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loomsbury Digital Resources provides creative online learning environments that support scholarly research and inspire students throughout the world. We seek to engage our users with academically rigorous, editorially crafted content that encourages people to think and explore. We believe in working in partnership with librarians, researchers, and instructors to offer flexible solutions and unparalleled customer support, and we strive to create a culture of excellence and entrepreneurial thinking that is solutions-focused and rewards innovation.

Table of Contents Humanities and Social Sciences 2 Bloomsbury Collections 3 Bloomsbury Food Library 4 Bloomsbury Cultural History 5 Bloomsbury Medieval Studies 6 Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers 7–8 Theology & Religion Online Visual Arts and Design 9 Bloomsbury Design Library 10 Bloomsbury Architecture Library Bloomsbury Fashion Central 11 Berg Fashion Library 12 Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases 13 Fashion Photography Archive 14 Bloomsbury Fashion Video Archive 15 Fairchild Books Library 16 Bloomsbury Applied Visual Arts Film, Music, and Performing Arts 17–22 Drama Online 23 Bloomsbury Popular Music 24 Screen Studies History, Reference, and Distribution Partners 25 Churchill Archive 26 Arcadian Library Online 27–28 Bloomsbury Professional Arbitration and UK Tax Law 29 Bloomsbury Education and Childhood Studies 30 manchesterhive 31 Rowman & Littlefield 32 Human Kinetics Library 33 Features and Benefits 34–35 Bloomsbury Digital Resources Sales Rep Info



Available Title by Title

“...librarians who know their community will be able to add valuable editions to their eBook collection using this resource.” —Library Journal


loomsbury Collections offers excellence and originality in scholarship in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Discover our everexpanding eBook library that offers more than 8000 titles across 22 subject areas. Bloomsbury Collections contributes innovative and forward-thinking scholarship to the global academic community. Comprised of titles from Bloomsbury as well as such prestigious imprints as The Arden Shakespeare, Methuen Drama, T & T Clark, and I.B. Tauris, Bloomsbury Collections provides rich and resourceful titles that offer the latest critical thought, incisive insight, and accessible overviews to a comprehensive collection of dynamic disciplines.

Subjects covered include: Anthropology • Art & Visual Culture • Architecture • Biblical Studies • Classical Studies & Archaeology • Education • Design • Drama • Fashion • Film & Media • History • Law • Linguistics • Literary Studies • Middle East • Music & Sound • Philosophy • Photography • Politics & International Relations • Religious Studies • Sociology • Theology

Features and Benefits • DRM free access • Cite, share, and personalize content • eBook page numbers match the print version • Mobile responsive for a tablet or smartphone • Download and print chapter PDFs without restriction • Unlimited concurrent access for students • Search full text of titles; filter by date, series, or subject • MARC records • COUNTER 4 usage statistics

Available via perpetual access. Collections are available as discrete discipline modules, Title by Title, or via Evidence Based Acquisition.



“Foodies, scholars, and students of culinary arts now have a highquality source of contemporary and historical information to aid in the research of their favorite subject.” —Library Journal


eaturing exceptional content from Bloomsbury’s leading publishing program in food studies, studies, Bloomsbury Food Library is an award-winning online resource that combines comprehensive reference works with cutting-edge academic research, educational resources, and primary materials.

Content Highlights

• Global coverage including Ken Albala’s Food Cultures of the World Encyclopedia and the Cambridge World History of Food • Major reference works including Bloomsbury’s A Cultural History of Food and key chapters from Food History: Critical and Primary Sources • Over 80 eBooks by key authors in the field including Warren Belasco, Carol J. Adams, Anne Murcott, Rick Wilk, Fabio Parasecoli, and Peter Jackson • Image collections from institutions around the globe including the Culinary Arts Museum at Johnson & Wales University, The National Archives, The New York Public Library and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA • A growing selection of lesson plans to aid teaching

Features and Benefits

• Fast, cross-searchable access to the widest-ranging collection of food-related studies content • A tailored taxonomy enabling easy browsing across discipline, topic, place, and period • An interactive visual timeline highlighting key facts in food history from pre-history to the present day • A world map enabling users to navigate to books and articles covering a particular country or region • A powerful browse and search functionality, allowing users to find relevant materials across all types of content and disciplines • Annual updates will be made available making this an ever expanding resource • Related Content links on every content page making it easy to discover relevant material • Intuitive, user-friendly interface for desktop, tablet, and mobile • Easy to cite, share, and print content • Personal Account feature enables users to save books, chapters, or other items to view later; organize saved items into folders; email and export citations; save searches and set up search alerts

Available via Subscription or Perpetual Access

www.bloomsburyfoodlibrary.com Images courtesy of Getty Images


“The content is fascinating.... Original and beautifully designed, Bloomsbury Cultural History shows promise as a onestop shop for cultural history reference surveys.” —Library Journal


 loomsbury Cultural History is an authoritative, peer-reviewed resource showing how people lived their everyday lives throughout history. It provides students and researchers with access to Bloomsbury’s Cultural Histories series, a set of curated, comprehensive, and illustrated reference works, in addition to extensive eBook, and image collections.

Content Highlights The Cultural Histories series presents an authoritative survey of a wide range of subjects throughout history. Each subject is looked at in Antiquity, the Medieval Age, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the Age of Empire, and the Modern Age. Thematic coverage is consistent across all periods so users can either gain a broad overview of a period or follow a theme through the ages.

