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Wednesday September 28, 2011

Values down Land value drop won’t spark rate decrease

Reality check AA’s Mark Stockdale tells motorists to brace for more fuel hikes.

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By Damian George The Marlborough District Council says the recent drop in average house values in the region will not necessarily lead to lower rates for home owners. Figures released in Quotable Value’s threeyearly revaluation of property values on Friday

show the average land value in Marlborough has dropped by 11 per cent. Indicative figures on valuation movements show vineyard and horticulture properties in the Blenheim vicinity have been hit hardest, down by 39 per cent from 2008. Residential properties have dropped by 15

per cent in Blenheim and 16 per cent in Picton, while commercial properties in the Blenheim vicinity have dropped by 22 per cent. Council chief financial officer Martin Fletcher says the impact on home owners’ rates will depend on how their area has been affected. Continued Page 3.

Council wants green space kept An artist’s impression of the proposed Speight’s Ale House on High St, Blenheim.

Spirit and passion Community support worker Lynette Stanley pours her heart into her role at Bread of Life Trust Blenheim.

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This initial sketch of the building, published in the Marlborough District Council’s report Blenheim Town Centre: A Vision for the Future, was not to scale.

Summer Weddings All you need to know to plan your dream wedding this summer.

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Everyone gets The Sun Total market coverage in Marlborough

Marlborough mayor Alistair Sowman says talks with Lion Nathan about establishing a Speight’s Ale House in Blenheim will continue, but he wants to preserve public space near the proposed site. The Marlborough District Council and Lion Nathan have been discussing the space on High St overlooking the Taylor River as a possible site for the Ale House.

Mr Sowman told The Sun he is conscious of not undermining the green space between the land and the river. “The initial concept sketches in the Urban design strategy were not to scale, and we have asked our landscape designers to have another look at this project and consider how we might accommodate both,” he says.

Mr Sowman says the council made a commercial decision to buy the land in order to make best use of it. He says he likes the proposed Ale House design as it complements nearby restaurant Raupo and is visually appealing. A Wellington developer had planned to build apartments on the site before the council bought it.


The Sun

Wednesday September 28, 2011

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About 6500 cables were reconnected when the Aratere was cut in half during its refurbishment in Singapore. Photo: Supplied

Ferry returns bigger and better Interislander’s Cook Strait ferry Aratere has returned to New Zealand bigger and better, following a five-month refurbishment in Singapore. The ferry, which arrived back in Wellington on Friday, has been extended to increase passenger capacity by 100 per cent and rail freight and vehicle capacity by 30 per cent. The $53 million project has seen a new 30-metre mid-body installed in the ship [increasing its length to 183m], as well as a new stern profile, bow and generators. Aratere has also received a

significant upgrade to its onboard service with the addition of four lounges, a refurbished lounge bar, a new shop and an upgraded food court. The lounges include an Aratere Plus Premium Lounge, Quiet Lounge, Truck Stop drivers’ lounge and family lounge. Interislander general manager Thomas Davis commended the effort of master Bob Nixon and the crew for bringing the ship back safely and speedily. It set sail for Singapore on April 26. “There have been a lot of people who have worked very hard on

this project for a long time, and who had spent a lot of time away from home working in difficult conditions for a sustained period of time,” he says. Another feature of the boat will be smoother sailing, with new propellers driven by an improved diesel-electric power plant design. The extra length and new bow and stern will improve the ship’s performance in poor weather, improve fuel efficiency and reduce wash in the Marlborough Sounds. The increase in rail capacity will help meet the demands of the KiwiRail Turn Around Plan.

The two signed All Blacks jerseys auctioned off by Blenheim’s PGG Wrightson store on Saturday have sold for a total of $5500. Both jerseys were signed by all 30 members of the All Blacks’ 2011 Rugby World Cup squad, as well as four of the coaching staff. One jersey was auctioned off to the public, while the other was bid for by guests at the PGG Wrightson function ‘Le Game’. The buyers were Tim and Mizzi Struthers and Johnny and Maria Ryan. The money was raised for charity, and will be split evenly between the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Marlborough Hospice. A ‘pick the score’ competition run by Etec for the All Blacks-France World Cup match raised $400 for the charities, and was won by Michelle Fletcher. Michelle picked a 38-17 All Blacks victory, just one point off the 37-17 scoreline.

Search for missing dog continues Despite a flurry of support and kind messages, the family of missing Fox Terrier ‘Nippy’ have still not managed to locate him. Nippy went missing on September 18 and his family are desperate to find him. “Thankyou to everyone who has shown us support, but we are still wanting any information into his whereabouts so please call us if you know where he is,” a family member pleads. Nippy’s family is offering a reward for his return, so if anyone has any information about Nippy’s whereabouts please phone Michael on 021 728 498.

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The Sun

Wednesday September 28, 2011

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Making a stand: Marlborough tennis coach Michael Mooney is arrested after ignoring a trespass order given to him by the Marlborough tennis Club. Photo by Damian George

Jim Beam Bourbon

Daughter also kicked off property By Damian George Marlborough tennis coach Michael Mooney said he would go to jail over a trespass order issued against him earlier this year, and that is nearly what happened. Mr Mooney, handed the trespass order by the Marlborough Tennis Club in June, was arrested on Thursday after he played on the courts with his daughter and another of his students “to make a point”. He was taken to the Blenheim police station but later discharged. Mr Mooney says the penalty, which stems from a long-running legal battle he has had with the Marlborough Tennis Association, is invalid according to the Trespass Act. His lawyer, John Holdaway, sent a letter to the club supporting this view. Mr Mooney says he has also not been able to obtain a formal state-

ment from either the club or police as to why the trespass order has been issued. Mr Mooney owned and ran a coaching business at the club until his lease expired in June last year. “This is not just a legal issue over a lease agreement, its a violation of human rights,” Mr Mooney told The Sun. “[The club] can’t use its authority to circumvent people’s rights as a member of the public. “You can’t just trespass someone off the land for no reason.” Mr Mooney has also taken umbrage with the fact his daughter Hannah has twice been asked to leave the courts, despite paying the green fee, because of his feud with the club. “I had gone down for a hit with some friends and was rudely asked to leave by [acting president] Judy Shanahan,” Hannah told The Sun. “This happened a second time

when I was asking for membership.” Mr Holdaway’s letter to the club points out, according to the land lease agreement for Marlborough District Council-owned properties, any member of the public has a right to the courts with the exception of 40 private days selected by the club. “Put simply, the [Trespass] Act does not apply to this piece of land,” he states. Marlborough Community Law Centre case worker Kaye McIlveney sent a letter to the club advising independent mediation between the two parties, but the offer was not taken by the club. Club acting president Judy Shanahan made no comment to The Sun about the reasons for the trespass order. Blenheim Police have not returned calls to The Sun inquiring about the grounds for the penalty.

Property value drop won’t lead to rate decrease From Page 1. “The rating valuation is the means of determining people’s share of the total rates payable,” he says. “If your value decreases by less than the average, your rates are going to increase; if your value decreases by more than the average, your rates will go down.” On that basis, it is likely the average rates for vineyard property owners will decrease by 20 per cent, but residential property owners will face a three per cent increase, Mr Fletcher says. The figures show Seddon has experienced the biggest drop in capital value ratings [land value plus improvements] in Marlborough since 2008. That figure has dropped by an average of 18.8 per cent. Havelock has experienced the biggest drop in land value ratings, down 16.1 per cent. “Residential property values have fallen away in the last three

years,” Mr Fletcher says. “There are a number of reasons for that. One is we haven’t got the growth going on in the district at the moment, particularly in the wine industry.” Rates will not be impacted until July 1 next year. Harcourts Marlborough principal Mark Davis told The Sun he feels there has been an increase in activity in the marketplace, but it is yet to show. “There have been a lot of contracts written up in the last eight weeks, but they have taken a long time to settle,” he says. “As that happens, you’ll probably see the result of all that extra activity the agents have been experiencing.” He says first home and lowerpriced properties are generating more interest than higher-priced properties. “Some people have recognised that the market is slow and that

interest rates are low and are taking advantage of that.” Mr Davis says the drop in vineyard property prices is reflective of the recent drop in grape prices. “I think prices will probably rise in the long term back to a more sustainable level for the growers,” he says. “When that happens, the returns will improve and people will start investing in vineyard land again.” Two Marlborough first home buyers told The Sun they had found a wealth of information advising of an impending value correction and used it to accurately value prospective properties. “As a result, the new rateable value on the property we purchased came in well above the purchase price.” • MDC rates are primarily based on the properties land value.



Coach protests trespass order

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The Sun

Wednesday September 28, 2011


The Sun

Free TV recycling New Zealanders will be able to dispose of their old television sets for free at Warehouse stores for the next week as part of the Government’s Love New Zealand recycling programme. Environment Minister Nick Smith says there are currently 2.2 million old cathode ray tube televisions in New Zealand containing 4000 tonnes of lead which the Government does not want going to landfills. “My message to New Zealanders is to grasp this opportunity and take that old TV that is clogging up space in the garage down to The Warehouse so it can be responsibly recycled for free,” he says.

Police reMeMbrance day 2011 Blenheim Police will hold a service at the Clubs of Marlborough RSA Lounge on Thursday to mark this year’s Police Remembrance Day. The annual remembrance day is a chance for police to pay their respects to officers killed in the line of duty. Police Remembrance Day falls on the feast day of the Archangel Michael - the patron saint of Police.

Reality check for motorists By Damian George The AA has a simple message for Marlborough motorists: fuel prices may not be this low for much longer. Motorists have been stung by two petrol price rises since the end of August, with the price of 91-octane jumping from $2.03 per litre to $2.10. But AA petrol prices spokesperson Mark Stockdale says New Zealand’s current high dollar is the only thing preventing prices at the pump from being much higher. “There does need to be a little bit of a reality check for motorists,” he says. “While we might think $2.10 for a litre of petrol is a lot, we are going to have to get used to the idea of rising fuel prices, because our exchange rate is unlikely to remain as high as it currently is.” The New Zealand dollar was trading at 78 US cents as of yesterday, having dropped from a

record high 87 US cents in July prices could rise, but points this year. out the price of 91-octane has Mr Stockdale says the more it doubled and the price of a drops, the more prices are likely barrel of oil duadrupled in the to rise, but this is not the only last decade. problem. “If the last ten years is any“At the same time, oil prices thing to go by, what might that and commodity prices for remean in the next ten years?” fined fuel are only going to However, the news is not all continue to rise,” he says. bad. “Global demand is increasing Mr Stockdale says prices were and that’s not being matched by predicted to be above $2 all increasing supply. year in 2011, but have already “We are running out of cheap dropped under that mark, albeit sources of oil - we know how Mark Stockdale briefly. much oil is left, and we’re going Cars are also becoming more to run out.” fuel efficient and new models are expected to Mr Stockdale says new oil sources are being half fuel consumption within ten years, he says. discovered but cost a lot more to extract oil Motorists worried about the price of fuel from as they are deep below the sea. should implement tips provided on the AA He says it is impossible to predict how high website.

Whooping Cough in Nelson Marlborough Nelson Marlborough has had an upsurge of Whooping Cough (pertussis) cases in the last two months. Nelson Marlborough Medical Officer of Health Dr Jill Sherwood says since the beginning of August the district has had 14 cases of whooping cough and in September so far there have been 14. There are a further 13 cases under investigation. She says this disease is especially serious for babies who have not yet been immunised. “To reduce the risk of whooping cough and other illnesses, parents should keep young babies away from anyone with a cough. Adults and older children with coughs may have

unrecognised whooping cough and are often the source of infection for babies.” Dr Sherwood advises parents to see their GP quickly if they were concerned about their health or the health of their child as antibiotics prescribed early in the illness could decrease the acuity of the symptoms. Parents are urged to ensure their children, especially their babies, are up to date with their whooping cough vaccinations. Babies should be vaccinated at six weeks, three months and five months while children should have booster doses at four and eleven years. Whooping cough symptoms start with a

Sun giveaway winners

backing black Marlburians will be able to pledge their support for the All Blacks when the touring BackingBlack van arrives in Blenheim next Saturday. The van, nicknamed Bernie, will capture fans’ messages of support for the team as it heads into the knockout stages of Rugby World Cup 2011. It will also include five inflatable rugby games and give away various prizes. BackingBlack will be at Pollard Park from 10am-4pm.

