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F I L M & M E D I A – BFI Film Classics

BFI Film Classics The Godfather Part II

Jon Lewis, Oregon State University, USA Jon Lewis's study of Coppola's masterpiece provides a close analysis of the film and a discussion of its cinematic and political contexts. It is structured in three sections: “The Sequel,” “The Dissolve,” and “The Sicilian Thing” – accommodating three avenues of inquiry, respectively: the film’s importance in and to Hollywood history, its unique, auteur style and form; and its cultural significance. Of interest, then, is New Hollywood history, mise-en-scene, and a view of the Corleone saga as a cautionary capitalist parable, as a metaphor of the corruption of American power, post-Vietnam, post-Watergate. UK October 2022 • US October 2022 • 104 pages • 50 colour illus PB 9781839023262 • £11.99 / $15.95 ePub 9781839023286 • £10.79 / $15.10 ePdf 9781839023279 • £10.79 / $15.10 Series: BFI Film Classics • British Film Institute

Tokyo Story

Alastair Phillips, University of Warwick, UK The first single-authored study of Yasujiro Ozu’s moving family drama, Tokyo Story (1953), universally acknowledged as one of the most significant Japanese films ever made, and regularly cited as one of the greatest films of all time in polls of world-leading critics and filmmakers. Alastair Phillips combines a close analysis of the film and its key locations the city of Tokyo, the coastal resort of Otami and the train station at Osaka - with a discussion of its representation of Japanese society at a time of great change. UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 96 pages • 60 bw illus PB 9781911239239 • £11.99 / $15.95 ePub 9781911239246 • £10.79 / $15.10 ePdf 9781911239253 • £10.79 / $15.10 Series: BFI Film Classics • British Film Institute


From Russia With Love

Llewella Chapman, University of East Anglia, UK Llewella Chapman's study of From Russia With Love (1963) pinpoints its place within the James Bond film franchise, as the second film to feature Sean Connery in the 007 role. Drawing on a broad range of archival sources, Chapman explores the film's political, social and cultural significance at the time of its release, its place within the genre of spy films and British cinema, and its lasting impact on later films. In doing so, she asserts the film's lasting cultural legacy, not only as a series film, but also as a stand-alone film in its own right. UK October 2022 • US October 2022 • 112 pages • 60 colour illus PB 9781839024535 • £11.99 / $15.95 ePub 9781839024542 • £10.79 / $15.10 ePdf 9781839024559 • £10.79 / $15.10 Series: BFI Film Classics • British Film Institute

Withnail and I

Kevin Jackson, late writer, broadcaster and filmmaker Kevin Jackson's in-depth study gives a full account of Withnail and I's origins and production history. But his main focus is the mood and magic of the film, its aesthetics and sensibility, seeking to show, without ever detracting from the film's comic brilliance, just how much more there is to Withnail than drunkenness and swearing. In his new foreword to this edition, the writer Nicholas Lezard pays his own tribute to both Withnail's peculiar genius and enduring appeal and to his close friend Kevin Jackson. UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 104 pages • 60 colour illus PB 9781839025457 • £11.99 / $15.95 ePub 9781839025464 • £10.79 / $15.10 ePdf 9781839025471 • £10.79 / $15.10 Series: BFI Film Classics • British Film Institute • UK, Europe, ROW • +44 (0)1256 302692 •

Anna Backman Rogers, University of Gothenburg, Sweden Peter Weir's haunting and allusive Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975), is widely hailed as a classic of new Australian cinema, seen as exemplary of a peculiarly Australian style of heritage filmmaking. Anna Backman Rogers considers Picnic from feminist, psychoanalytic and decolonialising perspectives, exploring its setting in a colonised bushland in which the Aboriginal people are a spectral presence in a landscape stolen from them in pursuit of the white man's 'terra nullius'. She delves into the film's production history, addressing director Weir's influences and preoccupations at the time of its making, its reception and its lasting impact on visual culture more broadly. UK October 2022 • US October 2022 • 104 pages • 50 colour illus PB 9781839023354 • £11.99 / $15.95 ePub 9781839023361 • £10.79 / $15.10 ePdf 9781839023378 • £10.79 / $15.10 Series: BFI Film Classics • British Film Institute

Y Tu Mamá También

Paul Julian Smith, University of Cambridge, UK Paul Julian Smith's study of Alfonso Cuarón's sensual 2001 road movie argues that Y Tu Mamá También not only addresses major issues of gender, race, class, and space, but that the film’s apparently casual aesthetic masks a sophisticated audiovisual style. Combining production and distribution history, based on unexplored material held in Mexico City archives, with close textual analysis, Smith makes an argument for Cuarón’s film as an enduring masterpiece that hides in plain sight as an ephemeral teen movie. UK September 2022 • US September 2022 • 104 pages • 60 colour illus PB 9781839025204 • £11.99 / $15.95 ePub 9781839025211 • £10.79 / $15.10 ePdf 9781839025228 • £10.79 / $15.10 Series: BFI Film Classics • British Film Institute

