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Classical Studies New Books Catalogue

October-December 2022


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Edited by Amin Benaissa, University of Oxford, UK & Michael Zellmann-Rohrer, Free University of Berlin, Germany This volume contains editions of forty-one texts, theological, literary, subliterary, and documentary. The theological section includes large fragments of the First Apocalypse of James (5533), an early Christian narrative of conversations between Jesus and his brother, James, before and after Jesus' death. The first of seven magical papyri is a secondcentury exorcism manual (5542), with the divine name written in Palaeo-Hebrew letters. A series of potted lives of the Successors of Alexander the Great illuminates the history of ancient life-writing before Plutarch (5535). A fragment of commentary on Aristophanes (5536) and five grammatical texts (5537–41) complete Section II. The twenty-four documents in Section III provide a mass of new evidence concerning slavery in the Roman world. The photographs show all the new theological, literary, and subliterary texts, and eleven of the documents. UK November 2021 • 155 pages HB 9780856982491 • £85.00 Series: Graeco-Roman Memoirs • Egypt Exploration Society World English (excluding Canada/Mexico/USA)

Conceptions of the Watery World in Greco-Roman Antiquity Georgia L. Irby, College of William and Mary, USA

Water is an essential resource that affects every aspect of human life, and it inspired great curiosity in the Greeks and Romans, who sought to control the natural world by understanding it. This volume explores ancient efforts to explain the scientific, philosophical and spiritual aspects of water, looking at issues ranging from the ways in which water helps to shape the world, to how it affects health, as a vector of disease or of healing, and what spiritual forces can protect those who must travel on water. UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 296 pages • 16 bw illus PB 9781350239449 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781784538293 ePub 9781350136465 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350136458 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic

New Perspectives on the Hellenistic Peloponnese

History, Politics and Material Culture Edited by Manolis Pagkalos, University of Groningen, the Netherlands & Andrea Scarpato, University of Leeds, UK This volume fills a gap in current research on the Hellenistic Peloponnese, complementing and challenging traditional interpretations by adopting new perspectives on its complex social and political history. The individual chapters promote interdisciplinary approaches to ancient evidence and examine aspects of the region's interstate relations, contemporary politics and modes of representation that have been relatively little studied to date. Together they afford a much more well-rounded picture of the Hellenistic Peloponnese and form a rich basis for broadening scholarly debate and stimulating further research on the area. UK February 2023 • US February 2023 • 288 pages • 30 bw illus HB 9781350228900 • £90.00 / $120.00 ePub 9781350228931 • £81.00 / $112.65 ePdf 9781350228924 • £81.00 / $112.65 Bloomsbury Academic

Using and Conquering the Watery World in Greco-Roman Antiquity Georgia L. Irby, College of William and Mary, USA

This volume considers how Greco-Roman authorities manipulated water on the practical, technological, and political levels. Water was controlled and harnessed with legal oversight and civic infrastructure. The Mediterranean Sea and Outer Ocean (and numerous rivers) were mastered by means of navigation for the purposes of warfare, exploration, maritime trade, and the exploitation of marine resources. These waterways were also a robust source of propaganda on coins, public monuments, and poetic encomia as governments vied to establish or spread their identities and predominance. UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 312 pages • 27 bw illus PB 9781350250789 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781350155848 ePub 9781350155855 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350155862 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic

C L A S S I C A L S T U D I E S – Egyptology / Ancient History & Philosophy

The Oxyrhynchus Papyri vol. LXXXVI

Ancient Commentators on Aristotle Richard Sorabji, Kings College London, UK; Michael Griffin, University of British Columbia, Canada

