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The young democratic leaders of tomorrow were in their element last Wednesday as members of the Marlborough Youth Council (MYC) asked the big questions to local party candidates. New Zealand First Kaikoura candidate and Marlborough District Councillor Jamie Arbuckle along with National’s MP for Kaikoura, Stuart Smith were at the head of the council chambers and were asked a series of questions from the youth council. Labour’s Emma Dewhirst was unavailable and apologised for not attending.

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DEMOCRACY 101: MBC student Charlie Howard heads discussions on behalf of the Youth Council.

is youth offending a priority?

Continued from page 1. The MYC aims to encourage youth to get involved in community affairs and events. They meet monthly to discuss youth issues, gain valuable skills and learn about local government matters. They contribute to Marlborough District Council decision-making by providing a youth perspective. A youth perspective maybe, but when it came to asking a question which had thought, research and depth, Marlborough Boys’ College Year 13 student Will Partridge was prepared. He asked Stuart Smith was ‘youth offending a priority for National and how would the planned youth offender military academies be run, where would they be built and what would the Defence Forces role be in the operation?’

National leader Christopher Luxon had announced a major crackdown on young offenders with a new policy in November 2022 including youth offender military-style camps and a serious offender category for those as young as 10 after an increase in ram-raids on businesses.

The question posed by Will comes after a Māori youth mentor, Eugene Ryder, said last week that for the Labour Government’s new intense programme for the worst youth offenders in the country to be successful, poverty must be addressed. Minister for Children Kelvin Davis and Police Minister Ginny Andersen launched the programme, which aims to break the cycle of serious youth offending. Ryder suggested a holistic approach is needed, with a focus on the family of the offender

and the issues that affect that family.

Mr Smith, was a former Patron of Limited Service Volunteers - young people aged between 18-24 (run by the New Zealand Defense Force) and often have been long term on the benefit. He says they are selected and sent by the local Ministry of Social Development (MSD) to Burnham for six weeks.

Mr Smith says it was a role which gave him the most privilege as a member of parliament ‘not many’ get asked to take on such a position.

“The young people who arrived on the bus, they were pretty rough characters,” he says. “They had a swagger. By the end of the course they were a completely different group of people through a change of diet. Most of them had cleaned up their lives considerably.”

It was at this time of the reply Mr Smith displayed an authentic emotion to the youth council who gathered.

“It was a very emotional moment as the top of the class gets a ceremonial sword on a plate and I had to hand it to the guy who had never been told he was good at anything. I still get emotional thinking about it,” he says. “That’s the sort of thing we can do to influence people’s lives with a sense of discipline and getting people out of their environment.”

The Youth Council is made up of a team of diverse young people of secondary school age from varying backgrounds. There were 15 in attendance at the meeting.

The Greens also couldn’t attend the meeting. Another meeting will be arranged with them.

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How to
Councillors Allanah Burgess and Jonathan Rosene listen to questions from the Youth Council. QUESTION TIME: a MYC member looking over the agenda.

Groundswell Protest – a failure to listen

The tractors are back with a democratic vengeance.

Farmer’s frustrations about government regulations will surface i n M arlborough next Tuesday morning when a north-bound tractor convoy will be in Blenheim at Seymour Square.

The farming group founded to “stand up against unworkable regulations” says its Drive 4 Change c o untrywide tour is “to raise awareness and mobilise voters” ahead of the October 14 general election.

“Our message is: things are bad, you need to vote, and you need to vote for change,” it says on the Groundswell website.

Groundswell’s Marlborough coordinator Lone Sorensen says the protest drive (starts in Invercargill on September 21 ending in Auckland on October 1) represents the increasing angry feelings of farmers to government’s failure to listen.

Leading the convoy will be Groundswell founders Bryce McKenzie and Laurie Paterson. People can join the convoy at any stage for as long as they like says Lone. This is a chance for Marlborough farmers to meet Bryce and Laurie,” she says. “New Zealand farmers are being hammered with unworkable regulations, drops in farm income, rising costs and an increasing ‘anti’ pressure from

government and lobby groups like Green Peace. It’s putting immense pressure on our hardworking farmers and pushing many out of farming as a career.”

Lone says ironically government’s own investigations show around 20 percent of all sheep and beef farms will be out of business if the government’s unworkable regulations get pushed through,” she says.

“The sad thing is that it will have zero impact on the world’s environment but make New Zealand a lot poorer.”

Bizarrely, New Zealand’s production that is lost as a result will be taken up overseas to countries with a much higher carbon footprint, so the environment by the climate change mantra will be worse off.

Lone questioned the case for the

human-induced climate change theory in the light of an increasing number of scientists emerging and saying that natural methane is not the cause of global warming.

“Sadly the government is not listening. The government seemed to be using out-dated computer modelling and ignoring reality and science. This is in complete contrast to overseas such as the UK where farmers are encouraged to change by getting financial help from the government.”

“It’s all so bizarre. Most countries farming sectors are endeavouring to change to become more like New Zealand’s very efficient farmers who have the lowest carbon footprint allied with the highest standards in animal health care,” she says. “Yet the New Zealand government fails to celebrate farming and instead

choses to be heavy handed and obstruct farmers.”

The Groundswell convoy is expected in Blenheim mid-morning before heading to Picton and the inter-island ferry to the North Island.

Anyone south of Blenheim can join the convoy as it drives past from Kaikoura and anyone from other areas will meet in the PGGWrightson area at 10am and drive to Seymour Square in convoy.

People can then choose to follow Bryce and Laurie to Spring Creek or all the way to Picton.

The group says police are aware of its plans and that “the idea is not to be disruptive saying they will be considerate to traffic.

“Whether you can join the whole trek or just for a short time, we hope to see you in your tractor, ute, truck, car, pushbike or horse.”


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Sun The Callum wins 2023 Marlborough Young Winemaker

Callum Haynes from Matua Wines is the 2023 Tonnellerie de Mercurey Marlborough Young Winemaker of the Year.

The competition was held on September 13 at NMIT and the winners were announced at the Awards Dinner the same evening. Callum, 29, was thrilled to take out the title. I really wanted this and have worked hard to get here,” he says.

Nick Lamain from VinLink came second and Lara Campbell from Clos Henri came third.

Spring Show

The Marlborough Horticultural Society is holding their annual Spring Show this Saturday, September 23.

The society holds three shows per year and the spring event (The ‘Daffodil Show’) is particularly exciting as it showcases the best of the region’s spring flowers. The Orchid Society and Floral Art Society will be represented and there will be many sales tables to buy spring and summer plants and perennials. There are classes for children, including sand saucers and novelty vegetables and also an indoor plant section.

Come along to St Christopher’s Church Hall at Redwoodtown from 10am - 3pm and support the Spring Show.

news tips

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Sun The Wednesday September 20, 2023 3
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Leading the Groundswell convoy will be founders Bryce McKenzie and Laurie Paterson. People can join the convoy at any stage for as long as they like says Marlborough coordinator Lone Sorenson.

Rural women Keneperu fundraiser

It’s been a tough 12 months for residents in Keneperu in the Pelorus Sounds. Hundreds of Sounds residents were cut off by road after last Septembers storm and relied on barge transport to get to and from their homes.

At the time, the Marlborough District Council says more than 670km of road had been affected, around 90 percent of the roading network, with 2900 faults identified.

As a result, the Rural Women New Zealand Kenepuru Branch is having a fashion afternoon fundraiser on Saturday, September 30.

Keneperu branch Vice President Marion Day says the pandemic was a logistical difficulty being unable to hold meetings and a feeling of remoteness and self-isolation. Marion says there are about 20 members in the branch who she says continue to be there for the community including delivering care packages and fundraising which allows the ‘social connection’ to all those involved in the wider community. She says having ‘new blood’ on the committee is great for the branch that brings a set of new ideas and different perspectives.

Giving back to ‘the greater good’ is why Marion is involved with the branch.

“We’re all getting older. Rural women struggle to get younger people on board. I am the one who runs the social media page for the women with about 100 people connected.”

“We have social Friday dinners monthly. The profits we make go to things like new tyres for the Waitaria School bus and donations to the school, and give to the likes of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter and St John,” she says.

The fundraiser will see Jane from Picton’s Evolve Boutique bringing a selection of her recent ladies fashion to sell and talk about what’s trending for spring and summer.

Marion used to be a pig and bull farmer in the eastern Bay of Plenty in Waimana. She arrived in Marlborough in 2009 with her partner Steve for a more relaxed lifestyle.

Tickets for the fundraiser are $10 and will be held at the Linkwater Hall, Queen Charlotte Drive at 1pm. Contact Gillian on 021 268 4503 for tickets and additional information.

RWNZ has been at the forefront of rural issues for over 90 years, working to ensure that the voices of New Zealand’s rural women and their families are heard.

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Rural Women New Zealand Keneperu Branch Vice President Marion Day with an item to sell from Picton’s Evolve Boutique. A fundraiser at Linkwater Hall is taking place on Saturday, September 30.

New location for Red Cross

Blenheim’s New Zealand Red Cross has moved to a new location.

Previously located at Red Cross House, 33 Redwood Street, their migration services including Pathways to Settlement and Pathways to Employment are now at 7C Scott St in the middle of town.

Volunteer Trainer John Adams says the office is above Postie Plus and people can access it from the side alley that connects to the car park with ‘easy parking’ that you can get to opposite the Cinema on Kinross St.