F I L M & M E D I A – BFI Film Classics

Picnic at Hanging Rock

The Lives of Others

(Das Leben der Anderen) Annie Ring, University of Cambridge, UK Annie Ring's study offers a fresh approach to the remarkable German film The Lives of Others (2006), known for its compelling representation of a Stasi surveillance officer and the moral and ethical turmoil that results when he is ordered to spy on a playwright and his actress lover. Ring explores the film’s formal and aesthetic qualities, sets it in its historical and intertextual contexts, and evaluates the heated politics surrounding its reception. UK October 2022 • US October 2022 • 104 pages • 50 colour illus PB 9781839025303 • £11.99 / $15.95 ePub 9781839025310 • £10.79 / $15.10 ePdf 9781839025327 • £10.79 / $15.10 Series: BFI Film Classics • British Film Institute • USA, Canada, Latin America • 888-330-8477 •



BFI FILM CLASSICS “An indispensable part of every cineaste’s bookcase” – Total Film

The Godfather

The Godfather Part II

From Russia With Love

Tokyo Story





Sunset Boulevard

Picnic at Hanging Rock

Y Tu Mamá También

The Lives of Others





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Betsy A. McLane, Independent Scholar, USA

A New History of Documentary Film: Third Edition continues the accessible approach of the earlier editions, while providing greater contextualization and new information, including a new chapter addressing topics relevant to the 2020s; a reexamination of the various roles played by women; consideration of how the form traditionally dealt with disenfranchised populations; and a chronologically organized list of the most influential documentary filmmakers. Retaining the book’s core structure, there is added emphasis of the interplay among various approaches to documentaries, the people who made them, and the ways interactions among shifting forces of economics, technology, and artistry shape their form. UK January 2023 • US January 2023 • 400 pages • 110 bw illus and 14 color illus PB 9781501385155 • £24.99 / $34.95 • HB 9781501385162 • £90.00 / $120.00 ePub 9781501385148 • £23.29 / $31.45 ePdf 9781501385131 • £23.29 / $31.45 Bloomsbury Academic

The Myth of Harm

Horror, Censorship and the Child Sarah Cleary, Independent scholar, Ireland Fraught with accusations pertaining to its alleged ability to harm and corrupt society, the horror genre is constantly under pressure to suppress what has made it so popular to begin with: its ability to frighten and generate discussion about society’s darker side. Recognising the circularity of patterns in each generational manifestation of horror censorship, The Myth of Harm draws upon cases such as the Slenderman stabbing and the James Bulger murder in order to explore the manner in which horror has been repeatedly cast as a harmful influence upon children, at the expense of scrutinising other more complex social issues. UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 256 pages • 17 bw illus HB 9781501378287 • £90.00 / $120.00 ePub 9781501378294 • £79.34 / $108.00 ePdf 9781501378270 • £79.34 / $108.00 Bloomsbury Academic

Musicals at the Margins

The Mad Max Effect

Edited by Julie Lobalzo Wright, University of Warwick, UK & Martha Shearer, University College Dublin, Ireland

James Newton, University of Kent, UK

Genre, Boundaries, Canons

Road Warriors in International Exploitation Cinema

While the musical has had a relatively ‘strong’ generic identity, the genre’s central semantic element, the musical number, is widespread in films not understood to be musicals. It encompasses a range of forms of marginality, including media that is 'sort of' a musical, music documentaries, workout films, and visual albums. This volume focuses on the genre’s edges and boundaries, investigating one case of the instability of a film genre. By considering texts outside of the canon and through a wide range of critical perspectives, Musicals at the Margins expands the study of the musical as the genre continues to evolve.

The first in-depth academic study of the extraordinary journey of Mad Max from its premiere in 1979 to the Acadamy Award success of 2015's Fury Road, The Mad Max Effect reveals how a humble low-budget Australian action movie came from the cultural margins of exploitation cinema to have an indelible impact on the broader media landscape. By analysing the individual films of the Mad Max series, this book examines how the kinetic energy and aesthetic design of a number of divergent exploitation films filters into the Mad Max series and resulted in a fresh cycle of international low-budget post-apocalyptic movies that appeared on the new home video markets in the 1980s.

UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 264 pages • 28 bw illus PB 9781501378522 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781501357114 ePub 9781501357107 • £79.34 / $108.00 ePdf 9781501357091 • £79.34 / $108.00 Bloomsbury Academic

UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 224 pages • 18 bw illus PB 9781501371097 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781501342295 ePub 9781501342301 • £79.34 / $108.00 ePdf 9781501342318 • £79.34 / $108.00 Series: Global Exploitation Cinemas • Bloomsbury Academic

Popular Ethiopian Cinema

Reel Gender

Michael W. Thomas, SOAS University of London, UK

Edited by Katharina Galor, Brown University, USA & Sa'ed Atshan, Swarthmore College, USA

Love and Other Genres

Popular Ethiopian Cinema shines much-needed light on the history, structures and films of the Amharic film industry in Ethiopia. Focusing on the rise of the industry from 2002, up until the contemporary moment, and embedded in archival, ethnographic and textual research methods, the book offers a detailed appreciation of Amharic-language cinema. Michael Thomas considers fikir/love as an organising principle in national Ethiopian culture and, by extension, Amharic cinema. Placing fikir as central to understanding Amharic film genres also illuminates the continuous negotiations at play between romantic, familial, patriotic and spiritual notions of love in these films. UK October 2022 • US October 2022 • 256 pages • 40 bw illus HB 9781350227408 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9781350227415 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350227422 • £76.50 / $105.78 Series: World Cinema • Bloomsbury Academic

