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Friends mourned By Annabelle Latz Laughs and coffees during lunchtime breaks at university won’t be the same for Emily Elliott when she heads back to Wellington this month. Two of Emily’s best friends Alexis Still, 19, and Chrisjan Jordaan, 21, were victims of the fatal hot air balloon crash just north of Carterton on January 7. But the 19 year-old Blenheim-based Communications student at Massey University believes that remembering the good times, and being thankful for knowing such wonderful people helps to ease the grief. “It was a huge shock, they were so young, they were not supposed to die,” she said, adding that Chrisjan had been saving for weeks to buy his girlfriend Alexis the ride together. “You never know what day will be your last, but when we are young we assume we will have every day.” Emily spent last weekend back up in Wellington with university friends; grieving, celebrating, and remembering their two friends. “They are not here to bring the joy to people’s lives anymore, so it has become our job,” said Emily. She said grief takes on a process, and must be worked through. “You do feel lost and confused, and your world is turned upside down,” said Emily. Emily met the couple in Wellington at university last year. “For me it was a short time I knew them, but it felt like such a long time,” said Emily. It was the first 21st party Emily had been to when she celebrated Chrisjan’s last year. The wedding he was planning with Alexis was going to be Emily’s first too. Instead, she attended her first ever two funerals last weekend. “The most important thing to remember is that we got the opportunity to know them for the time that we did. Because they were always so happy and bright, and changed everybody’s lives who they met, they truly did,” said Emily.

Shaky shift Christchurch couple Jenny Goss and Jim Fox hastened their plans to leave Christchurch for Blenheim.

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Lion heart

Wednesday January 18, 2012


The road to recovery continues for Heart Child and Blenheim boy Liam Barrett.

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Education 2012 The Sun looks at preparing to go back to school and your education choices.

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Emily Elliott believes remembering the happy times with her good friends and being thankful to have known them, is helping her work through the grief after they lost their lives in the hot air balloon accident in the North Island earlier this month.

Inset: Chrisjan Jordaan, 21, (left) and Alexis Still, 19.

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The Sun

Wednesday January 18, 2012

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blanket man dies Wellington character ‘Blanket Man’ has died. Ben Hana (Blanket Man) who was well known for wearing a loin cloth and was often sitting on or draped in a blanket, died on Sunday afternoon at 3:35pm at Wellington Hospital. Mr Hana was aged 54-years and is being remembered throughout the country this week as tributes flow.

Les Whiteside

Cruise ship runs aground

Katrina Whiteside


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Italian cruise ship, Costa Crociere ran aground off Italy’s coast on Saturday, and the one New Zealand passenger who was aboard has been confirmed safe and accounted for. The 290m long ship had its hull ripped open by a rock after errors in judgement caused it to get to close too the coast.

it’s all in the name. blues, brews and bbQ’s is a non-fail recipe for a day in the marlborough sun. although strictly a day for the grown-ups, funds raised from the day go straight to local groups to help youths fulfill their dreams.

Country musiC awards

above: ‘the beer maids’ (top from left) loren andrews, michelle graham, paula amsler, lacy rees and hannah Foster. right: event organiser graeme boon.

The Gourmet Paradise Country annual Music Awards is set to kick off on January 20 and runs until January 22 at the Marlborough Civic Theatre. Tickets are on sale and available from ticketdirect.

A brew in aid of the young ones By Annabelle Latz Beer drinking is not technically a sport, but taking part in next months Blues Brews and BBQ’s festival helps to line the pockets of youth sport groups in Marlborough. The festival is on February 4 at the A&P grounds in Blenheim, and all funds raised go to help local youth groups involved in sports and arts. This will be the 19th festival, and the man behind it all, Graeme Boon, said it is as popular as ever. “We were a bit astounded by the popularity for the first three years,

now it’s levelled out and we’ve sold between 5000 and 7000 tickets ever since,” he said. Over the years, with $30 entrance tickets, and strong beer, cider and food sales, Graeme has managed to give about $40,000 back to local youth each year. “It’s all ticking along,” said Graeme. The reason for the day’s consistent success is no secret. Because Blenheim Round Table community service club runs the event, help comes from consistent community minded people.

“If you are a community service club, you are more likely to get support from local businesses,” said Graeme. Some major names are involved in funding the day, but small local groups like schools and clubs help run the stalls. He would like more young people to get involved in community service groups. “In the heyday we had 40 members and now we have 16, because young people’s attitudes have changed significantly,” he said. Music is also a main focus of the day,

with Auckland-based band Opshop being the most well known act, as well as the Joe Cocker tribute band Hitchcock Railway, plus others. And festival goers had better bring a good appetite too. “This year I’ve had more people wanting to sell food than ever before,” said Graeme. Graeme said running a good festival is about having a day full of things worth experiencing. “If you want to sell a product, you have to put it infront of the people,” he said.

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The Sun

Wednesday January 18, 2012

Hitting back at the club

By Annabelle Latz The invalid trespass notice on the clubroom wall at Marlborough Tennis Club is making life hard for Hannah Mooney who wants to renew her membership there. Hannah, 17, is the daughter of Michael Mooney, who was ordered a trespass notice by the club last year. A subsequent court hearing has since overturned the notice, but the issue has not gone away. Hannah said the reception she received from some people at the club when she tried to rejoin was not welcoming. “I was told it was up to the club whether or not the application would be accepted,” she said. Hannah said it was even hard to watch friends play tennis there. “These are all people I’ve played with, and I had formed great relationships with,” she said. She was at the Waterlea club earlier this month for a National tournament, but because her father was there too, the police were called to ask Michael to leave. Michael said he had every right to be there to watch the tournament, as it is only club days he is excluded from, because he is no longer a member. “I told the police the notice was invalid,” said Michael. Hannah was talking about the notice with friends at the club, which also caused problems. “I was told to stop talking about it, or leave,” she said. She took the notice off the clubroom wall and walked out.




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Michael has since written an email to Marlborough Tennis Club, asking why the trespass notice is still up, after it was verified invalid by the courts. He is still waiting for a response.

A shaky shift By Annabelle Latz They filled their car up with their belongings and Musty the Ginger cat, and headed for a place with running water and toilets, and no shakes. Jenny Goss and husband Jim Fox had always planned on moving somewhere quiet and sunny like Blenheim one day, but never expected an earthquake to hasten that plan. Both Christchurch born and bred, last July they were told their rented home of many years in Eastern Christchurch’s Avondale had become inhabitable, due to three significant shakes since September 4 2010. “The house had dropped four millimetres since September, which is quite a bit when you think about it,” said Jim. So they said goodbye to their twobedroom flat, which had also suffered damaged mains and sewage piping, skewed door frames and windows, broken wires and a back yard of liquefaction. “It had been my weekly task to empty the portaloos,” he said. They have settled into their new rented house in Blenheim well. “It was quite an event, but we have come to live here permanently,” said Jim, 65, who helps out at the Blenheim Riverside Railway at Brayshaw Park. Jenny, 59, does volunteer work for local medical organisations. “Our friends thought we were mad,” said Jim. “We were excited and relieved,” said Jenny.

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Jenny Goss and Jim Fox moved away from Christchurch’s earthquakes last year, and would like to know if any other earthquake victims are calling Blenheim their new home like they are.

They have only since met a couple of people who have moved to Blenheim under similar circumstances. “We have blended in, we don’t want to go back to Christchurch,” said Jenny, although they do miss and worry about their friends, who are still experiencing regular shakes. They would be keen for coffee mornings, dinners, or just what-

ever other Cantabrian earthquake victims like themselves were keen for. “All we can do is try, so here we are and this is it,” said Jim. For anyone interested in forming a group for Canterbury earthquake victims, email Jenny and Jim on, or phone 577 6655.


19 Grove Rd, Blenheim

Phone: 577 8615

The Sun

Wednesday January 18, 2012

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The Sun

Wednesday January 18, 2012


Dumped puppies Handed on a plate anger SPCA

PUPPIES DUMPED: SPCA Marlborough animal care assistant Natalie Wye with two puppies dumped in a cardboard box at the SPCA yesterday. A third puppy was too traumatised to be held for a photograph.

Story and photo by Celeste Lodewyk SPCA Marlborough staff are appalled at recent animal dumpings after one kitten was saved from drowning, another lost its eye and three puppies were left traumatised. Centre manager Kate Horrey says although the number of animals being dumped and abandoned had not increased from last year, it was “sad” that was happening at all. “Shoving kittens through wire fences and leaving animals under bridges and driving off are totally unnecessary, the SPCA is willing

to help so I don’t understand why people feel they have to do these horrible things,” she says. Around Christmas two puppies were put over the centre’s fence and on New Year’s Day two kittens were found dumped at the SPCA centre, one with a “horrific” infection which resulted in the loss of its eye. Then yesterday morning a cardboard box tied closed with twine was left at the gates of the centre with a note on it saying; “These three puppies were found between Rai Valley and Nelson”. The box was too small to hold the three mixed breed puppies,

so they had broken their way out and were running loose by the neighbouring road. “I found them at 7:50am and they were lucky to have not been hit on the busy road. “It was apparent they had been fed but they were very scared and timid, with one of them more traumatised than the others,” Kate says. By law people can be prosecuted for abandoning animals and in some cases can be handed a prison sentence or fined. “We urge people to call us if they can no longer care for an animal,” Kate says.


Warehouse Pharmacy delays closing By Annabelle Latz The people of Blenheim can thank themselves that The Warehouse pharmacy will remain open until at least February. It has been confirmed by The Warehouse that the pharmacy will not close on January 31, which is the plan for the rest of its pharmacies in New Zealand. Blenheim Warehouse manager Ian Daubney said the support from local customers and businesses to keep the pharmacy doors open has been overwhelming. “The pharmacy is a huge part of our team,” he said. Between immense local support at the pharmacy, and continuing positive communication between local businesses and The Warehouse, Ian said they have their fingers crossed for a positive result. “The pharmacy is going to be open until they work out what’s actually going to happen,” he said. Blenheim pharmacy manager Debbie Lee Carter said the response from the public and local businesses for the continuation of the business has been humbling. “I had no idea how much support we had,” she said. Because Blenheim is a small community, the services the pharmacy provides has become a huge service in many people’s lives. Debbie said proposals have been delivered to The Warehouse, and now it’s just a matter of waiting for discussions and resolutions. “We have a few hoops to get through,” said Debbie. General Manager of Marketing Jenni Ryan said there is work currently going on between interested parties. “There are proposals on the table, we will be able to tell people more in February or March,” said Jenni.

By Annabelle Latz Pushbikes loaded on backs of vehicles zooming up and down the roads is a common sight. But how many drivers know about the supplementary license plate they should have attached on that bike? Not many, according to one Okaramio resident called Heather. She was pulled over by Supplementary plates should be on the police late last year while back of any item obscuring the number transporting her bike, and plate on a vehicle, and police will be busy given a gentle reminder about informing and reminding people about this recent law change. Photo by Annabelle Latz. the plate. “There are a lot of bikers Highway Patrol Officer Sergeant around here who don’t know about Barrie Greenall said driver eduthis,” said Heather. cation about this new law will She admitted she was unaware of continue, in similar fashion to what this law. happened to Heather. “I even said to the policeman I’d “It’s something we will be focusing never heard of it, and I’ve been on,” he said. biking for five years,” said Heather. Sergeant Greenall is asking drivers This recent law change, which was to take responsibility to order their introduced in September 2011, al- own supplementary plate. lows drivers to have an extra number “It’s about education and enforceplate which can be attached to bike ment. Contrary to what people racks, dog boxes, or any implements believe, we are not out there to make obscuring the vehicle’s plate. money from this,” he said. Previous to this law change by The worst penalty is a $150 fine the Land Transport’s Regulations, and 20 demerit points, although drivers had to detach and reattach Sergeant Greenall does not want this permanent registration plates approach to be the focus. Heather was happy to get her plate, “It’s a progressive thing, we will which she did by filling in a form be using common sense policing,” at the Vehicle Testing Station, and he said. it was sent to her three days’ later, The easiest method for ordering costing her $17.08. your plate is to link onto “It makes sense to have the duh t t p : / / w w w. l ic e n s ys .c o m / plicate plates, but there are lots of NewZealand/SupplementaryPlates/ bikers who don’t know about it,” tabid/146/Default.aspx. she said. Or ring Licensys on 0800 736 253.



