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Rehearsals for the upcoming combined college’s production of Legally Blonde The Musical, are in full swing and with much anticipation. The musical is about a sorority girl who attends Harvard Law School to win back her ex-boy-

Eden Somerville

friend and ends up discovering her own potential. Speaking of potential, the 2001 film which starred Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods, has found its Blenheim equivalent with Year 12 Marlborough Girl’s College student Eden Somerville cast as Elle. Continued on page 10.

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joint pain and swelling ‘OMG you guys’
as Elle Woods, Viola Minghetti as Pilar, Nadia Zintl as Serena and Miriana Haitana as Gaelen.

Wheelie bins all go

Almost all households within Marlborough’s new kerbside collection zone should have their wheelie bins, ready for the new service starting on 1 July.

If you haven’t received yours, please contact the Council’s customer service team on 03 520 7400. You should also contact them if you are within the zone but do not have a maroon crate.

The new collection service covers Blenheim, Picton, Grovetown, Havelock, Rarangi, Rai Valley, Renwick, Seddon, Spring Creek, Fairhall, parts of Rapuara (Hammerichs Road) and Tua Marina.

Waste and recycling will be collected on alternate weeks, and collection days will differ depending on the area you live in. Check the white label on your wheelie bin for your collection day and collection group. Or go to the calendar on the Council’s website at www.marlborough.govt.nz/ services/recycling-and-waste/ kerbside-collections

Black bags will no longer be collected from the kerbside from 1 July; however they will still be accepted at transfer stations, the Waste Sorting Centre and the Resource Recovery Centre.

Wheelie bins should be placed on the kerb by 7am, facing the road and away from obstacles and overhanging trees. They need to be half a metre apart to allow trucks to lift them. On your waste collection day, place only your red top bin on the kerb. On your recycling collection day, place your yellow top bin and your maroon crate on the kerb. Your yellow top bin can be used for plastic displaying recycling symbols 1, 2 and 5, metal cans and tins, paper including glossies, and cardboard. Your maroon crate is for bottles and jars only with lids


To keep up to date with collection days and other specific information, be sure to download the Antenno app. If you have the app you will receive a reminder of what bin is to be put out the day before.

Any households still holding Council bag vouchers can redeem them at Council offices or get a rebate up until 30 June. While bags will not be collected from the kerbside from 1 July, they will still be accepted at transfer stations, the Waste Sorting Centre or the Resource Recovery Centre.

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PRIDE WAIRAU: Antonie Evers, Chanell Diaz, Green Party co-leader and LGTBQI advocate Chlöe Swarbrick and Megan Ponder-West at the opening ceremony of Blenheim’s inaugural Pride Wairau Festival last Friday morning. Also pictured are the Saint Clair Estate team supporting the ceremony. Pride Wairau has a range of events to celebrate the region’s diverse rainbow community and runs from June 14 - 23. It coincides with the nationwide Schools’ Pride Week Aotearoa, an annual event that celebrates rainbow students, staff and whānau. The rainbow was chosen to represent the LGBTQ community by American artist Gilbert Baker, a gay artist who wanted to make a proud statement through a symbol showing diversity. He believed that the rainbow was ideal because it is found in nature.

Price of pet costs hits locals

Marlborough households with pets are being urged to budget for unexpected costs, as latest figures show they continue to be hit hard by inflation.

Over the past two years, pet costs have increased 24.3 per cent and vet bills have increased 16.8 per cent – the sharpest price hikes since the 1980s.

Stats NZ data shows the price of pets and pet-related products has increased 11 per cent in the year to March, while the price of veterinary services has increased 9.8 per cent. Overall, consumer prices rose 4 per cent over the same period, while incomes rose 4.1 per cent.

The price of a can of pet food has increased 16.4 per cent – far more than a can of tuna (11 per cent), salmon (3.4 per cent) or peaches (1 per cent). Cans of tomatoes, spaghetti, soup and pineapple all got cheaper over the same period.

Marlborough Four Paws volunteer Gabby says they had had numerous inquiries asking to re-home their four-legged friends with escalating food and veterinary costs.

“We’ve received 15 – 20 messages in the past month, particularly dogs, because those that take ownership of pets can’t afford to de-sex them, which sees them then breeding, which makes things worse.”

“We’ve had people message constantly, saying they can’t afford pet food. We try to keep them in the home and go around dropping food off. The desexing is way out of control. You’re looking at $200 for a male cat. We got an email recently asking for help with an owner desexing a male and female cat and the quote she got from the vet clinic was $600 including desexing, microchipping and vaccine(s).

A survey of 1800 pet owners last year found 49% were spending more than $1000 a year on their pets, up from 38% of respondents to the same survey three years earlier. As a result Marlborough pet owners have been cancelling their pet insurance because they simply can’t afford to pay it anymore. Insurance for a dog on average is $45 a fortnight for ‘standard cover’ which doesn’t include potential skin or fur issues.

Michelle from MFP says they ‘continue to get kittens’ resulting in volunteers nursing the likes of a five and a half week kitten in their own homes despite the onslaught of winter.

“It’s ongoing care and not just when they are kittens. They should be going once a year at least, especially with vaccinations and a check-up for weight, ear, nose, teeth and claws,” she says. Dumping of kittens continues to happen including recent activity in Hardings Road, Riverlands. As

NOT EXACTLY PURRFECT: Marlborough households with pets are being urged to budget for unexpected costs, as latest figures show they continue to be hit hard by inflation. Over the past two years, pet costs have increased 24.3 per cent and vet bills have increased 16.8 per cent – the sharpest price hikes since the 1980s.

for the stigma with locals asking for help with pet costs, Michelle says there are some who ask but also those who are ‘self-entitled’ and expect ‘a lot’ from a volunteer organisation who does volunteer hours ‘beyond what is expected or should be’.

Consumer NZ Campaigns Adviser Abby Damen says people shouldn’t underestimate the ongoing responsibilities and costs involved in having a pet, including pet food, vet visits, grooming, training and pet sitters.

“That’s not even covering all the exciting things you’ll probably find yourself wanting when you buy a pet. I certainly have spent more than I probably should on my Miniature Schnauzer.”

Chief operating officer Michelle Le Long says when it comes to pets, people need to be prepared

for the unexpected.

“One in three pets in their lifetime will need some sort of emergency treatment and all pets will encounter at least one illness. What potential pet guardians need to think about is the cost of that and that’s often unexpected costs.”

SPCA Scientific Officer Alison Vaughan says the organisation was receiving calls every week from people asking for help with rising costs.

She says adopting animals from a reputable rescue agency was often the cheapest option in the long term and investing time in a pet was also crucial.

“I have cats at home and they are just as happy with a cardboard box as the fancy bed. Just spend time with them – that’s the most important thing.”

Sun The

Voice cancellation

The solo play, ‘The Voice of the Departed’ which was to run at the Boathouse Theatre this Saturday, June 22, has been cancelled due to ‘poor ticket sales.’

The play was to feature award-winning Ukrainian actress, director, composer, and singer, Dasha Volga with a Sunday acting masterclass workshop from 11 –12:30pm teaching improvisation.

Get ready to register your dog

It’s that time of year again when your four-legged friend needs to be registered.

The dog registration year runs from 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2025 and all dogs over three months old must be registered. Forms will be sent to owner’s last known address at the beginning of June.

Please contact Animal Control if you don’t receive yours. All dog registration fees need to be paid by 1 July; after 31 July late penalty fees will apply. For more information go to: www. marlborough.govt.nz/services/dogsand-other-animals/dog-registration

Art of Wellbeing Workshops

Free art workshops are available on Wednesdays in June to support members of the community to create art for the annual Art of Wellbeing Exhibition for Mental Health Awareness Week. Caters to all skill levels. Care Marlborough, 26 Percy Street, 12.30pm - 2pm, Wednesday June 12th, and 23th. For more info please contact Carla or Jelena 027 575 4750 or email admin@carem.nz

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Sun The

Matariki Night Market

Whitehaven’s Matariki Night Market is on at the Vines Village Saturday 22 June 4.30pm – 7.30pm.

A fun evening for all, explore the Vines Village vendors, night lit gardens with local producers and stallholders, live music, fire dancers, poi demonstrations, face painting, and a special treasure hunt. It will be an amazing encounter around every corner!

New guide shines light on Matariki events

A new event programme showcasing the celebration of Matariki in Marlborough is about to hit the shelves.

Council’s Project Lead for Arts, Culture and Heritage Nicola Neilson says Council decided to produce the new guide due to the growing number of Matariki events. Events this year range from traditional dawn ceremonies to night light shows.

The guide will be available from Marlborough District Libraries, the Marlborough Art Gallery and Council’s Customer Service Centres, and online at www.marlborough.govt.nz and www. follow-me.co.nz

Ulysses Club Marlborough

Ulysses Social Ride this Sunday 23 June. Depart Railway Carpark at 11am to Saint Arnaud. All rides are weather dependent.

Picton Mahjong

Every Wednesday, Marina Cove Club Room, 53 Waikawa Road, Picton at 1pm. Phone Adrianne 0210-259-1639 or Kaye 021-131-2331 for more information.

‘Inspiring and aspiring’

Given any chance, nine year old Scarlett Clemmet-Jones loves performing on stage.

An opportunity to attend the Shakespeare Globe New Zealand (SGCNZ) University of Otago Sheilah Winn National Shakespeare Festival recently, has further enhanced her passion for the arts.

The festival is an annual event that involves more than half of the secondary schools in the country.

During the Regional Festivals, students from schools within their region engage with Shakespeare’s plays by performing five minute and 15 minute excerpts. Within each region, an extract from each category is then selected to go on to participate in the National Festival in Wellington.

The Year 5 student has studied drama and singing since the age of 4 and piano since she was six in the UK. Since moving here in November 2022, she has been involved with Marlborough’s Children Youth Theatre and StageLab’s performing arts classes directed by Rose Platenkamp, performing Sayonara in the StageLab show, ‘Eat like a child’ last year.

Mum Alli says Scarlett was allowed to enter the regional SGCNZ competition as a guest, as she is under age, for the last two years and took part in the non-competitive grade.

During the regional award ceremony, Scarlett received a Judges Award for her performance, but

was also invited by the judges to showcase her solo performance in the ‘Inspiring’ section at St. James Theatre, a jewel in the crown of Wellington’s theatre scene, on the final day of the National festival.

“We were expecting the stage to be dark and the lights to come on with her in the centre stage, but it was fully lit and initially she wasn’t too sure she could walk out. But Scarlett told me after a moment of collecting her thoughts to, ‘Go away mum, I’ve got this’.” Alli says, “she is phenomenal at remembering lines and learnt the piece in a matter of days.”

Scarlett was described in the programme as ‘inspiring and aspiring’, performing ‘Ariel’ from ‘The Tempest’, thought to be one of the last plays William Shakespeare wrote (1610-1611).

The Tempest takes place on a ship and remote island where Prospero, a wizard, lives with his daughter Miranda and his two servants, Caliban and Ariel, ‘an airy spirit’.

Indeed it was spirit that Scarlett evoked and portrayed. After the performance many stood and cheered and applauded her accomplishment. Dawn, the CEO of SGCNZ, congratulated her afterwards. Scarlett re-enacted her performance at a recent assembly for the students and staff at Springlands School.

Scarlett’s dedication to the arts sees her up at 7am on Saturday mornings with an ‘hour long drama lesson’ via Zoom with her former coach, Shiv Chambers, in

further enhanced her passion for the arts.

Devon, as well as spending additional hours, practicing singing, piano and drama.

“Marlborough Girls’ College teacher Shalom Del’Monte-Aberhart, who is the much appreciated regional rep for the festival, is amazing in organising this opportunity for the youth of Marlborough and arranging the trip for students, and Scarlett and I, to the Nationals and workshops.

Scarlett and all of the Queen Charlotte and Marlborough Girls’

College students that went on this inspiring weekend, gained wonderful memories that will last a lifetime,” she says.

“Both Scarlett and I are blown away by the opportunities here in Blenheim for performing arts. Going on St. James stage was a real confidence booster as it showed how everyone is on board, pushing students to be their best.” She says, Scarlett told her “I love being up on stage mum…it’s my home”.

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Nine-year-old Scarlett Clemett-Jones loves performing on stage. An opportunity to attend the SGCNZ University of Otago Sheilah Winn National Shakespeare Festival, has

Beautiful – no matter what they say

It’s fair to say Angeline Forlong has the performing bug. The mum of two boys says it’s now time, to showcase ‘beautiful’ in every sense of the word.

