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Duck derby is back By Celeste Alexander

The Life Education Trust Marlborough has all of its ducks in a row in order to bring the quackiest race back to Blenheim for the third year. The Five Buck a Duck Derby is only weeks away and as a fundraising event that supports the Life Education Trust’s work, this one certainly fits the bill. There are 700 ducks which

will race along the Taylor River, starting from the High Street Bridge at 12noon and crossing the finish line at the Henry Street bridge. Each duck will correspond to a $5 ticket which can be purchased from the MoreFM reception, Sweet Creations on John Street, Cherubs Childrenswear on Wynen Street, and some may be available on the day. Continued on page 2.

Charnay Van Rooyen (Life Education Trust), Eva Francis (MTF Finance Blenheim), Georgia Watt (MoreFM), Nicky Strong (Life Education Trust) and young Louis Strong are excited to launch the Life Education Trust’s third Duck Derby. They’re pictured on the Henry Street bridge which is near the derby’s finish line.

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The Sun

Wednesday April 7, 2021

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Five buck a duck derby


Continued from page 1. Like all quacking great duck derbies, there are some amazing prizes up for grabs for the ducks that cross the finish line first. There’s a $500 cash prize for the first placed duck courtesy of MTF Finance Blenheim, a $200 Cycle World voucher for second place, and a $100 Subway voucher sponsored by Cresswell Electrical for third place. The winning corporate duck will also receive a

Les Whiteside les@blenheimsun.co.nz

fantastic prize; a morning tea from Sweet Creations. It’s one of the Life Education Trust Marlborough’s popular fundraising events and one that’s sure to attract a good crowd, trustee and organiser Nicky Strong says. “This is our third time running the derby and each year it continues to grow,” she says. “In the first year we had 500 regular ducks and 30 corporate ducks; we sold all 500 and 15 of the corporate ducks.

“Then in 2019 we sold 564 regular ducks and 23 corporate ducks, raising over $5000 after costs so it’s definitely getting bigger and better. “And now this year we have a fundraising coordinator, Charnay Van Rooyen, which we haven’t had before and she has made it her mission to sell all 30 corporate ducks. “It would be nice to sell all of our ducks this year and to provide a fun event for families,” Nicky says.

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Poppy art flies into Blenheim By Celeste Alexander

In the lead up to Anzac Day a very special piece of artwork being flown around the country made a stop here in Marlborough over Easter weekend. As part of the national Poppy and Starflight project, a large black and white poppy, made up of smaller knitted poppies, went on display at the Clubs of Marlborough, before having some more poppies added to it courtesy of some local knitters. The artwork is being flown by 34 volunteer pilots who are carrying it with the town of arrival hosting a welcome party. Those communities can get involved with fund-

raising. It also gives these communities the opportunity to add poppies and stars to the original small pieces of artwork so they can grow as they make their way around New Zealand. The Poppy & Star Flight project was organised by Melanie and Kevin Salisbury of Aviation Tours NZ who a few years ago thought; “Wouldn’t it be cool to fly a poppy around NZ raising money for the Returned Services Association (RSA)?” It was supposed to begin in the lead up to Anzac Day 2020 but was cancelled due to COVID, and moved forward to this year. This ‘passing thought’ was

made possible thanks to a team of volunteers. It has become a major fundraiser and all funds raised go directly to the (RSA), the Starship Foundation and NZ Warbirds. It also serves to bring together remembrance and hope for the future, encouraging children to remember those who fought for our freedom, many of whom paid the ultimate price, and to encourage them to think about returned servicemen and women who need help and support. Embracing the project, the Clubs of Marlborough rolled out the welcome mat and on Sunday, put on a free family event, inviting the public along to see the artwork and Pat Le Compt, Neroli Edwards and Chris Kay were all smiles as support the local knitters. they added their contribution to the poppy artwork.


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The Sun

Wednesday April 7, 2021

Councils facing court challenge to freedom camping rules By Chloe Ranford, Local Democracy Reporter

Freedom camping rules in two popular tourist regions are being challenged in the High Court by a national caravan group for being too restrictive. The New Zealand Motor Caravan Association board has agreed to ask the High Court to review the Marlborough District Council’s new freedom camping bylaw. The association is challenging similar rules in the Queenstown-Lakes district. Queenstown-Lakes was the second most popular freedom camping destination in the South Island before the coronavirus lockdown and Marlborough was the fourth most popular, according to research by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. But Marlborough has since put an end to freedom camping at eight council sites and ruled visiting vehicles must be self-contained. The association said it found those actions were “disproportionate and unreasonable”.

It also believed the public was not consulted about a second drafting of the bylaw, and that the bylaw undermined the Freedom Camping Act, which guided the bylaw review, and said councils “must not absolutely prohibit freedom camping” in their regions. Association chief executive Bruce Lochore said Marlborough’s councillors had failed in their duties by “ignoring” an independent expert hired by the council to conduct a region-wide freedom camping review. The expert recommended the council allow freedom camping everywhere except certain sites, open up to four new freedom camping sites in the region, and close another two. Instead, councillors agreed to not open new sites and close eight existing ones after the bylaw’s proposals drew the ire of residents. “They paid people for the work, then the council ignored it,” Bruce said. Bruce said the association’s lawyers had been instructed to submit their case to the High Court “as quickly as they [could]”. He was unsure which High Court the case would be taken to, or when.

Andrew James, system manager, Top of the South for Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, has apologised for damage to some vehicles, caused during the weeks of



resealing of parts of State Highway 1 between Picton and Blenheim. (Blenheim Sun March 31 2021, p.6) “Due to some partial failures at this recent reseal site, the chips have been stripping,” he says.


The Sun

Four days of rain alters everything It may come as no surprise to residents of Blenheim that rainfall in March was almost double its long-term average rainfall. That figure, however, came after a very dry 27 days with only 1.4 mm of rain recorded. That al changed in the final four days of March with 77.8 mm of rainfall, the first substantial rainfall event for Blenheim has received since early November 2020. Up to March 27 however, Blenheim was heading for its lowest March rainfall in the 92 years 1930 to 2021. The final rainfall total of 79.2 mm is now the twelfth highest March total on record in those 92 years. The four months from December 1 2020 to March 27 2021 had a total rainfall of only 54.8mm; only 31 percent of the long-term average.

Dog control progress New Zealand Motor Caravan Association’s Marlborough chairman Ian Simmons at Blenheim’s Wynen St freedom camping site. Ian says both members and travellers felt they had been prohibited from sites – some of which had been open for decades – without a real reason. Photo by Scott Hammond, Local Democracy Reporting

“It’s just disappointing that we have to do this. We’ve spent years trying to talk to [the Marlborough District Council] sensibly ... If they’d taken that professional advice, the council wouldn’t be here.” A council spokesman said this week it was inappropriate for the

council to comment as it involved the potential for legal action. The Thames-Coromandel District Council had to re-write its freedom camping bylaw in 2014 after a High Court judge found it to be illegal and contradictive of itself, siding with the association.

NZTA apology for vehicle damage By Glenise Dreaver


“Some of the chip intended to bed into the new surface did not do this and as a result required more frequent sweeping than it got in the aftermath of the sealing process.” While this resealing project is now completed, he says they

are still monitoring the site and are now regularly sweeping the loose chip from it to reduce impacts upon vehicles. He adds they will be reviewing the situation to determine whether further remedial repairs are required.

Marlborough District Council’s proposed Dog Control policy and bylaw review received 679 submissions and also a petition signed by 699 people opposing dogs being on leash along the Taylor River Reserve. Hearings then allowed submitters to highlight and explain their written submissions and allowed the hearing panel to make enquiries to understand their position. The hearing panel, consisting of Chair Jamie Arbuckle and councillors Nadine Taylor, Thelma Sowman and Barbara Faulls, also did some site visits prior to the hearings. They are now considering all written submissions alongside the additional comments heard during the hearings. A decisions report, and final draft policy and bylaw will be presented for adoption to the Council’s Environment Committee meeting on June 10 2021, before it is ratified by the full council.

Minimum wage rises to $20 per hour

The new legal minimum wage of $20 per hour came into effect on April 1. The minimum wage increase will lift the incomes of around 175,500 New Zealanders – which means $44 more each week before tax for Kiwis working 40 hours a week on the minimum wage.

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The Sun

Wednesday April 7, 2021

W h e n o n ly t h e b e s t W i l l d o !

Lucky rescue off Marlborough coast

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It was a lucky rescue for two men on board a 50-foot yacht in distress off the east coast of Marlborough last Wednesday night. Police were alerted just after 8pm by one of the men on board the ex-fishing trawler, which had lost power in big swells. A search and rescue operation was launched in conjunction with Maritime NZ. The vessel’s lifejackets had been lost overboard in the swell. Police search and rescue co-or-

dinator Senior Sergeant Peter Payne says the potential was there for the situation to end very badly. “I started to have some concerns early on in the piece. “Given the weather conditions, we couldn’t fly, and you’re really limited in the number of vessels that can head out to assist,” he says. While Police and the Rescue Co-ordination Centre had a general idea of where the boat was thanks to their cellphone, rescuers did not officially have a

Exactly 150 years to the day after the church of St John in the Wilderness was opened in Koromiko, its anniversary was celebrated on Sunday, April 4 with a congregation that filled the church. The numbers included former parishioners who travelled from

other centres to attend the sesquicentennial celebration. Former vicar Rev. Richard Dyer, now retired, reminded those present of the circumstances in which the church had been established: “A tough and pioneering time.” The land had, he said, been donated by James and Janey Speed and the timber by Captain Dalton. (A story is told that he

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had also insisted that each of his workers donated a week’s pay to the venture.) Rev Dyer commented on the serenity – and purposeful austerity – of the building, commenting also on the warmth and richness it radiates, evidence of the loving care with which it has been preserved. He also pointed to the growing community in which it stands, and

the potential for growth arising from the evidence of new homes in the area, especially near the airport. After the service, the gates were shut to create a safe space for the children to play, and adults gathered for a special lunch together in the warm autumn sunshine before some of them set off on the road home.

ABOVE: The congregation filled the church at the sesquicentennial celebration of St John in the Wilderness on Sunday. RIGHT: Four local identities joined at cutting the anniversary cake at Sunday's 150th celebrations at St John in the Wilderness. From left, they are Alison Knight, Dorothy Gillett, Shirley Henson and Dorothy Fearn.




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lander ferry located the vessel, approximately four nautical miles out to sea, and one of the fishing boats towed the stricken boat to safety. By midnight, it was anchored safely at Port Underwood. “The pair on board were understandably quite distressed at the situation and very grateful for the rescue,” Peter says. “It was really pleasing to see the co-operation of vessels in the area result in a successful rescue.”

