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January 30, 2013

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Worst storm in 70 years

Gold Coast holiday frightening experience

By Celeste Lodewyk For one Blenheim family a long awaited vacation to the sunny Gold Coast of Australia turned into a cyclone disaster. Jodie and Jonny Keen and their four children are relieved to have made it home early this morning after ex tropical cyclone Oswald caused havoc and stranded them in their apartment since Saturday night. The cyclone brought widespread flooding and strong winds to eastern Australia. The Keen’s holiday location received

more than a metre of rainfall in 24 hours, along with huge, damaging 10-metre high waves off shore in unusually high tides. When the Sun spoke to them Tuesday morning the sun was out and the flights out of the country running on time. They were staying at the Champilla Palms Apartments on level five and from their balcony the family witnessed trees coming down, outdoor furniture lifting and blowing away. Continued page 4.

Maia and Brooke Keen brave cyclone winds as they pose for a photo from their hotel on the Gold Coast. Above: A photo taken 10m from the Keen’s hotel.


The Sun

Wednesday January 30, 2013

How to reach us

Antique buyers all coined up

Les Whiteside

Traffic slows down travelling near Pelorus Bridge in December when two men died in a head-on collision.

Katrina Whiteside


(03) 5777-868 E-mail

Address 72 High St, Blenheim P.O.Box 634 Blenheim

Fax (03) 5777-863

ABC Audit 2011 The Sun 18,701 copies. The largest circulating newspaper in Marlborough.

Geoff Brown with some of the coins he bought in Blenheim on Monday.

By Chris Tobin Coins were the feature of the day when two antique dealers visited Blenheim on Monday. Christchurch-based antique and precious metal buyers Geoff Brown and Eric Jackson were in town on a brief buying trip. When the Sun called approximately 30 people had seen them bringing in their precious items either to sell or to get valued. “There’s been no big discoveries this trip,” Mr Brown said. “It’s now very rare for anything amazing to come out of the woodwork.” Some jewellery and antique watches were purchased by the pair but most of the sales were of coins. Mr Brown said some people brought items in to be valued but since their visit was only for a short time they discouraged this and wanted to concentrate on possible purchases. Mr Brown said one of the rarest items he had bought on one trip was an extremely rare 1855 Sydney half sovereign. This occurred several years ago.

Move to cut speed limits Pelorus Bridge, New Renwick Rd, Wairau By Chris Tobin A move is being made to have a 70km/h speed limit imposed for a dangerous 2.7km stretch of road north of Pelorus Bridge. Tomorrow a meeting of the Marlborough District Council’s assets and services committee will consider a recommendation from staff that the speed limit be approved “for consultation with affected stakeholders and community.” A report to the committee accompanying the recommendation stated in the past five years there had been two fatal crashes along the road. The crashes had resulted in three deaths and two serious injuries.

“Both of these crashes were head-ons with the recent crash resulting from a loss of control by the driver and overcorrecting the vehicle into the opposing lane,” the report said. There had also been seven minor injuries and 11 noninjury crashes in the 2.7km stretch. “This is far too many for such a short length of state highway,” the report said. “Most of these crashes have been the result of loss of control.” The existing speed limit on the road is 100 km/h. A holiday speed limit of 50km/h has been in place since December 20 and will end tomorrow.

However, it only covers 300 metres either side of the bridge. The committee will also recommend speed reductions along New Renwick Rd between Battys Rd and Fairbourne Drive in Blenheim. The recommendation is to replace the exisiting 70km/h limit to 50km/h and an 80km/h limit from the present 70/100 speed change all the way until just past the intersection with Fairbourne Avenue. Speed limits in Wairau Valley are being reviewed also with a proposal to have a blanket 70 km/h limit on all local roads that intersected with SH63 within Wairau Valley.

Ben Keegan

Operations Manager 0274 733 206

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The Sun

Wednesday January 30, 2013

Private files with auction items

By Chris Tobin Payslips and personal files of clients from the recently closed Maori health provider, Te Rapuora o te Waikarakeke Trust, have been found in filing cabinets which were sold at auction earlier this month. One woman who bought five filing cabinets at the liquidation sale of Te Rapoura furniture, computers and general office equipment on January 19 said three of the cabinets were locked. When she managed to get them unlocked that weekend she was in for a surprise. “There were about 30 cli-

ents’ files, counselling files. One tells of a guy out of jail who’s in drug and alcohol rehab.” The files contained private, confidential information, with names and addresses. A file dating back to 2009 viewed by the Sun said: “The client has a high level of alcohol consumption and cannibis use two to three times per week. His intention was to get drunk most occasions when he was drinking.” The woman kept the file to show the Sun but said she had destroyed the others.


The Sun

BLUES & BREWS The Blenheim Blues, Brews and BBQs will be held at the A&P Showgrounds in Blenheim on Saturday. Gates open at noon and close at 7pm. Tickets $35 (per person over 18).


A pay slip, personal file and general information found in one of the filing cabinets bought at auction. The pay slip was blacked out for this photograph.

“I was absolutely gobsmacked they’d been left in the filing cabinets. “These files should have been returned to the DHB to dispatch to whoever is taking over the contracts. It could have been up to the receivers to make sure things were stripped before going to auction.” Among the payslips was one for trust manager Aroha Metcalf. John Firks of

Marlborough Auctions who ran the sale, said it was the responsibility of the trust, not the receiver, to ensure items were removed but approximately 40 filing cabinets were sold and “the odd one gets overlooked.” He said files that mattered were boxed and sent to the hospital board as far as he was aware. The trust had done good work for two years, he

added, and he did not think the Sun should be running a story. Last week trust chairwoman Margaret Bond denied claims that the trust was mismanaged by its board in spite of audit reports calling it “dysfunctional.” At the time of its closure on December 31, the trust had 22 Blenheim staff and 500 clients.

Bald is Beautiful

Correction: Clifford Bay.

As of Tuesday morning, the Marlborough community have helped Rachel Rodger to raise just over $5000 for Justine Hunter. Individuals have been donating anything from $2 and more, and local businesses have been giving Justine their support by giving their proceeds

In last Friday’s Sun it was stated that Jamie Arbuckle is project manager for Clifford Bay, as a potential ferry terminal. This is incorrect; the project manager is Jamie Lyall. The Sun apologises for this error.

Blinds Curtains Security Awnings


to the Bald is Beautiful fund. Both Rachel and Justine are overwhlemed and wish to thank the community. Donations are still coming in. The Rodger family are planning to have their heads shaved this weekend.

Nelson Marlborough District Health Board chairwoman Jenny Black has assured Marlborough people that the health board’s review of orthopaedic and general surgery at Wairau Hospital, in Blenheim, does not include removing these services. The health board’s medical surgical directorate had put forward a range of options for staff to comment on, she said. “The key features the board are looking for in our surgical services for Marlborough are safe, high quality and sustainable surgery.

BOOK SALE The Committee of the Friends of Marlborough Libraries will hold a book sale on February 8. The Market Day one-day sale will be held in the district library’s courtyard in Blenheim. A book sale run by the friends of the Libaries in October raised more than $3000.

COUNCIL SURPLUS A surplus of $241,000 for the year to date has been reported by the Marlborough District Council. The counci’s community and financial planning committee will consider a report at its meeting tomorrow detailing the surplus. The amount is $0.09m less than the budgeted surplus of $0.33m.

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The Sun

Wednesday January 30, 2013

Worst storm in 70 years Continued from Page 1. “Our hotel manager advised us to keep our car underground and to stay indoors. The media was calling it the worst cyclone in over 70 years. “At one stage I had to walk to a supermarket to get food as restaurants

and takeaway shops were closed. As I was walking trees on the sidewalk were coming out of the ground, roots and all. It was pretty scary,” says Jodie. Jodie says this will be a holiday they will never forget.

A deadly cocktail Bruce Whiteside You live on the Gold Coast because it presents an idyllic lifestyle that appeals to many New Zealanders and for the most part this country of dramatic weather conditions usually passes us by. This time Cyclone Oswald that was born in the Gulf of Carpentaria brushes the towns of the north and as it moved south it picked up intensity and bore down on Rockhampton, Gladstone and with sheer spite of the elements brutalised Bundaberg, where the heat of the outback and the precipitation from the sea created deadly tornadoes to go with the torrential rain that was driving horizontally. This deadly cocktail wrought havoc and will do so for days to come as the sheer volume of water dumped around the mountain backdrops finds its way to the sea. King tides work against flow and builds up on the land. Thousands of homes have been inundated, some families stranded on their roofs waiting up to 12 hours to be rescued in conditions that helicopters should not be flying in. The rescue services are a very special breed and their skills were pushed to and beyond their limits. This time Oswald was taking no prisoners and relentlessly the cyclone

rolled towards the populated areas of Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The storm then began to slow down, hovered, pounded, drenched and scared the living daylights out of folk who have never experienced winds of such velocity. The roar, the bending and breaking of trees, accompanied by flying infrastructure bore proof of the power of nature. On the Gold Coast part of the roof was torn from the Tweed Hospital, houses were smashed to pieces at Tugun and across the city power was cut by fallen trees. The beaches were piling up sea foam high enough to cover a man. The anger of nature’s fury was a sight to behold, but most of us were too busy to notice. The strength of the wind that often came in super-charged presented a constant worry of windows blowing in. In pitch darkness with no communication except the battery radio and the companionship of the 24 hour ABC it was an ordeal that this expatriate Kiwi does not want to revisit. Queensland is a big state ...big enough to have bushfires raging inland and water all but drowning those who live within 150 kilometres of the coast. It is a crazy place and those who witnessed last night would agree.