John says the Blenheim office is busy supporting former refugee families from both Colombia and Myanmar as they start a new life in the safety of Marlborough.

“The families that we work with are very grateful for the donations we receive to make their house more like a home,” says John. “At the moment we are particularly short of woollen blankets. You can drop off any good quality, clean, linen or kitchenware to us in Scott St. We couldn’t do our work without the generosity and good-will of the people of Blenheim and in particular our wonderful volunteers, he says. “We are always keen to talk to people who are interested in volunteering and offer lots of training and support and the work is very rewarding.”

“Volunteers consistently tell us that they get more out of it than they put in,” says John. A training course is coming up in the middle of October, so

now is a great time for locals to put their hand up.

Contact migration.volunteers@ redcross.org.nz or text 027 223 5972 for further information.

Meanwhile, consider yourself a dab hand in the garden? Know your kumara from your cherry tomatoes? Then you might be what the Red Cross Community Garden is after.

The Red Cross are looking for a volunteer coordinator(s) to take over the role as their current two coordinators are moving on.

The aim is to grow and supply vegetables to the Marlborough Food Bank under the umbrella of the Red Cross. The Red Cross has five plots within the Community Gardens in Budge Street,” says Fay Arnold, secretary of the Marlborough Branch of the Red Cross.

“Doug and Lynne McMillan who have managed the Red Cross gardens do a magnificent job of supplying an ongoing variety of fresh vegetables to the Food Bank on a weekly basis,” says Fay. “The gardens are very photogenic and there are two other volunteers who assist on Friday.”

Fay says Doug and Lynne have done so much for the gardens and the community and says they will be sorely missed.

“We do not want to lose the opportunity to keep this service going for the vulnerable in our community,” says Fay.

If Sun readers are interested in the opportunity contact Fay on 021 060 6084. The position is currently advertised with Volunteer Marlborough.


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Applies to any 2 hot drinks on our menu, based off the highest priced beverage. This voucher must be brought in to redeem.

Applies to any 2 hot drinks on our menu, based off the highest priced beverage. This voucher must be brought in to redeem.

Sun The Wednesday September 20, 2023 5
nzfi rs t.n z
From the old (right) to the new: Blenheim’s New Zealand Red Cross has moved to a new location at 7C Scott Street. Doug and Lynne McMillan have managed the Red Cross gardens and have done a magnificent job of supplying an ongoing variety of fresh vegetables to the Food Bank on a weekly basis. Could you be the next person(s)?


A little over six years ago, word got around that some one thousand, seven hundred million dollars ($1.7 billion) was to be spent on computerising our IRD. That’s of course an unimaginable amount of money – try visualising spending $3,600 per hour every hour for 32 years and that is one thousand million ($1 billion) gone. This, to do the taxing of a population of five million.

Okay, so what’s the alternative? How about, for every hundred dollars you draw from the bank, that bank takes two dollars and puts it into the IRD. That’s what would happen if the Tobin Tax was adopted. A “financial transfer tax”, with zilch administration costs. How lovely. No GST paper war and no exemptions, period.

Now bear in mind that less than 10% of the world’s trade is in goods, that’s right, oil, food, machinery, tourism, you name it; they only make up that small percentage. The other 90% is financial, i.e. money shuffling, every hour of every

I am trying to write a book on The Junction Hotel at Spring Creek which unfortunately has been morphed into a petrol station. There does not seem to be much available from various sources but with a few words from Marlborough District Council, Brayshaw Park and a few others I have collected a small amount of copy.

I cannot seem to find anything about the fire it had in 1926 and the move to Spring Creek. Photographs are few and far between.

day. Imagine if the big people paid say 2% tax, nothing like the 15% we pay on everything we have to buy. We even pay tax on our taxes, think GST on our rates. That 2% on everything would fund all the essentials of civilised life; health, education and training, pensions because nobody could get exemptions from it. Sadly, the fat cats will never permit FTT’s introduction. Pollies are too close to the bankers, who do what the pollies want anyway in taking from the poorish to give to the haves, for example via mortgage interest rates.

If you should doubt that banks can be, and are, all that powerful just ponder this; on the 3rd of October 2008 the US taxpayer donated an utterly, totally unimaginable sum of $700,000,000,000 – seven hundred billion dollars to their banks to make up for what the bankers had thrown away in the GFC. Never mind, we can always take our minds off while gaming, eh. “The strong do; the weak get done”. Bill

I would like any ex-employees, information on anything to do with the hotel and copies of any pictures. I feel sure I will be able to use them. I have a full list of previous landlords dating from when it opened in 1908 by Mr M Howell. Anything I can use will be acknowledged in the finished book.

Please contact me via The Sun or direct to me at hopleaf39@gmail.com

Mike Pink

Last publican of The Junction Hotel

It was delightful to see parts of Marlborough’s musical crème de la crème again at Friday’s night’s Tempo Concert.

It takes so much courage to get up on stage and every time it is a true joy to welcome newcomers, such as Trixie O’Shea, Eloise Hearn, Ayla Gutierrez and others and be a witness to their growth in performance ability and musical development.

Experienced performers such as Charlotte and Sophie Jones not only took piano playing to new heights but helped with other teenagers to give strength and confidence to the Littlies as well. Gladly so, the piano is still a most popular instrument with Girvan Dick, Zihan Hong and Felix Huang giving some thrilling performances. Of very high calibre talent were also Haoyang Li, Petra Perrett, Zidi Hong, Tanith-Shay Bester and Amelia Vuletich, yet rumour has it someone fell off their chair when they heard, “Part of Your World” sung by Emilie Mackay.

Navitha Sivathanan, Liya Zhu, Benjamin Hodgeboom, Amelie Davis, Elaine Huang and Kaya Trinidad showed the audience just how the violin is played, gracefully. Beth Forman, played the flute, beautifully and Devon Lamd did not shy away from performing.

Claudia Wiesner Blenheim

Sun The Wednesday September 20, 2023 6 What’s your prediction for next month’s election on Saturday, October 14? Sun readers have their say... with the WORD on the Street.
Dunedin Unsure – most likely National but I’m a Labour voter.
I predict a lot of talk and not much action.
Van Aalst: Hannah Gauteng Blenheim
I’ll let you know after the leader’s debate on TV tonight. Amy
Certainly won’t be red – time for a change.
Isn’t there rugby world cup action on that night? Melanie
I predict Winston to be in the conversation. GREAT HAIR DOESN’T HAPPEN BY CHANCE, IT HAPPENS BY APPOINTMENT. BOOK NOW: Txt - 027 437 0671 CALL - 03 5795470 Jo Lorraine Debby Arthur When only the best W ill do! Affordable podiatry Arch comfort! More styles in store by Since 1947 2053 $149.95 2043 $159.95 Junction Hotel What’s the alternative? Tempo Concert delight www.sowmans.co.nz Corner Hutcheson & Parker Streets, Blenheim 03 578 4719 Honour your loved ones with a farewell that truly reflects their life Brought to you by... to the editor Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. A maximum of 150 words please. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even when a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor reserves the right to abridge letters or withhold letters from publication. Email them to news@blenheimsun. co.nz or present to our office at 72 High St. Please note that your name and street address MUST be provided with emails. Letters
David Flanders Blenheim
Stevenson Blenheim
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McTosh Blenheim
Visit us online at blenheimsun.co.nz

Revitalised Wynen Street reopens

What a difference two and a half years of planning, design and construction makes in the life of a street. Last Friday Wynen Street, the busy thoroughfare near Te Kahu o Waipuna - Marlborough’s new library and art gallery - was reopened as part of the Blenheim Town Centre Revitalisation Strategy.

“It’s exciting to see part of the CBD streetscape upgrade completed,” Lynette Rayner, Blenheim Business Association (BBA) chair said.

“Upgrading our town centre is important for refreshing the area. We understand the disruption to businesses and thank them for their patience while this work has been underway.”

“We are looking forward to further upgrades, together with progress in developing the Marlborough Mile, our pedestrian walking circuit that celebrates and reflects Blenheim’s

Lawn spraying, Pollard Park and Seymour Square

Council’s Gardens staff will be spraying the lawns at Pollard Park and Seymour Square (pictured) over the coming weeks.

Spraying is planned to start later this month and go through into October.

The spray is a selective herbicide to target broadleaf and prickle weeds in the turf.

Any inquiries to Brad Molony, Ph: 03 520 7400.

history and key industries.”

Councillor Sally Arbuckle, who holds Council’s parks and open spaces portfolio, said the focus of the latest upgrade was to seamlessly connect The Quays and Te Kahu o Waipuna with the CBD, as well as complete landscaping and ‘green’ High, Wynen and Symons streets.

“The road has also been widened on the Symons Street corner and the bus stop integrated into design to allow Te Kahu o Waipuna to become a key bus pick-up/ drop-off point on the route,” Clr Arbuckle said.

There is some further work to be done including resurfacing and improving lighting in the High Street car park.

Wynen Street is the latest CBD upgradeothers include Bythell Place, Liz Davidson pocket park and The Quays Riverside Park development.

Short term change to greenwaste charging

Greenwaste will be charged by volume instead of weight for the next five weekends until a new, second weighbridge is installed at Blenheim’s waste sorting centre. This will reduce the waiting times experienced recently.

“The dry, sunny winter has seen more users at the greenwaste acceptance facility than in recent years. Those dropping off general waste will still use the weighbridge,” Operations and Maintenance Manager Stephen Rooney said.