Hermias: On Plato Phaedrus 245E–257C

Michael Share, University of Tasmania, Australia & Dirk Baltzly, University of Tasmania, Australia This commentary records, through notes taken by Hermias, Syrianus' seminar on Plato's Phaedrus, one of the world's most influential celebrations of erotic beauty and love. It is the only Neoplatonic commentary on Plato's Phaedrus to have survived in its entirety. The second of two volumes of Hermias' commentary, the chapters translated here begin with a discussion of how the discarnate soul is visualised as a winged chariot team whose charioteer may gain some glimpse of beauty itself, which can explain subsequent erotic longing. UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 336 pages HB 9781350051928 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9781350051942 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350051935 • £76.50 / $105.78 Series: Ancient Commentators on Aristotle • Bloomsbury Academic

'Alexander': On Aristotle Metaphysics 12

Translated by Fred D. Miller, Jr., University of Arizona and Bowling Green State University, USA This volume presents a commentary by pseudoAlexander on Aristotle’s Metaphysics Book 12, which posits a god as the supreme cause of motion in the cosmic system Aristotle elaborates elsewhere. Presenting a new translation accompanied by explanatory notes, Fred D. Miller, Jr. argues that the author of the commentary is in fact not Alexander of Aphrodisias, Aristotle’s distant successor in early 3rd century CE Athens and his leading defender and interpreter, but Michael of Ephesus from Constantinople as late as the 12th century CE. UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 272 pages PB 9781350185623 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781350179356 ePub 9781350179370 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350179363 • £76.50 / $105.78 Series: Ancient Commentators on Aristotle • Bloomsbury Academic • USA, Canada, Latin America • 888-330-8477 •


C L A S S I C A L S T U D I E S – Classical Literature & Drama

Temporalities, Texts, Ideologies Ancient and Early-Modern Perspectives

Edited by Bobby Xinyue, King's College London, UK Temporalities, Texts, Ideologies provides a new analysis of the significance of time in Classical and early modern literature, demonstrating that literary temporality continually intervenes in questions of ontology, hierarchy, and politics. Examining a diverse range of texts from Homeric epic to eighteenth-century poems on the Last Judgement, this collection of essays contends that temporality in literature is not merely a matter of storytelling, but sits at the heart of how authors from antiquity through to the early modern period understood and negotiated the structures that shaped their lives and may shape lives to come.

Euripides: Andromache

Hanna M. Roisman, Colby College, Maine, USA The book is written mainly for students to enable them to better appreciate and enjoy Euripides’ Andromache. Its presentation seeks to combine depth of analysis with clarity and accessibility. It discusses Greek theatre and performance, the myth behind the play, and the literary, intellectual, and political context in which it was written and first performed. The book provides analyses of the various characters, and highlights the play’s ambiguities and complexities. UK October 2022 • US October 2022 • 176 pages HB 9781350256262 • £70.00 / $95.00 ePub 9781350256286 • £63.00 / $87.92 ePdf 9781350256279 • £63.00 / $87.92 Series: Companions to Greek and Roman Tragedy • Bloomsbury Academic

UK January 2023 • US January 2023 • 256 pages HB 9781350257221 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9781350257245 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350257238 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic

The Politics of Viewing in Xenophon’s Historical Narratives

Rosie Harman, University College London, UK This book considers problems of cultural identity and power in the context of the competing imperialisms of the early 4th century BC. It focuses on Xenophon’s works of narrative history: the Hellenica, Anabasis and Cyropaedia. These texts tell of conflicts between Greek states, conflicts between Greeks and non-Greeks, especially Persia, and relations between the elite individual and society. In all three texts, politically significant moments are imagined in highly visual terms. We are shown spectacles of Spartan military victory, vistas of Asian landscape or displays of Persian imperial pomp, with historical protagonists presented as spectators viewing and responding to events. UK January 2023 • US January 2023 • 256 pages HB 9781350159020 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9781350159044 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350159037 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic

Looking at Persians

Edited by David Stuttard, Independent Scholar, UK The 12 essays presented here are written by prominent international academics and offer insightful analyses of the play from the perspectives of performance, history and society. Intended for readers ranging from school students and undergraduates to teachers and those interested in drama (including practitioners), the volume also includes an accurate and accessible English translation of Aeschylus' Persians by David Stuttard. UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 256 pages HB 9781350227927 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9781350227941 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350227934 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic

