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Wednesday February 23, 2011

Quake flattens Christchurch

Leonie MacDonald isn’t taking any chances with son Ethan.

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Rewards of hard work Nathan Harmon talks about his journey from Police work to community probation services.

Page 10 DESTRUCTION: Above: A vehicle is crushed by a fallen brick wall in central Christchurch during a magnitude 6.3 earthquake yesterday afternoon. Left: Evacuated residents head to an emergency shelter at Hagley Park. Photos by Les Whiteside.

Police warn people not to travel Social cyclists Alan Hall and friends prove age is no barrier on a bike.

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Sun Weather SunToday Weather 0-14 11-20 Today Thursday 1-12 Thursday 13-20 Friday 4-13 Friday Saturday 12-19 7-16 OutlookSaturday for Today 8-22 Fine and frosty. Not much for wind. Outlook Today Morning cloud clearing. Light winds.

Everyone gets The Sun Total market coverage in Marlborough

By Damian George Blenheim police are advising people not to travel to Christchurch unless it is for urgent business following a fatal magnitude 6.3 earthquake which devastated the city yesterday afternoon. Dozens of people were reported dead at 6pm last night, while several buildings, including

Christchurch Cathedral, were destroyed. The earthquake struck 10km south east of Christchurch at a depth of 5km at 12.51pm. Shaking intensity in the city was much greater this time than the magnitude 7.1 earthquake which caused widespread damage on September 4, according to GeoNet. The Blenheim Sun owners Les and Katrina

Whiteside, who were in Christchurch visiting family at the time, have now had the misfortune of being caught in both of the city’s massive earthquakes, after they were also visiting family when the September earthquake occurred. Katrina was in Riccarton Mall at the time, and says she will “never go into the mall again”. Continued on Page 2.


The Sun

Wednesday February 23, 2011

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Big names at Winery Tour New Zealand artist Brooke Fraser will be headlining the fifth annual More FM Winery Tour at Villa Maria Estate in Blenheim on Friday. She will be supported by fellow Kiwi bands OPSHOP and Midnight Youth, who will take the stage at 6pm and 7.15pm respectively. Fraser will perform at 8.30pm. A spokesperson for the event says Ritchies will offer a round-trip bus service from Seymour Square to the venue, departing at 4.45pm and returning at 10.15pm, at a cost $20 per person. Tickets for the event are $65, or $80 at the door, and children under 12 years of age will be admitted free entry. Tickets can be purchased via The Winery Tour’s website, Ticketmaster, and Ticket Direct.

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TRIKE-ATHON: Redwoodtown Kindergarten students have been decorating their cycling helmets in anticipation of their Trike-athon Mini Gala on Thursday. Pictured are (back) Lilly Franklin, Ryan Prasad, Matthew Jones and Paige Davis. (Front) Abby Fransen, Jessica Sinclair, Dacarna Aberhaut, Bonnie Reid and Alysha Hadfield. The fundraising gala will be held at Redwoodtown School from 4:30pm to 6pm and proceeds will be going toward the kindergarten’s outdoor renovations. Photo by Celeste Lodewyk.

Christchurch ‘like a war zone’ Continued from Page 1. “I didn’t think we would get out in time as we were right in the middle of the mall. “I had to go back for mum, who had fallen, and then help her out. “Everything around us was falling and smashing. We were terrified, it shook the mall so badly, we thought it was the end.” Les managed to escape the worst of the carnage, having been at the Canterbury A & P Association building with family. “We were actually quite oblivious to the extent of the damage really,” he says. “We were in a building they

were going to use for emergencies anyway. It was undamaged but it still shook the hell out of it. “People were running for cover, the ground was rolling.” Me a nwh i le, t h e Nel s o n Marlborough District Health Board has set up an emergency operations centre and postponed all scheduled surgery for today at both Wairau and Nelson Hospital. The postponements will ensure there is bed capacity if needed for casualties being transferred from Christchurch. “We are very concerned for the people of Christchurch and

want to help in any way possible, NMDHB health controller Mike Cummins says. “We have been advised that two wards of Christchurch Hospital have been evacuated and there is extreme pressure on the Emergency Department. “We have already had offers of assistance from staff. However, we are currently awaiting national coordination of personnel for the quake zone.” He says NMDHB patients who had appointments in Canterbury in the next week are advised to contact the travel coordinator at the hospital before travelling.

Tasman, Nelson and Marlborough residents changing to digital More than seven out of ten homes in Tasman, Nelson and Marlborough have now switched from analogue to digital television, according to a recent national survey. The survey, commisioned by Going Digital, part of the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, found that the number of homes in the region aware of the upcoming switch from analogue to digital has risen from 10 percent to 32 percent. The analogue TV system in Marlborough, Nelson and Tasman will be switched off in April 2013, as part of a phased national approach beginning in the West Coast and Hawke’s Bay in September 2012. It is being replaced with digital services designed to give viewers better reception and sound quality. Going Digital national manager Greg Harford says viewers who want to enjoy better quality should make the switch now. “Almost any television can go digital, so people don’t need a new TV, but they may need some new equipment to keep watching TV once the analogue system is turned off.” People who watch Sky or Freeview are already receiving a digital signal, so they will not need to make any changes. Other viewers will need to buy a set-top box and an aerial or satellite dish, depending on what equipment they currently have and where they live. Information about going digital can be obtained on the website, or by contacting the helpline on 0800 838 800.

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The Sun

Wednesday February 23, 2011


Super Liquor

savings Castle Point


$ IMMUNISE: Four-year-old Ethan Manson pictured with his mother Leonie MacDonald receives his MMR immunisation from Lister Court Medical Centre nurse Alana Sagar.

Measles outbreak causes concern By Damian George Low immunisation coverage levels in Marlborough has sparked concern that a recent measles outbreak in Christchurch and Auckland could make its way here. As many as 22 confirmed cases have been reported in the two cities since mid-January, following inbound airline pasengers to New Zealand contracting the disease while in South East Asian countries. Nelson Marlborough District Health Board medical officer of health Dr Jill Sherwood says Marlborough’s low coverage area means it is exposed to an outbreak. “In order to not be at risk, it’s estimated we need to have a 95 percent coverage, and in children that means vaccination,” she says.

“At the moment, we’re sitting at an MMR [measles, mumps and rubella] vaccination rate of only 88 percent in two-year-olds, and even lower in older groups.” Dr Sherwood says there have been no reported cases of measles in Marlborough, but people need to be sensible to ensure the disease does not spread. “The last few clusters in the country over the last few years we’ve been able to control, and we do that by very intensive action to basically put a safety net around the cases. “What we need to happen is, if people think their child has measles, to keep them at home; don’t take them straight to the surgery because they’re still infectious.” She says the best way to prevent infection is by vaccination, as receiving the recommended two

shots after 12 montsh gives immunity to 99 percent of people, and she encourages parents to make sure their children’s vaccinations are up to date. “Measles is a highly infectious viral infection. The last epidemic of measles in New Zealand was in 1997, when about 2000 people, mostly babies and children, are known to have been infected and over 300 of them needed hospital care.” She says it takes about 18 days for symptoms to appear and people are infectious for about five days before a rash comes out. The disease is easily spread from person to person through the air by breathing, coughing and sneezing. The symptoms are high fever, runny nose, cough and sore, watery eyes, followed by a rash three to four days later.

Boat build a labour of love By Damian George A Marlborough man was able to celebrate the completion of more than two years work when he launched his wooden whaling boat in Picton on Saturday. Ron Perano has been working since late 2008 on building the replica boat, which is modelled on one he saw many years ago and took a liking to. “I’d seen a Japanese whaling boat in the Canterbury Museum and I’ve always admired it and liked the look of it,” he says. “It was built in Tasmania in 1861, and it’s something that was developed over a very long period of time in the early 1800s.” Ron says a few were still being built in America in the 1970s, but are very much a rarity these days. “As far as I know, this is the only one that’s suitable to go out in the water anyway.” A second generation whaler after his father and uncle, Ron has been whaling since 1948, where he started working in the factory at Kaikoura’s whaling facility. He then moved on to catching sperm whales for about 12 months. More than 50 people turned out to watch the launch, including friends, family and several of the sponsors who helped fund the building of the boat.


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Specials end Saturday 26th February 2011.

Ready to go: Ron Perano [standing] launches his home-built wooden whaling ship with a little help from his friends at Picton Marina on Saturday.

His initial plans for the boat are to take it to the Lake Rotoiti Antique and Classic Boat Show in Nelson on March 5 and 6. In total, the boat took 1700 hours to build.

19 Grove Rd, Blenheim

Phone: 577 8615


The Sun

Wednesday February 23, 2011

Local boys revved over trophy haul By Celeste Lodewyk Members of the Sun Valley Roadsters travelled to Nelson recently to participate in the Nelson Car Show and enjoy a day out in their cars. But what they did not expect was to drive away with first place honours. Mark Stead won first place in the “Unfinished Project Car” category with his hand fabricated truck based on the original 1940 Ford Cabover. In the “People’s Choice” category, Dave Sales was also a first place getter with his 1957 Buick Riviera. Around 300 cars were entered into the Nelson Show held at the Wearable Arts Centre on February 12 and 13 and featured everything from Corvettes to Minis.

“This was the first time I had entered anything, and really it was just out of interest that I put the truck in to begin with. “I was gobsmacked when I was given the trophy, it just goes to show that a small club like ours can win big awards,” Mark says. For Dave, this was not his first award but none the less he was still grinning when the Sun visited last week. “As a club we enjoy getting our cars together and taking them along to shows, but to win a first place was fantastic,” Dave says. TOP MARKS: (Right) Members of the Sun Valley Roadsters, Dave Sales and Mark Stead show off their recent trophy haul.

Blenheim Toyota We’ve taken the feature packed yaris to a new level in a limited number of yaris Special Edition vehicles only available here at Blenheim Toyota.


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Hi ho, it’s off to Tapanui we go… By Celeste Lodewyk From Page 1. Members of the Top of the South Tractor Group left the comfort of their warm beds on Sunday morning to tractor their way to Tapanui in a convoy set to take 10-days each way. The trek is part of the 150-year celebration of McCormack Deering International in New Zealand. Local group members Ken Barr, Doris Holdaway, Ian LeGrice and Godfrey Earle are currently making their way through the central island. It is an exciting journey but for Blenheim man Godfrey, it is a very momentous occasion. This will be the first time he has taken his newly rebuilt 1965 Massey Ferguson 135 Multipower after spending three long years restoring it. When he first purchased it, he says it was in very sorry condition. But after rebuilding the framework, modifying parts off other tractors and fabricating his own special touches, Godfrey was eager to hit the road. What is more, he is towing a small cabin and his wife’s vintage Farmall Cub tractor which will be exhibited at the show. “We are travelling at no faster than 30km an hour with plenty of regular stops to keep the circulation flowing, so the trip should be very enjoyable. “Plus I have a good, soft and spongy seat off a pea harvester and a radio to listen to, so I’m all set,” Godfrey laughs.

Rodeo time again Bull riders, candy floss and ferris wheels will be the order of the day when the annual Tua Marina rodeo takes place on Saturday. The Tua Marina Vintage Traction and Machinery Club, co-organisers of the rodeo, will have all its equipment up and running, and will offer trailer and wagon rides for the younger folk. The club’s classic wooden mills will also be operating. As well as bull riding, fair-goers will be able to have a crack at horse, calf, and sheep riding, and bumper car driving. The rodeo has been running for nearly 50 years. The proceeds from the day will go to the Tua Marina club, the Marlborough Residents Association, and Tua Marina School.

