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The Sun


Wednesday November 2, 2011



Back on deck Jon Perano’s restoration of an historic whale boat for the Picton Maritime and Heritage Museum is nearing completion.

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LiquoRLAnD RAupo The Marlborough District Council has suggested removing part of Twelfth Lane to allow room for the proposed Speight’s Ale House.

Morning voice MORE FM radio announcer Jamie Liddicoat shares his road to becoming a Blenheim broadcaster.

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Ale House still possible Mayor suggests moving restaurant to keep green space

It’s mo-time The Sun’s Movember Men feature kicks off in support of men’s health.

By Damian George The option of moving a proposed Speight’s Ale House in Blenheim back from the Taylor River to enable the project to go ahead is set to be put to Marlborough district councillors tomorrow.

The council has been in talks with drinks giant Lion about developing the restaurant on the councilowned site at 2 High St. However, negotiations hit a roadblock recently when the council advised Lion the Ale House

would not fit on the site, even though the company had met the council’s specifications for the project. The council told Lion it instead wanted to preserve and develop the public green space near the river. Continued Page 2.

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The Sun

Wednesday November 2, 2011

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Ale House decision By Damian George From Page 1. Blenheim man Maurice McQuillan, who will run the Ale House should it go ahead, told The Sun last week he was furious with the council’s decision to “backtrack” on plans to build the Ale House on that site. Lion on-site national accounts manager Mark Neal also said he was disappointed with the decision. Marlborough Mayor Alistair Sowman told The Sun on Friday the council is considering moving the Ale House back towards the existing car park in an effort to preserve the green area and see the development go ahead. That option will be put to councillors at a full council meeting tomorrow, but it does have one major

jessica Bagge

drawback. “We have a problem with the existing road Twelfth Lane and closing this road,” he says. “It has been suggested it might take up to 12 months to ratify this.” Mr McQuillan, from Super Liquor, told The Sun he can work with the Ale House being moved

back, but the initial proposal he submitted along with Lion does “tick all the boxes” and that is his preferred choice. He says having an Ale House on the High St site would be a real asset to Blenheim, both for local people and visitors passing through. Councillor Jessica Bagge, who has been vocal in her support of the Ale House project, told The Sun she would “totally support” the idea of relocating the restaurant. “If we can make it work so that we do have the Ale House, and if [councillors] think having more green space will keep everyone happy, let’s do it. “Let’s do what we need to do to make it happen.”

Chamber defends petition By Damian George The Marlborough Chamber of Commerce has defended its decision to launch a petition in support of a proposed Speight’s Ale House in Blenheim despite criticism from some of its members. The chamber launched the petition last week following a tentative decision by the Marlborough District Council to reject a proposal from drinks giant Lion to build the ale house on the councilowned 2 High St site. The decision will be revisited at a full council meeting tomorrow. Chamber of Commerce members Toni Gillan and Duncan McKenzie hit out at the organisation yesterday for not consulting all members before deciding to launch the petition. Chamber general manager Brian Dawson told The Sun he and the chamber board made an executive decision to take action

Brian dawson

as a leadership group. “Our boards are elected on a regular basis to lead the organisation for the term of that agreement,” he says. “The board at the time has decided that we strongly support this business investment. “It was appropriate to take action to emphasies our support for it, and it was decided that, as part of that support, the petition was warranted.”

Mr Dawson says he wonders whether the $1.088 million investment to instead develop a green space on the site will be made any time soon. “Presumably, it’s not, because it’s a lot of money. “Is leaving [the site] as a car park for the forseeable future the best option?” In response to the backlash from members about not being consulted, Mr Dawson says: “We’re pleased to get that feedback from members - we’re delighted to see the passion about the future of Marlborough. “One of my concerns has been the lack of passion we feel about the future of the region, and I’m pleased to see many people with such strong opinions on this issue.” There were 252 signatures on the online petition at ipetitions. com as of 3pm yesterday.

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Tour demand crashes lines Huge public demand for the new Christchurch CBD red-zone bus tours saw phone lines overloaded within half an hour yesterday. Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) said it had booked a total of 361 passengers between 8.30 and 10.30am, with one seat booked every 25 seconds.

henry sTeps down World Cup-winning All Blacks coach Graham Henry yesterday announced his decision to step down from the role he has held since 2004, nine days after securing the trophy. After 103 tests in charge of the All Blacks, Henry said in typical fashion he had “had enough”. He has coached 140 tests in total, after also coaching Wales and the British and Irish Lions.

rena salvors prepare for worsT Salvors confirmed yesterday the hull of the stricken ship Rena has suffered further damage on Monday night, sparking fears the ship could break up in the next two days. A Maritime New Zealand spokesperson said yesterday afternoon the team was preparing for the worst as the weather was deteriorating with 5-metre swells forecats for the next 24 hours. The Rena had about 1700 tonnes of oil when it crashed into the Astrolabe Reef nearly a month ago, and still had around 350 tonnes remaining on board.

jackson Turns 50 Legendary New Zealand film director Sir Peter Jackson celebrated his 50th birthday on Monday. The Pukerua Bay-born Jackson, who left school at 17, is currently in New Zealand working on the long-awaited ‘Lord Of The Rings’ prequel ‘The Hobbit’.

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The Sun

Wednesday November 2, 2011

Committee challenged By Les Whiteside and Celeste Lodewyk Marlborough mayor Alistair Sowman has met with Renwick RSA representative Ian Blue to further discuss issues surrounding the legality of the Renwick Community Hall committee. Questions surrounding the legitimacy of the committee have arisen as debate continues about whether the ownership of the hall should be transferred to the Ministry of Education, to be administered by the Renwick School. Hall committee chairman Jim Cresswell asked the Marlborough District Council to become invloved earlier this year in an effort to resolve the situation. A report from council lawyer Peter Radich then found the three community representatives on the committee had not been selected according to the process required by the hall’s Deed of Constitution. Mr Blue, who is on the hall committee, told Mr Sowman he wanted assurance from the council that the guidelines of the deed would be upheld. Mr Sowman told The Sun the

council is working to ensure the committee is correctly represented according to the document, and expected an answer within two weeks. He says the hold-up has been due to determining the legality of the procedure for electing public representatives and ensuring this is done correctly. Orginal hall committee member Rata Harper found the first deed dated November 20, 1984, which shows the path hall committee members must take to be elected. This deed has only come to light very recently. Mr Sowman says the deed states the committee should be composed of the chairman, two Board of Trustees representatives from the Renwick School committee, three appointed by the Renwick branch of the RSA, three from the council [one of whom is to be a councillor of the former Omaka Riding and /or the Renwick Community Council], and three members of the community who are householders in the school district and the Omaka Riding of the Marlborough County. It is the last group that has not

Melbourne Cup fever hits Blenheim

been ratified, he says. Council lawyers, and community representative Mrs Harper and Anthony Smith are discussing whether an earlier election is legally binding. “There is a lot of emotion surrounding this issue so the council is trying to work through these issues,” Mr Sowman says. “We need to refer back to the deed to ensure the committee is correctly constituted.” Current hall committee members are Renwick RSA members Mr Ian Blue, John White and Arthur Bishop; Renwick School Board of Trustees members Simon Heath (principal), Brian Roughan and Peter Reed, council representatives Anthony van de Water, Margaret Gage (both Renwick Residents’ Association members) and Renwick resident Geoff Hammond. Mr Blue says the council has renegged on the original deed by not having a sitting council member from the Omaka Riding on the committee since 1997. It is these twelve committee members who will decide the fate of the hall.

Clubs of Marlborough held a best dressed men’s and ladies competition and best hat competition for the running of this year’s Melbourne Cup yesterday. Enjoying the afternoon an d th e i r p i ck s ar e Maureen Metcalfe (No.5 Glass Harmonian), Angela Stuart (No.1 At First Sight), and Jo Henderson (No.15 Lost In The Moment). The winner was No.3 Dunaden, who beat No.12 Red Cadeaux by a nose.

Patience rewarded with surprise wedding By Celeste Lodewyk Blenheim man David Shoemark has known from the moment he saw a photograph of his partner Cherie Butler that he would marry her, and that he did in a surprise wedding on Sunday that he didn’t know about. Cherie decided after years of stalling his marriage proposals to arrange a surprise wedding ceremony at Pollard Park which was attended by around 60 friends and family members. “After proposing nearly every day David would joke that he would just organise our wedding and drag me down the isle. “I used to be dead against marriage but after thinking about how perfect he is for me and how happy we are I decided to make it fun and a surprise,” she says. Earlier in the year Cherie purchased her wedding dress and hid it in a friend’s wardrobe. She began her wedding plans four weeks ago while David was away working and used a family member’s 70th birthday as a cover.

“David was even treated to an unofficial stag’s night without knowing what it was for,” Cherie laughs. David first fell for Cherie after seeing a photograph of her at her brother’s house. “My brother warned him off me to start with but he was persistent in wanting to meet me. “I was really horrible to him as I had just finished a relationship but despite how mean I was to him he was nothing but a gentleman,” Cherie says. Over the next two years David found any excuse he could to see Cherie who at the time was living in Cambridge. He would even fly to see her every five weeks while trying to convince her to move to Blenheim and be with him. Eventually Cherie agreed and made the move. “David even flew up and checked all of my boxes to make sure they were addressed to Blenheim,” she laughs. Thanks to David’s persistence

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The Sun

Wednesday November 2, 2011


The Sun

collision investigation A Department of Conservation [DOC] investigation into a collision between its Waitohi boat and yacht Atua will begin today. The collision happened on Wednesday morning near Snake Point in Queen Charlotte Sound.

elderly woman escapes injury An 81-year-old woman has escaped injury after the car she was driving went off the road and ended up in bush at the Elevation in Picton on Thursday. The woman was taken by ambulance to Picton Medical Centre and later discharged.

parkinson’s awareness week The Marlborough MS and Parkinson’s Society is holding raffles at Marlborough supermarkets and The Warehouse Blenheim to mark Parkinson’s Awareness Week 2011. Parkinson’s Awareness Week began yesterday and continues until Sunday. About 70 people suffer from Parkinson’s disease in Marlborough, the organisation says.