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Wednesday January 18, 2012

The Sun

one on one with the Sun

n o i l a f o t r a e H

The story that touched our hearts; Three-year-old Liam Barrett who last year we profiled and nicknamed ‘Liam the lion heart’, has come through another open heart surgery and now continues to astound everyone around him. This is the story of Liam’s incredible fight for life, his miraculous recovery from a second surgery and his exciting new future ahead, all thanks to the surgeons and specialists at Starship Hospital. Liam’s parents Michele and Phil Barrett talk to Celeste Lodewyk. Liam’s story began when he was diagnosed closed and stitched and as soon as the medicawith four separate heart conditions and under- tion keeping him asleep was turned off, he tried went open heart surgery at a tiny two weeks of sitting up. age, weighing just 1.6kg. “From then on he recovered so fast and within Michele and Phil along with their eldest son a few hours his ventilator and some of his tubes Riley knew they had a big battle ahead, but had been taken out, it was incredible and totally Liam survived against the odds and continued different to the first surgery,” Michele smiles. to amaze everyone with his strength and will Because of Liam’s incredible recovery he was to live. discharged on Saturday and the family returned It has been nearly four years and Liam can home on the following Monday. now add ‘bravery’ to his list of special attributes. Liam will continue to have his annual checkLiam is currently recovering from his second ups but for now the specialists and surgeons have open heart surgery on December 13, 2011 after two theories about future surgery. surgeons re-admitted him to Starship Hospital “The specialist told us that you can’t put a time to correct a complication. on when Liam will need surgery again, we just “Where a repair had been done in the first have to watch and wait,” Michele says. surgery, it had created a sharp “But the surgeon said Liam had corner which meant his blood grown 12 times in size since he flow was not keeping up with his “...he recovered was first operated on, so it may not heart beat,” Michele explains. until Liam has grown a further so fast... it was be “If I held my ear between his 12 times before the next surgery, shoulder blades I could hear his incredible and and that is unlikely. heart racing quite loudly so it was “I like that theory and that’s the clear that something was wrong.” totally different one I’m going with,” she laughs. At Liam’s annual check-up at It has been five weeks since Wairau Hospital which involved to the first Liam’s surgery and his energy an ECG and Echocardiogram, surgery” levels are high, he settles to sleep the complication was quickly better and is now looking forward identified. to a limitless future ahead. “We were not experts but looking at the screen When asked how his heart is, Liam smiles at when they scanned his heart, we could tell me, pats his chest and says; “Heart’s all better before the specialist that something was wrong,” now.” Michele says. Liam’s condition was deemed urgent in October and the family was phoned in December to be in Auckland within the week. “We were told that the surgery would be a completely different experience this time, which it was as Liam was very understanding, accepting and brave which made the whole ordeal easier,” she says. Liam underwent surgery on the morning of Tuesday, December 13 and came through with flying colours. “We were phoned at lunchtime to say it went smoothly and that he was off bypass already, which completely blew our minds. “When we arrived to see Liam his chest was surgery. Liam immediately after

Liam holding a trophy he received recently from ‘Riding For The Disabled’.

Liam one day afte r surgery.

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The Sun

Wednesday January 18, 2012


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The Sun

Wednesday January 18, 2012

Sun readers have their say... Q: How was your holiday shopping experience? Were enough stores open?

Barbara McCleery Blenheim

Jamee Thomas Blenheim

Jorgia McMillan Blenheim

Margaret Holdaway Blenheim

Marlene Took Blenheim

Steph Bashim Blenheim

I bought one present! I knew where I was going and what I was getting.

I think more stores should have had late night shopping. Also more sales would have been good.

I thought there were enough stores open, but over Christmas the service wasn’t good. But the sales were!

There weren’t enough shops open for the visitors; people expect shops to be open.

Stores were only closed on Christmas and New years. People have more than 350 days of shopping in the year.

I’m in the retail industry. We had many visitors in our store over the holidays.

Milestone Homes Marlborough Mobile 021 844 089 • Visit: email:

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Letters to the editor Wairau massacre Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even if a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor reserves the right to abridge letters or withhold unsuitable letters from publication. Send or fax them to the address on page two, or email them to Please note that your name and street address must also be provided in emails.

uP to %+ The Sun 50 off *

Dear Ed, In response to Grant Davies and Denis Waters letters “Wairau Affray” Express January 4 & 6: I grew up with and still call it the Wairau Massacre. I suggest the name changes came about when the truth was learnt that the caucasians were at fault. It must be remembered that so-called civilisation and Christianity had barely been in the area for 15 years. Admittedly, “Te Rauparaha and his cohorts” had killed, enslaved and cannibalised thousands of natives

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4 February 2012

BaNdS INcludE: • OPSHOP 12 noon - 7pm A&P Park Blenheim • Michael Fix R18 Festival - no gate sales • Chilli Dogs Tickets $30 available from BNZ Blenheim & • Hitchcock Railway Picton, Blenheim i-SITE and Marlborough

Dear Ed, Well the New Years’ honours and unworthy knighthoods have been announced. Very few I would hazard a guess, are supported by the public at large. Why does a profiteering business person get a knighthood unless they have been very generous with their wealth to worthy causes? Why did All Black coach Graham Henry get a knighthood? On reflection it was only by a thread of one point. What if Stephen Donald’s penalty that just shaved inside the right hand upright had been 30 cms to the right? What if France had kicked that penalty? And is Graham Henry a coach in the old terms of the title when he has two assistant coaches, lineout and kicking coaches, advisers in other intricacies and even head shrinks? Knighthoods seem just an archaic class form of snobbery. The fact National reinstated knighthoods probably says a lot about the government’s philosophy? Tony Orman | 0800 88 66 99

Local service

Civic Theatre •


Supported by....

A Blenheim Round Table Community Project

throughout central Aotearoa. In my opinion, they knew no better, as this was life. 15 years ago, up near the Caucasus, the Serbs and Croats performed wholesale acts of cruelty, torture and murder, far worse than anything Te Rauparaha had done. Why do I say far worse? They had the benefit of thousands of years of the Bible, the Koran and civilisation. Bosun Huntley Picton

Tiny Mighty Power is a division of Bosco Connect Ltd and is proud to be owned by Mighty River Power. Tiny Mighty does not supply some rural areas. Other conditions apply.

Dear Ed, Seems you’ve had a few letters lately on customer service. I hope the local retailers have a good read and take them simply as constructive criticism from their valuable customers. Potential Customer

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Wednesday January 18, 2012


Money and sanity saving tips... Get a stationery list ahead of time Once school starts stationery shops are bedlam, so why not beat the rush and get your stationery list ahead of time. Most schools know well in advance what stationery your child will need, so try and get a list at the end of each school year. If there isn’t one available, phone the school office a week or two before school starts and ask for one to be sent out. Also check your school website, as many schools post their lists online.

Double check which subjects your child is taking Before you go running off to the stationery store, double check which subjects your child is actually taking. Chances are their stationery list will cover every

First day mania There’s no escaping the fact that the first day of school can be crazy. New k ids wa nder around in circles. How can you combat first-day chaos? If it’s your child’s first day of school, try to arrange a visit before classes begin. Explore any areas that are of particular interest, such as the playground or library. Some schools offer maps. Get one and give it a read before school starts - then keep it until you’re familiar with your new surroundings. Your first day is also the time to bring in school supplies and paperwork. It can help to pack your child’s school bag well before school starts so you’re not scrambling around at the last minute looking for what you need. In addition to packing basic supplies (such as books, pens and pencils), hunt down any of the school forms that were mailed to your family over the summer: immunization records, permission slips, and class schedules. Most impor tantly, don’t be afraid to ask questions. The teachers are there ready and willing to help make your child feel comfortable on one of the most important days of their lives.

subject for their year, and they won’t need it all. Get them to go through the list with you, and highlight the items they need.

Full Primary - No Zone

Check their bag!

An open, welcoming family environment in a country atmosphere close to town.

Just because it’s on their list, doesn’t mean they actually need it. Tip their school bag out, and see what items have survived. Children love to get new stuff every year, but things like ring binders, dividers and art folders can often be re-used.

What is needed when? Ask your child’s teacher what items are needed straight away. You may find that a subject doesn’t start until Term 2, or that a specific project book isn’t required until later in the year. It may not necessarily save you money, but it will spread out the cost over several months.

A quality learning environment that is... • Learner centred • Supportive • Exciting

ACC E p t i n g E n R o L m E n t S f o R 2012 Enquiries to Helen Williams, principal

Starting date: Tuesday 31st January at 8.45am

St Mary’s School Blenheim all new enrolments welcome 23 - 30 January 10am to 2pm Uniform enquiries - 30 January 10am - 2pm

enquiries please phone 578 9494 or email “A Community of lifelong learners who make a difference”

School commences at 9.00am on Thursday 2nd February

Blenheim School –Te Kura o te Waiharakeke Learning for life Learning to Think, Learning to Do, Learning to Be, and Learning to Live Together.

Enquiries please phone 03 577 5542 Or email

Marlborough Boys’ College 2012 Commencement Returning students seeking course changes should phone the College (03 578 0119) from Monday 23rd January to make an appointment. School buses will operate at normal times from Tuesday January 31.

Tuesday, January 31

Renwick School opens for Students on Monday 30th Jan at 8.50am Please meet in the hall for our opening assembly and to meet your 2012 teacher Staff will be available to enrol new students to the school on Monday 23rd January 9am to 3pm Stationery Packs are available to purchase from the school office Tuesday 24th & Thursday 26th January 10am – 2pm THERE WILL BE NO STATIONERY SALES ON MONDAY 30th JANUARY Other inquiries may be directed to phone 572 8158 Simon Heath, Principal

• Year 13 Students and 2011 Year 13 Students returning assemble in Hall 9.00am • New Students (all levels) who have not already enrolled, report to College Office at 9.30am to complete enrolment

Wednesday, February 1 8.50am

10am - 12 noon 10am - 12noon 1pm - 3pm

• Year 9, 13 • Year 9 assemble at Francis Street gate (Hall if wet) • Year 13 assemble as per Tuesday instructions

9am - 12noon 1pm - 3pm

Wed 25 Jan 2012

9am - 12noon 1pm - 3pm

other students new to the College. Parents welcome to attend. • Year 9 programme operates until 3.15pm • Year 13 programme finishes 12.30pm unless involved with Year 9 programme

Final Option Changes Option Changes Years 11, 12 and 13 in the Hall Final Option Changes Option Changes Years 11, 12 and 13 in the Hall.

Mon 30 Jan 2012

Only Year 9, Prefects and Senior School Leaders required to attend school. All Prefects and Senior School Leaders to report to the Hall. All Year 9 to report to the Flag Pole.

8:40am 8:40am

Tues 31 Jan 2012

Years 9, 13 & Senior School Leaders to attend school. Year 9 report to the Hall. Year 13 report to New Gym. New Enrolments to report to the Deanery.

Wed 1 Feb 2012

All Year Levels Report to form classes as posted on School noticeboard and MGC Moodle homepage. All Year Levels Normal classes begin.

• Year 9, 11, 12 • Year 9 go directly to Form Rooms • Year 11, 12 Assemble in Hall • Year 9 programme finishes 3.15pm • Year 11, 12 programme finishes 1.00pm

Friday, February 3 8.50am

• All students attend • Year 10 Assemble in Hall • All other levels go directly to Form Rooms • Full programme for all students until 3.15pm


Monday, February 6



Tuesday, February 7 8.50am

• All students report to Form Rooms • Normal full day timetable until 3.15pm


New Enrolments New Enrolments to the College please report to Reception. Surname N-Z Option Changes Years 11, 12 and 13 in the Hall. Surname N-Z Option Changes Years 11, 12 and 13 in the Hall.

Teacher Only Day Teacher Only Day

Thursday, February 2 8.50am

Hours from Monday, January 16 to Friday, January 27 (Located on Stephenson Street) Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 4pm - 7pm Wednesday, Friday 12 noon to 3pm

New Enrolments New Enrolments to the College please report to Reception. Surname A-M Option Changes Years 11, 12 and 13 in the Hall. Surname A-M Option Changes Years 11, 12 and 13 in the Hall.

Thurs 26 Jan 2012 Fri 27 Jan 2012

8.50am - 10.30am • Powhiri for new staff, Year 9 and

Renwick School Welcome back and Happy New Year to families and friends of Renwick School

Mon 23 Jan 2012

10am - 12noon

Blenheim School Board of Trustees and Staff welcome current students and new enrolments back to school for 2012. Office open for enquiries and new enrolments from Monday 23rd - Friday 27th January.


Tues 24 Jan 2012

Blenheim School is looking forward to 2012

School commences on Monday 30th January at 9.00am.

