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Volume 7

From the Publisher


his issue marks our one year anniversary. We could not have grown without the support of the advertisers, tank wash, truck stops, repair shops and drivers. On the 4th of July remember our soldiers. A special thanks to Grammer Industries and Johnsrud Transport for supplying the pictures for the tribute to the soldiers. We look forward to the future and growth in the years to come.

Advertisers Index A&R Transport......... Front Cover, 16-17 Altom Transport............................... 3 Atlantic Bulk Carrier.................. 12-13 Armed Services Tribute Trucks....10, 26 Blachowske.................................... 19 M.C. Tank...................................... 8-9 Girton................................Back Cover KAG.......................................... 20-21 Newman Carriers............................ 11

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Oakley Transport.............................. 2 PVS Chemicals.................................. 7

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Schneider...................................... 15


Tank Drivers Unlimited Email: Web site: Ph.: 815-651-9418 / Fax: 815-230-3828


Service Transport............................ 25 TDR Transport................................... 5 Transwood................................. 28-29 Trimac........................................... 39


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ALABAMA The Birmingham Tank Wash Product limitation-Please call

Bessemer, AL


Eagle Truck Wash Cottondale, AL Product limitation-Wash inside and out - Food grade only


Turnipseed Truck/Tank Wash Product limitation-No Haz-mat

Birimgham, AL


Parkers I-65 Call for limitation

Hanceville, AL


Lincoln, AL


Mobile, AL


Steele, AL


Turnipseed Truck/Tank Wash Product limitation- No Haz-mat Express Truck Wash and Fuel Call for limitation

Shell Truck Stop No limitation

Alabama Tank Wash Union Town, AL Product limitations—Food grade tank washout


ARIZONA Avondale, AZ Danny Truck Wash Product limitations—Clean all non-hazardous.


Eagle Truck Wash Wash inside and out -foodgrade only

Eloy/Casa Grande, AZ


Pride Travel Center Call for limitation

Elroy, AZ


Phoenix, AZ


Danny’s Big Rig Resort Product limitations—Non-hazadous only.

Danny’s Family Truck Wash Phoenix, AZ Product limitations—Kosher certified, J A, food grade only.


ARKANSAS PJ’s Tank Wash Inc. Call for limitation


6 •

Crossett, AR • 7

Communication is Key for Driver Safety and Success By Derek Huber Operation Manager M.C. Tank Transport Inc.


very day it seems as if there is another story on the news about a truck driver involved in a crash, or a rollover resulting in a back up on a stretch of highway. And if you listen closely, the news media almost always portrays the accident as a truck accident. Very rarely do you ever hear about the truck driver that was able to brake in time after a passenger vehicle swerved in front of his truck. Or, about the driver that had to navigate Communication, the model for success for all involved. a tractor through downtown at rush hour safely. Every day, millions of professional truck drivers navigate our highways across this great country without issues. And that is where companies like MC Tank Transport are trying to help educate the public and our customers about the challenges that drivers face every day they depart on a load in order to provide the best environment for drivers to succeed. So often, customers are focused on one thing. And that is how inexpensive a carrier can transport their freight from one point to the next. However, with all of the new federal regulations, companies like MC Tank Transport are partnering with their customers to help educate them on the complexities of hours of service and other various federal regulations. This is where communication from drivers becomes so vital. Each load has unique characteristics and requirements. That’s why companies like MC Tank Transport ask for feedback from our drivers regarding issues that are directly related to specific shipments. This communication becomes vital for companies to work with their customers in order improve safety for drivers. Without this open dialogue, we will not be effective in changing the behavior of our customers. Eventually, as customers begin to become more informed on the challenges that drivers face, they will begin to become proactive to future shipments. At MC Tank Transport, we have seen this first hand. Customers are beginning to realize the hazards and difficulties that drivers face on a daily basis. And because they are able to understand the challenges, they can then implement changes within their organization to improve. And when everyone in the supply chain is involved in open communication and education, it allows all of us to be safe and successful. •

