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Middle East, African and Asia Studies New Books Catalogue October-December 2022


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Contents ASIA STUDIES ���������������������������������������������������������� 2 MIDDLE EAST STUDIES Conflict & Security �������������������������������������������������������� 4 Politics & Current Affairs ������������������������������������������������ 4 Middle Eastern Literature & History ������������������������������ 5 The Gulf �������������������������������������������������������������������������� 6 Iran ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 6

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Israel/Palestine �������������������������������������������������������������� 7 Migration & Minority Studies ����������������������������������������� 7 Social Movements �������������������������������������������������������� 7 Turkey & the Ottoman Empire ���������������������������������������� 8 North Africa �������������������������������������������������������������������� 8

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Islamic Studies ���������������������������������������������������������������� 9 Gender �������������������������������������������������������������������������� 9 Representatives, Agents and Distributors ������������������ 10

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India's Forests, Real and Imagined Writing the Modern Nation

Alan Johnson, Idaho State University, USA As they seek to explore evolving and conflicting ideas of nationhood and modernity, India’s writers have often chosen forests as the dramatic setting for stories of national identity. This book explores how these settings have been integral to India's sense of national consciousness. The book casts new light on a wide range of modern writers, from Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay to contemporary authors such as Amitav Ghosh, Arundhati Roy, Salman Rushdie and Jhumpa Lahiri as well as local attitudes to nationhood and the environment across the country. UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 304 pages • 10 bw illus HB 9780755634101 • £90.00 / $120.00 ePub 9780755634118 • £81.00 / $112.65 ePdf 9780755634125 • £81.00 / $112.65 Bloomsbury Academic


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Highlights from I.B. Tauris I.B. Tauris is an imprint of Bloomsbury, acquired in 2018 and founded in 1983. It publishes radical, insightful and representative books on the Middle East and the Islamic World.
















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M I D D L E E A S T S T U D I E S - I . B . T A U R I S – Conflict & Security Studies / Politics & Current Affairs 4


Cyber War and Cyber Peace

Ahmed Rashid

Edited by Eliza Campbell & Michael Sexton, Middle East Institute, USA

The Power of Militant Islam in Afghanistan and Beyond Taliban has sold more than 1.5 million copies worldwide and has been translated into over 40 languages. Now considered a modern classic, the book offers insight into the history of the Taliban, their political movement, their leaders and their aims. This third edition marks twenty years since the U.S. invaded Afghanistan and the author adds a new introduction to reflect on how the group regained their strength, the humanitarian crisis, and what Taliban rule is likely to mean for the region and the world. UK March 2022 • US March 2022 • 352 pages PB 9780755647101 • £14.99 / $19.95 • HB 9780755647095 • £45.00 / $61.00 ePub 9780755647125 • £13.49 / $19.22 ePdf 9780755647118 • £13.49 / $19.22 I.B. Tauris

Covid-19 and Risk Society across the MENA Region Assessing Governance, Democracy and Inequality

Edited by Larbi Sadiki, Qatar University, Qatar & Layla Saleh, Qatar University, Qatar Based on empirical country-level analysis, this volume brings together an international team of contributors seeking to untangle how COVID-19 unfolds in the MENA, with special reference to issues of (self) governance and democracy, and the enormous challenges heightened by the pandemic in Arab settings including inequality, human indignity, and resurgent authoritarianism. The analysis is framed through Ulrich Beck’s famous concept of “risk society” that pinpointed the negative consequences of modernity and its unbridled capitalism. The book traces how this has come home in full force in the COVID-19 pandemic, and uses the term ‘Arab risk society’ to refer to repercussions on Arab societies. UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 288 pages PB 9780755643899 • £24.99 / $34.95 • HB 9780755643882 • £75.00 / $100.00 ePub 9780755643912 • £22.49 / $31.59 ePdf 9780755643905 • £22.49 / $31.59 I.B. Tauris

