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August 3, 2022

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By Chris Valli

Blenheim’s George Glover certainly doesn’t do things by halves. Following his mammoth Black Dog Swim, twice the length of Marlborough’s Queen Charlotte Sound in 2020, teenager George Glover has fallen into the norms of being a university student. Not much is happening in the weekends apart from drinking, and the flat is always cold. So George has been wondering, “why not start the uni year off in 2023 with a challenge?” Continued on page 2. George Glover with mental health advocate Mike King at last week’s ‘Fight for Life’ boxing event in Auckland. The event was a fundraiser for Mike King’s ‘I am Hope’ charity, a cause close to George’s heart.

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The Sun

Wednesday August 3, 2022

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So why not swim it?


Continued from page 1. The Upper East Coast of the South Island is one of the most exposed pieces of coastlines in New Zealand. The multiple currents acting on this piece of the Pacific Ocean are more likely to be home to whales and other less salubrious sea creatures than a smelly third-year Canterbury University student. “So why not swim it?” George says. Beginning at Whites Bay near Blenheim, the 20-year-old plans to swim south, following the coastline until he reaches Christchurch’s New Brighton Pier/Sumner Beach some 15-20 days and 300km later. With extreme tides and precarious weather to contend with, George is planning to time the tides, winds, and currents to his advantage during his 7-9 hour swim stages, with sleep breaks on a support boat. Kaikoura will be a halfway point for the vessel to refuel and restock, though George will remain at sea – not touching land until his final destination. “This is by far the most challenging adventure I’ve dreamt up. The cause I have chosen is one that’s close to my heart and that I’m familiar with,” George says. The former head boy of Marlborough Boys’ College (2020) has set a goal of raising $100,000 for Mike King’s I am Hope charity throughout the swimming endeavour, supporting the charity’s work providing positive attitudinal societal change around mental health throughout New Zealand, and funding private care and counselling for young people

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Blenheim’s George Glover doing what he does best swimming the length of Queen Charlotte Sounds (twice) in 2020.

stuck-in-the-mud on waiting lists. The funds raised will provide more than 800 counselling sessions for New Zealand’s most at-risk youth. This isn’t the first time George has tackled an extraordinary challenge for youth mental health. His Black Dog Swim raised more than $60,000 for I Am Hope in 2020 by swimming the 61.5km length of the Queen Charlotte Sound and back again, totalling 123km. To date he remains the only swimmer to have tackled this extraordinary swim – five times the Cook Strait swim distance. In 2021 George gathered his uni mates to stage New Zealand’s first


22 7-20 201


Ga rde ols n Po wer To






Cricket Marathon, raising $45,000 for I Am Hope while running a marathon in an overnight game of backyard cricket. His next endeavour is his biggest yet, and George is now seeking commercial partners to both help him swim safely and smash his fundraising goal. “To pull off this challenge we want to align with New Zealand-based brands to further the sense of community we have in New Zealand,” he says. Money aside, George admits that part of his goal is to inspire young New Zealanders to dream big and work hard to fulfil their goals. “Just because this has never been

attempted before doesn’t mean it can’t be done. I just hope I don’t forget to pay the rent,” George says. So what motivates him internally, where does he get the resilience or fortitude from? “I get bored easily so it’s always good to have something on the go. I’m quite stubborn when I decide I’m going to do something so that helps. Each bit of resilience builds with each challenge. They’re good fun and the people that get brought together are the best.” George’s East Coast swim will commence on January 28 2023 and run through to approximately February 19.


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The Sun

Wednesday August 3, 2022

Record rainfall in 93 years By Chris Valli

Dry July it certainly wasn’t. The constant rain in Marlborough in recent weeks has hit the record books. Data from the Blenheim Meteorological station has found the July rainfall not only recorded the highest July total on record, but also the highest total for any month for the 93 years 1930 to 2022. “The outstanding thing is that it’s the first time Blenheim has ever recorded over 200mm in one month,” said Plant and Food Marlborough scientist Rob Agnew. Rob says the total rainfall of 220.6 mm was 342% of the long-

term average (LTA) for July of 64.5 mm (1986-2021). He says this is the highest ever July rainfall total on record for Blenheim for the 93 years 1930 – 2022. In comparison the July 2021 rainfall was 143.6 mm The previous highest July total was 174.1 mm, recorded in July 1998; i.e. the July 2022 total exceeded the July 1998 total by 46.5 mm. The July 2022 rainfall total has now become the highest total on record for any month. The previous highest was 191.5 mm recorded in September 1943; i.e. the July 2022 total exceeded

the September 1943 total by 29.1 mm. This is the first time that Blenheim’s monthly rainfall has exceeded 200 mm. Not surprisingly the lack of sunshine hours for July - 116 hours - equated to 71% of the LTA for July of 163.2 hours (1986-2021). There were five days with zero sunshine hours in July compared with two days with zero hours sunshine in July 2021. This is the second lowest July sunshine total on record for the 93 years 1930 to 2022. The lowest total of 114.5 hours was recorded in July 1996. Rob says given that both July

2021 and 2022 recorded very high rainfall totals, it is somewhat surprising that July 2022 recorded 70.1 hours less sunshine than July 2021. However, the first two weeks of July 2021 were very sunny, as most of the rain was confined to the second half of the month. Rob has been working out the number of months there has been since the last record in January 1930. “Surprisingly, from January 1930 to July 2022, is a total of 1111 months. Maybe the climate’s way of declaring an emergency?”



The Sun

Marfells Beach Campsite Online Stays at Marlborough’s popular Marfells Beach Campsite from December to the end of April should now be booked online on the Department of Conservation booking system. DOC South Marlborough Senior Heritage and Visitors Ranger James Gilmour is encouraging people to get in early to make bookings for Marfells Beach Campsite, particularly for stays around Christmas and peak holiday periods. “We now expect people to make advance online bookings to stay at Marfells Beach Campsite from 1 December to 30 April. Being able to book and pay in advance, gives people assurance their camping site is sorted and secured for when they want to stay.” Bookings can be made at www.doc. govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/placesto-go/online-bookings. The DOC website also has information about the campsite and other DOC places to visit and stay.

Environment grants open now

WHERE’S THE TAYLOR RIVER? Heavy rain on Saturday night once again resulted in surface flooding, road closures and sewer system overflows. From Saturday 9am to Sunday 9am, 51.8mm of rain was recorded.

The Working for Nature/Mahi mō te Taiao grant scheme is open for online applications. This year $110,000 will be available across Marlborough for a variety of projects from pest control to restoring wetland areas on public, private or Māori owned land. There are two categories - Habitat Marlborough which focuses on restoring native habitats, improving biodiversity and freshwater quality, and Protecting Marlborough which is aimed at projects that control animal and plant pests threatening native wildlife and habitats.

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The Sun

Wednesday August 3, 2022

One misstep is a painful lesson By Glenise Dreaver

Just before 2pm on Sunday July 17, 86-year-Margaret Fairhall was looking forward to a country and western concert at the Combined Clubs of Marlborough. “But the lift was out of order and everyone was milling around downstairs. There were no staff, just a notice saying the only way up was to use the stairs or the escalator. “Because I use a crutch the stairs were no use, so I chose the escalator.” She’s can’t remember what happened next, but thinks her crutch must have got caught as she tried to get on. When only the best Will do!

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“It threw me, and a man either in front of me, or behind me, fell as well.” Margaret knows she passed out because the next thing she knew she was at the top, Amongst other painful injuries, there were scrape marks over most of her body, still visible a fortnight later. She went into shock, finding people having to step over her legs as she lay at the top. Even hours later, after hospital treatment, the shock meant she just could not get warm. In the absence of any staff, members of the public tried to help. Margaret said no one knew where the cut-out button was and she doesn’t know when they managed to stop it. Someone suggested she tried to get up and walk away from the top of the stairs but, as a retired nurse, she knew she was too injured even to try. “I’d had my mask down by my chin and it was filled with blood from the scrapes on my face.” A former health and safety officer herself, she found out only after a long journey through the building that there was a second lift for staff, the one in which she was taken down to the ambulance by wheelchair. She’s critical that the staff lift option was not offered to any of the older or disabled people who were trying to get upstairs to the concert. Margaret says her injuries include

severe bruising to her lower back, and a very painful tail bone. “And there were lot of bits of skin taken from my arms, my left side and hands.” “My temples are very sore, I’m getting headaches and feel squirmy so I think I’ve got concussion as well. (She was due for another nurse check up as The Sun went to print.) Margaret acknowledged that Dan Roos, CEO from The Combined Clubs had, the other day, rang to see how she was. “How are you?” She admits to being rather short with him.“How the bloody hell do you think I am?” was her response. Because of her background, she says what concerns her are the lack of trained staff and clearly displayed instructions and safety protocols that could have prevented the incident. The late introduction of the second lift could have got her out a lot more quickly she says. Dan points out that staffing downstairs during weekends is “unfortunately”, just not economically viable, but says that as well as the “out of order” notice about the lift, a phone gets placed outside the lift, with a notice that includes a number for people to ring if they need help. He also says the escalator has two big red buttons for stopping in an emergency, one at the top and one at the bottom. The lift being out of order, he said was a first during his time in the job and an isolated incident. “It was repaired in timely manner. “

"I'm absolutely sick of this thing!" Eighty-six-year-old Margaret Fairhall was grateful for a friend's offer of a rubber ring to ease the pain of sitting, but two weeks after her accident on the Combined Clubs of Marlborough escalator, she's still nursing a badly bruised back and tail bone, and can't sit down without it.

Dan has confidence that his team handled this unfortunate incident appropriately and the Club is currently reviewing the incident to ensure further measures are put in place to avoid any future accident. Dan adds their staff lift provides access from outdoors,

but use of it is discouraged. Inside it is only reached through the kitchen. “It’s a working kitchen, where things get quite manic” They do have concern for Margaret and will be ringing her again, he says. “We hope she recovers well.”


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The Sun

Wednesday August 3, 2022

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Artist Jean Loomis exhibition is inspired from the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake.

Nga Awa e Toru - 3 Rivers Exhibition By Chris Valli

An exhibition at Blenheim’s Millennium Public Art Gallery draws inspiration from the Kaikoura earthquake of 2016. Nga Awa e Toru - 3 Rivers (Awatere, Wairau and Waiautoa) is the result of five years of drawing, mapping, photographing, driving and flying over the rivers that flow along the three alpine faults in Marlborough. Jean Loomis is a Gisborne based artist and art educator who lived in Blenheim from 2016 - 2021. For many Marlburians, November 14 2016 will be the date that many will resonate with when the magnitude 7.8 Kaikoura earthquake struck. The quake alerted Jean to the geography of the region and she says she soon realised that the three rivers that flow through Marlborough follow the three fault lines that branch from the alpine fault. Jean says she has always been driven to get to know her environment and she began research into ‘a region on the faultline’. The exhibition’s artworks are a series of screenprints, a technique Jean learned in

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the 80’s in Australia and oil paintings all 30cm x 30cm. She says her river studies evoked the primordial history of the Wairau and Aotearoa, the early Polynesian settlement and the changes brought about by colonization. “They capture a sense of wonder at the power and force that created this place, its ancient foundation in Gondwanaland and the remnants of its unique fauna and flora.” She says her river studies and artwork acknowledges the rapid environmental changes that have occurred in the last 200 years. Jean has an illustrious career. She began her teaching career in 1963 as a volunteer in Samoa where she taught art for two years. In 1967 Jean went to Chicago where she worked with a black community organization, co-leading a youth arts programme with her future husband Terrence. After ten years overseas, Jean returned to New Zealand and began teaching art in secondary schools where she was an art advisor to schools and assessment moderator. The exhibition which opened on Friday, July 29 runs until Sunday, September 11.

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The Sun

Wednesday August 3, 2022

Sun readers have their say... with the WORD on the Street. Q: The Ford Club Marlborough held their meet at Waters Avenue on Sunday. We asked Ford enthusiasts ...

‘What’s the best thing about owning a Ford?’

Brad Taylor Blenheim Reliability, power and noise.

Chris Hall Blenheim I always have. Fell in love early on and owned first one when I was 17.

Dave Smaill Blenheim The styling, the look, the feel of the leather and the power.

