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Swayed by Swayze

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By Chris Valli

An idea to gather a group of like-minded, enthused ladies while indulging in heartthrob Patrick Swayze came to fruition for a school fundraiser last week. The Redwoodtown School Parent Group held a unique fundraiser on Wednesday night with screenings of the

1987 film Dirty Dancing at Events Cinema Blenheim. Swayze received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Lead Actor in Dirty Dancing while People Magazine named Swayze the Sexiest Man Alive in 1991. Not surprisingly, there seemed to be no shortage of insights from the ardent Blenheim fans in attendance. Continued on page 2.

NOBODY PUTS BABY IN THE CORNER: Kim Morrison and Yvette Johnson getting acquainted with the star of Dirty Dancing, Patrick Swayze, at the Events Cinema last week. The film was a parent group fundraiser for Redwoodtown School.

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The Sun

Wednesday August 17, 2022

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Ladies Night at the movies


Contined from page 1. “I was afraid of coming out of menopause with that many hormones and estrogen around me,” says Jo Hawker. “His acting was pretty awful, and he seemed to lose his shirt quite often…… yet the man can dance,” quipped fellow attendee Racheal Kenyon. “The night itself was really fun and well organsied with such a good buzz in the air.” Parent Group spokesperson Tasha Knox says the Ladies Night fundraiser sold 400 tickets and raised a total of $10,000. The complex had the full red carpet treatment which saw attendees receive a glass of Marlborough’s finest wine and a goody bag on arrival. Tasha says the idea to hold a fundraiser and watch Dirty Dancing had come up

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multiple times from different people and this year, after Covid restrictions were lightened, she says it felt the right time to go ahead and do it. Tasha says the money raised contributes towards activities and projects at the school that directly impacts the children. “Each year we fund the buses for the annual White’s Bay beach day, sponsor sports uniforms, music lessons and help with camp costs where needed.” The parent group has about 10 parents involved in fundraising efforts with another 10 - 15 helping out when they can. Tasha says some of the bigger projects that the group has fundraised for have been the shade sails and heating for the school pool. She says the current fundraising goal is on playground improvements.

DOUBLE THE FUN: Philippa Hyndman, Nikki van Groen and Jo Hawker and their friend Patrick Swayze.

Marlborough District Council - Local Body Election Nominees Mayoralty (1 position - election required) Nadine Patricia TAYLOR* ( nominated by John Craig Leggett and Jennifer Louise Andrews) Richard Francis OSMASTON – MFPNZ ( nominated by Aaron Lyster and Shaun Keith Brown) Matthew (Matt) Ronald Keith FLIGHT ( nominated by Karen Marie Bull and Hannah Gillespie) Christopher (Chris) James LIPIATT ( Nominated by Kathryn Isabelle Dunn and Maia Helen Jones) Marlborough Sounds Ward (3 positions - election required) David Ross McINNES – Independent ( nominated by Chadwick Hunt Pickesing and Noel Philip Curley) Benjamin (Ben) James MINEHAN – ( nominated by Andrew Martin Archer

and Ross Kevin McLean) Barbara Anne FAULLS* - ( nominated by Julia Ruth Pointon and Christopher James Faulls) John Peter REUHMAN – ( nominated by Brian John Henstock and Juliearna Janet Kavanagh) Frith Colleen CHAMBERLAIN – (nominated by Carmen Louise Sutton and Ligita Lakstina-Marks) Raylene Joy INNES – (nominated by John Joseph May and David Don Oddie) Dai MITCHELL – Independent (nominated by Bruce Turner and Clarence Charles Hoyle) Blenheim Ward (7 positions – election required) Jamie Arthur ARBUCKLE* - (nominated by Bruce Osborne Partridge and Raymond Roy Alexander)

Brian George DAWSON* - ( nominated by Anne Amelia Watts and Otto Lijzenga) Matthew (Matt) Ronald Keith FLIGHT ( nominated by Dallas Melissa Flight and Christopher Robert Anker) John David Neil CROAD* – ( nominated by Terence Michael Sloan and Paul Edwin O’Donnell) Thelma Patricia SOWMAN* - (nominated by Jennifer Louise Andrews and Roslyn Faye Bulfin) Aniva (Ni ) Amy FRUEAN – (nominated by Adrienne Spencer and Robert Frank Terry) Deborah Anne DALLIESSI – nominated by Judith Ann Kerridge and Michael Brain Newman) Jonathan Charles ROSENE – (nominated by Margot Mary Wilson and

Sonia Frances O’Regan) Wairau - Awatere Ward (3 positions – election required) Scott Rae William ADAMS – (nominated by Christopher John Dawkins and Terence Geoffrey Sowman) Sally Jane ARBUCKLE – (nominated by Gregory James Colquhoun and Bess Joyce Lorraine Bowden-Colquhoun) Michael John INSLEY – (nominated by Ross Neville Broadbridge and Stephen Mark Wilkes) Gerald Anthony HOPE* - (nominated by Cynthia Jane Brooks and Ivan Carl Sutherland) Christopher (Chris) James LIPIATT (Nominated by Kathryn Isabelle Dunn and Maia Helen Jones) Marlborough Maori Ward (1 position) Asterisk * denotes current elected member.

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The Sun

Wednesday August 17, 2022


The ugly duckling into the swan By Chris Valli

A three year restoration project is nearing completion for the Haddin Court Apartments. Located on the corner of Stephenson and Maxwell Roads, Christchurch couple Jo and Owen Mackley (along with two other parties) bought the well-known flats, built in the 1930s, in September 2018. Jo, the project manager says they have done smaller projects over the years but nothing this size together full time. Jo and Owen have been here for over three years now and have basically upgraded and replaced everything but the concrete walls and the rimu floors. “In fact, we have just been told as it is over 80% renovated it is classed as new for investors so that is good.” Jo says it was going to be a long term hold as their retirement fund. However, she says Owen’s brother died suddenly 12 months ago so they started to reassess what they wanted and came to the conclusion they wanted to finish their six apartments to an executive level and sell them. “Once we had moved here and started work we wanted to restore her. We have stripped out everything that was needing repair or replacing and to make it a beautiful trendy place to live that will hopefully be still standing in another 90 odd years.

Jo says the cost of the renovation has been more than they anticipated as they have redone every part of the infrastructure and have tried to future proof it so it lasts. “She has gone from being stated as 3% earthquake strengthening to over 80% so that is a big improvement. There is now extensive seismic steel and rendering double glazing, insulation (under floor, walls and ceiling), new roof, mains power, sewer, mains water, fibre, storm water. Then on the insides new wiring, plumbing, heat pumps, appliances, kitchens, bathrooms, all new lining, carpet, tiles with underfloor heating.” Jo says they are now starting the new fencing of the private courtyards, finishing touches to the exterior and all the landscaping. She admits there has not been one thing that has gone to plan or where they have not had to think on their feet, improvising and adapting to do what was needed “Putting in underfloor insulation was horrid work and smashing out lathe plaster walls and ceilings is up there as jobs I did not enjoy.” Jo says it is something Blenheim can be really proud of and something quite unique and funky. “I personally love everything to do with the design and transformation of the ugly duckling into a swan. I have an infatuation with rimu and I recycled and upcycled as much timber as I could to rein-

The Sun

Marlborough Environment Awards Key figures in Marlborough’s primary industries and environmental groups came together recently to launch the 2022/23 Marlborough Environment Awards. Awards Trust Chair Jo Grigg says the awards are unique in New Zealand as they go right across a range of industry and community initiatives which she says is a real strength for the region. Guest speaker at the launch was Kristie Paki Paki, who led the application for OneFortyOne Kaituna Sawmill - winner of the forestry category in 2020. Entries are now open online at www. cmea.org.nz and close September 30.

Back to school

Haddin Courts Project Manager Jo Mackley says the renovations of the Maxwell Road apartments are something Blenheim can be really proud of as they are quite unique and funky.

troduce this back into the features so she retains her history.” Jo says once the project is completed the plan is for her and Owen to go camping in their Landcruiser and go bush for at least two months. “We have been working so hard

for so long it will be nice to get off the grid in the mountains down south and relax for a bit. I want to drive past with my grandkiddies and say in 15 years that we did that and she still looks awesome.” Six of the apartments will be up for sale in early September.

Marlborough Police are heading back to school this month to make sure drivers have learnt that they need to lower their speed in school zones. Speed is a significant factor in crashes where serious injury or death have occurred and police are aiming to prevent further harm. “School zones often have a lot of pedestrians, many of which are kids, so making sure you are driving at no more than 40km is hugely important” says Sergeant Joshua Clauson. “Drivers also need to slow to 20km and take care when passing school buses.” Sergeant Clauson says “parents are setting an example for our school-aged children about safe and smart road use all the time and we hope to see everyone using their drop-offs over the next month.”

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The Sun

Wednesday August 17, 2022

Think FAST to slow down stroke By Chris Valli

Educating the community to make lifestyle changes to lower the risk of stroke was a key message for the Marlborough Stroke Club recently. Stroke Foundation CEO Jo Lambert was in Blenheim last Wednesday to talk to volunteers of the Marlborough Stroke Club. A stroke is a brain attack and happens when a clot blocks the blood flow to the brain, or when a burst blood vessel bleeds into the brain. Stroke can affect people at any age. Although strokes often happen to older people, 25–30% of strokes are experienced by people under the When only the best Will do!

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age of 65 years. Marlborough Community Stroke Advisor Emily May started her role in March this year. The position sees her working with stroke carers in the community, giving talks to rest home staff in how to work with stroke survivors while attending local schools and educating students on the awareness and profile of stroke prevention. Emily says she has always had a passion for helping people with disabilities and promoting people’s overall well-being. “It’s about making people feel they aren’t alone in their journey. Quite often when someone has a stroke their life changes. Finding a purpose and their way again and to have the support with those who have similar experiences is a huge thing for them.” Jo joined the Stroke Foundation board four years ago after experiencing first-hand the personal impact of a stroke on both her parents. “My Mum had a stroke when she was 50, I was 19 and she lived with a significant disability for 33 years. My Dad, who was her primary carer for 30 years, died very suddenly because of a stroke.” Jo says stroke is largely preventable, yet each year about 9,500 strokes are experienced in this country. This number could be reduced by three quarters if all the recommended actions to reduce stroke risks were taken in the community. Does the wider community still misunderstand the signs and or symptoms of someone having a stroke? “The fact we support the FAST campaign, recognising the face dropping, weakness in the arm, difficulty with speech and taking action quickly, we still find there is lack of recognition of how to help people to remember what a stroke is.”

Marlborough Community Stroke Advisor Emily May and Stroke Foundation New Zealand CEO Jo Lambert.

Jo says if people can remember and take action quickly the more positive the likely outcome. He taonga (treasure) is the Stroke Foundation’s free six- week online programme for managing high blood pressure. Launched in May, the programme provides support for people to develop healthy habits such as reducing their salt intake from processed foods. Jo says already, they have had 100 people nationwide who have signed up to it.

One’s blood pressure is recorded with two numbers. The systolic pressure (higher number) is the force at which your heart pumps blood around your body while the diastolic pressure (lower) is the resistance to the blood flow in the blood vessels. Jo says a high blood pressure reading is anything over 120/90 while a serious blood pressure reading is 145/110. Jo says if Marlburians would like to sign up for the free programme to visit www.stroke. org.nz/he-taonga

The Sun

Wednesday August 17, 2022


REDWOOD Real Locals - Real Value

The Blenheim and Districts Highland Pipe Band.


