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P H I L O S O P H Y – World & Asian Philosophies

Key Concepts in World Philosophies

Everything You Need to Know About Doing Cross-Cultural Philosophy Edited by Sarah Flavel, Bath Spa University, UK & Chiara Robbiano, University College Utrecht, the Netherlands This collection brings together core ideas associated with the major Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Islamic, African, Ancient Greek, Indigenous and modern European philosophers. From Chinese xin to equity in Islamic thought, an international team of experts cover a diverse set of theories originating from thinkers such as such as Confucius, Buddha, Dogen, Nietzsche and Zhuangzi. Beginning with an introduction about the need of valuing diversity for navigating the 21st century, this one-of-a-kind study guide allows you to read philosophical texts from all over the world and understand how to practice cross-cultural philosophy. UK January 2023 • US January 2023 • 528 pages PB 9781350168121 • £19.99 / $26.95 • HB 9781350168114 • £65.00 / $90.00 ePub 9781350168145 • £17.99 / $24.72 ePdf 9781350168138 • £17.99 / $24.72 Bloomsbury Academic

Interpreting Chinese Philosophy A New Methodology

Jana S. Rošker, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia Analysing the most common misconceptions based around the basis paradigms surrounding Western Sinology, Jana Rošker alerts us to the problems and dangers of current approaches. She exposes the impossible comparisons and prejudiced assumptions that arise when we use rational analysis, a major feature of the European intellectual tradition, to read Chinese philosophy. Instead of transferring concepts and categories from Western Sinology onto socio-cultural Chinese contexts, Rošker constructs a new methodology of reading, understanding and interpreting Chinese philosophy and allows us to master a more autochthonous understanding of Chinese philosophy. UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 194 pages PB 9781350199903 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781350199866 ePub 9781350199880 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350199873 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic

Toward a New Image of Paramartha

Yogacara and Tathagatagarbha Buddhism Revisited Ching Keng, National Taiwan University, Taiwan Engaging with the digitalised Chinese Buddhist canon, Ching Keng draws on clues from a longlost Dunhuang fragment and considers its striking similarities with Paramartha’s corpus with respect to terminology, style of phrasing and doctrines. In this new, cutting-edge interpretation and exploration of the concept of jiexing, Keng makes the case that the fragment in fact preserves Paramartha’s original teachings. This volume serves to demystify the image of Paramartha and reassesses the relationship between the Awakening of Faith and Paramartha, Paramartha and Xuanzang (602-664), and Yogacara and Tathagatagarbha. UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 272 pages • 10 bw illus HB 9781350303904 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9781350303928 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350303911 • £76.50 / $105.78 Series: Bloomsbury Studies in World Philosophies • Bloomsbury Academic


Readings in Chinese Women’s Philosophical and Feminist Thought

From the Late 13th to Early 21st Century Edited and translated by Ann A. Pang-White, University of Scranton, USA This collection gathers original writings on women in China from the Yuan dynasty through to the Republic, when women’s learning blossomed as a result of economic prosperity, the development of commercial printing and the interaction between the East and the West. Selections are made from canonical texts, plays, poetry, novels, essays, and revolutionary writings that illuminate the lived experience of women. With many texts translated into English for the first time, this reader provides the groundwork needed to understand them. UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 448 pages PB 9781350046122 • £32.99 / $44.95 • HB 9781350046139 • £100.00 / $135.00 ePub 9781350046146 • £29.69 / $41.21 ePdf 9781350046153 • £29.69 / $41.21 Bloomsbury Academic

Bloomsbury Studies in World Philosophies Monika Kirloskar-Steinbach, VU University Amsterdam, Netherlands

Interrelatedness in Chinese Religious Traditions An Intercultural Philosophy

Diana Arghirescu, University of Québec at Montreal, Canada Diana Arghirescu engages with Song-dynasty Confucian and Buddhist theoretical developments through studying the original texts of the Chan scholar-monk Qisong (1007-1072) and the Neo-Confucian master Zhu Xi (1130-1200). She builds an interpretive theory focusing on “ethical interrelatedness”, proposing it as a theoretical tool for the study of the Chinese religious traditions. By actively engaging with other contemporary theories of religion and refusing to approach Chinese religions with Western frameworks, Arghirescu’s comparative perspective makes it possible to uncover differences between the various Western and Chinese cultural presuppositions upon which these theories are built. UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 256 pages HB 9781350256859 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9781350256873 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350256866 • £76.50 / $105.78 Series: Bloomsbury Studies in World Philosophies • Bloomsbury Academic

African Philosophy and Enactivist Cognition The Space of Thought

Bruce B. Janz, University of Central Florida, USA Using classic texts in African philosophy, Bruce B. Janz applies the strand of cognitive science known as enactivism to realise new connections and intersections between both fields. The idea that cognition is embodied and embedded in a social world neatly maps onto specifically African epistemologies to outline a new direction of study on what philosophy is. By working through a rich range of texts and thinkers, Janz provides a fruitful new interpretation of African philosophy alongside close readings of seminal and previously marginalized thinkers. UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 256 pages HB 9781350292185 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9781350292208 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350292192 • £76.50 / $105.78 Series: Bloomsbury Studies in World Philosophies • Bloomsbury Academic • UK, Europe, ROW • +44 (0)1256 302692 •

An Introduction

Aleksandar Uskokov, Yale University, USA The Brahma-sutra, attributed to Badaraya (ca. 400 CE), is the canonical book of Vedanta, the philosophical tradition which became the doctrinal backbone of modern Hinduism. This is the first introduction to concentrate on the text and its ideas, rather than its reception and interpretation in the different schools of Vedanta. Covering the epistemology, ontology, theory of causality and psychology of the Brahma-sutra and its characteristic theodicy, it also provides a comprehensive account of its doctrine of meditation, draws the contours of Brahma-sutra’s intellectual biography and contextualises its teachings against the background of its main collocutors. UK October 2022 • US October 2022 • 240 pages PB 9781350150003 • £17.99 / $24.95 • HB 9781350150010 • £55.00 / $75.00 ePub 9781350150034 • £16.19 / $23.34 ePdf 9781350150027 • £16.19 / $23.34 Series: Bloomsbury Introductions to World Philosophies • Bloomsbury Academic