349 Hammerichs Road, Blenheim • phone 570 5752 fax 570 5248 • email:

In ChrISt’S LIght: CarIng, ConfIdent LearnerS

Starting date - Wednesday 1 february, 8.45am

New enrolments welcome Enquiries - please phone 578 6250 or email:

• Welcoming • Challenging • Rewarding


Thurs 2 Feb 2012

Marlborough Girls’ College Uniform Shop Summer Hours 2012 Jan 16th-27th Mon: 12pm-3pm Tues, Wed, Thurs: 4pm-7pm Friday: 12pm-3pm Venue: Room K3 (Located in Technology Block) Current brochure viewable on the school website: Contact:


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Wednesday January 18, 2012

Kindergarten – an educated choice Ar e yo u l oo k i ng fo r Q u a l i t y Ea r l y Ch i l d h ood Ed uc at i o n? The first 5 years are the most important educational years of your child’s life ! Don’t compromise your child’s future, book them in today at a Little Footsteps Early Learning Centre. Our qualified and registered teachers and low child:teacher ratios ensure that your child gets the best start to their education. We practice specialised primary care giving in stimulating home like environments. Life’s journey starts with Little Footsteps Located at:

3 John Street, Blenheim • Phone (03) 577 6008 102 Scott Street, Blenheim • Ph (03) 578 1416 Email:

Marlborough Kindergarten Association is committed to sustaining high quality educational programmes with great teachers and well resourced learning environments. Our outdoor areas offer wide open spaces with a challenging range of equipment and educational resources designed to facilitate all aspects of children’s learning. Children learn alongside and with their peers. Children benefit from learning in similar age social groups because talking and playing together sparks their ideas. We welcome community and family involvement in our kindergarten communities. Our partnerships with parents and local schools support effective transition to school for children. Teachers focus on their attainment of excellence when teaching your child. We actively encourage a high level of professional learning within our teaching

Superb environment for learning and growing • Warm and welcoming atmosphere • Unique educational programme • Transition to school • Tailored to meet all aged children • 20 hours ECE • Winz • Oscar Programme

03 572 9868 Community based neighbourhood Ph 578 3758in• your Mon, Tues, Thurs - 8:45am - 2:45pm • Wed & Fri - 8:45am - 1:00pm

Focus on education and learning through play


573 kindergartens 8889 • 7 Ph unique who share the same values


8:15am - 12:30pm 1:15pm Mon, Tues, Thurs Range of enrolment 3:15pm options Ph 578 4756 •

Community based in your neighbourhood


100% trained registered teachers

Focus on education and learning 20 hours plus FREE ECE Ph 572 9888 • through play


7 unique kindergartens who share the same values Ph 578 4669 •

8:15am - 12:30pm - 3:15pm Mon, Tues, Thurs - 1:15pm Range of enrolment options Springlands Ph 579 3362 •

100% trained registered teachers


20 hours plus FREE ECE

Ph 579 3383 • Kindergarten hours except Mayfield are: Mon - Fri - 8:15am - 12:30pm • Mon, Tues, Thurs - 1:15pm - 3:15pm

teams. Our experienced teachers are provided with advisory support, guidance and professional development in current learning theory and teaching practice. Feel free to visit any of our seven Marlborough kindergartens to see for yourself and to start your child on a kindergarten learning journey. Our kindergarten year commences on 26 January 2012.

Nannies - nurturing, home based care

35-37 Anglesea St, Renwick


Springlands Kindergarten


Finding the best possible home based care and education at affordable rates couldn’t be easier with The Nanny Company. Parents have commented that they appreciate that The Nanny Company provides their children with the upbringing that they had, at home, with an adult who knows them well. One parent commented; “I tried a centre but the children were sick all the time and I was exhausted. “With a nanny I have two healthy children and a well run home to come home to, and it’s cheaper,” they said. Having children cared for at home is very beneficial because siblings can be together, routines maintained and families choose the hours. A nanny can also assist with household tasks so parents arrive home to spend quality time with their children. The Nanny Company offers free ECE for three and four-year-olds as well as other non income related subsidies. A nanny could be the most economic and beneficial childcare choice for your family, contact them today.

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Wednesday January 18, 2012


Education For LiFE

a Foundation

Family owned childcare service “Seeing children gain something from what you have taught them is one of the many exciting features of being a childcare educator”, says Step 2 Growth owner and educator Angela Eaton. Angela has been in the childcare industry since the age of 17-years and was thrilled when she started her own business, Step 2 Growth in June last year. “I created the business because I found that most organisations were either for the educators or for the families, and I feel that being an educator is not about the profit but about the children which is the most important thing. “It’s also important for the families to feel like they are equally involved, so we place particular emphasis on forming strong bonds with families and providing support where we can,” she says. With home-based childcare, Step 2 Growth currently have educators around Blenheim, providing a 1:4 educator to child ratio and offers affordable care options and 20hours ECE offered.

Step 2 Growth

Independent Educational Home-Based Childcare

Are you looking for home-based care for your child? Are you a passionate educator seeking work?

We look forward to hearing from you! We are looking for passionate educators who are dedicated to providing educational care from the comfort of their own home. We are also looking for families to support us on our venture to shaping sunny Marlborough into a positive, educated region.

Angela Eaton relishes her role as an educator and business owner of Step 2 Growth.

Step 2 Growth is local family owned and operated home-based childcare service which aims to ensure children reach their full potential, both individually and developmentally.

“By being a family run business, Step 2 Growth is all about families helping families. “Contact us to find out more about how we can help your family,” Angela says.

Email: or visit our website:

Q U E E N S TOW N R E S ORT C OL L E G E new zealand Tourism & Hospitality Management Education

Half million dollar investment in student accommodation The Tai Poutini Polytechnic Council is committing over half a million dollars to build new student accommodation in Greymouth. The new, six-bed student accommodation building will be built by staff and students from the 2012 carpentry programme as part of their study. It is expected to be completed and ready to occupy by January 2013. Acting CEO Allan Sargison says TPP’s Council is keen to continue investing in quality accommodation for students. “This is evidence of the Council’s long term commitment to the West Coast. Not only will it provide additional student accommodation for West Coasters wanting to study in Greymouth, it also benefits the local economy with students coming to the area from other parts of New Zealand to study,” he says. There are a few places still available for students on the Certificate of Carpentry programme.

Are you LOOKING for CHILDCARE for 2012? WE CAN HELP! • We support busy parents with a nanny who can provide your children with unhurried routines and individual attention. • We can find you a nanny or your ‘nanny’ can be a friend or family member who will be paid by us. • We provide free educational playgroups, a wage service and first aid training for your nanny. • Being a government approved early childhood provider we can access a non-income tested education contribution which can be utilised to subsidise the cost of your nanny. Contact us today to discuss what funding you maybe eligible for.

Phone: (03) 578 3131

Phone: 0508 40 50 50 | Email: |


Richmond Campus



Flexible (i.e. Distance, Online or a blend of both)

Marlborough Campus

O Other

Base Woodbourne

Tim Wedekind – Diploma in Aeronautical Maintenance Certification AIRCRAFT ENGINEER, AEROMOTIVE, HAMILTON Lynda Mitchell – ACCOUNTANT, AOTEAROA SEAFOOD LTD, BLENHEIM

David Johnston – Certificate in Te Tuara me te Tinana o te Reo CONSULTANT, FANSELOW BELL, NELSON













Certificate in Tertiary Study (Levels 1 and 2) Starts: February - Nelson and Marlborough Certificate in Tertiary Study (Pathways) (Level 4) Starts: February - Nelson only

Build skills towards enabling you to confidently step into tertiary study and take you towards your chosen career path. Find direction and improve your reading, writing, maths and workplace communication skills for further tertiary study or employment.

Foundation Studies

Diploma in Applied Fitness Pathway to the AUT Bachelor of Sport and Recreation Starts: February Certificate in Fitness and Exercise Science Starts: February

If you love sport and exercise and want to help others achieve their fitness goals, this is the programme for you.


Certificate in English as an Additional Language (Level 3) Starts: February - Nelson, Marlborough and Flexible Certificate in Tertiary Study (English Language) (Level 4) Starts: February - Nelson and Marlborough English Language Summer School Starts: January - Nelson

Do you want to improve your English language skills for further study, work, travel or daily life? NMIT’s English Language Centre will have an English language programme to suit.

English Language


Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) Starts: February Diploma of Tertiary Learning and Teaching (Level 6) Starts: March Certificate in Early Childhood Education Practice (Level 4) Starts: February

Early Childhood Education graduates are highly sought after locally, nationally and around the world. Certificate and Degree delivered in association with the Open Polytechnic. Diploma delivered in association with CPIT.

Early Childhood/Education/Teaching

Certificate in Distribution Starts: Variable - SUTI Auckland

If you’re looking to gain the knowledge and practical skills in preparation for a career within the distribution, commercial road transport and freight forwarding industries, then help yourself get qualified for this dynamic industry.


Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Counselling) Starts: February Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Social Work) Starts: February Certificate in Counselling and Social Work Starts: July

Counselling, social work and career guidance programmes are offered at introductory and more advanced levels with quality tuition and relevant practical experience producing work ready graduates. Employers show strong interest in our graduates, with programmes having high employment success rates. Full and part time study is available and places are keenly sought. Degree delivered in association with Wintec.

Counselling and Social Work

Certificate in Professional Cookery Starts: April Certificate in Professional Restaurant, Wine and Bar Service Starts: February Certificate in Cookery Starts: February














Certificate in Vineyard Practice Starts: February, May, July and October 2012 Diploma in Viticulture and Wine Production Starts: February and July Campus and online options available. Option to pathway to Lincoln University - Bachelor of Oenology.

Train for a career in viticulture and wine in the heart of Marlborough wine country.

Viticulture and Wine

National Certificate in Construction, (Supervisor) or (Leading Hand) Starts: February - Nelson National Certificate in Carpentry Starts: Various in 2012 - Nelson Certificate in Carpentry (Level 4) Starts: February - Nelson and Marlborough National Certificates in Motor Industry (Level 3 and 4) Starts: February - Nelson and Marlborough Certificate in Mechanical Engineering and Welding* Starts: February - Nelson and Marlborough Certificate in Trades and Primary Industries (Level 2) Starts: February - Marlborough and Richmond

Real skills, real jobs, real money. Pre-trade and apprentice training in carpentry, engineering and automotive.


Diploma in Adventure Tourism Leadership Starts: February - Nelson Diploma in Tourism Management Starts: February - Nelson and Online Certificate in Tourism and Travel Starts: February - Nelson Cultural Tourism (Level 5) Starts: January - Nelson

The tourism and hospitality sector is one of the biggest employers locally, nationally and worldwide.

Tourism and Travel

National Certificate in Retail (Level 2 and 3) Starts: Various in 2012

Looking for a career in retail, sales or marketing? Upskill while working.


Certificate in Superyacht Crewing Starts: February Certificate in Maritime Crewing* Starts: July Certificate in Inshore Launch Master Starts: Various in 2012 Certificate in NZ Local Launch Operator Starts: Various in 2012 Maritime STCW Short Courses for Superyacht, Maritime, Fishing and Aquaculture industries Starts: Various in 2012

Prepare for a career working on a superyacht or in marine tourism, marine transport, aquaculture or fishing. Plus the School of Maritime Studies offers a range of courses for those already working in the maritime industry.

Maritime Studies

Certificate in Te Tuara Me Te Tinana O Te Reo Starts: February - Nelson, Richmond and Motueka Certificate in Te Rito o Te Reo Suitable for those with no prior experience. Starts: February - Nelson and Motueka

Nau _ mai, haere mai! Welcome to everyone with a genuine interest in Maori language, values and culture. Classes available in Nelson, Motueka. Beginner to advanced level options.

_ Maori Language

Certificate in Horticulture Starts: February, April, July and October - Marlborough and Richmond




Complete national qualifications by flexible study methods that involve online resources, face to face tutorials as well as practical components.


Bachelor of Nursing Starts: February - Nelson (some courses available in Marlborough) Certificate in Foundation Nursing Starts: March - Marlborough, August - Nelson Certificate in Community Support Services (Care for the Older Person) Starts: Various - Marlborough, Richmond and Flexible

Full time or part time study options available. Degree delivered in association with CPIT.


Certificate in Beauty Therapy Starts: February - Nelson Certificate in Beauty Services (Beauty Assistant) Starts: February - Marlborough, July - Nelson Certificate in Advanced Professional Hairdressing Starts: February - Nelson Certificate in Professional Hairdressing Starts: February - Nelson and Marlborough

*Subject to approval

Enquire about our Youth Guarantee Scholarship for 16-17 year olds

*Conditions apply

for local school leavers


NMIT’s Half a Degree for Free scholarship is open to local school leavers and gives students a great opportunity to study in Nelson or Marlborough and receive half of the degree tuition fees component for free.

or call 0800 422 733 for more information

See, Search keywords ‘Information Day’ or ‘Step into Study’

Nelson Campus, 322 Hardy Street

Free Step into Study session for adults considering tertiary study. Please phone 0800 422 733 to register.




Marlborough Campus, 85 Budge Street, Blenheim

9am - 4pm



Time is running out so make sure you come along to our

The Sun

See, email us or call 0800 422 733 for more information

Whether your dream is to become a network manager for a corporate giant, set up a web design company or simply learn to use common office software, we have an IT qualification to suit. Certificate, Diploma and Degree options available.

Computing and IT

Diploma in Career Guidance. Delivered in association with SUTI Starts: February, May, August, October

NMIT’s online career guidance programme is ideal for those working as school career guidance counsellors or in recruitment agencies and wanting to gain qualifications.

Career Guidance

Bachelor of Commerce major in Accounting, Marketing or Management Starts: February - Nelson and Marlborough Bachelor of Commerce (Double Majors – Professional Accounting Double Major with Marketing or Management) Starts: February - Nelson and Marlborough Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting Starts: February - Nelson and Marlborough Graduate Diplomas in Marketing, Management or Accounting Starts: February - Nelson and Marlborough Diploma in Commerce Starts: February - Nelson New Zealand Diploma in Business Starts: February - Nelson, Marlborough and Online NZIM Diploma in Management Starts: February - Nelson and Marlborough

All business qualifications can be studied full or part time, plus there are new online options. Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees and Graduate Diplomas available.