Congratulations to the five winners o f T h e S u n’s Rugby World Cup ANZ Supporter’s Pack giveaway. The Sun received more t ha n 9 0 entries for the draw since it was advertised in last week’s edition. Prize packs will be delivered to the addresses provided. Winners: John Webster, Waikawa; Graeme Willetts, Redwoodtown; Roxana Jones, Blenheim; Tracy Rice, Blenheim; A Canon, Blenheim.

runny nose and dry cough. Coughing gets worse over the next few weeks developing into attacks of coughing. The ‘whoop’ sound occurs as babies draw a breath after a long coughing attack. Babies might go blue or stop breathing during coughing attacks. Older children and adults may not ‘whoop’, they may just have a cough while babies, children and some adults may vomit after coughing attacks. Dr Sherwood said that if anyone has a cough; that lasts for more than a week, or is severe especially in a baby not yet fully immunised, or there are any symptoms suggesting whooping cough they should see their doctor.

Shoebox Appeal ends October 14 By Damian George There are just two weeks left for people to donate much-needed gifts for Operation Christmas Child’s annual Shoebox Appeal. The organisation is calling for Marlburians to donate items as part of the appeal, in which gifts are sent in shoeboxes to children in third world countries in Asia and the Pacific. This year, the boxes will be sent to Cambodia, Fiji and Papua New Guinea. Marlborough co-coordinator Nicole Ecklein says each of the boxes is

designed to suit a boy or girl of a specific age-group, so people should consider this when compiling their boxes. She says items needed the most include jandals, underwear, school supplies, toothbrushes, soap, sunglasses, hats - “all the stuff we take for granted every day”. People can bring the boxes to The Blenheim Sun office, 72 High Street, Blenheim, until October 14. They will be shipped overseas in time for a child to open it by Christmas, Mrs Ecklein says.

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The Sun

Wednesday September 28, 2011


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Wednesday September 28, 2011

one on one with the Sun

The Sun

Hope in face of crisis As the community braces for further rises in petrol, food and living costs there are always people ready and willing to help, whether you need a listening ear or support through tough times, as Celeste Lodewyk finds out.

Lynette Stanley, community support worker, is one of 30 dedicated and passionate staff members who pour their hearts and souls into meeting the needs of people in the community. The Bread of Life Trust is a Christian Charitable Trust which was established in Marlborough in 1992. What first began with 10 volunteers which included committee members and workers, has since grown to encompass 30 staff and around 30 volunteers. While Lynette is fairly new to the Trust’s staff team, her background in social services has played an integral part in her pursuing her true passion, helping those who are less fortunate. “Many of us here have walked the walk and understand the hardships that families and individuals are facing in today’s tough times, so we understand what people are going through,” she says. Lynette joined the Trust nearly two years

ago after relocating to Marlborough from Hamilton. “I have a real love for this work and I’m really passionate about the work that the Trust does within the community, she smiles. “It is really humbling to see the dedication of the staff and volunteers who work so hard to meet the needs of the community.” The Trust has a range of services to offer including the ‘Sheets ‘n’ Things’ shop which Lynette co-ordinates on a daily basis. “This has been a huge bonus for me as I love linen,” Lynette adds. Sheets ‘n’ Things began as a fundraising idea to help raise money for the everyday running of the Trust and its facilities. It began in a mobile van 11 years ago going out into the community, but is now set up as a shop at the Bread of Life Trust Blenheim’s premises at 14b Stevenson Street.

From there used, but good quality linen is sold at affordable prices. It has been a very successful fundraising tool, but following February’s earthquake in Christchurch much of its stocks have been depleted. “We had many Christchurch families coming to Blenheim with very little and sometimes nothing so we set to work helping them to get setup. “But now we are appealing for more linen donations to be made so we can restock the shop, so if anyone can help we would be greatly appreciative,” she says. Another key area which Lynette co-ordinates is the preparation of meals for families in crisis. “Working with a team of volunteers we cook meals using meat that is donated to us and even vegetables from our own garden to make and package meals for these families.

“I have a real love for this work”

“They could be for a struggling family or a young mother dealing with post natal depression. And knowing that these people are grateful for our support makes our work so worthwhile,” she smiles. “There are a lot of families in the community who are finding it hard going, and unfortunately it gets harder every day for them with the cost of living increasing. “That’s why it is our aim to offer people hope and to be there for them, so thankyou to the businesses and volunteers who support our work because without you there might not be a Trust,” she says. The Bread of Life Trust Blenheim offers the following services; Families in Crisis advocacy, budgeting service, counseling, work confidence courses, Employment Focus programmes, OSCAR 4 Kids programmes, Connections (informal Christian services) as well as having a Strengthening Families co-ordinator based at their premises.

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The Sun

Wednesday September 28, 2011



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The Sun

Wednesday September 28, 2011

Sun readers have their say... Q: Should mothers be allowed to keep their babies with them in prison?

Rochelle Harris Blenheim

Joan Climo Blenheim

Claudia Small Blenheim

Cheena Watt Blenheim

Aileen Tyney Blenheim

Salome Taufa Blenheim

I wouldn’t want my child in prison in that environment. I think that children are quite aware of what’s going on as 2 years old. It depends on individual circumstances.

NO. Their babies should be adopted out. They need a better upbringing. Mothers don’t deserve to keep them.

I agree with it as long as it’s a safe environment. It’s important for a mother and child to have that bond.

I think it’s a good thing if they are not going to be in prison long. It’s bonding time for mother and child.

Babies up to 2 years can’t be influenced by their mother’s behaviour. They need to be with their mothers. The children are too young to know what’s going on.

I’m 50-50 about it. Children need to be with their mothers, but saying that, the Mums will find it hard to learn from their mistakes. They will simply have everything they need handed to them.

Milestone Homes Marlborough Mobile 021 844 089 • Visit: email:

Love mowing?

mr green We do - it’s our business!

• Home lawns • Gardening Services • Hedges • Section Clearing • Lawn Care • Tree Pruning & Removal • Chipping Services • Commercial Lawns All our franchisees are security checked and fully insured.

• Blenheim • Renwick • Picton

For a free no obligation quote

Ph: 579 9333


MICHAEL JONES PLUMBING on we now Have a LoCaL PICT Rk PLUMBeR avaILaBLe FoR wo In PICTon & THe SoUnDS. • Domestic/Commercial • Plumbing • Gasfitting • Solar • Underfloor Heating

Phone 03 578 2034

Fax 03 578 2031 •

Shoes & Accessories

Baubles &

Letters to the editor Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even if a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor reserves the right to

abridge letters or withhold unsuitable letters from publication. Send or fax them to the address on page two, or e mail them to Please note that your name and street address must also be provided in e mails.

Kerbside recycling I have to chuckle (or cough) every friday as my kerbside recycling is dutifully collected. Along comes a big green “Environmental” truck, stopping and starting every 20 meters or so, billowing black deisel fumes into the atmosphere as I merrily sip a coffee and feel good about my environmental efforts? I have every confidence this type of atmospheric pollution was a criteria

in the selection of contractors through the rigorous tender process used by Council? It is often referred to as “chain of custody” in the evaluation of such services. Much like tenders for motor vehicles where one of the evaluation criteria is the responsibility the supplier has when the vehicle is disposed of? Ah, but that’s a whole new topic. Budding “greeny”

Lost purse returned! Dear Ed, I lost my purse while shopping in town on Tuesday (20th September). I didn’t realise I had lost my purse until I wanted to purchase something. I then retraced my steps back to all the shops I had been in and didn’t find anything. I then prayed and thought I would go to the police station and hopefully

also going to get behind this and clean up their gardens? Last year it was such a disgrace to showcase our town centre with weeds and grasses growing everywhere. Gardeners

Plumb-tastic service, MJP! The perfect pair for everywhere 8 Arthur Street, Blenheim. Phone 578 3139

Dear Ed, I’d just like to thank Michael Jones Plumbing for their fantastic, speedy, reliable service. Five minutes after I rang they were at my door, and the

4 litre - $25 20 litre - $118 bulk - $4.90/litre All prices include gst

Williams Service centre 1990 ltd

12 Nelson St • Ph 03 578 1021

someone would have brought it in. And thankfully someone did. I just want to say thank you to this person and thank you for your honesty. I know if I had lost my purse in my own country, the purse would be emptied and never returned. Thank you again. Elaine

Business gardens Dear Ed, I notice that MDC gardening section appear to be getting Seymour Square all ready for Garden Marlborough. Can I ask through your paper whether the businesses around town who have gardens in front of their business are

caltex chain bar oil

problem was sorted quickly. It’s so good to know there are professional people out there who know what they’re doing, and care about how they do it! Wet Behind the Ears


All AllCourses Coursesmeet meet the the Department Department of Labours First Aid for of Labour’s First Aid for Workplaces - A Good Practice Workplaces Good Practice Guide (Sept 2009), and all Guide (SeptRequirements. 2009), and all NZQA Training NZQA Training Requirements. New Course timeframes NewtoCourse Timeframes. reduce downtime. 59 ParkersStreet, Road, 33 Redwood Tahunanui, Nelson Blenheim For course information and session times:

Ph: 578 Ph: 5466134 5012

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Sun Healthy Bodies

Blenheim denture studio


Premium Dentures Advanced Prosthetic Treatment (APT)

aPt (advanced Prosthetic treatment) dentures

Natural looks thanks to digital precision

Ph 578 4344

71 Alfred Street, Blenheim FINANCE AVAILABLE

Cancer Society Marlborough Contact us for support and information on any aspect of cancer

h h h

Support services for people diagnosed with cancer Information and support for partners, families and friends Education to promote prevention and early detection of cancer

Email: Website: Forum Building, Market Street, Blenheim, or Ph: 03 579 4379 Fax: 03 579 4381 hours 9:30 - 4:00pm Mon to Fri

0800 Cancer

Improving community well being by reducing the incidence and impact of cancer

Chris parkes from Blenheim Denture Studio says their apt system provides high quality dentures that are the most natural looking and closest fitting prosthetics available.


MoleMax or digital dermoscopy is the analysis of high powered microscopic images of the skin allowing early detection of melanoma and other skin cancers. Dermoscopy can detect melanomas before MoleMax or digital dermoscopy is the theanalysis or digital theyMoleMax areofobvious withdermoscopy themicroscopic nakediseye. analysis high powered of high powered microscopic images of the skin MoleMax orskin digital dermoscopy is the of images the allowing early detection Make anofappointment allowing of early detection of cancers. melanoma and other analysis high powered microscopic melanoma and other skin today to have you skin cancers. Dermoscopy can detect melanomas images of the skin allowing early detection Dermoscopy can detect melanomas before of and your family’s skin before theyand are obvious withcancers. theeye. naked eye. melanoma other they are obvious with the skin naked checked. Dermoscopy can detect melanomas before Make anare appointment they obvious with the naked eye. today to have you Make an appointment and your family’s skin today to have you checked. and your family’s skin Phone 578 1665 checked. 24 George St Blenheim

Mole Checks

24 George Street, Blenheim

Blenheim Denture Studio is the only practice in Marlborough to offer patients the benefits of an APT injection moulded denture. APT is a system that provides high quality dentures that are the most natural looking and closest fitting prosthetics available. Using state of the art technology to replicate the appearance and function of natural teeth APT dentures exceed internationally accepted benchmarks previously set for dentures. Due to the exact fit and strength of an APT denture, problems like multiple adjustments and cracking are virtually eliminated. You get a denture that fits and lasts fantastically. The teeth used are the best available on the market. Their distinctively natural

appearance surpasses anything previously available in dentures. They contain multiple blended layers of dentin and enamel to create a natural, lifelike effect never seen before. This blending of layers guarantees enduring colour stability and long-lasting wear. It also produces a shading effect that is indistinguishable from natural teeth. APT dentures are made from the highest quality materials that are tested and certified for biocompatibility at independent institutes. These materials meet and exceed all the required international standards under very strict quality control procedures. If you wish to see what the best denture available on the market can do for your appearance, confidence and long-term well-being, call Chris and Rachel on phone 578 4344 to book a free-of-charge, no-obligation consultation today.


