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House & Garden Published by the Block Island Times

The wonder of spring

Fall 2009

Photo by Kate Ryan

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Page 2 BLOCK ISLAND TIMES • House & Garden Edition • Fall 2009

House & Garden Edition • Fall 2009 • BLOCK ISLAND TIMES

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The wonder of spring This year it seemed that winter was very long, so that first daffodil really lifted my spirits. Within a week or so, the daffodils will be in full bloom and they truly inspire awe and wonder. I think the cover picture underscores that feeling. Kate Ryan submitted this picture of her daughter Cora at the Maze for the Block Island Times photo contest. She won second place, which is no surprise. This issue of House and Garden is full of practical advice for your home and your garden. We cover topics from protecting your plants from deer to the importance of a good septic system. The second section features a look at the island home of Marilyn Bogdanffy. For a number of years, before I knew Marilyn, I used to walk by, admire the home and wonder what it’s like inside. Once I saw the home, and the way Marilyn’s art brightens every room, I asked her permission to do an article. Now you too can see what wonderful spaces are under the roof of this unique island home. As you prepare your property for the season, remember that there are a host of talented professional and unique services at your disposal. Check out our advertisers and match your need with their expertise. May this issue inspire you to begin those house projects. But don’t work too hard. Take time to enjoy the daffodils. Yours truly,

Fraser Lang

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A Victorian Showcase on Corn Neck Road

By Brent Lang The Hobe place, with its gabled roof, long porch, black shutters, and stark white sides stands in marked contrast to the hodgepodge of Cape Cod cottages, late seventies monstrosities, and McMansions that form a constellation around Corn Neck Road. The charming Victorian, known as Cottage Farm House, is a favorite of local architecture buffs and a popular subject for the many painting groups that flock to the island. For Barbara Hobe, the rambling former boarding house has been a summer retreat and eventual retirement spot. Since purchasing the nine-bedroom house for $26,000 in 1968, the Hobe’s and their five children have made the five-acre gem their permanent reclamation project. Over the ensuing four decades, the couple repurposed bedrooms, tore down walls, installed cabinets, and painted rooms. Barbara Hobe said her husband, John, was the guiding force behind their ongoing renovations. “For a chemist he did pretty well,” Hobe observed. “Lots of mornings he’d say, ‘Well what do you want to do today?’” The Hobe’s started coming to Block Island from their New Jersey home after Barbara Hobe saw an ad for a cottage on a pond overlooking some dunes in the Sunday edition of The New York Times. Barbara Hobe was unfamiliar with the island; in fact, the name was only familiar to her from weather reports. Initially, the family rented a seaside cottage from Fran Quillan for two weeks. They fell in love with the island, its miles of beaches and rolling hills. After buying their own home

See Victorian, Page 6

House & Garden Edition • Fall 2009 • BLOCK ISLAND TIMES

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Page 6 BLOCK ISLAND TIMES • House & Garden Edition • Fall 2009


Continued from Page 4 and spending countless summers on the island, the couple eventually moved to their summer getaway full-time in 1982. At its height as a boarding house, the house had over 30 guests staying there.

For years, Hobe continued the tradition by renting rooms to college-age men who came out for the summer to work in the island’s restaurants and stores. “Only boys though,” remembers Hobe, who said that former boarders occasionally still stop by the house to say hello. “They’re messy, but they can just close the Continued on next page

House & Garden Edition • Fall 2009 • BLOCK ISLAND TIMES

Continued from previous page door. I didn’t care if they came in late, but if it was girls I’d get worried.” Wherever possible the Hobe’s tried to lighten the house. They installed skylights, papered bedrooms, and updated bathrooms. Each of the many bedrooms is well maintained, and most sport wallpaper with roses or other colorful flowers, a favorite theme of Barbara, who also has several paintings of flowers throughout the house. She does acknowledge wryly that in a few instances some of the decorations, particularly certain photographs, are her daughter’s and granddaughter’s doing and not in keeping with her personal taste. The spacious kitchen was overhauled in the 1980s and made into a gathering area for friends and family. A large eating area is segregated from the appliances and sink by a long, wraparound white tiled counter providing plenty of space to prepare meals. Continued on next page