Subjects will include: • Animals • Business • C  hildhood and Family • D  eath • Dress and Fashion • Food • F urniture

• G  ardens • H  uman Body • L aw • Medicine • Money • Peace • P  lants • Religion in the West

• S enses • S exuality • Shopping • S port • T heatre • Work • Women

Features and Benefits • More than 80 eBooks to complement the reference works • An illustrated and interactive timeline provides contextual background from antiquity to modernity • Browse by theme or period to find the most beneficial content • Annual updates will be made available making this a constantly expanding resource for students and researchers • A bespoke taxonomy allows users to discover the most relevant content • Annual updates will be made available making this a constantly expanding resource for students and researchers • Image partnerships with the Wellcome Collection and the Rijksmuseum, containing over 2000 images to enable a deeper insight and understanding of the subjects • A growing selection of lesson plans to assist teaching

Available via Subscription or Perpetual Access

www.bloomsburyculturalhistory.com Images courtesy of the Wellcome Collection



loomsbury Medieval Studies combines high-quality secondary content with visual primary sources, a brand new reference work and curated pedagogical resources in a one-stop digital resource which will support students and scholars across this rich field of study.

Content Highlights • Fully-searchable access to a broad range of over 150 scholarly books including primary texts, research monographs, companions and more • Leading texts from Bloomsbury and other top publishers in the field such as IB Tauris, Arc Humanities Press and Amsterdam University Press • The Encyclopedia of the Global Middle Ages, a new and exclusive reference work written by international scholars which combines thematic overviews, primary source analyses, and core case studies • Exceptional visual sources, including newly-digitized and rare incunabula from Senate House Library, highresolution medieval maps from the British Library, and over 1000 images from the Metropolitan Museum of Art • A growing selection of study resources curated by major scholars, to be expanded in product updates • An interactive timeline with a global focus which places image and text content from across the resource within their time and geographical region

Features and Benefits • Enhances research with a unique combination of global primary and second material, including visual sources to boost student engagement • Draws out regional interconnectivity and differences through the innovative and internationally-authored articles in the Encyclopedia of the Global Middle Ages • Brings the period to life with material culture object images, illuminated manuscript pages and other artwork which deepen understanding and give substance to key themes • Supports undergraduate study across disciplines covering the medieval period, as a one-stop resource with consolidated, searchable material

Available via Subscription or Perpetual Access

www.bloomsburymedievalstudies.com Images courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York


“Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers is committed to highlighting global and noncanonical thinkers that may not be covered in other resources.” —CCAdvisor


 loomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers brings together thousands of thinkers from a wide range of subjects, schools of thought, places, time periods and traditions, granting students and researchers access to a broad and global history of intellectual thinking. Featuring renowned philosopherss alongside those often neglected in historical surveys, Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers will change your conception of the canon.

Content Highlights • Growing each year, it currently includes over 8,000 biographical articles on thinkers from North America, Britain, Ireland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the Middle East. • Figures from Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa will be added to make this an ever-expanding, global resource • Alongside the giants of philosophy are civil rights activists, classicists, clergymen, economists, mathematicians, novelists, poets, politicians, and scientists • Highly detailed and cross-referenced entries cover the life, work, and reception of a thinker as well as a bibliography and suggestions for further reading

Features and Benefits • Access authoritative, peer-reviewed, biographical, and critical articles • Browse content by subject, school of thought, region, and period • Develop contextual understanding through an interactive historical timeline • Get regular updates and new content from this expanding resource

www.bloomsburyphilosophers.com Images courtesy of Getty Images



n essential hub for cuttingedge research, study, and teaching in theology, religious studies, and biblical studies from intro to advanced levels.


&T Clark Theology Library offers students and scholars detailed and thorough analysis of core theological content via primary texts and exclusive articles. An imprint of Bloomsbury, T&T Clark has been publishing cutting-edge books in biblical studies since 1821 and brings authoritative and systematic scholarship to this comprehensive resource.

Content Highlights • Primary Texts by Major Theologians—Classic texts from the most important theologians that shaped theology in the 20th century offering detailed examination of a wide number of doctrines, such as the Trinity, Atonement, Creation, Pneumatology, and Creation. • Digitally Exclusive Articles­—Authoritative overviews of the most important theologians of the 20th century. • Interactive Timeline—Underpinning every product within Theology and Religion Online, the timeline presents essential broader context for research as well as key information on theology and theologians specific to the resource.


 &T Clark Encyclopedia T of Christian Theology Doctrinally driven and edited by an international and multidenominational team of the top scholars in the field, this work will be the most comprehensive resource on the topic.

Library of Catholic Thought Will offer cross searchable access to nearly two millennia of global Catholic thought, tradition, and culture, from the Church Fathers to the present day including a highly anticipated revised edition of the Jerome Biblical Commentary.


Trusted Theological Scholarship


&T Clark Jesus Library is dedicated to the study of the person, history, context, impact, and reception of Jesus, which is central to the study of the Bible and Christianity. With unique and amply layered content rooted in publishing from T&T Clark, T&T Clark Jesus Library blends text, images, audio, and visual materials to form a comprehensive digital resource for students and researchers of Religion, Theology, Biblical Studies, Classics, and History.

Content Highlights

• Major Reference Works­—The Jesus Tradition in the First Three Centuries (digitally exclusive to the resource), Dictionary of the Bible and Ancient Media, History of the Jewish People in the Age of Jesus Christ, Christianity: The Complete Guide, Mary: The Complete Resource, Jesus: The Complete Guide • Companions and Texts­—Providing comprehensive coverage of the discipline, these texts provide overviews of key topics, research areas, new directions. • Monographs and Classic Works­—More than 60 titles spanning topics including the historical Jesus, reading and literary in the time of Jesus, Jesus and film, and early Christology. • Digital Exclusive Articles­—Written by an international range of leading scholars to support research and study of core and cutting edge topics • Images­—Showcasing key sites and archaeological locations, reliquaries, mosaics, places of worship, and representations of Jesus in art to provide a way of locating Jesus in the history of faith and culture • Audio Resources­—Podcasts on core topics and publications

Features and Benefits for Theology & Religion Online

• Comprehensive and detailed content including a unique mix of primary texts and peer-reviewed secondary reading on every core topic • Exclusive Teaching and Study Resources including a timeline, lesson plans and bibliographic guides, designed to support teachers and scholars • My Content feature allowing users to save relevant material • Regular updates including exclusive new articles ensure the resource reflects the latest theological developments and cutting-edge scholarship

Available via Subscription and Perpetual Access



“Offering tons of unique content, it’s highly recommended for institutions with design studies, architecture, and visual arts and ­culture programs” —Library Journal


roviding unrivalled coverage of global design and crafts from 1500 BCE to the present day, this authoritative resource is the ideal research and learning tool for design, craft studies, and other visual arts.