Patricia Ball and Katherine Ball (inset front). Twin brothers Sid, left, and Joe Knobben lead the way to the turn-around point in the family heat of the More FM raft race on Sunday. They went on to win.

Raft race a ripper Although Sunday afternoon’s More FM Raft Race was not on water it did not deter from the fun. A crowd of nearly 200 watched the land-based races with competitors getting doused with water balloons and by Blenheim rural fire brigade hoses. Among the colourful line-up of contestants, Patricia and Katherine Ball, left, showed plenty of sparkle in the family heat which was won by

twins Sid and Joe Knobben, 11, (above). David Foster took out the teen event while Team Ford won the adult race from Team Holden. The raft race had to be postponed for a week and held on land next to the Taylor River after high levels of bacteria were found in the water. The Marlborough District Council has since deemed the water in the Taylor River is again suitable for swimming. See also page 20 Photos: Chris Tobin.

Community Colleges Marlborough - Leaders in Learning To provide students with a safe, values based and practical experience leading to success in learning in the workplace and in their community. Youth Hospitality/Barista

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Students will be given the opportunity to participate in personal development programmes culminating in an outdoor personal challenge. Confidence building and self responsibility are among some of the key areas of our personal development modules. Opportunity to participate in art and design modules is also available including bone carving and painting classes.

All programmes contain English and Maths assessments and individual learning plans to develop skills in the area required. Students are encouraged to complete NCEA Level one, two, OR three, while studying their chosen vocation.

Small class sizes, one tutor per programme, and resources such as a commercial kitchen and restaurant, hair salon, two top of the line computer suites, vans for off site visits and field trips.

Our college is based on a set of values that are important in life and the workplace. • Honesty • Responsibility and Accountability • Continued Learning • Work Place Standards • Respect for Self and Others All our programmes are designed to prepare students for the workplace and our rules and discipline system is based along these expectations as if they are working.

You must be under 18 to qualify for youth courses, eligibility applies.

Please contact (03) 578 2886 and talk with Rose. call into 65 scott stReet, Blenheim to find out moRe.

The Sun

Wednesday January 30, 2013

All in good sport at Heagney duathlon

W h e n o n ly t h e b e s t W i l l d o !

logy o n h c e T l o o h c S t s Late Latest School Technology

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Algebra $139.95

71 Market St BlenheiM

Text your thoughts to: George Baxter and Scott McDermid battled it out last Friday in the duathlon, taking first and second spots.

027 939 5491

txtThetalk Sun

The Taylor River Walk to Brayshaw Park celebrating

Heritage Day - Feb 6th A social 4km walk from the Riverside Amphitheatre to Brayshaw Park to join in with their celebrations. Check in at the amphitheatre at 10am, give a gold coin donation to Rotary and receive your certificate. Free access to Brayshaw Park when you have your certificate stamped along the way. Proceeds go to local community projects. Contact person Clive Harragan 021 544 572

Spot Prizes

Rotary Club of Blenheim, Community Project Advert kindly sponsored by the Blenheim Sun

Benn Thomas took part in the duathlon last Friday evening, and won the major spot prize of the La-Z-Boy chair, which will be well used when he watches his favourite television programmes.

run, and eventually caught him in the final cycle leg, at the High St bridge. “It was quite warm out there, it’s as hard as you want to make it,” said George. They both agreed it was good

fun, and great to get out there with friends to remember their mate Matt. “I was exhausted!” said fellow friend Sam Webster, who said the spirit out there was great as everyone egged each other on.

Motorists advised to take care around local schools Police in Marlborough are having a strong focus on driver behaviour and road safety around school in the next two weeks and and urging motorists to take extreme care. Road Policing Sergeant Barrie Greenall said drivers needed to be mindful that young, excited children heading back to school created significant risk. “No one wants to hit a child on the road and this is a time when they are particularly vulnerable. There will be new entrants and kids starting at new schools so they won’t have an established routine,” he said. “Many children don’t have the ability to accurately

judge speed and distance and may over-estimate the how much time they have to safely get to the other side.” From this Monday high visibility patrols have been monitoring the speed around schools and also checking for cycle helmets. The back to school campaign is also focussing on correct car seat and seat belt use and speed passing school buses. Sergeant Greenall reminded drivers that the legal speed for traffic on both sides of the road passing a school bus that has stopped to pick up or drop off children is 20kmh.



DURATION 36 weeks START March 2013 LOCATION Blenheim Immerse yourself in Māori art design and creative processes with this level 4 certificate.

FEES No fees

CERTIFICATE IN TE ARA REO MĀORI - LEVEL 2 DURATION 36 weeks START March 2013 LOCATION Blenheim & Picton FEES No fees Take your use of the Māori language beyond ‘Kia ora!’ Learn to speak basic, conversational reo Māori confidently, and learn about Māori customs and protocols in traditional and modern contexts.

CERTIFICATE IN TE ARA REO MĀORI - LEVEL 4 DURATION 36 weeks START March 2013 LOCATION Blenheim FEES No fees Develop your conversational Māori language skills at an intermediate level and increase your knowledge of tikanga Māori in traditional and modern contexts. This programme builds on the skills and knowledge developed in the Certificate in Te Ara Reo Māori (Level 2).

FOR ENROLMENT INFORMATION CALL 578 4094 – SPACES LIMITED All programmes and enrolments are subject to minimum class numbers and programme confirmation. Every effort has been made to ensure that the content of this advertisement is correct at the time of print.

0800 355 553 I


Story and photos by Annabelle Latz It will be a well deserved feet-up for Benn Thomas, who took the top spot prize at last Friday’s annual Matt Heagney Memorial men’s La-Z-Boy duathlon. He was all smiles when his name was drawn as the winner of the La-Z-Boy which was on the stage at the Clubs of Marlborough. “I really liked the running,” said the 18 year-old Bunnings Warehouse employee after his racing efforts. Conditions were perfect, if not slightly too warm, for the 800m run/ walk, 5.5km cycle, 5km run/walk, 5.5km cycle, and the 200m run/ walk, which attracted a field of 64 participants. Benn will use his new chair to watch his favourite television programmes Sons of Anarchy, Blades of Glory and Step Brothers. He thanked his dad Graeme and family friend Jack Best who did the race with him. Things weren’t quite as straight forward amongst the leaders of the duathlon, as a good battle developed between friends George Baxter and Scott McDermid. Scott, last year’s winner, and a familiar name amongst local multisport competitions, has done all four duathlons to remember his good friend Matt Heagney. It was the first duathlon for George who is usually overseas, who is no stranger to the local Cyclocross competition and Speight’s Coast to Coast. After a neck to neck first run, George had gained a solid lead near the end of the cycle, but tacked on two and a half kilometres when he thought the transition was up Taylor Pass Rd, not at the Forrest Park Drive carpark. He had to quickly backtrack his way to the correct transition area. “I could see Scotty way up at the top of the first hill, he had about three or four minutes on me,” said George. “I was gutted for him, I was going to stop and wait for him, but I wanted to try and win so I kept going. Then I was busting my gut all the way back because I knew he was behind me,” said Scott. George narrowed Scott down on the



The Sun

Wednesday January 30, 2013

An evening of Amigos and Vinos for Sarah Brown Story by Annabelle Latz Settled back in Marlborough after a decade living out of suitcases all over the world, local musician Sarah Brown says she couldn’t be in a happier place right now. She is looking forward to performing at Amigos and Vinos at Isabel Vineyard next month. “It will be a really good night, there will be lots of friends there, and I can’t wait to see the comedians.” The evening, which starts at 6pm, will also include Steve Wrigley, Michele A’Court, Jeremy Elwood and Sola Rosa. Sarah, 29 years-old, now based in Ward

Sarah Brown

with her husband Samuel Kersten and toddler Eliza, has been busy writing music

“flat out” since her nationwide tour in June. “I had a writing wave come on, I want to do a new album.” Currently Sarah has two albums; her first one self-titled, and her second album titled ‘The Great Heart Robbery.’ Her band, including a guitarist, violinist, double bassist and drummer, currently scattered all over the world, will be regrouping for the concert in Renwick, the evening before Marlborough Wine and Food Festival. “The band I am with is top. It will be so much fun, I can’t wait.” She said many of her new songs will be heard at the concert, a couple of covers, and

her well known titles too. Despite being happily settled back in her home region of Marlborough, Sarah is looking forward to her UK tour mid-year. “It will be pretty exciting, to be with London-based session musicians and see their level of expertise.” Late last year her song ‘That’s the thing” was released onto Juice TV and Channel 63. “I’ve never been happier with the way life is at the moment. It’s a really good balance.” Tickets for Amigos and Vinos are $39, and available from Floor Pride Civic Theatre or Ticket Direct, or visit www.

