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Why Spectrophotometers Are Used in Medical Labs If you are planning to set up your medical laboratory, then make sure to include a spectrophotometer in the collection. This indispensable device plays a vital role in various scientific applications. This article looks at the features of this equipment and why spectrophotometers are used in medical labs.

What Makes Spectrophotometer a Superior Device

Spectrophotometer is a highly versatile tool, which is used to determine the concentration of solid particles in any suspension, especially a blood sample, or transmittance of a solution. It can also be routinely utilized for data analysis as well as research purposes.

Basically, there are two types of lab spectrophotometers – single beam and double beam spectrophotometer. As the name suggests, a single beam spectrophotometer measures the difference in light intensities between a reference and test sample. A double beam instrument is specifically designed to calculate the variation in light intensities produced before and after the sample solution is inserted into the device.

Features that Add to the Efficiency of Spectrophotometers

To accurately perform various medical tests using a spectrophotometer, it is provided with the most advanced characteristics. Superior performance, precision, accuracy, and ease of use are characteristic features of a reliable spectrophotometer. Here are some other features that contribute towards enhancing the efficiency of this lab equipment.

Auto Zero function

Widescreen digital display

Wide wavelength range

Built-in filter

Windows application software installed

Automatic start option and easy calibration

Split beam design

Solid state detector

Large sample compartment

Trusted manufacturers offer branded products that offer long term uninterrupted







spectrophotometer is an easy to use tabletop device that gives the most accurate performance.

The equipment is highly flexible and offers

efficient functionality to perform various tasks. Other popular models include split beam and Uv-Vis spectrophotometer.

Its Use in the Medical Laboratory

Typically, a spectrophotometer is used in a medical laboratory for the following purposes:

To estimate the concentration of blood pigment

To measure the percentage of sodium carbonate in blood

To identify the level of carbon monoxide, so as to check the amount of CO poisoning

Spectrophotometry is employed even to assess the intensity of a heart attack; this is done by taking an enzyme from the patient’s blood and comparing it to a standard curve.

Reliable Dealers for Quality Spectrophotometers












spectrophotometer, then the most viable option is to buy a recertified one. Besides being cost-effective, these devices are recertified to adhere to the manufacturer’s original specifications. Ensure that you buy the product from trustworthy laboratory equipment suppliers. There are several benefits of choosing such dealers -- customer friendly service, timely shipping option, professional installation, ample warranty option, customized maintenance contract, and much more.

A proper understanding of why spectrophotometers are used in medical labs will help you purchase a product that caters to your specific medical lab requirements.

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Why Spectrophotometers Are Used in Medical Labs  

The spectrophotometer you choose should be dependable and durable. A proper understanding of why spectrophotometers are used in medical labs...