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Slice of Blenheim By Chris Valli Domino’s Blenheim has received six prestigious awards at the company’s annual awards ceremony last week. The awards were announced at Domino’s Australia and New Zealand annual Rally event, which was hosted at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, with Domino’s teams from both sides of the Tasman uniting for the ceremony. Continued on page 2. Domino’s Group and ANZ CEO and Managing Director Don Meij, Blenheim’s Luke Dobson and Domino’s ANZ COO Kerri Hayman. Phone us : 03 5777 868 Mob today! View Our Fantastic Range in Store Mobility Studio Lift Chair Adjustable Beds Service technician available for all your servicing and repair needs Hi/Lo Power Chairs & Scooters View our fantastic range instore View Our Fantastic Range in Store ia n Mobility Studio Lift Chair Adjustable Beds Service technician available for all your servicing and repair needs Home Healthcare Equipment & Mobility Products • Finance Available NOW at 7 Maxwell Road (next to Medlab) ph: 03 578 8002 www.accessmobility.co.nz View Our Fantastic Range in Store Specialists in Mobility Studio Lift Chair Adjustable Beds Service technician available for all your servicing and repair needs Home Healthcare Equipment & Mobility Products • Finance Hi/Lo Beds Cnr McGlashen Ave & Croucher St, Richmond Ph: 03 544 7717 ww w.accessmobility.co.nz Man ch Home Healthcare Equipment & Mobility Products Finance Available View our fantastic range instore NOW at 7 Maxwell Road (next to Medlab) ph: 03 578 8002 ww View Our Fantastic Range in Store Specialists in Mobility Studio Lift Chair Adjustable Beds Service technician available for all your servicing and repair needs Home Healthcare Equipment & Mobility Products • Finance today ility repair Hi/Lo Mob today! View Our Fantastic Range in Store sts Mobility Studio Lift Chair Adjustable Beds Service technician available for all your servicing and repair needs Hi/Lo Power Chairs & Scooters View our fantastic range instore View Our Fantastic Range in Store Specialists in Mobility Studio Lift Chair Adjustable Beds Service technician available for all your servicing and repair needs Home Healthcare Equipment & Mobility Products • Finance Available Hi/Lo Beds NOW at 7 Maxwell Road (next to Medlab) ph: 03 578 8002 www.accessmobility.co.nz View Our Fantastic Range in Store Specialists in Mobility Studio Lift Chair Adjustable Beds Service technician available for all your servicing and repair needs Home Healthcare Equipment & Mobility Products • Finance Hi/Lo Beds Cnr McGlashen Ave & Croucher St, Richmond Ph: 03 544 7717 ww w.accessmobility.co.nz hairs & Many models to choose from - Test drive yours today! Home Healthcare Equipment & Mobility Products Finance Available View our fantastic range instore NOW at 7 Maxwell Road (next to Medlab) ph: 03 578 8002 www .co.nz View Our Fantastic Range in Store Specialists in Mobility Studio Lift Chair Adjustable Beds Service technician available for all your servicing and repair needs Home Healthcare Equipment & Mobility Products • Finance vailable Hi/Lo Beds 7 Maxwell Road (next to Medlab) ph: 03 578 8002 www.accessmobility.co.nz Many models to choose from – Test drive yours today Fabulous Selection of Jewellery in store Ph 577 9340 | 91 Weld St, Redwoodtown March 20, 2024 Sun Weather Today 4-18 Thursday 8-22 Friday 10-21 Saturday 10-22

Simon Byrne

Excellence recognised

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Local franchise partner Chris Donnelly proudly saw his team collect the Manager of the Year NZ award, Manager of the Year ANZ award, Highest Sales NZ award, Estimated Delivery Time Champion NZ award, Partners Foundation award, as well as receiving a Leadership Eagle award himself for his outstanding leadership and operational excellence all year around.

Mr Donnelly, who owns and operates four Domino’s stores including Domino’s Blenheim, Tawa, Lower Hutt and Stokes Valley was recognised for his business success and community spirit, and his team recognised for their dedication, collaboration and generosity.

Team member accolades included safely delivering freshly made pizzas to Blenheim locals in record speeds, and donating the most contributions to Domino’s internal charity, the Partners Foundation, across Australia and New Zealand.

“I feel incredibly honoured to receive the Domino’s Leadership Eagle Award, as well as see my amazing team recognsied for their achievements,” says Chris. “To see young team members such as Luke Dobson (Manager of the Year NZ and ANZ) excel and be celebrated for their hard work is an

incredibly rewarding experience.

“Being recognised as the busiest and fastest store for deliveries in New Zealand is no mean feat - we make approximately 900 deliveries per week, equating to around 5,000 pizzas. This is a testament to our hardworking team who are exceptional at what they do and are a massive part of Domino’s Blenheim’s success.

“To think we were the first store in South Island all of 19 years ago, to still leading the way in 2024, I feel proud of all we have achieved in this time frame and look forward to what’s next. A big thank you to all local pizza enthusiasts who support our business, we couldn’t do it without you.”

Domino’s Blenheim Store Manager Luke Dobson was notably awarded both Domino’s Manager of the Year for NZ and ANZ.

Luke first joined the Domino’s team five years ago in Australia before moving to New Zealand and was recognised for his commitment to product quality and consistency, his exceptional display of character towards team members and customers, and his dedication to evolving franchise partners’ shared vision.

He not only plays an essential role in the success

of Domino’s Blenheim but embodies a deeper commitment to the philosophy that running a store is about people, both customers and staff.

“I’m humbled to be recognised as Domino’s Manager of the Year,” says Luke. “It’s a pleasure to work alongside such a motivated and supportive team every day and to have played a pivotal role in keeping Blenheim locals safely fed during 2023.”

Alzheimers Book-A-Fair

Alzheimers Marlborough is preparing to hold another of their very popular book fairs.

After a succesful inaugural book fair last year, their second book fair will be held on the weekend of March 23rd and 24th. So now’s the time to gather up all your old books and drop them off to the Alzheimers rooms at 8 Wither Road. You will be passing them on so they can be enjoyed by someone else, and you will be assisting Alzheimers

Marlborough with the great work they do in our community.

“We have had great support from our community and especially Blenheim Lions and Blenheim South Rotary, who kick started our book fair last year, and who have encouraged us to hold another this year,” manager of Alzheimers Marlborough Catherine Donnelly says.

“Last year we sold over 2000 books and puzzles, which was a great community effort, and all money raised stays right here in Marlborough.”

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Consultant Rebecca Sampson
Don Meij, Chris Donnelly and Kerri Hayman. Alzheimers Marlborough volunteers sorting through the books from last year’s book fair.

Brass Band to compete in Australia

Marlborough District Brass Band will compete in the “B” grade at the Australian National Band Championships in Adelaide over Easter weekend. The Band competes regularly at New Zealand National Championships, and last year in Dunedin won the street march and finished second in the set test piece, and third with their sacred item.

Band Executive Brian Nicholas says a lot of fund raising has happened to support the Band’s trip but members personal contributions have covered the bulk of the cost. They’re very keen to go and present a top performance, and began music rehearsals in November last year which have climaxed with several full weekend rehearsals this month.

In Adelaide the band will perform a brand new composition by the superb French composer Thierry Deleruyelle named KEYSTONE which tells the story of the Odeon of Vriezenveen, a town in the Netherlands.

“Odeon” is the name of ancient Greek and Roman buildings used for activities such as singing, music and poetry, and is the name chosen in 1998 by the ‘Vriezenveense Harmonie’ for the new cultural centre. Musical Director Robin Randall says it is an awesome piece of music

and will certainly test the ‘B’ grade bands competing.

The band will also perform a very descriptive work by Mario Burki, CAP HOORN, (Cape Horn) which follows Dutch navigator Willem Cornelis Schoten’s 1616 sailing around the rocky South American cape enduring storms, strong currents, and icebergs.

Musical Director Robin Randall has arranged a special version of the beautiful AVE MARIA (Angelus Domini) by Franz Biebl for the Band to play at the championships, and popular marches Glorious Victory and Sons of the Brave will complete their contest performances.

Prior to their departure to Adelaide, the Band will perform “Off to Oz – A Special Preview Concert” to a local audience at ASB Theatre Marlborough at 2pm on Sunday 24th March.

The concert will feature all the championship music as well as a performance from Marlborough School of Dance.

We believe this concert will be the first ever Brass Band performance of Keystone in New Zealand, and of course also of Rob’s arrangement of Ave Maria, says Brian.

Tickets are available from the Theatre, or online at asbtheatre. com


Sun The

Tempo concert

Members of Blenheim Musical Theatre’s production of Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat (May 2024) will perform a selection of songs as guests at the Wesley Centre this Friday night.

TEMPO (Todays Emerging Musicians

Performing Onstage) provides a judgement free platform for school-aged musicians and singers to perform regularly for the public in order to practise the art of performing. Each concert sees a variety of performances, different instruments and different genres of music, from drummers and guitarists to pianists and violinists along with vocalists.

The first of six concerts this year is this Friday, March 22, 7pm at the Wesley Centre.


The book review ‘Inner Critic to Inner Coach’ in the March 13 edition of the Sun Newspaper named the author as Rebecca Hill. Her name is in fact Rebecca Bell. The Sun apologises for the mistake.

Congratulations to Sun reader Ginetta Petersen who emailed with the correct answer that Rebecca Bell studied Forensic Psychology at Victoria University. Ginetta wins a copy of her book.

Call for local carpentry apprentices

Entries are open for the 2024 Registered Master Builders Apprentice of the Year competition, in partnership with CARTERS.

Spokesperson Emily Burt says Blenheim is filled with talented hard-working apprentices and the competition is a great opportunity for all carpentry apprentices of all ages to test and showcase their skills and meet industry leaders and other likeminded apprentices.

All completed entries will receive a CARTERS gift pack, and the winner will receive a $5,000 Career Advancement Grant and the use of a brand-new ute for a year. Entries close on Friday, April 12.

Head to apprenticeoftheyear.co.nz to enter.

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L-R Kevin Moseley, Mat Cutts, David Moseley and Luka van Rensburg perform on cornet with Musical Director Robin Randall behind. L-R Denis Teeling, Ron Abelson and Tala Natapu playing euphoniums. L-R Lead cornetists Graham Moseley and Todd Smith.

inbrief Sun The

Wheelie Bin update

MDC is urging locals to keep using rubbish bags until the end of June –wheelie bins will not be emptied until the new service launches on 1 July.

Rubbish bags will not be collected after 1 July and while Council has a limited supply left, most supermarkets in the region have stopped selling them.

Sun readers can redeem rubbish bag vouchers at Council’s Blenheim or Picton Service Centres or get a rebate until June 30. While stocks last, rubbish bags are available to buy from MDC either individually ($1.85), in packs of 10 ($18.50) or packs of 52 ($96).

Questions about the new system can be found at https://www.marlborough.govt. nz/services/recycling-and-waste/changesto-waste-services-from-1-july-2024/ faqs-proposed-kerbside-rubbish-andrecycling-collection

Maximum vessel lengths for Tory Channel established

For the safety of vessels, crew and cargo, the Marlborough Harbourmaster has issued a direction that sets a maximum length of 187 metres for any new vessels looking to use the Tory Channel to access Marlborough ports at Picton and Shakespeare Bay.

All vessels currently using the Channel are at or under this length.

Marlborough Harbourmaster Jake Oliver says the entrance to the Tory Channel is narrow and tidal, so is challenging to navigate, with the risk of an incident increasing with longer vessels.

A fin-tastic collaboration

Good vibes, a great cause, and delicious kai moana were all on the menu at the Havelock Mussel and Seafood Festival on Saturday.

The teams at Sanford and New Zealand King Salmon cooked up a storm in support of the region’s youth with all proceeds raised donated to the Graeme Dingle Foundation Marlborough to support their work with local young people, from age 5 to 25.

New Zealand King Salmon offered a Thai-style Cold Smoked Salmon dish, while Sanford served up seven different dishes including Red Curry Greenshell Mussels, Mussel Fritters, and


Graeme Dingle Regional Manager Kelvin Watt says the event raised $7000 through the two companies efforts.“We’re incredibly grateful for this fin-tastic collaboration” he says. “We’re so grateful to Sanford and New Zealand King Salmon for their support through the festival for seven years now. Our team just loves the opportunity to get in there and work side by side with their teams for a common goal”.

“Every dollar raised at the festival stays right here in Marlborough and directly supports our work with our young people. In 2023 we were able to help nearly 5,000 tamariki and rangatahi –

and we’re excited for what 2024 has in store”.