Young rower a huge success By Emily Elliott For a teenage boy who never planned on rowing, he quickly worked his way to the top of his game, and is determined to keep going. Blenheim boy, Tom Murray, made the Under-18 South Island Team in his first rowing season at only fifteen years old, a huge acheivement in the rowing world. The following season he captained the Under-18 South Island Team, and last year Tom and his pair partner, Corey McCaffrey, made the New Zealand Junior Squad which took them to the World Championships in Polvdiv, Bulgaria in August. For someone who skyrocketed from a novice rower to the next possible olympian, Tom said it was never his intention to row. “Every year the rowing coach would come to P.E. class with ergs [rowing machines] and it was a case of ‘see how far you can row in two minutes’.” “I went down to the club just to get a friend off my back,” Tom laughed. He ended up enjoying it, and three weeks later, Tom won

all three of his races at his first regatta, the Marlborough Champs. Now at eighteen years of age, he looks back at the few seasons he has had and his trip to Bulgaria, and his sights are on the Under-23 New Zealand Team, and Rio de Jainero 2016. “When we went over to Bulgaria, we were thinking getting on the podium would be our wildest dream,” Tom said. The crew arrived three weeks before any other country, and it took them a while to climatise to the 42*C temperatures. “We actually posted a time just a few seconds off the world record!” “We were so chuffed, and sat off for a bit for the rest of the week, saving ourselves for the final.” Now Tom is focused on Nationals coming up in a few weeks, as it is his chance to qualify for an Under-23 New Zealand Team trial. “The coaches have faith in myself and others, but it is Under-23, and I am only eighteen,” said Tom. If he gets into the team, he

can think about training to get into the Olympic team for Rio de Janeiro 2016. “I’ve had some offers from universities in the USA, but Rio is in the back of my mind, so I don’t want to say yes to them yet.” Tom is training everyday, often a three hour session in the morning and a two hour session in the evening, rowing around 21kms per session. “It’s about breaking us down and trying to push ourselves more than others are so that we have that edge when it comes to racing.” Tom said rowing is definitely a love-hate relationship. “I love the way you feel afterwards, having pushed yourself, and there are so many opportunities and scholarships at this level, rowing can take you to a lot of nice places.” Every year Tom plans to make the New Zealand Team, and will change his current Full-Time study to Part-Time if he gets in. “Rowing would be a hard career with a lot of hard work, but at this stage I really enjoy it.”

Tom Murray with the rest of his crew after winning the Junior Men's Coxed Four at FISA Rowing Senior and Junior Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images.

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The Sun

Wednesday January 30, 2013

Fresh Brinks NZ Skin-On Chicken Breast Fillets


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The Sun

Wednesday January 30, 2013

Sun readers have their say... with the WORD on the Street. Q: Which of the upcoming local festivals are you looking forward to most?

Hannah Mooney Blenheim

Katie Aviss Blenheim

Kearsley Cranston Blenheim

Lynda Neame Blenheim

Scott Orchard Blenheim

I’m looking forward to Wine & Food because I’m passionate about wine and it’s a great event to get dressed up for.

I really love Wine and Food Festival; unfortunately I’m working this year so I will have to miss out on being able to get dressed up. But the highlight for me is always the fashion.

Wine and food is definitely my favourite. The fashion scene there is amazing and gives the festival a great vibe.

My grandchildren come to visit to attend Mussel Festival, Blues & Brews and Wine & Food. They’re great events for the community.

I’m really looking forward to Wine & Food, it’s always a great event.

Chloe Simpson Blenheim I’m looking forward to Wine & Food. It’s great to catch up with friends who come back to Blenheim just for the festival.

Get YOUR message to Marlborough, twice a week! Letters to the editor Freedom reins Thoughtful deed appreciated n Sn u goes

Ask Amcal


7 DAYS OPEN 9Am-6Pm Pharmacy Springlands Road, Blenheim Renwick

131 Middle


03 578

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Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even if a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor reserves the right to abridge letters or withhold unsuitable letters from publication. Send or fax them to the address on page two, or e mail them to Please note that your name and street address must also be provided in e mails.

NZ Post slow Dear Ed, A letter mailed from Martinborough took five days to get to Blenheim. In that time, the writer of the letter came south, visited us and the letter came the next day. In short, he beat the letter, four days later by 24 hours. Congratulations to NZ Post, you have given a newer, deeper meaning to the term “snail mail.” Don Coyote

Dear Ed, I am also a proud parent who used reins for my two children, as did my mother before me, on myself and my siblings. Imagine this...pushing a child’s buggy, or sorting/ holding shopping in one hand and trying to control an inquisitive toddler by holding them by the other hand. Good luck to you! How constricting is that, both to the parent and child. Oh what a joyful outing for both parent and child. “Hold on to the buggy” doesn’t always work, and you cannot always feel if they have let go

their hold of the buggy. Sometimes you are in need of both your hands and all your concentration to complete the job at hand. Where is that third hand when you need it? Congratulations to Nicole Pybus for writing in, and all the people who use child reins, hence freedom for one and all. Thanks Nicole for mentioning Farmers, as where to buy them. Thanks Farmers for bringing pleasure back into taking our young ones on an outing. Vai Yealands

Dear Ed, We hear plenty of negative talk these days and all sorts of negative doings that it’s lovely to report lovely kind things. I am residing in a Villa in Bethsaida Retirement Village and one morning I rang the Blenheim Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service to ask them if they could collect a Wool Rest blanket and an electric blanket for cleaning. Yes certainly was the reply. This was done in such a lovely friendly way. Late in the afternoon the same gentleman who took them brought them back, beautifully done. But the kindness didn’t end there, this time his wife came with him and they not only brought them back but also proceeded to put them back on the bed and to completely make up my bed for the night all ready for me to get into. I was so overwhelmed with their kindness, loving, helpful and thoughtful attitude. In the midst of all the negativity, talk and events it is so lovely riverbank by the fountain. to hear of such a loving kind and thoughtful deed for an elderly Well done all of you, because person. the gardens are just great and the I was so blessed and may God richly bless them too. messages are fun! Joy Smith Yours faithfully Clarkie

Pollard park Dear Ed, My friends and I enjoy a stroll through Pollard Park and we especially love working out the cryptic messages which are created with flowers on the

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Dear Ed (Happy festival attendee 23.01.13) It is a shame that you have used a well deserved compliment to the Picton Maritime Festival organisers and many volunteers to have a cheap political shot at myself and the Picton Business Group . Yes it was a great day coupled with a Cruise Ship visit where so many of the community get together to welcome visitors to our town . At no time have I said that “no one will come to Picton if the ferries move to Clifford Bay.” To me and Picton Business Group it is business as usual and we have to look after the immediate interests of our members so that they are able to preserve the values of their businesses and properties even in the face of uncertainty. However it would be remiss of us to ignore the fact that taking away 10 return sailings a day (carrying over 1 million passengers a year as well as cars and campervans) would not have a huge impact on the Picton community, not to mention Blenheim as well. Obviously the writer, who is not prepared to sign their name, is perhaps not a local, otherwise they would be better informed as well as have more concern for our wonderful community. Graham Gosling Chairman Picton Business Group

