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Brigades rescue 150

Crew 307 from the Picton Volunteer Fire Brigade. A trip to Tuamarina to rescue two motorists in the late afternoon of the flooding turned into a major evacuation of 150 people stranded in rapidly rising floodwaters. From left they are firefighter Iwam Jones, “Smithie”, who was driving, senior firefighter Nine Scott with fire chief Wayne Wytenberg. By Glenise Dreaver

Picton Volunteer Fire Brigade was called out 4pm on Saturday July 17, at the height of the flooding emergency, to what they thought was a single car with two occupants trapped at Tuamarina.

Instead the crew of Picton fire truck 307 found far greater numbers than that stranded, and in two groups – one of 70 cars with some 150 people trapped near Koromiko said the brigade’s fire chief Wayne Wytenberg. Continued on page 2.

No way forward or backward: 150 motorists trapped on SH1 were rescued by sheep truck during the weather “bomb” that hit Marlborough and the West Coast on Saturday and Sunday July 17-18.

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The Sun

Wednesday July 28, 2021

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to use Simon’s flat deck cattle truck and another with its cage on, owned by local farmer Ivan Fearn,” said Wayne. “We did a quick risk assessment,” says Wayne. And the cattle trucks were their best bet. “While things were getting organised, Senior Picton firefighter Leslie Smith and I briefed those waiting that we would be back soon to rescue them. “And a couple of people who had 4WD vehicles asked if they could follow us out, which they did.” Then, 35 at a time, with water well up to the wheels of both vehicles, and by now in the dark, the stranded motorists were rescued. At the other side of the water, Picton brigade members put them in their own vehicles, taking them to the warmth of the Picton fire station and a welcome cup of tea. “The last of them arrived about

Continued from page 1. He had sent 307 out, but with the SPARK network down, he had to drive in his own vehicle to Koromiko to get coverage when they didn’t arrive back when he expected. From there, he notified Civil Defence at the Marlborough Emergency Control Centre that some 17 vehicles were stranded near the weigh bridge at Tuamarina. Those occupants were evacuated by the Rarangi Fire Brigade and two Defence Force unimogs. The Picton crew worked with the Koromiko brigade to solve the problem of the mass evacuation that was needed at Koromiko, with the water rising fast and dark coming on. “In the 30 minutes it had taken me to drive there, the water had risen another 200 mm,” he said. “ Koromiko Fire Chief Simon Tripe and myself hatched a plan

By Monday, the water and the storm clouds were receding, but the aftermath of the flooding at this vineyard could still be clearly seen. 8.30pm,” says Wayne. With the 150th anniversary of the brigade coming up in 2022, they’re hoping that the 125th booklet can be revised to include this, and a few other of their exploits. “Because it wasn’t our

first rodeo,” Wayne says. Sadly though, efforts to find an author for that have fallen over, so if you know of anyone, the brigade would be happy to hear your suggestions.

Bailey bridge for Waihopai Valley Road Mayor John Leggett says it is good news that Marlborough District Council has confirmed that a temporary Bailey bridge will be installed at Waihopai Māori Ford until a new bridge can be built. It will, however, take a month until the bridge can be transported from Canterbury. The site needs to be prepared first and then the bridge put in place.

In the meantime, the river bed will be regraded to provide short term fording access for appropriate vehicles. The Mayor says Waihopai Valley residents were pretty shocked to lose their bridge, which also took away their phone line. “We’re working as quickly as we practically can to get both a temporary and a permanent solution,” he says.

“However, residents need to know there is quite a bit of pre-work to do first before the Bailey bridge can be installed. And he adds that a new bridge is probably 18 months away. “In the meantime, the Marlborough Emergency Management team, council and Marlborough Roads are here to provide assistance to Waihopai residents.

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A Bailey bridge installation in Tasman District in 2016.

Sowman’s... Marlborough’s longest serving funeral home

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The Sun

Wednesday July 28, 2021

Alison fostering family vibes for performance By Jacob Page

Alison Dight has plenty of family motivation for being part of Stars In Your Eyes. She will dedicate her performance to her late grandfather Tom Harrison and her charity of choice is one close to home. A former Mayor of Marlborough from 2001 to 2004, Tom was always a driving force in her family’s love of music and theatre. “I’d like to dedicate my performance to him,” she says. “He started the music for us and has been such an inspiration to not only my family but also for myself.” Alison says doing the show had always been on her mind. “It’s something I wanted to do the last time it was on, but I was in the middle of a production that was on the same night. “I’d always watched the show on TV and thought it was a lot of fun that people got to pretend to be someone else for a period of time. Choosing to become Brooke

Fraser on the night took some time. “The hardest thing was trying to figure out who to be as there are so many options out there. “I met Brooke when I was studying at Auckland’s Excel Performing Arts School and she came and spoke to us while she was putting out her first album. “We had a good chat and she was so lovely and down to earth. “It’s been great to watch her career. “It’s neat to be portraying someone I’ve met and admire.” Alison says becoming Brooke on the night will be a challenge but one she is willing to embrace. “She’s cooler than I am,” Alison says. “She’s very casual and relatable. “I’ve been watching her videos and I’ve seen her perform a few times so I’m just going back in my memory and trying to capture her mannerisms.” Alison has been performing on stage since the age of four, mainly in country music and theatre.

She is currently a music teacher and is Vice President of Blenheim Musical Theatre. “I’m from an intergenerational family of singers and performers. “I still get nervous every time I perform,” she says. “I can’t wait to see the other performances and spending time with the other contestants.” Alison says she does have a competitive streak and she is eager to earn some money for her charity Foster Hope. “We have been foster parents for a number of years and they were the first people we thought of when thinking about a charity. “My husband Nick and I have always taken the stance that these kids deserve all our love,” she says. “We don’t hold our hearts back at all and there’s always a risk that you get too attached to these kids but if you don’t get attached to these kids, then you’re doing it wrong. “Yes, it can be heartbreaking at times as they move on but these kids deserve everything you’ve got.

Alison Dight will be transforming into Brooke Fraser.

Alison and Nick have fostered 10 children over the years, ranging from overnight care and beyond. “We still have relationships with kids we fostered 15 years ago and that’s an amazing feeling.” Stars In Your Eyes will be held at ASB Theatre on Saturday, August 14, presented by Creative Kids and The Fulton Foundation. Hosts, celebrity judges and entertainers Tina Cross and Jackie Clarke will be joined by a local judge who is yet to be named. Tickets on sale now.

Each of these famous performers will be portrayed in the Stars in Your Eyes competition. Tickets on sale now.



The Sun

Choppers vital The value of New Zealand’s rescue helicopters was made clear last week, as chopper crews played a key role in the response to major flooding across the upper South Island. In one particularly dramatic rescue, the Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter plucked a man from the roof of his campervan as floodwaters surrounded him in the Motueka Valley. It came as this year’s Westpac Chopper Appeal reached a final national fundraising haul of $1,105,984, thanks to the support of Kiwi communities. All donations will go back to local trusts. A Westpac NZ spokesperson says these disasters highlight the need for the choppers. “They are a literal lifeline.” Donations can be made at any time at or any Westpac branch.

Dog control guidelines The Blenheim Business Association is seeking urgent feedback on their draft code of conduct following recent changes to the MDC’s Dog Control Bylaw. From August 1, dogs will be allowed on leash in the Blenheim Central Business District. The association says a successful dog-friendly town centre depends on pets behaving well while visiting, and dog owners taking responsibility for their pets. Their draft guidelines include information about expected behaviour and accountability of dog owners while visiting our town centre. A final version is to be released to the business community within the next week.


The Sun

Wednesday July 28, 2021

Many hands help By Chloe Ranford LDR

Teens stranded at the Outward Bound adventure school in the Marlborough Sounds by wild weather “rolled up their sleeves” to help in the flooding aftermath. They were part of the large community response to the flooding in the Sounds that cut off isolated settlements on the weekend of July 17-18. Tourist and barge operators joined in the rescue and recovery efforts. Ninety teenagers were two weeks into their three-week “mind body soul” course with Outward Bound, based in Anakiwa, when MetService forecast downpours for the Top of South last weekend. The students were quick to embrace their haepapa (responsibility) lessons before the weather hit, making and placing sandbags around Anakiwa to reduce the risk of flooding, and anchoring a resident’s trampoline to a tree. The weather caused extensive damage to the town’s main road, Queen Charlotte Drive, trapping the students for the weekend, and spread gravel and silt along the school’s front. Outward Bound chief executive Malindi Maclean said one group of students had to batten down with their instructors at a remote site in Te Kainga Bay, in the Queen Charlotte Sound.

Students were prohibited from contacting home while on the course, which Outward Bound upheld during the deluge, but it did post evidence the children were safe on its social media. “Parents were allowed to contact us at any time,” she said. Once the worst of the weather passed, students worked to clear gravel and dirt from Anakiwa’s roads and driveways, remove fallen trees, and patch up sections of the Link Pathway, which connected Anakiwa to Picton and Havelock. “Everyone rolled up their sleeves to help,” Malindi said. “The experiences students have on our ‘mind body soul’ course can help shape them for the rest of their lives. Being part of a wider community clean up and seeing the postive sides of a regional emergency will be a good takeaway.” The students were aged between 16 and 18 and had travelled from all over New Zealand to embark on the course. Marlborough Tour Company skipper Steve Kyle said he delivered 72 boxes of groceries to the school last Monday. “The kids helped quickly unload the boxes, which was great.” “I don’t think many people thought it was going to rain as hard as it did “Everyone handled it very well. Small communities are quite special. Everyone made sure to help one another.” During the first day of the torrential rain, his crew focused on evacuating

Cougar Line skipper Steve Kyle has helped deliver groceries and evacuate people from the Marlborough Sounds. Photo: Scott Hammond/ Stuff

Teens on Outward Bound's ‘mind body soul’ course help with recovery efforts after heavy rain causes widespread flooding in Marlborough. CREDIT: OUTWARD BOUND/SUPPLIED

families and travellers from the Marlborough Sounds. Included among their passengers were a couple who hiked at least two kilometres into Torea Bay, men who left behind families and cars to work, and “a few twisted ankles”. “The Queen Charlotte Sound was getting gusts of over 120kmh. On one part of our journey, near Endeavour Inlet, we had to slow because there were waves three metres high. “In some areas we had trouble docking at the wharves.” From Sunday onwards their focus turned to delivering supplies ordered online at Picton’s FreshChoice supermarket. O’Donnell Park barging manager James Galloway said on Saturday, during the worst of the wild weather,

the company retrieved three beached boats – one from Waikawa Bay, one from Picton’s marina, and one “big boat” from Shelley Beach. It had also sent diggers out to Arapaoa Island. “There’s a sunk vessel that we’ll be dealing with at Waikawa. It was an older boat that sunk, so we’re assuming it was finished off by the weather,” James said. Johnsons Barge Service logistics and office manager Kim Weatherhead said she and her husband jumped into action after becoming trapped by a massive slip near Pukenui Bay. The slip damaged houses in Pukenui Bay, took out drinking water schemes at Pukenui Bay and Moenui Bay, and dirtied drinking


“People say I look young...”

water in Belvue Bay, where the Weatherheads lived. It was amazing to see all the contractors and farmers come together,” Kim said. The company helped sail a digger into Belvue Bay to start clearing the slip, then took the region’s electricity distributor Marlborough Lines out to remote Marlborough Sounds communities to restore their power. It teamed up with its sister company O’Donnell Park Barging to rescue a dozen vehicles and their owners from Kaiuma Bay on the Monday, and 14 vehicles from Portage on the Tuesday. “Most were people who came up for the weekend or the school holidays, who booked a bach or visited their own.”


