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Fourth term for Stuart

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By Maia Hart LDR reporter

Incumbent Kaikoura MP Stuart Smith has held onto his seat by a large majority, and it is almost certain he won’t be the only Marlburian in Parliament. With 98% of the Kaikoura electorate’s votes counted by 11pm on Saturday night, National’s Stuart Smith had more than 18,000 votes, a margin of more than 10,000 ahead of his closest rival, Labour candidate Emma Dewhirst. Continued on page 2 The Smith family, Louis, Julie, Stuart, Fenella, and Hugo with partner Barbora Cedzova, celebrate on Saturday night. PHOTO SUPPLIED: ANTHONY PHELPS/STUFF

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The Sun

2 Wednesday October 18, 2023

How to reach us

‘An amazing achievement’


Continued from page 1. At the same point in the count, New Zealand First candidate Jamie Arbuckle, also a Marlborough District councillor, looked set to enter Parliament as a list MP with New Zealand First polling over 6%. Speaking earlier in the night at the Woodbourne Tavern in Renwick, a confident Jamie Arbuckle said he was looking forward to taking on the “life-changing experience”. “I think it’s an amazing achievement. The team has worked really hard, it’s a great result for this electorate,” he said. “It’s going to be important to have that voice for local issues around the Sounds roads issues, [and] we’ve got those major infrastructure projects with Port Marlborough and the combined colleges.” He said he did not want to put Marlborough through a costly by-election, so he intended to continue his role as a councillor. “There’s also a lot of stuff I can still achieve for the council,” he said. He congratulated Stuart Smith on winning the electorate. “He does work really hard, and I look forward to supporting him in ways I can, but also learning the role of being an MP myself,” he said. Meanwhile, Stuart, surrounded by friends and family at the Blenheim Club at 10pm on Saturday night, said he was happy with the

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results so far, with the numbers for the National Party tracking well too. “I just want to thank everybody who has supported the National Party, and me,” Smith said. “Without their suppor t we wouldn’t have got the result that we did.” Stuart, about to enter his fourth term, joked he had “finished his apprenticeship”. “Election nights are always filled with tension as they should be, because it’s a really important night,” he said. “This is, in my view, the most important election of my lifetime. “The politics, the division, has been sent to the dust bin where it belongs.” Looking ahead to the challenges, Smith said the rebuild of the Marlborough Sounds roads, damaged during flooding in July 2021 and August 2022, needed to be delivered on. He thought the Picton ferry terminal redevelopment to make way for new ferries would also lead to congestion challenges on State Highway 1. “From there [Picton], almost to Christchurch, we have a significant issue with the number of trucks and cars that will be on the road at any one point,” he said. “Getting that traffic through Blenheim as well will be a challenge, and I think that has to be a priority for our electorate.” As he had stated throughout his campaign, there needed to be a “fair amount” of funding from

Jamie Arbuckle, pictured with wife Sally, celebrate New Zealand First’s success.

central government to help the Marlborough District Council with the rebuild. Labour candidate Emma Dewhirst was still smiling despite losing the seat. National took more than 41% of the electorate’s party vote, while

Labour had 21%. Kaikoura electorate results Votes counted as of Tuesday October 17.: 98% Smith (National): 18,050 ..Dewhirst (Labour): 8024 ...Arbuckle (NZ First): 3875 Keith Griffiths (ACT): 2196 Richard McCubbin (Greens): 1949.

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The Sun

Wednesday October 18, 2023


Downtown - the Mod Musical By Chris Valli

Blenheim’s Megan Ponder considers herself a hopeless romantic, full of contradictions. Fitting then there are correlations between her on and off-stage character in next month’s Blenheim Musical Theatre’s Dinner Theatre production of 60’s musical, Downtown. Directed by Alison Dight, the all-girl musical is jam packed with songs from British female artists, such as Dusty Springfield, Lulu, Shirley Bassey and Cilla Black. Originally titled “Shout, the Mod Musical”, the show is set in London between the early 1960s and 1970, and follows the lives of five women in their 20s (The Red Girl), 30s (Green, Blue, and Yellow girls) and 40s (Orange girl) who all face tough situations, usually involving relationships. Megan portrays the youngest colour; the Red Girl who she says is a clumsy ball of mess and on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. “I relate to her character in so many ways,” she says. “I look up to all the other women I am surrounded with in awe.” Throughout the story, all five women send letters to Gwendolyn Holmes, who works for the magazine “Shout!” in an advice column and who gives them advice on how to deal with these situations.

Newcomer to BMT and theatre restaurant Natalie Andrew says she is still trying to decide if her character is her alter ego, or if she’s been typecast. “There are those who know me well who will see me in her, but most people I expect think of me as more reserved and “proper” in general,” she says. “Yellow is more of a risk-taker than me - I’d like to be as bold as her. But we are both fun-loving, can be loud and silly, and love deeply and somewhat irrationally. We also both know heartbreak, as do many people, so I find her quite easy to relate to and sympathise with.” Natalie says she loves the experience of being in a show, especially with such patient and encouraging theatre veterans in the cast and crew. “It’s such a supportive environment - I’ve never felt as safe to give things a go, stuff up, and it is ok. I just feel like I’m growing as a person through the process.” Speaking of veterans, the orange woman is shown as a full grown woman who is married, in her forties, and is starting to suspect her husband is cheating on her. Suzanne Hatch, an Elim Christian Centre Senior Pastor, believes there are obvious correlations between her on and offstage character. Suzanne has treaded the BMT boards as a backing vocal in

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Clarification Blenheim’s Red Cross migration services team are now settling into their new office in Scott Street, in the centre of town. Please note all other Red Cross services in Blenheim, including First Aid training courses, Disaster and Welfare Support Teams and Blenheim’s branch all remain based at the Blenheim New Zealand Red Cross Service, in Redwood Street.

Wine Industry Field Day

Blenheim Musical Theatre’s Downtown the Mod Musical is on next month. The theatre restaurant show tracks five groovy gals as they come of age during the liberating days that made England swing. Pictured from left is; Suzanne Hatch, Kim Weatherhead and Angeline Forlong. Back middle is Megan Ponder and Natalie Andrew.

shows such as Mamma Mia (2016), Mary Poppins (2018) and in the ensemble for Phantom of the Opera (2019) and Les Misérables (2022). She says her orange character is described as the maternal, domestic one of the group. “It’s what drew me to her character really, as that’s me. I was the stay-at-home Mum with two children and loved it. In real life I chose way better in the husband department though,” she says. “I’m also naturally naive like my character, perhaps a little in denial.”

“There are many stories all going on at the same time and I think everyone will relate to at least one of them on some level, whether in their own relationships, or that of parents or friends.” BMT’s Downtown season will run for 14 shows and is on from Wednesday, November 15 – Saturday, December 2. Tickets are available at the ASB Theatre. Sun readers are advised to purchase their ‘ticket type’ relevant to dietary needs (dairy free, gluten, vegan, and vegetarian options) as it cannot be changed on the night.

Cawthron Marlborough Environment Awards are hosting a Wine Industry Field Day with Repost Fence Posts today. Learn how Repost is leading the way in dealing with broken vineyard posts - a serious waste stream for the wine industry - and reducing the number of CCA-treated grape posts going into landfill. The field day will include a site visit to the REPOST processing site at Jackson Estate.

Marlborough Sustainable Housing Trust Three new homes for low-income families have been officially opened, enabling three Blenheim families to move out of transitional housing. The homes, built by Marlborough Sustainable Housing Trust, offer the families a warm, spacious fourbedroom to call home, complete with solar panels on the roof to assist with reducing power bills. A $1.8m loan from the Rata Foundation provided cornerstone construction funding for the project, with additional rentals and subsidies to be provided by the Ministry for Housing and Urban Development.

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The Sun

4 Wednesday October 18, 2023

Opera Festival to support talent By Chris Valli

Working with young singers is hugely meaningful for Robert Tucker and Georgia Jamieson Emms. The duo is frequently asked to lead masterclasses and adjudicate vocal competitions. With few singing opportunities for post-graduate singers to be had, especially during the pandemic, the Marlborough Opera Festival, now in its second year, is a platform to foster and support emerging talent. The 2023 festival features rising stars Michaela Cadwgan, Tayla Alexander, and

brothers Jordan and Faamanu Fonoti-Fuimaono, alongside NZ Opera alumni Chris McRae and Stuart Coats, soprano Carleen Ebbs who has worked with Welsh National Opera and English National Opera, accompanied by renowned pianist David Kelly. The festival will present a “Quadruple Bill”: an astonishing programme of four complete operas in one night, directed by Jacqueline Coats and Robert. The first is “The Sands of Times” which holds the Guinness World Record for the shortest opera, at four minutes; to be followed by Samuel Barber’s “A Hand of Bridge”,

SH1 closed following crash: Drivers travelling between Canterbury and Marlborough were recommended to take the inland route via Lewis Pass yesterday morning following a truck crash in Marlborough. A truck and trailer rolled south of Lake Grassmere, near Taimate Road, blocking SH1. Police said the closure was expected to take several hours to complete with the detour adding an additional 1-hour 45mins between Blenheim and Waipara.


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Menotti’s “The Telephone” and finally the triumphant “Coffee Cantata” by J.S. Bach. Sunday 22 October is an early start at 11am with the kid-friendly “Fairytales for Families”, a show written especially for the festival to tell the story of the life of Hans Christian Andersen, master storyteller. There will be some familiar tunes to delight young audience members. The 2023 Festival culminates in a spectacular Grand Opera Gala, where music lovers can hear some of the most beloved arias and ensembles from opera and musical theatre. Georgia and Robert met as teenagers singing in the New Zealand Youth Choir. Their paths crossed again many years later

when they were both Artist Teachers at the New Zealand School of Music. However, it was 20 hours in a car together during the height of the Omicron outbreak when Georgia and Robert decided to launch the Marlborough Opera Festival. Three days of opera and song performed by established and up-and-coming New Zealand artists. The Marlborough Opera Festival, the only one of its kind in New Zealand, is thrilled once again be working alongside the ASB Theatre and Whitehaven Wines. The festival is this weekend, Friday October 20 and Saturday, October 21. Contact the ASB Theatre Box Office for all ticketing information.

