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Does Someone Have Mental Health Problems If They Experience Anxiety?



MARCH 2018


THINGS TO DO WHEN YOU'RE BORED Can We Use Music To Improve Our Mood?

Love Is Love,

No Boundaries!





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March 2018

ON THE COVER Models: Ekaterina Ilina Photographer: Christina Sedelnikova MUA: Irina Che Style: @anikahair



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March 2018



International Women’s Day has grown to become a global day of recognition and celebration. It is a day we celebrate how much women have achieved. We celebrate the many creative and innovative ways that women have advanced in various careers and roles as independent persons, successfully contributing to the global community with full potential.

Photographer: Dhananjai Madaan

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International Women’s Day

It is also frustrating because it reminds that gender inequality still exists. Around the world, women are still struggling for respect, rights and equality with men. People still believe that the major responsibility for household tasks and caregiving is women’s. In many parts of the world, the ways in which women are treated, excluded, controlled, abused and violated are terrifying. Now we should be doing all we can to stop violence, close the gender gap so that women can progress and have equal respect in the society. On the cover is Ekaterina Ilina, an entrepreneur and fashion designer from Russia who started Luna Bella dress brand in May 2017 together with two of her friends Inna de Almeida (Brazil) and Elena Tokmakova (China). We also covered the story of Jonathan Tilkin whose debut single, DAYDREAMIN, was released in August 2017 and quickly passed 1 million streams, charting in five countries. Our Model of the Model is Gillian Calloway-Nation, who has recently moved to LA, to take up modeling. The March issue also features Oliver Wheeler, a model who shared his behind the scene secrets with us. We interviewed Ryan M. Kolton, a signed model, media consultant, music manager, and owner of the production company, Hit The Ground. This issue is also including an exclusive art collection by Dr. Anjali Chaugule, a beautiful amalgamation of Dentist, Model, Artist and Dancer. We interviewed AJ Sharma, an established photographer. We also feature an exclusive dress collection by Stopycheva. For this issue, we also interviewed Valeriya Peshkova, a model who shared her success story with us. We always appreciate hearing from you, if you have any questions and suggestions, let us know.

don’t be just loud


JASKARAN S. DHILLON EDITOR Instagram: @jaskaransdhillon

#misunderstoodnomore antee misery in your life, try to please everyone around you. If you want to guarantee fulfilment in life, try to please yourself. The world might not always agree with my life choices, but that's its problem and not mine. I work very hard to focus on supporting myself as much as possible, so that I become less dependent on support from external circumstances.

myself a lot and it makes it difficult to express what I truly feel or think sometimes. However I do know for sure that our voice matters. Our actions are important and the things we see are worth seeing, these beautiful and messy thoughts need to be expressed.

We get one life to live. We need to make it our own. Some people may misunderstand that, but if it makes sense to us and sets our soul on fire; we've got to follow our hearts.

Photographer: Igor & Lana Dovbenko

Photographer: Vanessa Beltran L.K. Elliott People usually misunderstand women that she's mentally and physically weak. What's your take on it? People always misunderstand other people in general, male or female. We misunderstand ourselves so it's no wonder we can't understand others either. The more clarity we have within and the more acceptance we can find for ourselves, the easier it is to give unconditional acceptance to others. We must be aware that we don't always have to understand everything, but we can still accept them and respect them. Everything is a choice.

Photographer: Alina Vidal Melissa Letellier

Ekaterina Ilina

Women are highly emotionally charged beings. We feel things and express them. Society often sees vulnerability as weakness, when in fact; it is the bravest thing that we can ever be. We can't control how others will view us, we may be misunderstood, but our value is not defined by external validation. We are all good enough, and lovable, regardless of whether or not people misunderstand us. We don't need anyone to understand our lives or actions, so long as they make sense to us.

People usually misunderstand women that she's mentally and physically weak. What's your take on it? I think we as a women ARE weak and this is actually our biggest strength! We “strong� women often feel we need to tough it out on our own. But when you learn to accept help, listen to other ideas and let someone else do things for you, you are stronger. You can accomplish more. You get better results.

Have you ever been misunderstood in your life? I've been misunderstood my entire life. I don't play by society's rules and that raises a lot of eyebrows. I believe so deeply that we must live a life that is meaningful to us. If you want to guar-

Have you ever been misunderstood in your life? I don’t recall anything recent. I think it happened with me back in school with one teacher. What I am learning about myself now is that I actually need to speak up more. I notice that I doubt

People usually misunderstand women that she's mentally and physically weak. What's your take on it? I think the way women are viewed is sometimes a cultural issue. In the United States women are free to do so many things women in the Middle East may not be allowed to do. Like driving for example, something Saudi Arabia just recently allowed women to do. In hispanic culture women may still be viewed as belonging in the kitchen and cleaning the house. However because of the courage women take every day to put in end to the stigma we are now beginning to be seen as strong and independent. Have you ever been misunderstood in your life? Misunderstandings happen because of a lack of clarity in communication. Typically if there is a misunderstanding in my life I find a different way to communicate the issue at hand in order to avoid negative consequences from being misunderstood and luckily this approach has worked great for me.

Photographer: Sumit Deshmukh

Dr. Anjali Chaugule People usually misunderstand women that she's mentally and physically weak. What's your take on it? “The woman who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet.� People are always going to be there telling you why you should be demure, prototypical feminine, and sacrificing your dreams for others. It is okay, brilliant even, to be an independent, strong woman in a world that wants you to be weak. Strap on your big girl boots, fill your mind with ambition and intellectually stimulating thoughts, and tell the world to watch you kick some ass and be an amazing person while doing it. There is no correct way to be a woman, and it is admirable to be resilient and strong. Do not let the world break your spirit or shape your soul. Create a soul that you can live your whole life nurturing and expanding, rather than one sullied by outside forces. The world can be an extraordinary place, and one day it will accept you for the lovely person you are. Do you want to know why the world will one day love you? Because you will force it to. So, without further ado, here are my five reasons to be a strong woman in a weak world. 1. Being strong does not mean you have to sacrifice your sensitivity. 2. Strength is sexy. 3. A strong woman is a threat, and that is a good thing. 4. Strong women force society to reconsider its values. 5. Strong women can conquer the world. Weakness is not attractive. Be intelligent, kind, strong, passionate, and modest and I guarantee you that while you

may not attract everyone, you will attract better people, people who place value in the same things that you do. The person you will have the most complex, important relationship with in your life is yourself, and as trite as that sounds, it is true. At the end of the day, you need to be proud of yourself and truly invested in being satisfied with who you are. Do not let other humans or forces in this world make you unsatisfied with yourself. Be brilliant, and the right people will love and admire you for your unique spirit. Have you ever been misunderstood in your life? I've always believed, "Why fit in when you can stand out!" I love being me. An original no validation needed for who or what I choose to be or do person. The key is loving me. Whenever I have come across those who felt the need to define me I have simply said, "No thank you, I do not care to subscribe." It's my way of keeping on -moving on. Life is short and there are too many places to see and things to be done than to allow oneself to be defined by the thimbled thoughts of others. I AM more than that! And glad of it! I've arrived at the point of, "others do not have to understand, they just have to accept it! I think over the years as I let myself simply be, I've just stopped caring about being strong or weak, and more about being who I really am. Ultimately I am a human first. Let me feel or repress my emotions. Let me be weak sometimes and strong others - let me be a human, my whole, multi-faceted, messy self. Stop making me overcompensate because society told us women are weak, and so now I have to prove otherwise. I don't want to prove anything, and I'm tired of that additional societal pressure to do so. I just want to be myself and want other women to be who they are too. Photographer: Dan Pennington

People usually misunderstand women that she's mentally and physically weak. What's your take on it? Have you ever been misunderstood in your life? I believe that misunderstanding or categorizing a woman is something which has been so deeply imbedded within human nature that even with the strong push for feminism today, it will always be a problem. Every woman has felt misunderstood, or made to feel weak at some point, including myself. who they are too.

Photographer: Sean Archer Valeriya Peshkova People usually misunderstand women that she's mentally and physically weak. What's your take on it? I met both weak women and weak men. Mental and psychological strength does not depend on the gender of the person. She appears in connection with the decisions made, with the actions that a person commits in his life. And at the same time, men and women have completely different tasks in this world. And a woman should follow the female path, and the man in the male way. Have you ever been misunderstood in your life? Do people understand me? Not always, but over time, in my life, there are more and more people with whom we share a common view of the world and common goals. If somebody misunderstands me, then for me it is an occasion to reflection, maybe I cannot convey something to them correctly.

Gillian Calloway-Nation






NATION Photographer: Dan Pennington

GILLIAN CALLOWAY-NATION Photographer: Dan Pennington

“I believe that a modeling career, like most things; is something that takes a lot of time, and diligence.�

BLOUDER Model of the Month

Photographer: Dan Pennington


March 2018

Photographer: Dan Pennington

Gillian Calloway-Nation was born in Asheville North Carolina on Oct 8, 1997, but moved to Montana at around six years old. She has one older sister, and two younger twin brothers. She was homeschooled all through middle school, and attended an online private school throughout her high school years. She thinks this gave her an extremely unique upbringing, which she’s quite grateful for. After turning down her original contract offer for modeling in Miami, she attended the University of Montana, and studied Journalism for a year. Afterwards, just recently, she has moved to LA, to take up modeling again.

BLOUDER Model of the Month Tell us about your career as a model. How were you discovered? It's actually kind of a funny story how I was discovered. When I was 17, my friend and I made a bet for me to send in pictures to an agency (they have an option where you can submit online). So I submitted to an agency, not thinking anything of it, and about a week later the director emailed me back. After a few more exchanges of more pictures and phone calls, he and his booking team asked me to fly to Miami. There they offered me a contract, wanting me to permanently move as well, but I turned it down, not ready at the time. Just recently this last year I have moved to LA, signed with agency Factor | Chosen there and also signed with agency DAS models in Miami. So realistically I guess I have really only been modeling for about six months I guess. In your own eyes, what was the moment that your career really took off? I believe that a modeling career, like most things; is something that takes a lot of time, and diligence. It's really just a lot of stepping stones. However for me, I think that my career really started to take off when I shot a campaign for Italian brand Alcott, which happened just recently, so I'm very excited to see where the future leads. What’s one of the most interesting shoots that you’ve done? One of the most interesting shoots I've done was with director Chris Applebaum. We were filming a video for his EATS series, and this one was sort of like "a naughty librarian" theme. So I spent a couple hours seductively eating an apple, and pretending to read poetry while wearing fake glasses, and dressed in lingerie. It was one of the most fun shoots I've ever done, Chris and his team were amazing! Did you ever have a bad/crazy experience during your modeling career? I actually haven't had anything that crazy happen to me. I've been lucky enough to be surrounded by very professional and kind people so far in my career. What is one of your favorite photographs from your career so far? Who shot it? I have a few favorites, but one of my top ones is actually a candid digital taken by one of the bookers at my agency DAS in Miami. I thought we were done shooting, and I sat down on a chair to take off my heels, and he said "Wait!