The Sun

Wednesday February 23, 2011

Problem solved By Damian George A very small solution has been found for what had long been a large problem at Blenheim’s d’Urville hotel. Through the repellant properties of fake rubber snakes, plumber Max Lichtnecker [aka ‘Max the plumber’] has finally scuppered the influx of pigeons which had been causing headaches for the hotel’s owners. Now, the pigeons, who had frequently blocked the hotel’s drainage with their effluent and the creation of nests, are being scared off by the snakes, which have been planted on the roof. Sceptics questioned Max’s idea when he came up with it over a year ago, but the plumber himself had no doubt it would be a success. “I knew they [pigeons] were instinctively scared of snakes, wherever they lived, and they would stay away,” he says. “I planted half a dozen up there, and now it’s not a problem. They don’t come

W h e n o n ly t h e b e s t W i l l d o !

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and rest anywhere ne a r t he ro of now.” Max says, due to the frequent blockage caused by the pigeons before the snakes were employed, Hotel d’Urville o w n e r C h r i s Plumber Max Lichtnecker [aka ‘Max the Plumber’], has warded Birks had to con- off pigeons from Hotel d’Urville’s premesis by planting rubber stantly call him to snakes on the roof. clear the gutters out. After a little convincing, Chris was snakes, and these pigeons have never seen a snake before, it’s quite interesting to see willing to give the idea a trial run. “He thought it was a lot cheaper than them fly away when they see one.” “They come in to have a rest and take off getting me to come along and clear the again - literally just take off. gutters every six months,” Max says. “More places should have them because Although he was sure the idea would work, seeing it come to fruition high- it’s an easy way of keeping pigeons off the property without poisoning or killing lighted an intriguing phenomenon. “Living in a country where there’s no them.”

Precious Things Discovering jewellery with Pamela McCormick - Managing Director

Education... and Diamonds

Why talk about education when this is ostensibly a column about jewellery and precious things? Two reasons : • Education is a precious thing • Jewellery stores need staff who are fully educated in this highly skilled industry. Globally, communally, personally - education is something we strive to preserve as an intrinsic right. Historically it has been a hard-earned right for many and today it is still the most valuable tool we have throughout all areas of our existence. As employers we encourage all our staff to be fully au fait not only with our stock, the latest innovations and our customer’s preferences and needs, but to back this up with educated expertise and experience.

Staff expertise is vital

when selling diamonds (and precious stones). This is a highly specialised area where there is information customers need to be given. Sure, staff can read a label and tell you the four C’s, however for staff to be able to provide you with honest, experienced and professional knowledge - for example the cut and resilience of the stone, the refraction of light and why one stone faces up (presents itself) differently to another - they need to be professionally educated. Prior to becoming registered Antwerp Diamond Brokers and travelling annually to Europe to buy diamonds directly, we completed an intensive professional course of diamond grading, tutored and examined by the Gemmological Association of Australia (for the NZGA). Rhonda George, our Retail Manager, recently completed this exacting course with an extremely good pass mark, ensuring that we have experience and expertise as the foundation of our business.

Congratulations Rhonda! Rhonda George and Ray McCormick adding Rhonda’s recently achieved Diamond Grading Certificate.

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The Sun

Wednesday February 23, 2011

Drug arrests Tuesday, February 15 At 3.20pm, an 18-year-old unemployed man was arrested in relation to burglaries of two holiday homes in Picton on February 14. At 11.50pm, a 23-year-old unemployed man was arrested for breaching his community work commitments.

Wednesday, February 16 At 12.50am, a 24-year-old male vineyard worker was arrested on a fines warrant. At 12.55pm, a 52-year-old male landscaper was arrested on a fines warrant. At 1.50pm, a 17-year-old male labourer was arrested for stealing a bicycle on Market Street.

Thursday, February 17 At 11am, a 23-year-old male

vineyard worker was arrested for possession of cannabis. Ten minutes later, a 53-yearold male labourer was arrested after he removed and stole the tyres from a Nissan vehicle. At 11.30am, a 22-year-old male beneficiary was arrested for possession of drug-using equipment. At 4.05pm, a 27-year-old unemployed man was arrested for cultivating cannabis after a police search of his Riversdale address found three plants. At 11.20pm, a 51-year-old unemployed man was arrested for disorderly behaviour.

Friday, February 18 At 8a m, a 20 -yea r- old woman was arrested for her for breaching her community work.

Kaikoura thief arrested

A t 8 .45a m , a 44-year-old male vineyard worker was arrested for breaching his bail curfew. At the same time, a 27-yearold unemployed man was arrested for possession of cannabis-smoking equipment. At 3.55pm, a 40-year-old self-employed man was arrested for cultivating cannabis after three plants were found at his Whitney Street address during a police search. At 9.35pm, a 19-year-old male pizza worker was arrested in relation to an assault on January 23.

Saturday, February 19 At 1.45am, a 22-year-old woman was ar rested for breaching the liquor ban. A t 9. 3 0 p m , an 18-year-old


unemployed man was also arrested in relation to the January 23 assault. At 10.10pm, a 16-year-old male student was arrested for disorderly behaviour.

A 17-year-old male student has been arrested in relation to multiple thefts in Kaikoura last month. Police say the student allegedly broke into a motel unit and stole a handbag on January 30, before breaking into a vehicle at the Information Centre carpark and taking camping equipment on the same day. He has been remanded on bail and will reappear in court on Friday.

Heritage Park robbers nabbed

Sunday, February 20 At 2.30am, a 20-year-old male pest controller was arrested for driving while suspended. At 9.20pm, a 28-year-old male engineer was arrested for failing to appear in court. At 10.20pm, a 33-year-old unemployed man was arrested for Breaching his bail conditions, while a 41-yearold unemployed man was arrested for breaching his parole.

Two people were arrested on Tuesday in relation to the burglary at the Brayshaw Heritage Park vintage machinery rooms on January 4. An 18-year-old unemployed man was arrested at 8.15pm, and a 19-year-old male labourer was arrested half an hour later. The 18-year-old has been remanded on bail and will reappear in court on Monday, while the 19-year-old was due to make his first court appearance yesterday.

Car crashes into fence

Do you or a family / whanau member have a disability?

Disability Support Services are coming to your area to talk about some of the work underway for this year: • The new model for supporting people with disability • Individualised funding for consumers • Supported Living options • Ideas for new respite support models • Carer Support • Community living options • Child and youth projects


COMPREHENSIVE FIRST GST FIRST AID: per inc person Sept 3 & 4COMPREHENSIVE Thur/Fri 8.30am-5.00pm Sept AID: 26$175 & 27$180 Sat/Sun 8.30am-5.00pm Sept 3 &194 & 20Thur/Fri 8.30am-5.00pm Sept Sat/Sun 8.30am-5.00pm 8.30am-5.00pm Sept Sat/Sun 8.30am-5.00pm Oct 126 && 2 27 6400) Thur/Fri (Unit Standard 6402, 6401, Sept 1921 & 20 Sept & 22Sat/Sun Mon/Tue 8.30am-5.00pm 8.30am-5.00pm Oct 1 & 2 2nd & 3rd March, 8th & 9th March, 15thThur/Fri & 16th8.30am-5.00pm March, Sept 21 & 22 Mon/Tue 8.30am-5.00pm

We would like to hear your views and ideas. Please join us. Dates

Meeting Times Venue


Friday, 4 March, 2011


Sept 7 Mon 8.30am-5.00pm Sept 19 Sat 8.30am-5.00pm regulations require Sept 7 OSH 8.30am-5.00pm Sept aid 19 your Sat business 8.30am-5.00pm to Mon have qualified first trained staff


qualified aid trained staff infirst the workplace. Sept 3to have Thuravailable Sept$90 26 per Sat PRACTICAL FIRST AID: person8.30am-5.00pm (Certificate must8.30am-5.00pm not have expired 3 months) Sept Sat 8.30am-5.00pm Octworkplace. 126by more Thur than 8.30am-5.00pm available in the Sept 3 19 Thur 8.30am-5.00pm Sept Sat 8.30am-5.00pm Sept 8.30am-5.00pm 4th, 10th, 18th, 24th,Oct27th Sept 1921 SatMon 8.30am-5.00pm 1 & 29th ThurMarch 8.30am-5.00pm Sept 21 Mon 8.30am-5.00pm

Marlborough Conference Centre, 42a Alfred Street, Blenheim

COMPARE OUR PRICES Venue: 31 York Place, Dunedin

COMPARE OUR PRICES CALL Red FORCross A FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE St VENUE: Training Rooms, 33 Redwood Venue: 31 York Place, Dunedin Book online: CALL FOR A FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE TIME: All courses start at 8:30am PHONE 0800 RED CROSS

To register your attendance, or for more information please use any of these contacts: Email: Call: 0800 MOH FORUMS (0800 664 367) Txt: 021 08203922 Go to:

or call 0800 RED CROSS Book online: not PHONE 0800 RED 0do8RED 0 0suit? 7or3ph 3CROSS 7 66134 callDates 0800 CROSS Book online 032578 Contact us on 0800 for Dates do 8733not 0276 0suit? 7alternatives 33 276

Contact us on 0800 733 276 for alternatives “Know it you need it before before you need it” it” “Know it before you need it”

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An 80-year-old woman was taken to Wairau Hospital with moderate injuries after her car collided with a fence on the corner of Wither and Redwood Roads on Saturday. The woman suffered injuries to her face and arm and was attended to by a a St John paramedic and a Blenheim ambulance officer. St John say no further information is available on the incident.

Marlborough’s truly local newspaper.



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Paint & Decor 32 Grove Rd, Blenheim PHONE: 577 5381

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The Sun


Wednesday February 23, 2011

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23 February to 1 March 2011, while stocks last. *Conditions apply - see instore for details



The Sun

Wednesday February 23, 2011

Sun readers have their say... Q: What are your thoughts on the recent Halberg Awards?

Andy Cowe Blenheim

Brian Jenkins Blenheim

Deana Terry Blenheim

Denise Winstanley Blenheim

Edna Stanley Blenheim

Pam Cross Blenheim

All Whites did deserve to win it I think. They did put in a good performance for the 2 years that they tried qualifying right through ‘til the tournament.

It’s not about winning, it’s about achievement in your league. They are on an international scale.

Silver Ferns should have got it because they work together as a team and they have struggled for that for a long time.

I think the judges take everything into consideration. The All Whites did do so well. Judges don’t just pull a name out of a hat.

Awards are for winners. The All Whites did do well, but they didn’t win.

Other people that had entered into the awards would have possibly been more deserving than the All Whites.

Your personality

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Our expertise

Visit us at or at 3 Nottinghill Drive, Blenheim. Phone 03 577 9152

Letters to the editor Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even if a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor reserves the right to

abridge letters or withhold unsuitable letters from publication. Send or fax them to the address on page two, or e mail them to Please note that your name and street address must also be provided in e mails.

Moth plant and council hypocrisy I have seen monarch moths living and thriving on this plant up north, where it is warmer. However, that’s not to say we should be promoting the growth of an invasive weed. I do find it incredibly hypocritical of the council to be spouting off about this in the paper when old man’s beard is

Gluten and MSG free products

AvAilAble At Renwick SupeRvAlue

smothering the region. The Wairau river is choking in it, even along the Taylor River... clearly the council has let this pest invade our region - you don’t see it in people’s yards. Watch it spread. M Ball.