Landmark day for iconic church By Glenise Dreaver


location for the trawler. Typically, helicopters would be utilised in this situation to help with location, but this was not possible in the weather conditions. “We didn’t know how quickly they were drifting, but we knew there was a reasonable wind,” Peter says. An Interislander and a Bluebridge ferry both responded to the distress call, as did two commercial fishing boats. Around 9.50pm the Interis-

michelle MunRo Brenda MunRo margaret SMITh “I would like to nominate the ladies from School Start First Impressions – Michelle Munro, Brenda Munro and Margaret Smith. Providing young children in the community with the things they need to start their schooling on a positive, as well as a cake and presents is a very kind and generous act. These women should be commended for their work. Children are the future and they are working to ensure they have a good start to their futures. Well done

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The Sun

Wednesday April 7, 2021


Life-saving effort Blenheim Toyota for big bird niCe niCe niCe

A juvenile Gibson’s Albatross has just had one very lucky rescue, rehabilitation and release experience. Affectionately named Rosa she happened to land on the bow of the Picton-based fishing vessel Santa Rosa fishing off the West Coast. Skipper Matthew Collett had the foresight to realise the albatross was not well, advised DOC and two days later she arrived in Picton and was transported by DOC to EcoWorld’s rehabilitation centre. The bird was first assessed by Blenheim based Mike Bell of Wildlife Management International. “She is a young female albatross from this year’s breeding season. She was obviously very lethargic and weighed only 4.9kg when she should be at about 7kg in weight,” Mike says. Mike, Toni and Dan from Wildlife Management International then assisted EcoWorld’s staff to rehabilitate Rosa over the past three weeks to help get the youngster back up to a healthy weight. NZ King Salmon, Sandfords, and Henderson’s kindly donated salmon and squid to help feed her up. After regaining weight over the past three weeks she was released out at sea off the coast of Kaikoura. “Albatross Encounter Kaikoura were most accommodating, allowing Dan and myself to release her on to the water off the back of one of their tour boats,” Mike says. “She spent a good amount of time bathing before swimming off. Here’s hoping we get a band re-sighting at her breeding colony in years to come, but she has a long way to go still facing a myriad of threats out at sea”.

niCe niCe niCe

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EcoWorld’s biologist Sarah Nooy pictured holding a rescued juvenile Gibson’s Albatross, which has since been rehabilitated and released.

EcoWorld’s biologist Sarah Nooy said the team was delighted with the successful release. “Rosa is the biggest bird we have rehabbed at EcoWorld. We could not have asked for

a better result! “It’s a great example of our community working together. A huge thanks to all of those who helped and got involved. It was a big team effort,” Sarah says.

Nelson College at Chateau Marlborough on Thursday 8 April 2021

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NCOB Alumni Afternoon - 5.00-7.00pm Join your fellow Nelson College Old Boys and Headmaster Richard Dykes for a chance to catch up and hear an update about the College. All Old Boys and partners are welcome. Contact us for enrolment information or a Boarding Prospectus: boarding@nelsoncollege.school.nz | 03 548 3099 | www.nelsoncollege.school.nz

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The Sun

Wednesday April 7, 2021

Sun readers have their say... with the WORD on the Street.

Q: Daylight Saving - love it, hate it, or should it be permanent?

Tom Coburn Blenheim It doesn’t worry me the way it is.

Colin Cameron Blenheim Daylight savings should be left on summer hours all year round.

Andrea Mooney Blenheim It doesn’t need to change... I like it. It drags out at the end as it’s winding down for winter but it’s something I’m just used to.

Suzie Goodwin Blenheim I think the people who might complain about it would be those dairy farming.

Robert Pirika Blenheim I don’t have any problems with it. I’m used to it now.

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Tony Baird Blenheim I like it! I love coming home from work and being able to do stuff at home when daylight savings begins, but not so much in winter when it’s dark earlier.

Letters to the editor Letters on issues of community i nt erest a re welcome d. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even when a nom de plume is provided for publication.

The editor reserves the right to abridge letters or withhold letters from publication. E m a i l t h e m t o n ew s @ blenheimsun.co.nz or send a fax to phone 577 -7863. Please note that your name and street address MUST be provided with emails.

Bedroom antics not wanted Dear Ed. The March issue of “Marlborough Magazine” contained a leading article which basically was a promotional article for a dominatrix, conducting her business in Blenheim. The article was advertorial and whipping up (excuse pun) business. Shame on Marlborough Maga-

zine editor for the article which in a publication to the public - including youngsters - featured such a subject. What goes on in the bedroom should stay in the bedroom. A number of people I’ve spoken to agreed wholeheartedly with the poor form. “Ex-Editor”

Wasted public money Dear Ed. When in Marlborough I noticed in your fine little community paper, the questionnaire of several people a Mr Taylor blaming possums for bovine TB spread. Does he really Ag Minister Nathan Guy told Parliament of 9830 possums autopsied, not one had TB? Does he know NZ’s bovine

TB rates are so low as to be negligible and are way below the World Health Organisation standard to be regarded TB free status? So the question is why are we wasting public money to fund OSPRI whose task is to make NZ TB-free? L.H, Oamaru

The Marlborough Community Potters held an exhibition last Thursday which attracted a big crowd at the Marlborough Events Centre in Blenheim. Club members and the public mingled and viewed the 130 pieces being exhibited by 27 submitters. A guest judge from Christchurch awarded Merit and Best in Show awards to the standout entries. Pictured at the exhibition are Jayne Lapin and Sara Scott. Jayne is holding one of her pottery pieces. She has been doing pottery for about eight months tutored by Sara. Photo by Celeste Alexander

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The Sun

Wednesday April 7, 2021

2021 - 2031

Long Term Plan Consultation Message from the Mayor The challenges presented in preparing our Long Term Plan have been like no other. While we have fared better than other parts of the world, and other parts of New Zealand, Marlburians are still living in a period of uncertainty caused by the global Covid-19 pandemic. When it was clear that we were confronted with a global crisis right here at home, the Council took decisive action, keeping our rates increase below inflation at 1.88%. These interventions included amongst other things, increased grants to community organisations and facilities providers, funding campaigns to support Marlborough businesses, easing car parking costs to encourage activity in our town centres and continuing planned infrastructure expenditure. We also amended our procurement policy to enable faster, more locally focussed tendering processes. We were able to do this by delaying some expenditure, and now we’re able to smooth rates increases over the next few years due to our strong financial management and low level of debt. Like many other councils, we are now playing catch up. The spending that we put off last year is still needed for Marlborough to move forward. And free parking, while popular, isn’t actually free. It comes at a projected revenue loss of over $550,000 in this financial year for the Council, keeping that account in a deficit. This is one of many issues that are awaiting your feedback.

All local authorities are required by the Local Government Act 2002 to prepare a 10-year Long Term Plan every three years, outlining the what, when and how of their planned spending over the next decade. Our Long Term Plan Consultation Document sets out a plan for our works and services, budgets and rates for the next 10 years, but with a particular focus on the next three years. The Consultation Document proposes increased investment in our infrastructure and economic development, the environment and in sports and community facilities.

• Increased infrastructure investment due to growth and increasing Government and community requirements; • Covid-19 recovery work and revenue impacts; and • New Government regulations, which impact virtually every aspect of Council. Marlborough’s growth is higher now than in the past and is contributing to a greater need for infrastructure investment – primarily pipes in the ground, water treatment and roads. Our infrastructure programme will see a record $80 million budgeted for 2021/2022, and an average of $74 million in each of the Our proposed rates increase is 5.73% following 10 years.

- that’s about $160 a year or $3 per

Our capital expenditure week for the average Marlborough programme has increased household. significantly and this means we will take on more debt. But borrowing is affordable right now, and it spreads the cost fairly across the generations, a principle known as intergenerational equity. This means today’s ratepayers do not bear all the costs of tomorrow’s infrastructure. We have six key aims to achieve our financial outcomes over the next decade. While we may take on more debt, we plan to maintain a minimum AA stable credit rating from S&P Global, as well as cap our debt at $230 million, which is less than 10% of our assets. We’re also maintaining our investments in Port Marlborough, Marlborough Airport and accessible funds for emergencies. Our Long Term Plan is all about positive outcomes for our community - namely our people, environment, economy, connectivity and how we live. These outcomes can only be underpinned by strong governance and community participation. That’s where we need your help. Our consultation document outlines our key priorities for the next decade, which affect our rates, debt and levels of service for our community. Please take the opportunity to have your say. Help us shape Marlborough’s future and how we get there, together.

This year’s rise in rates is likely to be higher than what Marlburians are used to, but still lower than many councils across New Zealand, with some proposing double-digit increases. Currently, we’re proposing a rates increase for the coming financial year from 1 July 2021 of 5.73% - that’s about $160 per year or $3 per week for the average Marlborough household. It will, however, be difficult to get our proposed increase much lower than 5.73% because of the costs driving this increase:

Marlborough District Council is reviewing what we plan to deliver in our community over the next 10 years. Submissions are open for your feedback from 9 April to 10 May 2021.

• Inflation, advised each year by the Local Government Cost Index (LGCI);

It also contains details on a number of proposals including: • Creating a Covid-19 Rates Relief Reserve • Council’s role in housing • Whether to continue with one hour free parking in Blenheim and Picton town centres, but with an indicative 50% increase in parking fees after one hour and an average rating impact of $9.33 per rateable property for 2021-2022 • The adoption of a draft Infrastructure Strategy, draft Financial Strategy and an updated Development Contributions Policy. To find out more and have your say, read the Consultation Document, which you’ll find on our website at www.marlborough.govt.nz or pick one up from the Council’s offices and libraries in Blenheim and Picton.

John Leggett Mayor of Marlborough

Timeline 9 April Public consultation opens

Submission period

10 May Consultation closes at 5pm

1-3 June

8 June

30 June

Submission hearings

Council considers submissions

Adoption of final plan and rates set

1 July New rates effective and Long Term Plan comes into effect



Wednesday April 7, 2021

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Little church holds memories Last weekend, Dorothy Gillett, long-standing former Koromiko resident, returned for the sesquicentennial of the iconic little church of St John in the Wilderness. The energy she devoted to supporting the church is legendary – even extending to mowing the lawns until she had to leave. She talks to Glenise Dreaver about the special place this little roadside church holds in her heart. When Dorothy Gillett of Christchurch heard about the 150th anniversary of St John in the Wilderness, the picturesque church beside State Highway 1 between Koromiko and PIcton, there was no stopping her. After all, fifty years ago, she was one of the parish team that organised the centennial celebration. Despite a competing family event in Tauranga, Dorothy determined that she would attend last weekend’s event no matter what. The former high school teacher at Linwood High said it is fifty seven years since she came to Koromiko with her late husband Roger and their two little girls. They had bought a berry farm after some years working in rural Canterbury and saving for their own property. With her eldest child aged three and her second baby having been born six weeks prematurely and requiring a lot of care, life wasn’t always easy. “So it was difficult to get to church at all,” she says. And, not knowing St John in the Wilderness was even open, for a couple of years she would drive past it to go to Holy Trinity in PIcton at 8am on a Sunday, a manageable time. But it was time-consuming, and expensive at a time when petrol costs were a big consideration, she says. Then she found out about St John and gratefully embraced the change of place for worship which made her life so much easier. At that time, they had a very active Ladies Guild, and it was as part of that group that she became involved with planning the 100th anniversary. Life in the small parish generally flowed smoothly, but Dorothy does remember one occasion when the minister, who was later to

become a bishop, held a whanau baptism there. However, the church was invaded by a swarm of bees. The outcome is uncertain, but it certainly left some parishioners anxious about entering the church, as it wasn’t a totally isolated incident. She also remembers the evening the men of the parish were invited to a Guild meeting at a member’s home, where she demonstrated her wine-making skills. “The men enjoyed that!” says Dorothy. Another popular and interesting meeting came about when a funeral director came to discuss funeral protocols. It raised lively debate on the controversial issue of using land around the church for burials. It was decided that could happen, “but no-one ever asked,” says Dorothy. Nowadays, however, she says it’s such a waste of land to bury bodies. She favours a place where ashes could be scattered though – and with a wry smile points out that has actually unofficially happened anyway. Originally, the little church was always open until issues arose with passing travellers seeing a quiet spot for a rest and reflection, all too often with a cigarette in hand. Butts left lying around the little wooden church were a real fire hazard so one of the many gifts of the nearby Mill’s family has been to pay for iron grilles, allowing the church to be seen, but not entered. And as she fingers the red velvet pew cushion covers, and looks around her at the fabric of the building, she’s thrilled to see the level of care that is going into its upkeep. “I’m just so impressed.” The days when Dorothy made frequent drives back to this special place are over, but her family made arrangements to enable her to celebrate another landmark in this place which is so close to her heart.