Content Highlights • Definitive reference works including the Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Design, Victor Margolin’s renowned World History of Design, and exclusive articles from the Encyclopedia of Asian Design • More than 85 eBooks by scholars including Glenn Adamson, Tony Fry, John Heskett, and Penny Sparke • Over 100 Designer Pages providing essential details and links to further reading about key figures such as Ettore Sottsass, William Morris, and Charles and Ray Kaiser Eames • A rich selection of 2000 object images from Museum of Arts and Design, New York, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art collections—featuring a range of forms • Exhibition pages providing key information on design exhibitions, with exhibits from the Designmuseum Danmark, and the Museum of Crafts and Design, San Francisco • Exclusive lesson plans and bibliographic guides to help users navigate key content, with inspiration to bolster course teaching, and thematic guides for an introduction to core readings on a particular topic

Features and Benefits • An interactive timeline offering an illustrated and linked overview of global design history to enhance contextual understanding • Powerful search function and customized taxonomy that allow users to navigate seamlessly between the designers, places, and periods relevant to their work • Updated with new content of the highest quality including reference articles, image collections, and exhibition archives from an expanding number of museum of partners

Available via Subscription or Perpetual Access

www.bloomsburydesignlibrary.com Images courtesy of the Museum of Arts and Design, New York



loomsbury Architecture Library is a dynamic research tool for architecture and architecture studies. With cross-searchable access to an expanding range of text, image, and interactive content, this dynamic platform is essential for academics and provides innovative educational resources for students.

Content Highlights • Sir Banister Fletcher’s Global History of Architecture—the classic, authoritative reference for architecture history, published in partnership with the Royal Institute of British Architects and the University of London—enters its 21st edition completely rewritten and up-to-date with a fully global perspective • More than 40 eBooks with regular updates of new Bloomsbury architecture publications, including a wide-range of scholarly eBooks on architecture, architectural history, theory, design, urbanism, landscape, and interiors, including The Handbook of Interior Architecture and Design • Rich visual content with over 2,200 images from Sir Banister Fletcher and 600 images from the National Archive at Kew to come

Features and Benefits • Buildings pages with key information about the world’s most important buildings all in one place: location, date, architect, description, materials, images, and more • Clickable world map linked to building pages and articles, making location-specific research easy • A  n interactive timeline puts architecture history in perspective, giving context to movements, themes, and periods throughout architecture history • Students can use the glossary and index to look up key terms and easily find the proper period, movement, building, or architect • Browse contents by place, period, style, or peoples and cultures

Available via Subscription or Perpetual Access

www.bloomsburyarchitecturelibrary.com Images courtesy of Getty Images



inner of the Dartmouth Medal, Berg Fashion Library is the leading resource for students and researchers of Fashion Studies. More than 13,000 color images, over 100 academic eBooks, an invaluable museum directory, a unique exhibition archive, reference works, and teaching resources are available to enrich and enliven studies across many disciplines.

Content Highlights Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion The Encyclopedia consists of 2,000 images and more than 800 in-depth articles, and explores the dressed and adorned body across cultures and throughout history. Cross cultural and multidisciplinary in approach, it provides readers with an appreciation of the richness and complexity of global dress. Reference Works In addition to the Encylopedia, our reference works also include Classic and Modern Writings on Fashion, the A–Z of Fashion, and The Dictionary of Fashion History.  useum Directory M An invaluable museum directory which features information on specialties and holdings, plus sample images, and links to further information eBooks 100+ academic e-books that cover important classic and modern writings on fashion and include such titles as Paris Fashion, A Cultural History, by Valerie Steele  useum Exhibitions M Unique exhibition archive, which showcases images from historic exhibitions from museums around the world, including the Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology, New York; Somerset House, London; Fashion Museum, Bath; and Museo de la Moda, Santiago, Chile I mage Partnerships Over 13,000 color images from prestigious partners such as the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Museum at the Fashion Institute of  Technology, Mode Museum, and the Commercial Pattern Archive  esearch and Learning Tools R Lesson plans and bibliographic guides

Available via Subscription

www.bloomsburyfashioncentral.com ©MFIT; ©Bata Shoe Museum, Toronto; ©ModeMuseum; @The Metropolitan Museum of Art;

@V&A Images




ith valuable case studies from across the fashion industry, from design and sourcing to marketing and retail, Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases enables students to develop essential business skills required by the next generation of fashion industry professionals.

Content Highlights • Over 170 cases covering a vast range of topics designed to suit the entire breadth of the fashion curriculum, from design to retailing • Global cases exploring the industry in the US, UK, Europe, Asia Pacific, and beyond. • A range of levels, lengths, and approaches to suit varying student requirements throughout their studies • Partner case collections from leading fashion business schools around the world including LIM College, New York and RMIT University, Melbourne • Teaching notes and supplemental resources to help educators make the most out of the dynamic case study method of teaching

Features and Benefits • Authoritative and visually oriented cases selected and reviewed by subject specialist editors who bring valuable educator and industry experience • Real cases that explore issues facing the industry right now, with of-the-moment challenges • Updates twice a year, every year, tackling the key issues facing varying sectors of the industry • A comprehensive taxonomy that aligns with global fashion curriculums, allowing powerful search and browse to discover new and relevant content • IP-wide access to cases via the academic library, simplifying discovery and access to cases outside of the traditional per-case purchase model offered by other resources