Pipe Band - Ceilidh Celebration By Chris Valli

The Blenheim and Districts Highland Pipeband are hosting Ceilidh (pronounced Kay Lee) at the Renwick Community Hall later this month. The event will be held on Saturday, August 27 and according to pipe major Neil MacDonald a Ceilidh originates from Scotland and is an evening full of Scottish music and dance, food (haggis) and not to forget whisky. “Where I grew up it was common to have as many as four or five a year. There would be one for Christmas, end of the grain harvest, one in the spring and whatever other reason we could come up with for a social gathering. It’s a great way to catch up with old friends, tell lots of tall stories, and have a few drams and a dance or two. I don’t think we dance enough these days, it’s so good for the soul.” Neil says they are hosting the Ceilidh in Renwick as a fundraiser for the band to help them get out and start competing again . “It’s very important for the survival of our band to have goals like competition to keep enthusiasm and standards up.” Neil says. The Blenheim and Districts Pipe Band were formed in 1984. Neil says they currently have 12 pipers they can call on and five learner pipers and seven drummers. Neil says the planning for Ceilidh has hap-

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pened in the last three weeks and they are very excited by what they’ve achieved so far and are really looking forward to playing on the night. “We are quite fortunate to have a depth of talent in the band so we put our heads together and have formed a folk group to play a couple of sets of Scottish and Irish music incorporating fiddle and guitar and mandolin and folk pipes (small bagpipes).” With the surname MacDonald it’s no surprise Neil plays the bagpipes in the pipe band. He also plays folk pipes in the newly formed folk group “Cuttin’ Bracken.” “The thing I love most about playing the pipes is the challenge. They are not an easy instrument to master and after ten years of playing I feel like I’m just getting the hang of them now. I love the sound of them too; they can sound so haunting with some tunes, yet bright and cheery with others. I also love the joy it can bring to others, the emotions that people have some will be grinning from ear to ear, and others will have a tear in their eye as it reminds them of, well for me home (Scotland) or lost loved ones with bagpipes being played for funerals or Anzac parades.” Tickets for Ceilidh are available from Eventbrite (online), Seumus Bar in Picton, Mitchell Sports and the Woodbourne Tavern. The event starts at 6:30pm.

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The Sun

Wednesday August 17, 2022

Sun readers have their say... with the WORD on the Street. Recently a high school in Sydney banned cell phones for students in years 7 to 10, while Otago Boys High School banned cells phones earlier this year which has resulted in more positive social interactions

Q: Should cellphones be banned in Marlborough schools from Years 7 - 13?

Joanne Harper Blenheim Yes they should be banned in class. Perhaps handed in at each classroom and then handed back at the end of each lesson?

Jody Hughes Blenheim Yes. Can’t stand it/them. Life is hard enough without phones and devices encouraging us to ignore people and make them feel second or third in line for attention.

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Linda Holdaway Blenheim Cell phones are unnecessary at school. It causes distraction during class and reduces face to face socializing during intervals and lunchtime. If students need them for outside of school hours they should be left at a safe collection point and retrieved after school.

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Simon Popham Blenheim They shouldn’t be used whilst in the classroom during learning (unless special circumstances) but I don’t think they should be banned from schools entirely.

Jo Jager Blenheim Yes because they are a huge distraction in classes and they are there to learn. Phones should not be seen.

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to the editor

Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. A maximum of 150 words please. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even when a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor reserves the right to

abridge letters or withhold letters from publication. Email them to news@blenheimsun. co.nz or present to our office at 72 High St. Please note that your name and street address MUST be provided with emails.

Market closure ‘We want to make it clear that we had nothing to do with the decision to close the market at Brayshaw Park and instead we want to remind people we’re still open for business at the railway station and ready to welcome any and all stall holders to the Blenheim Bootsale market, no questions asked, come along. We’re going to

have extra club members at the bootsale for the next wee while to keep an eye out for any disturbances. I would strongly recommend asking Brayshaw Heritage Committee to share why they made the call to close down the Brayshaw market?” James Mackenzie-Whiley, Rotary president

Banning phones no brainer

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Mark Jeffries Blenheim Yes, bullying via social media can be relentless so a prohibition for a few hours a day would be a good thing, especially to give the victims a break. Schools could gradually phase phones out by starting with one day a week that is completely phone free and then increase this.


I’ve worked in education and to me, banning phones is a no brainer. Having worked in colleges where they started out the year, ‘right no phones in class, in bags only, blah, blah, blah,’ and within a few weeks that is out the window. The distraction is huge. The disrespect and impudence which using a cell phone creates is appalling. When a teacher asks a student a question and the student’s response is ‘hang on’ because they are mid text/insta/snap, rude much?

My pet hate is ‘but my Mum/Dad texted me’. For goodness sake parents - teach your child to be organised, plan ahead, and take responsibility rather than encouraging quick texts to solve a problem. Kids get isolated from their peers; hide in the ‘safety’ of their phones. Yes they are tools we all live with and use but they are a nightmare at school(s). Jody Hughes

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The Sun

Wednesday August 17, 2022

He kōrero nā te Kaunihera o Wairau Your local news from the Marlborough District Council

Candidates confirmed for local elections The candidates standing for Marlborough District Council’s 2022 elections are listed below. The elections are held by a postal vote, beginning on Friday 16 September and closing at 12 noon on Saturday 8 October. The candidates are: Mayor FLIGHT Matt LIPIATT Chris OSMASTON Richard - MFPNZ TAYLOR Nadine Blenheim Ward (7 Councillors required) ARBUCKLE Jamie CROAD David DALLIESSI Deborah DAWSON Brian DAWSON Cyril FLIGHT Matt FRUEAN Ni MACDONALD Haysley ROSENE Jonathan SOWMAN Thelma Marlborough Sounds Ward (3 Councillors required)


Wairau-Awatere Ward (3 Councillors required)

ADAMS Scott ARBUCKLE Sally HOPE Gerald INSLEY Mike LIPIATT Chris Marlborough Maori Ward (1 Councillor required)


Local elections are held by postal vote. Voting papers and a candidate information booklet will be sent to all voters. You need to be enrolled at the right address to receive your voting papers. Check your details online at www.vote.nz or phone 0800 36 76 56 or go into any PostShop. Marlborough is one of 11 councils in New Zealand that uses the Single Transferable Vote (STV) electoral system. Instead of ticking the candidates you want to vote for, you number them in order of preference. Put a “1” beside the candidate you like best, then a “2” beside your second choice, and so on. You can vote for as many or as few candidates as you like. For more information on STV go to www.stv.govt.nz/index.shtml

Community Grants open If you are part of a Marlborough group with a project, idea or service that benefits the local community, it’s time to put your hand up for funding. The Marlborough District Council Community Grants Fund, worth $280,000, is now open. This fund is available for not-for-profit organisations providing services in the community covering a range of sectors including heritage, sports and recreation, community welfare and social services. Community Partnerships Advisor, Jodie Griffiths, said Council recognises the important contribution made by local organisations to the wellbeing of Marlborough and its residents. “That is why funding is available through grants such as these to help organisations benefit the wider community,” she said. “It may be a new piece of equipment is needed or perhaps a group would like to run activities or maybe they require supplementary funding to initiate a project,” Mrs Griffiths said. “It is a real strength if groups have funding from other sources as it helps

foster sustainability,” she said. The application period for the Community Grants Fund closes at 5.00 pm on Friday 21 October. For more information or to apply visit: https://bit. ly/MarlCommunityGrant For further information contact Jodie Griffiths, Community Partnerships Advisor on Ph: 03 520 7400 or email: jodie.griffiths@marlborough.govt.nz

Be Council’s eyes and ears Marlborough’s playgrounds, parks and open spaces are there for all to enjoy. Recently approximately 40 plants were taken from outside the Waikawa pump station at Waikawa Bay Wharf. The plants (pictured below) were a mix of Lomandra Lime Tuff, Libertia Grandiflora and Phormium (Red Flax). These plants had survived the initial planting on the bank near the pump station. After careful maintenance they were in good condition to grow and

become established over the winter months in time for the upcoming summer. If you know anything about these plants, or have found damage or seen someone acting suspiciously in an area where there is vandalism, please call the Council on Ph: 03 520 7400. Safety is paramount so if you do come across someone intentionally damaging Council facilities, please call the Police on 111.

Coding and esports festival Blenheim bound Calling the next generation of coders, professional gamers, and tech-savvy entrepreneurs - a new two day festival is being hosted in Blenheim from the 26-27 August this year and you won’t want to miss it. Brought to the region by the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce with funding and support from the Regional Events Fund and the Marlborough District Council, Empower Te Rangapikikōtuku is a coding and esports festival aimed at attracting young people across the Top of the South(and further afield) to learn more about technology, coding and gaming, and explore career pathways across the sector. The free event has an action-packed schedule with inspiring guest speakers, specialist workshops, tech business exhibition and esports tournaments

and is open to schools, parents, whanau and students to come along to explore the possibilities for further study and employment across a range of businesses and industries. Registration is free, but bookings are essential. Visit www.empowernz.org for more information and to book.


A mixture of approximately 40 Lomandra Lime Tuff, Libertia Grandiflora and Phormium (Red Flax) were recently taken from outside the Waikawa pump station at Waikawa Bay Wharf

Street Address: Phone: 03 520 7400 15 Seymour Street Fax: 03 520 7496 Email: mdc@marlborough.govt.nz Blenheim 7201 New Zealand



The Sun

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Wednesday August 17, 2022

Marlborough as you’ve never seen it Artist Jean Loomis’s exhibition ‘Nga Awa e Toru - 3 Rivers’ is featuring at the Millennium Art Gallery. The exhibition stems from five years of drawing, mapping, photographing, driving alongside and over-flying the rivers along Marlborough’s three alpine faults. She talks to Glenise Dreaver about this mighty endeavour. ‘Nga Awa e Toru - 3 Rivers’: Awatere, Wairau and Waiautoa (The Clarence) is the result of many hours of research into the historical context, and the many moods of the hundreds of Marlborough’s wild places she has captured in her installation. The paintings, many based on photos taken from a small plane she hired to fly the catchments from their source to the ocean, provide a totally different perspective on this place in which we live. “The views from that height are just breath-taking,” Jean says. Jean’s life has been spent in creating and teaching art. “One day I was kept back at the end of the school day to sweep the classroom. I was nine years old and I didn’t know how to sweep the floor. I wandered into the primary room and was looking at all the pictures around the walls, when I realised that there was a nun standing in the doorway.

A child of the sixties, she “got out” of New Zealand as many young people of the time did. Two years of voluntary teaching in Samoa followed. “Amazing. I’d never really encountered another culture.” Her next stop was Chicago, teaching in the westside black ghetto. There she met – and married - a young community developer called Terry Loomis. During their work in Chicago, they were involved in the Civil Rights Movement and the events following Dr Marin Luther King’s death. It proved to be the first of many upheavals in their lives. Ultimately, they and their three children shifted to Darwin where Jean drew maps for the town planning department – just in time for Cyclone Tracy in December 1974. Fortunately, one of Terry’s friends was managing a newly-developed hotel complex and had invited the family for a Christmas function. The triangular-shaped building stood up to the battering well, but Jean vividly remembers the mad run down the stairs sheltering their children as they fled to the conference room at the bottom. Following the devastation, Jean and Terry were involved with residents’ groups and planners to help rebuild the city. “It was a pretty challenging time.” When the family came back to New Zealand, Jean returned to teaching art in Auckland secondary schools and continued her painting. They moved to Blenheim when her son was posted overseas and needed to sell his house. They arrived just in time for the Kaikoura earthquake in 2016. “Disasters seem to follow us around,” says Jean. The earthquake caused much social as well as and geological upheaval and sparked Jean’s in-depth study of the history

“Those lessons opened up my eyes to a whole other world.” “She walked towards me and asked ‘Do you like pictures?’ She spoke with an accent – it turned out that she was French. I replied ‘Yes’. “She then said ‘Would you like to learn to draw and paint?’ and I said yes. She then said ask your Mother if you can have lessons. “Those lessons opened up my eyes to a whole other world,” said Jean. “They changed my life.” It led to art school in Auckland and a career in creating and teaching art. “I became passionate about teaching children.”

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Jean Loomis will have the results of her years of indepth exploration and researching Marlborough’s three rivers on display at the Millennium Gallery until September 11.

and topography of Marlborough. For family reasons she’s returned to Gisborne, but her passion for this area and the understanding of our context that underpins

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her work remains with us. Her paintings can be purchased and details are available at the Millennium Gallery.