Stop, hold that!" And he took the picture. When I saw it, I sort of fell in love with how honest it looked I guess. What’s the biggest misconception about the female modeling industry? I believe that many people are under the impression that being a model is someone who is very beautiful, glamorous, and who just goes to exotic locations, and has pictures taken of them everyday. While the reality of it, is that though Instagram allows some models to portray this image, most of the time there is a lot more to it then what you see. There are parts of the job which are glamorous, however most of it is a lot of genuine hard work. What is your favorite thing to do when not working? While I'm not working, I'm actually a bit of a hermit. A lot of people seem to always be surprised by this, but the truth is; I spend a lot of time reading, writing, and meditating in my apartment. I'm love movies too, so I will spend all day just watching movies! I also like to workout a lot, so I make a point to go to the gym or for a jog at least once a day... it's kind of like a therapy for me. What is your favorite healthy snack? I love, love, love avocados! I literally try to eat avocado with everything! However if I don't have time to cut one up and eat it, my go to is usually unsalted nuts, or trail mix. What’s a typical week like for you? Honesty since I've started modeling not one week has been the same. However generally I'm running around to castings, shooting, or at the gym. Like I said though, my life is never consistent. This is both a good and bad thing. Bad because I always have a hard time making and sticking to plans (just ask my friends haha) since my schedule is always changing. It's good however, because I have a really short attention span, and I love how unpredictable my life can be, and never knowing what I'm going to be doing next. So I have a bit of a love hate relationship with my schedule. What music are you into at the moment? At the risk of being cliché, I could say "everything", but that honestly is the truth. I grew up listening to all different genres of music. My mom would play anything from Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie and Tom Petty, to classical com-

posers, and Jazz. I also really love alternative rock, acoustic, and more modern stuff like G-eazy, The Weekend, and Halsey to name a few. However, my all time favorite songs will always be "Vienna" by Billy Joel, and "Drops of Jupiter" by Train Give us 5 facts about you, people may not know. -I grew up on a farm on a Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Montana. -I was homeschooled. -I'm left handed, and dyslexic. -I'm a total, hopeless romantic :) -I’ve taken piano, and horseback riding each for about fourteen years. What are your travel essentials? My top travel essentials are my phone, and spare charger, headphones, whatever book I'm reading at the time, shoes for walking, a little bit of makeup (in case you're really tired, it helps you look more alive) healthy snack, and water. What is your all-time favorite movie and why? I'm a HUGE movie buff, I absolutely love movies, so this is such a hard question.... however if I had to pick one it would be; True Romance. It's an early 90s movie directed by Tony Scott, and Written by Quinten Tarantino. It's basically a dark love story. Tarantino is my all time favorite writer and director, and he did an amazing job with the script. That along with it's all star cast, dark humor, and romantic undertone just did it for me. I'll never get tired of it. What projects are you presently working on? I actually haven't started working yet this year, however I'm currently waiting on several projects I've done revelry to be released, and I'm very excited to share those! Do you have any advice for those who want to start modeling? I would advise anyone who is looking to start modeling to be aware that it can be a very unkind industry. There are people who will judge you, and critique you, and there will be people who put you down based on nothing more than what you look like, however I believe that the key to is just having faith in yourself. Try and work as hard as you can, and don't let one person's blindness determine how you see yourself.... because eventually everything will pay off.


March 2018

BLOUDER Model of the Month Photographer: Dan Pennington


March 2018


TILKIN Photographer: Aaron Chen Top: Matiere Collection Pants: Diesel


CAN WE USE MUSIC TO IMPROVE OUR MOOD? By Oliver JR Cooper | http://www.oliverjrcooper.co.uk


hen someone feels good, they may be drawn to things they wouldn’t be drawn to if they felt bad. What this shows is how much of an impact one’s mood has on their life and that this is not something one can simply overlook. However, if one is committed to something, they might be able to carry on no matter how they feel. In this case, it will show that one has self-


March 2018

discipline and drive, and that they have a certain level of resilience.

Two Reasons This could be a sign that what they are doing really matters to them and a result of this; it is not possible for them to step back. No matter how they feel, it is going to be important for them to keeping going and not to take their foot of the gas, so to speak. Alternatively, one may feel the need to

keep going because they don’t have much choice. They could be in a challenging situation, and it is then not so much that they want to keep going as it is that they have to keep going.

Food If one was asked what they like to eat, they may say that it all depends on their mood, and this shows how one’s mood can have an effect on their diet. During those moments where one feels good, they might decide to eat

BLOUDER Music food that is classed as ‘healthy’. When they feel bad, they could end up eating food that is classed as ‘unhealthy’. Based on this, their body can have a greater chance of getting the nutrients it needs when they feel good.

Chocolate One may find that they are drawn to chocolate when their mood drops, and then after consuming a certain amount, they feel better. However, while this may change their mood for a short while, they might end up feeling even worse. For example, if they are trying to lose weight, they could end up feeling guilty and ashamed. Their mood could then drop even lower than it was before and in order for them to feel better, they could end up eating more.

The Cycle They may then feel even worse and end up going through the whole process again, or they might end up being consumed by their bad mood. As time passes, their mood could begin to change; however, unless one does something else, they are likely to end up in the same position time and time again. Through behaving in this way, one may end up punishing themselves, and this is going to make them feel even worse. One is then not working with themselves, they are working against themselves.

Emotional Regulation When one has a tendency to be

drawn to things that are not good for them when they feel down, it could be said that they haven’t got the ability to regulate their emotions. As a result of this, they can’t stop themselves from reaching out for things that have the potential to harm them.

If one wanted to change their mood and they didn’t want to go to the gym, for instance, they could listen to music. Through the internet, it is easier than ever before for one to listen to any style of music that they want to listen to.

This is not to say that if one could regulate their emotions they wouldn’t reach out for anything, and this comes down to the fact that human beings are interdependent. But all the time they are unable to regulate their emotions; they are going to be in a desperate position.

The only thing they will need to think about is what kind of mood they want to experience; once they have done this, it will only be a matter of time before they will feel different. What this shows is how powerful music is when it comes to how one experiences life.

Healthier Options


What one can do to change their mood is to take part in exercise, spend time friends or family, and to be around animals. This will allow one to feel better and they are not as likely to feel bad after.

As one’s mood changes, they are also likely to remember times in their life when they felt different. Through feeling different, they may start to think about doings things that they haven’t done for a while.

Having said that, there is the chance that one could end up over exercising in order to feel better and they could feel bad after seeing a friend. Therefore, it will be important for them to not exercise too much, and if they feel bad after spending time with a friend, they might need to take a closer look at their friendship.

Or if one is going through a time in their life where they are finding it hard to stay motivated, they may find that they start to feel motivated after they have listened to a few songs. And if after a while their mood starts to drop, they can go through the same process all over again.

Pets One reason why one would have a pet is because they will have a positive influence on their mood; through being in their presence, one’s nervous system can end up being regulated. And along with their unconditional love, it is not hard to see why they are great companions to have.

Another Option

Transformation Through listening to music, what is taking place in one’s head and their body will change, and it could also be said that one will be touched at a deeper level. Not only can one’s mood change through listening to something, they can also end up being completely transformed. Friedrich Nietzsche was only too aware of how important music is when he said: ‘Without music, life would be a mistake.’


March 2018

Jonathan Tilkin

Photographer: Aaron Chen Top: Matiere Collection Pants: Diesel Shoes: Banana Republic

BLOUDER Music Photographer: Aaron Chen Top: Matiere Collection Pants: Diesel


March 2018



onathan Tilkin burst onto the Instagram scene in 2017 quickly gaining over 100k followers with his unique and inventive multi-cam covers of major pop songs like “Despacito,” “Let Me Love You,” and “Night Changes.” Prior to Instagram, he was a growing star on Vine with videos garnering over 5 million loops. Originally from Boca Raton, Florida, Tilkin’s distinct vocal style blends his love of virtuosic greats like Stevie Wonder with pop acts like One Direction and Ed Sheeran. His debut single, DAYDREAMIN, was released in August 2017 and quickly passed 1 million streams, charting in five countries. What made you realize that music was your path? At what age did you start singing? Music has always been a huge part of my life and I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. I started taking formal lessons at 8 though. I sang and performed most of my childhood, but I never thought I’d try and be like a big singer or anything. It wasn’t until I was 19 that I even picked up guitar or really wrote a song. And it was only because my voice teacher, who was on tour working with Ariana Grande at the time, told me I could do it that I even really considered trying. How would you describe the music you typically create? It’s funny, because only two of the songs I’ve written have been released; I don’t know that you can really label my sound yet. But I can tell you that the rest of the songs coming out this year lean more on the pop/rock side. I pull a lot of inspiration from 80’s guys like Bryan Adams and Steve Perry (of Journey). The guys with big voices who weren’t afraid to sing from the heart. I love that you could hear the sound of skin on metal and that there was a real band behind them. And as far as today goes, I’m really inspired by Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, and One Direction. I want to create songs as big as theirs. They’re all awesome. What makes your music unique? What makes my music unique is the honesty of my lyrics. I’m an honest guy and my music reflects it. In my personal life I try to be as transparent as possible and I carry that on to my songwriting. I think that’s what sets me apart right now. That and the fact that I’m 20 BLOUDER

March 2018

keeping my music band oriented. Synths and programmed sounds are amazing, but for me nothing can be the punch of a real band in front of you. How long does it usually take you to write a song? What do you find most inspires you to write a song? My songwriting process varies from song to song, but I generally start with an emotion I want to explore or a person I want to say something to and go from there. A lot of the times the title of the song and the melodic idea come to me and then my co-writer and I write around that spot. It’s a really crazy puzzle. We usually knock out a first draft (1st verse, prechorus, chorus) within a few hours and then we’ll shape up the second verse and bridge/ending over the next few days. I remember the second verse for Something To Hold On To took a really long time to figure out. There are a lot of terrible versions of that lyric on my phone. Haha Has there been one particular moment in your musical career that you’re most proud of? There’s a lot of moments that I’m proud of but I think the one that really stands out to me is the night my first single, DAYDREAMIN, came out. My cowriter and I were in my apartment ready to launch the song at midnight and we got a text from our videographer saying the entire music video had been deleted accidentally and he had to redo it. We stayed up I’ll 4am and got the video in, knowing that we had to release it with no preview or ability to make edits. My manager was on the phone with us (he was in NYC) and we watched it and just started crying cause it was perfect and better than any of us had imagined. And then we uploaded the video and that was it- the song had to speak for itself from that point on. But I was so proud that we got it up and that it looked like what I saw in my head. I was so proud that I had independently released a song that people liked and, most importantly, I was proud that I released a song that I liked. What did your family do to encourage you? Who else in your family sings? My parents have always been the most encouraging people. Neither of them are singers really, but my dad was in the choir in high school. They’ve always supported me. They drove me all over South Florida so I could be in

shows, they put me in classes so I could learn to sing, they drove me 45 minutes to school every morning so I could go to the performing arts high school near our house, and for 3 years they drove me to rehearsals in Boca Raton for a singing group I was in with Ariana Grande. I heard you grew up with Ariana Grande? What was that like? Are you still friends with her? Growing up with Ariana was really cool. Obviously at the time I had no idea she’d go on to be a pop star, but she always had an amazing voice and it didn’t really shock me when she took off. Every night for years we rehearsed songs, some pop, some holidays songs, and performed for charities and community events. Looking back I realize how lucky I was to have had that experience. It’s because of her that I started paying attention to amazing artists like Whitney Houston and Imogene Heap. We’re still friends now, but we don’t get to talk very often. We still shoot messages back and forth on Facebook and every now and then. How did you meet your manager, Ryan M. Kolton? What’s it like working with him? My manager, Ryan, and I met at an Interscope Records party at Coachella last year. After I saw his social media work with another company, I reached to see if he would be interested in working with my page for my first single, DAYDREAMIN. I played him all of my demos for the songs I had written and it was clear how much he liked them and believed in what I was trying to do. The first thing I look for in someone I’m working with is, “Are they passionate about the project” and Ryan was that and more. He never tried to change my vision and he worked with me to explore it and define it more. His strength is in generating ideas. Between Ryan, myself, and my co-writer, Aaron Hagan, we have a good system of checks and balances in place. How did your life change after releasing your debut single, DAYDREAMIN? The main thing that’s changed since DAYDREAMIN came out is that people take me more seriously. As an independent artist, I was told I’d be lucky to hit 10k streams on my first single. After a few months I had hit a million, which was a big surprise to most of the people I had been trying to work with. Actual-

Photographer: Aaron Chen Top: Matiere Collection Pants: Diesel Shoes: Banana Republic

BLOUDER Music ing, but the main pieces- the “Something To Hold On To” hookwas figured out in an hour or two. We recorded the demo vocal in about 4 hours, which is the final vocal you hear on the track. We tried to record the vocal again a few months later, but I wasn’t going through the same events emotionally and the vocal was missing some of the magic we captured when I was really going through it.

