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Food History Critical and Primar y Sources Edited by Jeffrey M. Pilcher Food History: Critical and Primary Sources is an indispensable fourvolume reference collection which focuses on the widest possible span of food in human history, to provide a comprehensive survey of problems and methods in the field of food history. Bringing together over 80 high-quality essays drawn from journal articles, book chapters, excerpts and historical documents and supported by introductory essays and a wealth of contextual material, this important new reference work combines contemporary scholarship with selected primary sources allowing scholars to use this as a starting point for their own historical research. The volumes are divided chronologically, moving from human evolution and the origins of complex societies to the agrarian and pastoral societies of the classical and postclassical eras, to the age of global contact and early industrialization, to the transition to industrial diets in the contemporary era.

Special introductory offer: £550* January 2014 • 244 x 172mm • 1,664pp HB Set • 978 0 85785 423 0 • £595 *Offer valid until three months after publication

Each volume is introduced by an essay from the editor and is divided into broad thematic categories and offers a range of methodological approaches, multidisciplinary appeal and broad geographical coverage, highlighting how the field has developed over time and investigating how and why food is different at different points in world history. Jeffrey M. Pilcher is Professor of History at the University of Minnesota, USA.

CON T E N T S S U M MARY Volume I: Origins Evolution Domestication Early Agrarian Societies

Volume III: Global Contact and Early Industrialization Politics Production Exchange Ideology Health

Volume II: Classical and Postclassical Eras Politics Production Exchange Ideology Health

Volume IV: Contemporary Trends Politics Production Exchange Ideology Health

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A Cultural History of Food 6 Volume Set Edited by Fabio Parasecoli and Peter Scholliers

The definitive overview of food A Cultural History of Food through history presents an authoritative survey from ancient times to the present. This set of six volumes covers nearly 3,000 years of food and its physical, spiritual, social and cultural dimensions. Each volume discusses the same themes in its chapters: 1. Food Production 2. Food Systems 3. Food Security, Safety and Crises 4. Food and Politics 5. Eating Out 6. Professional Cooking, Kitchens and Service Work 7. Family and Domesticity

January 2012 244 x 172mm • 1,728pp • 52 bw illus

8. Body and Soul

HB set • 978 1 84788 355 1 • £350.00

9. Food Representations 10. World Developments

This structure means readers can either have a broad overview of a period by reading a volume or follow a theme through history by reading the relevant chapter in each volume. Superbly illustrated, the full six volume set combines to present the most authoritative and comprehensive survey available on food through history. Fabio Parasecoli is Associate Professor and Coordinator of Food Studies at the New School in New York City, USA. Peter Scholliers is Professor of Contemporary History at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium.

CON T E N T S S U MMARY 1. A Cultural History of Food in Antiquity (800 BCE - 500 CE) 2. A Cultural History of Food in the Medieval Age (500 - 1300) 3. A Cultural History of Food in the Renaissance (1300 - 1600) 4. A Cultural History of Food in the Early Modern Age (1600 - 1800) 5. A Cultural History of Food in the Age of Empire (1800 - 1900) 6. A Cultural History of Food in the Modern Age (1920 - 2000)


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The Handbook of Food Research Edited by Anne Murcott, Warren Belasco and Peter Jackson This is the first handbook of specially commissioned essays to provide a comprehensive overview of social scientific and historical research on food, covering a range of topics and disciplines. With contributions drawn from eminent scholars across the social sciences, this volume will be essential reference for anyone involved in, and actively concerned about research on the social, political, economic, psychological, geographic and historical aspects of food. It will cater for all who need to be informed of previous and current research as well as pointing towards what should be done and, above all, illustrating what counts as research well done. Anne Murcott is Professorial Research Associate, Food Studies Centre, Department of Anthropology, SOAS and Honorary Professor, School of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Nottingham, UK. Warren Belasco is Professor Emeritus of American Studies, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA. Peter Jackson is Professor of Human Geography at the University of Sheffield, UK. August 2013 • 244 x 172mm • 544pp • 30 bw illus HB • 978 1 84788 916 4 • £80.00

CONTENTS SUMMARY Foreword, Sidney W. Mintz Section One: Historical Essentials Section Two: Frameworks of Provision: Production and Distribution Section Three: Eating Section Four: Contemporary Issues, Problems and Policy

Food Words Essays in Culinar y Culture Peter Jackson and the CONANX Group Advisory Editor: Warren Belasco Research-based but engagingly accessible, Food Words is an A-Z series of provocative essays on key topics in the dynamic field of food studies, focusing on current controversies and debates. Inspired by Raymond Williams, Food Words traces the multiple meanings of each of our keywords, tracking nuances in different academic, commercial and policy contexts. Mapping the dynamic meanings of each term, the book moves forward from critical assessment to active intervention – an attitude that is reflected in the lively, sometimes combative, style of the essays. Each essay is research-based and fully referenced but accessible to the general reader. Peter Jackson is Professor of Human Geography at the University of Sheffield, UK. Warren Belasco is Professor of American Studies at the University of Maryland, USA. March 2013 • 244 x 172mm • 352pp • 20 bw illus HB • 978 0 85785 195 6 • £60.00

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Food, Culture, and Society An International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Edited by Ken Albala, University of the Pacific, USA and Lisa Heldke, Gustavus Adolphus College, USA Advisory Editor: Warren Belasco, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA

“The benchmark journal for the field of food studies” Harry West, SOAS Food Studies Centre and School of Oriental and African Studies, London, UK Food, Culture and Society (formerly The Journal for the Study of Food and Society) is an international peer-reviewed publication dedicated to exploring the complex relationships among food, culture, and society from numerous disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences, as well as in the world of food beyond the academy. Print ISSN: 1552-8014 Online ISSN: 1751-7443 Publishes: March, June, September, December

Food, Culture and Society is the official publication of the Association for the Study of Food and Society (ASFS). Individual Members receive the journal as part of their membership package.