The Sun

Wednesday January 30, 2013

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The Sun

one on one with the Sun

Grabbing life with both hands Ocean swimming is a test of strength, endurance and technique and it can be tougher if you’ve had heart problems. But that hasn’t daunted Renwick man Peter Colbert. Sun reporter Chris Tobin caught up with him last week. By Chris Tobin If you’ve had quadruple heart surgery there could be the temptation to take things quietly. Not so Renwick vineyard worker Peter Colbert. The Renwick 60-year-old chased home a much younger Thomas Moore in the recent 2km ocean swim from Rarangi to White’s Bay and he has a number of other competitions in his sights this summer also. What makes Peter’s achievements noteworthy are that he underwent quadruple heart surgery in September 2011 and has been swimming tough ocean races ever since. “I started to get heart burn on the bike (he cycles regularly) and I thought it can’t be too bad,” he said recollecting the symptoms which indicated something was amiss with his health. “The next time I had a swim and I had the heart burn again.” This prompted him to go to his GP. After a tread mill test he ended up at Nelson Hospital soon after for an angiogram. This showed he had four blocked arteries. “Two were 99 percent blocked and two others not much better.” That meant urgent quadruple heart surgery. “It was straightforward,” Peter said at Matua vineyard just past Woodbourne where he is a machinery operator. “I had to get it done.” The situation was so serious Peter was later told that if he had dived into a pool, the pressure on his heart would

have killed him. The operation took nine hours after which his surgeon said, “In six months you’ll be as fit or fitter than you were when you came in.” However, things moved more quickly than the surgeon anticipated. Three months after the operation Peter completed a 2km ocean race at Nelson and then in March last year at the State Sand to Surf in Mt Maunganui, he placed second in the 55 to 59 years age group in the 2.6km swim around Rabbit and Leisure islands. The Sand to Surf has a range of swim distances and 800 take part. The 2.6km is considered the ultimate distance. There were 30 swimmers in Peter’s age group and to finish second after recent heart surgery was an extraordinary effort. “The Mount was a real test. The sea was real rough and I wanted to push to see how things were,” he said. The second placing showed things were OK and since then he says it’s been back to normal. Normal for Peter is never being far away from water. He grew up in Gisborne and from a young age loved swimming. He was a competitive swimmer and continued this when he went to boarding school at Sacred Heart College in Auckland. On leaving school he joined the Air Force where he remained for 21 years serving in communications at Whenuapai, Ohakea, Wellington, Te Rapa, Wigram and in Singapore.

Rugby was his main sport then. “I was a happy hooker.” Knee injuries brought an end to his rugby days after he was told if he kept running he’d end up a cripple and so he started cycling. From there he returned to swimming and pursued his interest in diving. After leaving the air force he operated a diving shop in partnership in Blenheim for a time before he went to work in the vineyards. Then with Phillip Jeffs, the pair targeted ocean swimming and started training and competing in this arduous sport.

These days Peter manages 100km of cycling a week in three sessions. On Tuesdays and Saturdays he trains in the pool with the masters group. Tuesday evening is usually a sea swim starting at 2km and stretching out to 3.7km as competitions draw near. Ocean swimming appeals to him and the choppier the water is, the better he likes it. “You can pick your own course; it’s your ability to keep a straight line.

You don’t have to worry about anyone.” Will he keep swimming? “Crikey yes. I enjoy the crowd in swimming, they’re very friendly and social.” Peter’s advice to anyone with heart issues is to get them sorted and don’t look back. “It (heart surgery) is not a reason not to do things. I’ve got four new pipes. Someone’s given you another chance. “You’ve got to grab it with both hands.”

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Wednesday January 30, 2013


Sunscreen given to children By Emily Elliott For many low-income families, sunscreen becomes another product that children go without due to the cost. Recently, a suggestion was placed in the suggestion box at John’s Kitchen, asking for help to buy sunscreen. According to Yvonne Dasler, conveynor for John’s Kitchen, they are now able to provide families with small pottles of suncreen to take to school. “The kind people at the Cancer Society donated a bulk container of sunscreen, and UFS pharmacy has put it into little pottles suitable for a schoolbag.” “It’s a wonderful partnership,

and now anyone who needs sunscreen for their school children can come and get some free of charge.” According to Ms Dasler, John’s Kitchen has a child focus, and is all about healthy children. She believes that the beginning of the year can be a hard time for a lot of parents when their children head back to school. John’s Kitchen already gives bread to children for their lunches, as well as provides good food for little costs. According to Ms Dasler, because John’s Kitchen have a local approach, a need that comes up in the community can

be filled. “In Marlborough, sunscreen is a must have, but when it comes down to food on the table or sunscreen, the food will always win.” “Marlborough is a great community, if there’s a need people do just pull together for an easy solution.” Katharine Warren, a volunteer at John’s Kitchen and a mother of two, said it was wonderful that they were able to get sunscreen for children, as it is an expensive product. John’s Kitchen will be giving the pottles of suncreen to anyone who needs it, and are happy to accept donations.

Outward Bound “fantastic”

Dylan, Mason, and Katharine Warren are the first family to receive a pottle of Suncreen, thanks to the Cancer Society, UFS Pharmacy, and John's Kitchen.

Marlborough Colleges’ head boy and girl returned from a three week Outward Bound course held in Anakiwa this week. Every year, Marlborough Girls’ College and Marlborough Boys’ College sends their head boy and girl to the course, where they are joined with other leaders from schools around New Zealand for days of sailing, tramping, rock climbing,

Danielle Murphy, (front left) Amanda Bashford, (right) Sophie Bashford, (mounted) and Amanda Johnstone, (back) with Bloom, a five year-old mare from Gisborne which is being trained, would love to see more volunteers at Riding for the Disabled in Marlborough.

high ropes courses, and more. According to head girl, Georgie Crawford, the course was fantastic and she loved it. “It was definitely challenging but rewarding. “It was amazing how quickly we bonded as a group.” Georgie and head boy, Atu Moli, were split up when they got to the course, and were each put in a random group with fourteen other boys and

girls, where they did everything together. One highlight for Georgie was the rock climbing up a cliff face. “We had to do it blind folded, which took a lot of communication and support from the others, but our whole group made it to the top!” Marlborough First Light Foundation sponsored the two leaders so that they could attend the course.

Roslein Wilkes (left) and Amanda Johnstone, with Sundance, say there are lots of different jobs for volunteers, not always horse-based.

From the horses mouth; your help is needed Story and photo by Annabelle Latz Volunteering at Riding for the Disabled does not necessarily require a love for the four legged friend. If you have skills in the garden, on the farm, with people, or simply just enjoy lending a hand, there would still be a spot for your help. More volunteers are needed, for the daily running of the 26-acre property. Currently there are 80 clients riding the 19 horses at Churchward Park on Taylor Pass Rd, who require assistance due to a range of

disabilities, including depression, paralysis, and cerebral palsy. Head coach Roslein Wilkes said each session requires up to five volunteers, so at least another six are needed. “There’s every disability imaginable,” she said. “But I don’t want people to think that it’s just work with the children and horses,” said Roslein, pointing out that the 26-acre property requires a lot of farm-based skills too. Some people riding the horses are in their seventies, who Roslein said would appreciate

being assisted by older volunteers. Full training is provided, and there are opportunities to upskill, and study for NCEA courses. Amanda Bashford is assistant head coach, and started off as a volunteer. “Even if someone had half an hour once a week to water the plants, that would be a help.” Amanda and her little sister Sophie, both home schooled, have both been coming to RDA for many years. Sophie is following in her big sister’s footsteps.

“I love helping the kids, I get a good thrill out of it,” she said. Amanda Johnstone loves seeing the confidence and relationships build between the horses and riders. Danielle Murphy works full time at RDA, but also started off volunteering. “It’s a good training ground here,” she said. With 54 RDA groups around New Zealand, and volunteers programmes between countries, there are plenty of opportunities. For more information on volunteering, phone Roslein on 578 3051 or 021 257 4616.


The Sun

Wednesday January 30, 2013

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The Sun

Wednesday January 30, 2013



Overnight arrests from Thursday January 24 At 11.30pm: An 18-year-old male engineer was arrested and his vehicle impounded after he was caught causing his vehicle to under go a sustained loss of traction on Middle Renwick Road. He will appear in the Blenheim District Court on the 11/02/12, charged with operating a vehicle in manner to cause a sustained loss of traction. At 1.50am: A 43-year-old unemployed male was arrested Hospital Rd after a night of consuming alcohol. Police had dropped the male home after he was found intoxicated on Dillon St walking around in a pair of shorts after swimming in the Taylor River. The male’s wife rang police for assistance shortly after Police left the address when he became verbally abusive towards her. Police advised the male that he would have to accompany them and that he should get dressed. He refused, took off what clothing he had on and pushed a police officer. He was arrested and held in custody until sober. He has been charged with offensive behaviour and resists arrest he will appear in Court on the 04/02/13.

Incidents and accidents from Thursday January 24: At 8.30am: Police were called to a motor vehicle accident 1km west of Havelock on SH 6 where the driver of a car crossed the centre line and collided with a truck. The car was deflected by the truck into the path of another car. The driver of the vehicle at fault received moderate injuries and was flown to Nelson by the rescue helicopter.

Police are still investigating the accident and no charges have been laid to date. At 9am: A vehicle failed to give way to a cyclist at the intersection of Hutcheson St and Parker St. The cyclist was taken to Wairau Hospital with minor cuts and abrasions. The driver of the offending vehicle was issued with an infringement notice for failing to give way. No over night a r rests Fr iday, January 25.