Iconic whaling boat gets makeover By Damian George An historic Marlborough whaling boat which will feature as part of a new exhibition at the Picton Maritime and Heritage Museum is nearing the final stages of completion. The whale chaser Cachalot III, used on the Tory Channel and Cook Strait in the 1960s, has been in the hands of Blenheim man Jon Perano since it was found in Bluff in September, 2005. Mr Perano says the boat was essentially a bare hull when he found it stripped and lying alongside a shed in the South Island town. He took some photos, pondered his options, and later decided to restore the 10.5-metre boat to preserve it for future generations. “All the big, basic things are done,” he says of the refurbishment. “It’s just more or less painting left to do - it’s 80-85 per cent finished.” Mr Perano and his father whaled on the boat from 1961-62, before it was severely damaged by a surfacing whale. He was just five years old when the chaser was launched in 1949. “I grew up around it, and you get jon perano with the whale chaser cachalot iii he is restoring as part of the picton maritime and Heritage attached to it,” he says. museum’s whaling wing extension. “If I don’t do [the restoration], it The restored vessel will have all the between whaling people and Picton. could be one of those things that’s features of the original boat, including a The whaling wing extension at the musort of gone forever.” “I can take the boat right back to the original 550-horse power V12 Kermath Sea Raider seum is expected to be completed within configuration as it was when we were whaling.” engine, single propeller with a top speed of 18 months. and 40-millimetre Jon and his cousin Ron - who will gift a Cachalot III was sold in the early-1970s as 60 kilometres per hour, CUSTOMER INSTALLATION SOLUTIONS L PUBLISHING 01/07/10 replica Swiftsure whaleboat to the display humpback whaling on the Cook Strait ceased. manganese-bronze harpoon gun. SALES REP Lauren Haward PUBLICATION SPECIAL TAB MEX Mr Perano says the boat is one of the few - officially signed their boats over to the It went to Pelorus Sound, Nelson and, finally, ADVERTISING DESIGNER A.thompson SECTION ROP BILL ONLY remaining tangible icons of the connection Historical Society last week. Bluff. PROOF

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Winery wins top award

The Crossings’ Marlborough Pinot Noir 2009 has been named the Best Value New Zealand Pinot Noir at the 2011 World Value Wine Challenge, based in the USA. The Awatere Valley Pinot Noir also picked up a gold medal and a Best Buy award, and was selected in the Top Ten Wines $20 and under. The Crossings chairman Peter Yealands says the winery’s team is thrilled with the recognition. “Value-conscious consumers are searching for the best wines for their budget and these awards recognise wines that provide true value to consumers.” The World Value Wine Challenge is the most comprehensive competition for wines $20 and under.

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The Sun

Wednesday November 2, 2011

Property files now online

Free business advice for Marlborough

Marlborough District Council digitisation coordinator Michelle Johnstone with the some of the 60,000 resource and property consent files sent to Wellington on Saturday.

About 60,000 property and resource consent files were sent to Wellington on Saturday as the Marlborough District Council works towards converting to electronic records.

The hard copies were sent to Wellington company Desktop Imaging, who will convert the files. A spokesperson for the council says anyone wanting to view their files can now do so on the council’s

website, www.marlborough.govt. nz, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is expected to take about two years to complete the scanning and digital conversion of all files.

Stamp of approval for ABs A special collectors’ stamp sheet has been created by New Zealand Post to commemorate New Zealand’s Rugby World Cup victory. The RWC 2011 Champions Stamp Sheet hit the printing presses within minutes of the All Blacks defeating the French in the tournament final on October 23.

“After the victory, we cranked up the presses and printed right through the night so New Zealanders can celebrate this victory with a limited edition collectors’ stamp sheet,” New Zealand Post stamp and coin business head Ivor Masters says. The product hit the shops in main centres yesterday, and will be rolled

out across the rest of the country over the coming days. The stamp sheet features six of the official All Black stamps alongside a team portrait snapped just moments after the final whistle blew. The score from the final (New Zealand 8, France 7) is printed under the photo.

By Damian George A Blenheim man with nearly 30 years’ retail business experience is offering to help Marlborough businesses for free on a one-off basis. Brian Finlayson, Central and Southern regional manager for the New Zealand Retailers Association, has been helping businesses in Christchurch for three out of four weeks since the city’s February earthquake. Brian Finlayson Now he wants to bring his expertise to people in his home town. “The reason for doing it is that some Blenheim retailers are suffering because of the downturn in the wine industry, and I’m happy to help people here,” he says. “When things are tough like they are at the moment, I think you’ve got to start working on your business. “It’s a good opportunity to look at it and see where you can add value to your operation. Mr Finlayson says he will offer companies a “warrant of fitness” on their operations, covering areas such as store layout, stock mix and stock turns, advertising, operating costs, staff management and property leases. He will meet with businesses in a one-off session, with the potential of more consultation assessed on a case-bycase basis. He says he decided to help Blenheim businesses as his commitments in Christchurch begin to tone down. Mr Finlayson has 28 years’ experience in the retail industry and nine years’ experience with the Retailers Association. Store managers and owners wanting to book a free business evaluation need to contact Mr Finlayson before November 30, on 0274 750 410.

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Wednesday November 2, 2011

The Sun

one on one with the Sun

The man behind the mic More FM Marlborough announcer Jamie Liddicoat tells Sun reporter Damian George why he loves his job, and what brought him to Blenheim.

More FM radio announcer Jamie Nigel and his wife are also God-parents Liddicoat only planned to be in Blenheim to Jamie’s children. for about six months when he moved “We had a pretty strong relationship here in 2003. not just on air but off air too - and that eight years later, the oamaru-born came across on air and was certainly broadcaster has a wife, Ang, and four good fun.” children, and has become one of the Jamie recalls Nigel running for mayor voices of Marlborough morning radio. as one of the highlights of his eight years After completing a Diploma in Tel- on air. evision, Theatre and radio at otago “It started off a joke but, being Nigel, University in the mid-1990s and working he got quite into it. at radio stations in Dunedin for three “He had people gathered in the streets years, Jamie ventured overseas to the cheering for him at one stage. UK before finding his way to Blenheim. “Then he was worried that he was going It was his current role at More FM to get in.” which attracted him to the town, and he Among his other highlights are meethas never looked back since. ing outrageous Fortune actress Toni “I’m pretty settled. I went from being [Antonia] Prebble, regular chats with single to being married and having four New Zealand band opshop’s Jason kids pretty quick.” Kerrison, and talking to double amputee A career in broadcasting Mark Inglis as he stood atop was not always the path Mount everest in 2006. Jamie envisaged his life “I love doing the Jamie says he has a “pretty would take. relaxed style” to broadcastbroadcasting, In fact, it was another ing and tends to look at the of his childhood passions and I’ve just fun side of his role, though which eventually drew his new partnership with ventured into a Natasha Knox has forced him to the microphone. “I wanted to be a profeshim to freshen his approach sional sportsperson,” he bit of sales.” somewhat. says. “I’ve had to go back to “I realised that wasn’t going to hap- square one a little bit,” he says. pen, so I thought about doing sports “After working with your best mate for broadcasting, did the course [at otago however long, you have to learn again. University], then actually ended up doing “The show’s evolving again and taking all the other avenues of radio other than a different direction.” sport.” For the moment, Jamie has no plans to Up until last year, Jamie teamed up follow Nigel in leaving the station, and with good mate Nigel Steele, who he met is in fact looking to broaden his skill set. at the broadcasting school, on the radio “I love doing the broadcasting, and I’ve station’s morning slot. just ventured into a bit of sales. The pair had a natural chemistry on air “I’m the programme director for the one would expect from such close mates, station, but I’m trying to step back from who travelled through the UK together that a little bit,” he says. for three years in the early 2000s on “I’ve been here for a while, so you try their oe. to keep your skills up.”


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The Sun

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you’re good to go.

Same place, same friendly service See us for your next WOF, Motor Registration, Road User Charges, Pre Purchase Inspections Off Dobson Street, Blenheim Open:7.30am-5pm Monday - Friday 8am -12.30 Saturday • Ph (03) 577 9942 •

MAIN STREET MOTORS 55 Main Street, Blenheim

Park ‘n’ Sell your vehicle with us. Subaru Grandwagon 1996, 2.5 auto twin, sunroof, alloys etc, was $2950 now $1950 save $1000 Toyota Caldina 1994, 2.0 litre auto, alloys very tidy. was $3950 now $2950 save $1000

• A1 Mechanical Repairs • Cars & Trucks • Qualified Mechanics • 40 Years Experience • Part of Nationwide Group • Latest Electronic Diagnostic Tools • WOF

Cheapies SALE Hyundai Excel 1989, 1.5 auto, only 173,000Km, cambelt just Was $1990 now $1390 save $600 done. Good cond. Toyota Corona 1993, 1.8 litre Select, auto, tidy. Trade in special. Was $2950 now $1995 save $1000 Falcon Fairmont 1995, 4 litre auto, alloys. ABS, cruise etc. Nice example. Was $3450 now $2450 save $1000 Diahatsu Rocky 1994, 4x4, 1.6 L 5 speed manual, only 93000km, Was $5995 now $4995 save $1000 sunroof. Very tidy. Toyota Caldina 1996, 4x4, 2 litre auto, only 187,000km, alloys, Was $4500 now $3500 save $1000 spoiler,tow bar etc. Chev Blazer 2000 LT, top spec, leather, sunroof etc. Was $9995 now $6995 save $3000 Phone Jeff: 027 454 4547 Phone Tony: 021 134 9029

Automotive SolutionS Blenheim

42 Grove Road, Blenheim Telephone: (03) 578 3209

Heading Our stunning entirely hand fabricated Ford cab over

BRING LIFE BACK TO YOUR VEHICLE! Classic vehicle restoration and modified vehicles created by fully trained and professional staff

Contact Mark Stead: 027 537 6753 or 577 9573 • School Road, Riverlands


AME has invested in a state of the art scan tool which can detect any electrical problems in all makes and models of vehicles.

