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It Doesn’t Get Any Easier or Breezier than Life in these Seven Quintessential Block Island Cottages By Lisa Stiepock and Anders Vercelli

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June 2010

Sullivan Real eState The Island experTs sInce 1967

summer Is here, The Top Is down and sullIvan real esTaTe Is ready To go!

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Cynthia W. Pappas, BRokeR gail heinz, Sandra hopf, Shannon Morgan, Rebecca Pappas, linda Spak & logan Mott Chase

Cottage on the hill

on Mohegan BluffS



SPRing StReet vieWS

• Direct waterfront w/stairs to beach • Sweeping ocean views & sunrises • Spacious interior w/open layout • Custom constructed 5 bdrm/3.5 bath •Fully winterized w/stone fireplace

• 4 bdrm/3 bath has ocean views • Custom built & 10 years young • Turn key - absolutely immaculate • Only minutes from town & beach • Fully heated w/garage & fireplace

SeaWeed lane

QuinteSSential Cottage

oCean avenue oPPoRtunity




• Custom designed 3 bdrm/4 bath • Super Spring Street location • Wonderful water views • Upscale w/every amenity • Incredible, designer interior

• Classic 1950’s ranch atop Pilot Hill • Great yard & distant water views • Enjoy cottage as is or room to grow • 1.1 acre lot near Old Harbor • Low maintenance getaway

• 3 bdrm/1 bath charming cottage • Incredible interior lovingly restored • Private hilltop offers room to grow • Truly stunning 180° water views The perfect island getaway


• High profile spot w/great visibility • Well travelled road to both harbors • Many options possible in this zone • 2 bdrm/1 bath apt. on 2nd floor • Bring your ideas!

Sullivan Real eState P.O. Box 144 Block Island, RI 02807

Telephone: 401 466-5521 Fax: 401 466-5369 • email:

June 2010


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Artistry The Urbain Summer Cottage The Urbain summer cottage sits atop a rolling green landscape that disappears into the deep blue of the ocean. It was the home of John Urbain, an artist who loved Block Island more than anything. The island’s rugged beauty was an inspiration for his artwork, which is displayed throughout the cottage. John’s daughter, Catherine Urbain, who has been coming to Block since she was eleven, is enamored with the island as much as her father was. “It’s one of my favorite places,” she says. “I’ve lived in southern France, northern California, coastal Maine, and nothing has the same captivating magnetic appeal as Block Island.” The ocean view is expansive and calming, beckoning you to gaze at the horizon and lose yourself in thought. For Catherine, the cottage is like a tapestry interwoven with stories and summer memories. “The surface of the tapestry is the amazing view,” she says. “On a clear day you can see the cliffs on the northeast side of the island, on a clear night, the

Clockwise from top left: Catherine at 15 on the deck of her dad’s cottage; John often chose to celebrate his surroundings through collage art; white walls show off John’s art; the front deck looks past rolling lawn and shrubs to the ocean; John with Catherine’s now-teenage daughter.

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Continued from previous page lights of the Newport Bridge.” The natural beauty of the garden, the wildflowers, and the birds contribute to the inspirational setting. The pebbly beach is a unique place. “Perhaps not the perfect swimming spot, but it’s secluded,” says Catherine, “and the stones are magical. As kids, if we went fishing and didn’t catch anything, we had to bring back a rock.” John used the rocks in his garden, so Catherine and her brother were on a constant quest to find the perfect rock. The expansive views and influx of sunlight make it seem like you are outside even when inside the cottage. This is part of the magic. “You feel like you’re a part of the island. There’s no separation,” says Catherine. It also makes for a perfect place to display artwork. “My father loved having art openings in the house,” says Catherine, “and he treasured the support he received from the Block Island community.” John loved to fish on the beach in front of his cottage. As an artist he used his fishing time to reflect and absorb the world around him. Catherine called it the power of observation. “Fishing and art were intertwined for John. After a morning spent fishing he would return to his studio and everything would emerge in his artwork.” The Urbain cottage also was the catalyst for bringing family and friends together for planned or impromptu dinners. The neighbor down the hill would

Clockwise from right: The once glassedin porch was opened up to the scent of lilacs and roses; Adirondack chairs welcome ocean breezes; Price blended old with new when outfitting her cottage.

