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Data Recovery

Encrypted Hard Drive

An encrypted hard drive is like a secure vault for your digital stuff It uses a special code to scramble all the data stored on the drive, making it unreadable to anyone without the correct password or key

Encrypted Flash Drive

An encrypted flash drive is a portable lockbox for your data It's a regular USB drive with built-in security features Like a secret agent's flash drive in the movies, it scrambles the information stored on it with a code

Encrypted Pen Drive

An encrypted pen drive is basically a mini armored car for your data Just like a regular pen drive, it plugs into your computer s USB port, but it has built-in encryption that acts like a shield

In short, a


Half Partition Encryption

While encrypting an entire hard drive is common, half partition encryption is a bit less straightforward

Imagine your hard drive as a large room pen spark

Encrypted Word, Excel and PDF

Encrypting your Word, Excel, and PDF documents is like putting a personal padlock on each file

Here's how it works:

Password Protection: You choose a strong password that acts as the key

RAW BitLocker Disk
disk requires special data recovery tools
professional help to unlock
access the encrypted information
RAW BitLocker

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