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Wednesday August 17, 2022


Fundraiser a first for local artists By Glenise Dreaver

For Blenheim artist Mieke Davies, the Al zhei mers Marlborough Foundation’s fundraising Arts, Crafts and Collections Trail on October 15-16 is a heaven-sent opportunity to revisit a significant proportion of her own work. The mother of three children aged one, four and six says the house they moved into in 2017 has no studio space for her work. “I’ve got a small sunroom studio but that’s where I teach my private art students”. She also takes workshops for other arts groups on their own premises. But finding time and space for her own painting is very difficult at this point in time. So the chance to take her work out of storage and display her oil paintings in Jennian’s show home in Rose Manor Drive is a gift. She’ll be sharing the space with young artist Emma Null. The site will also be hosting three collections – one of wildlife photography, combined with a collection of Militaria Memorabilia in Miniature, another of miniature tanks and a third with small working models. The show home is just one of over twenty venues where the work of local artists and collectors will be on show during the weekend.

This inaugural Arts, Craft and Collections tour was created under orange Covid framework requirements. Travelling in buses, and ensuring social distancing in large groups moving into what can be quite small studios all at once was going to be impractical. The trail has been organised so that people use their own transport and make their own choices about the order in which they attend studios and displays, though masking is still required. Mieke says that the ages of her children mean her own painting is “on pause” and most of her work is teaching. It’s only a temporary halt though. One aspect of her painting is landscape, which she says, is “not traditional”. Her use of Christian symbolism is evident in this work and, she says: “I love using recurring natural organic patterns and things like details of leaves, up close.” The main passion in her creative stream is portraiture, normally done on commission. “They can often be done from photographs, after someone passes away for example, and they become family heirlooms.” She does have another ongoing creative project under way, that has birthed from her ministry work with St Mary’s Youth Group, where she is

Blenheim artist Mieke Davies is delighted by the opportunity to bring the major part of her collection of work out of storage to display during the Alzheimers Foundation Marlborough Arts, Crafts and Collections fundraiser on October 15-16. pacific entertainment & Both Barrels music present

a leader, though she’s clear that none of that unfinished work will be on display at this stage. Working with figures of young people, nine panels, each about two metre square, are being created using oil, spray paint, and symbolic imagery to speak about issues important to youth in New Zealand. It was started 10 years ago, but Mieke ruefully admits that at current rate of progress, the massive project could take another five to ten years. She says most of her painting on display will be for sale with just a few exceptions.

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Wednesday August 17, 2022

Marlborough women’s needs first By Chris Valli

HAUORA 101: Maternal Mental Wellbeing Marlborough’s new chairwoman Mandy Li and Angeline Forlong.

Congratulatory Message Service If your friends or loved ones are approaching one of the milestones below, please let me know so that I can arrange for them to receive an official congratulatory message.

Stuart Smith

Maternal Mental Wellbeing Marlborough has a new face at the helm but the same dedicated focus supporting women and families in antenatal and postnatal groups. Mandy Li is the new chairwoman of the charitable trust replacing outgoing chair Angeline Forlong who has been on the board the past six years and as chair the last 12 months. Mandy is a business director and is a board member with the Marlborough Chinese Association. Mandy says she had her own ‘tough times’ after her third baby and says after going along to a group she discovered a great deal of help, practically and mentally. “I never knew I had depression before because I was a strong, positive, independent woman. But I was often tired, and I couldn’t sleep or cope. When I met the other ladies, they helped me carry my baby for me.” Mandy says sharing her feelings with others including ‘loving oneself’ was difficult. But ultimately says, she wasn’t the only one and felt safe with like-minded individuals. Mandy says the group (an eight week program) provided her strategies to well being through writing a journal which made her focus on her overall haoura while taking time for herself daily for five minutes to connect whether that was through listening to music or drawing. Angeline, who has two children, says there seems to be a reluctance or unwillingness for Marlborough women and men for that matter, to reach out or come forward and ‘ask for help and support’. “There’s been three stories in the media that I have come across in my time and they

are me, my husband and you (this writer). If you haven’t got to a point where you can’t help others, you might still be dealing with it (post-natal depression).” Angeline says there are skilled practitioners within the Blenheim community to assist those who might be struggling with their mental health post-natal. “There are three facilitators in Blenheim along with one counsellor who works with post-natal and anti-natal groups.” Angeline says the definition of post-natal is under the age of five. Angeline says a lot of women don’t like to do group therapy as it is intimidating. She says for someone clearly in need, providing a one-on-one service used to be the case. However, they currently don’t have the funding to do one on one. “Teaching women to put their needs first before everyone’s else is so important and vital,” says Angeline. “You can’t pour into someone else’s cup if your cup is empty. Teaching women to care for themselves is half the battle.” Angeline says she is hoping the Whites Bay Ocean Dip which took place late June becomes a regular one. She says the 11 brave ladies who got together on the morning of Matariki, are looking to make the fundraiser an annual one. “We want to let the wider community know that they can come down and make it to more than just women doing it tough but their husbands and families also. Would be amazing if Dads could jump in with us.” Angela would like to remind Marlborough women they can self-refer through maternalmentalwellbing@gmail.com or ask their midwife to refer them to MMWM.

MP forWedding Kaikoura anniversaries:

Birthdays: 100 and above

50th, 55th, 60th, 65th, 70th, 75th and every year there after.

To all Marlborough Mums, Happy Mother’s Day!

Congratulatory message service application forms can be requested from my electorate office: 22 Scott Street, Blenheim.

22 Scott Street, Blenheim stuart.smithmp@parliament.govt.nz 03 579 3204 MP FOR K ASTUART IKOUR A 0800


Address: 22 Scott Street, Blenheim Office hours: 9am - 5pm Phone: 03 579 3204 Email: stuart.smithmp@parliament.govt.nz Website: www.stuartsmith.national.org.nz

Authorised by Stuart Smith, 22 Scott Street, Blenheim.


Authorised by Stuart Smith, Parliament Buildings, Wellington.

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Wednesday August 17, 2022

Keeping up to date with your vaccinations is really important, even if you’ve already had COVID-19. You can catch COVID-19 more than once. Boosters are your best protection from severe illness, ending up in hospital, and even death. Keeping up to date with your vaccinations is one of the most important things you can do to help protect yourself, your whānau and your community. A booster will provide extra protection from a previous vaccination and help your immunity be stronger and last longer. And, by staying as healthy as you can, you help reduce pressure on our communities, businesses and the health sector. If you’ve had COVID-19, you can get your booster three months after you tested positive. Make sure you are up to date with your COVID-19 vaccinations.

Check your eligibility at Covid19.govt.nz or call 0800 28 29 26.


The Sun

12 Wednesday August 17, 2022

Fundraiser benefits Pelorus community By Chris Valli

The Pelorus Community Preschool has a great deal to be happy about after a successful auction and comedy night recently. A total of $14,260 was raised for the Havelock based preschool, located right next to the Havelock primary school. PCP Board spokesperson Jennie Johnson says the preschool had approved plans for a building renovation to upgrade the non-teaching spaces, so the fundraiser came at an ideal time amidst Covid restrictions and construction delays. Jennie says the idea for the comedy/auction dinner nights were started many years ago by local business woman, Katrina Steele, which saw the event go from a small affair at the Slip Inn to the 100 ticket event at the Havelock Town Hall. “Once Katrina and her family moved away

from the area, these auction nights fell by the wayside. We rekindled the support of the local businesses and community in general by having the first of these events since 2017, last Saturday night. The event not only provided PCP with a great financial boost to the fundraising account, but it proved to be a great way for the community to come together to enjoy some great entertainment, fantastic food and good company.” Jennie says comedians from the Laugh Club, Nick Rado (head writer for TV3’s Seven Days show) and Tarun Mahunbhai, provided the humour to get the audience relaxed and ready to bid, and Quest Catering created a beautiful starter and main course, with dessert platters provided by their own local café’s and some great bakers from the PCP whanau. The preschool was formed by a group of Havelock parents around 15 years ago, who saw a need in the area for quality preschool

education. “A charitable trust was formed, fundraising got underway and all the legal and ministry of education requirements were met culminating in the preschool being built on a piece of land right next door to the Havelock Primary School, an ideal spot for those tamariki who will eventually transition to Havelock School.” The preschool draws children from the entire Pelorus area from Rai Valley, Pelorus Bridge, Canvastown, Havelock, Linkwater and Havelock suburban. Jennie says the preschool caters for children from six months of age right through until school age. Many local families have both parents and caregivers working during the day so the preschool plays an important role in the community for families and businesses.

The preschool is currently staffed with a senior teacher/manager along with four permanent teachers and relieving staff. “The role stands at approximately 40 children at present. While the PCP is well appointed and resourced, fundraising is always needed for replacement toys, consumables, any capital expenditure and all the other overheads that aren’t funded by the Ministry of Education.” Jennie says they are grateful for sponsors for making the event possible “We couldn’t have done it without all this support. It also means that all the money raised from the auction items themselves has gone straight into the PCP fundraising account.”

- THANK YOU The Pelorus Community Preschool wishes to thank the following local businesses for their generous support of our Auction and Comedy Night Fundraiser. Havelock Four Square Johnston Associates South G R Lawrence Ltd Supermarket The Captain’s Daughter Giesen Wine Group Aroma NZ P & J Johnson Ltd Renaissance Brewing Co Johnson’s Barge Service Ltd Cherry Plumbing Ltd NZ King Salmon Co Havelock Service Station Havelock ITM Quest Catering Co Thank you to our auctioneers Winder & Co Real Estate Many thanks to the following businesses and individuals who donated goods or services to be auctioned on the night – we couldn’t have done it without you. And a special thank you to Jarod Udy whose original artwork raised $1000 on it’s own. NELSON HONEY SOUTHSHORE MARINE Ltd HAVELOCK GARDEN MOTEL CAPTAINS DAUGHTER BAR & BISTRO MAYFLOWER STUDIO ANIMATES BLENEHIM BETH & RUSSELL FAIRBAIRN DANEUNDER WORKWEAR RENWICK THE GALLERY HAVELOCK JAROD UDY - ARTIST JOHNSON’S BARGE SERVICE LTD PORT MARLBOROUGH RUTH BRAY STADIUM 2000 BRENDON PRICE COMPUTERS PELORUS QUILTERS BLUEBRIDGE COOK STRAIT



FOR A GOOD CAUSE: Artist Jarod Udy’s piece that he donated to the Pelorus Community Preschool auction, which fetched $1000 on the night. INSET: A full house at the Havelock Town Hall.

Sun Business Update

Aesthetically Pleasing Business New to Blenheim A new aesthetic clinic has opened in Blenheim. Run by experienced practitioner Dr Amar Saasan, the new clinic will be based at the Churchill Trust Hospital from Wednesday, August 31 (every two weeks). His Picton clinic opened in May and he says he is very excited to be expanding their services in Blenheim. An aesthetics clinic is a healthcare facility that is primarily focused on the care of outpatients with their primary focus on anti-aging treatment. Dr. Amar’s Aesthetic Clinic has recently taken over the care of Enhance skin clients in Blenheim. He is currently working as a Doctor at the Urgent Care Centre in Blenheim and occasionally works at the Emergency Department at Wairau Hospital.