June 2010

appear with fresh clams, someone else would bring salad, a friend from the west side would show up with John’s favorite cookies. “There was this feeling of security and togetherness,” Catherine recalls. “It was comforting to sit around the dining room table listening to stories. It was also wonderful to feel we were living off of the land; eating the fish from the ocean and the vegetables from the garden.” For the Urbains, returning to the cottage each summer was like rediscovering a long lost friend – a purely delightful experience. “In a cottage, you’re not overwhelmed by the knick-knacks and accumulation of life,” Catherine says. “You feel free — unencumbered by possessions.” Catherine says she prefers the cozy feeling of the cottage to living in a big house. “I love the simplicity. It’s the perfect place to spend quality time with my teenage daughter. Without all of life’s distractions, we can just enjoy hanging out together.” The island setting is a respite from the ever-changing world of the mainland. “The beauty of Block Island is that changes are subtle, so much remains the same,” says Catherine. “Every time I go there I feel this cocoon of safety. I feel like I am home. And in the winter, when you are off-island and it is cold and dreary, you have these wonderful memories that sustain you.” — A.V. The Urbain cottage is listed with Beach Real Estate.

Sanctuary Molly Price’s House “Everything,” was Molly Price’s answer when I asked what she most loves about her little cottage on Center Street. She said it with a heartfelt sigh that indicates how torn she is about selling the place. Price is an actor whose life increasingly is in Los Angeles. (You might remember Price as Faith Yokas on the TV show Third Watch.) She’s got two movies out soon (How Do You Know with Reese Witherspoon in December and The Good Doctor with Orlando Bloom in January) and is happily embroiled in a project called Sunset Storytelling that teams former foster care kids and the elderly. But talking with her, it’s clear how much of her heart is here on this island and in this home. “It’s like a jewelbox; that’s the feeling I have when I’m inside the house. It’s very beautiful inside. I love my patio in the backyard; it’s a really nice place to lunch. Another thing I love is the trees in the summer. That back upstairs room is really quiet and cool and shady, which is why I made it the master bedroom even though the front room has that amazing view down to State Beach. The views everywhere are phenomenal,” she adds. She’s right. You’d never know it to drive by, but from the front yard and front rooms you’re looking down to wildflowers and shrubs over Trims and Harbor

ponds to Crescent Beach. Price bought the house 11 years ago and worked with island contractor Bobby Rose on, as she puts it, “a full gut renovation.” “I could have knocked that house down but Bobby and I tried to keep what we could. There’s something about the shape of the house and the shape of the rooms that I thought was really sweet. I walked into it and there were 30 cats and the windows were broken and the ceilings were sagging and there was a pink washing machine that looked like a giant crock pot sitting in the front yard. It was crazy and funny and sweet and I loved it.” Price’s cottage was a 1940s Sears mailorder house that had not stood the test of time. Most everything had succumbed to dry rot. But Price went to great lengths to keep what she could and to maintain the character, the spirit, of the house. “I wanted there to be charm and have it feel relaxing,” she says. “I want people to feel comfortable in bare feet – you’re on an island.” She and Rose put in double-hung windows to keep the cottage feel, along with seeking out a clawfoot tub and pedestal sink for the bath and old hardware, a farmhouse sink and candy glass cabinets for the kitchen. “We pulled out the linoleum and found that wood floor,” says Price. “The porch was glass enclosed which was claustrophobic so Bobby opened it up. And we put in the rough plaster walls because I Continued on next page

June 2010

Continued from previous page wanted it to look like an Irish cottage. And I sent all the radiators off island and had them resealed and sent back because I love the clinking and clanging and hissing sound they make. “There’s a sound, a tone in the house that just makes you want to slow down. It’s tranquil. Restorative.” When Price first bought the house she was living in New York. “I’d take a cab to the train, the train to Westerly, a cab to the airport, get on the plane, then get in another cab to this house. I would close the doors and my eyes would well up. I’d be here two or three days and feel shored up again. “This house is like my first child. I hope someone buys it who loves it as much as I do.” — L.S. The Price cottage is listed with Block Island Realty.


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Clockwise from top right: It is a short walk to magnificent Mansion Beach; now a professional furniture maker, Hugggins started out by making the beds for this house; a porch off the master bedroom looks to Mansion Beach; a pergola to one side of the house weeps with wisteria.

