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Blenheim Marlborough

Wednesday September 21, 2011


In the loop Mary Rix-Miller has helped to create a new Marlborough visitor guide.

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Mega Sale Grant Baxter says Mitre 10 Mega property sale is a boost for Marlborough’s business sector.

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TRUE SUPPORT: [From left] Irish and English rugby supporters Daniel O’Halloran, Adrian Smelt and Robert Cronin stopped in Blenheim on Thursday during their road trip from Dunedin to Auckland to witness a famous Irish World Cup victory. The trio attended the Rugby World Cup match between England and Argentina in Dunedin on September 10 [which England won], and were on their way to watch the AustraliaIreland clash on Saturday at Eden Park. All three were picking an Australian victory but their dedication was rewarded when Ireland pulled off its first ever World Cup victory over Australia, winning 15-6. Photo by Damian George.

Blenheim ‘like home’ Town makes big impression on Russian rugby squad

Rustic by nature The art of working with leather is a skill still practised by Ian Lyall.

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Everyone gets The Sun Total market coverage in Marlborough

By Damian George It was short and sweet but it looks as though the ten days spent in Marlborough was enough to leave a lasting impression on the Russian World Cup rugby squad. The Russian team, competing in the World Cup for the first time in this year’s tournament, left Blenheim for the final time on Monday. It was yet another memorable occasion for the town’s adopted team as it was farewelled from Chateau Marlborough by a vocal Blenheim

School and several other keen supporters. Rugby World Cup regional project manager Susan Witehira told The Sun many of the Russian squad enjoyed Marlborough so much, it had come to feel “like home”. “Quite a few of them were saying when they went away to New Plymouth [to play USA] and then came back here, they felt like they were coming home,” she says. “That’s the biggest compliment we can get.” It is hard to know who got more out of Russia’s

stint in Blenheim - the local fans or the team itself. “They don’t get this much attention back home - I think they enjoyed [being here] as much as we enjoyed having them,” Mrs Witehira says. “We’ve been really lucky.” Marlborough mayor Alistair Sowman has praised the accessibility of the Russian team, which won fans over with its relaxed attitude. Continued Page 3 Bears farewelled - Page 24

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The Sun

Wednesday September 21, 2011

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Seal bashing sentence ‘sends clear message’

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In the loop: hedgerows hydroponic owner Mary Rix-Miller holds the new visitor guide of local attractions, the local loop. Photo by Damian George

Tourism operators now ‘in the loop’ By Damian George A new tourism venture is set to give a bigger profile to some of Marlborough’s smaller tourism operators. The Local Loop, a visitor guide mapping out eight of the region’s attractions, was launched in Blenheim last Wednesday. It is a joint venture by the eight businesses, designed to show visitors and locals that there is more to Marlborough than just wine. The trail takes people to some of Marlborough’s tastiest spots like the Makana Chocolate Factory, The Honey Company and Hedgerows Hydroponic strawberry farm, and to attractions including Omaka Classic Cars and Omaka Aviation Heritage Museum.

It also leads people to The River Queen, Vines Village and Traditional Country Preserves. River Queen owner Peter Makin, a co-initiator of the project, says the businesses are hoping it will become a useful tool for people who want to explore Marlborough. “Talking to people here, they weren’t really aware of what there was to do,” he told The Sun. “They knew there was stuff here to do but, when you put them on the spot, they’d say Omaka and maybe say two or three things, but definitely not eight.” Mr Makin and Hedgerows Hydroponic manager Mary RixMiller instigated the project after talking with the other businesses

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about the need to promote their products. The businesses had a meeting on The River Queen and, within six weeks, The Local Loop was launched. “That’s a testament to Kiwi cooperation and trust,” Mr Makin says. He points out the businesses are not looking to be an alternative to wine. Rather, with some cellar doors and wineries on the trail, they are looking to embrace it. Mr Makin says the businesses will refer people to each other to give people “a fuller experience” of Marlborough. The guide was given to various accommodation providers at the launch.

By Damian George The jail sentence handed to a Renwick man for his part in the killing of 23 seals in Kaikoura last year sends a clear message to people about the consequences of animal cruelty, the Department of Conservation [DOC] says. Jason Trevor Godsiff, 20, was sentenced last Tuesday to two years in jail for wilful ill-treatment of the seals after clubbing them to death with a pipe on November 26. Another man, 36-year-old Jamaal Peter Roy Large, from Wairau Valley, faces the same charges. DOC South Marlborough area manager Dave Hayes says the severity of Godsiff’s sentence will help in preventing future attacks on the animals. “The stakes are high [in harming seals], as has been shown by this sentence,” he told The Sun. “I believe this will lead to not seeing a repeat of these sort of incidents.” The seal attack occurred at Ohau Point, after the two men made a stop during their drive home to Blenheim from Waiau, North Canterbury. Among the dead seals were 13 female seals and two bulls. Some were only a few days old. It follows an attack in June last year by a teenager who shot a seal with a paintball gun and bashed it with a metal pole at the Kaikoura seal colony. The offender, 17 at the time, was sentenced to 200 hours’ community work and fined a total of $750. A 20-year-old Southland man received a four-month jail sentence in late 2009 after throwing stones at a leopard seal and dragging it around the beach by its tail in Invercargill. “There are a number of incidents of harm being done to fur seals,” Mr Hayes says. “It would appear the message wasn’t getting through to people before this event.”

Free parking continues The automated pay-as-you-gym parking system at Blenheim’s new Alfred St Car Park is scheduled to be operating by October 3. Marlborough District Council support services manager Dean Heiford says the system has been installed and was finalised on Thursday. Free parking will continue at the car park until the payment system is up-and-running.


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The Sun

Wednesday September 21, 2011


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Mitre 10 property sale biggest in two years Blenheim’s Mitre 10 Mega store, one of the largest bulk retail properties in the South Island, has sold for an undisclosed sum. The 10,000-square-metre department store sold this month after being on the market since last year. It has been bought by a North Island-based property investor who does not wish to be named - with several other large real estate landholding assets across the South Island. The investor and the property’s salespeople, from Bayleys Nelson-Marlborough, say the sale price is confidential, but a market valuation done last year valued the property at about $13 million. That was based on a rental income of $1.08m and a rental

yield of about eight per cent. Bayleys Nelson-Marlborough director Graeme Vining says, while the sale price cannot be revealed, it is the biggest sale of commercial real estate in Blenheim in the past two years. “This sale is fantastic news for commercial business in Blenheim and it shows that there is a strong underlying confidence in the commercial business sector,” he says. Mr Vining says, because of the magnitude of the sale, the negotiation process took quite some time to conclude. The vendors were father and son building trade entrepreneurs Graeme and David Hawtin, of Blenheim. Bayleys Nelson-Marlborough salesperson Grant Baxter told The

Russia ‘at home’ From Page 1. “Prior to them coming, we had pretty tight security but these guys really got out among the crowd, and Marlborough responded,” he says. “They’re not superstars. Superstars probably wouldn’t do what these guys did.” Mr Sowman says hosting the Russians was very worthwhile as it gave the region a chance to feel a part of arguably the biggest tournament to be held in New Zealand. “Not having a game here, I think this was the next best thing,” he says. “If we didn’t have a team staying here, we’d probably have felt some distance from it.” Chateau Marlborough general manager Lynley McKinnon says it was a pleasure hosting the Russian team. “It was a wonderful experience for us. “We’ll never get a World Cup team stay here again, and it was really good for the town too.” The Russian team left for Nelson on Monday ahead of its second match of the tournament against Italy, due to be played last night. It went down bravely to USA 6-13 in its first ever World Cup match, in New Plymouth, on Thursday. Russian management was unavailable to speak to The Sun yesterday and on Monday.



Big is good: The Mitre 10 Mega property on Alabama Rd has sold for an undisclosed sum.

Sun the reason behind the move was David’s decision to move to Sydney with his wife Lianne to pursue other business interests. Graeme and wife Shirley will continue to own and manage the business. The Mitre 10 Mega store includes 4698 square metres of retail and café space, a 3130-squaremetre drive-through timber and hardware depot, an inwards goods delivery yard, a garden centre, and 498 square metres of mezzanine and ground floor office space. The building sits on 1.86 hectares of land and has more than 200 parking spaces. The store was runner-up in the 2011 Mega Trade Store of the Year.

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The Sun

Wednesday September 21, 2011

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Council intervenes Investigation into legality of Renwick Hall committee By Celeste Lodewyk

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Marlborough mayor Alistair Sowman met with members of the Renwick Community Memorial Hall committee last Wednesday to hear their concerns about whether the committee is legally allowed to continue. A call was made last week for the committee to be dissolved in order for a “legitimate” committee to be re-elected. The call follows the ongoi ng debat e a s to whether the hall’s ownership should be transferred to the Ministry of Education, to be administered by the Renwick School. Hall committee chairman Jim Cresswell asked the council to become involved in the

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Russia on Our Minds Hosting the Russian Team for the Rugby World Cup is a unique opportunity to learn about this amazing country and culture; to extend a genuine welcome and to showcase our town and beautiful province. Last month Ray and I travelled with our friend Kathy to Russia. What an inspiring and enlightening experience! Generally we have a rather uninformed view of this huge country and the enormity of melding together a society which has recently been disassembled and reassembled. In under 100 years they have experienced the 1917 revolution, the birth of communist USSR and more recently in 1991 the emergence of the Russian Federation all of which has impacted on the general population in ways we have no real concept of, and yet they have an enduring spirit which is remarkable!

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hope that a decision on the hall’s ownership can soon be made. M r Sow m a n t old The Sun the council is working to ensure the committee is correctly represented according to the hall’s Deed of Constitution. The Deed states the hall committee should be composed of the chairman, two representatives from the Renwick School committee, three appointed by the Renwick branch of the RSA, three from the council [one of whom is to be a councillor of the Omaka Riding and/or the Renwick Community Council], and three members of the community who are householders in the school district and the Omaka Riding.

One of many magnificent stations on Moscow Metro

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“There is a lot of emotion surrounding this issue so the council is trying to work with the hall committee through these issues,” Mr Sowman says. “In the past, the council hasn’t been directly involved but now it’s obvious that we need to refer back to the Deed to ensure the committee is correctly constituted. “We will also be putting forward three council nominees which we hope to have before the council on Thursday.” Once the hall committee is confirmed, a decision on the hall’s ownership can then be made, Mr Sowman says. “My opinion is that the hall committee makes the decision, as long as it is done correctly and according to the Deed.”

75 Market St, Blenheim Ph/Fax 578 7897

Fax 03 578 2031

The Sun

Wednesday September 21, 2011


Green MP launches documentary By Damian George Green Party MP Keith Locke made his last official visit to Blenheim on Monday for the launch of the documentary film Operation 8. Mr Locke, who has made numerous visits to the town to take part in protests against the Waihopai Valley satellite station, spoke at Top Town Cinemas ahead of the first Blenheim screening of the film. Operation 8 looks at the the anti-terror raids which took place in Tuhoe in October, 2007, and its “violation of human rights”. “I think [the documentary’s] very important to show what can happen and the extent to which

community rights have been violated,” Mr Locke told The Sun. “The Tuhoe raids were just an over-reaction which we shouldn’t allow to happen again.” Mr Locke says the documentary comes at the right time, with the ten-year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks marked recently. “There has been an erosion of civil liberties in a number of countries since then,” he says. “Perhaps this is a time to reassess the whole period and how we can downgrade police responses.” Operation 8 will be screening at 4pm from Monday to Wednesday next week.