Business Management


National Diploma in Business Administration (Level 5) Starts: February - Nelson and Marlborough Certificates in Business Administration (Levels 2, 3 and 4) Starts: February - Nelson and Marlborough NMIT Employment Scholarships Starts: February - Nelson and Marlborough

Businesses are seeking our graduates. Nationally recognised qualifications, professional industry training and practical hands-on tuition. Talk to us about the employment scholarship scheme, flexilearning or workplace assessment.

Business Administration

New Zealand Diplomas in Aviation* Starts: Various in 2012 - NMIT Aviation Network Diploma in Aeronautical Maintenance Certification Starts: Various - Online Certificate in Aeronautical Maintenance Engineering Starts: February - Woodbourne Certificate in Aeronautical Engineering Fundamentals Starts: January, May and September 2012 - Woodbourne

Get your aviation career off to a flying start with NMIT’s Aviation Network. With over 300 pilots training at locations around New Zealand, we’re now New Zealand’s largest aviation trainer. We also offer a complete aircraft maintenance training package at RNZAF Base Woodbourne with a guaranteed interview at the end of it. Our online diploma offers a flexible learning opportunity for engineers seeking an AME licence.




The cookery and hospitality programmes offer excellent industry placements in addition to concentrated study at NMIT and practical experience in NMIT’s training restaurant The Rata Room. Students can train full time or part time to complete national qualifications as well as internationally recognised qualifications in cookery, City and Guilds.

Cookery and Hospitality

Trainee Ranger Certificate Starts: June Certificate in Conservation (Field Skills) Starts: Various - workshops throughout the year

NZ’s only DOC approved Trainee Ranger programme.


N M If you’d like to help others look and feel great, enrol in NMIT’s popular beauty programmes. Hone your skills in the on-campus beauty salons.

Hair and Beauty

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Bachelor of Information Technology (Major in Information Systems, Systems Development or ICT Infrastructure) Starts: February - Nelson Graduate Diploma in Information Technology Starts: February - Nelson IT Diplomas in: Networking, Software and Web Development, Information Systems Starts: February - Nelson Diploma in Information Technology Starts: February - Nelson Certificate in IT Service and Support Starts: February - Nelson Certificate in Computer Technology (Level 2 and 3) Starts: Various - Nelson, Marlborough and Richmond


Some courses also available online

Study full or part time

Study while you work

Certificates, Diplomas & Degrees

Over 80 qualifications

Wednesday January 18, 2012

Bachelor of Arts and Media (Visual Arts and Design) Starts: February Diploma in Arts and Media (Visual Arts and Design) Starts: February Diploma in Arts and Media (Graphics and Multimedia) Starts: February Diploma in Arts and Media (Contemporary Music) Starts: February Diploma in Writing for Creative Industries (Level 5) Starts: February* Certificate in Arts and Media (Contemporary Music) Starts: February Certificate in Arts and Media Starts: February

2011 saw the opening of a purpose-built Arts and Media facility which brought students together for the first time under the one roof and will continue to equip you with the most up-to-date technology necessary for creative practices today. If you want to live creatively and turn your talent for art, writing, graphics, music or design into your profession, you bring the talent; we’ll provide the support and expertise to help you develop it.

Arts and Media/Creative Industries

Diploma in Aquaculture (Fish Farming and Fishery Management) Starts: February

Prepare yourself for work in the aquaculture industry as well as creating a pathway towards management. Gain employment within the aquaculture workforce as operators and/or technicians, fisheries consulting, research sales, enhancement culture or progress on to further study.



Your decision to study may be the most important you’ll ever make. At NMIT, we can help with advice, support and a range of programmes to help you make a fresh start.

Think ahead



Nelson Campus



Libby Rainey Diploma in Viticulture and Wine Production, Lincoln Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology. VITICULTURIST, VILLA MARIA


12 Wednesday January 18, 2012


The Sun

Wednesday January 18, 2012


Education For LiFE

a Foundation

Life after high school You’ve finished school so now what? It can be daunting. What career path do I want? What are the training options? What’s it going to cost? But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology is committed to helping you make the right choices. NMIT offers career pathways across a huge range of subjects from certificate to degree level delivered from two campuses – Nelson and Blenheim - with some online programmes. It offers study options for careers including business, creative, health, trades, aviation, wine production, tourism, hospitality and primary industries. Director of marketing and student services, Sandra Williams, says NMIT has lots of ways to help you reach your goals. “We have financial support through scholarships such as ½ a degree 4 free, and through the Youth Guarantee scheme. We’re about helping you decide where you’d like to go in your life, and our staff can guide you if you’re unsure about which direction to take and how to get there.” There are financial support options through the Youth Guarantee scheme job-focused training, such as mechanical engineering, hairdressing, business administration and trades. If you’re a school leaver you could qualify for having half your study fees paid for you as part of the ½ a degree 4 free scholarship. NMIT is a popular choice because it’s situated in the sunniest region of New Zealand close to fantastic natural beauty spots including beaches, skifields, national parks and the vibrant cities of Nelson and Blenheim. That’s a bonus to those like Olivia Moir, who graduated with NMIT’s

Garin College - a caring family atmosphere Olivia Moir – Travel Consultant, i-site, Nelson, Diploma in Tourism Management.

Diploma of Tourism Management and is now a Travel Manager at Nelson’s i-SITE and Marketing Assistant for Nelson Tasman Tourism. “I feel very lucky to have been able to complete such a quality diploma right here in my home town,” she says. “I love what I’m doing, but maybe down the track I’d like to branch out into tourism management or marketing. Because the diploma covered such a range of subjects, I feel prepared to try any role.” If you’d like to know more about how you can start your career, get in touch on 0800 4 CAREERS, or visit of its facebook page: (search ‘nmit’).

Garin College in Richmond, Nelson, has a strong focus on creating a caring family environment. Head teacher John Boyce says the small, co-educational Catholic school offers also a quality education and the results of this are academic results, as well as solid cultural and sporting achievements. In the past year, Garin pupils have won the New Zealand Business Enterprise competition and were first in the Stock Market Game for the second year in a row and Third in the world. The college is also developing a reputation for success in the performing arts, namely in Stage Challenge and Rockquest, with the band The Peasants winning the national final in Hamilton. The College is a decile 8 school catering to year 9 to 13 pupils, and achieves at the

top end of the decile 8 in NCEA results. Mr Boyce says its staff are dedicated and innovative, and this is shown in its inclusive nature with children with challenging physical and intellectual needs being “absorbed” into the school community. Class sizes are generally kept to maximum of 24 and classes are not streamed so that all children have equal access to the quality education offered. As well as catering for day pupils, Garin provides hostel accommodation with two house each catering for up to 28 boys and girls. Mr Boyce says the modern hostels offer the same “family atmosphere” found in the school, for young people living away from home for their schooling. For more information go to:

Have You Considered Garin College For Your Child’s Education? Garin College is a co-educational Catholic College with boarding facilities for boys and girls based in Richmond, Nelson. Our modern facilities and extensive grounds back onto Saxtons Field, Tasman’s premier sporting grounds, providing the backdrop for quality education. Our off-site boarding hostels provide a welcoming and family environment for students away from home. We have a number of places for non-Catholic students. To find out more about Boarding contact Robert Booth on 0276 544835, e-mail or visit the hostel page on our website. Why Whychoose chooseGarin GarinCollege College •• Small Smallcommunity communitybased basedCatholic Catholic School •• Class of 22 Year 9sizes classes ofmaximum 24 •• Modern facilities Modern facilitiesin inbeautiful beautifulgrounds grounds •• AAsafe safeand andcaring caringenvironment environment

•• Family Family style style hostel hostel •• Fantastic Fantastic results results for for all all students, students, NCEA, Rock Quest, Stage NCEA, Rock Quest, StageChallenge, Challenge, Sports Sportsand andOutdoor Outdooradventure adventureand and more more

21st Century School

Modern residential living

21st Century School An easy walk to school


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Wednesday January 18, 2012

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142 cm

yates prickle weedkiller 200Ml



WAS $12.98 NOW...

WAS $22.98 NOW...



Precision timer Accurate operation Metal dirt filter



bestway Mantra ray inflatable


Controls Onehunga and other Broadleaf weeds in lawns Covers 10059m


$ 73




bestway steel pro 10ft pool Rust resistance Galvanised metal frame Heavy duty PUC



Bypass. Adjustable cutting angle for clean lawn edges

Controls wide range of insects on indoor and outdoor plants Includes spray








atlas HoMe Grass sHear

yates insect Gun 750Ml


Matching set D handle Wooden

With pump Assembly takes 10 minutes



atlas HoMe spade & fork coMbo

bestway fast set pool 12 ft


88 so Green soaker Hose 15M

Gardena oscillatinG spinkler

90-220m2 coverage adjustable 141298





Effective, even distribution of water 140171




e r e H s ’ r e M suM WAS $249 NOW...




WAS $189 NOW...





sMasH wine bottle skin

20 Litre Red or blue Holds 30 cans Food safe lining

Secure carry handle Keeps your wine chilled while you’re on the move






$ 98


WAS $94.98 NOW...





rubberMaid insulated flask

7.6L Water jug with tap Leak resistant

spaceMate storaGe boxes



Medium to large Assorted colours Square or rectanlge

23 cm 2 speeds Quiet motor operation


WAS $49.98 NOW...



buyriGHt desk fan





$ 87





funky storaGe boxes

rubberMaid cHilly bin 45l Comfort grip handles Hinged lid


sMasH cool baG

6L to 27L Various designs in store

cool breeze pedestal fan sMasH freezer Gel

500g For use in chilly bins Can wrap around bottles 117816


$ 49 for Great service and advice visit our locally owned and operated store.

40cm 3 speed control Tilt adjustable head 169254




sMasH nude double ended snack tube Leakproof Airtight 117041


$ 07

175848/175849/ 175851/175854

sMasH sports bottle Masterlock bike lock Combination 124887


$ 68 MarlborouGH


174-186 Alabama Road, Blenheim Ph: 520 6600 • Fax: 578 2872

sMasH luncH box

BPA free Lead free Non toxic with freeze stick 176483

Free 350ml drink bottle Assorted colours











40 $ 93

openinG Hours

Monday - Friday: 7.00am - 6.00pm Saturday: 8.00am - 6.00pm Sunday & Public Holidays: 9.00am - 6.00pm *Conditions apply - see instore for details

18 January to 24 January 2012, while stocks last.



The Sun

Wednesday January 18, 2012


Education For LiFE

a Foundation

Koru Institute of Training and Education

“Making Education Work for You”

Phone to enquire about our National Certificates also available


Currently enrolling for 2012 National Certificate in Computing Level 2, 3 & 4 National Certificate in Social Services Level 4 (IBT BASED) Certificate in Small Business Management National Certificate in Computing and Business Administration Level 2

 579 2268

All courses subject to numbers 5 Sutherland Tce - P.O. Box 769 Blenheim Ph (03) 579 2268 - Fax (03) 579 2261 Mobile: 021 579 527

Into the outdoors Outdoor Education students were notably missing from Aoraki Polytechnic’s recent graduation ceremony in Timaru - but for good reason. They were working. Out of 32 Diploma graduates 23 are working in fantastic careers all over the world as Outdoor education instructors, in schools and councils, rafting glacier and hiking guides. Destinations range from Milford Sound, Auckland, Australia, Chile and Canada. Health and Education Head of School Sandy McKirdy knows that Aoraki Polytechnic Outdoor Education students are sought after. “This extensive and varied list of where our students have been employed not only shows the vast amount of exciting opportunities Outdoor Ed has, but that our students are sought after. We know that industry seeks our students well before they

graduate, due to the calibre and passion they demonstrate.” As of November 2011 here is where Aoraki Polytechnic Outdoor Education students are employed: • Outdoor Education Instructor, Dilworth School • Sea Kayak Guide with Rosco’s Sea Kayaks, Milford Sound • Climbing and Kayak Instructor with Ferg’s, Wellington • Holiday Programme Outdoor Instructor, Auckland City Council • Three as Glacier Guides with Fox Glacier • Two as Cave guiding with Black Water Rafting, Waitomo • Hiking guiding with Ultimate Hikes, Queenstown

Aoraki Polytechnic outdoor education students are sought after worldwide for their outdoor knowledge.

• Six as Outdoor Instructor with OEG (Outdoor Education Group), Australia • Sea Kayak Guide with Fiordland Wilderness Experiences • Outdoor Instructor in Chile • Contract Outdoor Instructor based in Auckland • Outdoor Instructor with Motutapu Island • Dog sled guiding in Canada

Getting creative in 2012 Courtney Jamieson studies in the Diploma of Art and Creativity (Honours) Programme and is majoring in jewellery at The Learning Connexion. “I am majoring in jewellery. The facilities here are awesome you can find whatever you need here. I like having lots of people around me that are all inspired

by each other. I like the tutors - they are quite down to earth and they just support you and whatever you want to make. They let you explore different things and just be there to guide you and they are really good and really helpful and they are all really clever. I want to be able to make a living out of making my jewellery.