KORU NUTRITION “People are always surprised when they find out my age. ‘You can’t be seventy-nine! You look so much younger.’ Well what can I say, I’m not too bad for my age.” Life for Anneke has been full; from raising a family to running a Bed and Breakfast with her husband, she has had no end of adventures. “My husband and I moved here from Holland in our twenties and never looked back. We are kiwis and love it so much that we wanted to share it with others. We ran a Bed and Breakfast for seventeen years. People came from all over the world, Iceland to South Africa, the Middle East to Brazil, we shared our love of New Zealand with them all” Running a business that impacts people, upkeeping your house/work, and raising a family creates its own stress and for Anneke, she would find that it would often impact the health of her skin. “For years, whenever we were extra busy, tension and stress levels heightened, my skin would redden and would become awfully rough. When you’re constantly engaging with people it is somewhat embarrassing having blotchy skin but I had to learn to deal with it.” After retiring five years ago, she has been loving life with her five grandchildren. Her

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skin, though, was continuing to irritate her. During lockdown last year, she was on Facebook talking to her children, when she came across Skin Fx by Koru Nutrition. Unlike other health creams that simply moisturize, Skin Fx is designed to soothe, nourish, protect and moisturize skin. Dermatologically tested for safety, Koru’s Skin Fx is a nongreasy formula made in New Zealand without any nasty chemicals, fillers or steroids. Impressed by what she saw,

and finding out her neighbour was already using the product, she ordered one online and has not looked back. “I am very happy now. When you retire you have to look after yourself, and with an all-natural product you cannot go wrong.” “It keeps the skin soft, and feels like I have less of that weathered look. It has even helped soothe the redness in my face, which I had given up on ever being able to be rid of. I am impressed and very happy with the help in looking so youthful. I so wish I

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Always read the label and take as directed. If symptoms persist contact your healthcare professional. Koru Nutrition Limited, Christchurch.

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The Sun

Wednesday July 28, 2021

Special pleasures for Daffodil Day By Glenise Dreaver

Nina Stanley from Pink Poppie is helping raise awareness of the fight against cancer, and of Cancer Society Marlborough’s new initiative, which is organising fresh daffodil orders for Daffodil Day on August 27. Every week in August, Nina will donate a beautiful daffodil bouquet and any pre-orders Cancer Society Marlborough receives during that week will go in Pink Poppie’s daffodil bouquet draw. Cancer Society Marlborough’s centre manger Felicity Spencer says the lucky winner can nominate someone affected by cancer they’d like to gift the bouquet to. Two options are available: A bunch of daffodils, 10 flowers for $10, or a bouquet of daffodils with 30 flowers wrapped and arranged with garden greens for $50. Orders close on Friday August 20, with

free delivery available on Tuesday August 24. Email your order to marlborough@ or call 03 579 4379. There are also other ways to support the local society’s work. You can register or donate to a fundraising event in Marlborough, volunteer as a collector, or join the local society’s celebrations on Daffodil Day. Felicity says that the iconic day has become their major fundraiser, and they will be celebrating the occasion in the Forum from 11am-2pm on Friday, August 27. “There will be a barbecue and entertainment and Blenheim School will be doing their wonderful kapa haka performance again,’ she says. “And this year they’ve written a wonderful Daffodil Day waiata. She says volunteers have also created wonderful Daffodil Day bunting and made daffodil-themed Covid masks.

Blenheim Toyota

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Cancer Society Marlborough's centre manager Felicity Spencer and Edna Stanley with just some of the beautiful and wonderfully perfumed options that will be available for their Daffodil Day fundraiser on August 27.

what’s cooking

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Stir-fried Chicken with Pineapple & Cashews Ingredients: • 2 tablespons vegetable oil • 1/2 cup (50g) raw cashews • 1/2 (125g) chicken stock • 2 teaspoons cornflour • 5 boneless chicken thigh fillets (500g) diced • 2 teaspoons very finely chopped garlic • 1 large fresh red chilli, sliced • 1 large red or brown onion, cut lengthways into 8 wedges • 1 large green capsicum, cut into 2cm squares • 300g fresh skinned pineapple, OR tinned pineapple pieces • 1 tablespoon oyster sauce • 1 tablespoon fish sauce • 2 teaspoons sugar • 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper • Sprigs of fresh coriander, to garnish

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HEAT wok or large frying pan for 30 seconds then add 1 tablespoon oil. Stir-fry cashews over a low to medium heat until golden, about 2 minutes. Remove with a slotted spoon and drain on paper towel.

2. 3.

COMBINE chicken stock and cornflour, and set aside.


REHEAT oil and stir-fry the chicken over a high heat in two batches until golden brown, about 3 minutes. Drain on paper towels.

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ADD remaining oil to wok and when very hot, add garlic and stir-fry 5 seconds. Add the chilli, onion and capsicum and stir-fry 1 minute.


ADD pineapple, oyster sauce, fish sauce, sugar and cornflour mixture and stir-fry for 1 minute. Return chicken to wok and stir-fry 1 minute. Scatter the cashews over, stir to mix thoroughly, then transfer to a serving dish. Sprinkle with black pepper and garnish with fresh coriander. Serve hot. If you have tried these recipes and are enjoying them please tell me! I would love to hear from you. Thank you. Anita

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The Sun

Wednesday July 28, 2021

Sun readers have their say... with the WORD on the Street.

Q: Are you following the Olympics?

Marilyn Colquhoun Blenheim I’m keeping one eye on it. And I’m looking forward to everything!

Brought to you by...

Gina Saunders Blenheim I’m keeping an eye on it! I’m very proud that my grandfather Charlie Saunders was an Olympic rower and my nephew is a track cycling reserve.

Paul Robertson Tuamarina We haven’t got a TV to watch. And our property was flooded so I’m very busy anyway.

Sophie Kilworth Blenheim I’m a musician so I do that and I’m not following the Olympics. Though I did ask why it was being called Tokyo 2020.

Maiyah Cochrane Blenheim I’m not much of a TV person so I haven’t looked into it much. Social media is a big thing instead.


31 Scott Street, Blenheim

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Vanessa Pali Blenheim I don’t watch a lot of telly, but I’ve seen a little bit on social media... when we won a bronze medal.

Picton vet Christine Mackenzie presented two of the first graduates from her online animal care course with their certificates at Waikawa School recently. At left is Connie Herbert, at right Erin Beattie.

to the editor

Letters on issues of community abridge letters or withhold letters from interest are welcomed. A maximum publication. of 150 words please. Email them to news@blenheimsun. They must be signed and a street or drop in to our office at 72 address provided to show good High St. faith, even when a nom de plume is Please note that your name and provided for publication. street address MUST be provided The editor reserves the right to with emails. Letters/Opinions not necessarily those of the Sun management.

No thanks to lights Dear Ed To the Auckland texter advocating traffic lights in Blenheim, no thank you. I spent twelve years of my retirement driving a heavy commercial vehicle daily in and around Blenheim at times of high traffic volumes, and after that and periodic visits to Nelson, Christchurch and a town in Australia not much bigger than Blenheim but infested with traffic lights, I am more convinced than ever that we do not need them here. Granted, some of our roundabouts are less than perfect, being afterthoughts and too small for roundabout protocols to be

properly applied, but in principle they still work as intended. Yes, Blenheim drivers are on average awful at signalling correctly, but in most cases a little bit of intelligent observation of the vehicle’s “body language” will give you a good idea of the driver’s intentions. Given that you act when opportunities to move occur, you will find that it is very seldom that you will wait longer than if you had arrived at the intersection on an amber light, and remember that at an amber light you will wait for the green whether or not there is conflicting traffic. Peter Nelson

Calling animal-loving kids Picton Vet’s Pet Health Awareness programme last term offered a unique online Kids Animal Care 101 Course. W h e n o n ly t h e b e s t W i l l d o !

Enchanted evenings under lights at FROMM

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It consists of 10 topics, emailed weekly, and incorporating vet Christine Mackenzie’s YouTube videos, which she originally prepared and delivered during lockdown last year. “ I am trying to get it to all animal loving kids to better educate them, and their parents, about better pet care,” says Christine, adding that two Waikawa Bay School children have already graduated, as have two from Queen Charlotte College. “I will offering it again in early August, then not till next year,” she says. She adds that students enjoyed the topics, saying how they learnt lots. “They loved drawing their own ‘Six Kingdoms of Life’, big picture, calculating calories for breakfast and checking their pets breathing and heart rates, and much more.” “If you are interested in the August course, ask at school or email us at,” she advises. “Or you can call Picton Vet Clinic to register and pay $30 by August 6.”