Green MP Keith Locke was at Blenheim’s Top Town Cinemas yesterday to launch the documentary Operation 8. Photo by Damian George


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Wednesday September 21, 2011

The Sun

True grit In today’s generation where vehicles have replaced horses and retail stores are where we source most of our goods, it’s more important than ever to remember the hard work and traditions which were once practised by early settlers, as Celeste Lodewyk discovers.

Photo by Celeste Lodewyk


Brayshaw Park volunteer Ian Lyall has led a very interesting life to date, and now in retirement Ian is more than happy to share his love for working with leather, early military history and the role which horses have played throughout history. To describe Ian at first glance would be to compare him to an early cattle musterer that you might see in an Australian outback film. But up close, Ian has a witty humour and a willingness to share his knowledge and vast collection of saddles, leather work, carvings, animal skins and military memorabilia. Ian’s family stems back to the Otago settlers who left Scotland for the promising shores of New Zealand in 1848. In those days horses were valuable and a necessity, as were the skills associated to handling them. The traditional art of working with leather was one of many skills passed on to Ian when growing up in Koromiko. Originally born in Pahiatua, Ian’s family moved to Marlborough in 1952 where his father managed a dairy factory. Around the age of 8-years Ian’s grandfather came to live with the family, a time in his life which he says helped to shape him into the man he is today. “With my father working seven days a week my grandfather spent a lot of time teaching me how to handle horses and break them in. I broke my first horse in when I was 14 and went on to do it a lot for other people,” he says. Another skill Ian’s grandfather taught him was how to plait and work with leather. “He taught me using flax to start with before giving me leather to work with and now, there isn’t anything I can’t make out of it,” he says proudly. “I get a lot of inspiration from Australian whip makers. They make the best whips from kangaroo hide.” Ian carried on working with horses during his youth, even riding his horse to school, but at age 15 he left school and joined the NZ Forest Services where he worked for 40 years. Horse handling was put on the back burner as Ian spent a number of years traveling for work through Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu.

“I could tell you some interesting stories from my travels but we might be here all day,” he grins. Later in life after starting a family Ian returned to NZ and once his sons began at school, he returned to his primary interest - horses. After returning to Blenheim 30 years ago Ian played a little polo, broke in a number of horses around the region and began making saddles. Aside from his growing interest in all aspects of leather work, Ian also spent many hours researching early military history, particularly mounted rifles. “I have been fortunate that the Marlborough Museum has the memorabilia and books for me to carry this on. “A lot of my interest also came from my grandfather’s stories about the Boer War but mostly it has been something I do for myself,” he says. Taking me on a tour of his garage, Ian points out carvings mounted on the wall, pieces of old leather and hand plaited whips hanging from the ceiling, as well as an old saddle blanket suspended for all to see. “Saddle making and repairing is something I have always enjoyed, and I can confidently say I have made every type of saddle. They are all works of art though I would say the Australian stock saddle would be the most challenging,” he smiles. “I also have genuine saddle bags dated at around 80-100 years old, a genuine Boer War tunic, bandolier and bayonet, a Canterbury Yeomanry Cavalry saddle blanket and a one-off saddle blanket from the 1988 movie ‘Willow’. “My collection doesn’t stop there, I have carvings, jewellery and photographs from when I was overseas including animal skins. You name it I have skinned it,” he says holding a taxidermied baby crocodile. Despite having his vast knowledge and enthusiasm for horse handling, Ian insists he will slowly fade away from working with horses and concentrate on enjoying retirement. And with a shed full of on going projects, Ian says he has plenty to keep him going.

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Wednesday September 21, 2011


SAVE EVEN MORE ON THE THINGS YOU REALLY NEED Talley’s Mixed Vegetables/Peas Range 1kg


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Fresh Brinks NZ Chicken Legs

Red/Green Fancy Lettuce



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Huggies Convenience Nappies Range 16-30 Pack




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Fresh Choice Picton, Mariners Mall, Picton. Phone (03) 573-6463 Open 7 days, 7am - 8pm

Country Fresh Carrots/ Onions 1.5kg

Eta Spuds Potato Chips Range 150g


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Prices apply from Wednesday 21st September to Sunday 25th September 2011, or while stocks last. Trade not supplied. We reserve the right to limit quantities. All limits specified apply per customer per day. All prepared meals are serving suggestions only. Props not included. Product range may vary from store to store. Proprietary brands not for resale. Customer Support Freephone 0800 40 40 40.

Cadbury Chocolate Block Range 160-220g


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Coke/Sprite/ Fanta/Lift/L&P Range (Includes Diets)


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Next week’s specials available to view from 12 noon each Sunday @ oic i e ic

Save on fuel Petrol discount voucher available instore.

Conditions apply


Fresh Tegel NZ Premium Skinless Chicken Thigh Cutlets


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Wednesday September 21, 2011

Sun readers have their say... Q: How do you feel the world has changed since September 11, 2001?

Margaret Haywood Blenheim

Lynley Baker Blenheim

Jayne Farmer Blenheim

Billy Knutsford Blenheim

Annette Pickering Blenheim

Melanie Old Blenheim

The world has a lot more crime since then. Things have changed for the worse, and there is just no trust.

The world lives in more fear of everyday life in everything we do.

I think security needed to be tighter looking back on things. People are a lot more aware of things now.

No I don’t think a lot has changed. People seem alot more nervous about terrorist attacks.

We are a lot more cautious about life, and definitely more security conscious.

On a recent flight to the States from New Zealand, the security seemed to be a little over the top.

Your personality

Our expertise

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‘ol i-Site Love mowing? Good Dear Ed,

mr green We do - it’s our business!

• Home lawns • Gardening Services • Hedges • Section Clearing • Lawn Care • Tree Pruning & Removal • Chipping Services • Commercial Lawns

My friend has been a bit poorly, so we went for a drive. I pointed out the i-Site, when my friend said ‘Goodness, it reminds me of the

old woodsheds that were painted with creosote in the old days’. We then had to go home for a reviver. Clarkie

For a free no obligation quote

Ph: 579 9333


MICHAEL JONES PLUMBING on we now Have a LoCaL PICT Rk PLUMBeR avaILaBLe FoR wo In PICTon & THe SoUnDS. • Domestic/Commercial • Plumbing • Gasfitting • Solar • Underfloor Heating

Phone 03 578 2034

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Marlborough’s truly local newspaper.

All our franchisees are security checked and fully insured.

• Blenheim • Renwick • Picton

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Grateful Mum Dear Ed, I must say a huge thankyou to the lady in Mitre 10 last week who helped me out when my 3 year old decided to be loudly unco-operative. Rather than give evil stares or tuttuts which seem to be the norm these days, she kindly offered to wheel my trolley to the car while my arms were otherwise occupied with restraining my bundle of ‘joy’. It was so nice to see someone who obviously understood the situation,

and who was prepared to help. Parents have limited options when it comes to public discipline these days, and in today’s world it feels almost impossible to administer a firm reprimand without having the label of child abuse levelled at you. The next time you see a child have a tantrum in public, try helping the poor parent out. I know I will. Grateful Mum

Yes to early bus Dear Ed, I agree with Early Bird (August 31). Blenheim’s bus service should start earlier than 9am. Can we get everyone who feels the same to write to Marlborough Roads,

who has contracted Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd to provide ‘The Blenheim Bus’ service. It would be nice to be able to get Blenheim’s workers to work on time! Bus Boy.

Shoes & Accessories



into Tango’s for some more of our funky fashion

8 Arthur Street, Blenheim. Phone 578 3139

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Consulting in Surveying, Resource Management, Subdivision & Land Development Subdivisions • Resource Consents • Cross Lease Plans • Unit Title Plans • Resource Management Act Advice • Development Costing • Boundary Redefinition • Contour Surveys • Building & Construction Set-out • Vineyard Mapping • Moorings, Marine Farms•

Davidson Ayson House 4 Nelson St, Blenheim. PH 03 579 2099 email:

Wednesday September 21, 2011

Professionals feAtuRing:

Ayson and Partners Ltd


Professional legal advice you can trust. Specialising in: Family Property Employment Trusts and Estates

Ph: 03 578 7361

M: 0274 455 687

Registered Professional Surveyors

AdR • Professional Accounting Services • Business Taxation • MYOB Consultant

Is Your Financial Adviser Authorised? ... they should be! Don’t settle for second best when it comes to your finances... At Prosper, Paul & Jac are fully qualified & “Authorised Financial Advisers”

Helping your business grow with timely, accurate solutions

Allan de Reeper Chartered Accountant 212 Howick Road, Blenheim

Phone: (03) 579 1173 027 457 8076 email:


For expert, skilled architectural advice, from concept to consent “let us transform your dreams of a new home into reality”

Marlborough Architectural Designs 10 High Street, PO Box 413 Blenheim Ph 578 2769 or 027 435 3466 Email

Ayson and Partners directors Matt Straker, Mike Russell and Terry McGrail.

Have you ever come across a surveyor looking through an instrument on top of a tripod? Chances are that you met one of the Ayson and Partners Ltd team. With an established history in Marlborough, Ayson and Partners Ltd is a Blenheim based team made up of registered professional surveyors, a resource management specialist, survey technicians, and draughtspersons. At the forefront of the company are directors Terry McGrail, Mike Russell and Matt Straker who between them have more than 60 years industry experience. Their extensive knowledge in surveying, subdivision, resource management and development projects has seen Ayson and Partners Ltd complete contracts over the wider Marlborough area, North Canterbury and the Nelson Lakes. Their use of the latest technology including survey grade GPS and robotic total stations has placed Ayson and Partners Ltd at the forefront of the industry, guaranteeing the highest standards and expertise for every project - big or small. “Our team of highly skilled professionals has extensive experience in a wide range of land and development projects as well as residential, commercial and industrial construction projects,” Matt says.

Current projects include Boulevard Park on Taylor, Marlborough Ridge and Westwood Business Park. Ayson and Partners Ltd has assisted clients with the Marlborough Urban Growth and Development Strategy over the past year. For more information about how Ayson and Partners Ltd can assist you, drop into the office or contact the team to organise a free initial consultation.

*Our personal disclosure forms are available on request and free of charge from our office*

579 1167 Level 1 - 1 Market Street, P O Box 663, Blenheim, 7240 Em:

Vicki Baker Licensed Sales Person REAA 2008 Dip. Real Estate. AREINZ

3‘One of Marlborough’s best’ 3Proven results 3Straight up - no bull!

Phone 578 0888 or 027 228 6001



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Wednesday September 21, 2011

Marlborough Farming with the Blenheim Sun

Lifestyle • Viticulture • Farming


Ent Quick & EffEicsiErvicE MaintEnanc Call us today for Spraying, Mulching, Trimming, Sowing, Harvesting, Cultivation, Post Driving, Weed Spraying,Rotary Hoeing, Rolling, Under Row Sweeping, Direct Drilling and more!

YoU Can’T aRgUe WiTH SUCCeSS Talk To US ToDaY!

