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January 12, 2022

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A rubbish story

By Glenise Dreaver

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! It’s the season of goodwill – and holidays. It seems a pity that it can also be a time when some holidaymakers take a holiday

from good manners and commonsense. This recycling bin (not a rubbish bin you’ll note) at Port Underwood is normally emptied when it’s full – a local resident lets the contractor know and it’s emptied in a short space of time. Continued on page 2.

The “fragrant” recycling bin at Port Underwood is used for more than recyclables.

Don’t miss the racing action at Waterlea Racecourse this Friday and Sunday... see page 19

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The Sun

Wednesday January 12, 2022

How to reach us

Recycling system being misused


Continued from page 1. It means rural people who don’t have kerbside recycling still have a service and it normally works very well. There’s always overflow at holiday time – last year’s ‘gift’ of used nappies in the cardboard recycling portal meant all the cardboard had to be dumped for example. This year, the bin was emptied on

December 24. Within two hours, one of the fortunate minority of the asinine and entitled brigade had dumped a pile of crayfish leavings roughly wrapped in newspaper. By Saturday, January 8, not only was the bin full – and we don’t yet know how much of the bin was recycling – a smelly and fly-ridden pile of household garbage had been dumped among the recycling by more


Les Whiteside



than one person, as the pile slowly grew, in front of it. The situation was so bad that local residents Sue and Steve Beaumont took their own ute and borrowed a high sided trailer to sort. As they were sorting some bright spark thought they could drive past and add their holiday collection to the pile. Needless to say they were sent on their way!

Both loaded high, they went to the Picton Resource Centre and paid $80 (now being reimbursed by the Port Underwood Association) to get rid of the eyesore. Residents are, however, worried at the abuse of the service which works so well for them, and are concerned that it could be discontinued as has happened in other remote areas of Marlborough.

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Nigel Perry QSM By Glenise Dreaver

Nigel Perry of Blenheim, who has contributed a number of items of interKatrina Whiteside est to the Sun newspaper over the years, katrina@blenheimsun.co.nz including today’s story and photos of the Farmers fire (page 10), has been Telephone awarded The Queen’s Service Medal. (03) 5777-868 His citation in the latest New Years Honours list says the award is for serE-mail news@blenheimsun.co.nz vices to tennis and table tennis, though Advertising: 92-year-old Nigel has been involved as simon@blenheimsun.co.nz president, secretary and chairperson for many clubs in the Marlborough region Address over several decades. 72 High St, Blenheim P.O.Box 634 Blenheim In 2017 he was presented with the www.blenheimsun.co.nz Marlborough Medal for his services to the area. There have been 70 years with tennis, Wednesday and over 50 years with table tennis. Now in our He has held almost all positions 20th year with the executive committee of the of publication! Marlborough Table Tennis Association since 1946. OFFICE HOURS He was one of the instigators of the Monday - Thursday South Island Table Tennis Tournament, 9am - 4.30pm hosting it three times and the compeThe Sun 18,535 copies. participating retailers tition for details. Spend and Save continues until the present day. The largest circulating added to reach the Spend and Save thresholds. managed and played for MarlNigel newspaper in Marlborough.



borough teams at national championships, winning the Marlborough Closed Singles Title in 1958 and several doubles titles into the mid-1990s, when * he was in his seventies. He is a Life Member and Patron of the Marlborough Tennis Association, the Marlborough Table Tennis Association, the Marlborough Veterans Tennis Club and the Marlborough Table Tennis Club. Nigel has also been an accredited umpire for both New Zealand table tennis and tennis for 60 years and acted as tournament referee. He was also the Marlborough delegate to the national AGM meetings * and has been the Marlborough Tennis Nigel Perry has been awarded The Queen’s Service Medal. Association’s official photographer at A left hander who developed osteomytournaments and table tennis clubs Waikawa Boating Club and for 36 years he was a leader in the local Road Safety elitis in his left arm, he had to transfer fixtures until the present. to using his right near the start of his That interest in photography has led movement. He also admits to life memberships for sporting career.”It was hopeless for a to other roles. In 1953, he was the original photogra- services to many local organisations, couple of months, but it came right.” That also affected his golfing. “I was pher when the photo finish system his involvement made possible thanks was installed at Waterlea racecourse, to his “very understanding and tolerant down to an eighteen handicap but had to give it away,” he says. “And I was only the third course in the country to wife,” the late Eileen Perry. only applicable Minimum onenever machine percricket. transaction must able to play I love it, but All products. Nigel’s achievements were of done introduce the system.on selected STIHL could never play that either.” He was a founder member of the against the odds.