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Growth through Investing in People


lot has changed since Atlantic Bulk Carrier Corp. began operations in 1971 with three tractors and a handful of leased trailers. The Virginia-based tanktruck carrier has grown to nearly 200 drivers and more than 600 pieces of equipment based throughout the Southeast. What hasn’t changed is the family atmosphere and the small company attitude. “We have built a good company with good people,” said founder Gary W. Short. “I’m very proud of the hard work by everyone here.” Based in Providence Forge, VA, Atlantic Bulk Carrier Corp. handles liquid and dry materials, including hazardous and nonhazardous commodities. Operations are concentrated in the Southeast although the company is licenses for all of Canada and the lower 48 states. Drivers and their assigned tractors are based in Virginia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Missouri, Florida and Alabama. Local and regional operations mean the drivers load, deliver and come home. Drivers see home an average of two to four times per week. To attract and keep the best drivers, Atlantic Bulk offers some of the best pay in the business and a competitive benefits package, including paid vacation and paid holidays. Along with company-paid life insurance, drivers have their choice of two medical insurance packages. Atlantic Bulk did not cut pay or benefits during the recent economic downturn. Atlantic Bulk Carrier also invests in its drivers by maintaining one of the newest fleets on the road. The average age of the company’s tractors is less than three years. The company has also invested in truck technology to 12 •

improve safety and efficiency. That technology includes Qualcomm satellite communications and electronic logging equipment and critical alert warnings. Some of the newest tractors put into service this year even come equipped with disk brakes. “We have invested in technology and the payback has been a more safe and efficient operation,” Short said. “Even with all the latest bells and whistles, though, our most important safety feature is our people.” Atlantic Bulk Carrier has been recognized by many of its customers, including several Fortune 500 companies, for outstanding performance. The National Tank Truck Carriers Association, Responsible Care, the Virginia Trucking Association and the South Carolina Trucking Association have all recognized Atlantic Bulk Carrier for its outstanding safety record in the past several years. “The folks who deserve the credit are the people handling the day-to-day operations, from the drivers to the mechanics to the terminal managers and billing clerks,” Short said. Atlantic Bulk shares that recognition with its drivers. So far, 14 drivers have earned million-mile awards with the company and the company is preparing to present four more million-mile rings this year. Along with recognition for a million safe miles, Atlantic Bulk has annual recognition and even rewards its drivers for all violation-free inspection reports throughout the year. Atlantic Bulk Carrier plans to continue to grow with its customers and strengthen its operations through the best employees. • • 13

Best Stop Truck Wash and Detailing Jonesboro, AR Product Limitation- Food grade and Dry bulk only


Little Rock, AR


I-30 Tank Wash Little Rock, AR Product limitation- Food grade and dry bulk No Haz-Mat


Southern Tank Cleaning Inc. Product limitations—Call for limitations

North Little Rock, AR

Grace Trailer Call for limitation


Grace Trailer Service LLC West Memphis, AR Product limitations—Chemical and foodgrade. Kosher certified


CALIFORNIA Eagle Truck Wash Wash inside and out -foodgrade only

Coachella, CA


Three Sisters Truck Stop Product Limitation- Exterior only

Fontana, CA


Lester Lube Inc dba Fresno Tanker Interior Washouts Frenso, CA 559-233-4849 Product limitations—No limitations, Kosher maint., conversion cert., foodgrade cert., major juice chemical washouts (most) Totally Tanker Interiors Product limitations—Foodgrade only.

Tulare, CA


LA Tank Wash Product Limitation- Non Haz-mat only

Vernon, CA


Californa Vita Clean Visalia, CA Product limitations—Foodgrade only, Kosher, IMS, and JPA certified


COLARADO Eagle Truck Wash Wash inside and out -foodgrade only


Commerce City, CO

Del Camino Truck Wash LLC Longmont, CO Product limitations—Foodgrade and non-hazardous only. Kosher certified

14 •

303-678-0443 • 15

Cover Story


Unlimited Amount of Growth and RESPECT!