• FREE Hearing checks. • Diagnostic hearing tests. • Diagnostic hearing tests. • Latest Latest hearing technology. • hearing technology. • Advice and assistance on funding • Advice and assistance on funding and options. andfinance finance options. • and and repairrepair serviceservice • Full Fullwarranty warranty Call us on 03 579 4769 or call Call us on 03 579 4769 or call in to 54 Scott Street Blenheim.

in to 54 Scott Street Blenheim.

t h r e a d w o r m s & y o u r fa m i ly

Removal of Ear Wax using Microscope & Suction A much kinder & safer method of wax removal The only acceptable way for Tinnitus Sufferers

• Glue Ear • Discharging Ears • Dermatitis Mary Tolan (RN) Ear Health Nurse

For an appointment Ph: 03 578 8310 c/- Physiotherapy Centre

Threadworms is one of those awkward subjects that many parents and individuals still feel uncomfortable talking about. But the reality is that Threadworms are infectious and can be easily passed around within a family. Threadworms or otherwise known as their medical term “enterobius vermicularis”, are tiny white worms which live in the rectum of humans and live off some of the nutrients in the intestine. They are about one centimetre in length and while the infected person is sleeping, the females lay eggs around the outside of the anus. If you or your children have threadworms it doesn’t mean that you are unhealthy or unclean. Threadworms aren’t a sign of poor parenting either as anyone can get them. Threadworms occur more

9 Make an appointmentPhone today 578 to have you 1665 and your family’s skin checked. 24 George St Blenheim Phone 578 1665 Ph: 578 1665 24 George St Blenheim


A system that provides high quality dentures that are the most natural looking and closest fitting prosthetics available. Using state of the art technology to replicate the appearance and function of natural teeth.


Ask your clinician for an APT Denture today!

Wednesday September 28, 2011

often in children than adults because children play closely together and the eggs can be passed from one child to another. SymptomS The first sign of infection is usually ‘an itchy bottom’, especially at night. Children may complain of itching around their anus which typically occurs at night as this is when the female worms leave the anus and lay their eggs on the surrounding skin. The glue that sticks the eggs to the skin causes the itch. It irritates the area and causes the child to scratch. However not everyone who is infected will complain of feeling itchy. Finding it hard to concentrate, feeling irritable and not sleeping well could indicate that threadworms are be the cause.

Children can easily be infected with threadworms which may cause them to feel irritable, find it hard to concentrate and not sleep well.

treatment Threadworms are easily treated. Usually the whole family should be treated - this includes parents and other adults who live in the home even if they don’t have any symptoms.

Worm medicines are available as liquids and tablets, chewable tablets and chocolate. Your pharmacist can help you choose a right medicine that will suit everyone in your family as well as give advice on preventing reinfection.


The Sun

Wednesday September 28, 2011

Are you

MATCH ready?

Fab 2X Ultra Concentrate Laundry Powder Range Wattie’s Baked Beans/Spaghetti Regular 420g Limit 4 Assorted 500g



$ 29

$ 99 each




Fresh Tegel NZ Skin-On Chicken Breast Fillets


Hass Avocados

2 for





$ 00


Fresh Sirloin/Porterhouse Steak

Californian Red/Green/Black Seedless Grapes

Anchor Dairy Food/Fresh’n Fruity Lite/Thick & Creamy/Superfruits Yoghurt Range 150g (Excludes Anchor Yoghurt 6x125g Range)

6 Pack


$ 89


99 kg


Talley’s Fries Range 1kg





Fresh Choice Picton, Mariners Mall, Picton. Phone (03) 573-6463 Open 7 days, 7am - 8pm


Sunrise Table Spread 500g





Prices apply from Wednesday 28th September to Sunday 2nd October 2011, or while stocks last. Trade not supplied. We reserve the right to limit quantities. All limits specified apply per customer per day. All prepared meals are serving suggestions only. Props not included. Product range may vary from store to store. Proprietary brands not for resale. Customer Support Freephone 0800 40 40 40.





Signature Range White/Wheatmeal Bread 700g



Next week’s specials available to view from 12 noon each Sunday @ oic i e ic



Save on fuel Petrol discount voucher available instore.

Conditions apply




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Wednesday September 28, 2011


Weddings 2011/2012


ou’ve spent years dreaming of the day you would walk down the wedding aisle, a radiant vision in white. Now the ring is on your finger and it’s time to make that dream a reality with a gorgeous Summer Wedding.

Cakes that make the cut


cake The


Cakes for all occasions Debbie Giles 0211 066 635

hoosing a wedding cake is both a fun and delicious task for couples to do. Traditionally the cake is one of the most important symbols of your wedding and will be a focal point for guests and photographs. The cake can pull together your colours and wedding theme into one beautiful and delicious package. There are endless cake designs and flavour combinations available today and most cake makers are willing to try new and unique ideas. You can choose standard chocolate and vanilla, you can have fruit or pound cakes or you can delight the palate with cheesecake or cakes with a

mousse filling. You don’t have to stop at one flavour either, you can have a different flavour in each tier. For decoration, your cake can be frosted with basic butter cream frosting or rolled fondant or marzipan. You can add lace designs, ruffles and interesting shapes and pipe on any colour to match your theme. Ribbons, flowers, bows and swirls can be created from pulled or blown sugar, icing, pastiage or a combination of tasty ingredients and the real thing. Marzipan and sugar flowers can be accented with real ivy leaves, your imagination is the only limit to the size and appearance of your wedding cake.

Where to start when choosing your wedding cake? Calculate the following: Guests, your budget for the cake, how many tiers, what design, colours and decorations should be included. What will you be using as a cake top, will the cake be the main dessert or will it be part of a sweet table? What do I need to do? Your cake should be ordered well in advance and the cake maker must have a clear idea of what you are wanting. This can be done by showing them sketches, ideas, pictures pulled from magazines, samples of dress colours and a photo of the flowers used in the bouquets.

Planning for ‘Any Eventuality’ We offer assistance with any of these functions and more: Weddings

• Planning • On the Day Assistance • Venue Dressing • Product Sourcing

Special Occasions

Corporate Events

• Conferences • Team Building • Christmas Functions

• Birthdays Any Eventuality Ltd • Anniversaries Karen & Ben Solomon • Engagements P: 03 578 2349 • Kitchen Teas • Stalk Teas K: 021 062 6436 • B: 021 277 6436


ny Eventuality can help you with your wedding or other event. Their services save you time to enable you to focus on the things that matter to you most. Their services include - but are not limited to: product sourcing, short listing vendors and suppliers for your review, venue dressing and help with ideas and keeping you within your budget constraints. With their tailor-made packages to suit your needs and pull your personality through the whole day Any

Eventuality help you create stress-free and perfectly planned events, to cover you for every and any eventuality. They can be involved in your planning with as little as coaching sessions (helping you stay on top of the planning process) or as much as comprehensive planning and production assistance. All packages are tailor made to suit your exact needs for whatever occasion. Any Eventuality can help you with that task you simply just

cannot get around to doing, accompany you to meetings with suppliers and be there on the day to ensure all happens according to plan. Call them today for your one hour free consultation.

Carol Taylor

Marlborough Marriage & Civil Union Celebrant

Friendly personal service for your special day Phone 03 572 5323 Mobile 021 399 649


Wednesday September 28, 2011

The Sun



Wow factor: 2011/2012

Choosing the right

wedding venue Wedding venue ideas:

Whether you have what you want in mind or are starting with a blank page, here are some tips and advice on choosing the perfect wedding venue.

We specialize in: • Locally produced Blue Pearls manufactured into jewellery on-site • Restoration of worn and damaged jewellery and silverware • Custom design and manufacturing • Replacement or re-cutting of lost or damaged stones • Watch batteries

2 London Quay, Picton 7220 Ph/Fax: (03) 5737 351

Historic venues such as castles and country houses are among the locations many dream of for their big day. Reception Hotel wedding receptions are and ceremony: also very popular, plus having The first thing you need to accommodation on the spot is, decide is will your ceremony and of course, a big plus. reception be at the same venue Marquee wedding receptions or separate? are great outdoor options if If you do decide to have them you have access to spacious separate then a number of facgardens or stunning scenic tors need to be considered, such There are many options for wedding ceremony and reception views. A marquee is a great locations, and often it’s the first thing for a couple to decide as transport from the ceremony idea as it can provide shelter on. A marquee is just one option. to reception, time allowed for from wind and the sun and after ceremony photography can be decorated in any theme. Entertainment and refreshments for guests while waitSports or social clubs can provide facilities: ing for you to arrive. Bands for example may need a large great venue options for ceremonies and amount of space to set up, as can a receptions and are often in areas close to Venue capacity: Many venues will not be able to add dance floor so when you are planning accommodation, which is ideal for guests. Restaurant and pubs are also great extra space for guests who arrive at the your reception entertainment, make options to consider, especially as they sure the venue can cater for the extra last minute. It will make it easier for you can often provide the food, drinks and space. Advanced planning will save toes if you have a good idea of guest numbers entertainment in one package. being stepped on! before looking for a venue.

Jaedee’s Jags

Secluded, beautiful, intimate...

your perfect wedding

• Tours • Weddings • special occasions • corporaTe pick up

at Raetihi Lodge


From the moment you first contact Jaedee’s, you will be provided with Friendly, Professional Service.

Phone (03) 578 5432




or 027 646 4974 Phone 03 573 4300 Email


he team at Raetihi Lodge have spent a busy winter repainting and renovating the lodge, making this seaside delight even more charming and comfortable for guests. Raetihi Lodge is nestled in Double Bay, Kenepuru Sound in the beautiful Marlborough Sounds. James Whelan is the new host at Raetihi Lodge and is looking forward to a busy summer season - welcoming all excited guests to the lodge. The licensed restaurant will be open, with its ever changing feast of seafood and fresh local produce. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, the spacious decks with their amazing sea views invite everyone to take time out and make the most of this stunning location!

The Sun


Wednesday September 28, 2011





How to choose your ideal wedding flower bouquet


his is the fun part. Choosing wedding flower bouquets is a big decision but one you can enjoy. Your first point of call would be to visit your local florists for a consultation, but first it’s a good idea to have a list of ideas of what you want. This will help the florist to design something that will be perfect for your special day.

Here are some popular styles of bridal bouquets:

• The ‘posy bouquet’ is a traditional shape which gives a simple yet elegant look. • The ‘shower bouquet’ or ‘cascade

bouquet’ is a traditional teardrop shape consisting of a posy with a trail of flowers and foliage. • The ‘sheath bouquet’ or ‘arm bouquet’ is designed to be carried over one arm. • The ‘creative bouquet’ is a great option for brides who want to make a statement. They don’t follow any set design and can be artistic, flamboyant as well as unique.

Bridesmaids bouquets

Bridesmaids bouquets traditionally are similar to the bride’s bouquets, but on a smaller scale. No one wants to outdo the bride on her big day so bouquets such as

the hand-tied or posy style is a great option. An alternative to a bouquet is a ‘flower ball’, or pomander. This is a ball of flowers finished with an elegant ribbon and are quite easy to carry. They can be made from roses, or perhaps you would like to be more adventurous and incorporate other flowers and colours. Another idea is providing the bridesmaids with elegant handbags finished with a beautiful corsage. If your bridesmaids are young, consider giving them a basket of flower petals instead of bouquets. Flower baskets are also great if you are worried that a bouquet may be too heavy for them to hold.

A stunning ‘cascade bouquet’.

Summer Wedding?

Visit Smith & Boston for Beautiful Dresses

Evolving fashion Owned by Jane Briggs, ‘Boutique Evolve’ is bringing the clothing, jewellery and accessories that Blenheim shoppers love to a handy central location. “Because we stock so many unusual and one-off styles Blenheim shoppers really enjoy what we have to offer, but because we were only located in Picton they did not always get to visit us. “This store is a boutique version with a great range of going out clothing, clothing to wear to weddings as well as handbags, clutches, jewellery and accessories,” she says.