Phone David

0274 356 690

UPGRADE fuel efficient & noise compliant FROSTFAN

Animal transport receives new code of welfare Minimum standards of animal welfare and recommended best practices for everyone involved in transporting animals in New Zealand, are outlined in a new code of welfare issued last week by Agriculture Minister David Carter. The Animal Welfare (Transport within New Zealand) Code of Welfare 2011, developed by the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC), encourages all those responsible for animals during transport to adopt the highest standards of husbandry, care and handling. NAWAC Deputy Chair Hilton Collier says transport can be a time of great stress for animals and it is important that it is done well. “The purpose of this new code of welfare is

to encourage everyone involved to minimise the stress placed on animals by adopting the highest standards before and during transport”. “The code covers all animals and all forms of transport within New Zealand – air, land and sea. Minimum standards cover off important areas like stockmanship, planning, equipment design and maintenance, preparing and selecting animals for transport, loading and unloading, as well as the provision of food, water and rest.” Mr Collier adds that specific requirements for transport in emergencies and emergency humane destruction are also included. The code was drafted and reviewed by representatives of companies and organisa-

Frost – be the boss New Zealand Frost Fans Ltd is a specialist frost fan company that manufactures the Frostboss Range of frost fans. New Zealand Frost Fans is involved in all aspects of frost fan business, from design through to manufacturing as well as field placement, installation and servicing. The Frostboss C49 is the latest development in the range with greatly improved performance, noise and efficiency characteristics. How it works: The C49 was designed in response to the demand for a quieter and more efficient fan. The FrostBoss C49 incorporates all the features of the 2010 FrostBoss. These are the same cabinet design, gearboxes, auto controller, ambient wind

shut off, wireless temperature probes, and an optional Caterpillar or Perkins engine. The C49 is designed to run at 1800rpm with an operating range of 1700 rpm to 1900 rpm if more or less coverage is required. The coverage of a C49 running at 1800rpm is approx six to eight hectare depending on the local climatic conditions. The noise produced by the C49 is approx 6dBA less than the A24 and less again that many other 2-blades. The C49 can be retrofitted to most brands of frost fans. The only thing that needs to be changed is the engine speed, which the service technician would do when changing the fan. For more information contact New Zealand Frost Fans today.

tions involved in the commercial transport of animals by road and sea, farmers, veterinarians, animal advocacy groups and environmental agencies. Copies of the code and the explanatory report that accompanies it are available online at animal-welfare/codes/alphabetically or by request from

Improving grape quality The quality of your grapes solely depends on the care and attention those vines receive throughout the season. The repercussions of wrong advice can hit hard come harvest. As an accomplished vineyard manager and owner of BNC Viticulture Contracting Ltd, Brad Crighton understands what vineyards need for successful, disease free crops while also being sensitive to budgets. From hassle free, comprehensive vineyard management services to spray contracts, leaf plucking, trimming, post-driving, mulching/sweeping, and much more, BNC can help with every aspect of vineyard management. The addition of the new recyclable foliage sprayer is one way BNC is continuing to protect the environment. The award winning recyclable spray unit decreases chemical usage while also substantially reduces drift and wastage, without compromising on quality. In professional trials the unit reduced chemical usage by up to 75-80% (on early season sprays). This technology is highly regarded overseas and is certainly the way of the future. With a fast growing list of clients, bookings are essential to ensure this state-of the-art technology on your block today. Call today for a free quote on 021 955 367. BNC are now servicing 2.2m rows.

We have an upgrade package for most brands of frostfans. We can upgrade your existing frostfan with a new C49 blade system, the most efficient blade in the market. This will save fuel and is noise compliant. Upgrade packages available for: clutches, gearboxes, controllers and remote monitoring systems.

Phone: 06 879 8312 Fax: 06 879 7312 Email: w w w. n z f r o s t f a n s . c o m

Stuart Miller - 027 445 1527 56 Main St - Blenheim

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Wednesday September 21, 2011


Marlborough Farming with the Blenheim Sun

Lifestyle • Viticulture • Farming

Open day attracts visitors to nature reserve By Leona Plaisier The Tui Nature Reserve, located in the Outer Pelorus Sound in the Marlborough Sounds, held its first open day for students from Nelson and Marlborough on Saturday, September 17. The reserve has been owned and managed by the Plaisier family – Brian, Ellen and their three children Leona, Liam and Esmae for the past 17 years. The family has successfully transformed the peninsula from a barren, weed-ridden landscape to regenerating native bush. They also breed kakariki, geckos and giant weta with the aim of introducing these species to the peninsula. After years of intense pest control and other conservation work to achieve where they are today, the family is now working towards the next step in

their vision of ‘conservation education’. A major part of that was to hold an open day specifically for students from the Marlborough and Nelson region. The open day attracted students from Marlborough Boys’ College, Marlborough Girls’ College, Queen Charlotte College, Rai Valley Area School and Salisbury School. The group of 45 people also included Kaikoura MP Colin King, Ngati Kuia representative Raymond Smith and Department of Conservation Sounds Area Manager Roy Grose. The Plaisier family said the day was a great success, with all the students showing great enthusiasm for conservation and the project. They hope to make the event an annual one.

Gold medal wines

NATURAL WONDER: The Tui Nature Reserve in the outer Pelorus Sounds was opened to students on Saturday. Photo supplied

Specialising in all medium and conventional square bale hay operations

• Direct drilling • General Cultivation • Mowing & Raking • Combine Harvester • Wrapping & Baleage

TROPHY WINNERS: At the recent New World Wine Awards Marlborough wines took home the 'Champion White' and the 'Champion Red' awards. Pictured receiving trophies at the awards night are Craig Wilson - Managing Director Foodstuffs (Wellington) Co-Operative Society, Sasha Grayson - winemaker for Matua Valley (Shingle Peak), Shara Matthews - national trading manager grocery for Pernod Ricard (Jacob’s Creek), Matt Murphy - head winemaker for Mount Riley and Jim Harré - chairperson of the New World Wine Awards. Photo provided

Two Marlborough wines have been awarded gold medals at the 2011 New World Wine Awards. Shingle Peak’s 2010 Reserve Pinot Noir took out the Champion Red section, and Mount Riley’s 2011 Riesling won the Champion White category. More than 1000 wines were tasted by a panel of 14 judges over two days in this year’s event. Of the 521 medals awarded, 50 were given gold, 135 silver and 336 bronze. Each wine was blind tasted and judged on taste, smell and colour.

Chair of the New World Wine Awards judging panel Jim Harre says the awards were “bigger and better than ever” this year. “The quality of the wines entered demonstrates the high regard winemakers have for the integrity of these awards and the benefits a medal brings in terms of sales and brand awareness of their wines,” he says. A Top 50 selection of award-winning wines will be showcased in the 2011 New World Wine Awards booklet and is now being stocked in New World stores nationwide.

Call Dave on Ph/Fax (03) 577 7501 Mobile 021 398 939 Email

If It’s Metal Marlborough’s If It’s MetalLeading We Make It

Stainless Steel Fabricator We Make It

Need an ad? Call Jill on (03) 5777 868

Please contact: Crichton Purdie 10 Seafair Close

10 Seafair Seafair Close, Close Cloudy Park, CloudyBay Bay Business Business Park Cloudy Bay Business Park PO Box 797Blenheim, Zealand Ph: 03 New 577 6310 Ph: 03 577 6310



Fax: 03 577 SHEETMETAL mob +64 4906300 9833 ph 6300 +64 3 577 6310 Fax: 0327 577 SHEETMETAL faxEmail: +64 3 577 6300


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Wednesday September 21, 2011




NASSAU 5 PIEcE tABLE SEttING Generous size chairs Heavy construction

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y $ 1 onl

y 1 onl

Sturdy construction Buffed surface 169503



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Very heavy steel construction Folding chairs














Wednesday September 21, 2011




The Sun




Sturdy construction Buffed surface

Sturdy construction 169500


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O P x E E R U t I N R U f R O O d OUt 398


WAS $1622.10 NOW...




E E R F T S E R E T N I S H T N O M 6 + T N E M Y A P D E R R E F E D S H T 6 MON


*Conditions apply see instore for details





y 1 onl


1500mm x 900mm rectangular Hardwood table

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Ever popular style

Ever popular style

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Stainless steel burners Warming rack





BY 15%

If you find the same product cheaper from another Mitre 10 store or on the Mitre 10 website, we’re pleased to match that price. (Conditions: Excludes trade and special quotes, stock liquidations and commercial quantities. To ensure the lowest price, the actual price may be lower than that advertised.)

700mm round table and 2 chairs Aluminium and outdoor wicker construction 2 YEAR WARRANTY



WAS $199 NOW...


110 $










WAS $1099 NOW...

Powder coated Stainless steel burners Side burner Warming rack 126135




Convenient portable design Stainless steel burner with piezo ignition Non-stick hot plate 083508




174-186 Alabama Road, Blenheim Ph: 520 6600 • Fax: 578 2872






MASPORt 6 BURNER wEEkENdER BBq Stainless steel burners Side burner Roasting rack Temperature gauge 107630



fOLdING GAzEBOS Steel frame with polyester cover 085156




Monday - Friday: 7.00am - 6.00pm Saturday: 8.00am - 6.00pm Sunday & Public Holidays: 9.00am - 6.00pm *Conditions apply - see instore for details

21 September to 27 September 2011, while stocks last.


The Sun

Wednesday September 21, 2011

Own a piece of history Smiths City Blenheim is giving Marlburians a chance to purchase a piece of Rugby World Cup history. The store is auctioning off a Size 5 rugby ball signed by all 30 members of the 2011 Russian squad, with proceeds to go to Blenheim charity Bread of Life Centre. This year marks the first time Russia has competed in the quadrennial tournament. Smiths City obtained the Russian signatures on three rugby balls when the team came into the store recently.

What is the All Blacks’ price?

Store manager Matt Rainbow says Smiths City Kaikoura will auction off one ball at the Real NZ Festival Kaikoura SeaFest on October 1. The other ball has been given to the Blenheim Volunteer Fire Brigade. To make your bid, leave your name, phone number and bidding price at The Sun office, 72 High St, Blenheim or Smiths City Blenheim at 18 Kinross St. Entries close on September 30.


r u o r o f e m i t ’s it

’ e m o h e h t d n u o r a ‘

! s g n savi

By Damian George How much is an All Blacks jersey signed by the potential winners of Rugby World Cup 2011 worth? PGG Wrightson Blenheim will find out on Saturday night when it auctions off two jerseys signed by the 30 players and four of the coaching staff from the New Zealand side entrusted with winning the Webb Ellis Cup for just the second time. The jerseys will be up for grabs at the company’s client function entitled ‘Le Game’ at the Jim Fraser Centre in Blenheim. One of the jerseys will be available to the public, who can make a bid instore. The other will be bid for by PGG

Wrightson clients present at the function. Public bidders need to leave their name, contact details and bidding price at the store in a sealed envelope by 5pm on Friday. PGG Wrightson Tasman area manager Hugh Murchison says the money raised from the auction will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Association and The Marlborough Hospice. A sellout crowd of 350 is expected for the function, which will be screening the All Blacks-France World Cup match. The jeresys were donated by PGG Wrightson supplier BASF and agreed t be signed by All Blacks management.

s e p i c e r ’ e f i l d o ‘go

Sun The

Blenheim Marlborough

Spiced Apple Shortcake DRAINFLO PUNCHED


65mm x 15m

1800 x 1200 x 50mm 2283695



HILLS EVERyDAy retracting 5 LINE 3590639



gutter getter SCOOP 3350477











30 SECONDS CLEANER 5 LITRE concentrate 4081006





This is based around Alison Holst’s recipe.


Step 1 1/2 cup brown sugar 2 tsp mixed spice 1/2 tsp ground cloves 1/4 tsp cinnamon (ground) 1/2-3/4 cup of juice (orange is normal but you can use pineapple) 1 tsp custard powder 3 large apples cut into cubes. (I prefer to use granny smiths but any apple with a sharpness would be fine) they must be crisp or they will fall apart.




