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Special Chinese edition Summer 2016

Inside This Issue... Top Ten Countries For Citizenship By Investment 十大投资移民国

Citizenship via Residency 居留移民

Purchasing Real Estate Abroad 购置海外房产

In Focus ... Canada 加拿大 Liechtenstein 列支敦士登 Hungary 匈牙利 Malta 马耳他 Portugal 葡萄牙 Switzerland 瑞士 Antigua & Barbuda 安提瓜和巴布达 U.S.A 美国 United Kingdom 英国

Citizenship by Investment Summer 2016

目录 夏季 2016 期刊特点 5 投资移民项目概述.......................................................................13

期刊特点 5

全球房地产...................................................................................16 投资移民项目概述.......................................................................13 全球房地产...................................................................................16 国家聚焦 19 加拿大...........................................................................................31

国家聚焦 19

多米尼加共和国...........................................................................36 加拿大...........................................................................................36 格林纳达.......................................................................................40 匈牙利...........................................................................................50 匈牙利...........................................................................................45 列支敦士登...................................................................................56 列支敦士登...................................................................................49 马耳他...........................................................................................60 马耳他...........................................................................................53 瑞士...............................................................................................74 葡萄牙...........................................................................................58 英国...............................................................................................86 瑞士...............................................................................................64

十大投资移民目的国 94

圣基茨和尼维斯...........................................................................71 十大投资移民目的国...................................................................94 英国...............................................................................................74

编者注, 伊姆兰·侯赛因 (Imran Hussain) 欢迎阅读《投资移民2016中国特 别版 – 移民选择信息参考(the 2016 special Chinese edition of Citizenship by investment – your resource for citizenship and residency options )》。 在这一特刊中,我们竭力专注于超高 净值人士的移民问题并通过结合理论 与实践来探讨他们何时应采取何种方 式来取得第二国籍,是通过投资还是 居留,抑或是结合两种方式? 本期特刊的主要内容:我们将从一个 国家到另一个国家,去挖掘每个国家 的独特和迷人之处。然后详细介绍每 个国家国籍和居留计划的实用性,并 为高净值人群提供信息和建议,在多 项选择中为他们锁定性价比最高最合 适的选择。 我们还有其它的国家聚焦的精彩章 节,而在这份特刊中我们的焦点集中 在美国、英国、加拿大、马耳他、列 支敦士登、匈牙利以及安提瓜和巴布 达这几个国家。据我们所知,我们的 期刊在阿拉伯地区也拥有大量读者, 因此我们将会把已发表的国家聚焦篇 章都翻译成阿拉伯语。


您可以登录我们的网站www. 浏览更 多独家内容,且下一特刊预定将在 2016/17年的冬季发售。


另外我们也非常感谢12日上海的海外 财产&移民&投资展览会上OPI展览的 媒体合作伙伴。

十大投资移民目的国 94


Editor Imran Hussain

Head Designer Achraf Amiri

感谢您的阅读,并请随意欣赏这 份《投资移民(Citizenship by Investment)》专刊。

Citizenship by Investment Summer 2016

Contents Summer 2016 Features 4 Overview of Citizenship by Investment Programme..........................8

Features 4

Global Real Estate...........................................................................14 Overview of Citizenship by Investment Programme..........................8 Global Real Estate...........................................................................14 Country Spotlights 18 Canada............................................................................................28

Country Spotlights 18

Top Rated Destinations 94

St. Kitts & Navis.............................................................................68 Top.................................................................................................72 Ten Citizenship by Investment Destinations.............................94 UK. Top Rated Citizenship via Residency Options...............................118

Top Rated Destinations 82

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Welcome to the 2016 special Chinese edition of Citizenship by Investment – your resource for citizenship and residency options. In this edition we will be knuckling down and focusing in on the practical and logistical considerations the UHNWI should consider when aiming to gain secondary citizenship, be it through investment or through residency (or a combination of both). The majority of this edition we will be moving from country to country and primarily investigating the appeal and unique flavour of each. We will then advance into the technicalities of each countries citizenship and/or residency programs and offer information and advice to better educate the UHNWI on the various options available to them. We also have another fantastic Country Spotlights section and for this edition we will be focusing on the US, UK, Canada, Malta, Lichtenstein, Hungary and Antigua and Barbuda. As we know a large percentage of our readership are UHNWI from the Arab regions, we will also include Arabic translations for each country spotlight we cover. Please feel free to visit our website at for more exclusive content and the next edition is scheduled for release in the Winter of 2016/17. We would also like to acknowledge and thank the OPI Fair for their media partnership at the 12th Overseas Property & Immigration & Investment Exhibition in Shanghai. Thank you, and please enjoy this speciail edition of Citizenship by Investment.


Dominica........................................................................................32 Canada............................................................................................28 Grenada..........................................................................................38 Hungary..........................................................................................50 Hungary..........................................................................................42 Liechtenstein...................................................................................56 Liechtenstein...................................................................................46 Malta..............................................................................................60 Malta..............................................................................................50 Switzerland......................................................................................74 Portugal...........................................................................................56 UK..................................................................................................86 Switzerland......................................................................................60

Note from the Editor, Imran Hussain

Citizenship by Investment Summer 2016

Features... I

 this edition of Citizenship by Investment we n will be focusing on listing the most attractive and most beneficial options available to UHNWI looking to obtain secondary citizenships.

Our first mega-feature lists the top 10 countries from the perspective of the UHNWI who are offering citizenship by investment programs. We will introduce you to the general flavour of each country and then lay out the advantages and disadvantages of investing to obtain a second passport. We also examine an alternative route in which a


secondary passport can be acquired: citizenship by residency. Once again, we discuss exactly what citizenship by residency is and why it could be a worthwhile consideration for UHNWIs. Following this, we run another list of the top countries who are offering citizenship by residency programs and give you the facts in order to best inform your decision on whether this could be a path of interest for you. Also included is an in-depth look at the topic of investing in real estate abroad: with global market instability and a backlog for many of the more desirable real estate investment locations, UHNWI are now seeking alternative countries

in which they can obtain secondary citizenships. We guide the UHNWI through the top residency by investment programs available, many of which may not have been considered before, and lead them toward a more informed and educated decision. So if you are a UHNWI and are interested in learning more about the various opportunities through gaining secondary citizenships via investment or residency, feel free to turn the page and read on!

Citizenship by Investment Summer 2016


期刊特点介绍 在

本期《投资移民(Citizenship by Investment)》特刊中,我 们主要探讨,对于想取得第二国籍的高 净值人士来说,最诱人最有利的一系列 选择。 我们首个大型专题,从有意通过投资移 民的高净值人士的角度出发,罗列出10 个最值得关注的国家,介绍了这些国家 的综合情况风土人情,以及对其进行投 资移民的优势与缺点。 我们同样在检验一条可取得第二国籍的备 选路径:通过满足居留要求来取得公民 身份。我们将再次讨论,究竟什么样的方

式叫做通过满足居留要求来获取身份认 可,以及为何这种方式值得高净值人士来 考虑。然后,我们将制定另外一份名单, 关于提供居留移民计划的最值得关注的国 家,将所有的事实呈现在你的面前,让你 了解到底哪条路径是最适合自己的。

! Imran Hussain

所以如果你是一名高净值人士,并有兴趣 了解更多关于如何通过移民或居留获取第 二国籍的各种方式,请翻页继续阅读!

此外还包括对海外房地产投资的深入了解 分析:随着全球市场的震荡以及热门房地 产投资地区日益积压的投资申请,高净值 人士现在正在寻找替代性的可取得第二国 籍的国家。我们将指导高净值人士如何通 过满足居住要求的方式来取得第二国籍( 很多人之前可能没考虑过这个方式)。



Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016


Overview of C  itizenship by Investment Programme

! Nico-Jan Kok


 e citizenship by investment programme h allows you and your immediate family the opportunity to purchase a new nationality in exchange for investing a significant sum of money into the countries’ economy or other specific assets. The process can be completed quickly and easily and is completely legal. Within as little as six months and without even stepping foot in the country of choice, you can be granted a fresh citizenship status that will allow you to access parts of the world that were previously restricted or completely unavailable. In the wake of economic crisis and the expansion of global business, many governments are now opening their borders to the citizenship by


investment programme. Initially launched in1984 by the tiny Caribbean islands of St Kitts and Nevis, the programme has opened up many pathways to Middle Eastern investors seeking opportunities across Europe and beyond. Recognising the success that has been achieved, other countries are now following in the footsteps of the Caribbean islands as they too, search for new investors that can help stabilize and develop their economies. Although the programme is by no means a new solution to encourage economic growth, it is quickly becoming a favourable compromise to satisfy the demands of both governments searching for investment and individuals wishing to take on a global citizenship status.

With a second passport restrictions on travel or long delays due to jurisdictional issues can be completely eradicated.

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

At first glance it may be unclear as to all the major benefits to seeking global citizenship through multiple nationalities, but there are many advantages to be gained through what can be a relatively simple process.There are both humanitarian and financial profit to be made

through the citizenship by investment programme. Proving to be especially valuable to high net individuals who require regular international business travel and those from regions mired by turmoil. Investment programmes are proving particularly

popular with citizens from the Middle East, at last giving Arabs and Iranians the freedom to move across International borders without the complications they have faced in the past, allowing regular travel at short notice and the convince to travel visa free. }}}


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

With a second passport restrictions on travel or long delays due to jurisdictional issues can be completely eradicated. For citizens of countries where there is social or political unrest, access to another passport can be especially vital when making travel in and out, or around the country. But not only is travel less complicated, most importantly it is regarded to be much safer. Business executives and high net citizens, for whom international travel is imperative, encountering complications and delays whilst travelling can be costly. Citizenship and a passport from small and peaceful countries such as Antigua and Barbuda who have close ties with the United Kingdom, and will not only allow an individual and their immediate family members to travel out of the country if required, but will also act as a form of protection whilst travelling.


Of course, there are more than just safety benefits to be had from joining an ever-growing number


of global citizens who enjoy the freedom of dual nationality. Alternative citizenship also offers individuals a whole host of opportunities for reducing their taxation profiles and with many countries now placing a high tax levy on nonresidents, tax planning has become more important than ever before. Tax breaks such as tax-free income and zero tax on wealth, dependant on the country of citizenship, increases options for international tax planning and allows for more privacy with banking and investments. In addition, because investors are able to keep their original citizenship, and the nature of the worlds ever changing economic and political environment, investors shouldn’t fail to recognize that obtaining a legal second citizenship is a real opportunity for investment into future generations. Citizenship by investment programmes come in all shapes and sizes, with each country placing their own personal stamp on what is required to become recognized as a citizen. These will often include

For many countries investment alone is enough to secure citizenship, however for others it is just the beginning.

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

routes through business investment, investment into a national development fund or the purchase of real estate. Although all these options will give investors legal citizenship, it is only through real estate investment that they will have the additional potential of generating extra revenue with future capital gain. Programmes can vary drastically, from the relatively cheap St Kitts that requires a minimum charity donation of $250,000 US dollars or a $400,000 real estate investment. Right through to the top end of the scale where individual investors can expect to pay up to $5 million US dollars in return for Australian citizenship and government bonds.

For many countries investment alone is enough to secure citizenship, however for others it is just the beginning. While some require a term of residency others will initiate background checks and even cultural tests and interviews before citizenship can be completed. These extra procedures such as obligatory periods of residence can also be accompanied by additional tax revenue or the creation of employment opportunities for nationals. However, in some instances these residency periods can become circumstantial if a significant investment is agreed upon. In fact, most countries across the globe will facilitate citizenship if the sum is substantial enough to impact on the

country’s society, economy, sports or culture. This type of investment can, at the countries discretion, lead to the exclusion of other criteria, including that of long-term residence. With the right amount of investment and negotiation it is possible to gain citizenship wherever you require it, but without doubt, some countries are much more stringent with their laws and regulations. Nonetheless, if you’re able to remove all the complexities and the bureaucracy that is suppressing your business or threatening the safety of your family, then surely it’s worth taking the extra time to investigate into the possibility of a second citizenship.



Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

投资移民项目概述 投资移民计划允许你和你的直系亲属有机会 购买一个新国籍,而作为交换你需要将一笔 资金投入到这个国家的市场或其他特定资产 中。该程序执行快速简单且完全合法。在六 个月内,而且甚至根本不用踏足该国,你就 可以获得一个新的公民身份,它将允许你访 问以前被限制或完全不可进入的地区。

局势,允许定期短期旅行并可以免签入境。 由于管辖权的问题,具有第二个护照可以解 决限制旅行或长时间的延误的问题。社会或 政治动乱国家的公民,持有第二国籍护照在 出入境或周游全国时是至关重要的。持有第 二国籍不管是简便程序的问题,它更是可以 保障你的人身安全。

在经济危机和经济全球化的背景下,现在许 多政府通过投资移民计划向海外投资者开放 了他们的边界。1984年最初由加勒比海的小 岛圣基茨岛和尼维斯推出这项计划,该计划 为中东投资者提供了许多寻求跨越和超过欧 洲的机会。认识到已经取得的成功,其他国 家正在跟随在加勒比群岛的脚步,寻找新的 可以帮助他们稳定和发展经济的投资者。

对于必须进行国际商务旅行的商人和高净值 人士来说,遭遇复杂审批程序或旅行延迟到 代价是昂贵的。而像安提瓜和巴布达这样和 平的小国,与英国的关系密切,持有安巴护 照,你与你的直系亲属可以免签进入英国, 且多数时候它可以作为你国际旅行的安全 保障。

虽然该方案并没有新的鼓励经济增长的方 式,但它正在迅速达成一个对双方都有利的 妥协,以满足政府寻求投资和个人希望取得 世界公民身份的要求。 乍一看,通过多国籍寻求世界公民身份的 好处是不够明显的,但这里有许多优势是 你可以通过一个相对简单的过程去得到一些 便益。 通过投资移民项目你可以获得人道主义上的 和经济上的利益。特别是对于需要定期进行 国际商务旅行或来自动荡地区的超高净值人 士来说,第二国籍的公民身份非常有价值。 中东市民对这些投资移民项目非常感兴趣, 至少可以给予阿拉伯人和伊朗人离开他们边 境的自由,使他们不用再去面对过去的复杂

当然,不止是安全利益,加入全球公民享 受双重国籍的自由越来越多。替代公民身份 也为个人提供了一个减少税收的好机会,现 在许多国家开始对非居民征收高税,税收计 划变得比以往任何时候都更加重要。税收减 免,如免税收入和零资产税,依赖于国家的 公民,增加了国际税收计划的选择,并允许 有了更多的银行隐私和投资隐私。此外,由 于投资者能够保持他们的原始公民身份,而 世界不断变化的经济和政治环境,投资者应 该承认获得合法的第二公民身份是一个真正 可以为未来投资的机会。各种形式的投资移 民计划,每个国家都将自己的个人标志放置 在被公认为公民所需要的东西上。这些方式 经常包括通过商业投资,投资一个国家发展 基金或购买房地产。虽然所有这些选项都会 给与投资者合法公民权,但只有通过房地产 投资,他们将有潜力产生额外的收入与未来

的资本收益。 这些项目的要求差异很大,相对便宜的圣基 茨岛,最少需要捐赠250000美元的资金或 购买至少400000美元的房产资产。 房地产投资。而最贵的澳大利亚,个人投资 者需将高达500万美元的资金用于购买政府 债券并由此获得澳大利亚公民身份。 对于许多国家来说,只是投资就足以保证投 资者的公民身份了,然而对其他国家来说, 这只是一个开始。有些需要满足居留要求或 是启动背景调查,甚至是进行文化测试和面 试,全部完成后公民身份申请才可以通过。 这些额外的程序,如义务居留,还要上缴拘 留期间额外的税,为国民创造工作岗位或 收入。 然而,在某些情况下,这些如果有投资的 约定居留期就变得不那么重要了。事实上, 如果他们的总和大到可以影响这个国家的社 会、经济、体育或文化,那世界上大多数 国家都将帮助这些公民。这种类型的投资可 以,国家有自由裁量权的情况下,导致可以 排除其他标准,包括长期居住。 通过正确的投资和谈判,获得第二公民身 份是可能的,无论你是否需要它。但毫无疑 问,一些国家的法律和政策将会执行的越来 越严格。然而,如果你不能够消除一直抑制 你商业交易的官僚机构或是威胁到家庭安全 的复杂环境,那么额外花些时间研究一下取 得第二国籍的可能性是值得的。


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Global Real Estate


! Nico-Jan Kok


o r the past several months, the global markets have shifted into unpredictable financial territory.

Citizenship by investment programs are becoming increasingly widespread, with over 20 destinations now offering their own iterations. The pull for UHNWIs toward obtaining secondary citizenships are the host of benefits they provide such as visa-free access to a host of countries that may have been previously inaccessible to them. Nearly 60% of UHNWIs applying for secondary citizenship originate from countries in the Middle East, refer to the diagram opposite. A popular destination for residency by investment is the USA and its corresponding EB-5 program. EB-5 granted foreign investors a green card (permanent residency) if they could meet a minimum investment of USD 1 million and the investment resulted in the creation of at least 10 new jobs. This was particularly popular with Chinese investors, who amounted to over 80% of EB-5 applicants. These investors showed a preference for investing in high rise flashy architecture.




Lebanon U.S.A









Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

However, the demand for EB-5 investments has far outgrown the supply. With only 10,000 visas granted by the USA each year and the applications steadily following an upward trend (6,553 in 2013 | 11,744 in 2014 | 17,691 in 2015) there is a backlog of applications. Any UHNWIs looking to make a new application will have a minimum wait of 5 years before their application is even considered. Consequently, many of these UHNWI are seeking new countries in which they can invest. Here is a graph which shows the most significant regions of citizenship by investment application: Region






North America




So if you are a UHNWI looking to invest in real estate abroad, firstly, you must understand that any decision made in order to do so needs careful planning. We would recommend you hire the services of a professional law or consulting firm for advice, but before you approach anybody it is a very good idea to first educate yourself in the area. When done correctly, real estate investments can benefit the UHNWI supremely through improved asset protection and increased tax savings. There are various factors one should take into account when considering making a real estate investment abroad. Real-estate transfer taxes are issued by almost all countries as this is one of the more reliable ways of collecting taxes, despite illegal attempts at workarounds by trying to declare a price in the official contract which was lower than the actual purchase price. One possible work around to the real estate tax laws used to be transferring it indirectly via the shares of a real estate holding company , but most countries have laws which now subject these kinds of transfers to real-estate transfer tax also. Ascertaining the laws and restrictions concerning real-estate transfer tax in your proposed country of real estate investment is a necessary step. Similarly, annual taxes are often placed on real estate because it is generally immovable property and so it is easy to locate and collect from. These charges are usually not very high, but they should still form part of your consideration during the decision making process. Some countries, such as Malta, do not charge annual real estate tax. For the UHNWI advancing in age, perhaps a consideration which will bear heavy weight on their decision will be the local inheritance and gift taxes of the country they are seeking to invest in

real estate in. Rates vary wildly from country to country, from as high as 80% in Spain and as low as 0% in Bermuda. If your real estate investment is being made with the purpose of providing security for your family, then high local inheritance and gift taxes can take a hefty chunk of your investment from your family’s table. On the other hand, local inheritance laws can also be a hindrance to the UHNWI, as forced heirship rules can interfere with the UHNWI’s plans. You should be aware of the country’s inheritance laws. }}} If after purchasing real estate abroad, rather than pass it onto your ancestors you decide to instead sell it on to another purchaser, then you should definitely look into the capital gains and other taxes that your chosen country will enforce upon re-sale. Obviously, countries with higher capital gains and other taxes enforced on real estate sales will be detrimental to your investment when it comes to re-selling your property abroad. If you are a high profile figure, it may be in your interests for your ownership of real estate abroad to remain confidential. Unfortunately, as we move deeper and deeper into the information age, confidentiality becomes increasingly difficult to secure. Despite this, some countries do make it easier or at least more possible to own real-estate abroad without attention being drawn to it, so again this is an area the potential UHNWI investor should research in regards to their country of choice. Another important factor is what you intend to use the real estate purchased abroad for. Is this purely an additional investment for your portfolio, or are you purchasing with an intent to move to and reside in the purchased property? If it is the latter, you should research the immigration restrictions that your country of choice upholds. For example, if you were to purchase real estate in Florida as a foreign investor, this would be possible, but the ability to access the United States and reside inside the property would not be guaranteed. The UHNWI must decide whether they intend to simply invest in or also to reside in the property and if it is the latter, then ensure that they meet the visa requirements of said countries. Some countries also restrict access due to periods of trade sanctions or other economic or political disturbances, so we also recommend you do your due diligence in this area. Finally, the UHNWI’s planned amount of time that will be spent in the country the real estate was purchased is of importance. If you are looking to spend the bulk of your stay for the year in your newly purchased property, you run the risk of becoming a tax resident and being liable to pay personal tax. Many countries have double

taxation treaties which will be detrimental to the UHNWI return on investment. The UHNWIs nationality may also play a role in liable they will be to additional taxation. We hope that this article has helped to shed some light on the issue of making real estate investments abroad and the factors which the UHNWI should consider when doing so. As many of the more popular options, such as the USA, are backlogged for several years for new applications, it is worth considering other available countries in which to purchase real estate and using the above information to make a calculated investment decision. As always, we recommend that you do not just use the information presented but also consult a variety of other sources, including professional legal and consultancy bodies.

Citizenship by investment programs are becoming increasingly widespread, with over 20 destinations now offering their own iterations. The pull for UHNWIs toward obtaining secondary citizenships are the host of benefits they provide such as visa-free access to a host of countries that may have been previously inaccessible to them.


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016



! Nico-Jan Kok

过去几个月的时间里,全球市 场转变到一个出乎意料的金融 领域。

投资移民项目当下越来越流行,取得第二国 籍就可以享受它所提供的便利,如众多国家 的入境免签待遇。 接近60%的第二国籍申请人都来自于中东 地区的国家,参见右边图解: 其中一个通过满足居留条件来获取国籍的热 门国家就是美国,这是与EB-5项目相类似 的一个计划。如果满足向美国投资至少100 万美元并由此创造至少10个工作岗位的条 件,EB-5将授予外国投资者一张绿卡(永 久居留证)。



黎巴嫩 美国


EB-5项目非常受中国投资者的欢迎,超过 80%的中国投资者会选择通过这个项目申 请绿卡。 然而,EB-5投资的申请数量已经大大超出 了美国移民局发放的申请额。每年美国会 发放10000张签证,但申请数量却呈逐年 上升趋势(2013年6553份,2014年11744 份,2015年17691份),使得移民局积压了 大量申请。任何想要提交一份新申请的高净 值人士,在他们的申请被审核之前最少还要









Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

等待5年的时间。 因此他们开始寻找新的可以进行投资活动的 国家。下图表格显示了投资移民申请最受青 睐的地区。











所以如果你有意投资海外地产的话,首先必 须要知道做任何决定之前都需经过精心安 排、慎重考虑。我们建议您最好委托一个专 业律师或是咨询公司以寻求建议。但不论向 谁咨询建议之前,投资者自己都一定要事先 对这一领域多做一些了解。

同样地,因为房地产一般为不动产,地点易 于查找、收费方便,所以大部分国家也会 征收房地产年税。这项费用通常并不算高, 但投资者在做投资决定时也应将它考虑进 去。也有些国家,例如马耳他,并未征收 这项费用。 随着高净值人士年龄的日益增加,进行房地 产投资的目标国家的遗产与赠与税这一考量 可能会在他的决定中占得分量越来越重。从 西班牙80%到百慕大0%的税收规定,可见 遗产与赠与税的税率波动非常大。 如果你进行房地产投资的目的是为了给家人 一个保障,那么当地巨额的遗产与赠与税可 能会分走你们家庭的大块利润蛋糕。另一方 面,当地继承法还可能会妨碍到投资者,因 为强迫性的继承规定可能会与投资者本身的 计划产生冲突。因此你需要特别留意一下当 地的继承法。 }}}

投资移民项目当下越 来越流行,取得第 二国籍就可以享受它 所提供的便利,如众 多国家的入境免签待 遇。

当做出正确的投资选择时,房地产投资项目 无疑会为投资者带来丰厚的回报,但也要 注意合理避税与资产保护。当为海外地产投 资做出决策时,各种因素都应被适当综合 考量进去。 房产交易税是国家税收的可靠来源,几乎所 有的国家都会征收这一税种,尽管有人试图 通过将正式合同上的交易价格故意标低的手 段来非法避税。过去人们常以股权转让的方 式来进行房地产交易从而规避税收,但大多 数国家如今也已将各种转移方式纳入房地产 交易税中。弄清你要进行房地产投资的国家 与地产转移税相关的法律条款的内容是十分 必要的。


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Country Spotlights W

e lcome to the Country Spotlights section of Citizenship by Investment Summer 2016 Edition!

As always, we will be providing the most vital, most informative and most contemporary information regarding those countries which are of interest to HNWIs looking to invest money abroad.