Boutique Evolve boasts of a number of New Zealand made labels which are exclusive to the store within Marlborough. This also allows the store to stock limited numbers of clothing and accessories so that customers know they are purchasing one-off or unique items. “Customers really love that we have different styles to what other stores have, and more importantly everything is well priced,” Jane says. Boutique Evolve is open Monday to Saturday at 16 Wynen Street.



the Flower Box Wedding Specialist

Prebbleton Village, Christchurch

Phone 03 349 5646 w w w. s m i t h a n d b o s t o n . c o . n z

Professional Service, simple & stylish wedding flowers Let the Flower Box cater for all your floral needs on your wedding day. • Brides / Bridesmaid / Flowergirl /bouquets • Buttonholes / Corsages • Reception & venue flowers • Bulk purchasing available • Free consultation & quote • We cater for all budgets

Phone 4 Freswick St, Blenheim Ph 520 9030 Jonel Clemett 520 9088. Proudly 100% Locally owned & operated.

Designed and created especially for you.. 240 Trafalgar Street Nelson

t 03 5480487


find us on facebook to see more of our designs or visit our website!


The Sun

Wednesday September 28, 2011



Broken windscreen,

no problems! “ I f w e c a n ’t repair it, no one can.” These are the words of Novus Marlborough owner Kevin Mosdell. A f ter work i ng as an auto glazer for over 30-years, Kevin purchased Novus Marlborough in 1999. Each technician is professionally trained to ensure clear and safe windscreen repairs, whether it is in the workshop or on-site. And because Novus Marlborough is locally owned and operated, customers can be assured of complete integrity with each job. Novus Marlborough can repair or replace the glass on any vehicle, from

cars, trucks, trains, cranes, caravans right through to boats. They offer a 24 hour on call service which extends throughout Marlborough, and insurance work and quotes are no problem for the team. So for more information or to contact Novus Marlborough phone 0800 10 35 35, for Blenheim (03) 5785373 or for Picton (03) 573 5373.


looks at local businesses around our very own Main Street

Local connection When it comes to radiators and cooling systems, the team at Radiator Services can handle any job – big or small. Owned and managed by local man Tony Flood, Radiator Services has been proudly servicing the community for more than 30-years. Being 100 percent locally owned and operated, Tony says staff can offer expert servicing of anything from radiators and cooling systems through to associated parts and accessories. By buying locally, Radiator Services can guarantee their customers receive the right advice on what they need. “There are a lot of people who purchase parts over the internet, thinking they are getting a cheaper price. “But in most cases the parts are wrong, don’t fit or require further work which will cost more in

Radiator Services owner and manager, Tony Flood.

the long run,” he says. For the right advice, personal service and professional guarantee on all their services, call in and see the team at Radiator Services today.


Bathroom Plumbing Pipelines Mico Plumbing & Pipelines 13-17 Boyce Street, Blenheim Phone 03 577 5071

we coMe to you at No eXtRa coSt!

MaRLBoRouGH’S coMPLete MoBILe autoGLaSS SeRVIce 39 Main Street, Blenheim 38 Dublin Street, Picton 0800 10 35 35 • 021 910 030

e: •


The long awaited opening of Main Street’s Burger King Restaurant arrived earlier this year in May, creating 40 new jobs which were mostly filled by Blenheim locals. Burger King’s general manager of marketing Rachael Allison told the Sun in May there was over 200 applications received for jobs. The restaurant opened to a full house and has continued to be supported by their ‘BK fans’. Pictured is the restaurant’s interior which features a contemporary theme with retro style artwork. Blenheim was the first the receive the new design ahead of the rest of the country. Photo by Celeste Lodewyk.

Specialising in all aspects of

Aluminium Cooling Components Radiators • Oil coolers Heat exchangers • Inter coolers

To advertise your business, call Emma on (03) 5777 868

we accept

44 Main St, Blenheim. Phone 578 8176 Anytime

Total market coverage in Marlborough



34-36 MAIN STREET BUR0293_FGV_Blenheim_V6.indd 1

27/07/11 12:09 PM

The Sun

Wednesday September 28, 2011





looks at local businesses around our very own Main Street

A taste of spring Spring is here and with it is The Aston Restaurant and Bar’s new menu. Now in full swing, the new spring/summer menu has been delighting diners over the past month with its tantalising mix of classic and new menu options. In addition to the new menu, restaurant staff are also gearing up for the approaching wedding season, with bookings already being placed for wedding receptions. With only months to go before Christmas arrives, The Aston Restaurant and Bar is also taking bookings for pre-Christmas, work and social functions. “October and November are beginning to fill up so now is the perfect time to book your pre-Christmas functions,” restaurant manager Jaimee Nicholls says. Restaurant head chef Rayella (Buzz) Milne has a number of set menu ideas for group bookings that can be tailored to all tastes. Although busy with evening dinners, The Aston Restaurant and Bar is also open for lunch from 11:30am to 2pm. Happy hour is Friday from 5:30pm to 6:30pm with great drink specials on tap beers and house wines. For bookings phone 03 577 5111.

You can’t get any more Kiwi than a mouth watering meal of fish and chips and big dollop of tomato sauce, and where better to visit than Main Street Fish & Chips. Located at 62 Main Street in Blenheim, customers can be assured of the “best quality at the best prices”. In addition, it’s the business’s eighth birthday and to thank their loyal customers, Main Street Fish & Chips has some great specials available. With friendly service to boot, you can’t go wrong by visiting Main St reet Fish & Chips.

Main Street Fish & Chips

The Aston Restaurant & Bar Manager Jaimee Nicholls.

Phil Brown Motors

FORBES: In the workshop Shaun, Luke, and Fabian specialise in all panel beating work. Photo by Celeste Lodewyk

Taking the ‘dent’ out of accident Been in an accident and need panel repairs? Shaun and Trudy Forbes of Forbes Panel & Alignment have a qualified team of panel repairers and can service customers of all insurance companies. “We take the dent out of accident,” says Shaun. They purchased the business in April 2003 and set up in Grove Road, before moving to their current premise at Sutherland Terrace, off Main Street and expanded the workshop team.


The team specialises in wheel alignments for light vehicles as well as all panel beating work. This includes all insurance work, all types of rust repair including warrant of fitness repairs, plastic welding, fibre glass repairs and full panel repairs on all types of vehicles. “You name it, we do it,” Shaun says. What is more, the team goes out of its way to take the hassle out of panel repairs by offering a pick up and delivery service.

A family man with strong community ties, Phil Brown says it is through strong customer relations and his business philosophy that Phil Brown Motors has still going strong today. Originally from Christchurch, Phil and wife Paula moved their young family to Marlborough in 1981 seeking a ‘change of direction’. Phil worked for a number of years with both Ford and Holden in Christchurch and Blenheim. In 1996 Phil ventured out alone and began ‘Phil Brown Motors’ with a focus on selling family cars between $5000 - $12,000. “Our philosophy has always been good value and good cars which has been driven by a lot of repeat sales, strong customer relations and a good reputation,” Phil says. A strong community supporter, Phil is a member of the local Automobile and Motor Trade Associations and is the MTA Marlborough president for the second year in a row. “We enjoy helping people and believe it is important to support the community as they have done for us for nearly 15-years,” he says. Looking back over the past 14-years of being in business, Phil says it has been a pleasure being part of the Marlborough community.

• Its our 8th Birthday • Come and see our specials and celebrate • We wish to thank our loyal customers for their continued support

Best quality. Best price 62 Main Street Phone 578 0238

tHe astOn

r e s ta u r a n t & b a r

PH: (03) 577 5111 74 Main street, blenHeiM

“With great service, friendly hosts and delicious, wholesome food, the aston restaurant & bar promises a memorable dining experience”

NEED A CAR? Phil Brown is the man to help you!

2 Sutherland Terrace, Blenheim Phone 577 5293 Fax 577 5295 Email

phil brown motors the Main Man On Main Street 9 Main Street, BlenheiM

PhOne 577 9969 MOBile 021 635 647


The Sun

Wednesday September 28, 2011


C O p i N g W i t h b E R E Av E m E N t

Why make a will? A will can be used to provide for people such as friends who otherwise would not be entitled to anything from your estate if you died without a will. If this was to happen (die without a will) the law dictates who will receive your assets after you die, so as you see it’s more important than ever to have a will in place. The most important things to provide for in your will are who will be your executors, and who will be the beneficiaries of your assets. In making your will, you should consider any future children you may have, and provide for them in your will. You should also consider how you would like your property to be distributed should your spouse or partner die at the same time as you. Aside from these matters, wills commonly provide for such things as: Particular funeral arrangements, the donation of body parts for medical use and who you would want to look after your dependant children (this is not binding). You should consider who you want to be the executor of your will (the person that your will appoints to manage and distribute your estate). The executors will be in charge of carrying out your wishes, so they should be responsible and trustworthy. It is preferable that you appoint two people to be executors, in case one of them dies before you do. To find out more information and the formal requirements for a valid will, contact your lawyer.

Trusted for generations

Coping with pet loss Anyone who considers their pet a beloved friend or family member understands t he intense pain that accompanies the loss of that friend. Here is some advice on coping with that grief and with the difficult decisions that pet owners face following their loss.

Is it normal to hurt so much? Intense grief over the loss of a pet is normal and natural. Pets are in our lives for a significant amount of time giving us joy, friendship and comfort so don’t be surprised if you do feel hurt by their death.

What can I expect to feel? Different people experience grief in different ways, so besides feeling sad you may experience guilt, denial, anger and depression.

How do I deal with these emotions?

phone: 03 578 7269

The first step is to be honest about your feelings. By examining and coming to terms with your grief you can begin to work through it.

What should I tell my children?

3 Wills

You are the best judge of how much information your children can handle about death and the loss of their pet. Be honest and make it clear that the pet will not come back, but that it is happy and free of pain.

3 Enduring Powers

Will my other pets grieve?

of Attorney

3 Estate Planning 73 Alfred Street, Blenheim f: 03 578 0173 | e:

Pets observe every change in a household, and are bound to notice the absence of a companion. Pets often form strong attachments to one another, and the survivor of such a pair may seem to grieve for its companion. When the time comes to get a new pet make sure it is because you are ready to move forward and built a new relationship, rather than looking back and mourning your loss.

Proud to support the work of the SPCA

Use your Will power to help others

Trusted for generations

Hospice Marlborough provides specialist care for people with terminal illness in the Marlborough District, support is also given to family and friends. All of this care is provided at no cost to patients and families. By remembering Hospice Marlborough in your Will, through a bequest you can help local people receive the best possible palliative care. For more information contact your Lawyer, or Hospice Marlborough.

PHONE: 03 578 9492

Pet Cremations, Cremations, Pet Pet Cremations, Burials Burials & & Memorials Memorials Burials & Memorials Pet Caskets, Urns Pet Pet Caskets, Caskets, Urns Urns Beautifully engraved Beautifully engraved Beautifully Memorials engraved Riverstone Riverstone Riverstone Memorials Memorials

Free Local Collection/Delivery Service Free Collection/Delivery Service Free Local Localthe Collection/Delivery Covering Top Of The SouthService Island Covering the Top Of The South Covering theNelson Top Ofbased The South Island Island Nelson Nelson based based Freephone 0800 Pet Funerals Freephone 0800 Pet Funerals Freephone 0800 (0800 738 386) orPet askFunerals your vet (0800 738 386) or ask (0800 738 386) or ask your your vet vet

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out & about

a MacDonald and Elaine nheim volunteers Barbar Ble st Tru Life of ad Bre  ngs shop on Friday. linen for the Sheets ‘n’ Thi Bignall work to organise

Wednesday September 28, 2011


 Kate Newport and Ab bi Newport-Helms brows ing at the Craft Fair on Saturd ay.

l spinning  Jamie Cunningham watches a woo rday. Satu on Fair t Craf the at n demonstratio

tive eate decora loria Jones cr Saturday. G d an es n ft Fair on  Anna Jo sell at the Cra butterflies to

 Sarah Barnes and Bonnie Fearn spent Saturday morning looking through the Craft Fair at St Ninian’s Church hall.

 Joan Kemp and Phyllis Galbraith enjoy morning tea together at Espresso Garden Cafe at Mitre 10 Mega.