GUTTERGUARD 180mm x 20m 3561232




very stiff add a drop or two of milk. Split the dough so you have around 1/3 of the mix to one side, chill this piece. In a lined slice tin or cake tin (around 20cm) Press 2/3 of the dough around the bottom of the pan to an even thickness. Place the apple mixture on top, then grate the chilled mixture across the apple. Bake for about 40mins until the top is a gold colour not too brown. This can be served warm with ice cream or cold with whipped cream.

Step 2 140gm butter 1/4 cup sugar 1 egg 2 cups of plain flour 1 tsp of baking powder Place all the ingredients in step 1 into a frying pan. Bring to the boil, once all the sugar has dissolved add the custard powder, once mixture has thickened put aside to cool. Turn oven to 180˚C. Using a blender cream the butter & sugar till smooth add the egg once blended add the flour & baking powder if the dough is




“Bookworld is for the love of reading.”



speCiaLs vaLid untiL septeMber 27, 2011 or wHiLe stoCks Last.

Cnr Grove Rd & Farmar St • Ph: 520 6030 Hours: Mon - Fri 7aM - 5.30 pM • sat 8aM - 4pM • sun 9aM - noon

67 Market Street, Blenheim Ph: 578 4909

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Wednesday September 21, 2011


Are you

MATCH ready?

Philippine Tropical Gold Pineapples Just Juice Fruit Juice Range 3L



Save from $2.26




Fresh Tegel NZ Chicken Drumsticks




Save from $1.40







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99 pack


49 each

Hass Avocado


Stella Artois/Légère Bottles 330ml



Arnott’s Chocolate Scotch Finger/Digestives Range 200-250g

Fresh Sirloin/ Porterhouse Steak




Talley’s Fries Range 1kg

Save from $1.62





Hardys NV 750ml

Save from $1.51

Save from $5.80



$ 59

99 each

Local, convenient & friendly

Store Locations: Renwick - 7.30am - 7.00pm, 7 days. Seddon - Monday-Friday 6.30am - 7.30pm - Saturday-Sunday 7am - 7.30pm Specials available from Wednesday, 21st September until Sunday, 25th September 2011 or while stocks last. We reserve the right to limit quantities. All limits specified apply per customer per day. Trade not supplied. Prepared meals are serving suggestions only. Props not included. Product range may vary from store to store. Proprietary brands not for resale. Customer Support Freephone 0800 40 40 40.


Bluebird Biguns/ Burger Rings/ Twisties/Cheezels/ Rashuns 130-180g





Next week’s specials available to view from 12 noon each Sunday @


Save on fuel Petrol discount vouchers available instore.

At all our SuperValue Supermarkets Conditions apply. At participating stores.



The Sun

Wednesday September 21, 2011

Beauty room prepares to open Cabello Hair & Beauty is gearing up to launch its new beauty room which owner Ang Nicholls plans to open on October 12. A full range of beauty services will be offered by a qualified body and beauty therapist including massage, manicures, pedicures, all waxing and tinting. Bookings are being taken now for the beauty room which will be open Wednesday through to Saturday, includ-

ing Wednesday’s late night hours. To celebrate the opening there are a number of beauty specials on offer for a limited time so get in quick so you don’t miss out. With every full body massage booked, receive a free express manicure; 20percent off all waxing; Eye treatment package for $20, includes eyelash and eyebrow tinting and an eyebrow shape.


Senior Hairstylist is now at...

hair studio @ 217 I look forward to welcoming new and existing clients! 217 Maxwell Road, Blenheim

Ph 578 3474 • 027 874 9642

In the salon, Ang, Holly and Sophie can cater for all ages as well as men’s cuts Cabello uses L’Oreal colours, treatments, shampoos and styling products. “Call in and see our friendly team, and remember that we are taking beauty appointments now,” Ang says.

Beautiful skin, naturally Juliet Lindsay of Skin Beautiful is leaping into spring with a sting! As far as Juliet is aware she is the only clinic to be offering natural bee venom facials in New Zealand. A lovely one hour facial using a honey and carrot cleanser, a grape and manuka honey exfoliant followed by a facial massage with natural beetox venom to hydrate, tone and smooth your skin. It’s just fantastic that this natural beetox cream is made right here in Blenheim. Juliet has created her own

natural product range which is made under licence in Blenheim by the creators of the beetox cream used in her facials. Juliet has been in the beauty industry for over 10 years and has worked with a number of product companies and is qualified in a wide range of skin treatments. Juliet planned years ago to create her own product range to enable clients to purchase facial products of a very high quality at very affordable prices. Samples are always available and are FREE. Products are

Opening specials nOw On

We specialize in: • Locally produced Blue Pearls manufactured into jewellery on-site • Restoration of worn and damaged jewellery and silverware • Custom design and manufacturing • Replacement or re-cutting of lost or damaged stones • Watch batteries

2 London Quay, Picton 7220


• With every full body massage, receive a free express manicure. • 20% off all waxing • $20 Eye treatment package (includes tinting and shaping) Come in and meet our friendly talented staff

Ph/Fax: (03) 5737 351

paraben free, not tested on animals, chemical additive free, have no artificial colours and are soap free. One of the moisturisers is suitable for men as it is a matt finish and is unscented! Other treatments on offer are female brazilian waxing, body waxes, tinting, skin tag, red vein and millia removal, super hydrating, toning, electrolosis, eyelining tatooing and brighting oxygen treatments. All this keeps Juliet working at least six days a week. Skin Beautiful opens at 7am most mornings to enable Juliet to

Juliet Lindsay

keep up with the high demand for clinic treatments and product purchases. Phone and see Juliet today at Skin Beautiful for a truly beautiful experience.

Two steps to sleek hair with Matrix!

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Tel: 03 572 7117 • High Street Renwick

JULIET LINDSAY Advanced Qualified

FULL BEAUTY THERAPY SERVICES • Massage • Tinting & Waxing • Brazilian Waxing • Facials • Facial Vitamin Infusions • Electrolysis • Skin Tag, Red Vein & Millia Removal • Eyeline Tattooing

Beauty Special:

Natural Bee Venom Facials. One hour of pure bliss for only $60

Adrienne’s Beauty Den • Facials • Manicures • Waxing • Electrolysis • Makeup • Nail Art

• Eyelash Tinting • Eyelash Perming • Eyebrow Tinting • Gift Vouchers • Red Vein, Skin Tag, Wart Removal

Tel: (03) 578 8433

������������ � ������������


� � �



�������������������������� �������������������������� ������������������������� ��������������������� ����������������������������������


Do you feel like this?

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������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������� ����������� ������������������ ��� ������������������������������� ������������������ ���� �������������������������������������������������� �������������������������������������������� ���� ���������������������������������������� ������������������������������������� ��������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������� ���� �������������������������������������������������� �������������������������������� ������������������������������������������ ����������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������� Phone Jean today ����� ������������


����������������������� 577������������������������� 8686 ������ ������������������������������������������

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�������� ������������ ��������

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includes shoulder, neck and scalp massage and a take home product of your choice from our natural range.

Beauty Therapy Clinic and Skin Beautiful Products Juliet Lindsay M.A.B.T.N.Z.




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UFS, Cnr Queen & ���������������������� ���������������������� ������������ ��������������������������������������������������������������� �������� High Sts, Blenheim ��������


85 Lakings Rd, Blenheim Tel 578 8862

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Iron out frizzy nasties, and swap for glossy shine with these two great new products from Matrix. Design Pulse welcomes a new addition to the range - designed to complete the popular styling collection. Iron In is a thermal styling mist designed to protect hair from heat damage. With a fresh cucumber lime scent, Iron In provides light hold without weighing hair down - delivering a gorgeously smooth polished look. Finish off this sleek look with Matrix Design Pulse Mix n Shine serum designed specifically to control frizz. Embodying a fruity, floral scent, Mix n Shine is ideal for normalto-coarse hair, helping to deliver lasting shine for a smooth polished look. Mix n Shine contains light multiplying technology that reflects light to give hair a gorgeous sheen. We have a set of Iron In and Mix n Shine to give away valued at $42.00. To enter, simply tell us what scent is in Matrix’s Iron In. Send your entries to The Sun, PO Box 634, Blenheim 7240, or drop them into The Sun office at 72 High Street before 5pm, September 26. Winners will be notified by phone.

The Sun

out & about

with their Palmer and Sylvie Crowe  Louie Greig, Matthew a School rle the Wi at s nes are rs Aw creative hats for Alzheime on Friday.

 Abbie Rolfe and Macke nzie Croton-Timms proudly show their hats for Alzheimers Awarenes s at Witherlea School on Frid ay.

Wednesday September 21, 2011


 Ayden Harding-Harper, Zoe Rutherford and Hayden McHaffie parading their hats for Alzheimers Awareness at Witherlea School on Friday.

right Jacob Boreham-W  Sam Smith and Alzheimers r fo e ad m ts ha l with their unusua day. erlea School on Fri Awareness at With

ember Jill. spital staff m rdfish o H ew vi ir enzie with Fa traw), a swo And her  Bev MacK at, with a fishing rod (s . o ed a at Ariki b rk a o is w Bevs hat when she at th e ad m e (brooch). Sh a.  Alice Arch scarf is the se er made her hat in ac

 Gaynor and Tony Gilchrist at Fairveiw Hospital.

tivities, its m ade from recy cled goods.

Change the words: NEW SHOWHOME OPEN to DESIGN AND BUILD SPECIALISTS Make the words:HOMES TO FIT ............. higher and larger.  Anna Wilson with her son Seth enjoying the day together. Under the office opening hours etc add:

 Nik Jago and Debbie Jackson enjoy lunch together in the sunshine at Watery Mouth Cafe.

Cafe, Watery Mouth with her staff at e) tr en (c on gt lson (right).  Juliet Partin ft) and Jana Nei Renee Marks (le

Any of our “out & about” photos can be purchased at the Sun Newspaper office.

Great Investment Opportunity...........Showhome for Sale with an 18 Month Lease back to the Company - Enquiry Now!



Office and Showhome hours: AND B SECTION 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday 1pm to 3pm Sunday Office and Showho Closed Saturday9am – 5pm Monday


169 Taylor Pass Road

SHOWHOME & OFFICE • 169 Taylor Pass Road

• Boulevard Park on Taylor Subdivision •

(Boulevard Park on Taylor Subdivision)

1pm to 3pm Su Great Investment Opportunity

Phone 03 579 2282Showhome for sale with anClosed Saturda

• Phone 03 579 2282

18 month lease back to the company - Enquire Now!!!


The Sun

Wednesday September 21, 2011

Proud sPonsors of

The Sun

w e e k ly

babies “Engage the Experts for Air Conditioning solutions to keep your bundle of joy snug & warm all year round”

BASSETT: Andrew and Melisa (nee Smitheram) are delighted to announce the safe arrival of their third child. A baby girl, Tahlia Adeline (8lb 3oz) on Wednesday 24th August 2011, at 4.55pm at Wairau Hospital. A beautiful sister to Kaden and Tylen. A very special thanks to our amazing midwife Ruth Johnson, Jody and all the staff at Ward One. Photo provided.

WIlSOn/DODSOn: David and Letticia are delighted to announce the arrival of Henry Charles Dodson Wilson, (9lb 3oz), on Wednesday 7th September. A little brother for a very excited Reuben! Many thanks to midwives Sue Young and Gwen, all of the wonderful maternity team at Wairau, and to Nana and Poppy (Pat and Peter Dodson). Photo provided.