Dorothy Gillett, an iconic and long-standing member of an iconic church, returned to the area for the 150th anniversary of St John in the Wilderness, held on Easter Sunday. INSET: St John in the Wilderness, beside State Highway 1 at Koromiko, has served the community for 150 years. Its celebration on Sunday was held in gentle autumn sunshine.

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Wednesday April 7, 2021

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Wednesday April 7, 2021

Custom vans turn heads By Celeste Alexander

Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood celebrities, skeletons and loads of LED lights – these were just a few of the things seen at a public custom van show on Sunday at Riverlands. The 45th New Zealand Custom Van Nationals event was held in Marlborough over Easter weekend, hosted by Vannin Blenheim. It brought van owners from all over the country together to enjoy what their vehicles were customised for – comfortable cruising in style. More than 20 vans began the weekend with a rally last Friday, driving around Blenheim and stopping at all of the historical points, co- organiser Mike Budny says. On Saturday the vans convoyed through the Queen Charlotte Sounds from Havelock to Picton, then later parked up at the Taylor Dam for a BBQ. Sunday the vans came together for

the public’s benefit, putting on a display at the Riverlands Roadhouse which attracted “good crowds”, Mike says. “The crowds were absolutely brilliant,” he says. “A lot of people also stopped to talk to van owners; it was really good.” Sunday night a prizegiving was held. The first place Super Van award went to the 1977 Bedford van owned by Kelvin and Helen Laing of Mosgiel. Many may remember it as the van with a lifesized Mr T figure propped up against it and under the hood the line reading, ‘I pity the fool that touches my van’. There were many other awards handed out including the Hard Luck tropy which went to Colin and Vicky Cameron. The North Island couple had just set out on their journey to Marlborough when a truck crashed into their van. They still managed to journey down in another of their vehicles, and kept a smile on their faces throughout the weekend.

The top national Super Van award went to this van, 1977 Bedford van.

The star attraction of John and Wendy's Capella was the skeleton driver which had a moving head. Former Blenheim man John Pope and wife Wendy pictured with their 'Smashed Alice Rat Wagon', a 1992 Capella. John purchased the car for $150 and spent two-and-a-half years changing it. The car is inspired by the American Ratrod scene and John says more emphasis has been put on the interior than the engine.

Tom Coburn with his 1996 Nissan Serena FX-II he's named 'Dream Time'. Tom spent a total of 505 hours over 34 months to "make it my own", with a single bed inside and a comfortable interior. He uses it everyday as well as in shows and says stage three of the van's overhaul will be a new paint job. But when asked what colour, he says he's keeping it under-wraps.

Chris and Leeann Budny and their daughter Haylee. The couple were part of the show's organising committee and couldn't be happier with how it ran.

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Wednesday April 7, 2021

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12 Wednesday April 7, 2021

Renwick Taekwondo Club member Levi Mcmanaway gets a pep talk from coach Jill O'Brien before his first tour- Renwick Taekwondo Club student Piper Alexander (red) won Drake Henderson (right) of the Seddon Taekwondo Club delivers a headshot nament spar. Photo by Jaimee Josephs gold in her match (18-1). Photo by Celeste Alexander to his opponent and went on to win gold. Photo by Celeste Alexander

Taekwondo clubs return with medals By Celeste Alexander

Taekwondo students from Marlborough travelled to Nelson on March 27 to contest the TNM Taekwondo Open Championship, and came away with some great results. The championship, held at the Saxton Stadium in Stoke, saw around 200 competitors of a range of ages from as far as Wellington and Christchurch compete in the poomsae (patterns) and kyorugi (sparring). Marlborough competitors put on a strong display of skills and several came away with top placings in their categories. Some also had the opportunity to meet Olympian Andrea Kilday who represented New Zealand at the 2016 Rio

de Janeiro Games. First up was the poomsae competition. Poomsae is a defined pattern of defence-and-attack motions delivered at a variety of levels from yellow belts through to black belts. Competitors were judged on everything from their delivery and footwork, to their confidence on the mat. From the Blenheim Olympic Taekwondo Club the poomsae winners were: Gold - Tyson Moon, Anastasiia Shumkova and Zihan Hong. Silver - Donovan Cheong and Mason Sullivan. Bronze - Ba-Koi Nguyen, Joy Xu, Ashley Farihin and Kingston Manila. The club also won bronze for a team entry.

Donovan Cheong, Rawiri Turu, Ashley Farihin, Daniel Li – Wilkes and Mason Sullivan. Bronze - Zihan Hong, Oplick Batoon, Joy Xu, Jade Tian, Kingston Manila, Taisia Manila, Gase Manila. From the Renwick Taekwondo Club the winners were: Gold – Erin Josephs, Daemyn Ireland, Miranda Rae and Piper Alexander. Silver – William Josephs. Bronze – Jack King, Chole Fitzpatrick, Levi Mcmanaway and Hadley Josephs. From the Seddon Taekwondo Club the kyorugi winners were: Drake Henderson – Gold Tyler Keen – Silver.

From the Renwick Taekwondo Club, Piper Alexander received a silver medal for her poomsae. Following on from the poomsae was the kyorugi (sparring). Kyorugi is one of the disciplines of taekwondo where competitors spar for three rounds; time depending on what belt level they are. Competitors spar to collect points and demonstrate their many techniques (mostly kicking). It also demonstrates flexibility, concentration and stamina. From the Blenheim Olympic Taekwondo Club the kyorugi winners were: Gold – Tyson Moon and Zoey She. Silver – Miya Papps, Anastasiia Shumkova,



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Wednesday April 7, 2021


Flaxbourne show bounces back with ‘great’ numbers After having last year’s show cancelled due to COVID, the Flaxbourne A&P Show committee is “really happy” with the near record numbers for gate takings and entries. “There were bigger crowds this year and gate numbers were up which was fantastic,” show secretary Bernadette Gilmore says. “Some of our show categories had an increase in numbers too like the knitting, sewing, home produce, cooking and school art work. “The dog trials had some keen interest and our horse

numbers were also up on the previous show; overall everyone had a good day out catching up with each other,” she says. Show compere Alistair Dalziel, a teacher at Ward School, enjoyed his role as did the Harcourts team who hosted the popular Future Farmer competition which attracted some “really good entries”. “ Nor m a l ly it’s done through the radio station,” Bernadette explains. “But this year we had kids enter on the day and actually had some really good interest.

The kids seemed to have a great time.” Other events which provided a laugh or two were the McKendry Mazda/Honda Flaxbourne Flyer, the highly entertaining Ironman Competition and of course the Spouse Carrying Competition. Aside from the competitions throughout the day, the crowd also enjoyed everything that was on offer. With good weather and plenty of happy, smiling faces the Flaxbourne A&P Show was well supported by the whole of Marlborough.

Blenheim Toyota CEO Scott McDermid discusses this early Toyota Landcruiser with Flaxbourne A&P Show compere and Ward School teacher Alistair Dalziel.

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There was plenty for the children at the Flaxbourne A&P Show at Ward with sideshows, a ferris wheel and other rides. Photo’s by Chris Davies.

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14 Wednesday April 7, 2021

Humble dung beetle potential game changer for landowners Marlborough landowners and the Council will be as happy as dung beetles in muck if an ambitious programme to improve the region’s waterways achieves its objectives. The humble little critters themselves could also prove to be a game changer for Marlborough landowners, assisting in the quicker conversion of manure back to pasture. Did you know that within 48 hours of placing dung beetles into a small pile of manure, it will disappear? Dung beetles eat manure but also bury it in the ground to lay eggs in. The larvae then eats the dung too. Once buried, it can no longer be washed into waterways in the rain and burial also breaks the parasitic worm life cycle meaning less drenching for farmers. Environmental Scientist - Land Management, Matt Oliver, presented these facts and figures to the Mayor and councillors at a recent Environment Committee meeting, part of a wider update on the Council’s Catchment Care Programme. This comprehensive body of work has taken three years to develop. Mayor John Leggett says the entire region

was going to benefit from this important piece of work. “It is our opportunity to put a stake in the ground for the protection and improvement of freshwater resources in Marlborough for future generations.” New national regulations have set down a rigorous programme of improvement for regional councils and landowners throughout New Zealand. “This represents a steep change by the Government – to make that change within a generation is ambitious but it is a goal we hope to meet through our Catchment Care Programme, and on a relative shoestring,” Matt says. The National Policy Statement for Freshwater 2020, Environmental Standards for Freshwater and Stock Exclusions Regulations (Section 360 of the Resource Management Act) all aim to stop further degradation of New Zealand’s freshwater resources. The regulations are designed to make immediate improvements and reverse past damage, all within a generation. Water allocation issues

will be also addressed. “We (the Council) could have mandated change through the Marlborough Environment Plan (MEP) process but instead we listened to landowners and, through many personal conversations, Council decided on a non-regulatory approach,” Matt says. “This programme represents thousands of hours of staff time and conversations with farmers. The result is intended to be proactive, practical, collaborative and respectful.” The Catchment Care Programme is being

funded through a combination of Council, Government and landowner funding. The Council’s own contribution of $1.2 million (cash and in-kind) will join with funding from the Ministry for Environment ($1.8 million), Ministry for Primary Industries ($1.26 million) and landowners themselves will likely invest $1.3 million (cash and inkind). “The value delivered to landowners over the six year lifespan of the project is projected to be $4.1million or about $668,000 per annum,” Matt says.

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Wendy Sullivan from Landcare Trust and cow 283 were being educated about the finer points of cow dung and dung beetles by Dr Shaun Forgie from Dung Beetle Innovations at Newbold’s farm in Linkwater recently. Photo provided

The Sun

Wednesday April 7, 2021


Strong investor demand for $15.18m Wairau Valley vineyard Prior to Christmas 2020 leading primary sector syndication company MyFarm and Misty Cove, one of New Zealand’s fastest growing wineries, teamed up to develop and improve a $13.8m vineyard to help meet the burgeoning demand for Marlborough wines. The Kintyre Vineyard Partnership was seeking capital to buy a 147 hectare property south west of the Wairau Valley township with plans for it to be leased to Misty Cove. A strong interest was shown for the Wairau Valley vineyard project and as a result, the syndicate is closed and the project is underway. This property is the third in Marlborough that MyFarm has bought over the last 12 months (261 hectates in total), and is the largest MyFarm syndicate ever, attracting 168 wholesale investors. The syndicate allows Misty Cove to invest in what it does best; the production, marketing and exporting of wine rather than tying up capital in land. In return investors in the partnership are being offered the security of land ownership and expected monthly distributions of 7% per annum.