Tranquility The Huggins Cottage “Easy summer living,” says realtor Gail Ballard Hall showing me the Huggins property. It’s an easy stroll to Mansion Beach. Then you come home, rinse off in the outdoor shower, hang out on the open, breezy deck amid the beach roses and wisteria and take in the ocean view. Inside, the simplicity of exposed beams, pine floors, and white walls lets the view outside be the star of every room. When Bob Huggins built his cottage in 1982, he wanted “a simple little retreat.” The idea, he says, “was to make something small that I could fix myself and that wasn’t a big to-do. I wanted to sweep

the floors and be done.” His little cottage is the reason he’s a custom furniture designer and builder today ( Back in 1982 Huggins was a microbiologist working and teaching in Newport Hospital. “I had about $1,500 left,” he recalls after the house was built, “and I had renters coming and no furniture. So I just got busy. I bought all the wood and started

Island sensitive design. Island appropriate construction.

whacking away. I needed a table so I made that cherry Shaker table that’s in the dining room. Then I made a bed and went from there. And if it didn’t work I just started over.” Back in Newport one of Huggins’ students noticed he was always sketching pieces of furniture, and asked him why he didn’t do that for a living. “I said I didn’t think I could support a family doing that

and my student said, ‘No I think you’re a coward.’ “It was true, I wasn’t following my heart, so I went in and gave my two-week notice.” He hasn’t looked back. And that cottage furniture he built in ‘82? It’s still in use today. — L.S. The Huggins cottage is listed with Ballard Hall Real Estate and Lila Delman.

Block Island Realty New liStiNg

Pilot Hill: This newly constucted post and beam home is an architectural masterpiece. Offering lovely views of the North End of the Island, Clayhead and the Rhode Island Shoreline and the enjoyment of both sunrise and sunset skies from the beautifully framed covered porches. Custom details include reclaimed lumber floors and walls, designer light fixtures, master suite with private deck, and four floors of living space. $1,995,000

Corn Neck Road: Rare one of a kind

property with frontage on the most quiet part of Crescent Beach. Two plus undeveloped acres with dramatic Atlantic Ocean and Great Salt Pond views. Property has a private stairwell to the beach and preliminary septic engineering. $2,350,000

401-965-8630 /

Box 150, Block Island Rhode Island 02807

Center Road: Above New Harbor and within a mile to Crescent Beach, this three bedroom, two bath home, lovingly rebuilt in 1999 retains the charm and spirit of the original 1940’s home. The house looks out over Trims Pond to the Altlantic. The rear of the house has a lovely patio with pergola that opens up to a pretty yard. $1,200,000

Corn Neck Road, Box 721, Block Island, RI 02807 Sales • Appraisals • Rentals 401-466-5887 • Fax: 401-466-5426 Email:

Friendly Professional Service

Kate Atwater-Butcher, Owner and Principal Broker Lyn Reale, Harold Redlich, Connie Volante, Megan Hennessy, Emily Butcher, Sales Associates • Erica Tonner, Sales Assistant

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June 2010

Clockwise from left: Little Marlin’s windows offer water views from every room; fishing, clamming, and crabbing could not be closer; together the two cottages make a nice family compound.

Simplicity Little Marlin and, perhaps, Big Marlin Who hasn’t driven down the hill from the Fire Barn toward New Harbor and wondered about those two little cottages so perfectly tucked into the strip of land that Trims Pond curls around, right across from the bridge? Well, the smaller one, Little Marlin, is for sale. “My neighbor, (island architect) Geoffrey Rigby-Leather, designed it,” says owner Charlie Gustafson. “It was

purposely sized to fit the lot, built to not be overwhelming.” Perched as it is on that inlet between the Great Salt and Trims ponds, there are water views from every room. It makes for tremendous wildlife watching, especially out back, says Gustafson. “The egrets are great, and geese and ducks love the place. There are deer and we’ve seen sea turtles coming in, I think to spawn. At the right time of year you can catch stripers right here and it is absolutely the best clamming water on Block Island. We catch more crabs off our dock, too, at high tide, it’s tremendous fun for kids.” What Gustafson really appreciates

about his spot, though, is how close it is to New Harbor and its boat launches. “There’s a lot of family boating history,” says Gustafson whose cottage next door (Big Marlin) got its name from a $20 sticker of a fish he bought and stuck on the window of the front door. “My grandparents lived on an island in Sweden and my grandfather was a boat builder there. “Now my son Eric lives on the island here and is a charter boat captain (Linesider Fishing Charters; boat name Rooster.) He just graduated from yacht restoration school in Bristol, Rhode Island.” The place is great for canoeing and kayaking, too, says Gustafson, who

admits he ends up spending a lot of time just hanging out, barbecuing. “There’s that wonderful porch to sit on in the front watching humanity go by. This spot is so pretty and so relaxing. I think it was last year we only made it to the beach once. We just stayed at our place. “It truly is a family place,” he says thoughtfully, which leads him to add, “If somebody were looking for a family compound, these two would be ideal and we’d entertain offers.” — L.S. Little Marlin is listed with Phillips Real Estate.