COME AND VISIT US AT OUR SHOWROOM 1 Freswick St, Blenheim Phone (03) 578 0030

MclEnnAn/lAnE: Alexis Anne McLennan has finally arrived! On the 9th September 2011 Jamie and Melissa welcomed Alexis into the world at 2.13pm weighing 7lbs. A special thanks to Gwen, Nikki and all our supportive and excited family and friends. Photo provided.

BURROUGH-WEBSTER: Wendy and Daniel are delighted to announce the safe arrival of their girl Peyton Grace (8lb 3oz) on July 22nd. 12.05am at Wairau Hospital. A little sister for Amelia. Special thanks to midwifes Carole and Shona and all the staff involved. You all do an amazing job. Both well. Photo provided.

PITTS: Kelly and Hugo are pleased to announce the arrival of Georgia Vene (7lbs 7oz) on 26 August 2011. It all went well at 4.13am at Wairau Hospital. A huge thank you to two great midwives, Sue Hudson and Gerry Lawson. Photo provided.

PLEASE NOTE Wairau Hospital Maternity Ward visiting hours are: DAILY at 10am - 12pm and 4pm - 7pm

Order your baby photos at the Sun office: 72 High Street, Blenheim

BERMInGHAM: Brett and Nicola (Coburn) are proud to announce the safe arrival of Remy Joseph Peter (3.26kg) on August 31 2011 at 8:30pm at Wairau Hospital. Special thanks to Gwen and Sue and all the staff at Ward One. Both well. Photo provided.

MuM OF THE WEEK Congratulations to Melissa Lane this week’s lucky winner of the New World $25 voucher to spend at New World Blenheim. Our winner is invited to bring her ID in to claim her prize when she next visits New World Blenheim.

“Proudly 100% locally owned and operated” Tel: 03 520 9030, Fax: 03 520 9080, Email:

Order your baby photos at the Sun office: 72 High Street, Blenheim PLEASE NOTE Wairau Hospital Maternity Ward visiting hours are: DAILY at 10am - 12pm and 4pm - 7pm

The Sun

Wednesday September 21, 2011

death notices community services Marlborough After Hours GP Services: Wairau Hospital campus, after 6pm. Reception 5206377. Office 5209980. Ambulance: Urgent 111. Non urgent 579 4870. After Hours Chemists: Springlands Pharmacy 9am-6pm 7 days Ph 5782271.

The Community Noticeboard is for non-profit organisations. For $10.00 you can publish up to 25 words. No AGMS, sporting notices or special meetings. Community Notices must be pre-paid. Call into our office at 72 High Street, Blenheim

Desex Your Cat Its spring and SPCA reminds owners to get cats over 6 months of age desexed by a vet NOW! SPCA can help those on low incomes. Phone 572 9156.


Every Thursday 7pm Blenheim Bowling Club, Weld St. Light meals available. Bring a friend for a good night out. Proceeds to Special Needs Children of Marlborough.

Mental Health Consumer Advocacy Service

Our Advocates will take up your cause to ensure your rights are respected, listen to your concerns and support you in the actions you want to take to gain resolution. Ph: 5795304 or call at Level 2, Aorere House, 54 Scott St.

SF Marlborough

(supporting families and mental well being) For information/advocacy/support for families living with mental illness please contact Cheryl or Lyn on 577 5491 or visit us at 4 Scott Street. All Welcome.

Sheets ‘n’ Things

Good used linen for sale! Open Monday to Friday 9.00am - 12 noon at Bread of Life, 14b Stephenson Street (opp Boys College) Phone: 577-5423.

Tempo Concert

“Classically Classical” - Friday 30th September Come and perform your latest achievement in music for an appreciative audience. Register at tempoconcert@ by Wednesday 28th.

The Blue Door

Open Monday to Friday 9.00am - 3.30pm. Saturday 9.00am - 2pm. Item surplus to your requirements we would gladly accept. We can deliver. Phone 5794353.

death notices STRETCH, Mary Edith (Edie): Passed away suddenly on 19 September 2011 at Bethsaida Rest Home. In her 98th year. Loved wife of the late Everard (Ev), loved mother and mother-in-law of John and Maureen (Wellington), Margaret and Stuart (Blenheim), Judith and Jim (Wellington) and Mark and Pam (Christchurch), loved Little Nana of Judi and David, Michael and Cristy, Lois and Robin, Diana and Greg, Geoffrey and Keziah, Amy and Randal, Jane and Matt, Sophie and Rongo, Olivia, Joseph, and Liam and loved great grandma of Jessica, Jack, Ryan, Angus, Ava, Henry, and Paige. Messages to 35 Brooklyn Drive Blenheim 7201. A funeral service for Edie will be held at the Mayfield Chapel, cnr Hutcheson & Parker Sts Blenheim at 11 am Thursday 22 September followed by interment at Omaka Cemetery. F a m i l y GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ Ph 03 578 4719

Hospital Visiting Hours Wairau Hospital: Daily 11.30am7.30pm, children under 12 may visit parents only. Maternity Ward: 10am-Noon, 4pm-7pm. Children's Ward: Daily 10am8pm. Visiting at all times is subject to the discretion of the nurse in charge of the ward.

Diabetes NZ Marlborough: 5775549, Office hours Tues,Wed,Thurs 9am-3pm.

community notices


Marlborough Budgeting Free,confidential budgeting BURNEY, Joyce Doreen: On September 17 2011, peacefully, with her Lifeline Marlborough: advice. Monday -Friday. Phone family at Redwood Retirement Village Blenheim. Aged 90 years. Dearly 577 8668, 24hr helpline. 578 2006. loved wife of Bill for 67 years, much loved mother and mother-in-law of Marlborough Women's Neryl and Keith Chapman (Christchurch), Francey and the late Malcolm Citizens Advice Bureau Refuge, Rape and Sexual Burney (Waikanae), Lyn and Peter Tutt (Napier), Selwyn and Rosie Abuse Resource Centre: Crisis Free, friendly, confidential (Brisbane) and Kelly and Marion (Brisbane), precious nana and great line, phone Wairau Hospital advice. Mon - Fri 9.30am - 4pm. Nana Joyce of all her grandchildren and great grandchildren. Messages 520 9999, for Women's Refuge Phone 578 4272. to Flat 2, 18 Brewer Blenheim 7201. In lieu of flowers donations to contact numbers. Redwood Retirement Village would be appreciated and may be left at Picton the service. A service for Joyce will be held at the Mayfield Chapel cnr Overeaters Anonymous: Doctor: Phone weekend doctor Hutcheson & Parker Sts Blenheim, at 2pm Wednesday September 21 Red Cross Rooms, 33 Redwood 573 6092 or Marlborough After followed by cremation at the Sowman Crematorium. St. Every Tuesday at 7.30pm. Hours GP Service 520 6377. GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ Ph 03 578 4719 Office 5209980. Victim Support: Ambulance: Urgent 111. Non- NORTH, Margaret Edith Mabel (Edith): On September 15 2011, 0800 VICTIM (0800 842 846) urgent 579 4870. peacefully, at Redwood Retirement Village . In her 92nd year. Chemist:Picton Healthcare Dearly loved wife of the late Ron, loved mother and mother-in-law of Alcoholics Anonymous: R o s e 5 7 7 7 6 5 1 , H a r v e y Pharmacy. Ph 573 6420 Mon Jeanette and the late Dale Langridge (Wellington), Colin and Denise -Fri 9-6pm, Sat-Sun 9-3pm, (Christchurch), Carolyn and Ross McLennan (Melbourne), Des and Pat, 5788125 Queen Charlotte Pharmacy 573 and Brett and Philippa (Kaiapoi) and loved nana and great nana of all her grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren. Al-Anon: Help for families 7927 Sat 9-1pm. Special thanks to the staff at Presbyterian Support and the staff at & friends of alcoholics. Ph Seddon Health Clinic Redwood Retirement Village for their love and care of Margaret. Margaret 578 4690 or Ross Monday 10am-1pm; Wednesday Messages to the North family P O Box 110 Blenheim 7240. At Margaret’s 578 5896. 5pm-7pm;. For an appointment request a private service will be held. GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ Ph 03 578 4719 A l z h e i m e r s S o c i e t y Ph 575 7757. Marlborough: 577 6172, 8 After hours: Marlborough GP JOHNSON, Colleen Anne: Passed away peacefully at Wairau Hospital Wither Rd, Mon,Wed,Fri 9am- Services: Reception: 520 6377. Office: 520 9980. on 15 September 2011. Dearly loved wife of the late Len, loved mum of 4pm / Tue, Thurs 9.30-3pm. Peter (deceased), David, Susan and Heidy and special Nan of James; and Greta and Adrian. Messages to the Johnson family C/- P O Box 110 Blenheim. Donations to the Cancer Society would be appreciated and may be made at the service or sent to PO Box 233 Blenheim 7240. A Requiem Mass will be celebrated at St Mary’s Catholic Church, Maxwell Rd , at 10.30 am Wednesday 21 September followed by private LIGHTWOOD, Audrey May: Passed away, peacefully, at Ashwood Park cremation at the Sowman Crematorium. Retirement Village, on 13 September 2011. In her 89th year. Loved and GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ Ph 03 578 4719 loving wife of Hugh, devoted mother and mother-in-law of Patricia Gadd (South Yorkshire UK), Susan and David Prendergast (Brisbane), David POPPLEWELL, Gordon Paul: On 13 September 2011, peacefully, and Katy Lightwood (Brisbane), respected grandmother of Michael Gadd surrounded by his loving family, at Hospice Marlborough . Aged 60 and Ruth (Nottingham UK), Benjamin Gadd (Melbourne), Jonathan Gadd years. Dearly loved husband and soulmate of Shona, much loved and (New York); Nicola and Martin Disley (Brisbane), Matthew and Laura cherished Dad of Jason and Eva, Michele and John Weir, and Debbie Prendergast (Dunedin), Timothy and Lisa Prendergast (London); Patrick and Ken, treasured Poppy of Cody; and Harriet, and Hunter, loved Lightwood and April Lightwood (Brisbane), loved great grandmother brother and brother-in-law of the late John, Maryanne, the late Peter, of Kristah and Leah (Dunedin); and Daisy (Brisbane), loved sister and the late Frank, Joan and the late Brian, Edgar and Barbara, Marian and sister-in-law of Eunice and the late Ian Muldrew (Oamaru), June and Graham, Erica and Graham, the late Jason, Angie and Graham, Judy Milton Gair (Mt Maunganui), Nyra and the late Alan Lightwood (Blenheim), and the late Ray and Mildred and Hilton. Loved brother-in-law of Larry, the late Mary and Jack Thorn (Christchurch), the late Colin, and Nancy Brenda and Owen, and Stephan and Carol and much loved uncle of all Lightwood (Sydney). Messages C/- Ashwood Park Retirement Village his nieces and nephews. Messages to P O Box 55 Ward 7248. In lieu 118 Middle Renwick Rd Blenheim 7201. In lieu of flowers donations to of flowers donations to Hospice Marlborough would be appreciated and Hospice Marlborough would be appreciated and may be sent to P O Box may sent to P O Box 411 Blenheim 7240. 411 Blenheim 7240. GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ Ph 03 578 4719 GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ Ph 03 578 4719 Russell McQuarters ByBy Russell McQuarters

death notices


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For September 14, 2011 For December 2004 For December 15,15, 2004

79 Market Street, Blenheim • Phone: 577 9644


The Sun

Wednesday September 21, 2011

health & beauty ADRIENNE'S Beauty Den. For all your beauty treatment. 85 Lakings Road. Ph 578 8862 DENTURES - Advanced Prosthetic Treatment. Premium Dentures. Natural looks thanks to digital precision at Blenheim Denture Studio. 71 Alfred Street. Ph 578 4344 EAR Health. Removal of Ear Wax using microscope & suction. Ph for an appointment 578 8310 at Physiotherapy Centre, 11 Francis St. MOLE checks - for a thorough skin check using dermoscopy. Call the Skin Clinic 578 1665. SYS TE M : Slim lose weight the easy way, food designed for NZ'ers by NZer's. Ph Jean Rooney 577 8686.

holiday accomodation

TE RAWA RESORT Wilson Bay Pelorus Sound. Restaurant & Bar. Right at the waters edge, accommodation, Shop, On & Off Licence, petrol on wharf, LPG & moorings. Private functions & small conferences. Ph 03 579 8285

wanted to buy


to let


garage sale

Need Ca$h?

