more times as both Miles Russell and Sohan Patel had great chances to help the Spartans get on the board first. No matter how hard Campbell tried and despite the numerous chances they created, the Kennesaw Mountain back line led by David Moran and Jack Michel and their goalkeepers in Ty Roldan and Ethan Johnson did a great job thwarting every Spartan opportunity.

If you know the game of soccer, then you know it can be an all too cruel sport. Despite the possession domination and being the seemingly superior team, the theme continued as Campbell just could not score. The match was scoreless with about 12 minutes to play and off of a corner kick the Mustangs found the breakthrough, thanks to Rhodes college commit Kaleb Dawit. The Senior calmly scored the first of Kennesaw Mountain’s two goals in the 2-0 Mustang victory.

When the final whistle blew the men in green had their first championship and my Spartans were disheartened in defeat. Losing at this stage is never easy and it certainly stung as I spoke to the guys afterwards but riding the wave to that first ever school championship appearance is something that will never be forgotten.

I remember some of my past magical moments and some of my tough defeats as well so I can empathize with what they were going through. But these memories, good or bad, are so important in building these young men’s character and helping mold them into what they are about to be.

The championship match was on Friday, May 10th and came down to the Spartans and the Kennesaw Mountain Mustangs, another one of our high-quality Cobb County schools and just a small distance away from Smyrna. Both teams were really Cinderella stories as neither school had ever won a soccer state

I would like to thank all of my former players and especially the seniors for taking the entire community on an incredible run to their first ever championship match!

Talkin’ Sports
Talkin’ Sports
Justin Hanover is a sports reporter/analyst who has worked in the business since 1996. His stops have included ESPN, CNN, 790 The Zone, 680 The Fan and the Atlanta Falcons. He has also done play-by-play analysis and color commentary ranging from the high school level all the way through the professional level. Justin lives in Smyrna with his wife and three children.
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A Little Help From a Friend

id you know? There is a Loneliness Epidemic in our country, according to the U. S. Surgeon General. The prevalence of social isolation and loneliness in the U.S. now surpasses smoking, diabetes, and obesity. These are significant issues for older adults and people with disabilities. Lacking social connection can increase the risk of premature death as much as smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day. It is also associated with increased risk for anxiety, depression and dementia.

Seniors Helping Seniors is poised to offer relief. Terri and Kip Haswell opened their doors in June of last year, offering in-home care services for seniors that are affordable, and staffed by seniors themselves. Serving Cherokee, Cobb and Pickens counties, the Haswells have lived in the area they serve for more than 30 years.


While the Haswells’ professional backgrounds are well suited for this industry, it’s their firsthand experience that brings heart into the business. Terri became a primary caregiver for her father for more than two years while juggling responsibilities as a working wife and mother to her son, Chris, in his last two years of high school.

Terri felt compassion and empathy for those who had similar experiences, so when Chris moved to college and her dad passed, she and Kip became empty nesters. They wanted to take a difficult time and use it to do something meaningful that gives back to their community and makes a difference for others. Coming alongside other families navigating the aging process was the perfect solution.


Unlike many in-home care services, Seniors Helping Seniors primarily hires active older adults to aid less active seniors. “This creates more of a peerto-peer relationship, which allows our clients to feel like they are getting a little help from a friend,” Terri said. “Our caregivers understand the aging process, which enables them to offer more empathy, rather than sympathy.”

In this way, both caregivers and clients benefit. Caregivers fulfill a need to remain active, while contributing to their community and supplementing their income in a meaningful way. And clients like our cover couple, Tony and Louise, not only get assistance that they need but also get the added benefit of

connection with their caregiver, Lynn. The Haswells take time to get to know their caregivers through a thorough screening process and they meet clients in their homes before carefully matching them based on personality and services needed.