Photographer: Aaron Chen Outfit: Seize Sur Vingt

If you could perform anywhere, in the world, where would it have to be? There are so many places I want to perform, like Wembley Stage, the Tokyo Dome, and my hometown’s arena, the Bank-Atlantic Center. But the place I’m looking forward to the most is Madison Square Garden. I’ve watched so many amazing concerts online that took place there and I just want my chance to make music there. What’s your gym routine? How do you manage to stay fit while writing and recording? It can be tough. When I’m in release mode everything kind of moves around. I don’t think I’ve been to the gym in a week, which is not like me at all. I’m just running around so much right now doing promo and having meetings, but I can’t wait to get back to the gym though. Usually I go 4-5 times a week. I manage to eat well even on the go, but I have to make up for a lot of meals with protein shakes and bars right now, which isn’t great. The good thing about NYC is that you’re always walking around, so it’s easier to feel active even when you can’t get to the gym.

ly, it was a pretty big surprise for me to! Suddenly, people who weren’t interested in me started paying attention. We were able to go to meetings and explain the vision and people were more willing to jump on board because they could see we were on to something. What are your expectations for your new single, Something To Hold On To? I try not set expectations because things rarely go exactly how you plan. My main hope is that people connect with the song. I wrote it from a really low 22 BLOUDER

March 2018

point when I felt very alone. I wanted a song that helped me believe in love again. I hope that people, whether they’re in a great relationship or in the middle of a break up, can find a piece of themselves in the song and make it their own. Music was- music is- what helps me get through the day. I hope my music can help someone else. What efforts did you put to bring it to the world? The song’s first draft was written in a few hours. It took a few more days to work out the second verse and the end-

Do you have more songs or a full length album coming up next? What’s your next big step? I have a lot more songs coming! Right now I’m focused on performing this song live as much as I can. I don’t have a lot of experience with live singing so I’ve been working on getting those skills down. I’m hoping to have at least an EP out by the end of the Summer, but we’re still figuring out how to make it all happen in time. I’m really excited about the songs that are coming next. They’re more on the rock side, big drums and guitars, but it still feels like what I’ve done so far. The glue that holds my songs together is the honesty I try to bring to them, and that’s not going anywhere.


Featuring VALERIYA PESHKOVA Photographer: Olga Bazhutova

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Relationship is a connection, a way in which two people are romantically involved with each other. Believe me, being loved by someone is the best feeling in the world which is way beyond explanation. It can only be felt. In the present era, two persons first see each other, feel attracted by their outer beauty, come close and then fall in so-called love. They get physically involved and then, guess what, part their ways. Then they find a substitute and repeat the process again and again over. That’s how a youngster’s life goes on. Do you call this love? Certainly not. The real love is poles apart from what’s really going on nowadays. It requires guts to stick to one person and hold onto him/her for your entire life being. Love just happens. You can’t control it or you just can’t stop it entering in your life. But what you can really control, however, is your relationship. You need to keep that in mind that relationship doesn’t always go smooth. Ups and downs are an integral part of one’s life. But why do we enjoy ups in our relationship and give up when things aren’t going well. Why does relationship seems like heaven in our good phase and as frustrating as hell in our bad phase. No matter what the

situation is or what the time is. If you are a true lover you will still hold your partner for eternity. And how will you do that? I’ll help you in that. Here are 10 tips on how to keep your relationship fresh as new blossomed flower and healthy going.

Speak up your heart: Don’t hesitate mentioning your partner that how much you love her. Always find time to talk to your partner and just praise her. Tell her how beautiful she is and what she means to you. Tell her what her presence means to you in your life. No one is born with 100 good qualities. Even if your partner has 1 good quality and 99 bad one. Go for that single one quality and just ignore the bad ones. If you don’t like something in her then just say it to her. Remember that you chose to be in this relationship for her good qualities. Don’t spoil it for bad qualities in her. When you will start focusing on goodness in your partner, you will see that you have nothing to fight for and eventually the love between you will prevail.

Give Respect, take respect:

It works as one-one correspondence. If you don't respect your girl then there is no need to continue your relationship. Everyone has a self respect. By respecting her you are just respecting yourself and your relationship. By respect, I don't mean to respect only her but also respect her parents, her choices and her dreams. Remember that, after all, choosing you as her partner was also her choice. She may even take some stupid decisions in her life. Just talk to her politely and tell her the pros and cons of her decision. She will understand your consciousness later and will respect you even more for being in her life as her mate.

Private space is must: Even if you two are together and means world to each other. You shares your moments of joy and happiness and also grieve together. May be you are like a secret diary to your partner. But still there is something which needs to be kept up to yourself. That's our private space in which we are allowed to do anything without hurting the sentiments of your partner. That private space should be maintained and not be destroyed at any cost. Don't go mad

Try to figure out the reason: Everything happens for a reason, I strongly believe that. Some people like me are very calculative. We take our each and every step with proper measure and precision. Sometimes some of our steps may sound like an enigma to her but what we actually seek is her support. Girls, you got to believe in your boy that even if the way we chose and the methods we prefer seems like we are going away from you but we are taking every step to inch closer to you. For out soulmate is our ultimate salvation.

Rudeness is a natural behavior: If you love someone then you have all rights to be rude to that loving one person. Just keep in mind that your hatred shouldn't dominate over your love. Love and hate goes hand in hand. One prevails when other subsidies. Your sulkiness is a fire test of your bond. The matters of heart are very complicated. But its entirely in your hands how you want to deal with this. Think about your past and then about that every single dreams which you have been waiting since long to relish. Talk to your partner, sort out the matter and enjoy.

Apology is the key: Sometimes you may be wrong, sometimes your partner. But there may also lie a third possibility that both of you may be correct in your respective positions and just the circumstances are making you look incorrect. In any of the three cases, I suggest you not to continue your ego; go and

apologize even if you right in your shoes. You see, relationship fights are very cruel. You might end fighting but your relationship won’t be same as before. Your stature wont fall low with an apology, instead it will send a great signal to your lover that you indeed care for her and value your relationship.

A big no to third person’s involvement: You and only your lover matters in your relationship. Don’t let another person interfere in your relationship and govern it. Only you two know the intensity of your love and the strength of your connection. Likewise, only you two know what exact problem you are facing and only you two can find a solution regarding to that problem. Just remember your love and you will see that no power on earth can tear you apart. The third person from whom you are seeking assistance is already enjoying the downfall of your relationship.

Long distance relationship sucks: It’s true that in your busy and hectic schedule you want to spend a part of your day with your partner. But distance plays evil part in this. It’s easier to understand one another when you both are in front of each other. Social interaction causes misunderstanding which, in future, can bring bitterness in your bond. But when your hearts are really attached then no distance, however long, can affect your love. The roots of your love should be profoundly connected, that’s the only thing which keeps you connected throughout. Don’t let your soulmate believe that you are enjoying in her absence. Remember that your soul lies within your partner and you are not supposed to enjoy without your soul. Even if, due to distances, you can’t meet regularly, do spare some time for your partner at the end of the day. It will not only let you forget the distances between you but will also helps your girl to keep in mind that you care for her; which in

turn helps your relationship go strong.

Have trust in your partner: Don’t think that your partner is mad at you. At the end of the day, she also wants to be pampered even if you have scolded earlier. She may not call you but believe me she is as eager as you to talk to you. You are just a phone call away. Your one phone call can put a smile across her face and forget all the grudges. So just grab your phone and dial her number. Women represents materialism and men represents spiritualism. She is, by her representation, more concerned about things and situations but you, being the representor of spirituality, are supposed to take care of her in her low moments.

Don't go to bed angry: Every couples have their issues and problems. Just quitting your relationship for one thing is insanity. Make it a habit to sort things out as soon as possible. Make it a rule to kill your negativity and be the one to first spread positivity. Don't go to bad in angry mood, never. Things are best if sorted in right time. It just needs thousands effort to build up your relationship but only a single one to shatter it into shards. Moreover who wants to wet their pillow with tears.

Bonus: Whenever you feel like there is something not going right in your life and above 10 tips are not useful in any way; then take a break. This is the ultimate savior of your breaking relationship. Take a break for few days, not only from your partner but from all friends and siblings. Spend some time alone, with yourself. In the meantime, analyze your relationship and try seeking importance of your mate in your life. Count your blessings that God has showered upon you by tying her knot with you. By doing this, not only you will get a different schedule but chances are that you will start missing her and will try your best to get back to her.

RCB Column

over your partner if she is not telling you something. That's her private life dude. Let her enjoy what she wants to do. She is just finding solace and happiness in a life where you are not around. Everyone loves liberty as long as they can enjoy it. But with freedom comes responsibilities. Real men don't cheat in a relationship. Do enjoy your private space but don't strike the iron when its hot.

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Humanology for Couples



By Jessica J. Lockhart – humanology – www.jessicajlockhart.com/en


his is the second post on my Humanology for Couples series. Many people ask me how relationships should be handled so they can remain solid and stable. These posts offer you some ideas and tips that I hope will help you understand some of the important aspects involved in relationships. When human beings are born, they are born without beliefs. Beliefs are deduced from the experiences they then start having: from what they see, hear or live. Thus, many of the beliefs that a human being has stem from childhood, from the person's environment and from their families. For example, having grown up in Spain, loud voices were the common thing and quite accepted; but when I lived in Russia, loud voices were considered very rude. All human beings need beliefs. They constitute our foundations and lead 26 BLOUDER

March 2018

each of us into seeing the world the way we see it. Strong beliefs represent solid foundations. Questioning beliefs results in uncertainty, insecurity and doubt. Beliefs exist in every field of life and can be grouped into different basic topics: Family beliefs: the ones shared by the family members Social beliefs: the ones shared by the social class and social group that we grow up in or live in Religious beliefs: the ones derived from the religion we are taught at home or at school Cultural beliefs: the ones derived from our national or ethnic environment and many others The beliefs a human being has lead him or her to see the world a certain way. Some of those beliefs, we're not even aware of; in time, they become subconscious and we just assume that the world is the way we happen to see it. We internalize them so much that they become the normal thing. Then, when

BLOUDER Lifestyle Relationship relationships are established, the set of personal, religious, social, cultural and other beliefs that each partner has will affect the way in which the relationship is approached and maintained. So, if one of the partners believes that free, open relationships are the only way to go and the other partner's beliefs are that only complete devotion to the other is the right approach, they will sooner or later encounter difficulties. When beliefs are not obvious, some people just neglect them and move on. This results in unsolved issues within couples. For a couple to be strong and balanced, each partner should know his or her beliefs and share them with the other, in an attempt to make understanding easier. Knowing what your partner believes, even if different from your own beliefs, will help you understand their position and opinions. This doesn't necessarily mean that your partner will be convinced by your beliefs or by what you're sharing. But understanding where you're coming from is a first step in the direction of shared growth. How can you know what beliefs you have, if some of them are subconscious? I recommend the following, very simple exercise, that can be done individually and its results, or some of them, then shared with others. For a couple of weeks, carry a small notebook and pen with you wherever you go. You can also use your recording system on your phone. Every time you hear yourself say anything that begins with any of the following phrases:

thoughts beginning with those phrases. After two weeks, go over your notes. They will represent many, if not most, of your beliefs. Once you know what you believe, feel free to share that information with your partner. Try and find where your beliefs are different. Don't question them, though. As a first step, just acknowledge your beliefs and your partner's beliefs. Understanding how we see the world is a big step forward in human growth. Understanding how your partner sees it can help you explain why the two of you sometimes clash so much. Based on your discovered beliefs then ask yourself: how do I expect myself to behave in relationship? What do I think is the "right" behavior? What do I expect my partner's behavior to be like? How does his/her behavior differ from my expectations? Can I live with that difference and accept that my partner is behaving the way he/she thinks is correct based on his/her own beliefs? How do I behave that clashes against what my partner expects from me? Can my partner live with the difference between what is expected and my real behavior? The answers to these questions will give you a very clear understanding of where you and your partner are in your relationship.