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The Sun

Wednesday January 12, 2022

Large fields for two days of harness racing at Waterlea



The Sun

Seafood packaging A new project will help accelerate the production of a compostable and biodegradable alternative to polystyrene packaging used in the seafood industry. The Government is contributing $472,500 to the $1.17m project through the Ministry for Primary Industries. The funding will be used to fasttrack the production of bio-based commercial packaging ZealaFoam. Sarah Heine, CEO of Biopolymer Network, says the project will help futureproof the industry, and reduce environmental impacts. “Many export destinations have introduced taxes on polystyrene or are choosing to ban it entirely,” she says.

$5000 reward The Department of Conservation is offering a $5000 reward for information that leads to the conviction of whoever was responsible for killing at least eight fur seals on the Kaikōura coast late last year. The deaths of another 11 seals are being treated as suspicious. The reward is on offer only until February 12. DOC is working with police to investigate the seal deaths and anyone who has information about it is asked to contact the DOC 24-hour number 0800 DOCHOT/0800 36 24 68 or Kaikōura Police via 105 and quote file number 211103/1981. Alternatively, information can be provided anonymously through Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.

Experience the fun at Waterlea Raceway on Friday and Sunday.

With more than 158 horses nominated for the first day of racing at the Marlborough Harness meeting there is sure to be plenty of exciting racing says chairman Les Whiteside. “The Marlborough Harness meeting will give everyone an opportunity to have a great day out”. The two days of racing kick off this Friday with our Twilight Meeting, starting at 2.27pm, with eleven races scheduled

for both days says Les. For the public’s enjoyment on Sunday, we want a picnic atmosphere, with boot parties and plenty of umbrellas. The first race will start just after noon at 12.19pm. These are great events to enjoy with the whole family and friends. The meeting will go ahead under the Government’s Orange traffic light system.

Orange Rules apply – everyone 12 and over must have their “My Vaccine Pass” with them in order to attend. With road works at McLaughlin Street the entrance for the public could be slow, although the road works people have accommodate the club on Sunday, for easier access. The public are encouraged to bring umbrellas and park close to the course. Fields for Friday races on page 19.

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The maximum temperature in Blenheim during December 2021 was 29.4°C, recorded on both December 19 and 26. The minimum temperature for the month was 9.5°C, also recorded on December 26. . As the month progressed each subsequent week got progressively warmer, with the week from December 22-28 a very warm 3.3°C above average, though the final three days were slightly cooler.

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December warmth



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The Sun

Wednesday January 12, 2022

Rules on paua size ‘almost criminal’ By Glenise Dreaver

Jason Baker, of Saavid Diving Co., a Picton-based firm which harvests and supplies live New Zealand pāua/abalone to both national and international markets, has come out swinging at the new Fisheries New Zealand regulations for this season. And it’s not because they are too strict, but because they believe they are too liberal for the longterm health of the east coast beds, meaning the industry has moved to regulate its own-smaller-pāua sizes. The east coast fishery had been closed since 2016 to allow for recovery in the wake of the Kaikoura earthquake, reopening only on December 1 2021. Jason says the current minimum legal size (MLS) of 125mm for both recreational and commercial pāua is not based on sound biological information. “In fact, the opposite is true.” He calls the 125mm decision “almost criminal”. He says the commercial sector has ignored the ministry guideline and set its own minimum harvest size (MHS) of between 130mm and 135mm in their four separate sub zones in area 3A. “And in the area 7 section, (Clar-