In this edition we will be taking in-depth looks


at the USA, UK, Canada, Hungary, Malta, Liechtenstein and Antigua and Barbuda. Be sure to read each location carefully and let them inform your decision as to where you should invest your money in order to receive secondary citizenship via investment. Tackled from the perspective of HNWIs who will be considering factors such as business, pleasure and security when choosing where to invest and

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possibility relocate to, these spotlights offer a unique insight which can only be found in our Citizenship by Investment publication! So please, continue on and explore what the countries we have featured in this edition have to offer you!

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

国家聚焦 章节简介 迎阅读《投资移民2016夏季版 (Citizenship by Investment Summer 2016 Edition)》的“ 国家聚焦”章节!我们将一如既往地为您 提供与海外投资相关的,最关键、最有效 和最实时的资讯内容。

展示美国、英国、加拿大、匈牙利、马 耳他、列支敦士登以及安提瓜和巴布达这 几个国家的投资环境与投资方式。请务必 仔细阅读每个部分,以确保该期刊内容可 以为您在投资移民方面提供全面有效的指 导。



时,会考虑到商业交易、生活幸福感程度 和人身安全等问题。而我们的国家聚焦章 节便是站在投资者的位置上从几个独特、 极少被人挖掘的角度为有意获取第二国籍 的高净值人士提供独家信息内容。 所以,请继续了解考察我们在本期章节中 为您提供的各国概况与特色吧!

Country Spotlights


THE ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA CIP; PUNCHING ABOVE ITS WEIGHT IN THE INTERNATIONAL ARENA For more information on Antigua and Barbuda’s exciting CIP initiative ... visit Considered the “Heart of the

Organization of Eastern Caribbean

for processing applications and for

Caribbean” due to its strategic

States (OECS), using the Eastern

recommending the approval of real

location, Antigua and Barbuda with

Caribbean dollar as its currency. The

estate and business investment

its near-perfect climate, breath-

Eastern Caribbean dollar has been

options. The ultimate responsibility

taking coastline and investor-friendly

pegged to the United States dollar for

for the Program rests with the Office

Government, has long been an

the last forty years, contributing to long

of the Prime Minister.

attractive place to invest.

term financial stability. So what’s in it for investors? Acting

This twin-island nation of 85,000

The Government of Antigua and

CEO of the CIU, Thomas Anthony, tells

people, has been independent since

Barbuda has set a clear goal for

us how.

1981 and has established itself as a

the country to become, according to

progressive, stable and multi-cultural

its Prime Minister, the Hon. Gaston

“The ease of global travel is the most

democracy. Historically, as a result of

Browne, “the economic powerhouse”

obvious advantage,” Anthony says.

tourism and real estate, the country

of the Eastern Caribbean” and sees

“The Antigua and Barbuda passport

has experienced continuous growth

its Citizenship-by-Investment program

provides visa free travel to 133

in foreign direct investment. However,

as one of the key drivers that will lead

countries, including Canada, the UK and

more recently, financial services,

to the realization of this ambition.

the European “Schengen” countries.

tertiary education and e-commerce

With its efficient processing,

Additionally,” he continues, “with

have become significant contributors.

rigorous due diligence, wide choice

safety and security becoming areas of

Bolstered by generous Government

of investment options and the sheer

increasing concern in certain parts of

incentives, foreign investment has

physical attraction of the islands, the

the world, Antigua and Barbuda can

contributed to the rapid development

Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship-by-

offer a peaceful and stable environment

of the economy, resulting in the

Investment program is fast becoming

for families looking for a second

country having one of the highest GDP

a jurisdiction of choice.


Along with seven other states,

The Program is managed by a

Anthony also credits the country’s

Antigua and Barbuda is a member

dedicated Citizenship by Investment

popularity on its stable Westminster-

of the Eastern Caribbean Currency

Unit (“CIU”), staffed by a team of

styled democracy, well-established

Union (ECCU), a development of the

professionals who are responsible

regulatory framework and international

per capita in the sub-region.


THE ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA CIP renown for sailing, which makes it

US$250,000. These funds are then

with investors to create innovative

appealing for those seeking healthy

used by the Government to invest in

products that fit their investment

outdoor living and maritime activities.

the development of the country, for


example in infrastructure, education or Ÿ The Investment Options

other national priorities.

The Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship-

A list of the approved real estate development projects is set out on

by-Investment Act was passed by

2. Real Estate

the official Government website:

Parliament on March 28, 2013,

To qualify under the real-estate option,

allowing foreign nationals (along with

a principal applicant must make an


their spouse, dependent children and

investment in real estate, within an

parents over the age of 65 years) to

approved development project, with a

3. Investment in a Business

acquire citizenship of Antigua and

value of at least US$400,000. Joint

To qualify under the business

Barbuda by making an appropriate

applications can be made, provided

investment option, a single investor

investment in the country.

each principal applicant invests at

must make a direct investment of at

least US$400,000.

least US$1,500,000 into an eligible

“Except countries on the “Restricted


Country” list,” Anthony says. “Anyone 18 years and older, who commits to

Approved real estate developments

making an investment under one of

may be residential, tourism,

Alternatively, two or more investors

the three options can participate in

commercial or industrial projects

can make a joint investment in an

the Antigua and Barbuda CIP.”

There is a wide array of real estate

eligible business totaling at least

options available, from 1 bed

US$5,000,000, with each investor

1. National Development Fund (NDF)

condominiums in fully functioning

contributing at least US$400,000.

To qualify for citizenship of Antigua

resorts, through to stunning

Eligible businesses must be pre-

and Barbuda under the NDF

building plots and high end luxury

approved by the Citizenship by

option, an investor can make a

villas. There are also options for

Investment Unit and are assessed on

non-refundable contribution to the

fractional ownership, and developers

a case-by-case basis. They may be

National Development Fund of

have shown a willingness to work

existing or start-up businesses.



Ÿ The application process and timing

Prospective applicants must engage


the services of a Licensed Agent to assist with the application process.

The key documents required are:

Licensed Agents are professionals

identification documents, proof of

authorized by the CIU to submit

address, police clearance certificate,

applications on behalf of prospective

medical examination report (including

investors. The Agents are thoroughly

HIV test), professional and bank

versed in the application process

references. Naturally, details of

and will guide the applicant from

an applicant’s source of funds and

inception through to granting of

source of wealth are also required, as

citizenship. Applicants can contact a

these will be subject to verification by

Licensed Agent directly or by way of

both the Licensed Agent and the CIU.

introduction through an “Authorized Representative” i.e. a company or

An important point to note, is that

individual that has been granted

applicants will not be eligible for

permission by the CIU to market the

citizenship consideration where

Antigua Citizenship by Investment

they possess a criminal record


for which the maximum custodial penalty exceeded six (6) months

Once an Agent has been engaged, the

imprisonment, are under criminal

first step is to choose an investment

investigation, pose a potential

option. The NDF option is of course

national security risk or have

straightforward, whereas the real

previously been denied a visa to

estate and business options will

a country with which Antigua and

involve the preparation and review

Barbuda has visa free status.

of contracts that will need to be


submitted along with the application.

Compiling the application can be a

Having decided on the investment

lengthy process, depending on an

option, the applicant can then begin

applicant’s individual circumstances.

to complete the relevant application

In some cases it can be achieved

forms, supplied by the Licensed

within 2 weeks, but a more normal

Agent, and to gather the required

timeline would be between 60-90

supporting documentation. Example

days. Applicants should bear in mind

forms and details of the required

that the police certificate must be

supporting documents are included

less than 6 months old at the time

on the Government website:

of application, and the HIV test and

Despite being a relatively new entrant in the alternative citizenship space, Antigua and Barbuda’s Citizenship by Investment Program is already proving very popular with investors. Speedy processing and the quality of real estate offerings, give the Program a serious competitive advantage.

THE ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA CIP proof of address must be less than 3 months old. Once the application is completed, the Licensed Agent will submit the file to the CIU, together with 10% of the Government processing fees and 100% of the Government due diligence fees (see schedule of fees

In terms of residency requirements,

Ÿ Conclusion

successful applicants will have

Despite being a relatively new entrant

an obligation to spend at least 5

in the alternative citizenship space,

These fees are non-refundable in the

days in Antigua and Barbuda during

Antigua and Barbuda’s Citizenship by

event that the application is declined.

the 5-year period after obtaining

Investment Program is already proving

Once the CIU has received the file, they

Antiguan Citizenship. Failure to do

very popular with investors.

begin the vetting process which includes

so will preclude the new citizen from

robust due diligence procedures

renewing their passport.

Speedy processing and the quality of

conducted by specialist third-party

real estate offerings, give the Program a

professional due diligence companies.

Ÿ Schedule of Fees

serious competitive advantage.

The CIU’s procedures take a maximum

In addition to the above investment-

From all accounts, Antigua and Barbuda

of 90 days, although in practice it can

options and Licensed Agent fees, the

seems destined to punch above its

be as quick as 50 days, after which

following processing and due diligence

weight in the international arena as

fees are payable to the Government of

it strives to become the economic

Antigua and Barbuda:

powerhouse of the Eastern Caribbean.

below). All Government fees must be remitted via the Licensed Agent.

the CIU will issue its decision. Any questions arising during the vetting process will be routed through the Licensed Agent for resolution.



Government fee – Principal Applicant



Government fee – Spouse



Government fee – Dependent child aged 0-11



Government fee – Dependent child aged 12-17



Government fee – Dependent child aged 18-25



Government fee – Dependent parent aged over 65



Due diligence fee – Principal Applicant



Due diligence fee – Spouse



They must also submit the remaining

Due diligence fee – Dependent child aged 0-11



90% of the Government processing

Due diligence fee – Dependent child aged 12-17



fees. Once the completion of the

Due diligence fee – Dependent child aged 18-25



investment and the payment of

Due diligence fee – Dependent parent aged over 65



Passport fee – each person



For successful applicants, the CIU will issue an “approval in principle” letter and the applicant then has 30 days in which to complete their investment by sending their funds to the NDF or by completing their real estate or business investment.

Government fees are confirmed, the passport application can be submitted and the passport is normally produced within 2-3 weeks. Applicants are not required to travel to Antigua and Barbuda during the application process unless an interview is requested by the CIU. Successful applicants are required to take the Oath of Allegiance, which can be done at the earliest practical opportunity either in Antigua or at an Antiguan overseas Embassy or Consulate.

Antigua and Barbuda seems destined to punch above its weight in the international arena as it strives to become the economic powerhouse of the Eastern Caribbean. 23


安提瓜和巴布达“投资入 籍计划”— 超传统移民 大国成移民热门国家

For more information on Antigua and Barbuda’s exciting CIP initiative ... visit 安提瓜和巴布达由于其独特关键的战 略地理位置有着“加勒比心脏”之 称,当地气候温和宜居、海岸线漫长 曲折、投资环境良好,是个具有投资 吸引力的国家。这个有着85000多人 口的地区自1981年独立以来就努力发 展成为一个不断进取、文化多元、统 一稳定的民主国家。过去本地的旅游






“除非我们国家出现在’受限国家’ 的名单上,”安东尼先生说,“否则







和房地产。该计划最终由总理办公室 负责。




投资入籍部门的代理CEO 托马斯·安



东尼(Thmoas Anthony)先生是这






























业和房地产市场吸引了大量的海外投 资,而近年来金融服务、高等教育和 电子商务领域成为促进国家经济发展



顿·布朗表示,“政府目标就是让安 巴成为东加勒比的经济强国”,而投

投资选择 从位于功能完善的度假胜地的一床公

资入籍计划就是实现这个目标的关键 驱动因素之一。 严格高效的审查程序,广泛的投资方





















启动阶段的企业。 一旦经纪人受聘,第一步就是选择投资

investment-options/real-estate/ 中




































在2至3星期左右发放。 综上所述,安提瓜和巴布达在努力成






















申请人一律不予考虑。 费用明细表 编辑校订申请书是一个漫长的过程,









政府费用 – 主申请人



政府费用 – 配偶



政府费用– 0 -11周岁的子女




政府费用 – 12-17周岁的子女




政府费用 – 18-25周岁的子女



政府费用 – 申请人65周岁以上父母



背景调查费 – 主申请人



背景调查费 – 配偶



背景调查费 – 0-11周岁的子女




背景调查费 – 12-17周岁的子女




背景调查费 – 18-25周岁的子女




背景调查费 –申请人65周岁以上父母




护照费用 – 每人



无犯罪证明有效期为递案前6个月以 内,HIV检测与住址证明有效期为递案 前3个月以内。

10%政府手续费及全额背景调查费( 费用一览表在本篇最后)。所有政府 费用会通过授权代理免除,如果该项 费用未被返还,说明申请未能通过。

果。申请文件上任何出现在审查程序 中的问题都将会通过授权代理机构反 映回来并协助解决。


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Country Spotlight

Canada Country Spotlight

Ü Canada – An Introduction Canada is a country located in the northern part of North America and is the second largest country by total area and the fourth by land area. Its border with the United States of America is also the world’s longest land border. Despite its gargantuan size, Canada is relatively sparsely populated and approximately four fifths of Canada’s 35 million citizens can be found living near the southern border. This is because the northern parts of Canada are largely covered by forest, tundra and the Rocky Mountains, with a severely cold winter climate. Although cold in the winter also, the southern more inhabited parts of the country do experience more warmth in the summer periods. Canada is one of the world’s most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations, so UHNWI looking to visit should feel welcome. It also boasts the world’s eleventh largest economy in the world, for which it attributes much of its wealth to its plentiful natural resources and highly connected international trade networks. It has the tenth highest nominal per capita


income on a global scale, and ranks ninth in the Human Development Index. Canada holds firmly steadfast to principles of government transparency, civil liberties, quality of life, economic freedom, and education, making it a desirable location for UHNWI who want to invest in a culture with more liberal leanings. With the world’s largest proportion of fresh water lakes, Canada is only second in overall size to the behemoth that is Russia. Canada stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west; to the north lies the Arctic Ocean. It also has the longest coastline in the world, with a total length of 243,042 kilometres (151,019 mi). It is also geologically active, having many earthquakes and potentially active volcanoes: notably Mount Meager, Mount Garibaldi, Mount Cayley, and the Mount Edziza volcanic complex. Politically, Canada operates a parliamentary system with a constitutional monarchy led by Queen Elizabeth II. The current Prime Minister of Canada is Justin Trudeau whose office is one of the most powerful in government: most

Canada is one of the world’s most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations, so UHNWI looking to visit should feel welcome. It also boasts the world’s eleventh largest economy in the world...

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

legislation is initiated from this office and sent to Parliament for approval. There is also a Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition who is usually the person leading the party who gained the second most seats and they are then used to monitor and criticise the current government where necessary to keep them in check. Economically, Canada is the world’s eleventh largest economy and one of the world's top ten trading nations, with a highly globalized economy. It prides itself on its relatively low level of income disparity which again reflects on the principle of civil liberties and quality of life it cherishes. The country's average household disposable income per capita is over USD 23,900 higher than the OECD average. In terms of stock exchange, the Toronto Stock Exchange is the seventh largest stock exchange in the world by market capitalization and lists over 1,500 companies with a collective market capitalization of over US$2 trillion. Exports equalled over C$528 billion, while its imported goods were valued at over $523 billion, of which approximately $349 billion originated from the United States, $49 billion

from the European Union, and $35 billion from China. After the recession in 2008, Canada has recovered well and continues to grow steadily and securely, although there is still some volatility with oil prices and higher than normal unemployment rates. Other than the USA who is its number one exporter, Canada has seen an increasing amount of exports to Asia which is now its second largest exporter. For UHNWI who are looking to trade in both the US and Asia, Canada is a potentially great location in which to operate.For the UHNWI with children considering a permanent relocation to Canada, they will be pleased to hear that Canada is the most educated country in the world with the highest number of adults having a tertiary education and over 50% of adults obtaining at least an undergraduate college or university degree. Canadian educational bodies are taught in both English and French. The citizens of Canada place high importance on equality and inclusiveness for all its people and is famous for its welcoming approach to new citizens. Multiculturalism is a corner stone of the country and its people. There is also a large passionate following for ice hockey and lacrosse which are Canada’s national sports. }}}

For the UHNWI with children considering a permanent relocation to Canada, they will be pleased to hear that Canada is the most educated country in the world w  ith the highest number of adults having a tertiary education...


Country Spotlight

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Ü Canadian Citizenship by Investment Although Canada does not offer a direct citizenship by investment program as it closed in 2014, it does offer a fast track scheme for investors who can acquire their citizenships faster through the process of naturalisation. The two programs on offer are as follows:

Ü Canada Business Investor Fast Track Program If you are a UHNWI operating their own business, then setting up a branch of your business in Canada can be a path toward


achieving faster Canadian citizenship. Your business must be reasonably successful and therefore you setting up a branch in Canada will benefit the Canadian economy and provide new jobs for its citizens. The total cost of the move and paperwork should amount to approximately USD 130,000. If this is a possibility for you and you can see some benefit to branching your business out to Canada other than acquiring a fast track to Canadian citizenship then this is the best option available.

Ü Quebec Immigrant Investor Program The other alternative is the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program. In order to qualify, the

UHWNI needs to make a donation of approximately USD 650,000 which has to be invested on fully guaranteed interest free government term deposit for 5 years. However, the payment does not have to be made up front and financing options can be considered: for example, there are payment schemes in which an initial down payment of USD 170,000 could be considered. Completion and acceptance from either of these programs will afford the UHNWI permanent residency in Canada. From this point, after a further two years permanent residency and one other year in total of general residency (three years total), you can apply to become a Canadian citizen via the naturalisation process.

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

加拿大: 国家聚焦 加拿大 – 介绍 加拿大位于北美洲最北端,领土面积位居 世界第二,陆地面积世界第四。领土与美 国接壤,拥有世界上最长的陆地边界线。 加拿大地广人稀,其人口的五分之四,大 约3.5千万人口居住在南部地区。因为北 方大面积土地都被森林、冻土和落基山脉 覆盖,冬季严寒且持续时间长。而南部冬 天虽同北方一样冷,但南部人口密集处夏 季气候比北部更加温和湿润。 加拿大是世界上种族最多样和文化最多元 的国家之一,所以超富裕阶级在参观过加 拿大后应该很愿意加入这个国家。令加拿 大人引以为豪的是,加拿大世界经济排名 第十一位,这要归功于加拿大丰富的自然 资源,联系紧密的国际贸易网络。其人均 国民收入世界排名第十,人类发展指数排 名第九。加拿大坚定地坚持政府透明度、 公民自由度、生活质量、经济自由的原 则,使得加拿大成为想要投资于一种自由 主义倾向文化的富裕阶级的理想地。 加拿大淡水湖面积世界第一,其领土面 积仅次于俄罗斯位居第二。加拿大西抵 太平洋,东迄大西洋,北至北冰洋, 还是世界上海岸线最长的国家,海岸线 长243,042公里(151,019英里) 。地质活动活跃,地震频繁,还有活火 山,尤其是Mount Meager、Mount Garibaldi、Mount Cayley和复合火山 the Mount Edziza。 政治上,加拿大政治体制为联邦制、君 主立宪制及议会制,英王伊丽莎白二世 为国家元首和国家象征,但无实际权 力。现任总理为贾斯汀·特鲁多(Justin Trudeau),他的办公室是政府最有权力 的部门之一:大多数法案都是由总理办公 室起草然后交由议会裁决通过。加拿大还 有官方反对党的领袖,他领导的党派在加 拿大国会下议院中占有第二多席位,而又

不是执政党或执政联盟成员之一的政党。 官方反对党的主要职务是监察政府,而其 国会议员并会组成“影子内阁”,派“评 论员”来监察内阁各部门的工作。 经济上,加拿大经济排名世界第十一位, 是世界十大贸易国之一,经济高度全球 化。加拿大人自豪于他们的贫富差距相对 较小,公民自由度和生活质量也得到很好 地维护。人均可支配收入超过23900美元 高于经合组织(OECD)的平均值。在股 票市场方面,按国内市值排名为世界第七 大交易所,有超过1500家上市公司在本交 易所的主板及创业板市场上挂牌上市,总 市值超过2万亿美元。出口额超过5280亿 加元,同时货物进口额超过5230亿美元, 其中来自美国的进口额为3490亿美元, 欧盟为490亿美元,中国350亿美元。在 08年加拿大经济衰退之后,至今经济恢复 状况良好且一直在持续稳步增长,但也存 在石油价格始终反复无常、失业率居高不 下的问题。除美国是加拿大的第一大出口 对象外,加拿大对亚洲的出口额大幅度增 加,已成其第二大出口对象。对于想要与 中美两国都进行贸易交易的超富裕阶级来 说,在加拿大进行交易是个不错的选择。 当超富裕阶级连同其子女永久居住到加拿 大时,他们应该很高兴加拿大是个高等教 育入学率超过50%居世界首位的国家,另 外加拿大实行英、法双语教育。 加拿大是典型的移民国家,文化包容性 强,它的多元文化环境被加拿大政府和人 民引以为豪。冰球是一项会使整个加拿大 都为之狂热的运动,且与长曲棍球都是加 拿大的国球。

投资移民加拿大 尽管2014年加拿大叫停了投资移民项目, 但现在的确还有投资入籍的快速通道。以 下两个项目都是正在办理中:

加拿大企业投资者快速通道计划 如果你是超富裕阶级,经营着自己的企 业,然后在加拿大设立业务分支,是取 得加拿大国籍的一个快速通道。你的企业 必须要相当成功,能为加拿大的经济做贡 献,并为加拿大人提供就业岗位。移民全 部花费大约13万美元左右,且未来可以预 见在加拿大开企业分公司的好处不止获得 加拿大国籍,还可以拿到投资收益,所以 对超富裕阶级来说通过投资移民加拿大是 个一举两得的最佳可行性方案。

魁北克投资移民项目 另一个可以选择的投资移民方式是魁北克 投资移民项目。投资65万美元给魁省政 府无偿使用五年或者一次性投资17万美元 无返还。 完成并承认从这两个项目中,将给予超富 裕阶级加拿大永久居留权。在加拿大居住 3年后可通过归化程序申请成为一名加拿 大公民。


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Country Spotlight

Dominica Country Spotlight

Ü Dominica – An Introduction Dominica, officially the Commonwealth of Dominica, is an island nation in the Lesser Antilles region of the Caribbean Sea, southsoutheast of Guadeloupe and northwest of Martinique. Its size is 750 square kilometers (290 sq. mi) and the highest point in the country is Morne Diablotins, which has an elevation of 1,447 meters (4,747 ft.). The Commonwealth of Dominica had a population of 71,293 at the 2011 Census. The capital is Roseau, which is located on the leeward side of the island. Dominica has been nicknamed the "Nature Isle of the Caribbean" for its unspoiled natural beauty. It is the youngest island in the Lesser Antilles, still being formed by geothermal-volcanic activity, as evidenced by the world's second-largest hot spring, Boiling Lake. The island features lush mountainous rainforests, home of many rare plant, animal, and bird species. There are xeric areas in some of the western coastal regions, but heavy rainfall can be expected inland. Dominica is the only country in the world with a count of 365 rivers. The Sisserou Parrot (also known as the Imperial Amazon), is found only on the


Caribbean Island of Dominica and is the island's national bird. It is featured on the national flag. Dominica's economy is heavily dependent on both tourism and agriculture. The sun is a permanent resident in Dominica, with an extremely tropical climate and beautifully rugged terrain which will please all of the sun soakers looking for a place to drink in the rays. Looking out onto the Caribbean ocean, the mountainous green sides are dotted with exotic tropical flowers, banana plantations and coconut trees. The Boiling Lake is the perfect place to soul search and discover yourself as it’s renowned healing properties are considered legendary. Dominica has the honor of being nominated as one of the happiest places to live on earth. Simplicity is key here, whether you want to walk barefoot through an untrampled shore, wander down any number of green jungle trails or chill out on the beach looking onto the ocean, Dominica is a place where concerns are replaced by an overwhelming sense of peace and oneness. With a unique melting pot of cultures including English, French, African and Carrib, there is no

shortage of interesting natives to get to know and grow friendships with. The island also has the distinction of being one of the Caribbean islands with the strongest economic growth rate. The citizens know how to work hard, but also how to play hard, with a number of music and pageantry events to enjoy.

Dominica is the only country in the world with a count of 365 rivers.

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Benefits of Citizenship in Dominica One of the main benefits of a Dominican citizenship for the potential applicant would be the access it provides. A Dominican passport offers the holder a gateway to Europe. Dominica itself is also a safe and enjoyable place to live, with a high quality of life and English is the official language so business transactions should be without language complications. Dominica also has a progressive and stable macroeconomic environment and a Dominican citizen has unrestricted foreign ownership of businesses in an investor friendly environment. Citizenship also comes with free movement of capital, dividends and profits and no capital gains, estate or death taxes making it a prime location for those looking to protect their wealth. Dominica’s government deals a lot with the private sector and other foreign investors in order to facilitate growth. There are a number of flexible and tailored investment projects available for the investor, as many international companies are targeting Dominica to develop agricultural opportunities, alternative energy projects, manufacturing concerns, hotel resort developments and even investment in the film industry. The soil is perfect for producing a variety of fruits, produce and plants due to its rich volcanic content. The landscape is also a prime candidate for real estate development and there are a number of opportunities to work together with joint venture investments and private landowners.

