Sell Digital Content Using Issuu

By Talius ChickeringNovember 5, 2021Tips, Content Marketing

Sell Digital Magazines Using Issuu

Here at Issuu we believe hard-working, independent publishers deserve to be paid by the readers who love their content. Publishers also deserve a streamlined sales system that enables them to quickly and easily sell their content - in other words, no more emailing PDF’s to online customers!

Issuu’s Digital Sales feature enables publishers with a Premium or Optimum account to sell their publications on Issuu, either as a subscription or single issue. All you need to do is set up a Stripe account and share your for-sale content to provide your audience with a great reading experience on any device. Additionally, Digital Sales is a commission free platform, so all your hard earned revenue goes directly into your pockets!

A graphic representation of Issuu's digital sales feature, showing how you can purchase an individual publication for a specific price.

What You Need to Know to Sell Your Magazine Digitally

  • This feature requires a Premium or Optimum plan

  • Digital Sales works beautifully on any device (desktop or mobile browser)

  • Simple 15 minute set up process

  • Sell subscriptions or single issues

  • Select certain pages that readers are able to preview before purchasing your content

  • Get paid quickly, directly, and fairly through Stripe (Stripe account required)

  • Only verified purchasers will be able to read your full magazine

How To Sell Digital Magazines

  1. Login to your Issuu account

  2. Select the publication you would like to sell

  3. Select “Make available for purchase”

  4. Choose the unit price for your publication 

  5. Click “Publish Changes”

NOTE: When putting your first publication on sale you will need to connect with Stripe to accept payments. When you connect your Stripe account, you need to claim it and activate it as soon as possible.

A screenshot of Issuu's digital sales feature with an arrow pointing to the box where you select how much you will sell your publication for.

Create Subscription

  1. Navigate to your Issuu publisher home page, select the “Sales” tab in the left navigation bar, and select “subscription”

  2. Adjust subscription settings by clicking on the “Settings” tab

  3. Share subscription links by selecting the “Links” tab

  4. After adjusting subscription settings, navigate back to the specific publication(s) you would like to add to the subscription.

    1. Within each publication, navigate back to the “Sell” tab and select “Include in subscription”

A screenshot of Issuu's digital sales feature where you adjust the settings for your content subscription.

Digital Sales Examples

The following publications use the Digital Sales feature on Issuu to sell a wide variety of content. Let’s take a closer look at how these publishers use Digital Sales:

Gear Patrol: 

Gear Patrol is an award winning digital and print publication based out of NYC. Their content deals with all things “gear” from watches, to cars, to whiskey, to tech. Their bi-annual publications are extremely popular and are available for purchase both in print and online using Issuu’s Digital Sales feature.

So Young: 

So Young is a truly unique publication that makes a point to highlight the underrepresented in the music and visual art industries. Each publication is a thoughtful work of art, and their publications are available for purchase both in print and online. Their website displays the most recent publication prominently, giving users the choice to pursue a physical copy or quickly download a digital version.

Advanture Magazine: 

Advanture Magazine is THE magazine for anyone who loves adventure or that van-life. The magazine is created and produced by Alex Brown as he and his family travel in their own custom van. Issuu’s Digital Sales feature enables Alex to monetize his magazine and continue to produce more stunning editions

Whether you are a small individually owned business, or a large scale publication, the Digital Sales feature enables you to easily sell your beautiful content to your eager audience.

It’s time content creators had a simple way to leverage their own content and grow their business - try Digital Sales today. For more inspiration, check out our top 10 digital magazine subscriptions on Issuu!