Philosophies of Religion

A Global and Critical Introduction Timothy Knepper, Drake University, USA This global introduction of philosophy of religion begins not with a single tradition, but with religious philosophies from East Asia, South Asia, West Africa, and Native North Americans. Matching this diversity of traditions, chapters are organised around questions that acknowledge there is no single understanding of god. The reader approaches Abrahamic, Yoruba, Lakota, and academic-contemporary philosophy of religion by asking: where do I come from? Where am I going? Where did the cosmos come from? Accompanied by an introduction, epilogue, and glossary, each chapter includes learning objectives, questions for discussion, and suggested primary and secondary sources. UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 464 pages PB 9781350262966 • £24.99 / $34.95 • HB 9781350262959 • £75.00 / $100.00 ePub 9781350262980 • £22.49 / $31.59 ePdf 9781350262973 • £22.49 / $31.59 Series: Expanding Philosophy of Religion • Bloomsbury Academic

On Paul Holmer

God's Action in the World

Edited by Tim Labron, Concordia University of Edmonton, Canada

Marek Slomka, John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland

A Philosophy and Theology

A New Philosophical Analysis

Paul Holmer’s writings on Kierkegaard and Wittgenstein have inspired a generation of subsequent thinkers, yet his work remains underexplored. Rectifying this, this book provides an in-depth and rigorous examination of the work of a key 20th-century American thinker in both theology and philosophy. On Paul Holmer identifies what is singular and significant about Holmer's work and celebrates his capacity to cut through conventional classifications and categories. This book introduces readers to his thought through discussions of key issues, such as faith and reason, the church, society, science, culture, scripture and education.

This book identifies essential aspects from various branches of theism, starting with traditional Thomistic approaches, through to their modified forms such as Molinism and contemporary varieties such as free-will theism and probabilistic theism. Analysing crucial elements of God’s nature including omnipotence, omniscience, his relation to time and the tension between immanence and transcendence, Slomka reveals the difficulties in proposing a single conception of God through one theistic tradition. As such, the book highlights the value of pluralistic insights that also draw on important scientific theories.

UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 256 pages HB 9781472592606 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9781472592613 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781472592620 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic

UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 240 pages PB 9781350236783 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781350180383 ePub 9781350180406 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350180390 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic World All Languages (except Polish)

P H I L O S O P H Y – World & Asian Philosophies / Philosophy of Religion

The Philosophy of the Brahmasutra

Political Theologies Ward Blanton, University of Kent, UK; Arthur Bradley, Lancaster University, UK; Michael Dillon, King's College London, UK; Yvonne Sherwood, University of Glasgow, UK

The Phenomenology of Religious Belief Media, Philosophy, and the Arts

Michael J. Shapiro, University of Hawai'i, Manoa, USA

Theological Poverty in Continental Philosophy After Christian Theology

Colby Dickinson, Loyola University Chicago, USA

Michael J. Shapiro investigates how art, literature and film can impact upon traditional interpretations and critical studies of religious beliefs and experiences. He examines the work of award-winning writers such as Toni Morrison and Robert Coover. By placing their work in conjunction with critical analyses of Ingmar Bergman and Pier Paolo Pasolini and combining it with the thought of Georges Canguilhem and Slavoj Žižek, Shapiro takes an interdisciplinary approach to the question of how life should be lived.

Colby Dickinson proposes a new political theology rooted in the intersections between continental philosophy, heterodox theology, and orthodox theology. Situating the virtue of theological poverty within a poststructuralist, postmodern world, Dickinson universalizes theological poverty through core and uniting concepts like grace, negation, violence, and paradox to reveal the theory’s transmutable strength. By joining up critical theology and the philosophy of religion in this way, this book broadens the possibility of a critical dialogue both between and within the respective disciplines.

UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 224 pages • 10 bw illus PB 9781350243989 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781350164307 ePub 9781350164321 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350164314 • £76.50 / $105.78 Series: Political Theologies • Bloomsbury Academic

UK October 2022 • US October 2022 • 208 pages PB 9781350230644 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781350177505 ePub 9781350177536 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350177512 • £76.50 / $105.78 Series: Political Theologies • Bloomsbury Academic • USA, Canada, Latin America • 888-330-8477 •


P H I L O S O P H Y – Philosophy of Religion / Film & Philosophy / Aesthetics

Reading Augustine Miles Hollingworth

On Hellenism, Judaism, Individualism and Early Christian Theories of the Subject Guillermo M. Jodra, Furman University, USA

Guillermo M. Jodra, Furman University, USA

First of a two volume work providing a new understanding of Western subjectivity as theorized in the Augustinian Rule. In these volumes, Jodra argues that the Classical and Late-Ancient communitarian practices along the Mediterranean provide historical proof of a worldview in which the self and the other are not disjunctive components, but mutually inclusive forces.

Second of a two volume work providing a new understanding of Western subjectivity as theorized in the Augustinian Rule. In these volumes, Jodra argues that the Classical and Late-Ancient communitarian practices along the Mediterranean provide historical proof of a worldview in which the self and the other are not disjunctive components, but mutually inclusive forces.

UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 128 pages PB 9781350303409 • £24.99 / $24.95 • HB 9781350303393 • £75.00 / $80.00 ePub 9781350303423 • £22.49 / $31.59 ePdf 9781350303416 • £22.49 / $31.59 Series: Reading Augustine • Bloomsbury Academic

UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 224 pages PB 9781350303522 • £24.99 / $24.95 • HB 9781350303539 • £75.00 / $80.00 ePub 9781350303553 • £22.49 / $31.59 ePdf 9781350303546 • £22.49 / $31.59 Series: Reading Augustine • Bloomsbury Academic

Thinking Film

Theo Angelopoulos

Edited by Richard Kearney, Boston College, USA & Murray Littlejohn, University of New Brunswick, Canada

Vrasidas Karalis, University of Sydney, Australia

Philosophy at the Movies

According to Stanley Cavell, film was a place where 1930s and 1940s America did its thinking, a tradition that was taken up and enriched throughout world cinema. Can film indeed think? That is, can film do the work of philosophy? Thinking Film: Philosophy at the Movies argues that it can. Featuring pieces never before translated into English and an array of thinkers from across the analytic and continental traditions, this volume features work by established philosophers of film, such as Cavell and Deleuze, and contemporary thinkers, including Stephen Mulhall, Vivian Sobchack, Sandra Laugier, and Stephanie Rumpza. UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 464 pages PB 9781350113466 • £24.99 / $34.95 • HB 9781350113459 • £75.00 / $100.00 ePub 9781350113473 • £22.49 / $31.59 ePdf 9781350113442 • £22.49 / $31.59 Bloomsbury Academic World English