Visit us online at 71 Market St BlenheiM

The Sun

Wednesday July 28, 2021



Dogs allowed back in town from Sunday 1 August From Sunday 1 August our four-legged friends will be allowed back into Blenheim’s CBD as the new Dog Control Policy and Dog Control Bylaw 2021 comes into effect. Animal Control Subcommittee Chair, Councillor Jamie Arbuckle said the Marlborough community s passionate about dogs and dog access to public places. “The submissions received during the recent bylaw review that dogs will be allowed back into the CBD provided they are on-leash and under control at all times,” he said. “It’s important for owners to note that dogs will still be prohibited in Seymour Square and that it’s their responsibility to clean up after their furry friends.” In other changes to the bylaw, dogs will be allowed off-leash along the Taylor River, from the Taylor Dam to the Henry Street bridge on the Blenheim town side, and to the Alfred Street bridge on the true left bank (west side). They will be allowed off-leash both sides of Riverside Park, north of the Sinclair Street rail bridge. In Pollard Park, Churchill Glade and Waterlea Gardens dogs will be allowed on-leash but are prohibited from the Blenheim olf ourse and the Baden Powell corner grassed area, BBQ picnic areas and the children’s playground. In Picton, dogs will still be allowed on-leash in the CBD and will now also be allowed in Nelson Square provided they are on-leash. Our canine companions will be allowed off-leash on the Esson’s Valley and Tirohanga tracks and the lower Picton to Waikawa Track. They will also be allowed off-leash at the Waitohi Domain. At Victoria Domain Reserves in Picton, dogs will need to be on-leash on roadways and the formed walking and shared walking and biking tracks, but will be prohibited from the mountain


Under the new bylaw, dogs will be allowed on-leash at the Wairau Valley Golf Course and Recreation Reserve. At Ward Beach dogs will be allowed on-leash in the carpark and on the beach, north of the boat launching area to Chancet Rocks and south of the boat launching area to Needles Point. They will be allowed off-leash at the Ward Beach boat launching area but are prohibited at Ward Beach north beyond Chancet Rocks to Marfells Beach and south beyond Needles Point to the district boundary with Kaikoura. Councillor Arbuckle said the new bylaw aimed to achieve a balance between the control of dogs and of responsible dog ownership. the exercise and recreational needs of dogs and their owners, whilst recognising the need to minimise danger, distress and nuisance to the community,” he said. “Since the adoption of the new bylaw by Council on 10 June, Council staff have been working on new signage been working with business owners to help them understand how the new bylaw only applies to footpaths and public areas. It is up to each business owner to determine whether they allow dogs on their premises or not,” Clr Arbuckle said. For further information and to view an online Smart Map showing dog : https:// walking areas map=75895630202f4ef9b8784ee5986d 73e9

Mayoral Relief Fund to assist regional storm recovery Marlborough Mayor John Leggett has established a Mayoral Relief Fund to assist the region in its recovery effort following the recent storm. In announcing the fund, Mayor Leggett thanked Acting Minister for Emergency Management, Kris Faafoi, for the Government’s generous donation of $100,000. People wishing to donate to this fund can do so via online banking. Simply add the Marlborough District Council’s account number: 02-0600-0202861-00 and include ‘Mayoral Fund’ as a reference. Alternatively people can make payments to the Council reception in Blenheim. fund at Mayor Leggett said Marlborough’s recovery residents and communities, particularly in the Marlborough Sounds, where many people still isolated. “We will continue our work with the emergency team, and the many Marlborough-based agencies, organisations weeks and months and iwi over the ahead, to get our region back up and running as soon as possible,” he said. The fund will be primarily available to Marlborough District Council area residents emotional hardship as a result of the July 2021

A slip at Cullen Point, near Havelock – photo taken on July 20 2021 Please contact Community Partnerships Advisor or Community Partnerships Project for further information. Details on criteria and eligibility will be made available For the latest information on the recovery efforts following the recent storm, including road closures, : or Facebook page:

Environment grants to open in August Now in its second year, the Working for Nature/ Mahi mo te Taiao grant scheme will open for online applications on 2 August. This annual grant scheme considers projects that would have fallen under the previous Tui to Town and Greening Marlborough programmes, expanding the funding to additional projects that protect and restore native habitats. applicants across Marlborough for a variety of projects from pest control to restoring wetland margins. “Last year we had more fantastic projects than we could fund so we are pleased to increase the amount available this year to $90,000 for eligible projects. This scheme enables community-led participation to restore and protect native biodiversity in our region,” said Councillor David Croad, who is hair of the sub-committee that administers the grant scheme. Applications will be available via the Council website from 2 August, and paper applications will not be accepted. Eligible applicants are landowners, businesses and community organisations, and projects can take place on public, private or Maori-owned land. This year, the funds are still allocated between two subcategories, Habitat Marlborough

and Protecting Marlborough. However, the maximum cap on Habitat Marlborough projects has been raised to $10,000, while the $15,000 cap on Protecting Marlborough remains the same. Successful restoration projects under Habitat Marlborough will focus on planting areas where there is little native vegetation, as well as waterway and wetland margins. Projects under Protecting Marlborough that control animal and plant pests, which are threatening native wildlife and habitats website for more details Please see the on what can and can’t be funded, as well as terms and conditions. Applications will close on 31 August all outcomes by October. For more information go to: grants-and-awards/working-for-naturemahi-mote-taiao biodiversity/biodiversity-publications-andreports

Hydrangea pruning demo at Pollard Park next week It’s pruning time for hydrangeas and next week Council’s gardening team will be holding demonstrations at Pollard Park. Council’s Come along and hear from gardeners as they share their hydrangea pruning knowledge and answer questions. The demonstrations will take place on Tuesday 3 August and will be held near the Pollard Park front gate on Parker Street, opposite Curry Street, from 10.30 am to 11.30 am.

This event will be postponed until Wednesday 4 August if it is wet on Tuesday. Gardening demonstrations are always popular with our community. A couple of weeks ago rose pruning demonstrations were held at Pollard Park and around 30 people attended. Gardening staff provided advice on the removal of old/damaged canes, the removal of new canes and general pruning tips.

Council’s Julie Murphy runs through the intricacies of rose pruning at Pollard Park recently

Street Address: Address: Street Phone: 03 03 520 520 7400 7400 Phone: 15 Seymour Seymour Street Street 15 Fax: 03 03 520 520 7496 7496 Fax: Blenheim 7201 7201 Email: Blenheim Email: New Zealand Zealand New


Wednesday July 28, 2021

The Sun

one on one with the Sun

Heritage help

Marlborough Heritage Trust trustee Cathie Bell has asked the Marlborough District Council to give more thought to heritage.

Heritage buildings need ‘significant’ help, say historians. LDR reporter CHLOE RANFORD talks with Cathie Bell from The Marlborough Heritage Trust. Blenheim’s high-profile museum lets in ants, reaches very hot temperatures, and could be a “death trap” in a quake. It isn’t the only heritage building nearing the last quarter of its life. Several heritage buildings across the region needed “significant replacement or renovation”, Marlborough Heritage Trust trustee Cathie Bell told the Marlborough District Council at its long-term plan hearings recently. But not a dollar had been put towards building or upgrading heritage assets in the council’s long-term plan, which prioritised and allocated council spending for the next decade. “Heritage is more than dead things on a shelf in dusty, old buildings ... To some people, the Edwin Fox is a hull and some bits of old timber. But to me, it’s a talisman of how my great-great-grandfather set out to raise a family in New Zealand.” According to the trust’s submission, the walls of the Marlborough Museum were a fire risk, its doors let in ants, and its roof had leaked since “day one”, 31 years ago. The rear half of the building’s floor had also not been reinforced with steel, as was planned, which “could be a death trap for staff or result in damage to the collections”. Cathie said the dock that housed the Edwin Fox, one of the world’s oldest

ships, also had “serious corrosion issues”. “We, as a trust, are a partnership between the heritage organisations in the region and the council, but at the moment we feel the council is not really engaged with us.” Two of the trust’s eight trustee positions were set aside for council representatives under a partnership agreement, yet the positions had remained empty for almost three years. The trust had tried to fill the vacancies multiple times, but had seen little interest. Cathie thought some council staff were overloaded, working “the equivalent of three full-time jobs”. “For them, the trust is not high on the agenda ... But for us, those positions are really important and affect our ability to operate. They affect our banking covenants, for example.” Former Marlborough Historical Society president Paul Davidson submitted in support of the trust, saying heritage had long been “neglected” by the council. The Marlborough Museum had not been expanded since it opened three decades ago, with staff constantly trying to fit “two quarts of history into one pint of space”, Paul said. He had used the annual plan process in

the past to ask the council to put the museum’s main exhibitions into the new Blenheim Library and Art Gallery, freeing up most of the museum’s display space. “I just don’t think it’s good enough ... We only have to look over the hill to see that operating expenses for the Nelson [Provincial] Museum are 10 times what is given to the Marlborough one, and they’re not 10 times bigger than us.” Marlborough Mayor John Leggett said the issues raised by the trust were “concerning to hear”, and would be dealt with. When a councillor questioned if some of the trust’s price estimates were inconsistent, trust chief executive Steve Austin said the council was “in danger of missing the point”. “I think the bigger picture is what we’re here for today.”

Councillor Francis Maher said the council owed it to the trustees to return the relationship to a level playing field. He was a former trust chairman and could not vote on the issue during deliberations this week due to a conflict of interest. “Councillors do have to be aware this is one organisation that burns people out a lot quicker than most,” he said. Councillor Mark Peters said he was concerned that the Marlborough Heritage Trust was missing two of its trustees. Cathie said the trust was preparing to lose $10,000 a year from the council when its partnership agreement expired at the end of June. She said the council planned to audit the trust to see if it was “value for money” before revisiting their agreement.


“We’re keen to have that happen as soon as possible, so we can clear any blockages in the trust’s operations,” Cathie said. The trust could request funding from the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, but was holding off until a feasibility study into a heritage and environment centre in Picton was completed. The study was successfully pitched by the Picton Smart and Connected group last year. If successful, it could see changes to the Edwin Fox Museum and the Picton Museum. FOOTNOTE: The MDC has now funded the urgent work needed at the Edwin Fox. It has also progressed with the review of the Marlborough Heritage Trust - a reviewer has been appointed.

53 Grove Road | Ph 579 2500

The Sun

Wednesday July 28, 2021


Name suggested for new library New Zealand’s pioneer suffragist has had her name put forward for a new library and art gallery in Blenheim. Mary Anne Muller was a 19th

century suffragist who published articles calling for women to be emancipated from men under the pseudonym Femmina. Historians wanting to honour her legacy have

asked for all of or a part of a new library in Blenheim to be named after Muller. “There has been a lot of support to mark her with a public memorial,

Vineyard burglaries By Community Constable Russ Smith

Marlborough has more vineyards than any other place in the country, and police have been receiving regular complaints of burglary to vineyards in recent weeks. Batteries, fuel and tools seem to be the main items that thieves are stealing. Like any other potential victim of theft or burglary, vineyards can do many things to reduce the risk of being targeted by criminals. Sometimes the temptation factor is at play with contracted workers on site seeing what equipment is stored there because the management leave their storage facilities wide open all day while conducting their business on the vineyard. In some other cases, tools

and other valuables are left insecure or in plain sight, making them an easy target. Fuel, whether in a tank with bowser dispenser for vineyard vehicles, or in frost-fan housing, can be easy to steal if it’s not securely locked away. The solutions are varied, but some basic steps taken will reduce the risks: • Secure vineyard vehicles where possible and don’t leave keys to this equipment on the machines • Install silent alarms in equipment storage areas offenders won’t know they have triggered the alarm and police have a good chance of catching them • Store fuel storage tanks in alarmed areas and securely lock frost-fan fuel tanks and battery storage areas • Don’t leave equipment store areas open to be viewed by all. Take the

and the Marlborough Heritage Trust asks that the council do this at the new library, given her historical and literary significance,” said trustee Cathie Bell last week.