ence to Marfells Beach), we’ve set the MHS at 145mm.” “We strongly submitted to the Ministry of Primary Industries on the need to raise the minimum legal size in our area, but to our disgust our submission fell on deaf ears.” The 7.8 magnitude Kaikōura earthquake in 2016 caused extensive uplift along about 130km of the northeastern coastline of the South Island, resulting in the widespread mortality of many marine organisms, including pāua, and altered the structure of intertidal and subtidal rocky reefs where marine life breeds. Since that time, the ministry and the industry has monitored the recovery of the fishing grounds, finally opening the area to both recreational and commercial fishing in the current season, which shuts on February 28 2022. Jason says that in the mid-60’s a minimum legal size of five inches (127mm) was set for the local fishery, to protect the spawning biomass to ensure sustainability. He adds at that time there was a ministry suggestion that more research and development needed to be conducted in each region so that the optimal minimum legal size for each could be arrived at. “Then when New Zealand switched to the metric system

rather than convert the five inches to the equivalent 127mm, for some unknown reason it was “rounded” down to 125mm. “Not only that, the law was rolled out across all of New Zealand, despite the different conditions in each area.” The effect of that, says Jason was to reduce the protection the size limit achieved and not only that, he believes it shouldn’t be applied across the board. “In the far south pāua are barely reaching maturity when they can be harvested. “The MLS down there should be more like 140mm. “And in the far north pāua never grow to 125mm, so they die of old age and no one gets to utilise these stocks.” Jason says the MLS there should be more like 80mm. Until recently, he says the best science for managing abalone/ pāua was length at maturity plus three years . “But recent work out of Tasmania now strongly recommends it needs to be length at maturity plus five years to be safe, allowing more breeding time.” He adds that with pāua being broadcast spawners, it is critical that a high density of animals are left post harvest, whether it be

In this photo taken just after the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake, Jason Baker, 183cm tall, shows clearly the new coastline level and the resultant huge damage to paua breeding grounds.

commercial, recreational or iwi. “Having higher size limits are a triple edged weapon. “Pāua are left in the water longer and have more opportunities to spawn, and they are left in higher densities allowing for much higher fertilisation rates at spawning.” Not only that, he says taking pāua at a larger size gives the harvester (commercial, rec or iwi) more product/a bigger feed per the number of animals taken. “In the case of commercial fishing, the higher harvest size means you can take 15-20 percent fewer indi-

vidual pāua out of the water to catch the commercial tonnage. “Industry now feels that the good we know we are doing with our own higher MHS is being rapidly undone by the recreational sector in the gold rush that has been happening since the reopening on December 1.” With the shallowness of the area round Kaikoura since the earthquake, he says people are now just coming from all over, wading out and taking what they want. “It is a complete no brainer to leave more pāua in the water to keep and help rebuild our pāua stocks.”


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The Sun

Wednesday January 12, 2022

Blenheim Toyota

FinanCe oPTions aVailaBle Local actor and journalist Chris Valli is part of the barricade and ensemble for Blenheim Musical Theatre’s production of Les Misérables in May 2022. Chris is writing a weekly column for The Blenheim Sun newspaper about the rehearsal process, the backstory and context of Victor Hugo’s 1862 novel and insights into the theatrical phenomenon. Bonjour Marlborough. Happy New Year! The holiday season gave this writer the opportunity to indulge in the good things about summer. Family time, test cricket, sleep-ins and reading. It was one book in particular that aroused my interest, The Sunday Times bestselling Will Smith autobiography written by Mark Manson. Actor Will Smith, known for his roles in the Men in Black movie series, was once quoted ‘No matter how talented you are, your talent will fail you if you’re not skilled. Skill is achieved through practice. Work hard and dedicate yourself to being better every day.’ Dedication indeed. You know Les Misérables is a commitment when you attend rehearsal on a hot Sunday afternoon in early January while others are at Whites Bay and or Pelorus working on their tan lines. As for talent, no doubt there is that and then some in this cast and production. What’s that saying - do the mahi and get the treats? 2022 - a year of hope and optimism for all. 2022 as a new year brings hope. A feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen. As a verb, the definition of hope includes: ‘expect with confidence’ and to ‘cherish a desire with anticipation’. Apt really as everyone involved with the production of Les Misérables has high expectations and a desire to push their own vocal boundaries