Digital Conflict in the Middle East

With a foreword by top national security and cyber expert, Richard A. Clarke, this is the first anthology to specifically investigate the history and state cyber warfare in the Middle East. It gathers an array of technical practitioners, social science scholars, and legal experts to provide a panoramic overview and cross-sectional analysis covering four main issues: privacy and civil society; the types of cyber conflict; information and influence operations; and methods of countering extremism online. The book captures the flashpoints and developments in conflict in the cyber domain in the past 10 years how its greatest risks can be avoided. UK June 2022 • US July 2022 • 224 pages PB 9780755646005 • £19.99 / $26.95 • HB 9780755646043 • £65.00 / $90.00 ePub 9780755646029 • £17.99 / $24.72 ePdf 9780755646012 • £17.99 / $24.72 Series: Middle East Institute Policy Series • I.B. Tauris

The Lebanon Uprising of 2019 Voices from the Revolution

Edited by Jeffrey G. Karam, Lebanese American University (LAU), Lebanon & Rima Majed, University of Beirut, Lebanon The Lebanon Uprising of 2019 is the first book to tackle the huge transformations that have been unravelling in Lebanon since the revolution erupted in October 2019. The book brings to the fore the voices of scholars, activists, researchers, and journalists who took part in the protests or were active in the demonstrations that unfolded before them. The book historicizes the uprisings and places them in the context of their regional and global dimensions. Including photos, pamphlets, posters, and other materials disseminated in the streets and social media collected here for the first time, this is the essential text on the subject. UK October 2022 • US October 2022 • 336 pages • 10 b&w photos PB 9780755644438 • £24.99 / $34.95 • HB 9780755644421 • £75.00 / $100.00 ePub 9780755644452 • £22.49 / $31.59 ePdf 9780755644445 • £22.49 / $31.59 I.B. Tauris

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Nationalism, Identity and Diaspora

Tasnim Qutait, Uppsala University, Sweden Interweaving theories and studies of memory, nostalgia, ruins and archives with the works of Fadia Faqir, Ahdaf Soueif, Jamal Mahioub and others, in this book Tasnim Qutait sheds light on understudied Arab British writers. Arguing that nostalgia challenges nationalist and political ideologies rather than reiterating them, Qutait uses nostalgia as a concept interlinking loss, memory and trauma. Anlysing both Arabic and English language texts, she questions the binary of negative and positive forms of nostalgia, emerging from its etymology as a sickness in Western tradition, through invoking the multifarious strands related to nostalgic emotion in Arab traditions. UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 200 pages PB 9780755641932 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9780755617593 ePub 9780755617616 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9780755617609 • £76.50 / $105.78 Series: Written Culture and Identity • I.B. Tauris

History of the Arab Invasions: The Conquest of the Lands

A New Translation of al-Baladhuri's Futuh al-Buldan Ahmad b. Yahya al-Baladhuri Translated by Hugh Kennedy, SOAS, University of London, UK This is perhaps the most important single source for the history of the great Arab conquests in the 6th and 7th centuries. A historian working at the court of the Abbasid caliphs in Baghdad, al-Baladhuri preserved accounts not found anywhere else, containing a wealth of information about government, land-holding and economic developments. This new translation, fully annotated with a scholarly apparatus and commentary on places, events and individuals mentioned, finally makes a key source on the Arab conquests available in English. UK October 2022 • US October 2022 • 544 pages HB 9781788314190 • £120.00 / $160.00 ePub 9780755637423 • £108.00 / $149.75 ePdf 9780755637416 • £108.00 / $149.75 I.B. Tauris

Sasanian Persia

Baghdad and Isfahan

Touraj Daryaee, University of California, Irvine, USA

Elaheh Kheirandish, Harvard University, USA

The Rise and Fall of an Empire

A Dialogue of Two Cities in an Age of Science CA. 750-1750

Of profound importance in late antiquity, the Sasanian Empire is virtually unknown today, except as a counterpoint to the Roman Empire. The last of the great ancient Persian empires and founded by Ardashir l in 224 CE, the Sasanian Empire was the dominant force in the Middle East for several centuries until its last king, Yazdgerd lll, was defeated by the Muslim Arabs in the seventh century. In this highly readable history, Touraj Daryaee fills a significant gap in our knowledge of world history. This second edition examines the Sasanians' complex and colourful narrative and demonstrates their unique significance, not only for the development of Iranian civilization but also for Roman and Islamic history.