Available via Subscription

www.bloomsburyfashioncentral.com Images courtesy of Getty Images


“Bloomsbury Fashion Central more than meets its promise to serve as the central source for interdisciplinary research on fashion and dress. The breadth of peer-reviewed and original content sets it apart, making it valuable” —Library Journal

“I love, love, love this database!” —Reference Reviews


dited by world-renowned fashion historian Valerie Steele, Director of the Museum at FIT in New York, the Fashion Photography Archive provides an unrivalled window onto fashion history from the late 1970s to 2000. The resource includes over 750,000 images that predate the advent of digital photography—many exceedingly rare, such as those of key designers’ graduation shows (McQueen and Galliano)— alongside biographies and scholarly articles providing context. The period saw an unparalleled flourishing of creative design, the evolution of the fashion show from runway to spectacle, the rise of the supermodel and the celebrity, and the relentless expansion of fashion as both industry and cultural phenomenon.

Content Highlights • Rare images featuring internationally renowned designers and brands including Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior, Vivienne Westwood, Yohji Yamamoto, Jean Paul Gaultier, Versace, Calvin Klein, Chanel, and many more. • International coverage from Paris, London, New York, Milan, and beyond • Detailed metadata for each photograph to ensure accuracy, enhance search and browse, and guarantee effective linking between text, and images • Supports cross disciplinary research in a vibrant period of fashion history. Designed to excite, engage, and inspire students across a wide range of courses and promote further discovery • Exclusive academic articles providing essential context on key catwalk collections, specific themes and styles of dressing, fashion icons, single object analysis, specific decades, and the use of colors in fashion

Features and Benefits • Resources including a timeline, lesson plans, and videos that are supported by a rich taxonomy and comprehensive indexing • Accurate and highly detailed indexed images and articles to support projects and research • Personalize, save content, and search across all products on Bloomsbury Fashion Central Available via Subscription or Perpetual Access

www.bloomsburyfashioncentral.com Niall McInerney, © Bloomsbury Publishing Plc



ffering 2,500 videos and 1,200 hours of footage from the YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP Runway Archive Collections, Bloomsbury Fashion Video Archive offers an unrivalled window into fashion history between 1979 and 2003. The period covered by the archive saw the disruptive impact of innovative designers such as the Antwerp Six, Rei Kawakubo, and Hussein Chalayan and spans more than two decades of London, Paris, New York and Milan runway shows. The Archive includes priceless footage including Alexander McQueen’s 1992 Jack the Ripper graduate show, Jean Paul Gaultier’s controversial ‘Rabbi Chic’ show, extraordinary Westwood and rare Galliano, as well as the radical Belgian, Martin Margiela. It is an absolute treasure trove for fashion students and researchers as well as anyone interested in broader cultural and aesthetic trends of the period.

Content Highlights • 1,200 hours of highly desirable footage, indexed extensively to enable easy searching and discovery, representing 2,621 full catwalk shows from the Paris, London, New York and Milan. • 460 international designers represented in the 2,621 shows from 1979 to 2003 • Rich metadata to allow advanced, easy searching across content at a granular level, Indexing will cover: Show title, Show theme & Inspiration, Season, Year, Brand, designer, Product Types, Garment Parts and descriptions, Textiles and Materials, Color, Music, Trends, Persons shown and Keywords. • Exclusive, scholarly articles providing essential context that shed light on key collections, the evolution of trends, colours, individual designers’ work, the performance art of staging a runway show, and more all curated by world-renowned fashion historian and Director of the Museum at FIT in New York, Dr Valerie Steele. • ‘Clip making tool’ to easily save specific sections of videos for reference or for use in presentations • Full show or snippet viewing to watch full catwalk shows in their entirety or to jump to specific sections • A timeline of influential collections

Available via Subscription or Perpetual Access



A library tailored for the fashion student


comprehensive digital library that fully prepares students to enter the fashion industry by supplying everything they need to know to have a successful career. The content comes from the market-leading Fairchild Books, which has been producing the highest quality educational materials for fashion students for the past 50 years and covers a full spectrum of topics in fashion including construction, draping, fashion business and management, history, illustration, journalism, marketing, promotion, theory, pattern making, styling, product development, sustainable fashion, textiles, and more.

Content Highlights • Rich content that blends the practical with the theoretical with titles covering every core topic in fashion to guide a student through their studies • Content is indexed at the chapter level to enable easy discovery to provide both a learning and a reference experience • An interactive timeline showing the development of clothing from its earliest history through to the present day

Features and Benefits • Integrated STUDIO ancillaries specific to each book allow users to personalize their study with multiple choice questions and quizzes, flashcards, and video and audio resources. • Especially commissioned video content supports visual learners through ‘how to’ demos as well as visual overviews of key topics, reinforcing and expanding on content in chapters • A  s part of Bloomsbury Fashion Central, students can extend their learning and expand their research by accessing related content from Berg Fashion Library, Fashion Photography Archive, and Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases. • Teaching resources and lesson plans are available to instructors upon request

Available via Subscription





loomsbury Applied Visual Arts brings together an unprecedented collection of fully illustrated books packed with practical tools, guidance, and inspiration for students on practiceled visual arts courses. It provides material relevant to studies across design and illustration, fashion and textiles, architecture and interiors, film and media, marketing and advertising, and photography.