“Reverting to charging greenwaste by volume rather than weight for the next five weeks will provide the ability to split the two streams of traffic. The general waste drop offs will be using the weighbridges while greenwaste customers will be diverted around the weighbridges and pay at the greenwaste drop-off area,” he said. The new, second weighbridge is expected to be up and running by Labour weekend. “The new weighbridge will provide a good flow of traffic through the site and reduce the wait time.”

Tsunami and the Sounds presentation next month

If you live in a part of Marlborough that could be affected by a tsunami, the Marlborough Emergency Management team would love to see you at a tsunami science talk and workshop next month.

The public event will be held at Picton’s Port Marlborough Pavilion from 7pm on 18 October.

“Come along and learn more about how tsunami could affect you and how you can take steps to keep yourself, the people you care about and your pets safe when there is a threat of a tsunami. We’ll have a scientist on hand to provide a greater understanding of tsunami behaviour and history,” Marlborough Emergency Management Senior Advisor Welfare and Planning Catherine Coates said.

One of the defining features of the Marlborough region is the Marlborough Sounds, with almost 1,500kms of coastline plus the rugged East Coast.

Such exposure to the sea means Marlborough is at risk of tsunami and there is scientific evidence to show the region has experienced them in the past.

“A tsunami does not have to be the stereotypical large wave that causes widespread devastation, but we do know that tsunami activity can cause considerable damage to property and

New Zealand ShakeOut

infrastructure and potentially threaten lives. The more we understand, the more steps we can take to stay safe,” Catherine said.

October 19 is national Shakeout Day which always has a focus on ‘long or strong, get gone’ so next month’s workshop is timely, she said.

Sun The Wednesday September 20, 2023 7
Greenwaste at Blenheim’s waste sorting centre will be charged by volume until a new, second weighbridge is ready Maia Palmer, BBA coordinator; Councillor Sally Arbuckle and Lynette Rayner, BBA chair
in the Sounds public workshop and science talk
pm 18 October
Marlborough Pavilion, Endeavour Park, Picton Marlborough Emergency Management


Ladies Night - “You just have to back yourself”

Blenheim’s Jono Kenyon has been coined ‘one of New Zealand’s sexiest actors’.

Fellow thespian

Jono Kenyon believes there are worse labels to be given than being coined as a ‘sexy actor’ for the upcoming nationwide tour and show of Ladies Night.

“It seems to be a bit of a trend for my job,” he laughs. “I’m not going to reject it and take it as it comes. All the jobs I’ve had I’ve always tried my best to stay healthy and in the best shape possible. Acting is a visual medium as much as anything else. The roles I get require a certain aesthetic. I see it as a good challenge.”

Jono confesses as young men, ‘we’ train at the gym and want to get fit but often what stumps blokes is not having what he refers to as ‘a moment in time in the future’ that we can set a goal or something to be motivated for. He says having short term or ‘sporadic’ acting opportunities allows him to ‘knuckle down, eat well and train’ which gives him the drive or push, especially for a show like Ladies Night.

“Luckily I don’t have a sweet tooth. Having said that, every time I walk past an Indian restaurant I’m like, hmmm, that lamb madras and poppadom,” he laughs.

Ladies Night promises to be this year’s funniest night out as real Kiwi blokes dare each other to put on a male strip show, after falling down on their luck and needing some extra cash. A spur of the moment idea rapidly becomes a reality as the venue is booked and the seats sold. With the terrifying prospect of actually having to strip in front of the public only moments away, Craig, Barry, Norm, Wes and Gavin set about transforming themselves from beer belly to Six Pack. Sound ‘Full Montyesque’ or familiar?

Essentially Ladies Night is the Full Monty on stage.

The comedy features Mike Edward (Shortland Street, Power Rangers, The Brokenwood Mysteries, Spartacus) as head stripper Barry and M a rk Wright (Shortland Street, Power Rangers) as Bernie the sleazy nightclub owner. The story is set in Auckland in the 80s which Jono says was a ‘different time’ especially being on welfare, which was a taboo back then.

“There was a social stigma or pressure of being on welfare. These guys are sick of it and there is a shortage of jobs,” he says.

foot forward and one, two.”

“Yes we do strip but there is a comedy for the first hour and a half which is written for guys as well. I mean what is an authentic looking strip? What does that mean - what does it look like? It might be different for everyone?”

“We’re not putting on a Las Vegas Magic Mike show here,” he quips. “The reason it hopefully works is the audience has fallen in love with the characters and can relate to them for the final push. It changes the whole vibe of what a strip is. Which is why it’s cool and unique.

To provide the Marlborough context, Jono’s family arrived in New Zealand via England as a then 13-year-old.

“We were tossing up between Methven and Blenheim actually and ended up settling on Blenheim due to the fact it had a population.”

His first professional job came about from the final week in his third year training in 2013 when there was ‘an agency and industry day’ where he had to perform monologues to ‘insiders’ including the creative director from the A uckland Theatre Company (ATC) where he was cast alongside Robyn Malcolm (Outrageous Fortune) in a play called Mary Stuart which depicts the last days of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots.

Jono says like any job in life you have to earn it and to rub shoulders with Robyn was about being appreciative and humbled for the opportunity, he was ‘ready to go’ and felt like he was a key part of the team and process.

He lived in Los Angeles ‘on and off’ for five

years, setting up a creative base to network and seek opportunities coming back to Auckland which he now considers home.

“All my friends are here, my girlfriend’s here, managed to steal her over from America and bring her back during Covid,” he quips.

He admits with the Ladies Night opportunity one of the key learnings has been ‘diving in head first and committing 100% adding there are so many unknowns when signing the contract.

“You just have to back yourself. It’s a good reminder that sometimes the unknown which can be daunting and scary is some of the best things you can possibly do as they are the funniest and rewarding. So far, so good.”

The original director Daniel Pengelly worked with Jono in a show at the Court Theatre in Christchurch and Daniel tapped Jono on the shoulder for the role. Jono says the actors have been catching up and doing extra mahi at the weekends to get ahead with the dance routines due to a three week rehearsal schedule.

“We wanted to smash out the dance routines and not get bogged down with the steps. None of us are dancers first and foremost. We made up a dance studio with the choreographer. We’re more focused on polish, attitude and character rather than left

Jono attended Marlborough Boys’ College finishing in 2010 while his Mum lives in Witherlea and returns quite often. He says he is looking forward to staying with Mum the night he is in town for the show as she will be picking him up from the Picton ferry the night after the Wellington show.

“I keep sending her videos and teasers from the rehearsals so she is not too shocked and that she is mentally ready for her son breaking it down.”

After college he attended Toi Whakaari New Zealand Drama School in Wellington. He admits the training ‘made him better’ in his chosen craft as an actor with a skillset that are transferable in all forms of the arts.

Jono says the reason Ladies Night hopefully works is the audience has fallen in love with the characters and can relate to them.

Sun The Wednesday September 20, 2023 8
on one with the Sun
Chris Valli caught up with Jono before embarking on a nationwide tour of the comedy ‘Ladies Night’ including a show in Blenheim in early October.
“Yes we do strip but there is a comedy for the first hour and a half which is written for guys as well.”

Food prices up 8.9%- eggs, chips, yoghurts drive price

With an impending election next month and Marlburians wanting ‘financial relief’ the latest statistics for annual food prices at the supermarkets doesn’t make the cost of living any lighter in the pocket.

Annual food prices were 8.9 per cent higher in August than in August 2022, according to latest figures released by Stats NZ.

“The largest contributing food group was grocery food, which includes non-perishables and dairy products,” consumer prices manager James Mitchell says. “Fresh eggs, potato crisps, and six-pack yoghurt were the largest drivers within grocery food. In August 2023, the annual increase was due to rises across all the broad food categories Stats NZ measures,” Mitchell says.

Non-perishable and dairy products were the ‘largest drivers’ in last month’s food prices.

The second largest contributor to the annual movement was restaurant meals and ready-to-eat food.

On a monthly basis, food prices rose 0.5 per cent in August 2023 compared with July 2023. After adjusting for seasonal effects, they were up 0.4 per cent.

“Prices for fruit and vegetables

such as tomatoes, grapes, cucumbers, and nectarines contributed the most to the overall monthly rise,” Mitchell says. While the price rises were still steep they represent a slight decline in the rate of increase compared to recent months.

Food prices increased 9.6 per cent

in the 12 months ended July 2023 and grocery food prices increased 11.9 per cent in the same period.

The following list shows each food group’s price rise for the year ended August 2023, in order of their contribution to the overall movement:

Grocery food prices increased 10.6 per cent

Restaurant meals and ready-toeat food prices increased 8.9 per cent

Meat, poultry, and fish prices increased 8 per cent

Non-alcoholic beverage prices increased 9.1 per cent

Fruit and vegetables prices increased 5.4 per cent.

Scale model show

The Nelson Marlborough Truck Modellers Club is holding their annual famous Scale Model Show again this year. All manner of models will be on display including intricately detailed dioramas, and some very impressive model collections. Yes, there will be trucks, but there will also be aircraft, military vehicles, cars, trains,

boats and planes!

You name it, it will all be at this year’s show. Saturday and Sunday 23rd and 24th September from 10am at Redwoodtown Hall, cnr of Cleghorn and Weld Streets. Admission is $5 for adults, children are free.

See you there!