Working in the electrician industry has been a 24 year long venture for Auto & Marine Electrics Ltd (AME) owner Paul Bugler. Paul, who co-owner with his wife Jacquie first joined the business working in the spare parts shop after leaving school. At that stage Paul says it was “just a job”, but quickly grew into a passion and long term career. The opportunity to purchase the auto and commercial side of the business later arose after the original owners decided to sell and carry on working with their marine clients separately. AME specialises in on-site air conditioning repairs, any electrical alternator and starter

repairs, stereo and lights electrical work in all types of vehicles. Although these are important aspects of the business, the majority of work done by AME is commercial, including trucks, diggers and vineyard equipment. “Air conditioning maintenance and repairs is another important part of our business as people are bringing in their vehicles to be checked before the heat arrives, so get in for your free air conditioning check today,” Paul says. AME has four vehicles which service the whole of Marlborough and beyond, and is one of the biggest suppliers of Hella Endurant Batteries in Marlborough.

Matthew’s Mechanical Services • All mechanical work • Competitive prices • Fully qualified, experienced mechanic

Matthew Ryan 021 855 861

35 Main Street, Blenheim


The Sun

Wednesday November 2, 2011

Sun readers have their say...

Q: What has been your highlight from the Rugby World Cup?

Pauline Gibson Blenheim

Mick Gravatt Blenheim

Shirley Cant Blenheim

Jane Soar Blenheim

Brian Parker Blenheim

Terry Cattle Blenheim

The win. The whole thing was great. It has made New Zealand proud.

The last 5 minutes of the last game was most exciting and my highlight.

We went out of town, we are not rugby fans.

Bringing everyone together, enjoying the games and people being happy. It brought positiveness into the county.

The final would have to be the highlight. The last game was so tight.

It would have to be the semi-final against Australia. The final was just too frustrating.

Milestone Homes Marlborough Mobile 021 844 089 • Visit: email:

Letters to the editor

mr green

Love mowing? We do - it’s our business!

• Home lawns • Gardening Services • Hedges • Section Clearing • Lawn Care • Tree Pruning & Removal • Chipping Services • Commercial Lawns All our franchisees are security checked and fully insured.

• Blenheim • Renwick • Picton

For a free no obligation quote

Ph: 579 9333

Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even if a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor reserves the right to

abridge letters or withhold unsuitable letters from publication. Send or fax them to the address on page two, or email them to news@ Please note that your name and street address must also be provided in emails.

Defenders of the Ale House Dear Ed, Good on councillor Bagge for speaking out against her fellow councillors, and Jamie for backing her up - maybe the next mayor and 2IC next time. It seems that most of this council are

scared to speak out, let alone let the paper publish their views. You two, it seems, are normal people. Good on you, cheers. Neil Wilson (By the way, I’m not a Speight’s drinker)

Ale House missed opportunity

Colin King

Dear Ed, Congratulations MDC, you’ve managed to turn away a fantastic opportunity with the Speights Ale House.


Aren’t you supposed to be looking at ways to grow Marlborough? Perhaps a Morris Dancing convention centre might appeal more to you? Bemused

Just another pub?

Dear Ed, By Speights Ale House I assume the proponents mean pub or another Lion I have supported Tavern with a posh name. • Superannuation for a married couple increased Blenheim and districts has enough $166 a fortnight since 2008. half empty liquor outlets already with• 300 extra police, by the the end of 2011. Electorate. out taking up prime riverside parkland MP600for Kaikoura 18 new laws to make communities safer. Marlborough, North Canterbury & Kaikoura.for another. 6.7% decrease in recorded crime in past year Blindly following Urbanism’+’s grand • Average floating mortgage rate of 5.9% plan To meet with your local MP please contact and concept designs is, simply put, compared to 10.9% under Labour our office for a appointment:a road to disaster. • 20,000 extra elective surgeriesconfidential a year,

Colin King

500 extra doctors, 1000 extraElectorate nurses and Office The Kaikoura shorter waiting times P.O. Box 130, Blenheim 7240. • 3500 more pre-school places The Forum, Market Street, Blenheim. • Introduced national standards in reading, Please note our new phone number: writing and maths 03 579 3204. Dear Ed, • New Trades Academies, gaining 16 and I took a walk down Munro Street this Freephone: 0800COLIN MP (0800 265 466). 17 year olds practical skills morning and in a small creek that runs Fax: 577 6934 Email: into the Taylor River there was a truck

How about a bit of honest lateral and original thinking from our council for a change now that the euphoria of the World Cup is over for another 20 years. Maybe something appropriate that would benefit our under represented youth for a change. As I have always found with the MDC - as the saying goes - “in the land of the blind, the “one eyed” man is king.” Cliff Smith, Wairau Valley

foreverbeech solid wood flooring is a product that reflects the rugged landscape of the West Coast of New Zealand. The raw beauty, rich warmth and strength is uncompromising. To bring this into your home, you bring the beauty of New Zealand as an enduring reminder that becomes part of your home and history. • Available direct to the public or selected outlets • Solid Wood Beech Flooring, profiled T&G, various widths and grades.

Enquiries for pricing and delivery:

Ph: 03 7328 414 NZSFP Reefton Sawmill at 10 Gannons Rd RD 1 Reefton West Coast

w w w. f o r e v e r b e e c h . c o . n z

Having Problems with Your Dentures? • Have a fear of smiling? • Unable to eat what you want? • Sore gums? • Dentures shift, tilt and wander? • Trouble speaking clearly?

We've Got Solutions!

MDC weed spraying



hours: 10am – 3pm Mon to Fri. BUILDINGOffice A BRIGHTER FUTURE

Authorised by Colin King MP, Golf View Close, Blenheim

with a big tank and a man wielding a strong jet of (presumably) weed killer. The creeklet is running freely, not choked with weeds. It is possible it is a spawning habitat for native fish; eg whitebait, other galaxids etc. This seems hardly “clean green”

Marlborough. Why spray if the water is running freely? Why spray toxic chemicals at all? And by the way, MDC, have a look at Old Man’s Beard growing in the Taylor Reserve. Do something about it. Don’t moan about costs. Just give up using expensive Aucklandbased consultants and use your own staff. “Flora”

D e n TU R

e CliniC lTD

Full, Partial, Relines, Repairs • European Quality iAn z. PAlleY REGISTERED CERTIfIED DENTAL TECHNICIAN


9 Tremorne Ave, Blenheim

Tel: 577 8600

The Sun

Wednesday November 2, 2011


Urban Hair Design has been moved, re-vamped and re-styled. Now, it is ready for its...

grand re-launch

1 Riverlands Industrial Estate


s Rd



Photos by Jim Tannock Photography Ltd

Jonathon and Narelle would like to thank everyone involved, including contractors, family and friends. • Jamaal Large • Jason Godsiff • BB Signs • Contour Windows and Doors • TC Nicholls • Max George Joinery • Sam Gemmell Electrician • Mint Air • Al’s Plastering • Havelock Plumbing • Laser Plumbing • Neville and Carl Bulfin • Resene

to focus purely on the client, giving them our one-on-one undivided attention.” Narelle, joined by qualified hairdresser Vicki Andrews and Chrissy Millar who is currently on maternity leave, offer the full range of services from cuts, colours and blow waves, through to treatments and perming. Being a Redken Elite Salon enables the full range of Redken products and treatments to be stocked, as well as up-to-date training provided for all the staff. Urban Hair Design also provides a great option for formal and wedding bookings. Narelle and Jonathon wish to thank their fantastic clients who have remained loyal and supportive of their relocation. “Our clients are important to us as they have become an extension of our family so we thank you, and we warmly welcome bookings from new clients.”

Al’s Plastering • Free Quotes • Free advice • Branz appraised product • Licensed applicators Proud to support Urban ign Hair Des

Phone Al on 021 804 941

Bulfin C o at i n g s


• Excavations • Metalling • Compaction


Painters & PaPerhangers

• Excavation • Construction • Sealing or hot mix • Formation • Kerbing

• Good Workmanship • Good rates all interior/exterior decoratinG


Phone neville or Carl

• Base coarse for farm roading • Top soil • River metal • Top coarse for gravel drives • Drainage chip

021 421 736 after hours: 570 5197


proud to have Been of serviCe to urban hair desiGn

11 Park Terrace • 578 7190

Heat Pumps Air Conditioning

Proud to do the Joinery for Urban Hair Design • Kitchens • pre Hung doors • Furniture • Commercial • reception areas & Shopfittings • Vanities • Wardrobes • Laundries • entertainment Centres Mid Size CoMpany • 25 yearS LoCaL

Phone/Fax (03) 577 7099 Email: 15 Timandra place, Blenheim


Proud to be associated with the new development for Urban hair Design

Narelle and Vicki look forward to seeing you at their new boutique salon at 15 Hardings Road.

• Sales - Installation - Service We wish Narelle • First Class Competitive & Jowish We hn aall Personalised Service ndthetheir besttetoaMayfield m all the • Domestic & Commercial Kindergarten best! • Free Quotes • Full 5 & 6 year parts and labour warranty • Marlborough Area

MINT AIR 2659009AA

Urban Hair Design owners Narelle and Jonathon Large are thrilled to announce they have relocated and have been up and running since October 12. Originally the salon was located on Market Street in Blenheim, but with a vision for a lifestyle change Narelle and Jonathon have re-opened their new ‘boutique’ salon amidst their vineyard at 15 Hardings Road. Nestled within a relaxed and private rural setting, the salon delivers the authentic Urban Hair Design experience that clients have come to love. The stunning views of the vineyard and surrounding hills further compliment the personal, one to one attention which clients experience. “Clients who have visited the new salon have all been thrilled with the view and tranquility of the setting,” Narelle says. “What we are enjoying is the peaceful ambience of the salon which enables us

See us first for your heat pump / air conditioning requirements

Ph (03) 573 5399 Fax (03) 573 5317



The Sun

Wednesday November 2, 2011



Christmas Specials Starting NOW!


iche l

Exclusively Redken


See Jenny and the team at...