Angeline will perform as Christina Aguilera singing Beautiful in Stars in Your Eyes in August. Released in 2002 the song discusses inner-beauty, as well as self-esteem and insecurity. “Beautiful” has been widely embraced as an anthem by the LGBT community for its message of self-empowerment and inner-beauty.

“Christina’s style is not my natural style,” she says. “I was going to do Jewel’s Foolish Games as it is my go to karaoke song. At the auditions they asked me to come back and sing Christina, they loved it, which was terrifying; it’s a bigger challenge than what I had anticipated.”

“What I like about the song was that it was re-released a few years ago and on the video you can see,

a new take on it. It breaks down what beauty and image could or should be. It’s something I have spoken about in my previous role with Toastmasters and going against the mainstream, stereotypical concept of beauty. I’d like to creatively say that on a platform such as Stars.”

She says she was looking for her ‘next creative challenge’ after being cast as ‘The Blue Girl’ in Blenheim Musical Theatre’s, Downtown –The Mod Musical.

She says she became aware of Stars in Your Eyes after having musical theatre friends involved with the event.

“The biggest learning doing that show was that I was good enough and the rest of it was hard work with rehearsals, planning.

The soundtrack is still in my head now, singing Don’t Sleep in the Subway when I’m folding my washing,” she says.

“It (Stars) had to line up with my personal values. The event does great things for our community, she says.

The Rotorua born and educated 32-year old is a mother of two boys, Jayden, 9 and Noah 7. The Forlongs arrived in Marlborough via Auckland eight years ago to be closer to family.

She concedes she has always loved watching musicals and has been involved with church bands and says she always told herself she would get involved with theatre opportunities once her children were old enough.

“The desire was there, I just couldn’t fulfil the time requirements.”

Aguilera was a successful ‘mousketeer’ as a teen member of the Mickey Mouse Club from 1993 – 1994. With singles such as “Genie in a Bottle” and “What a Girl Wants”, Aguilera didn’t stray too far from her Disney roots. So how does one find her inner Christina?

“Through the song, research, preparation. I always found her a bit too racy for my timid tastes. But when I watched a few interviews of her and the why,

Angeline Forlong with her two boys. She will perform as Christina Aguilera singing Beautiful in Stars in Your Eyes in August. it’s always been about freedom and her own person. My body, my voice, my style and I can respect that very much. When you hear her songs from the 90s – now, they have changed with her and that’s what happens with good artists. I’ve grown a new-found respect for her.”

“It’s a privilege to be part of such a good cause.”

Sun The

Masquerade Ball

The Cure Kids Masquerade Ball is on at the Marlborough Events Centre on Saturday 29 June.  VIP tickets have now closed off. However, general admission tickets are now available from $65 pp from asbtheatre.com or at the ASB Theatre box office. General admission starts at 8.30pm, and includes the opportunity to attend the live auction, enjoy dancing to local band “Eclectic Fix” and drinks.

This is a black-tie event (including mask), with all proceeds going to Cure Kids NZ.  Check out the Cure Kids Masquerade Ball 2024 Facebook page for more details, and get along for a great night out.

Repair Cafe

This Saturday 22 June, Repair Café will fix your small repair on site, on the day while you wait and have a cuppa. Sewing/darning, bikes, small furniture/ wooden items, toys, electronic items, and mobile phones. Fourth Saturday of each month. John’s Kitchen, 2 Redwood St. Donations for repairs accepted. Enquiries to Gerrie 027-303-0762.

Veterans Support Hub

This Thursday 20 June at Sowman’s Funeral Lounge, 10am is the Veterans Support Hub. The team at MSD are coming to speak about their services in the context of Veterans Affairs. If you know of a veteran this may help inform, please send them along. Morning tea is provided.

Sun The Wednesday June 19, 2024 5 0800 421 001 harrisonscarpet.co.nz

It hasn’t changed how I provide for my pet, just like children we still provide the same for them and cut back on ourselves.

It’s getting harder and harder to feed a large dog, some weeks it’s dictated by what’s on special really. Vet prices seem to be constantly going up and flea/worm treatments are absolutely extortionate.


Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. A maximum of 150 words please.

They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even when a nom de plume is provided for publication.

We haven’t cut back, same as if they need a vet. We just do (buy food) it as that’s what you do when you have a pet.

I have cut back on things for the home and myself rather than anything for my animals. They deserve the best.

Great service to the editor

I feed my cat on a table so the dog can’t scoff the scraps in an attempt to make the food last longer.

I do wait for their (supermarket) food to go on special then purchase an extra couple.

The editor reserves the right to abridge letters or withhold letters from publication. Email them to news@blenheimsun. co.nz or present to our office at 72 High St.

I wish to belatedly thank the staff from several local businesses for their great service and helpfulness.

Please note that your name and street address MUST be provided with emails.

Back in January whilst on holiday I needed to replace the soft rubber nose-bridge piece on my cycling glasses. I started out at Bikes & Beyond who did not have what I needed but the young staff

Bill of Rights/Freedom of Speech

I understand that the Marlborough District Library and the District Council may be facing legal action by the Free Speech Union, for a breach of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act (BORA).

The allegation is that the MDC breached the BORA by discriminating against ratepayers, and denying access to an organisation known as “Let Kids be Kids”. This organisation was refused access to library meeting facilities, on the basis they were ‘non-inclusive’, and as such didn’t comply with the hire agreement criteria.

Since when did Blenheim library staff have the authority to decide on what is, or isn’t, ‘inclusive?’ Or to discriminate against peaceful ratepayers by denying them access to public meeting facilities?

I hope Council can acknowledge this serious error of judgement, and quickly correct the matter. As Voltaire once said, I may

disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

Stuart Rae Blenheim

Response from Mark Wheeler, Marlborough District Council Chief Executive Re: Marlborough Library Te Kahu o Waipuna - ‘Let Kids Be Kids’ booking.

In assessing a recent booking request made by Let Kids Be Kids, Libraries staff considered the broader impacts of the group’s requests including potential clashes with other events, the booking time at peak hours and any health and safety issues. This is normal practice for all potential bookings. Libraries staff was not initially provided with sufficient information on the meeting planned and concluded that the request could not be reasonably accepted in those circumstances.

Having reviewed the decision

member had approached me promptly to help and re-directed me to another business with instructions how to get there. On to Rebel Sport where again no part but good service. Next, to Cycle World where the staff member came right out to the footpath to be sure I knew exactly where to head next.

and understanding more about the group and the planned meeting, I have decided to approve a booking.

Marlborough District Council is committed to protecting and growing an inclusive culture and respecting people’s right to freedom of expression. We met with the group’s representative on Monday, June 17, to finalise the details.

As a public authority, Marlborough District Council assesses and approves event applications on Council land or in Council facilities. Sometimes these events generate public interest and we often get questions about how we make decisions on such applications.

Granting an event permit or accepting a booking for a meeting room or community venue does not mean the Council endorses the content or supports an event.

Likewise, declining a request for a booking does not mean Council

Finally at OPSM two lovely young staff members rummaged through some drawers, found just what was required and there was no charge.

You did yourselves proud each of you. Well done and thank you.

Jenny Waikato

opposes an event or disapproves of its content.

The rights to freedom of expression and assembly are protected by law and our staff work carefully to ensure we stay within the current legislative framework. That means we must maintain a distinction between carrying out a public function (hiring venues or granting permits) and expressing our Council values (striving to ensure people know that we stand for diversity and inclusion).

The Courts have been very clear that it is a distinction we must maintain and that we are legally obliged to manage our venues in a non-discriminatory manner, i.e. we do not take a position on the views of the hirer.

Council’s current policy will be reviewed to ensure it provides clarity, fairness and legislative compliance for the benefit of both hirers and Council.

Sun The Wednesday June 19, 2024 6 Pet related costs have gone up 25% in two years. What have you had to do to cut back on your pet spending? Sun readers have their say... with the WORD on the Street.
Julie Gardiner Blenheim Jasmine Perrott Blenheim Gwen Gridley Blenheim Gabby Cox Blenheim Chrissy Van der laan Blenheim Jennifer Josling Blenheim
GREAT HAIR DOESN’T HAPPEN BY CHANCE, IT HAPPENS BY APPOINTMENT. BOOK NOW: Txt - 027 437 0671 CALL - 03 5795470 Debby help new learn English Dates for the next training course Friday 30 June 4.30 – 8.30 pm Saturday 1 July 9am – 3.30pm Friday 7 July 4.30 – 8.30pm Saturday 8 July 9am – 3.30pm Volunteer to help new Kiwis to learn English Thanks to the thousands of Kiwi volunteers who live, laugh and share with our newer Kiwis. www.englishlanguage.org.nz Got time to volunteer?
a week to help
former refugee
migrant? Volunteer to help new Kiwis to learn English English Language Partners Marlborough 21 Henry Street, Marlborough House, Blenheim | Ph 027
Volunteer training is taking place in August. Celebrating World Refugee Day, June 20th.
417 8699 marlborough@englishlanguage.org.nz | www.englishlanguage.org.nz
Visit us online at blenheimsun.co.nz

Te Kahu o Waipuna takes out architecture award

Accolades continue for Te Kahu o Waipuna, the Marlborough District Library and Art Gallery, which has taken out the public architecture category in the Te Kāhui Whaihanga New Zealand Institute of Architects Local Awards.

Designed by architects Warren and Mahoney, it was described by the judges as a civic building which is reinvigorating Blenheim’s High Street with its bronzed exterior and flexible interior layout. It also received a Resene Colour Award.

Four judges assessed this year’s projects, along with convenor Euan MacKellar. The winners were announced at an awards event at Nelson’s Trafalgar Centre.

“Projects in this year’s awards have weathered unprecedented conditions including extreme weather events, supply chain issues, spiralling costs and Covid,”

Mr MacKellar said.

“Despite the unforeseen challenges, architects managed to hold on to key concepts, maintain good design and foster strong relationships with their clients and builders, a credit to the profession.”

Te Kāhui Whaihanga New Zealand Institute of Architects is a membershipbased professional organisation which represents over 90 per cent of registered architects.

Head along to WinePRO

The inaugural WinePRO Aotearoa international trade show and conference is coming to Blenheim from 25 to 27 June.

New Zealand is the world’s sixth largest wine exporter by value and Marlborough dominates production with more than 80 per cent of wine coming from here.

“The growth of our wine industry over the past 50 years is nothing short of astonishing,” Mayor Nadine Taylor said.

“WinePRO offers an opportunity for everyone to learn about the latest wine industry developments, particularly in agritech and automation. The trade show is free to attend and I encourage people to head along to see the latest innovations.”

Register to find out more at https://winepro.co.nz/

Works begin for airport roundabout

Following the successful build of the SH6 Bells and St Leonards roads roundabout, construction on the next phase of the project is about to start at SH6 and Tancred Crescent, the entry to Marlborough Airport. Residents and drivers can expect to see shoulder closures, lane shifts and stop/go traffic management.

Contractors have began work to relocate services and build a temporary road for exiting the airport. The stop/ go traffic management is in place to 21 June from 7am to 5pm. During the initial works, people should plan an extra 15 minutes for their journeys and during peak times there may be longer delays.

Mayor attends Hospice open day

Mayor Nadine Taylor attended Hospice Marlborough’s first open day last month, allowing her to meet the Hospice team and see the quality care offered to the community.

“With around 100 patients each month receiving care through Hospice Marlborough, I’m incredibly grateful to the professional medical staff and the many amazing people who regularly volunteer to support them,” she said.

“Every person should have the right to die well – supported with dignity and with compassion. Here in Marlborough our hospice and its amazing people provide this high-quality palliative care to our loved ones and their families.”

The Hospice team was thrilled to welcome Mayor Taylor and others including local healthcare providers, emergency services and business partners during Hospice Awareness Week, Events and Engagement Lead Leigh Somerville said.

“It was an excellent opportunity to

showcase our Hospice Marlborough hub, and for the wider community to enjoy our garden, tour our facility, meet some of our dedicated team,” she said.

“They also learnt first-hand about the vital services we provide to those in need and how they may be able to provide their support.”

More than $900 was raised on the day for Hospice Marlborough.

Hospice Marlborough services are free to the community which receives just over 50 per cent funding from Te Whatu Ora/Health New Zealand.

A funding shortfall of just over $850,000 needs to be raised each year, Ms Somerville said.

“We simply could not continue to provide the high level and quality of palliative care services our region deserves without the ongoing support and generosity of our incredible community, whose partnerships and financial, service and product donations are truly appreciated.”