Content Highlights • Over 170 illustrated books across all the main fields of applied visual arts combining pedagogy and career guidance within a searchable platform • A versatile combination of titles covering key skills and topics in each field and at different levels of study, sequentially from basic concepts to careers and professional practice • Richly illustrated content, with each title typically offering over 200 full-color illustrations or images, expressly designed to meet the needs of visual learners

Features and Benefits • Structured, accessible coverage of applied visual and graphic arts which will support a wide variety of interdisciplinary and multimedia programs • A wealth of practical pedagogy, such as case studies, leading practitioner interviews, and activities provide teaching resources for instructors, while embedding students’ understanding of real-world applications and supporting portfolio development • Enhanced PDF viewing allows invaluable close engagement with visual materials such as illustrations showcasing work or explaining techniques, to help spur creative thinking • New editions will be added each year to ensure students are exposed to the best and latest technical know-how and trends in professional practice

Available via Perpetual Access and Subscription




eveloped in partnership by Bloomsbury Publishing and Faber & Faber, Drama Online was created as a response to the need for a high-quality online research tool for drama and literature students, professors, and teachers. The award-winning digital library is a fast-growing study resource which now features over 2,500 playtexts from 800 playwrights, 400 audio plays, 300 hours of video, and 370 scholarly books from leading theatre publishers and companies, offering a complete multimedia experience of theatre.

PLAYTEXT COLLECTIONS Core Collection The Core Collection forms the nexus of Drama Online with nearly 1,700 playtexts from Bloomsbury’s authoritative imprints, Methuen Drama and The Arden Shakespeare, as well as Faber & Faber, and production photos from the Victoria and Albert Museum and The American Shakespeare Center. • The best dramatic texts from Sophocles and Shakespeare to Harold Pinter and Caryl Churchill • Student editions and first night programme texts • The internationally renowned Arden Shakespeare play editions • Major foreign works in translation from Bertolt Brecht, Luigi Pirandello, Eduardo De Filippo, Frank Wedekind, and more

Playwrights Canada Press The Playwrights Canada Press collection includes 175 plays from notable and award-winning authors including Daniel MacIvor and Hannah Moscovitch. • Works by First Nations playwrights • Works by playwrights of colour • Plays with large casts • Monologues • Classic Canadian plays • Contemporary Canadian plays

Available via Subscription or Perpetual Access

www.dramaonlinelibrary.com (Top) The Mountaintop, L.A. Theatre Works, (Bottom) Maxine Peake as Hamlet


Aurora Metro Books With over 125 plays, The Aurora Metro Books collection offers a highly contemporary list of new drama with a focus on international drama, women’s drama, and drama in translation. • Single plays and collections of black and Asian drama • Collections of African drama • Classic plays for family audiences • Southeast Asian plays collection

Nick Hern Books Over 570 plays from many of the UK and Ireland’s preeminent playwrights, as well as exciting new voices. This collection includes award-winning and widely-studied titles and is continually updated with fresh work from leading theatres. Playwrights include: Mike Bartlett , Howard Brenton, Jez Butterworth, Caryl Churchill, David Edgar, Helen Edmundson, Vivienne Franzmann, Debbie Tucker Green, Ella Hickson, Lucy Kirkwood, Liz Lochhead, Conor McPherson, Rona Munro, Nina Raine, Jack Thorne, and Enda Walsh

AUDIO COLLECTIONS L.A. Theatre Works The L. A. Theatre Works collection offers 400 professionally recorded audio plays including those from leading American playwrights. World-class actors are recorded in state-of-the-art sound transforming classic and contemporary stage works into intimate, compelling, and sound-rich audio plays. • Titles by Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, and Sophocles as well as contemporary classics by David Mamet, Wendy Wasserstein, and Tom Stoppard • New voices, including Kenneth Lonergan, Rebecca Gilman, Lynn Nottage, and Lydia Diamond

CRITICISM AND SCHOLARSHIP Critical Studies and Performance Practice

The Critical Studies and Performance Practice collection features 370 academic eBooks from the prestigious Methuen Drama and The Arden Shakespeare imprints. It offers invaluable critical, contextual, and pedagogic content from leading voices in theatre, performance, and Shakespeare studies. Available via Subscription or Perpetual Access

www.dramaonlinelibrary.com (Right) The Duchess of Malfi, Shakespeare’s Globe on Screen 2 (2016–2018)


NEW VIDEO COLLECTIONS National Theatre Collection Drawing on 10 years of NT Live broadcasts, alongside high-quality archive recordings never previously seen outside of the NT’s Archive, the National Theatre Collection will go live on Drama Online in September with 15 plays, growing to 30 titles by March 2020. The collection will include: • One Man, Two Guvnors featuring James Corden’s Tony Award-winning performance • Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein with Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller • The Young Vic’s production of Lorca’s Yerma, with Billie Piper in the title role • M  edea by Euripides with Helen McCrory • Twelfth Night with as Tamsin Greig as Malvolia • Lorraine Hansberry’s Les Blancs with Danny Sapani as Tshembe • She Stoops to Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith with a cast including Cush Jumbo and Katherine Kelly • and more…

The Donmar Shakespeare Trilogy on Screen In 2012, Phyllida Lloyd’s all-female production of Julius Caesar at the Donmar Warehouse placed the play in a women’s prison. Led by Harriet Walter, with an ethnically diverse cast drawn partly from ex-offenders, it stunned audiences on both sides of the Atlantic. Two years later, Walter and Lloyd were reunited in Shakespeare’s monumental history play, Henry IV, and The Tempest completed the trilogy in 2016.

The Classic Spring Oscar Wilde Collection The Oscar Wilde Season in October 2018 was the first offering from Classic Spring, Dominic Dromgoole’s new theatre company, founded as he left Shakespeare’s Globe. Watch star-studded performances of these four great Victorian plays, A Woman of No Importance, Lady Windermere’s Fan, An Ideal Husband and The Importance of Being Earnest, which shocked and redefined British theatre when first performed, and still resonate today. Available via Subscription or Perpetual Access


(Top) One Man, Two Guvnors, ©National Theatre, (Middle) The Tempest, The Donmar Shakespeare Trilogy on Screen, (Bottom), The Importance of  Being Earnest, The Classic Spring Oscar Wilde Collection