MARLBOROUGH OPERA FESTIVAL PARTICIPANTS from left: Chis McRae (Auckland), Michaela Cadwgan (Wellington), Jacqui Coats (the Director from Wellington), David Kelly (pianist from Auckland), Stuart Coats (Wellington) and Tayla Alexander (Auckland). Absent is Robert Tucker (Blenheim), Georgia Jamieson Emms (Wellington), Carleen Ebbs (Wellington), Faamanu Fuimaono (Hawkes Bay) and Jordan Fuimaono (Hawkes Bay). The Marlborough Opera Festival is having a free performance at Te Kahu o Waipuna Blenheim Library on Saturday at 1pm performing among other things, the worlds shortest opera.

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The Sun

Wednesday October 18, 2023

‘Marlborough’s greatest assets’

22 for 1 for 1 for 1 Hot Drinks Hot Drinks Drinks

By Chris Valli

Two Marlborough volunteers have taken home three individual accolades in the Coastguard Marlborough Awards of Excellence 2023. Rob Carpenter has been recognised with the Supreme Award, as Volunteer of the Year, in addition to winning the Outstanding Leadership Award. Meanwhile, Barry Dulieu, a cultural advisor has been acknowledged as their Communication/Incident Management Team Volunteer of the Year. The Volunteer of the Year award commends an individual who has demonstrated the utmost excellence in their commitment to the work they do in Coastguard. The Supreme Award is evaluated through the judging of the individual volunteer categories that cover each area of expertise. Rob, a dedicated and passionate volunteer, started his Coastguard journey in 2011. With expertise as a Coastguard ISC Master, VHF Radio Operator, and Instructor, he’s been instrumental in building community connections. Over his time with Marlborough, Rob has improved relations with local boating clubs, significantly benefiting both parties. Under Rob’s leadership, the Unit has thrived operationally and financially, raising over $300,000 for a new rescue vessel. He fos-

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Volunteer Rob Carpenter (left) has been recognised by Coastguard Marlborough with the Supreme Award in addition to winning the Outstanding Leadership Award. Under Rob’s leadership, the Unit has thrived operationally and financially, raising over $300,000 for a new rescue vessel. Meanwhile, Barry Dulieu, a cultural advisor has been acknowledged as Communication/Incident Management Team Volunteer of the Year.

tered a culture shift, promoting gender and age balance among volunteers. Rob’s commitment extends to project management, exemplified by his role in acquiring a vital nine metre vessel for the Unit. He also recognises the importance of engaging volunteers’ families through social events, reinforcing a sense of community. Respected in the local community, Rob’s leadership has elevated Coastguard Marlborough’s standards, making him a silent but impactful achiever. He fully epitomises Coastguard’s values and makes an incredible contribution across the board both locally and nationally. Coastguard New Zealand CEO Callum Gillespie says Rob has lead from the front ensuring Marlborough is set up for a successful future. “People like Rob are our greatest

assets, enabling others to shine while also providing exceptional leadership and direction.” Meanwhile, Barry, with a background in the New Zealand Navy, is an invaluable member of Coastguard Marlborough. He excels both on vessels and in the control room, particularly with his communication skills. Barry ensures that Coastguard Marlborough and other supporting agencies are always well-informed about incidents, recognising the critical importance of prompt and accurate communication during emergencies. In a recent incident in Queen Charlotte Sound, Barry’s quick thinking and organisation skills played a vital role in a successful rescue operation. He demonstrated the importance of double-checking critical information, preventing a potential disaster by correcting the rescue boats

course. Beyond his operational roles, Barry maintains a strong connection with the local Iwi, is fluent in Te reo Māori, and serves as a cultural advisor to Coastguard Marlborough. He played a significant role in naming the AC36 America’s Cup vessel, Tautiaki o Waitohi, in consultation with local Iwi, which means “Active Guardians of Picton and its People.” Callum says regardless of the scale of an incident, boaties in difficulty and their volunteers on the water require a calm, informative and logical voice on the end of a radio, something Barry continues to deliver for his community.” “I’d also like to acknowledge Barry’s mahi as cultural advisor for his Unit – building relationships and enabling Coastguard to connect better with mana whenua and the communities we reflect.”


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The Sun

6 Wednesday October 18, 2023

Sun readers have their say... with the WORD on the Street. Blenheim’s Santa Parade is confirmed for Saturday, December 2.

What’s a good idea/theme for floats this year?

Barry Murdoch Nelson Santa’s grotto with real Santa and elves throwing out chocolate and candy.

Kimberley Moran Blenheim The Grinch and Whoville.

Brought to you by...

Rosa Quirk Blenheim A jovial Santa who throws out lollies to all spots. Floats which represent the true meaning of Christmas.

Simon Kircher Wellington A Mako float with some of our All Black representatives in the parade such as Will Jordan.

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No urgency Dear Sun. Thanks for publishing the article last week about the lack of urgency at Urgent Care. Hope it stimulates some action. I have not heard anything from them, even though they

have all my contact details. Certainly no refund has been forthcoming. Just hope this makes people more aware. Peter Somerville Picton.

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Sonia Hoskins Auckland The mayor and council representatives on a float.

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Sue Murdoch Nelson A Kiwi Christmas such as painting a pohutakawa tree in full bloom.


Letters to the editor Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. A maximum of 150 words please. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even when a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor reserves the right to

abridge letters or withhold letters from publication. Email them to news@blenheimsun. co.nz or present to our office at 72 High St. Please note that your name and street address MUST be provided with emails.

Shopping for change to Duopoly Dear Editor. Not sure what research you did regarding the above article, but the local supermarkets have had this policy for a long time, that if they overcharge you when there is a sign on the shelf, showing the item cheaper, they actually refund the item in full. My wife just received a full refund from Countdown of some $50 plus on an electric toothbrush, which showed as a 50% discount on the shelf tag, but which had apparently lapsed, and she was charged full price at the checkout. A call to Countdown resulted in a full refund, and my wife keeping the

toothbrush. No doubt they can well afford it - it’s a nice gesture, but they have had this policy here for a long time. Most shoppers would not be aware of it, and most, never check their dockets to see what they have been charged. You may be surprised how often these sorts of errors occur, not because of the checkout operator, but wayward ‘special’ tags that have been missed or forgotten. It’s a case of ‘shopper beware’. Regards. Mike Blair Blenheim.


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About two months ago a friend asked if I take and check the supermarket receipts to which I replied, not very often. So I gave it some thought and each week since, I have checked and since then I have found I have been overcharged nine dollars and a few cents. This total was from two separate super-

markets and whilst it isn’t a lot when I take into account that I spend between $200-$230 a week, I would not be the only one being overcharged on those items. No wonder they ask - Do you want your receipt? Nan C Blenheim






Txt - 027 437 0671 CALL - 03 5795470

The Sun

Wednesday October 18, 2023

Sea level rise report presented to Council An initial coastal inundation assessment for Marlborough looking out 100 years has been completed by the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), based on its national inundation assessment. The assessment is the first step in a staged approach to delineate the future effects of sea level rise for the Marlborough district. Its primary objectives are to identify land potentially susceptible to sea level rise, and based on initial mapping, develop the future scope of work to refine the inundation extent. The report was presented to Council’s Environment and Planning Committee recently. “This report gives us a good understanding of expected sea level rise in Marlborough through to 2130, although further research is needed to refine the inundation mapping for the Lower Wairau,” Committee Chair Gerald Hope said. “Like many local authorities, Council has started planning for sea level rise. Some councils have completed their coastal hazard assessments - Marlborough is working through this process now.” “Although we may not see the impacts of sea level rise for decades, there is a need to start preparing. We must be proactive and start the conversation with the community on how we respond to this challenge.” However, it’s important to note that this new study assessed a range of

potential futures which also included a “worst case” which is used for land use planning, he said. The main areas of expected impact are low-lying parts of Picton, Havelock and the Lower Wairau River Plain. Elsewhere, the extent of inland inundation is limited due to Marlborough’s steep backshore. The report calls for further study to be undertaken on the Lower Wairau, including Blenheim and Rarangi to Te Pokohiwi/Boulder Bank. Sea level rise is predicted to be approximately 20cm to 30cm by 2050; 38cm to 90cm by 2090 and 60cm to 1.67m by 2130. The NIWA assessment uses a static inundation model (also called the bathtub model) to produce maps showing land that has the potential to be inundated. Inundation maps have been generated by adopting a static sea level across land and any land that lies below the level is deemed to be inundated. The next step in the assessment process is to further refine the inundation extent where required via more complex methods and studies. The NIWA study has identified the Lower Wairau River Plain for priority assessment due to the complexity of the managed waterways which are likely to affect inundation extent and likely to be overestimated in this initial assessment. This work will begin straight away. For more information go to www.marlborough.govt.nz/environment/ climate-change