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Continued from previous page The floor is covered in light pink tile and the counters are made out of a varnished maple. The room is filled with plenty of natural light and the walls and shelves are stuffed with family snapshots – graduations, holidays, and leisurely summer days – that give it a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The Hobe home is adorned with Victorian couches and paintings and still lifes (many by her late husband) that add to the old world aesthetic. Many of the pieces predate the Hobe’s purchase and came with the house. Some harken back to the home of the third lighthouse keeper at the North Light, who had been appointed to his post by President Abraham Lincoln. Hobe says her favorite room is the living room with its heavy wood framed windows, stone fireplace, antique furniture, and her husband’s paintings. She Continued on next page

House & Garden Edition • Fall 2009 • BLOCK ISLAND TIMES

Continued from previous page finds it to be an ideal spot to sit and relax or read, and it’s not hard to see why. With its period- appropriate furnishings and elaborately ornamented silver and pink wallpaper, you can still imagine groups of happy boarders gathering to enjoy a drink or conversation after a long day spent taking in the island’s attractions. The entrance hall, with its long, wooden railing, is another nod to its boarding house past. Hobe speculates that the wide stairway was where visitors would check in and sign a guest log. John Hobe created the gardens surrounding the house. Following his death in 2004, the task of maintaining them fell to the couple’s daughter, Mary Beth. The rolling lawn is filled with vegetable patches, maple trees, and blueberry bushes. Brightly colored flowers accent the white house and the verdant lawns beautifully. Everywhere you look, there seem to be clusters of rhododendrons, roses, clematises, irises, and wisteria. For Barbara Hobe, the house has come to represent happy days spent as a family. Over the years, she has deeded two acres of property to her son to build a house, and various other children, including Mary Beth, return from time to time to help maintain the place and etch their own Block Island memories. “This is the touchstone,” Hobe says. “This is what they had to come back to.”

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Harriet’s Kitchen By Brent Lang Harriet Phelan loved to spend sunny afternoons in the small kitchen in her house right off Water Street that served as a natural gathering spot for her extensive network of friends and family. When Harriet died at the ripe old age of 98, after nearly a lifetime spent in her house, known as Payne Cottage, her daughter, Marsha Merrick, felt that the time had come to give the wellworn room a fresh look. After all, even her mother had long maintained that her favorite room could stand to be bigger. “I just wanted a real simple country kitchen where my family and grandkids could spend time together,” Merrick said. In Sharon McAleer, store manager of Kitchens Direct in Wakefield, Merrick found someone who shared her vision for the space. Both women saw that the

cramped galley kitchen was overstuffed, and wanted to open up the room up and modernize it. But when McAleer asked to get rid of a pair of rocking chairs and replace them with a built-in sitting area, Merrick put her foot down. The Boston rockers, which Merrick purchased 20 years ago from Sheldon’s Furniture in Wakefield, may not have been heirlooms, but they did provide a tangible link to her mother. “They were just simple chairs that rock good,” Merrick, who bought three different sets over the years, said. “She sat in them a lot.” McAleer admits that her inclination would have been to discard the chairs in order to free up room, but believes that keeping the rocking chairs was a nice tribute to Harriet. In fact, McAleer and

her husband had been among the many visitors to Harriet’s kitchen over the years during visits to the island, so she understood how her presence loomed large over the renovations. Even with the rockers, following the renovation the kitchen nearly doubled in size. A wall was removed, a pantry was jettisoned, and an island was installed for guests and Family to gather around. McAleer had the walls painted pale yellow, installed quartz countertop, put in recessed lighting, and purchased all new appliances. For cabinets, McAleer selected an understated Shaker style with a dark stain and glass doors. She had the floors torn up and replaced with new maple. The pièce de résistance, however, was a hanging Tiffany light fixture that Merrick had found and kept for several years, waiting