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Glenda Thuener

Contact her at:

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Serving Block Island Gustave White Sotheby’s International Realty

June 2010


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History The Lohrer Cottage No one seems to know exactly how many people have lived in this Beacon Hill cottage that was built in 1865 ­­— or 1875, depending on whom you ask. “I like to think about all the people who had something to do with what this is today,” says Rick Lohrer, as we’re looking at exterior shingle work that’s ended up on the interior bathroom wall. “Every surface has had something done to it. And it’s been done by farmers, workers, I don’t think an architect has ever had anything to do with it.” We’re still standing in the bathroom with its killer views from the clawfoot tub that sits next to a working fireplace on a painted wide plank floor. Heavenly. “Everyone always ends up in the bathroom,” says Lohrer. “We have parties where everyone rushes in here to watch the sunset, and we end up with six people hanging out in the bathroom gabbing, until someone needs to actually use it and kicks the rest of us out.” It’s not just the bathroom that has drop-dead views, though. Everywhere you look it’s rolling greens, ocean blues, and lilac purples. Lohrer, who worked as a set builder for theater and opera, says he loves the light in the evening here in particular: “That late day sun bouncing off the water. I’ll come home from work and it’s just lit up. Sometimes it’s like special effects.” — L.S. The Lohrer Cottage is listed with Sullivan Real Estate.

Clockwise from top: Cottage trim echoes the blooming lilacs; bedroom curtains mimic the chickens outside; Rick with Lucky the duck; and with Stella — adopted as a lamb when her mother abandoned her, Rick calls her an ‘only child.’ (Close your ears Lucky.)

Beach Real Estate

“Let us show you the most beautiful properties on Block Island.”

Sales • Rentals • Market Evaluations

— Nancy Pike and Mary Stover


PEACEFUL POST & BEAM SOUTHWEST POINT: Beautiful sunsets over ocean from 2 acre lot. $987,500 OFF SPRING STREET: This very special property has panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. Property includes walking rights to peaceful sandy cove. $1,100,000 WEST SIDE ROAD: 2.55 acres of privacy and western sunset views. $1,150,000

CHAMPLINROAD:Rareoffering3bedroomon14+ acres of private waterfront on Charlestown Beach with cottage awaiting completion. $7,500,000

PHEASANT HILL: 4 bedroom colonial on 2.25 high acre for panoramic views. High end upgrades, landscaping and quiet location. $1,429,000

WEST SIDE ROAD: Generous building envelope on lovely 2.5 acre lot. $695,000

OFF BEACON HILL ROAD: Great attention to detail in this charming 2 bedroom, 1 bath cottage on 2.7 acres. Many custom features. Ocean view $995,000 potential main house site. Must see!

SALT POND SETTLEMENT: Resident 2 bedroom, 2 bath Condo. No income limit. $350,000

Mary Stover and Nancy Pike, Brokers Kathleen Saxon, Sales Associate

PO Box 1468, Ocean Avenue, Block Island, RI 02807 • • 401-466-2312 Located behind the Dewey Cottage

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Modernity The Lefcourt’s “It’s different on the hill,” says Jack Lefcourt of Beacon Hill, where his cottage sits up near the top. “It’s quiet and woodsy, not beachy,” he continues. “It’s a whole ‘nother world back here.” Indeed, the Lefcourt place is private,

June 2010

peaceful; it’s tucked into the trees so there’s a constant chorus of bird sounds. And you don’t have to pull the shades to keep the house a comfortable temperature. You just open the row of skylights and it cools right down. And don’t worry about rain; the skylights close automatically when that threatens. “We didn’t spare anything,” says Lefcourt of that and the many other amentities. “You’ve gotta live.”

To that end the house has top-of-theline appliances, radiant baseboard heat, tile work by island artist Cindy Kelly, heated towel racks, wood floors, exposed beams, wrought iron hardware, and an outdoor shower so big that, as one renter said, “You could wash four kids and the dog in it.” The house is small but airy. (It was built as an accessory apartment; the property includes the ability to build a four-

bedroom just up the hill.) “It’s almost like a Soho loft,” says Lefcourt, “but in the country, on an island, sort of as remote as you can get. Everyone who comes back here says, ‘Gee I had no idea this existed.’ “It’s just a perfect place,” he adds. — L.S. The Lefcourt Cottage is listed with Offshore Property Limited.