ounded in Ottawa, IL in 1969 with two trucks, A&R Logistics has gone on to become the leading provider of bulk plastic and dry transportation, as well as a logistics service provider within the U.S. With over 800 trucks, strategically located packaging and warehouse facilities, combined with our supply chain technology and expertise, we are uniquely positioned to provide innovative supply chain solutions through one or more of the A&R companies. At A&R Logistics, our expertise is #1 in bulk transport (while also providing excellent service in packaging, distribution, and logistics). We have earned this outstanding reputation because of the quality professional drivers and operators who represent us every single day. A & R is continuing to grow rapidly and we are in need of hard working dedicated drivers just like you. Our continued success depends on drivers like you. A & R is continuing to grow very rapidly and we are in need of hard working dedicated drivers just like you. We have a bright future and many exciting opportunities ahead of us. We realize that our growth and continued success depends on our ability to have drivers like you working as part of our team. Let us help you achieve the success you desire. Come see what it’s like running as one of our “system” drivers (OTR) and truly enjoy the freedom of the open road, or TEAM and run some of our most lucrative lanes, run REGIONAL and enjoy the chance to be home more often but still log the miles, or run LOCAL/DEDICATED and take advantage of some of our more familiar and close to home routes. One thing’s for sure, whichever you choose, and you will have the guarantee of consistent freight and the chance for more miles when you want them. Our diverse customer base will keep your truck moving and making money year-round. Where are we located? • Atlanta, GA • Decatur, AL • Baton Rouge, LA • Cleveland, OH • Buena Park, CA • Columbus, OH • Stockton, CA • Pearlington, MS • San Bernardino, CA • Jackson, TN • Charlotte, NC • Jeffersonville, IN • Parkersburg, WV • Chesapeake, VA • Fort Worth, TX • Highlands, TX • Philadelphia, PA • Springfield, MA What can we offer you? · Excellent Compensation and Benefits Package Including a Sign On Bonus! · Bonus Program that gives you the potential to earn an additional $3k per year! · Great Home Time because we know how important your family time is! · Consistent Year Round Freight! · Unlimited amount of growth and RESPECT!

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FAMOUS FATHERS ACROSS 1. “_____ your engines!” 6. Buffoon 9. Dermatologist’s concern 13. Like beaver? 14. Bearded antelope 15. Pertaining to the ear 16. Davy Crockett’s last stand 17. Campaigned 18. Modern day letter 19. *Suri’s father 21. *Kiefer’s father 23. ___ blue 24. Khaled Hosseini’s “The ____ Runner” 25. Brady Bunch daughter 28. Actress Jessica 30. Metal helmet 35. Beehive state 37. “Frasier” actress Gilpin 39. Lacy mat 40. Folk story 41. Throw something heavy 43. Seed covering 44. Quechua speakers 46. “The ____ Not Taken” 47. Greek goddess of youth 48. Half-shell delicacy 50. Joint with a cap 52. *Brady Bunch kids addressed dad this way 53. “____ the slate clean” 55. “___ Doubtfire 57. *Namesake 60. *Sasha and Malia’s father 63. Come by without warning 64. Frigid 66. Cool & distant 68. Flip-flo 69. French for “word” 70. T in Ferrari TR 71. Actress Hathaway 72. *Widely considered father of the detective story

73. *John Jacob _____, sire to clan of multi-millionaires DOWN 1. Moses parted the Red one 2. After-bath powder 3. Culture-growing turf 4. Romulus’ brother 5. Russian triumvirate 6. Fairy tale villain 7. American Nurses Association 8. Plural of fundus 9. Wild feline 10. Face-to-face exam 11. Surprise attack 12. Building addition 15. Aeneas’ story 20. Air fairy 22. Pro baseball’s “Master Melvin” 24. Modern sing-along 25. *Enrique Iglesias’ father 26. Lack of muscle tension 27. Drug agents 29. Porter or IPA, e.g. 31. *Last of the pre-flood Patr -


18 •

archs in the bible 32. Employees, often preceded with “new” 33. Legal excuse 34. *U.S. President with the most children 36. Furnace output 38. *This Russian father was famously terrible 42. Swelling 45. Sweatshop activity 49. Orinoco or Grande 51. Misprints 54. Get ready for a date 56. Company department 57. *John-John’s father 58. Fairytale’s second word? 59. Common workday start 60. Information unit 61. C in COGS 62. Japanese zither 63. School organization 65. Bird word 67. Frequent partner of “away” • 19

20 • • 21

DELAWARE Port Wilmington Tank Wash Inc. New Castle, DE 302-225-8065 Product limitations—Kosher certified. J A approved, Foodgrade, non-hazardous chemicals FLORIDA USA Tank Wash Haines, FL Product limitations—Foodgrade only. Kosher certified


Tampa Bay Tank Wash Product limitations—Call for limitations

Tampa, FL


GEORGIA EQ Augusta Inc. Call for limitation

Augusta, GA


Blachowske Truck Line Inc. Bainbridge, GA and Tank Wash Product limitations—No hazmat, call for other restrictions.