“Our mission is to create meaningful connections while fulfilling the needs of our caregivers, clients and their families,” Terri said. “The feedback from this couple when they thanked me 1000 times over for making the perfect match and that she hasn’t heard her husband belly laugh like that in a long time tells me that we are creating something special. The client had both me and their caregiver in tears as she expressed her appreciation. We are much more than just in-home care services. Everyone has a story and desires to connect with others, even if it is hard to admit it sometimes. Once they meet the right person, who also happens to give them some assistance, their lives improve in so many ways. I am grateful to be a part of something special that has the potential to help generations.”

Seniors Helping Seniors Northwest Atlanta offers many services. Along with companionship, they provide light housekeeping, meal preparation, transportation, assistance with doctor appointments, personal grooming and dressing, dementia/Alzheimer’s care, pet care, relief for family caregivers, and daily living assistance.

Seniors Helping Seniors Northwest Atlanta not only enjoys helping clients through caregiving assistance, they are also actively partnering with other community resources to meet client’s needs. “Meeting our client’s needs is the most important thing we do. That is why we partner with other resources to provide our clients with a network of care to meet the changing needs of our seniors,” Terri said.



“ “

One thing Terri did that we have never had with any other sitters we have used, was she came with the new sitter prior to starting, to meet our mother and get to know her. What service and kindness!


I’ve had other jobs that I liked, but I’ve never LOVED a job before this one.

Thank you so much for matching me with my client. I love her so much. “

D 470-995-MYSR (6977) / /
16 Our Town Dinner, Music, Games, & Fun! REGISTER TODAY! @ Cumberland Community Church Summer Jam! Everyone’s Invited Join the party as we celebrate Jesus & have fun together! June 24-27 5:15-8:15pm For Rising K-5th Graders (& parents can come too!)
“My Mom has been living at Holbrook since November and we are thrilled with everything about this amazing, family-owned company. Especially because my Mom has improved so much, in so many different ways, since she moved in. They do so many "little" things to make my Mom and my family feel special. I live in Philadelphia and came down to see my Mom for 4 days and stayed at one of the apartments on site. It was wonderful! I can't recommend Holbrook more highly. If I could give it 10 stars, I would.”
– TIM O.
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OUR TOWN’s Community Spotlight

One of the coolest things about Our Town Monthly is meeting some of the amazing people and families that reside in our beloved Cobb County. This issue’s Community Spotlight is the epitome of such.

Geoff Resnik and his family have been there and done that. They have performed selfless work for our community year after year after year. How to even begin this Community Spotlight is a challenge so let’s just get right into it.

Geoff grew up in Piedmont, California and was an All-American defensive lineman on the gridiron at Cal State Northridge in the mid 1980’s. He came to Georgia after college thanks to a job opportunity. This former Matador football player, who has worked in sales for a furniture manufacturer over the past 30 years, has four children, three grandchildren and his loving wife, Melissa.

In 2008 Geoff helped start the Allatoona High School football program by being its first defensive line coach. He would assist head coach Gary Varner and the rest of the staff win a state championship in 2015 before leaving in 2019. With his daughter, Abby, entering the 8th grade at The Walker School, Geoff felt it was time to hang up the football cleats.

When we spoke to Geoff you can hear the pride he had in his voice about his youngest daughter, Abby. Abby was not only following in her dad’s athletic footsteps by becoming a phenomenal lacrosse player but has done so much more. She just finished up her high school career with a jaw dropping 296 goals and has won the most awards in school history which include being a threetime All-State player, a four-time All-Area player, the winner of the 2023 Georgia High School lacrosse player of the year and the Positive Athlete award winner for women’s lacrosse in the state of Georgia for 2024. Abby also made the Israeli Under 20 National team and will be playing in college at Florida Southern College, a school that won a national championship in 2016.

As for the “so much more” part, well, it began right around 2015 as Geoff told me. “This all started when Abby wanted to be an animal trainer. I have a friend that ran an aquarium in Panama City and he said Abby should begin by starting an animal rescue. A week later we had 18 puppies running around the house and at one point had 36 Husky puppies come in from a hoarder in Cartersville. It was all dogs except for two cats and we adopted out about 1,200 dogs. It all grew from Abby wanting to help animals”, said the proud dad.