Misty Cove and MyFarm initially intended to raise $11.1 million to fund the project but they have now secured $12.1 million. The capital is being used to fund the acquisition of a neighbouring property, the Arck Vineyard. Both properties consist of Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris vines. Work at Kintyre is in progress to install water storage and possibly redevelop a small, abandoned area of the vineyard. The Arck Vineyard will settle July 1. Opportunities like this has seen a surge of investment into the primary sector as kiwis seek exposure to the backbone of the New Zealand economy, the prospect of regular and attractive cash returns and tangible local stories. Since April 2020 MyFarm has raised $118m of investor equity, double the average annual investor equity it raised between 2016 and 2018. MyFarm Chief Executive Andrew Watters said: “Primary sector investments have proved resilient in the face of many Covid-19 related challenges over the past year. Mean-

Misty Cove Founder and CEO Andrew Bailey.

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while, the Kintyre Vineyard Partnership offers wholesale investors a rare opportunity to share in the international success of a Marlborough and New Zealand success story. The vineyard will be operated by the existing management through to June with partners receiving the net crop proceeds from the 2021 vintage. It will then be handed over to Misty Cove Wines to lease for an initial period of 10 years. Misty Cove will be responsible for all operating costs, outgoings and the on-going maintenance of the vineyard while leased. The partnership will be responsible for capital expenditure. Misty Cove Founder and CEO, Andrew Bailey says he was looking forward to adding Kintyre to 500ha of vineyards currently under the company’s control. “The Marlborough wine industry is really buoyant. We are currently sold out and we have customers lined up for the 2021 vintage. The arrangement with MyFarm will further position Misty Cove to take advantage of the continuing growth we see.”

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16 Wednesday April 7, 2021

Skittish about British Councillors set up sub-committee to decide road names Last year's Mistletoe Market was well supported and funds raised by the Lions Club of Blenheim have been distributed to local charitable organisations. Photo provided

Lions clubs ‘happy’ with donations after difficult 2020 The next time you purchase a book from the annual Book Fair or visit the Mistletoe Market, projects run by the Lions Club of Blenheim and Beavertown Blenheim Lions Club, take comfort in knowing you have contributed to supporting the local community. Both clubs have made donations to a number of local community groups throughout Marlborough thanks to funds raised from the book fair and Mistletoe Market held late last year. Like all organisations and groups 2020 was a difficult year financially, but the clubs have been “delighted” with the support received for their projects. Community groups bene-

fiting from the Lions Club of Blenheim include SPCA Marlborough, Women’s Refuge, Age Concern, Crossroads, Marlborough District Brass Band, Hospice Marlborough, Salvation Army, Cancer Shuttle Bus in Christchurch, Marlborough Stroke Club, Spirit of Adventure, Pine Valley Outdoor Centre and refugee families. The Beavertown Blenheim Lions have made donations to Life Flight Trust, Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter Trust, Marlborough Search and Rescue, as well as food parcels to Age Concern. This year’s Lions Book Fair is scheduled for September 30-October 3 at the Waterlea Racetrack Hall.

Be it...

By Chloe Ranford

A new group will be formed to screen road names in Marlborough after councillors criticised developers twice last year for choosing names that were too English. Councillors first butted heads in March last year after a developer asked to put down English-themed street names, some of which were criticised of reeking of “colonial cringe”. Councillors were at loggerheads again two months later when another developer proposed a street name that “invoked royalty”. The road names in Blenheim’s Rose Manor, first signed off by the Marlborough District Council several years ago, included Whitehall Drive, Chapel Close and Bond Street. Councillor Cynthia Brooks suggested at the time the council re-establish a sub-committee to help solve road naming issues, which the council agreed to in February. But not without some councillors voicing their disapproval – first in February, then again on Thursday – arguing a sub-committee added “another layer of bureaucracy” to the council’s road naming process. Councillor Jamie Arbuckle said ahead of last week’s meeting that councillors “should just shut up” if road names satisfied council rules.

“We have a policy. If the developer’s name meets the conditions of the policy, then the developer should be able to name the subdivision’s roads whatever name that they wish,” Jamie said. “Developers have not enjoyed the current process ... I think having a sub-committee will not make it better for them. A sub-committee will have ideas on what their road names should or shouldn’t be.” Marlborough Mayor John Leggett said at last Thursday’s full council meeting he agreed with Jamie’s views. However, the sub-committee was agreed to in February, so councillors could only debate the committee’s terms on Thursday, not the decision to have a committee. The new sub-committee would have the power to name or alter the names of roads in Marlborough – including those put forward by developers – in accordance with the council’s road naming policy. The policy said new road names must be short, could not have the same name as an existing road, and had to be named after a theme, a historical person or event, or be given a traditional Māori name. Council assets and services manager Richard Coningham said in a report a sub-committee would streamline the naming process and give developers more certainty that their names would be approved. Beehive Development Limited de-

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veloper Chris Thornley said after the meeting he thought a road naming sub-committee was “overkill”. “The name of a street is the name of a street. Once it’s been named, the name of a street becomes irrelevant. We shouldn’t be spending more money on a sub-committee where nothing really happens. “We need less bureaucratic layers, not more.” DeLuxe Property Group Limited developer Greg Smith said on Thursday the council’s current road naming process was “painful”. “Delays can be caused if councillors start to debate a development’s road names, because then you have to wait for the council’s next meeting for a decision to be made, or one after that.” Councillors clashed over DeLuxe Property Group’s request to name roads in Rose Manor last year, with some looking to abandon the “very, very poor” names and others saying they fitted the naming policy. DeLuxe Property Group’s names were eventually approved. The sub-committee would be chaired by Deputy Mayor Nadine Taylor, and include input from iwi representative Richard Hunter and councillors Francis Maher, Cynthia Brooks and Jenny Andrews. A similar sub-committee had stepped in after Blenheim’s Omaka Landing street names were shot down for being “boring” in 2016.

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Wednesday April 7, 2021

April 19th & 20th

April 21st

April 22nd & 23rd

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18 Wednesday April 7, 2021


minutes with

Now is the time to lay your lawn or fix those bare patches.

gardening this week Brenda Munro Trustee and volunteer of School Start First Impressions Marlborough.  Are you a dog person or cat person? I have neither, but if were to change my mind I would have a dog.  If you could donate $1m to any charity who would you choose and why? Our School Start First Impressions Marlborough Charity – so that we can be assured we can continue the work. The hardest part of what we do is looking for the money to make it happen.  Where did you grow up and was it a good place to be? I grew up in Blenheim, left to get an education and came straight back. I love it here as we have access to an amazing natural environment.  Where’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been? Mount Cook, a helicopter trip around it and on to it was just amazing. The whole of the South Island is just chock-full of natural beauty.

 Name your favourite and least favourite foods? Lasagne is my favorite, I make a mighty fine one. Least favourite is anything with gluten in it as it makes me unwell.  What do you do to prioritize your health and wellbeing? Very little, but I do get to the gym and watch very carefully what I eat (see above).  What thing do you really wish you could buy right now? I try and buy only what I need - I don’t really want to be buying just because I can.

Secrets of a fine-looking lawn: By Wally Richards Now that the soil is moist, you can sow new lawns and patch up or over-sow existing lawns to thicken them up. For a really nice lawn, use top quality lawn seed. Or buy instant lawn in strips to lay on a prepared area. Seeds are cheaper but ready-to -lay lawns are also good value. There is less work and it can be laid by the supplier or yourself. Then just ensure adequate moisture and a bit of food. The best value lawn seeds are uncoated simply because seeds are sold by the kilo. Coating on a seed that weighs as much as the seed means you get far less seed . Both types recommend 1kg to

about 33 square metres, so you get fewer seeds for your money. (Greenkeepers, the experts, usually buy uncoated lawn seed.) To sow a new lawn broadcast the seeds, then sprinkle gypsum over them, mixed half and half with plasterers’ sand to cover the bare seed. Then drench the area with MBL (Magic Botanic Liquid) mixed with water at the rate of 20ml per litre. These natural products will greatly speed up germination. Lightly water the area once or twice a day if it does not rain. Then after the first mowing give the area a light feed with a slow release fertiliser such as Bio-Boost. To thicken up your existing

lawn, hire a scarifier. After mowing, cut the grooves and lift the thatch, north/south, east/west . Then broadcast your new lawn seeds with gypsum. Water, or MBL in a watering can. will settle in the seeds. Roll the lawn with a hire roller to press them into the soil and grooves and keep the area moist. Check existing lawn for thatch and moss. (Thatch is the debris that builds up on the surface of the soil and makes for bad drainage, moss and diseases if not cleared.) In spring and autumn, you use Thatch Busta to remove it. Remember never to mow low and feed lawns with slow release foods. Problems? Phone 0800 466464.

Awatere Fault

 If you could meet anyone in history, who would it be? Sir Edmund Hillary.  Favourite programme currently watching? Longmire on Netflix.

Photo by Bruno Cyrillo. A selection of Bruno's photographs will feature regularly, showcasing the landscapes and wildlife around Marlborough.

 What’s one thing on your bucket list? I have done my bucket list of travelling overseas, and intend to keep travelling around our beautiful country.


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The Sun

Wednesday April 7, 2021



The Sun Compulsory insurance Honestly, why aren’t the government getting real. Everyone who drives a car on a public road should have insurance.

Law gone wrong Time for a shake/rationalization of our highly inadequate Justice System. You bet.. $200 fine for single occupant vehicle driving in a must have passenger lane vs $80 for driving using a hand held mobile phone, 2-3 years incarceration (a couple of months with parole) for an armed hold-up and consistently 12 months home holiday... sorry, home detention for drug and or alcohol related vehicular homicide, really! It’s overtime for positive changes. New Justice Minister, new laws and replace the out of date judges making totally inadequate penalty decisions.

Learn to indicate correctly To drivers who enter a roundabout indicating left when they’re actually going straight through, you WILL cause an accident. Please stop doing this! Indicate left as you’re about to leave the roundabout not when entering it.

Re: Traffic lights for Blenheim Blenheim has grown so much, there is an urgent need to assist traffic flow at major intersections. Traffic lights not only control the intersection in question, they allow cars coming out of side streets an opportunity to safely enter a main road. Without them too many cars become backed up leading to frustration for road users. Traffic lights work seamlessly in other towns so why wouldn’t they work here. To those who would hate to be stopped at a traffic light for a minute or so, twenty minutes from the bridge to Nelson Street roundabout at 2.30 on Thursday would be preferable I take it? Get your heads out of the sand, or have them read.

Think wisely If you want to talk to God. Stop. Find a peaceful place and talk to him. If you want to see God txt while your driving.

txt talk

Re: letter to editor

Thanks to all A big thank you to the two ladies who came to my rescue when I fell over in Redwood Street last week, also thank you to the lady who bought me home. I do appreciate it. Also a huge thank you to Ed at the hospital you do a great job.

Noted the letter to Francis Maher regarding chip seal issues. Don’t hold your breath expecting a reply much less action. I’m still waiting after months for a response on Eltham Road. Not even acknowledgement. The Mayor also ignores the danger the curbing creates! Rates? Yeah, RIGHT!!