for the right occasion to pull it out of storage. McAleer believes that the light fixture draws the room together and complements the room’s aesthetic. “I’m really pleased with the way the whole thing flows,” McAleer said. “It’s a 200-year- old house, but it seems period appropriate.” McAleer said that she chose subtle colors because she wanted them to play off the rich wood of the cabinets and floors to create a warm and inviting vibe. After the six-month renovation was completed, Merrick hosted an open house for friends and some of the work crew. She said the renovations drew raves. “Everyone kept saying my mom would have loved it,” Merrick beams. “It was always such a friendly kitchen, and I hope it still is.”

House & Garden Edition • Fall 2009 • BLOCK ISLAND TIMES

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Help Us Look For This Plant Last fall an invasive plant, dubbed “Kudzu of the north”, was found on The Nature Conservancy’s Fresh Swamp Preserve at the southern end of Block Island. Since that time, additional populations have been reported from surrounding properties. The discovery was made by Paulinka de Rochemont. A call to The Rhode Island Natural History Survey regarding a plant she’d never seen before turned out to be the invasive species known as Mile-a-Minute Vine (Persicaria perfoliata). To eliminate the plant from the Island before it becomes established, The Nature Conservancy has organized several volunteer events to hand pull the vine. During one effort, held in July, much of the population at the Fresh Swamp Preserve was removed. Last fall, vines were also removed from Fresh Swamp in an effort to minimize the dispersal of seed. Additional efforts for surrounding properties are scheduled for Friday, August 7th and 21st. Mile-a-Minute Vine is an annual vine that is native to Eastern Asia. The species arrived in York, Pennsylvania in a delivery of Holly seeds from Japan in the late 1930’s. Since then, the plant has spread north and was first noted in Greenwich, Connecticut in 2000. While Mile-a-Minute Vine has been in the United States for nearly 70 years, the Block Island population is one of three in Rhode Island. Massachusetts has two locations, and no sites are known for New Hampshire, Maine or Vermont. For this reason, land conservationists are pushing to eliminate Mile-a-Minute Vine in New England before it becomes pervasive. Experience from Connecticut has shown that the primary mode of distribu-

tion is through humans moving soil or plant material that contain the seed. The name, Mile-a-Minute Vine, comes from the plant’s ability to grow as much as 6 inches in one day. By the end of the growing season, plants form a dense drapery over existing vegetation. Vines persist through the winter giving seedlings an ample armature on which to grow in the following season. Successive years of growth result in the death of underlying shrubs and herbaceous vegetation. Mile-a-Minute Vine has a preference for sunny, moist soils, and is typically first noticed growing over shrubs at the edge of a field. The stem of Mile-a-Minute Vine is covered with numerous downward pointing prickles. The barbed growth greatly impairs access to areas for people and wildlife, and some have nick-named Milea-Minute Vine “the Velcro plant” because of the clinging nature of the stems. The leaves are 1 to 3” wide and triangular, with prickles occurring along the mid-vein. A distinctive, saucer shaped leaf encircles the stem below the flower and seeds. By late August and September, plants are adorned with bright blue berries. The fruits are buoyant, so preventing spread along water courses is of primary concern. Elsewhere in Rhode Island, populations have been found in South Kingstown and Cranston. The S. Kingstown population was first discovered in 2001, where it appeared at a nursery. Vigilant pulling of the invasive vine over the past 7 years has resulted in virtual elimination of the plant from the property. The Cranston population was discovered last fall by a Rhode Island Natural History Survey staff person. Since then, The RINHS