Video Collections • The Hollow Crown— Shakespeare’s history plays featuring a star-studded cast including Benedict Cumberbatch, David Tennant, Judi Dench, Hugh Bonneville, and Tom Hiddleston • BBC Drama Films and Documentaries—Adaptations of core curriculum plays from Sophocles to Oscar Wilde, alongside modern classics such as Michael Frayn’s Copenhagen • Shakespeare’s Globe on Screen (2008–2015)—21 films recorded live on the Globe Theatre stage from leading actors including Mark Rylance, Stephen Fry, and Roger Allam’s Olivier Awardwinning Falstaff in Henry IV • Shakespeare’s Globe on Screen 2 (2016– 2018)—Features 9 plays including the first production from the indoor Jacobean theatre, the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse. • Maxine Peake as Hamlet—A stripped-back, fast-paced, landmark reinvention of Shakespeare’s Hamlet with Maxine Peake in the title role • Stage on Screen—Critically acclaimed stage productions of four key drama and literature texts: The Duchess of Malfi, Doctor Faustus, The School for Scandal, and Volpone • Shakespeare in the Present—A six hour acting masterclass with international coach Patsy Rodenburg, starring Joseph Fiennes and Lynn Cohen • The Royal Shakespeare Company Live—Building over time, RSC Live will offer films of live productions of all 36 of Shakespeare’s plays, creating a Complete Works video collection by 2022. NEW releases: 4 new films in 2019; 4 new films in 2020. • Shakespeare’s Heroes and Villains—Theatre-practitioner Steven Berkoff brings a host of Shakespeare’s most famous characters vividly to life, lifting complex characters from page to stage • Physical Actor Training—an Online A–Z—Provides a creative approach to actor training through 60 short, dynamic videos, building a foundation for physical acting. Available as part of the Critical Studies and Performance Practice collection.

Available via Subscription or Perpetual Access

www.dramaonlinelibrary.com (Right) Twelfth Night, The Royal Shakespeare Company Live 2 (2018–19)


Best Interface —The Charleston Advisor Innovation Excellence Award —Stationer’s Livery Company “Drama Online is a well-designed and easy-to-use database that succeeds admirably in making the texts of plays available online in an environment that will enhance their use for study and performance. Its collections of audio and video performances of plays enrich the database considerably....” —The Charleston Advisor “A ground-breaking digital resource that makes available a vast library of plays and reference works while offering bespoke features tailored to the needs of individual students and researchers. Drama Online blazes the trail for a new era of digital theatre publishing.” —Dr. Chris Megson, Royal Holloway, University of London

Content Highlights • Curated collections—Customize your institution’s Drama Online experience with any combination of collections, which are available on a perpetual access or subscription based model • Powerful cross-searching—All collections on the Drama Online platform are indexed according to a detailed taxonomy effectively integrating content across products and content types • Access for all­—Drama Online offers unlimited simultaneous access and streaming, so students can access the materials they need anywhere on campus, at home, or even abroad • From page to stage, bring the words to life—Reading any play, from any period, is never the same as listening to or watching professional actors add depth, emotion, inflection, and context to the words. Drama Online combines playtexts, audio recordings, and video in one place, so every student can access the text in a meaningful way

Available via Subscription or Perpetual Access

www.dramaonlinelibrary.com (Right) The Tempest, The Royal Shakespeare Company Live


Features and Benefits • Interactive Transcript Player—Full transcripts are available for all video content, with real-time tracking of lines spoken, automatic text scrolling, hyperlinked text for easy navigation to the relevant timestamp, and a ‘search transcript’ function • Play Finder—Select plays based on cast size, gender of roles, word count, period, and playwright • Related Content—All content on Drama Online is linked by genre, period, and theme keywords, making it easy to discover and compare and contrast works for projects and research • Personalization Features—Save searches, highlight and annotate text, and bookmark content • Monologue Search—Find monologues by keyword, gender, and word count • Character Grid—Each play includes a character grid that shows character appearances by part and scene with dots that correspond in size to the number of lines spoken, showing how and when characters interact • Words and Speeches Graph—Each play includes a bar graph showing the number of words in each scene by total or by individual character • Develop a Part Book—View lines and stage directions for individual roles • Intuitive eReader—The seamless eReader includes in-text annotations and citations, with page numbers and line numbers that match up exactly with print editions • Performance Rights Information—Each play includes production enquiry information on who owns rights for the play and how to contact them • Exclusive Content—Available only on Drama Online Aurora Metro Books Core Collection The Hollow Crown* Nick Hern Books Playwrights Canada Press Critical Studies and Performance Practice Shakespeare’s Globe on Screen (2008–2015) Shakespeare’s Globe on Screen 2 (2016–2018) Shakespeare in the Present Stage on Screen Shakespeare’s Heroes and Villains *occasionally available on educational streaming platforms and Netflix

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www.dramaonlinelibrary.com (Top) Shakespeare in the Present (an acting masterclass), (Middle) Shakespeare’s Heroes and Villains, (Bottom) As You Like It, Shakespeare’s Globe on Screen (2008–2015)


“Highly recommended for academic libraries with a focus on music, offering a user-friendly platform that is invaluable for studying music around the world.” —Library Journal


his invaluable digital library for global popular music brings together leading scholarship and interactive tools to hit the right note for research and learning. It is the ideal choice to enhance research and courses within music and related disciplines.

Content Highlights • Multi-volume landmark reference work, the Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World, featuring top international contributors and online-exclusive article updates—now includes access to the latest new volume; XII—Genres: Sub-Saharan Africa • All over 140 volumes of the widely acclaimed 33 1/3 and 33 1/3 Global book series, providing indepth analysis of influential albums across diverse musical eras, by artists ranging from Caetano Veloso to Public Enemy • An expanding selection of scholarly books from Bloomsbury’s Popular Music Studies list, comprising edited volumes, biographies, and historical overviews • Artist pages, with a selection of artist biographies— ideal for quick reference and contexualizing the life and work of key figures in popular music

Features and Benefits • Browse seamlessly between influential artists, albums, musical eras, and genres—all content is linked and crosssearchable, helping users to connect information and navigate directly to relevant material • Discover interactive features such as a Timeline of Popular Music to develop contextual understanding of albums and artists, and a World Map for navigation by region of interest • Cite, share, save, or print content easily, including books, chapters, or other items—perfect for research or group projects

Available via Subscription or Perpetual Access

www.bloomsburypopularmusic.com The Tempest, The Royal Shakespeare Company Live 1 (2013–18)



omprising a diverse range of exceptional book and screenplay content from Bloomsbury and Faber & Faber, Screen Studies is a dynamic and expanding platform. It supports academics and students engaged with studies of film history, theory and practice; as well as other moving image disciplines.