Re: New ferry names

Bill Hoveys letter to the editor re Chip seal resurfacing, he states that ultimately Wellington (govt) makes the decisions. Well that removes any possibility of efficiency or common sense being applied to the discussion.

I have a solution for the poor soul who is concerned about possibly not being able to say the names of the new ferries. First give it a go, you might surprise yourself. Second, it is still perfectly acceptable to say “I’m going to catch the ferry Friday afternoon” therefore bypassing the name if it causes such distress. You are welcome. I tend to agree with last weeks comment about the Ferry names. Everyone entitled to their own opinion.

Not on I find it appalling that the Marlborough Area Commander was not prosecuted for excessive speeds which nearly killed us on the Nelson side of Rai Valley as he was unable to take the corner and ended up skidding over to our side of the road. It was a terrifying moment. The rest of the Police cars were also speeding excessively. Speeding of Commander Simon Feltham. As if any other verdict would have been given. The threshold for any conviction was not met. I should be able to quote that next time when I break the speed limit by ten K. What a bloody load of old sullage. And worst of all example for us all.

New Zealand We are known worldwide as NZ, why this sudden push for Aotearoa? Both can be used but NZ should without doubt continue to be our main name.

Just a reminder To the MGC parents who like to park on the yellow lines at 3.15pm opposite the tennis courts in McLauchlan Street. Yellow lines are not for parking on while waiting to pick up your teenager. This is a congested traffic area at the best of times, made worse by parking on yellow lines. Also the same reminder to the parents that park across driveways in Parker and McLauchlan Street, please don’t!

Hot cross buns Has anybody else noticed the hot cross buns in the supermarket are smaller. Paying the same amount for something that has got smaller. Don’t think is good enough.

Love the pics

We welcome your texts on 027 242 5266. Limit to 70 words please. Name supplied please. We reserve the right to publish at our discretion. Please note the opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Sun management.

Got an important issue to share with Marlborough?

Text your thoughts to: 027 242 5266

Responsible pet owners Sharing is caring Why not Aotearoa/New Zealand? Live as one, side by side. Unity not division. My ancestors died in their own backyard so British could rule. Then went on to fight in world wars alongside the British.

Sienna What a lovely caring daughter you are Sienna raising money for your Mum who needs a wheelchair. Thanks to our community for helping also. Nice story that warms the heart.

I see so many posts about kittens going missing or worse coming to a horrible end after they have ‘gotten out’ of their homes. Until they are a certain age, no different to a child, they need supervision and care. If you choose an animal, be responsible. They have no choice in the matter. Great for some but not so for others.

We’re paying Lights on the side of old Opawa bridge. Council once again not our money we can up the rates. Rate payers pay don’t they? Council what is the cost of this lighting please?

Cool Cat Chat I quite enjoy the Marl Cool Cat Chat group but some comments can be a little attacking, especially to local businesses who are possibly finding it tough. Some criticism is needed at times to create awareness and change. Helpful tips are good too and informative comments. .

Moving forward Hopefully the Guardians of the Sounds can put their broomsticks away, instead of inserting them into the wheels of evolution and the future. I also hope that the needs of the balance of the country are considered getting trucks off the road etc. Bring on the future and the new ferries.

Rubbish TV Is not this American Floyd trial not just yet another reality TV Show, this time run by the Thousand Currents Movement? More cooking, cop and fishing shows please.

Ignore your car cacophony. Make sure you concentrate on the road ahead, and get where you are going safely. Watch the vids at www.beundistractable.co.nz

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of the week

Thanks Sun paper for publishing all the gorgeous local baby pics. So nice to see.

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The Sun

Wednesday April 7, 2021

Sun Babies

Proudly sponsored by

John Street Preschool 03 578 1365 Uptown Preschool 03 578 8709 Te Kupenga Preschool 03 578 8571

Tautari: Oslo Born: March 11, 2021 Weight : 4lb 11oz Hospital: Wairau

Chin: Jovy Born: March 30, 2021 Weight : 7lb 8oz Hospital: Wairau

Garner: Xavier Born: March 31, 2021 Weight: 8lb 13oz Hospital Wairau

Tautari: Georgia and Campbell are delighted to welcome a son, Oslo, born on March 11, 2021 at 10.12pm at Wairau Hospital. 4lb 11oz. Thanks to all Wairau and Wellington Hospital staff.

Chin: Peng and Ong are pleased to welcome the safe arrival of a daughter, Jovy, born on March 30 2021. at 11.44pm. 7lb 8oz. A sister for Javen.

Garner: Bonnie and Bob welcome the arrival of Xavier on March 31, 2021 at 6.38pm. 8lb 13oz. Thank you to the maternity and paediatric staff at Wairau Hospital.

Schofield: Harlow May Born: April 4, 2021 Weight: 8lb 3oz Hospital: Wairau

Papani: Mausia Born: April 3, 2021 Weight: 8lb 7oz Hospital: Wairau Papani: Jahquias Babbington and Mausia Papani are happy to announce the safe arrival of a son, Mausia, on April 3, 2021 at Wairau Hospital at 1.11am 8lb 7oz. A brother for Alaska.

Schofield: Olivia McLeod and James Schofield are pleased to announce the safe arrival of a daughter, Harlow May on April 4, 2021 at 5.11am at Wairau Hospital. Thanks to the team at Wairau.

Divertie: Isabella Born: April 4, 2021 Weight: 7lb 12oz Hospital: Wairau Divertie: Lillian Fleming and Kieran Divertie are pleased to announce the safe arrival of a daughter, Isabella, on April 4, 2021 at 5.06pm at Wairau Hospital. 7lb 12oz. Both well.





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The Sun

Wednesday April 7, 2021

Senior Expo has Convention Centre humming


Out & About

On Tuesday, March 30 the Marlborough Events Centre was humming as the Senior Expo got under way. Early visitors were greeted not just by kai with food, and morning tea, coffee or water, but by the sounds of Te Piki Oranga’s seated exercise team in full voice with its tuneful rendition of “Haere Mai” as they demonstrated their fitness routine.

Have an event ? contact The Sun

It was a chance to find out just what services Marlborough’s seniors can access and locals took full advantage of that, with many stalls having queues of people waiting with questions.

ABOVE:Charlotte Wood of Neighbourhood Support and Catherine Coates of Civil Defence management were teamed up at the Senior Expo. “Because we’re both amongst the first people you’d see in an emergency,” Charlotte explains. LEFT: Social worker Dallace Lilley, at left, and Marlborough Hospice promotions manager Sandy Inwood, were on hand at the Seniors Expo last week.

Helen Mclean, at left and Monica McKone chatting with Greta Firth about the health promotion work and services being offered by the Public Health Service.

Stadium 2000 staff Ricky White, left, and Liam McArthur discussing “exercise as medicine” with Barbara Hutchinson from the Marborough Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinsons Society. All three agreed: “It has a huge effect.”

Tilly Hadfield was “liking everything” during her morning at the Senior Expo. Zayd Ian and Nisha Blissett, with Jenny Andrews of Estate Busters, were learning about the services available for seniors when downsizing or dispersing estate assets.

St John area administrator Gayle Chambers, explaining to Sharyn Ormon how the new St John mobile alarm works.

Driving Miss Daisy franchise Dawn Morris, at left, with Denise Best, ready to explain the driving services they offer to those who need it - and, says Dawn, it’s even included loading up broken down mobility scooters and rescuing people with flat tyres on their bikes.

Two-year-old purebred whippet Freddie (for short!) is a very social dog says handler Katie McNabb. He’s one of two Canine Friends in Marlborough and Katie, or husband Ian, take him regularly to gladden the hearts of those in the Alzheimer’s Dementia daycare unit.

LinleyTe Keeti, left, and Lynnette McDonald-Larsen are both regulars at one or other of Margy Crosby’s fitness classes, run on behalf of Te Piki Oranga, the Maori Wellness Service. “Exercise. and then options of shared kai and ukelele classes,” says Margy of the session run between 10.15am-2pm at Nativity Church in Blenheim every Tuesday.

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The Sun

Wednesday April 7, 2021

Smith’s Vehicle Detailing ExcEllEncE in AutomobilE DEtAiling • Professional Exterior & Interior Detailing • Upholstery Shampooing • Buffing & Polishing • Pick up & delivery 30+ Years in the Automotive Industry Servicing all of Marlborough Give me a call for a free quote

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There’s cleaning a vehicle, and then there’s ‘detailing’ a vehicle. If you are someone who wants to achieve that near-new look, it’s as easy as calling Smith’s Vehicle Detailing. The business is owned and operated by Aaron Smith. Aaron has worked in the paint and panel industry for 31 years. After relocating to Marlborough 10 years ago, Aaron took a position as a car refinisher and in the last few years was tied up with quoting for a large panel and paint business, dealing with insurance companies for panel repairs. Last year he ventured into part-time vehicle detailing, operating as Car Spa Marlborough. Before long the demand grew, much of it word of mouth and it was “time”, Aaron says, to take the business full time. One month ago Aaron rebranded and has been enjoying every minute. “I’ve always had a passion for cars,” he says. “It’s why I’ve been in the automotive trade for so long. “What I really love about this work is the reaction you get from clients when they pick up their vehicle and see the transformation. “To see a car go from dirty to just about looking brand new… I get a kick out of that,” Aaron says. Smith’s Vehicle Detailing provides a range of services to suit the client’s needs. There’s the basic or deluxe detail, inside and out, including using professional cleaning products which are designed to not only give

the best finish, but will also protect interior panels from the harsh elements. Aaron also offers shampooing for seats and carpets, great for getting rid of stains. “I can combine any of the services into tailored packages from basic to deluxe,” he says. Cars, boats, campervans and horse floats – these are all examples of what Aaron can detail. Why have your vehicle detailed? A detailer takes care of the most neglected parts of a vehicle, using a combination of tools and professional cleaning products to give it the deep clean it needs. Carpets will receive a thorough vacuum, reaching all of the hard-to-reach corners. The mats and upholstery can then be brushed and scrubbed to remove stains and marks that a regular vacuum and clean won’t. After that all surfaces will be wiped down and special coatings are applied to interior panels to protect them from the elements. Moving to the exterior the vehicle will receive a high powered wash and any stubborn marks can be washed off. For the Deluxe Detail, the painted body panels will be polished or waxed, to really make the paint pop. For extra services, you can get a machine buff and full paint correction, to get rid of fine paint scratches, and other paint imperfections. “We also do apply ceramic sealants, to make your cars exterior shine even more, and protect well in to the future.” Want to know more? Contact Aaron at Smith’s Vehicle Detailing today.


LEARN FROM THE BEST! • Learner practical test - $100 • Restricted licence test - $130 • Full licence test - $100 • Refresher rides Check out the dates on our website and give us a call



Specialist tyre advice and assistance Mention this advert to receive your FREE tyre safety check.

Aaron Smith of Smith's Vehicle Detailing.

If you get a chip or a crack - bring it in to Novus and we'll take care of it all so you don't have to. 03 577-5622 blenheim@tyreland.co.nz 27 Main Street Blenheim

you’re good to go.