The new $20 million library and art gallery, mostly funded through the Government’s ‘shovel ready’ initiative, was due to be completed by next year – 13 years after it was

Beavertown Lions presents:


Entries now extended to August 7 so be in quick Brides!

Of The Year August 28, 2021

Rangitane Cultural Centre

Calling all Brides Community Constable Russ Smith

gear that is required and secure the storage area immediately • Report your suspicions to the Police if you think something suspicious or criminal is afoot

Get your entries in now! We invite all brides married or residing in Marlborough between 21st July 2019 and 31st July 2021 and have not previously entered, to enter the Bride of the Year Show. Application forms are available at the Sun Newspaper office or by emailing Entries are limited to the first 25 brides. Entries close 7th August, 2021

All proceeds to Child Cancer

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10 Wednesday July 28, 2021

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Respect the key says Debbie Debbie Webster, sole operator of Mike Pero Real Estate, is a twenty-plus-year industry veteran, watching and forever learning from the highs and lows she’s seen over that time. One thing she’s certain about: “I love what I do and the people I meet,” she says, pointing out to the current very difficult market where every new listing takes many hours of analysis and discussion “with customers’ best interests at heart!”. Scarcity of homes has changed everything. “Five years ago, there were not less than 3000 listings on Trade Me,” she points out. “Today there are fewer than 300!” Her strong sense of responsibility means her first question to clients now is: “Why do you want to sell?” “That’s because I’ve got a conscience and I really care,” she says. If upsizing or downsizing, Debbie suggests considering alternatives like reno-

vations, or getting Mr Green in, or getting help with housework or maintenance or transport instead of selling. However every individual and their circumstances are different and Debbie’s advice is given only after serious consideration. After that advice, very often, Debbie says, there will be a call thanking her for her honesty. “The power of the internet today is incredible, so much information is available at the flick of the mouse,” she says. “It’s so powerful it’s scary. You can be the smallest company in the world, but the internet has put us all on the same page and I have proved this without doubt.” Debbie has her hand on her heart when she says every home is someone’s castle, no matter the value, no matter the size and respect for each seller is paramount.

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Wednesday July 28, 202111

New Grovetown Lagoon management plan will strengthen the mahi Not everyone knows but Marlborough has a special taonga. “It is more than a beautiful place - it is also the community working together that makes Grovetown Lagoon special,” said Te Whanau Hou Grovetown Lagoon Society Inc. administrator Justine Johnson. A new reserve management plan for the Grovetown Lagoon is seen as a way to continue the great mahi to date to protect this treasured place. Justine is overseeing the community engagement process for the council which began last week. Grovetown Lagoon, an old meander channel of the Wairau River, has become a popular area for walking, biking, picnicking, kayaking, food gathering and bird watching. It includes a mix of council-owned reserve, unformed legal road, Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) land and Department of Conservation reserve. Te Whanau Hou Grovetown Lagoon Society Inc. was formally established in 2005 to

manage its protection and restoration. Te Whanau Hou means ‘a new family’ and this describes the partnership between Ngati Rarua, Ngati Toa, Rangitane, Department of Conservation and the Marlborough District Council which began in 2002 to improve the area. Local iwi had earlier come to the council with concerns about the degraded state of the area. The bond between these parties is set to be elevated to a new status with work towards the reserve management plan now under way. “The society has been working to restore the Grovetown Lagoon for fish and bird life, to enable gathering of food and encourage recreational uses for close to 20 years,” said Justine. “There is a wealth of natural resources at the lagoon and physical resources have been developed over time by the society, including a gravel walking track with bridges and culverts, car parking, a toilet, seats, picnic tables and a bird hide,”

she said. “It is envisioned that the new management plan will enable a mix of uses and values to be supported as well as putting in place policy to guide the day-to-day management.” Feedback from the public about the proposal is now invited. The draft reserve management plan will then be prepared and publically notified. “There will be a more formal opportunity for the public to provide written submissions and present these to a hearings panel if they wish,” said council parks and open spaces planner Linda Craighead. The final plan is expected to be completed in late 2022. A community management plan for the lagoon was developed in 2003. There have been short term work plans written and implemented over the past 15 years however the community management plan has not been updated since 2003. “It is important that on the cusp of the 20th anniversary of this

Grovetown Lagoon - a taonga

unique waterway coming under community management, that its future is enshrined in a document that better reflects the enhanced state of the lagoon in 2021/22 and sets out a way forward for those who will hold kaitiaki into the future,” said council appointee to Te Whanau Hou executive, Cynthia Brooks. The society would like direction from the community as to how the area should be managed and how it

is used, including what the community enjoy, possible improvements or any concerns users have about the lagoon. Feedback or suggestions should be made in writing by 5.00 pm on Friday, August 27. Feedback can also be emailed to tewhanauhourmp@marlborough.govt. nz or via the online form at: www. have-your-say-consultations.

COVID-19 vaccines for kaumatua and their whanau Maori health and wellbeing provider Te Piki Oranga is still giving kaumatua and their whanau their COVID-19 vaccines at clinics in Picton and Grovetown. Bookings are essential, so call 0800 ORAN-

GA (0800 672 642) to book a spot. Dates and times are: Waikawa Marae, 210 Waikawa Road, Picton: From 10am on: Thursday 29 July; Thursday, 19 August; Thursday, 9 September; Thursday 30 Septem-

ber; Thursday, 21 October. Ukaipo, 1 Fell Street, Grovetown From 10am on:Sunday, 22 August; Saturday, 11 September; Saturday, 9 October; Saturday, 6 November; Saturday, 27 November.

Maori over the age of 65 are receiving priority access to the COVID-19 vaccine because they are more at risk of developing severe illness if they contract COVID-19. Because so many kaumatua live

Cancer doesn’t stop, so we won’t either Show your support for Daffodil Day, Friday 27th August, by ordering fresh daffodils to be delivered to your family, friends or workplace. Two options available: • Bunch of daffodils, 10 flowers for $10 • Bouquet of daffodils, 30 flowers wrapped and arranged with garden greens for $50. Includes free delivery on Tuesday 24th August. Orders close on Friday 20th August. Email your order to or call 03 579 4379.

Visit for more ways get involved: • Register or Donate to a fundraising event in Marlborough. • Volunteer as a street collector for an hour on Daffodil day. • Order fresh flowers in Marlborough. • Join our celebrations on Daffodil Day, Friday 27th August.

in intergenerational households, whanau members over the age of 16 are also eligible to be vaccinated at Te Piki Oranga’s clinics. You can go to for more information.

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12 Wednesday July 28, 2021

Your go to on

Grove Road

Your trusted local glass company Viridian Glass Marlborough began its journey in 1972 as Norm Fowke Glass and 12 years later branched into auto glass. It has continued to evolve over the years, merging with Viridian Glass in 2012, and keeping up to date with modern technology and glass options. One of Viridian’s latest technological advances has been in the development of Low-E glass which is designed to provide year-round comfort and reduce your reliance on heating and cooling. The glass has a special coating which allows natural light through without emitting radiant heat, maximising light and energy efficiency. “Our Low-E glass out-performs any other double glazing on the market in terms of cost and benefits to the consumer”, Viridian Glass Marlborough

manager Garry Boyd says. “There are three options available to suit any situation and the best place to start for anyone interested in our

Low-E double glazing is to scan the QR code in our advert which will take you straight to our free online glass selector.”

“This will help you find the right glass for your windows”, Garry says. Viridian Glass Marlborough are located at 47 Grove Road with plenty

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Wednesday July 28, 202113

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Grove Road

Wadsworth proves worthy force in Rally NZ Championship Brendon Wadsworth, owner of Marlborough Motorcycles, continues to turn heads in the New Zealand Rally Championship. Brendon finished third in his 2WD class at the Rally of Hawkes Bay over the weekend to sit second overall with one round remaining in the Coromandel in September. He says he was thrilled with the reliability of his car on tricky roads. “It was pretty awesome up there,” he says. “There was a wet start to the day on Saturday but they were fast roads and not much carnage. “There was a lot of chop and changing in our class. “There were some tight roads but the faster, wider ones suit us better. “We all have to drive the same roads and wet corners can catch

you out. “The car ran faultless so that’s what is important.” Brendon says he is happy to be under the radar. “We are slowly getting used to the car and we are gaining speed each time. “I knew I had a car capable of these results but I didn’t think I was.” Brendon is considering a tilt in Australia for the Asia Pacific Rally Championship but that will be dependent on Covid-19. RIGHT: Brendon Wadsworth travelled to compete in the Rally of Hawkes Bay last week in his Ford Fiesta RD rally car. He’s pictured with Garry Boyd of Viridian Glass in Blenheim which sponsors Brendon’s racing.

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14 Wednesday July 28, 2021


minutes with

Plants have the amazing ability to use sunlight to make food and oxygen.

gardening this week Carbohydrates or sugars: By Wally Richards

Mr Darcy Thompson Self appointed security alarm for anybody walking in the Bay  Are you a dog or cat person? I will tolerate my sisters, Willow (dashy), Lucy (cat) but otherwise loath all other dogs and cats.  What did you want to be when you grew up? Mum thought a model, but l I tried the show ring and hated it!  Not quite a hidden talent, but I’m very good at? Looking like but ter wouldn’t melt in my mouth.  If you could donate $1m to any charity who would it be and why? Spread between all local animal rescue/help places. Even though I don’t like other animals it seems the right thing to do.  My all-time favourite food is? Pork bones, to die for!

 The shop you can’t walk past is? Any shop that sells food that smells.  Your dream weekend involves? Hanging out with mum, following her everywhere, a couple of walks on the beach and lots of treats. My usual weekend to be honest.  If you could meet anyone in history who would it be and why? Dr Dolittle, that would be legendary if he could tell everyone what I have to say!  Favourite programme or series currently watching? Dog House, all dogs deserve a good home.  What’s one thing on your bucket list? To one day be an only child.