The father of four then explained how 2020 and Covid presented new opportunities and a pivot of sorts from the five or so year old animal rescue. “During Covid we had an opportunity to expand. We partnered with the Atlanta Community Food Bank who would give us more animal food but in order to do so we would need to help humans as well. The original goal was to help about 25 families but it really is such a huge need. General Mills was great by donating truckloads of food and in 2023 alone we gave out 1.2 million pounds of food. Abby started everything but Melissa runs our day-to-day operations and deserves the lions share of the credit for her amazing food bank work and the animal veterinary clinics that help provide low-cost vet care to families in need.”

The Reznik’s rent out The Church of the Vine on Hiram-Acworth Highway in Dallas on Monday and Thursday mornings for those in need. If you would like to donate to this great cause please check out their website:

As if all of this wasn’t enough for Geoff he decided to get back into coaching and start the women’s lacrosse program at North Cobb Christian this past year.

“My daughter Maxime went to school there years ago so I had a connection and they were looking for somebody to start the program. I was hired in August, 2023. We had 16 players and nobody expected us to win a game. We wound up winning four games and our own Sophy Peterson Brown led the state in goals for the regular season”, said Reznik.

And I thought I was a busy father!?!?!?!?

Our Town 21
770-687-6378 Senior Portraits Session includes 1.5hrs In-Studio or Location 20 digital images 3 outfit changes BOOKING NOW

Book Club

pril and May have been big months for our book club. Not only have we read some great books over the past few weeks, but we also took a road trip Tallahassee, Florida, to attend the Word of the South Book Festival! We made a brief stop in the charming town of Thomasville, Georgia, with its oaklined streets and adorable shops and restaurants. Sweetgrass Dairy is a necessary stop for lunch before hitting the downtown shops!

The first night of the Word of South festival included an incredibly entertaining concert by the Flaming Lips in Cascades Park, an amphitheater near the FSU campus. After dancing all night, we woke up Saturday morning to hear from both beloved and new authors. One author who we were all excited to meet was Lauren Groff who discussed her books, her writing process, and her new independent bookstore in Gainesville, Florida. The highlight of our day was listening to What Should I Read Next podcast host Anne Bogel. Anne’s first event can be heard in her podcast episode,” Live from Word of South: the books we can’t stop recommending,” where you will also hear from Sara Marchessault, Word of South Festival director and childhood friend of Laura B! Spending some one-on-one time with Anne Bogel after her session was the perfect end to our weekend.

We can’t recommend Word of South Festival enough and hope you’ll consider it for a road trip. Dates for 2025 were just released and will be April 4-6!

Our Book:

First Lie Wins by Ashley Elston

Our Scene:

This month The Reading Attic off Marietta Square hosted our book chat. This is such a unique space with rooms filled with books and sitting areas for relaxing. Next time you are in Marietta Square, stop by and check out this delightful shop!

It was Laura B’s month to host, and she shared some of her favorite Aldi finds: pre-made charcuterie trays, street corn dip, cauliflower buffalo dip, gluten-free crackers, and fig and rosemary crisps. Everyone enjoyed these delicious snacks!

Our Synopsis:

First Lie Wins explores the life of Evie Porter whose whole identity is a lie. Through flashbacks between past and present, the book helps readers understand how Evie Porter came to be and shows how even when we pretend to be someone else, we can’t help but show little pieces of our true selves. Evie grapples with conflicting emotions about safety, ethics, and love while juggling multiple clandestine jobs. Evie also questions whether she can break free from her powerful boss, Mr. Smith. The twists and turns of this novel will keep you guessing, and it even has some Georgia references throughout. One thing we agreed on is that this book would make for a great screen adaptation!

credit: Elizabeth Howard

Our Favorite Questions:

We get our discussion questions from a variety of sources but most often find them online or generate our own. Without spoiling the story, here are some that spurred interesting conversation:

1 2 3 4

Throughout the novel, Evie assumes various identities for her assignments. How does this constant change impact her as a person? Discuss the psychological toll of living a double life.