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Proud Sponsors of Skoda National MTB Championships

Marlborough’s road users urged to plan ahead

Waka Kotahi is gearing up for a busy summer with a lot of work scheduled across the Top of the South Island to improve the region’s highways.

Rob Service, System Manager Top of the South, says road users will notice more road crews and work sites over the next few months when travelling.

“We are doing as much work as possible between now and mid-December to reduce the impact on people’s journeys during the busy holiday season. It means there will be an increase in activity across the region over the next few months.”

“This year’s maintenance programme aims to renew around 140 lane kilometres on local state highways. It means our contractors will spend more time working on the roads, but their mahi will see drivers get safer, smoother journeys,” Mr Service says.

Last year, following the August floods, work focussed on two large sites that accounted for almost half of the summer programme.

M r Service says road renewal treatments will be applied to several smaller sites spread across the top of the South Island including SH1 Weld Pass.

Most of the work will be done under night closures or stop/go traffic management to minimise disruption. Further information

Waka Kotahi System Manager Rob Service says they have ‘critical sites’ to fix on Marlborough Sounds roads. “There will be a lot happening on our state highways across the region,” he says.

will be provided to the public before the projects begin.

Mr Service says there’s more than just the summer maintenance work to do.

“We have resilience work on the Whangamoas, the Dellow’s Bluff underslip, and cr itical sites to fix on Marlborough Sounds roads. Along with proactive resilience work and other safety improvement projects, there will be a lot happening on our state highways across the region.”

Mr Service says the large amount of work means it’s important drivers check road conditions before they travel. He acknowledges that roadworks often coincide with people’s holiday plans but says there’s a good reason for it.

“This is because road renewals and re-sealing has to be completed during the warmer, drier months, the same time New Zealanders and visitors from overseas are travelling on our state highways.”

“Whenever you come up to a worksite, remember that our road workers are doing their best to complete their work and keep you moving at the same time. Please be respectful and follow their advice and instructions,” Mr Service says.

Two-thirds of the summer maintenance programme is expected to be completed by mid-December 2023, with the remaining third programmed to be carried out between mid-January and late-March 2024.

Wednesday September 20, 2023 10 Sun The Race Weekend Come to Kaikoura and enjoythefun! Marlborough Anniversary Weekend For all enquiries contact Glenn Hames on 027 203 2746 or kaikouratc@xtra.co.nz Sunday 29 October Fast10 Race Day First Race 3.30pm (Gold coin entry) Exciting new concept - 8 races with 10 horses in each, all mobile sprint races with 20 minutes between races. Monday 30 October First Race 12.00pm ($10 entry) Kids free See the best horses in NZ race in the Alabar Kaikoura Cup, the Your Horse Our Passion IRT South Bay Trotters Cup and the Sires Stakes Aged Classic. Lots of on-course entertainment for the kids, live music, food court. 2 Main St, Blenheim | (03) 579 4111 | www.cycleworldblenheim.nz Offer limited time Only, while stOcks last excludes levO sl

John Bertrand Collectables Buying in Blenheim and Picton Next Week

Once again, the gold and collectables buyers from Wellington company John Bertrand Limited are visiting Blenheim and Picton next week. Mr Tony Grant from the company says, “If you are downsizing or wanting to dispose of things because they no longer serve any purpose to you or your family bring them in”. “Next week will be a great opportunity to have any items you want to sell assessed by our buyers” said Mr Grant. Particularly wanted are Gold and Silver (in any of its forms) and Collectables such as Coins, Banknotes, War Medals, Old Wind-up Watches and other interesting Small Collectables. “We are keen buyers, especially of the items in the list below” said Mr Grant. “Nothing is too small for our consideration. We are just as happy buying 1 item as we are buying 1,000 items” he said. The buyers will be in convenient locations in Blenheim and Picton next week. (see details below). As Tony Grant points out “If you are in doubt about any items you may wish to sell, bring them along for an instant appraisal.”

Gold & Silver At Near Record Prices

During these uncertain times we have seen a sharp increase in the price of precious metals. The gold price in New Zealand is at near record levels so gather up all your unwanted items and take them along to the buyers. Tony Grant says “We can buy old gold items in all forms, including Jewellery (Rings, Chains, Brooches etc), Coins (Sovereigns and the like), Alluvial (River Gold), virtually anything, even Gold Teeth! We also need all Sterling Silver including Cups, Tea Services, Cutlery and Old Coins” he said.

Interesting Small Collectables Wanted

The buyers from John Bertrand (Collectables) Ltd, visiting Blenheim and Picton next week, are happy to look at any interesting items, for example vintage pocket and wristwatches such as Rolex, Men’s Omega, Breitling and gold watches etc. Also wanted, pre 1950’s picture postcards, Maori and Pacific artefacts, old fountain pens and other small antique or historical items.

“If you have something unusual which you would like to sell, please bring it into one of our venues, we would like the chance to at least have a look at it” said Tony Grant, buyer for the Company. “We will consider anything which may be of interest to a collector” he said.

Some Big Dollars in Early Banknotes

Early New Zealand Banknotes dated before 1932 are currently fetching big money! This is according to Mr Tony Grant, author of the John Bertrand New Zealand Coin & Banknote Catalogue. Mr Grant is in Blenheim and Picton next week on a buying trip for John Bertrand (Collectables) Ltd and would be very keen to see any of these issues. “We will pay at least $300 for any undamaged Ten Shilling or One Pound

banknote from a New Zealand trading bank dated 1932 or before. Denominations of five pounds and higher would be worth from $700. “Any banknote dated prior to 1900 would be worth at least $1000” said Mr Grant. Also purchased are any Reserve Bank of New Zealand pre-decimal issues, especially 50 Pound notes. All overseas banknotes are also wanted, especially early Pacific Island issues.

Collectors Need War Medals

Currently, throughout NZ and the world there is a big demand by collectors for war medals. These cover all wars right through from the New Zealand Land Wars and the Boer War, to the First and Second World Wars and the later Korea and Vietnam conflicts. New Zealand Servicemen and Women first served overseas in the Boer War in South Africa around 1900 and the war medals awarded for this service are needed by the buyers, as are any other Medals from early New Zealand and the New Zealand Wars. General service medals from both the First and Second World Wars will also be purchased, but as can be imagined these were awarded in fairly large numbers. “If a group of medals has any special award for bravery such as the Military Medal, Military or Flying Cross or other medals for Distinguished Conduct or Meritorious Service, these can add great value to a group” stated Mr Tony Grant, buyer for John Bertrand (Collectables) Ltd. “Many families have old medals, some dating back to early Imperial days, that they are not sure what to do with. These are better off in the hands of collectors who will look after them. We will be happy to look at any war medals whatsoever, just bring them in to venues” he said.

Old Coins Can Toss Up a Rarity

Do you have a bunch of old coins sitting around in your drawers and cupboards? You just never know what rarities may be lurking there. The advice from Tony Grant from John Bertrand (Collectables) Limited is to “bring them in and let us have a look”. “No need to sort anything out just bring them in ‘as is’ and please don’t clean them! We can go through coin accumulations and collections fairly quickly” he said. The buyers are particularly keen to buy pre 1946 New Zealand Silver Coins for at least 10 times their face value (more for quantity). “In any event we will buy All Coins,” said Mr Grant.


• The New Zealand Wars & Boer War Medals

• 1st World War Medals

• 2nd World War Medals, Stars etc

• Orders and Decorations

• Korea & Vietnam Medals

• Antarctic or other Polar Medals


• Gold & Silver Pocket Watches

• Any Rolex Watches

• Omega Gents Watches

• Any Breitling, Jaegar Le Coultre, Vacheron & Constantin, Patek Philippe, or IWC Watches

• Moon Phase Watches

• Chiming or Alarm Watches (Pocket or Wrist)

• Military Watches

• Divers Watches

• All other pre 1950s wind up watches (parts value only)

*No Quartz or Battery Operated Watches Please*

Tokens etc

• Any other tokens relating to early New Zealand

• Fire Brigade Medals

• Lodge Medals

• Shooting Medals

• Military Badges and all other Military Medals

• Gold returning Fob Medals or “Tokens of Honour” from residents of small town New Zealand


• A&P Show- Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals

• Commemorative Medals & Medalets

• Prize Medals (Gold & Silver)

• Sports Medals (Gold & Silver)