Carbohydrates are a very interesting subject in relationship to plants and ourselves. They are the sugars, starches, and dietary fibre that occur in plant foods and dairy products. Carbohydrates are mainly found in plant foods. They also occur in dairy products in the form of a milk sugar called lactose. Plants produce carborhydrates using sunlight and carbon dioxcide. CO2 Green plants create carbohydrates on their own through the process of photosynthesis. The function of carbohydrates in plants and animals is that they are a source of fuel for growth. If even one basic ingredient a plant needs for photosynthesis is absent or lacking, the plant’s health can suffer, resulting in stunted growth or reduced production. The gardener who provides the amounts of water and light the plant requires for this food production is rewarded by a healthy plant. People breathe oxygen in and carbon dioxide out, but for a plant to make carbohydrates, the leaves take in carbon dioxide through the stomata on the leaf surfaces. From the stomata, the mesophyll cells use the carbon dioxide to combine it with water and light for photosynthesis. After the plant uses the carbon dioxide in photosyn-

thesis, the waste product is oxygen, which is released through the stomata on the leaves.’ To increase plant growth in glasshouses nursery people release carbon dioxide during daylight hours which greatly increases the growth rate of their crops. In prehistoric times we know that plant growth was massive with giant cycads and ferns caused by the abundance of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which was a result of a lot of volcanic activity. Science tell us the CO2 levels in prehistoric times were 2000 to 4000ppm. Currently CO2 in our atmosphere is only 412ppm. Plants thrive best in a atmosphere of 1000ppm of CO2 or more. Which leads to an important quandrum; if we reduce CO2 levels to supposedly avoid climate change then would not plant’s growth be reduced and our food chain suffer? Thus we need green plants to take the CO2 we breath out (or produce) and convert it to oxygen during daylight hours. At least half of Earth’s oxygen comes from the ocean. The majority of this production is from oceanic plankton­ drifting plants, algae, and some bacteria that can photosynthesize. One particular species, Prochlorococcus, is the smallest photosynthetic organism on Earth.

Photosynthesis requires sunlight, carbon dioxide and water to produce glucose. This simple sugar is a carbohydrate that combines with other sugars to form the plant’s structure and stores energy for future use. Glucose produced from photosynthesis flows to the rest of the plant through phloem, which are small tubes that run throughout the plant. The plant stores the surplus carbohydrates in the crown and roots, where they will stay until the plant needs them during dark hours or during the winter when deciduous trees lack leaves to produce more food through photosynthesis. What if we were to give our plants some extra carbohydrates that they do not have to covert from CO2 and sunlight? This is where we can have some fun and play with the plants intake and use of sugars. A mixture of one to two tablespoons of molasses dissolved in a litre of hot water and placed in a trigger spray bottle is all you need to experiment with. When doing trials you need a control and a trial plant to be able to determine what effect the result will be from visual comparison. Any two of the same plants growing near each other will be ideal so you could plant two seedlings in the same

area about half a metre apart. You will treat both the same other than the trial plant which will receive a spray of the sugary solution either daily, or every few days. One you spray every day, one you spray every 2-3 days, one you spray once a week. If the sugary solution makes any difference then after x amount of time you should see a lot of difference to the growth rate and size of the plants. If you chose lettuce for the control and trial plants then you may find later on when the plants are larger a difference in taste of the leaves that you could pluck from them. The possible outcome will be that the trial plants have bigger leaves than that of the control plant. This in turn would create bigger plants to eventually harvest and maybe tastier ones also. Later in the season you could also try the same trial process with a few tomato plants of the same variety planted about a metre apart. Once again you may find that the leaves of the treated plants get bigger than the control plant and the fruit are also larger. You may also find that the treated plants have more disease resistance and less pest problems. An interesting experiment that will cost you very little to do.


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The Sun Crossings that aren’t crossings Enjoying the sun last week on my electric scooter. Hit one of councils famous crossings and broke the suspension arm. Luckily the meter maid came to my assistance with others and stayed with me until I could arrange transport home. Miss Daisy picked me up and the scooter was left at the theatre. Many ,many thanks to all who helped me.

Slow down Now that Colemans road is clogged with moving and parking vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians, motorists need to take a chill pill.

Re: NZ is not Aotearoa

Hospital land dilemma

New Zealand in Maori is Nu Tirani, 1840 as written in the Treat of Waitangi and signed by over 500+ Maori chiefs. Aotearoa’s first recorded occurrence in NZ appeared in 1890 by S Percy Smith (a English colonial surveyor) in fictitious story on Kupe in which he invented Aotearoa as a name for NZ. Royalties have been sought from S.Percy Smiths Family/Estate for the use of that name. Stop re-inventing history.

Hospital ground surplus to be sold, untold the mystery about this land around hospital was gifted to hospital for use for hospital use only or give back to the families of the gifted people. Mystery unsolved, hospital don’t know how many hectares it is so who knows the true fact, people have looked at this with no result. We don’t even have good car park, Blenheim people will lose all the ground. Solve mystery quickly so we can keep our land or give it back if we don’t want to be the rightful owners.

The recognised name of our country is New Zealand. Every map and Atlas I have ever seen lists this country as New Zealand. I understand that the name Aotearoa was a name given to the North Island by another group of immigrants to these islands - the Maori. I am getting sick and tired of a minority group whining loudly and those in power pandering to their whims to retain power. A sad indictment for the future of my grandchildren.

Wild Kiwi fruit Simply superb No under arm bowling, no ball tampering. Just a totally superb, professional sporting achievement by our cricketing maestro’s. Undoubtedly underlines the ever increasing reality that Cricket is now our true National game. Congratulations Kane, Ross, BJ & the whole champion team.

Walk to school I don’t understand why more kids don’t walk or bike to school. Blenheim isn’t that big, so for most kids it would take them under 30 minutes. I notice in the school holidays how deserted the roads are compared to term time, it’s great.

Unsafe loads Come on local skip hire companies tell your cowboy drivers to secure their loads instead of losing it.

All time low for rugby Has our former national game hit an all time low level with the appointment of Aaron Smith as stand in captain for the latest international fixture? Appointing a back as the captain is certainly a step up, but a player that can’t / won’t tackle and uses techniques of throwing irrational no look passes to avoid having to take tackle... really. A sad and sorry situation for what used to be a great team and game in NZ.

There is Old Mans Beard smoothing vegetation everywhere in Marlborough and now we are told to keep an eye out for Wild Kiwi Fruit. Get rid of Old Mans Beard first!

Great show kids Talented kids at Bohally Atarangi production, was absolutely fantastic! For those that didn’t see it you missed a fantastic performance. Congratulations to Bohally Intermediate students and staff on your recent school production held at ASB Theatre. Awesome, inspiring and entertaining. Thanks to Tom Knowles (and Lindy) and every single person involved.

Accommodation for homeless TV3 shame on you I looked forward to watching the Wimbledon Mens Finals and in the second set TV3 did a news update showing the finalist, what a big disappointment. They need to sort themselves out and don’t do news updates in their many advertising breaks. So disappointed! How many others picked up on that?

When does it end Where did our Jacinda ever get the saying we are one. Everyday the wedge gets driven in further, why am I at 79 still paying for something that happened 200 so years ago, all of us. All the different rules. Are all countries in the world doing the same for wrongs?

Hi Z stations After having a Flybuys card for years, found it quite useless, if you weren’t buying in bulk, so recently cut this up. I was under the impression Wednesday was the day for ‘olds’ to get discount off petrol. Well... true if you had flybuys card. Now I’ve had to learn how to pour my own petrol when calling into your stations. I think after dealing with you for many years about time I went somewhere that gives a discount to us oldies.

I have a mate that went into a motel for a week. They got told to leave because there were big wigs coming into town. So this homeless person got told to leave. What is that! All about the money.

txt talk

of the week New EV

New EV, then on an early freezing, raining, dark morning set off to town, radio on with music, lights, wipers and heater as normal. Net minit 52kms from home car is dead! Tow to dealer, told to keep hush about it! So without house voltage enough to charge the car, they hooked it up to the diesel generator! That’s west coast pure genius. Car sold back to a new Isuzu ute! Cheaper! We welcome your texts on 027 242 5266. Limit to 70 words please. Name supplied please. We reserve the right to publish at our discretion. Please note the opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Sun management.

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No to Winston Winston is back and predictably aiming his message at society’s lowest common denominator, and finding his target regrettably.

Re: We don’t want gangs You can attend church and not be a Christian. When a person has a genuine conversion to Christ there is a change that takes place in the person. Sitting in church does not make that happen, neither does being religious.

Just doing their job Parking wardens are there to help you. If you don’t know how to use the metre, just ask them. Don’t abuse them for issuing you a ticket when you haven’t used the machine properly or you have over stayed your time!

Why all going out of town? Any truth in the pending move of Harvey Norman to Westwood by Pak N Save, K Mart and Bunnings? Last one out of the CBD turn the lights out please.

Re: Jacksons/Old Renwick Rds Agreed, crazy speed limits. What planet is the man on. Trying to make our roads safer. Old Renwick Rd 80kms. A notorious intersection where there’s been a few dead bodies has 100kms coming into it at Jackson’s Rd/Old Renwick Road. Not clearly thought out was it?

A huge thank you To all the Civil Defence, Fire & Emergency, Police, Lines Company, Council staff and Councillors and everyone who helped with emergency accommodation etc during the floods. Amazing work and effort to keep us safe. Thank you and well done.

Holiday activity Thanks Sun for this cool colouring page. My kids love having this to do in the holidays.

Got an important issue to share with Marlborough?

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During the recent flooding in Marlborough we were called upon by the community to assist with restoration and recovery.

Carpet Cleaning speCialists Dan Riddell Owner Operator

0800 737 449

We hope we are able to ease your stress and provide some support during this very stressful time.

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The Sun

16 Wednesday July 28, 2021

Sun Babies

1 Main St, Blenheim 022 622 9778

Excited to bring you this weeks Sun Babies

EcoWorld goes to High Court Williams: Lela Born 25 June 2021 Weight 9lb 6oz Hospital Wairau

On July 16 2021, Port Marlborough was served with a notice of High Court proceedings in relation to the dispute over the ending of its lease with the Picton EcoWorld Aquarium and Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. A statement from Port Marlborough says that the proceedings argue that EcoWorld is entitled to a renewal of its lease or a new lease.

Port Marlborough says it will be defending the proceedings while at the same time seeking an order from the Court giving it possession of the land. The High Court action means that the law of sub judice applies and the publication of any information by any party that could prejudice a fair trial of the matter could be ruled as Contempt of Court. Therefore, it cannot be published before the trial.

Mike and Ramona are excited to announce the safe arrival of their daughter Lela. A massive thank you to Ange and Bron for your ongoing support and the staff in the maternity ward.

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HAD A BABY? Tell the rest of Blenheim for FREE.

If you missed our reporter at the hospital then send your new arrival photos and details to


John Reuhman, director of Picton's Ecoworld and Wildlife Sanctuary, which is being closed, was with these supporters in a silent protest outside the national local government conference at the TSB Theatre and Convention Centre on Thursday, July 15.