Filmmaker and Philosopher The cinema of Theo Angelopoulos is celebrated as challenging the status quo. From the political films of the 1970s through to the more existential works of his later career, Vrasidas Karalis argues for a nuanced philosophy underpinning Angelopoulos' work. He explores the rich visual language and ‘ocular poetics’ of Angelopoulos’ oeuvre and his mastery of communicating profundity through the everyday. In Theo Angelopoulos: Filmmaker and Philosopher, Karalis provides a reading of Angelopoulos' work that embraces contradiction and celebrates the unsettling questions at the heart of his films. UK January 2023 • US January 2023 • 224 pages • 10 bw illus PB 9781350245365 • £21.99 / $29.95 • HB 9781350245358 • £65.00 / $90.00 ePub 9781350245389 • £19.79 / $27.47 ePdf 9781350245372 • £19.79 / $27.47 Series: Philosophical Filmmakers • Bloomsbury Academic

A Philosophy of Fashion Through Film


Laura T. Di Summa, William Paterson University, USA

Edited by Solveig Bøe, NTNU, Norway, Hege Charlotte Faber, NTNU, Norway & Eivind Kasa, NTNU, Norway

On the Body, Style, and Identity

Laura T. Di Summa examines fashion and costumes to demonstrate how they can deliver the epistemic content and guide the philosophical interpretation of classical and contemporary films for the first time. She discusses a number of cinematic examples, and the costumes and fashion elements within them, illustrating the importance of issues such as the performative side of fashion, the alteration between novelty and repetition, the pivotal role of the body, and the relation between fashion, style, and individual as well as collective identity. UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 208 pages HB 9781350157002 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9781350157026 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350157019 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic


On Regular Life, Freedom, Modernity and Augustinian Communitarianism

Aesthetics of the Dangerous and Endangered

This volume brings together philosophers and interdisciplinary scholars to connect with the notion of the wild today and interrogate how it is mediated through the culture of the Anthropocene. Using empirical material such as artworks, films and other cultural works related to the term ‘wild’, they consider the aesthetic experience of nature, focusing on the untamed, boundless or unpredictable: in other words, aspects of nature that are not mediated by culture. This book maps out the range of ways in which we experience the wildness of nature aesthetically, relating both to immediate experience and to experience mediated through cultural expression. UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 288 pages • 50 bw illus HB 9781350099449 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9781350099456 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350099432 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic • UK, Europe, ROW • +44 (0)1256 302692 •

A Case-Driven Approach

Darren Hudson Hick, Texas Tech University, USA Darren Hudson Hick uses examples to raise, illustrate and – in some cases – complicate philosophical issues about art and aesthetics. This 3rd edition now includes a fresh set of more varied case studies that draw on African, Asian and continental traditions and feature classical Chinese calligraphy, Simon Morris's Getting Inside Jack Kerouac's Head, Sol LeWitt's wall drawings and tribal artifacts. Addressing problems about identity, morality and appropriation dominating recent aesthetics, it introduces an array of theories and arguments about contemporary art. UK January 2023 • US January 2023 • 352 pages • 25 bw illus PB 9781350256767 • £24.99 / $34.95 • HB 9781350256750 • £75.00 / $100.00 ePub 9781350256781 • £22.49 / $31.59 ePdf 9781350256774 • £22.49 / $31.59 Bloomsbury Academic

Distracted from Meaning A Philosophy of Smartphones

Tiger C. Roholt, Montclair State University, USA By analyzing social interactions and evolving experiences, Tiger C. Roholt reveals the mechanisms of smartphone-distraction that impact our meaningful projects and activities. His conception of meaning in life draws from a disparate group of philosophers—Susan Wolf, John Dewey, Hubert Dreyfus, Martin Heidegger, and Albert Borgmann. Roholt makes us rethink the place we allow smartphones to occupy in the everyday, but remains cautiously optimistic. This thoughtful, needed interrogation of smartphones shows how we can establish a positive role for technologies within our lives. UK October 2022 • US October 2022 • 224 pages PB 9781350172654 • £19.99 / $26.95 • HB 9781350172647 • £65.00 / $90.00 ePub 9781350172678 • £17.99 / $24.72 ePdf 9781350172661 • £17.99 / $24.72 Bloomsbury Academic

Philosophy of Painting

Ancient, Modern, Contemporary Jason Gaiger, University of Oxford, UK What can philosophy reveal about painting and how might it deepen our understanding of this enduring art form? Philosophy and Painting investigates the complex relationship between the painted surface and the depicted subject, opening up current debates to address questions concerning the historicality of art. Covering contemporary painting, it examines topics such as the post-medium condition and the digital divide, and the work of artists such as Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, Amy Sillman and Katharina Grosse. Illustrated with 24 colour plates, it provides a clear and coherent account of the contemporary significance of painting. UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 256 pages • 24 colour and 2 bw illus PB 9781350104907 • £21.99 / $29.95 • HB 9781350104914 • £65.00 / $90.00 ePub 9781350104877 • £19.79 / $27.47 ePdf 9781350104891 • £19.79 / $27.47 Series: Bloomsbury Aesthetics • Bloomsbury Academic

P H I L O S O P H Y – Aesthetics

Introducing Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art

Philosophy, Literature and Understanding On Reading and Cognition

Jukka Mikkonen, University of Helsinki, Finland Challenging existing methodological conceptions of the analytic approach to aesthetics, Jukka Mikkonen offers a new theory on the cognitive value of reading fiction and defends the epistemic significance of narratives. Demonstrating the effects that literary works have on their readers, he examines academic critical analysis, responses of the reading public and nonfictional writings that include autobiographical testimony to their writer’s influences and attitudes to life. In doing so, this book provides empirical evidence of the cognitive benefits of literature and of how readers demonstrate the growth of their understanding. UK October 2022 • US October 2022 • 190 pages PB 9781350229013 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781350163966 ePub 9781350163980 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350163973 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic

Aesthetics and Contemporary Art David Carrier; Tiziana Andina, University of Turin, Italy