Most beliefs can't be changed at will. They require a more complex process. That's why I'm just recommending that you acknowledge your beliefs and those of your partner and try and work together on acceptance. If you happen to come across a belief in your partner that you can't live with, you can try and explain your reasons. Your partner can accept them or not. By discussing the beliefs that are limiting your relationship, you might both come to a deeper understanding of each other. That usually is enough to help a relationship move forward. If it is not, whatever belief is blocking the way, be it yours, be it your partner's, it won't just go away. It will constantly create friction. Being aware of this is also very important. Once you know it, you will both have to decide what else you'd like to do. At that point, the help of a humanologist can be very useful. The work we do includes helping other human beings identify, question and change beliefs of all types. So, work on your beliefs while your partner works on his or hers. Then discuss them. That might just do the trick. If you discover that you're still truly stuck, contact your humanologist to get some help. After all, beliefs are personal and not that easy to handle :) Meanwhile, remember to enjoy life... ALL of it.

I think that... I believe that... I suppose that... I can/can't... I should/shouldn't... and similar ones, write whatever it is that you said on your notebook. You can also note down all your 27 BLOUDER

March 2018

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LOVE IS LOVE, NO BOUNDARIES! By Soniya Sethi | Instagram @soniyasethi This world is like a giant jigsaw puzzle of different kinds of people. Everyone have someone close to them. For others Love is one of the most wonderful feelings one can ever experience. To love and desire to be loved are the basic human traits. Everyone is in search of true love throughout life. Blessed are those who find their love and enjoy the solace. Love is all around you. But for me, love is when you have someone to care, to accompany, to support, to shower lots of blessings, to stand by your side. Love is beyond any restrictions and rules. To love someone is like to be the best person of his life. Love has the extreme powers and can make anything possible. All of us possess the hidden potential. All it takes is a recognition and inspiration. With the right person by your side, you can sail through the tough times of life. 28 BLOUDER

March 2018

In love, age is just a number. Love doesn't have any age bar as from the childhood when we are born we are in love with our birth giver #MOTHER. When we grow little older we are in love with our cousins also some childhood fight that is also a part of love. When we grow older we are in love with the girl whom we will marry as she is all new, again when we grow older we either become father or mother than you are in love with your child. In your old age, you are in love with your grandchild. Love itself is unconditional having no boundaries, just as the sun shines on everything and everyone. As we share

in the flow of love, we are improved as well. Love can be between a girl and a boy, black and white, grandmother and child, father and daughter, man and man, women and women, man and woman etc. You can have multiple examples wherein there is a huge age gap, gender differences, and sexuality interlude between two people but are still so much in love. You just need trust, patience, a bit of adjustment and loads of care to make your love and relationship work. That's it. Love knows no end. It surpasses everything that comes its way. Love is that feeling, motivation, drive, where someone/something else is more important to you, than yourself. And, you would walk through hell, every single day, if it has to be so, just to see someone, with whom you’re in love.

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By Harshini Chandrika | Instagram @harshini_chandrika

here are so many people in this world, people with different kind of bodies. Everyone’s unique in their own way and everyone’s beautiful in their own way. But this is just said and not practiced in real life. Whenever people see an overweight person, they immediately without any second thought, start criticizing them. For most of the people an ideal body means being thin. But if they are skinny they are again criticized for less weight. What is someone supposed to do then? There are so many workout rou-

tines these days. "Lose weight in 30 days", "Gain weight in 40 days", and what not. Girls are ashamed of showing their bellies under a crop top. They are ashamed of themselves that is only because the ideal body of a girl is compared to that of an hour glass. Have you seen all the models? They are so thin. They follow such a strict routine. They need to look attractive at all times. You may say that's their job right? But it’s so tough to do. Just for the sake of looking slim they need to starve for days. There is no hint of eating anything they want and whenever they want. That's really tough. Body shaming has some really negative and long lasting effect on others. Maybe one day you have had commented on someone's

body which is of course not such a big deal for you, but for them it is a lot. Believe me it has such a deep and dark effect on their lives. They start hating themselves. They start to work out and hurting themselves. Maybe they won't even eat anything and starve for the ideal body. And when they have lost all the weight they are teased again. Body shaming is not cool. Stop body shaming. It is not fun. There are so many overweight people who are bullied so much. It has really bad effects on them. Some people even want to end their lives! Just because others are bullying you doesn't mean you need to go through so much. Be happy the way you are. Have courage to flaunt your body as it is. You are gorgeous the way you are.


March 2018

Photographer: Olga Bazhutova

BLOUDER Lifestyle Millennials

Photographer: Olga Bazhutova


aleriya Peshkova was born in Russia, in the Siberian city of Tyumen. She graduated from the university with a degree in public relations. She’s a multiple champion in equestrian sport. She’s also engaged in Argentine tango. Her modeling career began at the age of 17. She practices meditation, thetahilling, human design and other techniques of personal growth. Tell us about your career as a model. How were you discovered? To be honest, I did not plan to work as a model, it happened spontaneously. One of the scouts saw my photos and offered to try myself in the modeling business. After that, followed the first contact to Asia and my love for this profession arose.

ous, but I will remember this for life. In your own eyes, what was the moment that your career really took off? It seems to me that my first contract in Italy gave me the greatest experience. During that time, I grew up very much, the attitude towards work changed. From hobbies, this has become something very serious. In addition, I met very interesting people who motivated me to develop and find my way in life. What’s one of the most interesting shoots that you’ve done? I really love working with animals, I remember shooting with the Tibetan yak, a lot of projects with horses, snakes, cats and mice. But most of all I remember the joint work with real wolves! I admire these animals: their mind, grace, charisma. And although it was difficult to work and even, somewhat, danger-

Did you ever have a bad/crazy experience during your modeling career? For many years, of course, there was a lot of fun, complicated and interesting, but from one photo there was a special reminder - a scar on the back) During the photo session, burning sves were put on my back and at some point they burned and my back started to melt. Fortunately, they extinguished me very quickly. What is one of your favorite photographs from your career so far? Who shot it? During my career I worked with so many really adorable photographers, but I especially remember Shurikhin's sisters, Vassa the photographer, and Vika the stylist, these wizards really do 31 BLOUDER

March 2018

BLOUDER Lifestyle Millennials

Photographer: Olga Bazhutova some magic! Every shooting with them is a piece of a fairy tale! You never know which hero of a story you will become this time. What’s the biggest misconception about the female modeling industry? Probably, that the work of the model is something very simple and for this it is only necessary to be beautiful. In fact, often shooting is in the street in severe frosts. Or on unstable constrictions, where you can easily fall. Sometimes this is really dangerous for life. And besides, every image in the photo session needs to be understood and lived, only then the footage can be really interesting and saturated. What is your favorite thing to do when not working? Definitely equestrian sport. I devote a lot of time to work with horses and love these creatures, they are beautiful, intelligent and each has its own unique character and behavior.


March 2018

What is your favorite healthy snack? I love sweet, but, alas, for the model, carbohydrates intake under tight control, but I found a pleasant replacement, chocolate news - protein bars. And for sports it's also good. What’s a typical week like for you? My typical week is a lot of shooting, sports and necessarily selfdevelopment, reading of special literature, attending seminars, events and trainings. Every day I try to be a little better than I was yesterday. What music are you into at the moment? 30 Seconds To Mars – From Yesterday Give us 5 facts about you, people may not know. 1. I'm from Siberia 2. I believe in reincarnation 3. I sing in the shower 4. I can predict the fate (but about this

ts ....) 5. Sometimes I am extremely sentimental Do you like traveling? I really love to travel and take every opportunity to break into a new adventure. What is your all-time favorite movie and why? Braveheart. This film has laid in me the values of faithfulness and faith in my ideals, even at the cost of my life. What projects are you presently working on? At the moment I'm in Geneva and we're shooting an advertising company for a designer brand of bags. Do you have any advice for those who want to start modeling? Believe in your ideals, constantly develop and become the best version of yourself.

BLOUDER Lifestyle Millennials Photographer: Olga Bazhutova


March 2018

BLOUDER Lifestyle All About You 3) DIY organizer: If your hobby is art and craft then you must have brushes, paintings, calligraphy pens, sketches, shading pencils and all. And they all get messy which takes lots of space. You can use old medium size cartoons to make an organizer. Simply cut them in the way you want wrap them with beautiful handmade sheet of your choice or according to room walls join all together and there you go. Your DIY organizer will be ready.


4) Calligraphy/Hand Lettering: If you love hand lettering and calligraphy or you want to learn it, you can start with the basics. You can get online practice sheets and tutorials. This thing helps a lot in colleges and offices too.


By Sana Hussain | Instagram: @sanahussain_._

Sometimes Boredom hits us very badly and we don't understand what to do. So, now it’s time to make a small change, instead of posting "Bored! Anyone up?" and all on your social sites, let's see what we can do when we get bored. (a) If you're a creative person and you love doing craft work and other DIY stuffs:

1) Doodling: Doodles are simple drawings that can have concrete representational meaning or may just be composed of random and abstract lines. You 34 BLOUDER

March 2018

can observe things around you at different places and you can put them all together on a page or you can just imagine and can go with the flow. This will give you a very different and attractive piece of art; you can do this even if you are not good.

2) Painting: So what If you're not good at painting just try your hands in it. Start with simple paintings. Galaxy painting is one of the easiest paintings that you can try. You'll also get hints about mixture of colors.

5) DIY gift pack: It doesn't matter if you're a girl or boy, on some occasions when you bought something for someone, you don't get a perfect gift pack especially for small things like- earrings, necklaces and all. You can make short bags by your own for future or for last moments. 6) Nail Polish Hack: If you have jewelries which are your favorite, but you can't use them anymore because they are too old then you just need some nail paints. You can make your jewelry look good and attractive just use nail polishes to give them different and new look. 7) Hacks: Simply go on YouTube, find some painting and craft hacks and watch them. It will really help you a lot. This is my favorite time pass. (b) If you're fitness freak: If you love to maintain your body shape you can do gym at home.

8) Push-ups: You can do push-ups at your home. 9) Jogging: If your society has a park or area where you can go for jogging or where you can go for a walk, you can do this. This will not take so much energy.

BLOUDER Lifestyle All About You 10) Simple exercises: If you don't have so much energy after long day but you're bored and you want to spend some time by doing exercise you can go to Google or YouTube and can get simple and short effective exercises which you'll really love. 11) Goal: If you're not healthy, you want to be fit then use your free time to reach your goal. Make a chart from simple exercises to exercises which will take you to your goals. Follow the chart and you'll see the difference. (c) If you love movies: 12) Old Movies: If you've watched all the recent movies and you don't want to repeat them just go pick up some old movies randomly and watch them. You'll notice the evolution of Indian cinema and also, you'll get to watch a classical movie.

18) Learn New: Try to learn some new makeup styles too. As in today's world, makeups styles are also becoming natural and more attractive. Try them in your free time so that you can do it perfectly when you'll be doing to go out.

ing your mood fresh.

(e) If you're alone at home: 19) Dusting: If you're alone at home, you can do dusting and cleaning of your home.

26) Bake: Cake and pastries, nobody can ever say no to them. So bake a cake for yourself and enjoy.