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The Sun

Wednesday April 7, 2021


Trades and Services Air Conditioning



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The Sun

Wednesday April 7, 2021

URGENT services Urgent Care Centre: Wairau Hospital Grounds. Entry off Hospital Rd, Blenheim, 8am-8pm daily. Phone (03) 520 6377. Ambulance: Urgent 111. Non urgent 579 4870. After Hours Chemists: Springlands Pharmacy: Monday - Friday 8.30am - 6pm, Saturday 9am - 5pm, Sunday and Public Holidays 10am - 5pm. Closed Christmas Day. Ph 578 2271. Community Care Pharmacy: Within the Blenheim Warehouse, open 7 days 9am8pm. Only closed Christmas Day. Lifeline Marlborough: 0800 543354, 24hr helpline. Women’s Refuge and Sexual Violence Support Centre Marlborough: Crisis line number phone 0800 refuge or 03 5779939. Victim Support: 0800 VICTIM (0800 842 846) Alcoholics Anonymous: 0800 AA WORKS - 0800 229 6757. Citizens Advice Bureau: Free, friendly, confidential advice. Mon - Fri 9.30am 4pm. Phone 578 4272. Wairau Hospital: Hospital Visiting Hours: Daily 11.30am-7.30pm, children under 12 may visit parents only. Maternity Ward: 10am-noon, 4pm-7pm. Children's Ward: Daily 10am-8pm. Visiting at all times is subject to the discretion of the nurse in charge of the ward. Picton: Ambulance: Urgent 111. Non-urgent 579 4870. Chemist: Picton Healthcare Pharmacy. Ph 573 6420 Mon -Fri 8.30-5.30pm, Sat 9-2pm. Medical Centre Pharmacy, Ph 928 4265, Mon-Fri 8am-5.30pm

Wanted to Buy


Death notices

WANTED TO BUY- Old tobacco tins, NZ postcards, military items, garden tools, woodworking tools, records from the 1970’s/80’s, old petrol station related items, fountain pens, crystal decanters/whisky & wine glasses, NZ history books, gold jewellery, antique bottles, Tonka, Fun Ho & tin toys, white Crown Lynn vases & swans & all collectables. Collector of NZ / Maori & whaling related artifacts. All of the above are popular & fetching good money at the moment. Free quotes we travel. Rarity, condition & collectability = more $$$. Just Browsing 26 Battys Rd (03)5775402.


ROGERS, Beverley Elizabeth (née Briggs): On Saturday April 3, 2021 at Springlands Lifestyle Village, with family present. Aged 82 years. Dearly loved wife of George. Treasured and loved Mum of Robin and Leanne, Gary and Julie, Wayne, Peter and Melanie, Paul and Paula, Karen and Alistair Savage. Cherished Nana of Tracey (deceased), Kylie (deceased), Jason, Gemma, Tayla-Jane, Craig, Sam, Holly, Jackson, Harrison, Lottie, Oscar, and her great grandchildren. Special thanks to Hospice Marlborough, Springlands Pharmacy, Dr. Kirsten Tucker and special friend Sue Miscall. Messages may be sent to 37 Ashwood Drive, Witherlea, Blenheim 7201. In keeping with Beverley’s wishes a private service will be held.

Joan & Raynor Henson on your 65th Wedding Anniversary Wanted Brown chickens and a mobile chicken coup. ph 027 769 2028

Respectfully cared for by GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ Tel 03 578 4719

McCORMICK, Marion Elizabeth (née Woodward): On Wednesday March 31, 2021, at Wairau Hospital surrounded by her loving family. Dearly loved wife for 50 years of Ian. Cherished Mum and Mum-in-law of David and Shelly, and Stuart and Rachel. Proud and loving Nana and Nana-Ma of Finley and Conrad; Kenneth, Electra and Banksia-Rose; William and Camille; Lockie and Vana; Mattie, Paige, Matilda and Emily. Messages may be sent to 25 Taylor Pass Road, Witherlea, Blenheim 7201. A celebration of Marion’s life will be held at the Mayfield Chapel, cnr Hutcheson and Parker Streets, at 1.30pm on Wednesday April 7, followed by cremation at the Sowman Crematorium.

In Memoriam

Remember your lost loved one on their anniversary. The deadline is Monday 5.00pm. Please contact the Sun for further details. 72 High Street, Blenheim, email office@blenheimsun. co.nz or phone 577 7868.

FUNDRAISING GARAGE SALE - Menz Shed Blenheim. Dillons Point Road. Bikes/parts, tools and hardware. Saturday, April 10 at 9am.

Community notices

ESTATE BUSTERS garage sale. Saturday April 10. Household lot. Some treasures. Manor Place 8am.

Te Rerenga o Te Ra Kapa Haka Housie Fundraiser

Book your space now in our next (by 3pm Tuesday)

1pm Saturday 17th April. Clubs of Marlborough. 40 Games and 2 Supers, Raffles.

Garage Sale Column!

Phone 5777 868


Business for Sale

Friday 9th April, 9 AM - noon at the Church Hall Redwoodtown. Usual bargains, good used clothing, household goods, tools, and books

Respectfully cared for by GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ Tel 03 578 4719

fact of the week

mr green

Share your community events!


Community Noticeboard is for non-profit organisations!

Established Cleaning Franchise Full training, equipment provided Simple business to own and run Potential for growth if desired Phone 579 9333 marlborough@mrgreen.co.nz

For $10.00 + GST you can publish up to 25 words. EXCLUDES: AGMS, sporting notices or special meetings. All notices must be pre-paid. Call into our office at 72 High St.

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Bringing you the

for a free no obligation quote 5A Sutherland Tce e. info@mintair.co.nz www.mintair.co.nz

Quick crossword Across 1. Joyful hymn (9,5) 10. Praise (5) 11. Amends (9) 12. Journeys (7) 13. Hold back (7) 14. Grasps (5) 16. Global (9) 19. Juicy (9) 20. Rub hard, scrub (5) 22. Resolute (7) 25. Terse (7) 27. A special right or honour (9) 28. Concur (5) 29. Without rules or organisation (5-3-6)

Down 2. Moved or operated by liquid (9) 3. Distribute (5) 4. Alter (9) 5. Cool and distant (5) 6. Gloomy (9) 7. Chief magistrate (hist) (5) 8. Sideways (7) 9. Rough drawing (6) 15. Queasy (9) 17. Intelligence (9) 18. Rogue (9) 19. Run away (colloq) (7) 21. Fraudulent scheme (6) 23. Farewell (Fr) (5) 24. Link (3-2) 26. Allege (5)





Across: 1. Vessel, 5. Career, 10. Abducts, 11. Earnest, 12. Forces, 15. Pliant, 16. Runaway, 17. Even, 18. Deed, 19. Scuttle, 20. Bane, 22. Less, 25. Tenuous, 27. Spread, 28. Strain, 31. Chateau, 32. Epistle, 33. Battle, 34. Steady. Down: 2. Endorse, 3. Soccer, 4. List, 5. Chew, 6. Rarely, 7. Elevate, 8. Baffle, 9. Stated, 13. Succeed, 14. Tantrum, 15. Parlous, 20. Bisect, 21. Nirvana, 23. Exalted, 24. Sunset, 25. Talent, 26. Strike, 29. Cure, 30. Hers. Puzzles © The Puzzle Company www.thepuzzlecompany.co.nz





9 10

Fill in the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9















Last week













S E S Last week









Insert the missing letters to complete ten words — five across the grid and five down. More than one solution may be possible.


Last week







The Sun

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Situations Vacant

Situations Vacant

Wednesday April 7, 2021

Situations Vacant

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Full time If you enjoy working in a team environment and have a passion for the elderly, then we would like to hear from you. Please call at reception for an application or email reception1@ashwoodpark.co.nz Applications close 12/04/2021


Permanent Full Time 8am - 3pm rotating 4 on, 4 off roster Please call at reception for an application or email reception1@ashwoodpark.co.nz Applications close 12/04/2021 Got an important issue to share with Marlborough?

Text your thoughts to:

027 242 5266

Driving Miss Daisy Marlborough has a permanent part time role available, hours of work to be negotiable. Due to one of our drivers moving out of town we are looking to replace them, ideally the candidate will be holding their Passenger Endorsement and a first aid certificate. Full training will be offered to the successful candidate. Apply with Letter of application and Cv in writing by email to marlborough@ drivingmissdaisy.co.nz

Office Administrator 32.5 hours per week

Our wonderful office administrator is embarking on a new adventure. A position will be available for 32.5 hours a week from 8:15am until 3:30pm, 5 days a week, during term time (i.e. 40 weeks per year), commencing 17 May 2021. We are looking for a professional friendly person who is well organised, enthusiastic, an excellent communicator, and is attentive to detail. Computer skills are essential with experience in the use of Google Drive and preferred as this position requires good financial knowledge. Payroll experience would also be an advantage. We welcome applications via email addressed to Cheryl Wadworth principal@whitneystreet. school.nz with a covering letter and a brief Curriculum Vitae. Please include 3 referees with their contact details. Applications close at 3pm Wednesday 14 April, 2021


Clothing Alterations: by Lynette Atkinson-Parker Marlborough based Advocate Seasonal Solutions is a grower-based Cooperative providing workers to the horticulture and viticulture industries. Our workers come mainly from Vanuatu for 7 months of work. Reporting to the Operations Manager, you will oversee and coordinate all aspects of the health, well-being, and social assimilation of RSE workers in the Marlborough area in association with incumbent advocates and the support of staff in our Marlborough office. Do you have the following? • Your own car and full license • Computer technology • Good people management and communication skills • A desire to meet and help people • The freedom to work flexible hours and be available when needed A significant amount of evening and weekend work is required from time to time. This is a home-based role. Further details of the role including a Position Description are available on our website: ssco.co.nz. Please send us your CV to: SSCO, PO Box 326, Alexandra 9320 or by email to alister@ssco.co.nz or call 0274923335

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For your sewing requirements Phone 03 578 1010 or 027 578 1010 Quality Service Guaranteed

Do you need assistance with English as a second Language? Private English Tuition for Adults & Teens (Includes IELTS)


Qualifications: BA (English). B. Communications. C.E.L.T.A. Grad. Cert. Teal.

Call Tom 027 5020 555

Award winning stylist and industry assessor ph 021 208 6151 Facebook.com/ Trimmers-MobileHairdressing

GOLD BUYERS Scrap gold Gold coins Gold medals Gold pocket watches Gold wrist watches Gold jewellery Broken or damaged gold Any Sterling Silver items

ph 0800 00 24 25 Eric Jackson Antique Buyers, PO Box 665, Picton

Restaurant For Lease Rent Free.