F I L M & M E D I A – Documentary Film / Film Genres / World Cinema

A New History of Documentary Film

Palestinian and Israeli Cinema

Reel Gender, co-edited by Palestinian scholar Sa’ed Atshan and Israeli scholar Katharina Galor, provides a groundbreaking opportunity to bring together chapters that address the social realities and the filmic representations of Palestine and Israel. The essays demonstrate how Palestinian and Israeli film production—despite obvious overlaps and similarities and while keeping in mind the inherent asymmetry of power dynamics—are at the forefront of engaging gender and sexuality. Together they portray the region’s diverse but unexpectedly intermingled ethnic, religious, and national communities, while drawing from the fields of media and cultural studies, critical and postcolonial theory, feminism, post-feminism, and queer theory. UK October 2022 • US October 2022 • 240 pages • 40 color illus HB 9781501394218 • £90.00 / $120.00 ePub 9781501394249 • £79.34 / $108.00 Bloomsbury Academic • USA, Canada, Latin America • 888-330-8477 •


F I L M & M E D I A – World Cinema / European & British Cinema

The Cinematic Influence

Designing Russian Cinema

Peter C. Pugsley, University of Adelaide, Australia & Ben McCann, University of Adelaide, Australia

Eleanor Rees, University College London, UK

Interaction and Exchange Between the Cinemas of France and Japan

Exploring multiple aesthetic and cultural links between French and Japanese cinema, The Cinematic Influence includes vivid case studies of films by Akira Kurosawa, Jean-Luc Godard, Hirokazu Kore-eda, Claire Denis, Naomi Kawase, Michel Gondry and others. It illustrates the vast array of cinematic connections that mark a long history of mutual influence and reverence between filmmakers in France and Japan. The book provides new insights into the ways that national cinemas resist Hollywood to maintain and strengthen their own cultural practices and how these national cinemas inform and enlighten other cultures about what it means to be French or Japanese.

Designing Russian Cinema highlights the significant role played by production artists when Russian cinema was still in its infancy. Through a detailed analysis of film designs, this book uncovers Russian cinema’s connections with other art forms, examining how production artists drew on both aesthetic traditions and modernist experiments in architecture, painting, and theatre as they explored the new medium of cinema and its potential to engender new models of perception and forms of audience engagement. UK January 2023 • US January 2023 • 256 pages • 25 bw illus HB 9781350246362 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9781350246379 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350246386 • £76.50 / $105.78 Series: KINO - The Russian and Soviet Cinema • Bloomsbury Academic

UK January 2023 • US January 2023 • 224 pages HB 9781501382949 • £90.00 / $120.00 ePub 9781501382956 • £79.34 / $108.00 ePdf 9781501382963 • £79.34 / $108.00 Bloomsbury Academic

Black Boys


Clive Nwonka, University College London, UK

John J. Michalczyk, Boston College, USA & Susan A. Michalczyk, Boston College, USA

The Social Aesthetics of British Urban Film

Encounters with History

The first dedicated exploration of British urban cinema, this book analyses the emergence of the Black urban film/TV genre within the context of broader developments in British media industries since the 2000s, and the political imperatives that have helped to shape them. Featuring case studies of key films such as Attack the Block and Bullet Boy, the author moves beyond sociologicallydominated frameworks and approaches the films through alternative analytical optics including architecture and space, allegory, crime discourses and popular music.

Costa-Gavras: Encounters with History explores the life and work of the director intertwined with historical and socio-political events, from the early stages of his career: emigrating to France from Greece in 1955 and first studying at the Sorbonne, then focusing on filmmaking at IDHEC, now La Fémis. In this overview of the director’s films, the authors shed light on his encounters with history from his youth in war-torn Greece to his later films on immigration, unemployment, global capitalistic greed, and the abuse of political and economic power in Europe.

UK May 2023 • US May 2023 • 176 pages • 20 bw illus HB 9781501352829 • £80.00 / $110.00 ePub 9781501352836 • £72.79 / $99.00 ePdf 9781501352843 • £72.79 / $99.00 Bloomsbury Academic

UK August 2022 • US August 2022 • 272 pages • 33 bw illus HB 9781501390951 • £90.00 / $120.00 ePub 9781501390944 • £79.34 / $108.00 ePdf 9781501390937 • £79.34 / $108.00 Bloomsbury Academic

Ingmar Bergman at the Crossroads Between Theory and Practice

Edited by Maaret Koskinen, Stockholm University, Sweden & Louise Wallenberg, Stockholm University, Sweden Ingmar Bergman at the Crossroads provides in-depth interviews with Bergman’s longtime collaborators Katinka Faragó and Måns Reuterswärd, who have first-hand experience of working intimately as producers in film and television with Bergman over 5 decades. In an open exchange between individual and institutional perspectives, this book bridges the often-rigid boundaries between theoreticians and practitioners, pointing Bergman studies in new directions. Art practitioners (Ang Lee, Margarethe von Trotta), film and opera director Atom Egoyan, and film producer/ screenwriter James Schamus are brought together with academics, musicologist Alexis Luko, and playwright/performance studies scholar Allan Havis to discuss Bergman’s work from unique perspectives. UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 256 pages • 21 bw illus HB 9781501389641 • £90.00 / $120.00 ePub 9781501389627 • £79.34 / $108.00 ePdf 9781501389634 • £79.34 / $108.00 Bloomsbury Academic