It brings to bear the highest standards of research and scholarship on all aspects of food studies and encourages vigorous debate on a wide range of topics, including: • cross-cultural perspectives on eating behaviours • gender and the food system • recipes, cookbooks and menu as texts • philosophical and religious perspectives on food and the body • social construction of culinary practices, beliefs and traditions • politics of the family meal • dietary transitions • psychological, cultural, and social determinants of taste • methodological issues in the food studies • malnutrition, hunger, and food security • commodity chain and foodshed analysis • food in fiction, film and art • comparative food history • social and cultural dimensions of food technologies • political economy of the global food system • food studies pedagogy

The journal also publishes original reviews of relevant books, films, videos, and exhibitions, and a special section on perspectives on teaching. Visit us online at to: • Subscribe today! • Sign up for email alerts to receive news of the latest articles as soon as they are published • View a free online sample copy


S u b s c r i b e o n l i n e a t w w w. b l o o m s b u r y. c o m / j o u r n a l s

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Food The Key Concepts

Illustrated with lively case studies, bulleted chapter summaries, questions and guides to further reading

Warren Belasco

“This is a well crafted, witty and engaging introduction to food studies. Belasco presents the current state of food scholarship, prods his readers to think about what they eat in new ways and even offers possibilities for the future. The polemics are presented with a fair and judicious hand, but it is difficult to walk away from this text without seriously reconsidering where your food comes from and what you eat.” Ken Albala, University of the Pacific

Food: The Key Concepts presents an exciting, coherent and interdisciplinary introduction to food studies for the beginner. Food studies is an increasingly complex field, drawing on disciplines as diverse as sociology, anthropology and cultural studies at one end and economics, politics and agricultural science at the other. In order to clarify the issues, the author distills food choices down to three competing considerations: consumer identity; matters of convenience and price; and an awareness of the consequences of what is consumed. Warren Belasco is Professor of American Studies at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA. September 2008 • 234 x 156mm • 176pp SERIES: The Key Concepts PB • 978 1 84520 673 4 • £14.99 | HB • 978 1 84520 672 7 • £50.00 E-INST • 978 1 84788 457 2 • £49.99 | E-IND • 978 1 84788 609 5 • £14.99


Food Studies An Introduction to Research Methods Jeff Miller and Jonathan Deutsch This textbook is designed for those newly approaching the burgeoning field of food studies. This accessible book provides an essential guide to the field, mapping out core disciplinary backgrounds and research. Designed with students in mind, also included are interactive questions and guidance for planning projects and using resources such as using archives, libraries and reference works. Four key areas (food history, anthropology, material and popular culture and quantitative methods) are explored together with interviews from leading scholars from these fields to provide unique insight into the methods, challenges and opportunities of food research across a range of disciplines Jeff Miller is based at Colorado State University, USA. Jonathan Deutsch is based at Kingsborough Community College and Graduate Center, City University of New York, USA. December 2009 • 216 x 138mm • 256pp PB • 978 1 84520 681 9 • £16.99 | HB • 978 1 84520 680 2 • £55.00

CON T E N T S S U M MARY 1. What is Food Studies? 2. Introduction to Research Methods Common to Food Studies 3. The Epistemological Stance 4. Research Design 5. Reviewing the Literature 6. Strategies of Inquiry 7. Quantitative Methods

8. Qualitative Methods 9. Mixed Method Approaches 10. Opportunities and Limitations for the Researcher 11. Ethical Considerations in Food Studies Research 12. Conclusion: Future Research Opportunities Resource Guide for Food Studies Research Bibliography Index

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Writing Food History A Global Perspective Edited by Kyri W. Claflin and Peter Scholliers Taking stock of three decades of ground-breaking research on food history, this book examines the contribution of food history to the development of food studies and the ways multidisciplinary research has advanced food history. Twelve prominent scholars provide global and multicultural assessments of food history writing from ancient world to modern day in the United States, Africa, Mexico and Spanish Diaspora, India, Ottoman Empire, Far East, Europe, Jewish communities and Middle East. The book is a unique addition to the growing literature on food history and required for those interested in food history research across diverse times and places. Kyri W. Claflin teaches at Boston University, USA. Peter Scholliers is professor of Contemporary History at the Vrije Universiteit, Brussels, Belgium. August 2012 • 234 x 156mm • 256pp PB • 978 1 84788 808 2 • £19.99 | HB • 978 1 84788 809 9 • £55.00 | E-IND • 978 0 85785 217 5 • £19.99


The Literature of Food An Introduction from 1830 to Present Nicola Humble The Literature of Food concerns itself with two sorts of foods: the real and the imagined, and with their continually shifting relationship. This important new book is the first systematic study of the literature of food from the nineteenth century to the present, covering a wide range of issues including the politics of food, food as performance, and its intersections with gender, class, disgust and erotics. Combining the insights of food studies and literary analysis, the author demonstrates how the reading of food within texts can illuminate our reading of food outside them. Carefully designed and structured for use on the growing number of literature of food courses, it considers the food of modernism, post-modernism, crime fiction, the realist novel and children's literature, and asks what happens when we treat cook books as literary texts.