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Harris family gathering By Cynthia Brooks

Descendants of John Harris and Elizabeth Williams gathered over the weekend to mark 150 years since John’s arrival in New Zealand in 1872 to work on building the Elevation Railway line, near Picton. His bride-to-be arrived the following year in great style. Elizabeth arrived into Picton a few days before their marriage having travelled on the EP Bouverie. It is said she strode ashore at Picton harbour resplendent in her long dress, dress boots, leghorn hat and ostrich feather boa – the latter is still in the family today. The couple married October 30, 1873 in a double ceremony with Elizabeth’s sister Mary marrying Nicholas Stevens at the home of John Botham in Tua Marina. This house still stands on the Morrison farm Hunter Road. John and Elizabeth lived out their days in Tua Marina John serving as the post master, local handyman and gravedigger. He is credited with completing the track from Rarangi to Monkey Bay in 1890, which has been started by Post and Telegraph

Pictured from left are: Alison Knight, 92, Jack Harris, 94 and Gwen Broadbent, 96 with the Harris family bible. Photo Graham H Brooks.

and also with the help of his sons, built the track from Rarangi to Monkey Bay to allow the people of Port Underwood a safe landing at Rarangi. He also delivered the mail to Port Underwood residents. Meanwhile Elizabeth kept the home and their 10 offspring in ship shape order while also

tending to the needs of the Methodist Church right next door, doing the flowers each week and providing Sunday lunch for visiting ministers. That church is now at Brayshaw Park and two of John and Elizabeth’s grandsons helped with the restoration of it. Some 105 Harris’s gathered at

the Tua Marina School hall on Saturday afternoon to mix and mingle, rekindle old memories and immerse themselves in their family history, two came from Australia for the event. The family then gathered for dinner at the RSA section Clubs of Marlborough on Saturday evening.

The Sun

Wednesday August 3, 2022

He kōrero nā te Kaunihera o Wairau Your local news from the Marlborough District Council

Record rainfall in July leaves lasting impact Blenheim has broken two new weather records during July but not those we were necessarily aiming for. Not only did the downpours result in the highest July rainfall total on record for Blenheim with 220.6mm recorded, last month’s rainfall was also the highest total for any month since records began back in 1930. The previous highest July total for Blenheim was 174.1mm, recorded in July 1998. The previous highest rainfall month was in September 1943, when 191.5mm was recorded. July 2022 is the first time Blenheim’s monthly rainfall has topped 200mm. All of this rain has affected State Highway 1 as well as our local roads with slips, surface flooding and road closures causing traffic disruptions and delays.

State Highway 1 on Tuesday 26 July

Waka Kotahi Top of the South Systems Manager, Andrew James, said the record amount of rain received in such a short period of time means many roads have been damaged and will take some time to repair. “Our crews are working hard across the region to restore access to currently closed roads as soon as possible. While roads are being cleared, we ask drivers to please adhere to signage to keep themselves and our workers safe,” Mr James said. Clean-up works on State Highway 1, south of Blenheim, will be ongoing for the next few weeks. Other areas that will require repair work include Queen Charlotte Drive, Kenepuru Road, Waihopai Valley Road, Port Underwood Road, Northbank Road and the Awatere Valley Road.

Blenheim’s Taylor River on the afternoon of Sunday 31 July

Council releases 2022 Pre-Election Report Like all local authority Chief Executives, Marlborough District Council’s Chief Executive is required to produce a preelection report. election report. The 2022 Pre-Election Report provides information to voters and candidates, to encourage well-informed discussion on the issues facing Council in the lead up to the October 2022 local body elections. Marlborough District Council Chief Executive, Mark Wheeler, said over the past three years the Council has responded and worked hard through the global Covid-19 pandemic in what has beenbeen a very challenging time.time. a very challenging “While the outlook for Marlborough over the next three years is exciting, challenges remain and there are some significant government reforms underway that will shape our region in future,” Mr Wheeler said. “The biggest is the Three Waters Reform which will see Marlborough’s wastewater, stormwater and drinking water infrastructure managed by a separate entity should it proceed. There will also be some big changes to the resource management system, which will likely change the way the regions 's environmental planning framework is developed and decisions are made. The Future for Local Government review will also require the new Council’s consideration,” he said. “In addition to reforms, post-Covid inflationary pressures, staff recruitment and retention challenges and climate change effects will add to the complexity.” “However, there are exciting projects to implement including the funding of Port Marlborough Limited’s investment in infrastructure to accommodate two new large Interislander Ferries. Council will f also support the Ministry of Education’s new Combined Colleges Project (Te Tatoru o Wairau) through possible assistance with sports facility relocation, and our infrastructure and regulatory responses.” “The imminent completion of Blenheim’s

will provide wonderful facility for our new Library a and Art Gallery in 2023 will provide a wonderful facility for our community to enjoy. The next Council will need to consider the levels of services and, corresponding budgets to be provided,” Mr Wheeler said. “Council continues to take steps to improve our working relationships with iwi and this will remain a priority. The recent engagement of a Kaihautu (Manager Maori Partnerships), together with a new Maori Ward Councillor, will enable Council to build on positive relationships and deal with future challenges ,for both Maori and the wider community,” he said. “Our balance sheet is strong, as evidenced by our Standard and Poors AA+ (negative credit watch) rating. That provides Council with a solid financial You can view a copy of the base.” Marlborough You can view a copy of the Marlborough District Council 2022 Pre-Election Report at: www.marlborough.govt.nz/yourcouncil/elections/2022-council-election

Annual issue of kerbside refuse bags Underwood Road Road on on Trees block Port underwood Sunday 31 July

The slip at Cowshed Bay on Kenepuru Road after the rain on Tuesday 12 July

Calling all arty folk t t arts Are you partt of a non-for-profit group with a project benefitting Marlborough that needs a funding push? The Creative Communities NZ Scheme, S which ts awards local s arts funding to support art and cultural open. activities, is now open. , Council’s Community Partnerships s Advisor, Jodie Griffiths, encourages individual and groups, especially those who haven’topreviously applied, to apply. “We’d love to see , some new people coming forward,” she said. S The Creative Communities NZ scheme is aimed at creating and presenting to, diverse opportunities for accessing and , participation in the arts in Marlborough.

“It’s for people passionate about increasing the arts profile in Marlborough,,” Ms Griffiths said. Projects could include workshops, performances or classes and cover all age groups. Applications for the first round of funding are open until 19 September 2022. For more information or to t apply visit: www. marlborough.govt.nz/our-community/ marlborough.govt.nz/our-community/ grants-and-awards/marlborough-creativecommunities-scheme For further information about the Creative Communities NZ Scheme please contact Jodie Griffiths, Community Partnerships Advisor on Ph: 03 520 7400 or email: Jodie.griffiths@marlborough.govt.nz


If you’ve recently collected your new refuse bags you might have noticed a slight difference. This is because Council’s refuse bag supplier has changed this year. While the bags are the same specification and standard as previous years, they are made from a percentage of recycled soft plastics. The bags therefore feel slightly different to the previous version and have a more matte finish to their appearance. There has been some feedback that the rolls only contained 50 bags instead of 52. Council has batch sampled the rolls and found that they do contain 52 bags as expected. However, Council did note that the last two or three bags are very tightly wound giving the impression of only being a single bag. If you have any issues with the bag count please return your roll to Council for exchange. Residents in Picton and Blenheim receive a voucher for 52 refuse bags each year. Vouchers can be surrendered

Street Address: Phone: 03 520 7400 15 Seymour Street Fax: 03 520 7496 Email: mdc@marlborough.govt.nz Blenheim 7201 New Zealand

The new bag (left) has a more matte finish and feels slightly different to the previous version at participating outlets as normal. Residents receiving the kerbside service pay for this via a targeted rate.



The Sun

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Wednesday August 3, 2022

A Mako man - humble, hard working The Tasman Mako rugby team kicks off their National Provincial Championship (NPC) campaign in Blenheim this weekend against Southland. Chris Valli caught up with Co-coach Gray Cornelius about the upcoming season and what being a Mako means to the former teacher. Gray Cornelius reckons if he wasn’t involved in rugby he’d be spending more time on the board surfing and or indulging in the picturesque Marlborough Sounds. Gray, 47, has lived in Blenheim since 1998 and grew up in the Wairarapa, home of 1986 one test All Black Marty Berry. The youngest in a sports mad family he followed in his father, mother and three other siblings’ footsteps as a teacher and a coach. So when did he realise that rugby had a potential professional coaching pathway for the former Marlborough Boys’ College Physical Education teacher? “Probably in my first year with the Mako in 2019. I loved being part of an awesome environment – it didn’t feel like a job at all. So I thought how good would it be if I could do this for a living?” Over the summer Gray and original Mako Dan Perrin were given a resounding vote of confidence to co-coach Tasman over the next two seasons. The co-coaching model was utilised in 2019 and 2020 when (newly appointed Highlanders coach) Clarke Dermody and (Leinster bound) Andrew Goodman guided the team to back to back NPC titles. At the time of appointment, Tasman boss Lyndon Bray said it was a “no-brainer” for the union to promote the pair who he says had been ‘very intimate with the Mako structures and the culture that has been built within that team, and they’ve helped enhance that the last couple of years.’ So who have been the more influential mentors in his coaching pathway as he looks to the opening

round this weekend? “My old man was an awesome coach and I vividly recall tagging along with him to all his training sessions and sitting there listening and learning so he would be my main mentor. “I have been really fortunate to work alongside Andrew Goodman who is a fantastic coach and very open in sharing ideas and philosophies. I have also worked with Shane Christie, Dan Perrin and Clarke Dermody all of which I have learnt heaps from.” He says describing what the Mako jersey and culture means to him is hard to put into words. However he says it’s the feeling he gets when he’s around the environment.

“I’m a bit of a rugby purist” “It’s fun, it’s challenging, but the best thing is that everyone is there trying to be better and that’s a great environment to be in. I feel very privileged to be doing what I am doing. The people involved in the team work really hard to always push themselves; they have a bit of grit, and they are humble.” When asked what needs to happen at the grassroots level for Marlborough to have a more ‘even keel’ with the likes of their Nelson counterparts, he says it’s a big question and something which isn’t down to one single thing. Gray says the Central Rugby Club winning the Tasman Trophy, the first Marlborough side to win the

competition in eight years, showed that Blenheim based sides are more than capable of competing with their respective Nelson clubs. “Central and Renwick showed that this year. Both those clubs have some key people behind the scenes who are really passionate and proactive around their club – it was great to see them perform this year. I think all parties have a part to play – the TRU, clubs, us coaches and the individual players themselves. “I think if everyone is proactive and willing to work together versus looking to blame one thing or the other we are more likely to move forward. The problem at the moment is player numbers, so we need to all put our heads together to think how we can retain and attract players to this side of the hill.” So when it comes to the fundamentals of coaching does he think rugby is sometimes over coached? How does the game potentially attract a bigger audience? “Yeah possibly to an extent it is over coached at times. Often the best parts of a rugby game happen during “unstructured play” when defences are less organised. The key I guess is to get that balance right between being organised but also being able to react to what’s in front and just play. That’s a big challenge for us as coaches. I’m a bit of a rugby purist, so I don’t think we need to continue messing with the rule book to find ways to make it more “attractive” – we should be careful not to change it to something it isn’t – it’s hard enough sometimes to understand the rules without constant changes.” Gray says the epitome of a great Mako player is one that is humble, hard working, and shows grit.

Gray says he has been really fortunate to work alongside Andrew Goodman who is very open in sharing ideas and philosophies. He has also worked with Shane Christie, Dan Perrin and Clarke Dermody all of which he has learnt heaps from.

He is realistic that on any given day, any team can make inroads in the NPC competition, one that has had the Mako consistently at play-off time at the business end of the season. So who is the team to watch this year? “There’s a few – Canterbury, Wellington, Auckland are always there or there abouts and then of course there’s the reigning champs Waikato. Hawkes Bay and the Naki (Taranaki) were strong last year too.” Gray says he can’t do what he

does without the unconditional love and support of his wife and kids who he says lose their husband and dad for four months yet are always encouraging and support him. He says a successful NPC season for the Mako would ultimately be winning it on home soil. And wouldn’t that be a FINNS UP way to end the season on Saturday, October 22? A reflective opportunity to get back on the surfboard and out into the sounds.