Zara Jopson (Head Girl of Marlborough Girls’ College) is just one of the young people the foundation worked with last year. She says her first experience was actually many years ago during the Kiwi Can programme at her primary school.

Zara says the Kiwi Can lessons on integrity stood out and has made her the person she is today.

“Through the positive energy that the leaders expressed to us I knew that one day this was the sort of role model I wanted to be. I had the honour of being one of the first recipients of the Stars programme. Stars enabled me to

meet new people and move out of my comfort zone to do things which I wouldn’t normally do before. Hands down, it was one of my favourite memories I’ve made in MGC. I can say that Stars has changed my life and so many other young students’ lives coming into college.”

Sanford’s Executive GM (Mussels), Andrew Stanley says it’s a nice tie-in.

“We’re about growing great seafood; they’re about growing great kids. We’re a proud sponsor of Graeme Dingle Foundation nationally, and have been for over 20 years now. This is just one of the ways we like to get behind this great youth charity at local level.”

Sun The Wednesday March 20, 2024 4 Stuart Smith MP for Kaikōura Blenheim Office 22 Scott Street, Blenheim stuart.smithmp@parliament.govt.nz 03 579 3204 Amberley Office 103A Carters Road, Amberley 7841 03 314 7441 0800 STUART Authorised by Stuart Smith MP, Parliament Buildings, Wgtn.
The Graeme Dingle Foundation Marlborough and New Zealand King Salmon teams. RIGHT: Aine O’Neill, Sustainability Manager, serving up a Thai-style Cold Smoked Salmon dish with New Zealand King Salmon.

South Island Firefighter Challenge

Persistent rain made conditions difficult for competitors from around the Marlborough region who competed in the UFBA South Island Firefighter Challenge in Invercargill on Saturday.

The demanding, five-event physical challenge sees firefighters around the world participate in and try to complete in the fastest time.

After climbing a six storey tower carrying a length of 18kg hose, firefighters hoist another 18kg hose to the top, then return to the ground where they use a rubber 4kg shot hammer to drive a beam 1.5 metres, followed by extending a charged length of 41mm hose to knock down a disc. The final act is to drag a lifesized dummy weighing over 80kg a distance of 30.5m.

All of this is done wearing a full set of gear while using Breathing Apparatus.

The fastest of the local firefighters was Gordon Munn of Blenheim Station who completed the course in a time of 2.12 giving him eighth place overall.

Gordon then competed in the tandem event with Cade Grice and they secured third place for their team.

Steve Smith, the Chief at Blenheim Rural, was first in the Supreme Masters age group. ‘As hard as the

race was,’ says Steve, ‘there was a nice feel to it.

“When two people were racing each other the faster of the two almost always went back and encouraged the other person over the line,” he says.

Ryan Grenfell, Chief of Havelock Station, also competed.

“It was a great day even though the weather wasn’t the best,’ he says. “I’d encourage all firefighters to give it a go.”

Competitors now turn their attention to the national event in May which this year is being held in Wellington, closely followed for some by the annual Sky Tower Challenge.

Drought classification welcome news

Farmers in Marlborough welcomed last Thursday’s classification of drought conditions across the top of the South Island as a medium-scale adverse event.

“It’s a huge relief for local farmers that the Government have recognised the severity of the drought,” says the province’s Federated Farmers president Evan White.

“Even just having recognition of how extreme things have been will go some way to boosting morale - particularly in areas where they’ve been hit the hardest, like south of Blenheim.” The announcement will unlock support for local farmers, such as the ability to defer tax payments or access money, if they have put it aside, under the Farm Income Equalisation Scheme.

Blenheim has recorded its lowest rainfall for the last nine months in almost a century having a real impact on the rural community.

“Creeks that have never dried up before have stopped flowing, everything has browned

off, and 50-year-old native plantings are starting to die,” White says.

“Stock water is under real pressure as wells dry up. Summer crops are failing, and farmers are having to chew into livestock feed set aside for winter.

“That’s going to have a domino effect because we’re not going to see our usual autumn grass growth. Even if there was rain now it’s debatable how much good it will do this late in the season.”

It’s been a challenging season already with low stock prices, especially for lamb. Inflation and rising interest rates are hitting the sector hard.

“Sheep and beef farm profits are at a 30-year low - and then you factor in the drought impacts on top of that. It’s pretty tough,” White says.

“I’ve got some real concern about the mental wellbeing of farmers and their families. There’s a lot of pressure starting to build.”

Federated Farmers will work with MPI, the Rural Support Trust and others to offer support wherever possible, White says.

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Steve Smith, the Chief at Blenheim Rural, was first in the Supreme Masters age group. ‘As hard as the race was there was a nice feel to it,” he says. Photo: Sha Jackman

We asked Year 4 students, What is energy?


Like running and push-ups. Energy comes from food.

Something that makes you powerful and more energetic. If you feel lazy you don’t have much energy.

Something that helps you run, like in your body that helps you go faster.

It’s like special powers, like being good at reading or maths.

It’s like electricity and energy, that’s how it works.

Trustee urges consumers to vote

Electricity users in Marlborough have less than a week to get their votes in for the Marlborough Electric Power Trust, candidate Cathie Bell says.

Voting papers were sent out at the beginning of the month to each power connection in the district. If your electricity bill comes by mail, you would get papers in the post, or if it comes by email, then it will be by email.

Cathie says this is an energy trust, so the vote goes to the person or business that has their name on the account.

“It’s not like a council election or government election where everyone gets a vote.”

The trustees of the Marlborough Electric Power Trust monitor the performance of Marlborough Lines, and hold the shares on behalf of current and future power users.

“The needs of consumers is definitely the most important thing for us. The trust deed requires us to keep the needs of power consumers now and in the future as the focus of our decision making, and we do.”

Cathie is seeking re-election after serving one term on the trust.

“Marlborough Lines is in a good position to deal with future challenges. It currently has no debt, and will be able to raise debt to pay for future revenue-generating assets – such as new solar farms planned for later this year and a proposed wind farm

at Mt Cass.

“Debt isn’t necessarily a bad thing when used well – as people know, for example when they buy a house and have a mortgage.”

She noted the wine company cited by critics of Yealands as “the gold standard” actually had $352m of debt.

Marlborough Lines plays an important part in the local community, Cathie says.

Last year, the company gave $11.4m in discounts and dividends to consumers. Local community

recieved more than $400,000 in sponsorship and scholarships.

The value of Marlborough Lines shares has doubled in nine years, reaching $516.7m.

The network is safe and reliable, supporting our region’s growth. And new investments in renewable energy supports our future, meeting new demand and providing good returns.

“As a current trustee, I work hard to represent the community’s voice at the board table. That won’t change.”

Sun The Wednesday March 20, 2024 6
Sun readers have their say... with the WORD on the Street.
Blake Williams Blenheim Izayah Oliver Blenheim Ella Newson-Young Blenheim Eisuke Ryoha Blenheim Chevy Case Blenheim Getting you fit stronger, fast. Lawson Flowerday Blenheim
YOUR LOCAL CONNECTION IN CANTERBURY. 027 481 3545 art.devine@harcourts.co.nz 175 Papanui Road, Merivale, Christchurch 03 355 6677 holmwood.co.nz Holmwood Real Estate Licensed Agent REAA 2008 Learn more: Cathie Bell for the Marlborough Electric Power Trust. POWER TO THE COMMUNITY VOTE CATHIE bEll
Rapaura School began their Science Inquiry learning on the theme ‘Energy’ with a WOW ‘Energy Blast’ (activities to spark curiosity and enthusiasm) day on Monday, March 18. Cathie Bell, who is standing for a second term on the Marlborough Electric Power Trust says the needs of power consumers, now and in the future, is definitely the most important thing for the trust.

Marlborough Visitor Guide now online

Destination Marlborough has launched a new Visitor E-Guide.

Acting General Manager

Tracey Green said the Official Marlborough Visitor Guide was a well-loved planning tool for both visitors considering the region and those recently arrived. It features maps, information and a directory of operators.

For the first time the regional tourism organisation has done a smaller print run of the printed guide and introduced a complementary digital

version which also offers more information on each operator.

“We are now asking visitors to choose sustainability and go paperless,” Tracey said. “We are proud to have started the transition to the digital space and it’s encouraging to see so many operators supporting this sustainability initiative.”

“Moving forward we will have a QR code stand in our i-SITEs and at operators’ businesses throughout the region,” she said.

To view the new e-guide go to: https://marlboroughnz. com/operators

Have your say on walking/cycling routes

Marlborough walkers and cyclists are being asked about the best route to reach Wairau Hospital from the Taylor River Reserve.  Council is considering improving access to and from the hospital for those who commute by walking or biking, with safety for users being the primary focus.

The Wairau Hospital Travel Survey has been put together by Marlborough Roads and Te Whatu Ora, and asks users to provide their thoughts on;

• The proposed options for the upgrades

• Your travel to and from Wairau Hospital

Feedback needs to be submitted before 9 April 2024, via this link: https://forms.office.com/ r/5F6f0TNk1V

Marlborough Roads Multi Modal Advisor Charlotte CampbellLamerton is also working on several other initiatives to improve overall safety for Marlburians and visitors who choose walking or biking as their primary form of transport.

Alongside the Wairau Hospital access survey, she would like to encourage people to report walking or cycling-related crashes or near misses online at www. marlborough.govt.nz/recreation/ cycling-and-walking/cycling/ report-a-crash-or-near-miss Reports help create a clear indication of ‘hotspots’ in the region, where road safety could potentially be improved.  “It’s about transport choices, and about people who choose to use a bicycle, or walking, as their preferred choice of getting in and

Rescue team spreads the word

Marlborough’s emergency response team (NZ-RT20) was highly visible at the Marlborough Multicultural Festival at Pollard Park.

Team leader, Senior Advisor Community Resilience Dave Parsons said their presence was to promote the team’s skills and functions and to highlight to the community their work during an emergency event.

Marlborough Emergency Management works with all communities throughout Marlborough to make sure everyone is prepared for an emergency.

Having a presence at the festival and materials available in a variety of languages was a great way to promote the “get ready” messaging, Dave said.

Work on SH1 Picton Elevation gets back into gear

NZTA will resume drainage works and repairs and reinstate the slow vehicle lane on the Picton Elevation to bring the entire stretch of road back to 100 km/h by early May.

From Monday 25 March work will be carried out between 7am and 5.30pm under a temporary speed limit of 30 km/h.

From 6pm to 6am work will

continue under stop/go. Road users should plan for delays of up to 15 minutes and factor this into their travel plans. This is especially important for drivers with Cook Strait ferry connections.

At the end of last year, contractors worked hard to fix groundwater issues affecting the road surface.

Rob Service, NZTA’s System Manager Top of the South, says these efforts as well as subsequent site monitoring have shown that the groundwater flow has reduced. “It means we can now get on with reinstating this vital stretch of highway and make it easier for drivers to complete their travel.”

“Contractors will repair the

out of the CBD,” Charlotte says.  “It would be brilliant if they had a safe environment - roads are for everyone, not just vehicles.”

Charlotte has reinstated a monthly newsletter which will keep subscribers up to date with what’s happening in the region in the cycling, walking and roads space.

Formerly known as the Bike Walk Newsletter, the first issue in nearly two years was released this month. Go to www.marlborough. govt.nz/recreation/cycling-andwalking

slumped road surface in the slow vehicle lane and install new culverts across the full width of the highway, new sumps and drainage channels on the eastern side of the road, and new outlets and bank protection on the western side, before reinstating the full width of the road,” Mr Service said.

“We realise this part of State

Highway 1 has been affected for some time, but it has been a big job and has required careful planning and construction,” he said.

There are other work areas on the state highways across the top of the South Island including night works on State Highway 1, near St Andrews south of Blenheim, until 28 March.

Sun The Wednesday March 20, 2024 7
Destination Marlborough are encouraging visitors to the region to go paperless with a new Visitor E-Guide Marlborough CDEM team members at the Multicultural Festival (from left) Jo Malony, Kaja Mazzotti-Vetter, Andy Cameron, James Rooney and Dave Parsons The presence of the “Shaky House” allowed festival goers to observe and practice the “drop, cover and hold” earthquake response advice. The team is also canvassing for more volunteers and there was some interest shown by those visiting, Dave said.

‘I’ve got to do

to save Trinity’s life’


Hankey is

on a

mission. For equity, fairness

and quality of life

for her granddaughter Trinity. Lynn spoke exclusively to Chris Valli.

The love of a grandchild is unconditional – just ask Lynn Hankey.