Also available from Bloomsbury

From secret snacks to the changing role of the servant, experimental cook books to the cannibalistic fears in infant picture books, The Literature of Food demonstrates that food is always richer and stranger than we think. Nicola Humble is Professor of English at the University of Roehampton, UK. September 2013 • 234x156mm • 256pp • 25 bw illus PB • 978 0 85785 456 8 • £19.99 | HB • 978 0 85785 455 1 • £55.00 | E-IND • 978 0 85785 475 9 • £19.99



Kitchen Secrets The Meaning of Cooking in Ever yday Life Frances Short, independent scholar April 2006 • 234 x 156mm • 224pp PB • 978 1 84520 276 7 • £20.99 | HB • 978 1 84520 274 3 • £58.00 E-INST • 978 1 84788 125 0 • £57.99


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See also The Never-Ending Feast, page 14 >>

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The Food History Reader Primar y Sources Ken Albala With the proliferation of food history courses and avid interest among scholars and the general public, the need for a solid comprehensive collection of key primary texts about food of the past is urgent.

The definitive reader for all students of food history, comprised of primary source extracts spanning the globe from classical antiquity to the present

This collection spans the globe from classical antiquity to the present, offering substantive selections from cookbooks, fiction, gastronomic and dietary treatises and a wide range of food writing. Providing a solid introduction to each period with extensive commentary and suggestions for interpretive strategies, this reader provides extracts undigested, for the student who needs immediate and direct contact with the ideas of the past.

Chapters include contextual introductions, annotated further reading, study questions and exercises

Included texts illustrate the various ways religion, politics, social structure, health and agricultural policy shaped what people ate in the past and offer instructive ways to think about our own food systems and how they have been shaped by historical forces. Ken Albala is Professor of History at the University of the Pacific, USA. August 2013 • 244 x 189mm • 352pp PB • 978 0 85785 413 1 • £24.99 | HB • 978 0 85785 412 4 • £75.00 | E-IND • 978 0 85785 417 9 • £24.99


CON T E N T S S U M MARY I. Sumer and Egypt

VIII. Medieval Islam

II. Ancient Greece

XIX. Late Medieval and Renaissance Europe

III. Ancient Rome

X. The Americas

IV. Imperial China

XI. Era of Nation States 1500-1650

V. Ancient India

XII. The Mercantile Era 1650-1800

VI. Ancient Hebrews

XIII. 19th Century Industrial Era and The Age of Nationalism

VII. Early Christians and the Carolingian Era

XIV. 20th Century


Beans A Histor y

“Extraordinarily detailed and amusing ... It is a totally endearing mixture of expertise and whimsy and should, by rights, be a bestseller.” Times

Ken Albala

Winner of The 2008 Jane Grigson Award, issued by the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP)

“Charming.” New York Times “A great read, full of exotic and intriguing information and thoroughly recommended” Times Higher Education Supplement “A vividly entertaining history of the humble bean takes the reader on a curious, surprising and exciting journey across epochs, continents and cultures.” Raymond Blanc

Winner of the 2008 Cordon d'Or Culinary Literature - History Culinary Academy Award

September 2007 • 189 x 150mm • 256pp HB • 978 1 84520 430 3 • £14.99 | E-IND • 978 0 85785 078 2 • £14.99 | E-INST • 978 1 84788 341 4 • £57.99

O r d e r o n l i n e a t w w w. b l o o m s b u r y. c o m / b e rg Berg_Food_Cat2012.indd 7


19/06/2012 09:17


The English Breakfast The Biography of a National Meal, with Recipes Kaori O’Connor Written by award-winning author Kaori O'Connor, The English Breakfast is a highly informative and entertaining history of England's finest meal. Asking how breakfast attained this distinction, what a national meal can tell us about its home nation and whether there's more to the English breakfast than bacon and eggs, this is a truly unique work of food history that you can eat as well as read.

Features around 500 recipes, plus menu plans and table settings

Following the historical analysis are three authentic and complete cookbooks devoted entirely to breakfasts from the heyday of this best of all meals, with some 500 recipes by three celebrated culinary figures of the Victorian age – an elite hostess, a thrifty housekeeper, and a pukka colonial colonel – before the narrative continues up to the present. The Epilogue, new to this paperback edition, covers ‘the devolved breakfast’ (Scottish, Welsh and Irish), the renaissance of the full breakfast during financial crises and the working class 'caff'. Kaori O'Connor is a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Anthropology, UCL, UK. March 2013 • 234 x 156mm • 480pp • 9 bw illus PB • 978 0 85785 454 4 • £19.99 | E-IND • 978 0 85785 491 9 • £19.99


Eating Out in Europe

Food and Globalization

Picnics, Gourmet Dining and Snacks since the Late Eighteenth Centur y

Consumption, Markets and Politics in the Modern World

Edited by Marc Jacobs, Vlaams Centrum Volkscultuur, Brussels, and Peter Scholliers, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium June 2003 • 216 x 138mm

Edited by Alexander Nuetzenadel, Birbeck College, UK and Frank Trentmann, Birkbeck College, UK