as individuals and as a collective. As we look towards the launch of the show in mid May (17 weeks and counting) it is evident the creative impact the ensemble will bring to the show, something which is not lost on director Peter Meikle. “The company is at the heart of this production – whether representing starving people of Paris, co-workers in the factory, people on the streets of the Barricade, carousers at the pub, guests at a wedding, loyal patriots, protesters, courtroom spectators - the ensemble work extremely hard in this production. They are part of the developing story and part of the ultimate outcomes of the story. Their singing is pivotal to the power of the music and their harmonies are part of this extraordinary tapestry that unfolds throughout the production.” The weaving or vocal ranges from soprano to bass, alto to tenor is something to behold. Poignant. Transcending. This BMT adaptation is a work in progress but good golly it’s delicious. This weekend sees a boot camp which will continue to develop the team work within the ensemble - amene le (bring it on). Les Misérables will be performed at the ASB Theatre from Wednesday, May 18 May 28, 2022. Tickets can be purchased at the ASB Theatre.



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The Sun

Wednesday January 12, 2022

Sun readers have their say... with the WORD on the Street.

Q: The greatest joy about what I do is?

Stephen Harnett Blenheim Seeing people enjoy eating fresh local delicious produce and appreciating where it comes from. Watching a customers sheer delight as they take their first bite of a fresh strawberry or kids munching on slices of crisp juicy watermelon. Being able to to do what I love every day alongside my wife and share it with her!

Yohanna Ward Blenheim Meeting people from all walks of life, hearing their stories and helping their body to work and function better.

rs e t or Let Edit e h t To

Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. A maximum of 150 words please. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even when a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor reserves the right to abridge letters or withhold letters from publication. Email them to news@blenheimsun. co.nz or drop in to our office at 72 High St. Please note that your name and street address MUST be provided with emails. Letters/Opinions not necessarily those of the Sun management.

W h e n o n ly t h e b e s t W i l l d o ! 4Walk

Back to School


Angela Bowers Blenheim Empowering my sales team with the skills and resources to get the best results for their clients, both buying and selling real estate. Then having those happy clients come and tell me how awesome one of my team has been. Which gives me the pleasure of being able to pass that praise on to my team.

Fear Politics

Dear Ed It is poor the NZ Cricket council is so greedy that it has deprived cricket fans who for years have watched cricket on SKY, by chasing more money and restricting viewing to Spark Sport. As a keen cricket watcher, the dollar deal doesn’t endear Spark to me either. But at the end of the day, NZ Cricket has done a grave disservice to followers of the game. Never mind, Magic Radio has somewhat compensated with very good live ball by ball commentaries with an excellent team of commentators, far better than Spark’s over-rated “celebrity” commentators. A bouquet for Magic Radio. Silly Mid-on

Dear Ed In reply to B R Whiteside’s letter quoting a poem “I am Fear”, it is worth quoting H L Mencken who over a century ago in 1918 said: “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.” Makes one wonder about the government’s strategy and agenda? Don Coyote

Marlborough Lines/Yealands Winery Dear Ed My compliments to the recent article and the incisive opinion piece re the above purchase. My knowledge up to now has been limited, but the facts as presented are scary, given the arbitrary nature of the purchase, plus the ongoing consequences resulting from this purchase. Given the financial ramifications, I feel there are grounds for a special general meeting of shareholders with an agenda with one topic to air concerns with the original purchase, ongoing consequences and where to from here. With the one topic on the agenda, the meeting would be focused without having to deal with the core business of Marlbarians.