The clinic is offering a range of non-invasive cosmetic injectable treatments which include anti-wrinkle injectable and dermal fillers. He says the clinic offers honest advice and will always aim for the most natural look. All injectable treatments are provided by Dr. Amar who has over 18 years’ experience. He is also part of the New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine (NZSCM) and has vast knowledge and experience so you can be assured that you are in safe hands. “Your needs, concerns and medical welfare always come first and you’ll benefit for the personal touch of a trustworthy practitioner you can build a relationship with,” he says. Dr. Amar would like to say a huge thank

Dr Amar MD (Physician) RNZCGP

you to the people of Picton and Blenheim for their incredible support since opening his clinic in Picton He would like to take this opportunity to wish Dr. David Orsbourn continued success with his Enhance Skin Vein Clinic and would also like to wish nurse Brittany Fenwick every success in her future endeavours. Limited dates are available. Complimentary Consultations are available to book on 021 383 220 or www.dramarsaestheticclinic.co.nz

THE ULTIMATE COSMETIC EXPERIENCE Appearance and cosmetic medicine Anti-wrinkle injections Dermal fillers Lip fillers Churchill Trust Hospital every 2nd Wednesday Ph: 021 383 220 • E: dramarsaestheticclinic@gmail.com


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Wednesday August 17, 2022


enhanceskin Putting a spring in your step! It’s almost a decade and a half since Robyn and David Orsbourn opened the doors of the enhanceskin Clinic in Buxton Square, Nelson. In 2009, David moved from General Practice to specialising in appearance medicine and varicose vein treatment. Since then, David has brought his clinics to the Churchill Private Hospital in Blenheim, where he has treated hundreds of Marlburians, helping his clients find self-confidence and live their lives free from the debilitating symptoms of varicose veins. Many readers will know that David stepped back from the facial aesthetics side of the Practice some time ago. Thus, allowing him to concentrate on improving people’s lives through walk-in, walk-out, varicose vein procedures. In recent months, David and Robyn have decided that moving forward, their Clinic will focus purely on these gold-standard vein treatments. David says, “It is pure gold to Robyn and me when we see the smiles on the faces of people whose veins we have treated; they walk into their follow-up appointments with a spring in their step.” There is always much debate about the cause of varicose veins. You will get those that advocate that occupation or lifestyle choices are the cause. But David maintains that the primary cause of vein disease is genetics. This factor accounts for about 80% of cases. So, for that very reason, people of any age can suffer from varicose veins. David has treated varicose veins in patients aged sixteen to ninety-four in the past decade, proving that varicose veins and their often-debilitating symptoms can affect anybody. Another myth surrounding varicose vein

treatment is that most people have it to make their legs look better. But varicose veins are not just a cosmetic problem. They can cause heavy, painful, tired legs, with associated cramps, itchiness, and restlessness. David says, “There is no doubt that ignoring varicose veins can lead to an increased risk of developing other, often more severe, health issues.” If you’ve been ‘putting up’ with your varicose veins, Robyn urges you to contact her at the Clinic. She will arrange a complimentary, full doctor’s vein assessment and scan with David, helping to determine which of the specialist treatments they offer is most suitable for you. Ultrasound-Guided Foam Sclerotherapy (UGFS) uses specialised ultrasound equipment to guide sclerosant injections to close the vein permanently. This procedure is virtually painless, so it requires no anaesthesia. Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA), the gold-standard varicose vein treatment, again, requires no general anaesthesia or hospital stay. You walk in and walk out (wearing compression stockings for two weeks) and can drive home afterwards. Like UGFS, there’s no downtime, and you can be back at work the next day. Venaseal Glue is another option for a small number of patients with advantages Dr David explains to those who he feels will benefit from this treatment. enhanceskin has Affiliated Provider status with Southern Cross for varicose vein treatment and can accept payment through all other health insurance providers. Treatment costs always include your follow-up appointments for twelve months.



Healthline, Pharmacists, GP or GP Practice Nurse, and Urgent After Hours GP offer professional health advice. If you arrive at Wairau Hospital’s Emergency Department with a non-urgent health concern you may be referred to your GP.

Robyn and David Orsbourn

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14 Wednesday August 17, 2022

Winter Winter

Long proud history By Chris Valli

Innovation in design. Excellence in Quality. Efficiency in service. The Cuddon philosophy has a long proud

history dating back more than 75 years meeting the needs of the Marlborough District and beyond. Cuddon CEO Terry Duff says they often have customers come to them who have

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spaces where the incorrect size, a poor quality brand or not the most effective heating or cooling system for them, has been installed in the past and they are disappointed with the performance and cost of running them. “Our experienced team look at the space and take everything into account before advising and quoting on the best solution for your heating and cooling– whether that be residential or commercial.” Cuddon’s have been serving Marlborough with heating and cooling solutions for nearly 40 years. That’s the experience that matters. Terry says they are only interested in selling technically superior products. “We’ve been around long enough to know what does and doesn’t work. Our showroom has a full range of working models available to try out, with plenty of parking available.” He says Cuddon’s provides free, no-obligation site visits and quotations. For existing homes, they also offer on-the-spot quotations. “Although we are competitive, we are not necessarily the cheapest. That’s because we pride ourselves on providing the absolute best in quality product and service. Our clients appreciate the difference.” Terry adds the Warmer Kiwi Homes (WKH) is a government-funded programme run by Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) is designed to support New Zealand families to live in warmer, drier homes. Since July 2018, this programme has offered

grants to eligible low-income or high-health need (as referred through the Healthy Homes Initiative) homeowners where the home is insulated, for the installation of a range of heating appliances. The majority of these heating appliances are heat pumps. The EEC estimates 100,000 low-income owner-occupied homes do not have an affordable and effective heater. The Government has provided $305 million in grant funding to the Warmer Kiwi Homes programme between 1 July 2018 and 30 June 2023.

Exposed glass makes retaining heat more difficult, so make sure your curtains and blinds form a good seal around your windows. Curtains and blinds: When warm air hits cold glass, two things happen and neither of them are good; the warm air escapes outside, and the newly cooled air forms condensation on the windowpane. There are two ways to deal with this – keeping the warm air away from the window (with curtains and blinds) and insulating the windowpane (using double glazing or putting

insulation film on existing windows). Curtains create a pocket of air between themselves and the window. Properly installed curtains are just as important as their material or thickness. Ensure your curtains and blinds form a good seal against all sides of your window frame. Old-fashioned net curtains are OK at keeping heat in, as they generally sit quite close to the window and disrupt the downward movement of cool air. Floor-length curtains are more effective than windowsill-length curtains.

Cuddon CEO Terry Duff says the Warmer Kiwi Homes (WKH) is a government-funded programme run by Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) and is designed to support New Zealand families to live in warmer, drier homes.

ARE YOU Cover exposed windows ELIGIBLE FOR A HEAT PUMP GRANT? Cuddon is a government approved provider for the warmer kiwi homes programme. Contact us to check your eligibility.

Are you eligible for A heAt pump grAnt? Cuddon is a government approved provider for the warmer kiwi homes programme. Contact us to check your eligibility.

E H T T A BE ! H S U R 03 578 4299 • sales@cuddon.co.nz

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Wednesday August 17, 2022

Winter Winter




To dry inside or out, that’s the question Do you hang your washing outside or dry them inside? That’s the big question as many people lead busier lives and find it more convenient to put up clothes airer in front of the fireplace, or turn the drier on. But where does the moisture from these freshly washed clothes actually go? And does it impact on our health? A June 2017 Canstar Blue survey showed that 75% of New Zealanders have a clothes line, yet 20% of those admit to using a drier even when it was sunny outside. EECA Energywise, the Government authority that promotes energy effiency, has stated on its website that the average drier load costs around $1, compared to free outside drying. Unless the dryer vents to the outside, some of the moisture ends up in the house which in turn leads to humidity and mould. Drying clothes outside keeps all that moisture out. There are also health benefits to outside drying; the ultraviolet in the sun’s solar radiation helps to kill bacteria and dust mites. When should you hang out the washing? Sunshine is the next most important factor. It takes energy to evaporate water, and the best source is direct solar radiation. Some energy will come from the long-wave radiation emitted from the ground, especially if

the ground has been already warmed by the sun. Other energy is also conducted across from the ambient air temperature. However, the most significant source of energy is radiative energy direct from the sun. Humidity is also important. The moisture in your clothes has to evaporate into the air, requiring it to be less than 100% relative humidity (saturated). The lower the relative humidity, the faster clothes will dry. Relative humidity is simply the amount of water vapour in the air, relative to how much vapour the air holds at saturation. Wind is also very useful. On a still day, the air around your clothes can saturate, slowing down or even stopping evaporation. On a windy day, the humid air is transported away, and fresh air below saturation brought in. Temperature is important, but not as important as humidity. A warmer day enables the air to hold more moisture, but if it is already saturated it won’t help. A cold, dry day will dry clothes faster than a warm humid day, especially if the clothes are in direct sunlight. Tips for faster drying Maximise the exposure to the sun and wind. Consider where the sun will be during the day as well, as you want the clothes to be in full sun for as long as possible. Try to maximise the surface area exposed

There are more benefits to hanging your washing outside, than inside.

Keeping you warm this winter

5A Sutherland Tce | p. 03 570-2298 | e. info@mintair.co.nz | www.mintair.co.nz

to the wind and sun – for example try to avoid folding towels over, which halves their surface area. Hang clothes so the thickest parts are at the top (e.g. the top of a pair of jeans), so water

doesn’t collect at the bottom. If you can open the zips and fastening you can increase the surface area, and also possibly channel the wind through the clothes better.

Locals looking after locals Committed to keeping you warm with the best firewood available Pine • Gum • Macrocarpa Douglas Fir • Old Man Pine

Rockgas Marlborough Your local LPG provider. Order anywhere, anytime using the Rockgas LPG App We’re here for you. Ph 577 9717

100% family owned & operated right here in Marlborough info@thefirewoodcompany.co.nz ph 027 930 5447

rockgasmarlborough.co.nz sales@rockgasnelson.co.nz

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16 Wednesday August 17, 2022

Strong rental market in Picton By Glenise Dreaver

The Picton rental property market is strong, says a local agent. Ana Horncastle from B&N Properties says there is a shortage of rental housing in Marlborough generally, and especially in Picton. “The quantity of tenancy applications over the past few years far outweighs the number of properties available.”

She believes construction of the ferry terminal will further impact an already flooded market. “Some holiday homes have already been booked out by professionals who will be in town for part, or the entire project. “And with the influx of people all needing a place to stay, we’re unlikely to see a drop in rental incomes.” However, Picton real estate agent Mala Gepp, a sales consult-

ant with Tall Poppy Real estate says that while the Marlborough Sounds market for residential sales is holding well she says they are tracking upwards yearon-year. “There is a slight slow-down in the residential property market there, “says Mala. “If we look at the bigger picture buying a property is generally a long term investment, and while there are short term fluctuations,

past market trends have shown that property will hold and increase its value, long term.” She adds that the new ferry terminal development will be sure to boost the economy. “It also has the opportunity to further boost Picton’s profile for tourism, improve traffic flow in and out of town and enhance the flow between the ferry terminal and CBD for our visitors.” Mala says that the slight down-

turn is natural, following the two-year boom. “Of course it would be nice to have property prices continue to increase, but it is very normal to have fluctuations within the market and any slow-down is natural. “We are still receiving a good level of enquiry from local and out-of-town buyers and if vendors set a realistic price point, they will make a successful sale.”

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Left to right: Deryn Smart (9), Cristina FernandezPuertas (10), Isaiah Mills (4) and Mahaia Lambert (7)


Leather Care Kit & Side Table valued at $599 with every seat purchased

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Wednesday August 17, 2022



s d n e g e L

GMW Jewellery GMW Jewellery specialises in handcrafting exquisite and distinct jewellery of the highest quality. The Redwoodtown Hub store contains a selection of beautifully crafted jewellery to suit all styles and ages. Owner Gina Botham says she has a genuine love for her business. Gina says it’s a rewarding experience to be able to create a special piece for someone that they treasure for years to come whether that is couples getting engaged or married or buying special gifts. The feedback from clients is consistently positive and often she says many tell her I wish I had done this years ago or I’m so glad I found you. “I think the best feedback is the wonderful word of mouth network that sends new customers through our doors every single day.” Gina says some clients get emotional when they are picking up a newly re-created piece that contains sentimental stones. We get hugs often she says, fully masked of course. She says the pandemic has been a bit of a roller coaster for the business. “We have an amazing following of loyal customers who support us and having that loyalty really does help in the tough times. We now offer watch battery fitting onsite, as well as we have invested in a new digital engraving machine for precision engraving for jewellery, giftware, flat plates, pet tags, pens, and more. This combined with our

Gina Botham, owner of GMW Jewellery jewellery repairs, re-making, custom designs and of course the retail store keep us busy.” At GMW Jewellery you will be able to select the best use of metals, such as Platinum, yellow white or rose gold. When choosing a potential diamond, the ‘clarity’ is determined by the number of internal flaws within a stone. She says some can be so tiny that they are not visible to the naked eye, while others are very distinct. “To me these are the birthmarks of the stone, unique to each stone.”