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The Sun

Wednesday July 28, 2021 17

Team effort as disaster strikes

The Minister of Primary Industries Damien O’Connor, at left, and Marlborough Mayor John Leggett, at right, were in the control room on Monday to be given an update on the situation by incident controller Richard McNamara. They later visited some of the worst-hit areas.

Glyn Walters, MDC Communications Manager, with incident controller Richard McNamara, who wasn’t going to let an earlier injury keep him out of the action during the flooding. By Glenise Dreaver

Catherine Coates, group welfare manager for Marlborough Emergency Management, says the response to the flooding emergency of July 17-18 was very much a team effort. “I’m not leading this response – I’m just part of an official and community response,” she says, adding they were all dealing with a “very dynamic” situation. It was a wakeful Friday night monitoring the Marlborough District Council’s Floodwatch site and by Saturday morning and after a conversation with the group manager Brian Paton, she decided she’d go in and set up. “I could have gone home if not needed.”

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The welfare “dream team” of council volunteers swung into action during the recent flooding emergency. From left they are Charlotte Wood, Lifelines co-ordinator Amanda Smith and Natalie Lawler.

Catherine Cooke, group manager welfare, briefs Marlborough’s Deputy Mayor Nadine Taylor, operations manager Gary Spence and Glyn Walters, MDC Communications Manager on the issues facing the district as they move into recovery mode.

But the early start was better, she said, than having to race in, adrenaline running. It wasn’t long before they realised there was going to have to be evacuations. “The Tua Marina area. Wairau Bar Road, Renwick Terraces. Then Spring Creek.” Catherine says it was fortunate that most evacuees found their own accommodation with family and friends, and this is quite usual. “Most of us have the networks we need to help ourselves, at least in the short term.” However, as evacuation numbers increased, Omaka marae “stood up,” she said, housing and feeding some 60 people overnight. The Red Cross team operating at the Stadium also did what Catherine describes as an “amazing” job,

helping people with information about accommodation. By Sunday, most people were able to go home and on Wednesday building inspections of the worst affected homes had begun to decide what work was needed before residents could go back. Catherine offers guidelines for people who need to leave their homes in an emergency. “For example, your pets have to come with you.” Some motels will take pets and some people may need to book their pets into a boarding kennel or cattery. She also suggests having a plan in case you ever need to evacuate: Think about your pets, and keep a “grab bag” of essential items For those at the Emergency Operations Centre in With-

Catherine Cooke, at the Marlborough District Council’s Emergency Control Centre in Wither Road as the team moves into recovery mode after Marlborough’s flooding disaster.

er Road, Saturday and Sunday were long days she said, but staff were able to get home each night. “I left about 10.30pm on both Saturday and Sunday and it was the same for all those on the incident management team.” Over the long hours they had also kept an eye on each other, “I was chased out if I needed a break,” she said. Having covered the original response mode, by Monday July 20 they had started moving towards recovery mode, which included cleaning up roads, building inspections and providing advice to people about working with insurance companies. They were also visited by the Minister for Primary Industries Damien O’Connor, taking him into the operations centre and showing

hi some of the parts of Marlborough most affected by the storm. Some roads were open within hours of the floods receding. “Others are going to be closed for a longer time.” These include parts of the Marlborough Sounds which have badly damaged roads. “Those residents may have to temporarily at least,, have to travel by boat. ” Their team will be continuing to support people she says, with some need for help as people return to their properties and realise what damage had been done. Those needing continuing support can, says Catherine contact council on 03 520 7400, who will pass your details on to the right team or get in touch on welfare@marlborough.

MARLBOROUGH’S FAVOURITE LOCAL Finalists in the 'Best Local' and 'Excellence in Gaming' Categories. Visit our Facebook page and click on the link to vote! 80 High Street, Renwick, Marlborough Phone 03 572 8007


The Sun

Wednesday July 28, 2021


Death notices

URGENT services Urgent Care Centre: Wairau Hospital Grounds. Entry off Hospital Rd, Blenheim, 8am-8pm daily. Phone (03) 520 6377. Ambulance: Urgent 111. Non urgent 579 4870. After Hours Chemists: Springlands Pharmacy: Monday - Friday 8.30am 6pm, Saturday 9am - 5pm, Sunday and Public Holidays 10am - 5pm. Closed Christmas Day. Ph 578 2271. Community Care Pharmacy: Within the Blenheim Warehouse, open 7 days 9am-8pm. Only closed Christmas Day. Lifeline Marlborough: 0800 543354, 24hr helpline. Women’s Refuge and Sexual Violence Support Centre Marlborough: Crisis line number phone 0800 refuge or 03 5779939. Victim Support: 0800 VICTIM (0800 842 846) Alcoholics Anonymous: 0800 AA WORKS - 0800 229 6757. Citizens Advice Bureau: Free, friendly, confidential advice. Mon - Fri 9.30am 4pm. Phone 578 4272. Wairau Hospital: Hospital Visiting Hours: Daily 11.30am-7.30pm, children under 12 may visit parents only. Maternity Ward: 10am-noon, 4pm-7pm. Children's Ward: Daily 10am-8pm. Visiting at all times is subject to the discretion of the nurse in charge of the ward. Picton: Ambulance: Urgent 111. Non-urgent 579 4870. Chemist: Picton Healthcare Pharmacy. Ph 573 6420 Mon -Fri 8.30-5.30pm, Sat 9-2pm. Medical Centre Pharmacy, Ph 928 4265, Mon-Fri 8am-5.30pm

news tips Send your tips to

Wednesday 72 High Street, Phone 03 577 7868

BEAN, Esther Marion: Passed away suddenly, on Monday July 19, 2021 at Hospice Marlborough. Aged 83 years. Much loved wife of the late Godfrey, loved mother of James (deceased), Murray, Danny and Christine. Grandmother of Sarah-Jane and John Marshall, Melissa, Cassandra and Adam; great grandmother of Riley, Jorgia and Amelia Marshall, Sophie and Liam Bean. Special thanks to all who have provided care and support for our Mum. Messages may be sent to 161A Scott Street, Blenheim 7201. We will so much miss you Mum; reunited with Dad and may you both rest in peace. A cremation has taken place.

HUTCHISON: Alison Mae 29.09. 1936 – 14.06.2021 The Hutchison family would like to thank Dr Ed and Dr Jenny O’Donnell for their wonderful care of Alison for over 60 years and to Springlands Lifestyle Village for their wonderful care of Alison while in your care. The Blenheim Rowing Club, sincere thanks for your support. To our wonderful friends and neighbours, to all the people that attended Alison’s farewell, David Buckley, Cloudy Bay Funeral Services for the wonderful farewell for Alison, sincere thanks to everyone. Thank you all for the cards and flowers sent to 17C Leitrim Street. As many addresses are unknown, please accept this as our personal thank you. A private interment of Alison’s ashes will take place. To my wonderful family, sincere thanks for all your support over the years and especially while Alison has been ill. Brian Hutchison

McLAUGHLIN, Ross William: On Tuesday July 20, 2021, unexpectedly at Wairau Hospital. In his 78th year. Dearly beloved husband of Lana. Much loved father and father-in-law of Mark & Nicola, Kaylene & Shannon, Maree & Bundy. Adored Grandfather of Finley, Greer, William, Caleb, Jessica, Ruby, James and Everleigh. Loved Step-Grandfather of Brooklyn & Ameira. Cherished Brother-InLaw of Nola & Gary Carter and loved uncle of his nieces and nephew. Best friend of his loyal dog Kate. Messages may be sent to 12 Hale Street, Blenheim 7201. At Ross’s request, a private farewell has been held. Respectfully cared for by GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ Tel 03 578 4719

Respectfully cared for by GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ Tel 03 578 4719

FISHBURN, Graeme David: On Sunday July 18, 2021, unexpectedly whilst with friends in Westport. Aged 58 years. Cherished son of David and Kath. Loved father of Wayne, Dennis, Samantha and PJ. Loving partner of Stephanie. Loved grandfather of all his grandchildren. Much loved brother of Barry and Mel, Joy and Joe; awesome uncle of all his nieces and nephews. Messages may be sent to 295A Anakiwa Road, RD 1, Picton 7281. In lieu of flowers, a donation to the Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter Trust would be appreciated and may be made to account number 03-07030370729-01, ref FISHBURN. A celebration of Graeme’s life was held at the Queen Charlotte Yacht Club, Shelley Beach yesterday.

YORKE, George Stanley Beresford: Passed away peacefully at home on Sunday July 18, 2021. In his 92nd year. Dearly loved husband of the late Doreen. Much loved Dad of Petrina (Tina) and Les, Peter and Janene, Michael and Kara, and Karen (Lizzie). Loved Poppy George of Brendon and Sonya; Callum, Dylan and Rachel, Bryce and Maddy; Nevada and Rawhiti, and Eli; Kyla and Ayla; Sasha, Adele and Aaron, and great grandson Noah. Messages may be sent to P O Box 46, Picton 7250. Special thanks to all who helped in his final hours. In lieu of flowers, a donation to Life Flight would be appreciated and may be made directly to account 03-0578-0048481-000, ref YORKE. In accordance with George’s final wishes, a private farewell has been held.

Respectfully cared for by GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ Tel 03 578 4719

Respectfully cared for by GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ Tel 03 578 4719

KIRBY, Judith Mary (Judy): On Wednesday July 21, 2021, suddenly at Wairau Hospital, Blenheim. Aged 77 years. Much loved partner of Gary, dearly loved mother of Carolyn and Richard, and mother-in-law of Derek and Rachel. Loved nana of Matthew. Loved sister of Stewart and Glenda, and Howard and Pip. Messages may be sent to the Kirby Family, c/- P O Box 110, Blenheim 7240. A farewell service for Judy has been held.

BOWMAN-RUTLEDGE, Lynette Ann: On Monday July 26, 2021, at Maxwell Lifecare. In her 77th Year. Eldest daughter of Don and Naomi Cameron, sister to Alyson. Survived by her sons Neil and Chris, and grandchildren Jacob, Olivia, Cameron and Mitchell. Messages may be sent to the Bowman Family, c/P O Box 110, Blenheim 7240. In accordance with Lyn’s wishes, a private cremation has taken place. A memorial service will be held at a later time, date to be advised.

Respectfully cared for by GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ Tel 03 578 4719

In Memoriam YORKE, Lloyd Sydney 29/07/2020 Dearly loved Dad and Grandpa, Always in our hearts, We miss you more each day. Jason, Angela and Andrew

YORKE, Lloyd Sydney 11/09/1950 - 29/07/2020 It’s been a year since you were sadly taken from us in a tragic car accident. We miss you terribly. You are in our thoughts and hearts forever. Love you always. Pam, Darryl and Hayley, Jason and Angela, Karla. Grandpa to Alana, Gemma, Andrew, Kaitlin and Evelyn.