84 Truck & Auto Repair Bainbridge , GA Product limitations—No petroleum-based products, no toxic chemicals


New South Tank Wash Dalton, GA Product Limitation- No poisons, No solvents-based resins


Eagle Truck Wash Wash inside and out -foodgrade only


Jackson, GA

Express Container Service Morrow, (Atlanta) GA Product limitations—Foodgrade. Kosher certified


Savannah Kleen Tank Wash Savannah, GA 912-964-4809 Product limitations—Sweeteners, foodgrade, and compatibles only. Kosher certified Express Container Service Product limitations—Foodgrade

Winder, GA

IDAHO Handy Truck Wash Paul, ID limitations—Kosher certified. No hazardous



IOWA Cronbaugh Tank Wash Cedar Rapids, IA 319-366-6959, 319-329-8265 Product limitations—Foodgrade & industrial; liquid & dry bulk; call for limitations. Kosher certified Clear Lake Truck & RV Wash Clear Lake, IA Product limitation-Refer/Tanker/Hopper/Bulk Feed washouts (Haz-mat call)


Johnsrud Transport Inc. Des Moines, IA Product limitations—Foodgrade only, call for appointment. Kosher certified


Green Light Truck Wash Sioux City, IA 712-258-3773 Product Limitation-Inedible tanker wash-outs, refer wash-outs, hopper wash-outs 22 •

INDIANA Indiana Tank Cleaners Gary, IN 219-882-0105 Product limitations—Foodgrade & compatibles. Kosher, Dairy & Juice certified Indy South Truck Repair Indianapolis, IN 317-244-7101 Product limitations—Foodgrade, dry bulk, plastics. Call for limitations. No Hazmat. Indianapolis, IN 317-782-0461 Circle City Tank Wash Product limitations—Not foodgrade. Most chemicals; no cyanides, no super/hyper floc ILLINOIS Dedicated TCS LLC Channahon, IL Product limitations—Chemical wash, call for limitations.


H&M Trucking Co. Clinton, IL 217-935-5738 Product limitations—Clean liquid & dry food trailers. No chemicals or hazardous materials. Kosher certified Arrowhead Oasis Hampshire, IL 847-683-2060 No Haz mat Kankakee Tank Wash Inc. Kankakee, IL Product limitations—Clean only nonhazardous. Call for limitations. Kosher and foodgrade certified


Dedicated TCS LLC Lansing, IL Product limitations—Chemical wash, call for limitations.


Maggios Truck Eash Call for limitation

Rockford, IL


Eagle Truck Wash Wash inside and out -foodgrade only

Zion, IL


KANSAS 4 Seasons Truck Wash Product limitations—Foodgrade only.

Hutchinson, KS


Arm-Dat Inc. Kansas City, KS Product limitations—Foodgrade, Kosher wash

913-321-4287 • 23

Sani-Kleen Tank Wash Inc. Call for limatation

Park City, KS


Wichita Truck & Tank Wash Call for limitation

Wichita, KS


KENTUCKY CES Catlettsburg, KY 606-739-8066 Product limitations—Clean solvents, oils, glycol, phenol & aniline. Call for limitations. Louisville, KY


Kentuckiana Tank Wash Louisville, KY Product Limitation- Kosher and dairy certifie


MCR Truck Wash Product limitation-Non-hazadous


Derby City Tank Wash Inc. Product limitations—No limitations.

Paducah, KY

LOUISIANA Hammond, LA Rafael’s Truck Wash Product limitation-Please Call (No Haz-mat)


Frog City Truck Wash Rayne, LA Product limitation- Dry bulk, Grain hoopers, Refeer


MICHIGAN Great Lakes Tank Wash Grand Rapids MI 616-538-2050 Product limitations—Call for limitations, foodgrade wash bay. Kosher certified. CIP syste Walker’s Truck and Trailer Service Inc. Lansing, MI Product limitations—Steam clean and blow dry only


I-96 Tank Wash Portland, MI Product limitations—Foodgrade only, Grade A and Kosher certified


Shirley’s Tank & Truck Wash Sawyer, MI Product limitations—Kosher, juice, dairy. Grade A certifie


24 • • 25

MINNESOTA Caledonia Haulers Caledonia, MN Product Limitation-Food Grade, Kosher Ceritified No Haz-ma