20) Organize: In our houses, we always have a corner which always remains messy, so when you're getting bored you can go and organize that corner. 21) Old stuffs: We always keep collecting useless stuffs whether they are some paper and notes or other stuffs. Take out all the stuffs and get started. Throw up all the useless papers and other stuffs.

13) Web Series: If you love watching movies and you have watched up all the movies, you can also go for web series. In today's world, many apps are also available for web series and you can also get them on YouTube too.

22) Make Changes: We normally don't realize that change is the constant thing. We need changes in our lives to keep us fresh. When you're getting bored just make some changes in your room or house.

14) Short movies: Short movies are being viral these days. You can watch funny or moral short movies on any topic. You will not get bored and also, you'll get some knowledge too.

23) Call someone at home: In today’s fast life there are so many valuable persons we all have in our lives whom we left behind. Call that person, spend some time with them and refresh your relationship.

(d) If you love doing make-up:

(f) If you love cooking/baking:

27) Use: Spices after long time, they lose their smell and other qualities and even after that you don't want to throw them because of their delicate beauty so, Make use of them. You can use cinnamon in candles and other spices in other craft works. (g) If you love plants or doing gardening: 28) Care: Make sure your all plants are healthy. Also, that you're watering them on right times and you're using pesticides in right amount. Take help of Internet and find if you're going in right direction. 29) Plant indoor plants: Out-door plants is common in our homes as they are little easy to maintain in comparison to indoor plants so, let's plant some indoor plants too which will give refreshing look too your rooms. 30) Cutting: Cutting the dried leaves is good for plants. We should keep cutting them. There are a lot of reasons for this, one major reason is dried stem or unhealthy stem can affect your whole plant. 31) Experiment: Instead of buying seeds of artificially produced plants, make them by yourself. They are really easy and exciting. You can try them at home. YouTube and Google will provide you whole procedure of differentdifferent plants.

15) Shopping: If you're getting bored at home, you can go for shopping by yourself. Go for make-up things or explore the market, this will give you a lot of ideas.

32) Flower Pots: Instead of buying fancy and expensive flower pots. Open a list of DIY flower pots, bring the required materials and start making your own flower pot. They are super easy, exciting and cheap.

16) Hacks: If you're getting bored and thinking to do something with your makeup then you can try some hacks with them. 17) Nail Art: Nail paint/art is really very attractive and also it's simple. It doesn't ruin your simplicity so go for some nail art rather than simple nail polish.

25) Try new and healthy recipes: Try to observe your diet if your diet is really healthy or not. Include healthy recipes in it.

24) Cleaning: First, make sure your kitchen is fresh and hygienic. If it is not, make it fresh this will help in mak-

33) For the very first time: There is always a first time, If you've time and you're getting bored than what is exciting more than doing something new, something which you've never done before. This will let you know your capabilities in other fields and will give you a happy and positive feeling. 35 BLOUDER

March 2018

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CHILD ABUSE By Oliver JR Cooper | http://www.oliverjrcooper.co.uk

About the Book Do you have boundary problems? • Are you out of touch with your own needs and feelings? • Do you tolerate abusive relationships? • Are you unable to feel safe? • Do you believe there is something wrong with you? • Is it hard for you to trust people? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could have been abused as a child. Child Abuse – Were You Abused As A Child? takes a closer look into what can happen when someone has been abused as a child. Firstly, there is what took place, then there are the consequences, and finally there is what needs to occur in order for someone to move forward and heal themselves. This book takes a look at each of these stages, providing support, validation, and encouragement along the way.

About the Author Prolific writer, author, and coach, Oliver JR Cooper, hails from England. His insightful commentary and analysis covers all aspects of human transformation, including love, partnership, self-love, and inner awareness. With over one thousand six hundred in-depth articles highlighting human psychology and behavior, Oliver offers hope along with his sound advice. His current projects include 'A Dialogue With The Heart' and 'Communication Made Easy'. 36 BLOUDER

March 2018

BLOUDER art Featuring

DR. ANJALI CHAUGULE Photographer: Sumit Deshmukh



A Beautiful Amalgamation of Dentist, Model, Artist & Dancer Multifaceted, wearing multiple hats is her forte and versatility her second name. A dynamic dentist by profession, an elegant argentine tango and salsa dancer, an aspiring model, a passionate shutterbug, an artist at core, an eternal optimist and an epitome of elegance is what defines her in a nutshell. Dr. Anjali is a stained glass and canvas artist, she loves to sketch, loves origami, modeling and loves to do everything that is creative and that which inspires her and fuels her creativity. She is an ardent lover of jazz and country music, exotic destinations and picturesque places of beauty. She has travelled internationally to UK, Japan, Paris, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangkok, Dubai with regards to her continuing professional development as a dentist and for her love of dance. She believes that “Each of us has a personal calling that’s as unique as a fingerprint and the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service, working hard, and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you!! Her mantra for life is “There’ll never be another now, I’ll make the most of today; there’ll never me another me, I’ll make the most of myself “ Born in Pune, hailing from a reputed doctor family Dr. Anjali has always been a topper and an achiever throughout her academic life as a dental surgeon. She is convent educated and completed her undergraduate studies from Fergusson college, Pune and later pursued her dentistry from MGV dental


March 2018

college, Nasik and internship program from BVP dental college, Pune with distinction. She has her own dental practice in Pune since 2005 by the name “Oral Symphony dental care" as well as she is also a senior dental consultant with the renowned "Symbiosis" institute in Pune since 2006. In the past she has also worked with renowned hospitals like Ruby Hall clinic, Sanjeevan hospital Pharande hospital Chaugule Paediatric clinic ,The Smile Spa (United Kingdom) and many more organizations and clinics. She has received her international hands on training and diplomas in Advanced dentistry from United Kingdom. She holds an International Diplomate in DERMAL FILLERS from CODE AFA (U.K.) Being a lover of French Language since school Dr.Anjali is also an International Diplomate in French Language (DELF A2) from Alliance Francaise, Pune. As a creative soul her interest in drawing, painting and designing began at a very early age. Her paintings and art convey a feeling of harmony between nature and humanity, featuring a dab of art deco and a dash of the surreal. She alo mentions that artists find her works of art thought provoking, meaningful and worthy of frequent visits. Her objective is to continue working in her own contemporary style combined with techniques of the old masters-in an expression of optimism, joy and serenity. As an aspiring model, Dr. Anjali believes modeling is in a way becoming art, becoming a moving sculpture or an expressive and narrative painting when it comes to pictures and that she is a true ART LOVER. As they say "The

journey of a thousand miles begins with a SINGLE STEP”. She believes that the journey of a top model begins with PASSION! A passionate model is an inspiring role model for one and all which has always been her dream in every area of her life. Her first step towards modeling began in 2016 and this journey has been enriching and fulfilling in every way for her. What she enjoys about modeling is creating amazing images because they are a collaborative creation between artists (model, photographer, make up artist, stylist, post production team, etc...) She loves being able to tell a story or convey an emotion with a single photo. She says that after every shoot or pageant she does learn a little bit more about herself. Dr. Anjali takes great pride in her achievements be it dentistry, art, dance or modeling and would like to quote them as follows1.She was crowned as “PUNE TIMES MISS MOST POPULAR STYLE ICON 2016” by renowned Bollywood Actress Miss Mahima Chaudhary and was “TOP 5 FINALIST” at “STYLE ICON 2016 SEASON 4” held at PHOENIX MARKET CITY, PUNE in 2016 organized by Pune Times under choreographer and runway director Mr. Sandeep Dharma. Groomed for PUNE TIMES STYLE ICON 2016 by renowned faculty at ITA SPA (Indian Television Academy School Of Performing Arts, Pune). Media Coverage of STYLE ICON 2016, Pheonix market city in PUNE TIMES AND PUNE nd MIRROR (2 December 2016 issue)


Photographer: Sumit Deshmukh


March 2018

BLOUDER Art 2. She was crowned as “MISS ND PEHENAAWA 2017-2 RUNNER UP” by renowned Marathi Actor Mr. Akshay Waghmare and Singer Mr. Swapnil Kasar and was “TOP 6 FINALIST” at “MR &MISS PEHENAAWA 2017” held at ISHANYA MALL, PUNE in 2017 organized by Prayaas and Splendid Events, Mumbai by Mr. Saagar Lalka and Pooja Aparajita Sharma. Media Coverage of PEHENAAWA 2017, Ishanya Mall in DNYANLEELA WEEKLY NEWSPAPER (20th March 2017 issue) and in REVISTA FASHION MAGAZINE (Jan-Feb 2017 issue) 3.She was crowned as “PUNE FASHION FIESTA MEGA MODEL 2017” and was a TOP 7 FINALIST at “PUNE FASHION FIESTA 2017” a fashion show for a noble cause held at nd Phoenix in Pune on October 2 2017, organized by Fiesta media and entertainment and choreographed by Col. Dr. Sameer Mehrotra and Mrs. Soniya Shetty Singh (Mrs. Commonwealth st Asia pacific-1 runner up) .Media Coverage of PUNE FASHION FIESTA 2017 in “ DNYANLEELA WEEKLY th NEWSPAPER (18 September 2017 issue) , PUNE NIGHTLIFE NEWS th and PRABHAT NEWSPAPER (5 October2017) 4. She was selected as a TOP 28 FINALIST at PUNE TIMES STYLE ICON 2017 and walked the ramp recently at Pheonix market city in Pune th on 24 November 2017 by show director Mr. Sandeep Dharma. Groomed for PUNE TIMES STYLE ICON 2017 by renowned faculty at ITASPA, Pune ( Soft skills by Meenakshi Ahuja, Image consultation by Shreya Patharkar, Diet and nutrition by Dr. Shanaya Dharma, Bollyhop dancing by Michael and celebrity ramp walk pageant trainer ALESIA RAUT ). Media coverage of the event was featured th in PUNE TIMES (30 November 2017) and by TRUE SPORTS CHANEL ON television and by MANGALYAM FILMS


March 2018

SPECIAL MENTION-She received the “BEST RAMP WALK” compliment from amongst all TOP28 FINALISTS BY “ALESIA RAUT.” 5.She was invited by the organizing chairman of INDIAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION as a JUDGE to judge fashTH ion show AT 56 MAHARASHTRA STATE DENTAL CONFERENCE th which was held on 8 December at RAMKRISHNA MORE AUDITORIUM, CHINCHWAD and was felicitated with the JUDGE TROPHY for the same amidst Bollywood celebrities like Mr. Tushar Kapoor and Miss Ketaki Mategaonkar. 6. Her ARTIST BIOGRAPHY was featured in the September issue of “THE CREATIVE HOBBY ZONE MAGAZINE” by Mr. Debashish Dutta, editor in chief. 7. Her success story was published in “THE COMPLETE WOMAN MAGAZINE “by Mr.Dhawal Dave,editor of the complete woman magazine. 8.Her MODEL BIOGRAPHY was featured in “RageN You “fashion magazine by Mr. Jiss Victor, editor in chief. 9. Dr. Anjali also designed a book cover page for a novel “MESSED UP! BUT ALL FOR LOVE!” by author Mr. Arvind Parashar from Mumbai in a fan art contest organized by him and from 300 entries in the contest her art work won the best prize in the contest and she was invited by the author to go live and connect worldwide with him from FB Bandstand @Facebook Mumbai Studio @One BKC in Bandra. 10. Dr. Anjali has been trained in Argentine Tango since April 2014 in India and also received International training from Tango Maestros in 2015 at DUBAI INTERNATIONAL TANGO FESTIVAL 2015 11.Dr.Anjali has also received training