416pp • 25 bw illus

May 2008 • 234 x 156mm • 304pp

PB • 978 1 85973 658 6 • £18.99

SERIES: Cultures of Consumption

HB • 978 1 85973 653 1 • £58.00

PB • 978 1 84520 679 6 • £19.99

E-INST • 978 1 84520 893 6 • £57.99

HB • 978 1 84520 678 9 • £60.00 E-INST • 978 1 84788 459 6 • £59.99

The Making of the Modern Kitchen

Garlic and Oil Food and Politics in Italy

A Cultural Histor y June Freeman, University of Essex, UK

Carol F. Helstosky, University of Denver, USA

April 2004 • 216 x 138mm

December 2005 • 234 x 156mm • 256pp

256pp • 25 bw illus PB • 978 1 85973 699 9 • £18.99 HB • 978 1 85973 694 4 • £53.00

PB • 978 1 85973 895 5 • £18.99 HB • 978 1 85973 890 0 • £53.00 E-INST • 978 1 84520 542 3 • £52.99

E-INST • 978 1 84520 868 4 • £52.99


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Geographies of Food An Introduction

Includes a variety of learning features and a companion website with additional teaching and learning resources

Mike Goodman, Lewis Holloway, Moya Kneafsey and Damian Maye

This major new textbook provides a comprehensive introduction to contemporary food geographies. It begins by exploring the relationship between food, place and space and then examines the contemporary food 'crisis' in all its dimensions, as well as the many solutions which are currently being proposed.

Drawing on international case studies, this highly illustrated text examines the complex relationships operating between people and processes at a range of geographical scales, from the shopping decisions of a mother in a British supermarket, to the crop choices made by a farmer in West Africa; from high level political negotiations at the World Trade Organization, to the strategies of giant agri-businesses whose activities span several continents. Mike Goodman is Senior Lecturer in Geography at King’s College London, UK. Lewis Holloway is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Geography, University of Hull, UK. Moya Kneafsey is a Reader in Human Geography and teaches agro-food geographies and global sustainability at Coventry University, UK. Damian Maye is a Senior Research Fellow at the Countryside and Community Research Institute, University of the West of England, UK. December 2013 • 244 x 189mm • 352pp • 65 colour illus


PB • 978 0 85785 458 2 • £24.99 | HB • 978 0 85785 457 5 • £75.00

CON T E N T S S U M MARY Part I: Food, Place and Space: concentrates on understanding the contours of contemporary geographies of food and farming, incorporating perspectives from cultural geographies, political economies and 'network' approaches Part II: Food and Farming in Crisis: focuses on the idea of food crisis, both in contemporary lives and looking to the future Part III: Sustainability and Reconnecting with Food: critically reviews the diverse, imaginative and often contested efforts of people in different parts of the world to reconnect with their food and build sustainable food systems Part IV: Future Food and Conclusions: looks ahead to what food and farming might look like in the future, by examining the contested visions of how farming, and peoples' relationship with food should be organized


The Globalization of Food

Reconnecting Consumers, Producers and Food Exploring Alternatives

Edited by David Inglis and Debra Gimlin, both University of Aberdeen, UK

December 2009 • 234 x 156mm • 320pp PB • 978 1 84520 820 2 • £19.99 HB • 978 1 84520 816 5 • £55.00

Moya Kneafsey, Coventry University, UK, Rosie Cox, Birbeck College, UK, Lewis Holloway, University of Hull, UK, Elizabeth Dowler, University of Warwick, UK, Laura Venn, BMG Research, Birmingham, UK, and Helena Tuomainen, University of Warwick, UK October 2010 • 234 x 156mm • 224pp SERIES: Cultures of Consumption PB • 978 1 84520 253 8 • £19.99 | HB • 978 1 84520 252 1 • £60.00 E-INST • 978 1 84788 465 7 • £59.99 | E-IND • 978 1 84788 618 7 • £19.99

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18/06/2012 14:56


Global Food Futures Feeding the World in 2050 Brian Gardner By 2050 the world will be faced with the enormous challenge of feeding 9 billion people despite being affected by climate change, rising energy costs and pressure on food-growing land and other major resources. How will the world produce 70% more food by 2050 to feed a projected extra 2.3 billion people? What will be the impact of food shortages and high prices on areas in crisis such as sub-Sahara Africa? Where will future production growth come from? And how do we balance the need for environmental protection with sustainable agricultural production methods? This is the first text to present a scholarly, balanced approach to the contentious area of food production and supply up to 2050 – offering a readable and well-informed account which tackles the global food situation in all its totality, from agricultural production, technological advance, dietary concerns, population changes, income trends, environmental issues, government food and agriculture policy, trade, financial markets, macroeconomics and food security. Brian Gardner is an independent scholar who has been analyzing, writing about and commenting on European and international agriculture and food policy developments for more than thirty years. April 2013 • 234 x 156mm • 288pp • 35 bw illus PB • 978 0 85785 155 0 • £19.99 HB • 978 0 85785 154 3 • £55.00 E-IND • 978 0 85785 157 4 • £19.99


Food Waste Home Consumption, Material Culture and Ever yday Life David Evans Using ethnographic material to explore global issues, Food Waste unearths the processes that lie behind the volume of food currently wasted by households and consumers. The author demonstrates how waste arises as a consequence of households negotiating the complex and contradictory demands of everyday life, exploring the reasons why surplus food ends up in the bin, and the role of domestic technologies in the formation of these waste habits. David Evans is Lecturer in Sociology and Sustainable Consumption Institute Research Fellow at the University of Manchester, UK. June 2013 • 234 x 156mm • 160pp • 5 bw illus SERIES: Materializing Culture PB • 978 0 85785 233 5 • £17.99 HB • 978 0 85785 232 8 • £55.00 E-IND • 978 0 85785 234 2 • £17.99