Clockwise from top left: The deck is about as private as it gets on the island; the double-bay garage is an auto aficionado — or a pack rat’s — dream; Inside the cottage, ‘modern’ translates to top-of-the-line appliances and fixtures, down to a heated towel rack in the bathroom.

Which Way Is The Wind Blowing?

South County CabinetS Kitchen & Bath Design

Installations • Countertops • Renovations 137 Franklin Street, Westerly, RI 02891

401-596-7070 • Fax 315-2440 Discover the Difference

Caribbean When it comes to sailing its important to know which direction the wind is blowing. Same holds true in real estate. That’s why experienced eyes are looking at Seawinds, Block Island. Imagine the joy of island living in carefree, luxury townhouses - and at an affordable price.

Sail smart. Invest smart. Invest in Block Island.


Kate Atwater Butcher, Broker Block Island Realty. 401-466-5887

Recent Appraised value - $1.25 million

(401) 466-5887

Furnished Starting at $995,000

A Very private location just above Smuggler’s Cove on Tortola, British Virgin Islands. Just a few easy steps from what American Airlines Magazine called...”perhaps the prettiest beach in the Caribbean.” Truly wonderful views with sunsets. Very open, multi-building plan. Living room, roofed and open dining and sitting terrace, separate pool terrace with generous deck. Three separated bedrooms sleeps 5-6, two full bathrooms, kitchen, laundry. Housekeeping service provided. $1,850-$2,450. Call for descriptive information, photos and availability.


June 2010


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Looking to reduce your monthly bills?

You can!

Insure your auto, home, business, life or health with Lathrop Insurance. Clockwise from top right: With protected land on nearly every side, this cottage is a nature lover’s paradise; the interior has a cozy feel; an original Berger, the cottage came over in pieces on the Manitou ferry; Tanucci says he’s probably seen a thousand glorious sunsets over pond and ocean; a small pond is full of perch, bass, even catfish.

Conservancy Frank Tanucci’s The real estate cliché is true at this cottage. It’s all about location. Frank Tanucci’s lies toward the tail end of Corn Neck Road at the back of a private laneway with protected land to the north all the way to the North Light, to the east where just out the back door and over a stone wall lies a pathway into the maze, and to the west with its technicolor sunset views. The house itself is a Berger that came over in pieces on the Manitou in 1978. “They sent a crew to frame it.” says Tanucci, “I think they shingled it and put in windows, too.”

The house was postioned to look out over a natural pond on the property. “It’s a menagerie out there,” says Tanucci. You can sit on the dock or the porch and watch swallows dipping and diving, egrets and heron doing their zen fishing thing, geese gliding, deer drinking. “And there’s fish in the pond,” says Tanucci, “mostly yellow perch but there’s bass and catfish, too. Some kids from a rental house nearby showed up the other day and were fishing all day long — you should have seen what they caught. Their mother brought me a cake that night ‘cause I’d kept her kids busy the whole time.” Tanucci is 83 and has lived in this house summers and then year-round for more than 30 years. After retiring from nursing and contracting, he and his wife, Pat, both recreational pilots, spent most


Call 401-596-2525

85A Beach Street • Westerly, RI 02891

of their time here. They were known around the island as avid gardeners and even keep a closet in the cellar with a dirt floor to maintain the temperature just right for storing canned veggies. “I had a 100 by 50 foot garden back there,” says Tanucci. “I must have had 100 kinds of veggies. I’d fill up the Comanche [plane] for my mother-in-law until she said no more, I brought her so much stuff.” He stopped gardening after Pat died two years ago. And now he’s ready to move into an apartment near his son in Connecticut and let someone else enjoy the sunsets. “I must have seen a thousand of those,” he says. — L.S. The Tanucci Cottage is listed with Attwood Real Estate.

Attwood Real Estate



Since 1968 we’ve been helping families & friends fulfill their Block Island dreams, whether an exciting business, a second home or a summer rental

Edith L. Blane, Broker Susan B. Black, Associate Broker Alexandra Chapman, Sales Associate • Robin Vila, Office Assistant

401-466-5446 PILOT HILL RD:

Classic old island home. Large living/dining room with great interior light. Nice lot with lovely backyard and wonderful shade trees. Good location for walking to playground and Old Harbor. Great potential. $875,000


This 120,000 sq. ft. (conforming lot in residential A zone) offers privacy. It includes a finished 2 bedroom post and beam building with full basement plus the ability to build a four bedroom house with approved septic design and distant water views. Top quality construction.