Ü Citizenship by Investment Requirements

(Applicant plus spouse and two children below the age of 18): a non-refundable contribution of USD 200,000

Economic Diversification Fund The Government Fund was established through the economic citizenship programme as one component of a national capital mobilization portfolio towards an ultimate goal of national development for Dominica. Generated funds are utilized for public and private sector projects where a need is identified. Public sector projects identified for financing under the programme include (1) building of schools, (2) renovation of the hospital, (3) building of a national Sports stadium and (4) towards the promotion of the Offshore Sector. With respect to private sector projects, government emphasis is on the tourism, information technology and agricultural sectors and therefore public sector projects to be financed under the programme will fall within one of these sectors.

4. Applicant with up to four dependents or more (Applicant plus spouse and more than two children below the age of 18): a non-refundable contribution of USD 200,000 (plus USD 20,000 for each additional dependent under the age of 18 years and USD 50,000 for each additional dependent aged 18 and over*) Real Estate To qualify for citizenship of Dominica under the Real Estate Option under the Citizenship by Investment Program, an applicant must purchase authorized real estate to the minimum value of USD 200,000. Following approval of a real estate investment application, the following Government Fees are payable: • USD 50,000 for the Main Applicant

To qualify for citizenship under this investment option, there are four investment categories with different contribution amounts, based on the number of dependents included in the application, which are as follows:

• USD 25,000 for the Spouse • USD 20,000 for each dependent of the main applicant under the age of 18

1. Single Applicant: a non-refundable contribution of USD 100,000 is required

• USD 50,000 for each dependent of the main applicant aged 18-25 years

2. Main Applicant and Spouse: a non-refundable contribution of USD 175,000 is required

Given that the application procedure under this option entails the purchase of real estate, this can prolong the processing time, which is subject to the chosen property.

3. Applicant with up to three dependents


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Country Spotlight

多米尼加共和国 国家聚焦

Ü 关于多米尼加共和国: 多米尼加,官方名称为多米尼加共和国, 是位于加勒比海的小安的列斯群岛(the Lesser Antilles)地区的一个岛国,其东南 偏南方向与瓜德罗普岛(Guadeloupe)为 邻,西北方向是马提尼克(Martinique)。 国土面积为750平方公里,国家最高峰是摩 恩迪阿布洛金斯山(Morne Diablotins) ,海拔1447米。多米尼加在2011年的人口 普查中统计人口约有7万多,其首都是罗索 (Roseau),位于岛屿的背风面。 多米尼加因其优美迷人的自然风光被誉为“ 加勒比的天然岛屿”。它是小安的列斯群 岛(the Lesser Antilles)地区最年轻的岛 屿,因火山地热活动而形成,位于此地的世 界第二大温泉沸湖(Boiling Lake)就是一 个直接证明。岛上多山地,热带雨林茂密繁 盛,是许多稀有动植物的栖息地。西面沿海 地区大多环境干燥,但岛上经常下暴雨。多 米尼加是世界上唯一一个拥有365条河流的 国家。帝王亚马逊鹦鹉是多米尼加的国鸟, 并且除加勒比的多米尼加岛外,尚未在其他 地区发现过它们的踪迹。多米尼加的经济严 重依赖当地旅游业和农业。


多米尼加为热带气候,常年光照充足,人们 喜欢在阳光下饮酒娱乐。面朝加勒比海,山 脉植被茂盛的一面其间点缀着星罗棋布充满 异国风情的热带花朵、香蕉果园和椰子树。 沸湖是个进行自我放松的好去处,据说对于 一些疾病还有治愈能力。 多米尼加曾被提名为世界上幸福感最高的居 住地之一,为当地人民所自豪。朴素是这 里的主要基调,你可以赤脚在海滨上奔跑玩 闹,也可以在丛林中漫步寻求片刻的宁静, 抑或是躺在沙滩上凝视远方和海洋,在多米 尼加,人与自然是一个整体,安静平和是人 们内心最深处的感受。 多米尼加是英国、法国、非洲和加勒比文化 的大熔炉,你可以在这里认识大量友善风 趣的当地人,并与他们交朋友。这个国家的 目标是成为加勒比地区经济发展最强劲的 国家。岛上的居民工作努力,同时也热爱生 活,懂得怎样去放松自己,他们经常举办一 些精彩华丽的音乐和戏剧演出。

成为多米尼加公民的好处 你取得多米尼加护照最大的便利之一就是持

有者进出欧洲方便。多米尼加生活水平高, 本身就是个宜居的地区。它的官方语言为英 语,进行商业贸易时不会为语言问题困扰。 多米尼加的宏观经济环境先进稳定,经济自 由投资环境良好。公民可以自由调动资金、 股息和利润,且免付资本增值税、房产税或 遗产税,使得这里成了人们保护自己财富的 主要选择地。

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

多米尼加制定了大量灵活多变且对投资者有 利的投资政策,因此许多国际公司向多米 尼加的农业、新能源项目、制造企业、度假 旅馆开发甚至是电影产业进行投资。因为 多米尼加的土壤是火山灰,养料充足,非常 适合种植各种水果、农产品和植被。本地 的房地产市场还有待开发,并且在这里有大 把的机会参与合伙投资或与私人土地所有者 一起合作。

3. 申请人与其最多3位亲属(申请人加配偶 加两个18周岁以下的子女):捐献不可归还的 资金20万美元 4. 申请人与四位亲属或更多 (申请人加配偶 加两个以上未满18周岁的子女):捐献不可归 还的资金20万美元(每增加一位18周岁以 下的亲属追加2万美元,每增加一位18周岁 以上的亲属追加5万美元)

多米尼加是世界上唯 一一个拥有365条河 流的国家。


Ü 投资移民要求 经济多元化基金 政府基金通过经济公民计划作为国民资本调 动组合的一部分而设立,最终目的是为了国 家的发展。 该基金生成的资金被公共部门和经审核的私 人部门所使用。公共部门项目中被认定为项 目下可融资的有:(1)建设学校;(2)整 修医院;(3)修建公共体育场和(4)提 升海外部门。出于对私人部门项目的尊重, 政府强调公共部门要在旅游业、信息技术和 农业领域,公共部门项目这些项目融资完毕 后再进行。

通过投资移民项目下的房地产投资来获取多 米尼加护照,申请人必须购买已批准的价值 至少20万美元的房产。 房地产投资申请获批后,投资者应上交以下 政府费用给政府: • 主申请人USD 50,000 • 配偶USD 25,000 • 每个18周岁以下的亲属USD 20,000 • 每个18周岁-25周岁的亲属USD 50,000 此选项下的申请程序因需购买房地产,大概 会延长审批时间

为通过投资方式取得公民身份,基于申请 者家属的数量,这里有4种要求不同的投资 种类: 1. 个人申请:一次性捐献不可归还的资金10 万美元 2. 主申请人与配偶:一次性捐献不可归还 的资金17.5万美元


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Country Spotlight

Grenada Country Spotlight

Ü Grenada – An Introduction Grenada is an island country consisting of the island of Grenada and six smaller islands at the southern end of the Grenadines in the south eastern Caribbean Sea. Grenada is located north west of Trinidad and Tobago, north east of Venezuela, and south west of St Vincent and the Grenadines. The capital of Grenada is St Georges. Grenada is also known as the "Island of Spice" because of the production of nutmeg and mace crops of which Grenada is one of the world's largest exporters. Its size is 133 square miles, with a population of roughly 110,000. The island is a sight to behold with its unspoiled landscapes. Largely untouched by industrialization, Grenada’s natural beauty is able to shine without restraint. “Paradise” is the word that comes to mind when you experience the lush greens of plant life and the deep blues of the ocean. It makes the perfect getaway destination for those seeking adventure in wildlife, suntans and spas or romance with their partner. The Grand Anse beach is one of the most beautiful on the planet and the nearby clear waters are very


inviting for a swim to cool down. If you are more active, then going for a trek through the rainforest of Seven Sisters Waterfalls might be more up your street. During your time on the island, you are likely to encounter some of the friendliest people in the Caribbean, as Grenada is renowned for its hospitable attitude toward both tourists and new citizens alike. Grenadian culture is expressed through largely creative means: with music, poetry, pageantry, theatre, dance and sports all celebrated past times. Other means of socializing come in the form of organized celebrations and festivities. Lots of time is dedicated toward cooking, with food being another way the Grenadian people like to interact with each other and share new and tasty recipes. The nation is fully English speaking, so there should be little trouble acclimatizing and integrating into the community.

...known as the "Island of Spice" because of the production of nutmeg and mace crops of which Grenada is one of the world's largest exporters.

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

At present, you can gain citizenship in Grenada through the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program.

Ü Citizenship in Grenada The Grenada Citizenship by Investment Committee is the main government appointed body tasked with the responsibility to oversee the processing of applications for Grenadian citizenship, either by investment or for permanent residence. The committee assesses applications in accordance with the Grenadian Citizenship by Investment Act, after which recommendations are made to the Minister as to who will make the final decision to deny, approve or indeed delay granting Grenadian Citizenship. At present, you can gain citizenship in Grenada through the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program by two ways: • Citizenship by Investment • Permanent Resident by Investment Investment Requirements The Citizenship by Investment Act allows an investor applicant to qualify for expedited naturalisation as a Grenadian citizen in two ways: Investment of a minimum of USD 350,000 in an approved real estate project - Routine applications, once they have passed the KYC checks, will be processed within 60 days with a passport issued shortly afterward. The investment is subject to a minimum holding period of four years. The investment does not include government processing fees, due diligence checks and other associated costs.

A non-refundable donation to the Island Transformation Fund - This option although not ready to receive applications currently is available in a two-step program for a little over USD 200,000. This process involves first obtaining Grenadian permanent residence and then applying for naturalisation as a second step. Minimum Investment The minimum investment required under the CBI programme is USD 250,000. Families who wish to invest larger amounts in custom private homes or in other businesses should discuss this directly with their CBI approved agent, who will help negotiate this directly with the government. The government is extremely investor friendly and generous concessions may be made available in special circumstances. The citizenship by investment program in Grenada was conceived for unique global citizens who demand exclusivity and prompt personal service. It has been developed to have some distinct advantages over other citizenship options in the Caribbean - whilst the benefit to Grenada is manifested through inward investment, the creation of sustainable long term new employment opportunities for Grenadians, training and the wider benefit directly and indirectly to the island’s economy. The broadening of skills, the creation of jobs and the economic benefits derived from new foreign investment will immeasurably strengthen Grenada. The benefits to the applicant/new investor are as follows:

• Citizenship of Grenada with its attendant benefits for themselves and their immediate families. • The opportunity to own freehold prime real estate in an approved project. The real estate owned by the investor should produce a modest annual income and may be enjoyed by the investor along with friends and family. It should maintain or enhance its market value. More specifically, the benefits that Grenada’s program offers over the citizenship programmes of other Caribbean states include: • Efficiency: The application process is quicker. The law mandates that routine applications will be approved within 60 days of submission, with the passport issued immediately thereafter. (The application cannot be submitted until after the background checks been performed.) • Family Friendly: By not charging exorbitant processing and due diligence fees for Spouses and family members, Grenada is an attractive option for international businessmen looking for security and travel options for their families. • Good Visa-Free Travel: The Grenada passport allows visa-free travel to more than 135 countries. • Zero tax: The island has no income, wealth or inheritance taxes. There is no requirement to visit Grenada in order to qualify for citizenship.


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Country Spotlight

格林纳达 国家聚焦

Ü 关于 格林纳达 格林纳达位于加勒比海东南部的格林纳丁斯 群岛(the Grenadines)最南端,由主岛 格林纳达岛与周围六个小岛组成。格林纳达 与西北部的特立尼达、多巴哥隔海相望,东 北部是委内瑞拉,西南部靠近圣文森特和格 林纳丁斯群岛,首都是圣乔治。 格林纳达因种植肉豆蔻且是世界上最大的肉 豆蔻出口国之一,因而被誉为“香料之国” 。国土面积133平方英里,人口约11万。 这个岛上还始终保持着浑然天成未经雕琢打 磨的原始风光,未被工业化染指的岛屿透着 一股自由散漫又朝气蓬勃的自然之美。当人 们踏上这片土地,目之所及,全是苍茫葱郁 的森林与湛蓝无边的大海,“天堂”这个词 便是大多数人对这里的第一印象了。对于 热爱野外探险、日光浴、SPA和情侣约会 的人来说,格林纳达绝对是个可以尽兴而归 的绝佳选择。岛上的大海滩(The Grand Anse beach)是散布在这个星球上最美动 人的景色之一 ,附近澄澈碧绿的海水非常 适合游泳放松。如果你想更活跃一点,接下 来可以徒步穿过热带雨林去参观岛上非常 著名的七姐妹瀑布,这个活动应该会很合


你的心意。 在岛上的这段时光中,你很有可能会邂逅很 多非常友善的当地人,而格林纳达对待游客 与移民者的态度,在国际上也是出名的热情 友好,殷勤周到。而格林纳达的文化,也被 当地人以最直接生动,富于创造性和趣味性 的方式展现出来。不管是音乐、诗歌、历史 剧、戏剧、舞蹈和运动,所有的活动都可以 用来庆祝、纪念过去的历史与时光。岛上的 居民同样热衷于钻研美食,还会互相分享新 的烹饪方法。 岛上的居民全部用英语交流,所以外来人口 在新环境中受到的阻力相对较小,很容易融 入当地的文化与生活。

格林纳达因种植肉豆 蔻且是世界上最大的 肉豆蔻出口国之一, 因而被誉为“香料之 国”。

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目前,你可以通过以 下两种投资移民项目 获取格林纳达的国籍

Ü 移民 格林纳达


格林纳达投资移民委员会,是由政府任命成 立的部门,主要负责监督审查投资移民与居 留移民的申请程序。

格林纳达的投资移民项目为独一无二的世界 公民提供个性化又迅速敏捷的投资移民服 务。格林纳达的发展使得它的投资移民优势 超过了加勒比地区的大部分国家,且格林 纳达也感受到了外部投资为其带来的有益发 展,除了就业率的上升,外部投资直接或 间接的广泛影响着格林纳达的经济向好的方 向发展,使得整个国家不断向上发展,越 来越强大。

该委员会参照格林纳达投资移民法评估申请 资料,最后由部长裁决哪些通过哪些拒绝或 是延迟考察。 目前,你可以通过以下两种投资移民项目获 取格林纳达的国籍:

• 旅行免签入境:允许免签入境超153个国 家 • 零税率:该岛无所得税、财产税和遗产 税。 格林纳达对于投资移民申请人无居留要求。

投资移民格林纳达的好处如下: • 投资移民 • 通过投资获取永久居住权

• 格林纳达的公民权益申请人与其直系亲属 一并享有。

投资要求 投资移民法允许一个投资者通过两条途径取 得格林纳达国籍: 在政府已批准的房地产项目中投资至少35 万美元,一旦申请被批准通过,护照将会在 60天以内签发给申请人。投资者持有当地 房产至少四年,该投资不包括政府审批费 用、调查费以及其他相关费用。

为格林纳达国家发展基金捐赠资金至少20 万美元,从而取得永久居留权;然后再向政 府申请公民资格。 最低投资额 在CBI计划中的最低投资额为25万美元。有 的家庭可能希望拿更大的资金投资于定制的 私人住宅或是进行其他交易,投资人可以直 接与CBI的代理人进行商议。格林纳达政府 对待外国投资者的态度非常友好,在特定的

• 在已批准的房地产项目上拥有永久保有的 机会。 投资者拥有的房地产每年应该会为投资者带 来一定的收入,且投资者也可能会与家人 朋友一同享受居住。它应该保持或提高其 市场价值。 更具体的来说,格林纳达移民项目提供给 投资者的好处是远多于加勒比地区其他国 家的: • 效率:申请程序更迅速高效。法律规定普 通申请应在申请者投递的60天以内处理完 毕,护照要尽快签发(申请必须要在背景调 查完毕后才能通过)。 • 家庭:配偶及其他家庭成员不必承担程序 费、调查费,格林纳达对于想要给自己的家 庭一个安全理想的庇护所的国际商人来说, 是个十分具有吸引力的选择。


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Country Spotlight

Hungary Country Spotlight

Ü Quick Facts è Capital City:Budapest è Population: 9,897,000 è Nominal GDP: USD 133.4 billion è Government: Parliamentary republic

the Carpathian Basin. Hungary is bordered by Slovakia to the north, Romania to the east, Serbia to the south, Croatia to the southwest, Slovenia to the west, Austria to the northwest, and Ukraine to the northeast. Part of Hungary’s allure to tourists can be attributed to its fascinating history as it is a mesmerising example of a society that has transitioned from communism to a multi-party democracy with a free market economy. Hungary was acceded to the European Union in 2004.

è President: János Áder è Prime Minister : Viktor Orbán è Ethnic groups: 92.3% Hungarian, 1.9% Roma, 5.8% Other.

Ü Hungary at a Glance Hungary is regarded as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Central Europe, for example it attracted 10.675 million tourists in 2013 who were only too happy to explore what the country has to offer for those who visit. It is completely landlocked and can be located in


Geographically speaking, Hungary is famed for its two main waterways: these being the Danube and Tisza rivers. When discussing location specific areas in Hungary, it is common for people to refer to portions of the country in relation to their positions with the rivers, for example: “you can find it beyond the Danube”. Not only are these two rivers vital landmarks, but Hungary also boasts ownership of the largest lake in Central Europe (Lake Balaton), as well as the largest thermal lake in the world (Lake Hévíz). The combination of water sights provide for numerous breathtaking views across the country and the picturesque landscape is certainly something to be experienced first-hand. Hungary has 10

national parks, 145 minor nature reserves, and 35 landscape protection areas which should keep the keen traveller occupied for a lengthy period of time. Its climate is typically European continental, meaning the summers are hot but are met also with frequent rainstorms, and the winters and mildly cold and often feature snow. The average temperature is 9.3 degrees Celsius, but the extremes can vary widely, from as high as the 40s and as low as the minus 30s.

Ü Politics Hungary is a parliamentary representative democratic republic. The President is the Head of State, but the position is largely a ceremonial one, whereas the head of Government is the Prime Minister who holds executive power. The current party in power is Fidesz who are a conservative party, and their main opposition comes from the Hungarian Socialist Party and the Jobbik party. Their legislative power derives from both the government and their parliament: it is exercised by the unicameral National Assembly

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that consists of 199 members. Members of the National Assembly are elected for four years. Cabinet ministers are selected by the Prime Minister who also has the right to dismiss them during their term. Ministers of Hungary are appointed to the following areas: home affairs, rural development, defence, national development, human resources, foreign affairs, administration and justice, and national economic affairs. The executive powers are kept in check by Hungary’s judicial branch, a fifteen member constitutional court which has the power to challenge legislation put forward by the National Assembly on grounds of unconstitutionality. Members of the constitutional court are elected for periods of twelve years. Using their supermajorities, the Fidesz and KDNP parties passed a media law in 2010 which can impose fines on the media for engaging in what they term “unbalanced coverage”. There was

also a new constitution imposed by them in 2012 that modified several aspects of the institutional and legal framework in Hungary – this was widely criticised by the European parliament and other international bodies who have called for stronger checks and balances over the power the executive has legislated for itself.

Ü Foreign Relations Ever since the revolution from communism into democracy in 1989, it’s top foreign policy has been to integrate itself into Western economic and security organisations. It has also worked to thaw out cold relationships with many of its neighbouring countries: for example, it has signed treaties with Romania, Slovakia, and Ukraine, which renounce all outstanding territorial claims and lay the foundation for constructive relations. Although these attempts are being made, there can still be some tension and disagreements between the countries, particularly in relation to the treatment of Hungarian minority rights }}}

Hungary is regarded as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Central Europe, for example it attracted 10.675 million tourists in 2013 who were only too happy to explore what the country has to offer for those who visit.


Country Spotlight

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in Romania, Slovakia and Serbia, but progress is being made and, as the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Ü Economy Hungary has a high income economy of mediumsize, and it is part of the European Union’s single market. With the changes taking place in 1989 from communism to democracy, obviously there were very large changes to the country’s financial system as it made the transition from a socialist economy to a market economy. It operates using the currency known as the Forint (HUF), and is one of the few member states of the European Union not to adopt the Euro currency. The private sector amounts to around 80% of Hungary’s gross domestic product (GDP) and foreign ownership and investment in Hungarian firms are plentiful, calculated to equal almost USD 70 billion in direct investment from foreign sources. Previously, foreign investment was placed into mostly low level industries like textiles and food, however, more recently there have been large investments in industries such as luxury vehicle production, renewable energy systems, high-end tourism, and information technology. Hungary's main industries are mining, metallurgy, construction materials, processed foods, textiles,


chemicals (especially pharmaceuticals), and motor vehicles. Hungary's main agricultural products are wheat, corn, sunflower seed, potatoes, sugar beets; pigs, cattle, poultry, and dairy products.

Ü Education & Innovation A quite incredible thirteen Nobel Prize winners have been either Hungarian or Hungarian-born since the award’s inception, and accordingly Hungary has developed a great reputation for theoretical advancement, particularly in the field of mathematics.

Leó Szilárd, Eugene Wigner, Rudolf E. Kálmán, and Edward Teller emigrated to the United States. Some of the important inventions derived from Hungarian citizens, many of them mentioned above, include the development of holography, the theory of thermonuclear fusion, the modern cathode ray tube, the ballpoint pen and even the Rubix cube!

Ü Hospitable Hungary

Hungary's higher education and training system has been ranked 44 out of 148 countries in the Global competitiveness Report 2013/2014 and clearly it is a culture that places academic achievement highly in its list of desirable attributes for its citizens.

Hungary has developed throughout its rich history into one of the most fascinating locations in Central Europe. Its high tourist rate can be ascribed to its sprawling landscapes, plentiful rivers and stunning architecture, and that’s before mentioning the wonderful cultures and traditions that its citizens embrace.

Famous Hungarian mathematicians include father Farkas Bolyai and son János Bolyai, who was one of the founders of non-Euclidean geometry; Paul Erdős, famed for publishing in over forty languages and whose Erdős numbers are still tracked; and John von Neumann, a key contributor in the fields of quantum mechanics and game theory, a pioneer of digital computing, and the chief mathematician in the Manhattan Project. Many Hungarian scientists, including Erdős, von Neumann,

With a fast growing economy right in the heart of Europe, Hungary is a key figure in the international landscape and should definitely not be ignored. Although it is unique in how different its language is as compared to the other Central European countries that neighbour it, the potential visitor/investor should not feel intimidated to interact with its people. The position of Hungary can be likened to its rivers: calm and steady but consistent in its current toward growth.