The Spring Creek resident left Blenheim on Monday, March 18, cycling and walking her way to her granddaughter Trinity Hutchins in Hawkes Bay.

The motivation for Lynn and her husband is to ‘bring awareness to the public eye of a dreadful health condition’ and how ‘beautiful young souls are being ignored by the New Zealand health system’.

Trinity has abdominal vascular compressions, a rare condition that causes excruciating pain and vomiting during and after eating and drinking.

Lynn was going to be joined by Ashburton’s Bridget Horder, whose own granddaughter, Taylor Doyle, is a long time sufferer of the condition. Unfortunately, Bridget has had to withdraw due to her own health. After many battles, Taylor’s family managed to get her to a specialist in Germany in April 2022 for surgery. Many are trying to make a reality for themselves, including Trinity. Yet, it comes with a cost, financially and emotionally. $180,000 no less.

In late January, the Blenheim Sun published a story on local teenager Tyler Barnett, 16, who has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, hypermobility type. EDS is a group of inherited disorders that mostly affect the skin, joints and blood vessels and is often undiagnosed.

Tyler and Mum Lorissa, left early March for Düsseldorf, Germany and the potentially lifesaving treatment.

The pioneering genius is a German professor by the name of Scholbach who will conduct doppler Ultrasound

and contrast CT imaging in Leipzig prior to heading to Dusseldorf to see the surgeon, Professor Doctor Sandemann.

Lynn believes there are 30-odd families throughout the country, that she is aware of, who have gone or are in the process of going to Germany with the ‘number growing daily’ and families ‘suffering and isolated’, going to doctors and hospitals being told that ‘there is nothing wrong with them’ and

“I don’t know how they can sleep at night”

that it is ‘in their head’.

Trinity, 19, has had health issues since she was a baby when she was diagnosed with neuronal intestinal dysplasia. NID is a pathological condition which affects the intestinal submucosal nerve plexuses. In other words, her bowel was not functioning correctly. Numerous operations took place from the age of 18 months - 11 years with her gut, paralyzed and subsequent adhesions.

The abdominal vascular compression syndrome (AVCS) and EDS was diagnosed February 2023 by a specialist in Auckland. Trinity vomits often, is battling, fighting daily and bed-ridden. Lynn says Trinity’s pain threshold is ‘pretty high most of the time.’ However she says, girls like Trinity just want to live a normal life.

Being told by health professionals

employed by the district health board that her symptoms are a ‘mental health issue’ is demoralising, with comments Lynn says that the girls are ‘doing it to themselves in order to stay in the sick role.”

“We’re running out of time,” says Lynn. “We need to raise funds, fast. It all comes down to the dollar. We are currently sitting at $60,000.”

The NZ Government has a High Cost Treatment Pool (HCTP) for medical treatments that have proven efficacy and unavailable here. Although over 300 people have had this operation and having a very high success rate, the surgery has just (December 15, 2024) been deemed ‘experimental’ by the Northern Region Clinical Practice Committee, therefore no government funding is available.

Lynn has sent numerous emails to Health Minister Dr Shane Reti and hasn’t heard ‘ boo’ or had one reply in the slightest.

“How can it be funded one minute and deemed experimental the next? It will be passed on to Te Whatu Ora and then we just get a generic response, such as not commenting on a generic, individual case. There are just too many families that are being put in that position.”

Lynn concedes along with husband Graeme, they ‘sold up’ and were travelling but have settled in Marlborough because her daughter Anna and Trinity are ‘on their own’ with ‘no home to mortgage’.

She admits they have had to use ‘most of their retirement fund’ supporting them to get private medical care, and says there is nothing else they can do, unless they ‘get her to Germany’.

“There is a vascular surgeon in Christchurch that will do surgery for girls who are suffering from MALS,” (the arc shaped band of tissue in the chest area presses on the artery which sends blood to the upper abdomen, causing stomach pain).

“It breaks your heart; it’s a matter of keeping at it and fighting for our granddaughter. The awareness, the knowledge.

“Dealing with the surgeons for as long as we have, we have found that they often don’t elaborate. It’s not until we got the diagnosis on the EDS things started to make sense. Why we had to wait until Trinity’s puberty is dumbfounding”

Doctors and specialists in Auckland have recorded on Trinity’s health records that it is a mental

health issue and will not provide her any medical assistance, including nutritional supplements (she has a feeding tube, which is not functional and specialists refuse to reposition it). Anna says if Trinity presents to the hospital with a gut issue, the chances are she will be refused care.

The specialists Lynn refers to is the New Zealand National Intestinal Failure and Rehabilitation Service (NIFRS), designed to improve outcomes for patients of all ages with intestinal failure (IF). The NIFRS is a national service provided by Auckland District Health Board on behalf of the Ministry of Health.

“I don’t know how they can sleep at night. Where is the oath that they take?”

Lynn says what drives her is Trinity – her own flesh and blood.

“I’ve got to do everything that I can possibly do to save her life,” she says. “I know there are other families out there suffering the same way. Do not accept there is ‘nothing wrong’, don’t be accepting of that, we can’t do that anymore.”

A Give a Little page has been set up at www.givealittle.co.nz/ cause/health-system-fails-our-18year-old-save-a-life

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one on one with the Sun
RIGHT: Lynn and husband Graeme on Monday morning in Spring Creek before the start of her awareness campaign for Trinity.

Parvovirus – ‘vaccination the best tool’

A local veterinarian is recommending Marlborough’s puppy owners to immunise and vaccinate their fur friends.

The call comes after vets in the north island have seen a ‘significant increase’ in the number of parvovirus cases, a virus that causes mostly gastrointestinal signs such as vomiting and diarrhoea. Parvovirus is a very ‘hardy’ virus and it can survive for months to years in the environment.

Springlands Veterinary Centre Managing Director Jeremy Forlong says the clinic has had one positive case of parvovirus in the last two months.

“It appears the bigger cities are more affected; such as the outbreak in Auckland that appears to be the worst seen in 20 years,” he says.

“Vaccination continues to be the best tool to protect our beloved canines.

Alzheimers charity event

The Marlborough Alzheimers Foundation is gearing up for an exciting charity event next month.

On April 9 there will be a dinner and auction at Blenheim’s Bamboo Garden Restaurant where locals can enjoy an evening of delicious food and great company whilst bidding on auction items, including a launch trip in the Marlborough Sounds and a helicopter ride for four.

There will be many other items to bid on, including bespoke items of jewellery from Corey Broughton at Broughton Jewellers, several pieces of original art and a number of smaller silent auction items throughout the evening.

The special guest speaker is Paul Eden who has been a member of Rotary Blenheim South for ‘25 plus years’. Paul was in the wholesale import and distribution of floor coverings for 35 years and had been a contract grape grower since moving to Blenheim

‘some years ago’.

Paul, along with his late wife Frances, have a long association with Nepal going back to the mid-1980s. They carried out a number of projects in a village in the lower Solu Khumbu region.

The Blenheim South Rotary and friends have funded projects such as roofing and solar panels for the community hall, food relief during Covid and materials after the 2014 earthquake.

Paul says Rotary is now fundraising to upgrade the toilets at the local school in Nepal.

Special events like this help Marlborough Alzheimers Foundation meet the increasing demand for the range of services they offer to support local people affected by dementia and their families.

The services include daytime activities for people living with dementia in a safe and friendly environment, support groups and education sessions for people affected by

We recommend puppies receive their full course of immunisations and then continue to receive vaccinations throughout their adult years as recommended by their Vet.”

New Zealand Veterinary Association (NZVA) Head of Veterinary Services - Companion Animal, Sally Cory says it is important that new puppy owners factor in the cost for the course of vaccinations when they purchase or acquire a puppy.

Sally says her team is currently seeing cases of parvovirus on a daily basis, some of which have resulted in death.

“There is definitely a significant amount of parvovirus around at the moment…it’s been one of the worst I’ve seen in 20 years with many people struggling to prioritise the cost of their pet’s vaccinations,” she says. “Unfortunately, parvovirus is catching people out and instead they’re

dementia and their care partners, and education and resources for health professionals and the wider community.

The event is strictly limited to 100 people, so get your tickets from the Alzheimers Marlborough Centre at 8 Wither Road, Blenheim, or for further information contact Helen Knapp on 021 126 250 or by emailing Helen Hannay at MarlboroughAdmin@alzheimers.org.nz

Doors open at 5pm with the event starting at 6pm. All funds raised from this event remain in Marlborough.

having to pay for intensive treatment or having to make tough calls about putting their animal to sleep, if the dog is very unwell.”

Those most at risk are young (six weeks to six months), unvaccinated, or incompletely vaccinated puppies.

Parvovirus can be passed on when dogs sniff, lick or eat contaminated faeces, or through encountering food and water bowls, or footwear that contains the virus. The signs of parvovirus usually occur within five to seven days of exposure and may include lethargy, lack of appetite and fever that then progress to vomiting and bloody diarrhoea. The disease can progress quickly, and severe disease often results in death.

If adult dogs received their full puppy vaccination programme, they should receive their first parvo booster at 12 months, and then every three years, Sally says.

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Dhana Rai, friend and headmaster of the Jubing District School with Paul Eden and daughter Penny. Springlands Veterinary Centre Managing Director Jeremy Forlong says the clinic has had one positive case of Parvovirus in the last two months. The dog pictured doesn’t have the virus. Jeremy says it appears the biggest cities are more affected.

Marlborough RDA sponsorship –‘programmes accessible’

Sponsorship for the wonderful horses at Marlborough’s Riding for the Disabled is making a difference with care and wellbeing for riders and horses alike.

RDA Manager Jo Ross says an annual sponsorship enables them to feel secure that they have funds to cover the care of their horses for the upcoming year.

“It also enables us to keep our riding fees affordable so that the programmes are accessible,” she says.

Jo says the sponsorship assists with grazing and pasture maintenance, feed (hay and hard feed), vet, dental and farrier expenses, supplements, training and handling.

The horses are partnered with coaches and volunteers to deliver RDA programmes to members of the community who are living with challenges.

Due to the nature of their work, their horses are specially trained to adapt to a diverse range of riders with different needs. They must remain calm and steady to enable riders to feel safe and help them achieve their personal goals.

Jo says they currently have 13 horses, of which seven are sponsored: A Give a Little page has been set

up so that those who would like to help, but cannot sponsor a horse alone, can be part of a community group to make a difference. “We have chosen Casper to be our community sponsored pony. To date we have raised $355.”

Horse/Pony sponsors

Shyanne – Tilly MacFarlane

Sundance – Saints Investment Group

Jinxy – Nomolos Architecture

Levi – The Blenheim Trust

Goldie – Marlborough Grape Growers


Bloom – Virginia Williams

Rusty – Marlborough Lines

‘Excite and unite curiosity’

An early morning cardio and energy workout at Rapaura School on Monday morning launched some inquisitive learning.

The Hammerich’s Road kura ignited their inquiry learning with a science based ‘energy’ Wow Day with teachers dressed in laboratory coats and students asking questions from, ‘what are we doing?’ to ‘why has our teacher got funny hair?’

Year 5 student Tamatea Starky says the Wow Day was cool because he got to do ‘weird and really cool stuff’.

Fellow Year 5 student Harriet D’Auvergne agreed and says the day had a science theme and was not sure what the learning would be as it was ‘a new thing to get excited about’.

“We get to go around different classes and do rotations with different teachers and do fun stuff,” says Harriet. “Inquiry learning allows us to fund out stuff.”

An inquiry based approach is driven by curiosity about the world around them and encourages connection, co-operation and collaboration by allowing students to pose and solve problems together, providing

authentic learning experiences.

Teacher Giselle Otway says the wow day was to excite and unite curiosity in the students about the new subject learning area which is Energy.

She says as a staff they look at what they have taught through inquiry learning in previous years and make sure they are providing good coverage across the curriculum.

“They were certainly confused, and curious and wondering. They do science ex-

Sun The Wednesday March 20, 2024 10 43 Scott St Blenheim Ph (03) 577 9506 www lynfords co nz *Ts&Cs apply It’s the perfect time to style your home, your way LOUNGE BEDROOM D I N I N G O C C A S I O N A L OUTDOOR AND MORE WHILE STOCKS LAST! STOCKTAKE S A L E Where learning takes flight maka EARLY LEARNING CENTRE www.omakaelc.co.nz OPENING MID 2019 Providing quality care and education for children aged 3 months to 6 years, Omaka is a space for education, exploration, development and FUN! Visit www.omakaelc.nz Providing quality care and education for children aged 3 months - 5 years, Omaka is a space for children to grow, explore and flourish as unique individuals, through a child-led, nature play based environment, where children are given the wings to fly. Arrange a visit TODAY!
Karlie Alexander, Ruth Daujee (Volunteer) and Casper. IGNITING CURIOSITY: Rapaura School students launched into their inquiry learning around energy and science on Monday morning with a ‘Wow Day’. Year 5 students Harriet d’Auvergne,  Tamatea Starkey (sitting), Lucie Bouron, and Carter Lang with their ‘marble run’ activity, which explores the concept of relative position and motion.