The Production Artist and the Material Environment in Silent Era Film

The Figure of the Migrant in Contemporary European Cinema Temenuga Trifonova, York University, Canada

Argues that a case can be made for re-orienting the study of contemporary European cinema around the figure of the migrant viewed both as a symbolic figure and as a figure occupying an increasingly central place in European cinema in general rather than only in what is usually called ‘migrant and diasporic cinema’. By drawing attention to the structural and affective affinities between the experience of migrants and non-migrants, Europeans and nonEuropeans, Trifonova shows that it is becoming increasingly difficult to separate stories about migration from stories about life under neoliberalism in general. UK February 2022 • US February 2022 • 288 pages PB 9781501392962 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781501362514 ePub 9781501362507 • £26.20 / $35.95 ePdf 9781501362491 • £26.20 / $35.95 Bloomsbury Academic • UK, Europe, ROW • +44 (0)1256 302692 •

Transnational Imaginaries, Media Aesthetics, and Social Thought Robert Stam, New York University, USA Against the long historical backdrop of 1492, Columbus, and the Conquest, Robert Stam's wide-ranging study traces a trajectory from the representation of indigenous peoples by others to self-representation by indigenous peoples, often as a form of resistance and rebellion to colonialist or neoliberal capitalism, across an eclectic range of forms of media, arts, and social philosophy. UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 368 pages PB 9781350282353 • £24.99 / $34.95 • HB 9781350282360 • £75.00 / $100.00 ePub 9781350282377 • £22.49 / $31.59 ePdf 9781350282384 • £22.49 / $31.59 Bloomsbury Academic

I’m Not a Film Star David Bowie as Actor

Edited by Ian Dixon, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore & Brendan Black, Independent scholar, Australia For the first time, Bowie’s considerable filmography is systematically examined. Classic films such as The Prestige and Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, cult hits Labyrinth and The Man Who Fell To Earth, as well as lesser-known roles in The Image, Christiane F. and Broadway hit The Elephant Man are viewed, not simply through the lens of Bowie’s mega-stardom, but as the work of a serious actor with inimitable talent. Including tributes to Bowie’s performance craft in other media forms this compelling analysis celebrates the risk-taking intelligence and bravura of David Bowie: actor, mime, mimic and icon. UK August 2022 • US August 2022 • 304 pages • 56 bw illus HB 9781501368684 • £95.00 / $130.00 ePub 9781501368677 • £85.90 / $117.00 ePdf 9781501368660 • £85.90 / $117.00 Bloomsbury Academic

The Biopic and Beyond

Hollywood Independent

Melanie Piper, University of Queensland, Australia

Paul Kerr, Middlesex University, UK

Celebrities as Characters in Screen Media

Using case studies such as Mark Zuckerberg and The Social Network, Sarah Palin and Saturday Night Live, and Louis C.K. and Louie, The Biopic and Beyond uncovers the process that turns the distant public figures that populate news and entertainment into screen characters that we can engage with and try to understand a little better. Biopics and docudramas are not the only places on screen that give us access to the fake person behind the real person, with media as varied as sketch comedy, fan fiction, and the celebrity cameo contributing to the ways we understand media figures. UK August 2022 • US August 2022 • 192 pages PB 9781501393990 • £28.99 / $39.95 • HB 9781501361494 • £80.00 / $110.00 ePub 9781501361487 • £72.79 / $99.00 ePdf 9781501361470 • £72.79 / $99.00 Bloomsbury Academic

Intimacy and the Anxieties of Cinematic Flesh Between Phenomenology and Psychoanalysis

Patrick Fuery, Chapman University, USA Combining two distinct philosophical fields to the study of cinema, Patrick Fuery shows how phenomenology and psychoanalysis, so often seen as contradistinctive, are explored through their commonalities rather than differences. Using three interconnected themes—intimacy, anxiety, and flesh—, he illustrates that anxiety is a driving process in all cinema, and for it to take place there must be a relationship of intimacy. Discussing such films as Tree of Life, Don’t Look Now, Gravity and Roma, Fuery demonstrates why combining phenomenology and psychoanalysis to the study of cinema is necessary for studying film. UK March 2023 • US March 2023 • 240 pages HB 9781501376351 • £90.00 / $120.00 ePub 9781501376344 • £79.34 / $108.00 ePdf 9781501376337 • £79.34 / $108.00 Bloomsbury Academic