 Charlie Costello and He ather Dixon spend some time together at Espresso Garden Cafe at Mitre 10 Mega.

 Edward Guard an d Graham Wadsw orth displaying wooden carvings at the Craft Fair on Saturday.

 Marlene and Brian Schroder are at Espresso Garden Cafe at Mitre 10 Mega.

Any of our “out & about” photos can be purchased at the Sun Newspaper office.

Superb Environment for Learning and Growing • Friendly & Social Environment • Transition to School • Individual “Ready for School” programme including Literacy & Numeracy • 0-6 years Full time and Part time preschool • Oscar Programme

35-37 Anglesea St, Renwick

Phone: 03 572 9868



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Wednesday September 28, 2011

Proud sPonsors of

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w e e k ly

babies “Engage the Experts for Air Conditioning solutions to keep your bundle of joy snug & warm all year round”

kNOWLES/DOUGHERTY: Tasha & Keith are happy and proud to announce the early, but safe arrival of their beautiful baby girl, Novah Dougherty (5lb) on September 14 at 9:49am at King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women, Perth, W.A. Finally a little sister for Tiana. Photo

JOHNSON: Peter and Justine are the proud new parents of Hadley James, born weighing 9lb 7oz on 3rd September 2011 at 2.34pm at Wairau Hospital. Photo provided.


FRANkEN: Matthew and Kate are pleased to announce the safe arrival of Darcy Richard Franken (8lb 15oz) on Monday 12th September at 9.33am at Wairau Hospital. A wee brother for James! Thank-you to Shona Wills, Dr Scalera, theatre and all maternity staff. Photo provided.

COME AND VISIT US AT OUR SHOWROOM 1 Freswick St, Blenheim Phone (03) 578 0030

EATON: Amanda, Alyssa and Steve are thrilled to announce the safe and speedy arrival of precious Kayden Ben (6lb 11oz) on 9th September 2011 at 7.41pm. A half brother for Coby. Huge thank you to Jan and Cole. Photo provided.

Baby wipes recalled Woolworths Select, Home Brand and Precious baby wipes have been recalled off retail shelves after the wipes were found to contain iodopropynyl butylcarbamate (IPBC), a preservative that is restricted in New Zealand. The Environmental Protection Authority and Ministry of Health have advised that the risks from using the baby wipes with IPBC is dermatitis in allergic children or sensitisation - symptoms may include rash, skin irritation, redness, discomfort, drying and flaking skin. These symptoms will only potentially affect children under 3 years old who are sensitive to this ingredient. The following products are affected:

ELWORTHY: Richard and Tania would like to announce the arrival of baby Mathew on 20th September 2011. 8lb 14oz. A little brother for Ben. A huge thanks to for all the care and support from Midwife Gerry Lawson, Dr Melissa Scalera, Helen Crampton, Staff on the Maternity Ward and all the team who came into help.

SHEARING: Nakkita and Charles are pleased to announce the arrival of their beautiful baby girl 19th September 2011. 7lb 6oz. A sister for Hunta, Caide and Dre. A big thanks to Midwife Carol Thompson and all staff included.

JONES: Tasha and Toe after much anticipation and in time for the World cup opening 9th September welcome a son, William Maurice. 7lb 14oz. Mum and baby are well. Dad on cloud nine. Thanks to Shona and Carol and all the staff at the Maternity Ward. Photo provided.

• Precious flushable wipes, 40 pack. • Woolworths Select Tub Unscented baby wipes, 80 pack.

• Woolworths Select Value Scented baby wipes, 480 pack. • Woolworths Select Travel Scented baby wipes, 40 pack. • Woolworths Select Refill Unscented baby wipes, 80 pack. • Woolworths Select Refill Scented baby wipes, 80 pack. • Home Brand Light baby wipes, 150 pack. • Home Brand baby wipes, 80 pack.


Stop using the wipes. Return them to the place of purchase for a full refund. If your child displays any of the above listed symptoms (whether related to the use of baby wipes or not) please seek medical attention. Concerned parents may also contact their local Public Health Unit should they have any further concerns.

MuM OF THE WEEK Congratulations to Tania Elworthy this week’s lucky winner of the New World $25 voucher to spend at New World Blenheim. Our winner is invited to bring her ID in to claim her prize when she next visits New World Blenheim.

“Proudly 100% locally owned and operated” Tel: 03 520 9030, Fax: 03 520 9080, Email:

Order your baby photos at the Sun office: 72 High Street, Blenheim If you’ve just had a new bundle of joy, email your baby photos with their birth details and your special message to:

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community notices

Wednesday September 28, 2011

death notices

death notices

The Community Noticeboard is for non-profit organisations. For $10.00 you can publish up to 25 words. No AGMS, sporting notices or special meetings. Community Notices must be prepaid. Call into our office at 72 High Street, Blenheim

SANDERS, Jean: Died 22.9.2011, at Wairau Hospital, surrounded by her loving family. In her 84th year. Much loved wife of the late Edric, cherished mother and motherin-law of Russel and Rhonda, Stefan and Mandy, and Leigh-Jane and John, and adored grandma of Jesse, Anaya and Brianna; Jessica and Aimee; Jeremy, Liam and Hannah. Messages to 10 Birchwood Ave Blenheim. Many thanks to the staff at Wairau Hospital, who supported her through her illness. At Mum’s request a private service has been held.

Blenheim Healing Rooms Open 1st & 3rd Saturdays every month. 11.00am - 1pm. Stonewood Homes Office, 68 High Street. Free Christian healing prayer available to anyone. Phone 5789704

Church Service and Luncheon

Ex Awatere Flaxbourne people living in Blenheim. St Andrews Church 11.15am Tuesday 18 October, BYO finger food to share appreciated.

Hospice Shop

Cleghorn Street, Redwood, requires donations of good quality bric- brac, jewellery, furniture, linen and clothing. Thank you. Open Mon – Sat, Phone 579 4686

Hot Dogs & SPCA

SPCA reminds drivers not to leave dogs in cars during spring and summer. It only takes minutes for a dog to die from heat exhaustion.


Every Thursday 7pm Blenheim Bowling Club, Weld St. Light meals available. Bring a friend for a good night out. Proceeds to Special Needs Children of Marlborough

Mental Health

Consumer Advocacy Service. Our advocates will take up your cause to ensure your rights are respected, listen to your concerns and support you in the actions you want to take to gain resolution. Ph: 579 5304 or call at Level 2, Aorere House, 54 Scott St.

Renwick Market

Every Tuesday 10am - 2pm High Street, Renwick. $3 per bag on clothes & shoes. Come and get a bargain.

SF Marlborough

(supporting families and mental well being) For information/ advocacy/support for families living with mental illness please contact Cheryl or Lyn on 577 5491 or visit us at 4 Scott Street. All Welcome

Sheets ‘n’ Things

Good used linen for sale! Open Monday to Friday 9.00am - 12 noon at Bread of Life, 14b Stephenson Street (opp Boys College) Phone: 577 5423.

Tempo concert

“Classically Classical” An evening of virtuosity with young local musicians and singers. Friday 30th September, 7pm Wesley Centre, $5 family, $2 per person.

The Blue Door

Open Monday to Friday 9.00am - 3.30pm. Saturday 9.00am - 2pm. Items surplus to your requirements we would gladly accept. We can deliver. Phone 579 4353.




community services Marlborough After Hours GP Ser vices: Wairau Hospital campus, after 6pm. Reception 5206377. Office 5209980. Ambulance: Urgent 111. Non urgent 579 4870. After Hours Chemists: Springlands Pharmacy 9am-6pm 7 days Ph 5782271. Diabetes NZ Marlborough: 5775549, Office hours Tues,Wed,Thurs 9am-3pm. Lifeline Marlborough: 577 8668, 24hr helpline. Marlborough Women's Refuge, Rape and Sexual Abuse Resource Centre: Crisis line, phone Wairau Hospital 520 9999, for Women's Refuge contact numbers. Overeaters Anonymous: Red Cross Rooms, 33 Redwood St. Every Tuesday at 7.30pm. Victim Support: 0800 VICTIM (0800 842 846) Alcoholics Anonymous: Rose 5777651, Harvey 5788125 Al-Anon: Help for families & friends of alcoholics. Ph Margaret 578 4690 or Ross 578 5896. Alzheimers Society Marlborough: 577 6172, 8 Wither Rd, Mon,Wed,Fri 9am-4pm / Tue, Thurs 9.303pm.

Hospital Visiting Hours Wairau Hospital: Daily 11.30am-7.30pm, children under 12 may visit parents only. Maternity Ward: 10am-Noon, 4pm-7pm. Children's Ward: Daily 10am-8pm. Visiting at all times is subject to the discretion of the nurse in charge of the ward. M a r l b o ro u g h Fa m i ly Budgeting Free,confidential budgeting advice. Monday -Friday. Phone 578 2006. Citizens Advice Bureau Free, friendly, confidential advice. Mon - Fri 9.30am 4pm. Phone 578 4272. Picton Doctor: Phone weekend doctor 573 6092 or Marlborough After Hours GP Service 520 6377. Office 5209980. Ambulance: Urgent 111. Non-urgent 579 4870. Chemist:Picton Healthcare Pharmacy. Ph 573 6420 Mon -Fri 9-6pm, Sat-Sun 9-3pm, Queen Charlotte Pharmacy 573 7927 Sat 9-1pm. Seddon Health Clinic M o n d a y 10 a m -1p m ; Wednesday 5pm-7pm;. For an appointment Ph 575 7757. After hours: Marlborough GP Services: Reception: 520 6377. Office: 520 9980.

REGISTER (Ray), Raymond Hugh: Passed away on 23 September 2011 at Nelson Hospital. Dearly loved husband of Alison and loved father and father-in-law of Kerryn and Vladimir and Alan and Julie, loved grandad of Emily and Sean, a dearly loved brother, brother-in-law and loved uncle of all his nieces and nephews. Messages to 15 Uxbridge St Renwick. In lieu of flowers donations to the Cancer Society would be appreciated and may be made at the service or sent to P O Box 233 Blenheim. A funeral service for Ray will be held at St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Alfred St, at 2 pm Friday 30 September, followed by cremation at the Sowman Crematorium. GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ 03 578 4719

PATTERSON, Vernice Irene: On September 20 2011, passed away peacefully at Ashwood Park Retirement Village. Dearly loved wife of the late Brian, loved mother of Julie, Barbara, Mark, Craig, Rhonda, Glen and their partners and much loved nana of her many grandchildren and great grandchildren. Special thanks to the wonderful staff of The Oaks at Ashwood Park. You have given Mum so much love and care over the past years and we are truly grateful. Thanks also to the CCU staff for making Mum’s last few days comfortable. Messages to 71 Havelock St Renwick 7204. GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ Ph 03 578 4719

PATTERSON, Vernice: Mum, when tomorrow starts without you, we forget that we’re apart, for every time we think of you you’re right there in our hearts. Loved Mum and Nana to Mark and Andrea, Sarah, Renee, Ashleigh and Brayden. XOXO WELLS, Colin: On September 17 2011, peacefully, surrounded by his family at “Kainga”, Kenepuru Sound. Aged 72 years. Dearly loved husband of Mary, much loved father and father-in-law of Sherryl and Mike Holmes, Chris and Judy, Gina, and Dee and Marcus Foster and treasured grandad of Conor, and Tessa; Kelly and Caleb, and Dylan; Holly; and Cagan, and Taryn. Messages to “Kainga” RD 2 Picton 7282. Special thanks to Uncle John for the loving support and open home, the staff of Hospice Marlborough for their awesome care of Colin and also to the staff of the Springlands Pharmacy. At Colin’s request a private service has been held. GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ 03 578 4719

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For September 21,2011 For December 22, 2004 For December 22, 2004

Do the Sun justice with new glasses! 79 Market Street, Blenheim • Phone: 577 9644


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Wednesday September 28, 2011

health & beauty ADRIENNE'S Beauty Den. For all your beauty treatment. 85 Lakings Road. Ph 578 8862 DENTURES - Advanced Prosthetic Treatment. Premium Dentures. Natural looks thanks to digital precision at Blenheim Denture Studio. 71 Alfred Street. Ph 578 4344 EAR Health. Removal of Ear Wax using microscope & suction. Ph for an appointment 578 8310 at Physiotherapy Centre, 11 Francis St. MOLE checks - for a thorough skin check using dermoscopy. Call the Skin Clinic 578 1665. SYS TE M : Slim lose weight the easy way, food designed for NZ'ers by NZer's. Ph Jean Rooney 577 8686.

holiday accomodation

TE RAWA RESORT Wilson Bay Pelorus Sound. Restaurant & Bar. Right at the waters edge, accommodation, Shop, On & Off Licence, petrol on wharf, LPG & moorings. Private functions & small conferences. Ph 03 579 8285

wanted to buy


garage sale

for sale

Need Ca$h?