578 4614

578 4811


The Country Touch For Hair

H A I R D R E S S I N G Senior stylists Wendy and Kendyl welcome all new and existing clients to their friendly salon!

Come and see our professional team for a heads-up on all the latest styles and trends. Keep a look out for our newly refurbished salon - due to be finished by the end of November!

COLEEN BUSH 39 Green Lane, Omaka, Blenheim Phone 03 578 5271

PHONE 03 574 1116 81 Main Road, Havelock

Your professional hairdressers Michelle and Team • Late night Thursday • Open Saturday morning

Phone 03 579 2558 10 Arthur St, Blenheim

Women in Business Lindsay

Not wanting to lose the personal relations she experienced in hairdressing, Lauren says she enjoys the individual journeys taken with each client. “Having a genuine interest in families and individuals when helping them secure their next investment or home is a key part of what I do. What keeps the job varied is the many different types of people I meet,” she says. What makes Lauren successful in her sales is her local knowledge and ability to connect with people from all walks of life. “As a mother, a local girl and former hairdresser many people already know me but for those who don’t, I invite you to come in and have a chat with me to see what I can do for you. “I am a very honest and friendly person who enjoys meeting new people,” she says.

Mark Stevenson Licensed Agent REAA 2008

62 Market Street, Blenheim, 7301 • 578 8059

To contact Lauren Phone: 03 578 8059 or 022 609 2799

Profiling Marlborough Business Women ADVERTORIAL

Lauren Wallace Becoming a real estate agent has long been a career goal for local woman Lauren Wallace, who last year became a licensed residential salesperson. Lauren has a 15 year background in the hairdressing industry. She started as a PA for Mark Stevenson First National Real Estate Ltd in November 2009, and quickly progressed to working as a salesperson in her own right by July 2010. “Working in this industry has always been on my mind so I found a way in as a PA then worked from there, it has been the best decision and I haven’t looked back,” she says.

Sue and Bonnie e Welcom new and existing . clients.. Queens Market Mall, Blenheim

In the SprInglandS Mall

Ph 03 578 3878 135 High Street, Blenheim

Hair dZine

Westpac has experience where it counts. it was her love for meeting new people and her passion for business which led her into her role as Westpac Business Manager. Julie, a Westpac Local Business Manager and business analyst says it was the lending side of banking which first attracted her to the industry, while Allison, who is also one of Westpac’s Local Business Managers, has had extensive experience in all aspects of banking. Pictured above: Kathryn Walker, Julie Dash, Allison Hayes

Having a passion for business and the desire to help locals achieve their financial goals are important aspects of being a Westpac Business Manager. Kathryn Walker, Julie Dash and Allison Hayes are three women in business who strive every day to support the financial needs of Marlborough business owners. With more than 40 years’ combined banking experience, Kathryn, Julie and Allison all have a strong passion for Marlborough. For Kathryn,

“Our roles are not just about banking and financial support, it’s about the relationships we form with clients and being able to support them every step of the way,” Kathryn says. “What ever your financial needs are, we are here to support you,” she says. Supported by their knowledgeable Blenheim branch team, Kathryn, Julie and Allison look after clients from Picton through to Kaikoura covering all areas of business banking including rural, commercial and retail.

Cnr Queen and Arthur Street, Blenheim | 0800 177 100 | Westpac New Zealand Limited

The Sun

Wednesday November 2, 2011


See instore for details

Loose Hothouse Tomatoes

Just Juice Fruit Juice Range 3L



Save from $2.26




Fresh Beef Rump Steak





Farmer Brown Eggs Size 6

Tray of 30

Save from $3.23







Speight's Gold Medal Ale/ Canterbury Draught Bottles/Cans 330ml


99 tray

Loose Pacific Rose Apples

Fresh Tegel Chicken Drumsticks






North’s Bread Range 600g

Save from $1.14



$ 99


Saints 750ml


SPC Fruit Range 410g (Excludes Fortified)

(Includes Noble Semillon 375ml)

Pack Save from 70¢



99 pack




$ 49

99 each

Local, convenient & friendly

Store Locations: Renwick - 7.30am - 7.00pm, 7 days. Seddon - Monday-Friday 6.30am - 7.30pm - Saturday-Sunday 7am - 7.30pm Specials available from Wednesday, 2nd November until Sunday, 6th November 2011 or while stocks last. We reserve the right to limit quantities. All limits specified apply per customer per day. Trade not supplied. Prepared meals are serving suggestions only. Props not included. Product range may vary from store to store. Proprietary brands not for resale. Customer Support Freephone 0800 40 40 40.

Next week’s specials available to view from 12 noon each Sunday @


Save on fuel Petrol discount vouchers available instore.

At all our SuperValue Supermarkets Conditions apply. At participating stores.



The Sun

Wednesday November 2, 2011

IRRIGAtION tUBE 13MM x 100M 100m - very versatile length to use

WAS $38.18 NOW...







Operates two timers



WAS $63.85 NOW...


WAS $71.11 NOW...



WAS $55.28 NOW...




Brass fitted hose with connections Superior strength Quality finish 10 yEar GuaranTEE







The simple way to conserve water

Ideal for all gardens Saves money and time Easy to install





Wednesday November 2, 2011







The Sun




B A R G N E d R A G $







2 yEar GuaranTEE 131418

Controls broadleaf weeds Treats 385m2






Strong and lightweight Gel pad for long use




2 yEar GuaranTEE 131417



tURfIx LAwN wEEdkILLER 200ML Controls broadleaf weeds Treats 154m2

98 $



BY 15%




If you find the same product cheaper from another Mitre 10 store or on the Mitre 10 website, we’re pleased to match that price. (Conditions: Excludes trade and special quotes, stock liquidations and commercial quantities. To ensure the lowest price, the actual price may be lower than that advertised.)




WAS $79.58 NOW...




Hardwearing lawn seed scented with bird repellent Covers 150m2 137024

WAS $46.36 NOW...






3 fOr $9.99 Or



Durable and easy to use adjustable brass nozzle 2 yEar WarranTy 126975





174-186 Alabama Road, Blenheim Ph: 520 6600 • Fax: 578 2872



4 fOr $19.40 Or


$ 10 each ALL SEEd POtAtOES

Great selection in store 107570

1KG WAS $7.13 NOW...

6 $ 50 11

$ 50

3KG WAS $13.98 NOW...



assorted varieties

Hardy and evergreen Great for hedging

WAS $8.48 NOW...

WAS $15.29 NOW...



$ 99






Monday - Friday: 7.00am - 6.00pm Saturday: 8.00am - 6.00pm Sunday & Public Holidays: 9.00am - 6.00pm *Conditions apply - see instore for details

2 November to 8 November 2011, while stocks last.



The Sun

Wednesday November 2, 2011

n e MovemofbMarelbrorM ough

Watch the progress of our ‘Movember Men’ over the next five weeks in The Sun. The sponsoring businesses on this page will be making a donation to the Marlborough Cancer Society and Mental Health Foundation.

Mike Ragg “The last time I had a mo was three years ago. I think this Movember I will go for the Mexican look! My wife may not be supportive of the mo, but she is supportive of the cause.”


“This is the first Movember event for me which I am sure my wife is pleased about,” he laughs. “I haven’t had a mo for years so I think this one will be greyer than the last.”

“The Chopper mo was so last year look out Magnum P.I. What a great cause this is for! This will be my fourth year and I’m not looking forward to the growth (haha) but it’s for a good cause.”

when a few mates were having a beer in a small bar in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Inspired by the women’s health movement, it was recognized that men were lacking a way to engage and actively involve themselves in their own health. Movember has continued to grow each year, both in terms of participation numbers and funds raised. In its first year, 30 Mo Bros took part in Movember and since 2006, the first year in New Zealand, more than 50,000 people have participated and $4million has been raised for Movember’s Kiwi men’s health partners.



Brad Crighton I’ve always wanted to grow a mo but my wife has always been against it! But for such a great cause, like Movember, how could a heavily pregnant woman resist?”

60 Main Street Blenheim Ph: 577 2299

Phone 579 4445 24 hour call-out service

OPEN 7 DaYS 6am tO 11Pm

James Annan

Rhys Ransby

“I had a goatee a for a few years on and off so I don’t think this will bother me too much. I’m a new father so men’s health is very important, you have to take care of yourself for your family.”

“I grew a mo a couple of years ago for Movember and never shaved it off. It will be interesting to see how much growth I have in a month, hopefully more than Luke Douglas!”






577 6800

Blenheim (2011) Ltd • David Street

Phone 03 578 4970 • Fax 03 578 4955 Email:

Jason Bryant “It’s my first mo but I’m a fast grower so should be fun to see what comes. I believe men’s health is important as I have regular checks each year, so hopefully this will help to raise awareness.”


Paint & Fabric Protection Sold Here

Call Roger Nicholls 027 578 1163 •

Luke Douglas “I was volunteered to do this so it’s my first mo and Movember event. It will be a good competition between Rhys Ransby and I to see who grows the most!”