F I L M & M E D I A – Film History & Theory

Indigeneity and the Decolonizing Gaze

How the Mirisch Company Changed Cinema Hollywood Independent dissects the Mirisch Company, one of the most successful employers of the package-unit system of film production, producing films like Some Like it Hot (1959) and West Side Story (1961) as irresistible talent packages. Whilst they helped make the names of a new generation of stars and banked on the reputations of established auteurs, they were also pioneers in attracting new audiences with films about race, gender and sexuality. The Mirisch Company bridges the gap between the end of the studio system (1960) and the emergence of a new cinema (mid-1970s) dominated by the Movie Brats. UK March 2023 • US March 2023 • 240 pages HB 9781501336751 • £96.00 / $120.00 ePub 9781501336768 • £79.34 / $108.00 ePdf 9781501336775 • £79.34 / $108.00 Bloomsbury Academic

Cinema Memories

A People's History of Cinema-going in 1960s Britain Melvyn Stokes, University College London, UK, Matthew Jones, De Montfort University, UK & Emma Pett, University of York, UK Drawing on first-hand memories from over 1000 cinema-goers, Cinema Memories reveals what it was like to watch films in British cinemas in the 1960s. Positioning their study within debates about memory, 1960s cinema, and the seemingly transformative nature of this decade of British history, the authors reflect on the methodologies deployed, the use of memories as historical sources, and the various ways in which cinema and cinema-going came to mean something to its audiences. UK April 2022 • US June 2022 • 256 pages • 10 bw illus HB 9781911239895 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9781911239918 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781911239888 • £76.50 / $105.78 British Film Institute • USA, Canada, Latin America • 888-330-8477 •


F I L M & M E D I A – Film History & Theory

Uncanny Cinema

Agonies of the Viewing Experience Murray Pomerance, Independent scholar, Canada Murray Pomerance's new book explores a wide range of films and television shows to demonstrate how difficult the process of conveying the experience of viewing cinema through words and the medium of text is. The book begins with this problem before delving into three exploratory ‘movements’ arranged to challenge, inspire, and confound the reader. Through several case studies, Pomerance presents the moments where the viewer is faced with disturbances, ruptures, and surprises that occur, analyzing each so that we reconsider what we do and do not (or, possibly, cannot) know, particularly as we think, talk, and write about cinema. UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 320 pages • 60 bw illus HB 9781501398742 • £95.00 / $130.00 ePub 9781501398759 • £85.90 / $117.00 ePdf 9781501398766 • £85.90 / $117.00 Bloomsbury Academic

Movies with Stanley Cavell in Mind

Edited by David LaRocca, Cornell University, USA In Movies with Stanley Cavell in Mind, scholars who have become essential for our understanding of Stanley Cavell’s writing on film gather to use his landmark contributions to help us read new films— from Hollywood and elsewhere—that exist beyond his immediate reach and reading. Through a series of interpretive vignettes, the contributers situate, for the expert and beginner alike, how Cavell’s writing on film can enrich one’s experience of cinema and also inform how we might continue the practice of serious philosophical criticism of specific films, mindful of his sensibility. UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 360 pages PB 9781501380167 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781501351914 ePub 9781501351938 • £85.90 / $117.00 ePdf 9781501351921 • £85.90 / $117.00 Bloomsbury Academic

Aesthetics and Narrative in the International Art Film

Howard Finn, Queen Mary, University of London, UK Drawing on a broad range of examples, including Soviet montage, Italian neorealism, postwar new waves and the ‘new cinema’ of Taiwan and Iran, Cinematic Modernism and Contemporary Film explores the cultural significance of modernism and its lasting influence over cinema. Howard Finn provides concise accounts of how theorists such as André Bazin, Siegfried Kracauer, Gilles Deleuze and Jacques Rancière have discussed the cinematic aesthetic, clarifying debates over terms such as ‘realism’, ‘classical’ and ‘avantgarde’ as well as recent controversies over terms such as ‘slow cinema’ and ‘vernacular modernism’. UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 336 pages • 30 bw illus PB 9781350349582 • £28.99 / $39.95 • HB 9781788312738 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9781350242579 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350242586 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic

The Eisenstein Universe

Edited by Ian Christie, Birkbeck, University of London, UK & Julia Vassilieva, Monash University, Australia In this ground-breaking collection, 16 international scholars explore not only the still-expanding universe of Eisenstein’s pioneering researches in aesthetics, anthropology and psychology, and his roots in different philosophical traditions, but also his continuing place in the contemporary world of film and audiovisual media. UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 312 pages • 27 bw illus PB 9781350239616 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781350142107 ePub 9781350142114 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350142091 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic

The Reenactment in Contemporary Screen Culture

Divergent Tracks

Megan Carrigy, NYU Sydney, Australia

Vanessa Theme Ament, Independent Scholar, USA

Performance, Mediation, Repetition

Working with an eclectic collection of case studies from Milk, Monster, Boys Don’t Cry, and The Battle of Orgreave to CSI and the video of police assaulting Rodney King, this book examines the relationship between the status of theatricality in the reenactment and the ways in which its relationships to reference are performed. Carrigy shows that while the practice of reenactment predates technically reproducible media, and continues to exist in both live and mediated forms, it has been thoroughly transformed through its incorporation within forms of technical media. UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 208 pages • 20 bw illus PB 9781501380174 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781501359385 ePub 9781501359378 • £79.34 / $108.00 ePdf 9781501359361 • £79.34 / $108.00 Bloomsbury Academic