Despite taking on new identities, Evie never forgets her identity as Lucca Marino. How important is a name to someone’s identity?

The name of the novel comes from the saying: “The first lie wins… The one that changes the game. The one that is deliberate. The lie that sets the stage for everything that comes after it.” What do you think Author Elston means by this? Why might the first lie be important to Evie?

Who would be your “dream cast” if this were ever made into a movie?

Our Key Takeaway:

Our key takeaway this month is not from this book, but something we came to more generally. We discussed how our interpretation of what we read depends not only on our preferences but also on current events in our lives. First Lie Wins was an easy, light read that several members felt was just what they needed. Summer is a wonderful time for lighter reads and First Lie Wins would be perfect for poolside or sitting on the beach!

Our Stars: 3.5

Our Next Book: Hearts Invisible Fury by John Boyne

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Introducing Dr. Jeremiah Cook

Dr. Chris Shim and The Oakdale Family Dental team is excited to introduce Dr. Jeremiah Cook!

A native of the Smyrna area, Dr. Cook has been in the field of dentistry for over 13 years, first as an assistant, then as a dental hygienist for 8 years. Dr. Cook recently received his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from The Dental College of Georgia in 2023. As an associate dentist, Dr. Cook is looking forward to providing excellent and gentle dental care for all our patients at Oakdale Family Dental. He has been married to his wife Kim for 6 years. Dr. Cook enjoys spending time outdoors with his family and friends, along with fishing and playing soccer.




At Varenita, residents can “age in place” comfortably and securely.

One of the main benefits of choosing Varenita of West Cobb is that residents can stay in the same community and, in many cases, the same “living area” even as their health care requirements change. This means that once you or your loved one moves into our beautiful community, it’s home. No matter how much needs to change over time.


The perfect option for independent seniors who want support with daily tasks and personal care.

Varenita of West Cobb’s personalized assisted living care is designed for primarily independent seniors looking for a rich and rewarding lifestyle with an enhanced level of support. Guided by compassion and clinical expertise, our highly trained team members offer residents the gentle, individually focused support they need to flourish while retaining their independence.

Personalized Care for All Stages of Aging


This specialized program is ideal for those living with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or early memory loss. Our industry-leading transitional care program is built around an inclusive “open campus” model. It is specifically designed for residents experiencing the early symptoms of memory loss or MCI but may not require the full attention or secure environment of a traditional memory program. Residents who are appropriate for transitional care continue to reside in the Assisted Living area of the community while receiving additional support with daily activities.


An enriching and supportive program designed for those living with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementias. Based on the latest research, Varenita’s memory care program offers a truly compassionate approach to care designed for those residents living with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementias. This living option combines an engaging, secure memory care neighborhood with a stimulating, person-centered lifestyle often missing from other cognitive care programs.


Unlike many other senior living communities, Varenita offers comprehensive physical, occupational, and speech therapy services for all our residents without the hassel of having to leave the community.


Varenita offers residents and their families an impressive mix of delicious cuisine and rich dining experiences. Our accomplished chef and culinary team create an ever-changing menu of delicious entrees made with organic, locally sourced ingredients across three beautiful dining venues. These include vegetarian, gluten-free, and specially designed dishes for residents with specific dietary needs. In addition, we have a registered dietitian available to help with residents’ nutritional needs.


At Varenita, we offer an impressive mix of activities, classes, and events that foster engagement, stimulate the mind, and provide a rewarding sense of purpose.