One day just have my own little studio and maybe a little shop or something and just sell my jewellery. As natural and New Zealandy as possible.” To find out more about The Learning Connexion or to request a prospectus, phone: 0800 278 769 or visit Their next term begins 23 January 2012.

go places Go places with Aoraki polytechnic! fantastic range of Certificate and Diploma level programmes, including pathways to a Degree.

OUTDOOR EDUCATION Timaru MEDIA Christchurch SpORT AND fITNESS Timaru | Christchurch supporting your success More great programmes available at our other campuses, check the website for details. All programmes are subject to sufficient enrolments.

0800 426 725

supporting your success

There has never been a better time to get a trade qualification


s ab u k s a s-on skills! learning hand

0800 4 0 FEES

• Architectural Technology • Carpentry / Construction • Electrical Engineering • Joinery • Mechanical Engineering

Contact us today!

• Plumbing, Gasfitting, Drainlaying or Roofing • Quantity Surveying • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning


The Sun

Wednesday January 18, 2012

Education For LiFE

a Foundation

Free education - not just a dream K.I.T.E.

Koru Institute of Training and Education

“Making Education Work for You”

Currently accepting enrolments for 2012

SHORT COURSE Introduction to Computing - Free course 1st Course: Monday 30th January to Wednesday 8th February Delivery is: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 10.00-1.00pm 2nd Course Monday 13th February to Wednesday 22nd February Delivery is: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 10.00-1.00pm

 579 2268

All courses subject to numbers 5 Sutherland Tce - P.O. Box 769 Blenheim Ph (03) 579 2268 - Fax (03) 579 2261 Mobile: 021 579 527

In a world where education is often the deciding factor for personal success, there’s one Nelson based business that’s doing its part to provide an edge for people wanting to get ahead. The Barbican Training Centre, in partnership with Te Wananga o Aotearoa, is in its eighth year offering training programmes for business owners and staff. Programmes are designed to help students succeed on their chosen path – and all for FREE.

Tutor and Barbican Director, Susan Piket says, “It’s not just about passing exams, these programmes are designed to really move students towards a better way of life. Over the years, many have started up their own businesses, some have grown existing businesses, while others have overhauled their personal finances.” Most people are juggling work, business and home life so our programmes are designed to suit busy people. “I am

Learning a trade Brady was born and bred in Southland, and during his younger school years enjoyed his practical classes of woodwork and metal work. “I loved designing, building and creating.” “I always wanted to be a cabinet maker, and then the course came up at SIT and I really enjoyed it, I delved into it and never looked back.” Brady chose to undertake the Joinery course in 2000 after hearing about the introduction of the Zero Fees Scheme. “They had really good training facilities that keep getting better, so students learn on the most up to date gear at the time.” Besides the excellent training facilities, Brady found the biggest highlight to be the

SIT tutors. “They were really good instructors for me, they get down to your level. They’re not just a tutor, they really guide you to what you want to do and help you get there.” Because of the SIT tutor’s local knowledge and contacts, Brady Mason attained a Certificate in Joinery at SIT, Brady had the opportunity to which has enabled him to start his own business. apply for a job at a local joinery in the future and hopes to take on graduates firm which he worked at for eight years, developing into a foreman role. from SIT as apprentices. Brady advises that SIT be the first port “SIT prepared me for that, they gave me the of call for any prospecting student looking confidence to go into employment.” Afterwards Brady went straight into start- into getting into joinery, or any trade. “It ing his own business, Elite Kitchens and really does help you, your knowledge, and Joinery, in 2008. He plans to expand this your confidence.”


Certificate in



Certificate in



Certificate in









20 weeks

March/April 2012

No fees

18 weeks

March/April 2012

No fees



Certificate in



Certificate in







36 weeks

March/April 2012

No fees

18 weeks

March 2012

No fees

Certificate in


so grateful for the chance to learn so much, while still being able to work and support my family”, says Janine Smith a former graduate of the Small Business Management programme. “The results I have achieved in my business, never would have happened without the knowledge and support I have gained.” To upsize your future now, call us on 03 547 6138 or visit us at www.barbicantc. com





24 weeks

March 2012

No fees

Certificate in







20 weeks

March 2012

No fees


Certificate in





36 weeks

March 2012

No fees


Certificate in









18 weeks

March 2012

No fees

36 weeks

March 2012

No fees | 0800 355 553 I

All courses are subject to student numbers and confirmation. Every effort has been made to ensure that the content of this advert is correct at the time of print.

The Sun

Wednesday January 18, 2012


Education For LiFE

a Foundation

Be what you want to be!

Don’t delay, limited spaces still available

Early Childhood Education

Hair Beauty and Grooming

Nineteen year old Kendal Muir is packing her bags for an adventure. In January she begins her OE, heading to Brisbane to take up a livein job nannying for a two-year-old boy.

As a self-confessed “girly girl” 18 year old Teneal Dense didn’t have to think too hard about what she wanted to do when she left school.

“It sounds like a great family and a great job. I will live with them but only have to work 9-5, Monday to Friday, which means I will have plenty of time to explore Brisbane, and best of all my living expenses are paid so I’ll be able to save some money,” she says.

“I have always wanted to be a hairdresser, ever since I was young I have loved playing with hair and make-up,” she says.

After Kendal graduated from TPP with a New Zealand Certificate in Nanny Education she enrolled with a company that places nannies all over the world. She decided Australia was a great place to start and was immediately offered profiles on over a dozen families who were looking for a nanny. “I was really lucky, there were lots of families to choose from and after talking to three of them I decided on the Brisbane one,” she says. It’s an exciting move for Kendal who wasn’t sure whether she wanted to be a teacher, a nanny or work in early childhood when she left school. “Studying at TPP was the best way to find out what area appealed to me. I really enjoyed the placements and going into families working with children one-on-one, so I knew nannying was for me. I’d recommend the course to anyone who is interested in working with children.”

So when she saw an advertisement for TPP’s Certificate in Hair, Beauty and Grooming she signed up to study straight after leaving school. “The course was great, even though I was already helping out part time at a hairdressing salon I still learnt a lot. It was great to meet the other girls and I am still friends with most of them.” After graduating Teneal began her hairdressing apprenticeship at Split Enz Salon in Greymouth. “I love it, it is such a buzzy environment to work in, and lots of fun. I enjoy making people feel great about themselves.” Teneal is now skilled in doing colours and has begun training to do mens cuts. She is attending Trades School in Dunedin as part of her apprenticeship and once she has completed it is keen to also start working in the beauty area. “Having done the TPP programme has really helped me at Trades School and I would really recommend it to others wanting to get into the industry.”



Former delivery driver and labourer Steven Gread loves the outdoors and knew the West Coast’s dramatic landscape and large expanse of untouched wilderness would provide an incredible classroom.

Connie Duell always wanted to be an IT consultant but after she left school she went travelling and then became a mum.

So he left his home in the Waikato and enrolled at Tai Poutini Polytechnic to study for a Certificate in Eco-tourism. He says it was a spectacular learning environment. “I did an outdoor certificate in Hamilton last year and really wanted to get into guiding and heard studying eco-tourism was a good way to do that. The West Coast is incredible, I met some great people and we went to amazingly beautiful places as part of the course,” he says. The 34-year-old has now secured a job as a guide on the Heaphy Track so gets to work with people in the outdoors – his perfect job. “I’m really excited about the work, I’d really recommend the course for people who love the outdoors and are interested in learning about the environment.” Eco-tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors of New Zealand’s tourism industry and previous graduates have gone on to guiding jobs, working with DOC and even starting their own businesses. Students spend 26 weeks studying in Greymouth which includes field trips to some of the South Island’s iconic tourist destinations.

Last year, friends persuaded the 28 year old to bite the bullet and enrol on Tai Poutini Polytechnic’s six month Certificate in Information and Communications Technology. She enjoyed it so much she is now studying for a diploma and working part time as a website designer. “It is great to be able to use some of the skills I am learning to design websites while I study, and earn a little bit of extra money as well. I am learning so much and given computers are only about 60 years old and technology is changing so rapidly it is exciting to think about the changes ahead,” she says. The certificate and diploma programmes appeal to school leavers or those wanting a change of career. Graduates can go on to further study or work in jobs like website design, gaming, computer programming, IT support or help desks. “The certificate gave me a feel for study and the confidence to continue on with the Diploma. Ultimately I would like to run my own business on the Coast, but if I travel I know the qualification is recognised throughout the world.”

Enrol now for 2012 • 0800 800 411


The Sun

Wednesday January 18, 2012

Marlborough Farming with the Blenheim Sun

Lifestyle • Viticulture • Farming You Can’t Beat Experience!

For all your Rock and Gravel Supplies • Diggers • Transporter • Site Clearing • Trucks • Road Construction • Root Raking • Loaders • Farm Work • Bulldozers • Forest Development • Driveways

0274 460 736

Phone Jason Bryant on 572 7130


High quality seed Cridge Seeds Ltd is situated in Doyleston, Canterbury 50km south of Christchurch near the Rakaia River - famous for its Salmon fishing, Jet Boating and of course top quality ryegrass. Cridge Seeds is a long established business and has been farming through the generations for over 120 years. Stuart Cridge formed the company in 1982 and is still available to give sowing suggestions, advise or answer questions on your pasture requirements. He has over 40 years experience and has dealt with a large

number of farmers throughout his ownership of the company. Their own brands of grass seed are grown locally, cleaned at the company to a high standard, with purity and germination tests available on request. Orders are then processed and moved out the door to reach the destinations for sowing. Stuart’s wife Julie, is involved with Business and Marketing and has a certificate in Seed Technology. Travel overseas to trials on farms and Annual field days in both North and South Islands have proved effective

in the existance of Cridge Seeds and the effect they are having on the market. Word of mouth sightings of pastures, superior growth, competitive prices, high priority customer service and still there year after year, have added to a successful business. Delivery is approximately within 5 days of ordering so please dont leave it until a few days before you need seed. January through until April is the busiest time for Cridge Seeds until Spring sowing in September. Visit for more information.


Scarecrow - the innovative netting business You need to be right up to your neck in it!


PhonePhone 03 3243951(03) or 0800 4 seeds – Website 324 3951 or 0800 4 seeds Please visit us at the Northland field days in March

Scarecrow Crop Protection, owned by Charles Parsons Ltd. NZ’s largest fabric wholesaler, is changing the bird netting market in New Zealand through constant innovations & the highest quality nets at the best prices – all backed up with ‘second to none’ customer service and follow up. Last season Scarecrow introduced their new loop tag gun which some vineyards have claimed have reduced labour costs by up to 50% when net clipping. This year Scarecrow has partnered with Rent Plus to provide vineyard managers and owners with the opportunity to take advantage

of renting options to finance their Scarecrow netting requirements. This gives our customers the ability to spread out payments and ease the burden on cash flow instead of having to pay cash upfront. For some vineyards the ability to obtain the netting they need right now for the upcoming season to ensure yield may hinge upon this. Scarecrow and Rent Plus want to help more vineyards protect their assets and thrive in business by providing finance options. How do I apply for the opportunity to rent my Scarecrow Netting? Contact your Scarecrow Representative on 0800 722 732,

complete the simple Rent Plus application form, then Rent Plus will process your application. Scarecrow also stocks and sells weed mat, shade cloth, wind break, cherry netting and much more!!! For all your bird netting requirements this season contact Scarecrow to find out how they can add value to your business. For more information about Rent Plus, refer to, and for more information about Scarecrow Crop Protection phone 0800 722 732, email or check out their website

MDC rural notices: Boil water notice Awatere and Seddon 1

2 3

The water from Council’s reticulation in the Awatere and Seddon is untreated and does not meet the Drinking Water Standards for New Zealand 2000. This water may contain bacteria that are detrimental to human health. All water used for drinking,

food preparation or cleaning teeth should be boiled. For further information contact our Customer Service Centre Ph: 520 7400.

Restricted fire season now in effect Campers and outdoor users, take note. The Marlborough South Restricted Fire Season came into force as of December 20, 2011 for

the Marlborough District Council area, South of the Wairau River including the area south of the Diversion. Burning permits for all fires in the open air are now required until further notice. Burning permits for all areas South of the Wairau River can be obtained by phoning the Marlborough District Council, and remember it can take up to five working days to be issued permits.


The Can-Am

5 6

Outlander 400 Outlander 400

Special Price


including + GST farmpack

see instOre tOday!

• Most power in it’s class - and it’s 4WD • Auto transmission with auto diff lock • Inboard disc brakes - helps keep the mud off • Tow ball, farm bars and over fenders • Full dealer backup and ‘on farm’ service Call NOW for an ‘on farm’ demo

special price

11,295 $11,640



53 Grove Rd Blenheim 03 579 2500




We sell & service farm ATV’s and 2 wheelers. Bikes and a whole range of accessories. Bikes for all ages - 2 & 4 wheels


The Sun

Wednesday January 18, 2012

Drugs through to fighting keep Police busy Theft proves costly Stealing food items from Countdown Blenheim Supermarket resulted in the arrest of two female teenagers aged 14 and 15 years last Tuesday. Later that day another theft cost a 44-year-old female cleaner more than she bargained for after being arrested for allegedly stealing $80 from an employer.