Council’s biosecurity success often sight unseen Council’s Biosecurity Manager Jono Underwood is content if he and his team’s work remains out of sight. “For us that means many new and emerging threats continue to be suppressed. Our focus is what people don’t see - as we want to keep it that way,” he said. Jono presented the Biosecurity Operational Plan Report for 2022/2023 to Council’s recent Environment and Planning Committee meeting, outlining a successful year for the biosecurity team with 100 per cent of operational targets achieved. “We have continued to ensure numerous new pests are not taking hold, undertaken investigations into potential wallaby sightings and facilitated over $4M worth of National Wilding Conifer Control Programme funding going into a range of control programmes from the Marlborough Sounds to Molesworth,” he said. “Importantly there continues to be no sign of invasive species we want to avoid establishing here such as wallabies and Mediterranean fanworm. The pointy end of our biosecurity work is keeping new threats like those out of our region full stop.” Council’s Regional Pest Management Plan (RPMP) outlines several programmes targeting the most strategic threats to Marlborough. These range from high threat species not found here but which are elsewhere in New Zealand such as wallabies and fanworm, high threat/low incidence pest plant species already in Marlborough and high threat/widespread but manageable species such as nassella tussock. To support efforts to manage other established threats, biocontrol research continues to be supported by Council and releases of new agents made as appropriate. In December 2022, Council released the

A Chilean needle grass plant found near SH1 in the Weld Pass area in December 2022. This remains in limited distribution across Marlborough and is managed as part of Council’s RPMP old man’s beard mite at three locations in Marlborough in conjunction with Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research. Council is also working with them to receive a release of old man’s beard sawfly (Monophadnus spinolae), which may help control this pest plant. “While Council directly oversees some programmes, others are delivered by excellent community-led organisations such as the Marlborough Sounds Restoration Trust and South Marlborough Landscape Restoration Trust. It is also heartening to see the work done by landholders or even other projects targeting wildings occurring in their local ‘patch’,” Jono said. “We encourage members of the community and groups to carry out control of common plant pests like old man’s beard.” For more information on how to control pest plants go to: www.weedbusters.org.nz

Chorus cabinet art begins The first of the Chorus cabinets painted by local artists is finished. Andrea Navarro’s eye-catching abstract on Wither Road is, along with the other cabinet art projects, a small but powerful way for local artists to put their stamp on the region, Councillor Jonathan Rosene said.

Control of aquatic weeds in rivers and watercourses Rivers Herbicide Injection Programme Council’s rivers injection programme for the control of aquatic weeds in rivers and watercourses is being applied from 1 November 2023. Injection will take place in Council maintained rivers and watercourses on the Lower Wairau Plains and include portions of Spring Creek, Ōpaoa River, Taylor River, Tuamarina River and Murphys Creek.

Persons using water from rivers or watercourses in the area for irrigation or stock use should take particular note and obtain further details regarding injection in particular areas by contacting Council’s office. Any enquiries should be directed to Gregor Punzel at Council’s office, Ph: 03 520 7400.

“Expression through artistic endeavour, and interpretation of an artist’s work, are valuable ways to add depth to a community’s culture,” he said. “There is courage in artistic expression and putting a unique personal ability on display for strangers to judge must be daunting, so I’d like to thank all of the artists for sharing their brave and inspired talents with us.” Clr Rosene said the standard of applications was very high and he hoped all artists would continue to apply for future opportunities to showcase their talent. Andrea says her ‘Town People on the Bus’ work is about people. “People on the bus going to work and school,” she said. “It looks like an everyday simple activity, but I represent it with vibrant and beautiful colours.” Seven more cabinets will be painted by different

Andrea Navarro’s vibrant abstract painting on a Wither Road Chorus cabinet. artists in Marlborough in coming months. Chorus partnered with Council to beautify cabinets across the district and put the call out to local artists earlier this year. More than 40 high standard applications were received presenting a challenge for the allocation group to make a decision, showing the depth of talent in Marlborough Clr Rosene said. The painted cabinets bring colour and liveliness to the streets, often telling stories about the communities in which they are located, and help to discourage tagging.


The Sun

one on one with the Sun

8 Wednesday October 18, 2023

Holistic needs for the Pelorus Community The Pelorus Area Health Trust is extending its reach. Members of the Board of Trustees spoke to Chris Valli about making connections and helping people. The Pelorus Area Health Trust (PAHT) has always worked with the Havelock Medical Centre, private practitioners and Te Whatu Ora to ensure that healthcare is provided to this widespread and rural community. The trust gives out donations and grants to fund various health initiatives in the Pelorus area. Money earned from its small second-hand shop in Havelock has been given to organisations including the Helicopter Rescue organisations, Hospice Marlborough, Fare-well Trust and the likes of small communities throughout the Sounds running first aid or mental health workshops, exercise programmes for the elderly and children, and receiving partial funding for AED units. This year has seen a change in focus for the Health Trust. It is now operating some direct initiatives itself, in order to plug some gaps in what the board sees are needs in the community. “It is all about making connections and helping people who may not know where else to turn” says the Board of Trustees (Glenda Davies, Kerry Ellis, Val Seatter and Helen McLean). Glenda Davies, the Chair of PAHT is the driving force behind the Hot Soup run that has been operating for a year now in the Havelock, Okaramio and Canvastown areas. Hot soup is made and sent out in thermoses along with a bread roll and a sweet treat to those who may appreciate a hot meal. The volunteer drivers while delivering also provide

some company and can check on any other needs the recipients might have. The hot soup is now made and distributed from the newly established Pelorus Community Lounge at the rear of 64 Main Rd, Havelock. The warm and cosy lounge is a place for community groups to have a meeting, for people to drop in to find out some health information, have a cuppa and a chat with the Lounge volunteer, or in the future, come along for a meal and some activities.

“We now need more volunteers than ever” PAHT Board of Trustees at a recent Strategic Planning meeting- L-R: Helen McLean, Kerry Ellis, Val Seatter and Glenda Davies.

“There are quite a few people in our region who don’t get the chance to mix with others for one reason or another. They may be housebound or not have family nearby. Maybe they have lost their spouse recently and are struggling on their own, or they are the fulltime carer of their spouse and need a break,” says Val Seatter, Vice-Chair of the PAHT. “We would like to provide this welcoming space where they can come and download or meet new friends or just have some time out,” says Val. “We have an open house policy for everyone in our Community Lounge and on the Hot Soup Run. We want to assist all ages and all people who may be facing challenges.” Kerry Ellis, a PAHT Trustee, says the

soup run is not just for the elderly. The Lounge will also be used to run St John’s courses on first aid refreshers, mental health awareness, how to use a defibrillator, and also for Pet Therapy sessions to be held. “It is a great space for St John’s to bring their pet therapy dogs to interact with the elderly or sick. It is such an amazing service and with this safe space it will provide comfort and laughter”, says the PAHT Administrator Jenny Garing. Attached to the Community Lounge in Havelock is an extension of the small second-hand shop next door.

The Charity Shop has grown to now having a separate clothing and accessories shop next to the lounge, with the smaller shop now housing homewares, books, linen, tools and plants. “This expansion in space will mean we can offer more things at really reasonable prices to our community, while at the same time gathering more funds to give back through health initiatives” Jenny says. Last year the Trust gave out $29,000 in donations, and they hope this can be expanded in the future. “Our expansion in terms of shop space also offers opportunities

in terms of the services we may be able to provide for our wider community; which is exciting and very satisfying, but at the same time brings new challenges,”says Glenda. “We now need more volunteers than ever to staff the two charity shops and the Community Lounge and to do the Hot Soup Run. These volunteers are the engine and the heart of all of the services we provide, and they are so proud to be helping to make a difference on our community”. The PAHT can be reached on 03 574 1356. The Community Lounge hours are Monday to Friday 10am to 3pm.

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Wednesday October 18, 2023

Think new friends in every neighbour.


Live where like minds live. At Summerset we believe in living like a true village. Where people meet, talk and laugh with one another, and every new neighbour has the potential to become an old friend. Love the life you choose Summerset Blenheim 03 520 6042 summerset.co.nz/blenheim


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10 Wednesday October 18, 2023


81 Market Street, Blenheim | 03 577 7111 | www.bfc.co.nz *Discount off original retail. Excludes items already reduced and gift vouchers.

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Wednesday October 18, 2023


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The Top Home Building Trends of 2023 Home building trends continue to positively impact the way we live and build, depending of course on one’s budget in what has been a tough 12 months with the increased cost of living. However, the top home building trends this year have had a huge impact in residential construction. Open spaces, ample natural light, energy-efficient design, welcoming kitchens, and seamless indoor-outdoor integration is definitely at the forefront of building conversations and how of course to implement one’s vison with their own budget. Bringing the Outside In There is a growing movement towards biophilic design: bringing the outside in. Biophilic design is an environmental architectural style that highlights the buildings natural qualities. The idea is that the design mimics the outdoor environment’s

Smart home technology has become the norm.

Natural light and earthy colours are still very much ‘on trend’.

shapes, textures and colours to make the occupants feel more in tune with their environment. This 2023 home building trend is here to stay. Key features include: ‍Natural Light: Relying more on natural light than artificial; skylights, suntubes, large windows etc ‍Earthy Colours: Colours such as green, grey, brown and other

automated features (such as lighting, heating, audio and security) operating under a single system or using something new. Smart home technologies continue to be developed and improved to make your life easier. Social Kitchens As the saying goes, the kitchen really is the heart of the home. Kitchens are a space where family

earthy tones that appear most often in nature ‍Greenery: Lots of plants occupy biophilic buildings. They bring life and improve the homes air quality. Smart-home Technology This year has bought home-living into the future, with cool smarthome technologies available for every budget. Whether it is having all your

and friends gather over food, entertainment and conversation. It is important this space accommodates the flow of people and practicality with ease and efficiency. Is there adequate benchtop space, deep storage cabinets, a large benchtop island, open-plan kitchen layout and low-maintenance, easy-clean work surfaces and appliances?

ARE YOU ELIGIBLE FOR A HEAT PUMP GRANT? Cuddon is a government approved provider for the warmer kiwi homes programme. Contact us to check your eligibility.