Painting? Decorating?

Go bush!

Do it right!

FULLY furnished and fully equipped, self contained bedsit unit. Suit clean living, quiet, mature person. $180 per week, including power and internet. Ph 027 577 0195 or 5780522 A/H

MAR RIE D couple available to housesit from 20 Oct - 20 Dec. Great References available. No Kids or pets. Ph 021 028 70741

Awatere Playcentre MASSIVE

Possum Fur

Possum Skins - All grades - Top Prices

• Wallpapering • Waterblasting • Painting and much more

Phone Robin & Lisa 03 570 5198 027 289 2808

Merv Scott Decorating

$135 per kg

Phone Merv 0800 Do it Up (0800 36 4887) or 021 669 666

Basically Bush Ltd

Member of Master Painters Association


for sale P E A S T R AW. $ 9. Delivered. 572 2701. Please leave a message.

WHITE CHIP & white rocks. Ideal for pebble gardens, paths, driveways.

Phone Thomson 575 6885

Marlborough Hospice Trust AGM Tuesday, September 27, 5.30pm. Hospice Marlborough Trust meeting room. Hospital Rd, Gate 2, Blenheim Phone 578 1373


Garage Sale 24 September

Catering Van VAN GO FARE

9am-12noon. Seddon School Hall. Clothing, manchester, bric-a brac, baking, raffles plus games for children

• Public Events • Private Functions • Self Sufficient • Mobile For more information

Phone 021 337 867 Email

Trades and and Services TradeS ServiceS AUTOMOTIVE



Access Equipment


Blenheim Auto Centre

Experience you can trust

The Japanese Car Specialist

WOF - Car


including gst

• Electric Scissorlifts • Diesel 4wd Scissorlifts • Cherrypickers • Knuckle booms

Open Saturdays 9am-3pm

15 Main Street, Blenheim Phone 578 5600 0800 243 844

22 Herbert Street, Mayfield, Blenheim

Mobile 021 361 544

(Beside Vehicle Testing Station)

Ph: 03 579 5748




All Ages covered!

valid until december 2011

Michael McCann 30 Page Street Blenheim 03 578 0213 or 021 786 871

10 Off %

Offer valid July 20-Aug 30

•4 Tonne Excavator • Trenching • Soak Holes • Concrete Work • Section Clearing • Retaining Wall Construction • Pole Shed Construction • Hole Boring 350-600 • Drive ways • Gravel supplies

Blair 027 618 8654


Electric Blanket Checks

Only $15.00

Includes GST

Ph: 579 4445 Fax: 578 4443

Phone ah 570 5995 15 Neal Road, R D 3, Blenheim




Sheffield Street Riverlands Estate Blenheim

Ph 578 9590



DAVID ROBINSON • Pruning • Roses • Shrubs • Hedges • Fruit Trees • Trees

BOOK NOW for Rose & Fruit Tree Pruning 25 + yrs Experience

Ph: 5775410 Mobile: 0274 515629


Plus a FREE 20 point safety check on all jobs


Fencing Decks Gates New or Repairs ount 15% Disc


• 5 grades of bark • compost & soil conditioner • pungas • peastraw • bricks • cream pebble • white chip • screened topsoil • firewood • coal • trailer hire • wine barrels

Parts & Labour

72 Grove Road, Blenheim Phone 578 0569 or AH 021 328 241

For all your electrical needs

regent school oF Motoring

Pay for 3 lessons get the 4th Free!

3 We have two factory trained and qualified marine technicians with over 35 years experience between them 3 Guaranteed warranties and value for money 3 Servicing all makes and models of outboard motors 3 Mobile marine workshop servicing the entire Marlborough region 3 Large range of wrecked motors and second hand parts Phone or see David in the showroom for all workshop bookings, inquiries and spare parts


Cell: 021 0270 2312 Email:

3learners licence 3restricted licence 3Full licence


DAVE REES PAINTERS & DECORATORS For all painting and decorating needs

Interiors, exteriors, reseidential, commercial Including wallpapering, varnishing, roof spraying, new homes, repaints - we do it all All Workmanship Guaranteed

Phone 03 570 2214 Fax 03 570 2219 Mobile 0272 472 784

on labour for all jobs booked this month. For a free written quote

ph 027 630 7589 Covering the whole Marlborough Region

BE N SEE By your customers. the sun reaches more people than any other local community paper.




Over 70% of our work comes from recommendation by SATISFIED CUSTOMERS Yes, we do house calls

Make us your first call for: * Alterations and additions * Renovations * New homes * Commercial projects

ROYCE HARTLAND 0275 678 854 A/H 572 5422

•Prompt friendly service and support •New & Used computer sales •Computer component sales •Computer upgrades •Internet / Email connections and help •Infusion small business software •Farming & vineyard software •HP & leasing options Sam Rutherford Ph:572 9287, 027 572 9285 Email




Classic Gates


Setting the Standard in Window Cleaning Commercial & Domestic Window Cleaning

Call today for a free quote 5728897 0272 933196 GENERATORS

Honda EU20i Generator 2575

l$ ecia ST


• Sectional Doors



• Roller Doors • Tilt Doors • Commercial Doors • Gate Systems • Garage Door Openers 41 Grove Road BLENHEIM

Ph 578 8251 TOW & SALVAGE

See the experts for:

Sandblasting Powdercoating Gates, Fencing Furniture Pool Fences 6 Nelson St, Blenheim

Ph/Fax 578 0374 a/h 021 838 550


Tow & Salvage


• Vehicle ‘taxi’ service • Vehicle disposal • Vehicle transfers • Accident & breakdown recovery • Unlocks (most) vehicles • Jumpstarts

cALL us toDAy oN:

Tree Removal Height Reduction Trimming/Thinning Branch Chipping Hedge Trimming Line Clearance Stump Grinding Mulch Supplies Fully Insured FREE QUOTES

5777 868

Willie Smith 0800 086 869

Ph. 03 578 0083

(Lance) 021 361912

Williams Service Centre

578 1021

BE N E E S By your customers. the sun reaches more people than any other local community paper.

cALL us toDAy oN:

5777 868

The Sun

CLASSIFIEDS ADVERTISING PH 03 577 7868 public notice



public notice

public notice

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52 Grove Road Blenheim 03 5780330

CRAFT EXPO Saturday - 24 September 2011 9.30 am to 4 pm St. Ninian’s Church Hall 1 Riley Crescent, Blenheim Door Charge: $5 Adult (Children Free) Refreshments available Exhibitor demonstrations and sales include: Art, Beads, Bone Carving, Cake Decorating, Calligraphy, Cards, China-Glass-Fabric Painting, Aviation Art, Dolls & Bears, Scrapbooking Felting/Weaving/Spinning, Pergamano, Stamps, Paper Tole, Pottery, Embroidery, Woodworking, Rubbadubbadoo, The Dog Box, and others. Advertisement sponsored by : Rubbadubbadoo (Hamilton) and The Dog Box (Picton)

Thursday 7pm

Pom-Pom entertains with bubbles, balloons and magic. Phone

Please phone 577 7868

40 Houses 2 Super Houses 2 silent lines Raffles Bring a friend Blenheim Bowling Club, Weld St. Proceeds to Special Needs Children of Marlborough

577 7393

Lawnmower repairs and sales, Picton Equipment Centre, 7 Devon St Picton

Ph 5738150

Summer League

Marlborough Freshwater Anglers' Club Inc

Starts 26 September

Indoor Cricket 6 aside Netball 7 aside Netball Soccer Taking registrations now! Also Ten Pin Bowling Leagues available. Simcox Stadium 50 Battys Rd Phone 578 4851 or Email:

FREE Introduction to spinning and fly fishing clinic FREE Spinning & Fly casting clinics When: Sunday 25th September Time: 9.30am - 12.00 noon Where: Taylor River access Nelson St car park Members available to assist with casting & tips. Club rods available or bring your own. Morning tea provided.

EvEryonE WElcomE

Fascinated by aircraft?

FEEl FrEE To comE along and lEarn From ThE Pros! motorbikes

Don't miss the

Omaka Airfield Open Day on Saturday 24 September. Marlborough Aero Club and the Aviation Heritage Centre proudly present a range of aircraft from 'classic fighters', restoration and home build projects, to the country's slickest Tomahawk. Plus fabulous Marlborough food, coffee and the Knights of the Sky exhibition. (Normal entry fee applies) Take advantage of specials on Trial flights.

Omaka Airfield 24th September 10am-4pm

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Wednesday September 21, 2011

GASGAS 2011 EC300 Elec Start 20hrs $11,600. Marlborough Trials Centre, 53 Grove Rd. PH 5792500 or 027 230 3151. SUZUKI 2006 DRZ125 Small Wheel $ 2,700.00 Marlborough Trials Centre, 53 Grove Rd. PH 5792500 or 027 230 3151. SUZUKI 2007 LTZ50 Quad $1895.00 Marlborough Trials Centre, 53 Grove Rd. PH 5792500 or 027 230 3151. SUZUKI 2010 RMX450Z $ 9,995.00. Marlborough Trials Centre, 53 Grove Rd. PH 5792500 or 027 230 3151.

Lawnmower repairs and sales, Picton Equipment Centre, 7 Devon St Picton

Ph 5738150

Lawnmower repairs and sales, Picton Equipment Centre, 7 Devon St Picton

Colin’s Diary Colin’s Diary

Wednesday SeptemberTuesday 21: Colin in Kaikoura Wednesday March March 22-24 16-17 withMarch meeting constituents. Attends the Parliament, meeting ColinInTuesday King Friday April 8Fonterra Wednesday 30 Wednesday March March MP FOR22-24 K AIKOU R A School. In Parliament. Speaker’s Minister’s David InKing Blenheim meeting Meet withroadshow Okiwi BayatKaikoura 16-17 Science High Colinwith




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3204or or Mon - Fri, 10am - 3pm PHONE (03) 579 577 6930 P.O. Box 130, The Forum, Market Street, Blenheim 0800 COLIN MP (265 466) FAX (03) 577 6934 Mon - Fri, 10am - 3pm PHONE (03) 577 6930 or EMAIL 0800 COLIN MP (265 466) FAX (03) 577 6934 Contact us for Colin’s email newsletter. EMAIL Contact us for Colin’s email newsletter.

Special General Meeting John St Preschool 1A Henry St

A 4 WHEELER SEAT has been lost off a CanAm between Grove Rd Blenheim and Marama Rd S e d d o n. Pl ea se phone 5792500 if found.

Night Shift Cleaners


P.O. BoxH130, Forum, B LEN EIMThe OF F ICEMarket CO NStreet, TAC TBlenheim

Blenheim Early Childhood Centres Inc.