Charting the history of Baghdad and Isfahan from 750 to 1750, Elaheh Kheirandish draws on the voices of court astronomers, mathematicians, scientists, mystics, jurists, statesmen and Arabic and Persian translators and scholars. Telling the story of the rise of Baghdad and the decline of Isfahan, as capital cities and as centres of intellectual thought, this unique book addresses Islamic culture’s extensive and lasting contribution to the history of science. Kheirandish bases her narrative on a unique medieval manuscript and other historical sources and the result is more than a thousand-year “tale of two cities”—it is a city by city, and century by century, look at what it took to change the world.

UK February 2023 • US February 2023 • 304 pages PB 9780755618415 • £19.99 / $26.95 • HB 9780755618408 • £65.00 / $90.00 ePub 9780755618422 • £17.99 / $24.72 ePdf 9780755618439 • £17.99 / $24.72 I.B. Tauris

UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 296 pages PB 9780755635108 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781780768335 ePub 9780755635085 • £81.00 / $112.65 ePdf 9780755635078 • £81.00 / $112.65 I.B. Tauris

Music and Musicians in the Medieval Islamicate World

Politics and Government in Byzantium

Lisa Nielson, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA

Jonathan Shea, The George Washington University, USA

A Social History

M I D D L E E A S T S T U D I E S - I . B . T A U R I S – Middle Eastern Literature & History

Nostalgia in Anglophone Arab Literature

The Rise and Fall of the Bureaucrats

Lisa Nielson here presents a rich social and cultural history of music, musicianship and musicians in the early Islamic world. Focusing on Damascus, Baghdad and Jerusalem, she draws on a wide variety of textual sources written for or about musicians– including chronicles, literary sources, memoirs and musical treatises – as well as the disciplinary approaches of musicology to offer insights into musical performances and the lives of musicians. In the process, the book sheds light onto the dynamics of medieval Islamic courts, as well as slavery, gender, status and identity in courtly life. It will appeal to scholars of the Islamic world and historical musicologists.

The contemporary accounts of the turbulent ‘long’ eleventh century attribute the Byzantine empire’s decline to the emperors’ reckless and self-serving favouring of civilian bureaucrats. Jonathan Shea has meticulously analysed 2,200 unpublished seals from the period, crucial archival sources which uncover exactly whom the emperors were favouring and promoting, developing a nuanced and revealing picture of the makeup of the much-chastised civilian bureaucracy. The sigillographic evidence is measured throughout against the written material to give a fresh account of this key transitional century and a rare insight into Byzantine politics.

UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 296 pages PB 9780755641819 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781784539542 ePub 9780755617906 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9780755617890 • £76.50 / $105.78 Series: Early and Medieval Islamic World • I.B. Tauris

UK August 2022 • US August 2022 • 272 pages PB 9780755648306 • £19.99 / $26.95 Previously published in HB 9780755601936 ePub 9780755601950 • £81.00 / $112.65 ePdf 9780755601943 • £81.00 / $112.65 Series: New Directions in Byzantine Studies • I.B. Tauris

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M I D D L E E A S T S T U D I E S - I . B . T A U R I S – The Gulf / Iran