Saturday, January 26 · At 1.30am a 16-year-old male student was arrested on Redwood St for unlawfully taking a motor vehicle. Police had been alerted to a vehicle that had been stolen in Maxwell Rd, Police located the vehicle in Weld St still running. A police dog unit track the offender to an address where they located him in his bedroom. He will be appearing in Blenheim Youth Court. · At 6.50pm a 17-year-old unemployed male was arrested for wilful damage at a Rata Place address after he threw a coffee cup at wooden door putting a hole in it. He appears in the Blenheim District Court on the 04/02/13

Sunday, January 27 ·At 1.50am a 50-year-old male vineyard worker was arrested for breaching the liquor ban in Scott St. He was later released with a pre charge warning. · At 2.30am a 31-year-old unemployed male was arrested in Market St for breaching the liquor ban. He became aggressive towards police and physically resisted being arrested. He has been charged with breaching the liquor ban, resists arrest, assaults Police after trying to bite the arresting officer. He will appear in the Blenheim District Court on the 04/02/13. · At 3.20am a 21-year-old unemployed male was arrested in Kinross St for breaching the liquor ban. He was released later the morning with a pre charge warning · At 9.40am a 42-year-old unemployed

male was arrested at his home address after police executed a search warrant at the Gardiner St address. Located in the search were four cannabis plants 172cm tall.He has been charged with cultivating cannabis, possession of cannabis, possession of cannabis seeds and possession of cannabis utensils. He appears in the Blenheim District Court on the 11/02/13. · At 3.30pm a 27-year-old unemployed female was arrested on a parole recall warrant. · At 4pm a 44-year-old male labourer was arrested of a arrest warrant for failing to appear in the Blenheim District Court. He was held in custody to appear in Court this morning. · At 5.10pm a 66-year-old retired woman was arrested shop lifting 2 x DVDs, a watch and a bracelet. She was released with a pre-charge warning and the items returned to the shop.

Monday, overnight arrests: ·At 8.35pm a 18-year-old unemployed male and his 17-year-old unemployed male associate were arrested at the Warehouse after being caught taking clothing items. (no further details available)

Incidents and accidents ·A Percy St address was entered between 3pm and 4pm yesterday and two lap top computers were taken. Entry to the house was through a toilet window. Police are following lines of inquiry. ·The residents of a Spring Creek property reported that overnight on Friday January 25 and reported that two fishing rods had been removed from the back of a ute parked on the property. · A McFarlane Place resident reported that someone had gained access to there address by smashing a rear window and undoing the latch. This could have happened anytime between the 23/01/13 and 28/01/13. It is unknown what has been taken as the burglaries have ransacked some parts of the house.

Peter 'Wally' Bruce; all set for the Healthy Bastards Bush Pilot competition.

Bush pilots coming from all over By Chris Tobin He looks a healthy.... and he’ll be competing in the Marlborough Aero Club’s Healthy Bastards Bush Pilot competition this weekend at Omaka. He’s Peter ‘Wally’ Bruce, 58, a lifelong resident of Blenheim and guiding business owner. Mr Bruce said he achieved what he called a childhood dream when qualifying as a pilot not long ago. “This is my second year,” he said. “I’ve got 110 flying hours and I’m learning still.” He said it had been a challenge to

learn to fly and it had required learning all aspects of aviation. This weekend’s competition will involve short take-off and landing (STOL), and precision landing. Entries have come in from around New Zealand. Mr Bruce has entered the precision landing competition and will be flying an aero club Piper Tomahawk. “I hope to increase my skills, enjoy some camaraderie with my fellow competitors and have a great social time,” Mr Bruce said.

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Wednesday January 30, 2013


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This season’s hair trends It can often be hard to decide what to do with your hair, especially with so many options available. You can cut it short, or grow it long, perhaps you want a fringe, or maybe a different colour. Here are this season’s latest trends to help you out, don’t be afraid to try something new! 1. Top knots - effortlessly chic, and so simple. 2. Low pony - a sophisticated look, easily done. Either pulled tight back, or left loose and messy. 3. High pony - gather hair into an imperfect high pony tail for a fresh and young look. 4. One sided braid - putting a modern twist the traditional briad, place the braid over one shoulder. 5. Modern bun - pull hair into a

relaxed low bun, leaving the front loose and wavvy. 6. Flapper girl - Try an undone updo by tucking hair under for a bob look-alike. 7. Accessories - Accesories are very in right now, so pin in that large flower or beaded clip and let it make your hairstyle glow. 8. Halfway - Half up, half down with loose strands around your face are a great style that can be dressed up or down. 9. Flip side - Side part your hair and pin it back for a windswept feel. 10. Rock and Roll waves - Inspired from 90’s grunge, a look that suggests hair isn’t really ‘done’ at all. Different from the bed-head look, it can be dressed up and made to look fresh.

A change of colour

These warmer months usually inspire lighter hair, but this year there are some new colour trends emerging. As we finish up the Summer months and head into Autumn, these colours will keep your hair looking lush for a while. - Honey blonde: For a deeper blonde hair color, have a tiny shadow at the root, which darkens the hue and makes it a deeper version of a blonde. - Buttery blonde: If you’re blonde but want to change it up and still feel blonde, go for a color that’s light with buttery tones. - Strawberry gold: If you’re having trouble parting from your strawberry-coloured strands, go just a hint deeper than your summer colour. Add a golden red hue to your hair. - Cinnamon strands: Firey and vibrant yet still a deep red - perfect

for Autumn. Otherwise known as copper. - Cool chestnut: If you want to stick with being a brunette but want to mix up your look—or go a little darker if you’re a blonde—opt for a light chestnut brown, as it still has golden tones. - Brunette bombshell: Rich, chocolate brown hair with golden strands woven in toward the ends give a fresh twist on brunette hair color for the end of Summer. - Dark and daring: If you’re already a brunette but want a deeper version, go for a deep brown. Just be careful not to get too dark, since it might look unnatural (stay away from terms like “black,” blue/black,” and “brown/black”). - Brown with accents: If you want a deep brown hue with a reddish cast, then go for a shade that’s part brown and part auburn.

Come down to the

BARBeRShoP Family Cutting Bar Men and Ladies Hairsylists

no appointMents neCessary

Vegan hair colours Glows in the dark

now in stock Giftware Shaving gear Stylist position available

17 Grove Rd, Blenheim

03-578 5958

One 2 One Hairdressing Specialising in seniors and family hairdressing Professional hairdressing in the comfort of your own home. Call Samantha 5778298/0221013547


The Sun

Wednesday January 30, 2013

Proud sponsors of

The Sun

w e e k ly

babies “Engage the Experts for Air Conditioning solutions to keep your bundle of joy snug & warm all year round”

MACKENZIE: Ewan and Rebecca are thrilled to announce the early and speedy arrival of their gorgeous baby boy Finn Evan on Monday 17 December 2012 at 4.53pm (7lb 9 oz). A huge thank you to Carole Thompson, Gary Fentiman, theatre staff and the amazing ladies on the maternity ward.

MEAD: Joshua Fred arrived on December 5th 2012. Angela, Dallas and proud big brother Jed were excited Josh arrived safe and sound, weighing in at 7lb 14oz. A big thanks to our lovely midwife Sue Hudson and all the wonderful ward one staff.

COME AND AND VISIT VISIT US US AT AT OUR OUR SHOWROOM SHOWROOM COME 1 Freswick Freswick St, St, Blenheim Blenheim 1 Phone (03) (03) 578 578 0030 0030 Phone

Walkenhorst: Jane, Anthony and big sisters Lilly and Josephine are thrilled to welcome Emmeline Jane (8lb 14oz) to our family. We are all smitten with our beautiful girl, born January 11th 2013 at 3:49am. Sincere thanks to our wonderful midwives Cathy Middleton and Silke Powell.

REED: Mike and Anna are very pleased to announce the arrival of Liana Grace on 2 January 2013 (6lb 5oz). A little sister for Lauren. Many thanks to Gwen, Hilda, Jacquie and all the maternity staff at Wairau.

PLEASE NOTE Wairau Hospital Maternity Ward visiting hours are: DAILY at 10am - 12pm and 4pm - 7pm

Order your baby photos at the Sun office: 72 High Street,

WARD: Proud parents Fiona and Josh, and Brother Hunter are excited to announce the safe arrival of Lauchlan Jaxon, born 19th November, 2012 (7lb 1oz) at 9.01am at Wairau Hospital. A huge thank you to Angela White, ward 1 staff, Melissa and team.