March 2018

BLOUDER Art in Ballroom dancing and Salsa from Sandip Sopparkars academy. 12. Her dentistry article on “Smile gems Tooth Jewellery” was featured th on December 13 2006, in “Body and Mind” section of Pune Newsline of INDIAN EXPRESS. 13. Dr. Anjali has her own ARTPAGE on Facebook by the name “CREATIVO-Dr.Anjali” LINK-https://www.facebook.com/ DrAnjaliC/ 14. Dr. Anjali is the pioneer of the HEALTH PAGE on Facebook for her institute SYMBIOSIS CENTRE OF HEALTH CARE, Pune. 15. Dr. Anjali has received many accolades nationally and internationally in Photography at various theme based photography contests. Her best photog-


March 2018

raphy uploads are on the VIEWBUG international photographers community website where she is presently the moderator, having a special blog feature and holds a BEHIND THE LENS BADGE and have won over 640 awards in their theme based contests. 16. Her stained glass paintings have also won her various awards on the international platform among which I would like to quote a few as “ THE GOLDEN BRUSH AWARD” and “THE INTERNATIONAL MASTER OF ART GHAFAR BAHARI AWARD” and “ THE INTERNATIONAL VISUAL ARTISTS AWARD.” 17. She had won the first prize in Rangoli competition at Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College in 2002 Theme-“Where Knowledge and Peace Unite.” 18. She had won the first prize in inter-

collegiate poster competition in 2002 on “World Aids Day” at Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College. Theme – “Aids Awareness and Prevention.” 19. She had also participated in Blood Donation Poster competition in Staff category on World Blood Donation Day held at Symbiosis College, Senapati Bapat Road, Pune and my poster was shortlisted in top 100 posters for this competition. On this sweet note Dr. Anjali would like to sign off by quoting “Define your future by creating it”. As an aspiring model she would look forward to commercial assignments, brand endorsements, working with reputed designers, photographers and also try her hands at acting. Her dream is to carve a significant niche for herself in the glamour and art industry as a “Woman of Substance”

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niruddha J Sharma a.k.a AJ Sharma is an established photographer, humanitarian and educator from Pondicherry, India.

His career began in Mumbai, India after he obtained degrees in Visual Communication and in Visual Arts & Filmmaking (for which he was awarded a full scholarship). After a short stint in Bollywood in 2011, AJ set out into the world, exploring and capturing the beauty of its vast expanse through his imagery. During this period he developed a career in Travel & landscape, Editorial, Fashion and Advertising photography, working for leading brands such as Hidesign, Ayesha Accessories, Holii, Future Group, Gapminder.org to name a few. His work has since been featured in many leading travel, fashion and lifestyle magazines in India as well as abroad. In 2015 he had his first solo fine art gallery exhibition - Unwrapture in Bangalore. This body of work uses a dancer bound by seat belts to portray a narrative about urban angst and freedom. Soon after, MOD Institute Berlin featured his second body of work "Labour Narratives" as the solo photographic part of their internationally traveling exhibition "Weltstadt" (Metropolis). The piece is an intimate portrayal of construction workers in Bangalore. His long term efforts are aimed at creating an international art collective under his studio banner with a view to reform the photography industry by connecting developed art ecosystems with skilled talent in developing nations. AJ Sharma currently lives in New York City, US and is available for assignments both locally and internationally. What does photography mean to you? Photography for me is about creation and observation. It is as much about manifesting an idea through art as it is about being observant and finding a fresh perspective on the banal. How did you develop an interest in photography? I have always been a creative person 44 BLOUDER

March 2018

AJ SHARMA and I knew I was a very visual being. After studying fine art, filmmaking and visual effects I finally found that the best medium of expression for me was photography. Who are you as a person? I’m just someone striving to do something meaningful with my work and exploring life through photography. How do you as a photographer make sure that the thing, person or land-

scape you want to shoot looks the way you want it to? It’s not as simple as making something looks the way you want it to. It’s a dialogue. You observe and learn about your subject and then interpret that though the way you see and photograph it. The image is often the subject reflected upon the photographer’s vision. From your point of view, what makes a good picture? For me a layered and well thought out

Click Out LOUDER image that holds the viewer’s mind and provokes thought is always great. Creating with intention is something I respect. What were the challenges that you most commonly faced and how did you deal with them? Common challenges are uncertainty of the direction you’re headed and trying to find your voice and style. Both are dealt with by simply being hardworking and being perseverant. How important is it for a photographer to “connect” with his subjects to bring out their true self? I truly believe that when a photographer tries to connect with their subject, it is a beautiful process of discovery that leads to a better understanding of the person we are trying to represent in a portrait. There is a difference between a passport size photo - which represents the physical traits and a portrait which seeks to represent appearance and character as a whole. Since the photography techniques and equipment change quickly, it is important to stay up-to-date. What do you do to always keep up with the times? Always Be Learning. I love reading up on the cutting edge of industry techniques as it might help me create something new and interesting. Right now for example I am exploring VR and how photography might play a part beyond projection mapping or 3d layouts. That being said, I believe it equally important to have a strong foundation of photographic knowledge, principles without which the latest equipment and tech wouldn’t be of much use. Nowadays almost everyone has access to devices with which it is possible to take pictures. What do you think is the difference between a professional photographer and any other hobby photographer? Yes, the technical work is being offloaded more and more to technology and AI. The average photographer, pro or not, has to worry a lot less about getting the right exposure, focus, dynamic range etc. It’s great that we have that freedom now to have a camera with neutral net imaging in our pockets all the time. But at the end of the day these are all just tools. Like a musical instrument, their ultimate output remains in the talent and expression of the artist

playing them. As for the question about competition, this quote by Ken Rockwell comes to mind: "Now that anyone can snap a technically decent picture, only those with the ability to see the real image inside something will survive as photographers." Which one is your favorite lens and why do you prefer it? The right lens for the job is my favorite, but I’m currently back in love with the Canon 100mm macro for its versatility, great optics and bokeh and insane sharpness. Which photographers influenced you, and how did they influence your thinking, photographing, and career path? Irving Penn’s work is one of the reasons I still shoot fashion after many years as travel photographer. His travel and portraiture deeply informs his fashion work lending it a fine art quality that somehow makes his work feel very meaningful to me. Vadim Stein is an extremely underrated genius whose visual striking and sculptural style has had a big impact on my way of looking at the human body. Prabuddha Dasgupta’s later work, though a little ahead of its time, is some of the best to have come out of India. His fearless pursuit of his vision has been inspirational. Artists like Gaugin, Vermeer, Rembrandt, FE Church, Turner and John Fernandes and my peers in New York City are also strong inspirations on a regular basis What, in your opinion, is most important to consider while shooting portrait pictures? Can you walk us through the actual process that you use to set up a portrait? Though I shoot more fashion than portraiture, my approach is usually the same. The first thing I decide on is the mood I want to create for the image. Is

it going to bright and happy? Dark and serious? Soft, approachable, etc. Then I set about lighting the scene accordingly. When I’ve done my tests, I bring in the subject. I usually have a conversation with them and I shoot and get a bunch of warm up frames just to put my subject at ease. I also observe what reactions they have and start creating a palette in my head. I choose a few of those expressions and work with the subject, directing as necessary to fine tune them till its just right. Which editing software do you usually use? As how good would you describe your skills in that software? Capture One, Lightroom, Photoshop are 90% of my workflow. I would like to think I am an advanced to expert user on those platforms for photography editing and retouching, but there is always a new technique that I’m working on mastering. Exactly what it is you want to say with your photographs, and how do you actually get your photographs to do that? We live in a world of visual sensory overload. This has resulted in us almost becoming desensitized to the beauty of subtlety. I want my images to stand out enough to make one spend more than a fraction of a second to look at it, and then have enough layers to draw you in and hopefully make you feel something. In your free time, what kind of pictures do you like to shoot and which ones do you avoid? I love shooting and I can't really differentiate between work and fun since I genuinely love what I do. I enjoy simple shoots with a few elements and a patient and like minded team. When there is that trust in the vision it's an incredibly enjoyable process. In my free time, I enjoying shooting something that lets me experience a part of life I’ve not been exposed to before. My Travel & Landscape, Equestrian, Astrophotography and Muay Thai photography were results of that simple, human desire to experience something new.


March 2018

Photographer: AJ Sharma

Photographer: AJ Sharma

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9 Tips from

AJ Sharma to Take Photographs as a Professional

(for Beginners) 1. If you want to improve your photography: Don’t shoot black and white, don't use filters. 2. Pay attention to foreground, mid ground and background. 3. Improve yourself by taking up 1 day challenges like different objects with same color or using same focal length for an event/festival. 4. Try to recreate a shot of another photographer’s that you admire. 5. Learn the rules of composition like balance, juxtaposition, symmetry, rule of thirds etc. 6. Ask yourself what does this image say rather than who or what is in it. 7. Try different angles and perspectives - get on the floor / shoot from above 8. Upload/share your photos in photography groups and get reviews from other photographers 9. Shoot what you love, love what you shoot. Be passionate about your art and it will definitely show.


March 2018

Photographer: AJ Sharma



RYAN M. KOLTON Photographer: Brent Chua

BLOUDER Health & Fitness


Nowadays, there is a strong chance that someone will reach out for support if they have mental and emotional problems, and there are at least two reasons for this. Firstly, it is more acceptable to talk about these kinds of things. This is not to say that everyone who they come into contact with will support them; what it comes down to is that there are plenty of people who will. Secondly, there is a lot of support that is provided by society. The Past Yet, if one had an inner challenge a few decades ago, they may have just suffered in silence. What they were going through probably wouldn’t have been spoken about in the public eye, and the people around them might not have said anything about it either.

Still, one may have believed that what they were going through was just part of life, which would have stopped them from trying to do anything about it. What this emphasises is that someone can believe that an inner experience is just part of life if no one says otherwise. A Frame Work So, now that so much attention is given to mental and emotional health, it can allow one to see if they have a problem. There is then no need for them to just put up with what is taking place within them. And, through going to see an expert, one can get an understanding of how they should be experiencing life. Said another way, one will find out what it is like to be a well adjusted adult. One Problem


March 2018

If one was to reach out for external support, what it could show is that they have anxiety problems. This could something they have struggled with for a few months, or it could go back even further. Along with this, it could be something that has an effect on one area of their life or it could affect just about every part of it. One will then have done the right thing by going to see someone about it. Labelled It might then be only be a matter of time before one is told that they have some kind of disorder. Thus, not only will the person in front of them ‘know’ what is wrong with them, they will also know.

BLOUDER Health & Fitness As a result of this, one could end up being put on some kind of medication and/or they could be referred to a behavioural therapist. One can then walk away with the belief that there is something wrong with them and that they will soon be fixed.

What some of these people could find is that there are moments when they feel anxious about the future, when they are around others and/or when they try something for the first time, for instance. A Different Experience

An Accurate Assessment If one has the tendency to be overwhelmed by anxiety when they are around others and/or they feel this way when they are by themselves, for instance, it is going to be clear that something isn’t right. What is going on within them is stopping them from being able to function and something clearly needs to be done about it. But while some people will experience life in this way, there are going to be others who have a different experience.