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匈牙利 国家聚焦 事实速览 首都: 布达佩斯 人口: 9,897,000 名义GDP:1334亿美元 政体: 议会制共和制 总统 – 阿戴尔·亚诺什 总理 – 欧尔班·维克托 民族: 匈牙利(马扎尔)族92.3% ,罗马尼 亚族1.9% , 其他民族5.8%。

匈牙利概览 匈牙利是世界上公认的中欧最受欢迎的旅 游胜地之一,2013年吸引游客1.06千万人 次,且来往的游客都表示他们非常开心选 择来到这里参观游览。匈牙利坐落于喀尔 巴阡盆地,四周被陆地所环绕。匈牙利北 与斯洛伐克接壤,东与罗马尼亚接壤,南 边是塞尔维亚,西南是克罗地亚,西部是 斯洛文尼亚,西北部是奥地利,东北部是 乌克兰。匈牙利精彩迷人的历史,比如从 共产主义过渡到伴随着自由市场经济的多 党民主制这段时期,吸引了大批的历史爱 好者来这里探寻感触过往的风云激荡。匈 牙利于2004年加入欧盟组织。 从地理上来说,匈牙利因两条河流而出 名:多瑙河和蒂萨河。当人们在谈论起匈 牙利具体区域的位置时,人们普遍会以河 流作为参照物,比如,“你可以在河对岸 找到它”。不仅这两条河流是当地重要 地标,匈牙利人还因位于中欧的世界第一 大湖—巴拉顿湖、世界最大的温泉湖—海 维兹湖(Lake Hévíz )而颇感骄傲。水 域与各种景观的结合在这个国家生成动 人心魄的美景,只有亲自到来游览一遍才 能体会到个中滋味。匈牙利有10个国家 公园,145个自然保护区和35个风景保护 区,热爱自然的旅行者会在这里花费很长 一段时间,贪婪的享受各处天然雕饰的自 然美景。 匈牙利是典型的欧洲大陆性气候,夏季炎 热多暴雨,冬季气候温和降雪频繁,年气 温温差大。

政治 匈牙利是个多党议会民主制国家,总统为 国家元首,是礼仪性职位。总理是政府首 脑,拥有行政权。执政党为青年民主主义 者联盟,为保守党派。他们的主要反对党 来自匈牙利社会党和尤比克党。政府和议 会享有立法权,单议院制的国民议会由 199个成员组成,议会成员每四年选举一 届。 总理来任命内阁部长并有权在其任职期间 解雇部长。此外匈牙利总理会被任命到以 下领域:民政部、农村发展、国防、国家

发展、人力资源、外交事务、行政司法和 国民经济。 总理的行政权被匈牙利的司法部门所制 约,拥有十五名成员的宪法法院在国民议 会上有权质询立法是否有违宪法,其成员 每十二年选举一次。 青年民主党与基督教民主人民党依靠在国 会的绝对地位在2010年通过了媒体法,今 后可对传播有害信息的媒体征收罚款。在 2012年他们又修改了宪法和法律制度,提 高了税率,由此受到欧洲议会和其他国际 机构的广泛批评与不满。

外交关系 从1989年共产主义过渡到民主主义的革命 起,匈牙利的首要外交政策已融入到西方 经济和安全组织中。它还缓和了与周围许 多邻国的冷战关系:例如,与罗马尼亚、 斯洛伐克和乌克兰签订条约,宣布放弃所 有未解决的领土要求。虽然它们企图意见 协调一致,但在各个国家之间还是存在着 很多分歧。特别是关于罗马尼亚、斯洛伐 克和塞尔维亚如何对待在上述国家中的 匈牙利少数民族权利的问题,几个国家之 间就此问题依旧在协商,正如那句古谚所 说,罗马不是一天建成的。

经济 匈牙利拥有一个中等的高收入体系,也是 欧盟单一市场的一部分。随着共产主义过 渡到民主主义,国家的金融体系也随之发 生了重大明显的改变。匈牙利使用的货币 为福林(HUF),是少数几个未接受欧元的 欧盟成员国之一。

2013/2014年全球竞争力报告的148个国 家中排名第44位,并且学术上的这份极高 成就要归功于它的人民与文化。最著名的 匈牙利数学家包括父亲法卡斯·波尔约和 儿子亚诺什·波尔约 — 非欧几里得几何 学的创始人之一。保罗·埃尔德什,著作 被译为四十多种语言在全世界发行,且他 的埃尔德什数至今仍被人们使用。约翰· 冯·诺伊曼是量子力学领域和博弈论的主 要贡献者,同时也是现代电子计算机的先 驱,曾受邀参与曼哈顿计划的数学大师。 匈牙利还有众多的科学家,包括埃尔德 什、 冯·诺伊曼、莱奥·齐拉特、尤金· 维格纳、鲁道夫·卡尔曼和移居美国的爱 德华·特勒。 一些生活中的重要发明也是来源于匈牙 利,如上所言,包括全息摄影术的发展, 热核反应的理论,近代的阴极射线管,圆 珠笔,甚至是魔方!

热情好客的匈牙利 匈牙利历史悠久,是中欧最具吸引力的地 区之一。当地起伏不定的复杂地形,壮观 丰富的水系景观,令人惊艳的各式建筑, 灿烂的文化以及人民的信仰,造就了独一 无二的匈牙利。随着经济的快速发展,匈 牙利逐渐在国际上占有了一席之地。尽管 它的语言与周围邻国很不相同,但游客也 不必担心语言不通的问题,事实上这在游 览过程中并不会造成什么困扰。匈牙利就 好比那些它所拥有的河流:平静而沉稳, 却一直在坚持成长。

私营部门比重大约占国家GDP的80%, 匈牙利目前有拥有大量的外资企业,还 接受了大批的外国直接投资,大体估算有 700亿美元。以前外国资本在本国通常只 能投资到低水平工业中,如纺织、食品行 业。但如今匈牙利开放政策国外投资者可 以向匈牙利的豪车生产、新能源系统、高 端旅游和信息技术等行业进行投资活动。 匈牙利的主要工业项目有采矿、冶金、建 筑材料、食品加工、纺织、化学制品(特 别是制药)和机动车辆等。匈牙利的主要 农作物有小麦、玉米、向日葵籽、马铃薯 和甜菜;还有猪、牛、各种家禽及乳制 品。

教育及创新 令人难以置信的是,自从设置诺贝尔奖 以来,已有十三位获奖者不是匈牙利人 就是出生在匈牙利,因此匈牙利在学术 理论方面,特别是高等数学,有着极高 的声誉。匈牙利的高等教育和培训体系在


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Country Spotlight

Liechtenstein Country Spotlight

Ü Liechtenstein – An Introduction


The miniscule country of Liechtenstein is located next to its neighbour Switzerland to the west and Austria to the east. When people think of Liechtenstein, most people picture a kind of fairy-tale city, small in scope and vast in wealth. Its snowy mountain scenery and picturesque medieval style castles make it look like a set straight out of a Disney movie. This vision is not actually too far from reality – this is the perfect secret destination for high net worth investors seeking a quiet, safe and luxurious place to comfortably settle down.

it is also one of the wealthiest states in terms of GDP per capita, only beaten by Qatar and Luxembourg. Despite the vast riches of its citizens, Lichtenstein actually has more companies registered under its province than it does citizens! A large portion of the rationale behind setting up a business in Lichtenstein is due to its very low business taxes. With a corporate tax rate of 12.5%, the only other country in Europe who can boast lower rates is Andorra with a 10% maximum tax rate. Its Rules of Incorporation which are required to start a business are also easier to meet than most other countries. These factors partly result in Liechtenstein being a fantastic location in which to start and maintain a business.

The fourth smallest state in Europe, it was born as a result of a union between the previous County of Vaduz (1712) and the lands of Schellenberg by the Princes of Liechtenstein. Although small,

Liechtenstein’s reputation as a haven for wealthy investors was not always secure. In fact, following the end of the war in Europe, it was forced to sell many of its national treasures in order to

Liechtenstein is the perfect location or investors seeking a calm, peaceful, prosperous country to do business with.

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survive financially, including a portrait drawn by Leonardo Da Vinci which was purchased by an organisation in America for 5 million USD, then a record amount for such a painting. In order to escape these poor financial straits, the country lowered its corporation tax rates in the 1970s. This led to a large number of companies incorporating there, and as a result the country became one of the wealthiest in the world, enjoying one of the highest standards of living. Outside investment in Lichtenstein’s growing economy saw it develop a successful, highly industrialised free-enterprise economy. In terms of industry involvement, a large sector that brings in revenue is ceramics. In fact, Liechtenstein has the strange title of being the world’s most prominent provider of false teeth!

Other industries include electronics, textiles, precision instruments, metal manufacturing, power tools, anchor bolts, calculators, pharmaceuticals, and food products. It’s most recognizable international company and largest employer is Hilti, a manufacturer of direct fastening systems and other high-end power tools. Liechtenstein produces wheat, barley, corn, potatoes, dairy products, livestock, and wine. Tourism accounts for a large portion of the country's economy. It has been a member of the European Economic Area (an organization serving as a bridge between the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and the European Union) since May 1995.

Outside investment in Lichtenstein’s growing economy saw it develop a successful, highly industrialised freeenterprise economy.

Culturally, as Liechtenstein is small, it has adopted much of the cultural traits of the neighbours who surround it, such as Austria, }}}


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Baden-Wurttemberg, Bavaria, Switzerland, and specifically Tirol and Vorarlberg. The "Historical Society of the Principality of Liechtenstein" plays a role in preserving the culture and history of the country.

Country Country Spotlight Spotlight

In order to redeem the prior situation in which the country was forced to sell much of its fine arts in order to prosper, it now is home to the Private Art Collection of the Prince of Liechtenstein, which can be found at the Liechtenstein museum in Vienna, and holds claim to being the world’s leading private art collections.


A country of peace, Liechtenstein has no military as it is one of the only countries in the world which operates under the principle of neutrality. In fact, the last surviving soldier of the army of Liechtenstein died in 1939 at age 95; the demise of the German confederation meant that the country could disband the small 80 man army it once has and Parliament took the opportunity to refuse to provide funding for a new replacement army. The Liechtenstein National Police force totals 125 employees and even then these people have little to do as the country boasts one of the lowest crime rates globally. Liechtenstein is

the perfect location or investors seeking a calm, peaceful, prosperous country to do business with. The comparatively flexible rules of incorporation and low corporate tax rates make it a haven for business owners and start-ups and its picturesque snow coated landscape is not too hard on the eyes either. With a high standard of living quality and low crime rates, Liechtenstein is a safe and secure investment for any HNWI looking to live a stable life with all of the luxuries that come with it.

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列支敦士登公国:国家聚焦 列支敦士登 – 介绍 列支敦士登是个西邻瑞士东接奥地利的袖 珍小国,当人们提起这个国家的时候,大 部分人都会想到那些童话中的梦幻城市。 列支敦士登国土面积狭小但经济发达。它 的雪山风光浪漫旖旎,中世纪的古堡神秘 壮观,像极了迪士尼电影里的奇幻景色。 这样的绮丽风景与现实的距离并不遥远, 对于一个想要寻求一处宁静、惬意、奢华 之地来定居的高净值投资者来说,列支敦 士登无疑是个理想神秘的归宿。 列支敦士登是欧洲国土面积第四小的国 家。1719年当时的神圣罗马帝国皇帝查 理六世将许内勒贝格庄园与瓦杜茨郡合并 成一个独立的小型大公国,赐名为列支敦 士登。虽然国土面积小,但根据人均国民 生产总值来说列支敦士登是世界上最富裕 的国家之一,仅次于卡塔尔和卢森堡。这 里的人民非常富裕,并且人们在该国注册 的公司数量,比列支敦士登公国的人口还 多。和欧洲其他国家相比,列支敦士登的 税率相当低廉,公司税率12.5%,因此吸 引了大量外国人来此地办公司或找工作。 欧洲另一个能因低税率而自豪的国家就是 安道尔共和国了,其最高税率仅10%。 作为富人天堂的列支敦士登也不是一直都 是现在这样安逸无忧的。事实上,由于二 战之后严峻的财政困境,迫使王室变卖了

大量艺术珍品来缓解国家的窘迫,其中列 支敦士登王室曾变卖一件达芬奇的名作, 被美国国家美术馆以500万美元的价格收 走,后来又接连出售了大量绘画藏品。为 摆脱经济困境,列支敦士登在20世纪七十 年代降低公司税率,这一政策导致大量公 司在这里设立,并使其成为了世界上最富 裕的国家之一,列支敦士登人民在当地过 着世界顶级水准的生活。 在工业方面,它的很大一部分税收来自制 陶业。事实上,列支敦士登还是世界上最 著名的假牙提供商。其他还包括电子、纺 织、金属制造、电动工具、地脚螺栓、计 算器、制药和食品产品等多个行业。列支 敦士登还有农产品小麦、大麦、玉米、马 铃薯,乳制品和酒等。旅游业为当地经济 作出巨大贡献。1995年5月,列支敦士登 成为欧洲经济区的成员国,这是一个在欧 洲自由贸易联盟(EFTA)和欧盟之间作 为桥梁的组织。 文化上,由于其面积小,列支敦士登一直 受到外部文化的影响,尤其是与他相临的 奥地利、巴登-符腾堡州、巴伐利亚和瑞 士,并受到蒂罗尔州和福拉尔贝格州的强 烈影响。 “列支敦士登公国历史协会”, 起到了维护国家文化和历史的作用。为了 走出之前的经济困境王室被迫卖出许多收 藏的珍贵名画,现在列支敦士登王子私人 艺术收藏正在赎回这些艺术珍品,这些名 作可以在维也纳的列支敦士登博物馆欣赏

到,列支敦士登王子声称要做世界上最领 先的私人艺术收藏。 关于国家和平,列支敦士登奉行中立政 策,国家没有自己的军队。事实上,列支 敦士登军队最后的幸存士兵于1939年去 世,享年95岁。 1868年德意志邦联瓦解,列支敦士登解散 自己仅有的一支80人的小型军队并且国会 借机拒绝再为新军队提供资金。列支敦士 登全国只有125名警察,尽管如此警察的 工作还是非常清闲,因为这里的犯罪率小 到几乎可以忽略,列支敦士登人民为此引 以为豪。 列支敦士登是一个理想的居住地,也是 适合投资者做交易的一个和平又繁荣的国 家,相对灵活的设立公司的规则以及超低 的公司税率使得这里成为企业家的天堂。 当地风景如画,还可以欣赏到风光绮丽的 皑皑雪山。拥有高水准的生活品质和低犯 罪率的列支敦士登,对任何一个想要寻求 奢华安定生活的富豪来说都是个安全稳定 的投资选择。


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Country Spotlight

Malta Country Spotlight

Ü Quick Facts

World War), making it one of the world's most densely populated countries.

è Capital City: M  anama è Population: 1,343,000

The capital of Malta is Valletta, and is the smallest national capital in the European Union. Malta has two official languages: Maltese and English.

è Nominal GDP:USD 7.19 billion è Government: Parliamentary republic è President: Marie Louise Coleiro Preca è Prime Minister:Joseph Muscat è Ethnic groups: 95.17% Maltese, 4.83 % Non-Maltese.

Ü Malta at a Glance Malta is a southern European island nation comprising an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. It lies 50 miles south of Italy, 176 miles east of Tunisia, and 207 miles north of Libya. The country covers just over 122 square miles, with a population of just under 450,000 (despite an extensive emigration program since the Second


Malta's location has historically given it great strategic importance as a naval base and a succession of powers, including the Phoenicians, Romans, Moors, Normans, Sicilians, Spanish, Knights of St. John, French and British, have ruled the island.

Ü Economy Until around 1800, Malta was dependant on cotton, tobacco and its shipyards for exports. However, once it came under British control, the UK had a certain dependency on Maltese Dockyards for support of the British Royal Navy, especially during the Crimean War of 1854. The military base aided various Maltese and British craftsmen and all those who served in the British military during the 1800s.

Currently, Malta is considered an advanced economy... according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Malta's major resources are limestone, a favourable geographic location and a productive labour force.

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The 1869 opening of the Suez Canal helped Malta's economy take a significant upturn, with a massive increase in the freight ships that entered the port. Ships stopping at Malta's docks for refuelling helped the Entrepôt trade, which brought additional monetary, trading and industrial benefits to the island. Towards the end of the 19th century, however, the Maltese economy entered a serious decline and, by the 1940s, that decline had morphed into a serious crisis. One factor was the longer range of newer merchant ships that required less frequent refuelling stops. Currently, Malta is considered an advanced economy, together with 32 other countries globally, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Malta's major resources are limestone, a favourable geographic location and a productive labour force. Malta produces only about 20% of its food needs and intake, has limited freshwater supplies because of summer droughts, and has no domestic energy sources, aside from the potential for solar energy from its plentiful sunlight. The economy is dependent on lots of foreign trade, with Malta serving as a freight trans-shipment point: manufacturing - largely electronics and textiles - and a thriving tourism sector. In preparation for its inauguration into the European Union, which it officially joined in May 2004, Malta privatised some state-controlled firms and liberalised certain markets. For instance, the government declared in January 2007 that it was to sell its 40% stake in MaltaPost (the state postal service), to complete a privatisation process which has been ongoing. In 2010, Malta had managed to fully privatise its postal services, as

well as telecommunications, shipyards and shipbuilding. Film production, strangely, is a growing contributing sector to the Maltese economy. The first film ever to be shot in Malta was in 1925 - H. Bruce Woolfe’s Sons of the Sea. Since then, over 100 feature films have been entirely or partially filmed in the country. Malta has served as a ‘double location’ for a wide variety of locations and historic periods including Ancient Greece, Ancient and Modern Rome, Iraq, the Middle East and many more. The government introduced a number of financial incentives for filmmakers in 2005, in a bid to attract more of them to use the island as a location. The current financial incentives to foreign productions currently stand at 25% with an additional 2% if Malta stands in as Malta (rather than as a double), meaning a production can get up to 27% back on its eligible spending incurred in Malta from the government. Malta has taken significant and considerable measures to mark itself out as a global player in the cross-border fund administration industry. Competing alongside countries such as Ireland and Luxembourg, it has a unique blend of both a multi-lingual workforce and strong legal system. Malta has a mixed standing for transparency and a DAW Index score of 6, though both are likely to improve as Malta progressively assumes more comprehensive legislative framework for financial services. Malta has a regulator, namely the MFSA, with a strong business development mindset and outlook. The country has been successful in drawing gaming companies, aircraft and ship registration firms, credit-card issuing banking licences and fund administration. Service

providers to these industries, including fiduciary and trustee business, are a core part of the growth strategy of the island and its citizenship by investment program is well established (see our CBI section for more on Malta’s impact here). Strong headway has been made in implementing EU Financial Services Directives in the country. As a base for alternative asset managers, who must comply with new directives, Malta has attracted a number of key players including IDS, Iconic Funds, Apex Fund Services and TMF/ Customs House. Malta and Tunisia are currently discussing the commercial exploitation of the continental shelf between their countries, particularly for petroleum exploration. These discussions are also undergoing between Malta and Libya for similar arrangements. The two largest commercial banks are Bank of Valletta and HSBC Bank Malta (featured in this publication), both of whom can trace their origins back to the 19th century. The Central Bank of Malta (Bank Centrali ta' Malta) has two key capacities of responsibility: the construction and implementation of monetary policy country-wide and the advancement of a wide-ranging and effective financial system. The bank itself was established by the Central Bank of Malta Act in April 1968 and the Maltese government entered ERM II on 4 May 2005, and adopted EUR as the country's currency in January 2008. FinanceMalta is the quasi-governmental organisation tasked with marketing and enlightening business leaders about Malta’s strengths as a business destination. }}}


Country Spotlight

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The company runs seminars and events around the world highlighting the emerging strength of Malta as a jurisdiction for banking and finance and insurance.

Ü Politics Malta is a parliamentary republic whose parliamentary system and public administration are closely modelled on the UK’s Westminster system. Malta had the second-highest voter turnout globally -and ranked highest for nations without a mandatory voting system in place and enforcement - based on electoral turnout in national lower house elections from 1960 to 1995. The unicameral House of Representatives is elected by direct universal suffrage through a single transferable vote every five years, unless the House is dissolved earlier by the President on the advice of the Prime Minister. The Maltese House of Representatives is made up of 69 members of parliament in total. However, if a party is to win an absolute majority of votes, but does not have a majority of seats, that party is handed additional seats to safeguard a parliamentary majority. The Constitution of Malta provides that the President appoints as Prime Minister the member of the House that is best able to command a governing majority in the House.


The President of Malta is appointed for a five-year term by a resolution of the House of Representatives carried by a simple majority. The role of the President as head of state is largely ceremonial and superfluous in some respects. The main political parties are the Nationalist Party - a Christian democratic party - and the Labour Party - a social democratic party.

In recent years, Malta has promoted itself as a medical tourism destination, and a number of health tourism providers are pushing to develop the industry, however, no Maltese hospital has undergone an independent international healthcare accreditation procedure.

The Labour Party is currently at the helm of the government, with its Prime Minister being Joseph Muscat. The Nationalist Party, with Simon Busuttil as its leader, is thusly in opposition. There are a number of smaller political parties in Malta that presently have little or indeed no parliamentary representation.

Malta is very popular with British medical tourists (and indeed British tourists in general), directing Maltese hospitals towards seeking UK-sourced accreditation, such as the Trent Accreditation Scheme. Dual accreditation with the Americanoriented Joint Commission is necessary if hospitals in Malta wish to compete with the Far East and Latin America for the lucrative market of medical tourists from the United States.

Ü Tourism

Ü Malta Multiplies

Malta is an extremely popular tourist destination, with 1.6 million inbound tourists per year. Three times more tourists visit the country than residents that live there. Tourism infrastructure has increased and improved dramatically over the years and a number of high quality hotels are available on the island, although overdevelopment and the destruction of traditional housing is of a growing concern among natives. An increasing number of Maltese themselves now travel abroad to holiday.

Malta has established itself on the World stage and is as prosperous as it ever has been in its history. A thriving tourism sector, a widening and strengthening commercial outlook and a key geographic placement have led to increased trade and investment. Its place as a thoroughfare country for increasing trade and investment between Europe and the GCC may well be unmatched.

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Ü 实况速览 è 首都:瓦莱塔 è 人口:1,343,000

最高的国家之一。其首都为瓦莱塔,是欧 盟成员国中面积最小的首都。马耳他有英 语和马耳他语两种官方语言。

è 政府:议会制共和制

马耳他作为一个海军基地,在历史上有着 极其重要的战略地位,并相继被腓尼基 人、罗马人、摩尔人、诺曼第人、西西里 岛人、西班牙人、圣约翰骑士团、法国人 和英国人统治。

è 总统: 玛丽·路易斯·科勒略·普雷

Ü 经济

è 名义GDP:71.9亿美元

卡 è 总理:约瑟夫·穆斯卡特 è 民族: 95.17% 马耳他人, 4.83 % 非马


Ü 马耳他概览 马耳他是位于欧洲南部的岛国,由地中 海附近的群岛组成。距意大利南方50英 里,突尼斯以东176英里,利比亚以北 207英里。国土面积超过122平方英里, 人口约45万(尽管移民项目在二战后才 广泛开放),马耳他是世界上人口密集度

直到18世纪,马耳他的经济主要依赖于 棉花、烟草和与出口相关的造船厂。 后来马耳他处于英国的控制之下,英国对 为英国皇家海军提供支持的马耳他造船厂 具有一定的依赖性,特别是在1854年的 克里米亚战争期间。 18世纪期间,军事基地帮助了大量在英 国军队服役的马耳他人和英国工匠。

近来,马耳他根据国 际货币基金组织的规 定,连同全球另外 32个国家一起,考 虑转型到更先进的经 济体系。马耳他的主 要资源是石灰岩,同 时拥有有利的地理位 置和廉价劳动力。


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1869年苏伊士运河开放,停靠在马耳他 港口的货船大规模增加,使得马耳他的 经济显著好转。这些货船停靠在马耳他 沿岸添加燃料,并帮助马耳他进行转口贸 易,为这个国家带来了大量的金钱,当时 欧洲贸易与工业的发展为马耳他带来了巨 大的利益。 19世纪末,马耳他经济遭受打击严重衰 退,在19世纪40年代更是经历重大打 击。导致这种局面的其中一个因素是越来 越多的商船不再在马耳他的港口停靠。

Country Spotlight

进来,马耳他根据国际货币基金组织的规 定,连同全球另外32个国家一起,考虑 转型到更先进的经济体系。马耳他的主 要资源是石灰岩,同时拥有有利的地理位 置和廉价劳动力。马耳他的产出仅仅占所 需食物的20%,淡水资源有限并且国内 没有能源供给,但此地日照充足,太阳能 资源开发潜力大。其经济主要依赖对外贸 易,以航海业为主,以及电子制造业、纺 织业和旅游业。


马耳他将一部分国有企业私有化,并开放 一部分自由市场,来为其加入欧盟做准 备,并于2004年5月份正式加入欧盟组 织。例如,政府在2007年1月份宣布将售 出马耳他邮政(国家邮政管理局)40% 的股份,来完成一直在持续进行的私有 化进程。2010年马耳他彻底完成了邮政 部门同通讯行业、造船业一样的私有化 转变。 令人惊奇的是,电影制作成了一个不断 增长、为马耳他经济作出巨大贡献的部 门。第一部在马耳他拍摄的电影是1925 年的《H. Bruce Woolfe’s Sons of the Sea》。从那时起,超过100部的电影全 部或部分内容在该国拍摄。对于多种多样

的地理位置和历史时期,包括古希腊、古 罗马、现代罗马、伊拉克、中东和更多地 区,马耳他已经成为了一处“双重位置” 。政府在2005推出了一些专门针对电影 制作商的经济激励举措,用以吸引更多的 人来利用该岛的位置拍摄电影。 马耳他通过深思熟虑采取一系列显著的 策略以标榜自己在跨国基金管理行业已 成为一个作为全球化参与者。与它竞争 的国家,如爱尔兰和卢森堡,它有一个独 特的融合了多语言劳动力和强大的法律制 度的金融环境。马耳他所具有的透明度 和DAW指数为6 ,这两个条件可以帮助 他逐步建立起更全面更成熟的金融服务 法律框架。 马耳他的监管机构MFSA,具有较强的 业务发展思路和观点。国家在绘画游戏 公司、飞机和轮船注册公司、信用卡发行 银行牌照和基金管理方面取得了巨大成 功。这些行业的服务提供商,包括信托和 受托业务是国家经济战略发展的核心部 分,并且它的投资移民项目也已建立完善 (查看CBI部分了解更多马耳他这一方面 的信息)。 EU金融服务管理在马耳他发展速度强 劲,作为可替代性的必须遵守新管理的资 产经理的基础,马耳他吸引了大量的核心 成员,包括IDS、Iconic Funds、Apex Fund Services和TMF/Customs House。 马耳他与突尼斯目前正在商讨关于两国之 间大陆架的商业开发问题,特别是石油勘 探方面。同时马耳他与利比亚也在商讨相 同的事宜。 马耳他最大的两家商业银行是瓦莱塔银行

(Bank of Valletta)和HSBC银行马耳 他(HSBC Bank Malta),两大银行都 是成立于19世纪。 马耳他中央银行(Bank Ċentrali ta' Malta)有两大主要责任:创建并履行国 家货币政策—逐步建立更有序高效的金融 体系。该银行于1968年四月通过马耳他 中央银行法案建立,马耳他政府2005年 5月4日进入ERM II,并在2008年一月份 将欧元作为本国货币。 准政府机构建立马耳他金融用以对外宣 传使得海外企业家了解马耳他作为一个 投资国的优势以吸引外国投资。该公司 在世界范围内开展研讨会,向各国强调马 耳他作为银行、金融和保险管理的新兴 实力。 }}}

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Ü 政治 马耳他是一个议会制民主共和国,其议会 制度和公共管理模式都是建立在英国国会 体制的民主议会制上的。马耳他的投票率 全球第二高,是无强制投票制度排名最高 的国家,从1960至1995年在全国范围内 进行众议院选举。一院制的众议院是通过 单一可转移投票每五年直接普选一次,除 非总统根据总理的建议提前解散议院。 众议院由69名议会成员组成,然而,如果 一个政党在选举中赢得绝大多数票在议院 中却没有多数席位,则为维护这个政党的 多数席位而添加额外席位。马耳他宪法规 定,总统任命议会多数派获最多支持的议 员担任总理。 马耳他总统由众议院的决议任命,任期五 年。总统作为国家元首很大程度上在某 些方面只是象征并无实权。国家主要政 党是国民党(Nationalist Party)— 一个 基督教民主党派,工党(Malta Labour Party)— 一个社会民主党派。

工党目前的执政党,其总理Joseph Muscat。国民党,以Simon Busuttil为 领袖,是马耳他最大的反对党。在马耳他 还有若干较小的政党,力量比较微弱。

Ü 旅游业 马耳他是国际上非常热门的旅游度假地, 每年来马耳他参观的游客达1.6百万人 次,数量是当地居民的3倍多。马耳他在 这几年中增加了许多旅游公共设施,并 在岛上修建了大量的高质量酒店,另一 方面这些增加的现代设施破坏了当地的传 统建筑,引起了当地人的关心和忧虑。而 本地越来越多的马耳他人在假期选择去 海外度假。

马耳他是非常热门的医疗旅游胜地(通常 接待英国游客),指导马耳他医院寻求来 自英国的认证,如地区认证机构,会是一 个非常明智的决定。如果想要吸引远东和 拉美的游客,马耳他医院可以寻求美国联 合委员会的认证。

Ü 马耳他 附加 马耳他随着经济的发展国家实力的增强如今 在国际上占有一席之地,它的历史也是同样 的灿烂精彩。旅游业的日渐繁荣,商业前景 的拓展扩大,占据欧洲黄金地理位置,共同 促进了马耳他的贸易与投资。马耳他与欧洲 其他国家一样,寻求贸易和投资的发展,而 GCC可能是其他组织难以匹敌的。

近些年马耳他开始努力发展医疗旅游行业 大量的医疗旅游开发商争先恐后的抢占这 一领域,发展这一行业,然而,马耳他当 地医院并没有经过国际独立保健护理认证 机构的认证。


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Country Spotlight

Portugal Country Spotlight

Ü Portugal – An Introduction

Culturally, Portugal is extremely refined, and features a unique mixture of tradition and modernity which you will struggle to find in any other location. Its breath taking landscape, fine cuisine and even finer wines are the perfect medicine for all holiday goers suffering from the dreariness of everyday life.