Philosophical Skepticism as the Subject of Art

The Changing Boundaries and Nature of the Modern Art World

David Carrier, University of Pittsburgh, USA

Richard Kalina, Fordham University, USA

Maria Bussmann’s Drawings

A trained academic German philosopher and a significant visual artist, Maria Bussmann has internalized the relationship between art and philosophy. In this exploration of the history of German aesthetics through Bussmann's work, David Carrier uses the artist's ability to address the concerns of Kant, Hegel, MerleauPonty, Wittgenstein and Arendt through her work to place the tradition in the context of visual culture for the first time. Enriched by comparative accounts of some other artists and philosophers whose work is of especial relevance, Carrier’s study of Bussman is driven by the central question of how to picture a philosophical argument. UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 224 pages • 30 bw illus HB 9781350245136 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9781350245150 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350245143 • £76.50 / $105.78 Series: Aesthetics and Contemporary Art • Bloomsbury Academic

The Art Object and the Object of Art

Concentrating on the shifting boundaries and definition of art, Richard Kalina offers a panoramic view of the contemporary art scene over the last 30 years and responds to bigger questions about the object nature of the work of art in today’s world. His survey takes in photorealism, sculpture and art forms found outside of the modernist tradition and includes artists such as Mel Bochner, Joan Mitchell, Cy Twombly, Franz West, Alma Thomas and Richard Tuttle who, in their ongoing projects, explicitly or implicitly questioned the aesthetic assumptions of their times. UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 248 pages • 23 bw illus PB 9781350238350 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781350154735 ePub 9781350154759 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350154742 • £76.50 / $105.78 Series: Aesthetics and Contemporary Art • Bloomsbury Academic • USA, Canada, Latin America • 888-330-8477 •


P H I L O S O P H Y – Continental Philosophy

The Stuff of Life

Timothy Morton, Rice University, USA In The Stuff of Life, Timothy Morton chooses the objects that have shaped and punctuated their life to tell the story of who they are. These objects are 'things' in the richest sense. They are non-human beings that have a presence and force of their own. From Battersea Power Station to a packet of anti-depressants, Morton explores why 'stuff' matters and why the life of these things have so powerfully impinged upon their own. Their realization, through a concealer stick, that they identify as non-binary reveals the strange and wonderful ways that objects can form our worlds. UK January 2023 • US January 2023 • 224 pages • 20 bw illus PB 9781350240483 • £15.99 / $21.95 • HB 9781350240476 • £45.00 / $61.00 ePub 9781350240506 • £14.39 / $20.60 ePdf 9781350240490 • £14.39 / $20.60 Bloomsbury Academic

Posthumanism in Practice

Edited by Christine Daigle, Brock University, Canada & Matthew Hayler, University of Birmingham, UK Posthumanism in Practice applies posthumanist thinking to intersectional practices in the arts, sciences and humanities. In this book, artists, researchers, educators and curators set out how their own work has changed in response to engaging with posthumanism, or how the things that they have discovered can be better understood within this different paradigm. By capturing these ideas, this volume shows how posthumanist thought can move beyond theory, inform action and produce new artefacts, effects and methods that are more relevant and useful for the incoming realities for all life in the 21st century. UK January 2023 • US January 2023 • 208 pages HB 9781350293809 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9781350293823 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350293816 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic

The Experience of Atheism: Phenomenology, Metaphysics and Religion

Edited by Claude Romano, Australian Catholic University, Australia & Robyn Horner, Australian Catholic University, Australia Religious and atheistic beliefs find new articulation in this volume of essays from leading phenomenologists in both France and the UK, including Jean-Luc Nancy, Quentin Meillassoux, and Catherine Malabou. Approaching atheism through a phenomenologically informed notion of experience, the book sparks new debates around atheistic faith, the death of God, and anarchic faith. UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 216 pages PB 9781350245570 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781350167636 ePub 9781350167650 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350167643 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic


More Posthuman Glossary

Edited by Rosi Braidotti, Utrecht University, The Netherlands, Emily Jones, University of Essex, UK & Goda Klumbytė, University of Kassel, Germany The notion of the posthuman continues to both intrigue and confuse, not least because of the huge number of ideas, theories and figures associated with this term. More Posthuman Glossary provides a way in to the dizzying array of posthuman concepts, providing vivid accounts of emerging terms. A follow-up volume to the brilliant interventions of Posthuman Glossary (2018), this book extends and elaborates on that work, particularly focusing on concepts of race, indigeneity and new ideas in radical ecology. UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 224 pages PB 9781350231436 • £21.99 / $29.95 • HB 9781350231429 • £65.00 / $90.00 ePub 9781350231450 • £19.79 / $27.47 ePdf 9781350231443 • £19.79 / $27.47 Series: Theory in the New Humanities • Bloomsbury Academic

Beyond Nihilism

The Turn in Heidegger’s Thought from Nietzsche to Hölderlin Dominic Kelly, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK Dominic Kelly investigates the ‘turn’ in Heidegger’s thought and shows how in the 1930s Heidegger began to think in a way that was not entirely philosophical. Kelly shows how this shift occurred in Heidegger’s notion of history. This is revealed by his engagement with Friedrich Nietzsche, who he analysed purely philosophically, and the poet, Friedrich Hölderlin, whose writing allowed him to think outside of a solely metaphysical framework and move beyond nihilism. By exploring the intellectual vicissitudes of this concept, Kelly has illustrated the trajectory of one of the most important debates in 20th-century continental philosophy. UK September 2022 • US September 2022 • 224 pages HB 9781350133754 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9781350133778 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350133761 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic

Encounters in the Arts, Literature, and Philosophy Chance and Choice

Edited by Jérôme Brillaud, The University of Manchester, UK & Virginie Greene, Harvard University, USA With contributions from esteemed academics, including Pierre Saint-Amand and Jean-Jacques Nattiez, this volume focuses on chance and scripted encounters as sites of tensions and alliances where new forms, ideas, meanings, interpretations, and theories can emerge. By moving beyond the realm of traditional hermeneutics, Jérôme Brillaud and Virginie Greene have compiled a collection that vitally illustrates how reading encounters represented in artefacts, texts, and films is a vibrant and dynamic mode of encountering and interpreting. UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 264 pages • 10 bw illus PB 9781350225183 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781350160903 ePub 9781350160927 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350160910 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic • UK, Europe, ROW • +44 (0)1256 302692 •