Festival flop

11 Hilton Street, BlackBall, WeSt coaSt

P: (03) 732 4111 • F: (03) 732 4011

Shoes & Handbags

My husband and I attended the festival for the first time this year. We were both disappointed. The music did not start for ages, then the band played for about 1.5 hours and there was another long break of about an hour before the next band kicked off. So we paid $45 each - what was this to cover? Really only the music (which

was poorly organised) and a few shade tents and chairs dotted around the place. We had to pay for parking. We had to pay for all tasting... What did we get for $45.00? Not much. I won’t be going back and won’t be promoting the event to others. Downright Disappointed

el Natura lista from Portugal

Fabulous, quality european brands. eject, Softwaves, Hogl, Spiral, everybody, el Natura lista layby welcome / loyalt y club 8 Arthur Street, Blenheim. Phone 578 3139

To the Editor. I have a few questions for most of those who have written letters about the new theatre in your last two issues. I am left wondering if they have read all, or any, of the explanations provided in the media recently by the mayor and others. Or do they prefer not to read these explanations? If they have read these articles, do they think the contributors, including the mayor, are telling lies? Or is it possible that, having read the explanations, they are still unable to understand the logistical factors involved. I wonder why so many provide questionable factors to support their arguments. The mayor describes some of this as “misinformation”, which it clearly is. Does “Non de plume” think the quite large number of “grey-haired seniors” in our community don’t deserve consideration in this debate about amenities, given that their numbers are increasing too? Where did “No More Secrets” get his/her statistics about population growth? I think the figure for 1975 might have been a little overstated, while the current figure was grossly understated. Statistics New Zealand estimates Blenheim’s population at 30,200 in June, 2010, based on latest census information. This fact is easy to check, but I must concede it would have spoilt NMS’s argument a bit had they done so. I wonder also why so many writers choose to hide behind nom de plumes. Is this because they know they might have trouble verifying their “misinformation” and would prefer not to be personally challenged on their contentions?

Roger Brown.

Not very smart If a school calls itself ‘sunsmart’, should it not enforce the wearing of hats by its students, especially in terms 1 and 4? I thought a ‘sunsmart’ school required all students to wear their hats outside during summer, and those that didn’t had to stay in the shade or inside. An excellent example of a sunsmart school is St. Mary’s. Every time I pass there, all the students are wearing hats. In contrast, every time I pass Redwoodtown School, at least two thirds of the students are not wearing any form of hat any of the time - in-

Theatre questions

cluding 1pm on a sunny day - yet they claim to be sunsmart. I understand the Redwood students are left to make their own choice and take responsibility so, naturally, many choose no hat. Surely, if a school refuses to enforce wearing hats, they are NOT sunsmart and should not be able to advertise that fact. Not protecting our children’s skins is irresponsible. The earlier in life the damage, the worse it is. They can choose to burn as adults if they want to. Concerned Mum.

Fisheries Arrogance Dear Ed, The issue over the blue cod and set net bans is making a lot of people angry. Minister of Fisheries Phil Heatley and his ministry seem ignorant (in more than one way) of the public feeling. When you send in a protest, you get an automated reply of ministry drivel. The minister is not even reading the letters. His robotic computer just spits back replies. How ignorant and arrogant. James Quercus

The Sun

Wednesday February 23, 2011

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The Sun

one on one with the Sun

Wednesday February 23, 2011

Community service Avid motocross rider, former front-line Police Officer and current manager for Blenheim’s Community Probation Services (CPS), local man Nathan Harmon talks about his journey with Celeste Lodewyk. Sitting comfortably at his new desk, Nathan looks around the now serene office of Blenheim’s new Community Probation Services building on Park Terrace and comments on the calm. “The builders have not long gone, it’s a lot quieter than what it’s been like the past few days,” he laughs. It has only been one week since the new building was completed which saw the amalgamation of all services under one roof. The purpose of CPS is to contribute to safer communities by holding offenders to account to comply with their sentences and orders, reduce their likelihood of re-offending and minimize the risk that they will harm others. CPS is also responsible for managing offenders serving sentences and orders in the community, something which has had great success in the Marlborough community, Nathan says. Heading the newly combined team is one of two service managers, Nathan Harman who is no stranger to working with offenders. Born and raised in Kaikoura, Nathan spent 12-years dairy farming before deciding to join the Blenheim Police force. Here he served for seven-years on general duties before deciding on a “lifestyle” change in 2009. “My decision to leave the Police was based around my two kids, which has been great because now we have more time together to enjoy things like motocross,” he said. When the opportunity arose to take up the service manager position, Nathan jumped at the chance and says he has never looked back. “It is long, hard work but there are so many rewards to it as well. We see offenders serving their community service and almost instantly we can recognise that they have a skill of some kind.

“It’s just a matter of tapping into that skill and putting them to good use within the community. Having ongoing work projects allows these offenders to contribute to the community while serving their hours and being held accountable for their wrongdoings. “And at the same time they feel like they are achieving something and learning new skills which they can apply to their own lives,” he says. One of the greatest rewards for Nathan is when someone in the community gives positive feedback on the work done by CPS. “It’s great that the community is beginning to make the connection between CPS and the many projects we have done in Marlborough. Some of these projects include lawn mowing, gardening and building work at local kindergartens, maraes and sports grounds. Many strong community relationships have formed including that of Eastern States Speedway, which takes on agency placements to carry out maintenance at the track. Recently the Department of Conservation offered a large quantity of work to CPS, something Nathan believes is the result of an increase in community confidence. “It shows that these offenders are beginning to regain the trust of the community by taking pride in the work they are doing and the willingness to turn up in their own time to continue to lend a hand,” he says. Looking back over the past two-years with CPS, Nathan is already embracing the challenges of 2011 while taking the time to celebrate past success. “Community service is what we are here to do and I think we are doing a great job,” he smiles.

“It is long, hard work but there are so many rewards to it as well.”


NOW AVAILABLE ...a semi-independent luxury lifestyle Ashwood Park Retirement Village’s new units at Ashwood on Colemans provide the opportunity for residents to retain maximum independence yet enjoying on-site care. Studio and apartment units are ready to move into immediately. Residents purchase a licence to occupy and have full access to all of Ashwood Park’s on-site facilities.

We really do care! • Villas • Serviced apartments • Rest home • Hospital • Dementia unit (Purpose built) • Secure private premises • Loyal dedicated staff • Daily activities Proudly owned & operated by Alan & Jenny Dempsey

120-130 Middle Renwick Road, Blenheim 9a Colemans Road, Blenheim



For more information or to arrange an inspection of these new units please call Alan or Jenny Dempsey on 03 577 9990 ext 235

Enjoy companionship and security in beautiful manicured surroundings close to amenities...

The Sun

Wednesday February 23, 2011


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Wednesday February 23, 2011


Women in

Susan Oakden

Profiling Marlborough Business Women


Language Teaching Services Susan works with adults from overseas wanting to improve their English and also with people keen to learn German or Dutch as a Foreign Language. Susan has a degree in Modern Languages and speaks German and Dutch fluently and so she is able to explain how these languages are structured. She also has an ESOL (English as a Second Language) qualification and many years of language teaching experience. She has lived and worked overseas herself and is very aware of the challenges of learning another language. The courses Susan teaches are tailored to each person’s needs, for example language used in social situations, for travel or work or IELTS

The Sun

examinations. Many visitors and migrants to Blenheim are surprised to find that Kiwi English is not the same as the English they have learned at home, and so her ESOL courses are designed to make it easier to function in our culture. Susan aims to create a professional, friendly environment to help improve your language skills in English, German or Dutch. A free consultation is available to discuss your requirements.


Tricia Pike

Tricia Pike opened Lagoons Unique Gifts & Homeware in Havelock towards the end of 2010. When setting up Lagoons, it was paramount for Tricia not just to have gifts and homeware, but to also incorporate art, jewellery, accessories and some clothing into the shop. Lagoons offer the chance to browse and relax in a comfortable environment and for you to create your own stylish, warm and welcoming surroundings for your own home. The jewellery and fashion items are inspired by classic and contemporary design, some of the silver jewellery is actually hand-made by Tricia. Lagoons has taken it’s inspiration from the

surrounds of its location, the beautiful Marlborough Sounds. With the emphasis being on affordability, but with the added bonus of a touch of luxury to help inspire you to create your own artistic harmony. Tricia is currently working towards setting up Lagoons online shopping site which she hopes will be online in about a month:

60 Main Road Havelock 7100 Ph 03 574 1071 e-mail: web:

Please phone Susan for more information and bookings on: (03) 579 4805 or Mobile: 021 0499 226 Email:


Chris Downs

“Making a difference” encompasses Christobel Downs’s approach to workplace health monitoring. With a background of A&E/Ambulance nursing, it was a natural progression to become involved in the prevention and education side of workplace accidents. In 1996 Chris established “Safety & Health Services” working part-time on her business as well as being Wairau Hospital’s Occupational H&S Adviser, a role she left in 2010. A Registered Nurse, her many qualifications include a Post Graduate Diploma in Occupational Health Practice from Otago University. Chris’s main area of focus is workplace health monitoring including hearing, respiratory, chemical exposure, lifestyle health checks, pre-employment assessments and Drug Testing. Passionate about the importance of education she always explains results in user friendly terminology and produces comprehensive reports to the client firms. The second focus area is ergonomics (fitting the man

to the work environment). She undertakes workplace assessments on factory production lines as well as computer workstations. Her holistic approach ensures the client is aware of “fitness for work” as well as work environment safety. Chris also runs in-house training sessions, including manual handling. Finally, a focus on practical H&S Plan writing for businesses – the more worn the folder the more she likes it! Chris works from home as well as visiting her client firms over Marlborough and Nelson and can be contacted on 021 140 2828.

Safety & Health Services


Amber-Louise Connor

Blenheim born makeup artist Amber-Louise Connor is very passionate about her artistic approach to her business, ALC Makeup Design. Amber-Louise not only specialises in wedding and formal makeup, but she is also very talented in the area of costume and special effects makeup, and detailed body painting. “Recently I did an Audrey Hepburn makeover which looked fantastic and really realistic. I also do Halloween makeup and anything to do with special effects, it’s a really fun and exciting area to work in,” she says. Amber-Louise completed her training at the Christchurch Design and Arts College where she qualified as a professional makeup artist. She went on to begin her business, ALC Makeup Design in December 2010 and has received a great response since.

Amber-Louise Connor Professional Makeup Artist Ph: 021 027 90368

Chris Downs - Occupational Health Nurse-Consultant

PO Box 5234, Springlands, Blenheim 7241 email: •


Bronwyn Mir

When asked what makes her proud to be a woman in business, Marlborough Computers and Networks manager Bronwyn Mir simply replies; “because of the fantastic people I meet and work with every day.” “It is people that I am passionate about and I love the day to day contact with those who come through our doors, it is very rewarding being in business,” she smiles. MCN was first established in 2003 by Bronwyn’s husband Azher and his former business partner. Late last year the couple purchased the entire business. “It has been a steep learning curve,” she laughs. “Because in a small business you are doing everything from marketing, sales, reception work through to finances and managing the team. Located on High Street, the MCN team provides

a wide range of computer services to small and medium sized businesses as well as home users. More recently, the business has undergone a transformation, changing focus to a proactive ‘managed service’ model where clients pay a fixed monthly price and MCN cares for all their IT needs. This is done through a number of methods including 24 hr monitoring. “This means clients can focus on the smooth running of their business while we take care of their IT,” she says.