Summerset Blenheim homes now available*

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Situated in the heart of Marlborough, surrounded by vineyards and mountain views, this brand-new village is close to everything Blenheim and the Marlborough Sounds have to offer.

Summerset Blenheim will offer a vibrant community, resort-style facilities and Summerset’s renowned continuum of care – all safe and secure within our fully gated community.

If you’ve ever been curious about village life, now could be the time. We’re holding an Open Day every Thursday in March, so you can get a taste of the Summerset life that our residents love so much.

Love the life you choose

Open Days, 10am - 2pm

Every Thursday in March

Summerset Blenheim

183 Old Renwick Road, Springlands

03 520 6042 | summerset.co.nz/blenheim

Sun The Wednesday March 20, 2024 11
*All Summerset homes are sold under a licence to occupy and are subject to availability.

Flaxbourne A&P Show

Sunday 24th March, 2024

Not only does the Flaxbourne A&P Show provide a great day out for all ages, it puts on a great entertainment lineup too.

Around 1.30pm the Grand Parade will be led out by the Blenheim & Districts Highland Pipe Band.

The entertainment continues with the Taimate Flaxbourne Flyer event where teams of three take on challenges to win prizes. This event is perfect for friends and a great opportunity to get a team together at 12.30pm and there’s a cash prize up for grabs for the winners.

Make sure you register your team prior to the event because spaces are limited.

One team member will ride (horse jumps), another drives a slalom course, and the third runs 100m in a sprint finish. The best time wins.

Towards the end of the day there’s the highly entertaining Ironman Competition; entries will be taken on the day. Competing for prize money and goods, teams of four take turns at shearing a sheep powered by a person pedalling on a bike, then two have to use a cross saw and cut a log of wood, then roll a bale of wool down the front of the shed.

For those interested in shearing, the Hazletts Cookies Classic Shearing Competition will commence at 4.30pm where the Best Local Shearer from Senior to Cockies Classic categories will receive a trophy donated by the family of the late Bob Gilmore.

Dog lovers will be pleased to know the Motorworld Terrier Race is on again this year, starting at 1.00pm just before the Grand Parade with entries

taken on the day.

Of course, there are more than just fun competitions and activities at the show.

If you’d prefer something quieter you can have a look at the cooking, knitting, sewing sections or even the farm machinery.

After all the fun activities of the day you’ll be hungry but don’t worry, there will be plenty of food available.

There will not be Eftpos available on the day, so remember to take along cash.

There’s certainly going to be something for everyone, young and old, organisers say.

With all of these events and so much more to offer, make sure you head out to Ward for the Flaxbourne A&P Show on Sunday, March 24 at Weld Park.

Sun The Wednesday March 20, 2024 12
Irrigation NZ ‘Blue Tick’ certified
Locally owned and operated
Extensive knowledge base of existing systems
Cost effective and efficient service
Large network of suppliers
Member of Irrigation NZ Total Hydraulic & Fluid Power Hose & Fitting Specialists 100% Family owned business 03 572 8670 24 HRS Richard Cooke Mob 027 497 5395 E: rosco.hydraulics@xtra.co.nz Tyrone Park, Jacks Rd, Renwick PROUD SUPPORTER OF THE FLAXBOURNE AND WIDER AWATERE DISTRICT Truck, Digger and Bobcat hire DRIVEWAYS LANDSCAPING CONCRETE WORK RETAINING WALLS SITE WORKS FARM WORK KITSET ASSEMBLY SHED CONSTRUCTION Blair 027 618 8654 Wishing the Flaxbourne A&P Show every success
shearing and so much more There’s something for everyone at this year’s show. Always a crowd pleaser. Show jumping is on from 2.15pm.
Terrier racing,

Flaxbourne A&P Show

Sunday 24th March, 2024

‘A country atmosphere’

Organiser Bernadette Gilmore says the main events that were all popular at the 2023 show are back especially the Taimate Flaxbourne Flyer (a new sponsor for 2024) the Motorworld Terrier Race and the Harcourts Flaxbourne Future Farmer is going to be hotly contested.

Bernadette says the Flaxbourne A&P show’s country atmosphere adds to the day and is a great day

out for young and old.

“A lot of retired farmers and past residents of the Flaxbourne/ East Coast/Awatere meet up to catch up of the year’s events in the area. Children can head off and have fun knowing Mum and Dad are not far away if needed or run out of money,” she says.

“There is a hard working committee, with people from Ward, Seddon and Blenheim

that make the day happen. The locals always turn out to help at the working bees before the Show which is a great help,” says Bernadette.

Angus Moore has taken on the role of President for this year’s event, which is the 98th show, as well as the Convenor of the Shearing Competition with a few helpers. While, Herb and Pip Thomson spend many hours

in the build up to the Show maintaining the grounds, checking on the buildings and do a great job of cleaning the Secretary’s Office.

Bernadette says a special thanks to all the sponsors, without their generous support the day would not happen.

“Thanks also to all the competitors, trade and craft sites and visitors to the Show. You are what make the day enjoyable.”

Show Programme

8.30am - Horse events commence

9.30am - Other entries to be in buildings or penned for judging

9.30am - Registrations Harcourts Flaxbourne’s Future Farmer

10.00am - Harcourts Flaxbourne’s Future Farmer Competition

11.00am - Bring your Pet to the Show Competition (by sheep pens)

11.30am - Shearing Competition commences

12 noon - Sheds open after judging

12.30pm - Taimate Flaxbourne Flyer (in the horse ring)

12.15pm - Harcourts Flaxbourne’s Future Farmer Prize Giving

1.00pm - Motorworld Terrier Race (in the horse ring)

1.30pm - Grand Parade led by Marlborough Pipe Band

2.15pm - Horse & Pony Show Jumping & Hunter Round the Ring

4.00pm - Seddon School Agri Kids BBQ

4.30pm - Hazletts Cockies Classic Shearing Competition

5.00pm - Ironman Competition Note: times may be subject to change.

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newS tipS Send your tips to news@blenheimsun.co.nz
The Blenheim & Districts Highland Pipe Band open the event, leading out the Grand Parade at 1.30pm.


Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. A maximum of 150 words please.

They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even when a nom de plume is provided for publication.

to the editor

The editor reserves the right to abridge letters or withhold letters from publication. Email them to news@blenheimsun.co.nz or present to our office at 72 High St. Please note that your name and street address MUST be provided with emails.

Houldsworth Street trees

Dear Ed

Firstly my sincere thanks for Chris Valli’s One on One story about the Houldsworth Street trees.

I have been inundated and overwhelmed with calls of support, many saying they have visited the site and see what I mean.

It must also be said, that a few, while hearing my side insist that perhaps I am being one sided and the Council must be given the right of reply to make the story more balanced.

I even had an ex-employee of MDC call round home rather bemused by my article.

Start doing your job

Dear Editor,

Referring to the Horton Park tree story and Mr Percy’s rather serious accusations as to the Council’s action I strongly believe in the interest of the general ratepayers and general public the MDC should be given the right of reply as to their version.

When a complaint is accepted by the Ombudsman, the interest of both the public and ratepayers then answers need to be provided such as: Why did the council take 38 days including 5 emails from first receiving what Mr Percy perceived to be a health and safety issue requiring urgent attention until 48 minutes before Council closing for the Year?

Why was a 22-month old arborist report (trees were very healthy back then) forwarded to Mr Percy when an up-to-date current one was available? In order for the Arborist to make an informed decision involving all factors have they been made aware of the previous damage done to Mr Percy’s one-dayold brand new car.


Dear Ed.

Your story in last week’s Sun was of concern as to MDC actions. I am appalled as to Councils behaviour over this matter.

I ask the public to visit the plain trees in question on site in Houldsworth Street, and ask yourself, Would you feel safe with these branches? Do you see it as a health and safety issue particularly with three very large rubber bands holding the branches?

My question to the Council is, are they going

Reply from MDC, March 15

Council will not be responding to Tom Williams letter below because we were not asked to contribute to your story which was therefore rather one-sided and unbalanced.

They left beyond any doubt, but again thought MDC should be extended the right of reply. Due to many saying they would like to hear the Council’s side perhaps the MDC should be approached. From past experience I would expect them to say “NO COMMENT, (under enquiry from the Ombudsman).”

Again on behalf of our neighbours and public supporters, my sincere thanks to both Chris and the Blenheim Sun. The power of the press has certainly exceeded my/our expectations.

Yours sincerely

Further have the Council been forwarded photographic evidence of fallen branches onto the neighbour’s property and been made aware of their anxiety, and Health & Safety concerns, bearing in mind damage done in the past?

May I ask where has our CEO and Mayor been in all this? If what Mr Percy says is true and I don’t doubt him, the public has the right to hear both sides as it appears Council have with purpose endeavoured to shut Mr Percy and his neighbours down or at the very least as your article in the Sun shows, make things extremely difficult. While there appears to be two parts to your article, it is the actions of certain members of the MDC that are most concerning.

I expect if the Council were approached for comment. Their reply would be no comment. However, in fair and balanced reporting I believe The Blenheim Sun should seek a response from Council.

to trim the trees back to the boundary?

It should be noted these trees are of no significant value. They are non-native and in many countries have been banned from being planted in urban areas due to their serious threat to health (asbestos like particles).

I would appreciate in wider public interest that the Blenheim Sun may wish to contact the Council for further comment.

The complainant also says he has approached the Ombudsman - we will await the outcome of that process.

At the last MDC finance committee meeting, Councillor Gerald Hope asked the council to spend an additional $1.48m on toilets, so to maintain Marlborough’s lead in the world of toilet awards. Really Gerald? At a time of record rate increases you want to spend more, instead of looking for savings? Isn’t that what you were elected on?

There is certainly nothing wrong with councillor Dalliessi’s suggestion of prefab toilet buildings. After all, it is common practice to have pre-fabricated kitchens, homes and even cruise ships are built this

Extra cost Hospice

A big thanks to everyone who displayed their vehicles on Sunday, be it classic cars, boats or motorcycles.

There were around 450 exhibits; this is huge for a place the size of Marlborough. Thank you to the Mini Club, who are reasonably new and were the feature vehicle, had 30 odd on display, a big effort.

To our sponsors who we rely on as every cent we take goes to Hospice Marlborough, a big thanks also

way. Let’s think outside the box, why not container toilet blocks? I’m sure tourists would find them very novel and possibly original.

Lastly, Marlborough really does have an abnormal amount of toilets per head of population, considering that many hospitality businesses offer them too, and not to mention the additional dozen now available at the new Blenheim library and art gallery.

to Rotary and Lions clubs for their help. Then there was the public, about 3000 who turned up to see these wonderful exhibits and donated.

Lastly thanks to the members of our Classic Motoring Society who put it all together and Waterlea Race Course for the wonderful venue.

Chem trails conspiracy theory

I was alarmed to read that Wally Richard continues to promote the “chem trails” conspiracy theory in his gardening column in the Sun. This is the conspiracy theory that the government is spreading dangerous chemicals via the contrails of jet airliners, variously to control our minds or mitigate climate change or accomplish some other vial purpose.

In his 13 March column, Mr. Richards gives the link to a 2017 opinion article promoting the theory and goes on to state, “The article raises some important


Re; Picton Flower Ladies have to pay for their own celebratory lunch.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read your article re the Picton Flower Ladies.

While it would be expected that the Picton business community should do a shout out, what’s happened to Destination Marlborough?

If I recall correctly, they used to reward these dedicated ladies by shouting them lunch, or was that

questions and why our government obviously allows it over our skies and yet denies it is happening?”

It does no service to the Sun to publish conspiracy theories such as this. It only erodes the public’s trust in our government, industry and the news media. The contrails left by jet aircraft are caused by water vapour condensing on soot particles created by burning jet fuel.

just for the cruise ship hosts? In any case, it’s a bit up your nose. Why can’t the harbour board cover any shortfall? With all the money they collect they don’t even put on any street entertainment, where there is an abundance of street performers available from Auckland and Christchurch.

MEPT election disenfranchised voter

My name is Peter Steggle, and I am supplied by Marlborough Lines with electricity.