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83a Cleghorn St, Redwoodtown

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12 Wednesday October 18, 2023

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Knowledgeable Local Experts

We cover all areas oF landscaping From: • General landscaping • Irrigation • Slope stabilisation • Pergolas • Lawns/hydroseeding • Fencing • Retaining walls • Paving/concreting • Outdoor construction • Decking • Landscape supplies

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Creating custom spaces - KLT Architects Designing a new home or renovating an existing one can be a daunting task but hugely satisfying when done right. KLT Architects can help you navigate the process whilst delivering an exceptional design solution to meet your needs, budget and aesthetic. We specialise in residential, small commercial and education facility architecture with projects ranging from new builds, additions, and renovations to school alterations. Whilst KLT Architects is a relatively new architecture firm, operating in Marlborough now for two years, our Director and Registered Architect Keryn Thompson has 25 + years’ experience in the industry. Incorporating energy efficiency into our designs to create warm, energy efficient homes and buildings is important to us, and Keryn is currently studying towards becoming a Certified Passive House Designer. Our team creates high-quality bespoke architectural designs offering our clients practical solutions which meet their needs and wants, taking into account site location and characteristics. Services include helping with site selection, concept design through to detailed design and documentation for the Building Consent

process, along with construction observation during building. If you have a project you’d like to discuss, get in touch, we’d love to chat.

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Wednesday October 18, 2023


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Sustainability a key feature Come to us for the One of the biggest home building trends in 2023 continues to be sustainability. As the demand for green architecture grows, so does the desire for renewable, low-maintenance features. Key sustainable home features include: Solar Energy and Passive Design: The implementation of solar power enhances the energy and cost efficiency of your home. By investing in solar energy during your build process, you will not only save on your upfront costs but also reap the cost savings from the get-go. High-Performance Windows: Windows are responsible for over 50% of lost energy in our homes. By investing in new window technology, you can limit energy loss and

increase individual comfort. Energy-Efficient Appliances: Choosing appliances with high energy efficiency ratings allows you to invest in your home and the environment. Renewable & Low-Maintenance Materials: Stone, brick, wood and recycled materials are becoming increasingly popular as ways to retain building longevity. They require less replacement and maintenance, minimising the need for new materials and wastage long-term. EV Charging Stations: As electric car sales sky-rocket, so does the need for the home-infrastructure to support it via fast charging ports. It is important to include this when building for either your current car or for future proofing.

right adviCe

We have created new glass solutions specifically for Marlborough conditions to provide superior insulation for your home, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. Scan the QR code to go straight to our FREE ONLINE GLASS SELECTOR. Your trusted local Glass Company for 50 years When experience counts talk to us

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Para genuine round Pool Packages

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14 Wednesday October 18, 2023

FUN on the WATER Summer fun and water safety in Marlborough

Sounds Marinas gearing up for another busy summer By Chris Valli

The team at Marlborough Sounds Marinas are preparing for another busy summer with forecasts predicting a hot and dry season, and a bit of wind providing optimal boating conditions.


BE PREPARED FOR THE UNEXPECTED When you’re miles away from civilisation and cell phone reception is nonexistent, having a beacon could save a life - yours! Available for hire from Picton Sports World SALE 8 High St, Picton PRICE ph 03 573 6963 $515 And for sale on www.locatorbeacons.co.nz

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The completion of the new marina in Queen Charlotte Sound, Waikawa North West, has provided an additional 251 berths serving the region, with many berth holders from Marlborough, but some from as far away as Auckland and Christchurch choosing to berth their vessels in Waikawa to enjoy the Marlborough Sounds. Marinas manager Anouk Euzeby says with the completion of the new marina, they have been pleased to be able to offer berths for those who have been on the waiting list for many years. Anouk says they still have some berths 14 - 18m available for visiting and casual vessels this summer. Construction of the new marina began just prior to the first Covid lockdown in 2020, and the finishing touches are just being put in place and all jetties now open. “We are also expecting a busy season with trailer boats, so our marinas team have been hard at work preparing our launching and parking facilities ahead of the boating season,” Anouk says. Meanwhile, Envirohub Marlborough has thanked locals who weren’t deterred by the elements last Sunday and braved the four seasons to help out at their Picton Spring Clean. Families and children helped out and with the combined effort with the underwater clean-up crew thanks to Waikawa Dive Centre who had three boats of divers and


The completion of the new marina in Queen Charlotte Sound, Waikawa North West, has provided an additional 251 berths serving the region, with many berth holders from Marlborough.

snorkelers helping out. The largest item was a collection of a roller-door hauled from the depths of the ocean while two awesome lads in their land crew hauled out and returned a shopping trolley from one of the creek beds. Environhub Marlborough says they noted a drastic decrease in litter on the land clean up. They did say, they collected just under half a skip of rubbish, so always room for improvement. They’d like to thank Wilderness Guides Marlborough Sounds for taking shelter under their awning and Port Marlborough for supplying them with the food for the BBQ. They’d also like to acknowledge Crafar Crouch for providing the skip and the MDC for assisting with the disposal.

Dylan and Blake Kirby with the trolley they pulled out of the sea.

Engineering support for the aquaculture industry from Aquafarm to Factory

Aquaserv provide maintenance and support services to the aquaculture industry. Outboard and inboard motor sales, service and parts. Honda Marine, Mercury Marine and Scania main agents.

p. 03 574 2337 e. workshop@aquaserv.nz

Havelock Marina www.aquaserv.nz

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Wednesday October 18, 2023 15

FUN on the WATER Summer fun and water safety in Marlborough

Waikawa Women’s Regatta a great success The 2023 Evolution Sails Women’s Regatta was hosted by Waikawa Boating Club Friday 15th to Sunday 17th September and was attended by 250 women from all over New Zealand, the vast majority from outside Marlborough. Despite the drizzle and cold Southeasterly a great time was had, and a big thank you is due to all the local business that supported this. Waikawa Boating Club would like to acknowledge the Support of Evolution Sails, the main Sponsor for three years, the Yachting NZ Grant to support women’s sailing events, and a Ti Tauihu Grant, via MDC and Destination Marlborough. The support of these sponsors and many local businesses help to make the event the success that it is, and plans are afoot for the 2024 Regatta. RIGHT: Division 1 winner, Yo McGill. On being congratulated, Yo commented: “Every boat has its day and Saturday was definitely a big boat day, it was such fun and our crew were just in awe of the whole event and how it was run. Huge logistics behind the scenes, so big congrats to the organisers.”

Waikawa Boating Club Yacht Racing Results Race 1 of the Marlborough Sounds Marinas Spring Twilight Series, 3rd Oct 2023. South East 15 to 20 Knots Div 1 - 12 Yachts 1st Prime Suspect - David Gillies 2nd Oldsmobile - Aaron Blackmore Joint 3rd Global - David Grigg, and Ran - Matt and Chris Cameron Div 2 - 10 Yachts 1st Reotahi - Peter Broad 2nd Imagine It - Terry Allen 3rd Freaky - Rob and Mandy Carpenter Div 3 (White Sails only) - 6 Yachts 1st Bandit - David Morga 2nd Felice - Mike Williams 3rd Satin Sheets - Tim Armstrong Race 2 of the Marlborough

YOUR MOORING EXPERTS We pride ourselves on providing excellent service is all aspects of mooring installation, service & salvage in the Pelorus, Queen Charlotte, D’Urville & Nelson areas. Moorings are serviced to the Marlborough District Council requirements & specifications. Talk to our knowledgeable team about all your mooring needs and enjoy great service at a fair price. PLUS we can deliver or collect just about anything, including building supplies, gravel, fertiliser & stock.

For all on water logistics call us, thinking outside the square is our specialty! South End of the marina, Havelock Ph 03 574 2434 • www.johnsonsbargeservice.co.nz

< Take a closer look with our virtual tour For more information visit the website >

Sounds Marinas Spring Twilight Series, 10th Oct 2023. South East 15 to 20 Knots Div 1 - 14 Yachts 1st Ran - Matt and Chris Cameron 2nd Bluebird - Bob and Jenny Crum 3rd Oldsmobile - Aaron Blackmore Div 2 - 8 Yachts 1st Imagine It - Terry Allen 2nd Reotahi - Peter Broad 3rd Portafortuna - Clive Harragan Div 3 (White Sails only) - 6 Yachts 1st Felice - Mike Williams 2nd Ricochet - Pip Maslin 3rd Satin Sheets - Tim Armstrong Thank you to our sponsor for this series Marlborough Sounds Marinas

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16 Wednesday October 18, 2023

Caci Clinic


We’re here to empower you with the best advice, skincare and treatments, so you can feel confident in your skin. Book your free consultation today! Caci Blenheim | 14 Market Street


Botulinum toxin injections are prescription medicine for the treatment of frown lines , horizontal forehead lines and crow’s feet round the eyes. Botulinum toxin injections have risks and benefits. Ask your doctor if botulinum toxin injection is right for you. If you have side effects, see your doctor. You will need to pay for your botulinum toxin injection and clinic fees will apply. For details on precautions & side effects consult your doctor or go to www.medsafe.govt.nz . Botulinum toxin injections lasts about 4 months and further courses of treatment may be necessary. Should only be administered by trained medical professionals.