Donner’s Crossroads Call for limitations

Clara City, MN


Saulk Centre, MN


Truckers Inn Product limitations—Call for limitations

MISSOURI Xpress Tank Cleaning Cape Girardeau, MO 573-332-0522 Product limitations—Foodgrade, no hazardous materials. Call for limits. Kosher certifie Kansas City Tank Cleaning Kansas City (Pleasant Valley), MO Product limitations—Call for limitations

816-781-6300 ext 251

Quality Tank Wash Kansas City (Oak Grove), MO Product Limitation-Chemical and Food grade, Kosher certifie


Lamarti’s Travel Center Product limitation-call for limitation


Lamar, MO

NeoshoTank Wash Neosho, MO Product limitations—Kosher certified food product


Leeser Truck Wash Call for limitations


Palmyra, MO

Ozora Truck Wash Inc. St Genevieve, MO Product limitations—Call for limitations, foodgrade, no hazmat.


MONTANA Hoogie’s Industrial Cleaning Product Limitation- Please call


Billings, MT

NORTH CAROLINA Express Container Service Charlotte, NC Product limitations—Foodgrade. Kosher certified


Shamrock Environmental Corporation Product limitations—Kosher certifie

Greensboro, NC


Express Container Service Greensboro, NC Product limitations—Foodgrade. Kosher certifie


NORTH DAKOTA Custom Wash Bismark, ND Product Limitation- Anything without a flammable produc


Northstar Truck Wash Product limitation -Call for limitation

N. Fargo, ND


NEBRASKA Big Springs Truck Wash

Big Springs, NE


26 • • 27

28 • • 29

Product Limitation-Please Call --- No HazMat Mid America Truck Wash Fremont, NE Product Limitation Non HazMat / Non Toxic


Chex Truck Stop Call for limitation


Henderson, NE

Johnsrud Transport Inc. Lincoln, NE Product limitations-Foodgrade only, call for appointment. Kosher certified


Don and Randy Shoemaker’s Truck Stop Product Limitations- Call for Limitations


Lincoln, NE

Omaha Tank Wash At Plattsmouth, NE OFC/Schmidt Liquid Service Product limitations—Call for limitations. Foodgrade, Kosher certified


Siouxland Tank Wash Product limitations—Call for limitations

South Sioux City, NE


Mid America Wash Out Product Limitation- Non Haz./Non Toxic

South Sioux City, NE


Johnsrud Transport Inc. West Fargo, NE Product limitations-Foodgrade only, call for appointment. Kosher certified


NEW YORK Tonawanda Tank Transport Service Buffalo, NY 716-874-0400 FAX—716-877-0227 Product limitations—Call For limitation-Do not clean foodgrade. TIER NY, LLC Niagara Falls, NY Product limitations—No foodgrade, chemical only. Express Wash Inc. Syracuse, NY Product limitations—Foodgrade, non-haz dry bulk. Kosher certified

716-282-0514 315-426-WASH (9274)

NEW JERSEY Express Container Service Keasbey, NJ Product limitations—Foodgrade. Kosher certified.


Chem-Wash Inc. Newark, NJ Product limitations—Call Dirk for limitations.


30 •

Pedricktown Tank Wash Pedricktown, NJ 856-628-0112 or 856-299-2005 Call for limitations- no food grade washing O J Food Grade Tank Truck Wash Inc. South Kearny, NJ Product limitations—Foodgrade tank wash. Kosher certified. J A app.


OHIO Hydroforce Inc. Cincinnati OH Product limitations—Foodgrade. Kosher certified


Drumm Tank Wash Inc. Product limitation-Call for limitations.

Cincinnati OH


United Tank Wash Product limitation-Call for limitation

Cleveland, OH


Truck World Hubbard, OH Product limitation-Call for product limitation


Lima Tank Wash Inc. Lima, OH Product limitations—Clean most products. Call for limitations


Eagle Truck Wash Wash inside and out -foodgrade only

London, OH


Eagle Truck Wash Wash inside and out -foodgrade only

Stony Ridge, OH


Toledo Tank Wash Inc. Toledo, OH Product limitations—Clean most products, call for limitations.


OKLAHOMA Big Cabin Call for limitation

Big Cabin, OK


Alpha Tank Cleaning Inc. Minimal limitations.