Content Highlights The Bloomsbury and Faber Screenplays and Criticism core collection module features: • A growing number of iconic and contemporary screenplays, presented in industry-standard studio format, including Dunkirk, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Annihilation, Moonrise Kingdom, and The Big Lebowski • Authoritative coverage of works by leading filmmakers such as Wes Anderson, Agnès Varda, Joel Coen and Ethan Coen, providing insight into professional and creative practice • Instant access to over 290 critical and contextual eBooks, on a diverse range of genres, regions, themes, and filmmakers—including practical instruction on screenwriting and filmmaking • Modular collections offering access to highly respected titles from the British Film Institute: —BFI Film Studies module, offering substantial thematic and cultural-historical coverage of global film and diverse filmmakers —BFI Film Classics module, which explores landmark films across world cinema

Features and Benefits • An illustrated timeline of cinema history which enhances contextual understanding of key events in film production, culture, and technologies, with links to related content throughout the resource • Powerful advanced search, tailored taxonomy, and personalization features, allowing users to discover and save content relevant to their work with ease • Browse by people; themes; genres, movements, and styles; or content types including screenplays or books—ideal for different approaches to research or independent study • Updated on an annual basis—new screenplays and books will be made available as part of additional modular collections, and will also include reference articles Available via Subscription or Perpetual Access

www.screenstudies.com Simone Signoret image—courtesy of Getty Images


“This is a phenomenal resource, both in terms of the content and the navigational mechanisms. It allows researchers not just to understand one man, but a century of world, diplomatic and social history.” —Reference Reviews


he Churchill Archive is designed to support teaching, study, and research, providing an invaluable resource for a wide range of courses. It comprises 800,000 pages of original documents that range from Churchill’s personal correspondence to exchanges between the great leaders of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Content Highlights • 800,000 pages of original documents produced between 1874 and 1965, spanning the period from the Boer War to the Cold War • Educational resources written by leading academics, which explore key topics in 20th century history and provide links into the documents, further reading lists, bibliographies, and references

Features and Benefits • Supports research into key areas of 20th century history as well as courses in World Wars 1 and 2, world history, economic history, political history, social policy, and cultural studies • Offers a structured way to introduce students to primary source material and explore its relevance to their study and research topics • Provides powerful search options, as well as the ability to filter by topic, place, period, or people, or to browse the cataloguing system of the original archives. • Enables personalization: save searches, export citations, and favorite, download or print documents • Offers guidance on using an archive for research through Ask the Archivist, a page designed to gain insights and pointers into how to use and interpret the Churchill Archive, what archives are, and how to make sense of the results you are presented with.

Available via Subscription or Perpetual Access

www.churchillarchive.com Images courtesy of the Churchill Archives


• Winner of the 2018 RR Hawkins Award •W  inner of the 2018 Prose Award for Excellence in Reference Works • 2017 Choice Outstanding Academic Title

“...the Arcadian Library Online is a masterly achievement in content and design that adds value to any large or specialized research library.” —The Charleston Advisor


he Arcadian Library is an exceptional, privately-owned library, which documents and celebrates the centuries-old interface between Europe and the Middle East. Collected over the last 40 years, the Library’s holdings are distinguished by their rarity, importance, and quality and include manuscripts, early books, and incunabula, documents, maps, and printed books ranging from the 10th to the 20th centuries.

Content Highlights Library modules include: • History of Science and Medicine Available • Europe and the Ottoman World: Diplomacy and International Relations Available • Further modules planned in the areas of Europe and the Ottoman World and Travel and Exploration

Features and Benefits • Access high-resolution, full-colour facsimile images (400ppi) • Search in either English or Arabic • Browse by topic, place, period, people, language, or content type • Explore commentary articles linked to primary texts • Benefit from personalization features—cite, share, and favorite content

Available via Perpetual Access

www.arcadianlibraryonline.com Images courtesy of The Arcadian Library


UK Tax Online UK Tax Online service provides the user with a resource comprising highly authoritative, clear and practical coverage of all the key tax issues facing the busy practitioner and their clients; written by some of the most renowned names in the tax world. It is also integrated with the key pieces of consolidated and up-to-date tax legislation.

Key features • Clearly laid out guidance with hundreds of examples based on issues regularly faced by companies and their advisors • Content written by some of the most highly respected tax authors in the country • Consolidated tax legislation • A fast, reliable and intuitive platform. It is responsive-design enabled, allowing it to be used easily on a range of devices. • Unbeatable value

Benefits • Content written by those in practice dealing with issues covered on a day to day basis • Quick and intuitive search • Save and share content



Imagine the search… Looking for quick, authoritative information on international arbitration? It’s all here…

International Arbitration Global arbitration research from the experts Content from three respected publishing brands (Hart Publishing, CH Beck-Nomos and Bloomsbury Professional). Access to materials by over 60 respected author names with the speed and convenience of online research.