When it comes to enhancing your natural beauty and achieving radiant, youthful skin, Caci is the forefront of advanced skincare treatments. This month Caci New Zealand were awarded Remix Magazine Reader’s Choice ‘Best Beauty Destination for 2023’, they have held this award since 2017 providing #SkinConfidence all over the country. With a reputation for excellence and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Caci offers a range of cutting-edge therapies designed to rejuvenate your skin. Let’s explore some of their most sought-after treatments, including their new Laser Facial, Photo Rejuvenation, Microneedling, and Fractional CO2 Laser! The Laser Facial combines a chemical peel and the benefits of thermal laser to provide a deep cleanse, exfoliation and stimulate skin cell turnover plus our skin’s natural healing function for an overall reset leaving you with a healthy, fresh glow - with no down time needed! It has been very popular since its recent launch, as customers on their Reformaskin membership are loving the ability to upgrade their treatments! Photo Rejuvenation encourages the production of collagen in the skin, for a more youthful appearance. It uses a pulsed light which safely pulses high-energy light beams through the skin surface, targeting skin pigmentation in the underlying tissue and minor surface blood vessels. The light wavelengths are attracted to the melanin (pigment in the skin) and to oxy-haemoglobin (red blood). This pulsed light treatment generates heat and stimulates an inflammatory response in the skin, triggering a healing process that results in a reduction of pigment and red blood vessels. Once the pigment has been targeted, it comes to the surface of the skin, which then flakes away, leaving an improved skin texture and complexion. Microneedling is an incredible treatment for all types of skincare concerns ranging from acne scars to breakouts, but it is also an amazing option for collagen stimulation. This treatment uses micro needles at varying lengths to penetrate the skin, triggering our body’s own wound-healing response. As we just learnt, when our skin is damaged, it produces new and improved collagen tissue.

Healthline, Pharmacists, GP or GP Practice Nurse, and Urgent After Hours GP offer professional health advice. If you arrive at Wairau Hospital’s Emergency Department with a non-urgent health concern you may be referred to your GP.

Vitamins and amino acids are the building blocks for collagen production; during a Microneedling treatment, a combination of hyaluronic acid, multivitamins and amino acids are infused to boost collagen production even more for healthier-looking skin. Because Microneedling is a slightly more intensive treatment, it’s crucial that you are choosing your provider wisely. You really can’t put a price on your safety - or your skin! Be sure to do your research before jumping under the needle to avoid any untoward results. Fractional CO2 Laser is Caci’s most advanced skin treatment, it uses controlled damage which will cause our bodies to start producing all that collagen tissue we love to be stronger and firmer than before. The treatment uses a carbon dioxide laser that works to tighten, resurface, and strengthen the skin by removing small plugs of skin. This process helps to address skin elasticity, scarring and fine lines and wrinkles. The small areas of the skin are removed and promote healing. This pulls the skin together and strengthens its integrity. The healing process is the part that helps to create more collagen. Discover the transformative power of Caci’s advanced treatments and unlock your skin’s true potential!

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The Sun

Wednesday October 18, 2023 17

txt talk with The Sun

Talk of the week


Re: Library Name

Saw four men in Picton today, putting up a new Interislander sign, one up the ladder, one holding the ladder, one for pedestrian control and one leaning against a wall in case one should fall. Really!!! Sadly yes.

I know this is getting tiresome for some of us, but if people would take the time to understand - the name on the building is the name of the building itself. Te Kahu o Waipuna encompasses the Art Gallery and the Library. The library is still called Marlborough District Libraries which also encompasses Picton Library. If you look on the doors as you walk in you will see the name in English. If you Google the Library it is also in Te Reo and English.

New plants

Recycling Just saw my rubbish plus recycling from bin go into the truck again. Funny that cause in the Sun paper it says that they have the guys and trucks now. Not going to waste my time from now on. It’s a JOKE !!!!!

Great to see the old Garden Centre on Old Renwick Road open again, many new plants not seen or heard of before at really good prices.

Road tax Unacceptable Whatever you do in Redwoodtown don’t have an accident or fall. My friend had a fall and got a nasty cut on her hand, went to the doctors surgery and because she wasn’t a patient, they refused to see her. That is absolutely beyond belief!!!!! This lady is in her eighties!!!!!!

Te Reo You people who complain about the Te Reo name on the building that houses our new library. You just don’t get it! The whole building is called Te Kahu o Waipuna. It houses our library, art gallery, community meeting rooms, a cafe. Other buildings in town are named. Porse House and Rangitane House, they each house a whole range of different tenants.

Extinguish Racism in NZ Please A huge, compassionate appeal to our new Government.....Please repeal and remove all taxpayer funded racially separate and divisive entities expendentially. Or alternatively, establish totally equal entities for all NZ Citizens as well as those of Pasifika, Maori Origin..i.e.African, Antarctica, Asian, Australian, European, Nth American and Sth American. In other words, total equality for all!

Re: Another shocker Injustice in the courts - been happening for years. If it’s a celeb or international sports star, chances are they will be treated way more leniently by the Judiciary than the rest of us plebs, whose careers don’t mean diddley squat, in comparison to the overpaid thespians and sports people, where a conviction and name reveal might harm their career or blow their chance to travel overseas. Too bad! We should all be treated equally none of this “prima donna” favouritism!

Do folks realise you pay road tax on petrol for your lawn mower, weed eater, grass trimmer, chainsaw, leaf blower - all to keep the roadside and footpaths neat, clean and clear for ‘real traffic’! (tax free EV’s exempt) But, take that tax off, and wow. Another glass darling!

Re: Not happy How utterly pathetic, racism? It’s the people insisting on Te Reo that are displaying racism, and in fact a great deal of manipulation, wanting to control the whole country. Look in the mirror.

Deepest Sympathies My thoughts go out to all the innocent people and families affected by the Israel conflict. So horrible. And to see children wielding weapons in celebration, how dare people brainwash future generations

Thank you Thank you to the young man called Alex who took time out of his day to assist my elderly father home with his groceries around Munroe St. We as a family appreciate his thoughtfulness.

Re: New citizens Those people already live here. I have lived in Blenheim for 6 years on many different visas and still need to wait another 4 years to be eligible for citizenship. Worked full time the whole time I’ve been here paying tax, so some “kiwis” can stay at home doing nothing, living the winz life. Get your facts right.

Sprinklers Why is it that on a beautiful day like it was on Friday, some folks feel the need to put their sprinklers on their lawns in the middle of the day watering the road and footpath!!!!! Crazy.


Elections NZ got the govt that the media sold it in the last two elections and the media has never been held to account. Bill English was cast as boring and old; Jacinda as caring and competent (yeah right). Paddy Gower TV3, US election, awaiting Clinton’s victory speech, oops, wrong call! Totally misread the people. MSM - this is not reality TV, it’s our lives.

Why do our rates keep going up so much when there are more subdivisions so more people paying. Just got my house value from council. They think its gone up 100,000 what a load of s... Just means more rates.

We welcome your texts on 027 242 5266. Limit to 70 words please. We reserve the right to publish at our discretion. Please note the opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Sun management.

Re: Negative comments Not up to Winston Just read in Marlborough Express Monday after elections, them saying if history repeats itself Peters will wait to negotiate!! IT IS NOT IN HIS COURT TO START ANY NEGOTIATIONS!! They are waiting for special votes, we are told till 3rd November. Repeat, it’s NOT up to Winston!!

Re: Taxes Could not agree more. We need to pay Councillors expenses this term and the logical way is to enact legislation to get the hundreds of thousands; increasing and NEVER actioned; of taxes/rates owed locally and in the Sounds, also reimbursing for the ‘free’ new roads! Well said sir! They say they cannot find them, yet they pay power and vote - GOTCHA!

Sorry, I meant it in jest about going back to Europe, well except the handful of New Zealanders who have been living under a rock all their lives and hate other people simply because they look different!

Flu disappearance There were very few cases of flu reported around the world for the first 2 years of Covid. How did that happen? Perhaps they changed the flu shots to just Saline solution? Why would they do that? The 3rd stage trial had begun with the rollout of the “vaccine” to the world and they would not have wanted the flu confusing the results. So, think “Infection by Injection”!! Our mongrel government has still been pushing the boosters, although they have dropped the Safe and Effectiveness narrative.

Hamas It is unbelievable what Hamas has done to Israel and it’s people. So evil. The country of Israel was given to them by God himself. The borders and title deed is recorded in scripture 3,000 years ago. Today much of that land is used by bordering countries. The land Israel has today is the size of Canterbury and has a population of over 9 million people. Since becoming a nation again, they have worked tirelessly to cultivate land laid waste for centuries and feed their people, export flowers etc. They have blessed the world with Nobel prizes etc like no other country. God promised to bless them and they bless the world. Thank you Israel.

239 25 25 5 201 239 $20 25 25 price /2 25



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Right now at Guthrie Bowron, buy 4L’s of selected Dulux® paint and get the second half price , plus 25% off a wide range of wallpaper . Inspiration starts here, at your local Guthrie Bowron.

The Sun

18 Wednesday October 18, 2023

5 minutes with..

Exclusive Interview!

Bayley Dewe Bayleys Marlborough

 Are you a dog or cat person? Dog.  My friends would say I am Passionate and work focused.  The best advice I ever received was? Treat people the way you want to be treated.  What would you buy if money was no object? A waterfront bach in the Marlborough Sounds with a golden sandy beach.  Local coffee haunt? Thomas’s Café.  Favourite takeaway? Chinese – can’t go past sweet and sour pork.  The shop you can’t walk past is? Thomas’s.  What’s the most thoughtful gift you’ve ever received? A ring for my 21st, remade from my great Nana’s rings.  Where is your happy holiday place? Anywhere with warm weather.  Favourite programme or series currently watching? Alone.  What’s one thing on your bucket list? To travel around Europe.