• Life

Sun The Wednesday September 20, 2023 11 ADVERTISEMENT
Mr Anthony (Tony) W. Grant Fellow of the Royal Numismatic Society of New Zealand Incorporated Director and Buyer John Bertrand (Collectables) Ltd
Please note: If you sell anything to us, suitable ID is required. Please also bring your bank account details for the deposit of funds for larger purchases. NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY Members of the Australasian Numismatic Dealers Association and the New Zealand Numismatic Dealers Association
COINS • All Gold & Silver Coins • Gold Sovereigns • Gold Half Sovereigns • NZ Silver Coins 1946 & Before (at least 10 times face value) • Also wanted NZ & World Coins after 1946 • Australian Silver Coins to 1963 • English Silver Coins to 1946 • NZ 1935 “Waitangi Crown” • USA Coins up to 1964 • Old Collections & Accumulations of World Coins • Modern Collector’s Coins & Sets • NZ Reserve Bank Sets *No Pennies or Halfpennies Please* COLLECTABLES • Albums & Accumulations of Pre 1920s Postcards (used or unused) • Old Fountain Pens • Maori & Pacific Artefacts TOKENS • NZ & Australian “Tradesmen’s” Tokens • NZ Transportation Tokens • Railway Passes • Tram Tokens (not Dunedin Tramways) • Presbyterian Church Communion Tokens • Bread Tokens • Theatre, Cafe, Discount
Saving Medals • Shipwreck Medals
Coronation Medals • etc, etc, etc OLD GOLD • Unwanted Jewellery or Broken Rings • Gold Chains • Gold Watch Cases • Alluvial (River) Gold • Dental Gold • Gold Coins • Gold Racing & Trophy Cups GOLD & SILVER • Racing Cups • A&P Show Cup • Sports Cups • Presentation Keys & Trowels • Show Pieces • Sterling Silver Tea Sets • Sterling Silver Cutlery • Scrap Gold & Silver *No EPNS or Silver Plated items Please* No item too small for our consideration BANKNOTES • NZ & Australian “Trading Bank” Notes pre 1932 (e.g. Bank of New South Wales, Bank of NZ etc) • Reserve Bank of NZ Pre-Decimal Notes • Any £20, £50 or £100 Notes • Hong Kong & Malayan Banknotes • Australian Pre Decimal Notes • Australian “Star” Notes • Early Fijian and Samoan Banknotes • NZ Traders Promissary Notes (1840s) • NZ Government Debentures • NZ Banknotes overprinted for use in Fiji, Cook Islands etc • Postal Notes • All other World Banknotes JOHN BERTRAND (COLLECTABLES) LTD OUR BUYERS ARE IN YOUR AREA NEXT WEEK WE WANT TO BUY –CASH-IN NOW John Bertrand (Collectables) Limited T: 04 232 9832 • E: info@bertrand.co.nz Level 1 Harcourt’s Building, 215 Main Road, Tawa, Wellington 5028 PO Box 323, Wellington 6140 John Bertrand The Trusted Name In Numismatics Since 1965! REDWOODTOWN Wed 27 Sept Community Centre Hall, Corner Weld & Cleghorn Streets 10 am to 12 noon PICTON Wed 27 SeptHoly Trinity Church Hall, Nelson Square1.30 pm to 3.30 pm BLENHEIM Thurs 28 SeptWesley Centre, Stubbs Lounge, 3 Henry Street9 am to 11 am

Mental Health Support Services in Marlborough

Support for youth

Marlborough has one of the highest rates of suicide in the country. The time for a support group to provide specialist counselling is here and ready to make a difference.

The Marlborough Interagency Suicide Postvention Group (MPIG) aims to support family members, friends, and associates who have lost someone through suicide.

In consultation with Paul Martin, the Nelson Marlborough Suicide Prevention and Postvention Coordinator, CARE Marlborough and Marlborough Supporting Families invited interested government and community services to form this group.

A postvention is conducted after a suicide, largely taking the form of support for the bereaved.

Carla Brownie from CARE Marlborough says in January 2022 there were six suicides in the Nelson/Marlborough region with four alone in Marlborough.

“This group is about (how is there enough) coordinating support for those involved or impacted by suicide,” she says. “If there has been one suicide, there is a high chance of another one in the community. People are more vulnerable in that moment. They say, for every death there is a greater network of people impacted.”

“There are holes in the system and there needs to be support available.”

The MPIG has been coming together since June 2022 to plan the dissemination of information on local health and support services to the community and ensure individuals and whanau in need are identified and offered help.

Carla says the ‘current system’ when

someone dies from suicide the police are involved who then liaise with Victim Support, who are run mostly by volunteers. Volunteers who are going into families with often the first question they ask being ‘do they want any counselling support?’

“What family is going to know what they want at the start,” she says. “These families are so traumatised; they’ve just been told their loved one has died. They don’t know what they need as they are often in shock. The help needs to be better coordinated and more specific to the family’s needs as they adjust to the situation.”

Natural events like flooding and losing homes haven’t helped Carla says and getting out to support the more isolated, rural communities.

“We’ve had deaths and in many ways been putting out fires,” says Carla. “A lot of rural areas are suffering in Marlborough the most. Take somewhere like Linkwater and the families associated. Sometimes people don’t get the chance to really get over them before something else hits.”

“We’ve had high profile members of our community lost to suicide,” says Carla. “If you go back over the last few years in Marlborough the numbers are telling.”

The feedback Carla says they have had from Marlborough’s youth is that when it comes to suicide, there was ‘no support’ and students were not allowed to talk about the topic.

If you have any concerns about someone who has been affected by the loss of someone through suicide, please use the list of contact numbers on this page to link with a support service. Youth have said it’s there; it happens but nobody actually talks about it.

Sun The Wednesday September 20, 2023 12 Suicide Prevention breaking down stigma - where to get help Raising Awareness
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Te Piki Oranga/Youth Services 0800 672 642 My Space/Marlborough Youth Trust 03 579 3143 Maata Waka Rangatahi/Youth Services 03 577 9156 Infant, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Team (ICAMHS) 03 520 9905 or after hours 0800 948 497 Need to Talk? Free Helplines Available 24/7 Phone or text 1737 Youthline 0800 376 633 or text 234 The Lowdown 0800 111 757 or text 5625 Lifeline Aotearoa 0800 543 354 or text 4357 Alcohol Drug Helpline 0800 787 984 or text 8681 Other helplines and downloads What’s Up - 0800 942 8787 (11am-11pm) OutLine 0800 688 5463 (6pm-9pm) Manawa App http:/tinyurl. com/MPVGS - the Mental Help Foundation’s safety plan app
Support available
ok to ask for help Contact your own GP or Practice Nurse After Hours GP 03 520 6377 CARE Marlborough Mental Health Advocacy Service 03 579 5304 Te Piki Oranga 03 5437016 or 0800 672 642 Victim Support Ph 0800 842 846 Supporting Families Marlborough 03 577 5491 Age Concern 03 579 3457 or 0800 652 105 Need to Talk? Free Helplines Available 24/7 Phone or text 1737 Depression and Anxiety 0800 111 757 or text 4202 Life Line Aotearoa 0800 543 354 Suicide Crisis 0508 828 865 If it is urgent Adult Mental Crisis Team –03 520 9907 After hours 0800 948 497 Infant, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Team (ICAMHS) 03 520 9905 or after hours 0800 948 497

Fabric-a-Brac pulls in the people

Hundreds of keen sewers and crafters poured into the second annual Fabric-a-brac event in Blenheim at the weekend walking out with big smiles and armloads of bargains.

Some out of town attendees were so keen to be first in when the doors opened that they stayed in a nearby motel overnight.

Fran Gardner and friend Chrissy Rogers came from Rangiora to go to Fabric-a-Brac, and Fran, a dressmaker, says it was totally worth it. They filled the back seat of the car with fabric and patterns and other sewing materials.

This year, there was more interest from stallholders so the event spread through two halls at Connect Blenheim on Beaver Road. Attendees were highly complimentary of the expanded layout, the fabric on offer and the option to grab a barista coffee and tasty treats from the pop-up cafe was the icing on the cake.

Fabric-a-Brac events raise money for Hospice and Saturday’s Fabrica-brac in Blenheim raised $6388 on the day from sales of donated fabric and sewing supplies, pop-up cafe, raffles and stallholder fees.

Fabric-a-brac Marlborough organiser Tracy Johnston was thrilled with the outcome and the willingness of so many to help for a good cause

“This event is a real team effort

with the Hospice Shop volunteers putting in a huge effort to prepare all the donated fabric and sewing supplies ready for sale on the day. Then there are the bakers who set up and serve in the pop-up cafe and the many others who help pack in and pack out and promote the event. This year we had amazing support from many textile, upholstery and interior design businesses who generously donated quality fabrics to be sold at the event” says Tracy.

There is still time for fabric-a-holics to get their hands on some of the great fabric donated.

Tracy says for those who didn’t make it or wished they had bought more, then you are in luck.

The Hospice Shop on Cleghorn Street in Redwoodtown is running a 'Fabrica-brac mop-up, pop-up' event in store for the week beginning on Monday, September 18 through to Saturday, September 23. All sales from the week will be added to the total from the day. Hospice Marlborough relies on fundraising to help supplement their funding from Te Whatu Ora to enable them to provide their services free to the community.

Events and Engagement Lead for Hospice Marlborough Leigh Somerville says community fundraisers like the Fabric-a-brac Marlborough event play a crucial role in their ability to continue to deliver exceptional palliative care across the region.


UndertheElectricity(Hazardsfrom Trees)Regulations2003,treesmustbekept asafedistancefrompowerlines forpublicsafetyand to protectelectricitysupply. TheRegulationsdefinetheclearancerequirementsusingtwozones,theNotice ZoneandGrowthLimit Zone.

TheGrowthLimit Zoneisthespacearoundthepowerlinewheretrees must not encroach at anytime.TheNoticeZoneisonemetrebeyondtheGrowthLimit Zone. Thedistancerequired foreachZoneisdependentontheline voltage,asshownin thetablebelow:


Staysafe -use aprofessional

Onlyapprovedcontractorsarepermitted to workwithin fourmetresofpowerlines andthetree workshouldbeleft to thesetrainedand experiencedprofessionals. Attempting to dothe work yourself could resultininjuryor evendeath.Please contactMarlboroughLines foralistofcontractorsapprovedtoundertake tree workaroundpowerlines

Sun The Wednesday September 20, 2023 13
NOTICEZONE 33,000V(33kV) 2.5metres 3.5metres 11,000V(11kV) 1.6metres 2.6metres 400V/230V 0.5metres 1.5metres
Rosemary Coyle is a happy shopper at Fabric-a-brac Marlborough. The Fabric-a-brac Marlborough 2023 in full swing.