Triangular leaf of Mile-a-Minute Vine; Saucer-shaped leaf and blue fruit Photos by Hope Leeson, Botanist for The Rhode Island Natural History Survey

has conducted a localized search for the plant, and has found that the population covers approximately one square mile within the floodplain of the Furnace Hill Brook. Due to the size of the population, and its location along a river corridor, the RINHS has been working with The University of Rhode Island’s Department of Plant Sciences and the United States Department of Agriculture to release a weevil whose larva feeds on the stem of Mile-a-Minute Vine, as a means to control the spread of the species. The weevils are originally from China, and were selected through out of 111 insects that feed on the vine throughout Eastern Asia. Research conducted on the weevil has shown it to only feed on Mile-a-Minute Vine, and to avoid our closely related native species. Please help find and control this invasive plant. Increased awareness and ability to spot the plant will help us eliminate the species from Block Island. To report new locations, or to sign up to help pull the vine this Friday, or on the 21st, please contact Scott Comings of the Nature Conservancy

at (401)466-2129. For more information on the species call the RINHS at (401)874-5800 or visit the following web sites which contain useful information on control and photographs of the plant to aid in identification: cipwg and fact/pepe1.htm.

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House & Garden Edition • Fall 2009 • BLOCK ISLAND TIMES

BI House Wright

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Sheldon’s Furn. To Come

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Bee Interiors

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Earley Builders

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Lotus Landscaping

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House & Garden Edition • Fall 2009 • BLOCK ISLAND TIMES

Barts Carpets

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Business Directory APPLIANCES/APPLIANCE REPAIR Hull Suburban Propane Your on-island source for Amana, GE, JennAir and Whirlpool appliances. Plus: Bottled gas. Barbeque grills and Vermont Casting Gas Fireplaces. Call Pete, (401)487-9629.

Sears Offering a full range of appliances with lots of energy-efficient options. Delivery to the boat. Friendly and efficient service. Located in the South County Commons in Wakefield. Call Jim and Anne Buchanan at (401) 782-0009. For service and parts call (800)-469-4663.

Simple Septic Solutions The only natural, eco-friendly green product that is continually effective. Septic system protector for every home. Available at Block Island Grocery and Island Hardware and Supply. Visit www.

APPRAISERS Appraisals of Distinction, LLC For estate planning and settlement, insurance scheduling, claims, donations and equitable distributions. Call (860)-4347277.

ARCHITECTS & DESIGNERS Bee Interiors, Ltd. A full service interior design firm that specializes in interior solutions from the beginning of your project to the end. Services include floor plans, furniture, fabrics, colors, window treatments, and accessories. Contact Michele Reeves

Dove & Distaff

914-629-6103, on-island 466-7765 or Shaileen Tracy 203-856-6507 for a free consultation.

Dan Costa Island resident with big city experience and expertise. Dan’s Boston based firm can help to guide you from your initial idea right to the creation of an island home you’ll never want to leave. (617)451-5898.

Dove & Distaff Custom Upholstery, draperies and slipcovers. Visit the rug gallery featuring rugs from Dash & Albert and Company C as well as a selection of hand-woven rugs by Suzy Ballenger. (401) 783-5714.

DGP Architects Architectural design, planning and historic preservation are all elements of DGP’s practice. Douglas Gilpin, Jr. FAIA, of Corn Neck Road is one of the partners. (434) 977-4480. Email at: wdgilpin@

Neil B. Lang Architect brings over 50 years of living on Block Island to his craft of designing or renovating your home. Call (401)466-2678 or (410)-995-0746.

Geoffrey Rigby-Leather Traditional large and small island homes, family compounds, additions, and renovations. Year-round resident since 1988. References available. (401)-466-2391 or

Stonebeach Studio Need help sprucing up the cottage for summer renters? Experienced designer is available during the week, evenings

Dove & Distaff

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House & Garden Business Directory and on weekends to meet your needs and execute your ideas. Residential and commercial. Additions, renovations, zoning and building submittals. On island. Call Kay at (401)-862-0366.

Peter Vercelli Residential, commercial, civic and educational architecture. (860) 428-8978.