64-66 High Street, Blenheim 03 577 9099

“I have done a mixture of weddings and formal occasions so far as well as themed parties where people dress up as their favourite character. “The body painting side of the business is definitely growing and I am always looking for more models,” she adds. “I am willing to travel anywhere in Marlborough, even going as far as Nelson.” In addition to makeup, Amber-Louise also offers hairstyling services. For more information you can email



Carol Taylor

“You can’t just be a marriage celebrant, you have to be passionate and enthusiastic with a genuine love for people,” marriage celebrant Carol Taylor says. Organising a wedding takes time and commitment so choosing the right marriage celebrant to help guide couples through the process is vital, says Carol. “My priority is taking care of the couple to ensure that they are happy and that the ceremony is unique, sincere and tailored to their wishes. Carol pursued her dream of becoming a marriage celebrant after spending more than 20-years in the industry - a dream she realised in 2007. “I’ve done everything else including owning bridal shops and wedding planning, so the next step for me was to become a celebrant,

Phone: 03 572 5323 Email:

I couldn’t think of anything else I would rather be doing,” she smiles. In addition to her services, Carol has teamed up with her husband Phil to offer a wireless sound system which can be used in any location including beaches and vineyards, even mountain tops! “The microphone and sound system allows everyone to hear me conduct the ceremony while Phil co-ordinates the music, we offer the complete package,” she says. Carol is now in the process of creating a workshop aimed at couples planning to marry. Watch this space.

Mob: 021 399 649 Web:

The Sun


Women in Gracie Lunn

“Seeing the happiness and excitement in the faces of my clients makes my job so rewarding,” Gracie Lunn says. Gracie took on the role of new home consultant for Milestone Homes four months ago and says it has been one of the most exciting moves she has made. “The work is very different but rewarding and the best part is that every day is different to the next.” Originally from the UK, Gracie has lived in New Zealand for nearly two-years and has enjoyed many administration and sales based roles. “What I love about my role with Milestone Homes is the ability to help make someone’s dream home a reality. “In many ways it is cheaper and more satisfying to build your own home and with so

many beautiful sections available in Marlborough, the options are endless,” she says. Milestone Homes is relatively new to Marlborough though in Nelson it is very successful, Gracie says. “Our range of proven house plans include everything that people and families need to just walk in and start enjoying life in their new home.” For more information about what Milestone Homes can offer you, contact Gracie or visit her at their brand new showhome, open now at 26 Landsdowne Road in Blenheim.

Erena Oliver BodyTalk is a simple yet powerful way to communicate directly with our bodies, finding out what really lies at the core of our physical or emotional symptoms. Combining modern science with traditional healing methods, BodyTalk gently encourages our systems to reveal what needs to be addressed. Noticeable changes can be made without having to relive the past or make huge efforts, simply by asking the body what is going on right now. By activating the innate healing

wisdom within each of us, BodyTalk stimulates recovery, balance and good health on all levels. So, discover your body’s wisdom! I am a trained BodyTalk practitioner with a nursing background. Also a trained BodyTalk Access Trainer, I teach a 6 hour course of simple techniques to use at home that can address up to 60 percent of everyday health issues for family and friends. For appointments or queries or course information contact Erena: 03 572 7553, 021 459 525 or email:

Profiling Marlborough Business Women


Monique Gemmell

Koru Institute of Training and Education With a busy family, three businesses to run, directorships and a massive extended family, Monique Gemmell still puts her heart and soul into her job. She is Chief Executive of the Koru Institute of Training and Education (KITE) and a self employed Career Practitioner. Monique enjoys working with people and expressed that the people side of the job is very important to her. “Everything I do relates to helping people.” At KITE Monique informed that they help people in various ways from tertiary education, career planning, employment opportunities, youth at risk and whatever else is

K.I.T.E Koru Institute of Training and Education



Lisa Johnston & Kelly Miller analyse and review their management and finances to ensure a smooth running of the business,” Kelly says. In addition to “management accounting”, LSH Business Services Ltd also offers Business Start-up assistance and a range of consulting services. To find out about what Lisa and Kelly can offer you and your business, call today or visit them upstairs at The Forum.

Accounting and Business Services Upstairs, The Forum, Market Street, Blenheim Phone: 03 577 7128 • Fax: 03 929 3552 E-mail: • Web:

needed to be done. “At KITE we have a great team who can adapt to the individual needs.” Monique is also completing her Master’s degree in Maori development and Maori education in Wellington. The success of KITE has been recognised through the achievement of the Business Excellence awards for Marlborough for 2006 and 2008 and the National Mana Maori South Island Best Business Award for 2007.

5 Sutherland Terrace, Blenheim P: 03 579 2268, Mob: 027 534 0883 E:

Sarah Abelson

“No question is too silly.” This is what Sarah Abelson stands by. If it takes time to ask it, the question is important to you. Sarah started with programming in 1982 and her background is impressive: over 12 years in the New Zealand Army dealing with communications, building and installing networks and

training staff. She also did one year with mobile networking for the New Zealand Police, and five years as the Network Manager at Marlborough Girls’ College. Abelson Computer Services encompasses one-on-one training in your home on your computer; also offering virus removal and on-site

maintenance. With a 4WD van Sarah can go to most rural areas.

Abelson Computer Services Phone: 027 577 5432 A/H: 03 577 5432 Email:

Erena Oliver - Natural Health Facilitator - Renwick Phone: 572 7553 • 021 459 525 Email:

Since 2006 Nelson and Marlborough businesses have benefited from the accounting and business management services of Lisa Johnston, of LSH Business Services Ltd. The business was initially run by Lisa from home but after experiencing considerable growth, LSH Business Services Ltd made the move into town and welcomed a second director, Kelly Miller. Together, Lisa, Kelly and their team provide proactive book-keeping, accounting and business services in an effort to take the pressure off business owners. Lisa and Kelly work away from traditional accounting with its focus on compliance, to being proactive and assisting businesses in the management of their finances. “By looking at the key areas of a business we can identify issues and bring them to a client’s attention before they cause problems,” Lisa says. “This way we are continually helping businesses to



Phone: 03 579 4290 • Mobile: 021 844 089 Visit: email:

Health With Confidence:

Wednesday February 23, 2011


Sallie Bancroft

There are memories in life worth keeping and sharing – photos, stories thoughts and mementos. These are worth celebrating and saving forever and the woman to help you with this is Sallie Bancroft, Creative Memories Independent Consultant. What began as a favourite hobby has turned into a successful business today. I went to my first Creative Memories Workshop/Party while we were in Texas in 2005, I was caught, hook, line and sinker. Upon my return to New Zealand I decided I would love to run workshops here in NZ. So I took up the challenge to become a consultant. With Creative Memories I encourage people to use their photos, no matter how big or small and tell “Your Story, Your Life, Your Way”. It is amazing, what actually appears on those pages, you take the guess work out for future generations and others who just want to enjoy your story. After all you are the only one who can tell it. Capture wonderful memories, not only yours but your loved ones, people you have met while on holidays, pets, cars you have owned, flowers, just about anything that has a

story to go with it. It is endless. You can have parties of your own or come along to my workshops, enjoy the day just scrapbooking and learning wonderful ideas, that will amaze everybody that looks at your work. I would rather have photos in albums or printed digital books than be left on a disc, hard-drive or simply thrown in a box. You need to share and tell. Get ideas from other scrapbookers that attend, that also find it hard to leave at the end of the day. Don’t be shy, contact me now and learn more about creative memories and what I have to offer you. Always a friendly voice and smile behind that phone. “Momma & Poppa don’t let your babies grow up to be JPG’s”.

Home: 03 578 2424 Mobile: 0272 266 370

or txt me - I can call you back.


Wednesday February 23, 2011

Sun Healthy Bodies

Cancer Society Marlborough

Are you getting enough

Vitamin D?

Contact us for support and information on any aspect of cancer Support services for people diagnosed with cancer Information and support for partners, families and friends Education to promote prevention and early detection of cancer

h h h

The Sun

Email: Website: Forum Building, Market Street, Blenheim, or Ph: 03 579 4379 Fax: 03 579 4381 hours 9:30 - 4:00pm Mon to Fri

Types of Cholesterol LDL (Bad) Cholesterol

When too much LDL (bad) cholesterol circulates in the blood, it can slowly build up in the inner walls of the arteries that feed the heart and brain. Together with other substances, it can form plaque, a thick, hard deposit that can narrow the arteries and make them less flexible. This condition is known as atherosclerosis. If a clot forms and blocks a narrowed artery, heart attack or stroke can result. HDL (good) Cholesterol

About one-fourth to one-third of blood cholesterol is carried by high-density lipoprotein (HDL). HDL cholesterol is known as “good” cholesterol, because high levels of HDL seem to protect against heart attack. Low levels of HDL also increase the risk of heart disease. Medical experts think that HDL tends to carry cholesterol away from the arteries and back to the liver, where it’s passed from the body. Some experts believe that HDL removes excess cholesterol from arterial plaque, slowing its buildup.

0800 Cancer

Improving community well being by reducing the incidence and impact of cancer

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���� ������������ � ������������


Most of us are aware that we produce vitamin D through exposure to sunlight. It is difficult to get enough just from your diet, as only a few foods supply vitamin D. Varying factors such as the latitude you live at, the time of day you spend in sunlight, changing seasons, your age, culture and your type of skin pigmentation all have a major influence on how much vitamin D you produce through the skin. During winter even the strong New Zealand sunlight isn’t enough to generate adequate vitamin D and consequently studies show at least 40% of us have insufficient levels of this important vitamin.

� � �



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Do you feel like this?

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What happens if I don’t get enough Vitamin D?

Phone Jean today ����� ������������


����������������������� 577������������������������� 8686 ������ ������������������������������������������

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The well known effects of deficiency are rickets, causing bowed legs and knocked knees in children, and osteomalacia in adults where bones become soft and weak, increasing the risk of fractures. Other deficiency symptoms include sore muscles, low energy, fatigue, reduced immunity, high blood pressure, depression,



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UFS, Cnr Queen & ���������������������� ���������������������� ������������ ��������������������������������������������������������������� �������� High Sts, Blenheim ��������


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An Educational and therapeutic program for Children/Adolescents who have experienced, seen or heard family violence.



Ears are self-cleaning, so avoid using cotton buds to clean your ears. Wax is ordinarily excreted from your ears naturally, so allow the natural fats and oils in your ear canal to do their job of cleansing the ear of particles. If wax does build up a little olive or almond oil can help to soften the wax and enable it to be discharged. Wax-softening drops can also be bought from retailers/ pharmacists. In extreme cases the wax may need to be syringed out by a medical doctor or nurse. A persistent build up of wax in the ears could also be due to an underlying medical condition which an ear specialist/ otologist could help diagnose. A medical practitioner should also be consulted to remove any foreign objects lodged in the ear canal. Ears should also be allowed to dry naturally, with ear plugs an option for those who require protection during extended exposure to water. Consult your doctor or ear specialist if in doubt.




The programme is facilitated by Rob Jenkins MNZASW and Lizzie Fulton MNZAC

What are the known health benefits of Vitamin D? Vitamin D is well known to improve bone strength and reduce the risk of fractures. Recent research is showing many other benefits of maintaining optimum vitamin D levels. A study published in January 2010 shows colorectal cancer risk increases with low vitamin D concentrations. Vitamin D deficiency is also shown to be associated with three other common cancers; breast, prostate and skin. Vitamin D supplementation is recommended for pregnant women to improve their children’s bone density and health throughout life. Vitamin D is also an essential factor in calcium absorption, maintaining normal blood levels of calcium and phosphorus, bone formation and strength, muscle integrity and immune function. It has a significant role in reducing inflammation.