‘Movember’ a celebration Movember is an annual, month-long celebration of the moustache, highlighting men’s health issues, specifically prostate cancer and depression in men. Mo Bros, supported by their Mo Sistas, start Movember (November 1st) clean shaven and then have the remainder of the month to grow and groom their moustache. During Movember, each Mo Bro effectively becomes a walking billboard for men’s health and, via their Mo, raises essential funds and awareness for Movember’s men’s health partners – The Cancer Society and the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand. The idea for Movember came about in 2003

John Gargiulo

Ian Martella

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

2C Sutherland terraCe

Interior Cleaning Paint Restoration Leather Reconditioning Water Spot Stain Removal Signwriting Removal Professional Detailing Fleet Care Special Occasions Metal Polishing On Call 24hrs Cut & Polish 7 days Stain & Pet Hair Removal Overspray removal Machine Buffing & Waxing (guaranteed no swirl marks)

2c Sutherland Terrace, Blenheim Ph (03) 577 6800 A/H 0274 192 476


Phone Jason Bryant

572 7130 0274 460 736

2 Sutherland Terrace, Blenheim Ph: 577 5293 • e:

The 2009 Movember ‘Mo-Off’ party at The Cornerstone Bar. This group of local men took part in a Sun Newspaper Movember promotion and ended the month with a shave-off celebration. From left: Ian Martella, Colin Francis, Scott McDermid, Darryl Norman, hairstylist Debby Jensen who shaved off the moustaches, Hamish MacDonald, Ryan McQuillan and Les Whiteside.


grow November where men g rin du n ig pa m ca a is Movember nds for men’s health. fu d an s es en ar aw ise pport of moustaches to ra e Cancer Society in su th to go ll wi d ise ra s Fund dation. e Mental Health Foun prostate cancer and th

Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand

The Sun

Wednesday November 2, 2011

r a l l do $ L A de Wattie’s Flavoured tomatoes or Craig’s Beans

NZ Broccoli

400/425g Excludes Wattie’s Standard Tomatoes



Multi Buy


OFF ALL pork ∆

eat from the mn departme t





Multi Buy

Doritos Corn Chips

leaning tower Pizza



2 for





2 for



Anchor Mild, Colby or Edam Cheese

100 0 0 NZ PORK

Coca-Cola Cans 30 Pack







Fresh NZ Pork leg Roast Bone In






find us on Facebook


Prices valid at Countdown Blenheim, Countdown Springlands and Countdown Redwoodtown until Sunday 6 November 2011. While Stocks Last. We reserve the right to limit quantities. Trade not supplied. Product range may vary between stores. Selected advertised specials are available online at until midnight Friday only. Some images shown are styled and are serving suggestions. Props not included. No rainchecks available. Customer Support Freephone 0800 40 40 40. ∆Prices shown already include discount and are based on the non-promotional price. While stocks last. No rainchecks available.


The Sun

out & about

Wednesday November 2, 2011

are at Blenheim n Hartley and Lewis Martin ng. cla De r, lde Ho ey gsl Kin  Bowli Staduim playing Ten Pin Indoor Sports at Simcox

School Holiday Fun

 Eliza and Osc ar are playing Ten Bickerton, Samara Williams an Pin Bowling at the Blenheim In d Isaiah Onolevu Simcox Stadui m. door Sports at

scar ight) and O denbos (R uim, for the y Z ty n Jo ams, Stad at Simcox ), Nick Willi onald (left heim Indoor Sports cD a M n ci e Blen  Gra nt) are at th Martin (fro ramme. g Holiday pro

are playing  Lisa Berriman and Stacey Mitchell ramme at the prog day Holi the for Ten Pin Bowling uim Stad ox Blenheim Indoor Sports at Simc

 Mya G ane with ‘Rosie’.

s his l Earle cuddle  Campbel

l’. goat ‘Snitze

Rapaura School Show Day

 Emily Hodges with her pet  Rachel Earle with ‘Safara’.

lamb ‘Lucy’.

Olivia  ‘Bet’ the dog enjoys the attention from Lily Parkinson, Danielle Coles, Marfell, Nikita Sandall and Tilly Sorensen-Brown.

Any of our “out & about” photos can be purchased at the Sun Newspaper office.

The Sun

Wednesday November 2, 2011


bbq & g n i t a e r o o d Out savings! S e e in s t o r e

Delmaine Crushed/Whole Peeled Tomatoes 400g

fo r d e t a il s

Purex Toilet Tissue Range 4 Pack (Excludes Mega Roll)


c 99

$ 79

Fresh Pork Shoulder Roast

Loose Ecuadorian Bananas



Save from $1.83

Save from $1.00



$ 99




Fresh Tegel NZ Lean & Lite Skinless Chicken Breast Fillets


$ 99

99 kg

Wattie’s Mixed Vegetables/Peas Range 1kg

New Season Strawberries


$ 99

Whittaker’s Chocolate Block Range 250-260g


$ 29 each


Fresh’n Fruity Yoghurt/Lite Yoghurt Range 1kg

Save from 66¢

Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain 290g

(Excludes Thick & Creamy/Superfruits)


$ 99

Save from $1.66

Save from $2.13



Prices apply from Wednesday 2nd November to Sunday 6th November 2011, or while stocks last. Trade not supplied. We reserve the right to limit quantities. All limits specified apply per customer per day. All prepared meals are serving suggestions only. Props not included. Product range may vary from store to store. Proprietary brands not for resale.


$ 99 each

Save from 70¢

Fresh Choice Picton, Mariners Mall, Picton. Phone (03) 573-6463 Open 7 days, 7am - 8pm



$ 99


The Sun

Wednesday November 2, 2011

Proud sPonsors of

The Sun

w e e k ly

babies “Engage the Experts for Air Conditioning solutions to keep your bundle of joy snug & warm all year round”

PERRY: Michael and Kelly are pleased to announce the safe arrival of their new baby boy, Riley Michael Perry born on the 10th of September at 8.26am (9lb 4oz) at Wairau Hospital. A special thanks to our midwife Angela White and all the staff on the maternity ward at Wairau Hospital. Photo provided.

FLINTOFT: Sheryl and big brother Keegan are stoked to announce the arrival of their beautiful wee girl and little sister Savara-Hope Nina Flintoft (7lb 4oz). Born on 9th September 2011 at 4.49am at Wairau Hospital. We want to say a huge thank you to midwife Marion Preston, Aunty Rach and Uncle Mark, Nana Chris, Aunty Lee, Shloe Bullen and Grandad Gordon for all their awesome help and support for us all during and after birth. You are all awesome! Photo provided.

GOOdwIN: Kate & David are delighted to announce the safe arrival of Haley Jade (2.75kg), born 3rd October at 9:48pm. A beautiful little sister for Alyssa and James. Special thanks to Carole Thompson and the Maternity Ward staff of Wairau Hospital and to Tracey at Nepean Hospital FMAU for her care in Sydney. Photo provided.

BARBER: Rebecca, Ruby and Corbin are pleased to announce the safe arrival of Axel James Barber (6lb 14oz) on 17th October at 9.27am at Wairau Hospital. Special thanks to midwives Tai and Gwen and to all the theatre staff and staff on the Maternity Ward.

COME AND VISIT US AT OUR SHOWROOM 1 Freswick St, Blenheim Phone (03) 578 0030

McKENZIE: Xylia is so excited to sing out the speedy arrival of her new “baby bruda” Ezeal Mana William McKenzie (6.9lb) “lalalalala”, who came into the world on September 10 2011 at 5.57pm. Proud parents Emile and Loree would like to give a loud round of applause to all the staff in Maternity and special applause to Angela and Ruth.

TAYLOR-AVERY: Locky and Ally are delighted to announce the safe arrival of their miracle, Georgia MacKenzie Taylor (10 6oz) on October 12th, 11.43pm at Wairau Hospital. Special thanks to our amazing midwife Shona Wills, Dr Crampton. Dr Soysa, Gillian McCloy and all the wonderful staff on Maternity Ward. Both doing well.

If you’ve just had a new bundle of joy, email your baby photos with their birth details and your special message to:


MARwICK: Chris and Chrisi are proud to announce the arrival of Austin Elliot, weighing in at 6lb 12oz (3kg) on October 12th at 12.55pm at Hawkes Bay Hospital. Caleb, Oliver and Hazel are very excited about their new little brother. Photo provided.

Congratulations to Kate Goodwin this week’s lucky winner of the New World $25 voucher to spend at New World Blenheim. Our winner is invited to bring her ID in to claim her prize when she next visits New World Blenheim.

“Proudly 100% locally owned and operated” Tel: 03 520 9030, Fax: 03 520 9080, Email:

Order your baby photos at the Sun office: 72 High Street, Blenheim

The Sun

Wednesday November 2, 2011


community notices

death notices

The Community Noticeboard is for non-profit organisations. For $10.00 you can publish up to 25 words. No AGMS, sporting notices or special meetings. Community Notices must be pre-paid. Call into our office at 72 High Street, Blenheim

BAILEY, Marjory Olive (nee Treadaway): Passed away at Wairau Hospital Blenheim, suddenly, after a long illness, on October 31, 2011. Aged 76 years. Loved wife of the late Jack, treasured Mum and mother-in-law of Ross and Bronwyn (Blenheim), and Brett and Tania (Christchurch), much loved Nana of Emma and Josh (Perth), Bryce (Blenheim); and Rebecca, and Nathan (Christchurch). Loved Aunty Marj of Robert and Celestine (Sydney), Stuart and Denise (Queensland), and their families. A special thank you to the staff at Ashwood Park Retirement Village and Wairau Hospital for their special care of Marj. In lieu of flowers donations to the Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinsons Society of NZ would be appreciated and may be left at the service or sent to PO Box 31, Blenheim 7240. A service for Marjory will be held at the Mayfield Chapel, cnr Hutcheson and Parker Streets, Blenheim at 1pm Saturday November 5, followed by cremation at the Sowman Crematorium.

Blenheim Healing Rooms Open 1st & 3rd Saturdays every month. 11.00am 1pm. Stonewood Homes Office, 68 High Street. Free Christian healing prayer available to anyone. Phone 578 9704

Marlborough SPCA So far this year Spca cared for over 700 unwanted. lost or neglected animals. Please help us by donating to the SPCA collectors on Thursday.

Marlborough SPCA Our annual appeal starts next week. Please visit our stand at Garden Marlborough and make a donation.

Mental Health Consumer Advocacy Service Our Advocates will take up your cause to ensure your rights are respected, listen to your concerns and support you in the actions you want to take to gain resolution. Ph: 5795304 or call at Level 2, Aorere House, 54 Scott St.

SF Marlborough (supporting families and mental well being) For information/advocacy/support for families living with mental illness please contact Cheryl or Lyn on 577 5491 or visit us at 4 Scott Street. All Welcome

Sheets ‘n’ Things Good used linen for sale! Open Monday to Friday 9.00am - 12 noon at Bread of Life, 14b Stephenson Street (opp Boys College) Phone 577 5423.

St Christophers Goodwill At the Church Hall, opp Countdown, Redwoodtown this Friday 9am - 12 noon. Great bargains in used clothing and household goods. Some free items.