Glenpool, OK


Exit 321 Trailer Washout Muldrow, OK 479-883-7502 Product limitations: no hazmat. Dry bulk, hopper, tanker, reefer trailers inside and out if needed. Action Tank Wash Tulsa, OK 918-446-7300 Product Limitation- We do chemical and food grade washes, call before arrival. PENNSYLVANIA H R Ewell Inc. East Earl, PA Product limitations—Foodgrade only. Kosher certified. Call for availabilit


OREGON A&A Truck Wash Product Limitation-Please call

Halsey, OR

541-990-0746 or 541-369-2271

Eagle Truck Wash Wash inside and out -foodgrade only

Milton, PA

570-742-6199 • 31

RHODE ISLAND William Leo & Sons Warwick, RI Product limitations—No poisons. Call for limitations


SOUTH CAROLINA The Great American Tank Wash Inc. Greenville, SC Product limitations—No poisons or acrylates. Call for limitations.


SOUTH DAKOTA Blachowske Truck Line Inc/Tank Wash Brandon, SD Product limitation-call for restrictions- No Hazmat


TENNESSE Chattanooga Tank Wash Chattanooga, TN Foodgrade, Cargill, Kosher, Bunge, dry bulk, pellets, Chemical


Grace Trailer Call for limitation

Memphis, TN


Hose Barn Inc. Product limitations—No foodgrade.

Powell, TN


TEXAS Eagle Truck Wash Wash inside and out -foodgrade only

Amarillo, TX


US Truck Stop Channel View, TX Product Limitation-Wash out non-haz mat bulk tnaker


DFW Tank Cleaning Dallas, TX Product limitations—Chemical tank cleaning, foodgrade. Kosher certified.


Reynolds Nationwide Hereford, TX Product limitations—Call for limitations. Foodgrade & organic certified


Big D Travel Center Irving, TX Product limitations- No haz mat/chemicals


Frontera Tank Cleaners McAllen, TX 956-682-7282 Product limitations—Foodgrade, foodgrade compatible products. Kosher certified. Johnnie Mac’s Truck Wash & Food New Braunfels TX Product limitations—Non-hazardous washouts.


Southco Enterprises, Inc Sherman, TX 903-870-9857 Product limitations—Food grade only. Kosher certified. TX Dairy certified. ractor, trailer, reefer washes. Reynolds Nationwide Stephenville, TX Product limitations—Call for limitations. Foodgrade & organic certified


VIRGINIA Green Pressure Wash Wash Outside of tank only


32 •

Chesapeak, VA

Take • 33

Dozier Tank & Welding Co Product Limitation- Please call Total Cleaning Power Call for limitation

Chesapeake VA


Richmond, VA


Roanoke VA Virginia Truck Center Product limitations—Petroleum trailers only


Eagle Truck Wash Troutville, VA Wash inside and out -Ceritified Food grade/ Koshe


WISCONSIN How-Dea Service Center Product limitation-Call for limitations



Trucker’s Inn Product Limitation- Please call

DeForest, WI


JK Truck Wash Product Limitation- Please call

De Pere, WI


Sparkle Wash Product Limitation- Call for Limitation

Fond du Lac, WI


Milwaukee Truck Wash Milwaukee, WI Product Limitation Foodgrade and hoppers only (no Haz-mat)


The Award winng Truck Wash Tomah, WI Product Limitation-Dry Bulk, Hopper.(no haz-mat, foodgrade)


Nova Truck Wash Weston, WI 715-355-5422 Product Limitation-No petro/solvent/paint. Most haz-mat water-soluble washouts. WASHINGTON I&T Truck Wash Mt. Vernon, WA Product Limitation-Foodgrade, Hoopers, No Haz-mat


Mid Columbia Tank Cleaning Pasco, WA Product limitations—Call for limitations, foodgrade


Centennial Tank Cleaning Inc Sunnyside, WA Product limitations—Food grade only, OU Kosher certified, J A certified


Vita Clean Services II Prosser WA Product limitations—Foodgrade only, Kosher, IMS, and JPA certified


Vita Clean Services Wenatchee, WA Product limitations—Foodgrade only, Kosher, IMS, and JPA certified