Church Notices Lighthouse Christian Fellowship Senior Citizens Hall, 172 High Street. Sundays 10 a.m. All welcome. 5785030.

Respectfully cared for by GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ Tel 03 578 4719

Call 03 570 2298

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Wednesday July 28, 2021 19

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Wednesday July 28, 2021 Situations Vacant

Situations Vacant

Renwick Arms Country Club

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Managers position

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30hrs/week approx. Night/weekend work involved Bar managers/drivers licence essential WANTED: One super organised, bubbly individual to manage our club ASAP Experience in hospitality a must. Successful applicant will be subject to a police check/ drug test Email: for a copy of job description.

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Please apply by email to by 13th August.

Situations Vacant

Situations Vacant


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PHARMACIST We offer a full range of pharmacy services including Vaccinations, Blood pressure and Glucose readings, Oral contraceptive, ECP, Smoking cessation, TMP and Sildenafil. Training available if necessary.

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We have vacancies for the above staff to work on a range of projects around Blenheim. We offer good wages, overtime, and the opportunity for further training. Please apply in confidence by supplying a brief CV and contact phone number. Email CV to: ph 03 579 2284 or Ron Findlater 021 464 232


Library Assistant (Part time – Fixed term) Marlborough is a globally-connected district of smart, progressive, high-value enterprises, known for our economic efficiency, quality lifestyle and wellbeing, caring community, desirable location and healthy natural environment. Marlborough District Council is a dynamic and progressive organisation which prides itself on the professionalism it brings to managing services such as the Marlborough District Library. The Marlborough District Library has two part time Library Assistant roles. These roles are both on a fixed term contract period of 12 months. We are looking for people who enjoy working in a team and are energized by people. You will have excellent front line customer service skills, a natural affinity with adults from all walks of life, an enthusiasm for working with children and have a warm and friendly manner. As a Library Assistant you will assist customers with book selection, internet and database use, troubleshoot mobile devices, deliver children’s programmes and get new stock shelf ready. You will be well organised, with a great attention to detail. You will also be confident using new technology. The hours of these roles are 20 hours per week, with rostered weekends. The hours of work will be: • Monday: 9.00 am – 1.00 pm. • Tuesday: 9.00 am – 1.00 pm. • Wednesday: 8.30 am - 12.30 pm. • Thursday: 9.00 am – 1.00 pm. • Friday: 9.00 am – 1.00 pm. Or • Monday: 1.00 pm – 5.00 pm. • Tuesday: 1.00 pm – 5.00 pm. • Wednesday: 8.30 am - 12.30 pm. • Thursday: 1.00 pm – 5.00 pm. • Friday: 1.00 pm – 5.00 pm. Applications close at 5.00 pm on 11 August 2021. Applications should be made online via the careers page where you will find full information on the vacancy and how to apply. For further information you are welcome to contact Jane Robinson (Blenheim Librarian) on

Thank you to allAssistant our volunteers Health Care

special someone join our team in this You reallyto do make a difference new position as aaffected Health Careby Assistant for for people dementia. our Wither Road Day Programme. Alzheimers Marlborough | 8 Wither Road, Blenheim | 577-6172 Hours of work Monday- Friday 9.30am-3.30pm The ideal applicant will need to have • Empathy • An understanding of dementia • Be able to laugh • Work as part of a team • A wide range of abilities from craft work to physical activities • Previous Care working experience

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That special someone we are looking for would ideally have a level 2 or 3 Health Care Assistant, or similar certificate and be prepared to work towards a level 4 qualification, while being supported by Alzheimers Marlborough. For a job description or to send in your CV email or drop it up to the office 8 Wither Road, Blenheim, attention Catherine. Job descriptions are also available from the office.

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Applications close on Friday 6th August 2021

Thank you to all ourDay volunteers Community for their support for our organisation. Programme facilitator You really do make a difference Alzheimers Marlborough are seeking a super people affected byposition dementia. starfor to join our team in this new asAlzheimers Community Day Programme Facilitator. Marlborough | 8 Wither Road, Blenheim | 577-6172 Hours of work are Monday and Tuesday from 830am- 3.00pm with the possibility of this role extending. The ideal applicant will have knowledge of or a certificate in • Community Work, Diversional Therapy or Health Care. • Have empathy • Understanding of dementia • Team player • Wide range of interests • Awareness of our community The position will involve running the Community Day programmes, for our community clients, with supervision from our Diversional Therapists, Community Worker and Dementia Navigator/RN. The programme consists of social and cognitive activities, outings and fellowship for our clients living in the Community with dementia. For a job description or to send in your CV email or drop it up to the office 8 Wither Road, Blenheim, attention Catherine. Job descriptions are also available from the office. Applications close on Friday 6th August 2021

The six colours of the Olympics – blue, yellow, black, green, red, and the white background – were chosen because every nation’s flag contained at least one of them

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Annual General Meeting 7pm - Wednesday, August 4, 2021 Riversdale Community House 131 Budge Street.

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Wednesday July 28, 2021 21

These Boomers are A-Ok Sir Roger Hall’s critically acclaimed show, about two spirited seniors, is coming to the Top of the South. New Zealand’s most successful playwright, Sir Roger Hall is opening his latest play, ‘Winding Up’, in Blenheim on August 19. The comedy revisits not only Roger Hall’s signature brilliance in comedy playwriting, but also two beloved characters who were at the heart of his smash-hit play, ‘Conjugal Rites’, which went on to theatre in the UK and became a popular British TV series in the 1990s. Now in their seventies, Barry and Gen are coping with failing health, death of friends, estranged family, the need to downsize and (God help everyone) planning their funerals. These fiercely-OK Boomers will be played by two of the country’s most celebrated comic actors, Mark Hadlow and Alison Quigan, who memorably performed together in Auckland Theatre Company’s production of Hall’s Last Legs in 2017. Director Colin McColl says “Alison and Mark are great friends and have known each other since their drama school days. They are each superb actors on their own, but put them together and it’s comic dynamite”. Winding Up will showcase Hall in classic form, demonstrating yet again his inimitable wit and knowing insight. Tickets for the Summerset Retirement Villages season of Winding Up are now on sale.


The Blenheim Sun is giving away two double-passes to Winding Up. Simply email your name and best contact number to The first two entries received will win.

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BLUE DOOR AGM Date: Thursday, August 19 at 12.30pm Place: Nativity Church Lounge Business: Presentation of Annual reports Election of Officers A light lunch will be served at 12.30pm with the meeting to follow. All welcome

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Wednesday 28 July Lions’ Club of Blenheim: Serving the community for over fifty years. Like to know more about the Lion’s Club? Would you be interested in becoming a Lion? Tea meetings are held on 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month. Contacts: Delphine Lee 029 942 5004 or Helen Williams 021 145 8572. Marlborough Multicultural Centre: Special morning tea. We have invited Marama Matthews, Community Connector - Whanau Tuhono at Maata Waka to be present while we have a conversation around how Covid may have impacted the lives of our families off shore and how that may be affecting us. Always warm and welcoming. Please join us from. 10.30am - 11.30am.

Thursday 29 July Stepping Up – Smart Phones: Marlborough District Library 9am - 11am. This course is all about smartphones for the new user. It covers both Android and Apple phones. This class covers, gestures, apps, text messages, camera, mobile data usage, how to make calls and more. Please bring your cell phone to class. Bookings are essential, adults only. Contact Marlborough District Library to register for this course. New Beginners Class Tai Chi & Qigong: Redwoodtown Hall 2-3pm. All welcome to

join a relaxed fun and class especially for learners. Regular classes follow at 3pm and 5:15pm Contact Nancy at lasfronteras@xtr. 572 2884.

Friday 30 July Book Sale: Marlborough District Libraries. 9am - 6pm. Looking for bargain books? The main sale opens at 9am and continues on Saturday and Sunday. There’s something for everyone in the sale, from adult fiction, non-fiction and large print titles through to magazines and children’s books.

Sunday 1 August Blenheim Riverside Railway: Steam Train is being hauled by locomotive Donald. Return trips on: Beaver Line at 1.15pm. Adult $22, child $10 and Omaka Line at 3pm. Adult $15, child $7. Working bee at the Grovetown Lagoon: 9.30am. Meeting at the Wairau Rowing Club on Steam Wharf Road.  or check our facebook page.

Tuesday 3 August Blenheim Choral Society: Weekly practice sessions. 7pm - 9pm. Every Tuesday until August 24. The Blen-

heim Choral Society was formed in 1962 and is the longest-established choir in Blenheim. Our choir has a mixture of ages and abilities, but we all have one thing in common: we love to sing. We meet once a week, for two hours. We are very fortunate to have New Zealand baritone, Robert Tucker as our musical director. There is a very modest yearly subscription to be a member of the choir. No auditions necessary.

Stepping Up – Computer Basics 2: Marlborough District Library 9am - 11am Follows on from Computer Basics 1. In this course you will learn about the basic functions of a computer, practise your typing and learn to create and save documents in folders. Places are limited, adults only. Contact Marlborough District Libraries to register for this course. Jamboree Fundraiser: 7-8pm. Marlborough Youth Centre. A fundraiser to get Blenheim Guides / Rangers to Jamboree. The trials and tribulations of Chief Engineer on board the aircraft carrier HMS ILLUSTRIOUS: A light hearted look at ‘life in a blue suit’ by Lieutenant Commander Helen (HJ) Ashworth Royal Navy (retired). Raffles on the night. Coffee/tea and sweet for $5 No EFTPOS. Entry by ticket only $15 each. Contact Mario on 021 0261 7890.