The Blue Door Open Monday to Friday 9.00am - 3.30pm. Saturday 9.00am - 2pm. Items surplus to your requirements we would gladly accept. We can deliver. Phone 5794353.


community services


Marlborough After Hours GP Services: Wairau Hospital campus, after 6pm. Reception 5206377. Office 5209980. Ambulance: Urgent 111. Non urgent 579 4870. After Hours Chemists: Springlands Pharmacy 9am-6pm 7 days Ph 5782271. Diabetes NZ Marlborough: 5775549, Office hours Tues,Wed,Thurs 9am3pm. Lifeline Marlborough: 577 8668, 24hr helpline. Marlborough Women's Refuge, Rape and Sexual Abuse Resource Centre: Crisis line, phone Wairau Hospital 520 9999, for Women's Refuge contact numbers. Overeaters Anonymous: Red Cross Rooms, 33 Redwood St. Ever y Tuesday at 7.30pm. Victim Support: 0800 VICTIM (0800 842 846) Alcoholics Anonymous: Rose 5777651, Harvey 5788125 Al-Anon: Help for families & friends of alcoholics. Ph Margaret 578 4690 or Ross 578 5896.

Alzheimers Society Marlborough: 577 6172, 8 Wither Rd, Mon,Wed,Fri 9am-4pm / Tue, Thurs 9.30-3pm. Hospital Visiting Hours: Wairau Hospital: Daily 11.30am-7.30pm, children under 12 may visit parents only. Maternity Ward: 10am-Noon, 4pm-7pm. Children's Ward: Daily 10am-8pm. Visiting at all times is subject to the discretion of the nurse in charge of the ward. Marlborough Family Budgeting: Free confidential budgeting advice. Monday-Friday. Phone 578 2006. Citizens Advice Bureau Free, friendly, confidential advice. Mon - Fri 9.30am 4pm. Phone 578 4272. Picton Doctor: Phone weekend doctor 573 6092 or Marlborough After Hours GP Service 520 6377. Office 5209980. Ambulance: Urgent 111. Non-urgent 579 4870. Chemist:Picton Healthcare Pharmacy. Ph 573 6420 Mon -Fri 9-6pm, Sat-Sun 9-3pm, Queen Charlotte Pharmacy 573 7927 Sat 9-1pm.

GIBSON, Eric Thomas: Passed away, peacefully, on October 29, 2011, surrounded by his family at Redwood Lifestyle Care & Village, Blenheim. In his 77th year. Loved husband of the late Betty, loved father and father-in-law of Jenny and Murray Eyles, Trevor and Lil, Polly, Bryan and Wendy; loved grandad of Sherylee, and Martina Eyles, Lisa-Marie, Kimberly, Mathew, Emma, and Kylie Gibson; great grandad of Brooklyn Thomas, due to arrive in three weeks. Messages to 17 Fyffe Street, Blenheim 7201. In lieu of flowers, donations to St. John Kaikoura would be appreciated and may be made at the service. A service for Eric will be held at St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Torquay Street, Kaikoura at 1pm Thursday November 3, followed by interment at Kaikoura Cemetery. GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ Ph 03 578 4719

SCOTT, Serena Fay (nee Morrow): On October 26, 2011, peacefully, at Nelson Hospital. Aged 33 years. Adored Mum of Aidan and Ben, dearly loved daughter of Liza and Harvie Morrow, much loved sister of David, precious ‘Sugar Plum’ of her grandparents, Walter and Nancy Munro, and Jack and the late Fay Morrow. Loved by all her aunties, uncles and cousins. Messages to 13 McKenzie Street, Blenheim 7201. GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ Ph 03 578 4719

NEWMAN, Kerry John: On October 25, 2011, peacefully at Hawkes Bay Regional Hospital, Hastings. Aged 59 years. Special friend and mate of Sam, loved brother and brotherin-law of Judyne and Peter Heissenbuttel, Corine and the late Peter Newman, and Tony and Jenny. Much loved uncle of all his nieces and nephews. Messages to The Newman Family, 107 David Street, Blenheim 7201. GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ Ph 03 578 4719

acknowledgement BLAKE, Ralph Douglas: Chicci, Shirley and family sincerely thank family and friends for the love, support and cards received. Special thanks to the Marlborough RSA, and the staff of Lakewood Rest Home, for all their care and support. Please accept this as acknowledgement. Bya personal Russell McQuarters

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Today’s Sun looks fantastic. Do you see what we see?

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50. Chores (5)


For October 2011 For February26, 9,2005 2005 For February 9,

33.Large LargeIndian Indiantree tree(3) (3) 33.

79 Market Street, Blenheim • Phone: 577 9644


The Sun

Wednesday November 2, 2011

health & beauty

holiday accomodation

ADRIENNE'S Beauty Den. For all your beauty treatment. 85 Lakings Road. Ph 578 8862 D E N T U R E S - Ad vanced Prosthetic Treatment. Premium Dentures. Natural looks thanks to digital precision at Blenheim Denture Studio. 71 Alfred Street. Ph 578 4344 EAR Health. Removal of Ear Wax using microscope & suction. Ph for an appointment 578 8310 at Physiotherapy Centre, 11 Francis St. MOLE checks - for a thorough skin check using dermoscopy. Call the Skin Clinic 578 1665.

TE RAWA RESORT Wilson Bay Pelorus Sound. Restaurant & Bar. Right at the waters edge, accommodation, Shop, On & Off Licence, petrol on wharf, LPG & moorings. Private functions & small conferences. Ph 03 579 8285

wanted to buy


Need Ca$h?

Painting? Decorating?

Go bush!

Do it right!

Possum Fur

• Wallpapering • Waterblasting • Painting and much more

$135 per kg Possum Skins - All grades - Top Prices

Phone Robin & Lisa 03 570 5198 027 289 2808

Basically Bush Ltd

Merv Scott Decorating Phone Merv 0800 Do it Up (0800 36 4887) or 021 669 666 Member of Master Painters Association


house for sale

Catering Van VAN GO FARE


• Public Events • Private Functions • Self Sufficient • Mobile


Large family home

To view Ph 021 172 0412

Trademe #BXV837 021 128 4719

Phone 021 337 867


PICTON Fully renovated, Large family home, All day sun, Solar water heating, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Trademe # CAN620

For more information


house for sale

3 bedroom, 2 bath, sleepout, garage, huge shed/ workshop 1300m section

house for sale

HOUSE FOR PRIVATE SALE $175,000 3/40 Stuart St,

2 bedroom home, logburner on wetback, single garage,garden sheds, walking distance to Horton park & CBD. The perfect first home. Phone 021 502 144 Open Home Sunday 11am- 2pm

Trades aNd and Services TradeS ServiceS AUTOMOTIVE




Access Equipment

Over 70% of our work comes from recommendation by SATISFIED CUSTOMERS


Blenheim Auto Centre

The Japanese Car Specialist

WOF - Car


By your customers.

including gst

• Electric Scissorlifts • Diesel 4wd Scissorlifts • Cherrypickers • Knuckle booms

Open Saturdays 9am-3pm

15 Main Street, Blenheim Phone 578 5600 0800 243 844

22 Herbert Street, Mayfield, Blenheim

Mobile 021 361 544

(Beside Vehicle Testing Station)

Ph: 03 579 5748 Cell: 021 0270 2312 Email:



•4 Tonne Excavator • Trenching • Soak Holes • Concrete Work • Section Clearing • Retaining Wall Construction • Pole Shed Construction • Hole Boring 350-600 • Drive ways • Gravel supplies

BE N E E S By your customers. the sun reaches more people than any other local community paper.

cALL us toDAy oN:

5777 868

Blair 027 618 8654

the sun reaches more people than any other local community paper.

cALL us toDAy oN:

5777 868

* Alterations and additions * Renovations * New homes * Commercial projects

Classic Gates


• Commercial Doors • Gate Systems • Garage Door Openers


Ph: work5775410

Ph: 5775410 Mobile: Mobile: 0274 515629 0274 515629



Honda EU20i Generator 575

$2 cial ST incl


For all painting and decorating needs

Interiors, exteriors, reseidential, commercial Including wallpapering, varnishing, roof spraying, new homes, repaints - we do it all

6 Nelson St, Blenheim


Tow & Salvage


• Vehicle ‘taxi’ service • Vehicle disposal • Vehicle transfers • Accident & breakdown recovery • Unlocks (most) vehicles • Jumpstarts

Phone 03 570 2214 Fax 03 570 2219 Mobile 0272 472 784

Michael McCann 30 Page Street Blenheim

BE N E E S By your customers.

578 1021

By your customers. the sun reaches more people than any other local community paper.

Ph: 579 4445


Williams Service Centre


We service all Commercial Kitchen & Laundry equipment. Local agent for Starline Dishwashers.

03 578 0213 or 021 786 871

5777 868

5777 868 Willie Smith 0800 086 869

valid until december 2011

cALL us toDAy oN:

cALL us toDAy oN:

All Workmanship Guaranteed

Pay for 3 lessons get the 4th Free!

the sun reaches more people than any other local community paper.


Ph/Fax 578 0374 a/h 021 838 550

For all your electrical needs

3learners licence 3restricted licence 3Full licence

See the experts for: Powdercoating Gates, Fencing Furniture Pool Fences

regent school oF Motoring •Prompt friendly service and support •New & Used computer sales •Computer component sales •Computer upgrades •Internet / Email connections and help •Infusion small business software •Farming & vineyard software •HP & leasing options

• Roller Doors • Tilt Doors


All Ages covered!


• Sectional Doors


Yes, we do house calls

Sam Rutherford Ph:572 9287, 027 572 9285 Email



• 25 years577 + experience Fax: 5413

5777 868



• Landscaping

cALL us toDAy oN:


����������� Landscaping

• Landscaping • maintenance Lawns • Weed Planting Spraying • Pruning • Moss Control • Lawn • maintenance Fertilising •• Sowing Sowing Lawns • Rose pruning •• Irrigation Irrigation systems •• Dethatching Consultancy • Qualified tradesman now 25years + •• Book Experienced for

the sun reaches more people than any other local community paper.