Berg_Food_Cat2012.indd 10

CONTENTS SUMMARY Prologue Waste Matters Ordinary Domestic Practice Contextualising Household Food Consumption Overprovisioning The Gap in Disposal Gifting, Re-use and Salvage Bins and Things Conclusion Epilogue Bibliography Index

O r d e r o n l i n e a t w w w. b l o o m s b u r y. c o m / b e rg 01/06/2012 12:12


A Theory of Grocery Shopping Food, Choice and Conflict Shelley L. Koch Grocery shopping is a neglected part of the story of how food ultimately gets to our tables. A Theory of Grocery Shopping explores the social organization of food shopping, linking the lived experience of shoppers and retail managers with information from nutritionists, governments, journalists and marketers. The author provides new insights into the often-contradictory messages which shape the way consumers shop and ways the consumer responds. The book challenges the consumer-choice model which places all responsibility on the shopper for making the "right" choice and ignores the larger social forces at work which determine which products reach our shelves. Shelley L. Koch is Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology and Assistant Director of the Masters of Arts program in Community and Organizational Leadership at Emory and Henry College in Emory, Virginia, USA. October 2012 • 234 x 156mm • 144pp • 5 bw illus PB • 978 0 85785 151 2 • £19.99


HB • 978 0 85785 150 5 • £55.00


E-IND • 978 0 85785 153 6 • £19.99

The Historical and Social Context of Grocery Shopping The Work of Grocery Shopping Shopping and Nutrition Discourse The Efficient Housewife Discourse The Food Marketing Discourse Competing Discourses and the Work of Food Shopping Conclusion Bibliography Index


Through the Kitchen Window

Caviar with Champagne

Women Explore the Intimate Meanings of Food and Cooking

Common Luxur y and the Ideals of the Good Life in Stalin's Russia

Edited by Arlene Voski Avakian, University of Massachusetts, USA

Jukka Gronow, Uppsala University, Sweden

October 2005 • 216 x 138mm • 336pp

October 2003 • 234 x 156mm

PB • 978 1 84520 326 9 • £18.99

256pp • 20 bw illus

HB • 978 1 84520 325 2 • £58.00

SERIES: Leisure, Consumption and Culture PB • 978 1 85973 638 8 • £18.99 HB • 978 1 85973 633 3 • £53.00 E-INST • 978 1 84520 907 0 • £52.99

O r d e r o n l i n e a t w w w. b l o o m s b u r y. c o m / b e rg Berg_Food_Cat2012.indd 11


01/06/2012 12:12


Rice and Beans A Unique Dish in a Hundred Places Edited by Richard Wilk and Livia Barbosa This is a book about the paradox of local and global. An exploration of rice and beans around the world, it uncovers the culinary variances from cultures across Brazil to societies of Western Africa. This is a globe-spanning dish, a simple source of complete nutrition for billions of people, but at the same time each place insists the dish is its own local invention, deeply rooted in its history and culture. Rice and Beans provides an impressive account of the universal significance and symbolism of rice and beans as a cultural cornerstone amidst forces of globalization and nation-building. Richard Wilk is Professor of Anthropology and Gender Studies at Indiana University, USA. Livia Barbosa is Professor of Anthropology and Research Director at the Center of Advanced Studies of the Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. June 2012 • 234 x 156mm • 256pp • 27 bw illus PB • 978 1 84788 904 1 • £19.99 | HB • 978 1 84788 903 4 • £55.00 | E-IND • 978 1 84788 905 8 • £19.99

Food and Identity in the Caribbean Edited by Hanna Garth This compelling volume brings together original essays to explore the relationship between food and identity in everyday life in the Caribbean. Chapters focus on the ways in which consumers align themselves with particular foods as a way of making claims about their identities. Political and economic changes in the Caribbean bring new foods to the contemporary dinner table, a phenomenon that may subsequently destabilize the foundations of culinary identities. Food and Identity in the Caribbean reveals how connections between food and identity persist against the odds whilst in other contexts new relationships between food and identity are forged. Hanna Garth is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Anthropology at UCLA, USA.

January 2013 • 234 x 156mm • 256pp • 4 bw illus PB • 978 0 85785 358 5 • £17.99 | HB • 978 0 85785 357 8 • £55.00 | E-IND • 978 0 85785 359 2 • £17.99


Home Cooking in the Global Village

Remembrance of Repasts

Caribbean Food from Buccaneers to Ecotourists

An Anthropology of Food and Memor y

Richard Wilk

David E. Sutton, Southern Illinois University, USA

February 2006 • 234 x 156mm • 288pp • 30 bw illus PB • 978 1 84520 360 3 • £17.99 HB • 978 1 84520 359 7 • £58.00 E-INST • 978 1 84788 545 6 • £57.99

January 2001 • 234 x 156mm • 228pp SERIES: Materializing Culture PB • 978 1 85973 474 2 • £18.99 HB • 978 1 85973 469 8 • £53.00 E-INST • 978 1 84520 886 8 • £52.99


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Food Ethnographic Encounters Edited by Leo Coleman Food preparation, consumption, and exchange are eminently social practices, and experiencing another cuisine often provides our first encounter with a different culture. This volume presents fascinating essays about cooking, eating, and sharing food, by anthropologists working in many parts of the world, exploring what they learned by eating with others. These are accounts of specific experiences – of cooking in Mombasa, shopping for organic produce in Vienna, eating vegetarian in Vietnam, raising and selling chickens in Hong Kong, and of refugees subsisting on food aid. With a special focus on the experience and challenge of ethnographic fieldwork, the essays cover a wide range of topics in food studies and anthropology, including food safety and food security, cultural diversity and globalization, colonial histories and contemporary identities, and changing ecological, social, and political relations across cultures. Leo Coleman is Assistant Professor in the Department of Comparative Studies at The Ohio State University, USA. December 2011 • 234 x 156mm • 192pp SERIES: Encounters: Experience and Anthropological Knowledge PB • 978 1 84788 907 2 • £19.99 | HB • 978 1 84788 908 9 • £55.00 | E-IND • 978 1 84788 909 6 • £19.99