Ph 5738150

Colin King

Science Forum. Carter and Kate meeting with constituents by residents - postponed. In Parliament. Speaker’s Parliament, MP FORIn K AIKOU RA Wilkinson. in Blenheim PrimaryForum. Production Thursday September 22-23:Colin appointment. Science with Minister’s David Select Committee –31 Education and Science Wednesday March Tuesday March 22-24 Thursday March Briefing with Dame Primary Production Carter and Kate meeting constituents by arrangement. Sitting in with Auckland to Select Committee. 16-17 InWilkinson. Parliament, meeting In Blenheim meeting Wednesday March 30 Friday April 8 Wednesday March Tuesday March Margaret Bazley & Select Committee – Wednesday March Tuesday March 22-24 Presents ‘Native Trees of New Zealand’ books hear the evidence on Primary Production In Parliament. Speaker’s with Minister’s David with constituents by Meet with Okiwi Bay InParliament, Blenheim meeting 16-17 22-24 ECAN Commissioners Sitting in Auckland to30 In Education and 16-17 meeting Aquaculture Bill. Wednesday March Friday April 8Science Wednesday March Tuesday March Select Committee. to Marlborough colleges and Intermediate Science Forum. Carter and Kate arrangement. residents - Okiwi postponed. with constituents by In Parliament. Speaker’s In Parliament, meeting in Christchurch. hear the evidence on Select Committee. In Parliament. Speaker’s with Minister’s David Meet with In Blenheim 16-17 22-24 Friday March 18Bay Friday Marchmeeting 25 Wilkinson. Primary Production schools. appointment. Science Forum. with Minister’s David Science Forum. Carter andProduction Kate meeting Aquaculture Bill. Primary residents postponed. with constituents by In Parliament. Speaker’s In Parliament, Meeting with ECAN In Blenheimand meeting Select Committee Education Science Friday April 1 –31 Thursday March Wilkinson. Saturday April 9 Briefing with Dame Primary Production Carter and Kate Select Committee. Primary Production Friday March 18to commissioners and appointment. Science Forum. with Minister’s David with constituents by Sitting in Auckland Select Committee. Saturday September North Canterbury, In Blenheim and meeting Picton School 150th Select Committee ––31 24:In Education and Science Margaret Bazley & Select Committee Wilkinson. Cheviot Community Thursday March Meeting with ECAN Friday March 25 BriefingProduction withKate Dame Primary Carter and appointment. hear theProduction evidence on Primary Picton. Project K by attend the Culverden FireSelect Station opening and Sitting in Auckland Committee. with constituents Anniversary. ECAN Commissioners Sitting in Auckland Education and Science with regard to water In Blenheim meeting commissioners andto In Blenheim meeting Aquaculture Bill. Margaret Bazley & Select Committee –to Wilkinson. Saturday March 26 Select Committee. hear the evidence on Trust celebration Primary Production arrangement. management at the in Christchurch. hear the evidence on Select Committee. the Waipara Vintage Fair. with constituents by Cheviot Community with constituents by Friday March 18 ECAN Commissioners Sitting in Auckland to Education and Science Party fundraiser, trip Friday March 25 Bill. Select Committee. Monday April 1 1 atAquaculture the Marlborough Cheviot TrustBill. Hotel Aquaculture Primary Production arrangement. with regard water appointment. down Opawa River inBlenheim Christchurch. hear the March evidence Committee. Meeting withtoECAN InSelect meeting Friday 7.30pm.April Friday 1 18 on 26:Colin Friday March 25 9 In North Canterbury Convention Centre. Monday September in Blenheim Saturday April Select Committee. with Historian Barry Friday March 18 commissioners and management at the Aquaculture Bill. Primary Production with constituents by 28 Monday March Meeting with ECAN In Blenheim and Saturday March 19 meeting with Project K is a In Blenheim meeting Picton School 150th meeting with constituents. Colin officiates Holdaway on the River Friday April 1 Cheviot Community Meeting with ECAN Friday March 25 Saturday April 9 Cheviot Trust Hote appointment. Select Committee. In Kaikoura meeting Friday March 18 l & with commissioners and constituents by Picton. Project K constituents by Foundation f or Youth Hawarden Agricultural Anniversary. Queen. with regard to water In Blenheim and commissioners and In Blenheim meeting Picton School 150th 7.30pm. celebration ofECAN the completion of roading imSaturday March 26 Cheviot Community with constituents by Meeting with Friday March 25 appointment. Pastoral Trust celebration arrangement. Development prog. management the Monday Marchtrip 28 by Picton. Project K 19 Cheviot Community with constituents Anniversary. with regard to(over water Party fundraiser, Saturday March appointment. provements 10 years) and celebrate the commissioners and In Blenheim meeting Saturday March 26 Sunday March 20 at the Marlborough Monday April 1 1 Cheviot Trust Hotel In Kaikoura meeting Trust celebration with regard toatwater appointment. management the down Opawa River by Hawarden AgriculCheviot Community with constituents completion ofHotel works at Murphy’s Bridge. 7.30pm. April 112-14 Monday April 4 Tuesday March Party fundraiser, trip Convention Centre. In North Canterbury Flaxbourne Agricultural with constituents by at the Marlborough Monday April 1 Cheviot Trust with Historian Barry 28 management atwater the Monday March tural & K isShow. with regard to appointment. down Opawa River & Pastoral Meeting Hon In Blenheim meeting 29-30 Saturday March 19 Project aCentre. meeting with appointment. 7.30pm. Holdaway on the River Convention In North Canterbury Cheviot Trust l In Kaikoura meeting Pastoral Show. with Historian Barry WednesdaySeptember 27-28-29: In Parliamanagement atHote the David Carter & Hon with constituents by In Blenheim meeting Monday March 21 Foundation f or Youth constituents by Monday March 28 Hawarden Agricultural & Tuesday March 29-30 Queen. Saturday 19 Project K isMarch a meeting with 7.30pm. Holdaway onand the River with constituents by Cheviot Trust Hote l Science Pastoral Show. Kate Wilkinson. arrangement. Sunday March 20 with constituents by ment. Education & Select Primary Development prog. arrangement. In Kaikoura meeting In Blenheim meeting In Blenheim meeting Monday March 28 Foundation f or Youth constituents by Hawarden Agricultural & Queen. Saturday March appointment. 7.30pm. with constituents by19 Education & Science Flaxbourne Agricultural appointment. Sunday March 20 with constituents with constituents by by Production Select Committees. Pastoral Show. In Kaikoura meeting Development prog. arrangement. Monday March 28 Hawarden AgriculTuesday April appointment. Monday 45-7 April 1 2-14 Tuesday March & Primary Production & PastoralApril Show. appointment. Flaxbourne Agricultural Saturday March appointment. Wednesday March 30 with constituents by Sunday March 2019 InSelect Kaikoura meeting tural & Kaikoura In Education NZNP &Parliament. Pastoral Show. In Blenheim meeting Meeting with Hon 29-30 Committee Wednesday March 30 Hawarden Agriculappointment. Thursday September 29-30:NZ Merino Monday March 21 Meet with Okiwi Bay April 4 April 1 2-14 Tuesday March Flaxbourne Agricultural with constituents by Pastoral & Science Select Electorate AGM 21 with constituents by50th Jubilee David Carter &Bay Hon In Blenheim meeting meetings. Monday March tural & Show. Meet with Okiwi Tuesday March 29-30 In Blenheim meeting residents. & Pastoral Show. Meeting with Hon 29-30 Shearing Society in Alexandra. appointment. Committee. Primary 7:30pm at the arrangement. Kate Wilkinson. Sunday March 20 with constituents by residents. In Blenheim meeting Pastoral Show. In Blenheim meeting with constituents by David Carter & Hon In Blenheim meeting Monday March 21 Tuesday March 29-30 Marlborough Club,by Production Select with constituents Education & Science Flaxbourne Agricultural appointment. with constituents by Monday October 3:In Blenheim meeting appointment. arrangement. Kate Wilkinson. Sunday March 20 with constituents by In Blenheim meeting In Blenheim meeting with Russell Terrace, Tuesday April 5-7 Committee meetings. appointment. & Primary & Pastoral Show. appointment. Wednesday with constituents bycommunity Education &Production Science Flaxbourne Agricultural appointment. constituents and groups byMarch ar- 30 with constituents by Blenheim. Inappointment. Parliament. Education NZNP Kaikoura Select Committee Wednesday MarchBay 30 Tuesday April 5-7 Monday March 21 Meet with Okiwi & Primary Production & Pastoral Show. appointment. Wednesday March 30 rangement. & Science Select Electorate AGM meetings. Meet with Okiwi Bay 30 Parliament. Education In Blenheim meeting residents. NZNP Kaikoura Select Committee Wednesday March Monday March 21F ICE CON Meet with Okiwi Bay B LEN H EIM OF TAC T Committee. Primary 7:30pm at the residents. & Science Select Electorate AGM by 4-6: InMeet with constituents meetings. with OkiwiCaucus, Bay Tuesday October Parliament. In Blenheim meeting residents. Marlborough Club, Production Select P.O. Boxat130, The Forum, Market Street, Blenheim Committee. Primary 7:30pm the appointment. residents. with constituents by Russell Terrace, Education and Science Select and Primary Committee meetings. Mon - Fri, 10am - 3pm PHONE (03) 577 6930 or Marlborough Club, Production Select Blenheim. appointment. 0800 COLIN MP (265 466) FAX (03) 577 6934 Production Select Committees. Russell Terrace, Committee meetings. EMAIL Blenheim. Contact for Colin’s email CON newsletter. B LEN HusEIM OF F ICE TAC T

MORIORI Descendants. Meeting at Blenheim Redcross Rooms, Redwood Street Blenheim. Starting 7pm. 28th September. Supper provided. All descendants welcome.


14/09/11 10:12 AM



Look locally in Marlborough’s truly local newspaper.



The Sun

Wednesday September 21, 2011

late death notice BRYANT, Doreen: On Monday September 19 2011, peacefully, at Redwood Lifestyle Village, Hospital Wing, Blenheim, surrounded by her family that day. In her 84th year. Dearly loved wife of Mac, much loved mother and mother-in-law of David and Doris, Tom and Noeline, the late Wendy, Jim and Janie, Margaret (Kelly) and Jim, loved nana of Julianna, Lee, Isobel, and Hannah; Jason, Shawn and Quinten; and Kate and great nana of Kris and Shinae, Mikayla and William, Ashley and Stanley, Sky and Elle; Jack, Laura and Luke, Ollie, Toby and Sophie, and Hamish. Messages C/- P O Box 116 Renwick. A funeral service for Doreen will be held at St Peter’s Anglican Church, Lawrence St Havelock, at 2 pm Friday September 23 followed by interment at Havelock Cemetery. GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ Ph 03 578 4719 www.sowmans

CRAFT EXPO Saturday - 24 September 2011 9.30 am to 4 pm St. Ninian’s Church Hall 1 Riley Crescent, Blenheim Door Charge: $5 Adult (Children Free) Refreshments available

Craft Expo attracts out of town talent Dolls and bears, glass painting, cake decorating and photography, these plus so much more will be on display this Saturday at a Craft Expo being held at the St Ninian’s Church Hall at the corner of Alabama Road and Riley Crescent. The Expo is a fundraising event for the St Ninian’s Presbyterian Church Youth and Family Trust, which has employed children’s worker Danii Taripo. Danii spends time with the children at the Redwoodtown School and also organises programmes within the Church for the school holidays and Junior Church. Proceeds from the Expo will go toward her employment.