MuM OF THE WEEK Congratulations to Jane Walkenhorst this week’s lucky winner of the New World $25 voucher to spend at New World Blenheim. Our winner is invited to bring her ID in to claim her prize when she next visits New World Blenheim.

“Proudly 100% locally owned and operated” Tel: 03 520 9030, Fax: 03 520 9080, Email:

PAYNE: Hayden, Aimee and Connor would like to welcome a long awaited addition to the family. Oliver Edward, (Ollie) born 19th January, 2013 at 1.08am, (8lb 11oz). A huge thank you to Nicky Taylor and the team at Wairau Hospital.

The Sun

death notices

community notices

The Community Noticeboard is for non-profit organisations. For $10.00 you can publish up to 25 words. No AGMS, sporting notices or special meetings. Community Notices must be prepaid. Call into our office at 72 High Street, Blenheim

Boat Cruise Final Bookings 4 February.To Ship Cove. Visited by Captain Cook. Beahcomber 8.30am, 10 February. Bookings essential at Marlborough Museum 578 1712. Members $50 non members $60. Guide John Orchard. Bring lunch and suitable clothing. Returning 6pm.

Book Sale Rock and Mineral Club. Brayshaw Park. Wed 6th Feb 9am - 4pm Sat 9th Feb 1pm - 4 pm Sun 10th Feb 9am - 4pm

Hospice Shop Redwoodtown Donations of lemons wanted please. Volunteers wanted please. Phone 579 4686

Housie 3 super houses, Thursday 7pm Blenheim Bowling Club, Weld Street. 40 houses, raffles and meals from 5.30pm. Proceeds to Te Rerenga o Te Ra

Peoples Sunday Market Noel Leeming Carpark. Jams, chutneys, fruit, crafts, F/R eggs, olive oil, books, bric a brac, giftwear, jewellery, plants. stall sites $5. Phone 578 7918

Picton Rotary Club Car boot sale. Picton RSA carpark, from 9am - 1pm, every 1st & 3rd Sunday of the month. Contact Sheira 573 7390

Renwick Market Tuesdays 10am-2pm. Anglican Church Hall. Good selection of Items & Clothing. Sale Tables available. Fishing gear available. Surplus items accepted.

SF Marlborough Family/Whanau for information/advocacy/support for families living with mental illness/addictions please contact– Supporting Families in Mental Wellbeing Cheryl or Lyn on 577 5491 or visit us at 4 Scott Street


community services Marlborough After Hours GP Ser vices: Wairau Hospital campus, after 6pm. Reception 5206377. Office 5209980. Ambulance: Urgent 111. Non urgent 579 4870. After Hours Chemists: Springlands Pharmacy 9am-6pm 7 days Ph 5782271. Diabetes NZ Marlborough: 5775549, Office hours Tues,Wed,Thurs 9am3pm. Lifeline Marlborough: 0800 543 354, 24hr helpline. Marlborough Women's Refuge, Rape and Sexual Abuse Resource Centre: Crisis line, phone Wairau Hospital 520 9999, for Women's Refuge contact numbers. Overeaters Anonymous: For more information Ph 570 5137 Victim Support: 0800 VICTIM (0800 842 846) Alcoholics Anonymous: Rose 5777651, Harvey 5788125 Al-Anon: Help for families & friends of alcoholics. Ph Margaret 578 4690 or Cilla 570 5335.

Alzheimers Society Marlborough: 577 6172, 8 Wither Rd, Mon,Wed,Fri 9am-4pm / Tue, Thurs 9.30-3pm. Hospital Visiting Hours: Wairau Hospital: Daily 11.30am-7.30pm, children under 12 may visit parents only. Maternity Ward: 10am-Noon, 4pm-7pm. Children's Ward: Daily 10am-8pm. Visiting at all times is subject to the discretion of the nurse in charge of the ward. Marlborough Family Budgeting: Free confidential budgeting advice. Monday-Friday. Phone 578 2006. Citizens Advice Bureau Free, friendly, confidential advice. Mon - Fri 9.30am 4pm. Phone 578 4272. Picton Doctor: Phone weekend doctor 573 6092 or Marlborough After Hours GP Service 520 6377. Office 5209980. Ambulance: Urgent 111. Non-urgent 579 4870. Chemist:Picton Healthcare Pharmacy. Ph 573 6420 Mon -Fri 9-6pm, Sat-Sun 9-3pm, Queen Charlotte Pharmacy 573 7927 Sat 9-1pm.

STEPHENSON Leyton Permain, Reg No 4211810, Flying Officer WWII: On January 24 2013, at Blenheim. Aged 92 years. Dearly loved husband of the late Margaret, much loved father of Joanne, loved and respected stepfather of Jann, Glen and John, respected father-inlaw of Murray and Peter, special grandad of Tayla, Lucy, Franki, Joseph, Kathryn and Ashley. Loved brother of the late Arthur and loved uncle of Peter and Suzanne and Guy Pierce. A true gentleman. Messages to The Stephenson Family, c/- PO Box 110, Blenheim 7240. In lieu of flowers, a donation to Hospice Marlborough would be appreciated and may be made at the service or sent to PO Box 411, Blenheim 7240. A service for Leyton will be held at the Mayfield Chapel, corner Hutcheson and Parker Streets, at 1pm Thursday January 31, followed by cremation at the Sowman Crematorium.

GILL, William Ernest (Bill): On Monday January 28 2013, peacefully, at Ashwood Park Retirement Village Blenheim. Aged 85 years. Dearly loved husband of the late Nona, much loved father and father-in-law of Christine and Peter Barry (Wellington), Richard and Cynthia (Tasmania) and Tony and Karen, loved grandad of Sean and Patrick; Jayson and Melissa; Fallon and Roger, Holly, Rachel, and Reuben and great grandad of Olivia. A loved and respected brother, brother-in-law, uncle and friend. Messages to 71 Murphys Rd Blenheim 7201. A funeral service for Bill will be held at the Church of the Nativity Alfred St Blenheim at 2 pm Friday February 1 followed by cremation at the Sowman Crematorium. GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ 5784719



Acknowledgements ROMA-CATTERMOLE: Jacob Ian Richard( Jake) 4.4.1984 - 20.12.2012 Joyce, Ian, Yvette Cattermole, Debra Rowe and families wish to thank everyone who attended Jakes' service and their love and support through this difficult time. Thank you for the flowers, cards and condolence messages. Special thanks to Ian Boddy and friends at Wesley Church and Lloyd Bush of Geoffrey Y Sowman. Please accept this as a personal acknowledgement of our sincere thanks. "Still Your Light Shines"

By Russell McQuarters ACROSS 1. Enlisted personal (4,3,4) 7. Hard to endure (7) 11. Sea-shore (5) 12. Stain (7) 13. Criminal organization(Ital) (5) 14. Restore to life (9) 15. Watchful (9) 16. Important person(sl) (6) 18. Mislead (7) 21. Inactive (4) 23. Tint (3) 25. Cosmetic; ... liner (3) 27. Vow (4) 28. Dais (7) 30. Pass(of time) (6) 32. Isle Of ...(Brit) (3) 33. Japanese sash (3) 34. Kidnap (6) 35. Personal belongings(sl) (7) 36. Monetary unit of Italy (4) 37. AUST/NZ intergovernment pact (intls) (3) 39. Fabled bird (3) 41. Musical instrument (4) 43. Witchcraft (7) 45. Magician (6) 48. Lacking (9) 49. Designer (9)

51. Real name,Archibald Leach; actor Cary ... (5) 52. Pacify (7) 53. Fool (5) 54. Irregularity (7) 55. Gothic church, ... Abbey (11) DOWN 1. Happen again (5) 2. Myopic (4-7) 3. Small planet (8) 4. Smeared (6) 5. Dormant (5) 6. Typical example (7) 7. Sticky (8) 8. Reserved (6) 9. Curt (7) 10. Slope (5) 16. Floatable (7) 17. Revolves (7) 19. Glorify (5) 20. Facial feature (7) 22. Precious stone (7) 24. Era (3) 26. Samuel’s teacher(O.T.) (3) 29. Dark brown pigment (5) 31. Stamp collector (11) 32. English cricket club(intls) (3) 33. Over(poetic) (3)

38. 40. 42. 44. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50.

Herb (8) Non military person (8) Bison (7) Dupe (4-3) Canadian province; Nova ... (6) Yell (6) Principle (5) Accumulate (5) Instruct (5)


For 23, 2013 ForJanuary June April 9, 2, 2003 2004

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Wednesday January 30, 2013


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ANZAC moves Parade moves to

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Wednesday January 30, 2013 for sale

public notice

D E N T U R E S - Ad vanced Prosthetic Treatment. Premium Dentures. Natural looks thanks to digital precision at Blenheim Denture Studio. 71 Alfred Street. Ph 578 4344 EAR Health. Removal of Ear Wax using microscope & suction. Ph for an appointment 5788310 at Physiotherapy Centre, 11 Francis St. MOLE checks - for a thorough skin check u s i n g d e r m o s c o py. Call the Skin Clinic 578 1665.