Ring: Chrissy – 021 568850 Erin – 027 2341709

FENCING Rural or Residential Big jobs or small We do ‘em all! Free Quotes

Ryan Lawnmowing Blenheim Renwick Picton Phone/Txt 022 322 6515

Expressions of interest are called for the lease of a fully functional and equipped restaurant. No incoming payment is required nor rent for at least the first year. This would be suitable for experienced or passionate persons who want to succeed in the restaurant business. You will require: • A passion for food and top service. • Strong leadership • An advertising budget • Motivation to succeed


Marlborough North Fire Season Status Ph 027 267 1236


CHIMNEY CLEANS Top price Quick service Free quotes

Ph 027 267 1236

As of 8.00 am on Thursday 8 April 2021 all land North of the Wairau River, excluding Rarangi and the Diversion and including the townships of Picton and Havelock and Department of Conservation Land (PCL), will be moving into a restricted fire season. All fires in the open will require a fire permit. Marlborough South - all land South of the Wairau River, including Rarangi and the Diversion, including the townships of Blenheim, Renwick, Seddon and Ward and including Department of Conservation Land (PCL) will remain in a prohibited fire season until further notice. Kaikoura District will remain in a restricted fire season until further notice. Certain fire types are permitted to be used without a permit if they meet the prescribed conditions. For further information please go to www.checkitsalright.nz


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Wednesday April 7, 2021

Golf Results Blenheim Golf Club April 3, Medal Reeves Cup: Blue Arthur 65, Clive Aitchison 67, Trent Davies 67, Alby Atkinson 71, James Brunel 71, Ian Moffatt 72, Warren Ingram 72, Brian Yarrall 72. Ladies Medal: Jenny Evans 79, Sa-Nga Grupp 80. April 5, 9 Holes Stableford: Les Boniface

21, c/b Steve Griffin 21, Ian Hatcher 20, Bob Tapp 19, Brian Brown 19, Toy Lilley 19, Barry Ellis 18, Blue Arthur 17, Dan Crawford 17, Allen Knight 17, Neil Gibbs 17. Ladies: Jenny Adams 24, Jan Peglar 21, Jacquie Hurcomb 19, Shirley Godsiff 19, Trees Rewi 19.

Rarangi Golf Club March 31, Men’s Midweek Stableford: Arthur Ross 36, Chris Harvey 36, Gordon Lang 36, Terry Lane 35, Dick Hubert 34, Ezra Kahaki 33, Leo Coffey 33. April 3, Men Medal, Net. Ladies, Stroke, Men: Jim Thomas 71, Jerome January 73, Terry Lane 73, Gary Barnett 74, Bruce Verry 74, Peter Browning 74, Sam Rainbird 74, Tony Nichol 75, Mike Walker 75. Ladies: Diane McCarthy 71, Joanne Rainbird 77, Pat Olliver 81.

April 4, 4BBB Mixed Stableford: Mariann Grant/Paul Sainsbury 45, Shane Weaver/Cyril Dawson 43, Diane McCarthy/Murray Ingram 41, Owen Gibbs/ Terry Lane 41, Allan Shutkowski/Peter Browning 41. April 5, Easter Bonanza Stableford, Men & Ladies: Men, Jim Thomas 39, Glenn Kirby 38, Matthew Croad 38. Ladies, Andrea Thomas 38, Annie Hubert 38, Marilyn Smith 35.

Rain forces final speedway meeting to be rescheduled Last weekend’s speedway action which was scheduled for Eastern States Speedway was unfortunately cancelled due to the rain. With the amount of rain, low temperature and no wind the track could not be prepared for racing. The committee has instead decided to move the two-day meeting to Anzac weekend, April 24 and 25 with a start time of 4pm both days. This will still be the end of season GK Fyfe Painting Contractor Easter Champs, and the Woodbourne Tavern Harvest Nations which will feature all classes.

Don't miss out on Eastern States Speedway's final race meeting for the year. The two-day meeting was rescheduled from Easter weekend to Anzac weekend due to wet weather. SK Photography

Marlborough Golf Club March 30, Women’s 9 Hole Par: Suzanne Clifford 4, Jenny Speight 4, Neryl Savage 4. April 1, Men’s Stableford Div.1: Rick May 38, Trevor McGarry 38, Ken Steel 37, Paul Roughan 36, Stephen Harvey 35, Malcolm Pettigrew 35, Hans Blohm 35. Div.2: John Cuddon 36, Ross Inder 35, Tony Armstrong 35, Ben Lissaman 34.  April 3, Women’s Monthly Mug Gross: Marilyn Keenan 86. Monthly Mug Net: Elaine Porter 71. Net Medal Div.1: Lucy Jefferis 72, Lizzie Turnbull 76. Div.2: Elaine Porter 71, Cherry Wilson 77, Jackie McGarry 79, Denise Pickering 79. Men’s

Monthly Mug Gross: Mike MacLeod. Monthly Mug Net: Paul Ferguson 67. Div.1: Mike MacLeod 68, Andrew Bailey 70, William Harrison 72, Jon Nicol 73, Stephen Harvey 73, Malcolm Pettigrew 74, Scott Allen 74, Peter Marfell 74. Div.2: Gary Duke 69, Glenn Kirkwood 70, Dave Wiley 70, John O’Brien 70, Robert Hille 71, Graeme Barsanti 74. April 5, Easter Stableford Women: Pat O’Brien 40, Sue Lissaman 32. Men: Mike MacLeod 39, Stephen Harvey 38, Wade Collett 37, John O’Brien 36, William Harrison 36. 

what’s on in marlborough

Wednesday 7 April Picton Mahjong:

Marina Cove 1.15pm. Contact Gyllian 573 5383.

Baby Rhyme Time:

This is a fun and interactive session of stories and songs for under two-year-olds. Marlborough District Library (Blenheim) Children’s Library. Wednesdays at 10.30 am and 11.30 am during school term. No need to register just come along on the day. Runs till 26 May.

Blenheim Depression Support Group:

Meets every Wednesday from 10am – 11.30am. We meet to support each other, have regular speakers, outings, share in a safe environment. Info/meeting venue details please phone Virginia on 0273 035 879.

Support group for postnatal mothers:

Every Wednesday from 9.30 am to noon. Child minders help with the babies. Call Tatiana 0279 019 807.

After school fun:

Every Wednesday. Picton Library 3.30pm – 4.15pm. Calling all crafty kids! Come along and enjoy the library after school on Wednesdays during term time. Enjoy listening to some stories and then get creative with a simple craft. Make something cool to take home. All ages welcome (pre-schoolers too). No need to book, just turn up. Every Wednesday afternoon during school terms till April 14.

Marlborough Community Potters Ceramics Award Exhibition:

Wed April 7 till Saturday April 10, 9:00am 4:00pm. At Marlborough Convention Centre showcasing the work of Marlborough’s premier ceramic artists and potters. This year’s judge and guest exhibitor is Tatyanna Meharry from the Busy Finch Studio, Christchurch. Come along to see the work produced by the club members. You may be inspired to give pottery a go - see our website for details on our club nights.

MyClimb Climbing Night:

MYspace Youth Development Centre 6:00pm - 8:00pm. Come down to Myspace on the first Wednesday of the Month for our MyClimb Climbing Night. Join in with the fun and

challenge yourself in 2021 to reach new heights, break those fitness goals and be part of a unique experience to the Marlborough Region. The rockwall can cater for all ages and abilities (children under the age of 12 will need adult supervision) so there is no excuse not to join us. Bring a friend, bring the family or just bring yourself, we will be here to welcome you all to this awesome night! Sessions will work on a rotation basis, so you will get plenty of chances to climb the wall across the two hours. The cost is $15pp (annual passes will be available at a discounted price) and this includes all equipment required for the session, but you are welcome to bring your own if you have it. Spaces may have to be limited so we recommend getting in touch to see how busy the night is looking. Contact events@myt.org. nz for more information or to get your space secured.

Thursday 8 April Knit and Natter:

Marlborough District Library Every 2nd & 4th Thursday, 10.30am till noon. Are you looking to meet new people? Are you interested in knitting? Join a group of social knitters. Bring along your knitting project, or get inspiration from the other knitters. Enjoy the company of other knitters and admire their beautiful work. Tea and coffee will be available as well. Adults Only.

Ulysses Retreads Group:

Meet Brayshaw Park Thursdays 11am. Ride to various destinations for lunch. Come by bike, tin top or magic carpet. Bring your laughing gear, a thermal to wear and a story to share.


Thursdays 7-9pm. St Ninians Hall, 1 Riley Crescent, Redwoodtown (opp. church). Come and join Creative Kids Trust community choir Creative Voice. All musical abilities and new members welcome.

Keep U Moving Gentle Walking exercise for Seniors:

Every Thursday 11:30am-12.30pm at St Christopher’s Church Hall (Except 4th Thursday in each month). Stay for a cuppa & chat afterwards. 92

It was a beautiful day up at the Wairau Valley Golf Club for the annual Ladies Anderson Cup challenge last Tuesday with 38 players from around Marlborough playing and producing some great results. The winner of the day with the best Nett Overall was Elaine Brown (pictured holding the cup) with the rest of the Wairau Valley ladies who played. Photo provided

Best Nett Overall: Elaine Brown 64 (c/b) from Lynne Grant. Division 1, Best Gross: Maria McConway 86. Nett: Linda Stone 67. Stableford: Kaye Keys 38. Division 2, Best Gross: Ann Walker 93. Nett: Lynne Grant 64. Stableford: Robyn Pupich 39 (c/b). Two’s: Ricky Ashworth.

Weld Street Blenheim. Contact Diana Brooks. Eldercare Coordinator on 0212694198 for more information.

and see the tasty line up of fresh and seasonal, gourmet and artisan produce and products that this region has to offer.

Friday 9 April

On the Foreshore - mini train rides and mini yacht hire to sail on our pond every Sunday 11am - 3pm, operating every day during school holidays. Still only 20 cents per ride / yacht hire! Monday 12 April 2021

Under 5s stories and crafts:

Every Friday. Picton Library’s Under 5’s programme 10.30am – 11.15am is designed to enhance the library experience for 2-5-yearolds. Come along and share a favourite or new picture books and construct simple crafts. Make sure your little person wears clothes you don’t mind getting messy. No need to book. Running till April 16.


Fridays 3.30 to 5.30pm, Riversdale Community House, 131 Budge Street. Avon 579 2440.

Vintage Farm Machinery:

Open daily, 10am to 3pm, Brayshaw Vintage Farm. John 577 7442.

Saturday 10 April

Marlborough Artisan Craft Market:

Blenheim CBD 9.30am-2pm. The market is a showcase of local Artisans with a large selection of craft products to select from. The market has a vibrant atmosphere to browse and enjoys at your leisure. Children are catered for with an activity zone with outdoor games for young and old to enjoy.

Blenheim Chess Club:

Meets at Delicia Café, Scott Street, every Saturday 10am – 1pm. All welcome.

Print Demonstration and Exhibition Talk: Millennium Public Art Gallery 2:00pm - 3:00pm. In association with the Print Council Aotearoa New Zealand’s exhibition, ‘Thinking Unfolding’, come and see KM (Kathy) Reilly give a printmaking demonstration and hear her talk about the PCANZ’s exhibition of artists’ books.

Fundraising Garage Sale:

Menz Shed Blenheim. Dillons Point Road. Bikes/ parts, tools and hardware. 9am.

Sunday 11 April

Marlborough Farmers’ Market:

Marlborough A&P Showgrounds. 9am-noon. Fresh produce from your local farmers. Come

Picton Rail and Sail:

Line Dancing:

Senior Citizen Hall. Every Monday 2-3pm. Come along and give line dancing a go. Join us for friendship, fun, exercise, music and dance. Men, women and children welcome. No partner needed. A social is held every couple of months so all classes can get together for an afternoon of fun and dance. The first lesson is free for all new beginners, then $5 each time. For more information phone Judith 578 7554 or 0212 341 095.

Rotary Clubs in Blenheim:

Meet Monday & Tuesday evenings at 5.30pm. Rotary is a world-wide service club for men & women – doing great things in your community. For further information on meeting venues, please phone Kevin on 0211 738 784, or Jon on 0272 229 505.

Witherlea Indoor Bowling Club:

Meets Monday’s at St Ninians Church Hall for 7pm start.  Soft sole shoes essential.  Contact Gary 578 4704 or Heather 578 9350.