Cinematic Modernism and Contemporary Film

How Three Film Communities Revolutionized Digital Film Sound

A unique perspective through the author's personal experience of the three main American sound communities of Hollywood, New York, and the San Francisco Bay Area's transition from analogue to digital postproduction in the 1990s. Using three case studies of essential films - Barton Fink, Bram Stoker's Dracula and The English Patient - it becomes clear the 1990s was an era in which sound professionals became more visible as artists, collaborated in sound design authorship, and influenced this digital transition to better accomodate their needs and desires in their work. UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 176 pages • 27 colour illus PB 9781501378539 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781501359224 ePub 9781501359217 • £72.79 / $99.00 ePdf 9781501359200 • £72.79 / $99.00 Bloomsbury Academic • UK, Europe, ROW • +44 (0)1256 302692 •

Chris Pallant, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK

Sylvain Chomet’s Distinctive Animation

From The Triplets of Belleville to The Illusionist Maria Katsaridou, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece This open access book provides the first in-depth analysis of Sylvain Chomet's animation films and contribution to contemporary animation. It examines important elements of the artist’s life, studies and previous works, along with his influences and important collaborations. Special attention is paid to the production processes, as well as the historical and socioeconomic context in which they were created, to provide the reader with a comprehensive study of the films and to highlight their contribution to the advancement of contemporary animation. The ebook editions of this book are available open access under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 licence on UK January 2023 • US January 2023 • 240 pages HB 9781501363993 • £90.00 / $120.00 ePub 9781501363986 ePdf 9781501363979 Series: Animation: Key Films/Filmmakers • Bloomsbury Academic

Allegro non troppo

Bruno Bozzetto’s Animated Music Marco Bellano, University of Padova, Italy Bruno Bozzetto’s Allegro non Troppo is an unabashed retake on Walt Disney’s 1940 “concert feature,” though it departs from parody and becomes a showcase for the multifaceted aesthetics of Italian animation in 1976. Marco Bellano's open access book reconstructs the history of the production of Allegro non Troppo through original research developed with the contribution of Bozzetto himself. It also presents an audiovisual analysis of the work, reassessing the international relevance of Bozzetto’s achievements. The eBook editions of this book are available open access under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 licence on UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 288 pages • 7 bw illus PB 9781501376283 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781501350863 ePub 9781501350870 ePdf 9781501350887 Series: Animation: Key Films/Filmmakers • Bloomsbury Academic

Esport Play

Anticipation, Attachment, and Addiction in Psycholudic Development Veli-Matti Karhulahti, University of Jyväskylä, Finland Weaving the author's own lived experience with theoretical insights from the fields of game studies, psychology, and anthropology, Esport Play probes and advances current gaming topics such as addiction, skill development, and toxicity. With a focus on League of Legends – one of the flagship esports of our time – Karhulahti explicates what esport play is: documenting and identifying competitive play as a present-day means to satisfy basic human needs. Ultimately, the book presents a theory of psycholudic development that explains and organizes the development of player-play relationships that may last for years. UK February 2022 • US February 2022 • 208 pages • 12 bw illus PB 9781501392160 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781501359347 ePub 9781501359330 • £26.20 / $35.95 ePdf 9781501359323 • £26.20 / $35.95 Bloomsbury Academic

Watership Down

Perspectives On and Beyond Animated Violence Edited by Catherine Lester, University of Birmingham, UK Watership Down (Martin Rosen, 1978) is as controversial as it is beloved. This open access collection unites scholars and practitioners to consider the legacy of this landmark of British cinema and animation history. Topics include the film’s production, reception, music, generic context; ethics and aesthetics of animated violence; increasingly relevant political and environmental themes; and relationship to Richard Adams’ 1972 source novel and adaptations. The first substantial work on Watership Down, this book is an authoritative introduction for scholars, students, and fans. The eBook editions of this book are available open access under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 licence on UK February 2023 • US February 2023 • 272 pages • 30 bw illus HB 9781501376993 • £90.00 / $120.00 ePub 9781501376986 ePdf 9781501376979 Series: Animation: Key Films/Filmmakers • Bloomsbury Academic

Global esports

F I L M & M E D I A – Animation / Game Studies

Animation: Key Films/Filmmakers

Transformation of Cultural Perceptions of Competitive Gaming Edited by Dal Yong Jin, Simon Fraser University, Canada Global esports explores the recent surge of esports in the global scene and comprehensively discusses people’s understanding of this spectacle. By historicizing and institutionalizing esports, the contributors analyze its rapid growth and its implications in culture and digital economy. Dal Yong Jin curates a discussion as to why esports has become a global phenomenon. From games such as Spacewar to Starcraft to Overwatch, a key theme distinguishing this collection from others is a potential shift of esports from online to mobile gaming. UK October 2022 • US October 2022 • 336 pages PB 9781501369254 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781501368776 ePub 9781501368769 • £85.90 / $117.00 ePdf 9781501368752 • £85.90 / $117.00 Bloomsbury Academic