The Spiderman Marlborough The Spiderman Marlborough is owned and operated by Kevin and Michelle Gunn. The business has been delivering exemplary service in urban pest management across commercial and domestic properties, for over 20 years in Marlborough. “Last season we were heavily booked from mid-August (chasing ants) until mid-June. This year we have already gone back to work, dealing with ants and cockroaches. The bugs seem to have stayed very active over this winter. We are preparing for a barrage of calls about pesky ants this season.” One of the more unique pests they have come across in the business was a swarm of Tasmanian Grass Grubs. Michelle says due to warm and humid conditions this insect can ascend on your property in large numbers. “They are attracted to light, so a swarm can suddenly bash into your window glass making quite a scene. We had a call last season from a business that had thousands of these black beetles fly into their entrance area. They die as quickly as they arrive and do not usually turn up in the same place again. There is not really any point treating surfaces as a preventative for the insect as it is random to when and where they might turn up. If they are swarming nearby they will crash into your property regardless of any treatment you may have applied. Due to the large swarm numbers it can be quite invasive when it occurs.” So what’s the most ‘common pest’ in urban

Kevin and Michelle Gun, owners of The Spiderman Marlborough Marlborough? “Each region in NZ has its own eco-climate so insects that may be common in Marlborough may not necessarily be as common in places like the deep south. The insects in Marlborough take turns at being invasive. From August onwards we find that the ants are relentless but seem to ease off as the summer sets in. During the hot summer months we chase wasps and flies around. In Marlborough both the German and Paper wasp are a real problem for people and last autumn there was a big cluster fly infestation.”

h Marlbnotrroolug

Pest co

Here in the Redwoodtown Hub

Domestic & Commercial Pest Control Integrated Pest Management Assessments & Control (IPM) Annual notifications & scheduling

..where we do our best work! 91 Weld St, Redwoodtown | info@gmwjewellery.co.nz 577 9340 | (FB)/GMWJewellery | gmwjewellery.co.nz

100% Marlborough Owned and Operated

027 226 2932 or 03 578 2430 | www.thespiderman.co.nz

The Sun

18 Wednesday August 17, 2022


s d n e g e L

Debbie the Webster The term ‘local legend’ doesn’t exactly sit well with Debbie Webster. The Balclutha native has worked tirelessly in Real Estate for 25 years, recognised locally and nationally as the Number One salesperson for Mike Pero Real Estate, and highly regarded my Mike Pero as a Hall of Fame inductee 2019. Debbie says she doesn’t do what she does for the money, do the hard yards and financial reward will come! She says the people aspect of the job allows her to utilize her honest, transparent disposition which is ultimately best for her client. “People have said I’m too honest, so many folk, many unknown to me ring for advice.” She says the relationships formed and developed after a sale is what makes her ‘feel good’ and keeps her longevity in the real estate game. A referral on her website best sums up the positive impact Debbie has on the people she has met and worked with. “I am pleased with the outcome and have enjoyed the well-humoured frank personality and on task manner that Debbie brings”. Trust means a great deal to Debbie and she learnt early on in her real estate career the importance of trust. “Do what you say you will do, always do the right thing by your client”. Debbie will be straight up – you will receive the best advice, always. I am absolutely committed to my clients

Bouquet delivered in person in appreciation for Deb’s hard work, we bought & sold with her!

and treat each and every one as an individual, I really care! My point of difference is that I personally handle every aspect of the sales and marketing process. Deb is extremely giving and generous … numerous donations/sponsorship over the years locally not to mention her overwhelming support for the Super Saloon car racing and what she does for these guys. Happy, friendly and always going the extra mile... Debbie the Webster is a local legend!


CBD Eatery CBD Eatery co owners Tania and Mike Godsall exemplify all that is good when it comes to a variety of quality fresh food and a smorgasbord of flavour. Foods range from gourmet pies, delicious salads, sandwiches and rolls, hot food, vegetarian, and gluten free dishes. They also have the delicious CBD pantry range of sauces and chutneys. The Queen Street business has had a few names in recent years from CBD café to bakery to deli. However, Tania says the deli didn’t take off and they became more of a café. Tania says when they had the fire they decided to change the name when they reopened to CBD Eatery. “We have a lot of ideas for the eatery but Covid has stopped a lot of them from coming to fruition, the ideas are still there but we need to be ready to bring them into fruition, we need more team members and a few changes.” The ethos of the business is that they are ‘passionate about food’. So what does this mean in a holistic sense? “Being passionate about what goes into the food, the quality of the food and where it comes from. Knowing everything about the food. I love making new food and being creative.” Tania has been catering events for the last 33 years, from sportsman of the year award dinners, to catering for the All Blacks and Black caps at Eden Park. “We do weddings, funerals, harvest meals,

The home of great coffee and delicious food, CBD Eatery on Queen St, Blenheim. morning and afternoon teas, functions where we come to your house and cook, or we can drop off food for you to serve your guests. The ideas are limitless. The most popular are our lunches that people either pick up or we deliver them to them. Ie, catering for a group of workmates who have a get together and we cater for their event.” Tania says the best thing about what she does is the people aspect of the job. “Our customers are amazing and they love what we do. We love seeing our regulars.

OPEN EVERYDAY Weekdays from 7.30am • Weekends from 8am

Consistent Multiple Award Winning Office and Agent Nationwide including No.1NZ Salesperson & Hall of Fame Inductee “After meeting several other realtors we decided to sell our home ourselves but then we met Debbie. She won my husband and myself over with her honesty. She is a hard worker and her work ethics go above and beyond our expectations. Thank you to Debbie and Mike Pero Real Estate for making our journey as easy and pain free as possible. We will certainly recommend you.”

Providing a unique one on one service, second to none, call Debbie today!

Mike Pero Real Estate Ltd. Licensed REA (2008)

021 797 454


41 Queen Street ph 577 7300 Breakfast • Lunch • Coffee Gourmet food • Catering

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Wednesday August 17, 2022



s d n e g e L

Marlborough Motorcycles Marlborough Motorcycles started out as a home business in 1999 when Brendon Wadsworth and wife Cathy, both motorcycle trials enthusiasts, acquired the sole agency for Montesa Cota trials bikes and a range of specialist trials clothing. For 4.5 years the business operated from home while Brendon worked in full time employment. During this time they also acquired the sole NZ agency for Scorpa and Clipic motorcycles. Brendon left his job mid 2004 to work full time in the business and they soon unexpectedly found themselves needing to find premises for the business away from home. This turned out to be a great move and they located to Auckland Street where the business grew with the addition of a mechanic and some part time staff. Not long after that, further growth prompted a move to larger premises on Grove Road where the business went from strength to strength, incorporating a state of the art workshop and a larger retail space. Then in recent years the couple purchased Peter Grinter Motorcycles, a business which had operated since 1981, putting two well established motorcycle names under one roof and incorporating Kawasaki and Can-Am into their growing product range. Towards the end of 2021 the business relocated to its current premises at 2 Warwick Street with larger workshop and retail spaces.

Marlborough Motorcycles premises at 2 Warwick Street.

They now employ three mechanics and an apprentice, three full time parts and sales staff and a couple of part timers, along with Brendon and Cathy who are both hands-on, working hard in what has become a local iconic business. Marlborough Motorcycles are your on-road and off-road specialists and now also stock a range of garden machinery including ride-on mowers and Kea Trailers. Finance is also available, so why would you go anywhere else? Marlborough Motorcycles - local legends!




NOW AT 2 Warwick St, Mayfield. Ph 579 2500

Hark & Zander Looking for highly effective natural skincare that actually works? Look no further than premium skincare brand, Hark & Zander and the product that got them started here in Marlborough: HempTonic Face Oil. With their skincare receiving multiple international awards, Hark & Zander have appropriately taglined: Sourced from Nature, Proven by Science. We believe the secret of their success lies in their hero ingredient: Organically g row n New Zealand Hempheart Oil. Hemphea r t Oil is lowest on t he comedogenic scale which means it won’t clog your pores and it actually helps to regulate oil production while nourishing your skin, making it perfect for all skin types! The New Zealand made beauty brand was founded by Kirsty Harkness, whose vision is to create premium, powerful and innovative natural skincare, for the love of people and planet. Their award winning Hemp Tonic Face Oil is exactly that and has rapidly become a must-have skincare staple. Nine vitamin-rich active natural plant oils, including anti-ageing superstars like Sea Buckthor n, Squalane and Vitamin E, blended to perfection with organically grown Hempheart Oil from

Kirsty Harkness, founder of New Zealand made beauty brand Hark & Zander. Whanganui. Hemp Tonic Face Oil is 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free. The reviews speak for themselves: “Love the product. Lovely texture and soft on my aged skin. Feels very fresh and natural. (Which it is). Would recommend it to any types of skin and any age. Thank you for such unique, natural skin care.”

Sourced from Nature, Proven by Science



The Sun

Wednesday August 17, 2022

TRADES PROFESSIONALS Who to call to get the job done right!

Call Adrian 021 456 936 Servicing Marlborough for 20 years

Your one-stop shop Byrnebuilt Engineering Ltd 9 Pak Lim’s Road Renwick, Marlborough

Best under pressure

Local, National, International Moves and Storage Wherever you’re moving to, we’ve been there! Let us help you get to where you want to be! Phone us on 03 579 5154

Byrnebuilt Engineering Limited By Chris Valli

Based in Renwick, Byrnebuilt Engineering is in the heart of the Marlborough vineyards. Business owner Adrian Byrne says as they live on the same property they offer their customers a very high degree of flexibility when they want to drop off and pick up jobs. The small engineering team comprises Steven Hitchman who looks after most site engineering work and Steve Nicholson who takes care of the Hydraulink related work and mechanical repairs. “Erika, my wife, runs the administration side of the business and keeps the office ticking away nicely,” says Adrian. Adrian says he is very much hands on in the workshop and takes care of fabrication, machining and sales and enjoys working with their customers to problem solve for them and offer professional engineering services and provide the highest quality engineering work that they are looking for. “I am a boilermaker and welder by trade and did my apprenticeship at the Ministry of Transport, Marine Division Workshops in Westport. Although a government department it was unusual in the fact that we did a lot of work for private industry as the workshop was probably the best equipped in the Buller District, so it was a great place to learn a huge variety of work.” Adrian says Byrnebuilt Engineering was first established in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia in the late 90s. “We worked on surface earthmoving

equipment and then specialized in rebuilds of underground mining equipment. In the early 2000s we returned to New Zealand and a short time later Byrnebuilt Engineering Ltd was set up and we specialized in on site welding and repairs to Forestry and Earthmoving equipment.” Adrian says they then built a new engineering workshop and offered fabrication and machining services to their customers. “Over time we became more involved in the grape industry and now approximately 75% of our work relates to vineyard equipment repairs and sales of new Braun under vine cultivation units, mowers and related gear.” Approximately 18 months ago Byrnebuilt Engineering became the exclusive importer and distributor for Braun Maschinenbau and now has a dealer network in New Zealand and more recently in Adelaide, South Australia. “As the push to reduce the use of herbicides in the vineyards increases more and more vineyards are choosing to use mechanical weed control methods and we can supply all of this equipment and also fit it to the customers’ tractors.” Two years ago they became the Blenheim Hydraulink Distributor and can now offer their customers a full 24/7 hose repair service as well as being able to repair or manufacture new hydraulic rams and components in our workshop. Adrian says the Hydraulink hose and fittings are a very high quality product and highly regarded in the industry.