There will be further stop/go traffic management in place after 21 June and lane closures from mid-July, with more information confirmed in the coming weeks. For the full media release go to: links.marlborough.govt.nz/airportroundabout-begins

The main roundabout construction will begin in August and is planned to be finished by early December. More details about detours and traffic management will be provided soon, at www.nzta.govt.nz

Sun The Wednesday June 19, 2024 7
Te Kahu o Waipuna has won the public architecture category in the Te Kāhui Whaihanga New Zealand Institute of Architects Local Awards. Credit: Barry Tobin Mayor Nadine Taylor at the Hospice Marlborough open day with (from left) CEO Carole Crawford, NMIT nursing student Alicia Higgins and Events and Engagement Lead Leigh Somerville. Mayor Nadine Taylor at the new Plant and Food Research Experimental Future Vineyard in Budge Street, Blenheim.

‘This is what I wanted to do’

Wieland Matzig believes ‘being able to express himself’ with his dishes is his greatest motivation. The German-born 33-year-old is the ‘proud Head Chef’ at Rapaura’s Harvest Restaurant and has cooked for presidents, prime ministers and kings and queens. He spoke to Chris Valli about his passion.

Wieland (pronounced Wil-lant) Matzig believes cooking seemed to always be a part of his life. Growing up with his brother in Frankenberg, in Germany the siblings spent a fair amount of time with their grandparents, due to their parents having a busy work schedule.

“My grandmother and mother had a fascination for cooking. I was stunned how they managed to create with just a few ingredients and the right ‘know how’ (with) techniques and outstanding results, beautiful dishes,” he says.

“I’ve been so fascinated by it, that as a child I took my blanket and pillow and just spent hours looking into the oven and wanted to see how ingredients transform - how cookies started to brown, how bread puffed up or how a piece of meat became a beautiful Sunday roast - a story I hear every single time at family reunions.”

Wieland says in his teenage years he can clearly remember how ‘the naked chef’ (BBC TV cooking show with Jamie Oliver) became famous in Germany, and hasn’t missed a single episode. He says he was fascinated by the colours, techniques and simplicity.

As a 14-year-old, his first working – ‘free of charge’ - foray was at the Romantik Hotel Jagdhaus Waldidyll, in Hartenstein where he learnt the basics of modern cuisine, how to make base sauces, dressings, portioning and preparing meat and fish, cut vegetables, knife skills and basic desserts. At 18, he had his first experience in a la carte and fine dining and started his culinary apprenticeship in the famous Grand Hotel Kempinski Taschenbergpalais Dresden, right next to the famous ‘Frauenkirche’ which got destroyed during WW2 and subsequently rebuilt.

“After the experience I was more than sure, that this is what I wanted to do for my career and it shaped me into the chef I am today.”

His culinary resume is mouth-watering. In 2008, he started his apprenticeship in the Grand Hotel Kempinski Taschenbergpalais Dresden - the hotel former United States President Barrack Obama stayed in during his German visit and whom he even had the honour to cook for. Other stints included the Middle East in 2011 where he worked for four years in the renowned Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi in Mezzaluna, the multiple award winning, fine dining Italian restaurant. It was here where he ‘fell in love with the world of modern fine dining’.

He then grabbed the opportunity to work as a Private Chef/Sous Chef for the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi before his ‘final destination’ as Executive Sous Chef and Acting Executive Chef in the Holiday Inn, Abu Dhabi where we had five restaurants.

“After the experience I was more than sure, that this is what I wanted to do for my career and it shaped me into the chef I am today.”

“I was very proud to have the opportunity to open and lead two new, multiple award winning restaurants.

Stock Burger, a premium burger and craft beer restaurant, and Sushi San, a Japanese sushi and sashimi restaurantfamous for their modern take on classic sushi,” he says.

Along with wife Macey and their two boys (7 and 5) they arrived in Marlborough in March 2023. Their eldest daughter (18) has just graduated and is starting University in Canada. The drawcard coming to New Zealand

as ‘wine lovers’ and Lord of the Rings fans was a ‘perfect fit’, notwithstanding being in a famous wine region.

It was a reunion of sorts when he started at Harvest, having the chance to work again with General Manager, Robert Clark, having worked with him at Emirates Palace and Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi. The Harvest culinary team consists of four chefs while during summer they employ up to nine.

“The Harvest menu should reflect four important factors - regionality, seasonality, modernness and fun,” he says. “Our organic vegetable garden allows us to grow and control our own produce. Throughout my years as a chef, I have never had such an

ABOVE: Awatere venison loin glazed with a coffee reduction and comes with organic beetroot along with dark balsamic. The ‘dot’ is a gel made out of the slow, cooked beetroot.

LEFT: Wieland says the Harvest Restaurants organic vegetable garden allows them to grow and control their produce. “I have never had such an immense and outstanding ‘farm to fork’ concept experience as here in Harvest,” he says.

immense and outstanding ‘farm to fork’ concept experience as here in Harvest. The capabilities and chances to change the menu based on what produces are growing are non-comparable.”

Quality produce from local suppliers adds to the Harvest ethos such as native mushrooms from The Mush Room Company, Elemental Distillers, famous for their Roots Gin, Mills Bay Mussel, Cloudy Bay Clams, hand speared fish from the region and venison from Awatere Valley.

When asked what his ‘go to meal’ at home would be after a day creating magic in the Harvest Restaurant, he says there is a variety of family favourites, including Crispy Pork Belly, a

dish that they’ve implemented on the Harvest lunch menu. Another stable during the festive season is ‘Daddy’s famous stuffed Christmas Duck’ with classical German style potato dumplings and braised red cabbage.

As for the best part of his job?

“Culinary allows you to work with people from around the globe. I love sharing experience, I teach my team but also learn from them - about different produce, dishes and cooking techniques,” he says. “Cooking is an ever-evolving topic. The chance to work with a great team allows us to create new and interesting dishes for our guests and the chance to be awarded for your hard work.”

Proudly supported by: General Admission tickets now available from $65! Sun The Wednesday June 19, 2024 8
one on one with
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‘So much fun – it should be illegal’

Continued from page 1.

The 16-year-old says it is fun portraying the blonde, ditzy stereotype yet showing the change in Elle’s character and her ‘emotional maturity’ as the show progresses.

Eden says it’s been great fun working alongside the whole cast including Richmond View School student James Dight playing the character of Emmett, her love interest.

“He’s talented and knows what he’s doing,” she says. “There are new friendships and everyone has a really positive attitude and wants to put in the hard work.”

James says playing the love interest was a drawcard for auditioning and says he is a ‘cool guy’ and character to play.

“I’ve learned to be patient through the rehearsal process as often we have to rewind and redo scenes to make it perfect.

I’ve also learnt that Jeannie (director) is a very good costume picker,” he laughs.

Director and dance teacher Jeannie Mark is back to nurture, support and encourage the next wave of local talent after directing the 2023 combined college production, School Of Rock.

Jeannie’s depth of experience was in full swing at last week’s rehearsal at Marlborough Girls’ College with the logistics of props, wardrobe and sound coming to fruition.

In June 2021 after 40 years as a ballet and dance teacher, Jeannie said what made teaching and directing worthwhile, ‘was the joy and success of so many people that you put on stage’ who would never have had the confidence to step out in front of people watching them perform.

“It’s a real privilege to be involved,” she says. “My daughter is involved and it’s nice to hand some of that (directing) to her. They are a great group of kids and its fun.”

From the rehearsals, it is evident the action-packed, memorable songs such as Serious, What You Want and Whipped Into Shape supported with dynamic dances will appeal to the wider Marlborough community.

“It is lively and upbeat,” says Eden. “It’s a really cool show.”

Tickets are available from the ASB Theatre. The show opens Wednesday, July 3 – Saturday, July 6 with a matinee on the Saturday at 2pm.

Kyren’s signing to add bite to Mako

It was encouraging news to hear last week the signing and inclusion of Kyren Taumoefolau in the Tasman Mako rugby squad for the upcoming Bunnings National Provincial Championship.

Encouraging for various reasons. The 21-year has gas to burn and a step which keeps defenders honest. He was given an opportunity this season with Moana Pasifika as a ‘rookie’(wing/fullback) and grew from strength to strength, after playing for ‘Ikale Tahi’/Tonga at the Rugby World Cup and representing Tonga on the World Sevens Circuit.

The then 20-year-old was the youngest in the Tongan side at the world cup and one of the youngest playing at the tournament, attracting a lot of attention wherever he went in France.

Encouraging because he’s a proud Waitohi local. Younger brother Bray plays halfback for the Moutere Premier team while Dad Tonga is the current coach of the Marlborough Boys’ College First XV. For whatever reason, Kyren wasn’t on the Mako radar after leaving college and had the foresight and initiative to tap into his cultural lineage to forge a rugby pathway

that looks healthy and exciting.

Local players playing code for the Mako and the Marlborough region are a point of difference in the professional era which sees players going from one franchise to other to seek game time. It was great to see hooker and Marlborough Boys’ College alumni Sam Moli also included in the squad, after making his debut against Counties in 2017.

Kyren’s try coming off the bench against the Fijian Drua in Melbourne during Super Round (from clean ball at the lineout) demonstrated his explosive speed and work rate. He scored again the following week in a 60-21 loss

against the ACT Brumbies. His humility is testament to his character. After the Drua game he says he was ‘grateful for the opportunity to showcase his talent and represent my team and family’. Mako Head coach Gray Cornelius says he is excited by what he sees coming through the Marlborough clubs, Academy, and schools, as well as the continuity they have with returning players. The Mako’s first game in the NPC is against Manawatu in Palmerston North on Sunday, August 11 while the Blenheim fixture is against Bay of Plenty on Saturday, August 31 at 7.05pm.

Sun The Wednesday June 19, 2024 10
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WAITOHI REPRESENT: Kyren scored in the corner for Tonga against Romania in the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France.

Brand new Care Suites at Redwood Village,

Offering Rest Home and Hospital level care.

Set amongst a picturesque landscape and flourishing gardens, you’ll find Redwood Village. Offering Rest Home and Hospital level care with sweeping views of Wither Hills.

Discover the range of spacious Care Suites, each with their own kitchenette and ensuite. You’ll feel right at home with the freedom to decorate your room with personal touches.

With easy access to the nearby Blenheim shops, beautiful parks and the local farmers market, it is easy for friends and family to pop by or for you to enjoy the local area.

You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you won’t have to move again, even if your needs increase. Enjoy the comfort of knowing you’re truly taken care of.

Sun The Wednesday June 19, 2024 11
residents 65 years and above.
To learn more, call Jacqui on 0800 333 688 today. No referral required. 131 Cleghorn Street, Blenheim oceaniahealthcare.co.nz J002481_RedwoodCareSuites_Jun_FP Press 260x370mm_01.indd 1 27/05/24 4:45 PM

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Saturday 15th of June was World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, highlighting a very real and complex problem. It is estimated that one in 10 seniors experience abuse in some form, and this is only the cases that get reported. The majority of abuse goes undetected and unreported.

On Friday, a team from Maataa Waka was set up across the road from Te Kahu o Waipuna, the Marlborough District Library and Art Gallery, braving the elements and spreading awareness.

Anthea Macdonald has been working in Older Persons Health for over 20 years and has recently joined Maataa Waka as an Elder Abuse Social Worker, working alongside John Lyons.

Anthea says elder abuse is a global problem and here in Aotearoa New Zealand we are no different. The number of people aged 65 and over is projected to be 1.2 million by 2035, along with a 130 percent increase in people aged 80 and over. Elder abuse takes many forms including physical, emotional, financial, sexual, institutional, and also includes neglect. Unfortunately, the warning signs of abuse are often missed, ignored, or explained away, even by well-meaning people. In fact, it’s likely that most cases of elder abuse go unreported.

“The most prevalent form of reported elder abuse is financial,” Anthea says.

“It often happens when a family

member is caring for an older person. Gradually over time it becomes easier to use the elderly person’s money without their permission or knowledge, starting with small things and getting bigger from there.”

But it can also be more complex than that. Anthea says there are cases of families who are not willing to put a parent into care because of the cost, so they keep them at home. They don’t want any potential inheritance being spent on care.

“This is all very well, but often the family is not equipped to take adequate care of that person,” Anthea says.

Maataa Waka is fully invested in tackling elder abuse and has a well-established network out in the community. They work closely with other agencies including Age Concern, Te Whatu Ora - Health NZ, and the Police. They receive referrals from these agencies and there is also a form on their website for anyone who has concerns about an elderly person or suspects there is abuse occurring. “We are also involved in training,” Anthea says.

“We will be conducting regular sessions with various organisations including Rest homes, Care providers, and other agencies that have a focus on supporting older people, providing training on how to spot signs of abuse and what to do about it.

“For me, it’s all about positive outcomes. It’s about making a difference in people’s lives that supports older people to enjoy their remaining years.”