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Wednesday August 3, 2022


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Wednesday August 3, 2022

Ladies in Business keeps women connected By Chris Valli

A Ladies in Business in Marlborough group has been set up to benefit those through sharing ideas and networking. Kamni Raju-Russel is the Venus Regional Manager for Top of the South and has been part of the Venus Businesswomen since June last year. “Venus network has opened up a different

Help at hand for Marlborough parents As every Marlborough parent knows, people who say they ‘sleep like a baby’ usually don’t have one. But help is at hand thanks to a new online course from Whānau Āwhina Plunket. The organisation has launched the sleep and settling pēpi course where parents can learn more about getting to know their baby’s cues, find out what helps babies sleep and settle, and get tips for knowing when their baby is showing signs they are ready to sleep. Principal Clinical Advisor Karen Magrath says some of the most common questions to PlunketLine nurses are how to know when a baby is tired, how to get babies to sleep, and how to re-settle them if they wake. The sleep and settling pēpi course is available at https://plunket.my.intuto. com/MediaVault/SharedResources/ Plunket/sleep_and_settling_baby/ content/index.html#/

network that I have access to all over New Zealand, providing me with a supportive network and resources that are available to me to improve not just my business but myself personally.” Kamni who owns Blenheim based Bra and Briefs Expert (BABE) in Coleman’s Road says Venus Businesswomen CEO, Carolyn Banks, has done a lot of work behind the scenes to have created the successful platform for women which has been around the past 10 years. The Ladies in Business in Marlborough group is part of the national organisation called Venus Businesswomen. Kamni says Venus is raising visibility and the voice of everyday women in business. “Moving here from Tauranga, I have felt that there has been a void in the Women in Business network so I approached Venus about starting a group here in Marlborough. “We have a lot of talented businesswomen in the region that would benefit from being part of a network that will help them raise their visibility, confidence and help building relationships.” Kamni says in the four years she has been in Blenheim, she has seen some groups start but not maintain that consistency in keeping women connected. “There has been a bit of a disconnect when it comes to women in business networking when it comes to attending mixed gender events.” The launch of Venus Businesswomen

was hosted by CBD Eatery last week. “We had real estate agents, massage therapists, yoga teachers, photographer, fashion stylist, interior designer, financial advisors, health and safety expert, clothing business, hospitality, well-being experts to name a few.” She says Amy Hooper who is the Venus Network Manager travelled from Wellington to launch the group and the values and strategy of Venus was discussed. At the time of writing, Kamni had 12 confirmed members and said she will be following-up with those who attended as well as those who could not make it. So why is such a network so important? “How we do business has changed over the years. Gone are the days when you used to hand everyone your business cards and that was it. “These days, we all want to know the stories behind the businesses we work with. We want more details on the owners and networking provides business owners with that opportunity to be visible and build relationships. If I did not network whether in-person or virtually, I would not be aware of Venus Businesswomen at all. “Networking is the fastest way to get your name out there.” The next meeting, scheduled every fortnight, will be Wednesday, August 10 at CBD Eatery. Kamni says visitors are welcome to register their interests to attend with her.

Kamni Raju-Russel is the Venus Regional Manager for Top of the South. Kamni says Marlborough’s Ladies in Business group is an opportunity to network and support the regions talented businesswomen.



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The Sun

Wednesday August 3, 2022


Special Olympian on pathway of personal development By Glenise Dreaver

A few months ago, Tamati Matene received a special email, one that has turned out to be life-changing. The Special Olympian, and resident at the Papatuanuku Independency Trust in Waikawa Bay, had been invited by Special Olympics New Zealand to be one of five representatives from throughout New Zealand to take part in a national leadership course. His reply was immediate. “Yes please!” So a few weeks later Tamati and his mentor flew out to the first of the four workshops being held in Lower Hutt. Tamati says there is a strong emphasis on developing communication and leadership skills. They started with introducing themselves and discussing what they do in Special Olympics, as well as writing about what SO does and means to them. In Tamati’s case, he is playing in the Marlborough ten pin bowling team at the nationals to be held in December 8-12. The multi-day event, being held in Hamilton, will bring over 1500

Tamati Matene of Picton is one of five Special Olympians nationwide taking part in an SO leadership course.

athletes and coaches and up to 600 volunteers in 10 sports across eight venues. He’s also been selected for the golf team, “but December will be the first time I will have played at national level,” he adds. The second workshop saw him fly out by himself and be picked up from Wellington airport with the rest of the leadership group. Once at the rooms, they presented their homework to their two tutors and other team members, who all

discuss the results. The homework is sent by email about a week after each session, and Tamati is looking forward to his third session in a week or two, with the fourth and last one in September that will include their graduation ceremony. The leadership programme also fits well with his involvement with Toastmasters Marlborough, which he attends with Papatuanuku manager Pete Leach and two other residents.

Author Phil Walsh will be at the Marlborough District Library at 2pm on Saturday, August 13 to talk about his book 'Conquering Cascade - an epic saga of Denniston coal'. Phil says a number of Marlborough locals share links to Denniston or coal mining. The book chronicles the troubles and triumphs of the Westport Coal Company and the 30-year alliance with its contracted workforce. Phil has spent 10 years working on the project. Conquering Cascade is his third book.

STUNNED: St Mary's school student Emily Amsler reacts to seeing her picture in the Sun's 'Word on the Street' in last week's edition. Mum Gemma Amsler says she was shocked but very excited to see herself in the paper.

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12 Wednesday August 3, 2022

Te Noho Tahi, Being Together: CREATIVE KIDS TRUST members Dayna Brassil, Karen Dick, Emma Toy and Sara Rogerson. Dayna says they would love everyone in the community to join them on the walk of light on Saturday, August 20 @ 5pm starting at the Riverside Ampitheatre

Walk of Light By Chris Valli

Imagine, the Taylor River dotted with Marlborough’s voices, the community weaving their way through with lanterns, all coming together as one, in unity. Walk of Life is a Creative Kids Trust initiative recognising that after two years of global isolation and introspection it’s time to take gentle steps of light and hope. Creative Kids Trust Arts Manager Dayna Brassil says the

inaugural lantern walk event on Saturday, August 20 (5 - 6pm) is about bringing the community back together after a tough two years of being apart. The walk, starting at the Riverside Amphitheatre will include live performances through songs by eight local choir groups (brass ensemble. Barbershop boys, Chinese community, to name a few) from the community and schools, and a light display from the ASB Theatre along

the Taylor River. Dayna says participants will have the opportunity to purchase lanterns for $5 each to hold during the walk and all proceeds will go to supporting Creative Kids programs in the region. The performers will be dotted along the river and each singing a suite of songs from their repertoire. The trust is seeking further choir groups and performers from across Marlborough that


are willing to share their spirit through song and music and to unite in song as one. Dayna says performers can do a 15 minute set of songs/music, performed acoustically, that represents individuals’ essence or spirit. “We would love everyone in the community to join us on this walk of light and celebrate ‘Te Noho Tahi’ - being together.” The Marlborough District Council is supporting the event.

Proud suppliers to Cresswell's Shoes. Congratulations to Keith and Jacquelene.

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STARTS 5PM, RIVERSIDE AMPHITHEATRE, BLENHEIM Bring your whanau and friends for this free lantern walk event celebrating ‘Te Noho Tahi’, being together. The Taylor River will be dotted with local performers and choirs as the community weave their way with lanterns, celebrating being together through song. Includes a light display from the ASB Theatre. Lanterns are available to pre-purchase for $5 each at Eventbrite or via our Facebook page.

Webb: Alex Danny Born 21st July, 4.50am Weight 8lb 12oz Hospital Wairau




Simon, Kate and a very proud big sister Mila are stoked to welcome a baby boy to their family. Thank’s to midwife Cathy and the Wairau maternity team.

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Wednesday August 3, 2022


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Keith Sandford owns Cresswell’s Shoes along with wife Jacquelene.

75 years of care, friendly service By Chris Valli

Cresswell’s shoes are celebrating their 75th anniversary this month. EARLY BEGINNINGS Store founder Graham Cresswell started the store in 1947 at the age of 19. Being too young to legally rent a premise, his brother took the rent book on his behalf until he reached legal age. The store was a 12 foot x 12 foot area in George Street. He later moved to larger premises in Maxwell Road before moving closer to town at 10 Maxwell Rd. He later sold the business to Joy and Peter Croft who sold it four years later to Keith & Jacquelene Sandford. Four years later Keith and Jacquelene expanded and moved the store into its current location at 71 Market Street. The Sandford’s have been commited to the business, sell-

ing and repairing footwear and bags at Cresswell’s for 35 years. They have seen many businesses come and go during their time in retailing, including big nation wide businesses like Footloose, Dowsons, and Ziera. Also others like Hannah’s have dramatically reduced in size over this time. Keith says none of this is surprising as we have all had to contend with things Mother Nature and governments have thrown at us. When Keith and Jacquelene took over Cresswell’s from Peter and Joy Croft in 1987, the demise of the New Zealand’s footwear industry had already started. At that time 80% of the stock was manufactured in New Zealand but deregulation and asset stripping meant the closure of factories such as Sucklings in Christchurch have now made that figure less than 1% NZ made.




Today McKinlays in Dunedin may well be the only footwear factory left. Keith says the days of ringing the factory for a next day shoe delivery have changed to ordering from overseas six or twelve months in advance. This is not just due to longer delivery times but also because Northern hemisphere countries are making for their winter when customers want shoes for the New Zealand summer. A DA PTI NG U N DER A PANDEMIC Keith reflects on some of the more difficult times they have been through. The Blenheim - Christchurch SH1 earthquake closure was a ‘disaster’ for Blenheim retailers as most travellers bypassed Blenheim whilst traveling between Picton and Christchurch on the west coast route. He also says the recent central Blenheim hail storm caused Suave Henley

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major store flooding and required expensive repair. Combined with Covid lockdowns and on-going Government “Orange light ” mandates Keith says the results has seen reduced town foot traffic dramatically. Cresswell’s have continued to focus on reasonably priced superior quality products and personal service. Their experience and knowledge is now very extensive. As Cresswells footwear repairs, shoe modification, fitting experience and podiatry products have grown so have referrals from doctors and podiatrists. Keith says Cresswell’s enjoy a very high customer loyalty because their regulars know they are focused on what is right for them personally. “We are not about making a quick sale to meet targets or commissions”.

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14 Wednesday August 3, 2022

Grey Power Marlborough The Association for people 50+


Advocating for people 50 +

Wishing all our members a special merry Christmas and a happy new year

From the President’s Desk

Phone 03 578 4950 or visit our website on www.greypowermarlborough.co.nz

President’s report from Federation AGM 2022 I have recently attended the Grey Power Federation AGM, one of the most positive AGMs I have been to. There were quite a few first-time delegates which was refreshing. The AGM was very lucky to have speakers Dr Suzy Morrissey, Director of policy – Retirement commission, Carolyn Cooper – Aged Care Commissioner and Dr Ayesha Verrall – Minister of Seniors. All of these speakers spoke passionately about the needs for seniors, especially in residential care and home care sectors. One of the biggest pieces of advice these speakers gave the delegates was that seniors need to complain if they feel they are not receiving the right level of care from their service providers. This advice was backed up by the Federation board as when they lobby ministers the more stories and factual complaints they can produce the more likely they are to be heard. Nothing is going to happen overnight within the senior population but the delegates were reassured that our voices are being heard and that these ministers will strive to ensure more robust care for our most vulnerable seniors in New Zealand. Suzy Morrissey advised that there is no intention to raise the retirement age at this stage. Speaker John Collyns from the Retirement Village Association updated delegates on the current situation in the Retirement Village arena. Interesting facts and information that came out of his talk were in 2021 - there were 345,000 residents over 75 years living in retirement units nationwide with a

predicted figure of 832,000 over 75 years by 2048. Discussions were going to take place around the idea of having the option to rent villas for those who did not have the capital income to buy into a villa outright. There is also going to be more training available to managerial staff, non-clinical, through the Te Ara institute. Mr Collyns has been invited by Grey Power Marlborough to speak to our members and the general public at the beginning of 2023. Clarification In our last newsletter we included an article about the Marlborough Community Vehicle Trust (MCVT). A reader has contacted me a little confused about the statement the MCVT is now the only means of transport for medical reasons from Picton to Blenheim and Picton/Blenheim to Nelson. Clarification: There are two services that transport people from Picton to Blenheim return, these are the St John Health Shuttle and the MCVT. The only service that transports people from Picton/Blenheim to Nelson return is the MCVT. I hope that clears up any confusion. Gayle Chambers President


Advice from Federation re Covid boosters From 5 July the Novavax booster will be available without a prescription. Although Pfizer remains the preferred COVID-19 booster, this gives everyone over 18 years old a choice of which booster vaccine they receive. This decision follows Medsafe’s update to the provisional approval, to include use of Nuvaxovid as a booster after the primary course of any of the COVID-19 vaccines available in New Zealand. If you have had COVID-19, you should wait at least 3 months after your infection before you get your booster. You can check when you are due for a

Local Body Elections meetings We have arranged for three “meet the candidate” meetings at the following times and venues. Tuesday 23rd August Blenheim

We have two new businesses giving our members discounts: • Blackmore Audiology extends an opening offer to Grey Power Members of 5% off their wax removal service using micro suctioning. Their contact details are: www. blackmoreaudiology.co.nz 21 Francis Street, Blenheim ph 03 579 3092 • Auto Super Shoppe Blenheim would like to offer our members 10% off basic or full servicing. Their contact details are: workshop@autossblenheim.co.nz 57 Houldsworth Street, Blenheim ph 03 578 4630

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Please remember to show your current blue-stickered membership cards to all our valued Discount Book suppliers. Vehicle service centres would appreciate viewing your cards prior to the bills being printed! Friendly Fridays: Charlotte at Neighbourhood Support would like to invite you to drop in, knit, chat, play cards and have a cuppa every Friday in August, from 11am to 12 noon at the Blenheim community Centre, 25 Alfred Street, just down the hall from the Grey Power Marlborough office.