If someone like this was to go and see a professional, they could be told that what they are going through is just part of life and not something they need to be worried about. This would then show that this person understands that there is a reason why human beings have the ability to experience anxiety. Through bring able to experience anxiety, it can give one the ability to prepare in the right way and it can alert them to danger. Therefore, if one didn’t have the ability to experience anxiety, it

would create another set of problems. Another Outcome Alternatively, one could be told that what they are going through shows that they have mental health problems. So, once they can no longer experience anxiety, they will be a well adjusted human being. What they are going through would have been seen as just part of the human condition in the past, but now it will have been pathologised. And, instead of feeling better about themselves, they can come away feeling even worse. One Extreme to Another It is then as if we have gone from a world where people’s mental and emotional health wasn’t given enough attention, to a world where it is given far too much attention. Being mentally and emotionally healthy is then not so much about being able to handle the challenges of life and the full emotional spectrum; it is more about feeling good all the time and experiencing endless inner peace. One has to wonder how mentally and emotionally healthy the people are who are redefining what it means to be human. Perhaps the people at the top, as well as those who are supporting what they come out with, are completely out of touch with themselves. Awareness To be able to feel good all the time or to experience endless inner peace might sound like the ideal, but it would be a pretty sterile existence. The highs are the lows are what give life meaning and they are what allow us to grow and develop, amongst other things. So the fact that one experiences anxiety shows that they are human; nothing more, nothing less. Nevertheless, if one’s life is defined by anxiety it is going to be vital for them to reach out for the right support. 51 BLOUDER

March 2018

Photographer: Brent Chua Underwear: Versace


yan M. Kolton is a signed model, media consultant, music manager, and owner of the production company, Hit The Ground. This ambitious 22 year old, originally from Ukraine, graduated from UCLA less than one year ago and has already been featured across numerous publications, worked alongside major Fortune 500 Companies, and oversaw the creation and execution of various big budget projects for multiple US State Tourism Boards. He aims to inspire other young people to go for their dreams no matter who they are or what they’ve been through and to always give it your all. How would you define your personal style? My personal style is one that is centered on versatility. Versatility, as in

Photographer: Brent Chua

purchasing and wearing pieces that can go with all kinds of looks and purposes, rather than just for one time use or for one set occasion. My personal style draws inspiration from current color trends, cuts, layers and designs and combines these factors into clean, put together looks that are both presentable and fun, but sophisticated as well. I like to go minimal (solid, clean designs and pairings). However, when I go bold, I go 100% bold. How did the modeling bug bite you? Growing up a traveler due to frequent family relocations, I was exposed to the many different looks, cultures and styles from around the world at a young age. I remember being really taken with the looks and gestures of the models in the advertisements I came across. The pouted lips, the focused eyes, the an-

gles, pivots, leans and feels, these models shaped my perception of the world around me. I remember being attracted to the stories. It was a way to communicate something larger, something that was not limited by any language barrier, a barrier I knew too well being a foreigner myself. I wanted to be able to do that. Tell a whole story through just my look, pose, frown or smile. Modeling was a career very unfamiliar to me, but I knew in joining it I would be able to learn more about myself and the world around me then I could ever could otherwise. The rest is history. What was the biggest change in your life after entering into the modeling industry? It would 100% be my lifestyle. Modeling is a serious career not one to take lightly or assume halfheartedly. It

Photographer: Brent Chua

requires a lot of you; a lot of time, patience, energy, health, money, heart, and willpower, especially the latter. My workouts immediately became routine, as did as my diet and sleep schedule as well. Healthy foods became priority; sport became essential and the importance of proper time management became crucial, as the modeling industry is definitely one that demands excellence in timing. Do you consider yourself to be creative? If so, give some examples. I do consider myself to be creative, at least I think so. Aside from modeling, I run my own creative marketing and production company that focuses on constructing and curating original campaigns and activations from the ground up for a variety of brands, companies, and individuals. Given budgets of all sizes, varying scopes and limitations, targets and parameters, I am constantly put in the hot seat to create and carry out something new, exciting, fresh and effective. I take a lot of pride in my company. Composed of six hard working, talented and passionate members, we constantly put our creative minds to the test through each project we devel-

Photographer: Stefano Cavoretto stefanocavoretto.com

op before us, insuring a maximum ROI output each and every time. Where do you pull your inspiration from? Movies, books, family, friends, school and the settings around me are the things that have gotten me to where I am and continue to inspire me every day. An individual’s support system is key and the best part is that you can choose what comprises it, so choose wisely. What workout do you do to get that amazing body? I appreciate the compliment. Regarding which workout I find most effective, the truth is there isn’t one specific workout that is the best of all. Personally, I like to keep it fun and challenging, mixing it up as I go. My favorite routines to perform at the gym are ones that involve a circuit routine. Three or four exercises done in succession with a small break in between each complete round, which together forces your body to adapt and work harder. What do you eat before working out? I choose to eat something very small,

if anything, right before a workout. Instead I prefer drinking a lot of water. For me, hydration is key. I drink a bottle of water, maybe have a protein bar and I’m all set to go. How are you currently training, and has your training changed since the completion of your transformation? Stronger and harder than ever. I personally do not see myself at the level of completion, however, when I do get there, if I ever do, I’m sure that rather than completely changing my routine, I would simply opt to do the same routine, but with slightly less intensity. Maybe, less sets, less reps, but always keeping in mind that maintenance is key. Getting to that complete level is half the battle, maintaining your transformation is that essential, other half. What would you recommend for a quick 20 to 30 minute workout? How long should people rest in between workouts? If you only have twenty to thirty minutes, I would do a quick Tabata session, a high-intensity intervaltraining workout. 20 seconds of squats or jumping squats, then a ten second 55 BLOUDER

March 2018

BLOUDER Health & Fitness

Photographer: Brent Chua

break, repeat ten times and close it out with a full minute break. After the minute off, come back full force and do 20 seconds of mountain climbers followed by a ten second break and repeat that ten times as well. How important is nutrition if someone works out consistently? Nutrition is everything when it comes to your personal health and building the body you desire, whether your goal is to look ripped and lean or very built and stacked. I would say that if anything, nutrition is way more important than working out. If you get your diet under control, pick up the protein intake and make sure you drink plenty of water, then you can decrease the amount of times you work out and still achieve the results you’re looking for. Is it true that it's good to have a "cheat day" where people can eat whatever they want once a week? Why is this good or bad idea? Do you have a cheat day? It’s a great idea to have a cheat day, not just for your personal sanity, but also because it confuses the body and forces it to adapt. Like the workout circuits I had mentioned before, the more you can do to mix it up and push your body to adapt, within reason, the better progress you will achieve. As for whether or not I personally have a cheat day, if you count having different desserts as a cheat, then I am cheating every single Sunday. What are some simple things that people can do, in their day to day routine, besides working out, to see results faster? Starting fixing that nutrition, nutrition is key. What are the best types of exercises for getting the fastest results in the shortest period of time? Short and sweet, the exercise in keeping a consistent diet and workout schedule. If you can do that, the results are just around the corner. Name five things you can’t live without? Friends and family is a must, they are my support system. Coffee would be next, followed by a bed to sleep in and my guilty pleasure, TV. What’s your strongest childhood 56 BLOUDER

March 2018

memory? It would have to be my family’s summer trips. Traveling to different parts of Europe and Asia were some of the most treasured moments of my childhood. I learned so much, met so many amazing individuals, and was exposed to the most amazing cultures and places. What is the bad habit that no one knows about you? Something that I am actively working on is drawing a line between my work and personal life. No matter how busy my schedule gets or how much work may pile up, I try to make sure I find a moment for myself. I look at it this way, what is the point of working so hard if you don’t get to enjoy even a moment of what you worked so hard

for. How do you spend your free time? Staying active, traveling, hiking, running, watching great movies and sharing moments with friends and family whenever possible. What are your future plans? To simply keep focused and stay hungry. No matter the obstacle before me, the task I take on, or the challenge I face, my plan is to give it my all and keep pushing forward. I want to inspire and help others on their journeys towards success. I want to prove that no matter who you are or where you come from, if you work hard enough, focus and stay hungry, you will achieve anything your heart desires, it will just be a matter of time.




EKATERINA ILINA Photographer: Funkografik MUA & Hair: Amaany Ahmed

Photographer: Christina Sedelnikova MUA: Irina Che Style: @anikahair


BLOUDER Spotlight Photographer: Christina Sedelnikova MUA: Irina Che Style: @anikahair


March 2018


ntrepreneur and fashion designer from Russia who started Luna Bella dress brand in May 2017 together with two of her friends Inna de Almeida (Brazil) and Elena Tokmakova (China). They had a dream to inspire women around the world to express their femininity by wearing long dresses. In October 2017 first collection was born and quickly got worldwide recognition. Within one month after their lunch dresses were already selling in 19 countries. Interesting fact that 3 girls live in different countries and never met in person creating their dresses, all work done through messenger. Before Fame Graduated with degree in Economics at

Photographer: Funkografik MUA & Hair: Amaany Ahmed

the age of 18 years old decided to move to USA by herself to pursue her dreams. One day while working as a hostess in an Italian restaurant in San Diego she met celebrity Eva Langoria and had a dream to create a dress that the Hollywood actress would wear. Trivia Before becoming a fashion designer she worked as a rickshaw driver. Family Life Ekaterina lives in Los Angeles with her wonderful family. What is Fashion for you? Fashion for me is wearing the clothes that make me feel beautiful and confident, highlight my uniqueness. What sparked your interest in fashion? What made you take fashion more seriously and make a career out

of it? When I was at a preschool age my Mom’s best friend was working at a textile factory and we always had a lot of leftover fabrics at the house. I quickly learned how to use sawing machine and started making outfits for my dolls. Later in life I realized more and more looking beautiful and feeling beautiful is the most important thing for a woman and I wanted to help women in the world by creating beautiful dresses for them to wear! Are you self-taught or did you study fashion design? I am self-taught. What according to you is a favorite part of being a fashion designer? It is the fascinating process you go through from the concept of the dress to trying on a real dress once it is made.

BLOUDER Spotlight Photographer: Funkografik MUA & Hair: Amaany Ahmed


March 2018

BLOUDER Spotlight Photographer: Funkografik MUA & Hair: Amaany Ahmed


March 2018

Photographer: Funkografik MUA & Hair: Amaany Ahmed

How do you stay up to date regarding fashion? I follow popular fashion accounts on Instagram, attend Trade Shows and have friends in fashion industry. What skills according to you are necessary for a successful fashion designer? Passion for fashion, true desire to serve others, confidence in your skill set and talents, committing to succeed no matter what. What do you think about work ethics and what kind of ethics you believe in following while working with fashion? I think worth ethics is a top priority for any business including fashion. Our team works really hard and each of us three gives a 1000%. We support each other when someone is weak and together as a team keeps on going toward our goals. We bring good or bad personal news into the conversation and group discussion because we know all of it is making us stronger. We have yearly goals, quarterly goals and monthly goals to keep us focused.

How has your work evolved since you first started? When we first started and got this overwhelmingly amazing feedback on our line we got a little bit distracted with all the opportunities we have been approached with. Now we became more organized, built better operations structure and strictly following our business plan. How would you describe your personal style? Are there any types of clothing that you avoid wearing? My personal style is feminine, classy and elegant with a little bit of edge. I avoid wearing pants unless it is yoga or sports pants. Who is your inspiration? Eva Longoria, Kate Middleton, Angelina Jolie. What are you fascinated by at the moment and how does it feed into your work? I am fascinated by people who are living using 100% of their potential, passionate about what they do and can

make a living by doing it. I want to be that kind of person while pursuing my dreams. What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started your career? I have learned that in order to succeed you really have to stop comparing yourself to anyone who is ahead of you in their journey. Become clear on what is that you want and go get it. What do you like outside of fashion? Do you have any other talents? I love traveling and want to visit 30 countries over next 5 years. I play piano for my soul and enjoy editing videos. What are the projects you currently working on? Raising our 3 years old daughter. What advice would you give to a new designer? Believe in yourself, GO after your dreams! If you had an impulse to start creating something it means this idea wanted to be manifested through you. I know you can do it!