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22 Wednesday July 28, 2021

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Bryers buoyant about trotting pair By Joshua Smith, Harness News Desk

Blenheim trainer Merv Bryers has made the long trek down to Christchurch where he will line up Monaro Mako and Kenny Keko in the Lamb & Hayward Trot (2600m) at Addington Raceway on Sunday. Monaro Mako recorded his maiden victory at the track earlier this month and Bryers said his patience is finally starting to pay off with the three-year-old gelding. “He has improved a lot. He is going really well at the moment,” Bryers said. “I said to John (Dunn, driver) before his last start that he had been working really well, and he said to me after the race ‘You are right’.” Monaro Mako will be joined in Sunday’s race by stablemate Kenny Keko and Bryers is expecting an improved performance from the filly after she faded late last start after sitting parked. “I am hoping that the filly will go away. She normally steps pretty good, but she got caught flat-footed last start. Hopefully she will lead and he will trail,” Bryers said. “She is a little bit green. When she is left out in the open she gets a little bit lost. I still think it was a

pretty good run from her last start with the step up in grade.” While pleased with both runners heading into Sunday, Bryers is leaning towards Monaro Mako as his better chance. “Monaro Mako would be the pick of the two. He has been working the better of the two lately, he is thriving,” he said. While it is a long trip from Blenheim to Christchurch, Bryers said it won’t concern his two runners, with the pair now being seasoned travellers. “The travel won’t affect them at all. I think they quite like going down there,” he said. “We have got an uncle who lives in Woodend and he has got a 12 acre block there with a track, so it works out really well for us. We head down on Saturday, race Sunday, and come back on Monday.” While Bryers has been training for the last four seasons, his career in harness racing spans back to the 1970s. “When I left school I was four foot eight and I went to work with horses in Takanini, but then I started to grow and I was too big to be a jockey, so I got involved with the trotters and started to work for Monty Kerr,” he said. “I became what they called a probationary driver, which is now a junior driver, and I had quite

Blenheims Merv Bryers all smiles after Monaro Mako won at Addington Raceway recently with driver John Dunn in the sulky.

a few winners in my first year of driving. Then Harness Racing New Zealand gave me an open licence. “I was out on my own then and it was really hard. I raced for about a year or so and then I walked away from it.” Bryers returned to racing in the 1990s before he took another sabbatical. When he moved to Blenheim a couple of years ago his urge

Picton Golf Club Tuesday, July 12 – Watson Cup: Maria McConway 73, Jo Prescott 77, Ricky Ashworth 77. Thursday, July 15: Jerome January 43, Richard Avery, David Bunt 38, Hyram Taylor, Mike McGuire 37, Aaron Wilson, Ian Molloy 36.

Marlborough Golf Club 20 July - Women’s 9 hole Russian Roulette: S Clifford & J Ainge 14, L Andrews & S White 12. July 21, women’s stableford Div.1: Lizzie Turnbull 29. Div.2: Marion Tripe 30, Denise Pickering 26. July 24, women’s stableford Div.1:Lizzie Turnbull 30, Julie Nicolle 28. Div.2: Marion Tripe 36, Vivienne Boyle 24. 

Men’s stableford Div.1: William Harrison 40, Allan Parker 34, Paul Silke 34, Bruce Snowden 34. Div.2:Denis Tocker 37, Lance Nuttall 35, Dave Knappstein 34, David Lightfoot 33, Glenn Kirkwood 32, Trevor McGarry 32. Div.3: Graham McHaffie 32, Michael Dwyer 32, Graeme Parker 31, Ian Newport 30, Jeff Clarke 30.

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Monaro Maro won five races for Bryers before she was sold to Australia where she has won a further 13 races, including the Gr.3 Horsham Trotters Cup (2700m), Gr.3 Derby Royale Trotters Free-For-All (2240m), and Gr.2 Matriarch Trot (2240m). Monaro Mako is a half-brother to the in-form mare, and Bryers is hoping he can turn out half as good as his sibling.

Rarangi Golf Club

Golf Results Saturday, July 10- Nett: Chris Kenchington 66, Hiram Taylor 70, Jeff Pascoe 72, Rich Avery 72, Leigh S/Smith 72, Brian Carver 75, Nick Wright, Jock Mannington 76. Tuesday, July 13 - Single Par: Kaye Keys 2D, Jo Prescott 4D, Judy Jones 6D, Helen McIsaac 7D, Vaughn Atkinson 8D. 

to train returned once more. “My wife and I moved to Blenheim, and I saw the trotting track there and decided to get involved in racing again,” he said. “We started off with Monaro Maro two seasons ago, which Maurice Wharton gave to us because she was only a little wee thing. “She went on to perform well for us and now she is going really well over in Australia.”

Wednesday,July 21 – Men’s Midweek Stableford: Bruce Curgenven 39, John Cootes 39, Phil d’Auvergne 38, Arthur Ross 37, Mike Walker 37, Dennis Wye 36, John Jones 36, Malcolm Dixon 36, Hans Bloemberg 36, Tony Nichol 36, Alan Rutledge 36, Roger Mitchell 35, Allan Shutkowski 35, Neil Reeves 35. Thursday,July 22 – Ladies – Medal: Net Tracy Bary 73, Suzanne Lang 75, Dianne Betts 79. Saturday, July 24 – Men & Ladies Speights Greensome – Gross & Net played over 27 Holes: Men – Gross – Ryan MacDonald/Luke Ryder 113, Net – Dylan Rigby/Tom Bainbridge 97, Donald

Wairau Valley Golf Club Results for Saturday, July 24 - Medal & Putts: Putts: Yvonne Wallace 27, Ann Walker 27, Mike Collins 28, Alf Vanderhulst 28, Roger Restall 28. Ladies: Ann Walker 73, Yvonne Wallace 74, Mel

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Bint/Ben Holden 97.5, Alan Hogg/Peter Browning 101, Terry Lane/Owen Gibbs 101.5, Murray Ingram/Dennis Wye 102.3, Greg Thomas/Jim Thomas 104.4. Ladies – Gross: Andrea Thomas/Emily Stenhouse 110, Net: Tracy Bary/Anne Newman 107.1, Rete Kydd/Jo Prescott 111.6, Kaye Dickson/Sue Greenstreet 113.1. Sunday, July 25 – Men & Ladies Stableford: Men – Luke Ryder 39, Terry Grant 38, Gordon Lang 36, Andrew Fenemor 35, Mike Garrett 34, Blair Bavin 34. Terry Lane 34. Ladies – Tracy Bary 35, Sue Campbell 34, Paula Bavin 33.

Hampton 76, Elaine Brown 77. Mens: Bill Lacey 66, Roger Restall 70, Alf Vanderhulst 72, Bill Linklater 75, Bevan Roughan 75. Twos: John McLauchlan.

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Wednesday July 28, 2021



sports talk With Jacob Page

Olympics don’t sit easy despite the entertainment The Olympics are happening. Six months ago, I would have given you good odds to say they would not. The Tokyo Games are forging ahead in the name of athlete bubbles and hand sanitisation and social distancing. Athletes have already contracted Covid-19 in and around the athletes village and yet this event does not look to be slowing down. Personally, I do not think they should be going ahead. The world has a global pandemic

to deal with and that outranks a sports extravaganza masked as a show of goodwill and unity. The Japanese public seem to have soured on hosting the Olympics many months ago and that is not changing now that athletes are competing. You cannot blame them. No Japanese fan can attend any of the events in the true sense of the word. This event has become a made for television event which generates too

much money to have the pin pulled on it at this point. Rules around health and safety seem to be made up or changed on a daily basis. We have all heard of adaptation, but it is getting a little silly. I have sympathy for the athletes on numerous fronts. Competing at an Olympics I’m sure is a life goal and when you’ve had to wait an extra year, I’m sure those taking part are hungrier for success than ever.

Blenheim sisters meet superstars Blenheim sisters 10-yearold Denyce and 13-yearold Liz Pousima got a taste of the action when they met the superstars of netball on centre court at the Trafalgar Centre before the Tactix vs Magic ANZ Premiership game. Denyce, a Blenheim School student, discovered a new found confidence in her height when she won the chance to meet “super tall” captains Jane Watson (Tactix) and Sam Winders (Magic) and lead the teams onto the court as a part of the ANZ Future Captains programme. Denyce said, “Meeting the Tactix made me feel cool to be tall. It’s a dream of mine to play for the Tactix.” It all started when Denyce’s sports teacher Mrs Caughey applied on her behalf. Denyce felt a little shy about the prospect of meeting the captains but found they were so kind. “It helped that I had my older sister with me,” said Denyce. Liz, a Marlborough Girls College student said. “It was such a fun game to

watch. I picked up so many tips from watching the teams play.” Denyce’s dreams came true when she met her favourite player and fellow shooter Ellie Bird. “I like that she’s tall. I’m one of the tallest girls in my netball team and the second tallest at my school. It felt pretty cool being as tall as some of the Tactix,” said Denyce. Liz, who plays for her school’s A team, loves Kimiora Poi, saying, “she’s so fast, fit, and she stays really light on her feet.” Sitting courtside next to the Tactix was the perfect spot to celebrate their win, scoring the inside scoop on the Tactix coach calls. Liz said. “When the coaches yelled certain code words the Tactix jumped into action! I’ve got to try this with my team.” ANZ head of sponsorship Sue McGregor says ANZ is committed to its support of netballers in Aotearoa from local Blenheim players right up to the elite athletes in the ANZ Premiership and the Silver Ferns.

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assignment is. Like the athletes, it is a career highlight for any sports journalist and I assure you, Guy has worked his tail off for the opportunity he will undoubtedly make the most of. Yes, the sports fan in me is excited to watch sports I don’t pay much attention to outside the Olympics. But that is easy to say from the comfort of my couch. If the Olympics sit uncomfortably for you, rest assured you are not the only one.

I feel for them because that drive to succeed comes at the risk of their health. Regardless of the best intentions of team officials and the International Olympic Committee, Covid-19 may find a way around all precautions. I am also thrilled for childhood friend and sports journalist, Guy Heveldt who is covering the Olympics live in Tokyo for TVNZ 1 News. As a fellow journalist, I know how highly coveted an Olympic Games


The Sun

Cuddon Cycling Marl Saturday, July 31, 1.30pm - Fairhall Hall - Open Grade- Funnel Trophy 41km Handicap, Junior U17 James Bros. Trophy. 20km Handicap. Please assemble 1pm. Open Grade $5. Monday, August 2, 3.45pm - Junior road training and coaching at corner of Dillons Point and Rowberrys Rd, Lower Wairau. All welcome. For further info contact Warren 021663910 or Graham 0278212379. Also see website w w w. for more information.

Marlborough Harrier Club

ANZ Future Captains Denyse Pousima and Liz Pousima during the ANZ Premiership netball match between the Tactix and Magic at Trafalgar Centre in Nelson. Photo Credit ©Michael Bradley.

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Thursday, July 29 – 5.45pm for a 6.00pm start. Meet inside Redwood Community Hall, Oliver Park. For full details go to event/pack-training-run-2/2021-07-29/. Saturday, July 31 - 1.45pm for 2pm start. Pack run The Snout, Picton. All meet at the Snout Track Car Park on Victoria Domain Road. Victoria Domain Road is off the end of Sussex Street on the way to Waikawa. This is an out and back course. Look for the Harrier sign. Post run/walk stay for a chat over afternoon tea. Please bring a plate to share with others. For full details go to

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