We are delighted to be bringing you the


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Wesley Centre at 2.00pm and 7.00pm Thursday 25th August Picton RSA at 2.00pm

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All welcome - light refreshments provided Please note: Masks must be worn.

booster by visiting mycovidrecord.nz or referring to your purple vaccination card, if you have one. You can book an appointment for a Novavax booster dose through Book My Vaccine or by calling the COVID Vaccination Healthline on 0800 28 29 26 (8am to 8pm, 7 days a week). Novavax is approved for use as a booster after a primary course for any of the COVID-19 vaccines available in New Zealand. Your booster is available six months after the completion of the primary course which for most people is two doses.

03 578 4272 | marlborough@cab.org.nz 25 Alfred Street, Blenheim www.cab.org.nz

Wednesday Marlborough’s largest circulating newspaper

The Sun

Wednesday August 3, 2022

Grey Power Marlborough



The Association for people 50+

Advocating for people 50 +

Wishing all our members a special merry Christmas and a happy new year

AGM report Phone 03 578 4950 or visit our website on www.greypowermarlborough.co.nz

Three committee members attended the recent Grey Power Federation AGM. I attended as a delegate. President, Gayle Chambers, and secretary, Graeme Faulkner, attended as office holders of the Federation, their attendance funded by the Federation. Grey Power Marlborough, still the second largest association in the country, has four members involved at the national level. Gayle is Zone 5 Director and Graeme is the chairman of the advocacy committees dealing with ACC, emergency management, and law and order. The AGM proceeded in an orderly and efficient fashion. Fifteen remits were discussed. One seconded by Marlborough calling for an investigation and consequent action as to why fewer seniors are volunteers succeeded in being passed. Advocacy committee reports recorded good work done and achievements made. (Read in greater detail about the work of the advocacy groups in the national quarterly newsletter that members receive. It makes for informative reading.)

Advocacy for seniors is that we do- it is a process, often a long one, based on our values, so we do our research, argue consistently and offer practical solutions, persistently seeking the greatest good for the greatest number. Grey Power’s goal is to be recognised as the voice for older New Zealanders. For this we need a strong and increasing membership, funding to do our research and work, and goals set to measure our progress. When government decision-makers decide policy affecting seniors, we want to be consulted. Grey Power lobbied successfully for an Aged Care Commissioner - we were addressed at the AGM by the first appointee to the position. Her predominant direction to us was to complain if things are not right; by that process improvements can be made and errors corrected. Minister for Seniors, Dr Ayesha Verrall, addressed us by video and Rachel O’Connor from the Human Rights commission spoke on progress on human rights and how to use its services to cre-

Office Snippets

Subscriptions for 2022-3 were due on 1 April. Thanks to all who have paid to date. Grey Power Electricity members are required to keep your membership current. We have been emailing and telephoning reminders to those members we have not heard from. Please let us know if you have decided not to remain a member, then we will not bother you, and let us know if any of your contact details have changed URITY AT THE recently. H OFCommunications: A BUTTONPeriodically we out information that members may Aemail revolutionary new coding


system, TrioCode 128 provides enhanced reliability and security by using three frequencies to overcome interference issues.

A revolutionary t to on-going design, functionality and newsafe, coding system, eps our doors reliable and secure. 128 provides rsonalised TrioCode security options are standard. enhanced reliability and security by using three Rolling • Sectional Doors frequencies to overcome e Door & Gate Openers interference issues.

be interested in. Please get in touch if we do not have your email address and you are interested in hearing from us more often. Check your email SPAM folder regularly, as sometimes emails going to many members end up going to SPAM. Facebook: The most up to date information is often put on our Grey Power Marlborough Facebook page as it goes out instantly. Some examples are the localised flooding due to weather. Please like and share posts that you find relevant, as it helps us to know what you are interested in.

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Cnr Hutcheson & Parker Sts, Blenheim

Mr John Collyns from the Retirement Village Association speaking to the AGM. He is coming to talk to members in Blenheim in the New Year.

Senior Cooking Course The next Senior Chef 8 week cooking course is being organised. All classes are on a Thursday starting at 10am until 1pm. Dates are: September 01, 08, 15, 22, 29 October 06, 13, 20. The classes will be held in the Vintage Car Club rooms, Brayshaw Park. For more information please contact Carol Boswell, ph 021 0656789.

Grey Power Marlborough secretary Graeme Faulkner and publicity officer Brian McNamara at the Grey Power AGM.

ate a more civil and just society. She often returned to the ‘difficult’ but necessary ‘conversations’ that New Zealand has to have on questions of racism and other civil rights abuses. National President, Jan Pentecost, quoted Confucius at the end of her report. “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” Brian McNamara Publicity Officer Grey Power Marlborough

Grey Power Achievements We encourage people 50+ in age to join Grey Power. Here are five of the 25 achievements we are proud to have been effective in obtaining for seniors. Removal of the Surtax. Lower tariff electricity. Code of Practice for rest homes. The National Superannuation adjustment for the tax cuts in the 2008 Budget Winter energy payment.

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The Sun

16 Wednesday August 3, 2022

Schools’ master plan progress Building zone plans for the co-located colleges’ campus at McLauchlan Street and the planned Bohally Intermediate campus at College Park have been released as part of the master planning process for Te Tātoru o Wairau. Ministry of Education project director for Te Tātoru o Wairau, Simon Trotter, says the zones separate intended build areas and green spaces, enabling the design team to now develop detailed master plan layouts for the three schools. “The design team, schools and iwi have worked through a broad range of design scenarios for the three schools, and we’re

excited to be nearing completion of the master plan designs for the two campuses,” Mr Trotter says. Fulton Stream gains prominence as a central feature of the co-located college’s campus at McLauchlan Street. Mr Trotter says this was a key cultural feature of the site and allowed for some exciting design options to maximize the stream’s relationship with the campus. The main entrance for both colleges will be at a central location along McLauchlan Street, with the main build zone book-ended by large fields at either end of the campus. A recreation zone along the western boundary will incorporate sports facilities such as gymnasiums.

The site zone plan for College Park shows a build zone in the area currently occupied by the hockey turf and roller skating rink, with a green zone occupying land that is already open space. The option to build at College Park will minimize disruption to teaching and learning at both the intermediate and Blenheim’s two colleges. It enables all three schools to continue operating normally while construction of the new intermediate is underway. “Parents, caregivers and whānau have been clear in saying a key concern for this project

is around ensuring disruption to teaching and learning is minimised. College Park gives us the ability to address this, while also being an ideal site for the school,” Mr Trotter says. The Ministry is talking with Marlborough District Council to facilitate the early termination of Council’s lease on the property. Once agreed, site preparation work will be able to begin for the new campus. Detailed master plan designs showing layouts of the three schools will be shared with neighbours, school communities and the public later this year.

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The planned campus for Bohally Intermediate shows the school buildings will be largely built on land occupied by existing infrastructure, The planned co-located colleges campus with a large amount of green space on the shows the main entrance on McLauchlan southern half of the campus. Street.

The Sun

Wednesday August 3, 2022


Broken windscreen repairs Windscreen replacements Emergency service Chip repairs


47 Grove Rd, Blenheim | P: 578 0850 www.viridianglass.co.nz



• Fully equipped workshop servicing ALL makes and models • Vineyard sales and service for Mules, quads, side-by-sides. • WOF’s, repairs, tyres, spares

2 Warwick St, Mayfield Ph 579 2500

Ice and snow, take it slow If you’re planning a winter road trip or driving up to the ski slopes, here are some important points to remember. Weather and road conditions Before setting out on a winter road trip, it’s important you are clued up on weather activity and road conditions in your region. Monitor the weather before you leave and note down any areas expecting heavy snow, rainfall or hail. Good New Zealand websites for you to check on weather and road conditions are as follows: • Metservice • AA Roadwatch • NZ Transport Agency Chains When you’re renting a car it’s important to have chains available when travelling along snow and ice. Most rental companies will provide you with chains, as well as demonstrate how to fit them. • When using chains, make sure they are fitted to the driving wheels (eg for a front wheel car, chains go at the front) • Fitted chains should be firm but not tight • After fitting chains, drive a short distance then check them again to make

sure they are secure • Carry warm gloves and make sure you have a torch • Drive slowly when using chains Black Ice Black Ice is a thin sheet of ice on the road that is dark in appearance, making it extremely hard for drivers to see. It is commonly found around waterways and lakes, more often in shady or cooler areas. Black ice can cause drivers to lose control, so it’s important to drive carefully. • Avoid sudden braking • Drive slowly • Avoid sudden direction changes • Leave large following distances • Look for shiny, wet patches on the road Winter driving checklist Key things to remember when driving in winter: • Snow chains • A working torch (and spare batteries) • A radio and mobile phone • Drive with your headlights on, day or night • Update yourself on weather and road conditions regularly


Specialists in all aspects of

Aluminium Cooling Components • Radiators • Oil coolers • Heat exchangers • Inter coolers

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• Learner practical test - $100 • Restricted licence test - $130 • Full licence test - $100 • Refresher rides Check out the dates on our website and give us a call


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Wednesday August 3, 2022

Council candidates deserve questions Farm Buildings and Timber Supplies Timber for Horticulture and Viticulture Vineyard posts and accessories - Farm fencing supplies Farm and domestic sheds including plans where required Locally Owned - Locally Sourced 163 Hammerichs Rd I Ph 03 578 0221 www.rapauratimber.co.nz

Federated Farmers is urging rural New Zealanders to step up their interest in the election campaign this year with sweeping changes facing local government, and the very existence of some councils under threat. “The Three Waters juggernaut is gathering steam despite a great deal of opposition,” Feds President Andrew Hoggard said. “Unchanged, it will put control of critical infrastructure in the hands of unelected and hard to hold to account entities, likely headquartered far away from rural New Zealand.” This, plus moves for district planning functions to be regionalised, will leave some provincial councils with little left to do, “and thus ripe for forced amalgamations, given the review of the future of local government doesn’t wind up until next year,” Andrew said. Local body elections happen again in September/October and Federated Farmers has just released its 2022 Local Elections Platform. It’s on the Federated Farmers’ website and sets out the federation’s position on the major issues swirling around local government, with questions and advice for

Stuart Smith

MP for Kaikōura Electorate

Let’s talk I’m listening

Local body elections happen again in September/October and Federated Farmers has just released its 2022 Local Elections Platform. It’s on the Federated Farmers’ website and sets out the federation’s position on the major issues swirling around local government, with questions and advice for voters and candidates.

voters and candidates. “Amidst this uncertainty, communities will need sound, level-headed representation like never before, as their councils navigate this once-in-a-generation change and fight for local accountability,” Andrew said. “There are the basics too. Our need for safe and sustainable rural roads, smart rating systems, and common-sense regulation are enduring. Such things are essential to the wellbeing of the farming community; in times of great change matters simple and important can easily be lost.”