Performing Gods in Classical Antiquity and the Age of Shakespeare

Dustin W. Dixon, Grinnell College, USA & John S. Garrison, Grinnell College, USA This book explores the portrayal of deities on the stages of ancient Athens and Rome as well as on those of Renaissance England to shed new light on theatrical performance. The authors reveal how gods appear onstage both to astound and to dramatize the very machinations by which theatrical performance operates. Offering an array of case studies featuring both canonical and lesser-studied texts, this volume discusses work of Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Aristophanes, and Plautus as well as Beaumont, Heywood, Jonson, Marlowe, and Shakespeare. This volume is for students and enthusiasts of literature, classics, theater, and performance studies. UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 208 pages • 7 bw illus PB 9781350239432 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781350098145 ePub 9781350098169 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350098152 • £76.50 / $105.78 Series: Bloomsbury Studies in Classical Reception • Bloomsbury Academic

Menander: Epitrepontes

Alan H. Sommerstein, University of Nottingham, UK "Sommerstein manages to pack a lot into this ‘Companion’ … an excellent introduction both to Menander and this play." Classics for All This book introduces readers who may have no previous knowledge of Menander's comedies to Epitrepontes (The Arbitration), arguably the most exquisitely crafted of his better-preserved plays. It explains what we know about the play, how we know it, and how far we can tentatively fill in the gaps in our knowledge. Alan H. Sommerstein assesses the plot and the characters, the social and ethical assumptions that dramatist and audience shared, the influences of earlier drama and of contemporary philosophical and popular thought, and the afterlife of Menandrian comedy in general and of Epitrepontes in particular. UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 152 pages • 3 bw illus PB 9781350226685 • £22.99 / $30.95 Previously published in HB 9781350023642 ePub 9781350023659 • £63.00 / $87.92 ePdf 9781350023666 • £63.00 / $87.92 Series: Bloomsbury Ancient Comedy Companions • Bloomsbury Academic

4 • UK, Europe, ROW • +44 (0)1256 302692 •

Anna Collar, University of Southampton, UK; Esther Eidinow, University of Bristol, UK; Katharina Lorenz, University of Giessen, Germany

Ovid's Metamorphoses and the Environmental Imagination

Edited by Giulia Sissa, UCLA, USA & Francesca Martelli, UCLA, USA This volume traces the variety of ways in which the world of the Metamorphoses offers a set of structures for modelling the relationship between humans and other agencies, while also addressing the principles of contemporary eco-criticism. The contributors argue that the worldview depicted in this ancient text is an example of the 'premodern' ecological mindset. These papers also scrutinize a number of critical moments in the history of the text's ecological reception. UK January 2023 • US January 2023 • 240 pages • 5 bw illus HB 9781350268944 • £85.00 / $115.00 ePub 9781350268968 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350268951 • £76.50 / $105.78 Series: Ancient Environments • Bloomsbury Academic

Edited by Dawn Hollis, University of St Andrews, UK & Jason König, University of St Andrews, UK Mountain Dialogues from Antiquity to Modernity opens up a new conversation between ancient and modern engagements with mountains. It highlights the ongoing relevance of ancient understandings of mountain environments to the postclassical and present-day world, while also suggesting ways in which modern approaches to landscape can generate new questions about premodern responses. It brings together experts from across many different disciplines and periods, offering case studies on topics ranging from classical Greek drama to Renaissance art, and from early modern natural philosophy to nineteenth-century travel writing. UK November 2022 • US November 2022 • 272 pages • 8 bw illus PB 9781350194106 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781350162822 ePub 9781350162846 • £81.00 / $112.65 ePdf 9781350162839 • £81.00 / $112.65 Series: Ancient Environments • Bloomsbury Academic

Epitomic Writing in Late Antiquity and Beyond

Japan on the Jesuit Stage

Edited by Paolo Felice Sacchi, Ghent University, Belgium & Marco Formisano, Ghent University, Belgium