Bug Band $9.95 or Family pack for $29.95

Pigeon Anti-Mosquito Wipes. Suitable babies and children


The Drive Thru Pharmacy 47 Scott Street Phone 578 6022 Free and available parking

Ear Health


A free programme aiming to: • Increase your child’s confidence and self-esteem • Help them understand that violence is not a solution to problems. • Increase their safety skills. • Stop blaming themselves for family violence and marital separation

memory loss, mood fluctuations and erratic sleep patterns.

MoleMax or digital dermoscopy is the analysis of high powered microscopic images of the skin allowing early detection of melanoma and other skin cancers. Dermoscopy can detect melanomas before MoleMax or digital dermoscopy is the theanalysis or digital theyMoleMax areofobvious withdermoscopy themicroscopic nakediseye. analysis high powered of high powered microscopic images of the skin MoleMax orskin digital dermoscopy is the of images the allowing early detection Make anofappointment allowing of early detection of cancers. melanoma and other analysis high powered microscopic melanoma and other skin today to have you skin cancers. Dermoscopy can detect melanomas images of the skin allowing early detection Dermoscopy can detect melanomas before of and your family’s skin before theyand are obvious withcancers. theeye. naked eye. melanoma other skin they are obvious with the naked checked. Dermoscopy can detect melanomas before Make anare appointment they obvious with the naked eye. today to have you Make an appointment and your family’s skin today to have you checked. and your family’s skin Phone 578 1665 checked. 24 George St Blenheim

Mole Checks

Removal of Ear Wax using Microscope & Suction A much kinder & safer method of wax removal The only acceptable way for Tinnitus Sufferers

• Glue Ear • Discharging Ears • Dermatitis Mary Tolan (RN) Ear Health Nurse

For an appointment Ph: 03 578 8310 c/- Physiotherapy Centre Make an appointmentPhone today 578 to have you 1665 and your family’s skin checked. 24 George St Blenheim Phone 578 1665 Ph: 578 1665 24 George St Blenheim

24 George Street, Blenheim

The Sun

Wednesday February 23, 2011


Bike Wise Competition Winners Congratulations to all the winners of the




FreshChoice Barrington FreshChoice Merivale FreshChoice Nelson City FreshChoice Parklands FreshChoice Picton

FreshChoice Queenstown FreshChoice Richmond FreshChoice Roslyn FreshChoice Takaka FreshChoice Te Anau FreshChoice Te Awamutu

A. Fee K. Bruerton J. Heiton A. Hintz Mrs Gledhill

L. Park R. Taylor S. Borland F. Turnbull H. Taylor K. Kerapa

Huge Savings! Nescafé Coffee Refill Range 100g

Cadbury Chocolate Block Range 175-220g

(Includes Decaf 75g) Limit 6 Assorted


$ 99

$ 49





Fresh Brinks NZ Skin-on Chicken Breast Fillets


$ 99




Nature’s Fresh Bread Range 600-700g Limit 8 Assorted





Oak Baked Beans/Spaghetti 420-425g


Large Red/Green Capsicums

Fresh Prime Beef Mince

Fresh NZ Lamb Loin Chops



Philippine Loose Bananas





Rock Melons


$ 29

$ 99


Bluebird Snack Packs Range Limit 8 Assorted

Coke/Sprite/Fanta/Lift/L&P Range (Includes Diets) Limit 6 Assorted

Limit 8 Assorted





Fresh Choice Picton, Mariners Mall, Picton. Phone (03) 573-6463 Open 7 days, 7am - 9pm









Prices apply from Wednesday 23rd February to Sunday 27th February 2011, or while stocks last. Trade not supplied. We reserve the right to limit quantities. All limits specified apply per customer per day. All prepared meals are serving suggestions only. Props not included. Product range may vary from store to store. Proprietary brands not for resale. Customer Support Freephone 0800 40 40 40.

Griffin’s Wildberry Sensations/ Mint Treats/Toffee Pops/ Squiggles/Chit Chats 200g Limit 8 Assorted

Big 2.25L Size

10 Pack

$ 49






Next week’s specials available to view from 12 noon each Sunday @ oiice






Save on fuel Petrol discount voucher available instore.

Conditions apply



Limit 8 Assorted


Wednesday February 23, 2011

The Sun

out & about

Marlborough Federation Women’s Institutes 70th Anniversary Picnic

 Glenda Thomass and Wanaka

 Shirley Henson and Fran Hartley.


ureen O’Connell.  Amy Cannon and Ma

 Florence Green and Talua Simonsen.

 Sue Harnett and Jill Vercoe.

 Gayno r Gilchrist

binson. d Shirley Ro an ab n ac M  Jenny

 Jan Marriner and Noele ne Lake.

and Ruth Dalley.

 Margaret Mason, Dorothy Baxter and Margaret Clausen.

Any of our “out & about” photos can be purchased at the Sun Newspaper office.

For all your cleaning needs... Roger Nicholls Ph: 027 578 1163 Email:

Specialising in Steam Cleaning of: Dave gardiner Walls, Ceilings, (nicotine, fly and cockroach spots) Ph: 027 4399 201 Carpets and Upholstery.



The Sun



Wednesday February 23, 2011

No.1 in Pool Fencing • Swimming Pool Fences

• General Engineering • Powdercoating • Sandblasting • Fencing • Structural Steelwork • Balcony Railings • Bridge Railings • Wrought Iron Gates made to order • Fabrication • Bull Bars & Tow Bars • WOF • Rust Repairs • Welding • Firebox Repairs • Balustrades

Classic Gates Engineering 6 Nelson Street, Blenheim • (03) 578 0374

Suppliers of Aluminium Fencing • Pool Fencing • Driveway Gates • Aluminium or Glass • Wide range of colours and styles available INSTALLATION SERVICE AVAILABLE

Ph: 578 7786 93 Middle Renwick Road

Be SAFe on tHe wAteR! AlwAyS weAR A liFejAcket

Kia Maanu, Kia Ora! Stay Afloat, Stay Alive! Water. We drink it, bathe in it and spend a lot of our time playing in it. New Zealanders of all ages enjoy boating, fishing, swimming and diving but what some may not know is that NZ’s annual drowning toll is one of the worst in the developed world. Drowning affects all NZ’ers irrespective of age, ethnicity, gender or social economic status so to protect your family and help prevent water-related accidents learn how to stay safe by reading the following messages about water safety. • Never leave children, especially those under five-years of age, unsupervised near water, including baths, buckets, water troughs, rivers and beaches. • All children under the age of three-years should be constantly

supervised around water by an adult, and if you walk away take the child with you. • The safety and security of pool fences should be checked regularly, with special attention paid to the gate, which should open outwards and close automatically, with the catch fastening firmly. • Check pool fences for gaps to crawl under, or for loose bars or planks. • If fences are modified or houses redesigned, always check that the pool fence still functions to keep children safe. • It is now law that pleasure boat operators must supply life jackets to fit ALL passengers, so make sure you have approved lifejackets onboard.

MOBILE POOL DOCTOR 3 Pool Vacuuming 3 Pool Consultations 3 Manufacturer & Distributor of Sodium Hypochlorate (NaO Cl) 3 Swimming & Spa Pool Maintenance

For all your pool needs... Call Stan “The Pool Man” Stephens TODAY!

027 220 5792

8 Waikura St, Blenheim • A/H 03 577 6474

Stan’s Swimming Pool Care Services

It is now law that pleasure boat operators must supply life jackets to fit ALL passengers. Get your approved lifejackets for the whole family from us today!

72 Grove Road, Blenheim PH: (03) 578 0569

AH: 021 328241 •

Invest, Enhance, Protect... • Pool fencing • Steel • Aluminium • Powder Coating • Designer • Contoured

Swimming pool safety and fencing is the responsibility of every pool owner. Not only are complying fences required around all pools, it is very important that the fence be maintained regularly so that its safety can be assured. Check the gates are self-closing and that the latches are self-locking. This is the most common area of non-compliance seen by Council. Make sure that no pot plants, trees, hedges, timber stacks, outdoor furniture, toys or anything else that a child can stand on are anywhere near the fence. A child has drowned in New Zealand by dragging a small trike up to the fence and using it to access a pool. Don’t let that happen in your pool. Spa pools can be just as dangerous as larger pools and must meet the same fencing requirements. If you have an exemption from the fencing requirements and have a lockable cover in its place then it must be locked at all times the spa is not under supervision. Two minutes inattention can result in a drowning. A drowning in a private swimming pool is a tragic and distressing occurrence but drowning is preventable. It is every pool owner’s duty to keep their pool safe at all times. The Marlborough District Council has information that explains the pool fencing requirements and can be obtained from the Customer Service Centre at Blenheim and Picton. A brochure explaining the pool fencing requirements is also on the Council web pages.



The Sun

Wednesday February 23, 2011

Sun babies proudly brought to you by: M A ATA A WA K A K I T E TA U I H U T R U S T

• Tamariki Ora/Well Child: Home based Well child service for Tamariki birth - 5 years

• Antenatal Health Planning: Advice and support for expectant mums.

• Whaea Ki Te Whaea:

Mum4Mum - Free, caring peer support for Breastfeeding mums Phone/text 0277 809 269 (peer counselling program)

Everitt/Winkler: Amanda, Mike, Kalum, Georgia and Jett are stoked with the arrival of Ruby Titia May, born at home on 02/02/11. 7lbs 10 1/2oz. Thanks to Ruth and Joyce.

Committed to supporting the health needs of Tamariki and their whanau in Marlborough “KIA MANAAKI AI TE IWI” “LET THE PEOPLE BE CARED FOR” FOR MORE INFORMATION PHONE 03 577 9256 or call into our office at 82 Seymour Street, Blenheim ALL SERVICES ARE FREE OF CHARGE

LONGMAN-PELVIN: Chelsea and Chad are pleased to announce the safe arrival of their first baby boy, Ashley Jay (6lb 14oz) on February 16th at 9.40am at Wairau Hospital. Special thanks to the Maternity staff.

BORRIE/COTTIER: Belinda and Sam are pleased to announce the arrival of Pippa Mary Cottier (7lb 7oz) on February 19th 2011 at Wairau Hospital. Special thanks to Melissa Smith and all the Theatre and Maternity Staff.

DUTTON: Angus Michael would like to announce to everybody he has arrived. He is very proud of his parents Bridget and Michael as he is their first. He would especially like to thank midwives Shona and Nicky, and Dr Smith. With a big shout out to the extended family for their support. 8lb 15oz. February 15th at 10.57pm.

PLEASE NOTE Wairau Hospital Maternity Ward visiting hours are DAILY at: 10am - 12pm and 4pm - 7pm

GOODWIN : Jen Renee is pleased to announce the safe arrival of Ashton Barry Goodwin (8lb) on February 20th at 8.32pm at Wairau Hospital. A grandson for Barry Goodwin and Carole O’Neill. Special thanks to midwife Cathy Middleton and the wonderful staff on the Maternity Ward.

MURPHY: John and Jo are delighted to announce the safe arrival of their baby girl; Isabel Kate (7lb 8oz) on February 13th 2011 at Wairau Hospital. Special thanks to our midwives Shona and Nicky; Dr Jennings and the Ward 1 staff. FULLER: Jeff and Lisa are pleased to announce the safe arrival of Lily May (8lb 11oz) on 3 February 2011. A beautiful little sister for Tracey and Daniel. Special thanks to midwife Cathy and all the staff of Ward One.