Cozy cape with unique Nantucket dormer is nestled behind fencing and mature trees on 1.2 acres near Grace’s Cove. Built in 1999. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. Hardwood floors, and many beautiful features make the house bright and cheerful. $950,000

Off Corn Neck Road

Peace and Privacy: 3 Bedroom, year round home backing up to Conservancy and Town land. Pretty pond with dock, western sunset views over the ocean. Irrigated garden plot, garden shed, outbuilding, garage, workshop and root cellar in the basement.....................$1,300,000

Corn Neck Road

3000+ sq ft, modern beach house. Set back from the road for privacy and quiet, yet right across from Crescent Beach! Huge views on all sides. Has everything that everyone is looking for!..............$2,350,000

Corn Neck Road

Spectacular 3.6 acre setting with views to north and west. Brand new guest suite addition with 2 car garage. Commercial grade kitchen and tiled baths. Walkout basement in main house has a family room and office overlooking a brand new heated pebble finish pool and pool house, with slate deck. A/C system throughout............$3,100,000

3 LANd LiSTiNgS: Off Dorry’s Cove Road

Watch the sun go down over the water and Conservancy land. 2.16 acre lot ......$975,000 2.4 acre lot .......$1,250,000 2.76 acre lot ....$1,250,000

Will sell the two larger lots, as a package, for $2,100,000

Located in the Spartan Building on Ocean Ave., near the Connecticut Ave. intersection. Box 1210, Block Island, RI 02807 E-mail address: Website:

Brokers: Simone Attwood & Susie Weissman Agents: Nancy Ziomek, Caren Kempf, Joan Theve PO Box 326, Chapel Street, Block Island RI 02807 401-466-5582 • Fax 466-5450

e-mail: •

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June 2010

Lifetime granite and marble sealer Never worry about staining again Real value, real protection • Utilize in kitchens, bathrooms, stone floors and walls • Additional services include stone cleaning and stain removal • • /

401-596-7070 South County Cabinets 137 Franklin Street, Westerly, RI

Hurricane Planning for Residents and Visitors

Everyone should be aware that the National Weather Service is warning the East Coast that a major hurricane will strike within the next few years. We are asking everyone who owns property on Block Island of will be visiting during hurricane season to create an individual plan for the eventuality of a hurricane warning being issued for Block Island.

Please read the following carefully and make your plans in advance. A. If you are a visitor in our hotels or B&Bs, please heed the directives to leave the island if they are issued. All ferries will cease operations and move to a safer harbor well before the hurricane arrives, so you must react immediately when you are advised to leave. All hotels and B&Bs will be alerted and we ask that you cooperate with all directives. B. If you are renting a house on the Island, the same directives apply. Our capacity for shelter facilities is limited. Please leave the Island if that request is made. Ferries will try to get as many people and vehicles off the island as possible, but they will cease running well before the hurricane arrives. C. If you are an Island resident, observe the following home preparedness; - Check working conditions of all emergency equipment, flashlights and battery-powered radios. - Have enough non-perishable food and water supplies on hand for 3-5 days. - Know where the Town Shelter is, and whether you have a safe route to it, if it becomes necessary. - Bring in all loose items from porches or around property. - Make sure your vehicles have gas. - If you have a propane grill, secure it and keep the propane supply full, but secured outdoors. - Cover large windows with shutters or plywood. - Have a first aid kit prepared. - Fill bathtub and large containers with water for sanitary purposes. - Turn your refrigerator to its coldest settings and keep door closed. - Medicine renewals - have enough of your medication on hand for 1-2 weeks. - If you are concerned about your location in a storm, consider going to a friend’s house in a safer location. North of Beach Avenue and Corn Neck Road will flood, and access to town or the Town Shelter will, most likely, be cut off for some time.Coast Guard Road will most likely experience a storm surge and people should evacuate from Champlin’s Farm outward. If you have any questions, please call Police Dispatch, but once the storm hits, please do not call except for an emergency.

Stay inside until the storm has passed. Do not venture out when the eye is overhead and do not go walking on any breakwater during the storm. Heavy rain may undermine bluff areas, so please do not walk along any bluffs during or following the storm.

Use common sense; make sure family members know where you are.