With over 25 years experience in Civil Earthworks • • • • • • • • • •

Subsoil Drains Irrigation Trenches Section Clearing Post Hole Augering Culvert Supply and installation Vineyard Development Vineyard Washdown Pads Onsite Topsoil Screening Gravel Delivery Farm Excavations Works

....and much, much more.

Kevin Eaton 021 615 105 Eaton.Excavations@outlook.com

Left to right: The Byrnebuilt Engineering team, Adrian Byrne, Steven Hitchman and Steve Nicholson.

Don’t get caught short with a dead battery this winter! Trade in your old battery, and save $$$ Shop LocAL Starter Motors • Alternators • Batteries

Call 03 578 4900

Cnr Kinross & Opawa Streets blenautoelec@xtra.co.nz • www.autoelectric.co.nz



all your Plumbing needs, call Laser! ForForall your plumbing needs, call Laser!


•Plumbing •Gasfitting •Solar •Drainlaying

Emergency Work and Urgent Repairs Plumbing • Gasfitting • Solar • Drainlaying Guaranteed Workmanship

We cover: New Build, Alterations, • Emergency Work and Additions, Urgent Repairs Renovations, Maintenance & Service • Guaranteed Workmanship • We cover:blenheim@laserplumbing.co.nz New Build, Additions, www.lasergroup.co.nz/m/laser-plumbing-blenheim Alterations, Renovations, 03 579 6001 Maintenance & Service 92 Middle Renwick Road, Springlands, Blenheim

03 579 6001 92 Middle Renwick Rd, Springlands, Blenheim blenheim@laserplumbing.co.nz www.lasergroup.co.nz/m/laser-plumbing-blenheim


The Sun

Wednesday August 17, 2022

txt talk with The Sun New line-up?

Re Conflict

Maybe, just maybe a new line-up of Councillors after the impending election will show a modicum of common sense and rid Eltham Rd of that dangerous & road narrowing curbing? I did say maybe!

The robbers have been managing the bank since 1840.



RSE shame

Went to a funeral today which was attended by several hundred people. Very disconcerting to see less than 10% wearing a mask - even worse still was to hear the many people coughing throughout the service! With a new variant of Omicron already here, it’s not rocket science to mask up, or to stay home if you are unwell. No wonder funerals and weddings are called “super-spreaders”. Duh!

Modern day slavery exposed locally, the contractors of this calibre should not be operating at all. The knowledge of this treatment is known by govt, changes of enforcement by law is needed rapidly. As a crop taking land and water,grapes are overvalued,also the end product. Better off returning to fertile plots of wholesome virus preventing food. Fruit,Vegetables and cereals.

Market site Last Saturday some marketeers were informed that the Vinnie’s Brayshaw Park Market was closing as of that day....mighty late when the majority of stall holders had packed up and gone home. Who’s going to inform them and the multitude of visitors/browsers/buyers that the market has been closed by individuals unknown? Another site is being sorted so watch this space and perhaps those who closed the market will front up with names and why they took this action.

Reality check While in power for a decade, National refuses to acknowledge NZ had a housing crisis. Do not blame current govt for that.

Not good enough NZ Post Post Shop in Paperplus, Blenheim, closed for days. ( I wish the staff a speedy recovery).

Be warned Now that motels are not taking emergency housing we have got to look forward to having homeless and ex meth addicts living in our empty house’s/flats. Having just experienced an episode with this it’s not going to be a good thing for the people living at or near where there is a vacancy. Have had a couple of things stolen and they have no respect for their surroundings. Be warned people on who you let into your vacant premises.

Revelation! MP, Dr Sharma, a duly registered and qualified physician is hardly likely to misquote when told by his controllers:- quote:”The only way this country can succeed is if Labour is in government. Government means Labour. So the Party comes first and foremost, before the country”. Wow folks, not 3 waters, but 1 entity in the house! Enlist in the experimentalised red shirts or second class thee is! Politics or politbureau?

RE RSE workers Marlborough Midweek article on the RSE workers - I thought slavery was a thing of the past! That these workers live in such appalling conditions is, in itself, appalling. Good on you RSE workers for speaking out. Who is assigned to these workers, independent of the wine industry, to look out for them, to make sure they aren’t being exploited - anyone? no-one? Does the Government give a rats? RSE Workers: There is the Citizens Advice Bureau in town where you can get information on where to get help. Let’s hope Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner Ms Sumeo’s visit highlights, to the NZ public and the Government what is going on. Copies of the article are being sent to ABC Australia, CNN America, and the Daily Telegraph London, in the hope they make overseas consumers of NZ wines aware of what is going on. New Zealanders won’t pick your grapes Ajay Gaur - we’re too lazy.

Re Burden St seal job I agree, it’s terrible, shocking piece of work

The surrounds of Countdown central Blenheim are a disgrace, with rubbish constantly left to accumulate in gardens and vegetation. One wonders, if they are prepared to accept that state outside, what the preparation areas for fresh food and produce are like inside!

Well done Good on the All Black’s for a great win against South Africa. Considering they were up against 2 teams by the time SA made all their substitutions. The ABs fought hard and won well. Now leave them alone NZ and let them focus on their game.

Labour quandry $6 million given for female education. Todays headlines - babies at 6 years sold as wives for food; starvation and women protesting for schools not heard of since shots fired - but, how do the authority pay for the ammunition. Perhaps the embassy can explain funding accountability. Not bullying-merely asking?


Talk of the week Natural Spring I think the slump on SH 1 Elevation is a natural occurring spring, been there from day dot, another one by the old Weybridge in the swamp.

New word I would like to invent a new word. The word is TEXD. It replaces that double whammy word- TEXTED. Sounds better English, too

Blenheim drivers I see you texting all the time, in some cases whilst driving through pedestrian crossings. You’re not fooling anyone, with your eyes down as you drive. Wake up before you do some serious damage. You can update your social media when you get home. We welcome your texts on 027 242 5266. Limit to 70 words please.

We reserve the right to publish at our discretion. Please note the opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Sun management.

Black outs The local news paper had a item quoting electricity production having cuts, causing black outs! This is through not being able to produce enough power to supply our immediate needs. If its so bad now, how then is it going to be once we have 750,000 electrically powered cars operating? Constant black outs! There has to be another form of energy besides electric.

Bad manners What a disgraceful display of bad manners by Jeff Wilson & NZR CEO Mark Robinson after the all blacks game. Neither of them bothered to congratulate the team or coach on a wonderful display of rugby. We’re not going to win them all but what sort of example was that for our kids. Give credit where credit is due.

Got an important issue to share with Marlborough?

Text your thoughts to 027 242 5266

ENROL FOR 2023 NOW! Quality Early Childhood Centre Open Monday - Friday 8.30am - 3pm

zero fees for over 3's $2.50/hour (capped at $35/week) for 2yr olds (conditions may apply) We are a Christian based Early Childhood Centre that welcomes and supports all faiths and backgrounds.

Limited spaces available Email office@stmaryspreschool.co.nz for more information.

61 Maxwell Road, Blenheim ph 03 578 0678 www.stmaryspreschool.co.nz

The Sun

22 Wednesday August 17, 2022

Exclusive Interview!

. . h t i w s e t u n i m 5

Jarrod dunn Deputy principal Marlborough Boys College  Are you a dog or cat person? Dog, don’t trust cats.

 What did you want to be when you grew up? Policeman, wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps.

 One thing we’d be surprised to know about you? I am super competitive. Everything is a competition.

 Have you met anyone famous? Josh Harrison, NZ touch player. Great honor.

 My favourite food to cook or eat is...? Mince on toast. Simple, but effective.

 The shop you can’t walk past is...? Any shoe shop.

 What’s your favourite game of sport to watch? Rugby, but not at the moment!

 Your dream weekend involves....? Heading into the sounds with the whānau, fishing, watersports, etc.

 Favourite programme or series currently watching? Currently working through ‘Lost’ season 4, gave up on it first time around.

 What’s one thing on your bucket list? Compete in the coast to coast.

gardening this week Neem cake: By Wally Richards Azadirachta indica, commonly known as Neem, nimtree or Indian lilac, is a tree in the mahogany family Meliaceae. It is one of two species in the genus Azadirachta, and is native to the Indian subcontinent and most of the countries in Africa. It is typically grown in tropical and semi-tropical regions. Each year the tree flowers and produces fruit or kernels which are the seeds of the tree. These are harvested and cold pressed to extract the Neem Oil which is used for many things including as an insecticide and for medical uses. If the kernels are pressed only once then the Neem Cake will be dark in colour and have a good Neem smell. If they are cold pressed more than once to extract more oil then they will be light brown in colour and not have much smell which means they will not be anywhere near as effective as the dark Neem Granules/Powder. The crushed residue is called Neem Cake in India which my company Garden Enterprises import in container loads into NZ for gardeners to use. Before it is shipped the Neem cake is dried then screened to obtain to particle sizes which we call Wallys Neem Tree Powder being uniform particles 1-3mm in size. Then there are the larger particles we call Wallys Neem Tree Granules which vary from 1mm to about 50mm in size. Both are the same thing it is just the size of the particles that determine what we call them. Likewise either can be used to do most gardening tasks that Neem Cake can be used for but each has its special tasks for applications. Firstly let’s talk about Neem Tree Powder, lovely to work with, easy to handle and far better to use for some applications than the Neem Tree Granules. For instance when planting seeds or seedlings a little of the powder can be sprinkled with the seeds or put into a seedling’s planting hole. It is a must to prevent carrot fly damage; you sprinkle the powder along the furrow with the seeds at sowing time. Later when the carrots have germinated and have tops of foliage about 3-4cm tall you then side dress the row with the powder. By doing this most gardeners have found little or no damage to the carrots

at harvest time. The Neem Tree Powder is ideal for treating grass grubs in lawns if used when the grubs are near the soil surface. For most that would be in the autumn after the autumn rains have moistened up the soil. Neem Tree Powder is also ideal to place a small sprinkling on top of the growing medium of your container plants to eradicate root mealy bugs in the roots. Outside containers it does not matter so much as the powder will get molds when it breaks down which is normal; but indoors it will look unsightly so cover the powder with a little more growing medium. Wallys Neem Tree Granules being bigger in size means they will last much longer slowly breaking down. This makes them great to use on the soil of more established plants such as trees, shrubs and roses. I have had a few gardeners tell me they used them in the root zone of their roses and significantly reduced problems of pests and diseases. We have found them magic placed on the soil under citrus trees from the trunk to the drip line.. Within a period of about 6-8 weeks all insect pests on or in the tree are gone including whitefly, scale borer and mealy bugs. At the beginning of the season when you plant up your glasshouse with tomatoes and other plants put some Neem Tree Powder in the planting holes and Neem Tree Granules on top of the growing medium (soil or containers). The smell of the granules disguises the smell of the plants and hence insects pests flying by don’t know that there are host plants nearby. Disguising the smell of plants so that insects do not know that they are there

is a great easy control. It is the first line of defense against codlin and guava moth damage. You hide the tree when its fruiting. The time to use the granules is after the fruit has formed on the tree and is about halfway to maturity. Sprinkle the Neem Tree Granules under the tree from trunk to drip line. Next make up some small bags using old curtain netting which you will place some granules in and hang in the tree at about your height. Hang around the tree 4 to 6 bags. When the moths are flying at night looking for where to lay their eggs from the smell of the fruit they will fly on by as can not smell the fruit because of the Neem Granule’s smell that overrides the fruit smell. Simple and very effective in greatly reducing the damage to your crop. In regards to using Neem Tree Granules on the soil under plants you are likely to find they work better on some types if plants than on others. I found on brassica such as cabbage that powder in the planting hole and granules on the soil meant that caterpillars never got established or caused much damage. A few months ago a lady gardener from India told me that she soaks Neem Tree Granules in a bucket of water (about a cup full) for a couple of weeks stirring occasionally. Then she takes the water and sprays or pours over her roses late in the afternoon. According to her it keeps the pests and diseases under control. Wallys Neem Tree Powder and Granules are great gardening aids and available in sizes in 1 kilo, 3 kilo and 20 kilo bags. Problems ring me at 0800 466464


now from from$185,000 $195,000 Available now Independent living in a beautiful environment • Superb outlook - Tastefully refurbished • Ground floor indoor/outdoor flow • Care packages to suit individual needs

Ashwood Park offers all the choices and amenities you could ever ask for in one convenient location. 118 - 130 Middle Renwick Road, Springlands | ph 03 577 9990 | ashwoodpark.co.nz

The Sun

Wednesday August 17, 2022

The Redwoodtown School Parent Group held a unique fundraiser last week with screenings of the 1987 film Dirty Dancing at Events Cinema Blenheim.