Joining Maataa Waka outside the Library was Karyn Delves from Security Alert. Karyn is a specialist consultant for personal security alarms, often for older people.

Karyn says a lot of people don’t realise how easy and inexpensive personal security alarms can be to access.

“Our alarms have many amaz-

ing features, including some features you won’t find on other alarms. And best of all, our alarms are more affordable than many others, with many folk eligible for government funding to help or in some cases fully cover the cost,”

Karyn says.

“For anyone living with a vulnerability, these are a game-changer. An alarm can be fully mobile and connect you with any emergency service. There is the choice of a fall detector also. But the key to them, particularly in the context of World Elder Abuse Awareness

Day, is they are about empowering people. Giving them comfort through personal security - medical or otherwise.”

Contact Karyn for advice and options on 0273-539-698 or Karyn@ securityalert.co.nz

And please, if you have any concerns about an elderly family member, friend or neighbour, don’t hesitate to contact Maataa Waka on 03-577-9156 or via their website www.maataawkw.co.nz

People can also visit the Maataa Waka office at 56 Main Street to make a referral.

Chinese community celebrate Dragon Boat Festival

Over 100 people joined in the celebrations of a Dragon Boat Festival for Marlborough’s Chinese community at The Foundry in John Street recently.

Organised by the New Zealand Chinese Association, attendees engaged in various traditional cultural activities, including calligraphy to write good wishes, and making five-colour bracelets. The

five-coloured thread is a mascot and ornament for the Dragon Boat Festival and has the effect of warding off evil spirits with the meaning of praying for good fortune.

Other activities included crafting dragon boats from egg cartons, dragon dancing, and zongzi wrapping. Many brought homemade delicacies to share, enjoying dinner together and tasting the zongzi they made.

Spokesperson Enny Leong says it

was a delightful event where everyone could experience the charm of the Dragon Boat Festival tradition.

“People very enthusiastically involved in giving such a warm and proud community feeling,” she says.

The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese Festival celebrated around the world. Its origin dates back to 200 BC with the date May 5, on the Lunar Chinese Calendar each year.

Sun The Wednesday June 19, 2024 12 If you are thinking about building or renovating, get in touch to arrange a free first consultation meeting to discuss your project Visit us at our office/showhome 53 Whareatea Road, Wai-iti, Blenheim. Contact us to make an appointment first ph 03 578 1448 | 027 823 7790 admin@andersonarchitecture.co.nz
Some of the team from Maataa Waka from left, Kowhai Buchanan, Donna Lane, Anthea Macdonald, joined by Karyn Delves from Security Alert were on hand on Friday, braving the elements and raising awareness of Elder Abuse, and to mark World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. THE CHARM OF THE DRAGON BOAT TRADITION: From left: Yueying Chen, Xuemei Zhang, Xiumei Tian, Shufeng Long, Eva Au-Yeung, Shan Louis Baker, Jianmin Wu and Yiluan Gao.
Sun The Wednesday June 19, 2024 13


Industry event

Uncorking the largest industry showcase in the heart of kiwi wine country

Wine industry professionals, vineyards owners, managers and workers will all be in attendance at the inaugural WinePro, the most extensive showcase of equipment and suppliers for the wine industry, taking place 25th - 27th June at Marlborough Lines Stadium 2000, Blenheim.

Set against the stunning backdrop of New Zealand’s largest wine-producing region, this event promises to be a must attend for everyone connected with the world of wine. Preparations are well under way as Marlborough prepares to roll out the red carpet to welcome national and international visitors to the region in the industry’s biggest trade event. WinePro New Zealand is not just an exhibition, it’s an immersive experience that brings together more than 70 of the best suppliers, indoor and outdoor exhibits, providing a comprehensive

WinePRO sponsors and supporters

overview of the latest innovations and technologies shaping the future of the wine industry. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore cutting-edge equipment, discover top-tier suppliers and engage with industry experts, making it an important event for anyone passionate about the art and science of winemaking.

A collaboration

The event has been developed through the vision of the Marlborough District Council, who sought to unite and host the entire New Zealand wine industry within the Marlborough region, the largest wine-growing area in the country. Supported by industry personnel who have generously invested their time, along with representatives from industry associations who are united in delivering a world-class event. Companies involved include Chandler Glass and Packaging, Grapeworks NZ, Hydralada, Olavin and Winequip to name a few, with product and services on show for all aspects of the industry.

Along with the Marlborough Council, the event is also supported by New Zealand Wine, Bragato, AgriTech NZ and Marlborough Wine - ensuring strong industry support.

Innovate, Elevate, Celebrate

The event will feature an industry-led conference that goes beyond the traditional, with a theme of ‘Innovate, Elevate, Celebrate’. Focussing on business intelligence, it will be offering thought-provoking discussions on emerging trends, sustainable practices and technological advancements. Renowned speakers and experts will challenge conventional thinking, providing attendees with valuable insights that can reshape their approach to winemaking. A collaboration of industry leaders has together provided input to deliver something new, fresh and thoughtful. And the best of balanced scheduling will allow attendees to mix on the show floor in between sessions.

Sun The Wednesday June 19, 2024 14
WinePro 2024 Marlborough Lines Stadium 2000, Blenheim Marlborough Lines Stadium 2000, Blenheim June 25 to 27, 2024 Supplying equipment to the NZ wine industry FOR 25+ YEARS P: +64 9 5802520 mail@hdprocess.co.nz hdprocess.co.nz • Pumps • Filters • Heat exchangers • Valves • Barrel cleaners • Tank cleaners Lobe pump Trolley mount pump Tube-in-tube heat exchanger Barrel blaster At last , a l Insurance b New Zealand insurance b HERE F M: 027 455 5 ath@icib co.nz W our local busine advice th For more information call M: 027 700 6647 Your winery specialist insurance brokers For more information call Wayne Wiffen M: 027 700 6647 E: wayne.wiffen@icib.co.nz Emma Mortimer M: 027 546 3422 E: Emma.mortimer@icib.co.nz
Thanks for making WinePRO a success!
Speakers and panellists will include doctors, CEOs, government officials, representatives from businesses and trusts, and the 2024 New Zealander of the Year, Dr Jim Salinger. “This event is not just about business, it’s a celebration and tribute to the remarkable achievements of the New Zealand wine sector who lead in a number of producing aspects,” show organiser Gary Fitzroy says. WinePRO will provide a unique platform for wine industry professionals to connect, collaborate and share ideas.


One of the highlights of WinePro New Zealand will be the networking sessions, providing a unique platform for professionals to connect, collaborate and share ideas. With a carefully curated environment that fosters meaningful interactions, attendees can expect to build lasting relationships and partnerships that will drive the industry forward. On Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th June from 3.30pm, a FREE happy hour will enable the industry to get together on the show floor to share a drink and connect. Maximising the industry’s time, Bragato will run Grape Days on Monday 24 June at the Convention Centre as part of what is shaping up to be a weeklong focus on wine and servicing the national industry. Organisers have subcommittees working on the experience of WinePro, including FREE bus transfers from the airport, hotels and up to Picton, through to great motel deals and restaurants all rolling out the red carpet welcome.

A word from the organiser

Gary Fitzroy, the show organiser said, “This event is not just about business, it’s a celebration and tribute to the remarkable achievements of the New Zealand wine sector who lead in a number of producing aspects.

“As participants immerse themselves in the world of WinePro New Zealand, they’ll experience first-hand the passion and dedication that make New Zealand a global powerhouse in wine production. It’s been a great experience seeing the vision of the Marlborough Council come to life and their support

in getting this event off the ground with key representative bodies and individuals pulling together to deliver something that sets a whole new event benchmark in the industry. I am sure everyone will be proud to have this world standard event now established in NZ,” he continued.

WinePro New Zealand is set to be a one-of-a-kind event and one of the biggest and most comprehensive wine trade events to be held in NZ, offering an unparalleled opportunity to celebrate, learn and connect within the vibrant and dynamic wine community. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary showcase in the heart of New Zealand’s wine country.

Marlborough Lines Stadium 2000, Blenheim June 25 to 27, 2024



VinWizard develops and distributes winery automation technology using modern computer programming capabilities and control electronics. Originating in Marlborough the system is now installed at over 300 toptier wineries around the world plus leading R&D institutions in Marlborough, California and Chile.

Escalating power and labour costs are common challenges in all markets. Our 26 year history has led to a unique raft of software and hardware initiatives delivering energy savings of up to 40 percent

and reduced staff requirements. Starting with tank control the system can then interface to any aspect of the operation which costs money to operate or can adversely affect the wine.

We now take winemakers inside the tank with the Multi-Sensor-Probe (MSP). This ground breaking technology delivers multiple temperature readings from the top of a tank to the bottom plus on-line brix readings. The MSP had its first commercial release in the 2023 American vintage with a 100% success rate. Soon after it won a prestigious award from the American Wine Industry Network for “impressive ingenuity and technical advances.” We look forward to showing you the full capabilities of this unique innovation at WinePRO 2024.

Sun The Wednesday June 19, 2024 15 SO EASY DIGITAL KIT WinePro 2024 Marlborough Lines Stadium 2000, Blenheim
Cultivator Vario Mulcher Alpha RotaryStar Tiller DiscPlough Vine TrunkCleaner CLEAN AROUND THEVINEWITHOUT CHEMICALS Find out more: www.braun-maschinenbau.com BRAUN MODULAR SYSTEM Made in Germany Individual solutions for fruit growing and viticulture all over the world. 9 Pak Lim’s Road Renwick, Marlborough w: byrnebuiltengineering.co.nz e: byrnebuilt@xtra.co.nz Byrnebuilt Engineering is pleased to advise that after a long association with Braun Maschinenbau Germany, we have been appointed exclusive importer and distributor for New Zealand and Australia. The complete range of Under vine, inter row cultivation and mowing equipment is now available at very competitive prices as well as spare parts and new accessories that compliment the Braun System. Our customers can choose from mid mount, front or rear units and also the new VPA (Vineyard Pilot Assist) equipment which scans and adjusts the mowing and cultivation equipment automatically allowing top results at better speeds. Our new warehouse and showroom in Renwick is currently under construction and new stock has just arrived from Germany. We look forward to working with our customers as this new phase for Braun Maschinenbau starts in Australasia. Clean around the vine without ChemiCals Braun modular system Services: • Mobile welding with 3 portable plants • Specialist earthmover repairs • General fabrication and certified welding • Machining and lineboring • Vineyard equipment service and repair • Hydraulic hose repair service • JCB tele-handler hire 9 Pak Lim’s Road, Renwick, Marlborough w: byrnebuiltengineering.co.nz e: byrnebuilt@xtra.co.nz Professional engineering exclusive importer and distributor of Braun maschinenbau we stock a full range of vineyard and undervine cultivation equipment Marlborough stockist for Total Energies Lubricants Visit us at WINEPRO where we will have a range of equipment on display, including: • Alpha 2000 variable width mowers • Vineyard Pilot Assist autonomous systems • Stem Cleaners • Toolbars and other equipment VINWIZARD RELEASES AN INDUSTRY FIRST, UNLOCKING SECRETS OF THE WINE FERMENT 30.6 33.6 23.4 34.4 35.1 35.1 32.2 37 37.8 37.8 34.4 22.7 12.3 11.1 10.8 11.6 VISIT US ON BOOTH D11 MULTI-SENSOR PROBE (MSP) MULTI-LEVEL TEMPERATURE, BRIX, AND MORE IN REAL TIME www.vinwizard.com company/vinwizard 021 731 770 bobrichards@vinwizard.com CONTACT US VinWizard leads the way
winning innovation
the VinWizard team can be viewed on booth D11.
multiple temperature control points in a single probe. A global first and awarding
Marlborough, New Zealand’s largest wine-producing region will host the inaugural WinePRO event, the most extensive showcase of equipment and suppliers for the wine industry.

Winter Warmth 2018 Winter

Electric blankets are cosy, but dangerous when damaged

With all of the technological advances in today’s modern world, how often do you remember to check electrical devices for faults?

In particular, when was the last time you checked your electric banket?

It’s that time of year where people venture into their storage cupboards, seeking out their thick, heavy duvets and of course, their electric blankets.

The thing is, that without proper care and use, they can become an

unexpected fire hazard.

The biggest concern are the wires and other components flowing through the blanket. Electricity goes into these wires to heat it and warm the bed. But anytime electricity is present there’s the ever present danger.

All it takes is one wire to be pierced, shorted or frayed and you have a fire.

Crimped cords or wires can also cause hot spots that turn into fire hazards, so before turning it on,

it’s important to know your electric blanket is in good working order.

At the first sign of wear, or just for peace of mind, have your electric blanket checked by a qualified electrician. Replace your electric blanket every five years with newer heat protected designs which are safer.