There is a Marlborough Electric Power Trust election set for the 25th March, and as yet, less than 13 days to the election, we have not had any form of voting papers for our property.

This election is critical as the Trust is the shareholder on behalf of Marlborough Lines customers, and has some influence on directors of Marlborough Lines. Given the reticence of Marlborough Lines to talk about Yealands Wines, it is very important that our voice is heard. I wouldn’t want to be disenfranchised by a passive “lack of action” by the trust.

Yours faithfully

Pete Steggle

MEPT responds:

electionz.com is managing the election process for

the Marlborough Electric Power Trust.

Voting opened on Friday 1 March. Voting emails were sent to 24,074 consumer email addresses supplied by the various electricity companies. 2,127 consumers without a suppled email address were posted a voter pack on 29th February. There was a 2% bounce rate of the supplied emails, with these consumers being posted a voter pack by 11th March.

For those who have not received voting papers by post or email, please contact the election helpline 0800 666 033. Assistance is also available at the offices of Blenheim Accounting, 66 Seymour St, Blenheim during their normal office hours of Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm. With voting closing at midday on 25th March, consumers may also lodge their paper votes at Blenheim Accounting before this time.

Marlborough Electric Power Trust

Sun The Wednesday March 20, 2024 14 Ashwood Park offers all the choices and amenities you could ever ask for in one convenient location. STUDIOS AND APARTMENTS Available now from $185,000 118 - 130 Middle Renwick Road, Springlands | ph 03 577 9990 | ashwoodpark.co.nz Independent living in a beautiful environment • Superb outlook - Tastefully refurbished • Ground floor indoor/outdoor flow • Care packages to suit individual needs INDEPENDENT VILLA Available now $490,000 Independent living in a beautiful environment • Superb outlook in a private setting • Two bedrooms - open plan living • Adjoining garage with easy access • All day sun - excellent value 118-130 Middle Renwick Road, Springlands | Ph 03 577 9990 | www.ashwoodpark.co.nz Ashwood Park offers all the choices and amenities you could ever ask for in one convenient location. Contact Toni Bisset 027 555 6139 ONLY1 AVAILABLE


Fall into winter prep

As the leaves begin to change into stunning Autumn colours it’s also a sign that the cooler weather is on its way.

Very soon frosts and winter conditions will be knocking at your door so the big question will be; is your home ready for winter?

There are tasks which should not be left to when you start to feel cold, such as filling the wood shed, servicing heat pumps and other heating sources, sealing draughty windows and hanging thermal lined curtains.

By booking a professional to

With the cold comes mould

With winter comes the dreaded condensation affecting walls, ceilings and even floors. If you have noticed condensation causing mould to grow on surfaces, now is the time to take steps to prevent it this winter so that your family can breathe easy and be healthy.

First of all; what is condensation? In simple terms it occurs when warm moist air meets a cold surface. It’s mostly a winter issue as the home becomes cold and windows are opened less, therefore leaving this moist air unable to escape.

But when mould growth occurs, it’s a warning sign that the home’s heating, insulation and ventilation may need improving.

A lot of this can be seen in bathrooms and kitchens due to the nature of what those rooms are used for, as well in bedrooms, inside cupboards and even corners of rooms where ventilation and air movement are restricted.

To help prevent moist air from spreading to other rooms, provide some ventilation to all rooms so it can escape, and keep your home

reasonably warm.

Good ventilation of kitchens when you are cooking is essential, as is in the space you are drying clothes indoors.

come to your home now and take care of these tasks, means you can rest easy when the temperatures plummet knowing that you are prepared.

Here are some tips to get you busy around your home:

• Install weather stripping, insulation, and storm windows.

• Insulate water lines that run along exterior walls.

• Clean out gutters and repair roof leaks.

• Have your heating system serviced professionally to make sure that it is clean, working

properly, and ventilated to the outside.

• Inspect and clean fireplaces and chimneys.

• If you do not have a working smoke detector, install one. Test batteries monthly and replace them twice a year.

Use your extractor fan if one is available and leave on until any misting on windows has cleared.

If your home does not have an extractor fan, open windows but close doors to other rooms.

In bathrooms keep the window open and door shut for the time required to dry off the room.

Remember, too much ventilation in cold weather can waste the heat you are trying to generate indoors. So be mindful of how wide you open the windows and for how long.

If you notice black mould already in your home, clean it with bleach and anti-fungicide solution.

Any sign of mould growth is an indication of the presence of moisture and if caused by condensation provides a warning that heating, insulation or ventilation – or all three – may require improvement.

Sun The Wednesday March 20, 2024 15 Committed to keeping you warm with the best firewood available 100% family owned & operated right here in Marlborough info@thefirewoodcompany.co.nz ph 027 930 5447 Pine • Gum • Macrocarpa Douglas Fir • Old Man Pine 44 Main St, Blenheim | ph 03 578 5374 | office@marlboroughglass.co.nz DON’T DELAY - TALK TO US TODAY FOR A FREE MEASURE AND QUOTE! beat the rush! Stay warm, dry, and healthy with Retro-fit Double Glazing for your Timber and Aluminium Windows. AVAILABLE NOW! Come to us for the right adviCe Scan the QR code to go straight to our FREE ONLINE GLASS SELECTOR. We have created new glass solutions specifically for Marlborough conditions to provide superior insulation for your home, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. P: 578 0850 • 47 Grove Rd, Blenheim www.viridianglass.co.nz Your trusted local Glass Company for 50 years When experience counts talk to us Proud to serve you locally 5A Sutherland Tce | p. 03 570-2298 | e. info@mintair.co.nz | www.mintair.co.nz
Winter Warmth

Varicose veins

With Autumn just around the corner, many readers will focus on booking a winter getaway.

So, we asked specialist vein doctor, David Orsbourn, to share his thoughts on flying and varicose veins.

David explains that when you fly with varicose veins, the change in cabin pressure and the reduced oxygen levels in the aeroplane can cause your leg veins to dilate.

This dilation can make any symptoms associated with your varicose veins worse.

As a result, you may suffer discomfort, swelling, and pain in your legs.

He stresses that if you have varicose veins and are worried about flying, it’s wise to consult your medical practitioner before you jet off.

David shares his top four tips to ensure your flight is more comfortable and reduce the risks associated with flying with varicose veins.

Choose your seat:

If your airline allows you to book seats with extra legroom (front row or emergency exit rows), these are a good option on longer flights.

Compression stockings:

Wearing compression stockings during your flight can help improve circulation and prevent blood from pooling in your legs, which can worsen varicose veins and increase the risk of DVT.

Wear your compression stockings during the entire flight and several hours afterwards.


Try to move around and stretch your legs as much as possible during the flight. Even minor exercise can help improve blood flow and reduce swelling.

You can also exercise while seated, such as flexing and extending your ankles.


Avoid alcohol and drink plenty of water during the flight to stay hydrated. Dehydration makes the blood thicker and more likely to clot, increasing the risk of complications in people with varicose veins.

Of course, the best way to ensure your comfort and well-being is to treat your varicose veins before you jet off on holiday.

All the treatments enhanceskin offers at the Churchill Private Hospital in Blenheim are minimally invasive walk-in / walk-out procedures.

They are easy to fit in before your next holiday.

Dr David Orsbourn offers a complimentary initial consultation, has Affiliated Provider status with Southern Cross for varicose vein treatment and can accept payment through all other health insurance providers.


Healthline, Pharmacists, GP or GP Practice Nurse, and Urgent After Hours GP offer professional health advice.
you arrive at Wairau Hospital’s Emergency Department with a non-urgent health concern you may be referred to your GP.
Francis Street | ph
3092 info@blackmoreaudiology.co.nz
03 579
hearing loss
we can help
Blackmore B.SLT(Hons), M.Aud(Dis) MNZAS, CCC CALL FOR YOUR COMPLIMENTARY, NO OBLIGATION, VEIN ASSESSMENT & SCAN | These can all be helped with positive lifestyle changes, that can also prevent chronic diseases like stroke, dementia, Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease. Maxwell coaching can help you to find ways to eat healthier, cut out junk food, find sustainable exercise you will enjoy and increase your chances of living a healthier life for longer. Small changes can have huge impacts and we are here to get you on the road to success. mollie@maxwellcoaching.co.nz 027 340 1870 Level 1, Stadium 2000, Kinross St Mollie Maxwell Health & Life Coach STRESS? POOR SLEEP? WEIGHT CONTROL?
Come along and find out
about hearing,
and how
you. Sara
David Orsbourn Contact: katrina@blenheimsun.co.nz simon@blenheimsun.co.nz • Health • Beauty • Wellness To promote When you fly with varicose veins, the change in cabin pressure and the reduced oxygen levels in the aeroplane can cause your leg veins to dilate.

I’m No Mug

Attention to the coffee cup thief at work - you know exactly who you are! With a plethora of 20 other cups in the office kitchen cupboard, kindly refrain from using mine. #RespectMyCup #HandsOff”

User pays

Talk of the week

Road Cones

Goodness me there are a lot of road cones around at the moment.

For the second time in 5 years we have extensive works happening on the main road that out wee crescent feeds out to.

I understand that this is progress to support our growing town. And I take my hat off to the workers who are doing a great job.

But oh boy...

I can’t wait for it to be all done and not have to wait at traffic lights every time I leave home or arrive back.


A question I often ponder. Why are the female toilets always the furtherest away when using public amenities?

Leaver her alone

Princess Kate what’s up?

Leave her alone. Surely she can edit her own photo if she chooses. Now she probably won’t post any and I for one would like to see them.


Why does this government value landlords more than police and schools?

St Patrick’s Day

Well done to the team at the Woody!

What a fabulous St Patrick’s Day celebration. I very much enjoyed Rowan’s Guinness Stew and Green Mash, and managed to tuck away a few Guinness’s as well.

Enjoyed the entertainment as well.

Keystone Cop

Having immigrated to NZ six years ago from England, I’m constantly being reminded I’m a pom, which seems to amuse a few locals, although, they also find some amusement reminiscing about the day so-and-so ran through the local tavern with nothing but his gum boots on being pursued by the one policeman in town, I bare the thought.

Happy Days !

Green Waste

I take it that with the new rubbish bins, for every $ spent getting rid of green waste at the dump home owners will be reimbursed by the council?

Waiting List

As a tax payer now you can’t even get on a waiting list, but the next answer is you can pay to have an appointment though.

Re: Our Local MP

I would be worried if you can’t remember who our local MP is. It’s been the same National MP we have had for many years despite changes of government. Such is the support he and his party have here in Marlborough.

Water tester

To the water tester from last week, I’d be interested to hear about your research.

To be able to inform us all so clearly about the state of our drinking water, I’d assume that you have deep knowledge and understanding about Blenheim’s water supply and treatment.

We should, of course, put you in charge of everyone’s safety and water security.

How dare those pesky council people get in your infallible way?

The Greens

After listening to both green party leaders it’s quite clear that both won’t tell the truth about knowing when they were informed about the latest scandal involving one of their members who is also a associate minister.

6 weeks after she was stood down they are now going public, seems the truth doesn’t apply to greenies.

Rate payer

Amazing, I, as a rate payer, have/are contributing 10’s of thousands of dollars to wine research.

We also await appropriate signage outside and in at our poorly designed Library. An official public opening would also be nice.

Yes many Marlborough people will choose not to use the sounds roading but that is their choice, just like all the Sounds people who don’t use the stadium, new library and other rate payer funded facilities in Blenheim which they had to contribute to. I’m not a Sounds resident but it is a draw card for tourists too which bring $ into the region. Let’s all be kind and considerate, what goes around comes around.

Toll Road

Reply to toll road for the Sounds, excellent idea for our council to work out.

Open up

Hey MDC Its time to open the hills up. Or at least the bottom tracks. We would be safer up there than we are biking on the roads.

Clip-on bridge

Why don’t road cyclists want to use the Wairau clip-on bridge? They prefer to use the road bridge which has no shoulder.


What used to be a nice grassed area opposite Pak’nSave is now nothing but an eyesore and one wonders if it’s now going to use it as a dumping ground for machines and other building items. Maybe the owners could enlighten us about the future of the site or is going to stay the same, just another eyesore welcoming visitors to Blenheim.


Surely this is a matter for the police rather than the green party employing there own investigation, or is just the same as there latest judge and convicted thief being work cohorts in the past

Always look fab

Good on you Hilary Bary speaking out for showing too much skin on the tv. You always look fab and certainly not needing to be judged.

Berger Cavedon (Wall), Berger White Collar (Trim). Berger is a registered trade mark.

In a bad way

NZ in a bad way. Lacking in police, healthcare to name a couple.