Painting? Decorating?

Go bush!

8 G A R D I N E R ST Saturday 1st October. 8am till 12pm. Sunday 9am-12pm.

Do it right!

Lawnmower repairs and sales, Picton Equipment Centre, 7 Devon St Picton

Possum Fur

• Wallpapering • Waterblasting • Painting and much more

$135 per kg Possum Skins - All grades - Top Prices

Phone Robin & Lisa 03 570 5198 027 289 2808

Merv Scott Decorating Phone Merv 0800 Do it Up (0800 36 4887) or 021 669 666

Basically Bush Ltd

Member of Master Painters Association

to let 2 BEDROOM sunny unit. Heat pump,garage, good area. $ 260pw. Must have references. Phone 577 7849 / 021 161 7099 3YR OLD 4 bedroom home Redwoodtown. Log fire, heat pump, fenced. $320pw. Phone 578 9706 2 BEDROOM FLAT Carpor t. Unsuitable for children. No dogs. Redwoodtown. $190 per week. Phone 027 676 1905


Ph 5738150

WHITE CHIP & white rocks. Ideal for pebble gardens, paths, driveways.

Phone Thomson

public notice LAWNMOWER repairs and sales, Picton Equipment Centre, 7 Devon St Picton Ph 573 8150

Catering Van VAN GO FARE Local Competition Double March Sunday 2nd October 2011 10am Oliver Park Come along and support our girls. We are always looking for marchers, Coaches, Judges and helpers. So come and see what its all about. GO MARCHING

• Public Events • Private Functions • Self Sufficient • Mobile For more information

Phone 021 337 867 Email

Trades and and Services TradeS ServiceS AUTOMOTIVE



Access Equipment


Blenheim Auto Centre

Experience you can trust

The Japanese Car Specialist

WOF - Car


including gst

• Electric Scissorlifts • Diesel 4wd Scissorlifts • Cherrypickers • Knuckle booms

Open Saturdays 9am-3pm

15 Main Street, Blenheim Phone 578 5600 0800 243 844

22 Herbert Street, Mayfield, Blenheim

Mobile 021 361 544

(Beside Vehicle Testing Station)

Ph: 03 579 5748 Cell: 021 0270 2312 Email:

BE N E E S By your customers. the sun reaches more people than any other local community paper.

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Sheffield Street Riverlands Estate Blenheim

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For all your electrical needs •4 Tonne Excavator • Trenching • Soak Holes • Concrete Work • Section Clearing • Retaining Wall Construction • Pole Shed Construction • Hole Boring 350-600 • Drive ways • Gravel supplies

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• 5 grades of bark • compost & soil conditioner • pungas • peastraw • bricks • cream pebble • white chip • screened topsoil • firewood • coal • trailer hire • wine barrels

3 We have two factory trained and qualified marine technicians with over 35 years experience between them 3 Guaranteed warranties and value for money 3 Servicing all makes and models of outboard motors 3 Mobile marine workshop servicing the entire Marlborough region 3 Large range of wrecked motors and second hand parts Phone or see David in the showroom for all workshop bookings, inquiries and spare parts


Blair 027 618 8654



• Lawns • Weed Spraying • Moss Control • Fertilising • Sowing Lawns • Irrigation Systems • Dethatching

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DAVE REES PAINTERS & DECORATORS For all painting and decorating needs

Interiors, exteriors, reseidential, commercial Including wallpapering, varnishing, roof spraying, new homes, repaints - we do it all


• Vehicle ‘taxi’ service • Vehicle disposal • Vehicle transfers • Accident & breakdown recovery • Unlocks (most) vehicles • Jumpstarts


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Make us your first call for: * Alterations and additions * Renovations * New homes * Commercial projects

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By your customers. the sun reaches more people than any other local community paper.

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Williams Service Centre



Controlling: • Heat • Glare • Fade • Privacy • Security • Automotive & Residential window tinting Free Measure & Quote

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The Sun situation vacant EARN Extra Cash for Christmas! Direct Sales - Great products. Free Start and Training ph/txt Amanda 029 492 6647

public notice LAWNMOWER repairs and sales, Picton Equipment Centre, 7 Devon St Picton Ph 573 8150 A R T C L A S S E S at Marlborough Boys College for all age groups. Hands on training in drawing, painting and basic animation for 10 days. Starting 10th-21st Oct from 10am-11am. Afternoon classes are optional. Enquiries 578 8602, 021 123 7762 or


Thursday 7pm 40 Houses 2 Super Houses 2 silent lines Raffles Bring a friend Blenheim Bowling Club, Weld St. Proceeds to Special Needs Children of Marlborough LAWNMOWER repairs and sales, Picton Equipment Centre, 7 Devon St Picton Ph 573 8150

house for sale

CLASSIFIEDS ADVERTISING PH 03 577 7868 public notice Fairhall School

Enrolment Scheme The Board of Trustees of Fairhall School has determined that there is likely to be 10 places for Years 1 to 6 and 5 places at Year 7 for Out of Zone applicants from the beginning of Term 1, 2012. Applications must be made in writing and addressed to the Principal. The deadline for receipt of applications for Out of Zone places is Friday, 14th October, 2011. Details of the enrolment scheme are available from the school office. Fairhall School New Renwick Road, Blenheim Phone 577 8939

Wairau Valley Anglican Parish Proudly presents 20th tour of

COUNTRY GARDENS 15th and 16th October

$20 Programmes $20 On sale from Islington Gardens, Renwick Dairy, Selmes Garden Trust Nursery, Roselands Pets and Plants, Devon Nursery, Springlands Garden Centre & Cafe Close to town around the Ben Morven Loop and New Renwick Road Sponsors: Renwick Supervalue PGG Wrightsons Ltd Newmans Excavations

A GREAT DAY OUT! PRIVATE SALE 13B Nosworthy St 3 bdrm, Heat Pump Close to Town Easy Care Section

$399,000 SERIOUS VENDER Phone for appt 03 579 1908 03 578 1585 027 268 3717

boats wanted BOATS wanted to buy. Up to approx 7metres. Power Boat Centre. 72 Grove Road. Phone 578 0569 or 021 328241

motorbikes GASGAS 2011 EC300 Elec Start 20hrs $11,600. Marlborough Trials Centre, 53 Grove Rd. PH 5792500 or 027 230 3151. SCOTT GOGGLES 30% off selected models Marlborough Trials Centre, 53 Grove Rd. PH 5792500 or 027 230 3151. SUZUKI 2006 DRZ125 Small Wheel $2,700.00 Marlborough Trials Centre, 53 Grove Rd. PH 5792500 or 027 230 3151. SUZUKI 2007 LTZ50 Quad $1895.00 Marlborough Trials Centre, 53 Grove Rd. PH 5792500 or 027 230 3151. SUZUKI 2010 RMX450Z $9,995.00. Marlborough Trials Centre, 53 Grove Rd. PH 5792500 or 027 230 3151.

Colin’s Diary Colin King


Colin’s Diary Colin’s Diary

Wednesday March Tuesday March 22-24 WednesdaySeptember 28-29: 16-17 Parliament, meeting ColinInTuesday King Wednesday March 30 Friday April 8 Wednesday March March InIn Parliament. Education & Science MP FOR K AIKOU R A meeting Parliament. Speaker’s with Minister’s David Meet with Okiwi Bay Colin22-24 InKing Blenheim 16-17 Select and Primary Production Select Science Forum. Carter and Kate residents - postponed. with constituents by In Parliament. Speaker’s Parliament, meeting MP FORIn K AIKOU RA Wilkinson. Committees. PrimaryForum. Production appointment. Science with Minister’s David