Although Portugal is great for some mindless relaxation, do not mistake it for a country without substance. It’s history is one of ups and downs, as in in the 15th and 16th centuries is grew to become what was the first global empire, becoming one of the world’s major economic, political and military powers and expanding Western influence across the globe. However, as with all great empires, it was met with many setbacks and finally with the destruction of its capital city, Lisbon, in 1755 at the hands of an earthquake, Portugal lost much of its power. Perhaps this history can be reflected in the spirit of the Portugal’s people who are known to celebrate what they have as they know that at any moment, life can throw a curveball and everything can be taken away. There is a real communal sense that one should live for today and it leads to a very pleasant atmosphere which is infectious – it is difficult to worry when you are in the company of Portuguese citizens.

The climate could be described as mild, but the 3000 hours of sunshine a year and 850kms of beaches that these sun rays visit are great for those looking for an increase in Vitamin D.

A large majority of Portugal’s citizens are Roman Catholic but it is home to a large number of small communities representing different faiths and so it gives off a welcoming impression to all

Portugal calls itself home to over 10.5 million of its citizens and can be found on the Iberian Peninsula, bordering Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. The capital city is named Lisbon and has a population of 552,700. The fact that the country faces ocean side has influenced many aspects of its culture – its beautiful beaches prove to be a very popular tourist destination and in fact much of the countries architecture is rooted in its rich history which harkens back to as early as the 1500s when Portugal had a maritime empire.


who grace its borders. The official language of the natives is Portuguese and it derives itself from early Latin. Although if Portuguese is not your first language, you should not fear as according to International English Proficiency Index, Portugal has a high proficiency level in English, proficiency higher than in countries like Italy, France or Greece.

Ü Citizenship by Investment in Portugal Many people, after spending time in Portugal, come to the conclusion that they would like to live there permanently. To these people, there is some good news, citizenship by investment is entirely possible in Portugal, but you will need to invest a minimum of EURO 500,000 in order to qualify for a “golden visa”. Once you have acquired a golden visa, it is then possible to apply to become a citizen of Portugal after six years. In comparison to other some other EU countries, the minimum cost of investment is a little higher, but there are many benefits to Portuguese citizenship, including low tax rates,

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

low minimum stay periods and, of course, the benefits of a climate and culture that are in-line with each other – easy going, with hot periods.

Ü Routes to CBI in Portugal

capitalization of small and medium size companies. è Job creation:

è  Entry in Portugal with a valid Schengen visa

§ Acquisition of property above EUR 500,000.

It should be noted that only investments effectively made after 8th October 2012 are eligible for the Golden Visa programme.

§ Acquisition of property above EUR 350,000 for properties more than 30 years old or located in areas of urban renovation.

Once issued, the Golden Visa will be valid for an initial period of 1 (one) year and then will be renewed for subsequent periods of 2 (two) years.

è Capital Investments:

The simplicity of the Golden Visa Programme implies an extremely reduced amount of requirements being asked from the investor. The Golden Visa Programme sets out that the investor must comply with general requirements applicable to all types of qualifying investments and also with the specific requirements of each type of qualifying investment.

§ Transfer of Funds above EUR 350,000 for research activities. § Transfer of Funds above EUR 250,000 for artistic or cultural activities. -

Transfer of Funds above EUR 500,000 for

è  Funds for investment should come from abroad

§ Creation of a minimum of 10 jobs.

è Property Investments:

§ Transfer of Funds above EUR 1,000,000.

è  Keep the investment for a minimum period of 5 years

In general, all investors have to comply with the following requirements:

è  Absence of references in the Portuguese Immigration and the Schengen services è  Absence of conviction of relevant crime è  Minimum stay in Portugal: 7 (seven) days during the first year and 14 (fourteen) days during each subsequent period of two years

Ü Portugal in Summary While being a more expensive option than some of its neighbours, Portugal offers investors a warm and friendly climate, gorgeous coastlines and vibrant cities in which to seek residence. Diverse, beautiful and culturally arresting, Portugal, in many ways, offers bits of the best of all of Europe.


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Country Spotlight


葡萄牙 简介 葡萄牙拥有超过1050万的人口,位于伊比 利亚半岛,与西班牙接壤,西部和南部是 大西洋海岸。首都是里斯本,有55.27万 人口。葡萄牙近海的一面其文化深受海洋 文明的影响,从这美丽的沙滩可以看出葡 萄牙非常受旅游者的青睐,国家大量的建 筑与西班牙的灿烂历史紧密结合,留心观 察还可以依稀辨认出15世纪当西班牙还是 海上霸主时它们的模样。 西班牙文化显得非常文雅有情趣,传统与 现代文化碰撞交融,在社会的方方面面都 彰显着与众不同的西班牙文化。这里震撼 人心的美景,精美的佳肴,优质的葡萄 酒,都是人们枯燥无味的生活中的一剂 良药。葡萄牙气候温和,但海拔高光照充 足,是非常理想的太阳浴选择地,还可以 补充维生素D,保持身体健康。 葡萄牙不仅是个适宜把自己放空尽情放松 消遣的旅游胜地,它还有一段非常辉煌、


跌宕起伏的历史。15、16世纪时葡萄牙迅 速崛起成为世界上第一大海上帝国,是当 时主要的政治、经济和军事中心,在全世 界范围内建立起了殖民地。然而,随着更 多西方大国的崛起,葡萄牙遭受到越来越 多的挑战,实力倒退,最后1755年的一场 地震重创首都里斯本,葡萄牙从此失势, 海上地位一落千丈。这段历史大概可以从 熟知此事的葡萄牙人的精神上体现出来, 他们总是热衷于庆祝自己拥有的事物,因 为他们知道没有什么是永恒的,生活就像 一个被抛出的弧线球,任何东西都有可能 随时被拿走。他们都喜欢活在当下,而 这种娱乐欢快的气氛很容易被感染 — 当 你待在一个葡萄牙人的公司时很难忧虑起 来。 大多数的葡萄牙人信奉天主教,但这里 同时又是许许多多不同小宗教团体的聚集 地,葡萄牙人也大多给人一种宽容和善的 印象。葡萄牙的官方语言是起缘于早期拉 丁文葡萄牙语。如果葡萄牙语不是你的

第一语言也不必担心,因为根据国际英文 水平指数,葡萄牙人的平均英语水平非常 高,超过许多国家 ,如意大利、法国和 希腊。 葡萄牙 投资移民 许多人在葡萄牙待过一段时间之后,他们 就会产生想要在这里永久居住的想法。对 于这些人,这里有一些好消息,通过投资 移民葡萄牙是完全有可能的。但你需要向 葡萄牙投资50万欧元才能拿到“黄金签 证”。 一旦你获得了黄金签证,就可以在六年后 申请成为正式的葡萄牙公民。与其他欧洲 国家的投资移民政策相比,葡萄牙的投资 费用相对较高,但它同样会给你带来更多 的好处和便利,包括低税率、短居留期、 温和的气候、迷人的文化和热情友善的居 民。

葡萄牙 投资移民方式

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

• 地产投资: - 收购价值超过EUR 500,000的房产。 - 收购价值超过EUR 350,000的房产 房产建造时间超30年或是位于城市改造 地区。 • 资本投资: - 为基金输送资金至少EUR 1,000,000。 - 为基金输送资金至少EUR 350,000 用 于寻找活动。 - 为基金输送资金至少EUR 250,000 用 于艺术和文化活动。 - 为基金输送资金至少EUR 500,000 用 作中小型公司的资本 • 创造就业岗位:

- 创造至少10个就业岗位 应注意的是只有在2012年10月8日后有效 地投资,才有资格参与黄金签证计划。 一旦发行,黄金签证的有效期为1(一) 年,然后需在随后的2(二)年期间续 签。 黄金签证计划的简单性意味着减少了对投 资者大量要求。黄金签证计划规定,投资 者必须符合适用于所有类型投资的一般要 求,也要符合每种投资类型的具体要求。 一般而言,所有投资者需遵守以下要求:

• 在葡萄牙移民和申根服务的信用情况 • 无犯罪证明 • 最低居留要求:第一年在葡萄牙至少居 留7(七)天,每后续两年内至少待14( 十四)天。

葡萄牙 概要 与它邻国的投资项目相比葡萄牙是个相对 较贵的选择,但葡萄牙提供给它的投资者 一个温和宜人的环境,蜿蜒曲折的海岸线 和充满生机的城市。多样、美丽又文雅的 葡萄牙,在许多方面都为你提供全欧洲最 好的待遇。

• 持有投资财产至少5年 • 投资资金应来自于国外 • 持有有效申根签证进入葡萄牙


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Country Spotlight

Switzerland Country Spotlight

Ü Switzerland Itself – An Introduction Switzerland is a beautiful, mountainous country which is landlocked in between neighbouring countries France, Germany, Austria and Italy. It is well known for its independence and holds a neutral stance in regards to political and economic issues. Although Switzerland is positioned very close to the centre of Europe, due to its isolationist approach it is not a member of the EU as a referendum in 2001 voted against joining. It has maintained a neutral state for centuries, meaning it cannot engage in armed conflict unless it is attacked by another country and needs to defend itself. Switzerland has used its unique independence to have complete political stability and prosper to become one of the wealthiest countries in the world.


Known officially as the “Swiss Confederation” since the Swiss Federal Constitution in 1848, it was one of the only European countries fortunate enough to avoid being invaded during either of the World Wars, although the Allies accidentally bombed Schaffhausen, Basel and Zürich, and it was only in 2002 that Switzerland became a full member of the United Nations, with only the Vatican City being the remaining largely recognised state yet to become a full member. Although Switzerland is not an official member of the European Union, it has various bilateral agreements with them and as a result, Swiss law is inadvertently beginning to comply with EU legislation. Geographically, Switzerland can be divided into three main regions: the Jura, the Plateau and the Alps.

Diversity is a widely celebrated and practised part of Swiss life and this is reflected by the wide range of traditional customs it adheres to.

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

These three regions combined cover approximately 41,000 square kilometres although approximately 11,000 square kilometres of this consists of lakes, rivers or areas with no or little vegetation. Over 8 million people inhabit this space which makes the population density high with there being around 200 people per square km across the areas which are inhabitable.

the most important cultural performances held annually are the PalĂŠo Festival, Lucerne Festival, the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Locarno International Film Festival and the Art Basel. Outside of the hustle and bustle of the main tourist city attractions, there are traditional farmer and herder cultures in many areas and small farms are omnipresent.

Diversity is a widely celebrated and practised part of Swiss life and this is reflected by the wide range of traditional customs it adheres to. Not only does it have its own wide cultural practise, it also invests heavily in preserving cultures of the past, as evidenced by the existence of over 1,000 museums throughout the country. Among

The main language used is principally German although other popularly used languages include French, Italian and Romansh. Freedom of press and the right to freedom of expression are given heavy credence, and these rights are engrained into the Swiss federal constitution itself. Information is broadcast 24 hours a day }}}

The main language used is principally German although other popularly used languages include French, Italian and Romansh.


Country Spotlight

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

7 days a week in a variety of languages – print media in particular is diverse and widespread, with Switzerland historically boasting the greatest number of newspaper titles published in proportion to its population and size. Although famous for its luxurious banking industry, Switzerland is active and prosperous in a number of industry fields. Another well-known one is high-end watches, in which they are of the world’s largest exporters. The exports of those watches mainly go to Asia (55%), Europe (29%), America (14%), Africa and Oceania (both 1%)


and all these combined amount to the highest value watch exports amount worldwide with Hong Kong trailing in second place. There is also an extensive industrial sector, with many global corporations such as Nestle, Novartis and Sika AG set up In the area.

Ü Swiss Citizenship by Investment Although Switzerland does not offer any official citizenship by investment programs, if you have

lived in or have residency in Switzerland for over 12 years then you can apply for citizenship through a process known as “naturalisation”. In order for a foreign HNWI to acquire a residency permit they must pay at least CHF 250,000 per year in taxes – part of this process also involves passing an exam which tests basic knowledge of Swiss history, geography, social security, civics, language, rights and duties of Swiss citizens, religion, democracy, federalism and education.

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Although famous for its luxurious banking industry, Switzerland is active and prosperous in a number of industry fields. Another wellknown one is high-end watches, in which they are of the world’s largest exporters. 63

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Country Spotlight

瑞士: 国家聚焦

瑞士 — 介绍 瑞士是个风景优美且山地众多的国家,位 于邻国法国、德国、奥地利和意大利之 间。众所周知瑞士是个独立的并一直在政 治和经济问题上坚持中立姿态的国家。尽 管瑞士地处中欧却并不是欧盟成员,因为 瑞士的独立主义,2001年全民公投反对加 入欧盟。瑞士作为一个中立国已达几个世 纪,这意味着它在未受到其他国家攻击的 情况下不会参加任何武装冲突。瑞士凭借 着自己独一无二的独立主义,维护了国家 的政治稳定并使得自己发展成为了世界上 最富裕的国家之一。 瑞士的官方名称为“瑞士联邦”,自从 1848年通过瑞士联邦宪法以来,瑞士极


其幸运的成为了欧洲唯一一个在世界大战 中避免被波及的国家,尽管沙夫豪森、巴 塞尔和苏黎世三个城市在二战时曾意外遭 到同盟国轰炸。2002年瑞士成为联合国 的正式成员,只剩下梵蒂冈一个被认可的 国家还尚未加入联合国。虽然瑞士不是欧 盟的正式成员国,却一直与其签订着双边 协议。 在地理上瑞士可被划分为三个主要的 区域:阿尔卑斯山区(Alps)、普拉托 (Plateau)和侏罗山脉区(Jura)。这三个地 区的综合覆盖面积大约有4.1万平方公里, 尽管其中约有1.1万平方公里的土地主要由 湖泊、河流或是无/少植被的地区所组成。 超过8百万的人口长居于此,气候适宜地 形平缓的宜居地区区域人口密度高,平均

每平方公里有200人居住。 瑞士是个文化多元的国家,多种形式内容 的文化在这片土地上相互交织碰撞,成为 了瑞士的社会生活中随处可及必不可少的 一部分,反映出了瑞士人民对传统文化的 保护和传承。他们不仅广泛的践行传统文 化,还拿出大笔资金用于保护它们,瑞士 的1000多座博物馆就是个很好的证明。这 里还有一年一次最振奋人心万众瞩目的艺 术表演,包括琉森音乐节、蒙特勒爵士音 乐节、洛迦诺国际电影节和巴塞尔艺术博 览会。不同于其他热门旅游城市的喧嚣闹 嚷,瑞士还普遍存在一些传统家庭农户、 放牧文化和小型农场。

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016 瑞士使用的主要语言是德语,其他还经 常使用的语言有法语、意大利语和罗曼 什语。出版自由和言论自由这两大权力 表明了瑞士对人民的极大信任,这些瑞 士人民根深蒂固的权利观念同时也写进了 瑞士联邦宪法。瑞士的传播媒体会将各种 信息以不同的语言一天播报24小时,一 星期播报7天。瑞士的报刊出版物出版数 量多,类型全,内容广泛,颇为瑞士人民 所自豪。 尽管瑞士以发达的银行业著称,但是它的 工业体系一样成熟发达。另一个众所周 知的就是高档手表,瑞士是世界上最大

的高档手表出口国,产品主要销往亚洲 (55%)、欧洲(29%)、美洲(14% )以及非洲与大洋洲(共占1%)。瑞士 拥有大量的工业部门及许多总部设于瑞士 的著名全球公司,如雀巢、诺华公司和西 卡公司。

士居留许可,需每年至少交税25万瑞士法 郎,并要通过几项考试,包括瑞士的基本 历史、地理、社会保障、公民学、语言、 瑞士公民的权利与义务、宗教、民主政 治、联邦制和教育。

瑞士投资移民 尽管瑞士不受理任何投资移民项目,但如 果你在瑞士生活的时间超过12年,就可以 通过一个名为“归化入籍”的程序来申请 瑞士国籍。国外超高净值人士若想取得瑞


Country Spotlight

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

瑞士的传播媒体会将各种信息以不同的语言 一天播报24小时,一星期播报7天。瑞士的 报刊出版物出版数量多,类型全,内容广 泛,颇为瑞士人民所自豪。

瑞士拥有大量的工业部门及许多总部设于瑞 士的著名全球公司,如雀巢、诺华公司和 西卡公司。

尽管瑞士以发达的银行业著称,但是它的工 业体系一样成熟发达。另一个众所周知的就 是高档手表,瑞士是世界上最大的高档手表 出口国,产品主要销往亚洲(55%)、欧 洲(29%)、美洲(14%)以及非洲与大 洋洲(共占1%)。

Ü 瑞士投资移民 尽管瑞士不受理任何投资移民项目,但如 果你在瑞士生活的时间超过12年,就可以 通过一个名为“归化入籍”的程序来申请 瑞士国籍。 国外超高净值人士若想取得瑞士居留许可, 需每年至少交税25万瑞士法郎,并要通过


几项考试,包括瑞士的基本历史、地理、社 会保障、公民学、语言、瑞士公民的权利与 义务、宗教、民主政治、联邦制和教育。

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

尽管瑞士以发达的银行业著称,但是它的工业体系一样成熟发 达。另一个众所周知的就是高档手表,瑞士是世界上最大的高 档手表出口国。


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Country Spotlight

St. Kitts & Nevis Country Spotlight

Ü St. Kitts & Nevis – An Introduction

Ü Citizenship in St. Kitts & Nevis

St Kitts & Nevis can be found in the northern Leeward Islands of the Caribbean, tucked away and brimming with a beautiful nature and a lengthy and rich cultural history. It has something for everybody, whether your preferred activities are fishing, watersports, golfing, sailing or going for a nice meal or simply relaxing on the sandy beaches.

The Government of St. Kitts & Nevis has introduced extensive legislation to attract financial services businesses to the island. The CitizenshipBy-Investment program has also been in operation since 1984, allowing foreign investors to acquire citizenship under certain conditions. This makes it the oldest existing citizenship-byinvestment program in the World and is well known as the most reputable citizenship program in existence. One can invest in either designated real estate or contribute to the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation ("SIDF").

Although small, Nevis is an unspoiled playground with empty beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see. If you are looking for a place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday Western life and to find some tranquillity, Nevis may be the perfect place for you. There’s also ample opportunities to lose yourself in fishing, diving and a number of other water based activities. There are a plethora of wrecks, caves, walls and pristine reefs just waiting to be explored.



The St. Kitts & Nevis passport is highly regarded, as only relatively few of them have been issued under the citizenship program. As a result, St. Kitts & Nevis citizens enjoy a passport with an excellent reputation and very good visa-free travel, including to all of the EU, Canada, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and other countries. Accordingly, the St. Kitts & Nevis citizenship-by-investment program is the most attractive option if one is

looking to acquire a second citizenship through investment without prior residence requirements. The Citizenship Program of St. Christopher (St. Kitts) and Nevis was established in 1984 and requires applicants to make an economic contribution to the country. In exchange, they and their families are granted full citizenship. To qualify for citizenship, the applicant must make either an investment of at least USD 400,000 in one of the approved real estate developments in addition to paying government fees, other fees and taxes, or by making a contribution to the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation (SIDF) to the amount of USD 250,000 (for a single applicant). However, this includes all government fees with the exception of due diligence fees. Benefits When you acquire citizenship under the St. Kitts & Nevis citizenship program, you and your family enjoy full citizenship for life, which can be passed on to future generations by descent.

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

As citizens of St. Kitts & Nevis, you and your family are issued with passports which allow visa-free travel to more than 120 countries and territories worldwide, including all of the EU. Of course, you have the right to take up residence in St. Kitts & Nevis as well as in most of the CARICOM member countries at any time and for any length of time. You won’t be taxed on foreign income, capital gains, gift, wealth or inheritance tax so this may complement your current wealth protection and tax planning strategies.

• USD 25,047.00 for each child of the main applicant under the age of 18 • USD 50,047.00 for each qualified dependent of the main applicant above the age of 18 other than spouse • Children over 18 years but below 25 must be in a full time learning institution and fully supported by parents.

3. Applicant with up to five family members, i.e. one spouse and four children below the age of 18: a non-refundable contribution of USD 350,000 is required 4. Applicant with up to seven family members: a non-refundable contribution of US$ 450,000 is required

Additionally to these fees, real-estate buyers should be aware that there are also purchase costs (mainly compulsory insurance fund contribution and conveyance fees) of approximately 4–5% of the purchase price.

In each of these categories, the above amounts include all government fees with exception to due diligence fees. In case of unmarried dependent children who are older than 18 but younger than 25, they can also be included in the same application provided an additional fee of USD 50,000 is paid to the Government.

Only villas and condominium units from an approved developer will qualify for citizenship.

Ü Government Fees

Ü Requirements and Procedures

SIDF Contribution

Required Investment and Fees

Real Estate Option

To qualify for citizenship of St. Kitts and Nevis under the SIDF (The Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation) option, the Government requires a contribution to the St. Kitts and Nevis Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation, a public charity audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers. Under this option, there are four different categories:

USD 7,500.00 for due diligence and processing fees for the main applicant

If your current country of citizenship has political instability or there is civil unrest taking place, a secondary citizenship could act as protection and provide a safe haven for yourself and your family.