• Arts & Crafts

• Daily Gardening

• Group Outings

• Move & Dance

• Animal Activities

• Cooking Classes

• Music & Song

• Live Concerts

• Exercise Classes

• Family Events

• Guest Speakers

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| 1979 Mars Hill Road, Acworth, GA 30101 | 470-750-3500
West Cobb

Empowering Communities through Automotive Excellence:

Our Vision is to redefine the buying experience, fostering innovation, integrity, and unmatched customer service. With a commitment to sustainability and a passion for progress, we aim to be the foremost destination for automotive needs, enriching lives one mile at a time. STEVE RAYMAN CHEVROLET 2155 COBB PARKWAY SE,

GA 30080 770-953-0100 / 800-578-0732

Steve Rayman Chevrolet | Smyrna GA | Facebook

me before I left to view a vehicle at another lot. “To me that one statement is what set Steve Rayman Chevrolet apart from any other dealership I have been to. Not only that but their salesman, Bellande was not pushy, and allowed me to make my test-driving experience what I wanted. Everyone’s goal was to make sure that I was happy with my decision whether it was with them or not. I cannot say how much that meant to me and it ultimately made me decide to go back to them, after viewing another car somewhere else. When I returned, and chose to do business with them, I was met with pure excitement and joy! Tyler & Bellande, who were my salesmen, even stayed an hour and a half after closing, to finalize everything, and were not in a rush to leave. As a believer in Jesus Christ, I truly believe that I was led back to their dealership because they had the best intentions for me. I’ve never been at a dealership where the finance manager was in tears, after selling me a car, because he truly felt like it was the best decision, even though he gave me an amazing deal that was out of the norm. I believe that it was truly divine intervention that led me back and that God was in the details of this sale. Since my purchase, I have chosen to name my car “Grace the Batmobile,” because it was nothing but God’s grace that allowed me to have this experience. My dealership experience was truly a blessing, and I would advise anyone to go to this dealership!”

Our Town 31 404-301-9955 CALLTODAY FOR A FREE ESTIMATE! WINDOW CLEANING l GUTTER CLEANING l PRESSURE WASHING l OUTDOOR LIGHTING $159 Flat rate applies to 1- and 2-story dwellings up to 2,500-sf. Excludes systems with ANY type of coverings. Exp 9/28/24 WINDOW CLEANING FIRST 25 WINDOWS Valid for Whole House Window Cleaning Removing or cleaning screens is a separate and independent service. $179 Excludes non-standard, storm/encasement or oversized windows. Exp 9/28/24 WARRIOR PACKAGE Combine all 3 Services, get a 15% Discount PATIO & PARTY LIGHTING Create inviting outdoor entertainment spaces with illuminating patio lighting! Schedule your FREE on-site consultation! 404-789-4974 PRESSURE WASHING All Surfaces: Siding - Brick - Wood Stone - Concrete - Composite Starting at $169 The starting rate is based on a 1- or 2-story dwelling up to 2,500-sf. Larger dwellings require an on-site services quote. Rate excludes ANY 3-story elevation. Exp 9/28/24 678.573.1978 scan me A FAMILY BUSINESS SINCE 2008 CUSTOM FLOORING | BATHROOM REMODEL | STAIRS HARDWOOD • LUXURY VINYL PLANK • TILE • LAMINATE • CARPET Interest Financing
32 770-818-4339 For over two generations, Bartlett has ensured your Dad stays cool! Call Bartlett Heating and Cooling for your Dad's cool needs! Keeping you cool f generations! with payments as low as Replace your HVAC system $ 95per month 770-971-1577 Serving Homeowners in Marietta and North Metro Atlanta since 1998. One Call for Painting and All Exterior Renovations. House Painting, Exterior Renovations, Roofing, Siding, Gutters and More. BEFORE AFTER

Mobile Dog Grooming

Our Town 33 Expires July 31, 2024 Our Services Include: l Bath w/Hydro Massage l Ears cleaned Nails Trimmed l Sanitary Trim l Basic De-matting l Full Brush & Blow Dry l Shave downs l Full cuts
wagon provides professional mobile dog grooming services to the North Atlanta community. We are currently servicing
East Cobb,
& South
miles north
I-285. OverCelebrating 10 Years in North Atlanta!
The waggin’
Smyrna, Vinings,
Marietta, Sandy
& Dunwoody extending 3

TRAVEL INSURANCE: A Must-Have for Your Vacation

Aquestion I am often asked by clients is whether they should purchase travel insurance for their vacation. If they are traveling outside of the United States, my answer is always ‘yes’.