Fictional Games

Edited by Chloe Germaine, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK & Paul Wake, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Stefano Gualeni, University of Malta, Malta & Riccardo Fassone, University of Torino, Italy

A Philosophy of Analogue Play

This is the first volume to apply insights from the material turn in philosophy to the study of play and games. At a time of renewed interest in analogue gaming, as scholars are looking beyond the digital and virtual for the first time since the inception of game studies in the 1990s, this book not only supports the (re)turn to the analogue, but proposes a materiality of play more broadly. Different chapters focus on the material properties of games, how they are designed, made, touched and played with, and how they connect with other human and nonhuman things. UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 272 pages • 12 bw illus HB 9781350202719 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9781350202740 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350202733 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic

Forces of Education

Walter Benjamin and the Politics of Pedagogy Edited by Dennis Johannßen, Lafayette College, USA & Dominik Zechner, Rutgers University, USA Bringing Walter Benjamin into dialogue with the urgent issues facing educational institutions today, this is the first comprehensive exploration of his philosophy of education. In recent years, there has been much debate around the practice of pedagogy, from “deplatforming” to digital learning. But where do we go from here? This volume argues that Benjamin’s writing offers critical tools to rethink the purposes of education and its institutional forms. For Benjamin, education was not an institutional task subject to a scientific discipline, but rather an activity in which the experience of youth should always be at the centre of considerations.

A Philosophy of Worldbuilding and Imaginary Play

What role do imaginary games have in story-telling? Why do fiction authors outline the rules of a game that the reader will never watch or play? Combining perspectives from philosophy, literature and game studies, this book provides the first-in-depth investigation into the significance of games in fictional worlds. With examples from contemporary cinema and literature, from The Hunger Games to Iain M. Banks, Gualeni and Fassone introduce four key functions that imaginary games have in worldbuilding. In doing so, Fictional Games inspires us to consider imaginary games anew: not just as moments of playful reprieve, but as multi-layered rhetorical devices. UK January 2023 • US January 2023 • 240 pages • 20 bw illus HB 9781350277083 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9781350277106 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350277090 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic

P H I L O S O P H Y – Continental Philosophy

Material Game Studies

Luther and Philosophies of the Reformation Edited by Boris Gunjevic, University of Cambridge, UK

A multi-disciplinary, critical assessment of the Reformation discourse, taking into consideration Luther’s rediscovery of the Scripture, this book contains original and relevant essays on the Reformation written by world-renowned authors. This original analysis considers Luther and the Reformation philosophically rather than theologically or historically, and provides an argument for the continued relevance of Luther's thought. UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 240 pages HB 9781350214057 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9781350214064 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350214040 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic

UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 272 pages HB 9781350274167 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9781350274181 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350274174 • £76.50 / $105.78 Series: Walter Benjamin Studies • Bloomsbury Academic

The Invention of the Self

Personal Identity in the Age of Art Andrew Spira, Independent Scholar, UK

Simulated Selves

The Undoing of Personal Identity in the Modern World Andrew Spira, Independent Scholar, UK

This book proposes that the notion of personal identity is a psycho-social construction that has evolved over many centuries. While this idea has been widely discussed in recent years, Andrew Spira approaches it from a completely new point of view. Rather than relying on the thinking subject’s attempts to identify itself consciously and verbally, this book focuses on the traces that the self-sense has unconsciously left in the fabric of its environment in the form of non-verbal cultural conventions. Covering a millennium of western European cultural history, it amounts to an ‘anthropology of personal identity in the West’.

The notion of a personal self took centuries to evolve, reaching the pinnacle of autonomy with Descartes’ ‘I think, therefore I am’ in the 17th century. This ‘personalisation’ of identity thrived for another hundred years before it began to be questioned, subject to the emergence of broader, more inclusive forms of agency. This book addresses the ‘constructed’ notion of personal identity in the West and how it has been eclipsed by the development of new technological, social, art historical and psychological infrastructures over the last two centuries.

UK April 2022 • US June 2022 • 416 pages PB 9781350298170 • £26.99 / $36.95 Previously published in HB 9781350091054 ePub 9781350091061 • £24.29 / $34.34 ePdf 9781350091047 • £24.29 / $34.34 Bloomsbury Academic

UK April 2022 • US June 2022 • 360 pages PB 9781350298163 • £26.99 / $36.95 Previously published in HB 9781350091092 ePub 9781350091108 • £24.29 / $34.34 ePdf 9781350091085 • £24.29 / $34.34 Bloomsbury Academic • USA, Canada, Latin America • 888-330-8477 •


P H I L O S O P H Y – Continental Philosophy / Ethics & Moral Philosophy

Sartre’s Existential Psychoanalysis Knowing Others

Mary Edwards, Cardiff University, UK Integrating Sartre’s existential psychoanalysis into his overarching philosophical project, this book demonstrates how Sartre’s determination to solve the long-standing philosophical conundrum of the problem of other minds drove him not only to incorporate insights from Descartes, Husserl, Freud and Marx into his existential philosophy, but also to develop a psychoanalytic method rooted in that philosophy. Uncovering the great, yet overlooked philosophical significance of Sartre’s psychoanalysis, Mary Edwards explores the role it played in the development of his existentialism, whilst bringing Sartre’s existential psychoanalysis into a new and productive dialogue with current philosophical and psychological debates. UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 288 pages • 2 bw illus HB 9781350173477 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9781350173484 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350173491 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic


A Genealogy Miguel de Beistegui, University of Warwick, UK and ICREA, Spain Miguel de Beistegui provides a genealogical account of Lacan’s work as a whole, from his early writings on paranoid psychosis to his later work on the real and surplus enjoyment. Beistegui argues that Lacan's work requires an in-depth genealogy to chart and interpret his key concept of desire. Desire is a crucial thread throughout because it lies at the heart not only of liberal political economy, psychiatry and psychopathology, and the various discourses of recognition that shape our current politics of identity, but also of the manner in which we understand, experience and indeed govern ourselves, ethically and politically. UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 184 pages PB 9781350190818 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781350190771 ePub 9781350190795 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350190788 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic

Practicing Empathy

Pragmatism and the Value of Relations Mark Fagiano, Washington State University, USA In this study of the value and moral features of empathy, Mark Fagiano acknowledges the ambiguity surrounding the term and offers a unified theory that includes rival definitions. Based on relations, he resolves the problem of conflicting definitions of empathy by distinguishing between three kinds: the relations of feeling into, feeling with, and feeling for, each of which has been defined historically as a type of empathy. Grounded in the philosophical tradition of American Pragmatism, Fagiano’s pragmatic, and contextualist philosophy of empathy provides a valuable starting point for answering some of the most pressing questions surrounding empathy today. UK October 2022 • US October 2022 • 272 pages • 8 bw illus HB 9781350281660 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9781350281684 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350281677 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic


The Dialectics of Music

Adorno, Benjamin, and Deleuze Joseph Weiss, Appalachian State University, USA Combining the philosophy and musicology of T.W. Adorno, Walter Benjamin, and Gilles Deleuze, this book makes an original contribution to the field of aesthetics and critical theory. Highlighting previously hidden connections between music, nature, history and technology, Joseph Weiss explores the dynamic relationship between these fields. Engaging with an eclectic range of 20th-century theorists, from Primo Levi to Angela Davis, as well as a diverse range of musical forms, from the lullaby to the electroacoustic, Weiss outlines a bold new aesthetics of music. UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 200 pages PB 9781350244078 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781350174962 ePub 9781350174986 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350174979 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic

New Realism and Contemporary Philosophy Edited by Gregor Kroupa, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia & Jure Simoniti, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

In continental ontology, speculative realist thinkers are grappling with the genealogy of their ideas in modern philosophical history. The debate over what this new kind of realism could be has been controversial. This open access volume confronts this debate and brings together major authors including Slavoj Žižek and Adrian Johnston. This insightful discussion between contemporary realists and their critics demonstrates how the real battleground of new ideas lies not in developing 20th-century philosophical motifs, but rather in rethinking modern philosophical milestones. The eBook editions of this book are available open access under a CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 licence on www. UK March 2022 • US March 2022 • 240 pages PB 9781350336278 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781350101777 ePub 9781350101784 ePdf 9781350101760 Bloomsbury Academic

The Moral Philosophy of Maria Montessori Agency and Ethical Life

Patrick R. Frierson, Whitman College, USA In the first scholarly exposition of Maria Montessori’s moral philosophy, Patrick R. Frierson presents an empirically-grounded ethics that takes its start from our tendency to strive for excellence and emphasizes mutual respect, social solidarity, and love. Weaving this educationalist’s ethics with theory from Nietzsche, Aristotle, Kant, Hegel, and Marx, Frierson places Montessori in the context of the history of philosophy. His study effectively unites philosophy and education, showing how human ethical life can be enhanced through a moral theory based on the pedagogy for young children that makes use of moral concepts, second-order reflection, and social organization. UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 272 pages HB 9781350176379 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9781350176393 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350176386 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic • UK, Europe, ROW • +44 (0)1256 302692 •

Philosophy of Plants Stella Sandford, Kingston University London, UK

Liberty in Their Names

The Women Philosophers of the French Revolution Sandrine Bergès, Bilkent University, Turkey

This book introduces the exciting field of plant philosophy and takes it in a new direction, asking what does it mean to say that plants are sexed? Do ‘male’ and ‘female’ really mean the same when applied to humans, trees and algae? Sandford addresses these questions through a detailed analysis of major moments in the history of plant sex, from Aristotle to today. Tracing the transformations in the analogy between animals and plants that characterize this history, she shows how the analogy still functions in contemporary botany and asks: what would a non-zoocentric, plantcentred philosophy of vegetal sex look like?

Here is the story of three overlooked revolutionary thinkers, Olympe de Gouges, Manon Roland, and Sophie de Grouchy. All three began to think and write political philosophy before the French Revolution, concerned with social justice and equality. When women could neither vote nor talk at the assembly, all three became vocal, public figures. Charting the extent of their influence for the first time, we finally see how these three pivotal figures were written out of intellectual history and what we stand to gain by thinking about their lives and works.

UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 256 pages • 10 bw illus PB 9781350274938 • £19.99 / $26.95 • HB 9781350274921 • £65.00 / $90.00 ePub 9781350274952 • £17.99 / $24.72 ePdf 9781350274945 • £17.99 / $24.72 Bloomsbury Academic

UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 304 pages • 15 bw illus PB 9781350227132 • £19.99 / $26.95 • HB 9781350227125 • £65.00 / $90.00 ePub 9781350227156 • £17.99 / $24.72 ePdf 9781350227149 • £17.99 / $24.72 Bloomsbury Academic

Pregnancy Without Birth

A Feminist Philosophy of Miscarriage Victoria Browne, Oxford Brookes University, UK Pregnancy is so thoroughly entangled with birth and babies in the popular imagination that a pregnancy which ends in miscarriage consistently appears as a failure or waste of time. But this book argues that feminist reflection on miscarriage can radically transform the way we think about pregnancy overall. It articulates an alternative philosophy of pregnancy which embraces variation, ambiguity, contingency and suspension, and a feminist politics of fullspectrum solidarity, social justice and care (rather than individualized choice and responsibility) which breaks down presumed oppositions between pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth and live birth, and liberates pregnancy from reproductive futurism. UK October 2022 • US October 2022 • 240 pages PB 9781350279698 • £19.99 / $26.95 • HB 9781350279681 • £65.00 / $90.00 ePub 9781350279711 • £17.99 / $24.72 ePdf 9781350279704 • £17.99 / $24.72 Bloomsbury Academic

Schelling’s Political Thought Nature, Freedom, and Recognition

Velimir Stojkovski, University of Michigan– Dearborn, USA In the first study to examine F. W. J. Schelling’s political thought, Velimir Stojkovski introduces readers to a new Schelling: a political thinker for the 21st century. By reconstructing the portions of his works that deal explicitly with the political and by thematically rethinking parts of his writings that have a clear repercussion on politics – in particular those on nature, freedom, and religion – this book reveals the centrality of politics to his oeuvre and what it can teach us about our ethical and political responsibilities today. UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 256 pages HB 9781350177857 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9781350177871 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350177864 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic

Populism and The People in Contemporary Critical Thought Politics, Philosophy, and Aesthetics