To qualify for citizenship of St. Kitts and Nevis under the real estate option of its citizenship by investment program, the Government requires an investment in designated real estate with a value of at least USD 400,000. On approval in principle of an application under the real estate investment option the following fees are payable to the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis: • USD 50,047.00 for the main applicant. • USD 25,047.00 for the spouse of the main applicant

USD 4,000.00 for due diligence background checks and processing fees for each dependent over 16 years

1. Single Applicant: a non-refundable contribution of USD 250,000 is required 2. Applicant with up to three family members, i.e. one spouse and two children below the age of 18: a non-refundable contribution of USD 300,000 is required

St. Kitts & Nevis citizens enjoy a passport with an excellent reputation and very good visa-free travel, including to all of the EU, Canada, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and other countries... 69

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

圣基茨和尼维斯 国家聚焦 Ü 关于圣基茨和尼维斯 圣基茨和尼维斯位于东加勒比海背风群岛北 部,位置隐秘,历史悠久,自然风景优美。 无论你偏爱钓鱼、水上运动、打高尔夫和帆 船运动还是美餐一顿,或是在沙滩上休闲放 松,任何来到圣基茨和尼维斯的人都能找到 属于自己的乐趣。 尽管面积不大,但尼维斯的自然环境都还一 直保持着它原始的样子,岛上的美丽沙滩一 望无际。如果你想找一个淳朴宁静的地方逃 离现代生活的熙攘喧闹,洗涤一下心灵,那 尼维斯对你而言就是个完美的选择。 你可以在这里放纵自己去享受玩乐,沉迷于 钓鱼、潜水或其他的众多水上游戏。这里还 有大量的沉船、洞穴、潜礁壁和原始珊瑚礁 等着你去探索。

Ü 圣基茨和尼维斯的公民 背景 圣基茨和尼维斯政府制定了一系列的法律政 策用以吸引金融服务业务来岛上发展。制 定于1984年并生效至今的投资移民项目, 允许外国投资者在满足一定条件的基础下 取得公民身份。这是目前世界上现存的使 用时间最长,且是公认的声誉极好的投资 移民项目。投资者需要要么投资被指定的房 地产,要么是向糖业多元化基金(SIDF) 捐赠资金。 圣基茨和尼维斯的护照相当被国际所看重, 因为至今只有相对少数的护照被发放。因 此圣基茨和尼维斯的护照在国际上享有极高 的声誉,且享受着非常高的免签入境待遇, 包括欧盟各国、加拿大、香港、瑞士及其 他国家。这使得圣基茨和尼维斯成为了很 多想要通过投资获取第二国籍的投资者的 首选之地。 圣基茨和尼维斯的移民计划制定于1984 年,要求投资者向本国做一些经济贡献。 作为交换,投资者及其亲属可以取得本国 的公民身份。投资要求是,向政府指定的 房地产项目投资至少40万美元,还要上交 政府费用及其它税费;或是向糖业多元化 基金(SIDF)捐赠资金25万美元(对个人投 资者),已包括除调查费以外的所有政府 费用。

好处 当你通过圣基茨和尼维斯的移民项目获得国 籍,你和你的家属都成为完全的圣基茨和尼 维斯公民,将来的后代也会继续继承你的圣 基茨和尼维斯公民身份。 作为圣基茨和尼维斯公民,你与你的家庭所 持有的护照享受超过120个国家和地区的入 境免签待遇,包括欧盟所有成员国。当然, 你可以在圣基茨和尼维斯当地自由居住,也 可以在大多数的加勒比共同市场的成员国中 自由居住,不限时间。 在圣基茨和尼维斯不必上缴国外所得税、资 本利得税、赠与税、资产税以及遗产税, 所以这大概会填补你目前的财富保障和税收 筹划策略。 如果你目前作为公民所身处的国家政治不 稳定或正在发生动乱,第二国籍可以作为 保护,为你和你的家人提供一个安全的避 风港。

Ü 要求与程序

只有从已获批准的开发商购入的别墅和公寓 单位才有资格获得公民身份。 SIDF 捐赠 通过SIDF(糖业多元化基金)选项来获取 公民身份,政府要求申请人向基金捐赠一笔 资金,SIDF是一家公共慈善机构。在这个 选项下分为4个不同类别: 1. 单个 申请人: 捐赠资金USD 250,000 2. 申请人与最多3位家庭成员,例,配偶 与2位18周岁以下的子女: 捐赠资金USD 300,000 3. 申请人与最多5位家庭成员,例,配偶 与4个18周岁以下的子女:捐赠资金 USD 350,000 4. 申请人与最多7位家庭成员:捐赠资金 US$ 450,000 在每个类别中,都已包含除调查费以外的所 有政府费用。如果申请人有18-25周岁的单 身子女将一同申请国籍,只需向政府再额外 交费5万美元。

房地产选项 为通过投资移民项目下的房地产投资来获取 公民身份,政府要求投资人向指定的房地产 项目投资至少40万美元。 政府原则上审批通过之后,投资者需向圣基 茨和尼维斯政府上缴以下费用: • 主申请人:USD 50,047.00

Ü 政府费用 所需上交费用 主要申请人的调查费与程序费:USD 7,500.00 每位16周岁以上家属的背景调查费和程序 费:USD 4,000.00

• 配偶:USD 25,047.00USD • 每个18周岁以下的主申请人的子 女:25,047.00 • 每个配偶除外且满18周岁的主申请人的合 格亲属:USD 50,047.00 • 18-25周岁的子女必须由父母支持进行全 日制学业 此外,房地产买家应注意这里有一些购买成 本(主要是强制保险基金和转让费),大约 是原商品价格的4-5%。


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

UK Country Spotlight

Country Spotlight

Submitted by: JSK Law ¡ Tel: 44(0)20 426 1750 ¡ Email: ¡ Web:

Ü Investors Britain remains a great destination, with good investment opportunities and a strong wellmanaged economy giving excellent working opportunities, a renowned legal system with excellent education opportunities. With a stable and democratic political system and transport links which are World-Class. UK is a popular choice for many investors and their families.

Ü Criteria

è The Applicant must be able to maintain and accommodate himself and any dependents without recourse to public funds. è  The Applicant’s investment must remain in excess of £2 million at all times.

Ü Approved Investments

è The funds must not be invested through an offshore company or trust. è The funds must not be invested in openended investment companies, investment trust companies or pooled investment vehicles.

è  UK Equities; or è  Loan capital in active UK registered companies (apart from those principally engaged in property investment).

è The funds must not be invested by using deposits with a bank, building society or other enterprise whose normal course of business includes the acceptance of deposits.

To be eligible for an Investor Visa an Applicant must meet the following Criteria: è  Has no less than £2million in a regulated financial institution and disposable in the UK.

è UK Government bonds;

è  There is no English language requirement

Ü Investments that will not be counted towards the award of points for Tier 1 Investor

è The funds must not be invested in companies mainly engaged in property investment, property management or property development. This requirement prevents investment in companies whose main function is to own or manage land or buildings. It does not prevent investment in, for example, construction firms, manufacturers or retailers who own their own premises.

Within 3 months of the applicant’s initial entry to the UK, the applicant must invest 100% of their capital in one or more of the following:

è An Applicant must invest £2 million in the UK in approved investments


è The Applicant is permitted 180 days per year maximum permitted absences from the UK.

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

è Applications that rely on leveraged investment funds will not be approved. For example where applicants have purchased stocks or other investments by using borrowed funds (on margin).

Ü Procedure and Timetable First 3 years:

è  Not spend more than 450 days outside the UK in the previous 5 years; and è  Not spend more than 90 days outside the UK in the year immediately preceding the application. There is discretion to waive excess absences subject to certain criteria.

è The Applicant must normally submit an application to the British Embassy in their country of residence, and if approved, the Applicant and dependent family members (which includes children under 18 years of age) will receive visas to reside in the UK for 3 years.


Next 2 years

Ü Fast Track Settlement for Investors

è  After the initial 3 year period, the Applicant and dependents must apply for a 2 year visa extension in the UK, which will normally be granted if the Applicant continues to fulfil the Criteria.

After 5 years è If the Criteria have been met, the Applicant and dependent family may apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK. To maintain this status the Applicant should not be absent from the UK for more than 2 years. In practice an Applicant should maintain proof of residency in the UK and seek to enter the UK more frequently.

After 6 years The Applicant and dependents can apply for British Citizenship subject to satisfying the following residency requirements:

è Once Citizenship, with a UK passport has been granted, there is no restriction on the time that must be spent in the UK.

è  For those who are able to invest at least £5 million in the UK, the residence period required to qualify for Settlement is now reduced to 3 years, with a reduced period of residency of 6 months in each year.

With a stable and democratic political system and transport links which are WorldClass. The UK is a popular choice for many investors and their families.

è  For those who are able to invest at least £10 million in the UK, the residence period required to qualify for Settlement is now reduced to 2 years, again with an annual 6 months residence requirement. è  For both of these fast track categories, British Citizenship can be applied for after 5 years (reduced from the current 6 year period), subject to compliance with the relevant residence requirements.

The information and opinions expressed do not constitute legal advice and should not be regarded as a substitute for legal advice For further information please contact the writer, Rita Shah at


Country Spotlight

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Ü投资者 英国具有众多良好的投资机会,且经济态 势一直保持稳定上升,使得这里具有很多 优质的的工作岗位;同时英国还有著名的 法律制度和良好的教育机会,稳定的民主 政治制度和世界级的发达运输系统。众多 因素使得英国成为投资者及其家庭特别青 睐的热门投资移民国家。

Ü条件 为具有移民资格投资者需满足以下条件: 将至少200万英镑的资金存入英国受监管的 正规金融机构并且可以在英国支取 。 ¡ 每个申请人必须在英国投资已获批的项目 至少2百万英镑。 ¡ 对英语水平没有要求 ¡ 申请人每年离开英国的时间不得超过180 天。 ¡ 申请人必须有能力供养自己,不得依靠公 共基金。 ¡ 申请人的投资额必须一直保持在2百万英 镑以上。

Ü可投资项目 进入英国的最初3个月内,申请人必须将他 们的资金全部投资到一个或几个项目中: ¡ 英国政府债券; ¡ 股份资本; ¡ 注册并活跃于英国的公司(主要是房地产 投资行业)的借贷资本


Ü投资于以下项目将影响投资 者Tier 1 Investor的计点积分


¡ 不可向境外公司或信托进行投资。 ¡ 不可向开放式投资公司、投资信托公司 或集合投资工具进行投资。 ¡ 不可向主要从事于房地产投资、物业管 理或房地产开发的公司进行投资。不受限 制的投资项目有,建筑公司以及自己拥有 上述各项业务的制造商或零售商。 ¡ 不得使用银行存款投资建房互助协会或 其他正常经营包括接受存款的企业。 ¡ 不得投资于杠杆投资基金,例如投资者 购买的股票或通过借入资本(以保证金形 式)进行的投资,都是不被允许的。

¡ 最初五年申请人离开英国的时间总共不得

Ü申请程序 前三年 申请人必须向驻当地的英国大使馆提交申 请书,如果申请通过,申请人及其家属, 包括18周岁以下的子女都将会收到允许在 英国暂住三年的签证。

申请人及家属在满足以下居留条件后可向 英国政府申请公民身份: 超过450天; ¡ 最后一年不得离开英国超90天,否则申 请计划将被搁置。 满足以下条件,申请人及其家属可以申请 成为英国公民:

其后 一旦拿到英国护照成为英国公民,申请人 的时间限制就会解除,可自由安排自己出 入英国的时间。

Ü投资者的快速定居通道 ¡ 向英国投资超过5百万英镑的投资者需在 英国居留3年,每年至少6个月,三年后可

接下来的两年 最初三年过后,申请人及其家属必须申请2 年的英国签证续签。只要一直满足申请条 件,续签一般都很容易批准。


五年之后 如果一直满足条件,申请人及其家属可申 请英国永久居留证。为继续保持身份申请 人离开英国的时间总共最好不要超过两 年。实际上申请人应该保留在英国的居住 证明并争取花费更多时间留在英国。


¡ 向英国投资超过一千万的投资者需在英国 居住两年,每年至少6个月,2年后可申请

对于这两种快速通道,5年后可申请英国公 民身份(从6年减为5年),期间要遵循相 关的居留要求。

我们是一家提供海外投资移民资讯的独立出版商。本公司的旗舰出版物 《Citizenship by Investment 》现于本月8日发行,读者可从中获取最新移民和 定居计划的相关资讯及建议。现在登陆网址 申请订阅,我们的团队将会为您提供免费的专家建议咨询服务, 以及投资移民或海外定居方面的优秀灵活的方向指导。

联系方式 电话 : +44 (0) 20 7241 1589 邮件地址:

232 Madison Ave, Suite 1001, New York, NY 10016. Phone: 212-233-7473 Email:

Mona Shah & Associates is located in the heart of New York City with a satellite office in London. We offer our clients the experience of a large, premiere firm without sacrificing the personal service and cordiality expected of a small firm. Our lawyers work closely with clients to provide highly personalized supports and legal solutions.

The United States Immigrant Investment Program (The EB-5 Visa) By Mona Shah, Esq.


ongress created the

currency to do business with

EB-5 program in 1990 to

and invest in. Greater interest

benefit the U.S. economy

in the United States will not

by attracting investments from

just be a product of the US’s

qualified foreign investors. Under

stability and macroeconomic

the Program, each investor must

strength; it will also come at the

prove that at least ten new jobs

expense of many rival immigrant

were created or saved as a result

investor visa programs around

of the EB-5 investment.

Europe. In countries like China, a primary selling point of many

More than 25 countries,

More than 25 countries, including

of these programs, such as

Australia, Portugal, Spain, and

Cyprus and Malta, is that soon

the United Kingdom, use similar

after the application process, an

programs to attract foreign

investor is granted a conditional

investments, however, the

European residence card,

American program, even though

allowing the individual to reside

it is the cheapest and the only

indefinitely anywhere in the EU.

program that will allow for the

For investors looking to enroll

full return (plus interest) of the

their children in Britain’s world-

investment capital, it also requires

class educational institutions, for

substantial risk.

example, such programs provide a straightforward solution. Brexit


ensures that this pathway is no

UK’s decision to leave the

longer a viable one.

including Australia,

European Union, or BREXIT increased interest in the EB-5

The Element of “At Risk” and

Portugal, Spain,

Investment visa. Deep economic

Which Project to Choose?

and the United

uncertainty in the UK and Europe

There is a direct comparison to

as a whole can only serve to

Immigrant Investor Programs from

divert interest away from those

other countries, where in most

regions to the much more stable

cases, the return of the investment

United States. In the immediate

is guaranteed. The very elements

aftermath of BREXIT, pound

of investment “at risk” that have

to attract foreign

sterling fell to its lowest level

caused investors to be cautious of

since 1985. Indeed, the last year

EB-5 have actually proved to be


showed that the US Dollar will

an advantage. The EB-5 Program

continue to be a safe and reliable

in the US has avoided all of the

Kingdom, use similar programs

vices that caused the termination

The fact that the capital

no present commitment, will

of the Canadian Program. The

investment is expected to be

not suffice to show that the

EB-5 Program makes the foreign

at risk, has made the choice

petitioner is actively in the process

investors bear the investment

of project critical. At this time

of investing. The May 30, 2013

risks. It mitigates the government

there are 100’s of EB-5 projects

USCIS Memorandum states that

risks in underwriting the projects

on the market. It is often very

the investor must show actual

and conducting due diligence. It

difficult for an investor to choose

commitment of the required

leaves the project assessment and

one. Investors have traditionally

amount of capital. Thus an

due diligence to the private sector.

favored real estate related

investor cannot invest $300,000

The EB-5 Program has provided

projects. However, not all real

and leave the rest in his bank

alternative financing to high-risk

estate projects are viable and

account pending approval of the

and low-return privately owned

many times, large real estate

I-526. Money held in a personal

projects that otherwise wouldn’t

projects have been hampered

bank account would not show

be funded.

by construction delays. Other

that the capital is committed or

projects in other industries, such

at-risk. A potential investor could

In the EB-5 Program, the investors

as transportation have emerged

commit the funds to an escrow

invest cash or “new money”

as open alternatives to real estate.

account, as long as the escrow

into the mostly privately owned

The viability of transportation

agreement contained very specific

new commercial enterprise. The

projects speaks for itself.

clauses regarding when the

investment is placed “at risk”

Transportation around New York

money would be dispersed to the

and the return of the funds or a

City alone is a $40 billion industry,

enterprise. With most regional

portion of the funds cannot be

while the trucking industry in the

centers and pooled direct projects,

guaranteed in any form. The funds

entire United States is a $650

the corporate documentation

are invested into job creating and

billion industry, with roughly 97

and the Limited Partnership

economic development initiatives.

percent of all trucking companies

that administers the commercial

Investment “at risk” and the actual

owning less than 20 trucks.

enterprise already has well-

capital commitment are legal

established escrow accounts and

safeguards to attract new foreign

Can I file EB-5 with less than

agreements that outlines these

investment to the United States.



Filing with Partial Capital: It is EB-5 capital is thus, a unique

often asked whether an investor

In a regional center or direct

alternative to traditional sources

can file with partial capital. the

pooled project, at the time of

of funds. The EB-5 program

unwritten practice of the USCIS

filing the I-526, the investor

was established to encourage

to prefer full funding at the

must clearly source the entire

foreigners to invest in the United

time of the I-526 application.

investment as well as the

States and create American jobs in

Usually such funding can be

availability of the money to be

exchange for a U.S. green card. As

shown either by the investor

invested and if possible indicate

credit markets tightened more and

personally contributing the cash

a potential date of the remainder

more American businesses and

or qualified personal assets into

of the investment. In a direct

developers have turned toward

the new commercial enterprise

entrepreneurial case, details of the

EB-5 funds to raise the required

before filing, or by having placed

cash investment must be clearly

capital for their projects.

the personal investment into a

outlined in the comprehensive

credible escrow which makes the

business plan (see Matter of Ho).

The EB-5 program has typically

funds "irrevocably committed."

been the preferred route for real

The release of the escrow can be

estate development projects, as

as late as visa issuance (or I-485

developers have been increasingly

approval) but not later. What if

turning to EB-5, as a plausible

an Investor does not invest the full

(and increasingly credible)

amount, but invested $300,000,

alternative financing mechanism. It

for example, with the intention to

can be structured as a short-term

file the rest at a later stage? The

low-interest non-secured loan—

law states that evidence of mere

without diluting the property

intent to invest, or of prospective

owner’s equity.

investment arrangements entailing

NY, MSA is a Law Firm with an advanced Immigration practice, also specializing in Corporate and Securities & Exchange Commission. MSA is internationally licensed to practice law in the US, the UK and China. MSA is highly regarded in the EB-5 immigrant investor field, with exceptional skills, experience and understanding. The experience of the firm sets them apart from other law firms. MSA has been instrumental in the success of numerous EB-5 project Why Clients Choose MSA: • Extensive experience in EB-5 Advantages in the EB-5 Program:

investor to qualify by proving a

The EB-5 program allows a person

combination of 10 direct and/or

and his or her immediate family

indirect employees.

members to obtain a green card (i.e., live permanently in the U.S.)

Mona Shah, ESQ. :

The EB-5 program is flexible:

UK born, Mona, a dual licensed

• Cheapest Investment program

attorney, practiced as a

• No language requirement

Government Prosecutor with the

• No minimum education

British Crown Prosecution Service,


before moving to New York.

• No business or management

Mona has over 19 years of

experience requirement

experience and extensive

• No quota backlogs, except for

knowledge of all facets of U.S.

applicants from Mainland China

immigration law; her practical

(there are multi-year backlogs for

expertise ranges from specialist

many employment and family-

business petitions to complicated,

based green card categories, but

multi-issue federal deportation

there is no quota backlog for the

litigation. Highly proficient and

EB-5 investor category)

experienced in EB-5 law, Mona

• No sponsor needed (foreign

was voted top 25 EB-5 attorneys

investors use their own personal

in the US 3 years in a row. Mona is

funds and do not require

a published author and regularly

sponsorship from either an

speaks at seminars worldwide,

employer or a family member)

interviewed by mainstream

The EB-5 Investment Regional

news channels, quoted in major

Center program is ideal for the

newspapers. Mona is a member

retiree or inactive investor due

of eth IIUSA’s Public Policy

in large part to the "indirect

Committee and also an adjunct

employment" feature of this

professor at Baruch University,

program. The Regional Center

New York City.

Program removes the employee requirement of the Regular

Why Come to Mona Shah &

program and replaces it with a less


restrictive "indirect employment

Established in 1997 and

creation," which allows the

headquartered in Manhattan,

financing • Extensive experience in Immigration practice • Voted Top 25 Attorneys in EB-5 by three years in a row • Voted Top 10 Attorneys in EB-5 by • Founded the first EB-5 regional center in New York City • Marketed overseas for multiple projects nationwide • Highly experienced at formulating & strategizing projects • Administers compliance for major RC’s • Proficient in SEC compliance • Offices in New York, London, • Written and spoken extensively on EB-5 • Published book “EB-5 for Chinese Investors” • Interviewed by mainstream TV & newspapers • Appeared on podcasts & radio shows • Present our own Podcast series with guests • Repeated guest speakers at major conferences nationwide • Mona is as an Adjunct Professor at New York City's Baruch University, Zicklin School of Business

232号麦迪逊大道,10层,1001室 纽约市,纽约州,美国 邮编10016 电话: (212) 233-7473 电邮:

莫娜莎律师事务所坐落于纽约市中心地段, 且在英国伦敦设有分所。我所为客户提供如 大型律师事务所般的专业可靠服务,同时不 失小型律师事务所所引以为傲的关系维系。 我所的律师团队为客户提供紧密高效的法务 协助。

美国投资移民项目(EB-5签证) Mona Shah, Esq. 著

了吸引国外有条件的投 资者在美国进行投资从 而取得经济效益,国会 1990年提出了EB-5项目。在此 项目中,每个投资者必须证明 通过EB-5投资自己至少为美国 创造或保留下来10个全职工作 岗位。超过25个国家,包括澳 大利亚、葡萄牙、西班牙和英 国,都在使用类似项目来吸引 国外投资者,然而,虽然美国 的项目是最便宜的,并且是唯 一一个允许全额退还投资本金 (附加利息)的项目,它依然 存在大量的风险。 EB-5和英国退欧

超过25个国家 使用类似的投 资移民计划来 吸引外来投资 人,其中包含 澳大利亚、 葡萄牙、 西班牙和英国 等...