Indevin Group CEO Duncan McFarlane retires

After 20 years at the helm of Indevin Group, Duncan McFarlane will retire.

Indevin Group, New Zealand’s largest producer and exporter of quality wine and owner of the iconic Villa Maria brand, announced last week that Silver Fern Farms CEO, Simon Limmer will replace Duncan McFarlane early 2024.

Duncan, who founded Indevin Group in 2003, will retire after 20 years at the helm of the business, a period which saw exponential growth from a contract wine maker to New Zealand’s largest wine company.

After his long and successful tenure as CEO, McFarlane will remain a

valuable member of Indevin Group as a Board Director and consultant for critical strategic projects, while continuing to serve the New Zealand wine industry in a range of advisory roles.

Indevin Group includes two core business models – their consumer brand portfolio which includes the Villa Maria Estate and trademark in New Renwick Road, Fairhall and global wine supply and partnerships, which directly services the world’s largest retailers and distributors.

Indevin’s grapes are grown in three of the great New Zealand wine regions Marlborough, Hawke’s Bay, and Gisborne

Collaboration for Friday Night Feast

A special collaboration with Te Kahu O Waipuna (Marlborough Library and Marlborough Art Gallery) and Bayleys Marlborough is the feature of this year’s Friday Night Feast.

The event on Friday, October

6th will see Te Kahu O Waipuna extend its hours and be open until 6pm, inviting visitors to explore their offerings. They will host a food-related colouring competition promising creative fun for all ages. Additionally, a food-themed movie screening will take place at 2pm offering a delightful cinematic

experience for Marlborough youth. The main attraction of the evening, Bayleys Friday Night Feast, kicks off at 3:30pm, featuring over 20 diverse food and b e verage vendors offering an array of flavours. Entertainment will commence at 5pm promising a vibrant atmosphere filled with

live music and performances to enhance the dining experience.

Event Coordinator, Hannah Lamb, expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration and says the partnership between Te Kahu O Waipuna and Feast Marlborough allows two community-focused organizations to come together and

deliver an exciting experience for the whole community.

“Our focus is on bringing families together to explore the library and art gallery and discover Marlborough’s rich hospitality and local producers,” she says. “Join us in celebrating Marlborough’s vibrant spirit.”

Sun The Wednesday September 20, 2023 14
Indevin Group founder and departing CEO Duncan McFarlane.

Here to help

29 years ago, on September 21, 1994, Alzheimer’s Disease International and the World Health Organisation (WHO) marked the very first World Alzheimers Day.

Today, someone in the world develops dementia every three seconds. Alzheimers is a progressive disease that destroys memory and other important mental functions. Brain cell connections and the cells themselves degenerate and die, eventually destroying memory and other important mental functions.

Alzheimers disease is a physical illness which damages a person’s brain. This eventually causes dementia. Dementia affects 80% of New Zealanders in some way. Most of us reading this know or have known someone with dementia – a friend, whānau member, colleague or neighbour.

Alzheimers Marlborough was formed to assist and support carers and families dealing with dementia. Their aim is to educate family members and carers of a person with dementia which allows the person to live

with dignity in their own homes.

Manager Catherine Donnelly says they currently have over 200 clients on their books that they support. This could be in the form of attending the day centre or any of our other community groups, or by providing education for health professionals, or people living with dementia.

Catherine says September has been a busy month with their successful book fair last weekend, and this weekend’s Arts Trail (September 23 and 24) and open garden events all happening in the next few weeks.

She says during the Art Trail, they will have their building open for people to come and look at the art, as well as a cup of Devonshire tea, no less, for $5. Also on the Alzheimers Marlborough calendar is a stroll around Morrison’s Garden (October 7 and 8) which Catherine says will hopefully evoke lots of memories and conversations.

“We are now using this as part of our Memory Walk. Tickets are $10 and available from Alzheimers Marlborough,” she says.

Dementia Friendly advisor for Alzheimers New Zealand Dr Meg Spriggs says Marlborough is fortunate to have a number of businesses and organisations who have already committed to being Dementia Friendly, including (but not limited to) Marlborough Library, Picton Library, Public Trust, and the Blenheim Community Police team.

“I visited last week, and we had a fantastic morning tea and kōrero thanks to Alzheimers Marlborough,” says Meg.

Catherine adds their ‘Dementia Friendly’ organisations are all working to be dementia friendly. These include Blenheim Police, the Picton and Marlborough Libraries, Public Trust, Community Law, Marlborough District Council and New World.

Launching next week, the World Alzheimer Report 2019 will publish the findings of the world’s largest survey on attitudes to dementia.

The report will be presented to government at the Wellington Memory Walk to Parliament which is taking place on Wednesday, September 25 at 12.30pm.

Sun The Wednesday September 20, 2023 15 World Alzheimers Day
September Never too eArly, Never too lAte 47 Grove Rd, Blenheim ph: 578 0850 24 hour service windscreens - broken windows PROUDLY SUPPORTING ALZHEIMERS AWARENESS 03 577 9990 118-130 Middle Renwick Road, Springlands REAL CARE IT'S WHAT WE DO BEST Ashwood Park offers all the choices and amenities you could ever ask for in one convenient location. Proud to support Alzheimers Awareness These businesses are
to support and raise awareness for World Alzheimers Day Proud to support Alzheimers Awareness Caring for Marlborough families since 1869 Corner Hutcheson & Parker Streets, Blenheim | 03 578 4719 Mike Pero Real Estate Ltd. Licensed REA (2008)
Debbie Webster Dementia Friendly advisor for Alzheimers New Zealand Dr Meg Spriggs says Marlborough is fortunate to have a number of businesses and organisations who have already committed to being Dementia Friendly Alzheimers Marlborough Manager Catherine Donnelly says they currently have over 200 clients on their books that they support.

Also known as MLD, it is a technique to help increase lymph flow throughout the body. Increasing the body’s immune response, aiding in removing harmful substances and reducing chronic fatigue/stress. By stimulating the lymph nodes followed by a gentle wave/stretch like movement with the hand, we can activate the fluid flow that encourages the natural drainage process of

the lymph fluid, which carries waste products away from tissues and back towards the heart.

This process is non-invasive, gentle and has a powerful effect on the body.

Milinda has a passion for helping people, visit her website www.essence-and-soul. com to find out more and to book a Manual Lymphatic Drainage session.

People have reported that Lymphatic Drainage helped them with:

• Sports and injury recovery

• Post-surgical swelling

• Soften scar tissue

• Primary & Secondary Lymphedema (such as post hysterectomy or mastectomy)

• Chronic venous insufficiency

• Sinusitis & Hay fever

• Tinnitus

• Migraines & Headaches

• Strengthen the immune system

• Chronic fatigue

• Stress

• Insomnia


“I tried a session (MLD) with Milinda as I’d never had this type of therapy before & wanted to see what it was about. WOW, I was blown away at how deeply relaxed I became during the treatment, and I had the BEST night’s sleep, thankful to have found MLD”

Wednesday Contact: katrina@blenheimsun.co.nz simon@blenheimsun.co.nz • Health • Beauty • Wellness To promote Manual Lymphatic Drainage
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Sun The txt talk with

Battle of Britain service

It is appreciated that we had very strong winds on Sunday and safety was a concern. Was there no service? Did it move? I know a number of people who went to the Cenotaph, left puzzled.

No stopping at Stop

Twice this week I have seen a taxi ignore the compulsory stop at Weld and Cleghorn Sreet intersection. Along with others, but these drivers are supposed to be professionals and carry passengers safely.


Where has Med lab gone? Give you one guess. Shameful.

Profit margins

Why don’t the supermarkets take a hit? As costs rise they are maintaining their margins while the rest of us watch our household budgets shrink. Supermarkets, oil companies, electricity suppliers, and banks continue to thrive while the rest of us merely survive. If everyone tightened their belts we would get through this together.

Marlborough Sounds Theft

If the person who uplifted a palm tree & pot can perhaps read !!!! This was actually going to be planted in commemoration on this historical site, as plant a tree year. What an opportunist you are. You could have gone to Devon nurseries & bought it for maybe $15 then to Hardware store for pot approx $5 But “No” it was to easy to flog someone else’s work. Sleep well at night .


Today is rubbish collection day, good. I’ve spent all week sorting the recycle material from the general rubbish, which went into the black rubbish bag. All good. Put bin and bag out at the gate. The truck arrives to pick up the rubbish bag and in it goes, but wait a minute, he’s emptying the recycling bin in with the rubbish! OK, that’s the last straw, from now on everything is going into the black rubbish bags and I will repurpose the recycle bin for use in the garden, or somewhere useful.

Personal history

Strange only one culture seems to count in NZ there must be hundreds. My mother’s family written history can be traced back to the 1400s not relying on suspect memories.

Power to the people

We get it when we need it just by flicking a switch or two. Thank goodness we have it because without it we would be in the dark, literally. BUT, the way power prices are going, we may not be able to use those lights, heaters, etc, so we will be in the dark. My power bill for the last 4 months has doubled from last year. The 4 main power companies in NZ in the last year have made 1 million dollars, a day, profit from us. I hope they drown in the cesspool of their greed.