New Order in the Gulf The Rise of the UAE

Dina Esfandiary, Harvard University, USA This book asesses the UAE’s increasing power and the future challenges to security it poses. Dina Esfandiary argues that the UAE has become more assertive in the pursuit of its own interests in the region and beyond - even when this puts it at odds with its regional allies. The book examines the regional causes of the UAE’s growing assertiveness - especially the 2011 Arab Uprisings – as well as the international context such as the impact of the USannounced ‘Pivot to Asia’, the perceptions of waning US power in the Middle East, and the 2015 nuclear deal. UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 224 pages PB 9780755645787 • £24.99 / $34.95 • HB 9780755645794 • £75.00 / $100.00 ePub 9780755645817 • £22.49 / $31.59 ePdf 9780755645800 • £22.49 / $31.59 I.B. Tauris

Russia and the GCC

The Case of Tatarstan’s Paradiplomacy Diana Galeeva, University of Oxford, UK This book examines the relations between the Gulf States and Russia from the Soviet era to the present day. Using the Republic of Tatarstan, one of Russia’s autonomous Muslim polities as a case study, Galeeva demonstrates the emergence of relations between modern Tatarstan and the GCC States. Having conducted fieldwork in the Muslim Republics of Tatarstan, Bashkortostan and Dagestan, the book includes interviews with high-ranking political figures, heads of religious organisations and academics. Moving beyond solely economic and geopolitical considerations, the research in this book sheds light on the increasingly important role, culture and shared Islamic identity play in paradiplomacy efforts. UK January 2023 • US January 2023 • 224 pages HB 9780755646159 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9780755646173 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9780755646166 • £76.50 / $105.78 I.B. Tauris

Iranian-Saudi Rivalry since 1979 In the Words of Kings and Clerics

Talal Mohammad, University of Oxford, UK This book examines Saudi-Iranian rivalry through the lens of discourse analysis. It tracks how each country represents ‘the Other’ in their official statements, media and sermons. The author, fluent in both Arabic and Persian, provides original insights by examining in parallel how the process of Othering functions in the pursuit of their political rivalry and religious conflict. Looking at speeches and pronouncements of the political elites, state-sponsored media and leading clerics in both countries since 1979, it explores the tropes and narratives adopted by each to (mis) represent the Other and identifies a pattern of power plays and mutual provocations. UK October 2022 • US October 2022 • 448 pages HB 9780755634729 • £100.00 / $135.00 ePub 9780755634743 • £90.00 / $125.02 ePdf 9780755634736 • £90.00 / $125.02 I.B. Tauris


Peaceful Jihad

The Islamic Civil Rights Movement in Saudi Arabia Peter Enz-Harlass, Austrian Ministry of Defence, Austria In Saudi Arabia, an Islamic civil rights movement, ‘HASM’, has called for the protection of the citizens’ basic rights and demanded political reforms. This book is the first to study human rights in the kingdom from the perspective of these prominent Saudi civil rights activists, uncovering the actual ideas that motivate their activism. Based on detailed discourse analysis of the group’s texts, the book elucidates HASM’s complex contribution to Islamic discourse and their idea of “peaceful civil jihad” that protects citizens’ basic rights within a rigid, Salafist interpretation of social affairs. Sources are included in both Arabic and English. UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 288 pages • 5 bw images HB 9780755647163 • £100.00 / $135.00 ePub 9780755647187 • £90.00 / $125.02 ePdf 9780755647170 • £90.00 / $125.02 Series: Critical Studies on Islamism Series • I.B. Tauris

Media and Power in Modern Iran

Mass Communication, Ideology, and the State E.L. Blout, American University, USA How does a regime that derived its hegemony from the ability to mass-communicate its ideology protect its ideological dominance in an environment characterized by “disruptive power” and “mass self-communication”? What is the role of media in the construction of political power in Iran? This book examines the media institutions, policies, and discourses of Pahlavi and the Islamic Republic of Iran over the course of more than five decades and several communication paradigms. Drawing from over 300 primary sources in Persian and English, including never before used documents from archives in Iran and the United States, it offers a history of Iranian media institutions and strategies from Iran’s first encounter with mass communication in the 1940s, to the dawn of digital media in the 1990s, to internet and mobile telephony today. UK October 2022 • US October 2022 • 240 pages • 6 bw illus HB 9780755639038 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9780755639052 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9780755639045 • £76.50 / $105.78 I.B. Tauris