Select Committee –31 Education and Science Wednesday March Tuesday March 22-24 Thursday March Briefingand with Dame Primary Production Carter Kate Sitting in Auckland to Select Committee. 16-17 Thursday September 29-30: NZ InWilkinson. Parliament, meeting In Blenheim meeting Wednesday March 30 Friday April 8 Wednesday March Tuesday March Margaret Bazley & Select Committee – Wednesday March Tuesday March 22-24 hear the evidence on Primary Production In Parliament. Speaker’s with Minister’s David with constituents by Merino Shearing Society 50th Jubilee in Meet with Okiwi Bay InParliament, Blenheim meeting 16-17 22-24 ECAN Commissioners Sitting in Auckland to30 Education and 16-17 In meeting Aquaculture Bill. Wednesday March Friday April 8Science Wednesday March Tuesday March Select Committee. Science Forum. Carter and Kate arrangement. residents - Okiwi postponed. with constituents by In Parliament. Speaker’s In Parliament, meeting in Christchurch. hear the evidence on Select Committee. Alexandra. In Parliament. Speaker’s with Minister’s David Meet with Bay In Blenheim meeting 16-17 22-24 Friday March 18 Friday March 25 Wilkinson. PrimaryForum. Production appointment. Science with Minister’s David Science Forum. andProduction Kate meeting Aquaculture Bill. Primary residents - postponed. with constituents by In Parliament. Speaker’s Carter In Parliament, Meeting with ECAN In Blenheim meeting Select Committee Education and Science Friday April 1 –31 Thursday March Wilkinson. Saturday April 9 Briefing with Dame Primary Production Carter and Kate Select Committee. Primary Production Friday March 18 Monday October 3: In Blenheim commissioners and appointment. Science Forum. with Minister’s David with constituents by Sitting in Auckland to Select Committee. InSelect Blenheim and meeting Picton School 150th Committee ––31 Education and Science Margaret Bazley & Select Committee Wilkinson. Cheviot Community Thursday March Meeting with ECAN Friday March 25 Briefing with Dame Primary Production Carter and Kate appointment. hear the evidence on meeting with and community Primary Production Picton. Project Kconstituents Sitting inAuckland Auckland to Select Committee. with constituents Anniversary. ECAN Commissioners Sitting in to Education and Science with regard to water In Blenheim meeting commissioners andby In Blenheim meeting Aquaculture Bill. Margaret Bazley & Select Committee – Wilkinson. Saturday March 26 Select Committee. groups by arrangement. hear the evidence evidence on Trust celebration Primary Production by arrangement. management at the in Christchurch. hear the on Select Committee. with constituents Cheviot with constituents Friday March 18by ECAN Commissioners Sitting inCommunity Auckland to Education and25 Science Party fundraiser, trip Friday March Bill. Select Committee. atAquaculture the Marlborough Monday April 11 Cheviot TrustBill. Hotel Aquaculture Primary Production arrangement. with regard to water appointment. down Opawa River inBlenheim Christchurch. hear theApril evidence on Select Committee. Meeting with October ECAN In meeting Friday March 18 Tuesday 4-6: In Parliament. 7.30pm. Friday 1 Friday March 25 9 Convention Centre. In North Canterbury Saturday April Select Committee. with Historian Barry Friday March 18 commissioners and management at the Aquaculture Bill. Primary Production with constituents by 28 Monday March Meeting with ECAN19 and In Blenheim Saturday March Project Kwith isEducation aand meeting with Caucus, Science In Blenheim Picton School 150th Holdaway onmeeting the River Friday April 1Hote l Cheviot Community Meeting ECAN Friday March 25 Saturday April 9 Cheviot Trust appointment. Select Committee. In Kaikoura meeting Friday March 18 commissioners and with constituents by Picton. Project K Foundation f or Youth constituents by Hawarden Agricultural & Anniversary. Select and Primary Production Select Queen. with regard to water InCheviot Blenheim and commissioners and In Blenheim meeting Picton School 150th 7.30pm. Saturday March 26by Community with constituents Meeting with ECAN Friday March 25 appointment. Pastoral Show. Trust celebration Development prog. arrangement. management atKthe Monday Marchtrip 28 by Committees. Picton. Project Cheviot Community with constituents Anniversary. regard to water Party fundraiser, Saturday March appointment. commissioners and In Blenheim meeting Saturday March Sunday March 2019 atwith thecelebration Marlborough Monday April 126 1 Cheviot Trust In Kaikoura meeting Trust with regard toatHotel water appointment. management the down Opawa River by Hawarden AgriculCheviot Community with constituents 7.30pm. April Monday 4 April 1 Tuesday March Party fundraiser, trip Convention Centre. In North Canterbury Flaxbourne Agricultural with constituents by at the&Marlborough Monday April 1 12-14 Cheviot Trust with Historian Barry management atHotel the Friday October 7: down In Blenheim Monday March 28 tural with regard to water appointment. Opawa River & Pastoral In Blenheim meeting Meeting Hon 29-30 Saturday March 19 Project K isShow. aCentre. meeting with appointment. 7.30pm. Holdaway on the River Convention In North Canterbury Cheviot Trust Hote l meeting with constituents and community In Kaikoura meeting Pastoral Show. with Historian Barry management atYouth the with constituents by David Carter & Hon In Blenheim meeting Monday March 21 Foundation f or constituents by Monday March 28 Hawarden Agricultural & Tuesday March 29-30 Queen. Saturday 19 Project Kby isMarch aarrangement. meeting with 7.30pm. on the River with constituents by groups Cheviot Trust Hote Pastoral Show. arrangement. Kate Wilkinson. Sunday March 20 l & Holdaway with constituents Development arrangement. In Kaikoura meeting In Blenheim In Blenheim meeting Monday March Foundation f meeting orprog. Youth constituents by 28 by Hawarden Agricultural Queen. Saturday March 19 appointment. 7.30pm. with constituents by Education & Science Flaxbourne Agricultural appointment. Sunday March 20 with constituents by with constituents by Pastoral Show. In Kaikoura meeting Development prog. arrangement. Monday March 28 Hawarden AgriculTuesday April -719 appointment. Monday 4520 April 1 2-14 Tuesday March & Primary Production & PastoralApril Show. Monday October 10: In North appointment. Flaxbourne Agricultural Saturday March appointment. Wednesday March 30 with constituents by Sunday March InSelect Kaikoura meeting tural & Kaikoura In Parliament. Education NZNP & Pastoral Show. In Blenheim meeting Meeting with Hon 29-30 Committee Wednesday March 30 Hawarden Agriculappointment. Canterbury meeting with constituents and Monday March 21 Meet withApril Okiwi Bay April 4 1 2-14 Tuesday March Flaxbourne Agricultural with constituents by Pastoral & Science Select Electorate AGM 21 with constituents by by Meet David Carter &Bay Hon In Blenheim meeting meetings. Monday March tural & Show. with Okiwi Tuesday March 29-30 In Blenheim meeting residents. community groups arrangement. & Pastoral Show. Meeting with Hon 29-30 appointment. Committee. Primary 7:30pm at the arrangement. Kate Wilkinson. Sunday March 20 with constituents by residents. In Blenheim meeting Pastoral Show. In Blenheim meeting with constituents by David Carter & Hon In Blenheim meeting Monday March 21 Tuesday March 29-30 Marlborough Club,by Production Select with constituents Education & Science Flaxbourne Agricultural appointment. with constituents by appointment. arrangement. Kate Wilkinson. Sunday March constituents In Blenheim meeting Tuesday October 11: In Marlborough Inwith Blenheim meeting by Russell Terrace, Tuesday April 520 -7 Committee meetings. appointment. & Primary &Production & Pastoral Show. appointment. Wednesday March 30 with constituents by Education Science Flaxbourne Agricultural appointment. with constituents by Blenheim. meeting with constituents. In Parliament. Education NZNP Kaikoura Select Committee Wednesday MarchBay 30 Tuesday April 5 -7 appointment. Monday March 21 Meet with Okiwi & Primary Production & Pastoral Show. appointment. Wednesday March 30 &Electorate Science Select AGM meetings. Meet with Okiwi Bay 30 Parliament. Education InNZNP Blenheim meeting residents. Kaikoura Select Committee March Monday Meet with Bay BScience LENH Ethe IPrimary M O21 FFI C E CWednesday O N12: TAC Committee. Wednesday October InTOkiwi 7:30pm atMarch residents. & Select Electorate AGM with constituents by meetings. Meet with Okiwi Bay In Blenheim meeting residents. Marlborough Club, Production Select P.O. Boxat130, The Forum,atMarket Street, Blenheim Kaikoura. Officiate the opening of the Committee. Primary 7:30pm the appointment. residents. with by PHONE Russell Terrace, Committee meetings. Monconstituents - Fri, 10am - 3pm (03) 577 6930 or Matauranga men’s shed, Kaikoura. Marlborough Club, Production Select Blenheim. appointment. 0800 COLIN MP (265 466) FAX (03) 577 6934 Russell Terrace, Committee meetings. EMAIL Blenheim. Contact newsletter. B L E N HusE Ifor M Colin’s O FFIemail CE C O N TAC T P.O. Forum, B L EBox N H130, E I MThe OFFI C EMarket C O NStreet, TAC TBlenheim

3204or or Mon - Fri, 10am - 3pm PHONE (03) 579 577 6930 P.O. Box 130, The Forum, Market Street, Blenheim 0800 COLIN MP (265 466) FAX (03) 577 6934 Mon - Fri, 10am - 3pm PHONE (03) 577 6930 or EMAIL 0800 COLIN MP (265 466) FAX (03) 577 6934 Contact us for Colin’s email newsletter. EMAIL Contact us for Colin’s email newsletter.

Wednesday September 28, 2011

public notice

Tua Marina Dance

Tua Marina Memorial Hall Saturday 1st October, 8.00pm - 12pm

public notice

wanted to rent

LAWNMOWER repairs and sales, Picton Equipment Centre, 7 Devon St Picton Ph 573 8150

WANTED- Section to rent, empty or with small house power not essential. For professional reliable couple (Landscape gardener/school worker) to park SC motorhome until Dec or longer. Area will be kept clean and mowed. Also have Bsc Animal behaviour and availible to house/ pet sit/ farm sit near Blenheim. Call or txt 021 261 0269.

Janet’s Old Time Dance Band •Novelty prizes • Raffles •Door Prize A plate would be appreciated for supper. Dance for the young and younger. All Welcome. For info ring Bill or Marie 570 2212

Marlborough Childrens’ Athletics

Muster Day Wednesday 5th October from 5.30 to 7pm at Athletic Park Any queries ph Steff 5702166 or Nicki 5779693

CARPET and TILES SAVE up to 80%




Pom-Pom entertains with bubbles, balloons and magic. Phone

577 7393

Lawnmower repairs and sales, Picton Equipment Centre, 7 Devon St Picton

Ph 5738150

public notice

Blenheim Morris Dancers New course starting 15th October 1pm-3.30pm St A Andrews Church Hall (Alfred Street entrance)

Creche available. Musicians also welcome. To register contact Heather 578 2177 after 5.30pm or Miriam 578 4391



• Ceramic Tiles from $5 per m² from 30th September, 2011 • Carpets - Hundreds of rolls, some from REMINDER: Please check URL, email address and closing date Unfortunately, despite local, National & International advertising $15 per m² we have been unable to attract a Doctor to the Blenheim area. Dr • Tiles - Hundreds of square metres job: W92893 size: 19x9.6 format: MONO Jan Shapcott will be unable to offer medical services at Seddon ie: $89 per m² reduced to $20 per m² after 30th September, 2011. • Vinyl tiles and planks from $10 per m² publication run date position It is with regret that the Seddon Clinic will close from the above • Vinyl from $10 Blenheim per m² Sun Wed 28 Oct Sits Vac

date. Medical care will continue to be offered by the parent surgery, George Street Medical Clinic (Dr Robert DeBoyer) at 24 George Street, Blenheim. The telephone number for appointments remains unchanged.

Cnr High & Andrew Sts, Blenheim Ph 578 1159

Phone: 03 5778757 situation vacant


WE HAVE MOVED! Still the same great team with the same great service!

Now located at

52 Grove Road Blenheim 03 5780330 Come and see us for all your business and taxation needs.

Marlborough District Council Community Grants Marlborough District Council is seeking applications for funding from not-for-profit organisations providing services to the Marlborough community under the following category headings: Community Welfare/Social Services Environment Sport and Recreation Applications must be for projects/services that meet the criteria for the funding and be of direct benefit to the people of the Marlborough district. Application forms, along with details of eligibility and criteria, are available at Council offices, the library and on Council’s website http://www.marlborough.govt. nz/Our-Community/Grants-and-Awards.aspx Applications close 5.00 pm, Friday 28 October 2011 For further information please contact: Lyne Johnson Community Development Advisor Ph. 03 520 7400

PROBATION OFFICER BLENHEIM TEAMWORK. VARIETY. CHALLENGE. Probation Officers play a vital role in making communities safer. By effectively managing sentences and orders such as community work, home detention and parole, Probation Officers aim to minimise the risk of further harm. By reducing re-offending, you will assist in our goal of making communities safer. Working within an integrated practice framework, you will review and analyse information on an individual case basis, making effective decisions in line with judicial requirements, to manage risk, set and maintain boundaries and motivate offenders to make positive changes. We would like to hear from you if you have: • Exceptional analytical and report writing skills. • The ability to communicate effectively across different cultures and backgrounds. • The ability to build strong professional relationships based on trust and integrity. • A non-judgemental approach. A tertiary qualification in social sciences, criminology, psychology or equivalent experience in the justice sector is preferable. As an employer, the Department of Corrections offers personal and professional development, clear career progression and job security. For the right person, it’s a great career. Vacancy Number CPSSR 1670 Applications close Monday, 10 October 2011 To find out more about this position, email or call 0800 177 622 quoting the vacancy reference. At the Department of Corrections we are passionate about reducing re-offending and keeping communities safe. With Corrections you’ll be part of a highly supportive team that manages offenders in prison and in the community.


this ad standi In app ent’s r both t positio

Canc medi tion f your


public notice

A mighty Morris occasion


CHEF/COOK Marlborough District Council Arts & Heritage Grants Marlborough District Council is seeking applications for funding from organisations providing arts or heritage services to the Marlborough community. Applications must be for projects/services that meet the criteria for the funding and be of direct benefit to the people of the Marlborough district. Application forms along with details of eligibility and criteria are available at Council offices, the library and on Council’s website http://www.marlborough.govt. nz/Our-Community/Grants-and-Awards.aspx Applications close 5.00 pm, Friday 28 October 2011 For further information please contact: Lyne Johnson Community Development Advisor Ph. 03 520 7400 situation vacant

• Part time sole charge • 18 + hours/week increasing with the season. • Capable, enthusiastic team player with a sense of humour. If that’s you

Phone 577 7407

Keen to join NZ’s leaders in on-wharf product handling solutions? Looking for a career in an innovative workplace? Want to join a team through growth and expansion?

Scaler / Machine Operator - Picton

Do you have the ability to be completely honest, continually caring and empowering at the same time? If so, the following position might be for you.

Marlborough District Mental Health Advocate

Part-time position (15-20 hrs to be negotiated) We require: • A commitment of empathy for people with a mental health issue. • Good written/verbal communication skills • Accountability and confidentiality a must • Previous Not-for-profit Organisation work experience desired • Commitment to attend training. Please apply in writing before 4pm 07/10/2011 to: Attn Katrina Martin C.A.R.E. Marlborough 26 Percy Street, Blenheim 7201 Enquiries telephone Katrina on 578 0302

C3 is a market leader in New Zealand’s port related product handling, adding value to its clients business by providing solutions to their transport and logistics needs. Employing over 800 staff in 15 ports, C3 is experiencing large growth and expansion both here and into Australia. This is a full-time position that will suit someone who is keen on outdoor work. Previous experience in log measurement would be an advantage but full training will be provided to the successful applicant. Experience in medium to large pivot steer log loaders would be preferable for this role, applicants should have class 4 license with W endorsement. If you are multi skilled, with an eye for detail, and enjoy responsibility as well as working as part of a team, then we would like to hear from you. The position will be physically demanding at times, applicants will require a good level of fitness. Essential skills include  Log scaling duties  Operating heavy plant and equipment  Attention to detail  Flexible working hours  Good level of fitness  Good focus on Health & Safety As part of C3’s commitment to health & safety and a zero harm environment, the successful applicant will undergo a pre-employment medical and drug test.