英国做出离开欧盟的决定,或 称“英国退欧”(BREXIT) 加大了投资者对EB-5投资签 证的兴趣。在英国和欧洲这个 整体具有深刻的经济不确定性 的情况下,投资人的兴趣逐渐 从上述地区转向更加稳定的美 国。英国退欧的直接后果包括 英镑下跌至自1985年以来的最 低水平。事实上,过去的一年 表明,美元仍将是一种安全可 靠的,用来做交易和投资的货 币。因为美国的高度稳定和宏 观经济力量增长,投资人对美 国的兴趣增大。这也会同时冲 击欧洲各地的竞争投资移民签 证计划。在诸如中国等类似国 家,许多项目 (如塞浦路斯 和马耳他)的卖点是:在申请 后,投资者被授予有条件的欧 洲居留证,允许个人在欧盟的 任何地方无限期的居留。如果 投资者希望其子女入读英国一 流的教育机构为例,这种方案 曾经为投资人提供了一个简单 的解决方案。而英国退欧直接 导致了此途径不再是可行的。

“风险”的主要构成和应该如 何选择项目? 美国的投资移民跟其他国家的 投资移民项目,最直接的一个 对比是,其他国家大部分项目 里的投资额返还是可以保证 的。美国投资移民项目里提及 的风险投资,引起了投资人对 EB-5项目额外谨慎。但这种风 险投资,实际上已经被证明是 一种优势。美国的EB-5项目 已经避免了所有导致加拿大项 目终止的漏洞。EB-5项目使 外国投资者承担投资风险。它 通过核保项目和进行尽职调查 来降低政府的风险。它通过私 营部门进行项目评估和尽职调 查。EB-5项目保证了高风险低 回报的,在通常情况下无法获 得融资的私营项目,获得另类 融资。 在EB-5项目里,投资者投入现 金或“新钱”,并大多数投进 了新的商业实体。投资具有“ 风险”且部分或全部资金回笼 是不能以任何形式保证的。这 些资金投入到创造就业和促进 经济发展的项目中。投资“风 险”与实际资本投入,是吸引 新的外国投资到美国的法律保 障。 EB-5资金是一种不同于传统资 金来源的选择。EB-5计划用于 鼓励外国投资者向美国投资, 为美国创造就业机会以换取绿 卡。随着信贷市场进一步的收 缩,美国商业与开发商转向 EB-5资金为他们的项目去提高 法定资金。 EB-5计划对地产开发项目有一 贯的优先路径,随着开发商日 渐转向此计划,作为一个看似 合理的(并越来越可靠)可选

择的筹资机制,这可以作为一 项不会削弱产权人资产净值的 短期低息的无担保贷款组织起 来。 实际上,投入资本在各项目中 做出选择时,预计将会受到风 险。在这个时期,市场上有100 个EB-5项目正在待价而沽。 而投资者对此经常难以做出选 择,他们往往倾向于与地产有 关的投资项目。然而,并不是 所有的房地产项目都适合进行 投资,大型地产项目总是因为 工程延误而被拖累。其他行业 的其他项目,例如作为房地产 市场替代品的运输业,其生存 能力的强弱不言而喻。纽约运 输业的单独产业规模为400亿美 元,同时期全美国的货运业规 模达6500亿美元,在全部货运 公司中约占97%的公司货车少 于20辆。 投资者可以以低于50万美金的 投资提交申请么? 以部分投资进行申请:投资 者经常询问是否可以以部分 资金投入项目,并提交申 请。USCIS不成文的惯例是倾 向于在I-526递交申请阶段时就 提供全额投资。通常,投资人 在递件之前可以通过选择将现 金或合法的个人资金投入到新 的商业企业中,或选择将个人 投资存放在一个可靠的监管账 户,使资金 “不可撤销” , 表明投资人作出了全额投资。 资金最迟可以在发放签证(或 I-485获批)时才从监管账户 中释放出来,但资金发放不得 晚于这个时间。如果投资人在 项目里投资了30万美元,且有 意向在之后投入投资款项会怎 样?法律规定,单纯投资意向 或有证据证明在未来会投资, 并不能表明当前的承诺,故不 足以证明申请人积极参与投资 过程。2013年5月30日的USCIS 备忘录进一步规定:投资人必 须对所需投资额度做出实际的 承诺。因此,投资人不能只投 资30万美元,而将剩下的资金 保留在自己的银行账户中等 待I-526的批准。资金保留在 个人的银行账户不能证明资金 承诺或资金处于风险中。只要 监管协议中包含了非常详尽的 条款,并说明资金将在何时被 分配到企业中,潜在投资人即 可将资金置于监管账户中。目 前,大多数区域中心和直投项 目的公司文件,以及与管理该 商业企业的合伙有限公司已经 建立的协议中,已经详尽地描 述了监管账户的细节。

在区域中心和直投项目递交 I-526时,投资人必须表明其所 有投资资金来源以及投资资金 的可用性;如果可以,还需表 明剩余投资额的可能发生的日 期。在直投企业案例中,现金 投资的详情必须在完整的商业 计划书中明确地体现出来(参 见Matter of Ho判例)。 EB-5计划的优势: EB-5计划允许申请人与其直系 亲属共同取得绿卡(为去美国 永久居住的非美国公民签发的 登记卡)。EB-5计划相当宽 松: • 最便宜的投资计划 • 无语言要求 • 无学历要求 • 无从商或管理经验要求 • 除中国大陆外,无积压待办 的申请文件(这里已经积压了 多年的来自中国大陆的工作及 亲属绿卡的申请,但EB-5项目 不存在申请积压状况)。 • 不需要担保人(外国投资者 使用他们的个人资金,不需要 老板或家庭成员为其作担保 人)。 EB-5投资区域中心计划适用于 退休人员和不活跃的投资者, 很大程度上是由于该计划的“ 间接雇佣”特点。区域中心计 划消除员工的定期计划要求, 并以宽松的“间接雇佣”来替 代它,从而允许投资者通过创 造10个直接加间接岗位来取得 资格。

Mona (Mehreen) Shah: 出生于英国,是双执照律师,移居 纽约之前在英国皇家检控署从事 工作。 Mona拥有19年的相关从业经验, 熟悉美国移民法的各个方面。无论 是专业的商业申请还是提起问题复 杂的联邦政府驱逐出境的诉讼,她 凭借个人扎实熟练的专业知识可以 为绝大多数客户排忧解难。对EB-5 法案的高度熟悉精通,使得她连续 3年被选为美国前25名顶级律师之 一。Mona是一名出版作家,并经 常在世界各地的研讨会上发言,曾 受邀主流媒体采访,并被各大报纸 媒体转载。Mona是美国投资移民 协会(IIUSA)公共政策委员会中 的一名成员,还是纽约市立大学巴 鲁克学院(Baruch University)的 一名副教授。 为何要选择莫娜莎律师事务所? 成立于1997年,总部设于纽约曼哈 顿的MSA,是一家具有先进的移 民实践的法律事务所,还专门从事 于企业和证券交易委员会。MSA 是一家同时在美国、英国和中国三 地开办律师业务的国际品牌。 MSA在EB-5投资移民业务领域具 有高度的认可度。该公司的业务经 验更是其他公司无法比拟。MSA 已帮助客户申请成功了许多EB-5 的项目。 客户选择MSA的原因: • 在EB-5融资方面拥有丰富经验 • 在移民实践方面拥有丰富经验 • 被网站 eb5investors.com票选为 前25名顶级律师之一 • 被网站eb5info.com票选为办理 EB-5业务的前10名顶级律师之一。 • 在纽约创办了第一家EB-5区域 中心 • 在海外市场上销售全国范围内的 多项项目。 • 在规划及战略项目上经验丰富 • 负责主要RC的依从性 • 精通美国证券交易委员会的规定 • 在伦敦、纽约设有办事处 • 可为多国投资者办理EB-5业务 • 曾出版书籍《针对中国投资者 的EB-5项目(EB-5 for Chinese Investors)》 • 曾受邀接受主流报纸和电视采访 • 曾出现在播客和广播节目 • 向客户介绍我们的博客系列 • 再三被邀请作为国家重大会议上 的发言人 • Mona是纽约市立大学巴鲁克学 院下杰克林(Zicklin)商学院的副 教授。

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Top Ten  Citizenship By Investment Destinations

Top Rated Destinations

! Nico-Jan Kok

Ăœ Introduction Obtaining secondary citizenship via investment is a worthy cause for HNWIs. However, it can be a confusing task. With a plethora of available investment options, as well as a number of countries to choose from, many HNWIs struggle to decide which citizenship by investment program would best suit their needs. With this in mind, the following article will lay out what we believe are ten of the best citizenship by investment options currently available for the HNWI looking for the maximum visa-free access to countries opened to them at the lowest cost possible. So here we go with our first of ten citizenship by investment options (in no particular order):


Ăœ Malta Capital:








Malta is a fantastic option for citizenship by investment for a number of reasons. The country itself consists of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino and all three have their own unique appeal. Malta is the commercial and administrative hotbed, geared toward those seeking a more mainstream and industrial existence. Alternatively, Gozo will appeal to those who appreciate a more rural way of life, with activities such as fishing and agriculture. Finally, Comino is relatively uninhabited with only one

Malta is the commercial and administrative hotbed, geared toward those seeking a more mainstream and industrial existence.

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

hotel and a perfect serenity for those seeking peace and quiet. Maltese citizenship affords many benefits to the HNWI, including visa-free access to 166 countries. As Malta is a member of the EU, secondary citizenship will open up avenues to travel and work in any EU member. You can also travel to the US with it.

The requirements for gaining citizenship are an investment of USD 1.57 million but when you include fees and other costs you are likely to pay around USD 1.85 million. There is also a requirement to reside in Malta for a “reasonable” period of time – however, it is accepted that you will need not be a permanent resident, so do not worry that you will have to

spend over six months residing there. Around 2-4 weeks should be enough to satisfy the requirements. Although this is one of the more expensive investment options, as a Maltese passport is considered the 8th most valuable travel document possible to acquire, you will be getting what you pay for and more. }}}


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Ăœ St Lucia Capital:







East Caribbean dollar (XCD)

Top Rated Destinations

St Lucia is a visual paradise here on earth. It has all that you would expect from your typical beach location: beautiful bright blue sea views, a tropical climate and palm trees that sway rhythmically to a cool breeze.


It is also an adventurers dream with plenty of opportunity for exploration and indulgence in high activity pursuits e.g. rock climbing, water sports and zip lining. It has the perfect marriage of low key relaxation and ways to get your adrenaline pumping. It is also one of the newest, under the radar and cost effective citizenship by investment programs out there. Introduced in 2016, so far very few passports have been granted. The number of applicants should also be considerably low and so your turn around time for application approval should be faster than other more famous citizenship by investment destinations.

St Lucia secondary citizenship will grant the HNWI visa-free travel access to 121 countries including Sweden or 180 days in the Schengen area of the EU. There are two investment options: either outright purchasing the passport for USD 250,000 or investing USD 550,000 in government bonds for five years. Clearly the investment is the more fruitful option if you have the capital to make it, as you will receive your investment back. This makes St Lucia one of the most attractive of the Caribbean islands in which to gain secondary citizenship. }}}

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

St Lucia is a visual paradise here on earth. It has all that you would expect from your typical beach location: b  eautiful bright blue sea views, a tropical climate and palm trees that sway rhythmically to a cool breeze.


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Ü Austria Capital:








There are also plentiful museums to visit and amazing architecture to behold for those who are more culturally inclined.Austria’s secondary citizenship is the most premier that money can buy. With visa-free travel to over 171 countries, it is widely considered the 4th best passport available and the best passport obtainable by investment.

However, it does not come cheap. You are looking of a requirement to invest around EUR 10 million in a business practise which the government approves of – traditionally a business which will provide many jobs for the citizens of Austria and generate taxable income. If you can afford to make an investment of this magnitude, you will be the proud owner of the best secondary passport one can receive via investment.

Top Rated Destinations

Austria is an affluent country with a large mountainous region. As a result, it attracts many HNWI and other tourists who are seeking a high quality place to hit the ski slopes.

The portion of the country which is not caked in snow is also worth a visit – with many hills to explore and beautiful lake views to experience.

Austria is an affluent country with a large mountainous region. As a result, it attracts many HNWI and other tourists who are seeking a high quality place to hit the ski slopes. 86

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

With an expansive coastline and plentiful coral reef, it would make the perfect place for a fleet to hide themselves... The unique charm of the country attracts sunbathers, snorkelers and scuba divers alike.

Ü Antigua and Barbuda Capital:

St. John's






East Caribbean dollar (XCD)

Antigua and Barbuda is another tropical paradise. With temperatures generally ranging from the mid-seventies in the winter to the mid-eighties in the summer and annual rainfall averaging only 45 inches, this makes it the sunniest of the Eastern

Caribbean Islands. With an expansive coastline and plentiful coral reef, it would make the perfect place for a fleet to hide themselves – which, in fact, Admiral Horatio Nelson did in 1784. The unique charm of the country attracts sunbathers, snorkelers and scuba divers alike. Antigua and Barbuda’s secondary citizenship offering is either to make a donation of USD 275,000 or to invest USD 500,000 in real estate. An Antigua and Barbuda passport will gain you visa-free travel access to 132 countries, including Canada. }}}


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Ăœ St. Kitts and Nevis Capital:

St. John's






East Caribbean dollar (XCD)

Top Rated Destinations

Once again, for those who love sandy beaches, St. Kitts and Nevis delivers and then some. What makes St. Kitts and Nevis unique is that the colour of the sands are different in different parts of the country – with black sands in the south which graduate up to white sands in the north. There is also a wide variety of fun activities which utilise the beach environment, such as snorkelling, kayaking, boating, and jet skiing, as well as guided sailing tours, especially off St. Kitts, and windsurfing around Nevis. The secondary citizenship program offered by St. Kitts and Nevis is the most popular and to date is the bestselling. It is very similar to that offered from Antigua and Barbuda: citizenship can be obtained via a USD 295,000 donation to their sugar fund or a USD 500,000 investment in real estate. A St. Kitts and Nevis passport will grant the UHNWI visa-free travel to 132 countries, including Brazil, but excluding Canada. If access to Canada is required, then you may be better off with the offering from Antigua and Barbuda which is very similar in investment levels.

The secondary citizenship program offered by St. Kitts and Nevis is the most popular and to date is the bestselling. It is very similar to that offered from Antigua and Barbuda.


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Ü Bulgaria Capital:







Lev (BGN)

Bulgaria is a hotbed of historical and architectural monuments. Despite the fact that it occupies only 2% of Europe’s territory, about 40,000 historical monuments have been registered in Bulgaria (7 of which are included in the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage sites), 36 cultural reserves, 160 monasteries, and roughly 330 museums and galleries. For those who want to breathe in a rich and varied culture, Bulgaria is the ultimate destination for sightseers and history lovers. What is great about Bulgaria’s secondary citizenship program is that if you have the capital available, you can obtain a secondary passport and have your investment returned in full. There are no extra fees for obtaining the Bulgarian passport. All that is required is that you invest EUR 512,000 in government bonds at first, which will gain the UHNWI residency. After one year and another investment of EUR 512,000, citizenship is granted. As long as you visit Bulgaria twice over these two years, citizenship will be granted and you will have your Bulgarian passport. This will grant access to 149 countries, including the USA (for 90 days). Unfortunately, it does not grant access to Switzerland who recently passed administration restrictions for citizens of Bulgaria. }}}

What is great about Bulgaria’s secondary citizenship program is that if you have the capital available, you can obtain a secondary passport and have your investment returned in full.


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Ăœ Grenada Capital:

St. George's






East Caribbean dollar (XCD)

Grenada actually temporarily closed its citizenship by investment program from 2001-2013 but has since reopened it. The cost of acquiring said citizenship is relatively cheap for the UHNWI – all that is asked is

that you invest USD 250,000 in a government approved real estate project. Upon receiving a Grenadian passport, you will have visa-free travel to 110 countries which includes the UK, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Panama, and most British Commonwealth nations. It does not however give you visa-free travel to Canada or the US, so for those who are looking to visit these locales, a Grenadian passport may not be for them.

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Another Caribbean island full of beaches to enjoy and landscapes to explore, Grenada offers another option for secondary citizenship. Other than the clear blue sea and sand speckled beaches you can

expect froma Caribbean island, Grenada has a unique blend of both African and French cultures. The people are famously friendly and if a relaxing day by the beach followed by a dinner looking out onto the ocean with the music of local artists playing in the background sounds like your kind of scene, Grenada is the perfect destination.

Upon receiving a Grenadian passport, you will have visafree travel to 110 countries which includes the UK, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Panama, and most British Commonwealth nations. 90

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

After the country went through a recession in 2013, Cyprus has now began offering a citizenship by investment program with a requirement of making an investment of EUR 2,500,000.

Ăœ Cyprus Capital:







Euro (EUR)

Cyprus has a little bit of just about everything you could hope to experience. For culture seekers, there are enough architectural and historical sites for you to sink your teeth into. The coastline is beautiful and well worth exploration and the

capital Nicosia has plenty of bars and restaurants for those seeking dinner and drinks after a long day. Or you could head to the Troodos Mountains for some skiing. There really is something for everybody in Cyprus. After the country went through a recession in 2013, Cyprus has now began offering a citizenship by investment program with a requirement of making an investment of EUR 2,500,000. This will give you a passport in a country who is an EU member, thereby granting all the benefits that come with that e.g. freedom of movement and freedom of trade. }}}


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Ü Dominica Capital:







East Caribbean dollar (XCD)

Top Rated Destinations

If you have a love of diving, Dominica is the place for you. In this country, the ocean floor is filled with as many interesting and diverse forms of life as the lands above. With volcanic vents and plunging sea walls, colourful reefs and soft corals, sea turtles and sperm whales, there is a whole world beneath the waters. For those who prefer to keep their heads above ground, there is plenty of opportunity for nature hikes across the landscape. The country is brimming with life, hence why it calls itself: “The Nature Island”. It is also the least expensive option of all the Caribbean islands for acquiring citizenship by investment. A UHNWI can purchase Dominican citizenship for their spouse and children for only USD 250,000. This in comparison to other Caribbean islands, for example St. Kitts, who would require a USD 295,000 donation to their sugar fund for just a single Dominican passport. The downside to the cheaper cost is that a Dominican passport only grants visa-free travel to 91 countries, in comparison to St. Kitts 132. However, if the countries you want to gain access to all come under the permissions granted by a Dominican passport then this will be a cheaper and more attractive option for you.

With volcanic vents and plunging sea walls, colourful reefs and soft corals, sea turtles and sperm whales, there is a whole world beneath the waters.


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Ü Russia Capital:







Russian ruble (RUB)

Russia is huge. With an expanse of more than 17 million square kilometres. Even by plane it takes approximately 10 hours to fly from one end to the other. Much of it is covered in snow, on the other hand, there are free flowing rivers and blood red sunsets. With such a large ground space there is of course much to see and do, and many people to meet and plentiful food and drink to devour. Home to Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky, the country is brimming with history and culture. Everybody should visit Russia at least once in their lives – and a Russian passport is an excellent document to own. The Russian citizenship by investment program was only brought into law in late 2014, and so far very few passports have been issued as a result. The requirement that you set up a business or invest in one which will employ a large number of people and generate huge tax revenues for the country is a steep one. Unlike many of the other citizenship by investment programs on this list, it is not simply enough to invest money to qualify for citizenship – you must create new business and new jobs for its citizens. With visa-free travel to 100 countries, perhaps the main pull to obtaining a Russian passport is by looking ahead into the future. As one of the world’s superpowers, it may prove to be very beneficial to be the holder of a Russian passport a few decades from now.

With such a large ground space there is of course much to see and do, many people to meet and plentiful food and drink to devour.


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

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十大 投资移民目的地 专题文章

! Nico-Jan Kok

Ü 序言 通过投资取得第二国籍对于高净值人士来 说是一件一举两得的事情,但这同样也是 一件繁杂辛苦的工作。 让人眼花缭乱的投资选择,大量的投资可 选地,使得许多高净值人士很难作出适合 自己实际情况的决定。 基于这项考虑,接下来的文章中我们将会 为您展示,适合高净值人士的,十大免 签地最多且开放成本尽可能低的投资移 民选择地。 以下就是我们的十大投资移民选择(无特 定顺序):


Ü 马耳他 首都:








基于一系列的原因,马耳他是投资移民的 一个不错选择。这个国家本身主要由三个 岛屿组成:马耳他岛、戈佐和科米诺,且 三个岛屿都具有着独特的吸引力。马耳他 岛是商业和政治中心,适合倾向于工业化 和主流生活方式的人;而戈佐相对来说更 适合追求田园风光的人,可以体验钓鱼、 农耕等活动;科米诺岛上只有一个旅馆且 无人居住,是感受宁静的理想地。

马耳他岛是商业和政 治中心,适合倾向于 工业化和主流生活方 式的人。

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

马耳他国籍会为投资者提供很多优惠便 利,包括166个国家的免签入境。因为马 耳他是欧盟的成员国,所以持有马耳他 护照可以进入任何一个欧盟国家旅行和工 作,也可以凭借他去美国旅游。 当地移民要求是向马耳他投资157万美 元,但加上各种其他费用大约总共花费 185万美元。马耳他对移民申请人有居留

要求,但并不要求成为永久居民,所以不 用担心自己是否需要在这里居留6个月以 上,大约2-4周就足够满足其要求了。 尽管这是一个最贵的投资选项之一,但马 耳他护照被公认为全世界最具价值的旅 行证件第八名,是一个物有所值的投资 选择。 }}}


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016 Ü 圣卢西亚 首都:







东加勒比元 (XCD)

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圣卢西亚像是一个坐落在人间的天堂, 这里有着你所期待的所有沙滩配置:美 丽明亮的蓝色海景,典型的热带气候和 随着夏日凉风徐徐摇摆的棕榈树。


这里也是探险爱好者的理想国,有大量 的探险活动和体力运动可供他们选择, 如攀岩、水上运动、高空滑索。这些消 遣方式非常低调,还会使你的肾上腺激 素飙升。 这是这个国家最新的还未引起公众注 意且非常划算的一项投资移民计划。于 2016年引入,所以目前只发放了极少数 的护照。申请人的数量目前来看应该不 会很多,申请的审批过程相对热门移民 投资地来说会更快,等待时间会更短。 圣卢西亚的护照可使投资者获得121个国

家的免签入境待遇,包括瑞典以及欧盟 申根地区的180天免签。这里有两个投 资选择:直接交25万美元购买护照或是 投资为期5年的政府债券55万美元。 显然如果你资金充裕的话,投资政府债 券会是一个更有利可图的选择,投资资 金最后也会回拢。这个项目使得圣卢西 亚成为加勒比地区最具吸引力的投资移 民地之一。 }}}

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

圣卢西亚像是一个坐落在人间的天堂,这里有着你所期 待的所有沙滩配置:美丽明亮的蓝色海景,典型的热带 气候和随着夏日凉风徐徐摇摆的棕榈树。


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016 Ü 奥地利 首都:








作岗位并向政府纳税。如果你的资金充裕 并能满足奥地利政府的投资要求,就会得 到世界上可以通过投资方式取得的最具价 值的护照。

奥地利是世界上最早的可以购买其护照的 国家,入境免签超过171个国家,被公认 为是世界上最有价值的护照第四名,且是 能够通过投资移民得到的最好的护照。 然而,这本护照的价格并不便宜。你需要 在政府批准的商业项目上投资大约1000 万欧元,还要为当地奥地利人提供许多工

Top Rated Destinations

奥地利是个境内多山的富裕国家,因此吸 引了众多来这里山地滑雪的投资者和游 客。这个国家还有一部分地区未被冰雪覆 盖,但同样具有观光价值—可以享受探险

乐趣的山丘,静谧迷人的湖泊。对于喜欢 人文艺术的人来说,在这里还可以参观大 量丰富有趣的博物馆,欣赏各种令人惊奇 赞叹的建筑景观。

奥地利是个境内多山的富裕国家,因此吸引了众多来这 里山地滑雪的投资者和游客。


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

绵长蜿蜒的海岸线和五彩斑斓的大片珊瑚礁,使得这里 成了舰队的绝佳隐蔽地点... 奥地利的独特魅力吸引着日光浴,浮潜和潜水爱好者 们。

Ü 安提瓜和巴布达

逊(Admiral Horatio Nelson)的确在这 里隐藏过舰队。








东加勒比元 (XCD)

想要拿到安提瓜和巴布达的护照,要么直 接向政府捐赠27.5万美元,要么向地产 行业投资50万美元。安巴护照可以让你 享受旅游时132个国家的免签入境待遇, 包括加拿大。 }}}

安提瓜和巴布达是另一个热带天堂,全 年气候温暖干燥温差小,平均年降水量 1020毫米,是东加勒比阳光最充足的地 区。绵长蜿蜒的海岸线和五彩斑斓的大片 珊瑚礁,使得这里成了舰队的绝佳隐蔽地 点,而事实上,1784年时海军上将纳尔


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016 Ü 圣基茨和尼维斯联邦 首都:







东加勒比元 (XCD)

再一次,对于热爱沙滩的人来说圣基茨和 尼维斯绝对是个值得考虑的国家。圣基茨 和尼维斯的沙滩根据区域的不同颜色也 会随之变化—南岸是黑色沙子而北岸是白 色,使得当地的景色别具一格。

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圣基茨和尼维斯的移民计划是世界上最 受欢迎的移民计划之一,目前名额非常 抢手。它与安提瓜和巴布达的移民要求 非常相似:向该国的糖业多元化基金捐 赠29.5万美元或向地产行业投资50万美 元。 其护照可免签入境132个国家,包括巴西 但不包括加拿大。如果你需要经常进出加 拿大,那就可以考虑申请经济更富裕但申 请难度与圣基茨和尼维斯相当的安提瓜和 巴布达的护照。

圣基茨和尼维斯的 移民计划是世界上最 受欢迎的移民计划之 一,目前名额非常抢 手。它与安提瓜和巴 布达的移民要求非常 相似。


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016 Ü 保加利亚 首都:







列弗 (BGN)

保加利亚是滋生历史和建筑方面不朽名作 的温床。尽管保加利亚只占整个欧洲大 陆2%的土地,但大约有4万个历史遗迹 被登记在册(其中7个被联合国教科文组 织列入世界文化遗产)。在保加利亚,有 36个文化保护区,160个修道院,近330 座美术馆和博物馆。对于想要生活在一个 经济富裕又富有文化气息的国家的人来 说,保加利亚就是一个终极选择,这也使 它吸引了大批的游客和历史爱好者。 保加利亚投资移民项目的优点在于,只要 你有可用资本就可以通过这个项目拿到 护照,且过后投资资金可以全部回笼,无 其他附加费用。此项目的要求是,首先 向政府债券投资51.2万欧元,政府授予居 留权;一年之后再投资51.2万欧元,政府 发放护照。 只要你在这两年时间中去保加利亚逗留的 次数超过两次,政府就会承认你的公民身 份并发放护照。你可以免签入境149个国 家,包括美国(为期90天)。但瑞士最 近对保加利亚公民实施了入境限制,需申 请签证进入瑞士。 }}}

保加利亚投资移民项 目的优点在于,只要 你有可用资本,你就 可以通过这个项目拿 到护照,且过后投资 资金可以全部回笼。


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016 Ü 格林纳达 首都:







东加勒比元 (XCD)

事实上,格林纳达曾在2001-2013年期 间暂时关闭了投资移民计划,后又重新 开放至今。

拿到护照之后,你将享受110个国家的旅 行免签入境待遇,包括英国、香港、南 韩、新加坡、巴拿马和大多数英联邦国 家。 然而并不支持加拿大和美国的免签,所以 对于想要进出这两个地区的人,格林纳达 护照可能并不是最适合他们的。