Drunk driver summonsed Last Wednesday was relatively quiet for Police with only two arrests made. A 17-year-old unemployed male was arrested for breaching his bail conditions at around 1:30pm, which was followed by the arrest of a 32-year-old male vineyard worker for driving with excess breath alcohol. He was stopped on Main Street, Blenheim and returned a positive result of 633 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath and was summonsed to appear in the Blenheim District Court on January 30.

Cannabis and failing to pay A 47-year-old unemployed male was arrested last Thursday for possession of cannabis and utensils, obtains by deception and breaching his bail conditions. Police made the arrest after he allegedly failed to pay for accommodation and food at a motel in Picton. He appeared before the Court on January 14 and released on bail to reappear on March 20.

Cannabis and avoiding payment Saturday’s arrests kept Police busy starting at 1:40am when an 18-year-old male Aquaculture Technician was arrested for breaching his bail conditions. That was shortly followed by the arrest of an 18-year-old unemployed male, a 17-year-old male factory worker and an 18-year-old male

vineyard worker for obtains by deception, after they allegedly decamped from a taxi failing to pay for the fare. They will all appear before the Blenheim District Court on the January 23. Later that day at 7:20pm a 21-year-old male artist was arrested for possession of cannabis for supply after he was allegedly selling cannabis at the “Roots” festival in Kaikoura. Two hours later at 9:35pm a 36-year-old male factory worker was arrested for assaulting a female and causing wilful damage after an incident at a Riverlands address. He was held in Custody and appeared before the Court on Monday. Later that night at 10:50pm a 33-year-old male painter was arrested for breaching his bail conditions by consuming alcohol. Five minutes later another arrest was made of a 38-year-old unemployed male for disorderly behaviour after an incident on Queen Street in Blenheim.

Fighting and tresspass Sunday saw only four arrests as the weekend wound down. A 19-year-old unemployed male was arrested for fighting in Scott Street, Blenheim in the early hours of the morning. This was closely followed by the arrest of a 22-year-old unemployed female for trespass after she failed to leave an address when requested to do so. She appeared before the Court on Monday. Two hours later at 4:35am a 27-year-old male kitchen hand was arrested for being unlawfully on property after he was found on a Redwoodtown address. Ending the day an 18-year-old unemployed female was arrested at 4:10pm for breaching her bail conditions by failing to report.


Planning a reely good day By Annabelle Latz Where good fishing began is where it continues today. Bevan Fowler was having a beer with a few mates at the Crow Tavern Picton a few years back, when the idea of the fishing club formed. “A few guys wanted to start fishing,” he said. The Crow Fishing Club started in 1999, and it has had winning teams at competitions as far away as Bluff. The annual fishing competition at Picton started more than 20 years ago, and the Crow Fishing Club took over the running of it when it formed. The Crow Tavern Fishing Competition this weekend will include $20,000 worth Bevan Fowler started the Crow Tavern Fishing Club in 1999, and has the running of this weekend’s annual of prizes. “Lots of local businesses fishing competition in Picton down to a fine art. help out, and even pub charity Over the last three years, $6000 has been is involved now,” said Bevan. A range of classes and prizes are com- raised for these two charities. Bevan said the biggest change in fishing peted for, by participants over the country. But it’s not even the healthy competition over the years has been the stricter rules on fish weights and numbers. that is the favourite bit for Bevan. “We used to catch a heap of snapper when “It’s the look on the kids’ faces on the day, we were kids,” he said, and admits the fish we try to give every kid a prize,” he said. From stuffed toys to rods and reels, good- numbers running in the sea and rivers is ies of all shapes and sizes are snapped up still at a very healthy level. His favourite fish to eat is groper, best by the 200 or so participants. “One prize is a $400 rod and reel, now tasting when it’s dipped in flour, salt and that’s a real good prize!” laughed Bevan. pepper, cooked on a hot plate and put on After the fish have been weighed in as top of a fresh slice of white bread. “The best fish I taste is the one I cook part of the competition, they are collected together and auctioned off on the Saturday myself,” he said. The Picton Maritime Festival also takes and Sunday for charity. Half the money raised goes to the place this Saturday, where Masterchef winMarlborough Child Cancer Foundation, ner Nadia Lim will be conducting cooking while the other half this year will support demonstrations. The family festival has free entry, runthe Memorial/Endeavour Park Emergency ning from 11am until midnight. Centre in Picton.


161 Dry Hills Lane

Timeless Quality

Expressions of interest View Sun 1.30pm

This multi award-winning property, situated in the prestigious Dry Hills Estate, with its timeless style blends seamlessly into the Marlborough landscape. This large executive residence presents a handsome face with the generous use of cedar, copper and schist anchoring it to the land with views over vines to the neighbouring hills. Orientated to the north and with multiple outdoor terraces and courtyards to capitalise on the temperate climate, this well-proportioned home boasts soaring ceilings, five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a study, library, and dedicated entertainment room. Sensitively-designed to accommodate B&B guests with a separate wing and flexible living options, this home would equally suit a busy family, or could be a lodge retreat. The 6650sq m property includes a small vineyard planted in Pinot Noir; produce your own familyrelease wine. A Marlborough category winner in the Registered Master Builders’ House of the Year Awards in 2004, this home also starred in Trends magazine receiving a Gold Reserve Award, the Mico Bathroom and Heart of the Kitchen Awards. Justly deserved accolades for an enviable home which continues to deliver relaxed living with enduring appeal.

Dick Nardella


The Sun

Wednesday January 18, 2012

Proud sPonsors of


The Sun

w e e k ly

babies “Engage the Experts for Air Conditioning solutions to keep your bundle of joy snug & warm all year round”

Benseman/Wright: Phillip and Mel are pleased to announce the arrival of Mya Joan Benseman (6lb 14oz) on December 29th 2011. Special thanks to Cathy, Gerry, Helen Crampton, Maternity and paediatric staff. Photo provided.

LitChFieLD: Diane and Jonothan are delighted to announce the arrival of Harrison, born on 11th January at 5.52 am, weighing 3.44kg. (7lb 9oz) A brother for James. A special thanks to our wonderful midwife Sue Hudson, Gary Fentiman and the Maternity Ward Staff.

COME AND VISIT US AT OUR SHOWROOM 1 Freswick St, Blenheim Phone (03) 578 0030

smaLL: Bill and Claudia are really rather pleased to announce the safe arrival of Penelope Kesia Small on the 3rd of January 2011 at Wairau Hospital. A greatly anticipated and much adored little sister for Ted and Sylvia. Our thanks once again to Gerry Lawson and also to Jody Rofe and all the staff at ward one. Photo provided.

NICHOLAS: Katie and Todd are thrilled to announce the early arrival of Natalie Kate Nicholas (7lb 10oz) on 26th December 2011 at 10.36pm. A little sister for Sophia. A special thank you to Gerry, Cathy, Melissa and the theatre staff and all the staff at Ward One. Photo provided.

MERKLE: We are proud and happy to announce the arrival of our beautiful Christmas baby Kassander Josef, born on Boxing Day - the 26th of December 2011- weighing 3710 grams. A wonderful little brother to Corbinian. The whole family wants to thank midwife Marion Preston for her great support. Photo provided.

JONES: Allan and Maree are pleased to announce the early but safe arrival of their baby boy, Caleb Samuel James (4lb 14oz) on December 22nd 2011, at 7.43am. A very special thanks to our wonderful midwife Sue Hudson, Helen Crampton and all the lovely staff at Ward One and Two for taking care of us. Photo provided.

NOBLE: Mark and Jo are pleased to announce the safe arrival of Ethan Riley Noble. (9lb 7oz) on January 8th at 9:20pm, a little brother for Lachlan. Special thanks to all the Maternity Ward Staff.

MuM OF THE WEEK Congratulations to Claudia Small this week’s lucky winner of the New World $25 voucher to spend at New World Blenheim. Our winner is invited to bring her ID in to claim her prize when she next visits New World Blenheim.

“Proudly 100% locally owned and operated” Tel: 03 520 9030, Fax: 03 520 9080, Email:

Order your baby photos at the Sun office: 72 High Street, Blenheim if you’ve just had a new bundle of joy, email your baby photos with their birth details and your special message to:

The Sun

community notices

Wednesday January 18, 2012

death notices

death notices

The Community Noticeboard is for non-profit organisations. For $10.00 you can publish up to 25 words. No AGMS, sporting notices or special meetings. Community Notices must be prepaid. Call into our office at 72 High Street, Blenheim

1st Housie for 2012 Thursday 19th January Blenheim Bowling Club 65a Weld Street. 40 houses, 3 supers, raffles and spot prizes. Housie starts 7pm. Kitchen under new management.

Mental Health Consumer Advocacy Service. Our Advocates will take up your cause to ensure your rights are respected, listen to your concerns and support you in the actions you want to take to gain resolution. Ph: 5795304 or call at Level 2, Aorere House, 54 Scott St.

SF Marlborough (supporting families in mental well being) For information/advocacy/support for families living with mental illness please contact Cheryl or Lyn on 577 5491 or visit us at 4 Scott Street. All Welcome

Sheets ‘n’ Things Good used linen for sale! Open Monday to Friday 9.00am - 12 noon at Bread of Life, 14b Stephenson Street (opp Boys College) Phone: 577 5423.

Sunday Market Wynen St Carpark 9am. Plants, Produce, Fruit, Vegetables, Books, Crafts, Eggs, Jam, Pickles, Woodware, Belts, Badges, much more. Sites $5.

The Blue Door Open Monday to Friday 9.00am - 3.30pm. Saturday 9.00am - 2pm. Item surplus to your requirements we would gladly accept. We can deliver. Phone 579 4353.



The Sun Newspaper now offers an acknowledgement service to its readers. You can submit acknowledgements following family bereavements. The deadline will be on Mondays at 5.00pm, with a limit of 50 words for $10.00. You can submit acknowledgements by bringing them to the Sun office at 72 High Street, or posting them to PO Box 634 Blenheim 7240. You can also email them to Please include your contact details: Name, address, email and phone numbers, including your mobile number if possible.


community services Marlborough After Hours GP Services: Wairau Hospital campus, after 6pm. Reception 5206377. Office 5209980. Ambulance: Urgent 111. Non urgent 579 4870. After Hours Chemists: Springlands Pharmacy 9am-6pm 7 days Ph 5782271. Diabetes NZ Marlborough: 5775549, Office hours Tues,Wed,Thurs 9am-3pm. Lifeline Marlborough: 0800 543 354, 24hr helpline. Marlborough Women's Refuge, Rape and Sexual Abuse Resource Centre: Crisis line, phone Wairau Hospital 520 9999, for Women's Refuge contact numbers. Overeaters Anonymous: Red Cross Rooms, 33 Redwood St. Ever y Tuesday at 7.30pm. Victim Support: 0800 VICTIM (0800 842 846) Alcoholics Anonymous: Rose 5777651, Harvey 5788125 Al-Anon: Help for families & friends of alcoholics. Ph Margaret 578 4690 or Ross 578 5896.


Alzheimers Society Marlborough: 577 6172, 8 Wither Rd, Mon,Wed,Fri 9am-4pm / Tue, Thurs 9.30-3pm. Hospital Visiting Hours: Wairau Hospital: Daily 11.30am-7.30pm, children under 12 may visit parents only. Maternity Ward: 10am-Noon, 4pm-7pm. Children's Ward: Daily 10am-8pm. Visiting at all times is subject to the discretion of the nurse in charge of the ward. Marlborough Family Budgeting: Free confidential budgeting advice. Monday-Friday. Phone 578 2006. Citizens Advice Bureau Free, friendly, confidential advice. Mon - Fri 9.30am 4pm. Phone 578 4272. Picton Doctor: Phone weekend doctor 573 6092 or Marlborough After Hours GP Service 520 6377. Office 5209980. Ambulance: Urgent 111. Non-urgent 579 4870. Chemist:Picton Healthcare Pharmacy. Ph 573 6420 Mon -Fri 9-6pm, Sat-Sun 9-3pm, Queen Charlotte Pharmacy 573 7927 Sat 9-1pm.