Height of stupidity

Thought I’d seen it all totally! But, no, there was a totally thoughtless electric scooter rider travelling in Scott St, (Sat. 16th) on the road, at a speed in excess of 50kpm instead of the appropriate place, the footpath and at a sensible speed i.e.5kph max.

No brake indicator, no directional signals and of course, almost no protective clothing. A (very likely to be needed) crash helmet is highly unlikely to prevent your earlier than necessary appointment with an undertaker. In short, stupidity of the highest order.


Just a big thanks to the landlord who rented a unit to a disrespectful barking man that has moved into our quiet neighbourhood. Remember we were here first buying our homes which we thought was in a good area. Not a good look Mr Landlord as long as the rent is paid. Sunday afternoons is a regular time come around enjoy the show. Thanks.

The price of spuds

I have been buying the same bag of spuds for the last 5 years, every week.

Around 12 months ago they were $3.99 per bag, then with increases they went up to $5.99 per bag as recently as two weeks ago. Last week I went to grab them off the shelf and they were marked at $7.99 per bag. The price has doubled in little over a year, and actually, the quality has dropped!

Time for government to step in and cap the prices on basic items. The supermarkets continue to make massive profits while the rest of us go broke.

Re fitness

Try resistance training. Refuse to go to the gym.

Eastern States

Eastern states open night 28th October 2023. Come on parents get your 12 year old son or daughter in a mini stock this season.

-- We have only one young mini stock driver in Blenheim and needs back up in the class. It’s a fun way to make new friends. There is a mentor who will show you what to do. It’s a cheap sport. Please don’t waste time act now.

Two ceremonies

Perhaps M.G.C need two prize giving ceremonies, one for culture and one for arts. The cultural prize giving this year was dominated by Maori and Polynesian performers and certificate presentations. Ovation, who had won the South Island Sing in Timaru, for the second year running, were only allocated a few minutes to sing ONE song. No time for these girls to receive THEIR certificates and accolades.

Disappointing and unfair.

Maori language week

So it’s Maori language week again. It then follows that those of us who have absolutely no use for this language are once again bombarded with the constant overuse of this medium with no way to stop the gobbledygook. Now if memory serves me right Maori television was launched in March 2004 for those vaguely interested. If you want to listen to it then I suggest you tune in to that channel and give the rest of us a break so that we can enjoy the primary language of New Zealand in peace.

Library visit

Went for a coffee at new library, then upstairs to have a look.

TRYING to look out of the window !!

It’s impossible, it’s all covered up STOPPING patrons from enjoying the views, what on earth?

Who planned and designed this?

Plus, out front it SHOULD be clearly written MARLBOROUGH LIBRARY, not an obscure name obscure to 90% of the population, not to mention visitors to the town.

NZ is STILL a majority English speaking nation.

Talk of the week


Congratulations to Gina at GMW jewellery on 5 years in business. A lovely local shop that will continue to thrive I’m sure.

Much appreciated

THANK YOU to the person that dropped my set of house and garage keys into the police station on Saturday 16th September. Much appreciated.

Community service

I was a guest at the Blenheim Fire Brigades Honours Night at the weekend and witnessed some moving speeches and some very deserving individuals receive awards for their service. Some of these guys and girls have been volunteering for decades. Such selfless dedication to protecting Marlborough was inspiring and humbling. So reassuring to have these people looking out for us. A big thank you to you and your supportive partners and families.

We welcome your texts on 027 242 5266.

Limit to 70 words please. We reserve the right to publish at our discretion. Please note the opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Sun management.

All feathers

I see the last two auctions of Maori cloaks contained solely kiwi feathers, one wonders how many hundred kiwis were killed to make these so call prized cloaks. It really makes a mockery of their conservation.

Got an important issue to share with Marlborough? Text your thoughts to 027 242 5266

Providing quality care and education for children aged 3 months - 5 years, Omaka is a space for children to grow, explore and flourish as unique individuals, through a child-led, nature play based environment, where children are given the wings to fly.

Sun The Wednesday September 20, 2023 17
OPENING MID 2019 Visit www.omakaelc.co.nz

Sally arbuckle

Councillor (Wairau and Awatere ward).

 Are you a dog or cat person?

Dog because we have three.

 My friends would say I am Loyal, responsible, and stubborn.

 The best advice I ever received was? Be yourself because there isn’t anyone else to be.

 What would you buy if money was no object?

I would travel the world.

 Local coffee haunt? CPR.

 Favourite takeaway? Kebabs.

 The shop you can’t walk past is? McRaes Fashions.

 What’s the most thoughtful gift you’ve ever received?

Any gifts my children have made or given me over the years.

 Where is your happy holiday place? Gold Coast.

 Favourite programme or series currently watching?

A Discovery of Witches (TV series) on Sky.

 Favourite past time Reading.

Control garden pests early: By

Spring not only brings forth a new season of gardening it also is the starting time for several pest problems.

If you don’t want a season of problems you need to eliminate those pests which have survived winter, as soon as they appear.

That can be hard as you often do not realise they are in the garden till their populations are already out of control.

Perennial plants that had a problem last season will again have a problem this year if you don’t take action now.

Slugs and snails are one of these problems which is made worse with ample rain and moisture around our gardens.

We don’t see much of these two pests during the day unless we discover one of their hiding places such as under a length of wood or behind a shrub against the fence. They like to hide out in a cool moist place until after dark and then they can slide out to feed.

Interestingly they prefer rotting organic material over living foliage but can be partial to tender young foliage for a balanced diet.

If you venture out at night when it’s raining you maybe surprised to see hundreds of snails motoring all around the gardens.

In the morning you would be searching to find one out in the open.

Slugs not having the protection of their shell tend to live mostly in the soil where they venture out for a bit of a change of diet.

I have lived in places where in the beginning there have been no snails or slugs that I was aware of but after a while the odd ones would be found.

From that time it would only be another year or two for there to be masses of the slimy creatures.

How to deal with these two pests?

The traditional way would likely be to place slug baits (poisons) down such as Blitzem which contains Metaldehyde 15g/ kg, a poison that dehydrates the slugs and snails and is dangerous to pets, children, wildlife and should not be applied to food crops; is many of the suppliers warnings.

Baysol snail and slug bait is even a more potent poison which contains 20g/kg of Methiocarb being a contact and stomach poison.

Once again not something you want your pets getting into.

Quash is iron based pellets which are safe to use and not harmful to pets or your environment.

Slugs and snails can’t stand iron which kills them when they eat the pellets.

Down side all of these is they cost money and have a limited life in spring weather conditions.

Based on the iron aspect one could make a bait using sulphate of iron dissolved in water and added to say bran with a liberal sprinkling of yeast.

The yeast attracts, the bran is the carrier and the iron is the killer.

I have also mentioned in the past sprays of

copper over and around plants you wish to protect from damage. Slugs and snails cannot handle copper which kills them if they come into contact with it.

Another method is using Ammonia in a 3 to 1 dilution (1 part Ammonia to 3 parts water) in a spray bottle, this kills the slugs and snails straight away with no harm to plants or the soil.

I have also used it on other insects like cockroaches and earwigs and it worked just as well.

Put some plywood down to give the slugs somewhere to hide during the day, this works very well, and you are likely to find slugs and snails every day you turn over the wood.

Just give them a spray wait a couple of minutes then turn over the wood so the dead slugs are under the wood, this acts like bait to catch more slugs.

You will notice that there are a lot less slugs and snails on your plants after doing this for a week.

It takes only a little bit of effort, going out to buy a bottle of ammonia, laying out a few bits of 3ply or similar and then a one litre trigger spray bottle, 250mls of ammonia and 750mls of water. Shake before each use.

I love the idea of using on pests such as cockroaches and earwigs as I am often asked a solution to control them.

Take care spraying over plants till you know if any harm is done.

I have also this week had a number of questions about codlin moth control in apples, pears and walnuts.

I have learnt from gardeners that sprinkling Neem Tree Granules under the trees at this time can help with control.

A lot of the moths are under the trees in the soil pupating, waiting to emerge when the apples have formed and conditions are favorable.

This being the case the Neem Granules smell as they break down which will confuse them.

When they emerge as moths, they will not sense/smell the tree above. Sitting on the ground is dangerous as the birds will find them and eat them.

Some gardeners have also taken my suggestion of making little bags out of curtain netting and filling them with Wallys Neem Tree Granules before hanging in the tree on the outer branches at the four cardinal points. These also create a smell that camouflages the smell of the fruit which means the moths do not know there are any fruit there so fly on by.

According to reports back the method has been very successful and works well against the dreaded Guava moths also.

Another gardener told me that she sliced open used tea bags, took out the tea leaves and placed Wally Cat Repellent into the bags and stapled them closed.

The smell from these hanging in the tree would be a higher smell that the granules. I was told it worked 100 per cent with no damaged fruit.

Next place a small container of treacle in an onion bag and hang in the tree. This acts as a pheromone trap for the male moths. Check your trap every few days and when you notice a few moths, you know that they are active.

Start spraying the young apples with Wallys Super Neem Tree Oil with Raingard every 14 days till no more activity is noticed in the treacle.

Note that is spraying the fruit only, not the whole tree.

Easy and once again inexpensive without harming honey bees or bumble bees. It is a good practice this time of the year to make up a spray using Wallys Super Neem Tree and Wallys Super Pyrethrum and go around spray your garden plants over and under the foliage.