ROYCE HARTLAND 0275 678 854 A/H 572 5422

Ph 578 8251


By your customers.

Make us your first call for:

41 Grove Road BLENHEIM

Phone ah 570 5995 15 Neal Road, R D 3, Blenheim





• 5 grades of bark • compost & soil conditioner • pungas • peastraw • bricks • cream pebble • white chip • screened topsoil • firewood • coal • trailer hire • wine barrels EX DEPOT OR DELIVERY

Sheffield Street Riverlands Estate Blenheim

Ph 578 9590 TREE CARE

Tree Removal Height Reduction Trimming/Thinning Branch Chipping Hedge Trimming Line Clearance Stump Grinding Mulch Supplies Fully Insured FREE QUOTES

Ph. 03 578 0083

(Lance) 021 361912



Controlling: • Heat • Glare • Fade • Privacy • Security Free Measure & Quote Locally owned & operated

Lloyd Yorke

0274 327 949 A/Hrs 578 7889

The Sun

CLASSIFIEDS ADVERTISING PH 03 577 7868 public notice

EASTERN STATES Speedway. For whom the bell tolls. November 5th .

DRESSING ROOM We are open all weekend to showcase our Summer fashion range. In the Forum.

H U N T E R S g ar d e n visitors. We are open all weekend only for you. At The Dressing Room in the Forum.


for sale

ACCORDIANS wanted. All types, good prices. Phone Andrew 0800 555 747

WHITE CHIP & white rocks. Ideal for pebble gardens, paths, driveways.Phone Thomson 575 6885


EASTERN STATES Speedway. Forewarned P R IVATE Arrange is forearmed. November ments have lady companions 35-75 available 5th. in your area for coffee or outings. - Phone and make a date immediately Why buy, when you can upon joining www.pricall Mr Rental? ph. Kate 0274-378-345.

Fitness equipment, Fridges, Washers, Furniture, Gaming and more! Appliances available from $10 pw. Conditions apply. Call Mr Rental Nelson 0800 111 313

Tua Marina Dance

Tua Marina Memorial Hall Saturday 5th Nov, 8.00pm - 12pm Terry Price’s Orchestra • Novelty prizes • Raffles • Door Prize A plate would be appreciated for supper. Dance for the young and younger. All Welcome. For info ring Bill or Marie 570 2212

eva :::e energy | vitality | action

Enquire about the All New :::e-fitness ‘Health Circuit Night’ For Body/Mind, Weight/Detox, Fitness

Must book a group of 3 - $50 each. Normally $85 - Tuesdays 7pm - 8.30pm.

Also: Meditation Evening:

1 hour Sittings - Tuesdays 5.30pm - 6.30pm No effort with ‘The Holosync Solution’ - $15 each. Booking essential - can only take 5 people. (Headphones supplied)


:::eva-fit & “Better Health” Coach (B.S.Y. T.Th, Accr. Sc. Th.)

3 Delta Drive, Renwick.

Phone: Eva 572 9180 for-eva-fit!

Evening Parking at the Alfred Street Car Parking Building Free, safe night-time car parking under cover is available at the Alfred Street parking building. Good security lighting helps to ensure this is a good off-street car park in the evening hours. It’s just a short walk across the road to the Combined Clubs building. It’s a simple matter to park there: • Drive up to the barrier and take a ticket from the machine. • There is no charge but the ticket must be used to activate the barrier arm when you leave. • Wind down your window as you drive out and place that ticket in the machine and the barrier arm will rise. FREE PARKING WEEK NIGHTS FROM 5.30 PM UNTIL 8 AM FREE WEEKEND PARKING AROUND THE CLOCK, AFTER 1PM ON SATURDAY

LAWNMOWER Masport 3.5hp goes well plus catcher. Phone 570 5880 H U NTE R S garden visitors. We are open all weekend only for you. At The Dressing Room in the Forum.

public notice CLOWN Fun ! PomPom enter tains with bubbles, balloons and magic. Phone 577 7393 EASTERN STATES Speedway. People do not want words-they want the sound of battle. November 5th. DRESSING ROOM We are open all weekend to showcase our Summer fashion range. In the Forum.

RENWICK Nic-Nacs taking a break. Closed 28th October. Open again 8th November. FABRIC SALE. 25% off all dressmaking fabrics till November 4th at The Sewing Store, Centre Point Mall, Blenheim.

H U NTE R S garden visitors. We are open all weekend only for you. At The Dressing Room in the Forum. EASTERN STATES Speedway. The hotter the battle, the sweeter the victory. November 5th. DRESSING ROOM We are open all weekend to showcase our Summer fashion range. In the Forum. EASTERN STATES Speedway. Know your enemy Marlborough. November 5th.

Local Competition 6th November 10am Landsdowne Park Come along and support our girls. We are looking for more Coaches If you are interested please contact Aimee Thomas GO MARCHING

Special Annual Mass On Thursday November 10th at 7pm Our special annual Mass for the bereaved and their loved ones will be held in St Mary’s Catholic Church, Maxwell Road. All who have ever suffered a bereavement are welcome to attend. You are invited to bring a photo or some other object belonging to the deceased, that will be placed near the altar while Mass is being said. There will be a shared light supper at the conclusion of the Mass.

Wednesday November 2, 2011 situation vacant

LOADER OPERATOR REQUIRED We need an experienced operator to fleet and stack behind a Waratah. We are a hauler crew working in the MarlboroughSounds. The applicant must have a good knowledge of log specs and have relevant modules. A current drivers licence and own vehicle is essential. Please phone Wayne Schroder or Carolyn Stilwell 03 541 8580

Sales Team Member Drive Through Team

We are currently seeking a part time Sales Team Member for our Drive Through Team in our Trade Department. Can you tick these boxes? - Do you possess great customer service skills? - Do you work well in a team? - Do you have a good level of physical fitness? If you do, then you’re what we are looking for! Ideally the successful applicant will also have a basic knowledge of timber and building products, a forklift operator’s license with *F* endorsement and good computing skills. This is a permanent part time position working on a Friday and Saturday. This is a good opportunity for the right person to be part of a great team in a locally owned and operated store. Applicants for this position should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work permit. So if you think you have what it takes, then send applications to:

Jane Roberts, HR Mitre10 MEGA Marlborough PO Box 67, Blenheim 7240


situation vacant Earn Extra Cash for Christmas! Direct Sales - Great products. Free Start and Training ph/txt Amanda 029 492 6647

require deliverers Renwick,for WeWe require deliverers in in Blenheim Anglesea delivered permanent runs. Our St paper once a week on Wednesdays. Our paper is delivered once a week Must be reliable and honest. on Wednesdays. Must be honest and reliable. Please phone 577 7868

GROUNDSPERSON / HANDYMAN Allan Scott Family Winemakers is a Marlborough based winery with meticulously presented grounds and gardens. We require an experienced conscientious person to undertake the following tasks: Weeding, spraying, planting and mulching gardens Pruning and hedge trimming Competent skills in plant and weed identification Lawn mowing Handyman duties Combined with the above this person must be creative with the ability to come up with new ideas and suggestions in landscaping projects around the property. They must have the ability to work independently as well as part of a team, a good level of fitness is a prerequisite and a current clean driver’s license. Growsafe, first aid certificate and previous experience in a commercial garden would be an advantage. This is a full time position but part time casual will also be considered. Please reply to or phone 03 5729054

Timber Machinist We require a qualified Timber Machinist capable of doing all aspects of timber machining. Duties will include setting up and running of our planers, grinding room duties and also some maintenance duties. The successful person will have safety as a priority, be skilled, accurate, honest, reliable, and able to work with minimal supervision and also as part of a great team. If you want to work with modern plant for a company that offers a challenge, is expanding and is thriving on the quality of workmanship, this is the job for you. Pre-employment drug testing must be successfully completed. All applications to: Kenny Sherriff, Production Manager Flight Timbers Ltd, P O Box 295, Blenheim 7240 or drop your CV to: Flight Timbers Ltd, Waters Avenue, Blenheim or email: Applications close November 14, 2011

This ad kindly sponsored by Sowmans Funeral Directors

eva :::e energy | vitality | action

Get rev’d up, motivated and body-fit! Health & fitness e-asier Whole Body Vibration :::e-fitness Program: A great quick start to fitness, muscle power, flexibility. Half hour personal coaching with WBV. Let the machine do it for you. Great results, fast. Build muscle, align and burn fat e-asier. Let me help you improve your total wellbeing. (WBV Trained under Physiotherapist) Also catering for rehabilitation, Parkinsons, Stroke, improving bone density and balance.


:::eva-fit & “Better Health” Coach (B.S.Y. T.Th, Accr. Sc. Th.)

3 Delta Drive, Renwick.

Phone: Eva 572 9180 for-eva-fit!

Sales Team Member Flooring & Lighting Permanent 40 hours per week Tuesday - Saturday We’re looking for an excited Sales Team Member ready for an immediate start to join our Housewares, Lighting & Electrical and Flooring Department. This role will be based in our Flooring Department but you will work across the Department. We need an outgoing, energetic and enthusiastic individual who is customer focused and willing to learn new skills. The ability to lift is a must, as well as honesty and reliability. This is a fantastic opportunity to join an enjoyable team and a great locally owned and operated store here in Blenheim. Applicants for this position should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work permit. So if you think you have what it takes, then send applications to: Jane Roberts, HR Mitre10 MEGA Marlborough PO Box 67, Blenheim 7240

Checkout Supervisor & Duty Manager We have a permanent full time position available now for someone to manage our checkouts. This position involves various duties that are relevant to the general management of our customer service area. Ensuring our customers leave the supermarket feeling they’ve had a pleasant shopping experience will be a priority. This position also involves either opening or closing the supermarket and being Duty Manager at rostered times including one weekend day. Previous experience in retail is preferred, however on the job training will be available to the successful applicant. Applications to the Manager Picton FreshChoice P O Box 187 Picton 7220



The Sun

Wednesday November 2, 2011

Hair by Kardo’s Grand rE-OpEninG

Kardo’s celebrated the grand re-opening of their new premier salon on Saturday night, with more than 120 family and friends.

son, Michelle Exton,  The team, Debby Jen Ryan, Jess Hunt and ue niq Mo , Rochelle Todd of Hair By Kardo’s). r Donna Tupouto’a (Owne

s g n i d d e W

 Staff; Ro ch (seated), Je elle Todd, Michelle Ex ss (seated), sh Hunt and Monique ton R ow off the new childre yan ns chairs.

newman-oliver: Lydia Newman married Cameron Oliver on July 16, 2011 at the Renwick Anglican Church and celebrated in the Giesen Sports Centre with a reception for family and friends. Celebrant was Nick Duke. Photo supplied.

n. technicia unt hair H s s e J d l an Greenhil  Chris

Letters to the editor

 Jan Cranston and Sue Rainbird at the opening.

Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even if a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor reserves the right to abridge

letters or withhold unsuitable letters from publication. Send or fax them to the address on page two, or email them to news@blenheimsun. Please note that your name and street address must also be provided in emails.

Road markings ner Hair by Kardo’s ow  Simone Hill with Rene Deluca. d an Donna Tupouto’a



 Janet and W Feranley at th illiam Yates with Leo an d e opening o f Hair by Kar Margaret do’s.

4L Duratrade Interior Ultra Smooth

seems, the last is ignored after 5pm. At what time do these designated areas cease to operate and at what time do they cease to be policed. Even the broken yellow lines in Maxwell Road seem to get their fair share of parkers after dark! Just Curious

Paint & Decor

MEL’s spEciaL of thE wEEk!

House Paint Gloss Exterior 15 Year Guarantee

(White Base only)

Dear Ed, Would someone in authority please inform myself and others, re the duration time of some of the signs around our town. Here are some examples Loading Zone Park 10 - keep clear at all times - Bus Stop - Loading Zone keep clear - and yes disabled park. it

32 Grove Rd, Blenheim PHONE: 577 5381

(White Base only)

69 95

$ 4L Acrylic Enamel Satin (White base only)

10L Duralon Ceiling White Flat (White Base only)


$ 4L Syncol Pool Paint

10L Fence Stain 6 colours ideal for rough sawn timber

FREEPHONE 0800 724 6840

29 95


Sun sport

The Sun

Your week in sport

Henry surely our best coach In terms of numbers, no All Blacks coach really compares with Graham Henry. The man they call Ted, as expected, a n nounced h is decision to step down from the role yesterday having led New Zealand to its first World Cup victory in 24 years. He did so having racked up an unbelievable 88 wins from 103 test matches, stretching back over eight years since taking control of the national side in 2004. Despite those numbers, failing to win the World Cup this year would have also seen Henry become arguably one of our least successful coaches, having been the only man to lead the All Blacks to two World Cup failures. Thank goodness he didn’t,

because he should not be remembered as anything other than one of the most successful coaches of any sporting team, worldwide. All Blacks trainspotters may point out there have been four All Blacks coaches who have never been defeated, Fred Allen the most successful with 14 wins from 14 matches. But, dare I say it, Allen’s achievements are not in the same ballpark as Henry’s. Of all All Blacks coaches to be in charge for more than 20 tests, only Alex ‘Grizz’ Wylie has a higher winning percentage (86.2 per cent from 29 matches). John Mitchell had 82.1 per cent from 28 matches. To keep a winning record

Damian George

of more than 85 per cent up for 103 test matches is quite extraordinary. In that time, the All Blacks have never lost the Bledisloe Cup, won five out of eight Tri-Nations tournaments, and achieved three Gland Slams against Northern Hemisphere home unions. One slice of luck Henry did enjoy was being reappointed following the failed 2007 World Cup campaign. Who knows what the likes of Laurie Mains, John Hart or Mitchell would have achieved had they been given another crack at winning rugby’s Holy Grail? But they weren’t given the chance. Henry was, he took it, and the history books will record him as our best coach ever.

Diamanti returns - for Canterbury

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Former Central Districts and Black Caps allrounder Brendon Diamanti has announced he will return to New Zealand domestic cricket this season to play for the Canterbury Wizards. Diamanti, 30, will play the entire HRV Cup Twenty20 competition and three one-day matches for Canterbury, as he travels between New Zealand and Perth, Australia to fulfil his commitments as assistant coach of the New Zealand under-19 side.

Diamanti moved to Perth earlier this year, where he took up a position as player-coach of the Rockingham-Mandurah first-grade side. Diamanti played 27 first-class matches and 59 List A matches for CD between 2003 and 2010. He played his only one-day international for New Zealand against Australia in February, 2009, scoring 26 not out and bowling two overs for 25 in a match which ended in no result.

Training Blog

Weekend off Sun reporter Celeste Lodewyk is competing in the 10.1km run at the New World Marlborough Marathon in December, and is writing a weekly blog on her training and weight-loss progress.

Recently I had someone say to me that it was good to hear that I have had bad days as well as good. The truth is that every week is made up of good and bad, just like this past week has been. On the weight front I have managed to lose 1kg as well as 17cm off various parts of my body since the last time I was measured a month ago. On the exercise front I am improving on my training sessions each week, showing an increase in fitness and strength which is really going to help on the day of the marathon. The only downside is that I haven’t managed to get out for a run more than twice as the long weekend brought about family visits,

Wednesday November 2, 2011


NZ title for Blenheim fighter >JUD O

you not be? “She trained hard for that, and to come By Damian home with the New George Zealand title in her Blen heim Judo weight division and f ighter Soph ie silver in the open Warburton has been section, that’s pretty selected for a New impressive.” Zealand junior cadet T h e Ble n h e i m camp in February Judo Club following a gold member qualified m e d a l-w i n n i ng automatically for the p e r fo r m a n c e a t finals of the event the New Zealand on the back of her Cha mpionsh ips recent results. i n Auck la nd on Sophie Warburton T h o s e i n clu d e Sunday. gold medals at both The 13-year-old won a gold medal in her weight division the North Island and South Island at the North Shore Events Centre championships earlier this year. She proceded to win all of her four and only narrowly missed repeating the feat in the open section, claiming fights in the open section before silver behind Auckland’s Miharu narrowly coming unstuck in a tense gold medal match, losing on a single Ishikawa. Sophie was at school on Tuesday technical point. Gloria says she is not yet sure if, or and unable to talk to The Sun, but her mother Gloria, who was in Auckland how, Sophie will attend the junior for the competition, says she is cadet camp. It is not yet known where absolutely rapt with her daughter’s that will be held. “At the moment, I’m just letting her performance. “I’m on top of the world, how could revel in her glory.”

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kids play dates, housework and gardening jobs which soaked up much of my spare time. I wasn’t too worried though, it has been a nice break and a chance for Celeste Lodewyk some well earned rest. My challenge this week is to continue working on my fitness and increasing my running distance. PS: The donations have started coming in which we really appreciate. We still have a wee way to go and one month to achieve this, so please help us to support the Life Education Trust Marlborough. There is a donation box set up in The Sun office, 72 High St, Blenheim.

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The Sun

Wednesday November 2, 2011

School marks 150th Jubilee Story and photo by Celeste Lodewyk A celebration of Renwick School’s past and present was enjoyed by the hundreds who attended the school’s 150th Jubilee at the weekend. Jubilee committee chairperson Angie Holdaway told The Sun she was “thrilled” with how well the event ran, and commended the school’s students for their fantastic support and performances. “We have been inundated with congratulatory feedback from people who said the Jubilee was a fantastic and that they had never seen such polite children. “We had around 340 people register for the Jubilee and the way in which it ran made it a complete success,” she says. The jubilee began last Friday with a bus trip through the Waihopai Valley, the unveiling of a headstone for the school’s first headmaster William Moore at the upper Wairau Cemetary and the launch of the Jubilee book. On Saturday the school hosted past and present students and their families after the Jubilee was officially opened by Mayor Alistair Sowman. The Sun spoke with former students and friends Ian Jordan and Ted Haines who reunited after 47 years. “It has been a great catch-up, we didn’t recognise one another at first,” laughs Ian. “We were students when there were only two classrooms and can still remember the teachers’ names, Frank Gibson and Miss Panting,” says Ted. Jubilee celebrations came to a climax on Saturday night with a function, before ending on Sunday with the school’s Festival of Wheels.

The Jubilee cake was cut by former student Leatrice Leslie and her great-granddaughter and current student Jorja Hocquard, watched on by principal Simon Heath.

Mutton Birds reunite for Blenheim Iconic New Zealand band The Mutton Birds have announced they will reunite for a one - of f performance at February’s Classic Hits Winery Tour show in Blenheim. The Mutton Birds, responsible for Kiwi classics such as Anchor Me , D o m i n i o n The Mutton Birds are ready for their first live Road and Nature, appearance in ten years. will join Gin Wigmore a nd impressed with the line-up for the newcomers Avalanche City as the show. “I grew up as a big fan of headline acts when the tour returns Don and The Mutton Birds, so I’m to Blenheim’s Villa Maria Estate excited to be on tour with them. on February 23. It has recently toured Japan, It will be the band’s first live Australia, USA and England, but appearance in ten years, and mark the Winery Tour show promises to twenty years since the release of be one of its best yet, co-promoter its self-titled debut album in 1982. Brent Eccles says. Frontman Don McGlashan says “Without doubt, the best crowds he is looking forward to getting on the whole Winery Tour are together with his former bandmates always in Blenheim, so we are for the occasion. thrilled to be returning again to “A band is more than just a bunch Villa Maria Estate in 2012.” of musicians. When it really works, The Winery Tour will this year there’s a magic there which is more include 16 shows in 14 venues than the sum of its parts. across New Zealand. It kicks “That’s certainly the way it was off at Ascension Wine Estate on with the Mutton Birds, and it’s February 3 and concludes at Villa going to be great to take the beast Maria Estate in Auckland a month out of the garage again and make later. the gravel fly.” Tickets go on sale on November 7. Wigmore has recently returned They can be purchased at www. from the USA, where she was, Ticketmaster, recording her latest album and is and Ticket Direct.



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2 November Blenheim Sun  
2 November Blenheim Sun  

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