Order your baby photos at the Sun office: 72 High Street, Blenheim

DaD OF THE WEEK Congratulations to Michael Dutton this week’s lucky winner of the New World $25 voucher to spend at New World Blenheim. Our winner is invited to bring his ID in to claim his prize when he next visits New World Blenheim.

“Proudly 100% locally owned and operated” Tel: 03 520 9030, Fax: 03 520 9080, Email:

Your baby’s attention span • After the sleepy baby phases during month one, babies seem to have a 20-30 minute attention span in the first 2-3 months of life. • After 3 months, attention span can sometimes last for 30-45 minutes. • To keep baby stimulated, change their seat, view, or position many times a day.

The Sun

community notices

Wednesday February 23, 2011

death notices

death notices

The Community Noticeboard is for non-profit organisations. For $8.00 you can publish up to 25 words. No AGMS, sporting notices or special meetings. Community Notices must be prepaid. Call into our office at 72 High Street, Blenheim

HALEY, Joyce: On February 21, 2011, peacefully in her sleep at Redwood Lifestyle Care & Village, Blenheim. In her 89th year. Daughter of the late Violet and Les Haley, sister of Melva Burbridge, Norma Grose and the late Nola Anderson. Messages to 6 Kingi Place, Richmond, Nelson 7020. A service for Joyce will be held at the Mayfield Chapel, cnr Hutcheson & Parker Streets, Blenheim at 12pm, Wednesday February 23, followed by interment at Havelock Cemetery. GEOFFREY T SOWMAN BLENHEIM FDANZ Ph 03 578 4719

English Language Partners Volunteer Tutor Training Interested in language, culture and helping others learn English? Train as a volunteer home tutor - our next free training course starts in March. Phone English Language Partners 579 2460 for details.

Historic Places Trust Kaikoura 27th February. Historic stories of coastal Marlborough including Kaikoura with John Orchard. Bus leaves Brayshaw Park 8.30am. Cost $35 adult $20 youth. Bring lunch, drink & suitable clothing for info & bookings ring Robin Cox 5784115 evenings.

Housie Thursdays 7pm Blenheim Bowling Club, Weld Street. 40 houses, 2 super houses, 2 silent lines & raffles. Bring a friend, have a good night out. Proceeds to Special Needs Children of Marlborough

Indoor Bowling Club Blenheim South meet Wednesday nights 7.30pm at Redwoodtown Community Hall. All welcome phone Joan 5794622 or Geraldine 5789343

Mental Health Consumer Advocacy Service. Our Advocates will take up your cause to ensure your rights are respected, listen to your concerns and support you in the actions you want to take to gain resolution. Ph: 5795304 or call at Level 2, Aorere House, 54 Scott St.

Peoples' Market Every Sunday 9am Alabama Road. Jams, Chutneys, Eggs, Olive Oil, Pears, Tomatoes, Live Chicks, Organic Fertilizer, Belts, Buckles, Fishing Gear, Souvenirs, Jewellery.

SF Marlborough (supporting families in mental well being) For information/advocacy/support for families living with mental illness please contact Cheryl or Lyn on 577 5491 or visit us at 4 Scott Street. All Welcome.

Sheets ‘n’ Things Good used linen for sale! Open Monday to Friday 9.00am - 12 noon at Bread of Life, 14b Stephenson Street (opp Boys College) Phone: 577-5423.

The Blue Door is open Monday to Friday 9.00am - 3.30pm. Saturday 9.00am - 2pm. Surplus items to your requirements we would gladly accept we can deliver. Phone 5794353.



community services Marlborough After hours GP Services: at Wairau Hospital campus, after 6pm. (excluding Redwoodtown Doctors patients see below) Reception 520 6377. Office 520 9980. Ambulance: Urgent 111. Non urgent 579 4870. Redwoodtown Doctors: 9am-noon Saturday morning. Redwoodtown Doctors' patients requiring A/H consultations please phone 5780470. After Hours Chemists: Springlands Pharmacy 9am-6pm 7 days Ph 5782271. Diabetes NZ Marlborough: 57 755 49, O f f i c e h r s Tues,Wed,Thurs 9am-3pm. Lifeline Marlborough: 5778668, 24hr helpline. M a r lborough Wome n' s Refuge, Rape and Sexual Abuse Resource Centre: Crisis line, phone Wairau Hospital (5209999) and ask for Women's Refuge contact numbers. Overeaters Anonymous: Red Cross Rooms, 33 Redwood Street. Every Tuesday at 7.30pm. Victim Support: 0800 VICTIM (0800 842 846) Alcoholics Anonymous: Rose 5777651, Harvey 5788125 Al-Anon: Help for families & friends of alcoholics. Ph Margaret 578 4690 or Ross 578 5896. Alzheimers Society Marlborough: 577 6172, 8 Wither Rd, Mon,Wed,Fri 9am-

4pm / Tue, Thrus 9.30-3pm. Hospital Visiting Hours Wairau Hospital: Daily 11.30am-7.30pm, children under 12 may visit parents only. Maternity Ward: 10am-Noon, 4pm-7pm. Children's Ward: Daily 10am8pm. Visiting at all times is subject to the discretion of the nurse in charge of the ward. Marlborough Family Budgeting Free,confidential budgeting advice. Monday -Friday. Phone 578 2006. Citizens Advice Bureau Free, friendly, confidential advice. Mon - Fri 9.30am - 4pm. Phone 578 4272. Picton Doctor: Phone weekend doctor 573 6092 or Marlborough After Hours GP Service 520 6377. Office 5209980. Ambulance: Urgent 111. Nonurgent 579 4870. Chemist:Picton Healthcare Pharmacy. Ph 573 6420 Mon -Fri 9-6pm, Sat-Sun 9-3pm, Queen Charlotte Pharmacy 573 7927 Sat 9-1pm. Seddon Health Clinic Monday 10am-1pm; Wednesday 3pm-7pm; Friday 10am-1pm. After hours: Marlborough GP Services: Reception: 520 6377. Office: 520 9980. For an appointment phone 578 1665 or Seddon Plunket Rms 575 7194 during clinic hours.

CLINCH, Jean Rachael: Passed away, peacefully, on February 18, 2011 at Blenheim. Loved partner of Don, much loved and cherished mother and mother-in-law of Brian and Marcia Conroy, Dennis and Sue Conroy, and Gloria Conroy, loved grandmother of Shane, Tania, Lee and Toni; Abby, Joshua and Jemma; and Corey and Dianah, loved great grandmother of all her great grandchildren, and loved sister of Owen Adams, Ian Adams and Betty Beaumont. Messages to the Clinch-Conroy family, c/- PO Box 110, Blenheim 7240. In lieu of flowers, donations to Hospice Marlborough would be appreciated and may be made at the service or sent to PO Box 411, Blenheim 7240. GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ Ph 03 578 4719 CRESSWELL, Wayne Arthur: Passed away suddenly on February 17, 2011 at Wairau Hospital. Aged 54 years. Loved husband and soulmate of Sam, much loved father of Kiara, and Jake; also Stephen (Auckland). Messages to the Cresswell family, c/- PO Box 110, Blenheim 7240. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Marlborough branch of the Cancer Society would be appreciated and may be made at the service or sent to PO Box 233, Blenheim 7240. GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ Ph 03 578 4719


Acknowledgements The Sun Newspaper now offers an acknowledgement service to its readers. You can submit acknowledgements following family bereavements. The deadline will be on Mondays at 5.00pm, with a limit of 50 words for $10.00. You can submit acknowledgements by bringing them to the Sun office at 72 High Street, or posting them to PO Box 634 Blenheim 7240. You can also email them to Please include your contact details: Name, address, email and phone numbers, including your mobile number if possible.

By ByRussell RussellMcQuarters McQuarters

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Crossword a bit 79 Market Street, Blenheim • Phone: 577 9644


The Sun

Wednesday February 23, 2011

health & beauty

for sale

wanted to buy

public notice

public notice

public notice

public notice

ADRIENNE'S Beauty Den. For all your beauty treatment. 85 Lakings Road. Ph 578 8862

2L MILK, 2 for $6.50. Night ´n Day. 60 Main Street Blenheim.

DONT get the skip in yet! Some of the more valuable items come out of old sheds. Free quotes given. JUST BROWSING 5775402

FEELING thirsty? Cream freeze delux shakes, Brain Freeze and Sundaes. Night ´n Day. 60 Main Street Blenheim.

Big -Fun Entertainment. Pom Pom the magic clown etc. Ph 577 7393

MARLBOROUGH Horticultural Society late Summer Show. 26 Feb. St Christophers Hall. Redwoodtown. 9 - 4.30pm. All Welcome

GRAB a beer or wine on way home without any wait. Night ´n Day. 60 Main Street Blenheim.

HOT Chicken and Chips, Fish and Chips. From 11am till 9pm. Night ´n Day. 60 Main Street Blenheim. SPECIAL $35 WOF for February only at Precision Auto Centr e, 16 Au c k l a n d Street, Blenheim. Phone 577 7783

Builder Available

BIT HOT? Then come to Night ´n Day. 60 Main Street Blenheim for a Slushie or Energy Shake

HELOVA Coffee and Iced Coffee on the go, at 60 Main Street, Night ´n Day Blenheim

B O AT Cleaning / Grooming/Professional Valet. Pick-up and delivery with Free boat & trailer safety check. Phone for grooming prices. Powerboat Centre, 72 Grove Rd, Ph 5780569 or 0276425400 after hours.

EAR HEALTH Removal of Ear Wax using microscope & suction. Ph for an appointment 5788310 at Physiotherapy Centre, 11 Francis St. ELECTROLYSIS A permanent solution for unwanted facial hair. Phone Elaine at Ericson Medi Spa 577 8688

PEDIGREE Persian Kitten -. Female, litter trained, wormed and de-fleaed. Also older females. Available to pet homes only. From $25 upto $250. Ph 027791520

FACELIFTING Using NZ's only Specialised Ultrasound Machine. Intro du c tor y 1 hour special $40.00 Phone Ericson Medi Spa today 577 8688. Gift Vouchers available. MOLE checks - for a thorough skin check using dermoscopy. Call the Skin Clinic 578 1665.

decorator Decorator

Merv Scott Decorating

For all your painting & decorating needs • Wallpapering • Waterblasting • Painting and much more

Phone Merv 0800 Do It Up (0800 36 4887) or 021 669 666

Member of Master Painters Association

WHITE CHIP & WHITE ROCKS Ideal for pebble gardens, paths, driveways. Phone Thomson 5756885 holiday accomodation

TE RAWA RESORT Wilson Bay Pelorus Sound. Restaurant & Bar. Right at the waters edge, accommodation, Shop, On & Off Licence, petrol on wharf, LPG & moorings. Private functions & small conferences. Ph 03 579 8285

N.Z BOOKS, or collections, old postcards, fountain pens, bayonets, swords etc. Any thjng old or interestng. JUST BROWSING. Bat t ys Road 5775402 OLD whaling and early NZ/Maori items wanted. Private registered collector. Phone Phill on 5775402 or A/H 5788551

public notice GOLD Max Bread 2 for $4. Only at Night ´n Day. 60 Main Street Blenheim.