Representing Iran in East Germany

Ideology and the Media in the German Democratic Republic Edgar Klüsener Economic and political relations with Iran were a primary concern for the German Democratic Republic leadership and they dominated the GDR's press. This is the first book to analyse the representation of Iran in the media, from the GDR’s formation in 1949 until 1989, the last complete year before its demise. The book explores the use of the press as a tool for ideological education and propaganda. It also examines how the state’s official Marxist-Leninist ideology, the GDR’s international competition with West Germany, and cultural prejudices and stereotypes impacted reporting so powerfully. UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 224 pages PB 9780755641949 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781838600716 ePub 9781838600723 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781838600730 • £76.50 / $105.78 I.B. Tauris

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Palestine in the Victorian Age

Tahrir Hamdi, Arab Open University, Jordan

Gabriel Polley, University of Exeter, UK

Cultures of Exile and National Identity

Colonial Encounters in the Holy Land

This book explores the ways that Palestinian intellectuals, artists, activists and ordinary citizens ‘imagine’ their homeland, examining the works of key Palestinian thinkers and writers such as Edward Said, Mahmoud Darwish, Mourid Barghouti, Ghassan Kanafani and Naji Al Ali. Deploying Benedict Anderson’s notion of ‘Imagined Communities’ and Edward Soja’s theory of ‘Third Space’, Tahrir Hamdi argues that the imaginative construction of Palestine is a key element in the Palestinians’ ongoing struggle. An interdisciplinary work drawing upon critical theory, postcolonial studies and literary analysis, the book will be of interest to students and scholars of Palestine and Middle East studies and Arabic literature.

This book, the product of historical research among almost forgotten travelogues, guidebooks, archives and newspaper clippings, reveals a previously unwritten chapter in the story of Britain’s pursuit of empire in the nineteenth century Middle East. From the American Bible scholar who started a craze, travellers trying to overturn Jerusalem’s holiest sites, to an English farm outside the city’s walls, to an uprising sparked by a church bell and a contested tragedy, to one Palestinian’s eventful visit to the heart of the British Empire, to the colonies founded by a bizarre eccentric, it reveals an often surprising story of Britain’s growing entanglement with Palestine years before the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and Britain’s occupation of the region .

UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 272 pages HB 9781788313407 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9780755617838 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9780755617845 • £76.50 / $105.78 I.B. Tauris

UK October 2022 • US October 2022 • 256 pages PB 9780755643134 • £21.99 / $29.95 • HB 9780755643127 • £65.00 / $90.00 ePub 9780755643158 • £19.79 / $27.47 ePdf 9780755643141 • £19.79 / $27.47 I.B. Tauris

The Palestinian National Movement in Lebanon

A Political History of the 'Ayn al-Hilwe Camp Erling Lorentzen Sogge, University of Oslo, Norway Hosting over 50,000 inhabitants and governed by competing militias, 'Ayn al-Hilwe in the south of Lebanon is one of the most contested refugee camps in the Middle East. It is known as the 'Capital of the Palestinian Diaspora' and has endured a long history of internal power struggles and external influence and intervention. Based on extensive ethnographic research in the camp focused on the actors who have shaped its modern political trajectory – this book looks at the role of exile leaderships, camp-based militia commanders and shape-shifting networks of patronage in the political landscape of the Palestinian movement in Lebanon. UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 272 pages • 6 bw illus PB 9780755642342 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9780755602834 ePub 9780755602858 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9780755602841 • £76.50 / $105.78 Series: SOAS Palestine Studies • I.B. Tauris

Dalit Theology, Boundary Crossings and Liberation in India A Biblical and Postcolonial Study