EmErgEnCy PrEPArAtIon for PEtS

Complete these preparations in advance of visiting Block Island:

• Have vaccinations up to date and a good supply of any medications used. • Have tranquilizers if pet becomes upset or agitated in unusual situations. • Have identification on the animal: tags, tattoo or chip. • Purchase a pet carrier that is large enough for the animal to lie down, turn around and stand up comfortably. Do not house different species in one carrier. • Take good pictures of the animal (front, left ond right sides) that shows distinguishing marks. • Put pictures, licenses, medical records and ownership papers together in a waterproof bag. Just before leaving home, assemble a pet disaster kit which contains: • above mentioned medications, photos and records • a leash and properly fitted collar or harness for each pet • non-spill dishes and a two week supply of food and water in unbreakable containers • manual can opener if canned food is used • grooming supplies and a medical kit for injuries • the pets’ blankets and comfort items • items to handle waste including: paper towels, plastic bags, disinfectant, cleanser, litter box, and litter or newspaper to shred Information provided by Block Island Volunteers for Animals

Smart. Caring. And armed with

a great mortgage rate. Cynthia Valenti Smith, Vice President, Mortgage Officer

Lock in a low rate on a purchase or construction loan. For details, call Cynthia Valenti Smith at 401-348-1362 or 800-475-2265 x1362.


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June 2010


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To LURE their attention, color makes a REEL impression. To find out how easy and economical it is to add color to your ad, call Shane or Betty at 401-466-2222.




MORTGAGE MASTER 401-574-0999

WASHINGTON TRUST COMPANY 401-348-1362 and 401-466-7710(on Block Island)


BALLARD HALL REAL ESTATE 401-466-8883 and Fax 401-466-3119


Page 11 401-466-2312


COLDWELL BANKER Bobbie Beck Reynolds at 401-884-8050(ext. 159) or 401-578-2295

GUSTAVE WHITE SOTHEBY’S REALTY 401-207-3921 and 401-849-3000





www, 401-466-5887





Packed to the rafters with:

• Exciting New Plants • Annuals, Perennials and Herbs • Hardy Shrubs • Vegetable Sets • Burpee Seeds • Garden Supplies • Window Boxes • Hanging Baskets






401-466-2678 and 401-965-8630

SEARS 401-782-0009 and 800-469-4663(service and parts)




Top Soil • Composted Manure • Peat Moss Pine & Cedar Mulch • Lime • Fertilizer • Potting Soil


Open every day from 10am ‘til 5pm John Whitaker, Manager First right on Beacon Hill Rd. off West Side Rd. and follow the signs

PHILLIPS REAL ESTATE Views of Trim’s Pond from every room! - perfect year round getaway - 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, open living areas - Central location to beach and harbors - $849,000






Exclusive Affiliate of Christies’s Great Estates

Cheerful Living! - 3 level house with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths - Broad views of North Light & Great Salt Pond - 3.69 acres allows for great privacy and room for expansion $1,575,000 Opportunity to add your own finishing touches: - 3,300 square foot Gambrel shell on town sewer - plans for 3 bdrm + 2 bdrm apartment - set on 2 acres, private location in RB Zone $875,000

Fantastic Location!

- 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath home plus year round apartment - lovely water and sunset views - walking distance to Old Harbor, New Harbor, beaches and town - set on .92 acres in RB Zone

- $1,200,000

Providing services in rentals, sales and appraisal work. We can arrange to show you any real estate listing island-wide! Jennifer Phillips, Broker, Celeste Helterline & Wendy Crawford, Sales Agents Newport Jamestown Narragansett Watch Hill 401.848.2101 401.423.3440 401.789.6666 401.348.1999

Located on the second floor of the Post Office Building PO Box 1077, Block Island, RI 02807

Phone: 466-8806 • Fax: 466-8813 •


Page 12



June 2010

Ballard Hall




READY TO FINISH - $875,000 • Foundation & weather-tight shell • 3 BR/2.5 BA & lower apartment • Finish yourself, or crew available

PRIVACY AND VIEWS - $925,000 • Very private 1.8 acres • Sparkling ocean and pond views • Rustic 4 BR & 2 BA cottage


CORNE NECK FARM - $2,500,000 • Near Crescent Beach & Andy’s Way • New 4,300 sq. ft. home • 6 BR s & 5 BA, central air


Walk to Mansion Beach Historic A&A Tearoom • Private 1.84 acres off Mansion Rd. • Sunny & open 2+ BR & 1 BA cottage • Ocean Views over farmland • Mature trees, shrubs & perennials • Offered at $1,750,000