Only do this late in the day when the sun is low on the horizon before dusk.

Never do on an overcast day as the UV can with the oil damage foliage and the Pyrethrum will be quickly broken down by the UV.

Another tip; it is better to water in the morning using filtered water without the chlorine rather than late in the day as at night with moisture around and cooler temperatures then diseases can establish.

Ashwood Park offers all the choices and amenities you could ever ask for in one convenient location. STUDIOS AND APARTMENTS Available now from $185,000 118 - 130 Middle Renwick Road, Springlands | ph 03 577 9990 | ashwoodpark.co.nz Independent living in a beautiful environment • Superb outlook - Tastefully refurbished • Ground floor indoor/outdoor flow • Care packages to suit individual needs Available now from $195,000 gardening this week
Sun The Wednesday September 20, 2023 18
Exclusive Interview!
minutes with...

Community events

there was certainly some wonderful community events in Marlborough at the weekend including the Springlands School Gala and the Pasifika Festival at St Mary’s School. Journalist Chris Valli took in some of the action.

MBC Year 11 student Mika Vakasilimiratu performing a 'Meke' Fijian dance. In the Fijian language, meke is an 'all traditional' style of dance. It is a cognate of the words "maka" (Rotuman) and "mele" in Hawaiian and performed during celebrations and festivals.

MCY Theatre show ready to go!

Rehearsal photos from Marlborough Children and Youth theatre’s upcoming production of Roald Dahl’s Cinderella and the brothers

Last week MGC welcomed 27 students and 7 teachers from their Sister School in Japan. The International students at MGC worked on a banner to warmly welcome Jissen Gakuen Junior and Senior High School from Tokyo. Jissen Gakuen and Marlborough Girls' and Boys' Colleges have enjoyed a strong relationship for 26 years. And, thank you to all the Host families who make this opportunity possible. We are sure that your guests have been a delight.

Have an event ? Contact 03 5777 868 ...with The Sun your local paper & &
Out Ab O u t
Sun The Wednesday September 20, 2023 19 at The Boathouse Theatre Door Sales available - CASH ONLY Show Times: 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm | Tuesday 12pm & 2pm SOLD OUT!
Grimm Spectaculathon. Claudia Richmond as Cinderella and Caitlyn Mitchell as the Prince. Sabrina Rae plays Raven and Carolie Andrew plays Johannes in The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon. Lily Parker plays one of the ugly step sisters in Roald Dahl’s Cinderella. Lu van Asch plays The Devil in The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon. Ataata (smile): St Mary’s student Emily Amsler all smiles after getting her face painted at the festival. BELOW: Year 5 students Alice Kingi and Harper McLennan from Whitney Street School. Lara Delina (centre) and students from the Nīkau team perform a kapa haka at the gala on Saturday.
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Situations Vacant

Public Notice

In accordance with Section 46A(4)(a) of the Resource Management Act 1991, the Government is seeking submissions on the proposed National Policy Statement for Natural Hazard Decision-making (NPS-NHD).

The proposed NPS-NHD aims to direct how decision-makers consider natural hazard risk in planning decisions relating to new development. A discussion document, supporting material and information on how to make a consult.environment.govt.nz

The closing date for submissions is 13 November 2023.

Situations Vacant

Ryan Lawnmowing

Blenheim Renwick Picton

Clothing Alterations: by Lynette Atkinson-Parker

Saturday 23rd September 2023 St Christopher’s Hall, Redwoodtown Show Hours 10am-3am

Proudly Sponsored by Marlborough



Community Law Marlborough will be running it’s Picton clinic this Friday by appointment only. To make an appointment please contact ReceptionPhone: (03) 577 9919 or Email: reception@commlawmarlb.org.nz.

Situations Vacant

Sun The Wednesday September 20, 2023 21 Classifieds Advertising Ph 03 577 7868 Public Notices Public Notices Public Notices
Pacific Limited is looking for a Mobile Wine Technician to join our team. The position includes a company vehicle, company phone and a competitive salary to the right applicant. Full drivers license, and machinery, engineering or winery experience is essential. Give us a call today on 027 260 9052 Mobile Wine Technician
your sewing requirements Quality Service Guaranteed Phone 03 578 1010 or 027 578 1010
jazz, lively Irish reels, passionate tangos and sublime classical melodies
Dougal Canard double
Doug Brush drums
Sat 30 Sept St Andrews Presbyterian Church $25, $20, $15 www.eventfinda.co.nz limited door sales
Phone/Txt 022 322 6515 Light
an issue? Visit us online at www.blenheimsun.co.nz Got an important issue to share with Marlborough? Text your thoughts to: 027 242 5266 txt
Meeting Alfred Ngaro NEWZEAL PARTY Raupo Cafe, Blenheim Wednesday 27 September, 7pm Thursday 28 September, 8am Contact Don, 022 0256 787 Missed

Where there’s a Will - there’s a way

Perseverance has paid off for Central Districts cricketer Will Young who has been selected in a Black Caps squad of 15 for the world cup in India next month.

Young joins Devon Conway, Daryl Mitchell, Mark Chapman, Glenn Phillips and Rachin Ravindra who will be participating in the 50 over format for the first time. The experienced Kane Williamson and Tim Southee will join an exclusive group of players to be selected for four or more ODI World Cups.

Young made his first class debut in 2011/12 for Central Districts becoming the team’s captain in December 2015 at just 23 years of age.

Under his captaincy the Central Stags won the one-day Ford Trophy in 2016 and the first-class Plunket Shield unbeaten in 2018. Young elected to step down from the captaincy to focus on his batting and making the New Zealand side. It seems his resilience has paid off.

Playing at the top of the order with the likes of Devon Conway and Finn Allen away on Indian Premier League duty, Young finished as the Blackcaps’ third-highest run scorer during the 4-1 defeat against Pakistan earlier this year. In five innings, the 30-year-old scored two half-centuries, making 240 runs at an average of 48.

In March 2022, in the opening match against the Netherlands, Young scored his first century in ODIs, with an unbeaten 103. In January 2023 Young hit five consecutive deliveries for six in an over of a T20 match off Auckland spinner Louis Delport. He was dismissed in the final ball of the over attempting to hit the ‘rare six sixes in an over’ feat.

Black Caps coach Gary Stead says he felt they had the right balance in the squad.

“As with any squad named for an ICC tournament, there have been some tough calls and there will be some disappointed players,” he says. “The key for us was finding the right balance for the squad and making sure we had our bases covered for what is going to be a very competitive tournament.”

The squad’s first warm-up fixture is against Pakistan on September 29 in Hyderabad before the tournament starts on October 5 against England.

Central Districts comprises eight District associations geographically, from as far north as Hawkes Bay to Nelson and Marlborough.

Black Caps squad

Kane Williamson (captain), Tim Southee, Trent Boult, Lockie Ferguson, Matt Henry, Tom Latham, Jimmy Neesham, Mitchell Santner, Ish Sodhi, Devon Conway, Daryl Mitchell, Will Young, Mark Chapman, Glenn Phillips and Rachin Ravindra.

Animal Control Officer

Full time, Permanent

Maataa Waka Ki Te Tau Ihu Trust is based in Blenheim and is contracted by Marlborough District Council to deliver the Animal Control service for the Marlborough region. We have a permanent position available for an energetic, motivated and fit person to join the team as an Animal control officer.

This is a 40hr per week position and will involve dealing with the public investigating complaints about dog nuisances and attacks, and working within the community to ensure dog owners are abiding by the relevant acts and bylaws. Previous experience working in a regulatory environment would be an advantage. As this service is 24/7 you will be required to work rostered weekends and be on call on a 3 or 4 weekly rotation.

To be considered you will need the following skills and attributes:

• Ability to work within regulatory compliance constraints.

• An ability to handle and identify dog breeds.

• An understanding of dog behaviour issues and providing education and advise to dog owners.

• Competency with stock handling.

• Work well as part of a team.

Disability Swim Clinic

Local para swimmer Jack Bugler won gold for the 50m freestyle at the 2023 New Zealand Swimming Championships in Hawkes Bay recently.

“This was my best meet to date. It was amazing. I did personal bests in all nine events. I came away with six medals –two bronze, three silver and one gold,” says Jack.

Greg Bugler, Jack’s Dad says he is so proud of Jack and would recommend swimming as a sport for everyone”.

Ad ding on to Jack’s success, on Saturday September 23 from 8.45am to 10.45am Swimming New Zealand is holding a disability clinic at Marlborough Lines Stadium 2000 here in Blenheim.

Ca meron Leslie, current Olympic para swimmer along with Shaun Foley (current coach of Tasman Swimming Club and Para swimmer himself) and Jack Bugler will be there.

It is for anyone with a disability aged eight to 24 years old. You can register by calling 022 456 9793.

• Excellent communication and customer relation skills (both written & oral).

• Calm temperament.

• Excellent computer skills.

• A clean full drivers licence.

• We offer a supportive team environment with professional development opportunities.

Relocation support may be available for the successful candidate.

If you are interested in this position please contact Leona@maataawaka.co.nz or phone 03 5779256 to request a job description and an application form.


Applications close 5pm Friday 29th September 2023

Box 1016, Blenheim.

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Central Districts cricketer Will Young has been included in a Black Caps squad of 15 for the World Cup in India next month. In January, Young hit five consecutive deliveries for six in an over of a T20 match off Auckland spinner Louis Delport. Will Young
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