Jobymon Skaria, The Malankara Syrian Orthodox Theological Seminary, India Here an Indian St Thomas Christian Scholar, offers a critique of Indian Christian theology and suggests that constructive dialogues between biblical and dissenting Dalit voices – such as Chokhamela, Karmamela, Ravidas, Kabir, Nandanar and Narayana Guru – could set right the imbalance within Dalit theology, and could establish dialogical partnerships between Dalit Theologians, non-Dalit Christians and Syrian Christians. Drawing on Biblical and socio-historical resources, this book examines worldviews which would empower the Dalits in their everyday existences. UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 224 pages HB 9780755642359 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9780755642373 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9780755642366 • £76.50 / $105.78 I.B. Tauris

The Untold Story of the Golan Heights Occupation, Colonisation and Jawlani Resistance

Edited by Michael Mason, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), UK, Munir Fakher Eldin, Birzeit University, Palestine & Muna Dajani, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), UK Sometimes characterised as the ‘forgotten occupation’, the western Golan Heights have been transformed by Israeli colonisation, via the appropriation of land and water resources, economic development and extensive military use. This is the first academic study in English of Arab politics and culture in the occupied Golan Heights. It focuses on an indigenous community, known as the Jawlanis, and their resistance to settler colonisation. The book brings together Jawlani, Palestinian and UK researchers and adopts an innovative format, with shorter ‘reflections’ responding to traditional academic chapters. UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 224 pages • 12 colour images PB 9780755644520 • £21.99 / $29.95 • HB 9780755644513 • £65.00 / $90.00 ePub 9780755644544 • £19.79 / $27.47 ePdf 9780755644537 • £19.79 / $27.47 I.B. Tauris

Cultural Production and Social Movements After the Arab Spring

Nationalism, Politics, and Transnational Identity Edited by Eid Mohamed & Ayman El-Desouky, Doha Institute of Graduate Studies, Qatar This book is available open access through the Bloomsbury Open Access programme and is available on www.bloomsburycollections.com. This collection of fresh and incisive essays identifies and examines how new media, as well as literary and artistic forms of expression inform and echo changes in the Arab world after the uprisings. Taking an interdisciplinary approach which includes literary and cultural studies as well media and politics, the book focuses on transnational or 'transcultural' social and cultural responses to events since 2011. UK October 2022 • US October 2022 • 264 pages • 12 bw illus PB 9780755641277 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9780755634187 ePub 9780755634200 ePdf 9780755634194 I.B. Tauris World English

www.bloomsbury.com • USA, Canada, Latin America • 888-330-8477 • customerservice@mpsvirginia.com

M I D D L E E A S T S T U D I E S - I . B . T A U R I S – Israel/Palestine / Migration & Minority Studies / Social Movements

Imagining Palestine


M I D D L E E A S T S T U D I E S - I . B . T A U R I S – Turkey & The Ottoman Empire / North Africa

Contemporary Turkey Ceren Lord, University of Oxford, UK

Mobility and Armenian Belonging in Contemporary Turkey

Migratory Routes and the Meaning of the Local Salim Aykut Öztürk Looking at case studies ranging from bus drivers between Armenia and Turkey, undocumented migrants deported from Turkey now living in Armenian cities, and Armenian migrants in contemporary Istanbul neighbourhoods, Salim Aykut Öztürkr provides a vivid description of contemporary nonMuslim life in Turkey through the lives of Armenian citizens of Turkey and undocumented migrants from Armenia, as well as Greek, Jewish and Kurdish communities. UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 272 pages HB 9780755645077 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9780755645091 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9780755645084 • £76.50 / $105.78 Series: Contemporary Turkey • I.B. Tauris

Religious Reform in the Late Ottoman Empire Institutional Change and the Professionalisation of the Ulema