International coverage in depth and breadth The content covers a broad range of jurisdictions from arbitration centres all over the world including: • China • United States • Switzerland • Germany • The Middle East

Expert authors and contributors Authors and contributors are drawn from leading firms and academic institutions, including: • Allianz SE • Gleiss Lutz • PriceWaterhouseCoopers • Herbert Smith Freehills LLP • Freshfields Bruckaus Deringer • Oxford University • University College London

Regional experts include Kun Fan on Arbitration in China and Reinmar Wolff on the New York Convention.




loomsbury Education and Childhood Studies provides systematic and comprehensive coverage of education and childhood studies worldwide. Using highly structured and original content, users can easily study and compare countries through six key sections: early childhood, childhood, youth, primary education, secondary education, and higher education. Combined with existing eBooks, articles, and helpful research tools, students can study and build an understanding of education systems, policies, and the nature of childhood and youth experience in different countries throughout the world.

Content Highlights • Over 250 peer-reviewed articles on six levels of education and childhood across 18 countries • Country Overview articles provide accessible introductory information on Early Childhood, Childhood, Youth, Primary Education, Secondary Education, and Higher Education • The entire Education Around the World reference series, comprising 18 volumes and covering every single country in the world • M  ore than 65 academic eBooks on comparative and international education, including Peace Education (Prose Award Honorable Mention 2017) • A collection of over 60 policy reports from the World Bank Group Open Knowledge Repository • Links to external resources, educational data, and statistical information • Downloadable tables and enhanced graphs for easy viewing • Annual updates twice a year will include eBooks and new articles that will expand to cover all countries in the world

Features and Benefits • Powerful search function and related content makes finding relevant information quick and easy • Browse contents by Place, Education Level, Topic, and Content Type • Country and Section landing pages bring relevant content together • A  n interactive world map helps users find content by region and country • A  seamless pop-up glossary enhances students’ understanding of the text Available via Subscription




anchesterhive, the home for digital content across the humanities and social sciences from Manchester University Press, offers excellent research from leading names and up-and-coming scholars from around the world.

Collections Manchester Film Studies Manchester Gothic Studies Manchester History of Medicine Manchester Medieval Sources Online Manchester Political Studies Manchester Religious Studies Manchester Security, Conflict, & Peace Manchester Shakespeare Manchester Studies in Imperialism

Content Highlights • Curated subject collections covering both foundation and interdisciplinary research in book and journal formats • Award-winning books written by an international author pool • State-of-the-art usage metrics provided across all content • Includes new and backlist books and journal articles • New collections added each year • All collections are updated annually to include the newest relevant titles from Manchester University Press • Easy-to-use teaching resources across a variety of topics

Features and Benefits • Unrestricted simultaneous user access through IP authentication • Remote and mobile access provided via Shibboleth and Open Athens • Federated search enabled • DRM free to subscribers • A  vailability of COUNTER usage statistics • Secured archive via CLOCKSS, LOCKSS and Portico

Available via perpetual access Availale in the Americas via Bloomsbury Digital Resources



Pantone Blue 072 Uncoated For CMYK USe: Blue 072 PC (Pantone Book Solid to Process) OR C:100 M:88 Y:0 K:5 For RGB Use: R:28 G:63 B:148


owman & Littlefield Select Collections offer access to current collections of premier content to academic libraries and professional organizations. Select Collections deliver quality research and provide libraries with a flexible way to build eBook collections across the humanities and social sciences.

Select Collections Asian Studies Education Leadership and Administration Political Theory & Philosophy Security Intelligence Social Movements & Resistance Teacher Development Library & Information Science

Features and Benefits • Highlights and Notes feature within the online publication reader. The tool can also be used to navigate the entire book while in the online reader, or export notes within a specified citation format from the Bookshelf area. • Cite chapters and text within the online reader in Chicago or MLA formats. • Save chapters and books to a personal Bookshelf for future reference. • Print chapters or save them as PDFs for offline use. • Share chapters with students for course readings or suggested research. • MARC records and usage statistics available

Available via perpetual access Available Globally via Bloomsbury Digital Resources




he Human Kinetics Library combines Bloomsbury’s digital excellence with Human Kinetics’ market-leading sports and physical activity content, featuring over 150 exclusive ebooks and a selection of videos. The Human Kinetics Library is built around a mission to increase the knowledge, enhance the performance, and improve the health and fitness of all people around the globe by developing and delivering authoritative information about physical activity and sport. This userfriendly platform will support students in developing a comprehensive understanding of key topics, give researchers the opportunity to access deep and cutting-edge content and empower instructors to incorporate this powerful and flexible resource into their courses in innovative ways. At launch, the Human Kinetics Library will cover subjects including: • Fitness and health • Nutrition and healthy eating • Sports management and sports business • Recreation and leisure • History, sociology, and philosophy of sports • Exercise and sports science • Physical activity and health • Psychology of sport and exercise • Biomechanics • Motor behavior • Active aging The collection will also be annually updated with brand new content.

Features and Benefits • Access to market leading content including textbooks, supplementary monographs, and materials for practitioners • User-friendly platform featuring an engaging, easy-to-navigate interface and sophisticated indexing and searching tools, allowing for easy research and discoverability at the chapter level • A bespoke taxonomy to allow the user to discover the most relevant content • Highly visual content to create a rich and rewarding experience for instructors and students

Available via Subscription and Perpetual Access



Bloomsbury Digital Resources offers the following features and benefits: • Flexible purchase options via subscription and/or

perpetual access

• Unlimited access via IP authentication and other

standard access methods

• Athens and Shibboleth support • Conforms to accessibility standards • MARC records with durable links at title level • DOIs at book and chapter level • COUNTER compliant usage stats • Matching pagination of printed publications • Online and telephone customer and technical support • Promotional materials available for download

Bloomsbury Digital Resources provides creative online learning environments that support scholarly research and inspire students throughout the world.

www.bloomsburydigitalresources.com 33

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Bloomsbury Digital Resources Global Catalog  

Bloomsbury Digital Resources provides creative online learning environments that support scholarly research and inspire students throughout...

Bloomsbury Digital Resources Global Catalog  

Bloomsbury Digital Resources provides creative online learning environments that support scholarly research and inspire students throughout...