Akihiko Watanabe, Otsuma Women’s University, Japan

Forms of Unabridged Writing

This volume makes a powerful argument for epitome as a broad hermeneutic field encompassing multifarious historical, conceptual and aesthetical concerns. The contributors gather from across the globe to present case studies of the 'summing up' of cultural artefacts in epitomic writing, making the case for a renewed importance in this genre. Examples come from late-antique writers such as Ausonius, Macrobius, Nepos and Symphosius, and from modern authors such as Artaud, Barthes, Nabokov and Quignard. Epitomic writings about art from decorated tabulae to sarcophagi are also included as are epitomic images themselves in the form of manuscript illustrations that sum up their text. UK October 2022 • US October 2022 • 320 pages • 30 colour illus HB 9781350281936 • £95.00 / $130.00 ePub 9781350281950 • £85.50 / $118.15 ePdf 9781350281943 • £85.50 / $118.15 Series: sera tela: Studies in Late Antique Literature and Its Reception • Bloomsbury Academic

Derek Walcott and the Creation of a Classical Caribbean Justine McConnell, University of Oxford, UK

Adopting a thematic approach derived from his own theoretical concerns, this book assesses Derek Walcott's fascination with ancient Greece and Rome, situating his two best known works (Omeros, and its stage version) within the context of his wider oeuvre. The book turns an analytic spotlight on Walcott's other poetry and drama, and reveals how embedded classical myth and literature are within his work as a whole. Examining Walcott’s engagement with classical literature through a triple lens deriving from his argument against asserting its debt to the Western canon, it reveals how integral Graeco-Roman antiquity is to his Caribbean vision. UK January 2023 US January 2023 176 pages 3 bw illus HB 9781474291521 • £75.00 / $100.00 ePub 9781474291538 • £67.50 / $93.42 ePdf 9781474291545 • £67.50 / $93.42 Series: Classical Receptions in Twentieth-Century Writing • Bloomsbury Academic •

Mountain Dialogues from Antiquity to Modernity

Two 17th-Century Latin Plays with Translation and Commentary

This volume is the first to present the texts of two 17th-century Jesuit Latin plays set in feudal Japan - Martyrs of Japan (1625) and Victor the Japanese (1665) - alongside full English translations, commentaries and an extensive introduction. Exploring their historical, cultural and literary contexts and providing guidance on interpretative and stylistic issues, the edition allows for a rich appreciation of the plays both as loci of classical receptions and as particular receptions of the exotic Orient in early modern Europe. UK December 2022 • US December 2022 • 272 pages • 5 bw illus PB 9781350217195 • £28.99 / $39.95 • HB 9781350217201 • £90.00 / $120.00 ePub 9781350217225 • £26.09 / $37.08 ePdf 9781350217218 • £26.09 / $37.08 Series: Bloomsbury Neo-Latin Series: Early Modern Texts and Anthologies • Bloomsbury Academic

C L A S S I C A L S T U D I E S – Ancient Environments / Late Antiquity / Reception / Art

Ancient Environments

Casting the Parthenon Sculptures from the Eighteenth Century to the Digital Age Emma M. Payne, King's College London, UK

Through the 19th century, as archaeology started to emerge as a systematic discipline, plaster casting became a widely-adopted technique. Payne provides the historical context and an analysis of new digital models of the Parthenon sculptures and their casts. This book includes 100 black-and-white illustrations of state-of-the-art 3D imaging, allowing details of the Parthenon marbles and casts to be examined in unprecedented detail. UK October 2022 • US October 2022 • 224 pages • 88 bw illus PB 9781350216655 • £28.99 / $39.95 Previously published in HB 9781350120341 ePub 9781350120365 • £76.50 / $105.78 ePdf 9781350120358 • £76.50 / $105.78 Bloomsbury Academic • USA, Canada, Latin America • 888-330-8477 •


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