March 2018

Photographer: Funkografik MUA & Hair: Amaany Ahmed

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WHEELER Photographer: Leferis Prasopoulos Instagram - @lefterisprimos

THE COLLECTION BY STOPYCHEVA The Stylish & Feminine Clothing to Emphasize the Figure & Beauty of the Women

Photographer: Sergey Kovtun

Photographer: Katerina Suvorina

Style Out LOUDER Photographer: Katerina Suvorina


March 2018

Photographer: Dmitry Zashyhin

Style Out LOUDER

Photographer: Dmitry Zashyhin


March 2018

Oliver Wheeler Photographer: Leferis Prasopoulos Instagram - @lefterisprimos

“I am very proud of what I have achieved so far, none of it comes easily.�

Style Out LOUDER

Photographer: Leferis Prasopoulos Instagram - @lefterisprimos


March 2018

Style Out LOUDER Tell us about your career as a model. How were you discovered? I was scouted on the tube when I was 18, an agency approached me and asked if I wanted to come and meet the team and from there on in it began.. In your own eyes, what was the moment that your career really took off? I used to follow other male and female models on Instagram and used to be so keen to keep upto-date on what shoots they were working on and I would inspire to match their success. One day I found myself in the same room casting amongst them. It was then I felt like I’d reached a new height, plus I booked the job ;)

Photographer: Leferis Prasopoulos Instagram - @lefterisprimos


March 2018

Photographer: Leferis Prasopoulos Instagram - @lefterisprimos

Style Out LOUDER What’s one of the most interesting shoots that you’ve done? I did a shoot for a makeup brand Kryolan. They transformed me into an Under-the-sea God Merman Creature and so painted my face and hair copper and painted a tattoo onto my chest that took 6 hours. The shot, after post production looked like I was under water reaching out of it; the set up in reality was dangling upside down over a paddling pool making a splash with my hand. It was all very awkward and somehow I lost my grip and fell face first into the pool, got up straight away soaking wet and that 6 hour prep was running down me, I just remember the makeup team speechless! Oops… Did you ever have a crazy experience during your modeling career? Shooting an ad for Sony, one of my first ever campaigns. I was flown to Estonia and from the moment I arrived my experience was a lot to take in. I was cast to be the ‘Hero’ in this particular advert and so as the lead; I was treated very well and felt like a movie star the entire time! I had my own trailer, plus one hundred extras and a stand-in waiting for me to arrive on set everyday, local people would start to gather and stop to see what the fuss was about... it was all very overwhelming! What was the biggest change in your life after entering into modeling industry? I guess how committed you have to be, things happen very last minute and schedules change. If a casting comes up then I usually have to drop any plans I’ve made. Being self-employed is bit like that; I am very productive when it comes to work. I am more aware now how I look, how I look after myself, what I eat, how I dress, these things are important I feel, we put ourselves out there as products, so I have to be the best version of me when I am casting. Have you reached your dream assignment yet? If not, what would that dream assignment be? I am very proud of what I have achieved so far, none of it comes easily. I’ve worked hard and been very patient. I hope for it to continue, as I feel I’ve only just had a taste for things so far… 76 BLOUDER

March 2018

I would be really happy with a huge fashion campaign, wouldn’t any model be? Perhaps a Burberry Christmas ad!!

the performing arts industry. It feels good to give something back and inspire others who feel passionate about something you do.

What is one of your favorite photographs from your career so far? Who shot it? I was honored to shoot with Terry O’Neil, photographer royalty! He’s worked with legendary sportsman, music and movie stars including Frank Sinatra, David Bowie, Auldrey Hepburn and Muhammad Ali.

What’s a typical week like for you? My weeks vary with when I’m working or traveling but when I’m in London they usually consist of training in the gym everyday, castings, maybe a coffee with some mates, I teach dance two days a week and at the weekends I like to prioritize my time and make time for me and just chill out! Tell us something that's true, that almost nobody agrees with you on. I’m not an obsessive clean freak… What turns you on or off most about dating? It seems people are quick to categorize and assume they “know” what models are like... I’m a romantic actually! Give us 5 facts about you, people may not know. I still love The Spice Girls. I peel cheese off pizza. I will happily watch Home Alone 2 at any time of the year. I once ate an entire XXL ‘Party' size bag of m&ms in one sitting. I am very self-conscious about my teeth. What are your travel essentials? Wireless headphones, anti-bac hand gel and my Ray-Bans.

Photographer: Leferis Prasopoulos Instagram - @lefterisprimos What’s next for you? Who knows!? Sometimes I don’t know until the day before… I’ve just shot a new campaign for a brand launching A/W this year so keep an eye We had to get one shot, he was snapout. But I guess the plan is to keep ping away and without any hesitation moving forward with a positive focus. once he knew he got ‘the shot’ without looking back at it, he walked away Do you have any advice for those from the camera quietly and confidentwho want to start modeling? ly and knew his job was done. Modeling can be really rewarding, no one day is ever the same. There are That photograph was used to advertise many pros, the variety of work is extena new musical, I was in total ore of his sive, you meet so many creative people professionalism and expertise. A great and you can travel the world. It can also guy! be disheartening and rejection can be difficult, be prepare to be judged and What is your favorite thing to do feel vulnerable. when not working? Getting stuck into a series on Netflix or Don’t compare yourself all the time to usually I am teaching dance to students others, stay focused and if you doubt, who inspire to work professionally in believe you can, it’s half the battle.


BLOUDER House to Home

THE TIME IS NOW TO INCORPORATE SCANDINAVIAN STYLE INTO DECOR (BPT) - As homeowners look for ways to refresh their spaces, Scandinavian style has become ever more prominent and popular among designers and interior decor experts. The clean, modern, minimalist aesthetic shows up in interiors and exteriors, from streamlined furniture to low-maintenance landscaping. Here's how to achieve a Nordic look in your own home:

Scandinavian style incorporates materials that meld indoors with outdoors natural woods, slat walls, leather accents and greenery. "Cottage culture" architecture style draws on these influences and makes interiors feel like cozy cabins in the woods.

"Slow design" and minimalist decor

Another key aspect of the Nordic style is hardworking, functional furnishings. A piece can be beautiful and also have utility - like eye-catching shoe racks and shelving, or built-in bed storage that creates a unique frame.

Perhaps the most common association with Scandinavian style is minimalist decor. Less is more when it comes to decorating, and the concept of "slow design" focuses on fewer, higher quality pieces collected over time. Melding indoors and out


March 2018

Functional furniture: Storage and good looks

Cool, natural tones and light woods in flooring Scandinavian style incorporates natural tones of whites, grays and light browns.

Pale wood and whitewashed floors create a clean, spacious look. That look can be achieved with oak and maple styles, as well as wood-look tiles and laminates with wood graining. Retailers like Lumber Liquidators, who regularly publish seasonal trends reports, have an array of cool-toned flooring options to choose from, such as Dream Home X2O Misty Morning Oak, a waterresistant laminate with a soft seashell tone and realistic oak graining. If homeowners want to be on trend with Scandinavian style in their home, the key is updating with clean, modern and light-toned accents. Functional furniture will help you organize your space and efficiently use the room. Finish off the room with sunny wood grain flooring and your Nordic look is complete.


(BPT) - If you're planning a wedding or you've just tied the knot, congratulations! Getting ready to start the next chapter of your life with the one you love can be an exciting time, filled with anticipation about your future together. That said, combining two households can take considerable planning and preparation, especially if both parties own troves of treasured possessions. As you are getting ready to make the transition into a single house or apartment, consider how the following suggestions may make your move easier. * Pare down possessions. After unwrapping your wedding gifts, take an objective look at your collective furniture, household goods, clothing and other items. Where do you see duplicates? Whose dĂŠcor are you more likely to use? Are those old clothes you've had since high school really worth keeping? Now is the time to be generous in donating unneeded items to a local charity (or selling them on Craigslist). * Nix the shopping blitz. Although those wedding checks and gift cards are burn-

ing a hole in your pocket, postpone your purchases until after you move so you don't end up needlessly hauling them to your next locale. * DIY on the moving. Rather than shelling out a small fortune hiring a moving company, simply rent a truck that you can drive without a commercial license. As a rule of thumb, seek 150 cubic feet of space for the furnishings of each room in your present house; that means a 12- or 16-foot Penske rental truck should accommodate the contents of a small apartment or condo. Remember to reserve your truck at least two weeks ahead, and ask for the discounts provided to AAA members and military personnel. * Invest in packing supplies. This is not the time to skimp by using flimsy containers, newspapers and cheap tape to pack up your treasured belongings. Save yourself time and frustration later by picking up sturdy boxes, labels, tape and bubble wrap from your truck rental store so you can ensure everything arrives at its destination safe, unbroken and easy to unpack.

* Party on. Inviting friends and family to help you with your move can be a winwin for all; many hands make light work when it comes to loading and unloading your truck, and you can offer incentives by springing for pizza and beverages at your new home afterward. * Learn how to load. Apply logistical strategy to filling up your moving truck, perhaps by following the guidelines offered by Penske's Truck Wizard. In general, heavier items should go in the back of the truck, with lighter items in front and on top. * Practice makes perfect. Driving a moving truck isn't difficult, but it's definitely different from driving a car or pick-up. Take time to familiarize yourself with those differences; for example, you must use your mirrors to navigate turns, you should avoid sudden stops or lane changes and give yourself extra time. Need more information about the advantages of renting your own moving truck? Check out PenskeTruckRental.com for details. 79 BLOUDER

March 2018

BLOUDER House to Home With an estimated 25 million homes in the U.S. with wood floors, understanding how to clean them is essential to maintain and protect the investment. Try the following tips to keep your hardwood floors looking beautiful.

THE BEST WAY TO CLEAN WOOD FLOORS MIGHT SURPRISE YOU (BPT) - Although most people envision their dream home with shiny wood floors, many consumers are unaware of the best way to care for them, according to a 2017 survey conducted by the National Wood Flooring Association.

wood floors. This answer was closely followed by 19 percent who believe using a soap- or oil-based cleaner is best, and 12 percent who believe using water and vinegar is the best solution.

Regularly: Dust/ sweep. While using a broom can be effective, it also just pushes the dirt around, so using a microfiber mop or cloth is the best daily defense against scratches and surface damage.

Often: Dust and mop. After a quick spin around the floor to grab dust, use a microfiber pad mop and residue-free, neutral cleaner. Look for third-party certified cleaners that will be healthier for your floors and your family.

As needed: When scratches pop up or the Just in time to open the doors and winfinish looks dull, consider a recoat or re"Not surprisingly, many homeowners are dows and welcome in spring, Bona has finish to keep floors durable and beautiunsure of the best way to effectively and introduced its Premium Spray Mop for ful. Ask an outside contractor for a water quickly clean hardwood floors. Some be- Hardwood Floors with a larger mop head -based finish and dust containment syslieve mopping with a bucket of water for faster cleaning, and a full-size cleantem to ensure the job is VOC and toxin and a cleaning solution is best while oth- ing cartridge of cleaner. The new presfree. ers occasionally sweep or vacuum. Many surized cartridge dispenses the perfect cleaning methods can hurt rather than amount of solution designed to care for Things to avoid: Water and vinegar, soap help a floor, for example, even a 'damp' and sustain hardwood floors. -based cleaners, wax or steam cleaners. string mop can leave excess water on a Vinegar (remember, it's an acid) and wahardwood floor, and we know that water Lifestyle and design blogger Jennifer ter will damage and dull the floor's finand wood don't mix," said Bona U.S. Di- Rizzo (jenniferrizzo.com) recently refinish, while soap and wax leave residue. rector of Marketing Cate Vanegas. ished her wood floors, and notes the simSteam cleaners put heat and excessive plicity firsthand: "After all the dust bunwater on the floor, which can lead to The key findings in the online survey, nies are cleared away, I use a Bona spray cupping and long-term damage. conducted in October 2017 by Public mop to clean my floors. It's odorless, non Opinion Strategies, found that just 24 -toxic and doesn't leave any residue. It Want more cleaning tips? Visit Bona's percent of consumers answered also leaves my floors looking beautiful." Wood Floors 101 tutorials. "sweeping" as the correct way to clean


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