Blenheim Scottish Country Dance Club:

Every Monday at 7.30pm at Whitney Street School Hall, Whitney Street. Come and try it! You don’t need a partner. For information ring Miriam 928 4479.

Tuesday 13 April

Art therapy group for pregnant women: Every Tuesday 5pm to 8pm. Call Tatiana 027 901 9807.

Cheeky Monkeys:

Marlborough District Library 10.30am-11.30am. Join us at the library for a fun and creative session for children under five years old. Each session includes stories, songs and a simple fun

craft! No need to register, just come along and join in! Runs till June 1.

Table Tennis for Adults: Picton Little Theatre. Join this fun group every Tuesday10am to noon, 1.30pm to 3pm. A great way to meet new people and get some exercise. New members welcome, adults only, $3. Contact Ernest 0275 888 453 for more information. Steady As You Go (SAYGO) Gentle exercise & balance class for Seniors:

Every Tuesday 11.30am-12.30pm at St Christopher’s Church Hall. Stay for a cuppa & chat afterwards. 92 Weld Street Blenheim. Contact Diana Brooks, Eldercare Coordinator on 0212 694 198 for more information.

Coming Up: Crop Swap:

Saturday 17th April, 2:00-3:00pm, Crossroads - 2 Redwood Street. Sharing abundance from our gardens: Fruit, vegetables, preserves, relishes, jams, herbs, eggs, flowers, seedlings, baking. Giving generously and mindfully taking. Further details 027 372 2897.

Blenheim Riverside Railway Steam Train:

April 18, 21, 25 & 28. Train is being hauled by Locomotive ‘Donald’ with return trips on the Omaka Line only at 1.15pm, 2pm and 3pm.

Rides Calendar

Thurs 8th Apr. 11am. Retreads Group Sat 10th Apr. Club Night Yard Bar. Kelvin Sun 11th Apr. 11am. Nelson for lunch Thurs 15th Apr. 11am. Retreads Group Sun 18th Apr. 1pm Social Ride, Kekerangu Wed 21st Apr. 7pm Committee Meeting. Tim Thurs 22nd Apr. 11am. Retreads Group. Sun 25th Apr. 11am Pelorus Bridge for Lunch Thurs 29th Apr. 11am. Retreads Group Sun 2nd May. 1pm. Social Ride, Queen Charlotte Tavern. Linkwater Thursday rides depart Brayshaw Park. Sunday rides depart Railway Station Carpark. All rides are weather dependent.

If you have an event for the next issue of ‘What’s On’ email The Sun office@blenheimsun.co.nz

The Sun


Wednesday April 7, 2021


sports talk With Jacob Page

Cricket a hard, but must watch The international summer of cricket has come to an end and the future looks bright for the Black Caps. The Black Caps won every home series and swept aside the West Indies, Pakistan and Bangladesh in all formats in dominant fashion and overcame a gritty Australia in a fun T20 series. It was a big run-scoring summer for Henry Nicholls and Kane Williamson, a return to the good graces of fans for Martin Guptill and the emergence of Kyle Jamie-

son and Devon Conway. Sceptics can say the touring opposition have been, on a whole, poor which is a fair point. The West Indies could not catch a cold, the Pakistani’s imploded time after time and Bangladesh were over-matched in all forms. Even the Aussies did not send their strongest T20 team. However, people could do well to remember this is the longest and most golden period of New Zealand cricket in our history. The team is almost unbeatable

at home and far from a pushover on the road. The team has depth. World class batting, bowling and fielding and multiple guys waiting in the wings who can do a job. The TAB currently has the Black Caps as $2.15 outsiders to beat India in the World Test Championship final against India at Southampton. That’s good money for a team which should thrive in the swinging English conditions. It’s hard to know whether mov-

ing broadcasting rights to Spark has been a success. New Zealand Cricket won’t release the figures of who has purchased a subscription, however I’d hazard a guess and say numbers have not been great. People don’t like change and the older generation struggles to understand how an app works. For me, Spark’s coverage has been passable but only just. The commentary needs more credibility and everyone needs more training to create a more polished and professional product.

Overnight race from Motuara to Tarakohe The Waikawa Boating Club’s annual 85-mile Marlborough Sounds to Tarakohe overnight race was held on the weekend of March 27-28. The course starts at Motuara Island in Queen Charlotte Sound, sails out through Cook Strait, around Stephens Island and down into Port Tarakohe in Tasman’s Golden Bay. Line honours in the fully crewed division went to Global under skipper Tony Turnbull. They covered the course in 20 hours 14 min, just one minute off the race record and enabling them to also take first place on corrected time after the handicaps were applied. Khamsin (22 hours 27 minutes came in second and in third place was Prime Suspect just three minutes behind them. Simply Irresistible took the two handed line honours in 21 hours 15 minutes but finished second on corrected time to Erazer, the smallest boat in the fleet. As if the 85-mile race wasn’t enough for Chris Hitchings and crewmate, David May, they then turned Simply Irresistable around

From the second-placed Khamsin at sunset on the Waikawa Boating Club's overnight race from Motuara to Tarakohe.

and sailed home to Lyttleton for some much needed maintenance. While Hitchings does a lot of night sailing, this was the first time he had raced overnight. Hitchings said; “We loved the race but learnt a few lessons, particularly on current and tidal push which was greater than expected. “The winds surprised us a bit. 15 knots in Lyttleton would be a good breeze. It didn’t seem to be enough up there.” Seventeen-year-old Rebekah

Amos, who started her sailing career on Optimists at the Queen Charlotte Yacht Club in Picton was in her first overnight race on Coup d’Etat. Hers was the important job of trimming the headsail. She said that there was also time to appreciate the surroundings, “At night the dolphins and phosphorescence make a lovely combo.” She has had three years racing keelers with the Waikawa Boating Club.

Asked what’s next, Rebekah says: “I’ve got some courses in mind for when I finish school, then ideally crewing for superyacht owners.” Waikawa Boating Club manager Lisa Delaveau said that all the longer distance races brought the sailing community together. “The Pohara Boat Club hosted a dinner and prize giving and Port Tarakohe arranged berths for the boats. We simply couldn’t do this without them.”

Yes, it’s season one but Spark has a lot of work to do to sharpen their content. Regardless, if you love cricket, the $75 cost of three months of cricket is well worth it to see some of our best cricket player’s in our history do their thing. The World Test Championship final in the middle of June will be compelling viewing, if you can handle the moonlight hours. This team is special and this could be their best platform to show it.


The Sun

Marlborough Harrier Club Thursday, April 8 at 5.45pm for a 6.00pm start. Outside Redwood Community Hall, Oliver Park. For full details go to http://harriers.net.nz/event/ pack-training-run-2/2021-04-08/ Saturday, April 10 at 1.45pm for 2.00pm start. Pack Run, Cape Campbell Lighthouse. Meet at Marfell Beach carpark. Look for the Harrier sign. Post event, stay to chat and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee provided. Please bring something for afternoon tea to share with others. For full details go to http://harriers.net.nz/event/pack-run-frommarfells-beach-to-cape-campbell-lighthousereturn/ Everyone is welcome to participate. For further enquiries contact Allister Leach 021 159 0678. Marlborough Harrier Club 2021 Membership online is now open. Go to http://harriers.net.nz/ about/membership/ Any problems contact Les on 021463922 or 5778307 or email membership@ harriers.net.nz

Cuddon Cycling Marlborough Saturday, April 10 at 1.30pm, Jacksons Road (Moa Breweries). Open Grade-Troubador Trophy/Squire Cup 60km Massed Start/Sealed Handicap, Junior U17 Troubador Trophy 24km Massed Start/Sealed Handicap. Please assemble 1pm. Open Grade $5. Monday, April 12 3.30pm to 5.00pm, Track Cycling at Athletic Park. Track bikes available for newcomers (just bring your helmet and runners). Ideal age 11 to adult. All welcome. For further info contact Warren 021663910 or Graham 0278212379. Also see website www. cyclingmarlborough.org.nz for more information.

A bigger screen. It’s cheaper than a trip to the optometrist. AOC 24” 1920X1080 FHD HDMI VGA Frameless Slim Monitor


The screens on our devices keep getting smaller and smaller. And we keep getting closer and closer to them. Or we’re holding them further and further away. Either way, reduce the strain on your eyes with this 24” Full HD monitor. But, if symptoms persist, please do see an optometrist.


less than



per week for 52 weeks on EasyCard*

Offers valid from 7th April 2021. while stocks last, unless otherwise stated. Some products on display in selected stores only – please call 0800 764 847 to check availability. Personal shoppers only. *Weekly equal instalments are based on a 52 week finance period commencing 7 days from the date charged. We recommend setting up an Automatic Payment authority to avoid missed payments and additional interest charges. Available in-store and online. Current interest rate of 23.95% applies. There are no set-up, annual, or account maintenance fees – a $19 notification fee may apply in circumstances of default. Terms, conditions, and credit criteria apply. See in-store or visit smithscity.co.nz/easycard for more details or to apply for your EasyCard.


The Sun

Wednesday April 7, 2021



purchase a Masport, Woodsman or Metrofire Wood Fire and receive a

new product Woodsman Serene Petite 14kW


The Serene is an ultra low emission burner (ULEB) suitable for all zones including Central Otago, Bay of Plenty and Canterbury. Features and benefits: · Convenient ash scoop for easy cleaning. · Solid 8mm steel cook top for ultimate durability.

Standard Flue and Shield Kit valued at up to $898 MoRE opTIoNS INSToRE


Offer valid between Thursday 1 April - Friday 30 April 2021, while stocks last. Excludes package deals. For In-Built Wood Fire, only a Flue will be provided. Find out more at mitre10.co.nz/free-flue-shield




Woodsman ECR Novo Wood Fire Metallic black



Durable 6mm steel fire box. 9.8kW maximum average heat output. 304 grade Stainless steel baffle for longer service life. Super tough 5mm robax ceramic glass. Easy maintainance high temperature finish. Compact design to fit into smaller spaces. Functional cook top. Optional coloured side panels.

Woodsman Brunner MK II Wood Fire

Heats areas up to 190m2. 6mm steel firebox with cook top. 19.6kW output. 15 year warranty on firebox.

10.4kW maximum average heat output. Heats medium to large room areas. NES, ECAN and ORC air shed 1clean air approved. Flat radiant top allows cooking. Lined with masonry fire bricks and a steel baffle for efficient burning. 6mm top plate and baffle for durability. Optional ash catcher.




Masport Wanaka Freestanding Wood Fire Metallic Black VHT






Metrofires Wee Rad Wood Fire Standard Flue Package

15kW peak heat output. Clean air approved model. Heating area 150m2 / 3 bedroom home. Metallic black HT paint finish. Optional wetback available (sold separately). New Zealand made. H: 688mm, W: 615mm, D: 501mm. 280142

Mitre 10 MEGA Marlborough 174 - 186 Alabama Rd, Blenheim Phone: 03-520 6600 mitre10.co.nz Available until Friday 30th April 2021.

Offers available on in-stock items only - while stocks last. Props not included.


Opening Hours Monday - Friday: Saturday: Sunday: Public Holidays:

7.00am - 6.00pm 8.00am - 6.00pm 9.00am - 5.30pm 9.00am - 5.30pm


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