gardening this week Pollination: By Wally Richards I wrote an article on pollination and published in February this year as a number of gardeners were concerned that fruit was not setting, in particular zucchini and pumpkins, and now we have a new season in front of us it would be a good time to repeat the subject. Besides there are a lot more new subscribers to my weekly email due I think to the gardening sessions I do with Rodney Hide on Radio Reality Check through the Internet. https://realitycheck. radio/ So here we go........ Most plants flower to produce seeds so their line will continue through their off-spring. When it comes to our gardening efforts we want plants such as tomatoes, zucchini and pumpkins to produce fruit which in every case contain the seeds for the next generation of those plants. When pollination does not happen then the fruit will only develop a little and then rot. Pollination is the act of transferring pollen grains from the male anther of a flower to the female stigma. The goal of every living organism, including plants, is to create offspring for the next generation. One of the ways that plants can produce offspring is by making seeds. Every year I receive inquiries about what is wrong with my zucchini/pumpkin/melon/cucumber? They flower and the fruit appears and then it goes yellow and rots? The reason is that the female stigma did not receive a few grains of pollen from the male flower anther. When it comes to the likes of pumpkins, melons and zucchini I always hand pollinate to be sure of a fruit set. Best done in the morning where you check your plants for female flowers. That is the flower that has the embryo fruit behind the petals. When you find one or more then you look for a young male flower which does not have the embryo fruit, but has anther that is covered with pollen. I prefer to pick the male flower and remove the petals exposing the anther. Then I rub the anther against the stigma, thus pollinating it and setting the fruit. Bees, bumble bees and some other flying insects may do this for you as there is a little nectar that the flowers produce to encourage

the flying insects to visit and move pollen from flower to flower. Now things don’t always work as you would like them to work and sometimes a fruiting plant does not produce any flowers. This can happen if the plant does not get enough direct sunlight, there is not sufficient energy to produce flowers. It can also happen if the plant is well feed and well watered instead of flowering it will vegetate producing lots of new foliage minus any flowers. I call them Fat Cats, well feed and very lazy. It could also mean that there is a lack of potash so it pays to sprinkle some Wallys Fruit and Flower Power onto the soil at the time flowering should start. NOTE This... any Curcubitaceae family member which is a large family that includes melons, cucumbers, zucchini and squashes you can take male pollen from say a pumpkin flower and fertilise a female zucchini flower to set the fruit. Then we have self-pollinating, self-fertile and self-fruitful all mean the same thing. You can plant a self-fertile tree and expect it to pollinate itself and set fruit alone (for example, peaches, cherries, apricots). Self-fertilisation, fusion of male and female gametes (sex cells) produced by the same individual. Self-fertilisation occurs in bisexual organisms, including most flowering plants, numerous protozoans, and many invertebrates. Tomatoes are not pollinated by bees instead it is air movement on a sunny day that will do the job. In a glasshouse or even outdoors its a good idea in the middle of a sunny day give the plants a gentle shake to set the fruit. To grow tomatoes in the cooler months or though winter you need types that will produce pollen in the colder times to have fruit set. Summer growing tomatoes will survive with protection but may not produce fruit. Winter ones are Russian Red and Sub Arctic Plenty (from Kings Seeds), the world’s earliest tomato, bred for the U.S. Greenland military bases to endure extremely cold climates and producing concentrated clusters of medium, good flavored, red fruit that ripen almost simultaneously. A very small plant with compact habit so excellent for anyone interested in growing in pots. Determinate.

Blossom end rot on tomatoes is the dark patch under the fruit that is the result of lack of moisture to move the calcium at fruit set time. The fruit sets but the bottom has the dark patch. After picking, the bottom part can be cut off and the rest of the tomato eaten. If not done the whole tomato will rot on vine or in a container after picking. Tomatoes grown in containers are prone to this problem as they dry out quickly in hot weather and need watering like two or three times a day. A large saucer under the container that is full of water will help. Corn is another one that depends on lots of sun and a bit of a breeze to move the pollen from the male stalks at the top down onto the ‘silks’ of the female cobs. Planting lots of sweet corn plants in groups but not too close to each other will help. On a still sunny day you can shake the plants to allow the pollen to drift down onto the silks. Corn varieties will easily cross pollinate if grown near each other so keep your pop corn, ornamental corn and maize types well away from your sweet corn. To sum up with fruiting vegetables and fruit we want them to be pollinated and set fruit for our food chain. But in our flower garden the reverse applies - we don’t want the flowers to be pollinated because once that happens the petals fall off and a seed pod forms. If like on lilies, you were to carefully cut off the male anthers to prevent pollination then your flowers would last a lot longer. Once the flowers on a plant have set then if you cut them off the plant (we call it dead heading) then

the plant is likely to produce more flowers as it wants to produce seeds. We do that with roses to encourage a second flush and not only do we cut off the dead flowers and the rose hips (that’s the seed pod), we cut back the stem a little to encourage new growth which can also produce new flowers. Some gardeners use a small soft brush to collect pollen from male flowers to fertilise the females and that is a nice way of achieving fruit set. Fruit trees that flower but produce no mature fruit maybe because of a lack of pollinators such as honey bees or bumble bees - it pays to use a brush between some of the flowers on a sunny day to set some fruit on the lower branches. Having flowering plants will attract honey bees to your bee loving plants but not to your fruit tree as bees are selective and generally speaking will work one type of flower only at any given time. Bumble Bees are not so selective and will work several different types of flowers as available. Figs are very different: The crunchy little things that you notice when eating a fig are the seeds, each corresponding to one flower. Such a unique flower requires a unique pollinator. All fig trees are pollinated by very small wasps of the family Agaonidae. The pollinators of fig tree flowers are tiny gall wasps belonging to several genera of the hymenopteran family Agaonidae. Gravid female gall wasps enter a developing syconium through a minute pore (the ostiole) at the end opposite the stem. The wasp is long gone by the time the fig crosses your lips. Figs produce a chemical called “ficin” that breaks down the wasp bodies. Nature is so resourceful.


now from from$185,000 $195,000 Available now Independent living in a beautiful environment • Superb outlook - Tastefully refurbished • Ground floor indoor/outdoor flow • Care packages to suit individual needs

Ashwood Park offers all the choices and amenities you could ever ask for in one convenient location. 118 - 130 Middle Renwick Road, Springlands | ph 03 577 9990 | ashwoodpark.co.nz

The Sun

Wednesday October 18, 2023 19

Spring Show

Rapaura School held their annual Spring Show last Friday to much enthusiasm and excitement. It was a glorious day for the wider community with tamariki encouraged to bring along their pets and animals to join in the day.

CALFTASTIC: Chevyann Case and Ruby Taylor with Brownie the calf.

Out & About ...with The Sun your local paper

Have an event ? Contact 03 5777 868

FEED THE BINS: Cooper Morrison gets his message across.

Tom, Willa and Charlie McRae with Koko the dog.

SPRING SHOW HAPPINESS: Amelia Rojas Beque, Charlie Salwey, Harriet d’Auvergne, Lachlan Simmonds, Samuel Wilson and Louis Ryan.

The Rapaura School community watching the delights in the lamb drinking competition.

Monty Muir, Fergus McLauchlan, Blake Williams and Carter Lang with their tinfoil athlete creations.

Georgie Griffiths and Aria Altschwager with Summer the Lamb.

Teachers and judges Honour Welbourn and Debbie Godsiff talk to Lachlan Simmonds.


d n e k e We Sunday 29 October Fast10 Race Day First Race 3.30pm (Gold coin entry) Exciting new concept - 8 races with 10 horses in each, all mobile sprint races with 20 minutes between races.

nd eke e W y r rsa orough Annive ! Marlb un

e joy th n e d n a a r u o k i a K to Come


Monday 30 October First Race 12.00pm ($10 entry) Kids free See the best horses in NZ race in the Alabar Kaikoura Cup, the Your Horse Our Passion IRT South Bay Trotters Cup and the Sires Stakes Aged Classic.

Lots of on-course entertainment for the kids, live music, food court. For all enquiries contact Glenn Hames on 027 203 2746 or kaikouratc@xtra.co.nz

The Sun

20 Wednesday October 18, 2023

Air Conditioning

Carpet install & service




For all your home & business IT needs

FOR ALL THINGS CONCRETE Complete Site Preparation and Excavation Services


Call us now!

Concrete Placing Driveways • Form Work Exposed Concrete Concrete Stamping Concrete Cutting Core Drilling


027 334 4720 • 03 577 9238

Ph: (03) 577 9498 17 Kinross Street




forklift hire



Ph 0800 080096 or 021 264 8235 steve@premierpainting.co.nz

garage doors


ExcEllEncE in AutomobilE DEtAiling • Professional Exterior & Interior Detailing • Upholstery Shampooing • Buffing & Polishing • Pick up & delivery

We service all Commercial Kitchen & Laundry equipment. Local agent for Starline Dishwashers.

30+ Years in the Automotive Industry

Ph: 579 4445

Ph Aaron 027 256 0808 aaron@carspa.page carspa-detailing.com


Casual or Long Term Rentals Maintenance & Repair Services Locally Owned and Operated

Phone: 579 2921

21 Redwood St, Blenheim www.forklifthireservices.co.nz


gates GATES


• Sectional Doors • Roller Doors • Tilt Doors • Commercial Doors • Gate Systems • Garage Door Openers 41 Grove Road BLENHEIM Ph 578 8251 info@dominatorblenheim.co.nz


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577 7868 for detAils

Moving / Storage

Classic Gates

Gas Appliance Installation & Servicing Gas Water Heating General Plumbing Maintenance Blocked Drain Cleaning CCTV Camera Inspections

021 445 489 www.pandk.org



YOUR BUSINESS Advertise on the sun’s

Trades & services



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Let us help you get to where you want to be!

6 Nelson St, Blenheim

Phone us on 03 579 5154

Ph/Fax 578 0374 a/h 021 838 550

panel & paint


TREE CARE YES We Repair Everyday Vehicles


Local, National, International Moves and Storage

Powdercoating Gates, Fencing Furniture Pool Fences


CAll us todAy

Blenheim’s only locally owned movers!

See the experts for:

Panel & Paint Approved Gold Repairer for Classic Cover Insurance • Panel and paint specialists • Plastic welding • Large and small repairs • Fully equipped paint booth • Touch-ups and full re-sprays • Insurance work

Tree Removal Height Reduction Trimming/Thinning Branch Chipping Hedge Trimming Line Clearance Stump Grinding Mulch Supplies Fully Insured FREE QUOTES

Call Steve today

021 625 378

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info@classicandcustom.co.nz | classicandcustom.co.nz | 3 Warwick Street

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Advertise your business & services in Marlborough’s best read newspaper Delivered into over 19,000 Marlborough homes every week. Ask us about our fantastic cost effective packages that really work!