When in use don’t place heavy objects on the bed while the blanket is on and make sure it’s always flat on the bed.

Smoked pork hock and vegetable soup



• 1 kg smoked pork hock

• 1 tbsp vegetable oil

• 5 cloves garlic, finely diced

• 1 onion

• 1 large bulb of fennel, sliced

• 2 large carrots, peeled and diced into chunks

• ½ bunch celery, diced into chunks

• 1 large celeriac, diced into chunks

• ¼ cup tomato paste

• 2 tsp fennel seeds

• 1 tsp dried chilli flakes (optional)

• 2L salt reduced chicken stock

• 400g can red kidney beans, drained, rinsed

• Crusty bread, to serve.

1. Place pork hock in large bowl and pour boiling water over the hock, drain and set aside.

2. In a large pot, add oil and cook the onion and garlic for 5 minutes, or until onion is transparent.

3. Add all other vegetables to the pot and cook for a further 5 minutes or so, until slightly softened. Stir in the tomato paste.

4. In a separate frying pan, add fennel seeds and on low heat dry fry them for about 5 minutes. Do not let them burn.

5. Add pork hock, fennel seeds, chilli and stock to pot and bring up to the boil. Reduce to a simmer and allow soup to cook for about 2 – 2 1/2 hours. Top up with more stock or water as needed but not so much to dilute the flavour of the soup.

6. When pork hock meat is very tender, remove hock from pot, remove the meat from the pot and shred into large chunks. Return the meat to the pot with the beans and season with salt and more chilli if desired. Serve with crusty bread.

Sun The Wednesday June 19, 2024 16 44 Main St, Blenheim | ph 03 578 5374 | office@marlboroughglass.co.nz DON’T DELAY - TALK TO US TODAY FOR A FREE MEASURE AND QUOTE! beat the rush! Stay warm, dry, and healthy with Retro-fit Double Glazing for your Timber and Aluminium Windows. AVAILABLE NOW! Trusted by locals and committed to keeping you warm with the best firewood available 100% family owned & operated right here in Marlborough info@thefirewoodcompany.co.nz | ph 027 930 5447 Pine • Gum • Macrocarpa • Douglas Fir • Old Man Pine Other woods available - just ask

Make your heat pump work smarter, not harder

The days are darker, it’s getting colder, and the temptation to run the heat pump at full blast might be growing. After all, they’re a low-cost and efficient way to heat your home. Tempting though it might be, blasting your heat pump will add to the numbers on your electricity bill, but it also adds to your carbon footprint, according to EECA. Housing expert Gareth Gretton says it’s easy to run your heat pump the smart way. Make sure it’s clean

Just like cleaning the filter in your dishwasher or washing machine can help it run more efficiently, cleaning the filter inside your heat pump can make a real difference to how well it works. You should give your filter a good clean as we head into the cold season, and ideally clean your heat pump filters once a month during winter. You can always clean them more frequently if they’re particularly dirty.

Know your temperatures

How do you get a warm, dry home without churning through power? There is a middle point that’ll help you with both. Set your heat pump temperature to 18 degrees or above to help fight

damp and mould, but below 21 degrees to save on power. The higher the temperature, the more energy the heat pump will use, so anywhere between 18 and 21 is the sweet spot.

Spend more time on your couch It might sound obvious, but heat pumps use the most energy when they’re getting a room up to a set temperature. So spending more time in the space your heat pump is in will help you make the most of the energy you’re using. Often, that’s in the living room, which is also conveniently where our couches, TVs, and magazines live. You can close the doors to any rooms you don’t use too, to make sure they’re not stealing some of the warmth.

Don’t run your heat pump constantly

A lot of people believe that keeping a heat pump running 24/7 is an efficient, cost-effective way to heat their home. But in fact, that idea is actually a myth. When you do that, you’re actually using more energy and losing more energy overall, so it’s much better to just run your heat pump when you’re at home. Doing that will also save you money on your electricity bill.

Tackle dampness

Damp homes promote mould and dust mites which can cause respiratory problems. While dehumidifiers and ventilation systems help reduce the symptoms

of the problem, it’s important to track down the underlying cause of dampness in your home. The problem may be relatively cheap and easy to fix.

Got a timer? Use it.

If your heat pump has a timer, you can set it to turn on just before you get home or before you wake up in the morning. Doing that also means

What are some of the signs of dampness?

• Musty smells

• Damp or mouldy clothes or shoes in wardrobes

you’ll be less tempted to crank the heat pump at a high temperature when you get home to a cold house, or wake up in one.

If you don’t have a heat pump

• Mould forming behind pictures, mirrors and furniture

• Mould, stains or watermarks on ceilings or walls

Marlborough has a wide range

but you’re looking to buy one, check out our guide to choosing a heat pump for tips on what to look for, including energy star rating, locations, and size.

of businesses that can provide solutions to dampness in your home or business. Simply contact them to find out how they can help you.

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Winter Warmth 2018 Winter
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Receive a



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Maxwell coaching is a confidential, non-judgemental service that helps you to define what is missing in life and discover ways to feel empowered to overcome obstacles, set goals and achieve results. Coaching is forward looking and does not dwell on negatives in your past.

Maxwell coaching can help with:

• Feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, stress and fatigue.


• Lifestyle changes for improved health outcomes, weight control and better sleep.

• You already have the answers, coaching helps you to find them.

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• Low self-esteem and negative self-talk.

• Lack of confidence, motivation and life

You only have one life. Live your best.

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Sun The Wednesday June 19, 2024 19




Inhibit, curb (7)

Spire (7)

Quality (9)

Unchanging (9)

Distasteful (9)

Teller (7)

Nourish (7)

Sailboat (5)

Wanders (5)

Incorrect (5)

Across: 1. Scrawny, 5. Bathers, 9. Lochs, 10. Resurface, 11. Consensus, 12. Sweep, 13. Theta, 15. Implicate, 18. Caretaker, 19. Ethos, 21. Sushi, 23. Rearwards, 25. Inoculate, 26. Omega, 27. Repress, 28. Tighten. Down: 1. Solicit, 2. Raconteur, 3. Waste, 4. Yardstick, 5. Basis, 6. Turnstile, 7. Elate, 8. Steeple, 14. Attribute, 16. Permanent, 17. Abhorrent, 18. Cashier, 20. Sustain, 22. Sloop, 23. Roams, 24. Wrong. ado, day, dorp, dory, dray, drop, dry, oar, pad, par, PARODY, pay, pod, pray, pro, prod, pry, pya, rap, ray, road, rod, ropy, yap, yard.

If you’re looking for retirement living options in a supportive and friendly environment for over 65s, our community at Arvida Ashwood Park could be the perfect solution. Located within nearly five acres of garden estate, Ashwood Park makes the most of Blenheim’s wonderful climate with homes that capture the sunshine and views of nature.

An Arvida Living Well Community Proud to bring you this puzzle page Sun The Wednesday June 19, 2024 20
Find out more
arvida.co.nz/ashwoodpark 118-130 Middle Renwick Road, Springlands, Blenheim A sunny lifestyle in a beautiful garden setting awaits. An Arvida Living Well Community There,s nothing to figure out here SUDOKU Every row, column and box should contain the digits 1 to 9. Each number represents a different letter of the alphabet. Write the given letters into all squares with matching numbers. Now work out which letters are represented by the other numbers. 1234 5678 9 10 11 12 13 14 1516 17 18 19 20 2122 23 24 25 26 27 28 CROSSWORD Across 1. Skinny (7) 5. Swimmers (7) 9. Lakes, in Scotland (5) 10. Appear again (9) 11. Majority view (9) 12. Brush (5) 13. Eighth letter of the Greek alphabet (5) 15. Embroil
28. Constrict (7) Down 1. Request (7) 2. Skilled story teller (9) 3. Squander (5) 4. Standard for comparison (9) 5. Foundation (5) 6. Rotating gate (9) 7. Make happy (5) 8.
P O Y A R D How many words of three or more letters, including plurals, can you make from the six letters, using each letter only once? No foreign words or words beginning with a capital are allowed. There's at least one six-letter word. Solution 252: ado, ALMOND, and, dam, damn, dan, don, lad, lam, land, load, loam, loan, mad, man, moa, moan, mod, modal, monad, nod, nodal, nomad, old. WordBuilder 253 6 TODAY Good 12 Very Good 17 Excellent 22 WORDBUILDER 353 Decoder Sudoku Crossword WordBuilder How many words of three or more letters, including plurals, can you make from the six letters, using each only once? No words beginning with a capital are allowed. There’s at least one six-letter word. Good 12 Very Good 17 Excellent 22 T H E P U Z Z L E C O M P A N Y All puzzles copyright www.thepuzzlecompany.co.nz
Janitor (9)
Attitude, beliefs (5)
Popular fast
Towards the
Immunise (9)
Final letter of the Greek

Astrolabe Small Town Winter Winery Warming, Saturday, June 15.

Youth worker training

Marlborough Youth trust training with Careerforce which supports work-based training, enabling employers to upskill their staff to achieve nationally recognised qualifications.

Have an event ? Contact 03 5777 868 ...with The Sun your local paper & & Out Ab O ut Sun The Wednesday June 19, 2024 21
YUMMY KAI: Youth Trust volunteer Hunter Kelly planting strawberries. Oisin Moore prepping some finocchiona, a classic Italian-style salami studded with fennel seeds. Level 3 youth worker training with Career Force and Marlborough Youth Trust. BEST PRACTICE: Youth Worker Mentor Lee Tepuia (centre front) and the Marlborough Youth Trust team at their recent Ara taiohi Code of Ethics training for youth workers. Locals enjoying the fine hospitality from the team at Astrolabe. David Taylor, Sam Waghorn, Libby Waghorn Levett and Angela Taylor. Tegan and Arabella Waghorn.

5 minutes with...

PhiliPPa Turley

Curator at Picton Heritage & Whaling Museum

 Are you a dog or cat person?

I like both but probably more a dog person. Nothing like coming home to unconditional delight in seeing you walk through the door.

 My friends would say I am… A bookworm.

 The best advice I ever received was?

Stop and think about what you’re going to say before you open your mouth and hurt someone.

 What would you buy if money was no object?

A massage once a week.

 Local coffee haunt?

Gusto – great coffee, wonderful people.

 Favourite takeaway?

Can’t go past a good Indian or Thai meal.

 The shop you can’t walk past is...? Shoe shop – don’t say I have a fetish.

 What’s the most thoughtful gift you’ve ever received?

An orchid when my mother died – I’m reminded of her every day when I look at it.

 Where is your happy holiday place?

Anywhere I can curl up with a good book in the sunshine.

 Favourite programme or series currently watching?

I don’t watch much TV but I really enjoyed the series ‘Ozark’ on Netflix.

 What’s one thing on your bucket list?

Visiting Bhutan. The only country in the world that has happiness as one of its key economic measures.

Early season start: By Wally Richards

Each year in the winter I have been chaffing at the bit to get an early start to the new season because the earlier you can get started the earlier you can harvest the first tomatoes, cucumbers etc.

To enable you to do this now you need a glasshouse or a sunny conservatory and a heat pad.

We are now just 6 days from the shortest day on the 21st June, after which the day light hours will slowly extend and that is what plants want, longer days of sunlight.

The first thing to do is select what seeds you are going to buy and grow for the early season.

You have a range of seeds in garden shops, mail order through the likes of Egmont Seeds and Kings Seeds.

Starting with tomato seeds you need to pick a type that will set fruit in the cooler temperatures of spring when they reach flowering stage.

Egmont seeds has ‘Heirloom Russian Red’ which is not a tall growing plant more a bush type with medium size fruit.

Kings Seeds also has Russian Red plus Tomato Sub Arctic Plenty, a special tomato bred for the US Greenland Military bases to endure extremely cold climates which produces concentrated clusters of small, good flavored, red fruit that ripen almost simultaneously.

A very small plant ideal for a pot with a compact habit and can grow on a sunny window sill.

I purchase a plant of this a couple of seasons ago and it is responding well to the cold in one of my glasshouses with small ripe fruit each week.

Once you have established a plant then from ripe fruit collect the seeds to use in the future.

Another one that I have enjoyed and had success with early season and late season is cucumber Iznik Mini F1 Hybrid which produces shiny finger cucumbers with smooth skin and intense taste.

A very early maturing plant that is littered with 10cm long fruit well before other varieties.

The plant is Parthenocarpic meaning it does not require pollination to set the fruit which is great for growing in a glasshouse.

It can therefore produce high yields even under adverse conditions and without bee activity.