The Digital Role-Playing Game and Technical Communication

A History of Bethesda, BioWare, and CD Projekt Red Daniel Reardon, Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA & David Wright, Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA This book examines the tremendous cultural influence of digital games, analyzing three companies that have shaped the industry: Bethesda (Rockville, Maryland, USA); BioWare (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada); and CD Projekt Red (Warsaw, Poland). Each has used social media and technical content to promote the players' belief that they control the companies’ game narratives: players have attempted to co-op the creative processes through discussion board forums, fund-raising campaigns to change or add content, and modifications (“modding”) through fan-created downloads. The result has changed the way we understand the interactive nature of digital games and the power of fan culture to shape them. UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 344 pages • 63 bw illus PB 9781501378553 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781501352546 ePub 9781501352553 • £85.90 / $117.00 ePdf 9781501352560 • £85.90 / $117.00 Bloomsbury Academic • USA, Canada, Latin America • 888-330-8477 •


F I L M & M E D I A – Broadcast Media / Gender & Media

German Crime Dramas from Network Television to Netflix Sunka Simon, Swarthmore College, USA

Sunka Simon investigates why the emphasis on the uniquely German regional and national themes of Tatort (1970- ), the country's longest-running crime drama that failed to take off internationally, did not hinder dramas such as Netflix’s Dogs of Berlin or Dark from making a splash in the US. Interrogating key concepts and debates in television studies with a foundation in German cultural studies, using archival research, reception and news analysis, German Crime Dramas from Network Television to Netflix makes an important intervention in and addition to the field of U.S./U.K.-centric television studies. UK January 2023 • US January 2023 • 176 pages • 20 bw illus HB 9781501368721 • £80.00 / $110.00 ePub 9781501368714 • £72.79 / $99.00 ePdf 9781501368707 • £72.79 / $99.00 Bloomsbury Academic

Transcending Television Edited by Deborah Shaw, University of Portsmouth, UK & Rob Stone, University of Birmingham, UK This collection explores the many ways in which the Netflix series Sense8 transcends television. The series' playful but poignant exploration of globalisation, empathy, transnationalism, queer aesthetics, gender fluidity, imagined communities, and communities of sentiment inspired a range of interdisciplinary contributions to this volume. Sense8: Transcending Television is much more than an academic examination of a series; it is an account and analysis of the way that we all receive, communicate and consider ourselves as participants in global communities that are social, political and cultural, and now both physical and virtual too. UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 256 pages • 20 bw illus PB 9781501379604 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781501352935 ePub 9781501352928 • £79.34 / $108.00 ePdf 9781501352911 • £79.34 / $108.00 Bloomsbury Academic

Library of Gender and Popular Culture The Space of Sex

The Porn Aesthetic in Contemporary Film and Television Shelton Waldrep, University of Southern Maine, USA As film and television become ever more focused on the pornographic gaze of the camera, the human body undergoes a metamorphosis, becoming both landscape and building, part of an architectonic design where the erotics of the body spread beyond the body itself to influence the design of the film or televisual shot. Waldrep focuses on how sex, gender, and sexuality are represented in several films, including Savages (2012), Magic Mike (2012), and Don Jon (2013). Each mainstream or independent movie is examined for the ways they have attempted to absorb pornography, if not the pornography industry specifically, into their plot. UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 304 pages • 48 bw illus PB 9781501377365 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781501333057 ePub 9781501333064 • £85.90 / $117.00 ePdf 9781501333088 • £85.90 / $117.00 Bloomsbury Academic

Claire Nally, Northumbria University, UK; Angela Smith, University of Sunderland, UK

Female Heroes in Young Adult Fantasy Fiction

Reframing Myths of Adolescent Girlhood Leah Phillips, San Jose State University, USA Leah Phillips explores how the heroes in the mythopoeic subgenre of YA fiction intervene in the narrative of superiority by breaking the boundaries and blurring the borders of what it means to be hero, girl, and even human. These heroes — such as Tamora Pierce's Alanna the Lioness, Marissa Meyer's Cinder, and the heterogeneous 'crew' at the heart of Leigh Bardugo's Six of Crows duology — disrupt heroic norms and standards by occupying the spaces between oppositions. She offers an alternative and inclusive model of being-hero, one directly impacting adolescent girlhood and beyond. UK January 2023 • US January 2023 • 256 pages HB 9781350119338 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9781350119321 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350119314 • £76.50 / $105.78 Series: Library of Gender and Popular Culture • Bloomsbury Academic

Gender and Early Television

Screening Queer Memory

Sarah Arnold, Maynooth University, Ireland

Anamarija Horvat, University of Edinburgh, UK

Mapping Women’s Role in Emerging US and British Media, 1850-1950



LGBTQ Pasts in Contemporary Film and Television

Sarah Arnold traces women’s relationship to the new medium of television, arguing that women played a crucial role in its development both as producers and as audiences long before the ‘golden age’ of television in the 1950s. As keen consumers of media, women also helped promote television to the public by performing as ‘television girls’. Additionally, women worked as directors, producers, technical crew and announcers. Beginning with the emergence of media entertainment in the mid-19th century and culminating in the rise of the post-war television industries, the author shows that, all along the way, women had a stake in television.