• 4 BR & 2 BA, ocean & sunset views • Completely renovated exterior • Move-in condition & low maintenance • Income apartment, if desired • Offered at $1,095,000

Old Mill Cape - $1,250,000


PECKHAM FARM - $2,100,000 • Generously proportioned cape • Protected panoramic views • 5 BR & 3 BA, hardwoods

• Spacious 3 BR & 2.5 BA cape • 2.85 country acres near conservancy • Private setting & large yard

FRESH POND - $939,000 • Beautiful views of pond and conservancy • 2 BR & 1 BA, walkout basement • Access to nearby Greenway trails

• Substantial 4 BR & 3 BA home • 2 B&B suites w/ private entrance • 2.3 acres near Dorries Cove Rd.

OUTSTANDING SETTING - $2,675,000 • Main house, cottage, garage, barn • 3.6 acres, private, southerly ocean views • Conserved land in viewshed


WEST SIDE LOFT - $995,000

• Ocean views - Montauk to North Light • Ocean views on 1.7 acres • Charming restoration 3 BR & 1 BA • Open contemporary cottage • 1.7 acres barn, gardens, deck • Ample room for expansion NEW PRICE

BELLEVUE HOUSE - $2,200,000 • B&B in prime Old Harbor location • Gorgeous ocean views • Separate 3-BR cottage

1892 HOMESTEAD - $1,700,000 • 5 BR and 2.5 BA • Rolling 4.3 acre lot • Two barns, guest cottage

Beacon Hill Colonial - $995,000 Ocean Views - $1,429,000 • Colonial (2002) 2,688 sq. ft. • 3BR & 2.5BA, plus cottage • 2 quiet country acres

• Spacious 2005 tri-level • 4 BR & 3 BA on 2+ acres • Ocean views, decks, central air


GABLES II - $1,900,000

• Panoramic southwest ocean views • 3 BR & 2 BA • 2 acre site with great potential

• Established business in Old Harbor • 5 apartments & 6 guest rooms • Close to Crescent Beach

• Mohegan Bluff, waterfront 4.89 acres, cottage & septic permit -$1,375,000 • Corn Neck Landmark; 1.37 acres, 5 lots, amazing views - $1,995,000 • Largest & highest remaining building lot in Peckham Farm - $1,100,000 • Lakeside Drive, ready to build, 2.1 acres, 5 BR septic permit - $859,000 • Very Private 3.4 acres off Champlin Road includes garage - $1,295,000 • 3.5 acre secluded westerly view lot off Dodge Cemetery Road - $1,150,000 • Lovely 2.8 acre West Side meadow, with pristine pond - $995,000 • Calico Hill Lot 30,300 sq. ft. has history and stunning ocean views - $799,000 • Waterfront Mohegan Bluff 3.1 acres, dramamtic ocean views, includes engineering for 4 BR home - $1,750,000 • New Harbor lot, 1.1 acres, Great Salt Pond views - $849,000

CONDOMINIUMS CALICO HILL - TWO UNITS • Classic Victorian Old Harbor. • Authentic restoration in 2002 Unit 1 - $959,900 Unit 2 - $569,500

13.6 ACRES - $1,850,000 • Panoramic views and privacy on West Side • Lifestyle and investment value • High elevation homesite

Salt Pond Settlement Unit 3 - $795,000 • New tri- level, 3 BR & 3 BA, large master, hardwoods, 2 fireplaces Salt Pond Settlement Unit 4 - $795,000 • New tri-level 4 BR & 4 BA, hardwoods, fireplace

BALLARD HALL REAL ESTATE Corner of Ocean & Corn Neck Roads (Between the Bagel Shop and the Bank)

Gail Ballard Hall, Principal Broker. Judith Cyronak, Rosemary Tobin, Michele Phelan, David Graham, Chelsea Phelan, Agents. Blake Phelan, Associate Broker Heidi Tallmadge, Office Assistant

OLD HARBOR CONDO - $690,000 • Top floor, great Old Harbor views • 2 BR/1 BA • New kitchen, BA & pine floors

EASY LIVING - $725,000 • Bright, comfy 3BR & 2BA cottage • Strong rental history • Separate garage & great yard

Phone: 401-466-8883 Fax: 401-466-3119 •

The Block Island Summer Times — Cottage Living 2010  

It doesn't get any easier or breezier than life in these seven quintessential Block Island cottages.

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