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Blenheim Marlborough

The Sun

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Situations Vacant

ESS At RNZAF WOODBOURNE We are looking for 2x enthusiastic Permanent Full Time Catering Assistants to work at our site at NZDF Woodbourne in Blenheim.

Wanted 18yr male old attending NMIT at Woodbourne airbase from Feb 2024 seeks place in est.flat. ns, nd, nv, sociable. Will consider private board. Contact Russell 0210342563

From 30hrs a week, rostered across a 7 day week Roster on weekends rotation,with flexibility to suit your lifestyle. Our amazing Kitchen Team is in also un need of 2x Full-Time Chef rostered across a 7 day week rotating roster. A rewarding Job/Career serving our Defence Force personnel with Sociable hours including down time over Xmas and New Year. Please contact Ronnie Asciutto on – veronicaasciutto@yahoo.co.nz or call 0210489945 anytime before 5pm.

txt talk

027 242 5266

No previous experience is required for this role as full training will be provided. This role is full time. Those applying should be either a NZ resident or hold a valid working visa. Only those shortlisted will be contacted. Please email your application to jamie@scopesurveying.co.nz by Friday the 27th October.

Please RSVP admin@maataawaka.co.nz by 4pm Friday 3 November for catering purposes if you would like to attend.

Visit us online at


Blenheim Renwick Picton

Permanent part-time position available 3 days a week. Cleaning private homes. Great pay rate, great team.

Phone/Txt 022 322 6515

If interested please contact Donna Jean Mills on 021 046 8046 or email sydneysilkie@gmail.com

Clothing Alterations: by Lynette Atkinson-Parker For your sewing requirements Phone 03 578 1010 or 027 578 1010 Quality Service Guaranteed


Marlborough Freshwater Anglers’ Club

Key Attributes: • Valid NZ Drivers License • Desire to learn and embraces a challenge • Physically fit and enjoys the outdoors

Agenda: • Confirmation of the 16 October 2022 Annual General Meeting minutes • Chairperson’s Report • Financial report • Annual Report • Appointment of Auditor • General Business • Election of Trustees – five vacancies to be elected. Please contact Leona Head leona@maataawaka.co.nz for a nomination form.

Sunshine Cleaning Services

Meet behind the Boathouse Theatre Saturday 21 October, between 9am and noon, to refine your casting or just learn how to do it! Fly and spin rods supplied, or bring your own. Experienced tutors.

The role as a Trainee Technician will initially involve assisting the surveyor, whilst receiving training to become a Surveying Technician. This role will consist of both office and field based duties.

Date: Saturday 11 November 2023 Time: 2.00pm Venue: Maataawaka Ki Te Tau Ihu, 56 Main Street, Blenheim Guest Speaker: To be confirmed

Ryan Lawnmowing

Want to advertise your

Downer Heb JV Community Café

Downer HEB JV are delivering main construction works for the Waitohi Picton Ferry Terminal Precinct Redevelopment (iReX project). Join members of the Downer HEB JV team for a cuppa and a chat

Book your space before 3pm on a Tuesday to run in our Garage Sale Column!

Phone 5777 868

to find out more about construction activities and upcoming works. When:

Wednesday 25 October, 3.00pm – 4.30pm


Le Café, London Quay, Waitohi Picton

Downer HEB JV will be hosting further Community Cafe Sessions at different location on a regular basis throughout the project.

No RSVP required, just drop in!


Public Notices

for freshwater anglers

Scope Surveying is now on the lookout for a Land Surveying Technician Trainee We are an innovative surveying company which provides a variety of surveying services across the region to a broad range of clients.

Nau Mai Haere Mai

Public Notices


Land Surveying Technician Trainee

2023 Annual General Meeting

Public Notices

Wednesday October 18, 2023

The Sun

22 Wednesday October 18, 2023

Death notices KILWORTH, Colleen Margaret (née Jones): On Wednesday October 11, 2023, peacefully with family at her side. Dearly loved wife and best friend of the late Don, dearly loved mother and mother-in-law of Michael and Osmith, Ally, Caralyn and Royden, Philippa and Ross, Sarah and David. Much-loved sister of Robyn, Peter and David. Treasured granny of Nathan, Danielle, Ben, Sophie, Olivia, Laura, Nicholas, Gaby, Alex, Millie, Gracie and Nio. In lieu of flowers, a donation to the Cancer Society would be appreciated and may be made to a/c 060601-0044826-00 Ref. KILWORTH. A family celebration of Colleen’s life has been held. T: 03 578 4719 E: sowmans@funerals.co.nz W: www.sowmans.co.nz

URGENT services Urgent Care Centre: Wairau Hospital Grounds. Entry off Hospital Rd, Blenheim, 8am-8pm daily. Phone (03) 520 6377. Ambulance: Urgent 111. Non urgent 578 0797. Dentist: Wairau Hospital, every Saturday morning, ph (03) 520 9999. After Hours Chemists: Springlands Pharmacy: Monday - Friday 8.30am 6pm. Saturday 9m - 5pm. Sunday 10am 4pm. Public Holidays 10am - 4pm. Closed Christmas Day. ph 578 2271 Community Care Pharmacy: Within the Blenheim Warehouse, open 7 days 9am8pm. Only closed Christmas Day. Lifeline Marlborough: 0800 543354, 24hr helpline. Women’s Refuge and Sexual Violence Support Centre Marlborough: Crisis line number phone 0800 refuge or 03 5779939. Victim Support: 0800 VICTIM (0800 842 846) Alcoholics Anonymous: 0800 AA WORKS - 0800 229 6757. Citizens Advice Bureau: Free, friendly, confidential advice. Mon - Fri 9.30am 4pm. Phone 578 4272. Wairau Hospital: Hospital Visiting Hours: Daily 2.30pm - 8pm, children under 12 may visit parents only. Maternity Ward: 10am-noon, 4pm-7pm. Children's Ward: Daily 10am-8pm. Visiting at all times is subject to the discretion of the nurse in charge of the ward. Picton: Ambulance: Urgent 111. Non-urgent 579 4870. Chemist: Picton Healthcare Pharmacy. Ph 573 6420 Mon -Fri 8.30-5.30pm, Sat 9-2pm. Medical Centre Pharmacy, Ph 928 4265, Mon-Fri 8am-5.30pm

BOYCE: Eldred Elizabeth (née Gardiner). On 14th October 2023 suddenly but peacefully at her home, aged 90 years. A celebration of Eldred’s life will be held at the Springlands Chapel, Cloudy Bay Funeral Services, 15 Boyce Street on Thursday 19 October at 1.00pm followed by interment at the Fairhall Cemetery. The service will be livestreamed and can be viewed on the Cloudy Bay Funeral Services website. Please visit our website for full notice.

Cloudy Bay Funerals 03 578 2004 F.D.A.N.Z.

GOSLING, Graham John “Gos”: Passed away at home, on Monday October 16, 2023. Aged 74 years. Much-loved partner of Carol, loved Dad and father-in-law of Melissa and Jaron; Daniel and Charlotte. Adored Grandpop of Zoe. Beloved brother of Margaret. Treasured uncle of Karen, Michelle and Annette. Admired by his family, friends and community. In lieu of flowers, a donation to the Heart Foundation would be appreciated and may be made at the service or online to a/c 02-0500-0307076-004 Ref. GOSLING. A celebration of Graham’s life will be held at the Port Marlborough Pavilion, 181 Waikawa Road, Picton at 1pm on Friday October 20, followed by private interment. T: 03 578 4719 E: sowmans@funerals.co.nz W: www.sowmans.co.nz

HODGKINSON: Florence Violet (Flo) (nee King). On October 12, 2023 peacefully, surrounded by her family at Ashwood Park Retirement Village. Aged 85 years. Much loved mother and mother-in-law of Rosemary; Neville and Barbara; Darrel and Jo; Leanne and Paul Grout; and Rebecca. Messages to c/- PO Box 9, Blenheim 7240 or www.cloudybayfunerals.co.nz A celebration of Flo’s life has been held. Please visit our website for full notice.

Cloudy Bay Funerals 03 578 2004 F.D.A.N.Z.

SHATFORD: Kathleen Lillian. Peacefully at the Marlborough Hospice, Tuesday 10th October 2023. Dearly loved wife of Brian. A celebration of Kathleen’s life has been held. Please visit our website for full notice.

Cloudy Bay Funerals


03 578 2004 F.D.A.N.Z.

Community notices HORTON, John William: On Sunday October 15, 2023, at home. Aged 84 years. Dearly loved husband for 60 years of Judith, much loved Dad of Rob and Julie, Lynell and John King, Donald and Rachel, Kellie and Craig. Loved Grandad and Great Grandad Johny Boy of Stacey, Josh, Jayden and Sophie, Brooke and Scott, Ricky, Nikita, Kayden, Cooper, Jakobi, Shahn, Lance, Keira, Kassie, Bradley, Anton, Cameron, Paige, Dante, Courtney, Ben, Kobe, Isabella, Kendrick (deceased), and Braden. Messages may be sent to 2/38A Colemans Road, Blenheim. A celebration of John’s life will be held at the Mayfield Chapel, cnr Hutcheson and Parker Streets, Blenheim at 2pm on Thursday October 19, followed by cremation at the Sowman Crematorium. T: 03 578 4719 E: sowmans@funerals.co.nz W: www.sowmans.co.nz

LLOYD - John (Jack) Alexander. Passed from this life to his eternal home on Monday, October 9, 2023 aged 91 years. Loved husband of Valda. “My sheep hear my voice, I know them and they follow Me.” John 10: 27-28. Messages to Cloudy Bay Funeral Services PO Box 9, Blenheim 7240 or www.cloudybayfunerals. co.nz A private burial has been held. Please visit our website for full notice

Cloudy Bay Funerals 03 578 2004 F.D.A.N.Z.