Erhan Bektas, Üsküdar University, Turkey Drawing upon Ottoman state archives and the institutional archives of the ulema, this study challenges the narrative of the decline of the Ottoman ulema, showing they instead underwent a process of professionalisation as part of the Tanzimat reforms. Outlining transformations in the office of the Sheikh ul-islam, the leading Ottoman Sunni Muslim cleric, the book presents a detailed portrait of the lives of individual ulema, charting their education and professional and social lives. Erhan Bektas shows they played a key role in the empire’s efforts to centralise the state by acting as intermediaries between the government and social groups. UK January 2022 • US January 2022 • 224 pages HB 9780755645473 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9780755645497 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9780755645480 • £76.50 / $105.78 I.B. Tauris

The Politics of the Female Body in Contemporary Turkey Reproduction, Maternity, Sexuality

Edited by Hilal Alkan, Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient (ZMO), Germany, Ayse Dayi, University of Lausanne, Switzerland, Sezin Topçu, National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), France & Betül Yarar, University of Bremen, Germany Under the leadership of the Justice and Development Party in Turkey came new regulations about reproductive rights, family and gender policies. Women’s central role in reproductive and domestic work was swiftly reaffirmed as a state. Taking Turkey as the case study, this is the first book to examine the various ways in which neoliberal modes of governing women’s bodies come together with conservative and authoritarian measures. There is a particular focus on issues surrounding reproduction, maternity and sexuality and the impact of patriarchal conceptions of religious morality.

The Alawis of Modern Turkey History, Identity and Politics

Hakan Mertcan, Bucerius Law School, Germany This volume charts the history, identity-formation and politics of the Arab 'Alawis of Turkey. Throughout, Hakan Mertcan draws on fieldwork surveys and new research in the Turkish state archives to offer various perspectives on the relationship between the 'Alawis and the state, and the evolution of 'Alawi political identity this gave rise to. Published in association with the British Institute at Ankara. UK October 2022 • US October 2022 • 240 pages • 38 bw illus HB 9780755617111 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9780755617135 • £76.50 / $105.78 Series: Contemporary Turkey • I.B. Tauris World English

Moral Crisis in the Ottoman Empire

Society, Politics, and Gender during WWI Çigdem Oguz, University of Bologna, Italy To what extent did a perceived morality crisis play a role in the dramatic events of the last years of the Ottoman Empire? This book shows that during the course of World War I many of the empire's social, economic, and political problems were translated into a discourse of moral decline. This made morality a contested space between the rival ideologies, identities, and intellectual currents of the period. Examining the primary journals and printed sources that represented the various constituencies of the period, this book fills important gaps in the scholarship of the Ottoman experience of World War I and the origins of Islamism and secularism in Turkey. UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 248 pages PB 9780755642533 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781838607098 ePub 9781838607111 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781838607128 • £76.50 / $105.78 I.B. Tauris

Britain and the Regency of Tripoli Consuls and Empire-Building in Nineteenth-Century North Africa Sara M. ElGaddari Using the National Archive records of correspondence of the British consuls and diplomats from 1795 to 1832, and within the context of the wider Eastern Question, this book reconstructs the the Anglo-Tripolitanian relationship and argues that the Regency of Tripoli played a vital role in Britain’s imperial strategy during and after the Napoleonic Wars. Moreover, it contends that the activities of British consuls in Tripoli, and the networks they fostered around themselves, reshaped the nature and extent of British imperial activity in the region. UK January 2023 • US January 2023 • 240 pages • 20 bw illus HB 9780755640898 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9780755640911 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9780755640904 • £76.50 / $105.78 I.B. Tauris

UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 304 pages PB 9780755642748 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9780755617401 ePub 9780755617418 • £81.00 / $112.65 ePdf 9780755617425 • £81.00 / $112.65 Series: Gender and Islam • I.B. Tauris


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Manuscript Cultures of the Ismaili Communities and Beyond