In Screening Queer Memory, Anamarija Horvat examines how LGBTQ history has been represented on-screen, and interrogates the specificity of queer memory. She poses several questions: How are the pasts of LGBTQ people and communities visualised and commemorated on screen? How do these representations comment on the influence of film and television on the construction of queer memory? How do they present the passage of memory from one generation of LGBTQ people to another? Finally, which narratives of the queer past, particularly of the activist past, are being commemorated, and which obscured?

UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 304 pages PB 9781350240070 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781780769769 ePub 9781786726100 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781786736161 • £76.50 / $105.78 Series: Library of Gender and Popular Culture • Bloomsbury Academic

UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 200 pages • 20 bw illus PB 9781350188402 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781350187658 ePub 9781350187672 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350187665 • £76.50 / $105.78 Series: Library of Gender and Popular Culture • Bloomsbury Academic • UK, Europe, ROW • +44 (0)1256 302692 •

Bernd Herzogenrath, University of Frankfurt, Germany and Patricia Pisters, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Sound Affects

Edited by Bernd Herzogenrath, Goethe University of Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Edited by Sharon Jane Mee, University of New South Wales, Australia & Luke Robinson, University of New South Wales, Australia

a travelogue

This book foregrounds that English monolingualism reduces both our linguistic and conceptual resources, presenting concepts from the cultures of 4 continents and 26 languages. Each contributor explores ideas that have been key to thinking in their language – about sound and silence, voice and image, living and thinking, self and world - while simultaneously addressing the issue of translation. Each chapter demonstrates that translation itself is a way of invention, a way of generating new – albeit not novel – ideas, rather than just a rendering of concepts from one system in terms of another. UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 352 pages • 22 bw illus HB 9781501375330 • £95.00 / $130.00 ePub 9781501375323 • £85.90 / $117.00 ePdf 9781501375316 • £85.90 / $117.00 Series: Thinking Media • Bloomsbury Academic

Technológos in Being

Radical Media Archaeology & the Computational Machine Wolfgang Ernst, Humboldt University, Germany

A User's Guide

Sound Affects: A User’s Guide is a collection of sonically-charged concepts ranging from the vocal (whispers, sing, disembodied voice), to sounds at the threshold (knocking, thump, buzz), to sounds beyond the limits of audibility (tremors, distortion, sub-bass). Taking Yve-Alain Bois and Rosalind E. Krauss’s Formless: A User’s Guide (1997) as a model, Sound Affects invites the reader to reflect on the ways that sounds produce affects and the ways that affects can operate as sound. Each of the essays develops a particular perspective on sound and affect through a close analysis of audio-visual and/or sonic objects. UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 272 pages HB 9781501388880 • £90.00 / $120.00 ePub 9781501388897 • £79.34 / $108.00 ePdf 9781501388903 • £79.34 / $108.00 Series: Thinking Media • Bloomsbury Academic

The Switch Image

F I L M & M E D I A - Media Theory & Teaching

Thinking Media

Television Philosophy

Lorenz Engell, Professor of Media Philosophy at the Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany

Wolfgang Ernst’s new book, in its explicit mediascientific approach, aligns with the politics of the Thinking Media series to publish innovative works that advance media studies towards the ‘new sciences.’ Ernst invites readers to re-adjust their ideas of media studies: the conviction that an extended understanding of "medium" needs to include a concept of materiality that focuses on "non- human" agencies as well. The book grounds media analysis radically in the technological apparatuses, relays, transistors, hardand software, to precisely locate the scenes, operations and frictions where reasoning logos and ‘informable’ matter interfere.

This book considers TV as what happens on and beyond the screen: the operation of switching images. It proposes a new definition of TV as the first picture that can be switched on, off, and over, stressing that TV is more tactile than visual. Through the ongoing interlacing of “TV 1.0” (image is being switched) and “TV 2.0” (image is a switch), TV transforms the world and itself from an analogue to a digital state and from central perspectivism to pluri-perspectives. Through switching and the switch, it develops and reworks new temporal orderings, such as instantaneity, synchronicity, flow, and seriality.

UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 224 pages • 10 bw illus PB 9781501378546 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781501362293 ePub 9781501362286 • £79.34 / $108.00 ePdf 9781501362279 • £79.34 / $108.00 Series: Thinking Media • Bloomsbury Academic

UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 392 pages PB 9781501377372 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781501349287 ePub 9781501349294 • £85.90 / $117.00 ePdf 9781501349300 • £85.90 / $117.00 Series: Thinking Media • Bloomsbury Academic World All Languages (except German)

Pedagogy in Practice

Project-Based Learning in Media Policy and Governance Edited by Biswajit Das, Jamia Millia Islamia, India, Santosh Panda, Indira Gandhi National Open University, India & Vibodh Parthasarathi, Jamia Millia Islamia, India The book showcases the application of evidencebased teaching and learning strategies in the field of media and communication studies, with specific reference to hands-on projects on media policy analysis. The intent of the book is to translate theoretical ideas and knowledge in the light of the new pedagogic developments and effective learning and teaching designs that can be taken up in any classroom setting and can be applied to any curriculum in higher and further education. UK August 2022 • US August 2022 • 320 pages HB 9789354359675 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9789354359682 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9789354359668 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic India World All Languages (excluding India/Indian subcontinent) • USA, Canada, Latin America • 888-330-8477 •


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