Edited by Alexander Stagnell, Free University of Brussels, Belgium, David Payne, Södertörn University, Sweden & Gustav Strandberg, Södertörn University, Sweden As political and economic establishments face a crisis of legitimacy, contributors from a range of countries including Sweden, Brazil, Germany, Austria, France and the UK, reveal the shaky foundations on which the concept of ‘The People’ rests. Engaging with critical theory, feminist theory, Marxism, phenomenology, and psychoanalysis, this collection highlights how ‘The People’ comes to stand in for both belonging and exclusion. UK February 2023 • US February 2023 • 288 pages HB 9781350183629 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9781350183643 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350183636 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic

Climate and Capital in the Age of Petroleum Locating Terminal Landscapes

Jeff Diamanti, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

P H I L O S O P H Y – Philosophy of Gender / Feminist Philosophy / Social & Political Philosophy

Vegetal Sex

Jeff Diamanti describes the destructive relationship between climate and capital through the exponential growth of the petroleum industry over the last 40 years. Building on key insights in the environmental and energy humanities, Diamanti introduces the concept of the ‘terminal landscape’ as a site of storage and transformation, essential to critical ecology in the 21st century. The book uses case studies of oil companies, countries, artworks, and historical events to make solid connections between media technologies and energy cultures that further politicises the climate crisis for scholars and activists alike. UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 184 pages • 1 bw illus, 19 colour illus PB 9781472984920 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781350191839 ePub 9781350191853 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350191846 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic • USA, Canada, Latin America • 888-330-8477 •


P H I L O S O P H Y – Social & Political Philosophy / Analytic Philosophy

Anarchism After Deleuze and Guattari Fabulating Futures

Chantelle Gray, North-West University, South Africa By bringing together the philosophy of Deleuze and Guattari with the theory and practices of anarchism, Chantelle Gray argues that whilst we cannot — and should not — attempt to call them anarchists, their work resonates with core anarchist principles such as prefiguration, careful experimentation and emergent strategies aimed at creating a feeling that life is worth living. This involves paying attention to both joyous affects and sad passions, which necessitates the affirmation of all of chance and, from that, fabulating new modes of existence. UK August 2022 • US August 2022 • 200 pages HB 9781350132399 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9781350132412 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350132405 • £76.50 / $105.78 Series: Deleuze and Guattari Encounters • Bloomsbury Academic

The Radial Method of the Middle Wittgenstein

The Fascism of Ambiguity

Marcia Sá Cavalcante Schuback, Södertörn University, Sweden The book contributes to the work of elucidating the new forms of fascism and authoritarianism that arise today in intimate relation with new mediatic and information technologies. It presents elements of the connection between capitalism and fascism. It makes clear how fascism today uses the ambiguity of senses and meanings as its most efficient way of infiltrating our reality and thereby becoming unequivocal. This book departs from some lessons of history regarding both historical fascism and some of the main critical lines and thoughts produced in the beginning of the 20th Century. It shows what is new in today’s form of fascism, discussing its connection to technomediatic capitalism, to the dynamics of emptying meanings and senses through a technique of rendering them ambiguous and exarcebated. It oulines some guidging thoughts regarding the question of ambiguity and metapolitics today. It concludes by proposing two exercises of precision, through the lenses of poetry and music, as a way to resist and counter-act the fascist metapolitics of the ambiguity of meanings and senses. UK September 2022 • US September 2022 • 176 pages HB 9781350268616 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9781350268630 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350268623 • £76.50 / $105.78 Series: Political Theory and Contemporary Philosophy • Bloomsbury Academic

In the Net of Language

Piotr Dehnel, University of Lower Silesia, Poland Spanning the period between the return to Cambridge in 1929 and the first version of Philosophical Investigations in 1936, Piotr Dehnel explores the middle stage in Ludwig Wittgenstein’s philosophical development. He argues that it was intrinsically different from the early and late stages and that, contrary to the dominant perspective, it is not a simple transitional phase. Portraying the multifarious quality of Wittgenstein's middle thinking, this book enables readers to form a more comprehensive view of his entire philosophy and acquire a better grasp of his conceptual trajectory. UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 240 pages HB 9781350257337 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9781350257351 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350257344 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic

The Moral Epistemology of Intuitionism Neuroethics and Seeming States

Hossein Dabbagh, Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education, UK Hossein Dabbagh introduces a distinctive engagement with moral intuitionism through a thorough re-evaluation of the literature. Covering moral intuition, self-evidence, non-inferentiality, moral emotion, and seeming states, Dabbagh combines work in epistemological intuitionism with work in neuroethics. The book culminates in a convincing argument about the value of understanding intellectual seeming and perceptual experience. UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 256 pages HB 9781350297579 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9781350297593 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350297586 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic

Certainty in Action

Wittgenstein on Language, Mind and Epistemology Danièle Moyal-Sharrock, University of Hertfordshire, UK


John McDowell on Worldly Subjectivity

Oxford Kantianism Meets Phenomenology and Cognitive Sciences Tony Cheng, National Chengchi University, Taiwan

This selection of Moyal-Sharrock’s essays traces the radical importance of action as the cohesive thread weaving through Wittgenstein’s philosophy, and shows how certainty intertwines with it to produce new ways of engaging in epistemology and the philosophy of mind and language. It vividly illustrates the ways in which Wittgenstein's pioneering enactivism has already impacted—and can further impact—not only philosophy, but also linguistics, psychology, primatology, evolutionary psychology and anthropology. Certainty in Action is essential reading for anyone interested in getting a grasp of Wittgenstein's lasting genius and influence.

This book offers a much-needed systematic overview of the main elements of John McDowell’s philosophy, critically engaging with his views on naturalism of second nature, intentionality, personhood and practical wisdom. It presents novel discussions on the debates between McDowell and other key philosophers, including Dreyfus, Brandom, Gadamer, Davidson, Merleau-Ponty and Kant. Demonstrating a thorough understanding of McDowell’s work, Tony Cheng makes connections to both the phenomenological tradition.

UK October 2022 • US October 2022 • 280 pages PB 9781350228894 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781350071292 ePub 9781350071315 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350071308 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic

UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 232 pages PB 9781350236875 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781350126718 ePub 9781350126732 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350126725 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic • UK, Europe, ROW • +44 (0)1256 302692 •

Johannes L. Brandl, University of Salzburg, Austria; Christopher Gauker, University of Salzburg, Austria; Max Kölbel, University of Barcelona, Spain; Mark Textor, King's College, London, UK

Fragmenting Reality

The Metaphysics of Contingency

Samuele Iaquinto, University of Turin, Italy & Giuliano Torrengo, University of Milan, Italy

Ferenc Huoranszki, Central European University (Vienna Campus), Austria

An Essay on Passage, Causality and Time Travel

A Theory of Objects’ Abilities and Dispositions

In an extensive interpretation of a fragmentalist theory, Samuele Iaquinto and Giuliano Torrengo offer the first full-range exploration of its applications to metaphysical research. Comparing and contrasting views which deny the reality of the flow of time and those which admit it, they reveal how non-standard views about tense are changing the shape of the contemporary debate. Defending a fragmentalist theory of the passage of time, Iaquinto and Torrengo articulate a novel account of the time and highlight its impact on the relation between the self and one’s perspective on reality.