The number of stall holders is “incredible”, say organisers who will be hosting the Expo in both halls within the same complex. “We have stall holders from all over the community as well as Picton, Hamilton and Motueka.” An example of crafts on display include beadwork and jewellery, bone carving and silk painting, calligraphy, china painting, embroidery, felting, folk art, pottery, scrapbooking, weaving and woodworking to name a few. There will be a children’s activity area for over five-year olds as well as refreshments. The Expo will run from 9:30am CRAFT EXPO: Rachel Adrian and Norma Noad showing some of to 4pm and the door charge is $5 the painting on t-shirts that they had done for the up and coming per adult (children are free). Craft Expo at St Ninians Church hall. Photo supplied.

Bears in action Blenheim’s adopted team, the Russian Bears, were due to play its second match of its first ever Rugby World Cup tournament last night. The Bears, coming off a spirited 6-13 loss to USA in its opening match in New Plymouth, were due to take on Italy in Nelson. Eight-year-old Kurt Simcic, of Blenheim, was due to run out onto Trafalgar Park with

Missing dog

the Italian side last night after winning ANZ’s Future Captains competition earlier this month. The Italians were coming off a 6-32 loss in its opening match of the tournament against Australia. Russian management was unavailable to speak to The Sun yesterday and on Monday.

Exhibitor demonstrations and sales include: Art, Beads, Bone Carving, Cake Decorating, Calligraphy, Cards, China-Glass-Fabric Painting, Aviation Art, Dolls & Bears, Scrapbooking Felting/Weaving/Spinning, Pergamano, Stamps, Paper Tole, Pottery, Embroidery, Woodworking, Rubbadubbadoo, The Dog Box, and others. Advertisement sponsored by : Rubbadubbadoo (Hamilton) and The Dog Box (Picton)

Bike Walk Marlborough invite you to the

Official Opening of the Riverlands Cycleway Saturday September 24 at 10.30am

Start at McCartney street past Cuddons and ride to Riverlands School for brunch (by Marcel Rood) and some fun on bikes including the first chance to see the new Bike Skills trailer and equipment in action.

Entry is free, fat tyred bikes are the way to go, see you Saturday on your bikes.

Party time: Samoan rugby fans celebrate on Blenheim’s Queen St following their side’s 49-12 Rugby World Cup win over Namibia last Wednesday. Photo by Damian George

A local family is desperately trying to locate their beloved dog who has been missing since Sunday morning. ‘Nippy’ is a 16-year old black and white male Fox Terrier who is partially blind and deaf. In the past Nippy has been lifted over the fence by children to play at the neighbouring Mayfield School. The property’s fences have been raised to prevent this but in this case his family have had no luck locating him. “We are really worried that he won’t find his way home because of his eyesight, so we are urging anyone to call us if they find him,” a family member pleads. Nippy’s family is offering a reward for his return, so if anyone has any information about Nippy’s whereabouts please phone Michael on 021 728 498.

The Great Bake-Off By Celeste Lodewyk The Great Kindergarten Bake-Off is almost here and with it, excitement is growing amongst Redwoodtown Kindergarten students and teachers who are hosting the event on Saturday, October 1. The event is being held to celebrate more than 60 years of kindergarten in Redwoodtown and will feature guest judges Heath Naylor from Figaros Café and Phil Smart, head

chef from the Copthorne Hotel. Already the kindergarten has been inundated with more than 70 entries for what is set to be a highly successful day. Proceeds from the $5 competition entry fees will go towards the purchase of more outdoor equipment and technology for the kindergarten. Family, friends and non-bakers are welcome to go along and place a bid in the ‘decorated cakes’ auction.

The event kicks off at 2pm where baking entries are submitted, which will be followed by a performance by students whilst judging is carried out. The cake auction begins at 3pm after the winners have been announced. Entries for the Great Kindergarten Bake-Off close this Friday, so make sure you contact the kindergarten and fill out an entry form.

Sun sport

The Sun

Come join the “breast” team

Your week in sport

ABs need to make better use of pool matches The All Blacks are probably the only nation at this year’s World Cup which causes as much intrigue in its team selection as it does in its match day performance. Each week, speculation and debate circulates throughout the country about who will be the lucky 15 to take the field for the team’s next assignment. At this point, it should not be that complicated. The All Blacks made seven changes to the starting XV for its second match of the tournament against Japan on Friday. Another three were forced through injury a day out from the match. The result is New Zealand has now played two matches in this year’s tournament, and has not gained a thing.

Don’t be fooled by the 83-7 scoreline against Japan ‘B’. Matches against sides like Japan and Tonga, for a team like New Zealand, are what you make of them. The only thing I can see New Zealand could have gained from these two matches is continuity, a chance for their best XV to gather some momentum. Strangely, the All Blacks coaches have decided there is little merit to that theory. It is strange because they have largely done away with the ‘rotational’ approach from 2007 until now, and because they said they would not re-introduce it in 2011. Using the word ‘opportunity’ does not mask the fact rotation is back. Why else did Keven Mealamu,


Wednesday September 21, 2011

Damian George

Blenheim’s Dragon Boat team seeking recruits

Sam Whitelock, Andrew Ellis, Conrad Smith and Cory Jane replace Andrew Hore, Ali Williams, Jimmy Cowan, Sonny Bill Williams and Isaia Toeva? Graham Henry and co say they are unsure who their best halfback, fullback, locking combination and wingers are. Well, now is the time to decide. Contra r y to the coaches’ ‘competition is good’ mantra, players don’t need the added pressure of playing for their positions every time they take the field. They need the assurance of knowing they are the men entrusted with winning the World Cup, and getting on and doing it. That is how previous teams, including the 1987 All Blacks, have done it in the past.

Open day to attract coaches

>special olympics By Damian George Special Olympics Marlborough volunteer Gareth Archer is hoping a coaches’ day the club is holding early next month will help entice more people to join the organisation. Mr Archer, a sport and fitness teacher at the Marlborough Sports Academy, has organised the open day to help attract new coaches and volunteers and upskill existing personnel. It will be held at the Marlborough Community College on October 2. Mr Archer says coaching Special Olympics athletes is a rewarding role with global appeal, and en-

courages people to check out what the organisation does. “It’s a really great organisation to be involved with - it’s worldwide, there are opportunities for people who stay with it for a while to make overseas trips, and it’s really well connected so you make lots of friends,” he says. “And being able to provide opportunities for the athletes is really special.” The open day will include coaching workshops, a practical session at Marlborough Lines Stadium 2000 and a chance for people to plan and implement their own coaching sessions.

Mr Archer says the more coaches the club has, the more athletes it is able to accommodate. “There are a lot of people out there that can be involved with Special Olympics.” Drinks and nibbles will be provided at The Cornerstone Bar & Restaurant following the event. Special OlympicS marlbOrOuGh cOacheS’ Day marlborough community college, 65 Scott St October 2, 10am-3pm Free entry

Good showing from Blenheim riders >moTocRoss

Blenheim motocross riders Jack and Ben Dalton have enjoyed a successful outing at the junior KTM Cup event held in Tokoroa recently. Jack, 12, finished third in the event’s 65cc class and fourth in the 85cc class, while seven-year-

Pigeon racing results Results from the latest round of the Blenheim Pigeon Club’s young bird season, flown from Christchurch on the weekend. First - James; Second - C Kirkwood; Third - S Kirkwood; Fourth - J Webb; Fifth - G Peart. Next week’s race will be flown from Timaru.

old brother Ben finished sixth in the 50cc class. Ben will compete in the New Zealand Mini Champs near Reefton later this year.

the SpOilS: Jack (left) and ben Dalton performed well in the recent Ktm cup event in tokoroa.

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SurViVOrS’ SpOrt: blenheim’s Simply the breast Dragon boat team members Dinny Shanks and coralie holdaway want to welcome more recruits to their team.

By Celeste Lodewyk Breast cancer survivor Dinny Shanks knows first-hand the value of team sport, especially with other women who have also survived breast cancer. Dinny is one of 21 women who make up Blenheim’s “Simply the Breast” Dragon Boat team. But here lies the problem: there are only 21 members at present so the team is calling for more women like themselves to join for not only competitive reasons, but also for the companionship. “We have had half a dozen new recruits already this year which has been fantastic, but we would dearly love more so if you think you might be interested, contact me for more information. “Ideally it would be good to have 25 or more so if some members can’t do a regatta we can call on someone else

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Enquiries for pricing and delivery:

Ph: 03 7328 414 NZSFP Reefton Sawmill at 10 Gannons Rd RD 1 Reefton West Coast

w w w. f o r e v e r b e e c h . c o . n z

to fill the position,” Dinny says. Dinny, who has twice survived breast cancer, was one of the first women to join the team and says the friendships and enjoyment she has since experienced have made it all worthwhile. “Fun and friendship are the most important things, it’s great to be competitive but the true value of what we do is the enjoyment,” she says. A Dragon Boat seats 20 paddlers in pairs as well as a sweep on the stern and a caller/drummer at the front. In NZ, Dragon Boats can be paddled by any combination of men, female or mixed teams. However, in Blenheim’s Simply the Breast team, members must be breast cancer survivors. To find out more about joining the team, contact Dinny Shanks on 03 572 4873 or email benhopai@ruralinzone. net.

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The Sun

Wednesday September 21, 2011

Dance the night away

BEARS FAREWELLED Blenheim School pupils and Marlborough officials including mayor Alistair Sowman gathered outside Chateau Marlborough on Monday to farewell the Russian Bears for the final time ahead of its Rugby World Cup match against Italy in Nelson. Photos by Damian George

TICKETS AVAILABLE: St Mary’s Youth Group members Oscar Eves, Meike Hilhorst and Kane Wills are gearing up for their Garden of Eden dance on October 1. Photo by Celeste Lodewyk.

By Celeste Lodewyk Get your dancing shoes on as the St Mary’s Youth Group gears up for its much anticipated ‘Garden of Eden’ dance on October 1. The dance is the Youth Group’s fundraising initiative to raise funds for its camps, events and general running of the group throughout the coming year. There are two Youth Groups, the junior and senior which get together once a week and participate in a wide range of activities; this will be what the money goes towards. At last year’s dance, the Youth Group raised enough money to purchase new music equipment including the drum set pictured.

Comfort is...

Tickets are selling fast but there is still time to grab some early bird specials at $15 per ticket if purchased before September 25. After this date tickets cost $20 each, and although there will be door sales on the night dance organisers insist for catering reasons that tickets be pre-purchased. Dancing kicks off at 7:30pm and finishes at midnight and for the protection of the hall’s floors, no thin heels are allowed. “All ages are welcome to attend and people are encouraged to dress up to the dance’s theme ‘Garden of Eden’. “For a great night out and loads of fun, we would love to see you there,” says Mieke Hilhorst.

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Secure the best seat in the house for New Zealand’s most anticipated •AVAILABLE ON EASY PAYMENT TERMS* sporting event of the year! Then you •FREE DELIVERY *Normal credit criteria apply. can enjoy spectacular viewing from the comfort of your own9am home! Mon - Fri: - 5.30pm


fo criteria apply. Saturday: - 4pm Only while *Normal seats credit last!10am ift t g y! c The Fath


D fe Sunday: Closed 7 Scott Street, Blenheim Phone 577 9506 per er ’s

Kay & Lindsay Thomason

21 September Blenheim Sun  

Blenheim Sun Newspaper September 21 Issue

21 September Blenheim Sun  

Blenheim Sun Newspaper September 21 Issue