Brazilian Food Race, Class and Identity in Regional Cuisines Jane Fajans

Includes traditional regional recipes

Brazil is a nation of vast expanses and variation of geography, climate, cultures and languages. Patterns of settlement and immigration have profoundly influenced Brazil's culinary culture whilst the food, drink and festivals of each region define the customs, shared views and history vital to identity and cohesion. Brazilian Food explores the role of food in the construction of regional and national identity in Brazil through key case studies, and how cuisine has become a key element in attracting tourists and making aspects of culture known beyond Brazil's borders as cookbooks, ingredients and restaurants move outward in a globalized world. Jane Fajans is an Associate Professor at Cornell University, USA. September 2012 • 234 x 156mm • 160pp • 11 bw illus PB • 978 0 85785 042 3 • £17.99 | HB • 978 0 85785 041 6 • £55.00 | E-IND • 978 0 85785 043 0 • £17.99


Culinary Art and Anthropology

The Restaurants Book

Joy Adapon, University of St Andrews, UK

Edited by David Beriss, University of New Orleans, USA, and David E. Sutton, Southern Illinois University, USA

Ethnographies of Where we Eat

August 2008 • 234 x 156mm • 192pp

December 2007 • 234 x 156mm • 256pp • 12 bw illus

PB • 978 1 84788 212 7 • £19.99

PB • 978 1 84520 755 7 • £18.99

HB • 978 1 84788 213 4 • £55.00

HB • 978 1 84520 754 0 • £58.00

E-INST • 978 1 84788 455 8 • £54.99

E-IND • 978 1 84788 350 6 • £57.99

E-IND • 978 1 84788 606 4 • £19.99

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Alternative Food Networks Cristina Grasseni Gruppi di Acquisto Solidale (solidarity-based purchase groups) have recently come to dominate the Italian Alternative Food Networks scene. Inspired by a solidarity principle, consumers collaborate with producers responsibly, manage the financial and logistic aspects of bulk buying, and deliberate their course of action on a collective and local basis to provide survival opportunities to small farms, local food chains and sustainable agriculture. In this detailed ethnography Christina Grasseni explores the innovative social dynamics of this movement and the reasons for its success, offering theoretical insight and anecdotal evidence of how alternative economies can become embedded in active citizenship practices, cooperative relationships, and social networks. Cristina Grasseni is a tenured Researcher (ricercatore confermato) and a member of the Teaching Board of the Doctoral School on the Anthropology and Epistemology of Complexity at Bergamo University, Italy. October 2013 • 234 x 156mm • 224pp • 20 bw illus PB • 978 0 85785 228 1 • £19.99 | HB • 978 0 85785 227 4 • £55.00 | E-IND • 978 0 85785 229 8 • £19.99

The Never-Ending Feast The Archaeology and Anthropology of Feasting Kaori O'Connor Throughout history, and in all parts of the world, feasts, feasting and drinking have been the medium and arena for the display of hierarchy, status and power; the performance of competition and conflict; the negotiation of loyalty and alliances; the mobilization and exploitation of resources and the creation and consolidation of identity through inclusion and exclusion. The Never-Ending Feast is the first broad, comparative study that draws upon anthropology, archaeology and history to look at the dynamics of feasting across time, cultures and continents in antiquity. Kaori O'Connor is a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Anthropology, UCL, UK. September 2013 • 234 x 156mm • 256pp • 20 bw illus PB • 978 1 84788 925 6 • £17.99 | HB • 978 1 84788 926 3 • £55.00 | E-IND • 978 1 84788 927 0 • £19.99


The Taste Culture Reader Experiencing Food and Drink Edited by Carolyn Korsmeyer, University of New York at Buffalo, USA


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September 2004 • 234 x 156mm • 256pp HB • 978 1 85973 848 1 • £53.00

SERIES: Sensory Formations HB • 978 1 84520 060 2 • £58.00

Edited by Marianne E. Lien, University of Oslo, Norway, and Brigitte Nerlich, University of Nottingham, UK

PB • 978 1 85973 853 5 • £17.99

August 2005 • 234 x 156mm • 432pp PB • 978 1 84520 061 9 • £19.99

The Politics of Food

E-INST • 978 1 84520 582 9 • £52.99 TEXTBOOK

See also Marketing and Modernity, page 16 >>

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Food and the Self Consumption, Production and Material Culture Isabelle De Solier This important book tackles the assumption that the contemporary self is no longer formed through producing material things, but consuming them in leisure. Focusing on the material culture of food, the book employs ethnographies of 'foodies' to show how the foodie self is shaped not simply as a consumer but as an amateur who engages in both the production and consumption of material culture. The chapters examine a variety of practices, from fine dining and shopping to cooking and blogging, including rare data on how people use media such as cookbooks, food television, and digital food media in everyday life. Isabelle de Solier is a researcher and lecturer at the University of Melbourne, Australia. June 2013 • 234 x 156mm • 224pp • 25 bw illus SERIES: Materializing Culture PB • 978 0 85785 422 3 • £19.99 | HB • 978 0 85785 421 6 • £55.00 | E-IND • 978 0 85785 435 3 • £19.99