It’s ideal for pot growing and some support is needed as they grow about 3 metres long, growing up to near top of glass then along wires fruiting as they grow.

They do need a bit of heat so even in a glasshouse don’t be too much of a hurry to germinate and get them going;

likely August would be a good time to get them away except for those living in warmer areas, then now or soon would be fine.

The seeds are available from Egmont Seeds on line. There are only 5 seeds in the packet.

To germinate seeds this time of the year you really need a heat pad which is going to cost you about $50.00. This is a small outlay as I have heat pads which are over 30 years old and still going strong.

Some garden centres will have heating pads for sale otherwise you should be able to find a pad on line.

Brew shops are another possible source of heat pads.

I always place a thickness of polystyrene under the heat pad as this drives all the heat upwards.

Seeds can be grown in peat pots, small punnets (half punnets), cell punnets or small pots using a sieved compost such as Daltons.

The reason to sieve is to remove the big bits and end up with a nice fine product.

I prefer to have just one seed per pot/ small punnet and if you only have five seeds in a purchased packet such as the cucumbers above you don’t want to have to try and separate the seedlings for planting.

Fill the container ¾ full with sieved compost and moisten down with sprays of Magic Botanic Liquid (MBL) diluted at 20mls per litre of water. Place one seed in the middle of the pot and spray that with MBL to wet the seed.

Cover with a little more of the mix and spray that also.

I like to set this up in the kitchen on a table in front of the window, not that light is important but so I don’t forget it as with a heat pad you need to spray the mix two or three times a day as the heat will dry it out.

First thing in the morning, last thing at night, and once in the middle of the day.

The MBL helps speed up germination. I do not like the propagation units with covers over them as too much humidity can cause fungal diseases and you may forget to spray thinking the moisture is trapped inside.

In Nature no one comes along and sticks a plastic cover over where seeds are going to germinate.

As soon as you see movement and the first embryo leaves have lifted and opened, then your seedling and container goes out into your glasshouse to sit on a bench.

This is very important as to obtain a good seedling you must have it sitting where it is going to get light from overhead such as inside the glasshouse

on a bench.

Light through a window on the sill will make the seedling stretch to the light, weaken and likely die.

The seedling will need to be moistened still, just enough moisture to moisten mix to stop it from drying out completely.

Too much water and a cold night will cause loses.

As the plant grows and obtains more true leaves, being in the small container or punnet it will need increased amounts of water. And also start applying a liquid plant food which is ideal for both hydroponics and medium grown plants such as Wallys Plant Food used at only 10ml per litre of water. I like to add a little of the MBL to the same litre, say 5ml.

Wallys Liquid Fish Fertiliser is also another nice food for baby plants.

Give a little drink of the mix as the growing medium starts to look dry. It is best to do this during the morning or early afternoon so the mix is not so damp as evening approaches.

The combination of the liquids is a super food and it will certainly get your plants growing.

Have the made up solution in a bottle that you can shake prior to using each time.

If you do not have a glasshouse then you can still get an early start by germinating seeds of tomatoes, capsicums and chili types.

These you grow on and pot up into larger containers as they fill the previous container.

I remember an elderly gardener who made a trolley and placed his young plants in containers on it.

On nice days he would wheel the trolley out of the garage into the sun and then later in afternoon wheel the trolley back into the garage for the night.

As they say; where there is a will there is a way.

Keep warm.

Sun The Wednesday June 19, 2024 22 No Job too b ig or Small Email - quotes@zorite.co.nz 03 577 5196 www.zorite.co.nz Your one stop shop for Painting (Interior exterior) • Gib Stopping • Exterior Plastering repairs and repainting Suspended Ceiling - Commercial Fit outs replacement tiles • Roofing New Roofs, Repairs, Fascia Gutters 9 Roofing 9 Suspended Ceilings 9 Painting 9 Exterior Plastering 9 Gib Stopping 9 Fibrous Cornice Freshen up your property
gardening this week

New Roundabout


Sun The txt talk


I would to thank the kind person, that handed in my fathers Gold Card, to W.I.N.Z. The card fell out of his pocket at Shelly Beach, Picton. Most grateful.

Unacceptable Action

What a waste of millions of dollars. As I was coming past the airport at 80kms I could see that a 60k zone could work nicely with a small speed bump to slow traffic. A speed camera in place with a digital display on a post. Easy as. But no that won’t get looked into by Council. Just over spend rate payers money again.

Nice to read

It’s so heart-warming to read of people in the community stepping in to pay for others groceries when they have forgotten their card or other circumstance at the checkout.

A good deed and will make the day of both recipient and giver.

Too many gone

Oranga Tamariki must improve their systems in looking out for our babies in this country. Another beautiful baby taken too soon behind closed doors. This horror is abhorrent and so senseless. As a country we must act now. RIP poor boy, with the angels now, not monsters.


I hope the person that stole the nearly $50 worth of booze from New World enjoyed it at 11am on Saturday the 15th June, when staff were so busy. Brazen.

Climate change

Stuff 15/6/2024

“The torrid waters of Cyclone Gabrielle ...” Truly, modern Climate Change is transformational.

Times changing

I enjoy looking through all the School Formal Photos and seeing what’s in fashion each year. The photos by Brya are lovely but it would have been nice to see the full dresses by having formal photos standing, wearing their shoes and not sitting on a couch. Oh how times are changing.

To the driver of the Shuttle taxi/van that ran over ducks at the Nelson Street roundabout beside Springlands School Wednesday morning, your actions were disgusting. You saw the ducks, you slowed for the ducks, but ran them over anyway. Primary kids walking to school were in tears at seeing the duck going under your car. Totally unacceptable from a professional driver. Shame.

Shout Out

To the lovely cleaners at Wairau hospital, you do an amazing job always go the extra mile. Friendly helpful and make a good cup of tea. Shame your wages are crap you deserve more.

Re: Vote of no confidence

Come on now. Rates hikes are only a small part of the problem. What about everything else that has been hiked up as well. Food, power, mortgage rates, rents, insurance, literally everything. The main problem with our rates is a lack of understanding as to what the council is dealing with and what they’re trying to achieve. It’s easy to cry ‘no confidence’, I’m tempted to myself, but is it coming from a place of ignorance?


McLachlan St is to be renamed Fulton Hogan Drive. They’ve been there longer than most residents.

Renwick rugby ground

11.30 Saturday last. MBC versus NELSON. Great game to watch, okay we lost but real close. What I have to say, and I think our Marlborough coach’s need to sort. I couldn’t believe the coach of Nelson standing on side line giving instructions and he himself “Vaping“ often. I’m a smoker but not in front of kids of all ages. I just thought what a dreadful example he was portraying to these young people. There are “Smoke Free” areas everywhere now especially sports grounds. If I was to light up a smoke, I’d be told. I don’t care if because he was Scottish and couldn’t afford tobacco, there should be a rule.

Helpful man

A big thanks to the man who reach out to me at Redwoodtown Countdown on Wednesday morning after leaving my eftpos card behind at home. Fortunately, I had cash in my purse, but was just a few cents short. When asking the checkout lady just to disregard 1 item, a man reach over and gave the checkout lady a few cents to make up the difference. Thank you so much to that man. You’re a gem.”

Another helpful customer.

ANZ Embarrassment

Did anyone have issues with their cards Wed 12th. Two ANZ cards with sufficient funds declined at Pak n Save checkout/atm. Thank you to the wonderful lady who paid for the big guy’s groceries. On the lookout to repay your kind gesture.

Our Kate is back

How fantastic to see the Princess of Wales again at the Trooping of the Colour. Exuding style, glamour and peace in life and adoration for Prince William, family, and commonwealth. We have an example to try to emulate above silly protesters, fluro vests and paper cups of coffee. Monarchist.


I recently introduced a friend to a bar at the north end of town, I had not been there myself for some time, on entering, one particular table looked frozen in time, the same drinkers, same overseer at the head of the table, they seemed to be waiting for their next gossip victim. My friend jokingly commented, we should leave just in case they suddenly defrost, and we become their next victims.

Its time!

South East Asia, America, China, South America, certainly the Islamists, Hindis do it by religious rite; so time to get with the flow! Bring back Capital Punishment and stop treating murderers like celebrities. Most will and have reoffended for the endorphine rush. It won’t stop the flow but will certainly slow it from our murder rate. You take one, you give yours. Clear case then clear coffin. The silent majority speaks!

Talk of the week

Four Paws support

Love the Can for a Clean promo by GMW Jewellers. Well done to these guys and they always give friendly service too.

Slippery pavers

A lot of areas in town are very dangerous when it rains. Council need to put a plan in place to replace the pavers or there are going to be some serious accidents. I took to walking on the road down Market Street last Friday. It was safer than the footpath.

Great place to live

To contradict all the negative comments on this page I’d like to say that Blenheim is a great place to be. Please be kind to those in retail or restaurants they’re trying their best.

We welcome your texts on 027 242 5266.

Limit to 70 words please. We reserve the right to publish at our discretion. Please note the opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Sun management.

Sun strike

Gotta say, Stadium 2000 is a fantastic facility, we should all be proud of. One complaint design wise is the huge window on west side. Sun strike is a shocker most of the year. Easy fix with a blind for the good of all?

Grateful thanks

To the kind person who found my bag on the Taylor River walkway on Wednesday morning, and handed it in to the police station intact, my grateful thanks.

Sun The Wednesday June 19, 2024 23
Wednesday June 19, 2024 24 Sun The grant oborne | 027 287 4807 www.bobcattipperservices.co.nz bobcat digger and tip truck available for general earthworks our services • 5 Tyne Ripper • Concrete Mixer • Firewood Processor • Driveways • Pallet Forks • Post Hole Borer • Retaining Walls • 5.5ton Digger • Fixed Tooth Mulcher • Trencher • Truck and Trailer EARTHWORKS TREE CARE Tree Removal Height Reduction Trimming/Thinning Branch Chipping Hedge Trimming Line Clearance Stump Grinding Mulch Supplies Fully Insured FREE QUOTES Ph. 03 578 0083 (Lance) 021 361912 cts@xtra.co.nz CARpET inSTAll & SERviCE Building AiR COndiTiOning FOR ALL YOUR PAINTING & DECORATING Ph 0800 080096 or 021 264 8235 steve@premierpainting.co.nz MARLBOROUGH’S ONLY DULUX ACCREDITED PAINTING TEAM RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL Call now to arrange an obligation-free quote dECORATing MOving / STORAgE Let us help you get to where you want to be! phone us on 03 579 5154 www.marlboroughmoving.co.nz local, national, international Moves and storage Blenheim’s only locally owned movers! MECHAniCAl • Cylinder head problems? • Broken a timing belt? • Blown a head gasket? • Burnt or bent valve? • Vehicle over heating? • Motor reconditioning and restoration Bring it into THE HEAD SHOP All labour and machining done in-house Machining includes pressure testing, surface grinding, valve & seat work, etc Vehicles kept indoors | Courtesy car available Got Head Problems? PHONE Colin 021 501 994 THE HEAD SHOP lOuvRES & MORE Grant (Spud) McLeod | 027 540 4412 email: grant@louvresandmore.co.nz • Custom design louvres • Automated louvres with rain sensors • Manual & automated outdoor blinds • Outdoor heaters & LED lighting options • Louvre shutters • Timber & iron fences • Pool fencing • Decks • General landscaping fORKlifT HiRE SERVICES LIMITED Locally Owned and Operated Phone: 579 2921 21 Redwood St, Blenheim www.forklifthireservices.co.nz Casual or Long Term Rentals Maintenance & Repair Services gARAgE dOORS • Sectional Doors • Roller Doors • Tilt Doors • Commercial Doors • Gate Systems • Garage Door Openers GARAGE DOOR SYSTEMS 41 Grove Road BLENHEIM Ph 578 8251 info@dominatorblenheim.co.nz ElECTRiCAl For all your electrical needs We service all Commercial Kitchen & Laundry equipment. Local agent for Starline Dishwashers. Ph: 579 4445 www.cmelectrical.co.nz pluMBER WHETHER YOU NEED GAS, DRAINAGE OR PLUMBING SERVICES, WE HAVE GOT YOU COVERED. Call Steve today 021 625 378 BLENHEIM TRUSTED PLUMBERS, GASFITTERS AND DRAINLAYERS pROpERTy • Project management • Property maintenance • Property development • Property management Renovations, additions, sleepouts, lounges, kitchens, bathrooms, sheds, landscaping and anything to do with your home we can take care of it all Phone or txt Paul on 027 430 9716 or visit our website to book a free consultation www.pro1property.nz COnCRETE for all things concrete Complete Site Preparation and Excavation Services RESIDENTIAL & RURAL concrete placing Driveways • Form Work exposed concrete Concrete Stamping concrete cutting core drilling 027 334 4720 • 03 577 9238 dETAiling ExcEllEncE in AutomoBilE DEtAiling • Professional Exterior & Interior Detailing • Upholstery Shampooing • Buffing & Polishing • Pick up & delivery 30+ Years in the Automotive Industry Ph Aaron 027 256 0808 aaron@carspa.page carspa-detailing.com gATES GATES Classic Gates ENGINEERING MARLBOROUGH POWDERCOATING See the experts for: Sandblasting Powdercoating Gates, Fencing Furniture Pool Fences 6 Nelson St, Blenheim Ph/Fax 578 0374 a/h 021 838 550 inTERnET Rural Wireless sales@acwireless.co.nz www.acwireless.co.nz 0800 003 176 100% Locally owned Advertise on the sun’s Trades & services pAge CAll us todAy 577 7868 for detAils PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS

Ballroom Blitz Brilliant

The temperature outside may have been cold but good golly it was nothing but hot at the ASB Theatre on Sunday night.