No consequences for criminals, no wonder they aren’t afraid.

Thank you

Wow. A big shout out to the amazing gardeners at Pollard Park. It looks the best it ever has. I especially liked the new tree plantings. Thank you

Green with envy

Wanted to acknowledge the great work the Woodbourne Tavern are doing in the community from the St Patrick’s Day festivities with local band Hidden Tatties to this weekend’s fundraiser for Blenheim dancer Tyler Barnett. Pig hunt on the calendar in late May too I understand.

Slow down

Concerned students and staff at Spring Creek School witness over 20 speeding vehicles in just 5 mins on Ferry Road. ALL drivers should slow down near schools. Speed limit is 50kph, but many exceed 70100! Prioritize our school’s safety, please slow down.

We welcome your texts on 027 242 5266.

Limit to 70 words please. We reserve the right to publish at our discretion. Please note the opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Sun management.


Here we go already... the current govt getting blasted now.

Remember they are trying to correct all the crap that Labour put on this country.

Sun The Wednesday March 20, 2024 17
Sun The txt talk with
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5 minutes with...

Remy Le BRun

The Performance


 Are you a dog or cat person?

Dog person.

 My friends would say I am…

Follicly impaired.

 The best advice I ever received was?

When someone gives you a compliment, say thank you.

 What would you buy if money was no object?

A sports performance facility with an all-weather athletics track outside.

 Local coffee haunt?

Ritual coffee cart.

 Favourite takeaway?

Tie between McDonald’s and Sakim Sushi.

 The shop you can’t walk past is...? Rebel Sport.

 What’s the most thoughtful gift you’ve ever received?

My late grandfather’s ring/cufflinks and ornate antique champagne barrel tap.

 Where is your happy holiday place?

Noosa or Rome.

 Favourite programme or series currently watching?

The Simpsons.

 What’s one thing on your bucket list?

Attend the Olympics or Commonwealth Games.

‘Home is home’

The new chiropractor at Marlborough Family Chiropractic is Blenheim born and bred.

In a world where finding a job opportunity sometimes means heading to the bigger cities, Blenheim’s Riki Baker has returned home to follow his passion and vocation.

In layman’s terms, chiropractic is based on maintaining the integrity of one’s nervous system so one’s body heals itself. In effect, if one’s joints aren’t functioning properly, chiropractors can help. Cue Riki, who attended Redwoodtown School and Marlborough Boys’ College. The 24-year-old started in the role in February and says owners Karen and Chris Jennison have played a big part in his ‘chiropractic journey’ after visiting them as a college student interested in the chiropractic industry.

Riki says the pathway into being a chiropractor stemmed from his days playing cricket as a fast bowler in Marlborough. He says it was a ‘horrible sport’ for his back and noticed

‘frequent niggles’. His coach at the time mentioned the ‘chiropractors in town’ and that he should approach Karen and Chris and talk to them.

“I watched and saw what they did out of interest. After then getting some adjustments to my back it worked and I was like wow, this can actually be something to get into,” he says. “Seeing how others (chiropractors) do things has been invaluable. It’s good to see how training is applied through assessment and rapport.”

During his five year training with the New Zealand College of Chiropractic in Auckland - the only specialised tertiary provider in the country - Riki says he was often in contact with them and after getting a few job offers in the City of Sails says returning to Marlborough was the motivation.

“Home is home, Karen and Chris have 30 years experience and the learnings here alongside them both was the main driver,” he says. “Clinical experience is massive; sometimes the learning at school is different in a practice where you have to apply it.

My lecturer told us you learn more in the first three months of being in a practice than the entire five years of training.”

Since 1994, the New Zealand College of Chiropractic has been educating and graduating highly skilled chiropractors, who are well-grounded in the foundational practice and principles of the philosophy, art and science of chiropractic care.

Riki’s first year training consisted of what he says was an under graduate programme working alongside nurses and health students. Learning was focused around the anatomy, chemistry, biology and ‘everything under the sun when it comes to the body’.

Karen says they are lucky to have him and they have had great feedback from all their patients.

Marlborough Family Chiropractic was founded by Chris and Karen in 1996. Their Henry Street location offers a variety of chiropractic treatment techniques in order to give people the best opportunity to regain, improve and develop their health and wellbeing.

Sun The Wednesday March 20, 2024 18 SAVE 20% ON ALL DECIDUOUS FRUIT TREES NOW! VISIT SELMES GARDEN CENTRE - 141 BATTYS RD, BLENHEIM • PHONE 03 578 1511 Autumn is in the air!
Exclusive Interview!
HOME SWEET HOME: Blenheim’s Riki Baker, Chris and Karen Jennison of Marlborough Family Chiropractic in Henry Street. Riki joined the team in February and says Karen and Chris’ 30 years’ experience was the main driver to join the practice.

Conservation Kids NZ Explore Nature at Momorangi Bay family day

took place on Sunday. the day was in celebration of both Seaweek and International Children’s Day.

Women’s golf tournament

Havelock Mussel and Seafood Festival on Saturday

the teams at Sanford and New Zealand King Salmon donated to the Graeme Dingle Foundation Marlborough to support their work with local young people, from age 5 to 25.

Have an event ? Contact 03 5777 868 ...with The Sun your local paper & & Out Ab O ut Sun The Wednesday March 20, 2024 19
Envirohob Marlborough General Manager Ailie Suzuki says they had an ‘incredible turnout’ with around 170 people turning up to have a bit of an adventure. the day was fully sponsored thanks to Port Marlborough and run by Envirohub Marlborough’s CKNZ (Conservation Kids NZ) programme. the annual Allan Scott Family Wines women’s golf tournament was held at the Marlborough Golf Club, Fairhall, in fine weather last week over three days. Kate Day from Waikawa Dive Centre showing Elliot and Kai the underwater world. From left to right Tash Luston, Nina Kay, Antonia O’Donnell, Ailie Suzuki, Sarah Fix, Jody Weir, Shane Grant with Kai and Elliot. The power of Momorangi Bay. From left to right Christine Burns;Junior, Marlb, Leana Gargiulo; Intermediate, Marlb, Bonnie Fletcher; Royal Auckland/ The Grange; overall stable ford for the day; Sara Stocker her daughter Poppy from Allan Scott Wines; and Ali Doel; Senior; Waimarariri Beach. Day 2. 4 ball best ball winners with a score of 52. Nikky Van Dijk; Awatere; Allan Scott, Andrea Thomas; Rarangi Sara Stocker, her daughter Poppy and Boddy Robert from Royal Auckland The Grange who scored a hole in one on the par 3 No 5 hole. Rhiannon Bognuda from Sanford Bioactives was hard at work raising money for Marlborough youth. Kandoo Kiwi was popular with young and old at the Havelock Mussel and Seafood Festival. The Marlborough Tour Company team at The Mussel Festival on Saturday. Mark, Rachel, Mel, Lara, Pippa, Nathan.
EARTHWORKS grant oborne | 027 287 4807 www.bobcattipperservices.co.nz bobcat digger and tip truck available for general earthworks Wednesday March 20, 2024 20 Sun The Advertise on the sun’s Trades & services pAge CAll us todAy 577 7868 for detAils PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS TREE CARE Tree Removal Height Reduction Trimming/Thinning Branch Chipping Hedge Trimming Line Clearance Stump Grinding Mulch Supplies Fully Insured FREE QUOTES Ph. 03 578 0083 (Lance) 021 361912 cts@xtra.co.nz CARpET inSTAll & SERviCE Building AiR COndiTiOning FOR ALL YOUR PAINTING & DECORATING Ph 0800 080096 or 021 264 8235 steve@premierpainting.co.nz MARLBOROUGH’S ONLY DULUX ACCREDITED PAINTING TEAM RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL Call now to arrange an obligation-free quote dECORATing MOving / STORAgE Let us help you get to where you want to be! phone us on 03 579 5154 www.marlboroughmoving.co.nz local, national, international Moves and storage Blenheim’s only locally owned movers! fORKlifT HiRE SERVICES LIMITED Locally Owned and Operated Phone: 579 2921 21 Redwood St, Blenheim www.forklifthireservices.co.nz Casual or Long Term Rentals Maintenance & Repair Services gARAgE dOORS • Sectional Doors • Roller Doors • Tilt Doors • Commercial Doors • Gate Systems • Garage Door Openers GARAGE DOOR SYSTEMS 41 Grove Road BLENHEIM Ph 578 8251 info@dominatorblenheim.co.nz ElECTRiCAl For all your electrical needs We service all Commercial Kitchen & Laundry equipment. Local agent for Starline Dishwashers. Ph: 579 4445 www.cmelectrical.co.nz MOnuMEnTAl Headstones Plaques Restoration Installation Ph 03 578 0088 11 Maxwell Road ar tisanmemorials co nz Approved installer pluMBER WHETHER YOU NEED GAS, DRAINAGE OR PLUMBING SERVICES, WE HAVE GOT YOU COVERED. Call Steve today 021 625 378 BLENHEIM TRUSTED PLUMBERS, GASFITTERS AND DRAINLAYERS pROpERTy • Project management • Property maintenance • Property development • Property management Renovations, additions, sleepouts, lounges, kitchens, bathrooms, sheds, landscaping and anything to do with your home we can take care of it all Phone or txt Paul on 027 430 9716 or visit our website to book a free consultation www.pro1property.nz COnCRETE for all things concrete Complete Site Preparation and Excavation Services RESIDENTIAL & RURAL concrete placing Driveways • Form Work exposed concrete Concrete Stamping concrete cutting core drilling 027 334 4720 • 03 577 9238 dETAiling ExcEllEncE in AutomoBilE DEtAiling • Professional Exterior & Interior Detailing • Upholstery Shampooing • Buffing & Polishing • Pick up & delivery 30+ Years in the Automotive Industry Ph Aaron 027 256 0808 aaron@carspa.page carspa-detailing.com gATES GATES Classic Gates ENGINEERING MARLBOROUGH POWDERCOATING See the experts for: Sandblasting Powdercoating Gates, Fencing Furniture Pool Fences 6 Nelson St, Blenheim Ph/Fax 578 0374 a/h 021 838 550 lAWnS call 027 275 9100 roblopez30@gmail.com lAwn mAintEnAncE!! landscaping and general House maintenance lawn turf maintenance and installation Annual lawn care weed spraying De-thatching Fertilising • Coring Bringing Turfcare and Hydroseeding turf installation to the top of the south gASfiTTing paul.rodger2022 @gmail.com Gas Appliance Installation & Servicing Gas Water Heating General Plumbing Maintenance Blocked Drain Cleaning CCTV Camera Inspections 021 445 489 Advertise on the sun’s Trades & services pAge CAll us todAy 577 7868 for detAils PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS COMpuTERS Ph: (03) 577 9498 17 Kinross Street sales@bpcomputers.co.nz Call us now! For all your home & business IT needs

Rowing for Life

A team of rowers who are undertaking to row the entire East Coast of New Zealand is on hold while they deal with ill health and repairs to the boat.

Blenheim Lions Community Services Coordinator Malcolm Williams says Blenheim Lions are supporting the team and says the rowing boat was in Kaikoura and returned to Invercargill on Sunday by road. He says the proposed row through to Whites Bay and across the Strait has been postponed

The team of rowers, undertaking to row the entire east coast of New Zealand3000km in five months - were expected to arrive at Whites Bay tomorrow.

The Rowing for Life fundraiser has rowers from all across the country joining Invercargill man Ian Hamilton as he travels up the entire east coast of New Zealand, raising funds for the Lions Cancer Trust, the Child Cancer Foundation, Starship Foundation and Surf Life Saving New Zealand.

The epic journey began on December 2 when Ian and crew set out from the South Cape of Stewart Island. Ian says his own experiences with cancer were a big driving force behind wanting to do the fundraiser.

‘‘I’ve had nieces and cousins that have

Community notices

Lenten Season Hymns

Sunday 24th March from 2pm Nativity Church, 76 Alfred Street. Please join in the singing of a selection of favorite hymns accompanied by our talented Nativity organists. Afternoon tea included. Entry by donation.

Community Noticeboard is for non-profit organisations! For $10.00 + GST you can publish up to 25 words.

EXCLUDES: AGMS, sporting notices or special meetings. All notices must be pre-paid. Call into our office at 72 High St.

had cancer and stuff like that, and I don’t want to see other families go through what we’ve been going through,” he says.

“When I’m rowing and every time I get sore I just think of those family members and other people’s family members that are so deserving of treatment.’’