YOUNG: Robin. On 16 October 2023, peacefully at Wairau Hospital with family at his side, in his 89th year. A funeral service for Robin will be held at the Renwick Anglican Church, High Street Renwick on Saturday 21 October at 10.00am followed by interment at the Fairhall Cemetery. Please visit our website for full notice.

Cloudy Bay Funerals

St Andrews Church Would like to thank all those who helped in the success of their Garden tour last weekend, particularly those who loaned their gardens for the two days. Thank you also to those who sponsored the occasion. Congratulations to Angela Ashe-Killen and Jo Blue who won the raffles. Thanks again to everyone for their support.

Share your community events! Community Noticeboard is for non-profit organisations! For $10.00 + GST you can publish up to 25 words. EXCLUDES: AGMS, sporting notices or special meetings. All notices must be pre-paid. Call into our office at 72 High St.

For Sale Avanti "My Ride'' ladies road bike, as new, offers Ph 027 427 2189 Fender 520 watt 6 channel mixer 2 bins, 2 15” speakers, 2 stands and cables $800. 2 800 watt Amps with 4 speaker channels, $200 each amp.

Work Wanted Vineyard owner looking for extra work, spraying, trimming, leaf plucking, specialization narrow rows, Ag gear for land cultivation, removal of old vineyards and establishing new ones. Own vineyard machinery. Tel 0272486070 22 experienced workers available, any work, immediate start. tel 0274571752

AGM Marlborough Colleges Old Girls’ Association. Annual General Meeting, 26th October 2023. 17B Ward Street, 1.30PM.

03 578 2004 F.D.A.N.Z.

In Memoriam

CARPENTER, Andrew Lee: 1/11/71 -17/10/03: Twenty years since the tragic loss of our beloved son and brother Andrew. Forever missed. Glenys, Jim, Paul and Scott and families. GEBBIE, Jennifer: 20.10.2020. The years just get longer without you. Love Donald. LIDDICOAT, Marilyn Eunice, 18-10-2020: Three years today and I still miss you. My eternal love from your twin sister, Neroli.

ACROSS ACROSS 1. Remedial (11) 1. Competent Remedial (11) 7. (7) 7. Bring Competent 11. to bear(7) (5) 11. Bring to bear (5) 12. Imprecise (7) 12. Imprecise (7) 13. Bucketed water-wheel (5) 13. Bucketed water-wheel (5) 14. Chemist shop(U.S.) (9) 14. Chemist shop(U.S.) (9) 15. (9) 15. Stress Stress (9) 16. deer (6) (6) 16. Asian Asian deer 18. (7) 18. Fascinate Fascinate (7) 21. weapons, bear bear ... ... (4) (4) 21. Carry Carry weapons, 23. (3) 23. Sister Sister (3) 25. flap (3) (3) 25. Small Small flap 27. apart (4) (4) 27. Wrench Wrench apart 28. Dupe (7) 30. Sharp scolding (6) (6) 32. Two year-old sheep sheep (3) (3) 33. Seaman(inf) (3) (3) 34. Haggle (6) 35. Relating to origin origin (7) (7) 36. W. Samoan capital capital (4) (4) 37. Finish (3) 39. Exclamation of of surprise surprise (3) (3) 41. Loosen Loosen (4) 41. (4) 43. Learned Learned (7) 43. (7) 45. Unborn Unborn offspring 45. offspring (6) (6) 48. Can Can speak 48. speak two two languages languages (9) (9) 49. N.Z. naval base (9) 49. N.Z. naval base (9)

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By Russell McQuarters By Russell McQuarters

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Wednesday October 18, 2023


Opinion: One of the greatest tests By Chris Valli

Sport can be tough at times and there’s not always a fairytale. Rugby at a world cup is a binary game, you either win or lose. The 78,000 at Stade de France – a sea of green and pockets of black - were treated to a class contest, one of the best in World Cup history, as Ireland and the All Blacks traded punch and counter punch amid a fever-pitch atmosphere that stretched well into added time. 83 minutes, no less. The result certainly doesn’t undermine the last couple of years for the Irish Rugby Team. A consecutive run of 17 test wins but alas, the quarter final hoodoo bites again. What does the number one ranking in the world count for now? It mattered somewhat

going into the tournament, but now? Winning a grand slam and autumn internationals leading into the tournament was a brilliant achievement. The face on Irish fly Jonny Sexton said it all. So close yet so far. A proud Leinster man, the emotion post game was raw, honest. Fine margins and being ‘sucker punched’ was his initial response in an interview, admitting the team had fallen short. As good as the All Blacks were, on the big stage Ireland didn’t deliver. When it counted, it was the New Zealanders who did. The All Blacks showed Ireland a deep respect in the way they prepared for the game… they were up for it. The Irish hardly got a sniff of turnover ball due to the ruthlessness at the breakdown. Sam Cane played the game of his life. Sexton was not hitting the line or the space

that he usually had or does. Sometimes the endings are as tough as the games. You can only ask your team to give everything you’ve got. Both teams gave an example of this. Both were brave. Mako players Leicester Fainga’anuku and Will Jordan scored tries (his 28th in his 29th test) along with Ardie Savea that sent the threetimes champions into the semi-finals for the ninth time and avenged last year’s series loss. The origin of Leicester’s Christian and middle names is an interesting side point. His father Ta’u Fainga’anuku played prop for Tonga in the 1999 world cup. When Tonga beat Italy, at Welford Road Stadium in Leicester, he named his son after the city in honour of the game. Furthermore, Wales was used as one of his middle names as the hosts and Twickenham was named after Twickenham Stadium where Tonga were due to play their

next match. Where the All Blacks play their next match is certain. How good it was to see veteran lock Sam Whitelock throw his body over the ball and earn the match-winning penalty. Every Irish player slumped to the turf in pure agony – unable to believe their reality. The exhausted All Blacks rejoiced. Such are the fine margin emotions of this arena. It was an eighth quarter-final loss for the Irish, ended their winning streak at 17 matches and sent flyhalf Jonny Sexton into retirement without the glittering prize with which he had hoped to crown his career. Ultimately, the AB’s put on a brilliant defensive performance to prevail 28-24 in a titanic World Cup quarter-final, setting up a meeting with Argentina for a place in the final and destroying Irish dreams of a first world title.

Kiwi punter wins $10 million from TAB The old saying, you know the odds now beat them, has come true for an Auckland punter. A New Zealand punter has pulled off one of the greatest feats in horse racing history to win $10 million from the TAB. He did it by predicting the correct finishing order of all 12 horses in the A$20 million Everest horse race at Randwick in Sydney last Saturday in a free competition which was open to New Zealand TAB account holders. In doing so, the punter’s one shot at Marlborough water polo players Koko Wong, Hayley McCormick and goalie Fynn Russell have been selected for New Zealand U16 training camp in Auckland at Labour Weekend.

Water Polo players selected training camp By Chris Valli

Three Marlborough players have been selected for a New Zealand water polo training camp. Hayley McCormick, Koko Wong and goalie Fynn Russell have been recognised with the camp to be held this coming Labour Weekend. Fynn joins a squad of 43 chosen while Hayley and Koko are part of a squad of 37 U16 players. It will be the last opportunity for Hayley and Koko to make the final selection for the girls’ squad. Meanwhile, Marlborough will be hosting the 2023 South Island Junior Senior Secondary Schools Championship from November 21-25. Last year the MGC team came away with gold beating Christchurch’s Villa Maria 4-3 while the MBC team took St Bede’s College all the way to penalties in the finals, coming away with silver. The Marlborough Boys’ squad is cocoached by Patrick Mulcahy and Alastair Keay. Patrick says Marlborough players have punched above their weight at the U16 Division 2 Nationals in Auckland with both the girls’ and boys’ side faced off against tough North Island sides. The girls’ squad is coached by Paul Sell and Eric Munro. “The girls achieved victory against Sea Wolf White 16-8 in the Plate Final, finishing ninth overall. The boys finished a pleasing sixth losing to Tauranga 6-8,” says Patrick.

“We run a league competition on Wednesday evenings mixing our seniors, masters and junior players to ensure that teams are as evenly matched as possible, encouraging the Maori value of tuakana-teina. The nearest competition we have is down in Christchurch. We often travel down for pre-national tournament when building up for the competition.” “We have a number of adult players who use their polo experience on Wednesday league nights and allow the younger players the space to swim up and down the polo pool. We also have a few adults who have tried water polo for the very first time as well.” Most players come from a swimming background. However, Patrick says most have closer ties to football, netball and other team sports. “It seems that the team aspect of all of these sports truly helps develop skills and fitness that benefit other codes of sport,” he says. Marlborough Water Polo are ‘extremely fortunate’ to have the support of various local charities such as the Pelorus Trust, Redwood Trust and Pub Charity. “We also have a fantastic committee who organise various fundraising ventures such as this year putting on a quiz night at the Woodbourne Tavern,” says Patrick. “Marlborough Water Polo Club would also like to acknowledge the great working relationship we have with Marlborough Lines Stadium 2000, we’re very lucky to have access to such awesome facilities.”

getting the correct order defied odds of 1 in 479,001,600 of being right. The Everest Mega Millions was a promotion to raise interest in the Everest and the first ever New Zealand representative I Wish I Win, who ran in the slot purchased for the race by the TAB and its new partner Entain. Ironically, I Wish I Win was a slightly luckless second and had he got up to win for New Zealand, the punter who now finds himself $10 million richer wouldn’t have won a cent.

24 Wednesday October 18, 2023

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