Ballroom Blitz was promoted as ‘traditional ballroom dance meets cutting-edge choreography’ and it did this with great aplomb.

The production was simply sensational with breath-taking costumes, lighting and stage design, fused with heart-pounding music by the five piece live band as part of the New Zealand tour which featured Blenheim. The audience were indeed transported into a world where every step told a story, and every move ignited the senses.

The production, which took six months of diligence, is the brainchild of Australian dance professional and choreographer Aric Yegudkin, and featured 12 world class dancers.

At times, there was so much going on from the likes of vocal talent(s) and professional DJ Justin Rynne (loved his acoustic takes on Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark and Sam Smith’s Dancing with a Stranger) and Perri Espinoza (small in stature but huge in personality) to the wonder and musicality of

Insurance - Broker Support Role

Are you looking for a new challenge? Do you have experience in Personal Lines or Commercial Insurance?

We are looking for a Broker Support to join our team based in Blenheim. You will already hold some experience and be proficient in MS applications, keying data and attention to detail.

ICIB BW supports returning to work and flexi working hours.

A full Position Description is available, as is a competitive salary and career pathway.

Applications in confidence to:

Wayne Wiffen

ICIB Brokerweb 027 700 6647


Customer Service Officer

Hayden Baird and his poetic moment with the saxophone. Baird, based in Melbourne, grew up in Wellington and gained his musical chops from the NZ School of Music with a Bachelor of Music (Honours) in Jazz Performance.

Highlights included the Pasa Doble, the dramatic Latin dance originating from Spain and one which has become such a favourite with mainstream dancing shows such as Dancing with the Stars.

It told a story and then some with strong, bold movements and dramatic body postures which left the audience mesmerised, notwithstanding lead male Julian Caillon, of Italian and French lineage, a personal trainer no less, leaving an aesthetic point of difference to those who were there.

The ensemble reigned supreme onstage having a blast as seen in the Jive to Tina Turner’s “Night Bush City Limits” and finale of Ballroom Blitz. The dance finale song (from British band The Sweet) was nothing short of extraordinary. The energy and discipline to the collective dance interpretation were infectious.

It was sexy, stunning, stimulating. Marlborough’s dance enthusiasts were engaged throughout yet so were a potpourri of senior devotees with the two hours of dance magic

Pi NE , 3cu/m $230 Macro 3 cu/m $280. No texting, no computers. 0273267416 Fir EWooD : 2.5m3 old man pine / macrocarpa $250, or pallet wood $150. Pinecones $6 large sack. Kindling $5 box. 0275970492

WANTED TO BUY- Old tobacco tins, NZ postcards, military items, garden tools, woodworking tools, records from the 1970’s/80’s, old petrol station related items, fountain pens, crystal decanters/whisky & wine glasses, NZ history books, gold jewellery, antique bottles, Tonka, Fun Ho & tin toys, white Crown Lynn vases & swans & all collectables. Collector of NZ / Maori & whaling related artifacts. All of the above are popular & fetching good money at the moment. Free quotes we travel. Rarity, condition & collectability = more $$$. Just Browsing 26 Battys Rd (03)5775402.

leaving them exhilarated and uplifted. Dance and the arts weaving its creative energies for all.

A nice local angle from the show was Wellington born and raised dancer Julz Tocker,

Love is a blending of two 

Sandra is a fun loving woman with a good sense of humour and a passion for life. Standing at 5’5 with a good figure, blonde hair and hazel eyes her interests include gardening, travelling. Cooking, music and rural activities. Sandra is looking to meet someone genuine and honest who enjoys an active lifestyle. Please call 0800446332 Quote code 61

Council is seeking personalities who have a passion for providing a great customer experience for a full-time position. We are seeking positive, loyal, enthusiastic individuals as the first point of contact to assist our community and staff.

You will thrive in a fast-paced environment, be confident in navigating multiple systems and utilising resources to exceed customer expectations. You will answer queries and provide information on Council’s wide range of community services, receive payments and direct enquires to the correct departments to name a few. The role will include a mixture of face to face, phone interaction and digital channels, therefore, confidence in all these areas is necessary.

You will need to be a team player, be adaptable, resilient, and have a can-do attitude. In your daily duties you will need to be able to multi-task, problem solve and use initiative without compromising on quality. Backed by your excellent listening skills and clear verbal and written commination.

Me pēhea te tuku tono | How to apply

Full details of the vacancy and how to apply can be located at https://links.marlborough.govt.nz/current-vacancies

Applications close 5.00 pm on 23 June 2024

Sun The Wednesday June 19, 2024 25 Classifieds Advertising Ph 03 577 7868 Situations Vacant Public Notices Public Notices Ryan Lawnmowing Blenheim Renwick Picton Phone/Txt 022 322 6515 For your sewing requirements Quality Service Guaranteed Phone 03 578 1010 or 027 578 1010 Clothing Alterations: by Lynette Atkinson-Parker
 
Mo tēnei tūranga mahi | About the role
Buy • Residential mowing • commeRcial mowing • Ride on mowing • hedges & PRuning • gaRdening / sPRaying • section clean-uPs • Rubbish Removal • gutteR cleaning • all woRk guaRanteed Beautiful lawns and gardens By your local expert. Call 0800 454 654 or book online www.jimsmowing.co.nz Franchises Available Monday 8 July 2024, 7pm, 33 Redwood St All welcome blmredx@outlook.com AGM Marlborough Branch Red Cross Beautiful Country Lady! Seeking love/companionship. A lover of the land and searching for her soul mate. 5’4, 58kgs with long dark hair & blue eyes. Interests include walks, fishing, camping and good old fashioned home cooking. Call 0800 315 311 to make contact TODAY. 2686685
For Sale Wanted to
HIGH ENERGY: Dancer Joshua O’Grady demonstrates to the Blenheim audience his dancing repertoire as part of the show Ballroom Blitz at the ASB Theatre on Sunday night.
Visit us online at blenheimsun.co.nz Text: 027 242 5266 txt talk Want to advertise your Ph 5777 868 news tips Send your tips to news@blenheimsun.co.nz
the nephew of acting principal at Redwoodtown School Dennis Tocker. Julz, has lived nearly 20 years in Los Angeles, where he has starred in Dirty Dancing USA and numerous seasons of Dancing With The Stars.

URGENT services

Urgent Care Centre: Wairau Hospital Grounds. Entry off Hospital Rd, Blenheim, 8am-8pm daily. Phone (03) 520 6377. Ambulance: Urgent 111. Non urgent 578 0797.

After Hours Chemists: Springlands Pharmacy: Monday - Friday 8.30am6pm. Saturday 9m - 5pm. Sunday 10am - 4pm. We will be closed on the following days: Anzac Day 25 April, Kings Birthday 3 June, Matariki 28 June

Community Care Pharmacy: Within the Blenheim Warehouse, open 7 days 9am8pm. Only closed Christmas Day. Lifeline Marlborough: 0800 543354, 24hr helpline.

Women’s Refuge and Sexual Violence Support Centre Marlborough: Crisis line number phone 0800 refuge or 03 5779939.

Victim Support: 0800 VICTIM (0800 842 846)

Alcoholics Anonymous: 0800 AA WORKS - 0800 229 6757.

Citizens Advice Bureau: Free, friendly, confidential advice. Mon - Fri 9.30am4pm. Phone 578 4272. Wairau Hospital: Hospital Visiting Hours: Daily 2.30pm - 8pm, children under 12 may visit parents only.

Maternity Ward: 10am-noon, 4pm-7pm. Children's Ward: Daily 10am-8pm. Visiting at all times is subject to the discretion of the nurse in charge of the ward.


Ambulance: Urgent 111. Non-urgent 579 4870.

Chemist: Picton Healthcare Pharmacy. Ph 573 6420 Mon -Fri 8.30-5.30pm, Sat 9-2pm. Medical Centre Pharmacy, Ph 928 4265, Mon-Fri 8am-5.30pm

Babies Babies sun

PiPer: Darcy Rose

Born April 30, 2024

Weight 7lbs 4oz Hospital Wairau

Camilla, Aaron, big brother Finley and big sister Molly are excited to announce the arrival of baby Darcy Rose! Thank you so much to midwife Gwen Costello for everything.

Email your photo and details to babies@blenheimsun.co.nz HAD A BABY?

Tell the rest of Blenheim for FREE.

ANDRELL, Richard John (John): Passed away on Friday June 7, 2024 at home in Picton with family at his side. Aged 81 years. Loved husband of the late Frances, father of Pauline and Richard. Loved grandad of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Messages may be sent to 132 Moana View Road, Waikawa, Picton 7220. A family service has taken place.

T: 03 578 4719

E: sowmans@funerals.co.nz

W: www.sowmans.co.nz

BARNETT; Arthur Wolferstan (Snow). Of Tua Marina, died peacefully on June 15th, 2024 at Ashwood Rest Home, Blenheim, aged 94 years. Dearly loved husband of the late Thora. Much loved father and fatherin-law of Stephen, Gary and Josephine, Janine and Jack, the late Phillip, Wayne and Christine. Beloved grandfather of Matthew, Chloe, Tim, Simon, Nic, Alice, Rachel, Sean, Nina, Fallon, Henry and Lydia and great grandfather of 14 grandchildren. Thank you to the staff at Ashwood Rest home for their kindness and care. Snow’s funeral service will be held at Cloudy Bay Funeral Services, 15 Boyce Street, Blenheim at 2pm on Friday the 21st of June. For those who cannot attend, the funeral service will be livestreamed and can be viewed on the Cloudy Bay Funeral Services website. Messages to Cloudy Bay Funeral Services c/- PO Box 9, Blenheim 7240 or www. cloudybayfunerals.co.nz

Death notices

FROST; Murray Rex. Passed away suddenly on 8 June 2024 while holidaying in Fiji, aged 58 years. Dearly loved husband of Tanya. Cherished father of Troy and Sophie. Much loved son of Rex and the late Lani. Much loved brother of Diane and Uncle of Blair. Much loved son-in-law of Brian and the late Noeleen Kirk. A celebration of Murray’s life will be held at Springlands Chapel, Cloudy Bay Funeral Services, 15 Boyce Street, Blenheim on Thursday, 20th June at 2pm. Messages to 197 Kenepuru Road, RD 2, Picton 7282 or www.cloudybayfunerals.co.nz The service will be livestreamed and available on the Cloudy Bay website.

WADSWORTH, Colleen Joy: Passed away on Thursday June 13, 2024, at Wairau Hospital. Aged 64 years. Greatly loved mother of Vallen, Jordan, Haley, Quinn, and Shani. Adored Nana of her eight grandchildren. Special thanks to the medical staff who cared for her. Messages may be sent to the Wadsworth Family, 36 South Street, Blenheim 7201. In lieu of flowers a donation to the NZ Heart Foundation would be appreciated and may be made to a/c 02-0500-0307076-004 Ref. WADSWORTH. In accordance with Colleen’s wishes, a private family farewell has been held.

T: 03 578 4719

E: sowmans@funerals.co.nz W: www.sowmans.co.nz

JENKINS; Daphne Elizabeth Irene (nèe Todd). On 14 June 2024, in her 85th year, peacefully in the company of her sisters in Blenheim. Dearly loved wife of the late Del. Daughter of Hilda and William Todd, Loved mother and mother-in-law of Lynda and Alan, Diane and Geoff, Evan and Marie; and Jan and Glen. Loved Nan to 8 and proud Grannie of 5 and 3/4. A muchloved sister and sister-in-law. Messages to Cloudy Bay Funeral Services c/- PO Box 9, Blenheim 7240 and www.cloudybayfunerals.co.nz. In lieu of flowers donations can be made to The Life Flight Trust and can be made at the service. A celebration of Daphne’s life will be held at the Springlands Chapel, Cloudy Bay Funeral Services, 15 Boyce Street, Blenheim, Wednesday 19th of June at 2pm.

