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Greiner Bio One Vacuette Multi-Sample Blood Collection Needles

While blood tests are essential for the diagnosis of various ailments, quality blood collection needles are necessary to ensure both patient and user safety. Reports say that more then 1000 healthcare workers face needle stick injuries in hospital settings every day, increasing the risk of contracting deadly diseases such as Hepatitis B and HIV. Greiner Bio One Vacuette Multi-Sample Blood Collection Needles are designed to overcome all such risks and ensure safe and easy blood collection procedures.

Prevent Needle Stick Injuries

Improving the Safety and Productivity of Blood Collection Procedures The cost of transmitted infections due to needle injury runs into millions of dollars. There are also other expenses such as immediate treatment of injury, loss of job, lost work time or early retirement, prolonged medication use, and associated side effects treatment costs, costs due to legal disputes, court cases, emotional stress and social limitations. All these costs underline the need for the use of safe blood collection needles.

Leading the way in developing a safe and effective collection system for blood collection, Greiner Bio-One continually collects inputs from workers to improve its preanalytic products. This ensures improved clinical performance.

Important Features of the Greiner Blood Collection Needle

Ease of use

Permanent coverage of the sharp side

Comfortable positioning of hand while drawing blood

For single use only

Uncompromising safety features

Least interference with the phlebotomy procedures

The needle design is such that the hands are kept behind the sharp and that ii is pulled back into the safety shield when activated. An audible ‘click’ is the signal that assures the user that the safety mechanism is engaged. The needle point is permanently covered by the safety mechanism after it is activated. The activation of the safety device occurs as the needle is being drawn out of the vein. The system offers maximum comfort and maximum safety.

Greiner Blood Collection Needles Available at Leading Lab Equipment Stores The Vacuette Visio PLUS multi-sample blood collection needles have a translucent plastic view window which can provide flash confirmation of successful venipuncture. Each type of Vacuette multi sample needle features a different color such as pink, black, green, yellow and size, starting from18G to 20G, 21G and 22G. Needle stick injuries cease to be an occupational risk with the Vacuette blood collection systems. Reputable medical lab equipment suppliers can provide your lab with blood collection supplies from Greiner which would include blood collection tubes, serum separation clot activators, winged safety blood collection sets with Luer adapter, and much more.

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Greiner Bio One Vacuette Multi-Sample Blood Collection Needles  

Blood tests are crucial for the diagnosis of various ailments. Quality blood collection needles ensure both patient and user safety.

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