PAYNE, Olive Agnes Stratton (nee Macdonald): On January 12, 2012, peacefully, at Ashwood Park Retirement Village. In her 93rd year. Much loved wife of the late Phil, cherished mother and mother-in-law of Marie and David Reid, Michael and Cheryl, Allan Henderson and the late Christine Buckingham, Francie and Gavin (Jock) Cameron, and mother-in-law of Sandra. Loved Nana of Gwendalyn, Philippa, and Vanessa; Michelle, Clynton, and Jarrad; Nicola, and Teresa; Edward, Bevan and the late Kimberly, and great Nana of her 10 great grandchildren. Requiescat In Pace. Messages to the Payne Family, PO Box 110, Blenheim 7240. GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ 03 578 4719

GIBB , Elizabeth Jean (Betty): On January 11, 2012, passed away at Ashwood Park Retirement Village. In her 86th year. Much loved wife of Keith, loving mother and mother-in-law of Andrew and Kath, Julie and John McPhail, and Robyn and Julian Karwowski. Adored “Ma” of Adam, and Ben; Erin, and Caitlin; and Cameron, Justin, and Quinn. “At Peace”. In lieu of flowers, a donation to the Salvation Army would be appreciated and may be left at the service. Messages to 11 Gaylee Place, Redwoodtown, Blenheim 7201. GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ 03 578 4719

LANCE, Roma: At Bethsaida Retirement Village on January 10, 2012. In her 100th year. Loved wife of the late Don, loving mother of the late Elizabeth. Loved friend of Gwen. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Bethsaida

Charitable Trust would be appreciated and may be made at the service or sent to PO Box 333, Blenheim 7240. GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ 03 578 4719

PALMER, Ethelda Louise Ann (Thel) (nee Green): On Tuesday January 10, 2012, peacefully, at her home surrounded by her family. Aged 75 years. Dearly loved wife of Des, much loved mother and mother-in-law of Noel, Arnie and Jen, Sue and Ian, Dave, Mark and Tania, Grant and Lisa; loved Nana of Aysia and Luke; Shane, and Aaron; Jessica, Monika, Ryan, and Dylan; Hayley, Sam, Lucas and Brooke, and a loved great Nana of Axel. Loved and respected sister and sister-in-law of Richard and Emily Green. A treasured aunty and friend to many. Messages to 6 Lynley Crescent, Blenheim 7201. In lieu of flowers, a donation to Hospice Marlborough would be appreciated and may be made at the service or sent to PO Box 411, Blenheim 7240. GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ 03 578 4719

TYSON, Freda Margaret: Peacefully, after a long illness, on January 10 2012. Aged 86 years. Dearly loved wife of the late Raymond, loved and much respected mother and mother-in-law of Gary and Diane, Jeanette and Chris Duffy, Cherie and Eddie Wren (W.A.), the late Philip, and Denise and Tim, loved nana of all her grandchildren and great grandchildren and loved sister, aunty and friend of many. Messages to 33 Girling Ave Blenheim. GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ 03 578 4719

ByRussell RussellMcQuarters McQuarters By

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SOLUTION SOLUTION ForJanuary May4,4,11, 2005 For 2012 For May 2005

Crossword a bit 79 Market Street, Blenheim • Phone: 577 9644


The Sun

Wednesday January 18, 2012

health & beauty

for sale

for sale

wanted to rent

ADRIENNE'S Beauty Den. For all your beauty treatment. 85 Lakings Road. Ph 578 8862

MOTORCYCLE l i f t s t a n d . $ 11 9 . M a r l b o r o u g h Tr i als Centre, 53 Grove Road Blenheim. Phone 5792500 or 0272303151

FIREWOOD: Excellent burning. Gum $230 3.6c/m3. Larch $200 3.6 c/m3. Contact 021 412 642.

THREE bedroom with garage. Phone 5779854 or 021 184 5866.

G LOV E S, of f road from $19. Marlborough Trials Centre, 53 Grove Rd. PH 5792500 or 027 230 3151.

L AW N M OWE R 4 stroke with catcher going or not. Phone 5705880

DENTURES Advanced Prosthetic Treatment. Premium Dentures. Natural looks thanks to digital precision at Blenheim Denture Studio. 71 Alfred Street. Ph 578 4344 E A R Health. Removal of Ear Wax using microscope & suction. Ph for an appointment 578 8310 at Physiotherapy Centre, 11 Francis St. MOLE checks - for a thorough skin check using dermoscopy. Call the Skin Clinic 578 1665.

S A L E TA B L E a t Powerboat Centre. 72 Grove Road Blenheim. Ac cessories, par ts, safety gear, lifejackets, water toys, skis and more. Mon-Fri 8am 5.30, Sat 9am-1pm. Come check out the bargains.


Painting? Decorating? Do it right!


Briggs & Stratton air filters for old & new model Sprint & Quantum engines

• Wallpapering • Waterblasting • Painting and much more

SALE TABLE at Powerboat Centre. 72 Grove Road Blenheim. Accessories, parts, safety gear, lifejackets, water toys, skis and more. Mon-Fri 8am - 5.30, Sat 9am-1pm. Come check out the bargains.

Merv Scott Decorating Phone Merv 0800 Do it Up (0800 36 4887) or 021 669 666 Member of Master Painters Association

Now available @ Mitre 10 MeGa. Ph 520 6600

TH O R M X pants and shir ts 50 % of f. M ar l b o r o u g h Tr i a l s Centre, 53 Grove Rd. PH 579 2500 or 027 230 3151.

WHITE CHIP & white rocks. Ideal for pebble gardens, paths, driveways.Phone Thomson 575 6885

• THH TX12, Airforce, Shot Furious - All $99 • Thor Force ............. was $590 ........... NOW $395 • LS2 Magnum ......... was $349 ........... NOW $220 • AGV MT-X ............... was $299 ........... NOW $209 • Zeus Desert Storm. was $199 ........... NOW $129

S A L E TA B L E a t Powerboat Centre. 72 Grove Road Blenheim. Ac cessories, par ts, safety gear, lifejackets, water toys, skis and more. Mon-Fri 8am 5.30, Sat 9am-1pm. Come check out the bargains. S U Z U K I RMZ450 2008 with Rekluse Clutch $ 5995. Marlborough Trials Centre Ltd. 53 Grove Rd Blenheim. Ph 579 2500. Mobile 027 230 3151 S A L E TA B L E a t Powerboat Centre. 72 Grove Road Blenheim. Ac cessories, par ts, safety gear, lifejackets, water toys, skis and more. Mon-Fri 8am 5.30, Sat 9am-1pm. Come check out the bargains.

TE RAWA RESORT Wilson Bay Pelorus Sound. Restaurant & Bar. Right at the waters edge, accommodation, Shop, On & Off Licence, petrol on wharf, LPG & moorings. Private functions & small conferences. Ph 03 579 8285

public notice

Why buy, when you can call Mr Rental? Fitness equipment, Fridges, Washers, Furniture, Gaming and more! Appliances available from $10 pw. Conditions apply. Call Mr Rental Nelson 0800 111 313

house for sale

HOUSE FOR PRIVATE SALE $175,000 3/40 Stuart St,

2 bedroom home, logburner, single garage, garden sheds, walking distance to Horton park & CBD. The perfect first home.

public notice CLOWN FUN! Pom-Pom entertains with bubbles, balloons and magic. Phone 577 7393

Marlborough Trials Centre 53 Grove Road , Ph 579 2500


N E W 2 012 S c o t t MX gear in stock. M ar l b o r o u g h Tr i a l s Centre, 53 Grove Rd. PH 579 2500 or 027 230 3151. S A L E TA B L E a t Powerboat Centre. 72 Grove Road Blenheim. Ac cessories, par ts, safety gear, lifejackets, water toys, skis and more. Mon-Fri 8am 5.30, Sat 9am-1pm. Come check out the bargains.

wanted to buy


A1 Dry Cleaning & Laundry

Phone 579 2550

Marlborough Electric Power Trust Call for Nominations The MARLBOROUGH ELECTRIC POWER TRUST was established by Deed of Trust dated 28 April 1993. The Trustees hold the share capital of MARLBOROUGH LINES LIMITED in trust for the company’s electricity consumers. The Trust Deed provides for three of the six Trustees to retire on the 1st of April each second year. Nominations are therefore invited from the public. If more than three persons are nominated a postal ballot of all consumers will be held.

Wither Hills Farm Park Aerial Weed Control Programme 2012 Aerial spraying for weed control has commenced across the Wither Hills Farm Park and will, subject to weather conditions, continue until completed. As the main target areas are primarily east of the Withers Stream Catchment, and in areas not generally accessed by public users of the Farm Park, it is not intended to restrict access to the park while spraying is underway. Operations will usually be early morning. Inserted on behalf of Marlborough District Council by:

Nominees must have a principal residence in the area served by Marlborough Lines Limited and be eligible to hold office under the terms of the Trust Deed, copies of which are available from the Trust Secretary at the office of Blenheim Accounting and Taxation Services Ltd, 36 Maxwell Road, Blenheim. Nominations must be made on the nomination form available from Blenheim Accounting and a non-refundable fee of $120.00 is required to be forwarded with each nomination. Nominations must be received by the Trust Secretary at Blenheim Accounting by 12.00pm, Tuesday 24th January 2012. Nominations should be marked “Trust Nominations” and forwarded or delivered to: The Returning Officer C/- Blenheim Accounting & Taxation Services Ltd 36 Maxwell Road BLENHEIM

Property and Land Management Services Ltd P O Box 751 Blenheim 7240 Phone 03 578 1733 Fax 03 578 1797

Phone 021 502 144 Open Home Sunday 11am- 2pm

Table Linen Hire

BJ Munro Returning Officer

Trades and and Services TradeS ServiceS ACCESS EQUIPMENT

Access Equipment



BAC Blenheim Auto Centre

22 Herbert St, Mayfield, Blenheim

WOF - Car $35 Summer

• Electric Scissorlifts • Diesel 4wd Scissorlifts • Cherrypickers • Knuckle booms 15 Main Street, Blenheim Phone 578 5600 0800 243 844

Mobile 021 361 544



Honda EU20i Generator $ ciall GST e p c S in



from $



* Conditions apply * No booking required * Open Saturday

Ph: 03 579 5748 021 027 02312 LANDSCAPE SUPPLIES

• 5 grades of bark • compost & soil conditioner • pungas • peastraw • bricks • cream pebble • white chip • screened topsoil • firewood • coal • trailer hire • wine barrels EX DEPOT OR DELIVERY

Williams Service Centre

578 1021

Sheffield Street Riverlands Estate Blenheim

Ph 578 9590

Yes, we do house calls

•Prompt friendly service and support •New & Used computer sales •Computer component sales •Computer upgrades •Internet / Email connections and help •Infusion small business software •Farming & vineyard software •HP & leasing options

BE N SEE By your customers. the sun reaches more people than any other local community paper.

cALL us toDAy oN:

5777 868




For all your electrical needs


Classic Gates

ENGINEERING MARLBOROUGH POWDERCOATING We service all Commercial Kitchen & Laundry equipment. Local agent for Starline Dishwashers.

Ph: 579 4445





Tile Wise

• Landscaping

Ph: work5775410

• 25 years577 + experience Fax: 5413 Ph: 5775410 Mobile: Mobile: 0274 515629 0274 515629


• Roller Doors • Tilt Doors • Commercial Doors • Gate Systems • Garage Door Openers

Ph 578 8251

����������� Landscaping

• Landscaping • maintenance Lawns • Weed Planting Spraying • Pruning • Moss Control • Lawn • maintenance Fertilising •• Sowing Sowing Lawns • Rose pruning • Irrigation Irrigation systems •• Dethatching Consultancy • Qualified tradesman now 25years + •• Book Experienced for

• Sectional Doors

41 Grove Road BLENHEIM

Sam Rutherford Ph:572 9287, 027 572 9285 Email




For all painting and decorating needs

Interiors, exteriors, reseidential, commercial Including wallpapering, varnishing, roof spraying, new homes, repaints - we do it all All Workmanship Guaranteed

Phone 03 570 2214 Fax 03 570 2219 Mobile 0272 472 784

The complete tiling and building service

From conception to completion


Tree Removal Height Reduction Trimming/Thinning Branch Chipping Hedge Trimming Line Clearance Stump Grinding Mulch Supplies Fully Insured FREE QUOTES

Ph: Mark Burden on 027 280 5511

Ph. 03 578 0083

(Lance) 021 361912

See the experts for:

Sandblasting Powdercoating Gates, Fencing Furniture Pool Fences 6 Nelson St, Blenheim

Ph/Fax 578 0374 a/h 021 838 550



Controlling: • Heat • Glare • Fade • Privacy • Security Free Measure & Quote Locally owned & operated

Lloyd Yorke

0274 327 949 A/Hrs 578 7889

The Sun

CLASSIFIEDS ADVERTISING PH 03 577 7868 public notice

situation wanted

Lawn Mowing Service

Driver Available

• Same day service available • Weekly or fortnightly mows • Great rates • Phone Michelle today

Blenheim based, mature, fulltime, part-time, casual. Licence classes 123456 D.F.P.R.T.W Experienced Linehaul, Bulk Cartage, Tanker, Road construction Phone Tony 022 631 2422

578 3123 / 022 089 5245

situation vacant

Part time Chefs / Cooks As many as 1 in 5 adults can’t read this.

At Literacy Marlborough adults can learn to improve their reading, writing, spelling or maths.

VOLUNTEER TUTOR VACANCIES Nau Mai Haere Mai We currently have opportunities for volunteers to become part of our dedicated and enthusiastic team. You will work with people who have energy and passion, providing a professional service to members of the community. The work is challenging, deeply fulfilling and offers opportunities to gain greater understanding of adult literacy and education. You will be provided with training to obtain the Literacy Aotearoa Certificate of Adult Literacy Tutoring (NZQA Local Course Approval). The next tutor training course starts on 11th February. Our standards are high but the rewards are great. If you believe you are ready to take on the demands of being a volunteer tutor in adult literacy please phone 03-577-9080 or 022-033-7132. Email: Kaua e whakamā – waea mai. Don’t be shy – give us a try.