BANKS & FINANCE Bill Huggins, Mortgage Master Inc With over 20 years of home loan experience and thousands of satisfied clients, Bill Huggins can help you get the best rates with less stress. (401) 574-0999.

Washington Trust Co. Block Island’s only hometown bank, and South County’s primary lender, offers quick action on mortgages tailored to individual needs through Cindy Valenti at (401) 348-1362. For home equity loans and your other personal or business banking needs, call Barbara MacMullan. (401) 466-7710.

BIRDING SUPPLIES Birdwatchers Natureview Not just for the birds! Quality binoculars, spotting scopes, star gazing telescopes, weathervanes, tide clocks. Also specializing in water gardens. Poles for gardens and decks. 484 Main Street, Wakefield. (401) 789-8020, (800) 270-8020.

CLEANING/CLEAN-UP Antonio’s Carpet Cleaning If you need your carpet, special furniture, car or boat cleaned, call Antonio. He offers year-round residential and commercial cleaning services. Carpet sales and installations. (401) 466-5305.

Mr. Luster Klean Professional cleaning of carpets, including Orientals, and upholstery. Years of experience serving Block Island homeowners and businesses. Free estimates. (401) 466-5774.

CONTRACTORS Block Island Housewright General contracting & renovations,

custom cabinetry & built-ins, property management & house watch. (401) 7424151.

Carey Builders, Inc. For all of your home improvement needs, including new construction, remodeling and additions. Call William Carey, (401)466-2119. Central New England Solar Store For all of your energy needs. Solar panels, wind generators, batteries, heating, lighting, energy saving appliances. (508)832-4344. Online at : www.cnesolarstore. com.

Fagan Door Corp. Overhead door specialists since 1975, they are the ones Block Island builders and homeowners call to order that new garage door. If you’ve been talking about a new door, now’s the time. (401) 7821624.

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Lischke Improvements Inc. Chris Lischke specializes in home repair and complete renovations including kitchens, doors, bathrooms, windows, additions, decks and siding. (401) 4665916.

Misty Mountain Construction Co. Owner Tom Buol specializes in custom homes, commercial projects, restorations, and additions. ‘Quality isn’t expensive, it’s priceless.’ (401)-466-5012.

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Scott Heinz Construction &


Cardi’s Furniture

Scott and company specialize in custom island homes, design and renovations, as well as original construction. (401) 466-8868.

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McConville Tile and Renovation Friendly, on-island contractor well known for flawless tile work, detail-oriented carpentry and solid construction with repair know-how. Kate has helped create fabulous new homes and updated classic island cottages, and she’s reliable and on time. (917)-670-7665.

ELECTRICIANS/PLUMBERS Block Island Plumbing & Heating Prompt and reliable service for over 30 years. Living on and serving only Block Island. (401) 466-5930.

Lakeside Electric A licensed and insured company with over 20 years experience in commercial and residential projects in Rhode Island. Lakeside Electric is ready to serve you. Just call and schedule an appointment today at (401)-349-4850 or via email (  

FLOORING/CARPETING Bart’s Carpet Eco-friendly flooring at budget friendly prices. Carpet, vinyl, ceramic tile, area rugs, pre-finished wood. (401) 884-8300.

Mr. Luster Klean Expert sales and installation of new flooring, including hardwood, ceramic tile, vinyl or carpeting and professional cleaning of carpets, including area carpets, Orientals, and upholstery. They have a reference list of many satisfied island customers. They ‘bring the store to your door.’ Free estimates. (401) 466-5774.

FURNITURE — CASUAL Back Alley Woodworks Furniture building, repair and restoration. (401)789-6939. www.Backalleyonline. com.

Block Shop Café Antiques. Coffee and pastries. Enjoy island breezes and views from the second level of the Albion building on Ocean Ave. (401) 477-4743.