Enhance your child’s communication skills, confidence and creativity Drama classes available for students wanting to sit Speech NZ exams or Join the Drama Club! Fun classes in acting and performance skills, creating your own drama and much much more. All classes available to students 7-18years Term one starts 21st Feb onwards. For more information, contact: Sarah Taylor 0274615218 or email

No job too big or small. New homes, alterations, renovations, extentions, decking etc. Ph 027 422 9980

Engaged, Cohabiting or Married Maybe you are spending (or have spent) more time preparing for a wedding ceremony than investing in what is necessary to build a stable, healthy and lasting relationship. The PREPARE/ENRICH assessment identifies strength and growth areas in a relationship and trained facilitators provide 4-8 sessions helping the couple to understand and discuss the results and to learn relationship skills.

The one-off cost is $40.00 per couple. Phone John & Jeanie Etheredge 578 6873

����������������� �����������������

Saturday May 7th 2011

���������������������������������������� 11am start at Richmond Brook Station �������������������������������������������� Marlborough Historic Station, Awatere Valley ����������������������������������������

Marlborough Multicultural Festival 2011

• 25 km Top Beat $40 • 15 km Middle Beat $40 • 10 km Gully Beat $30 �������������������������������������������� • 10 km Paddock Beat $5 • Family $50 (2 adults, 2 children)

For entry ���������������������� �����������������������������

forms go to


To celebrate Cultural Diversity in Marlborough and Race Relations Awareness


• John Ryan

ENTRIES ���������������������� (027 5777 545) ����������������������������� CLOSE • Lindsay Fraser APRIL 30 (027 4305 355) ����������������������

When: Sat 26 February 2011 - 11am to 4pm Where: Pollard Park, Blenheim Please contact Rosimeire or Katrina at the Marlborough Migrant Centre, Tel: 579-6410 or email: Join us for music, food and a fun-filled atmosphere!

����������������������������� LATE ENTRIES + $10


• Neale Lawson (027 208 9172) • Alan Miller (03) 578 8368

Trades and Services �����������������������������

Builder Over 70% of our work comes from recommendation by SATISFIED CUSTOMERS


Yes, we do house calls

Yes, we do house calls • Prompt friendly service & support

Make us your first call for: * Alterations and additions * Renovations * New homes * Commercial projects

• New & used computer sales •Prompt friendly service • Computer component sales • Computer and supportupgrades • Internet/email connections & help •New & Used sales • Infusion small computer business software • Farming & vineyard software •Computer component sales • HP & leasing options •Computer upgrades Sam Rutherford Ph: 572 /9287, 572 9285 •Internet Email027connections Email: and help •Infusion small business software •Farming & vineyard software •HP & leasing options

Electrical Services

Garage Doors



For all your electrical needs


Classic Gates

Honda EU20i Generator

• Tilt Doors • Commercial Doors • Gate Systems

Call Neil Callahan & Ian Martella Ph: 579 4445 Fax: 578 4443

Want To


Landscape Supplies

Spot For Your Business Call Les at the SUN to discuss your options. Prices start from $35.00+GST a week

Cantwell Joinery & Window Centre Ph: 578 3375

Cnr Bristol & Manchester Sts Riverlands Industrial Estate


• Roller Doors

Sam Rutherford Ph:572 9287, 027 572 9285 Email

Secure This

2450 $ l a eci GST


• Sectional Doors

ROYCE HARTLAND 0275 678 854 A/H 572 5422

Kitchen & Joinery Specialists


• 5 grades of bark • compost & soil conditioner • pungas • peastraw • bricks • cream pebble • white chip • screened topsoil • firewood • coal • trailer hire • wine barrels

• Garage Door Openers 41 Grove Road BLENHEIM

Ph 578 8251 Painter


Sheffield Street Riverlands Estate Blenheim

Ph 578 9590


Ph/Fax 578 0374 a/h 021 838 550

578 1021



Tree Care

MJs Plastering Ltd


6 Nelson St, Blenheim

Exterior Plastering & Waterproofing

Interiors, exteriors, reseidential, commercial Including wallpapering, varnishing, roof spraying, new homes, repaints - we do it all

• EPS Cavity • Monotek • Masonry

Phone 03 570 2214 Fax 03 570 2219 Mobile 0272 472 784


Prices start from $35.00+GST a week

Quality Plaster coatings over

All Workmanship Guaranteed

Spot For Your

Williams Service Centre

For all painting and decorating needs


Secure This

Call Les at the SUN to discuss your options.

See the experts for: Powdercoating Gates, Fencing Furniture Pool Fences

Want To


All work guaranteed Ring Mike 021 572 800 Approved Dulux Acratex and Mineral Plasters Applicator

Refinishers For all spraypainting requirements • Cars • Trucks, buses and caravans • Boats, marine and farming equipment • Joinery • Deckliner • Aircraft “Care in our work, , pride in our operation and customers come first” 40 Park Terrace, Blenheim

577 5166

Tree Removal Height Reduction Trimming/Thinning Hedge Trimming Line Clearance Branch Chipping Mulch Supplies Fully Insured FREE QUOTES

Ph. 03 578 0083

(Lance) 021 361912

The Sun



to let

John R. Mills

2 Bedroom flat. Carport. Unsuitable for children. No Dogs. Redwoodtown. $190 per week. Phone 0272572018

Qualified Painter & Decorator • All painting • Wallpapering • Specialist spray equipment • Water blasting • Equipment hire • Gib stopping

Phone 021 469 873 or 574 2466 for sale 2007 TRX 420 2/4wd $5700. Marlborough Trials Centre, 53 Grove Rd. PH 5792500 or 027 230 3151.

2011 Can-Am Outlander 500

Wednesday February 23, 2011 situation vacant

Trainee Livestock Representative

FOR RENT IN RENWICK Brand new, never lived in. • Fully landscaped, fenced, totally secure and private. • 3 bed, dbl garage. • Heat pump, d/washer, sep. laundry. • Sunny site. • Close to school. $350 per week neg. for right tenant. Phone/text 027 252 9172 or 572 5422 to view anytime. public notice

Springlands Indoor Bowling Club (INC) ROLL UP

Thursday, March 3 and 10, 2010 7.30pm


Thursday 17th March 2011 at 7.30pm Springlands School Hall, Ashton Street New members very welcome Contact Marie 577 7766

PGG Wrightson is one of New Zealand’s largest and most diverse organisations, providing nationwide agricultural services to the rural sector.

PMP Distribution requires delivery people in and around Blenheim to do house-tohouse delivery of circulars.

Due to internal promotions, an opportunity has arisen for a Trainee Livestock Representative to join our team in Blenheim. The successful applicant will participate in a comprehensive on-the-job training programme with support from Senior Livestock Representatives and the Livestock Manager. You will have knowledge and hands-on experience in the livestock industry, and knowledge of, and empathy with the wider rural sector. You will need effective written and oral communication skills, proficiency with Microsoft Office, and to be able to work independently. You also need to be physically fit as this is a high energy role. A full New Zealand driver’s licence is essential. We offer a competitive remuneration package and ongoing support and training. If this role interests you and your skills and experience match what we are looking for, please apply by emailing your CV and covering letter to: Applications close Friday, 4 March 2011.

Register Now - Tuesday classes starting March Limited spaces available


Committed to Excellence, Trusted to Bottle New Zealand for the World

Call Pip today 03-544 9812

Used Motor bikes

2007 Aeon Crosslander 2wd orange, secondhand. $3300.00. 2007 New Aeon Crosslander 2wd, green $4900. Marlborough Trials Centre, 53 Grove Rd. PH 5792500 or 027 230 3151. 2007 Suzuki LTZ 90. Very good condition. $2400SOLD. 2007 Suzuki LTZ 50. Very good Condition. $1900 Marlborough Trials Centre, 53 Grove Rd. PH 5792500 or 027 230 3151. 2009 GAS Gas EC 200 $10,500. 2009 Gas Gas EC 250 $10,500. Marlborough Trials Centre, 53 Grove Rd. PH 5792500 or 027 230 3151.

2006 AG 100 Yamaha Farmbike, fully reconditioned, ready to go. $1700 gst inclusive.

2005 Kawasaki 250cc Stockman farmbike, disc brakes, new tyres, ready to go $3500 gst inclusive.

situation vacant

CLEANER Havelock Hours to suit For details phone 57 27 907 or 027 44422927

Grape Harvester Drivers We require people to join our team as Harvester drivers for the upcoming vintage. The positions would be a mid-March start for approximately 4 weeks.

Aeon Cube 2WD 300cc, Bull bars, windscreen and mud flaps, side covers Great vineyard workhorse. $5490 gst inclusive.

53 Grove Rd

Ideally the applicants would have experience driving a grape harvester, a class 2 license & W endorsement.

If you are conscientious and reliable and want to earn some money while getting fit, please phone or text Kim: 577 7513 or 027 767 2535

Customer Service Representative Strait Shipping Limited, proudly New Zealand owned freight and passenger shipping company, is looking for outgoing Customer Service Representatives to join our Bluebridge passenger team at our Picton Passenger Terminal. The role is a part time position (approx 30 hours per week) and based on a roster incorporating days, nights, weekends and public holidays. This varied customer service role includes: • Customer bookings through our call centre • Passenger check-in • Marshalling passenger vehicles • Dealing with customer enquiries • Tying up the ships’ lines To be successful in this role you will be happy to roll up your sleeves and pitch in, be able to use your initiative and be a team player.

training centre

for sale

Webwork part time. Design and manage databases and servers. Linux. php. SQL. web design. Work from home and or head quarters. First, please send CV to


NZQA Approved part-time evening programme

500cc, Top Specs, winch, overfenders, tow ball. Only $16990 GST included

situation vacant


FREE Money and Investing Course in Blenheim

 Demystify the world of finance  Hot money tips for you  Develop your own money plan  Learn in a team environment


Supervisor - Warehouse and Distribution Established 13 years ago, The WineWorks Group is New Zealand’s largest dedicated contract wine bottling, warehousing and distribution service provider to the New Zealand wine industry. WineWorks operates 5 dedicated wine bottling lines in two geographic locations, Marlborough and Hawkes Bay, therefore offering a high level of flexibility to its clients. Both facilities operate under the principles of ‘Lean manufacturing’ and offer a one-stop-shop service including bulk wine collection, in-house wine laboratory, WECS service, wine bottling, packaging, temperature stabilised warehousing, national distribution, international distribution, container loading FCL and container consolidations. They also offer their clients on-line inventory access which facilitates dispatch ordering from anywhere in the world 24/7. The reputation of the business has attracted an expert team who are knowledge rich and committed to both commercial and service delivery success. Based at the WineWorks Marlborough facility and reporting to the Warehousing and Distribution manager, the Warehouse Supervisor is the coordination and workflow champion, responsible for supervising a dedicated team in a style that contributes to the continuous improvement culture. In order to be successful in this position ideally you will possess.. • • • • • • •

A number of years experience in a modern FMCG, Export or other specialist distribution facility including at least three (3) years supervising or leading a team of direct reports. Outstanding communication skills both internally and externally. Absolute dedication to client care, achieving deadlines and getting it right first time. An excellent motivator and team leader that leads by example. Be computer literate and have a keen eye for numeracy accuracy. A strong focus on H&S. OSH approved forklift experience, preferably with reach truck experience. Experience of operating in a lean manufacturing environment.

Finding the right people to fit our team is important & training will be given – therefore we are also interested in people that are not experienced but have had farm machinery/tractor experience & are keen to learn a new skill.

Please phone Tracy on 579 1525 or 027 444 1404 for further details

Closing date for applications 4th March 2011 @ 4.00pm.