Federated Farmers asks rural leaders with commitment, practical common sense and energy to consider standing for election, and all residents to put searching questions to those who would represent them in local government. “Be daring. Talk up core services, talk down wasteful, feel-good expenditure and big rates increases, and support our farmers in these challenging times. Most of all fight for the right of local communities to decide on how their local democracy functions, not Wellington,” Andrew said. and rur al vil Ci


49 civil and rural infrastructure Products and systems

we can helP!

At Hynds we pride ourselves in providing the Marlborough Region with the correct products and systems for civil and rural infrastructure.

Authorised by Stuart Smith, Parliament Buildings, Wgtn.

Blenheim Electorate office 22 Scott Street, Blenheim 03 579 3204 - 0800 STUART stuart.smithmp@parliament.govt.nz

Our product range ensures we can supply civil construction, rural and roading works right through to effluent and stormwater systems for individual property owners. Come in and see our friendly team at the branch for expert advice and aligned products for your needs. Blenheim 2 Stuart Street P 03 579 1332 f 03 579 1318 0800 we PiPe (93 7473) www.hynds.co.nz

Partnering with

new Zealand’s civil and rural infrastructure

for over 49 years

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Wednesday August 3, 2022


Soil fungus for environmental mitigation A major new research programme launched last Thursday promises to further reduce the environmental impact of New Zealand agriculture, with naturally occurring soil fungus shaping as a new hero, assisting farmers with more efficient nitrogen use. N-Vision NZ, led by farmer owned nutrient co-operative Ravensdown and co-funded by the Government’s Sustainable Food and Fibres Future (SFFF) initiative, aims to help farmers reduce nitrogen loss. Ravensdown General Manager of Innovation and Strategy Mike Manning says one of the projects in the $22 million seven-year initiative will harness the power of humble natural strains of soil fungi to increase the efficiency of nitrogen use by plants. “Lincoln University researchers have discovered natural strains of fungi that reduce the activity of specific microbes, which are involved with nitrogen cycling and losses. These nitrogen losses can occur as nitrate leaching through the soil, which has a potential detrimental effect on waterways, and as nitrous oxide, a potent greenhouse gas

emission. “Although it occurs naturally in pastoral soils at a relatively low level, the fungi can be applied to soil as either a prill or seed coating. Doing so increases the level of the fungi and therefore alters the nitrogen cycle to reduce nitrogen losses. Research to date indicates this has a strong potential to mitigate both greenhouse gas emissions and reduce nitrogen loss to waterways,” Mike says.” N-Vision NZ includes two other research projects that aim to reduce the environmental impact of New Zealand’s grazed pasture systems: one that will develop an accurate gauge of the nitrogen already in the soil and, therefore enabling farmers to apply more precise quantities of nitrogen fertiliser for optimum plant growth; and another that will research nitrification inhibitors, which have the potential to significantly lower nitrous oxide emissions and nitrogen leaching from grazed pasture systems. N-Vision NZ will apply leading edge science and technology to create tools that farmers can use on farm. Importantly farmers will

Ravensdown General Manager of Innovation and Strategy Mike Manning says one of the projects in the $22 million seven-year initiative will harness the power of humble natural strains of soil fungi to increase the efficiency of nitrogen use by plants.

have options to maintain profitability while minimising the environmental impact of their land use. The Government’s $7.3 million contribution to N-Vision supports Ravensdown’s $11 million cash contribution, plus in-kind funding. Lincoln University and Plant & Food Research are research partners for N-Vision.

If you can think it, we can help you make it. Talk to an ITM sales rep today and let’s get it underway.

41 Holdsworth St, Blenheim | 03 578 3049 operations@blenheimitm.co.nz

Turn stones into soil! Stone Busters offers a unique service to make a seed bed into row and broad acre, ideal for horticulture and crop farming. Turn large boulders (up to 300mm) into arable land.

A major new research programme launched last week promises to further reduce the environmental impact of New Zealand agriculture, with naturally occurring soil fungus shaping as a new hero.

• • • • • •




NOW AT 2 Warwick St, Mayfield. Ph 579 2500

Nick McIntyre 021 440 680 Stonebustersnz@gmail.com

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20 Wednesday August 3, 2022

. h t i w s e t u n i 5Kimm Weatherhead

Exclusive Interview!

Office and Logistics Manager, Johnson’s Barge Services Ltd  Are you a dog or cat person? Def initely dog 100%.

 What did you want to be when you grew up? It was a toss between an Air Hostess and a Vet. I am neither. Worked in both industries over the years and decided it wasn’t for me.

 One thing we’d be surprised to know about you? Oh I’m sure there are lots of things that would be a surprise, I moved here from Jersey in the Channel Islands when I was 16, managed to get my name in the Marlborough Sports Hallbook of Fame!

 Have you met anyone famous? Sir David Attenborough, Meatloaf (RIP), lots of musicians when working on events and most of the Royal Family, so yes. Sir David Attenborough was the loveliest.

 My favourite food to cook or eat is...? Curry, and you can’t go past a good spag bolognese.

 The shop you can’t walk past is...? All of them/love shopping!

 What’s your favourite game of sport to watch? I hate sport on telly, but if I had to anything equestrian. I hate sport on telly, but if I had to anything equestrian.

 Your dream weekend involves....? Sun, family, friends and a good G & T!! or sadly rehearsing for a show. Nerdy but I love it.

 Favourite programme or series currently watching? Anything, period, Bridgerton, Downton etc. Currently watching Afterlife on Netflix with Ricky Gervais which is hilarious, it really appeals to my dark sense of humour.

 What’s one thing on your bucket list? To be on the fly wire at ASB.

gardening this week The importance of Calcium: By Wally Richards Calcium (garden lime) is a very basic mineral that is often overlooked by gardeners. Kiwi gardeners in the past would dig over their vegetable garden at the beginning of winter after the last crops had been harvested. The soil would be turned to the depth of one and a half to two spade depths, bringing the subsoil to the surface and then left in unbroken as mounds for frosts to work on. Over these clods of soil a good coating of garden lime would be applied making it look like it had snowed after application. The idea was to bring up from the subsoil minerals to the surface. Weeds would be buried underneath to compost down and the soil would be exposed to the elements as the lime would be washed in. In spring these clods would break up with a light touch of the hoe turning the garden into a lovely fine tilth of healthy soil. Potatoes, brassicas and other vegetables would be planted to not only feed the family as they were harvested but also to store and preserve surpluses for the coming winter. I was talking to a keen gardener on the phone this week who explained to me that he was gardening naturally (without the use of chemicals) and he had felt that the results were not as good as he would have liked. So last season he gave the garden a good dose of gypsum (calcium & sulphur) and the improvement of the crops was really noticeable. Even his dad (an old, very experienced gardener) remarked that he had finally got things right. Getting things right can be as simple as giving your gardens a good dose of a fast acting lime. Lime sweetens the soil as we say which means it lifts the pH to be more alkaline. NZ soils over time become more and more acidic because of our rain fall, these days likely even quicker because of pollution. All our beneficial friends in the soil require calcium to thrive, as one source explained it; calcium is like the coal that feeds the furnace, calcium feeds the soil life making for great gardening. Acidic soil becomes anaerobic and breeds the microbes you do not want, called pathogens or diseases.

These pathogens can be suppressed by using Terracin followed by applications of Mycorrcin. There maybe minerals in the soil that plants need but can’t take up because of the lack of calcium. In plants calcium is part of cell walls and membranes; it controls movement in and out of cells, reacts with waste products and neutralizes toxic materials. Calcium activates many enzyme systems, it improves microbial activity and it enhances uptake of other nutrients. It is essential for cell division as well as increasing cell density, and improves texture (crunch) of crops. Calcium is critical for balancing excess nitrogen as well as disease suppression. Having the correct amount of calcium in the soil will require less nitrogen. The calcium will loosen the soil and make more nitrogen available. A gardening product is now available called Wallys Calcium And Health which comprises of a fast acting calcium along with important elements for your health and the health of your plants. Calcium & Health contains fast attacking lime, magnesium, selenium, boron, sulphur, potash and phosphate in a balanced ratio for your gardens. Using this new product on your food crops is going to help ensure you obtain these essential elements in your diet. A number of gardeners are concerned about their bodies not ob-

taining elements such as selenium from the vegetables and fruit they grow. By applying Calcium & Health to your gardens will help increase the goodness and nutritional values of your home grown diet. Used at 60 grams per square M (scoop provided is 60 grams) or as I like to do is place a small amount into the planting hole of seedlings. Avoid using the 60 grams around acid loving plants as it does increase the pH but about 20 grams will be of benefit without interfering with the pH to affect the plants. I also recommend you using gypsum and dolomite in your gardens as well; these later two can be used around acid loving plants as they are pH neutral. The important aspect to remember is that calcium is vitally important to the health of your plants and soil. Every plant needs calcium to grow. Once fixed, calcium is not mobile in the plant. It is an important constituent of cell walls and can only be supplied in the xylem sap. Therefore, if the plant runs out of a supply of calcium, it cannot re-mobilize calcium from older tissues. If transpiration is reduced for any reason, the calcium supply to growing tissues will rapidly become inadequate. Without adequate amounts of calcium, plants experience a variety of problems as our gardening friend found out at the beginning of this article.


now from from$185,000 $195,000 Available now Independent living in a beautiful environment • Superb outlook - Tastefully refurbished • Ground floor indoor/outdoor flow • Care packages to suit individual needs

Ashwood Park offers all the choices and amenities you could ever ask for in one convenient location. 118 - 130 Middle Renwick Road, Springlands | ph 03 577 9990 | ashwoodpark.co.nz

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Wednesday August 3, 2022

txt talk with The Sun

Talk of the week

Swanning off


Minister Grant Robertson swanning off to UK to “meetings” and to watch Commonwealth Games taxpayer funded junket let alone carbon footprint!

Finding it extremely ridiculous how hard it is to get a doctors appointment these days. Today rung Lister Court Medical knowing I need antibiotics but cant see my doctor for a week, I can’t go that long without them I would end up in hospital! All I can do is ring at 8am the next day and I might get something or go to Urgent Care (where they charge you $60-$70 to be seen), so now choose between getting the antibiotics I need and having less money for groceries this week or going without until the infection is so bad I end up in hospital taking up a bed that shouldn’t have been needed to begin with, its a catch 22 isn’t it! How about these practices stop blaming the government and covid and do something about fixing their own practices and whatever happened to emergency appointments!

Amazing service

Re abortion

Amazing service from council librarians helping those in our community with computer queries. Thank you all so much.

Here’s a reality check for you. Saving babies lives is NOT religious fanaticism!! What sort of a woman wants to kill her unborn? There’s a remedy actually, don’t want a baby? Don’t do the deed. It’s simple really.

No more Knighthood The next problem NZ faces which will be worse than climate change, if after the Queen passes and NZ decides to remove the monarch as head of state, this would mean no more Knighthood for all Blacks. Shock horror too awful to contemplate.

Re Masks and Micro managed What a disgusting rant,you are obviously not compromised health wise in any way and showing your political bias and then you label them as coward’s for wishing to wear Masks to help in their minds with their physical or mental health. It is everyone’s own choice how they wish to protect themselves, not yours!!!! You say fear and control, no common sense for a lot more people that you think. Get off your political bandwagon!!

Take pride Being a regular walker around Omaka Landing what an eyesore it has become with the Olive trees that surround it. Would the developer/ owner take charge of this to see them all uniform not in its messy state. Also the roads along New Renwick / Aerodrome Rds used to be nicely sealed all in one before the development, its like a patch work quilt with pot holes. Reseal the lot.

Road repairs My property is accessed off an unsealed section of road and due to rain and vehicular traffic the sealed edge of roadway now has a substantial drop which is damaging our vehicles. Simple one would think, I pay rates for roading, kerb & channel & footpaths (none of which we have either) so rang council to see if repairs could be undertaken as councils vehicles use the r.o.w. more than we do. Not a problem but you have to pay a share in maintainance costs I’m informed. My rates don’t cover that ??? Ok. will undertake the repairs at my own cost and bill council their “share” of costs. Works both ways doesn’t it.

