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Quality and Reliable Laboratory Equipment for the Healthcare Industry

Quality and reliable laboratory equipment designed according to the prescribed codes and standards is essential for the healthcare industry. Realizing the application requirements of various healthcare and medical research labs, many reputable CCR (Central Contractor Registration) certified medical laboratory equipment distributors in the US offer an extensive collection of new and recertified models of laboratory devices, at affordable prices.

Branded Lab Devices Ensure Consistent Performance Premium quality laboratory equipment such as microscopes, hematology analyzers, coagulation analyzers, DNA analyzers, differential counters, histology and cytology equipment, hotplates, gamma counters, blood gas analyzers, microbiological systems, urinalysis analyzers, spectrophotometers, chemistry analyzers, flow cytometers, point of care analyzers and more are a great support for researchers. These devices help them carry out various analytical procedures quickly and obtain research results with excellent accuracy. As most suppliers of medical equipment offer new and recertified models of all laboratory devices, medical research facilities can purchase the best products according to their budget. Brand new laboratory appliances with innovative features enable performance of various tests and experiments utilizing the latest technology. Even the most complicated experiments can be carried out quite easily. Another advantage is that as brand new devices are offered for sale after stringent evaluation of their performance stability and output quality, they would be free from technical problems and operational inaccuracies. They ensure consistent performance, long-term durability and excellent accuracy all the time. Moreover, almost all new medical lab equipment is provided with sufficient warranty, of up to one or two years for the parts or the device as a whole. So, healthcare research facilities can claim for replacement of

the device as a whole, or for the parts in case of malfunctioning and breakdowns.

Recertified Devices- an Economic Option Recertified laboratory equipment is a good option for medical facilities that aim to improve their operational efficiency without making capital investment. Though these devices are offered at lower prices, they excel in performance and ensure accurate research outputs very much similar to brand new devices. Before they are put up for sale, used lab devices are tested at various levels by factory-trained technicians. If any flaws are detected, they perform refurbishing procedures such as disassembling, replacement of parts, painting and cleaning strictly according to the specifications of the original manufacturers. After completion of the reconditioning procedures, the devices are retested, and if the performance is found consistent, they are cleaned, packed, recertified and offered for sale with ample extended warranty and service contracts.

Purchase from Experienced CCR Certified Suppliers When it comes to the purchase, approach experienced CCR certified medical laboratory equipment suppliers. They can provide quality and reliable laboratory equipment that would meet all routine diagnostic requirements of the healthcare industry. Most of these dealers maintain online stores and their extensive product catalog features premium quality lab devices from well-known manufacturers including LW Scientific, Gen Way Biotech, Mindray, Awareness Technology, Siemens, Boekel Scientific, QBC Diagnostics, and many others. Buying from an established lab equipment supplier brings benefits such as excellent post-sales support, on time product delivery, in-house service options, prompt maintenance solutions and much more. Contact Details Block Scientific, Inc. 1620 Ocean Avenue Unit 3 Bohemia, NY 11716 USA Ph: 631-589-1118

Quality and Reliable Laboratory Equipment for the Healthcare Industry  

Quality and reliable Laboratory equipment is essential for the healthcare industry. Many established CCR certified medical laboratory equipm...

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