WHITE CHIP & white rocks. Ideal for pebble gardens, paths, driveways.Phone Thomson 5756885

CLOWN Fun! PomPom enter tains with bubbles, balloons and magic. Phone 577 7393

wanted to buy

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Landlords We always require flats and houses for waiting tenants. Contact the Top of the South’s largest & most experienced property management team.

CC Express

A BLOOMING MICRO MUSICAL Written by Geraldine Brophy

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Jim’s mowing Franchises

30th Nov

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garage sale BoTh oke pe N rfectfo Christm as oprw esenrt laughte r the garrda nerd en gafo r d ens ev who ha trer ow ythi els ng!!



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WALNUTS to gather for my own use. Phone: 573 5558

Floral Notes

TUTOR Math from primary school to NCEA 1. O ne on O ne, 4 5 minutes $20 Redwood St. Phone 9720248 or 0212934067.

GAR AGE Sale @ DTR TV's gaming and more.39 Scott Street M-F 9am-5.30pm Sat 7am- 12pm

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Public Notices

Jane Keller and Geraldine Brophy in


Marlborough Civic Theatre 17th March. Book at Ticketdirect

Due to huge increase in work demand we have reduced our prices for a limited time. Our franchises will never be cheaper to purchase. Phone us now for an information pack

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Marlborough Vehicle Removals Ph Brent 027 766 7105 HOW LONG WILL YOU BE SINGLE?? Make 2013 your year for love and happiness. Bridges Matchmakers can put you in touch with the partner of your choosing as soon as tonight. There is no need to spend another day alone, Call 0800 856 640

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Family Cutting Bar Ladies Hairstylists at reasonable prices! Ladies from $25 Mens from $13 Children from $10


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• Commercial Doors • Gate Systems • Garage Door Openers

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Got Dirty Grout?

e you tired of scrubbing your dirty tiles and grout with no success? only AA Defensive Driving Instructor One of the biggest drawcards for us

t is a very porous material and ely sealed when new so it starts bsorb dirt and bacteria from day In no time it starts to looks dirty unsightly, no matter how long spend on your knees trying to b it clean. To make it worse, the ng type of cleaners could cause e damage!

...Forget Pointlessoffers: Scrubbing ...Forget Pointless Scrubbing GroutPro

was to be able to see what a huge difference our services can make to the appearance of tiled areas in a home.”

We Clean, Clean, Seal &&Re-colour Re-colour We Seal Professional Tile 3&&Cleaning Grout Tile and Grout Tile Grout

Driving lessons for product range and services young andTheir old. include a breathable, topical sealer called Colourseal, unique in New AA approved monthly Zealand, which repels dirt, oils and ever, Marlburians can now water and will prevent your grout defensive driving et endless, pointless scrubbing, from restaining for up to 15 years. enheim locals Darryl and This is applied to grout lines after courses. ia Norman have just started up a deep and thorough clean with

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Professional Mobile Hairdresser

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Prohibited Fire Season (Total Fire Ban) get Money Smart - Info sessions Mon 11/18/25 Feb @ 6pm

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Join four of New Zealand’s leading ladies in Roger Hall’s funny, sensitive comedy that trails four Kiwi gals who decide it’s never too late to do their big OE.

Renwick Relief Deliverers Deliverers wanted fo runs in Renwick & Mayfield areas. Our paper is delivered on Wednesdays and Fridays. Must be reliable and honest. Please phone Liz 577 7868

Marlborough Civic Theatre, 1st May. Book at Ticketdirect situation vacant

(male or female) We require the services of a tradesman painter and decorator or a top brush hand. Must be: • tidy • have a sense of humour of Pai D • be honest and trustworthy • reliable • love their work Please email:


For more information please contact Beth Tester Chief Executive

Public Meetings. Proposed Clifford Bay Ferry Terminal. Discussion on potential impact on Marlborough. Council is holding public meetings to discuss the impact on the Marlborough Region of the possible relocation of the ferry terminal from Picton to Clifford Bay. Meetings will be held at the following venues: Monday 11 February at 7.00 pm at the Queen Charlotte College Hall, Picton Tuesday 12 February at 12 noon at the Awatere Memorial Hall, Seddon Tuesday 12 February at 7.00 pm at the Convention Centre, Blenheim

Ph NOW! 027 466 7815 or 0800 500 005

"PART TIME BAR PERSON" Experienced Part time Bar staff member required. Full licence & LCQ an advantage as this will be a trainee managers position. Must be availible nights, weekends & and flexible for covering. Email CV to or Drop CV in to Tavern

Tractor and Harvester Drivers For 2013 Grape Harvest

Please note the venue for Picton has been changed and is now at the Queen Charlotte College Hall.

We anticipate work will commence approx. mid-March and finish late April. Drivers must be available for extended hours and weekends.

R.S.E accredited contractor.

Please phone the office on 578 5300, text Jason Tripe on 027 434 2712 or email

Please phone

John 027 500 2501 Book your space now in our Friday Sun Garage Sale Column!

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CARAVAN FOR SALE 16FT Jayco Designer 1993 AUS/ 2006 NZ Island double bed with storage under. Fridge gas and electric, new porta potti, full gas stove, containment cert. $20,000


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We are looking for experienced harvester and tractor drivers. You will need a minimum of a class 1 driver’s licence for tractor driving and a wheels endorsement for harvester driving.

available now for all vineyard work.

situation vacant

Any enquiries to Jamie Lyall Ph: 03 520 7400

Vintage Harvesters operates a modern fleet of harvesters and tractors throughout the Marlborough District.

Experienced Vineyard Crews

for sale

Wednesday 13 February at 12 noon at the Havelock Hall, Havelock

Painter & Decorator

Blenheim, Picton and Kaikoura walkers needed to deliver and collect catalogues and service customers in your local area. No outlay, great weekly cash. Need car, phone, internet and good people skills.

COMMUNITY REPRESENTATIVE TRUSTEE The Board of KHW MPHO is seeking expressions of interest from the community who are interested in serving as a Community Representative Trustee on the Board of KHW MPHO. It is desirable that the successful applicant will have a good understanding of governance and primary health care and be supported by Marlborough community networks. Applications close Friday, 8th February 2013. An application pack is available from: The Administrator Kimi Hauora Wairau (Marlborough PHO) Phone: 520 6200 E mail: or

Roger Collett

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Ers Nt

Public notice is hereby given pursuant to Sections 19, 22 and 23 of the Forest and Rural Fires Act 1977 for the Marlborough District Council area south of the Wairau River including the area south of the Diversion and the area around and including Rarangi, and pursuant to Section 807.1 of the Marlborough District Council Bylaw 2010 for the Urban Marlborough District Council areas ofBeBlenheim, n McDonald Renwick, Seddon and Ward: presents that as from 8.00 am on Wednesday 30 January 2013 a Prohibited Fire Season (Total Fire Ban) came into force until further notice. All fire permits already issued are suspended immediately. Special fire permits pursuant to Section 24 of the Act will only be issued in extraordinary circumstances. NO FIRES MAY BE LIT IN THE OPEN AIR WITHIN THE MARLBOROUGH SOUTH AREA INCLUDING BOTH URBAN AND RURAL AREAS. Gas barbecues are not included in the total fire ban. This Prohibited Fire Season (Total Fire Ban) will remain in force until further notice.

situation vacant


public notice


Wednesday January 30, 2013


The Sun

Hairstylist Wa n t e d

We are looking for a.... • good team player, • loves fashion, • loves working with people, • wants a future in the Hairdressing industry, • some experience is essential. If this sounds like you, Please contact Donna or Debby, ph 578 8044

Hair By Kardo’s To advertise your business, call Jill on (03) 5777 868


MARLBOROUGH These are exciting full-time, fixed-term opportunities for people with the passion, pride, courage and credentials to help chart and drive the very future of one of New Zealand's most successful and exciting wine companies, Delegat's Wine Estate, the name behind the global phenomenon that is Oyster Bay. These exciting opportunities are available at our Marlborough winery to work in a structured supportive environment where specific training will be provided. We are seeking motivated Administrators to undertake and support the various administration functions over our harvest period. Responsibilities will include grape receival processing, maintaining detailed inventory records, supporting winery operations and specifically: • Weighbridge operations • Intake administration • Operations administration Applicants will require proven logistics or administrative experience, a self-starting attitude, strong attention-to-detail with excellent numeric and data entry skills. Employment would commence mid to late March 2013 for approximately five weeks. Shift work and weekend work will be required during this very busy time, so flexibility is a must.