Culinary Capital Peter Naccarato and Kathleen LeBesco TV cookery shows hosted by celebrities. On-line grocers and restaurant review sites. Competitive eating contests, carnivals and fairs and food blogs. According to Kathleen LeBesco and Peter Naccarato, each of these provides a productive site for understanding the role of culinary capital in contemporary culture. Food plays an important social role, offering status for those who conform to their culture's culinary norms whilst also providing a means of resistance. Culinary Capital analyzes this phenomenon in action across the landscape of contemporary culture and the intersection with a range of cultural values and ideologies such as gender and economic class. Peter Naccarato is Professor of English and Chair of the Humanities Division at Marymount Manhattan College, USA. Kathleen LeBesco is Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at Marymount Manhattan College, USA. October 2012 • 234 x 156mm • 160pp PB • 978 0 85785 383 7 • £19.99 | HB • 978 0 85785 382 0 • £55.00 | E-IND • 978 08 5785 415 5 • £19.99


Bite Me

Slow Living

Food in Popular Culture

Geoffrey Craig and Wendy Parkins, both at University of Otago, New Zealand

Fabio Parasecoli, Città del Gusto School, Rome, Italy, and New York University, USA

September 2008 • 234 x 156mm • 176pp

February 2006 • 234 x 156mm • 256pp • 10 bw illus

PB • 978 1 84520 761 8 • £16.99

PB • 978 1 84520 160 9 • £18.99

HB • 978 1 84520 762 5 • £55.00

HB • 978 1 84520 159 3 • £58.00

E-INST • 978 1 84788 453 4 • £54.99

E-INST • 978 1 84788 088 8 • £57.99

E-IND • 978 1 84788 604 0 • £16.99

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Food Media Celebrity Chefs and the Politics of Ever yday Interference Signe Rousseau There have been famous chefs for centuries, but the celebrity chef business only really began to flourish in the latter half of the twentieth century alongside huge advances in media. Exploring the rise of this enormous entertainment industry and covering key figures such as Jamie Oliver and Rachael Ray, Food Media looks at how the intersections between celebrity culture and food media have come to influence everyday food choices. As the first scholarly critique of food media, this highly topical book will appeal to students of food and cultural studies alike. Signe Rousseau teaches critical literacy at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. April 2012 • 234 x 156mm • 256pp • 3 bw illus PB • 978 0 85785 053 9 • £19.99 | HB • 978 0 85785 052 2 • £55.00 | E-IND • 978 0 85785 083 6 • £19.99


Fun Food Children's Food Marketing and the Politics of Consumption Charlene Elliott This fascinating book traces the contemporary landscape of children's food, offering a startling insight into the significance of marketing food to children as 'fun'. Set against the backdrop of rising childhood obesity, the author presents the first research-driven study of this highly-contentious topic, drawing on a wealth of information which harnesses the attitudes of children directly through focus groups alongside data from parents. Fun Food will be essential reading for anyone looking for a critical examination of the implications of children's food and food marketing, alongside broader questions of food, health, identity and childhood in the twenty-first century. Charlene Elliott is Associate Professor of Communication at the University of Calgary, Canada. January 2014 • 234 x 156mm • 224pp • 15 bw illus PB • 978 0 85785 425 4 • £19.99 | HB • 978 0 85785 424 7 • £55.00 | E-IND • 978 0 85785 486 5 • £19.99


Marketing and Modernity An Ethnography of Marketing Practice Marianne E. Lien, University of Oslo, Norway September 1997 • 216 x 138mm • 256pp SERIES: Explorations in Anthropology HB • 978 1 85973 991 4 • £53.00 PB • 978 1 85973 996 9 • £18.99 E-INST • 978 1 84520 918 6 • £52.99


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Wine and Culture Vineyard to Glass Edited by Rachel E. Black and Robert C. Ulin Wine is one of the most celebrated and appreciated commodities around the world and yet the cultural, social, and historical conditions through which wine is produced and represented is rarely addressed. This path-breaking collection of essays by leading anthropologists discloses important social and cultural issues that inform the production and consumption of wine. The global scope of these essays demonstrates how wine changes as an object of study, commodity and symbol in different geographical and cultural contexts. This book is unique in covering the latest ethnography, theoretical and ethnohistorical research on wine throughout the globe. Rachel E. Black is Assistant Professor and coordinator of the Gastronomy Program at Boston University, USA. Robert C. Ulin is Professor of Anthropology at Rochester Institute of Technology, USA. September 2013 • 234 x 156mm • 288pp PB • 978 0 85785 401 8 • £24.99 | HB • 978 0 85785 400 1 • £60.00 | E-IND • 978 0 85785 420 9 • £24.99


Drinking Cultures


Alcohol and Identity

A Social and Cultural Histor y

Edited by Thomas M. Wilson, Binghamton University, USA

Edited by Mack P. Holt, George Mason University, USA

May 2005 • 234 x 156mm • 304pp

March 2006 • 234 x 156mm • 256pp

HB • 978 1 85973 868 9 • £58.00

PB • 978 1 84520 166 1 • £18.99

E-INST • 978 1 84520 706 9 • £57.99

HB • 978 1 84520 165 4 • £53.00

Food, Drink and Identity

Mud, Sweat and Beers

Cooking, Eating and Drinking in Europe since the Middle Ages

E-INST • 978 1 84788 095 6 • £52.99

A Cultural Histor y of Sport and Alcohol Tony Collins, De Montfort University, UK and Wray Vamplew, University of Stirling, UK