Required - with experience for busy restaurant. Must be capable to work unsupervised and available anytime as shifts vary.

situation vacant

public notice

Blenheim Gymnastics Club Dates for 2012 Opawa St, Blenheim

Enrolment Days Tues 24 Jan & Thurs 26th Jan 5.30pm - 7pm

Term 1 commences Mon 30th Jan

Open Day Sunday 5th Feb 12pm - 3pm

For any enquiries phone Greg Pask 578-9428 or 027-435-9509 agm

PELORUS NETBALL CLUB AGM Tuesday 31 January 2012 7pm at Woodbourne Tavern All new and existing members welcome Eastern States Speedway General meeting, 7:30pm at the Clubrooms on Wednesday, February 1.

20th, 21st, 22nd January 2012


Entry forms available from: Hendersons Blenheim Hunting and Fishing Blenheim Picton Sportsworld The Crow Tavern Picton

situation vacant

Gardener / Maintenance 40hrs per week We are seeking an enthusiastic motivated person to join our team.

Administration Assistant Jan - Oct. Mon-Thurs 8am-12pm. Must be reliable, motivated, friendly. Microsoft suite and Payroll experience preferred.

For further details:

Email - for an application form

Alan Dempsey Ph 577 9990

Crown Sheetmetal service a range of industries and have developed a reputation for being specialists in wine tank fabrication undertaking tasks from one-off custom made products to major projects for a wide range of clients including major wineries throughout the country. Offering a varied and challenging work environment our Blenheim site has positions available for Tradespeople within its team. STAINLESS STEEL FABRICATION TRADESPEOPLE • Based in Blenheim • Varied and challenging projects Do you have experience with stainless steel fabrication? We are looking for people who: • Have MIG & TIG welding experience • Can read and interpret technical specs and drawings • Are able to work as part of a team • Have a strong occupational health and safety focus We offer a safe working environment, a modern workshop and facilities and are committed to training and staff development. Please send your cover letter and CV to: Stainless Steel Tradespeople Vacancies Crown Sheetmetal Limited Attention: Site Manager P O Box 797, Blenheim, 7315 or email to:

Are you a true local? Find out what’s going on in your region...

Retail Shop Assistant Nelson Ranger Fishing Co Limited is a Picton based Seafood Processor and Exporter. Our main activities are NZ Green Shell Mussel and wild caught fish. Nelson Ranger operates its own mussel farms and fish quota. The need has arisen for a full time Retail Shop Assistant. This role will be based in our Picton factory outlet but some travelling will be required within Picton and Blenheim areas. We need a person who has the following attributes. -Friendly and outgoing personality. -Commitment to provide our customers with a fast and efficient service. -Ability to plan, work and relate to other staff in different areas of the business. -Willing to learn on food preparation - (Training will be provided on this). -Good administration skills for the retail shop. -Be computer literate. -Must have full divers license. We expect to fill this role immediately. Preference will be given to candidates that fulfil the above criteria and are available immediately. Please email your cover letter and CV to and type “Retail Shop” in your subject line.

MARKET MANAGER - USA In a short space of time the Yealands Wine Group has established itself as a global leader in sustainable wine production. Inspired to “think boldly, tread lightly and never say it can’t be done”, the Yealands Wine Group has achieved rapid international growth, now exporting to over 65 countries. As a result of this rapid growth, we are looking to recruit a motivated and experienced Market Manager to develop our USA presence further. Working alongside our global sales & marketing teams, the successful individual will be responsible for managing importers and developing new sales channels across the USA. An exciting role in a vibrant business, requiring a results driven, experienced sales professional, with strong interpersonal skills and a can do attitude. Whilst the role will preferably be based in the USA, consideration will be given to strong applicants looking to reside in NZ, but able to spend substantial periods of time in the USA .

OvEr $20,000 wOrTH OF PrIzES! All ages can enjoy this fun filled fishing weekend with awesome prizes to be won. Junior and Adult categories. Fishing for the whole family!


Please bring C.V into Christina at Springlands Tavern - Boyce Street where you will be given an interview time.

We look forward to seeing existing members and warmly welcome any new members

Choice Change Freedom

Wednesday January 18, 2012

Looking for Staff?

An attractive package, including performance based bonuses will be available to the successful applicant. For a full job specification, please refer to:

Look locally in Marlborough’s truly local Applications close 5pm Monday 16th January 2012. newspaper.

Expressions of interest and CV’s should be emailed to:

It’s all inside Marlborough’s truly local newspaper.

Entry lt $25 Adu ior $10 Jun

Looking for Staff? *Terms and conditions apply.


Reach 40,000 people in MaRlboRough each Week phone classifieds 03 5777 868


The Sun

Wednesday January 18, 2012

A cute rescue

SAVED: Four week old hedgehog named 'Velvet Prickle' was rescued by SPCA Marlborough after being found alone on a property in Mary Street. Velvet Prickle has been syringe fed up until now and once strong enough will be released.

Disney winners

Jordan Busch, 10, is thrilled his handy colouring skills have made him one of the winners of the recent colouring competition. The other winners are Campbell Gill, 11, Sharlotte Love, 7, and Anatoia Gemmell, 9, (she told us she turns nine today.) The prize was an Xbox 360 Kinect Disneyland Adventures game.

Mike Walker MORTgAgES FIRST HOME BUYERS Please let me arrange your mortgage. It is a great time to buy your first home. The bank will give you $1000 CASH for any mortgage approved and settled by 26-2-12!

Please phone Mike 577 5018

The Sun New Year babY flashback 2005 BABY: Blenheim boy Cody Liddicoat was Blenheim’s first baby for 2005, and has since grown to be an academic and sporting enthusiast.

Story and photo by Celeste Lodewyk Looking back at the baby photo of himself screaming on the front page of the Sun Newspaper in 2005, Blenheim boy Cody Liddicoat made sure he gave his biggest and best smile this time around. Cody was the first baby born in Marlborough that year, and as the region continues to welcome in 2012, the Sun is taking the opportunity to look back at previous New Year babies. Cody was born on January 3 in 2005, the exact date his scan predicted. His parents Matt and Zena say they can still remember his screaming performance while the photograph was being taken, but say he turned out to be one of their quietest and most ‘laid back’ of their children. Cody was the couple’s second child and today is now a brother to two younger siblings. A student at Blenheim School, Cody has settled into school life and has proven to be a ‘smart wee cookie’. “Cody was put into his older sister’s class half way through last year to learn at a higher level and has since done very well in school,” Matt says. Although he enjoys school, Cody says he loves playing cricket and insists he will be an All Black one day and will be part of the winning World Cup teams. At home he has his three siblings Olivia (9), Sophia (2) and Noah (9 months) to keep him occupied, but manages to fit in a bit of car racing on Playstation.

Above: Cody today, age 7. Inset: Cody as he appeared on the cover of the January 6, 2005 issue of The Sun.

heagney bros add to event support By Annabelle Latz Pat Heagney will be getting on his bike and tying up his running shoes too for next Friday’s Heagney Memorial, in memory of his son Matt. He is often up in the Wither Hills with his wife Pam, where they go biking and running together. Pat said this duathlon is a great reminder for people of all ages to keep active and look after their health. “It’s like anything, anybody can do more,” he said.

Pat was unsure of entry numbers at this stage, but admitted lots of guys leave things to the last minute. He said numbers dropped slightly last year from the first year, but with strong sponsorship and good spot prizes, is sure there will be a strong field next week. “We are trying to kick it into life again, and hopefully it will just continue on,” said Pat. Heagney Bros will one of the sponsors for this year’s event for the first time, which Pat

said has happened because the time is now right. “It was all a bit raw before, but now it’s rolling along and we’re happy to get involved,” said Pat. Competitors receive a goodie bag from their $20 entry, and major spot prizes are valued at over $500, with plenty of small prizes too. Money raised from the duathlon will go to St John. Entry forms are collected from Clubs of Marlborough on Alfred St.

Blue Cod season underway Fax: 577 5015 Mobile: 021 172 7809 Email: MeMber of NZMbA

The blue cod fishing season is well underway in Marlborough. The season opened on Tuesday December 20 2011, not Tuesday December 27 as was previously stated in The Blenheim Sun newspaper.

New rules for recreational fishing were introduced by The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry last April. “It’s very important for the future of this iconic fishery that fishers know the rules and apply them. Fishery Of-

ficers and Honorary Fishery Officers are willing and able to help them do that,” said Field Operations Manager Ian Bright. Visit: for details.

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The Sun

Wednesday January 18, 2012

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Story and photo by Celeste Lodewyk Cruising at a top speed of 45 mile per hour, Renwick man Anthony van de Water’s 1954 Morris J Commercial van will be an unusual sight on the roads this week as he heads to Wanganui for the 2012 Vintage Car Club (VCC) International Car Rally. The rally is a hugely popular event for vintage and veteran vehicle enthusiasts and comes around every five years. The event is open to all VCC eligible motor vehicles from 1886 to 1981 and will be celebrating 66 years since the club was formed in 1946. Amongst the 702 vintage cars entered into the event, there are

a number of Marlborough entries including Anthony’s van as he travels to take part in the trade display on Saturday. Anthony has had a lifetime interest in cars, particularly classic and vintage and leapt at the opportunity to purchase the van. The van’s history began after it was purchased new by the Napier Gas Company before being sold to a Napier family in 1956. The same family has owned the van, using it once a year until its purchase by Anthony. Anthony plans to keep the van sporting its current colour and graphics for the next three years and has added his business’s logo (BASIS) to it.

“There is less than a dozen of this model on the road throughout New Zealand, so no doubt it will turn some heads during the rally,” Anthony says. The rally officially kicked off yesterday and organising committee promotions officer Ed Boyd told the Sun everyone had been looking forward to the rally for some time now, and was even surprised to catch up with a family member from Grovetown. “I was chuffed when relations Tony and Lorraine Pyne arrived at the weekend, we haven’t seen one another in ages so it just goes to show how wonderful rallies such as this are for bringing people together,” he says.

Lining up for the Heagney Memorial By Annabelle Latz He’s worn a skirt doing it, and dressed as a Kenyan, but he’s not yet sure what outfit will be matching his running shoes this time. Tony Gibbons will be lining up with blokes of all shapes and ages for next Friday’s Matt Heagney Memorial La-Z-Boy Duathlon, January 27. This will be the event’s third year, involving running and biking, starting from and finishing at Clubs of Marlborough on Alfred St. Tony said it is a fun way to get together with mates and do a bit of exercise. He enjoys hunting and mountain biking which keeps him fit, and said the duathlon popular with lots of sports people, such as rugby players who use it as a bit of pre-season training. “It’s just good fun, and it’s not really competitive,” said Tony.

Tying his running shoes up for this race is especially meaningful for Tony and his mates, because they are running in memory of their good mate Matt Heagney. Tony has had a go at similar sports events in the past, but this one is special. “This was for a great cause, it was a thing us boys have got involved in,” he said. Tony admitted his entry form was still in his pocket this week, but was filled out and he was ready to enter. He hoped lots of blokes in the area would be as keen for a social sporty evening as him and his mates. “It’s good to keep the numbers up on this race,” he said. He hasn’t decided on this year’s outfit yet, but it will be something he can do sport in, and follow up with a beer or two afterwards with the boys. “It’s a bit of a laugh,” he said.


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Tony Gibbons is taking part in the Matt Heagney Memorial Marlborough Men’s La-Z-Boy Duathlon later this month.

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The Sun

Wednesday January 18, 2012

Leaders in the making LEADER SKILLS: Blenheim teenagers Samantha Ruffell and Tanisha Best (far right) are off to Kiwi Ranch Curious Cove this weekend to carry out their Leaders Course training.

While some teenagers spend their holidays hanging about the house, others like Tanisha Best (14) and Samantha Ruffell (15) will be spending their time outdoors doing activities such as riding horses, sea kayaking, wall climbing, bush walking and orienteering. Tanisha and Samantha are just two of many young people who have experienced the thrills of Kiwi Ranch at Curious Cove, and this weekend will be going to carry out

their Leaders Course training. Samantha’s journey with Kiwi Ranch began at age eight years and has helped to give her confidence and future skills for caring for children. “I either want to be a vet or a primary school teacher, so working with horses and being a leader to the juniors will hopefully help me gain some experience,” she says. For Tanisha, she has been attending camps at Kiwi Ranch since she was 10-years of

age and says she wants to pass on the same enthusiasm to others that she received from her leaders. “When I was a kid my leaders were the most amazing people to me, so I want to be a leader to inspire others and encourage them to return just like I did,” she says. Tanisha and Samantha will be trained in many aspects of Kiwi Ranch leadership including how to handle equipment, health and safety plus much more.

For camp managers Jane and Tony Ross, the enthusiasm generated from leaders like Tanisha and Samantha are what help to make Kiwi Ranch a success. “It’s a big job with a lot of responsibility and they must have a lot of energy,” Jane laughs. “We are thrilled to be training new leaders and are always on the look out for more, especially boys who are in short supply,” she adds.

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