Please email your application and CV to before 01 October 2011. To learn more about C3, visit C3 Ltd on YouTube or

Bunnings Blenheim Retail & Trade Department Managers • Be a leader within a business that encourages and develops people • Fantastic career opportunity in an exciting growing company Bunnings is New Zealand’s fastest growing home improvement and building materials supplier and we are looking for experienced trade, admin and retail leaders for our new Blenheim store. Bunnings stores are led by a number of Department Managers (Department Co-ordinators). These Department Co-ordinators report to an overall Complex Manager and collectively look after the day-to-day running of the store. We require dynamic ‘people-focused’ retail leaders who understand the importance of coaching, training, developing and empowering their team to deliver outstanding results. We provide you with the chance to advance your career in an autonomous environment where your decisions help shape our business. You will be able to demonstrate the ability to: • Coach and develop a frontline team focused on delivering great customer service • Implement strong merchandising standards and execute a consistent customer offer • Provide effective planning and organisation • Provide excellent written and verbal communication • Ensure a safe and enjoyable workplace Most importantly, you know the value of fun and energy in the workplace and how your enthusiasm, drive and passion motivates your team! Bunnings offer fantastic career opportunities, excellent remuneration packages including employer superannuation contribution and share plan membership, great discounts on products and the chance to work in a culture that recognises the difference you make to your people, the business and the community we work within. For a chance to become part of our team please send your application to: Applications close: Monday, 10 October 2011.

The Sun


Wednesday September 28, 2011

By Celeste Lodewyk A flurry of colour will be dancing its way around Blenheim on October 8 as the Blenheim Morris Dancing Group celebrates its 25th birthday in true dancing style. The group will be ‘out and about’ around Blenheim dancing for the public while showcasing what the dance is all about – fun and laughter! Group member Heather Lamb says although the group has enjoyed a 25 year long history in Marlborough, the group is hoping to see Morris Dancing continue in the region for many more years. “Morris Dancing is done today purely for fun and entertainment and the best part is that it keeps us fit,” she says. Morris is a type of Old English Folk Dancing which has been in existence for hundreds of years. The true origins are really unknown but it is thought that Morris Dancing was about encouraging the fertility of crops and defending them from passing looters. The dancers would carry hankies, bells and sticks of various types which by waving about was thought to ward away any evil spirits. The stamping of the ground when dancing was also thought to wake up the worms to do their job. The group practices most Thursday evenings at St Andrews C hu r ch H a l l o n Alfred Street from 7:30pm to 9:30pm, so for more information contact Heather on 578 2177 after 5:30pm or Miriam on 578 4391.

BRANch MANAGER RD1 Rai Valley Lead a team that provides New Zealand’s largest industry with what they need! We are seeking someone who knows the rural industry like the back of their hand to run our Rai Valley Branch. You’ll be a dynamic leader, business driver and innovator, with an absolute commitment to branch and company success. As branch manager you will be responsible for managing a branch as a profit centre by maximising revenue and margins and controlling costs. To do this you’ll have: • • • • • •

Exceptional service and sales skills Ability to lead a positive and dynamic team Astute business skills Commitment to continuous improvement Planning and organisational skills Ability to meet sales and budget targets.

WWW.RD1.cOM/careers If you have any questions regarding the position please contact craig Rodgers, South Island Operations Manager on 027 495 2029. To apply please email your cV and a cover letter by 5.00pm, Friday 7 October 2011 to:


Up T0




CArpETS & rUGS Ly! 2 wEEKS ON SALE STOCK MUST GO! New product coming in. 33 Bridge Street, Nelson

548 3333

Hoss 0274 086 191 SHOP HOURS Mon - Thurs 9am - 5.30pm Fri 9am - 6pm Sat 9am - 4pm Sun by appointment


Sun sport

The Sun

Young talent balances nerves >gymnastics By Damian George Young gymnast Judith Marfell still gets jittery before performing in competition, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at her recent results. The 10-year-old Tuamarina School student has picked up a swag of awards since taking up the sport just seven months ago, including an overall first placing in the Women Step 3 Overs section at the recent South Island Championships in Timaru. That effort included a gold medal on the beam and bronze on the floor , and followed an equally impressive effort at the Christchurch School of Gymnastics Canterbury Champs in August. There, competing in the same section, gold medals in the vault and on the floor and a silver medal on the bars also earned her an overall first placing. “It’s exciting, but I get very nervous,” Judith says of the thrill of winning the medals. The emerging talent’s first taste of success came at the Marlborough Championships in Blenheim in June, where a remarkable 14.6 out of 15 on the vault helped her to second overall. Coach Janice Belgrave says

. . . o t n w o d t Ge 380 piece tool Set

A comprehensive 380 piece set supplied in a KTM orange 8-Drawer ball bearing slide roller cabinet. Includes offset double ring spanners (6-32mm), ratcheting spanner (8-19mm), double open ended spanners (6-22mm), pry bars, Torx screwdrivers plus much more!

CleaninG up: Judith Marfell, 10, has made an emphatic start to her gymnastics career. Photo by Damian George

Judith is easily one of the most talented athletes to come through the Blenheim Gymnastics Club, but puts her success down to more than just natural ability. “She’s made huge improvements in flexibility and strength. “When she first started, she had the enthusiasm but didn’t have the right shape. “There have been big changes because she actually listens and

does what I ask her to do – she’s very focused.” Janice says her student definitely has the ability to represent New Zealand down the track. That is just as well, as the youngster has already set her sights on competing at an Olympic Games. Ruby Roberts, also of Blenheim, finished third in Judith’s section at the South Island Championships.


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Bench Grinders

Scalextric Bathurst Showdown



>nordic walk ing

fied instructor says. “It’s also good for people with diabetes, and people recovering from strokes because of the crossbody movement.” It may appear simple, but the discipline requires a lot of practise before the correct technique is perfected, Sally says. “Once you get the technique right, you do get a lot of benefits. “For example, you burn 40 per cent more calories than normal walking.” Nordic walking began in Northern Europe as summer training for cross country skiing, as it enabled

skiers to maintain their strength and fitness in the summer months. It is known to improve coordination, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and improve aerobic fitness. Sally is holding an open day to give people a chance to try the sport at Oliver Park from 2pm on Saturday. Leading New Zealand instructor Matthias Heffner will be present at the event. Sally says places are limited, so people should register their interest by phoning her on (03) 5727377.

Stars align for rugby and league fans but have not quite been able to be there on the season’s final day. On Saturday, playing minor premiers Melbourne, the Warriors produced a near-flawless second half of rugby league to propel them into the final. It was a far cry from the days of ‘02 and ‘03, when players like Francis Meli, Ali Lauiti’iti and Stacey Jones captivated the league world with their razzledazzle football. The flair is still there, but this win, like many this season, was based on a controlled effort which pinned the Storm in their own half for much of the second 40. It seemed a try was necessary for the Warriors to break the shackles.



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Your week in sport

It is a somewhat graceful turn of events that has conspired to see the NRL grand final and the All Blacks’ biggest pool match of Rugby World Cup 2011 played a week apart. This way, the second biggest match in the Warriors’ history, and the monumental effort it has taken for them to reach rugby league’s biggest stage, can be truly appreciated. Since 2002, when the New Zealand club booked a place in Grand Final Sunday for the first time, Warriors fans have been waiting for the team to reach those heights again. They have come close, reaching the preliminary finals in 2003 and 2008 (coming from eighth),


KTM RolleR

Taking the lead By Damian George Nordic walking is gathering pace in Blenheim. The sport, which puts a twist on standard walking with the use of ski-like poles, is being promoted by Blenheim woman Sally Rainbird. Sally currently exercises with a group of three keen Nordic walkers, but is hoping to expand the group as she gets word out about the sport’s health benefits. “It’s recognised as a bonafide rehabilitation for people who have had operations on knees and hips, or for breast cancer patients if they’ve had operations,” the quali-

Wednesday September 28, 2011

Damian George

But then it became clear that, just as the visitors couldn’t turn weight of possession into points, the Storm looked even less likely doing it from their own try-line. The All Blacks played France on Saturday night and, as expected, stole much of the limelight as it looked for revenge against the old foe in arguably the biggest sporting event to hit New Zealand. But, this Sunday, as the All Blacks take on Canada in Wellington, dual rugby and league fans can take a truncated breather from Rugby World Cup and gear up for one of the biggest events on the sporting calendar, featuring our own New Zealand Warriors.


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The Sun

Wednesday September 28, 2011

Shaking it up

Birthday celebrations take the cake

RARe FInD: Blenheim woman elsa Lawrence displays part of her salt and pepper shaker set collection, which totals nearly 2000. Photo by Damian George

21ST BIRTHDAY: Workbridge Blenheim employment consultants Jo Des Forges and Alan Washington were pictured yesterday with their two foot long cake made in celebration of the organisation’s 21st birthday. Photo by Celeste Lodewyk

By Celeste Lodewyk Workbridge, a major stakeholder in the employment of disabled people is celebrating its 21st birthday, and here in Blenheim the celebrations have been kick started with a two foot long birthday cake. Employment consultants Jo Des Forges, Alan Washington (pictured) and Ann-Maree Devescovi were handing out slices of their birthday cake to clients and neighbouring businesses to share

in their celebrations. “Not a lot of non-profit organisations make 21 years so we are very proud to be part of the Workbridge team,” Jo says. Workbridge is a professional employment agency which provides a free service to people with all types of disabilities, injuries or illnesses where the effects are likely to last more than six months. Setting their sights high for their 21st year, Workbridge is aiming to create more jobs for disabled

people than before. “We want to encourage more employers to focus on the skills that disabled people can bring to their workplace, but offering various solutions to support employers to take on more disabled staff,” says Workbridge CEO Grant Cleland. The two foot long cake was made by a Workbridge Blenheim client and consisted of two separate cakes, chocolate and banana joined together.

By Damian George Most people’s interest in salt and pepper shakers probably does not extend beyond the dinner table. But that is not the case for Blenheim woman Elsa Lawrence, whose house is decked out with nearly 2000 different varietes of the kitchen accessories. Elsa got her first set of shakers 18 years ago, but only began collecting them five years ago. “I noticed in the shops there were all different types, and it just took off from there,” she says. Elsa had been adding to her col-

lection on a weekly basis for a long time, with a large number coming from website TradeMe. However, her collecting has dropped off in recent times as prices have gone up. Among the more interesting collectibles are figures of former New Zealand Prime Ministers Robert Muldoon and Bill Rowling, a juke box, a golf set, and curling stones. They range in price from $1 to $35. Elsa says she plans to keep growing her collection provided prices remain reasonable.

Alfred Street Parking Building The new ticket machines and barrier arms are activated at the Alfred Street parking building.

IT wIll be pAy AS you exIT from mondAy 3 ocTober 2011.

On ArrivAl • Drive up to ticket machine at entrance • Press button and receive a time-stamped ticket • Barrier arm will lift • Keep your ticket.

On exit

• Before leaving building, go to one of the payment machines and insert ticket into machine slot • Follow the prompt on the machine’s screen; it will tell you how much to pay • Make payment at machine; it will accept coins, notes, eftpos or credit cards • Notes up to value of $50 will be accepted; change will be given • Your ticket will be returned after payment • Drive to barrier arm and put ticket in machine: if payment has been made, ticket will activate arm.

Early bird parking rates will be available to those arriving before 9am. Long-term parking passes may also be purchased from APL Property Ltd, 27 Scott Street or Phone: 577 7780.

28 September Blenheim Sun  

Blenheim Sun Newspaper September 28 Issue