I recently had a client traveling in the Caribbean who was accidentally knocked over by a large laundry cart and she severely broke her wrist. She spent most of her first day of vacation at the local hospital, having her wrist set multiple times and at one point there was even concern about permanent nerve damage. She and her husband left for home the next day and she had surgery back in the United States a few days later.

When we were planning her vacation, I can assure you that none of us planned for her to be injured during her vacation. But we did talk about travel insurance and how it is vitally important to have in case of a medical emergency while traveling, especially outside of the United States. When she was injured during her trip there were many things to be worried about, but the one thing she was not worried about was a large medical bill for the treatment she received.

Let’s talk about travel insurance basics and what it covers. Travel insurance ranges from basic trip cancellation and interruption coverage insuring the

price of your vacation for events such as illness, loss of job or death, to options including medical coverage and/or medical evacuation, all the way to full cancellation for any reason with additional coverage for baggage and flights. Costs typically range from 5-12% of your vacation price depending on a number of factors including age and type of coverage. Make sure to shop around before you purchase a policy and read the fine print so you understand the full scope of coverage and exclusions. Also, always check the credit card you’re using to pay for your vacation to see if they offer travel protection for vacations purchased with their card. You don’t want to pay twice for coverage if it’s already included with your credit card company.

Some other factors to consider when deciding whether to purchase travel insurance include:

Is this the vacation of a lifetime?

If your vacation is a once-in-a-lifetime trip (honeymoon, babymoon, anniversary, multi-generational family vacation, or that big vacation you’ve been dreaming about and saving money for years to take), then travel insurance is a definite ‘yes’. These types of vacations are typically more expensive and losses are harder to recoup.

Where are you traveling?

Are you traveling outside of the United States? Is the area you’re traveling to prone to extreme weather (hurricanes, earthquakes and the like)? Is there potential for any type of civil unrest? In all of these scenarios it’s best to opt for travel insurance.

Do you have any health conditions or considerations?

If you have pre-existing medical conditions (diabetes, heart disease, or you are currently pregnant, for example) that may cause an issue during your vacation then you should consider a policy with medical coverage and/or medical evacuation coverage. Most domestic medical insurance does not cover you if you are outside the United States.

Travel insurance gives you extra peace of mind during your vacation so make sure to include it for your next trip.

Heather Meliski is a travel agent specializing in the Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico, Europe, Australia, the South Pacific, cruises, theme parks, and more. She lives in Smyrna with her husband two sons. FB @ heatheryellowshoetravel IG @yellowshoetravelheather

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Veneers l Invisalign

Dentures l Root Canals

Teeth Whitening

Sedation Dentistry

Scaling & Root Planing

Other Cosmetic Services

Specializing in Dental Implants

On-Site Dental Lab

Half-Price Dental Implants

Competitively Priced

100% Financing available with approved credit





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Georgia Dental
All-on-4® Treatment Concept
Offers immediate improvement in eating, comfort, esthetics and speech.
Treatment time and cost are often less, compared to conventional implant treatments
stable, with only four implants
Backed by many years of study and use, proving effectiveness. Steve T. Hahn, D.M.D. M.S. Gregory Doneff, D.D.S. Sammy Carden, D.M.D. Albert Lee, D.D.S. Jean Kim, D.D.S. 5490 Crossroads Drive, Suite #1, Acworth (Bells Ferry and Hwy 92) 770.926.2784 l

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