The crew of five were timetabled to arrive Thursday, March 21 at Whites Bay by early/mid-afternoon. They were scheduled to row from Marfells Beach on the morning of the 21st. After Whites Bay their first stop in the North Island was to be Lyall Bay, Wellington.

Malcolm says Lions Clubs up the east coast of both islands are supporting the venture by sourcing accommodation and meals.

The special ocean going rowing skiff has a crew of five – four paddlers and a coxswain including a support vessel, and motor vehicle, the latter for transporting food and essentials, plus additional rowers.

The goal is to travel about 40km each day, eventually finishing up at Cape Reinga in July.

So far the team has travelled more than 1200km. It will be the first time such a feat has been achieved.

The progress of the rowers and a link to the Givealittle page can be viewed on their website www.rowingforlife.nz

Situations Vacant


Experience not necessary as full training will be given.

Hours as required - 8.30-9.00am start.

This includes some weekends and school holidays.

Please contact 035779002 or call into Office.

ASURE Phoenix Motor Inn, 174 Middle Renwick Road, Springlands, Blenheim

Aotearoa Care Services - Supervised Contact Requiring Supervisors

Aotearoa Care services is a Ministry of Justice provider of supervised contact in the Marlborough/Kaikoura areas. We are pleased to be able to offer our service locally.

We are seeking to appoint supervisors. If you are interested in working to support children and families and are wanting to make a difference in the community, then we are interested to hear from you. Ideally applicants will have a social services background, but this is not essential. Administration experience and an ability to write reports is desirable. Applicants are required to have a clear police record, integrity and good boundaries, training will be provided to the right applicants. There is also the possibility that a candidate with the right aptitude may be offered future advancement within other areas in the business.

The hours can be discussed with the applicant and workload will be dependent on referrals to our service; Possible hours are Monday-Friday (4-12 hours), fortnightly weekend work (3-6 hours some Saturday mornings or Sunday’s dependant on a case-by-case basis request).

To request further information or a job description please email aotearoa.care@outlook.com

Address all applications to: Veronica MayManager/Coordinator, aotearoa.care@outlook.com

Kaikoura LEC AGM

Venue: 3/19 Henry Street, Blenheim

7.30pm Thursday 28 March

Guest Speaker: Damien O’Connor Buddy MP


Notice is hereby given that the annual general meeting of shareholders of the above company will be held on Friday, April 19th 2024 commencing at 10am at the Marlborough Saleyards, Main South Road, Blenheim.


1. Constitutional change.

Nominations for the position of Director must be delivered to the registered office of the company, P.O. Box 1057, Blenheim not later than 5pm, April 3rd 2024. Nominations must be signed by a shareholder qualified to attend and vote at the meeting, and a notice in writing signed by the person of his/her willingness to be elected.

A shareholder may appoint a proxy, not necessarily a member of the company, to represent him/her at the annual meeting. Proxies must be delivered to the registered office of the company, not less than 48 hours before the meeting.

Marlborough Saleyards Company Ltd

P.O. Box 1057


2024 Trustee Elections

Voting is now underway for three trustee positions on the board of Marlborough Electric Power Trust.

Retiring Trustees Nicki Stretch and Cathie Bell have been nominated for a further term. Nominations have also been received from Simon Bishell, Brendon Burns, David William Richard Dew, Belinda Jackson, Brian Nicholas and Philip Taylor.

Voting papers will either be emailed or posted to all eligible consumers named on the consumer roll and identified as connected to Marlborough Lines Ltd network as at 5.00pm on the 22nd January 2024.

Consumers may vote by:

• Voting online (using the unique voter credentials shown in their email or on the voting paper); or

• Posting their completed voting paper to the returning officer using the pre-paid envelope; or

• Hand delivering their completed voting paper to a ballot box at Blenheim Accounting, 66 Seymour St, Blenheim.

To be counted all completed voting papers must be in the hands of the returning officer by 12 noon, Monday 25th March 2024.

If you require to confirm that you are on the consumer roll or require a special vote paper contact the Election Helpline 0800 666 033 or assistance is available at the offices of Blenheim Accounting, 66 Seymour St, Blenheim during their normal office hours of Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm.

To confirm eligibility for a replacement voting document you will be asked to provide your name, address and your ICP number/(s).

Ensure your vote counts by mailing or emailing your vote paper early or delivering to Blenheim Accounting, 66 Seymour St, Blenheim before 12 noon on the Monday 25th March 2024.

BJ Munro

Returning Officer

Sun The Wednesday March 20, 2024 21 Classifieds Advertising Ph 03 577 7868 Public Notices Public Notices
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ALDRIDGE, George Montgomery: On Thursday March 7, 2024, our Totara tree fell in our great forest. He died peacefully surrounded by whanau. Beloved darling and husband of Ngaro-Moana. Beautiful dad and friend to his tamariki Arthur, George, Petrice, Graeme and Wavell. Loved fatherin-law to Corina, Stacey, Lawrence, Jen and Andrew. Great role model to his mokopuna and mokopuna tuarua. An awesome mate to those young and old. His tangi was held on Monday March 11 at Waikawa Marae and he was buried at Waikawa Urupa. On behalf of our whanau we can’t express how loved we felt during this sad time and thank so many who came together to makes Dad’s tangi a celebration of his life. Moe mai ra e pa, e te Rangatira.

T: 03 578 4719

E: sowmans@funerals.co.nz

W: www.sowmans.co.nz

BROWN, Dennis Avon: Passed away on Wednesday, March 13, 2024, at Wairau Hospital. Aged 80 years. Loved husband of the late June, loved son of the late Fenwick and Ailsa, loving brother of Marlene, Lindsay, the late Paul, Trish, Royce and families. Close friend of Wendy. Special thanks to Wendy, Pip, Herb and Radar. Messages may be sent to the Brown Family, 50 Polkinghorne Drive, Manly, Whangaparaoa 0930 or 19A Solway Drive, Witherlea, Blenheim 7201. A service for Dennis was held at Sowman’s Mayfield Chapel on Monday, March 18 followed by interment at Ward Cemetery. The service was livestreamed and details may be accessed via our website www.sowmans.co.nz/upcoming-funerals

T: 03 578 4719

E: sowmans@funerals.co.nz

W: www.sowmans.co.nz

O’NEILL, Valma Joyce: On Thursday March 14, 2024, peacefully at Waterlea Lifecare, Blenheim. Aged 88 years. Messages may be sent to the O’Neill Family, c/P O Box 110, Blenheim 7240. At Valma’s request, a cremation has taken place at the Sowman Crematorium.

T: 03 578 4719

E: sowmans@funerals.co.nz

W: www.sowmans.co.nz

Death notices

M A cDONALD, Taane William: Passed away on Wednesday, March 6, 2024, at Wairau Hospital. Aged 86 years. Dearly loved husband of Eileen for 68 years. Cherished father and father-in-law of Garry and Lesley, Dianne and Tom, the late Geoffrey, and Donna, Johnnie and Marie, Deb and Johnny. Adored grandfather and great grandfather. Special thanks to the caring staff of Wairau Hospital. Messages may be sent to the MacDonald Family, 1/9 Newbourne Crescent, Redwoodtown, Blenheim 7201. In lieu of flowers a donation to Hospice Marlborough would be appreciated and may be made to a/c 03-1369-0365207-00 Ref. MacDONALD. A farewell was held at Ukaipo on Monday, March 11 followed by private cremation at the Sowman Crematorium.

T: 03 578 4719

E: sowmans@funerals.co.nz

W: www.sowmans.co.nz

THOMPSON, Richard Gerald (Dick), RNZAF Flight Sergeant: Passed away peacefully with family nearby, on Tuesday March 5, 2024 at Waterlea Lifecare. Aged 75 years. Dearly loved husband of Ariel, loved father of Ricky (deceased), and Kelly. Stepfather of Sharlene, Ken, David, Susan and Colin. A loved grandfather. Messages may be sent to the Thompson Family, c/- P O Box 110, Blenheim 7240. A funeral service for Richard was held at Sowman’s Mayfield Chapel, cnr Hutcheson and Parker Streets, Blenheim on Friday March 8, followed by interment at Fairhall Cemetery.

T: 03 578 4719

E: sowmans@funerals.co.nz

W: www.sowmans.co.nz

Mc c AFFREY, Peter: Passed away at Ashwood Park Retirement Village, on Saturday March 16, 2024. Aged 77 years. Loved husband of Barbara, loved Dad of Minty Rose (deceased), and Chloe May. Loved father of Donna and Lisa (Perth). Loved and respective stepdad of Jeff, Sonya, and Dan. A loved grandad and great-grandad. Loved brother of Judy and Jim, and Steve and Sandy. Messages may be sent to 60 Te Hora Pa Road, RD 1, Havelock 7178. A special thanks to the staff at Ashwood Park Retirement Village who cared for Peter. At Peter’s request, a cremation has taken place.

T: 03 578 4719


W: www.sowmans.co.nz


YOUNG, Karen Victoria “Cookie”: Passed away on Tuesday March 5, 2024 at Wairau Hospital. Aged 67 years. Loved daughter of Maxwell and Moana, loved sister of Lance, Doug, Eugene and Cody. Loved mother of Jason (deceased). Special thanks to Wairau Hospital HDU unit for their loving care of Karen. Also special thanks to her loving friends Maude, Kay, MJ for caring and being there for Karen in her final moments and their support to her family - much love to them. Messages may be sent to Maude, 12 Clifford Street, Seddon 7210. A service for Karen was held at the Cosy Corner Cafe, Seddon on Saturday March 9.

T: 03 578 4719

E: sowmans@funerals.co.nz

W: www.sowmans.co.nz

NEWTON, Janice Emily: Passed suddenly at home, on Saturday March 16. 2024. Aged 81 years. Loved wife of the late Arthur, adored Mum and mother-in-law of Nigel and Vicki, and Kevin. Much-loved Nana to Michaela and Liam. Messages may be sent to the Newton Family, c/- P O Box 110, Blenheim 7240. In lieu of flowers, a donation to Marlborough Four Paws would be appreciated and may be made at the service or via a/c 02-0600-0312016-000 Ref. NEWTON. A memorial service to celebrate Janice’s life will be held at Sowman’s Mayfield Chapel, cnr Hutcheson and Parker Streets, Blenheim at 1pm on Friday March 22. The service will be livestreamed and details may be accessed via our website www.sowmans. co.nz/upcoming-funerals

T: 03 578 4719

E: sowmans@funerals.co.nz

W: www.sowmans.co.nz


BRIDGMAN, Margaret Elizabeth: Brian, Leanne, Paul, Shona and Julie wish to extend their heartfelt thanks to all who expressed their condolences in many ways. The support shown has been much appreciated. Special thanks are extended to Dr Deidre Ahern, Access, District Nurses, Wairau Hospital, Hospice, and Maxwell Lifecare. A special note of thanks to Sowmans Funerals, particularly Faye Partridge and Bob Barnes, for extending their helping hands in farewelling Mum, and also Stacey Nicholas of Terracedale Florist for her perfect reflection of Mum’s life with the floral selection.

ADDIS: Janice Theresa (Jan)

c RAIG: Peter Swainson

FRASER: Emeritus Professor Robin

GODSIFF: Ivan Arnold

HILL: Bruce Irwin

LANDON-LANE: Douglas Walter (Doug)

LEOV: Wallace George


TAYLOR: Elaine

Please visit our website www.cloudybayfunerals.co.nz for further information if available.

Cloudy Bay Funerals

03 578 2004 F.D.A.N.Z.

In Memoriam

BARNETT, Sally-Ann. March 24th 2019. Five years ago you left us, Time has flown so fast, But the memories haven’t faded, Still think of you every day. Love Dad, Taylor and Lucan

MILLS, Murray John. 14/03/195019/03/2023. Hard to believe a year has gone by, always in our hearts. Kathryn, Toni, Aaron and Shaun.