Thank you Blenheim Garage Doors. Fantastic service from Mark & his team-I highly recommend them .

Re: Brilliant Wednesday Sun

Eltham Road muck up This road has become a nightmare to use, since the curb for a mostly unused bike lane was installed. I totally agree with the writer’s points in The Sun, July 27th and to have the curb removed. How do the residents feel who live along Eltham Road ?

I too enjoy getting the Sun delivered but have recently discovered the online version and I love it! Good on you Les & Katrina, this is surely the way of the future as we head towards a paperless world not to mention reducing your carbon footprint. That’s a big thumbs up from me!

Fuel prices Re Abortion So you say no one is pro abortion? Interesting. I would have thought the opposite of pro life would be pro abortion. Don’t bring ‘choice’ into it as we are all free to choose, so that’s a weak argument. So what part of abortion don’t you like that makes you ‘not pro abortion‘? Hopefully it’s got something to with the innocent baby growing in the womb.

Buying local Support ‘n’ buy local-yeah right!. Needing an adjustment cam for a widely known vehicle. Easy? Saw product, same parts box, part number, country made. Blenheim multi dealer quoted $982.00 plus GST; Aussie $40, delivery 1 week. Another repairer different European part, here $360 each; from Auckland $90, for TWO, imported brand new! Oil here $90, Nelson $12 per litre. Quit the Beavertown rip! ‘E’ car batteries-heart attack!

Road fix? Who is going to fix that rough road surface on State Highway 6 near Havelock, and when? Sounds & feels just as bad at the new 70 speed limit as it did at the usual 90.


Z for New Zealand, yea right. It’s always the dearest in Blenheim, pays to shop around.

Supermarkets Isn’t it about time you got rid of archaic system of getting supervisor in to check on us “Olds “ when we buy alcohol. Don’t say it’s a safeguard of us buying it for underages. It’s the same thing as you coming along, and swiping your name tag, and saying okay. How do you not know we aren’t going out and giving it to youngies. Get another system.

Thank You A week ago I left my wallet at the Pakn’Save pumps, to the person who handed it in, Thank-you Thank-you and Thank-you

Appreciated Thank you to the amazing Armourguard woman on Saturday night advising of the flooded road on SH63 at the Woodbourne turnoff. We had our newborn in the car and appreciate her stopping us from driving into it.

Shout out A BIG shout out to the road crews who worked in atrocious conditions last Tuesday between Blenheim and Kaikoura. Flooding, rocks, mudslides, slumps, roadside puddles, they worked on them all to keep the road open for us who had to travel. Thank you all, we do appreciate you. We welcome your texts on 027 242 5266. Limit to 70 words please. We reserve the right to publish at our discretion. Please note the opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Sun management.

Health System Spare a thought for our over-extended health system, stretched to breaking point. You will struggle to get into the doctor, let alone get a hospital bed. Now is not the time to be getting sick. So mask up, get your shots, eat well, exercise and if you cross paths with a health professional, be kind. It is not their fault.

Not genuine LUXTON... never looked genuine. Now take note. Just a twister of truth. He couldn’t even make his statement coherent.

Ferry precinct Went to the Picton Ferry Precinct on Saturday to see the same regurgitated info on the new ferrries. No details of new port terminal. MRD not there again and no further on with detailed road plan. But who’s idea was it to hold a barbecue in the car park, on a really cold day, instead of an empty terminal that could have been decorated. Me thinks a PR disaster. Let’s hope this isn’t a harbinger of things to come.

Got an important issue to share with Marlborough? Text your thoughts to 027 242 5266

Specialists in Mobility Specialists in Specialists in Mobility in Mobility Mobility Studio LiftSpecialists Chair Adjustable Beds Hi/Lo Beds

Specialists in Mobility Adjustable Beds Hi/Lo Beds Specialists in Mobility Studio Lift Chair Adjustable Beds Hi/Lo Beds Specialists in Mobility

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it y in Mobility Studio LiftSpecialists Chair Adjustable Beds Hi/Lo Beds Studio Lift Chair Adjustable Beds Hi/Lo Studio Lift Chair Adjustable Beds Hi/Lo Beds View Our Fantastic View Ourin Fantastic Range Store View Our Fantastic View our fantastic range instore Range in Store View Our Fantastic View our fantastic range instore

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Service technician available for all your servicing and repair needs ServiceHome technician available all your servicing andAvailable repair needs Healthcare Equipmentfor & Mobility Products • Finance

Service technician available for all•your and repair needs Home Healthcare Equipment & Mobility Financeservicing Available Power Chairs &Products Scooters Range in Store Power Chairs & Scooters today! Range inFantastic Store View Our Many models to choose from - Test drive yours today! today! View Our Fantastic Many models to choose from - Test drive yours today! today! NOW at 7 Maxwell Road (next to Medlab) ph: 03 578 8002 www.accessmobility.co.nz Range in Store View OuratAve Fantastic Cnrour McGlashen & Croucher St, Richmond Ph: 03Healthcare 544 7717 www.accessmobility.co.nz Service technician available for all your servicing and repair needs View fantastic range instore Homeph: Equipment & Mobility Products • Finance Available NOW 7 Maxwell RoadSt,(next to Medlab) 037717 578 8002 www.accessmobility.co.nz Range in Store View Our Fantastic Cnr McGlashen Ave & Croucher Richmond Ph: 03 544 www.accessmobility.co.nz View our fantastic rangeRoad instore 7 Maxwell (next to Medlab) Service ph: 03 578 Equipment 8002 available www.accessmobility.co.nz technician for all•your and repair ne Home Healthcare & Mobility Financeservicing Available Power Chairs &Products Scooters Range in Store repair Service technician available for all your servicing and repair ne Power Chairs & Scooters Range in Store

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The Sun

Wednesday August 3, 2022

The Ford Club Marlborough held their Henry Ford Birthday Meet at Sawmill Productions (old Flight Timber site) on Sunday at Waters Avenue.

THE SMILES HAVE IT: Vogue Eyles-Mahony (7) and Elsie Eyles-Mahony (5).

Linton Powell with his Ford GT.

Murray Eyles and Matt Flight.

Charlie and Meric Hoffman.

Matt Pascoe, Ray Fairweather, Des Russell and Bill Nicholas survey the Fords on display.

Out & About ...with The Sun your local paper

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Bruce Gerard and Steve Marshall.

Lifetime Ford fans David and Leanne Brown.

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Providing quality care and education for children aged 3 months - 5 years, Omaka is a space for children to grow, explore and flourish as unique individuals, through a child-led, nature play based environment, where children are given the wings to fly.


TakingOPENING New Enrolments MID 2019 NOW

Visit www.omakaelc.co.nz

The Sun

Wednesday August 3, 2022

Air Conditioning



Carpet install & service


Asthma • allergies whizzing watery eyes irritated or stuffy nose trouble breathing rashes • mold • mildew

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FOR ALL THINGS CONCRETE Complete Site Preparation and Excavation Services

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RESIDENTIAL & RURAL Concrete Placing Driveways • Form Work Exposed Concrete Concrete Stamping Concrete Cutting Core Drilling

Ph 03 929 3640 24hr emergency flood response E: marlborough@chemdry.co.nz



We service all Commercial Kitchen & Laundry equipment. Local agent for Starline Dishwashers.

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Wednesday August 3, 2022

The Sun

Classifieds Advertising Ph 03 577 7868

what’s on

Situations Vacant

Public Notices pacific entertainment & Both Barrels music present

in marlborough

Wednesday 3 August New Stretch & Breathe exercise class for seniors:

10am -11am. St Christopher’s Church Hall 90 Weld Street Blenheim. Donation (Koha) $2, cuppa & chat afterwards. Contact Diana Brooks Eldercare Coordinator on 0212694198 for more information.

Blenheim Depression Support Group:

Every Wednesday from 10am – 11.30am. We meet to support each other, have regular speakers, outings, and share in a safe environment. For details ph Alistair Crawford 027 2883032.

Support group for postnatal mothers: 9.30am to noon.

Every Wednesday. Child minders help with the babies. Call Tatiana 0279 019 807.

Lions’ Club of Blenheim:

Like to know more about the Lion’s Club? Tea meetings are held on 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month. Next meet 10th & 24th August. Contacts: Delphine Lee 029 942 5004.

Picton Mahjong:

Marina Cove Club Room at 1pm. Vaccination Passes required.

Grovetown Indoor Bowling Club:

Meets every Wednesday at the Foundry John Street for a 7.30pm start . New and ex bowler and families most welcome to come along. Contact Morris 578 6699. Whitehead Park Bowling Club, Redwoodtown: 9.30am to 3pm. All day Wednesday, all welcome, contact Bob 577 9436. Summer timetable starts October.

Heart Help Support Group:

A community group dedicated to the well-being of those who live with a heart condition and experienced a heart attack also offering support to whanau/family. Next meet 17 August (every 3rd Wednesday of the month), 10.00am at Quench Chateau Marlborough 95 High Street. Phone Jenny Goss 0211629102.

Thursday 4 August Social Badminton: 9am-noon

Thursday mornings. Simcox Stadium, Battys Road. $5. All adults welcome. For more details phone Cathy 021 503 348.

Ulysses Retreads Group: 11am

Meet Brayshaw Park Thursdays. Ride to various destinations for lunch. Come by bike, tin top or magic carpet. Bring your laughing gear, a thermal to wear and a story to share.

Choir: Thursdays 7-9pm. St Ninians Hall

1 Riley Crescent, Redwoodtown (opp. church). Come and join Creative Kids Trust community choir Creative Voice. All musical abilities and new members welcome.

Keep U Moving: 11:30am to 12:30pm

Gentle indoor walking exercise for seniors. Each Thursday except the 4th Thursday of the month. Walking exercise followed by a cuppa & chat. Cost $2. Sign in & masks please. Contact Diana Brooks, Eldercare Coordinator St Christopher’s Church Ph 0212694198.

Blenheim Rock N Roll Club Nights: 7.30-9.30pm

Top of the South Rock n Roll Club, club nights downstairs at Clubs of Marlborough, bring comfy shoes and water. Great music, have fun and exercise at the same time.

Library Book Club: 6.30pm-8pm

Marlborough District Library. We meet on the last Thursday of the month. Simply bring a book to recommend to other members, and enjoy listening to other member’s (including librarians) book picks. To attend you must wear a mask, sign-in to the library and present your My Vaccine Pass. We will also observe social distancing at our meetings.

Picton Library Book Club: 6.30pm-8pm

Picton Library and Service Centre. Join us in meeting new people and chatting about books. We meet on the first Thursday of each month. To register please email pictonlibrary@marlborough.govt. nz. You must wear a mask, sign-in to the library and present your My Vaccine Pass. We will also observe social distancing at our meetings.

Friday 5 August Vintage Farm Machinery:

Open daily, 10am to 3pm, Brayshaw Vintage Farm. John 577 7442.

Marlborough Museum

Open daily, 10am to 4pm, free entry to the museum on Saturdays. Brayshaw Heritage Park, 26 Arthur Baker Place. 03 578 1712.

Saturday 6 August Crop Swap:

2-4pm, Crossroads – 2 Redwood St. Sharing abundance from our gardens: Fruit, vegetables, preserves, relishes, jams, herbs, eggs, flowers, seedlings, baking; - Giving generously and mindfully taking. Further details 027 372 2897

Blenheim Chess Club:

Meets at Delicia Café, Scott Street, every Saturday 10am – 1pm. All welcome.

Repair Cafe:

We’ll fix your small repair on site, on the day while you wait and have a cuppa. Sewing/darning, bikes, small furniture/wooden items, toys; electronic items and mobile phones. Every 4th Saturday monthly 9am – noon, next one 27 August. John’s Kitchen, 2 Redwood St. Donations for repairs accepted. Enquiries to Gerrie 0273030762.

Sounds SeniorNet:

Meet at the newly refurbished Linkwater Hall for Saturday information afternoons at 2pm. Entry free and afternoon tea provided. Everyone is welcome.