Edited by Wafi A. Momin, Institute of Ismaili Studies, London, UK This open access book captures the burgeoning of interest in the manuscript cultures of the Muslim world. This volume brings together studies offering insights into different aspects of the manuscript cultures nurtured by Ismaili communities until well after the widespread dissemination of printed books. The chapters cover textual transmission and other connected aspects such as codicology, scribal and reading practices, educational and social history, authorship, script, religious identity and interactions of ideas across ideological denominations. The volume will be of interest to those working on textual scholarship, manuscript and literary cultures, and Islamic studies. UK June 2022 • US June 2022 • 480 pages • 25 images PB 9780755645381 • £24.99 / $34.95 • HB 9780755645374 • £75.00 / $100.00 ePub 9780755645404 ePdf 9780755645398 I.B. Tauris World English

Violence in Early Islam

Religious Narratives, the Arab Conquests and the Canonization of Jihad Marco Demichelis, University of Navarra, Spain Deploying an interdisciplinary approach which combines the hermeneutical study of the early hadiths and the famous ‘Verses of the Sword’ within the Qur’an itself, with historical writing by Islamic and non-Islamic contemporary sources, numismatics, epigraphical and architectural evidence, this book questions the relationship between the religious concept of jihad and the conquests. It argues that Christian Arabs who previously fought against the Persians may have had a formative effect on the later emergence of more bellicose rhetoric, rather than any inherent warlike attitudes within Islamic doctrine, and reveals a more nuanced and complicated history of religious violence in the early Islamic period. UK October 2022 • US October 2022 • 272 pages PB 9780755638031 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9780755637997 ePub 9780755638017 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9780755638000 • £76.50 / $105.78 I.B. Tauris

The Fatimids 2

The Rule from Egypt Shainool Jiwa, Institute of Ismaili Studies, London, UK The Fatimids were one of most prosperous and influential dynasties of the medieval Muslim world, ruling from 909-1171. This book tells the story of the Fatimids from their newly founded capital city of Cairo after the conquered Egypt in 969. Drawing on a broad range of primary sources, this vibrant book navigates readers through a two-century journey that witnessed the triumphs and trials of the only sustained Shi’i caliphate to rule across the Islamic world. The second part of a set, this book includes colour pictures and maps. UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 240 pages • 30 colour images PB 9781780769486 • £9.99 / $12.95 ePub 9780755646760 • £8.99 / $12.35 ePdf 9780755646753 • £8.99 / $12.35 Series: World of Islam • I.B. Tauris World English

Cross-dressing in Turkish Cinema Politics, Gender and National Trauma Burcu Dabak, Yasar University, Turkey As in western cinema, cross-dressing is a recurrent theme in Turkish film. But what do these films, whose characters typically cross-dress in order to escape enemies or other threats, tell us about the modern history of the Turkish Republic? This book examines cross-dressing in Turkish films in the context of formative events in modern Turkish political history, arguing that this trope coincides with trauma induced by Turkey's multiple coup d'etats, periods of authoritarianism, enforced secularism and 'modernization'. It examines five case study films and the concept of cross-dressing in modern Turkey by examining what the author argues is a formative trauma worked through in the films examined: the westernization policies of the Kemalist regime whose most immediate symbolic presence was worn - the enforced adoption of western dress by citizens.

M I D D L E E A S T S T U D I E S - I . B . T A U R I S – Islamic Studies / Gender

Texts, Scribes and Transmission

UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 216 pages • 51 bw illus PB 9780755642526 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9780755634224 ePub 9780755634248 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9780755634231 • £76.50 / $105.78 I.B. Tauris

Women Resisting Sexual Violence and the Egyptian Revolution Arab Feminist Testimonies

Manal Hamzeh, New Mexico State University, USA Centered on the testimonies of four women who each played a significant role in the protests, this book provides unique insight into women’s experiences during the Egyptian Revolution, and into the methods of resistance these women developed in response to sexual violence. In the process, Hamzeh casts new light on the relationship between gendered and state violence, and argues that women’s resistance to this violence is reshaping gender relations in Egypt and the wider Arab world. UK March 2022 • US March 2022 • 176 pages PB 9781350333321 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781786996213 ePub 9781786996237 • £26.09 / $37.08 ePdf 9781786996220 • £26.09 / $37.08 I.B. Tauris

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