If you have the skills and motivation to be part of a dynamic and professional team, please apply via our website


The Sun

out & about

Wednesday January 30, 2013

 Jim Luff doubles as Donald Duck for the duathlon, saying he might do a bit more running in preparation for next year’s event.

Matt Heagney Men’s Memorial La-Z-Boy duathlon Conditions were perfect for a tough, fun, and inspiring evening of activity for the 64 blokes who took part in the memorial duathlon last Friday.

 Sam Webster gave his thumbs up for the enjoyable but tough duathlon last Friday. am, Tony  Chris Williams (left) Campbell Ingr finish line. the at up rest Nott n Aaro and ons Gibb

 Mark Burdon (left) and Ben Leslie take a quick breather at the bike transition.

Tony Beattie look  Pat Heagney (left) and after the barbeque.

MoreFM Raft Race The MoreFM raft race became a land-based event on Sunday after bacteria in the Taylor River made the water unsafe. It didn’t deter a big turn-out. Enjoying the race were:

 Patricia Ball and Katherine Ball.

 Tyler Black, at back Jonty Tetua, Aaro n Black and Joshua Black.

 Jack Bensem an and Caleb Re eves.

 Hannah Dickson, left and Amelia Wadsworth.

 At back Lisa Strong and Grant Palmer, Hayley Strong (yelllow hat), Bro oke Palmer (red hat), Lucas Strong and Sam Str ong (at front).

 The Palmers and Strongs roaring along.

Any of our “out & about” photos can be purchased at the Sun Newspaper office.




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Tuesday January 29-31: Parliament, Education & Science and Primary Production Select Committees. Friday February 1: Attend the Two Tooth Sale at Harwarden and meetings with rural community. Saturday February 2: Speak at the DOC opening of the ‘Homestead Run’, St James Cycle Trail. Monday February 4-5: In Blenheim meeting with constituents by arrangement, visit the building site of the Churchill Trust Private Hospital, Blenheim. Wednesday February 6: Waitangi day. Thursday February 7: One Day Caucus meeting at Premier House. Friday February 8: In Blenheim meeting with constituents and local businesses by arrangement. Monday February 11: In Blenheim meeting with constituents and social agencies by arrangement. Tuesday February 12-14: Parliament, Caucus and Primary Production Select Committee meetings.

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Wednesday January 30, 2013


Best result for trainer Story and photo by Annabelle Latz The Best family has known from the beginning that Tijuana Bromac would be a winner some day. Jack Best does not remember much of last week’s race, when he watched the bay gelding ‘Shamrock’ his stable name, fly down the home straight at Otaki, driven by Scott Phelan, during the Kapiti Coast Harness Race meet on January 20. He won The Railway Hotel Otaki Cup. Worth $10,280, the 2600m feature race for horses with two to seven wins, discretionary handicap race, was the biggest win yet for the four year-old. Jack, 19, trains him with his mum Anne Marie and dad Jeremy. Shamrock has always im-

pressed them. “He’s got good feet and shoulders, it’s just the way he stands.” They bought him to their Wrekin Rd property as a weanling, or a “wee fella, not even a year old.” A quiet but strong youngster, he was later sent to Christchurch to Kerry Hadfield for breaking and training. Fate had its say soon after that. Shamrock was supposed to be sold as a two year-old, but he was not going that well at the time so they kept him. Now in his second full season, the family is thrilled. After a less successful meet at Marlborough earlier this month, Jack knew his horse had the win in him at Otaki. Tijuana Bromac won in a time of 3-28.1. “It was just the way he looked, I

Jack Best gives his good mate 'Shamrock' a rub in the paddock. Shamrock is having a spell after his big win at Kapiti Coast HRC's meet at Otaki on January 20.

could see in his eye he was ready to go.” Jack, who has his trials license, will be going for his junior license soon, and is looking forward to

driving Tijuana Bromac in his races. “I know the horse that well, I go down to his paddock and see him every day.”

Stormy Breeze storms in at trials The smart four-year-old Stormy Breeze was the standout trialist at the Marlborough O.T.B. Harness racing trials held at Waterlea on Saturday. On a fast track, Stormy Breeze won the one to three wins pace with real authority. Driven by Hannah McCabe, the Julius Caesar gelding led throughout and careered away in the run home to score by three and a half lengths from Lifesofine with Strawb’s Blue Chip finishing in thrid place. Stormy Breeze cut out the 2400m mobile start event in 3m.00.28s with a last

fRIDaY 1st february gates open at 6pm RaCINg StaRtS at 7pM

800m in 57.37. He is trained locally by Alan Smith who races the horse in partnership with Mrs Rata Harper. For Hannah McCabe it was her thrid trials win from sixteen drives. She is indentured to Robert Dunn’s successful Christchurch team and took the chance drive while visiting the Top Of The South. Results:  Pacer’s Qualifying 2400m Mobile (Time 3m 12.5) 1 Lady of Eyre ( Paul Scott 2 Donegal David Rex (Jo Proctor)Only starters Margin 2lengths, Time 3m 04.6 Both horses qualified.

Winner trained by G.D.Neill, Waterlea. Pacers Non Winners 2400m Mobile: 1 Director Dan (Jo Proctor), 2 Roan Rocket (Mike .O’Brien), 3 Roman River (Bob .Rochford). Margins: Neck, 12 1/2 lengths Time 3m 09.31 Winner trained by P.F.and M.J.O’Brien, Waterlea. Pacer’s 1 to 3 wins 2400m Mobile:1 Stormy Breeze (Hannah McCabe), 2 Lifesofine (Mike O’Brien) 3 Strawb’s Fire Chip (Paul Scott). Margins: 3 1/2 lwngths, 2 1/4 lengths Ganesh Bromac 4th Time 3m 00.28s Winner trained by A.L.Smith, Waterlea.

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Wednesday January 30, 2013

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Olympian tells all to juniors


Wednesday January 30, 2013

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Simon van Velthooven with Marlborough's young up and coming cycling stars.

By Chris Tobin Olympic Games bronze medal cyclist Simon van Velthooven didn’t cut any corners in his talk to a group of young cyclists in Blenheim on Friday. He told them if they wanted to succeed, they had to possess grit and the determination to win. “Everyone talks about participation, but you’ve got to go there to win and if you don’t have the real grit, the real mongrel to win, you won’t make it.” Talking to van Velthooven later, he said he wanted to get across to the young hopefuls that enjoyment was important but if they wanted to do well, they had to have the will to win and the desire to work hard. “For Olympic sports, it’s a direct result of how much training you put in.” van Velthoven said the New Zealand elite sprint programme of the last two years had taken off and was progressing still. “It’s developing as fast as us;

it’s cool being a trailblazer. “Everything is new and exciting.” He has a busy calendar mapped out to the next Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. “It’ll go so quickly. “The clock’s ticking already and it’ll go in the blink of an eye.” Van Velthooven has strong family ties to Blenheim with grandparents Wim and Rief van Velthooven and other relatives living in the town and he has been coming here “for the greater part of his childhood.” His early ambition in cycling, he said, was to compete in Japan professionally in the elite kierin racing, a betting sport, and it was even a bigger goal than winning an Olympic medal. He is keen to return to Japan. “There’s a craziness about it (Japanese kierin) and I was quite fortunate to go there before getting an Olympic medal. Hopefully I’ll go there again.”

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Anna in Hawaii with her g y m n a s t i c s co a c h , E r i c a Ticehurst.

the Olympics, and it’s something that I may want to do too.” Anna’s sights at the moment are qualifying to compete in the Pacific Rim, a competition held in high regard within the gymnastics



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One day I'll have one: Sam Morgan gets the chance to wear Simon Van Velthooven's Olympic bronze medal.

Gymnast training hard By Emily Elliott Blenheim girl, Anna Tempero, is looking forward to the next year as she trains in Christchurch. The eighteen year old gymnast has recently moved down south and hopes to get better and train harder. Anna has been doing gymnastics for thirteen years, and usually competes in 5-6 competitions a year; her most recent competitions took her to Hawaii and Chicago in the USA. For Anna, the move to Christchurch now means she can train around 20 hours each week, instead of the ten she did in Blenheim. “It gives me incentive to train harder. “The girls here are aiming for the Commonwealth Games and


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world. “It’s the third best competition, just under the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics.” Currently Anna is training at the senior level, but she wants to keep working her way up. “I’m in the senior B group in Christchurch, but I’d love to work my way to the A grade and train 30 hours a week.” When asked about why she enjoys training so many hours a week, Anna said it was addictive and fun. “If you’ve been training for a skill for so long and then finally get it, it’s a huge acheivement and you feel so good.” Anna is hoping to keep pushing herself and get better, and is looking forward to competing overseas more.

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Wednesday January 30, 2013

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