Whitehead Park Bowing Club, Redwoodtown:

Saturdays mainly tournaments from 9.30am to 3pm. All welcome. Contact John 573 9086. Also Mondays and Wednesdays. Summer timetable starts October.

COMMUNITY WELFARE CO-ORDINATOR An opportunity has arisen for the role of Community Welfare Co-ordinator to cover parental leave commencing mid – September 2022 . Employment Hours Monday to Thursday – 30 hours per week. The purpose of this role is to ensure queries, issues and requirements raised by older people and their families or carers are responded to promptly and effectively. PERSONAL REQUIREMENTS: • Qualification and experience in Community Services or similar. • Good interpersonal communication skills. • Empathy for older persons. • Knowledge and understanding of current health and wellbeing issues for older persons. • Ability to work with clients from a diversity of backgrounds. • Commitment and understanding of the Treaty of Waitangi. • Respect for the values and social structures of all cultures and all ethnic backgrounds. • Appropriate computer skills to produce statistics as required. • Knowledge of contract budgeting requirements. • Good organisational and time management skills. A copy of the job description is available at the email below To express your interest in this role please send a covering letter and a copy of your C.V to admin@ageconcernmarlb.org.nz Applications will close on Wednesday 10th August 2022 at 5pm

Sun Tue Wed Thu Fri Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sun Mon Wed Thu Fri Sun Mon

Hamilton, Clarence Street Theatre Whangarei, Forum North Auckland, Bruce Mason Centre Taupo, Gt. Lakes Centre Napier, Municipal Theatre Christchurch, James Hay Theatre Ashburton, Trust Events Centre (ATEC) Oamaru, Opera House Dunedin, Glenroy Auditorium Gore, St James Theatre Invercargill, Civic Theatre Nelson, Theatre Royal Blenheim, ASB Marlborough Theatre Wellington, Opera House Palmerston North, Regent On Broadway New Plymouth, Theatre Royal Whakatane, Gateway Theatre Tauranga, Baycourt Theatre


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fact of the week

Sunday 7 August Introduction to Beekeeping:

The Marlborough Beekeepers Association is holding an “Introduction to Beekeeping” session for those interested in taking up hobby beekeeping. Held on 7th August, 1pm to 4.30pm at the Marlborough Research Centre theatre, 85 Budge Street. Cost: $35 for non-members, $15 for members. New members welcome. For more information check our Facebook page. Anyone interested in attending please email marlboroughbeekeepers@gmail.com

Marlborough Farmers’ Market: 9am-noon.

Marlborough A&P Showgrounds. Fresh produce from your local farmers. Tasty line up of fresh and seasonal, gourmet and artisan produce and products that this region has to offer.

Blenheim Country Music Club Day:

Door entry fees; $4 per non-member, $3 per financial club member. Afternoon tea provided. Singers and performers are welcome. Starts at 2pm, finishes 5pm. Held fortnightly – next day 14 August. Contacts: George 0211467140 or John 0273555209 for information.

Picton Rail and Sail:

On the Foreshore - mini train rides and mini yacht hire to sail on our pond every Sunday 11am-3pm, operating every day during school holidays. Only 20 cents per ride/yacht hire!

Blenheim Bonsai Group: Islington Gardens, Rowberry Road on the 2nd Sunday of the month 1pm-3.30pm.

Marlborough Tennis Club: 3pm to 5pm Parker St. Every Sunday– Social Tennis. Non Members $2 All welcome. Contact: Joanna 027 578 6436

Monday 8 August Rotary Clubs in Blenheim:

Monday & Tuesday evenings at 5.30pm. Rotary is a world-wide service club for men and women – doing great things in your community. For further phone Kevin on 0211 738 784.

Witherlea Indoor Bowling Club: 7pm start

Every Monday at St Ninians Church Hall. Soft sole shoes essential. Contact Moira 0274808272 or Heather 578 9350.

Blenheim Scottish Country Dance Club:

Every Monday at 7.30pm at Whitney Street School Hall, Whitney Street. Come and try it! You don’t need a partner. For information ring Miriam 928 4479.

Blenheim Badminton Club:

11 September 13 September 14 September 15 September 16 September 18 September 19 September 20 September 21 September 22 September 23 September 25 September 26 September 28 September 29 September 30 September 2 October 3 October

Every Monday: Juniors 5.30-7pm, seniors 7-9pm, St Mary’s Hall, corner Francis and Hudson Streets. Anna or Mike, email blenheimshuttlers@gmail.com.

There are more than 400 distinct phobias well recognized by psychologists.

Whitehead Park Bowling Club, Redwoodtown:

Every Monday afternoon from 12.30pm to 3pm. All welcome. Contact Mike 572 4013 or John 577 5295. Summer timetable starts October.

Tuesday 9 August Toastmasters Club in Blenheim:

Meets 6.30pm every second Tuesday. Friendly group encourage shy people how to give a speech, how to tell stories, how to make business presentations etc. Ideal for young people entering the workforce. Older adults are welcome to share their experiences. No charge for guests. Contact: Brian Morris 0211922936.

Art therapy group for pregnant women:

Every Tuesday 5pm to 8pm. Call Tatiana 027 901 9807.

Persistent Pain Group:

Meet every Tuesday at Biddy Kates , 2 Market Street, 5pm6pm. For people with persistent and chronic pain and their supporters. All welcome.

Picton Line Dance Classes: 10am

Anglican Church Hall 10am. $6 per class. Beginners Welcome. Vaccine Passes required. Enquires Carol 0212125252 / Raewyn 021715484.

SAYGO (Steady As You Go):

Balance/Exercise Class Tuesdays at 11:30am-12:30pm St Christopher’s Church Hall 90 Weld Street Blenheim. Cost $2, cuppa & chat afterwards. Contact Diana Brooks Eldercare Coordinator on 0212694198 for more information.

Marlborough Tennis Club:

Parker St. Every Tuesday 9am to 12 Noon - Social Tennis. Morning Tea 10.30am. Non Members $5. All welcome. . Contact: Joanna 027 578 6436.

Rides Calendar: Every Saturday, Coffee at The Runway Cafe 10am. Sunday Rides depart Railway Station carpark as listed. Thursday Rides depart Brayshaw Park carpark 11am. All Rides are weather dependent. Thursday 4th August 11am Retreads Group. Sunday 7th August 11am Sunday ride to “Jolly Roger” Waikawa. “Thurs 11th August 11am Retreads Group. Sunday 14th August Rai Valley. Thursday 18th August 11am Retreads Group. Sunday 21st August 11am Saint Arnaud. Thursday 25th August 11am Retreads Group. Sunday 28th August 11am Pelorus

If you have an event for the next issue of ‘What’s On’ email The Sun office@blenheimsun.co.nz

The Sun

Wednesday August 3, 2022

Wanted to Buy

In Memoriam

Stamp collections, coin collections, old toys, post cards etc. Cash paid. Ph 021 138 8949.

BISHELL, Kevin. 5 August 2019. Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day, unseen, unheard, but always near. Still loved, still missed and very dear. Love Mum, Dad and all the family.

Public Notices HEATPUMP supply, service, install. Free quotes. Call now 0284052863

Clothing Alterations: by Lynette Atkinson-Parker For your sewing requirements Phone 03 578 1010 or 027 578 1010

FOLSTER: Geoffrey. 02-08-2021. You have been gone a year, only memories left now. I miss your presence, love from your sister Yvonne. LUCAS, Jim. 03/08/2021. Passed away one year ago today. Much loved, greatly missed and always remembered by his family.

Quality Service Guaranteed

ANTIQUE BUYERS Gold Jewellery, scrap gold Pocket watches, wrist watches Old bank notes & old coins Military & other medals Sterling silver, Ivory, old pens Paintings & Maori artifacts Clocks, Fun Ho & tin toys Moorcroft, Clarice Cliff etc.

ph 0800 00 24 25 Eric Jackson Antique Buyers, PO Box 665, Picton

news tips

MARFELL, Phyllis Rosina: On Friday July 29, 2022 passed away peacefully at Bethsaida Retirement Village, Blenheim. Aged 98 years. Dearly loved wife of the late Arnold, much loved mother and mother-in-law of Geoff and Polly, David and Diane. Much loved grandmother of Glen and Colette, Brad, Michael and Melissa, Stuart and Emily. Loved great nana of Georgia, Sam, Blake, Amelia, Luca, Nina and Guy. Our very special thank you to the staff at Bethsaida for their loving compassionate care shown to Phyl over the last few years. Messages may be sent to 867 Rapaura Road, RD 3, Blenheim 7273. A service for Phyl will be held at the Mayfield Chapel, cnr Hutcheson and Parker Streets, Blenheim at 11.00am on Tuesday August 9, followed by interment at Fairhall Cemetery.

BARNES, Audrey Evelyn.

Died 3 August 2021. Aged 88 years. Much loved wife for 67 years of Bill Barnes, Blenheim. Much loved Mother and Mother-in-law of Bob and Libby Barnes, Blenheim, Peter and Pauline Barnes, Upper Hutt, Debbie (deceased) and Stephen Coulter, England. Much loved Nana and Great Nana of 11 Grandchildren and 5 Great Grandchildren. Many thanks to Nurse Maude, Hospice Marlborough and Sowman funerals for the care they provided for Audrey.

Picton: Ambulance: Urgent 111. Non-urgent 579 4870. Chemist: Picton Healthcare Pharmacy. Ph 573 6420 Mon -Fri 8.30-5.30pm, Sat 9-2pm. Medical Centre Pharmacy, Ph 928 4265, Mon-Fri 8am-5.30pm

Respectfully cared for by GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ Tel 03 578 4719

In Memoriam

They start the phone conversation by saying, “You are a valued customer of Spark, we want to give you free Apple iPhone Watch, do you want grey or black, courier will deliver next Tuesday between 1pm and 3pm. I need your drivers license or passport details over phone to identify you to courier driver!”

Remember your lost loved one on their anniversary. The deadline is Monday 5.00pm. Please contact the Sun for further details. 72 High Street, Blenheim, email office@blenheimsun.co.nz or phone 577 7868.

Our family caring for yours

Alastair & Emma Hebberd

Simple Cremation $2500

0800 546 570 www.shoneandshirley.co.nz

(including GST)

Quick crossword Across 7. Negligent (8) 9. Tall, strong woman (6) 10. Food regime (4) 11. Intimidating (10) 12. Salvage (6) 14. Puerile (8) 15. Stylish and sophisticated (6) 16. Positive aspect (6) 19. False teeth (8) 21. Ditch (6) 23. Rearrange (10) 24. Shut forcefully (4) 25. Group of fish (6) 26. Baker’s dozen (8)

Urgent Care Centre: Wairau Hospital Grounds. Entry off Hospital Rd, Blenheim, 8am-8pm daily. Phone (03) 520 6377. Ambulance: Urgent 111. Non urgent 578 0797. After Hours Chemists: Springlands Pharmacy: Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm. Saturday 9.30am - 4pm. Sunday 10am 2pm. Public Holidays 10am - 2pm. Closed Christmas Day. ph 578 2271 Community Care Pharmacy: Within the Blenheim Warehouse, open 7 days 9am8pm. Only closed Christmas Day. Lifeline Marlborough: 0800 543354, 24hr helpline. Women’s Refuge and Sexual Violence Support Centre Marlborough: Crisis line number phone 0800 refuge or 03 5779939. Victim Support: 0800 VICTIM (0800 842 846) Alcoholics Anonymous: 0800 AA WORKS - 0800 229 6757. Citizens Advice Bureau: Free, friendly, confidential advice. Mon - Fri 9.30am 4pm. Phone 578 4272. Wairau Hospital: Hospital Visiting Hours: Daily 2.30pm - 8pm, children under 12 may visit parents only. Maternity Ward: 10am-noon, 4pm-7pm. Children's Ward: Daily 10am-8pm. Visiting at all times is subject to the discretion of the nurse in charge of the ward.

MACDONALD, Alastair Bruce (Big Red or Mac): Alastair passed away suddenly of undiagnosed heart disease on Saturday July 23, 2022 in Blenheim. He was the much-loved father of Cameron and Sophie, and loved brother of Heather, Liz ( Rhode Island) and Stuart (Queensland) and their families in both Australia and Ireland. He was loved by cousins he had recently reconnected with on his travels and those, in Blenheim, who he was with recently. He was an avid fisherman, a lover of adventure and a good friend to many. Messages may be sent to c/- 9 Sutherland Avenue, Trentham, Upper Hutt 5019 or via email to hjeanmacd71@gmail.com. A memorial service to celebrate his life will be held in late October/early November in the south.