STRET c H: Patricia Ann (Pat, Tricia). Kate and Tom, Sue and Bill, Alan, Greg and Nicki, and families wish to thank everyone who showed such love, care and support at our loss of our dearly loved Mum and Nana. Thank you for the many cards, messages, baking and love. Your support has been a great comfort to us all. Please accept this as a personal thank you from us all. The Stretch families


1. Inundate (9)

6. After birth. (9)

11. Rate in music(pl) (5)

12. Grease from wool. (7)

13. Disturb. (5)

14. Make less severe. (8)

17. Hackneyed convention. (10)

18. Pounds,shillings & pence(abbr)(3)

20. Heavy wooden hammer. (4)

22. Sets fire to. (7)

24. Halo round heavenly body. (6)

26. Consumed. (3)

28. Papal letter. (5)

29. Cotton fabric. (7)

32. Accustom. (5)

33. Parson-bird. (3)

34. U.S. Intelligence agency (abbr) (3)

35. Facial twitch. (3)

36. Ingenuous. (5)

37. One who urges wrongdoing. (7)

38. Muslim title. (5)

39. Electric fish. (3)

41. Tributary stream. (6)

42. Embellished. (7)

44. Agitate. (4)

47. The same. (3)

49. Paid motor-car driver (fem) (10)

51. Valet. (8)

55. Of sight. (5)

56. Soaked in blood. (7)

57. Cooped up. (5)

Soaked in blood. (7)

57. Cooped up. (5)

58. Act of formally withdrawing from the church. (9)

43. Rubbish container. (7)

43. Rubbish container. (7)

44. Snow runner. (3)

44. Snow runner. (3)

58. Act of formally withdrawing from the church. (9)

59. Loathes. (9)

59. Loathes. (9)



1. Most favourable. (7)

1. Most favourable. (7)

2. Ant. (5)

2. Ant. (5)

3. Twists. (6)

3. Twists. (6)

4. Splendour. (5)

4. Splendour. (5)

5. Covering for horse’s head, -sheet. (4)

5. Covering for horse’s head, -sheet. (4)

6. Artist’s paint board. (7)

6. Artist’s paint board. (7)

7. Girls name (6)

7. Girls name (6)

8. Of the nerves. (12)

8. Of the nerves. (12)

9. Sapid. (5)

9. Sapid. (5)

10. Professional writer. (11)

10. Professional writer. (11)

15. Ailing. (3)

15. Ailing. (3)

16. Mine entrance. (4)

16. Mine entrance. (4)

19. Husband-to-be. (6)

19. Husband-to-be. (6)

21. Use. (7)

21. Use. (7)

23. Friendly. (6)

23. Friendly. (6)

25. Rich. (7)

25. Rich. (7)

26. Consequences. (5-7)

26. Consequences. (5-7)

27. Right of access. (6)

28. Well-doers. (11)

27. Right of access. (6)

30. Outfit. (3)

28. Well-doers. (11)

31. Cafe. (6)

30. Outfit. (3)

31. Cafe. (6)

40. Prepare for publication. (4)

40. Prepare for publication. (4)

45. Ornamental screen behind altar (7)

45. Ornamental screen behind altar (7)

46. Star sign. (6)

46. Star sign. (6)

48. Early cavalry soldier. (6)

48. Early cavalry soldier. (6)

50. Garret. (5)

50. Garret. (5)

52. Furnish. (5)

52. Furnish. (5)

53. Dusk, fall. (5)

53. Dusk, fall. (5)

54. Real name Ella Geisman, actress Allyson. (4)

54. Real name Ella Geisman, actress Allyson. (4)


For December 22, 2004

Wednesday March 20, 2024 22 Sun The
In Memoriam The deadline is Monday 5.00pm. Please contact the Sun for further details. 72 High Street, Blenheim, email office@blenheimsun.co.nz or phone 577 7868. Remember your lost loved one on their anniversary. Solution Last Week 7 March 2024 CROSSWORD By Russell McQuarters SOLUTION For December 22, 2004 ACROSS 1. Inundate (9) 6. After birth. (9) 11. Rate in music(pl) (5) 12. Grease from wool. (7) 13. Disturb. (5) 14. Make less severe. (8) 17. Hackneyed convention. (10) 18. Pounds,shillings & pence(abbr)(3) 20. Heavy wooden hammer. (4) 22. Sets fire to. (7) 24. Halo round heavenly body. (6) 26. Consumed. (3) 28. Papal letter. (5) 29. Cotton fabric. (7) 32. Accustom. (5) 33. Parson-bird. (3) 34. U.S. Intelligence agency (abbr) (3) 35. Facial twitch. (3) 36. Ingenuous. (5) 37. One who urges wrongdoing. (7) 38. Muslim title. (5) 39. Electric fish. (3) 41. Tributary stream. (6) 42. Embellished. (7) 44. Agitate. (4) 47. The same. (3) 49. Paid motor-car driver (fem) (10) 51. Valet. (8) 55. Of sight. (5) 56.

Concussion education key

The Tasman Rugby Union believes ongoing concussion education is fundamental after the first case of a degenerative brain disease linked to constant head knocks in a New Zealand professional rugby player was revealed last week.

Billy Guyton, 33, a former Tasman Mako and Super Rugby player, died last year of a suspected suicide. Guyton retired from rugby in 2018 because he’d received several concussions. A detailed examination of his brain by the Neurological Foundation’s Brain Bank found he had stage 2 Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or CTE.

Tasman Rugby Union Interim CEO Kahu Marfell says ongoing concussion education is the key moving forward and says the union has booked Auckland based compa-

ny, The Headache Clinic to present to players, parents and coaches at Marlborough Boys’ College on April 2.

After a mild concussion injury and suffering from headaches and migraines, The Headache Clinic founder Helen Tufui researched potential treatments that looked at the source of the problem. After studying at The Watson Headache Institute in Australia, Helen opened New Zealand’s first headache clinic of its kind, in Invercargill in 2014.

Kahu says New Zealand Rugby’s ‘Rugby Smart’ programme has a concussion and Graduated Return to Play (GRTP) protocols as well as the Blue Card initiative for referees. The purpose of Blue Card is to enable referees to remove players from a match if they are suspected of sustaining a concussion. The minimum stand down period before

a player can return to contact training is 21 days.

Guyton’s father John says it’s sad that it’s taken so long to understand how terrible it must’ve been for Billy who struggled on a daily basis with the frustration of knowing he was unwell but not getting any answers from ACC, doctors and specialist who could have helped him. CTE is caused by repeated blows to the head, but New Zealand and World Rugby are yet to accept that link.

The co-director of New Zealand’s Brain Bank, Professor Maurice Curtis, says the diagnosis of a young person with CTE is significant as it indicates how early in life the brain has been affected by head knocks.

“The impact on the individual is profound in that it robs them of some of their potential,” he says.

Hole in one – ‘I shouted a lot of beers’

If a golfer is lucky enough to strike a hole in one, it’s tradition to buy a round of drinks for everyone in the club. The unofficial rule is often always followed and normally, the golfer is thrilled to fulfill this obligation.

Fair to say, Blenheim’s Ian Hale ‘shouted a few beers’ last month when he hit a 228 metre hole in one at the Waimate Golf Course as part of the Clubs New Zealand 2024 South Island Men’s Golf Tournament.

The South Canterbury 18 hole club has a par of 72 totaling a distance of 5523 metres. The course, like many, has picturesque surroundings.

Here’s the thing. Ian says he spent a bit of time looking for the ball after hitting the ball rather sweetly off the tee on the number

“Symptoms only worsen as patients get older.”

Guyton had battled bi-polar disorder with concussions bringing constant headaches and nausea as well as blurry and double vision. CTE can only be diagnosed after someone dies.

Guyton began his provincial career with North Otago and went on to make 52 appearances for Tasman between 2013 and 2017. He played for the Hurricanes, Crusaders and Blues Super Rugby teams as well as two games for the Māori All Blacks.

“We hope that more recognition will now be given to others on this journey and looking for answers,” says John. “Other families should never have to go through what Billy and our family have.”

Additional reporting from One News.

Golf Results

ten hole.

“There were four of us and one of the chaps said, did you look in the hole and low and behold, oh my God, there it was. I shouted a lot of beers,” he says.

The 68-year-old plays with a seven handicap and says he hits the ball ‘pretty good for an old bastard’.

Ian was recognised for his efforts by

the Waimate Golf Club with a hole in one trophy and a dozen balls.

The retired former engineer used to work for Eckford’s Engineering in Auckland Street and says he keeps rather active with various sports.

“It was a good time had by all - next year’s one is in Westport, so we’ll be there for sure.”

Womens Golf Interclub

Blenheim 17th March. Blenheim 43 Picton 29 Marlborough 41 Rarangi 31 Wairau Valley 36.5 Kaikoura 35.5

Blenheim Golf Club

March 11th 9 hole Stableford

Wendy Avery 19 Jill Hurcomb 18 Yvonne Hore 17 Jam Pegler 17 Jenny Evans 17 Elaine Brown 17 Dawn Walker 16 Di Betts 16 Vickie Lane

16 Jenny Adams 16 Ann Walker

16 Kathy Payne 16 Dave Menzies

20 Dae Dyer 20 Leo McKendry 19

George Addis 19 Bob Tapp 18 Glen

Hurcomb 18 Davd Waters 18 March

13 Net Medal 0-29 Judith Batty 69

30+ Leanne Stowell 73 Bernice Arnold 749holes Barbara Looker

Picton Golf Club

Sunday 10 March-ITM Business House- Men- Aland Butland 47; Brian Carver41; Jerome January 40; Ian Aldridge 39; Linton Boyce 38; Nick Wright 37; Travis Haymes 36. Jock Mannington 36, Ant Booker 36,Mark Ivamy 36; Gary Aldridge 35,Jeff Pascoe 35,Tim McCaffrey35, Andrew Sunley 35. Ladies Margaret Frisken 43; Maria McConway 40;Ellie Gilles 37, Jenny Hart 37.Overall- 1, Beachcomber Cruises 126, 2,Compasss Charters 125, 3, Mint Air 124. 4,Crow Tavern 123,

35 Ann Walker 35 Kay Ayson 37 March 14th Single Par Chris Abbott

3 Blue Arthur 2 Ala Gibbons 2 Stuart Parker 2 Desz Campbell 1 Colin Pitkthley 0 Don Lamond 0 Ray Herd 0 Phil Starkey 09 holes stableford Ian Hatcher 20 Allen

Knight 19 March 16 Irish Stableford

Ezra Kahaki 82 Shane Murray

79 Ray Herd 77 Hunter Wong 72

Brent Baker 72 Sam Rainbird 71

Phil Starkey 71 Ross Agnew 70 Ian Handford 69 Alex Herd.

Radcliffe no 1 122, Jolly Roger 122. Tuesday 12 March- LGU- Overall Winner Margaret Frisken 64; Sue Hutchinson 67; Julie Rosie 68, Ricky Ashworth 68, Ellie Gillies 68; Dido Harper 69; Thursday 14 March S/F- Robert Lopez 42; Ron Peters 37; Harry Schat 36, Gary Aldridge 36. Aaron Wilson 36, Grant Aikman 35, Paul Howden 35. Friday 9H S/F-Ellie Gillies 23;Vicki Eastgate 22; Lynette Pawson 21, Dido Harper 21.

Sun The Wednesday March 20, 2024 23 sport If you know a farmer, grower, or rural services provider that deserves to be recognised – nominate them today. Scan the QR code or visit www.odt.co.nz/rural-champions. Nominations close May 15, 2024. RURAL CHAMPIONS WE ARE ON THE HUNT FOR A ���� SOUTH ISLAND RURAL CHAMPION Scan here
Tasman Rugby Union Interim CE0 Kahu Marfell says the union has booked Auckland based company, The Headache Clinic to outline concussion protocols to players, parents and coaches at Marlborough Boys’ College on April 2. Bill Keenan, Ian Hale, Rod Thompson and Cyril Dawson as part of the working man club event for the 2024 South Island Masters Golf Tournament in Waimate last month.
Sun The Wednesday March 20, 2024 24 Debbie Webster • 021 797 454 • debbie.webster@mikepero.com Mike Pero Real Estate Ltd. Licensed REA (2008) www.mikepero.com/RX4013367 www.mikepero.com/RX3974502 www.mikepero.com/RX3974500 www.mikepero.com/RX3958876 Enquiry from $1,799,000 Enquiry from $849,000 Enquiry from $649,000 Enquiry from $869,000 12 Dry Hills Rise, Dry Hills Estate PARADISE PERSONIFIED ON 8301m2 OF HEAVEN - SUPERIOR RESIDENCE + MASSIVE 135m2 GARAGING = UNI q UE ENVIABLE LIFESTYLE 30 Catalina Drive DOWNSIZE TO PERFECTION – MUCH TO LOVE 10 Turner Place, Riversdale INCREDIBLE VALUE WITH PRESENTATION PLUS 12 Howick Road, Central UNIqUE HOME + GRANNY FLAT ON 1185m2 StrVIEWING Ictly ByAPPOINtMENt SORRY INCONTRACT SORRYANOTHER INCONTRACT “Marlborough’s Hardest working agent selling results” SORRY ANOTHERSOLD SORRY ANOTHERSOLD SORRY ANOTHERSOLD IN CONTRACT Weld Street High Street 3808 SH6 Havelock Parker Street
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