Out & About ...with The Sun your local paper

Pictures: Tasha Knox.

Have an event ? Contact 03 5777 868

Rebecca Toms, Shannon Hales and Mel Gosling. The ‘Columbus Girls’ and friends.

Sue Hedgman, Neroli Vallance and Racheal Kenyon

Sophie and Yvonne Everson.

Kylie Wilson and Jenna O’Brien.

Cherice Burger, Lauren Venter, Natasha Boshoff and Delicia North.


Rebecca Melling and Tracey Semmens.

Tessa Turkington and Michelle Rasmussen.

Providing quality care and education for children aged 3 months - 5 years, Omaka is a space for children to grow, explore and flourish as unique individuals, through a child-led, nature play based environment, where children are given the wings to fly.


TakingOPENING New Enrolments MID 2019 NOW

Visit www.omakaelc.co.nz


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Wednesday August 17, 2022

Air Conditioning



Carpet install & service

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Wednesday August 17, 2022


Public Notices

New Asian, pretty busty, sexy, friendly, good service. ph Jessie 021-110-7034

Situations Vacant Houston Motor Group – Blenheim

Come join our team!

Automotive General Hand Full Time As a result of a positive market uptake of the Mitsubishi range of vehicles we are seeking an automotive general hand to join our team. The successful candidate will complete general servicing requirements, fitting of accessories, tyre fitting and balancing, wheel alignments and other tasks as requested. We service both traditional Japanese and European cars and we are the franchise service agent for Mitsubishi vehicles. So, if you are mechanically savvy and enjoy working on vehicles but may not be formally qualified, we are keen to discuss the opportunity with you. The dynamic individual we are seeking will be: • friendly with positive ‘can-do’ attitude • able to work well within a small team environment • strong computer skills • a good communicator with organisational skills • an eye for detail and takes pride in their completed work • keenness to grow and learn • have a current NZ drivers licence If you are successful, you will join a busy and vibrant team looking to continue its growth through service excellence. Your remuneration will be based on experience and qualifications. Hours of work to be mutually agreed with the successful applicant. Please apply in writing in the first instances, including CV and references to: Email: anorris@houstons.co.nz The Manager, Houston Motor Group Applications close Friday 26 August 2022

Houston Motor Group – Blenheim

Automotive Technician Full Time The car industry is changing and the ‘typical motor car’ is evolving with electric (Hybrid, PHEV, Electric) vehicles changing the motoring landscape. It’s an exciting time to be part of the evolution and the Mitsubishi Plug In Hybrid Vehicle (PHEV) range of vehicles are proving to be an incredibly positive part of this change, with top market share. We are the franchise service agent for Mitsubishi vehicles.


If you have a passion for furniture, experience in sales, great attention to detail, and value going the extra mile for customers, then this is the job for you! This full-time position includes regular weekend work. Further details at Seek.co.nz. Come join our great team; we’re locally owned and pride ourselves in offering quality furniture and incredible customer service for over 25 years. To apply, please send your cover letter and CV to accounts@lynfords.co.nz by Sunday 28 August.

We need your help please. We wish to secure a pool of Reader/Writers to assist identified students in derived grade exams that are running from Monday 5th to Friday 9th September. These are the practice exams that students take for their NCEA courses. A high standard of literacy is essential and Police vetting is also a requirement. The aim of a Reader/Writer in exams is to assist a student who has been assessed as having special assessment conditions. This may be reading the questions or writing, or both. There are guidelines for what a Reader/Writer can or cannot do to assist a student during an exam. We provide training and guidelines to all Reader/Writers. This is an unpaid volunteer role; however, Reader/Writers for NCEA exams in November will be remunerated by NZQA. If you can help please contact: Nicki Attridge Deputy Principal Direct Dial 039214313 or email nicki.attridge@mbc.school.nz

We are seeking an automotive technician who is keen to develop and grow, to join our team as part of this evolution. Along with servicing both traditional Japanese and European cars. The dynamic individual we are seeking will be: • friendly with positive ‘can-do’ attitude • able to work well within a small team environment • strong computer and electronic diagnostic skills • takes pride in their completed work • trade qualified automotive technician (preferred) • keenness to grow, learn and develop • have a current NZ drivers licence

Annual General Meeting 2022 Will be held on Thursday 1st September 2022 at the Marlborough Community Centre Seminar room, 25 Alfred Street Commencing at 2pm All members, supporters and other interested persons are cordially invited to attend

Situations Vacant

Community Advocate Marlborough Women’s Refuge is looking for a skilled and passionate person to work in the Marlborough area. This position is 30 hours per week plus after hour’s on-call crisis response. Do you have: • A passion for social justice and working with people • A commitment to promote a violence free lifestyle • The ability to network and collaboratively work with other professionals in our community • The ability to be an active team player • A flexible can-do attitude, ready to put your hand to anything • The ability to work unsupervised, to multi-task and work under pressure • Excellent time management and organisational skills • Clear written and verbal communication skills, record keeping, note taking and confidentiality • Excellent administration skills, computer skills in Microsoft office 365 and data systems. (there is a high standard of accountability that must be maintained) This position is 30 hours per week plus after hour’s on-call crisis response. A social work tertiary qualification is desirable for this role. A full driver’s licence and positive vetting results under the Children’s Act 2014 are requirements. Please email for a position description and application form. Rachel@marlbrefuge.com Applications close 29 August 2022

Independent Board Chairperson Marlborough Primary Health (MPH) was established as a Charitable Trust in January 2004 to implement the government’s Primary Health Care Strategy (2001). The role of MPH is to bring together Marlborough’s diverse populations, providers and communities to improve health outcomes for Marlborough people through funding, supporting and delivering primary health care services. MPH Board Members are recruited for a mix of governance level leadership, knowledge, skills and networks in business, law, strategy and planning, healthcare, social and community services and services for Māori, which are consistent with meeting the charitable objects of the Trust, that is to improve and to maintain the health of the enrolled population. The organisations mission is “working together for Marlborough’s future health.”

If you are successful, you will join a busy and vibrant team looking to continue its growth through service excellence. Your remuneration will be based on experience and qualifications.

Marlborough Primary Health is seeking a highly capable Independent Board Chairperson with the requisite experience, knowledge and skills to guide the strategic direction, governance and development of this progressive organisation during a time of significant change to New Zealand’s health system.

Hours of work to be mutually agreed with the successful applicant.

• • • • •

Please apply in writing in the first instances, including CV and references to: Email: anorris@houstons.co.nz The Manager, Houston Motor Group Applications close Friday 26 August 2022

Applicants will demonstrate the following: Proven successful governance experience within a complex entity. A clear strategic vision and a passion for the organisation, its purpose and mission. National networks with the ability to provide advocacy for the organisation and the sector. Promotes cultural awareness. Intellectual capacity

To apply, please email a cover letter and CV to: executiveadmin@marlboroughpho.org.nz Applications close Wednesday 24th August 2022 by 3pm.

Situations Vacant

Call Care is the Top of the Souths Largest outsourced centre operation 24 hours, seven days a week. Due to large demand, we have a number of vacancies available in our progressive team. These are full time positions however part time positions could be discussed. Eventually some positions could eventuate to be home based remote agents. Applications must have the following: • Available for shift work including evenings, early morning, weekends and public holidays • Excellent keyboard/computing skills • Pleasant telephone manner/ customer service focused • Great spelling, excellent written and oral English • A good geographical knowledge of New Zealand would be an advantage • Ability to remain calm when busy and under pressure • Reliability is extremely important These are long term employment opportunities. If you think you have the above qualities please send an email to stephen@callcare.co.nz with your CV with reasons why you feel this position would suit you.

Blenheim Club

Temporary Manager Position Part time The Blenheim Club is looking to fill the position of a temporary Manager for the period 24 August 2022 to 6 October 2022. This role encompasses all aspects of management to ensure the smooth and effective operation of the Club and to provide an enjoyable and comfortable environment for our members and their guests. The ideal candidate will have previous experience in a similar role and preferably a Bar Manager's Certificate. Duties may include: • Arranging and hosting events • Bar and hospitality duties (bar and food) • Managing supply of all drinks, groceries and other supplies • General cleaning duties and supervision of cleaners as required • Other duties as required All applicants must have the right to work and reside in New Zealand at the time of application. If this role interests you, please forward a cover letter and resume to david@dewco.co.nz

Visit us online at



The Sun

Wednesday August 17, 2022 Wanted to Buy

Old tobacco tins, NZ postcards, military items, garden tools, woodworking tools, records from the 1970’s/80’s, old petrol station related items, fountain pens, crystal decanters/whisky & wine glasses, NZ history books, gold jewellery, antique bottles, Tonka, Fun Ho & tin toys, white Crown Lynn vases & swans & all collectables. Collector of NZ / Maori & whaling related artifacts. All of the above are popular & fetching good money at the moment. Free quotes we travel. Rarity, condition & collectability = more $$$. Just Browsing 26 Battys Rd (03)5775402.

URGENT services Urgent Care Centre: Wairau Hospital Grounds. Entry off Hospital Rd, Blenheim, 8am-8pm daily. Phone (03) 520 6377. Ambulance: Urgent 111. Non urgent 578 0797. After Hours Chemists: Springlands Pharmacy: Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm. Saturday 9.30am - 4pm. Sunday 10am 2pm. Public Holidays 10am - 2pm. Closed Christmas Day. ph 578 2271 Community Care Pharmacy: Within the Blenheim Warehouse, open 7 days 9am8pm. Only closed Christmas Day. Lifeline Marlborough: 0800 543354, 24hr helpline. Women’s Refuge and Sexual Violence Support Centre Marlborough: Crisis line number phone 0800 refuge or 03 5779939. Victim Support: 0800 VICTIM (0800 842 846) Alcoholics Anonymous: 0800 AA WORKS - 0800 229 6757. Citizens Advice Bureau: Free, friendly, confidential advice. Mon - Fri 9.30am 4pm. Phone 578 4272. Wairau Hospital: Hospital Visiting Hours: Daily 2.30pm - 8pm, children under 12 may visit parents only. Maternity Ward: 10am-noon, 4pm-7pm. Children's Ward: Daily 10am-8pm. Visiting at all times is subject to the discretion of the nurse in charge of the ward. Picton: Ambulance: Urgent 111. Non-urgent 579 4870. Chemist: Picton Healthcare Pharmacy. Ph 573 6420 Mon -Fri 8.30-5.30pm, Sat 9-2pm. Medical Centre Pharmacy, Ph 928 4265, Mon-Fri 8am-5.30pm

In Memoriam

Death notices

CD Player, must be working, anything considered. Ph 577 7276.

♥ Elliott Diana 16-08-21 ♥

HALL, Marian Ann (formerly of Ranui, Auckland): Passed away on Monday August 8, 2022, at Ashwood Park Retirement Village. Aged 72 years. Loved daughter of the late Rita Joyce and Maurice James Hall. Sister of Florence (deceased), Maurice, Warren, Malcolm (deceased), Philip, Beverly, Raymond, and Rita. Respected friend of Margaret and Colleen. Messages may be sent to the Hall Family, c/- P O Box 110, Blenheim 7240. In accordance with Marian’s wishes, a private cremation has taken place.