Phone Scam Another phone scam is making the rounds in Marlborough. This one saying they are from Spark and they want to give you a free iphone watch. Spark wouldn’t ask their customers for personal details over the phone. If it sounds too good slam the phone down, or you will be scammed.

URGENT services

Respectfully cared for by GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ Tel 03 578 4719

Rest in peace my love until we meet again. Always remembered by your Bill.

Send your tips to news@blenheimsun.co.nz

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Down 1. Severe food shortage (6) 2. Despatched (4) 3. Altruistic (8) 4. Large introduced deer (6) 5. Over an extended area (3,3,4) 6. Come together (8) 8. Stringent (6) 13. Talkative person (10) 15. Mercy (8) 17. Pitiable (8) 18. Casual top (1-5) 20. Actually (6) 22. Red wine (6) 24. Location (4)





4 8







Fill in the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9





18 19









Last week

Across: 1. Dismal, 4. Sculpt, 9. Cite, 10. Above-board, 11. Adhere, 12. Declared, 13. Temporary, 15. Jilt, 16. Garb, 17. Acquiesce, 21. Envelops, 22. Scared, 24. Troubadour, 25. Aria, 26. Clever, 27. Secede. Down: 1. Dwindle, 2. Sieve, 3. Amateur, 5. Clench, 6. Look-alike, 7. Torrent, 8. Food processor, 14. Persecute, 16. Generic, 18. Upsurge, 19. Crevice, 20. Forage, 23. Agape. Puzzles © The Puzzle Company www.thepuzzlecompany.co.nz

Bringing you the









R C Last week









Insert the missing letters to complete ten words — five across the grid and five down. More than one solution may be possible.



Last week









The Sun

Picton Golf Club results Even with all the rain we managed to play some golf; Saturday 23rd July – Par – Philip Hawke +4; Mike Ashworth +1; Jeff Pascoe, Jerome January, all square; Richard Avery -1; Jock Mannington -2. Friday 29th July -9HoleScrambled Eggs- Ellie Gillies 21; Odette Roper 20; Anne Polson, Helen McIsaac, Judy Jones, Lin Stone, 18.

Rarangi Golf Club results Wednesday 27 July 2022 – Men’s Midweek Stableford Ezra Kahaki 40; Dennis Wye 37; Robin Taylor 37; Terry Allen 36; Owen Gibbs 36; David Wiley 35; Tony Nichol 35; Chas Craig 34; Jerome January 34; Ken Steel 33; John Jones 32; Peter Parish 32; Graham Ilott 32; Terry Lane 32; Kim Andrews 31; David Best 31; Tim Clark 31. Sunday 31 July 2022 - Men- Jack Enright Trophy Rd 3 – Stableford & Ladies –Charters Trophy – Stableford Men – Neil Butts 43; Ian Hale 38; Shane Weaver 36; Michael Gibb 36; Terry Lane 36; Brian Gill 35; Jerome January 34; Owen Gibbs 34; Jack Wicks 34; Lindsay McAlpine 34. Ladies – Tracy Bary 38.

Marlborough Harrier Club Thursday 4th August 2022 - Pack Training Run 5.45pm for a 6.00pm start. Meet inside Redwood Community Hall, Oliver Park, Weld Street, Blenheim. This is a training night where you go as far as you want, as slow or fast as you want. No-one left behind. Hi-Viz gear to be worn on this event for safety reasons. Head torch advised. For full details go to https:// harriers.net.nz/event/packtraining-run-2/2022-08-04/ Club Outing – St Arnaud Weekend August 6 - August 7 The Woodbourne Adventure Sports Club have extended an invite to members of the Marlborough Harrier Club to attend a weekend in the St Arnaud area. Saturday everyone meet at the Red Hills Walkway at 12 noon (approx 1.5 hrs drive from Blenheim so leave about 10 am). Following the run/walk/cycle those who wish make our way to Dip Flat (Defence Force training camp) for an overnight stay. Shared pot luck dinner. Sunday there are two circuits to choose from for those wishing to partake an early run/walk/cycle. We will depart Dip Flat at approx 10 am and travel to St Arnaud for a run/walk/cycle. It is encouraged to check with fellow club members and carpool where possible. Please advise Allister Leach if you are attending. Full details and info sheet on the Harriers website https://harriers. net.nz/event/club-outing-starnaud-weekend/

The Sun


Wednesday August 3, 2022

Ben’s sights on Trans-Tasman selection By Chris Valli

Blenheim Netballer Ben Smith has his sights set on selection with the New Zealand Men’s Netball team’s upcoming Trans-Tasman series against Australia. The series against their Australian men counterparts, affectionately known as ‘The Sonix’ is from October 13-16. Potential selection for the goal attack is a reflection of the hours and commitment he has put into the growing sport and a result of the New Zealand Men’s and Mixed Netball Association High Performance Programme (HPP) which aims to develop a pool of elite players and a potential pathway for national honours. “This year the NZ men’s and mixed netball association started up a high performance group selecting 36 players into it and from there I was selected for the NZ men’s team which competed in the latest Cadbury series against the Silver Ferns last month.” He first made the New Zealand men’s team in 2018 to go to Adelaide to play Australia but unfortunately broke his hand at the nationals four weeks before the Trans-Tasman Test series and was unable to play in the three tests. Selection continued from 2019 - 2022. Due to Covid there have been no international tests for the men. However, he says they had been very fortunate to be invited to the Cadbury Series with a three match series against the Silver Ferns. It follows a disrupted two year period (due to Covid restrictions) which saw the cancellation of two Men’s Nationals and the cancellation of Mixed Nationals 2022. Now based in Christchurch, Ben’s family moved to Blenheim in 1991 and he spent his secondary education at Marlborough Boys’ College. After studying Aeronautical En-

ABOVE: CLASS OF 2022. Blenheim's Ben Smith (back row - forth from the right) and the New Zealand Men's Netball Team from last month's Cadbury netball series. RIGHT: CONTACT PENALTY PASS: Action from last year's Cadbury netball series against the Silver Ferns in Wellington. Eriata Vercoe passes to Blenheim's Ben Smith (GA) defended by Karin Burger.

gineering at Nelson Marlborough Institute Technology (NMIT) he moved to Christchurch in 2008 to take up an apprenticeship with Air New Zealand. He currently works at Christchurch Airport as a heavy maintenance aircraft engineer. The 35 year old’s netball pathway started when he was 17 with an introduction to indoor netball. “At the time in Blenheim we started up the first local men’s team under the Pelorus Club where we played in the local women’s competition. “When I moved to Christchurch I went back to playing basketball in the local U23 competition and did not start playing men’s netball here until I was 24. From there I

made the Christchurch Men’s B team and then on to the A team some years later.” Ben’s preferred position is GA (goal attack) which is the position he plays in for New Zealand. He says he also plays GS (goal shoot) but very rarely and it depends on which team he is playing for. The New Zealand nationals are later this month (August 24 - 27) and are being held in Christchurch at the Selwyn Netball Centre in Rolleston where he will be playing for the Christchurch Men’s A team. The culmination of the domestic netball calendar will see Ben involved with the Christchurch Men’s and Mixed Netball associa-

tion men’s league final this Friday where he plays for the Kereru club. The New Zealand nationals feature later this month (August 24 - 27) and are being held in Christchurch at the Selwyn Netball Centre in Rolleston where he will be playing for the Christchurch Men’s A team. Meanwhile, in November the NZ Men’s has been invited to compete in the Fast 5 Netball World Series from Nov 5 - 6. The all action, abbreviated form of the game continues to entertain and grow. The top six female teams in world netball will be joined by a men’s grade for 22 matches at the Christchurch Arena.

Ladies final Pennant held at Awatere July 25th 2022

First Marlborough-32, countback Kaikoura 32, Blenheim 32, Picton 31, Awatere 28, Rarangi 25. Marlborough left to right: Debra Nicol, Lyn Dowler, Lucy Jefferis, Jane Anderson-Bay, Angela Beard, Jacqui McGarry.

The Sun


Wednesday August 3, 2022


sports talk With Jacob Page

Clareburt can do it in Paris Kiwi swimmer Lewis Clareburt looks like the real deal. The 23-year-old won the men’s 400m Individual Medley for New Zealand at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham on Sunday morning (NZ time), heading off Australia’s Brendon Smith and Scotland’s Duncan Scott in a new Games record and personal best time of 4:08.70. He then doubled his triumphant

tally, taking out the 200m butterfly final in a thrilling race where he came back to beat legendary South African swimmer Chad le Clos in a tight battle with England’s James Guy who took the bronze. Swimming New Zealand may not admit it openly, but there’s been a lack of world class talent produced over the past 25 years. The sport has desperately needed

a new standard bearer to take over from Danyon Loader who’s double gold at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996 has stood out like a beacon for all these years. Wellington’s Clareburt seems to have a strong chance at gold in Paris in 2024 and with it, a chance to be a Kiwi sporting great. Of course, it’s not easy to produce world class athletes in a truly global

sport like swimming. Almost every country can produce a top swimmer and they’re almost all certainly trying. Clareburt is a rare talent and is still young enough to have greatness at his doorstep. If seven-year-old me only knew the magnitude of what Loader achieved as I watched it, I would have appreciated it more.

Clareburt, has at times, had to battle to train in his own lane, as he has to push past average swimmers during training to keep his dreams alive. Hopefully, Swimming New Zealand’s jewel in the crown is given every opportunity to prevail in Paris because he has shown in Birmingham that he is not only world class but a genuine threat to be on the top of the podium.

Oarsome worldly experience for Kobe By Chris Valli

Wairau rower Kobe Miller can hold his oar high after coming away at the world junior (U23) rowing championships with a personal best in Varese, northern Italy last week. Selected and racing in the singles scull, in his heat Kobe came in 4th, with the top three going through to A/B semifinal which put Kobe into C/D semifinal. In the final race for New Zealand on day three, Kobe, up against some strong competition, held his own and a tight finish saw him once again take fourth place which resulted in him going through to the C/D Semifinal. His final placing was a credible 16th out of 27 entries entered and also came away from the championships with a personal best time of 7:04. Kobe says the learnings he took from the experience were how adaptable you have to be in a year like this. “We haven’t travelled as a Rowing New Zealand age group team for three years due to Covid, so we knew there was going to be a few hiccups along the way. The start of the campaign back in April saw me get Covid and hit the sidelines for a couple of weeks. I was also taking on a bit of a workload for (Otago) university so I can graduate this year.” Kobe says the quad was the priority when it came to training and racing so when someone was sick or injured, he would be the guy to jump in and keep them going - which paid off since they got bronze. “There was a case over here in Italy in training two weeks prior to racing when two of the boys got sick a week apart from each other, so it was my responsibility to just jump in that quad and go fast. This did upset my preparation for my racing in the single with the lack of time in it, however I’m still so happy with the experience I got racing amongst a strong field in that class and seeing those boys in the quad be so successful.” Kobe says the next step for him now is to go back to university and finish his last four papers, plus getting back into the Otago

Do the mahi get the treats: Kobe Miller in action in Varese, northern Italy.

A personal best in the single sculls for Wairau rower Kobe Miller.

University Rowing Club (OURC) training for the University Rowing Nationals in September. When spoken to by the Sun in April Kobe’s goal was to trial for the New Zealand Elite Development Squad where mixing and training with the best, he says, is the motivation as a paid athlete. “I am still young and can do one more year of NZ U23s which is in Bulgaria next year, so summer training location is undecided as the selection for the NZ Elite Development squad comes out at a later date. I will be happy either way to row club for another sum-

mer or take the next step into the Elite system, as I have time on my side and plenty of support out there to help me get to that next level.” He says the highlight was the team culture New Zealand had. “The team mates were amazing and the amount of praise everyone gave each other in support was awesome, such a positive team that wanted to see each other do well. Every race coming into the last 200m by the spectators stand you could distinctively hear the roar of the Kiwis over every other country there. We definitely stood out in the best way possible.

Kobe Miller, 21, with Dad Dusty Miller.


The Sun

Wednesday August 3, 2022


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