上述申请项目的要求为向政府批准的房 地产项目投资至少25万美元以上,花费 相对便宜。

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另一个加勒比地区满是沙滩和美景的国 家,是为移民方式提供了另一种选择的格 林纳达。除了清澈湛蓝的海水和星罗密布 的沙滩,格林纳达还有法国与非洲融合的

独特文化。当地人民热情友好,放松一天 吃过晚饭之后,躺在沙滩上面朝大海,当 地艺术表演的音乐在远处隐隐传来,非常 舒适惬意。从休闲方面来看,格林纳达是 个不错的选择地。

拿到护照之后,你将享受110个国家的旅行免签入境待 遇,包括英国、香港、南韩、新加坡、巴拿马和大多数 英联邦国家。 102

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

在2013年塞浦路斯遭受经济打击之后,开放了投资移民 计划,要求是向本国投资250万美元。

Ü 塞浦路斯 首都:







欧元 (EUR)

塞浦路斯这个国家的方方面面都值得人们 去体验一番。对于一个文化探求者来说, 这里有足够多的古建筑和历史遗迹在等待 他们的到访和欣赏。当地的海岸线曲折秀 丽摄人心魄,首都尼科西亚的酒馆饭店鳞

次栉比,傍晚时分客人往来络绎不绝。你 也可以朝着特罗多斯山脉走去,参加滑雪 运动放松身心,或者欣赏沿途美景。 在2013年塞浦路斯遭受经济打击之后, 开放了投资移民计划,要求是向本国投资 250万美元。 且塞浦路斯是欧盟国,拥有欧盟成员国之 一的国籍即意味着获得了欧盟护照,相当 于获得了100%的欧盟居民身份。持有任 何一个国家的护照都相当于获得了在其他 27个国家工作和居住的许可。}}}


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016 Ü 多米尼加联邦 首都:







东加勒比元 (XCD)

如果你热爱潜水,那多米尼加对你来说绝 对是个好去处。在这个国家,水下与陆 上一样乐趣无穷。神秘壮观的火山口,没 入水下的海堤,绚烂多彩的礁石与软珊 瑚,可爱有趣的海龟与抹香鲸,几乎就是 水下的全部世界了。如果你更钟爱陆上的 活动,远足会是一个很好的选择。这个 国家到处充满着生机,因此被称为“自 然之岛”。

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多米尼加也是加勒比地区进行投资移民费 用最低的国家。一个高净值人士只需25 万美元就可以同时为他的配偶和子女申请 多米尼加护照。相比其他加勒比地区,例 如圣基茨,须向他们的糖业多元化基金捐 赠29.5万美元才能取得个人护照。 多尼米加护照价格更便宜的原因之一是它 仅可免签入境91个国家,而与之相对比 的圣基茨则可以免签入境132个国家。但 如果你想要进出的国家都在多米尼加的免 签范围之下,那这本护照对于你来说就是 更便宜更具有价值的。

神秘壮观的火山口, 没入水下的海堤,绚 烂多彩的礁石与软珊 瑚,可爱有趣的海龟 与抹香鲸,几乎就是 水下的全部世界了。


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016 Ü 俄罗斯 首都:







俄罗斯卢布 (RUB)

俄罗斯国土辽阔,面积超过1700万平方 公里,即使是乘坐飞机从一端飞到另一端 也需要10个小时的时间。其中大部分地 区都被冰雪覆盖,但另一方面,这些地区 也是流水潺潺,残阳如血,风景如画。因 为地大物博,所以乐趣就会很多。这里还 是文学巨匠托尔斯泰和陀思妥耶夫斯基的 祖国,这个国家充满了浓郁的历史文化气 息。每个人在他的人生中都应该至少来俄 罗斯参观一次,并且俄罗斯护照也是一本 非常值得拥有的护照。 俄罗斯的投资移民计划在2014年末才开 始实施,目前只有少量护照被通过此项目 发放。其投资移民计划的要求是,在俄创 办新企业或投资于一个企业,雇佣大量劳 动者并上缴巨额税款。不同于文章中的其 他国家,俄罗斯申请国籍的要求对投资者 来说并不简单—你必须要为他的公民创造 新企业、新岗位。 俄罗斯护照可免签入境100个国家,申请 俄罗斯护照的人大概更看好俄罗斯的发展 与潜力。作为一个超级大国,它大概会证 明从现在起开始持有一本俄罗斯护照是一 个多么明智的选择。

如此之广的土地上, 当然有很多东西值得 您去看去做。您能见 识各种人,以及品尝 各种美食和酒饮。


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

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TopRated Citizenship via Residency Options

! Nico-Jan Kok

For the UHNWI seeking to obtain secondary citizenship, investing large amounts or providing a country with increased stimulus for economic growth such as job creation is not the only option available to them. There is also the possibility of obtaining citizenship through residency.

Ü Investment vs Residency So how does the UHNWI decide whether he would rather obtain a secondary citizenship via residency rather than investment? For the majority of UHNWI, the investment route will be more attractive. For investment levels which are relatively low when considering the wealth of the UHNWI, secondary citizenship can be obtained with the minimum of hassle. A passport can be obtained for many countries offering


citizenship by investment without having to reside there for any period of time – the investment itself is enough.

obligations in their own country which cannot be departed from for the extended period of time required, such as business and/or familial obligations.

However, for some UHNWIs, perhaps the investment option is not a route they wish to take. For those who would rather save their money or are actually considering relocating to the country in which they obtain secondary citizenship, a prolonged stay in the country can allow them to become citizens of said country. This is citizenship by residency.

Citizenship by residency may therefore appeal to UHNWIs who either don’t have a spouse or children, or have families who are willing and easily able to move abroad. It may also appeal to those who can receive and manage their net income whilst residing in any country, for example businessmen who are able to run their companies from any country and entrepreneurs who have acquired their net worth through online businesses.

The drawbacks to this option for most UHNWI are time expenditure and inflexibility. Obtaining citizenship by residency in a country can take upwards of 10+ years which most UHNWI will not be willing to commit to. In addition, relocating to another country is no small task, particularly for the UHNWI who likely has more

So if you are one of the UHNWIs who feel citizenship via residency would fit your needs better, then please read on as we have compiled some of the most attractive options available for your consideration.

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Ü Paraguay Capital:





Spanish / Guaraní


Guaraní (PYG)

Paraguay is fixed in South America and is surrounded by neighbouring countries Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia.

Of the 7 million plus citizens who inhabit the country, approximately one third can be found living in the capital Asunción. Paraguay offers both ends of the spectrum in terms of wealth – it is home to both the extremely poor and the ultra-wealthy. It is not uncommon for super cars to pass by horse pulled carriages on its dusty sun baked roads. Only income and capital gains earned in Paraguay are taxed, and only at a flat rate of 10%. There are portions of the country largely untouched by

Western civilisation, with beautiful exotic natural reserves and to explore. To obtain citizenship by residency, a stay of 3 years is required. Once you have been a permanent resident for 3 years, you can apply with no minimum income requirement, simply a deposit of 5,000 USD into a local bank account is sufficient. Once secondary citizenship is acquired, you have visa-free travel access to 123 countries and can leave Paraguay if you so desire and still keep your citizenship. }}}


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Ăœ Argentina Capital:

Buenos Aires






Peso ($) (ARS)

Argentina is a fast developing nation who knows the value of both working hard and playing hard and is a perfect place for younger UHNWI looking to do both these things. One great factor about citizenship via residency in Argentina is that the required period of residence is only 2 years. The only other thing you need is proof that you have sufficient funds and/or an

employment contract in Argentina. If you are from any of the following countries: Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Italy, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Spain, Sweden or the United States then you can apply for dual nationality in Argentina.

Top Rated Destinations

Argentina is one of the more westernised countries to be found in South America. Like its neighbours, it also has stunning natural wonders to see, but what separates Argentina from other

Westernised locations is that it combines the fast paced city life of its capital, Buenos Aires, with the fervent passion and culture of its South American brothers.

One great factor about citizenship via residency in Argentina is that the required period of residence is only 2 years. The only other thing you need is proof that you have sufficient funds and/or an employment contract in Argentina. 108

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

To gain secondary citizenship via residency in Singapore, there is a 2 year minimum requirement in which you must reside in the country. After these 2 years, you can apply for your citizenship. Ăœ Singapore Capital:





English / Malay / Mandarin / Tamil


Euro (EUR)

The culture of Singapore and its citizens is famous for revolving around two of its favourite past times: food and shopping. In 1963 a state known as Malaysia was formed, comprising of the Federations of Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak

and North Borneo (now Sabah). However, Singapore eventually separated and became its own independent nation. However, many slices of Singapore’s multi-cultural, colonial and wartime past are preserved in and around the city. You can visit monuments, museums and memorials, or for a real trip through time, take a walk along a heritage trail. If seeing these sights from the past, whilst enjoying the cuisine and consumerism of the present, sounds like your idea of a fun time, then Singapore is somewhere you will probably enjoy living. To gain secondary citizenship via residency in Singapore, there is a 2 year minimum

requirement in which you must reside in the country. After these 2 years, you can apply for your citizenship. If successful, please bear in mind that if you are male and over 18 years old you will be expected to participate in the countries National Service military training. This encompasses 2 years and then an additional 40 days a year until the age of 40 (or 50 if you are a high ranking member). Failure to comply with these requirements will severely impact your chances of gaining citizenship. If military training of this kind is not something you are willing to partake in, perhaps consider a different secondary citizenship option. }}}


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Ü Australia Capital:







Australian dollar (AUD)

Australia is famous for its friendly citizens and plentiful wildlife. Australian citizens respect and value the country’s history which is founded on stories of battlers, bushrangers and brave soldiers, and they reflect this warrior mentality in their everyday lives. Hard work and fair play are two ideals which are rigorously upheld: they don’t have time for “sissies”. They are big sports fans, particularly of Rugby and Cricket, so if you share their passion as well as a love of the outdoors then Australia could be a perfect place to set up residency.

Top Rated Destinations

If you decide that Australia is for you, then you will need to have been a permanent resident in the country for 4 years to apply.


Once you have done this, citizenship should be easily obtainable and you can proudly declare yourself a fellow Aussie citizen!

If you decide that Australia is for you, then you will need to have been a permanent resident in the country for 4 years to apply. Once you have done this, citizenship should be easily obtainable.

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Ü Uruguay Capital:







Currency: Uruguayan peso (UYU)

Despite being South America’s smallest country, Uruguay is beginning to garner quite the reputation for itself. An intriguing blend of the typical South American flavour mixed with a European influence. With beautiful cities and a charming countenance, it is beginning to become a realistic choice for UHNWI looking for somewhere unique and opportunistic to reside. It offers the comforts of more Westernised and affluent European locales whilst still being situated bang in the heart of South America – possibly the best of both worlds? If you agree and decide that Uruguay is for you, then you must reside in the country for 5 years if you are single. If you are married and you both apply together, then this can be reduced to 3 years. A Uruguay secondary passport includes visa-free travel access to the USA and it offers a very friendly tax regime for its citizens also. However, remember that with the higher standard of living in comparison to other countries in South America also comes with a higher cost of living as a result. }}}

With beautiful cities and a charming countenance, it is beginning to become a realistic choice for UHNWI looking for somewhere unique and opportunistic to reside.


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Ăœ Belgium Capital:





Dutch / French / German


Euro (EUR)

The other upside of residing in Belgium is that it is the financial capital of Europe being investor friendly and offering appealing taxation schemes for businesses. In order to apply for Citizenship you must have been residing in Belgium for five years, but expect the actual process before you receive your passport

to be about six years due to the lengthy processing period. Belgium also place no restrictions on dual citizenships – so becoming a dual Belgian citizen may be an attractive option for many UHNWIs.

Top Rated Destinations

Belgium does a great job of appealing to all demographics: for the younger generation there are plenty of hip nightspots to visit and for the older generation there are plenty of castles and

other monuments to sight see. The food is a large appeal of the Belgian way of life, with particular specialities being waffles, chocolate and piles of steaming mussels. The charming fairy-tale town of Bruges is worth exploring also.

The other upside of residing in Belgium is that it is the financial capital of Europe being investor friendly and offering appealing taxation schemes for businesses. 112

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Numerous expats have used Chile as a haven as it is one of the cheapest, most accessible and easy to obtain residencies in the world. A  fter five years of residency, the option to apply for citizenship in Chile becomes an option.

Ăœ Chile Capital:







Peso (CLP)

Chile is unique for its varied landscape. Not many other countries can boast that they are home to desert, beaches, volcanoes, lakes, rivers and snowcapped mountains. If you’re looking for great places to trek and hike, look no further.

For culture seekers, there are small towns which are still influenced by Aymara culture: if you want to broaden your perspectives and see other ways of life from the usual Western version, perhaps a life in Chile will provide this for you. Numerous expats have used Chile as a haven as it is one of the cheapest, most accessible and easy to obtain residencies in the world. After five years of residency, the option to apply for citizenship in Chile becomes an option. Once a Chilean citizen, you can take advantage of the free-trade agreements Chile has with a number of other countries. }}}


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Ü Panama Capital:

Panama City






Balboa / US dollar (PAB / USD)

One of the favourite destinations for people seeking citizenship by residency is Panama. Perhaps one of the most fast-developing destinations in the world, it combines a first world infrastructure with exotic wildlife/nature and all this while remaining affordable. It is a top choice for UHNWI who may be looking to retire and want a sunny and safe place with a great selection of activities in which to do so.

Top Rated Destinations

Another fantastic benefit of living and residing in Panama are its territorial tax systems. If you earn money from income derived from Panama then the government will tax you – however, if your earnings come from a source outside Panama e.g. online business then you won’t have to pay any tax on this income.


Perhaps one of the most fast-developing destinations in the world, it combines a first world infrastructure with exotic wildlife/nature and all this while remaining affordable. It is a top choice for UHNWI

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Top Rated Destinations

顶级 居留移民选则

! Nico-Jan Kok

对于计划获取第二国籍的超高净值人士来 说,向该国进行大笔投资或是采取措施刺 激该国经济增长如创作工作岗位,对他们 来说并不是仅有的选择。

Ü 投资 vs 居留 所以超高净值人群是如何选择他们的投资 移民方式的,是投资还是满足当地政府的 居留条件?对多数超高净值人士来说, 投资路线会更有吸引力一些,只需要考虑 金钱开支就可以,不必再顾虑其他条件。 许多国家的护照申请都没有在本国的居留 条件—向本国投资就已经足够了。 然而,对于超高净值人群,投资选项可能 并不是他们的理想路线。对于想要省钱或 是真的想要搬去海外居住的人,通过在当 地的长期居住,他们也可以拿到国籍。这 就是通过在当地居留而得到公民身份。


这个移民方式的缺点是会占用超高净值人 士的大部分时间,且无法将自己的时间灵 活运用。为取得国籍需在所申请国家花费 10年以上的时间,这个条件使得多数超 高净值人士不会选择这个方式。另外,搬 去其他国家居住并不是个小任务,特别是 对一个可能在本国背负着巨额债务的人来 说,如公司债务或家庭债务,他们无法离 开这样长的一段时间。 通过在当地居留而取得国籍的方式,可能 更吸引要么既没配偶或子女要么他的亲属 有意愿也能够轻松搬去海外的超高净值人 士。这种方式也可能会吸引那些既可以一 边接受并管理自己的净收益同时又能够在 任何国家居住的人,比如在任何国家都可 以经营他们公司的商人,在网上进行业务 往来的企业家。

所以,如果你是一位超高资产净值人士且 认为通过在当地居留拿到国籍的方式更适 合你、能够满足你的需要的话,那就请阅 读以下我们精心汇编的一些可供您参考的 最具吸引力和实用性的选项。

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Ü 巴拉圭

巴拉圭有超过7百万的人口,其中约有三 分之一居住在首都亚松森。








瓜拉尼 (PYG)

巴拉圭地处南美,与阿根廷、巴西和玻利 维亚接壤。

巴拉圭根据财富的多寡划定了两个可以申 请其国籍的人群范围—这里是极富有的和 极贫穷的人的共同家园。在这里有一个其 他地区难得一见景象,尘土飞杨的马路上 一辆辆的超级跑车在载着重物的马匹旁边 疾驰而过。 只有收入和在巴拉圭的资本收益统一上缴 10%的税费。这个国家的大部分地区都 未受西方文明的影响,始终保持着浓浓的

异域风情。 若想获取巴拉圭护照,需在本地居住 3年 以上。一旦你住满3年成为巴拉圭永久居 民,就可以申请巴拉圭护照,无最低收入 要求,只需在当地银行开户并存入5000 美元足够了。 一旦拿到护照,你可以在旅行时享受123 个国家的免签入境待遇,且可以离开巴拉 圭,政府对此不再有任何要求。}}}


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Ü 阿根廷 首都:







比索 ($) (ARS)

阿根廷整个社会的发展日新月异,同时也 是一个热爱工作更热爱玩乐的国家,更适 合年轻一些的超高净值人士的口味。

斯、意大利、 尼加拉瓜、挪 威、巴拿马、 西班牙、瑞典 或美国,就可 以向阿根廷政 府申请双重国 籍。

阿根廷对移民申请的居留要求非常简单, 仅需在本国居住2年以上。另一个仅有的 要求是,你需要证明自己有足够养活自 己资金,或是在阿根廷有一份正式工作。 如果你来自于以下任何一个国家:智利、 哥伦比亚、厄瓜多尔、萨尔瓦多、洪都拉

Top Rated Destinations

阿根廷是南美最西方化的国家之一。与他 的邻国一样,阿根廷拥有着令人惊奇赞叹 的自然奇观。但它的首都,布宜诺斯艾利 斯快节奏的城市生活,激情火热的民族风

格,再加上原汁原味的南美文化,过去与 现代,冲突与融合,造就了今天与周围相 比风格迥异的阿根廷。

阿根廷对移民申请的居留要求非常简单,仅需在本国居 住2年以上。另一个仅有的要求是,你需要证明自己有 足够养活自己资金,或是在阿根廷有一份正式工作。


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

要想通过满足居留条件来取得新加坡国籍,需最少在新 加坡居住2年以上。两年后可申请公民身份。

Ü 新加坡 首都:





英语/ 马来语 / 普 通话 / 泰米尔语


新加坡元 (SGD)

新加坡的文化包括美食和购物,也是新加 坡人最爱的两种消遣放松的方式。1963 年马来西亚作为一个国家成立,由新加 坡、沙捞越和北婆罗洲(今沙巴州)共同 组成马来亚联合邦。然而,新加坡最终从

马来西亚脱离出来并独立建国。新加坡是 个文化多元的国家,大量殖民与战争时期 的遗迹被这个国家保留了下来。你可以参 观历史博物馆和纪念碑,或者沿着古迹游 览路线来一场真正的时光旅行,同时品尝 沿途的佳肴和体验购物的乐趣。这会是 一场轻松惬意的旅行,然后你就会爱上这 里的生活。

役期为2年,退役后每年需回营受训一 次,每次40天,一直到满40周岁(如果 是高级成员需到50岁)结束。如果没有 遵守规定,将会严重影响到新加坡公民资 格的申请。如果你不想参加这类军事训练 的话,最好重新考虑一个其他国家。}}}

要想通过满足居留条件来取得新加坡国 籍,需最少在新加坡居住2年以上,两年 后可申请公民身份。申请成功后,如果你 是年满18周岁的男性,需要参加新加坡 国民服役。


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Ü 澳大利亚 首都:







澳大利亚元 (AUD)

澳大利亚以人民友善,野生动植物数量种 类丰富而著称。这是个由穷人、逃犯和英 勇的士兵共同建立起来国家,澳大利亚人 尊重并重视自己的历史,并将这种勇者气 概贯穿到了他们的日常生活中。 努力工作,公平竞争是他们严格遵守的两 个原则:他们没有时间应付“胆小鬼” 。他们热爱运动,尤其是英式橄榄球和板 球,所以,如果你想分享他们对运动的狂 热激情,并且像他们一样热爱户外运动, 那么澳大利亚对你绝对是个不错的选择。

Top Rated Destinations

如果你决定移民澳大利亚,首先需要申请 一个为期4年的临时居留签证。


申请成功后护照就容易拿到手了,然后你 就可以自豪的宣称自己是个澳洲公民了!

如果你决定移民澳大 利亚,首先需要申请 一个为期4年的临时 居留签证。申请成功 后护照就容易拿到手 了。

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Ü 乌拉圭 首都:







乌拉圭比索 (UYU)

尽管乌拉圭是南美地区国土面积最小的 国家,但在国际中却一直有着良好的声 誉。南美传统文化与西方文明在这个国 家交织碰撞,形成了乌拉圭独特有趣的 人文风格。 这里有着美丽的城市,迷人的风景,俨然 正在发展成一个独特又宜居的超高净值人 士的青睐之地。这里既有富有欧洲气息的 舒适奢华的场所,同时又始终保持着南美 文化的内核,两种文化交相辉映,造就了 乌拉圭独特的魅力。 如果你决定移民乌拉圭且处于单身状态, 必须在本国待满5年。 如果已经结婚且与配偶一起申请,则会 把居留期限将为3年。持有乌拉圭护照旅 行时可在美国免签入境且乌拉圭的税率 很低。 然而需要注意的是,相比起南美其他国 家,乌拉圭的高生活水准也将会花费掉你 的大笔资金。}}}

这里有着美丽的城 市,迷人的风景,俨 然正在发展成一个独 特又宜居的超高净值 人士的青睐之地。


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Ü 比利时 首都:





荷兰语 / 法语/ 德语


欧元 (EUR)

间。而且比利 时并不否定双 国籍,所以大 概会成为很多 人心仪的移民 国家吧。

此外比利时还是欧洲的金融中心,维持着 良好的投资环境,税收政策对企业有着极 强的吸引力。 为取得国籍,你必须要在比利时当地连 续住满5年以上,但是再加上各种程序耗 费的时间,你一共需要花费大概6年的时

Top Rated Destinations

比利时是个对年轻人和老年人都充满着 吸引力的国家:对于年轻人来说,比利 时的夜生活丰富多彩,各种酒吧鳞次栉 比;对于老年人来说,这里有大量神秘优

雅的城堡及其他供人观摩吊唁的历史遗 迹。美食在比利时的社会生活中是不可或 缺的重要部分,其中最负盛名的就是比利 时的华夫饼、巧克力和清蒸贻贝。美丽迷 人的童话小镇布鲁日也是非常值得人们去 参观探访。

此外比利时还是欧洲的金融中心,维持着良好的投资环 境,税收政策对企业有着极强的吸引力。 122

Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

许多被逐出国外的人会把智利当成他们的避难所,因为 智利是世界上最便宜、易进入且容易取得居住权的国 家。只要其后在智利待满5年,就可以申请智利护照, 享受许多国家的免签入境待遇。

Ü 智利 首都:







比索 (CLP)

智利是个地形复杂多变的国家,很少能有 人像智利人民那样自豪 — 他们的家乡有 沙漠,有海滩,有火山,有河流,有湖泊 还有雪山。如果你想找一个适合远足的好 地方,智利就是一个绝佳选择;如果你是

一个文化探寻者,这里的小镇依然保持着 古老的艾马拉文化;如果你想要体验一种 不同于西方文明的生活方式,智利就是个 对你而言的好去处。 许多被逐出国外的人会把智利当成他们的 避难所,因为智利是世界上最便宜、易进 入且容易取得居住权的国家。 只要其后在智利待满5年,就可以申请 智利护照,享受许多国家的免签入境待 遇。}}}


Citizenship by Investment Chinese Edition Summer 2016

Ü 巴拿马 首都:







巴波亚/ 美元 (PAB / USD)

巴拿马是人们在考虑通过满足当地的居留 条件来移民时,最喜爱的移民目的地之 一。大概其中一个原因是巴拿马是世界上 发展速度最快的国家之一,建立世界野生 动物自然保护区并一直管理维护。对于即 将退休想要找个阳光充足舒适安全的移居 地的超高净值人士,巴拿马应当是他们的 首要选择。

Top Rated Destinations

另一个生活居住在巴拿马的极大好处就 是,根据它的属地纳税制度,如果你的收 益是在巴拿马当地所得则需向政府缴税, 但如果是外来收入,如网上交易,则不需 要向政府交税。


大概其中一个原因 是巴拿马是世界上发 展速度最快的国家之 一,建立世界野生动 物自然保护区并一直 管理维护。对于即将 退休想要找个阳光充 足舒适安全的移居地 的超高净值人士,巴 拿马应当是他们的首 要选择。


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量支持和帮助的众多公司。 在即将进行编辑的2016/17年冬季版《投资 移民(Citizenship by Investment)》中, 我们将会按照惯例一如既往的为您提供优质 内容,并将会展示公司的服务项目—用以全 方位的为我们的UHNWI读者解决投资移民 方面的问题并满足其需求。

如果您有兴趣加入我们《投资移民 (Citizenship by Investment)》的集体 声音,并让您的公司出现在我们下一期的刊 物上,那就请通过邮件media@blsmedia. co.uk来联系我们吧,谢谢! 再次感谢您的阅读,我们下期再见!


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CBI – Chinese Edition | Summer 2016  
CBI – Chinese Edition | Summer 2016