Your energy, motivation and forward thinking approach together with excellent interpersonal skills will ensure that you will enjoy this exciting and innovative environment. If you are focused on a solid career with an industry leading company apply now by emailing a letter of application and full CV to...

If you have previous customer service experience, cash handling and computer knowledge and have a full, clean driver’s licence, we want to hear from you now!

Applications close 16/3/2011 Please forward your CV to Marie Jessup,

Trade Sales Team Members 40 Hours Per Week We’re looking for two experienced Sales Team Members ready for an immediate start. The roles are based at our Alabama Road store in the Trade Department. Hours are 40hpw: 1 role is Tues- Sat and the other is Sun-Thurs Some lifting is required. FULL Driver’s License is mandatory. The successful applicant will be: • Interested in the trade and building industry (experience is a plus!) • People and team-focussed • Honest and reliable • Enthusiastic and positive • Skilled in Sales and Point of Sale • Willing to learn new skills If this role is of interest to you, then please forward you letter of introduction and CV to the address below by Monday 28th of February 2011: Pam Allen-Baines HR Department Mitre 10 MEGA Marlborough P O Box 67, Blenheim 7240


for sale


Brown Shaver Point of Lay Hens

2 Adult cats FREE to good home. Would suit older family with no other pets or small children. Phone 5778140

Free ranged, vaccinated, commercial quality laying stock Point of Lay hens - $25ea Blenheim Delivery (Central p/up point) Saturday 12th March 2011 Brown Shaver Day olds - $4.75ea Cobb Meat Bird Day Olds - $3.80ea Min. order 30x chicks Min. airfreight charge $23.50 (30x chicks) $39 (up to 100 chicks) Collection Blenheim Airport Friday 8th April 2011

Heslips Hatcheries, Fairlie (03) 685 8778

The Sun


Wednesday February 23, 2011

Springlands School to Celebrate

wanted to buy

<Springlands School teachers and pupils stand in front of the school’s Centennial Bell ahead of its 125th anniversary celebrations later this year. The school is calling all past and present pupils to take part in the occasion, and seeking any photos or other memoribilia which they may be able to contribute. The event is scheduled for November 18 and 19. Mayor Alistair Somwan will be present to open the official celebrations. Back row: Lisa Taylor [administration], Gaylene Beattie, Claire Hutchison, Heather Blee [teachers]. Middle row: Phoebe Chambers, Leon Poswillo. Front row: Kimberley Price, Jack Wilkes, Chloe Derry.

FREEZER large upright. Auto defrost. Good condition. Phone 5785403 birthday

situation vacant

Cleaner Wanted We currently have vacancies for cleaners to work part time in a number of contracts. The contracts cover a range of sites, with variable start and finish times.

Computerised Colour Come in and see our Can tint any Colour matChing system! We g in your sample! in you require - just br

If you are conscientious worker and able to work as part of a team we would be happy to hear from you.


Training will be provided. Applicants will be required to pass a police check.

Please phone 578 5521 for further information.

when you buy 8L Get an 8 pack of coke fRee

bmans paint!*

oR moRe of wattyL oR tau

Bible Answers... with Pastor Jeff Williams

Do you have a Bible question for Jeff? Email us your question at or post it to us. Full confidentiality is assured at all times.

Q- Who are the gods of Psalm 82:6? (FP – Blenheim) A – Fallen angels. The word “gods” appears over 200 times in the Bible and usually refers to one of two things: 1) idols (e.g. Gen. 31:32) or, 2) the devils behind the idols – the fallen angels! Psalm 82:6-7 reads, “I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High. But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes.” The speaker is Almighty God and he is speaking to a portion of his angels – the ones who rebelled against him. Remember that all of the angels are created beings. At one time they all followed God and were called “the sons of God” (Job 38:7) - two lots of angels that we know of rebelled against God at some point in history. Some followed Satan in his rebellion (Isa 14:12 ff) with more details given in Revelation 12:3-7. Another lot of these “sons of God” rebelled in the manner stated in Genesis 6:1-4 – more information is given on this rebellion in II Peter 2:4 & Jude 6. The net effect of this was a class of fallen angels that the Bible refers to as gods, devils, unclean spirits, foul spirits, etc. They, along with their leader Satan, desire worship and throughout much of the Bible have accomplished this through idolatry – read carefully Psalm 106:37-38 and not how the words “devils” and “idols” are used interchangeably. Where one worships (or gives reverence, venerates, adores or otherwise bows down to) a graven image, a devil is always sure to step in to suck up the worship. It is truly mindblowing that in Blenheim in 2011 we still have “churches” in our town that blatantly defy the second commandment and have statues in their sanctuaries! These “gods” where the one’s that Eve was tempted to be like in Genesis 3:5. Psalm 82:6 simply records God’s promise of judgment on these fallen angels – although they are spirits and not men, the next verse says that they “shall die LIKE men” in the lake of fire which was “prepared for the devil and his angels.” (Matt 25:41)




• Heavy duty multi-purpose building adhesive suitable for bonding wood, plasterboard & panels


• Interior use • Water clean-up • Paintable, flexible white sealant • 25 yr guarantee

NOW $5.99EA 4450732




THIS WEEK AT MBBC... Tue – 22 Feb 7:00 – Blenheim Bible Institute Wed – 23 Feb 3:45 pm – Kid’s Club – Redwoodtown 7:00 pm – Prayer Meeting Thu – 24 Feb 1:30 pm – Ladies’ Group – Renwick Fri – 25 Feb 7:00 pm – Teen Group Sun – 28 Feb 3:00, 4:00 & 6:00 pm - Services

Marlborough Bible

Baptist Church

eaRn bonus VoucheRs with a pLacemakeRs know how caRD! offers valid from WedNesdaY 23rd feBrUarY 2011 To TUesdaY 1 marCH 2011 oNlY. kNoW HoW Card Terms & CoNdiTioNs applY.

PO Box 484, Blenheim. Meeting at 49 Wither Rd Ph: 578-1471

Cnr Grove Rd & Farmar St • Ph: 520 6030 Hours Mon - Fri 7aM - 5.30 pM • sat 8aM - 4pM sun 9aM - noon

Sun sport

The Sun

Wednesday February 23, 2011


Havelock to host vintage motocross event By Damian George One of the few Marlborough-based events on the Top of the South Vintage Motocross Club’s calendar will be held in Havelock this Sunday. The VMX club consists of members whose bikes were built before 1986, and was set up to get older motorcycles back out on to racing tracks. However, Top of the South VMX Club website manager Brett Burns says the club day will be a chance for riders with both vintage and modern bikes to take part. “At club days, we have an emphasis on fun - a lot of juniors come and we try and get as many young riders as we can. “We allow people to bring along a modern bike if they want to. We have one category for those bikes.” Of the ten or so events on the club’s calendar, typically only two or three

are held in Marlborough, and the club is hoping to secure more Marlboroughbased events in the future, Brett says. “We’re trying to push for more of them to be over here. “Lots of people still have older bikes like I do, but they don’t want to travel so much.” Brett, who is also a club member and VMX rider, says the key to attracting more events is raising the profile of the club. “It’s a club decision as to where the events are held, but probably 80 percent of riders are more Nelson-based,” he says. “There’s a lot of riders here in Blenheim but we just don’t seem to get the turnout.” Sunday’s event will be held at the farm of Havelock residents Keith and Lynley Delany, on State Highway Six.

Brett says the day is a chance for people to bring bikes along which they have “spent hours building”, on tracks which are less challenging than modern motocross tracks. * For more information on the VMX club, visit totsvmx

Another win for Paddy

Your week in sport

Phoenix season not a complete flop

Eastern States Speedway super saloon driver Paddy North has added another trophy to his cabinet after winning second place in the South Island Super Saloon Championship on February 12. Paddy drove his 2010 LRC Monaro Super Saloon to victory, finishing just one point behind Nelson’s Ian Burson and a few points ahead of 3NZ Richie Taylor. “It was an awesome night with the title decided over a three-heat deal. I had two seconds and one

fourth place finish but not quite good enough to match Burse,” he said. This tops a successful six weeks of racing after Paddy won third place in the NZ Grand Prix and fifth at the NZ Super Saloon Title. For more action packed racing, Eastern States Speedway is hosting the ¾ Midget Open Championship, Production Open Championship and Streetstock Closed Championship this Saturday at 6pm.

It is a sign of the times that the Wellington Phoenix’s firstround playoff loss to Adelaide United in soccer’s A-League over the weekend was seen as the last act of a rather disappointing season. Only two seasons ago, securing a finals spot in the competition would have represented a major success – after all, until that time, no New Zealand club had achieved the feat. But thanks to the groundbreaking year that was 2010, in which the Phoenix not only qualified for post-season action, but went on to reach the semifinals, those days are now gone. The Phoenix instead found

itself in the unfamiliar situation of being expected to perform – known in sporting terms as carrying the often unwanted “favourites” tag. And, while a 12 win, five draw, 13 loss record was a reasonable return, it was one which left its fans a little dissatisfied. For fans and spectators, it was a season which never quite reached the heights they had expected. Their disappointment is probably warranted - given the club’s personnel for this season was largely the same as that which went so far last year. The Phoenix had set the benchmark, and failed to really

deliver under the a d d e d Damian George pressure of expectation. But, through it all, it was evident during the season the Phoenix and its fans had now established a New Zealand soccer franchise that is no longer impressed with mediocrity, but one which wants to be a title contender. It is hard to appreciate when living outside Wellington, but there is a buzz around the Phoenix in the capital which is the pulse of New Zeland soccer. Whatever the results, let’s hope that continues.

Gates open saturday 26th february at 6pm • racinG starts at 7pm Adults $15 • Families $25 • Children 5-16 $3 • Under 5 FREE • Members $8

• 3/4 midget open champs • production open champs • streetstock closed champs

eastern states speedway Home of tHe nz modified Grand Prix - Proud to be alcohol free -

• plus supporting classes


The Sun

Wednesday February 23, 2011

Age not a barrier for cyclists By Damian George Just because you’re old, doesn’t mean you can’t get out on your bike and ride the hours away: that’s the message from local cycling enthusiast Alan Hall. The 67-year-old is part of a group of cyclists in their mid-50s to early-80s who ride twice a week around the roads of Blenheim, not letting age stand in the way of having a good time. “It’s a very sociable thing, rather than a serious thing,” Alan says. “Obviously, there are people who train seriously but most of us just go out and enjoy it. “These people are all fit and active at this time of their lives. They’re not sitting watching the tele; they’re still leading happy, active lives.” The group was formed several years ago when members of the Marlborough Tramping Club decided to take up cycling as the demands of trekking became too difficult. While the majority of riders partake purely for leisure - not to mention the well-earned coffee at the end of the day - the group also consists of some very keen riders defying their age by training for some rigorous events. Several of the group are preparing for the 101-km Marlborough Grape Ride in April - the oldest being 78-years-old - while some are also gearing up for the 161-km Source to Sea Cycle Challenge later this year. “The main point I want to make is that growing old doesn’t mean a death sentence,” Alan says. “Just because you’re old, it doesn’t mean you should just put your feet up and give up on life.” The group ride every Wednesday and Friday morning, leaving from either the Marlborough Museum carpark or the Blenheim Railway Station and usually ride for about two hours.


Keeping fit: Cyclists Alan Hall [left], Helen Miller, Win Edwards and Bev Paul prepare for their two-hour ride on Friday morning.

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23 February Blenheim Sun  

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