Furniture Medic Specializing in onsite repairs of all types of furniture. Complete refinishing. ‘The prescription for damaged furniture’. (401) 615-3220. (Will be on island April 28.)

McKay’s Front Porch- Chairs, tables, umbrellas, awnings, gliders, hammocks, rockers, swings & more! (800) 2813162.

Sheldon’s Furniture A wonderful selection of furniture featuring futons, bedding and patio furniture. Located in Wakefield. Serving Block Island since 1852. (401) 783-5503.

KITCHEN & BATH Kitchens Direct, Inc. Cook up a snazzy new kitchen - or just get the equipment you need - with Kitchens Direct, Inc., the Wakefield store with friendly phone service, a great website and staff that will help you make your culinary dreams a reality. (401) 783-3100.

GARDEN — PLANTS, SUPPLIES Tower Hill Farm Meeting all your spring planting needs. Check out the great selection of nursery stock. Free delivery to the ferry and phone orders are welcome. (401)-2946633.

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Jerry’s Paint & Hardware Everything you need to fix-up, paint-up, touch-up, patch-up, brighten-up, tightenup, open-up and dig-up at your home on Block Island. They offer free delivery to the boat! (401) 783-4666.

INSURANCE All State Insurance Homeowners insurance. Get the protection you need for your home. Call to discuss your options today. Call Bill Hannon at (401)-789-3053.

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House & Garden Business Directory Durfee-Buffington Insurance Agency Complete insurance coverage for auto, home and business. Serving the personal and business needs of Block Island for 30 years. (800) 875-9834.

EVALUATIONS/INSPECTIONS On Site Collaborative Offers site sensitive design, installation and maintenance of advanced treatment and conventional septic systems. Plus soil evaluations. (401)-316-1496.


maintenance and construction projects. Septic systems, driveways, custom patios, rock walls, masonry and more. (401) 788-9360.

Islandscapes Plantings, pruning, hedges, deer fencing, lawn mowing, brush cutting, wall clearing, widening roads and driveways, raised garden beds and patios. Call (401) 932-7979 or (401) 466-2961.

Ned Phillips Jr. & Co. Landscape Design Tree care specialists and landscape designers specializing in sustainable landscape design and native trees and shrubs. Ned Phillips Jr., principal, is a certified

arborist and certified nurseryman, (401) 466-5161.

in Wakefield (401) 789-7997 or online at


Howard Johnson / John Deere Located on Kingstown Road in Peace Dale, they offer a full line of John Deere yard and garden equipment, plus maintenance and sharpening expertise. Free delivery to the boat. (401) 789-9375.

All Outdoors Power Equipment Co. When only the best will do they have the products that are right for you. With over 30 years experience and names like HONDA, HUSQVARNA, STIHL, GRAVLEY, SHINDAIWA, LITTLE WONDER, BILLY GOAT and more in store, they can provide you with the service and products you need to get the job done. Located at 4060 Tower Hill Road

Pat’s Power Equipment Recognized as the most respected dealer of outdoor power equipment, Pat’s Power has served Block Island for over 20 years. Both Homeowners and Landscapers rely on Pat’s for quality brands and dependable service. They represent the finest brands such as, Simplicity, Toro, Husqvarna, DR

Block Island Gardeners A tax-exempt organization, they conduct educational and charitable activities on Block Island. They seek to stimulate interest in gardening, conserve natural resources and foster and enhance civic beautification. To learn more call (401) 466-3171.

DVL Landscape Architecture, Ltd. Derek Van Lent is a licensed landscape architect. He creates soft and hard landscape designs that meld his clients’ desires with the natural beauty of Block Island. DVL is also available for offisland projects. (401) 466-2081.

East Coast Landscaping Call Frank Farrell, Jr. for any landscape



On Site

Page 34 BLOCK ISLAND TIMES • House & Garden Edition • Fall 2009

House & Garden Business Directory Power, Ferris, Exmark, Scag, Red Max and Echo. Check out our Kioti Compact tractors and Haulmark enclosed trailers. Will ship to the island via UPS, or deliver to the boat. Online at or call (401)-364-6114.