Edited by Peter Scholliers, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

November 2002 • 234 x 156mm • 160pp

January 2001 • 234 x 156mm • 240pp

SERIES: Global Sport Cultures

PB • 978 1 85973 461 2 • £18.99 HB • 978 1 85973 456 8 • £53.00 E-INST • 978 1 84520 943 8 • £52.99

PB • 978 1 85973 558 9 • £18.99 HB • 978 1 85973 553 4 • £53.00 E-INST • 978 1 847882 691 • £52.99

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Food Books from Continuum From History and Philosophy to Media Studies

Critically examines philosophical, ethical and religious arguments for and against vegetarianism. 9781441115294 £12.99 August 2012 Paperback

‘What underlies this entertaining, informative account of monastic diet is the unexplored issue of food consumption as a means exercising individual and social control… this is a book that does more than it says on the tin.’ - Times Literary Supplement

9780826423931 £17.99 June 2011 Hardback

Little has been written about the potato’s Italian history. This book examines the important role it has played in Italy's social, cultural and economic history. 9781441140388 £60.00 February 2012 Hardback

‘In this robust roundup, researcher and librarian Collins scours the archives to show how cooking programs throughout the decades reflect America’s changing cultural mores… Collins’s engaging… study finds cooking shows the great leveler in gender, class and lifestyles and with a strong future.’ - Publishers Weekly

9781441103192 £11.99 July 2010 Paperback

For further information, please visit our website

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& The Square Cookbook: Savoury Phil Howard Experience first hand the culinary creativity and technical expertise of 2-Michelin starred chef, Phil Howard. A must have for all chefs but also keen amateurs. September 2012 ÂŁ35.00 | 9781906650599 | Hardback

Beyond Essence New Recipes From Le Champignon Sauvage David Everitt-Matthias One of the major restaurant book releases of 2012, the third book from two-Michelin star chef and Gourmand award-winning author, David Everitt-Matthias. November 2012 ÂŁ25.00 | 9781906650780 | Hardback Follow us on Twitter @bloomsburycooks

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INDEX Adapon, Joy Albala, Ken Alcohol Alternative Food Networks Barbosa, Livia Beans Belasco, Warren Beriss, David Bite Me Black, Rachel E. Brazilian Food Caviar with Champagne Claflin, Kyri W. Coleman, Leo Collins, Tony Cox, Rosie Craig, Geoffrey Culinary Art and Anthropology Culinary Capital Cultural History of Food, A De Solier, Isabelle Deutsch, Jonathan Dowler, Elizabeth Drinking Cultures Eating Out in Europe Elliott, Charlene English Breakfast, The Evans, David Fajans, Jane Food and Globalization Food and Identity in the Caribbean Food and the Self Food History Food History Reader, The Food Media Food Studies Food Waste Food Words Food, Culture and Society Food, Drink and Identity Food: Ethnographic Encounters Food: Key Concepts Freeman, June Fun Food Gardner, Brian Garlic and Oil Garth, Hanna Geographies of Food Gimlin, Debra Global Food Futures Globalization of Food, The Goodman, Mike Grasseni, Cristina Gronow, Jukka 20

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13 4, 7 17 14 12 7 3, 5 13 15 17 13 11 6 13 17 9 15 13 15 2 15 5 9 17 8 16 8 10 13 8 12 15 1 7 16 5 10 3 4 17 13 5 8 16 10 8 12 9 9 10 9 9 14 11

Handbook of Food Research, The 3 Heldke, Lisa 4 Helstosky, Carol F. 8 Holloway, Lewis 9 Holt, Mack P. 17 Home Cooking in the Global Village 12 Humble, Nicola 6 Inglis, David 9 Jackson, Peter 3 Jacobs, Marc 8 Kitchen Secrets 6 Kneafsey, Moya 9 Koch, Shelley L. 11 Korsmeyer, Carolyn 14 LeBesco, Kathleen 15 Lien, Marianne E. 14, 16 Literature of Food, The 6 Making of the Modern Kitchen, The 8 Marketing and Modernity 16 Maye, Damian 9 Miller, Jeff 5 Mud, Sweat and Beers 17 Murcott, Anne 3 Naccarato, Peter 15 Nerlich, Brigitte 14 Never-Ending Feast, The 14 Nuetzenadel, Alexander 8 O'Connor, Kaori 8, 14 Parasecoli, Fabio 2, 15 Parkins, Wendy 15 Pilcher, Jeffrey M. 1 Politics of Food, The 14 Reconnecting Consumers, Producers and Food 9 Remembrance of Repasts 12 Restaurants Book, The 13 Rice and Beans 12 Rousseau, Signe 16 Scholliers, Peter 2, 6, 8, 17 Short, Frances 6 Slow Living 15 Sutton, David E. 12, 13 Taste Culture Reader, The 14 Theory of Grocery Shopping, A 11 Through the Kitchen Window 11 Trentmann, Frank 8 Tuomainen, Helena 9 Ulin, Robert C. 17 Venn, Laura 9 Voski Avakian, Arlene 11 Wilk, Richard 12 Wilson, Thomas M. 17 Wine and Culture 17 Writing Food History 6

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Cover image Š Miramiska/

Also available from Bloomsbury


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Food 2013 catalogue  
Food 2013 catalogue  

Bloomsbury's Food catalogue for academics, including titles for 2013