Public Notices

This day last year our beautiful Mum grew her butterfly wings and joined Dad to forever fly together. We miss you always and you are in our thoughts everyday with beautiful, funny and precious memories. Love you our beautiful Mum, Nana and Great Nana. Noeline, Bruce and Troy, Robyn and Dennis, Denise and the late Steve, Stuart and Danni and family, Justine and boys.

Respectfully cared for by GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ Tel 03 578 4719

Regrettably the Marlborough District Council has recommended postponing this Saturday’s 5pm river event ‘Walk of Light’ due to the amount of heavy rain anticipated. The event is re-scheduled to take place in Pollard Park, Saturday 1st October from 6.30pm. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Clothing Alterations: by Lynette Atkinson-Parker For your sewing requirements

Barclay, Malcolm Neville (Kuna)


Phone 03 578 1010 or 027 578 1010

30-04-1945 - 14-08-2018

HELM, Joyce: Janet Timms, Phil Helm and their families thank everyone sincerely for their kindness in many ways on the passing of Joyce. A big thanks to the staff of Waterlea Lifecare for their loving care of our beloved mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Please accept this as a personal acknowledgement.

Quality Service Guaranteed

In loving memory of my husband, dad, grandad, great grandad. Four years have gone when you left us without saying goodbye honey. If you were here to see our great grand daughter growing up, she has your ways and habits and she picks up the photo of you and talks to you and it always brings tears to my eyes honey. I miss you so much and just live in memories of what we did together. The children still talk about the good times they spent with you a lot and miss you. We all sadly miss you, Molly, Malcolm (Jr), Cindy, Kerry, Becs, Lisa, Yarlie, Steward, Buddy his little mate, grand children and great grand daughter Miley xxxx

In Memoriam

GIBBONS, Beverley Joan. 17 August 2021. Gone 1 year ago. We love you and miss you every day. You live on in the hearts and minds of the loving family you left behind. Love Viv & Jason, Jo & Sam, Cherie & Mark, Leanne & Brent, Trudie & Brent, plus her grandchildren & great grandchildren.

Riverlands School Enrolment Scheme Out of zone students The Board of Trustees has determined that there are 10 places for out of zone Year 0/1 students in 2023. Please contact the school office for an application link. The deadline for applications is 31 August 2022. If the number of out of zone applications exceeds the number of places available, students will be selected by ballot.

Public Notices

RARITY, Chloe Rose 11-01-88 to 20-0821. I miss you so much. Love Mum.

HEATPUMP supply, service, install. Free quotes. Call now 0284052863

SEARLES, Leslie Ernest (Les). 1935 2017 (22/08/17). To my dearest it’s been 5 long years. Loss leaves a heartache that nobody can heal And love leaves a memory that no one can steal. A light has gone out in my tent. Love always, your loving wife Barbara.

Annual General Meeting

Date - Tuesday 23rd August 2022, Time - 7pm, Venue - Woodbourne Tavern Restaurant, Renwick


Alastair & Emma Hebberd

Simple Cremation $2500

0800 546 570 www.shoneandshirley.co.nz

Down 2. Native of Hungary (9) 3. Curt (5) 4. Political policy document (9) 5. Mettle (5) 6. Tower of London guard (9) 7. Accepted practice (5) 8. People who like to inflict pain (7) 9. Standing (6) 15. Mouth organ (9) 17. Imply (9) 18. Meet (9) 19. A fine person (colloq) (4,3) 21. Give cash in advance (6) 23. Bring upon oneself (5) 24. Figures (abbr) (5) 26. Coarse (5)




Across: 1. Useful, 5. Resist, 10. Illness, 11. Condone, 12. Instep, 15. Barren, 16. Referee, 17. Guys, 18. Mess, 19. Optical, 20. Scam, 22. Step, 25. Clothes, 27. Afters, 28. Damage, 31. Missile, 32. Incites, 33. Recess, 34. Street. Down: 2. Splashy, 3. Feeler, 4. Last, 5. Racy, 6. Sundae, 7. Scourge, 8. Tiring, 9. Tennis, 13. Pen pals, 14. Mediate, 15. Belated, 20. Smarmy, 21. Artiste, 23. Toastie, 24. Please, 25. Cruise, 26. Saucer, 29. Begs, 30. Kiss. Puzzles © The Puzzle Company www.thepuzzlecompany.co.nz




Fill in the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9



Bringing you the
















Last week


Text your thoughts to: 027 242 5266

6pm, Monday 5th September, 2022, King Salmon Wardroom, Queen Charlotte Yacht Club.

All Members and interested individuals are welcome to attend.



To approve the audited annual performance report and proposed alterations to the rules.

Our family caring for yours

Quick crossword


Notice of Special General Meeting of Queen Charlotte Yacht Club (Inc.)

The Marlborough Ploughing Association (Inc.)

(including GST)

Across 1. Music genre (6,3,5) 10. Male singer (5) 11. Childminder (9) 12. Cockney rhyming slang for thief (3,4) 13. Shoelace holes (7) 14. Smart, fashionable (colloq) (5) 16. Lazy (9) 19. Extraordinarily large (9) 20. Summarise (abbr) (5) 22. Threatening (7) 25. Help develop or grow (7) 27. Filled Mexican corn tortilla (9) 28. To the max (prefix) (5) 29. Dog also known as an Alsatian (6,8)

Wanted to Buy














R S S Last week









Insert the missing letters to complete ten words — five across the grid and five down. More than one solution may be possible.


Last week







The Sun


Wednesday August 17, 2022


sports talk With Jacob Page

More questions than answers after ABs win Where to now for the All Blacks? Well, I’ll happily eat humble pie after the All Blacks’ gutsy 35-23 win over the Springboks at Ellis Park. I gave them no hope, like many and rightly so based on recent performances but they proved us all wrong. Ian Foster produced the best coaching performance of his career to maybe keep the wolves at bay for the time being. So where did the All Blacks

finally get it right? Selections, for the most part, made sense. The best hooker, in Samisoni Taukei’aho was picked. He provided solid line out throwing and was a damaging ball runner. Shannon Frizzell proved he still had what it takes to be an enforcer at No 6. The backline functioned much better with Richie Mo’unga at No 10 and he needs to be the regular

a world of difference and must be retained on a regular basis going forward. I’d go further and install Ardie Savea as captain and make Sam Cane earn his starting spot but that is likely wishful thinking. Savea is the heartbeat of the forward pack. He embraces every physical challenge and his starting spot in the side is undeniable. Those are the traits I like in a captain.

Blenheim Golf Club Duckworth 107-27 June 6th 9 hole. Stableford David Dyer 22 Paddy Couchman 22 Don Lamond 18 Ray Herd 17 Leo McKendry 16 Alan Martin 16 Steve Griffin 16 Dan Crawford 16 David Waters 15 George Addis 15. Ladies Yvonne Hore 17 Bernice Arnold 16 Chris Currie 15 June 8th Stableford 9 Holes Joy Brehaut 13 18 holes 0-29 Sa-Nga Grupp 36 30+ Colleen McLeod 27.

Wednesday Aug 10th - Ladies played Stableford – 1st Carol Loe 33, 2nd Margaret Hastings 31 on countback from Maureen Burrow 31. Saturday Aug 13th - Ladies played Irish Stableford - 1st Rachael Bell 60, 2nd Margaret

Hastings 59. Men played Medal – 1st was Lyuta Kumasaka 70, 2nd Steve Hitchman 72, 3rd Lyell Marfell 73, 4th Shane Waters 73, 5th Tony Jordan 74, 6th Steve Marfell 74.

The Sun

Cuddon Cycling Saturday 20th August, 1.30pm - Meet on Seaview Rd (approx 4km from Seddon towards Yealands Winery). Open grade 40km Hcp, 2 x over Seaview circuit (Osgood Cups), Junior Under 17 and shorter event 20km Hcp, once over circuit (Redwood Fisheries Cup). All welcome. Please assemble 1pm. For further info contact Warren 021663910 or Graham 0278212379. Also see website www.cyclingmarlborough. org.nz for more information.

Picton Golf Club Thursday 11th August – Stableford- Jerome January 38; Gary Aldridge, James Fattorini 37; Jeff Pascoe 36; Richard Avery 35; Ron Peters, John Cootes, Colin Pitkeithly 34. Thursday 11th August – Nett-

New Zealand Rugby now find themselves in a pickle. They would be hard-pressed to fire Foster after that effort but he must continue to be on a short leash. What Sunday’s result does show is that Foster has not lost the dressing room. The players will play hard for him and that counts for a lot. The flight home will feel mighty good for the entire team even if the two matches have provided more questions than answers.


Awatere Golf Club

Golf Results June 4th Reeves Cup Monthly medal Gross winner Graeme Daines 74 Net Warren Ingram 67 Dan Crawford 68 Graeme Daines 70 Desz Campbell 71 Phil Starkey 72 Paddy Couchman 73 Jim Findlay 73 Bob Tapp 74 Don Lamond 74 Norbert Thaler 74 Doug Shaw 74. NTP Fairweathers 9/18 Graeme Daines Sowmans 3/12 Graeme Daines. Ladies LGU Medal Sa-Nga Grupp 94-19-75 Jane Ingram 101-21-80 Sue

starter going forward. The famed All Blacks attack was back on display and the Mo’unga David Havili combination appeared crucial to that success. There was far less aimless kicking that had been displayed by the Barrett brothers over the past month. The All Blacks are built on fast, running rugby played in a clinical fashion. This test was a step in the right direction on attack. Those three selections alone made

Kaye Keys 76; Joanne Prescott, Helen Mc Isaac 79; Denise Finch 82; Anita McCaffrey 86. Friday 12th August – 9Hole Stableford – Helen McIsaac 18; Mary Butler 16; Dido Harper 13


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Teng Tools*


AuTo glym


commerciAl filTers

*not already reduced


All igniTion

caps, points, plugs, contacts


discounT on sTore sTocK only* open Tues wed Thurs

Last day August 25th

fAn belTs off

glow plugs

*some exclusions apply


31 High St • Renwick ph: 572 8880

www.basisnz.co.nz sales@basisnz.co.nz


The Sun

Wednesday August 17, 2022



NDfree Ar Df lu





Masport Osburn 1600 Freestanding Wood Fire on Pedestal









Superior heat from a 6mm steel firebox. Suitable for large homes. 109727

SAVe $949 was 17 98 , now



SAVe $2 98

tui Firewood 8kg Bag with Tui's dry, pre-cut, machine dressed and

SAVe 899 $

SAVe $699



Pellet fireS iNStOre NOW






fl free ue kit

Nectre N65 - Clean Air

With its high efficiency rating and modest heat output, the Nectre N65 is beautifully compact but yet powerful. the Nectre N65 is a welcome addition to a traditional or contemporary living space. Black metallic paint finish Steel door with ceramic glass Convenient wood storage compartment Concealed ash pan 985613

SAVe $649



Masport Wanaka Freestanding Wood Fire

Suitable for medium to large homes (3 to 4 bedroom). Flat radiant top allows cooking. Superior heat from a 6mm steel firebox. Long-lasting 6mm thick steel baffle lowers maintenance costs. Hard-wearing 8mm thick steel cook top. 280591

SAVe $649

fl free ue kit

SAVe $949

30% Off POrtABle eleCtriC HeAterS Some exclusions apply including existing promotions. was 99, now


SAVe $10

Meteor Mexican Stone Chiminea Small Grey

This chiminea is handmade in the Mexican highlands in an ecologically sound traditional manner, using renewable resources. Also contains a special base which allows you to cook or grill inside. 384402

7.00am - 6.00pm 8.00am - 6.00pm 9.00am - 5.30pm Available until Wednesday 31st August


Masport R3000 Freestanding Wood Fire with Legs Crafted in Aotearoa, using locally sourced steel guarantees the highest levels of workmanship and distance with lower maintenance costs. Installation not included. Flue kit and shield sold separately. 327279

SAVe $949


NDfree Ar Df lu