LUMBER & BUILDING SUPPLIES Dwyer Hardwoods Complete flooring center. Lumber, plywood, millwork. Eco-friendly. (401) 2842305.

Liberty Cedar Exterior wood products for roofing, siding, decks, and trim. Roofing for historic projects a specialty. Custom millwork and moldings. Special orders welcome. 789-6626.

United Builders Supply

Fillipone Const.

Whether you are building a new or remodeling and existing home or building, UBS has the products that will help you complete your project in the most efficient way possible. Members of the UBS team will help you visualize an complete your project from start to finish with friendly, personal service. (401) 596-2831 or

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PAINTING Jerry’s Paint & Hardware They offer more than 30,000 items, including paints and painting supplies, and will deliver as many of them as you need, right to the Block Island boat. (401) 783-4666.

RNR Painting Residential and commercial services include interior and exterior painting, staining and spray finishes. ‘Painting Block Island for 10 years.’ (401) 7423164.

PEST CONTROL Griggs & Browne ‘Trust the name you know.’ Ken Farrelly has serviced island properties for many years, providing rodent control, termite extermination, radon testing and home inspections. Call: (401) 783-3800 or call Ken directly on his cell at (401)-8374930.

Terminix Terminix R-Plus insulation keeps your home running efficiently in every season. (800) -Terminix.

PLUMBING SUPPLIES Damon’s Hardware If you need it, they’ve probably got it!

House & Garden Edition • Fall 2009 • BLOCK ISLAND TIMES

House & Garden Business Directory And their friendly, courteous staff will help you find it. Hardware, plumbing, heating and electrical supplies. (401) 7891773.

REAL ESTATE ATTORNEYS Harrington & Rhodes, Ltd. A general practice law firm concentrating in residential and commercial transactions and the related areas of law affecting those transactions:   permitting, zoning, probate and bankruptcy. (401) 885-9393

TRANSPORTATION Interstate Navigation Virtually everything you need for your home and garden will come across from America on an Interstate boat. They are our ‘bridge’ to the mainland. As the ad says, ‘Your dreams will take wingÖ everything else comes on the boat.’ For schedule information and car reservations: (401) 783-4613.

WINDOW TREATMENTS Island Shading Systems Island based, Susan Malone Hunnewell has every window treatment available to make your home resistant to heat, fading and glare. Wood, aluminum and vertical blinds, honeycomb, woven-wood (bamboo), clutch and reel or traditional roller and fabric shades, solar film application and Roller Storm Shutters. Professional installation. (401) 466-2352.

Shade & Shutter Systems Experts in sun control and weather protection systems, Shade & Shutter Systems will give you maximum protection at an affordable cost. Easy to store and install panels make this decision easy. Free estimates.( 800)522-1599 or online at www.

MISCELLANEOUS Glacier Refrigeration Bringing Block Island design fabrication and installation of air conditioners. (401) 466-2720.

Island Carpet & Tile N;af;n;ihvadhgh nhsabxf uafuibzdl bufzlubzfl uzruhzdrkuhbzdrf uzkubzf iuzr j.zfhkdk;dzh uznd.khzrd uzn.jzdf iuzd . zydtdfg.

Major Electric Supply, Inc. Quality lighting for every taste and budget as well as experienced, trained lighting consultants to advise you every step of the way. (401) 724-7100.

South County Sound & Video Custom designs and installations. Home theater, HDTV, distributed audio/video, new construction wiring. (401) 7891700.

Water Filter Company, Inc. Rid well water of iron, manganese, hardness, low pH, rotton egg smell, bacteria & more. Filters for drinking water, whole house, commercial & residential. Water

testing, servicing. (800) 698-0068.

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House and Garden: Fall 2009  

The Block Island Times House and Garden Issue for the fall of 2009.