Providing a novel account of dispositions, abilities and their capacity to explain modality, Ferenc Huoranszki develops a theory of contingent possibilities grounded in a clear distinction between abilities and dispositions as real, first-order modal properties of objects. By linking such modal properties to counterfactual conditionals, Huoranszki argues we can distinguish between variably generic or specific abilities and identify more or less abstract possibilities in a world. In doing so, he furthers our understanding of how we reason with possibilities both in ordinary and theoretical contexts.

UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 224 pages • 15 bw illus HB 9781350235328 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9781350235342 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350235335 • £76.50 / $105.78 Series: Mind, Meaning and Metaphysics • Bloomsbury Academic World English

UK August 2022 • US August 2022 • 248 pages HB 9781350277144 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9781350277168 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350277151 • £76.50 / $105.78 Series: Mind, Meaning and Metaphysics • Bloomsbury Academic

On Madness

Understanding the Psychotic Mind Richard G. T. Gipps, University of Oxford, UK Can we reach the psychotic subject in their delusion? In this pathbreaking work, Richard G. T. Gipps demonstrates how such efforts at rational retrieval actually result in us setting our face against the psychotic subject in their distress. Bringing together patient memoir, psychopathological observation and philosophical thought, Gipps not only solves the psychopathological problem of delusion, but also shows us how to bear a truer witness to the psychotic subject in their brokenness, pain and despair. UK October 2022 • US October 2022 • 272 pages PB 9781350192546 • £22.99 / $30.95 • HB 9781350192539 • £70.00 / $95.00 ePub 9781350192577 • £20.69 / $28.84 ePdf 9781350192553 • £20.69 / $28.84 Bloomsbury Academic

Cross-Cultural Approaches to Consciousness Mind, Nature and Ultimate Reality

Edited by Itay Shani & Susanne Kathrin Beiweis, Sun Yat-sen University, China Uniting analytic philosophy with Buddhist, Indian, and Chinese traditions, this collection marks the first systematic cross-cultural examination of one of philosophy of mind's most fascinating questions: can consciousness be conceived as metaphysically fundamental? Engaging in debates concerning consciousness and ultimate reality, emergence and mental causation, realism, idealism, panpsychism, and illusionism, it understands problems through the philosophies of East and South-East Asia, in particular Buddhism and Vedanta. Each section focuses on a specific aspect or theory of consciousness, and examines a particular subject from different disciplinary perspectives including philosophy, psychology, and cognitive science. UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 336 pages HB 9781350238503 • £130.00 / $175.00 ePub 9781350238527 • £117.00 / $162.12 ePdf 9781350238510 • £117.00 / $162.12 Bloomsbury Academic

The Linguistic Condition

Kant's Critique of Judgment and the Poetics of Action Claudia Brodsky, Princeton University, USA “This is a nigh-monumental, clearly arranged and clearly argued book on the most basic terminological elements of Kant’s Critique of Judgment—which turn out (not surprisingly) to be key to the whole critical enterprise. Brodsky weaves her treatments of those Kantian elements with analyses of their repercussions on the philosophical and literary legacy of a range of thinkers.” Karen Feldman, University of California, Berkeley, USA UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 272 pages PB 9781350217355 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781350144378 ePub 9781350144392 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350144385 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic

The Bloomsbury Handbook of Plato

Edited by Gerald A. Press, Hunter College and CUNY Graduate Center, USA & Mateo Duque, Binghamton University, USA An essential reference text on the life, thought and writings of Plato, using over 160 short, accessible articles. The 2nd edition is split into five parts illuminating Plato’s life, the whole of the Dialogues attributed to him, the Dialogues’ literary features, the concepts and themes explored within them, and Plato’s reception. It features 19 newly commissioned entries covering Xenophon, metatheatre, gender, Orphism, political theory, and post-Platonic ancient commentaries. Additionally there are 8 re-written articles and revised references.

P H I L O S O P H Y – Metaphysics / Philosophy of Mind / Philosophy of Language / Ancient Philosophy

Mind, Meaning and Metaphysics

UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 544 pages HB 9781350227231 • £130.00 / $175.00 ePub 9781350227255 • £117.00 / $162.12 ePdf 9781350227248 • £117.00 / $162.12 Series: Bloomsbury Handbooks • Bloomsbury Academic World English • USA, Canada, Latin America • 888-330-8477 •


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“...librarians who know their community will be able to add valuable editions to their eBook collection using this resource.” —Library Journal


loomsbury Collections offers excellence and originality in scholarship in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Discover our everexpanding eBook library that offers more than 10,000 titles across 22 subject areas. Bloomsbury Collections contributes innovative and forward-thinking scholarship to the global academic community. Comprised of titles from Bloomsbury as well as such prestigious imprints as The Arden Shakespeare, Methuen Drama, T & T Clark, Hart, Zed Books, and I.B. Tauris, Bloomsbury Collections provides rich and resourceful titles that offer the latest critical thought, incisive insight, and accessible overviews to a comprehensive collection of dynamic disciplines.

Subjects covered include: Anthropology • Art & Visual Culture • Architecture • Biblical Studies • Classical Studies & Archaeology • Education • Design • Drama • Fashion • Film & Media • History • Law • Linguistics • Literary Studies • Middle East • Music & Sound • Philosophy • Photography • Politics & International Relations • Religious Studies • Sociology • Theology

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DRM free access ebook page numbers match print for citation Cite, share, and personalize content Mobile optimization for a tablet or smartphone Download and print chapter PDFs without restriction Unlimited concurrent access for students Search full text of titles; filter by date, series or subject No hosting fees

Available via Perpetual Access. Collections are available as discrete discipline modules, Title by Title, or via Evidence Based Acquisition. Available via GOBI and OASIS

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