WEST VIRGINIA Liberty Truck Stop Product limitation-Call for limitation


34 •

Mineral Wells, WV

Take • 35

Keep Grilling Delicious and Healthy this Summer In summer, outdoor dining is the name of the game -- whether you’re hosting friends or just feeding the family on your patio. Unfortunately, many traditional grilling options can be time-consuming to prepare and high in calories, fat and sodium. So how can you make your next barbecue healthy and easy? Easy Sides A summer salad is easy to toss together, and makes for a healthful accompaniment to your grilled selections. Avoid heavy dressings and mayo-based salads. Instead, reach for olive oil and lemon juice or vinegar to dress your greens. Swap out iceberg lettuce and include a leafy base that contains more vitamins and nutrients, such as romaine, red leaf or arugula. A tiny bit of preparation goes a long way with easy-to-grill vegetable sides. An easy marinade can really bring out the flavor in asparagus. And corn-on-the cob grilled in the husk doesn’t need much more than a pinch of salt and herbs to taste great. Main Dish Rather than load guests down with something fattening and heavy in the heat of summer, consider lighter alternatives that are easy to prepare. 36 •

Start with this recipe for Sweet Italian Chicken Grillers with Fresh Mozzarella: Ingredients: • 1 Package 28 oz. al fresco Sweet Italian Chicken Grillers patties • Cooking Spray, olive oil • 8 oz Roasted Red peppers • 8 oz Fresh Mozzarella, sliced • 8 Rolls, deli style Directions: • Pre-heat to medium. • Lightly coat with cooking spray or olive oil. • Grill on low-med heat for 6-7 minutes per side to an internal temperature of 165 F. • To assemble: slice deli roll in half, top with the grilled patties, slices of mozzarella cheese and roasted red peppers. • Serve immediately. For other healthy grilling options, consider al fresco’s two other delicious Gourmet Chicken Grillers: Caramelized Onion and Buffalo & Blue Cheese. Both are made with lean, skinless chicken meat, have no artificial ingredients, nitrates, nitrites or MSG, and contain half the fat of a beef burger. Additionally, they can go straight from the freezer to the grill with no defrosting or marinating, making it a stress-free alternative for your next BBQ. More recipes and grill ideas can be found at Dessert For dessert, stick with cool, crowd-pleasing treats that are light and easy to serve. Top low-fat frozen yogurt with root beer and you can end your meal on a sweet float note without guilt. Or make a fat-free gelatin mold stuffed with fresh peaches, strawberries and bananas. You don’t need a high-fat, high calorie barbecue to have a good time on the patio this summer. When it comes to grilling, think fresh, natural and light.

Editorial provided by (StatePoint) • 37

Employment History


By Michael Ortiz Recruiter for Trimac Transportation

ho remembers “Drive-A-Check”? Have you seen yours lately? The DAC report contains previous employer information on you the professional driver. Employment history is a big deal with any company whether it is within the trucking industry or not. In the trucking industry your DAC report has information regarding the companies you worked for, dates of employment, any number of accidents, reason for leaving, reason terminated, rehire eligibility, type of commercial driving, and trailers hauled on each particular company. It identifies you by your name, date of birth, and social security number. Most companies in the trucking industry are requesting this report when processing your application. Keeping this in mind, what do you put on your application in the employment history section on the respective application? Are you putting accurate history? In my career as a recruiter there is countless times where the employment history in an application does not match with what the DAC report shows. Often times I get questions such as “How is my driving record?” “Why is my driving record a problem?” “I have gaps in my employment history, is that an issue?” My answer is yes because in this business you are tasked with delivering reliability, operating safely, and responsibly. A couple of tips here can help you in the next application submission. First, pull your DAC report to understand what is on it and be able to speak on the details. You can order your own from the HireRight services website for a fee. The report is your livelihood so when 38 •

companies report any negative information it can ruin your career. It is also known that there may be false reporting and inaccurate information on the DAC. If that should be discovered follow through with a call to HireRight DAC services agency to fight it and get it cleared. Secondly, if your DAC report is accurate and you agree with what is on there make sure you mirror that with the employment history you are putting on your application. Third, be prepared to explain gaps in employment history and include these gaps in the application if any. In cases of unemployment, self employment, or under the table work remember that it needs to be placed on the application. Remember, all history needs to be placed on the application for the past ten years and all employment history needs to be verified. Your driving record could be a problem and my advice to you is taking these three steps into consideration. There are other driving record requirements out there. Check with the respective company on what the minimum requirements are. In addition to the DAC report there are two other reports that companies pull that you also need to be aware of and find out what is on it. Those reports are the Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) and the Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP). Always remember that trucking companies are not looking for the perfect professional driver but they are looking for professional, safe, and trustworthy drivers. • • 39

40 •

Tank Drivers Unlimited June-July 2014 Issue  
Tank Drivers Unlimited June-July 2014 Issue  

Tank Drivers Unlimited June-July 2014 Issue