WATSON; Colleen Fay (nee Payne). Passed away suddenly on June 16, 2024 after an extended illness. Now at peace after a life well lived. Dearly loved wife of David for 24 wonderful years. Much loved and cherished sister to Heather and Jan. Loved and adored mum to Natasha and Yvette and Nani to Spencer and Tye. And beloved step mum to Blair, Ricky and Melanie, and Nana to Elliot, Jonty, Arabella, Hazel, Ruby, Hunter, Jessica, Joshua and William. Messages to the Watson Family, c/- PO Box 9, Blenheim 7240 or www.cloudybayfunerals. co.nz The service for Colleen will be held at the Springlands Chapel, Cloudy Bay Funeral Services, 15 Boyce Street, Blenheim at 10.00am on Saturday, 22 June followed by private cremation.

Cloudy Bay Funerals 03 578 2004 F.D.A.N.Z.

BLOY; John Morton (Mort). 31.08.1931 –12.06.2024. Passed away peacefully in his sleep at Aberleigh Rest Home. Youngest son of Captain William and Sophia Bloy, late of Portobello. Brother of William, Margaret, Laura, Grace and Jim (all deceased). Great mate and travelling buddy of the late Ian Newman. Respected friend and mate to Sandy and Paul Dobson and family. Messages to Sandy and Paul, 83 McLauchlan Street, Blenheim 7201 or www.cloudybayfunerals.co.nz At Mort’s request his body has been donated for medical research. Rest in Peace Mort

Cloudy Bay Funerals

03 578 2004 F.D.A.N.Z.

FISSENDEN; Raymond John (Ray). (1930 – 2024). Passed away peacefully with family by his side at Redwood Retirement Village on Sunday June 9th 2024. Loved husband of Rosemary, loved father and father-in-law of Pip and the late John Christie, Susan and Paul Barron, Louise, Anna, and David and Nic. Loved Grandad to Tyler, Luke, Kate, Pippa and Georgie. Messages to the Fissenden family c/- PO Box 9 Blenheim 7240 or www.cloudybayfunerals.co.nz Our heartfelt thanks to the caring staff at Redwood Retirement Village. A family farewell has been held in accordance with Ray’s wishes.

Cloudy Bay Funerals

03 578 2004 F.D.A.N.Z.

LYFORD; Gregory John (Greg). 12 May 1963 - 09 June 2024. Passed away unexpectedly on the 9th June 2024. Greg will be forever remembered for his humour and a bourbon in his hand. A loved father and father in law of Robert and Sam; Rebecca and Jimmy. A loved Greggo of Addelyn, Hayley, Riley, Archie and Ruby. Messages to 2133 State Highway 6, Okaramio 7178 or www. cloudybayfunerals.co.nz The family would like to thank the staff at Wairau Hospital and Nelson Marlborough rescue helicopter crew. A private cremation has taken place. As a celebration of Greg’s life, a final thirsty Thursday will be held on the 20th June at the Woodbourne Tavern at 2.30pm.

Cloudy Bay Funerals


03 578 2004

THOMPSON; Rozanne May. On 11 June 2024, passed away suddenly at Wairau Hospital, in her 88th year. Dearly loved mother and mother-in-law of Robyn and Jeffrey, Karin and Stu, Craig and Ting; and Nikki and Chris. Greatly loved by her many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Special thanks to the staff at Wairau Hospital for the excellent care received. A private celebration of Rozanne’s life has been held followed by interment at Fairhall Cemetery. Messages to 98 Hospital Road, Blenheim, 7201 and www.cloudybayfunerals.co.nz For those who cannot attend, the funeral service will be livestreamed and can be viewed on the Cloudy Bay Funeral Services website.

Cloudy Bay Funerals

03 578 2004 F.D.A.N.Z.

WINTER; Roger George Emery (QPM and NZDSM). Peacefully on the 11th June 2024, in his 87th year. Roger is survived by his loved and loving wife Elizabeth and three children. Loved father and father-in-law of Lyndsey and Michael Murphy, the late Matthew, Simon and Jenny, Nicholas and Janice. Grandfather to his 10 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. Messages to 9A Totara Place, Blenheim 7201 or www.cloudybayfunerals.co.nz In lieu of flowers a donation to the Marlborough Hospice (account number 03 1369 0365207 00 Ref. Winter) would be appreciated. A funeral service for Roger has been held.

Cloudy Bay Funerals

03 578 2004 F.D.A.N.Z.


CRESSWELL, Maurice Douglas. 11-81942 to 18-05-2024. The family wishes to express their sincere gratitude to you all for your prayers, messages, emails, cards, phone calls, floral tributes, meals, baking and presence at the service for Maurice. Also all other expressions of concern that you have shown during his last few months. Never more than now was your kindness needed and more appreciated. Gwenda, Philip, Rachael, Jane and Families.

Wednesday June 19, 2024 26 Sun The
Cloudy Bay Funerals 03 578 2004 F.D.A.N.Z. Cloudy Bay Funerals 03 578 2004 F.D.A.N.Z. Cloudy Bay Funerals 03 578 2004 F.D.A.N.Z.
In Memoriam The deadline is Monday 5.00pm. Please contact the Sun for further details. 72 High Street, Blenheim, email office@blenheimsun.co.nz or phone 577 7868. Remember your lost loved one on their anniversary.
news tips Send your tips to news@blenheimsun.co.nz

Exhibition: Herstory of Women’s Rugby

Picton Heritage & Whaling Museum is hosting a touring exhibit celebrating Women’s Rugby in New Zealand.

Developed by the New Zealand Rugby Museum, the exhibit charts the rise of women’s rugby in New Zealand, from the first flickers of interest in 1888 to the World Cup victories of the Black Ferns.

Until the 1980s, women’s participation in rugby was often assumed to exist largely on the side lines and in club tearooms. Far from it, women were not only keen to play but did play with a modified game played as early as 1888. A few years later while New Zealand was debating women’s right to vote, Nita Webbe was trying to establish the world’s first women’s professional rugby team. In 1915 the world’s first recorded game between women’s teams was played in New Zealand and determined efforts to set up women’s club games were attempted in the early 1920’s.

Despite this enthusiasm, for over 130 years the women’s

game in New Zealand was little recognised and faced successive waves of objections based on moral, religious, social and physiological grounds. Yet women and girls persisted with attempts to play and now dominate the growth of rugby. This exhibition gathers the strands of the story so far, celebrating past and present legends of rugby. With video interviews, an interactive touch screen, selfie backdrops, and significant pieces of national women’s rugby memorabilia on display, Herstory offers visitors an exciting rugby experience right on their doorstep.

The exhibition is presented in three sections covering the Pioneering years (1888-1980), 1980 – 2000 the beginning of regular competitions and 2000 - 2021 covering Rugby World Cups, the Sevens and Black Ferns.

Over 70 photos from 1915 to 2021 are featured with film footage including the first interprovincial game in 1980. It also has interviews with past and present rugby legends including; Vicky Dombroski, first and

only woman to have coached the Black Ferns, and manager when the team won the 1998 Rugby World Cup. Dr Farah Palmer, three times World Cup winning captain and current NZ Rugby board member and Selica Winiata, winner of the fans try-of-the-year in 2013 and second on the all-time try-scoring list for New Zealand.

In March 2023, New Zealand Rugby launched the ‘Love Every Minute’ campaign to support the predicted growth in women and girls’ participation

thanks to the success of the Black Ferns winning the world cup on home soil in 2022. NZ Rugby chair Dame Patsy Reddy says women’s rugby remained a priority and it was crucial to create ways for rugby to be accessible to women and girls. The exhibit opened on June 16 and runs through to August 11 at the Picton Heritage & Whaling Museum on London Quay, in Picton.

Entry fees to the museum apply but there is no additional cost to visit the exhibition.

Golf Results

Blenheim Golf Club

Picton Golf Club

June 10th 9 Hole stableford Don Lamond 20 Brian Burgess 18 Roy Lilley 17 Dean Ormsby 17 Justin Taipana 17 Ladies Maureen McKenzie 18 June 12th Medal 0-29 Judith Batty 79 30+ Jane Abbott 76 Bernice Arnold 83 June 13th Medal Morgan Bowe 71 Ray Herd 71 Duncan Cassidy 72 Jim Findlay 72 Graeme Daines 72 Tere Poa 72 Stuart Parker 73 Chris Abbott 73 Barry Mosley 74 John Cootes 74 9 Holes stableford Justin Taipana 19 Brian Brown 17 Dean Ormsby 17 Vern Ayson 16 David Dyer 16 June 15th Medal Eva Gabkova net 83 Men Net Nedal Jesse Miller 69 Mark Le Compte 70 Doug Shaw 72 Mike McDonald 72 Ezra Kahaki 73 Clive Aitchison 74 Luke Yarrall 75 Roy Lilley 75 Tom Bainbridge 75 Graeme Parker 76 Mike Gardiner 77 NTP 9/18 Fairweathers Graeme Daines Sowmans 3/12 Mike Gardiner Sat 8 June S/F-Jeff Pascoe 38,Warren Robertson 38,Trevor Gullery 38;Ian Aldridge 37;Ian Molloy 36;Phil Hawke 35,Barry Slater 35,Richard McLean 34,Ant Booker 34. Tues 11 June Marlb Stroke Champs-Overall Nett Julie Rosie 72.Senior Gross Tracy Bary 77;Intermediate Gross Maureen Barrows 99; Junior Gross Judy Jones 105;S/F-Grades Maria McConway 32;Sue Murray 30 ;Yvonne Wallace 28;Jo Prescott 25;Intermediate Lin Stone 32;Judy Smith 31;Ricky Ashworth 28;Marion Tripe 27;Junior Margaret 31,Trish Redwood 31;Jackie McGarry 30, Vicki Eastgate 30. Thurs 13 June S/F-Murray Selwyn 37;Ian Molly 36,Mike Ashworth 36;Aaron Wilson 35,Ant Booker 35,Ian Aldridge 35;Jelle Keizer 34;Iain Berrie 33.

Rural Conversations

QUESTION: What steps are you taking to stay competitive and resilient in the face of domestic and global challenges?
Sun The Wednesday June 19, 2024 27 sport We are excited to announce Rural Conversations, part of our 2024 Rural Champions initiative. Each week we will publish rural perspectives that answer this important question.
Scan here Write in with your thoughts on the question and you may be featured online or in the paper. Keep an eye out each week for new responses!
HERSTORY: The exhibit charts the rise of women’s rugby from the first flickers of interest in 1888 to the World Cup victories of the Black Ferns. Pictured is Philippa Turley, Curator at Picton Heritage & Whaling Museum.
Sun The Wednesday June 19, 2024 28 Debbie Webster • 021 797 454 • debbie.webster@mikepero.com Mike Pero Real Estate Ltd. Licensed REA (2008) www.mikepero.com/RX4049389 www.mikepero.com/RX4122933 www.mikepero.com/RX3974500 www.mikepero.com/RX4058449 www.mikepero.com/RX4058452 www.mikepero.com/RX3958876 Enquiry from $1,349,000 Enquiry from $589,000 Enquiry from $479,000 Enquiry from $819,000 Enquiry from $539,000 Enquiry from $589,000 Enquiry from $579,000 Enquiry from $829,000 36 Elisha Drive, Witherlea EXTRAORDINARY MASTERPIECE - EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - BE PREPARED TO BE MEMORIZED FROM DAWN UNTIL DUSK – INCREDIBLE! 188B Scott Street, Redwoodtown GENEROUS 3 BEDROOM TOWNHOUSE 140m2 – NO DRIVEBY – MUST STEP INSIDE TO APPRECIATE – PARK THE CAMPER! 2 Lawrence Place QUIET PEACEFUL INFINITE POTENTIAL 30 Catalina Crescent VENDORS YELL SELL – STUNNING AS NEW HOME 127A Weld Street 2000 BRICK BEAUTY HIDDEN FROM ROAD 61E Nelson Street 2010 WALK ON IN DOUBLE GARAGE 21 Shirtliff Street NEAT AS A PIN IDYLLIC SETTING 12 Howick Road UNIQUE HOME WITH GRANNY FLAT ON 1153m2 OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN Sat2.25pm Sat3.30pm Sun2.15pm Sun1.30pm OWNER HASPURCHASED –SETTLEMENTEXPEDITIOUS ORDEFERREDCALLME! ANOTHER INCONTRACT SORRY ANOTHERSOLD

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