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UNIT ONE: “PEOPLE AND PLACES” VOCABULARY The house: Flat, house, stairs, kitchen, hall, bed, bedroom, bathroom, door, sitting room, bookcase, window, wardrobe, table Members of the family: mum, dad, brother, sister, grandpa, grandma Objects and toys: Books, rollerblades, crayons, costume, skateboard, train set Verbs: To live, to see, to write, to ride, to go shopping, to play, to make, to like, to love. Countries: Canada, Britain, New Zealand, South Africa, The United States, Australia Animals: Bulldog, moose, zebra, eagle, koala, kiwi Expressions: Great to see you!-how nice to have you here!-let‟s have a look!-wait a minute!what‟s that noise?-don‟t sit here!-help me!-come in!


Ask and give information about where objects and people are, using place prepositions: Where’s the ball?

It’s under the bed

Ask and give information about objects depending on the number(singular or plural) using “there‟s/ there are” There’s a train set in the wardrobe

Ask and give information about nationalities Where is ... from?

He’s from Britain

Ask and give information about actions people do every day (Present Simple) Do you go to the library?

There are some books behind the door

Yes, I do

No, I don’t

Ask and give information about other people‟s identity, likes, dislikes My mum‟s name is Jill

She loves flowers

She doesn‟t like chocolate


VOCABULARY Internet: A computer, VR headset, a game, the cyberworld, a cybercafe, the world wide web, an address, to enter, to search, the chatroom, to talk to visitors, to ask for help, a mouse, to choose, plugs-in, the joystick, to download games, links, a phone line. Places: At home, at school, at my friend‟s house, in the library, the jungle, the mountain, the desert, the cave, the cake shop, the park, the cybercafe. My class: Subjects, homework, Maths, Science, English, French, PE, History, Geography, Art, Music, timetable, o‟clock, a quarter past/to, half past to, The five senses: I can/can‟t see, smell, hear, taste, feel. Days of the week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday The time: o‟clock, quarter past, quarter to, half past, Actions: To play on the computer, to get out, to hear, to see, to switch on, to send e-mails, to go on the internet, to sing a song, to read, to make things, to speak, to write, to listen, to check out a page. Expressions: Let‟s get some water!-It‟s a mirage!-Let‟s follow the camels!

Grammar  

Ask and give information about what we can or can‟t feel, hear, see, taste or smell. What can she hear?

Luke can see her

Ask and give information about hobbies, likes and dislikes. What do you like doing in English?

Jess can’t see him

I like playing games

Ask and give information about everyday routines, and the time and days we do these actions. What do we have on Tuesday at 10 o’clock? We have English on Tuesday at 10 o’clock

Ask and give information with „how many…?‟ How many palm trees are there?

There are seven palm trees

Exam units 1 and 2 (5th)  
Exam units 1 and 2 (5th)  

Review exam units one and two