Discount valid January ONLY!

71 Market St BlenheiM

As an option, we could follow the example of the Australian banks where they ‘ring fence’ poorly performing banking operations. In this re the Yealands operation, a new governance could be setup, with the sole focus of turning this operation into a proper functioning business – without the added pressure of trying to operate an electrical lines operation. I understand there is a local accountant, who questioned this purchase from the outset. Perhaps now is the time to use his foresight in a move to try and salvage what could become an asset to the community. Dennis Harnett

Glenise Dreaver Picton I love the way I can help people connect with each other and the community they live in.

Scaremongering Dear Ed It was with some concern last week that I received leaflets in the mail box from Voices For Freedom. co.nz/kids, in conjunction with children being immunised against COVID-19. The leaflet talked about common questions around children being immunised. Parents, grandparents and the wider community are already overwhelmed with information and now these agencies are taking it upon themselves to relay information, some of it scaremongering. We are constantly being reminded to only take Government information on COVID-19 as they have the medical and legal information that is required to give New Zealanders full disclosure. It is up to parents, especially for their younger children, and individuals to decide, whether to be immunised and they do not need misguided information being thrown at them Please New Zealanders, follow Government advice and factual information. Gayle Chambers Grey Power Marlborough President

Uncharitable acts

baCk in blenheim

Men/Boys Durable Comfort.

Chris Newcombe Blenheim This place where I have spent a good deal of time working over 11 years at the Conway River still gives me joy to go there.

Cricket Fans Shunned

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Jacob and Emma Howan Blenheim The greatest joy about what we do is summed up in our movement’s mission statement. It is a joy to care for people, transform lives, and reform society, by God’s power.

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Dear Ed As a volunteer at Selmes Garden Charitable Trust, I’d like to draw readers’ attention to a number of unpleasant incidents that have occured at the non-profit garden centre and nursery in Springlands in recent days. Staff at the Trust have been increasingly subjected to outbursts and abuse from members of the public, including intimidating behaviour, shouting and swearing, as staff endeavour to comply with the current Covid-19

safety requirements on-site. Most recently, on the last day of December 2021, an unmasked man shouted and swore at centre staff upon being asked to provide a vaccine passport, as required by law. This is not the first incident of its kind. Days earlier, another man cursed at staff over Covid-19 precautions. Despite clear signage at both entrances, these events are rapidly becoming the norm. The public might not realise that Selmes is a charitable Trust set up to provide

employment opportunities for people with disabilities. These people often have additional underlying health issues that can make them particularly vulnerable to the effects of Covid-19, and because of this, entry to the premises requires a vaccine passport. This helps keep staff safe. These outbursts are uninformed, uncharitable and highly stressful for those simply trying to follow the rules and maintain a safe workplace for everyone. Rosemary Bary

The Sun

Wednesday January 12, 2022



Final call for feedback on Draft Responsible Camping Control Bylaw 2022

Waitohi Picton Ferry Precinct Redevelopment financing consultation - public meetings

Now’s your chance to provide feedback on the Council’s Draft Responsible Camping Control Bylaw 2022 before the consultation period closes on Monday 17 31 January. Council’s decision to review the 2020 bylaw comes as a result of concerns raised by the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association (NZMCA). Mayor John Leggett said the Council received a ‘statement of claim for judicial review’ from the NZMCA in relation to the bylaw at the end of May 2021. The two key points of the NZMCA claim are that: 1) Submitters were not given the chance to make submissions on the restriction of freedom camping to five sites in the district 2) Further, the Council did not undertake a complete assessment of all areas in the district (other than for the five sites) against the criteria in the Freedom Camping Act.

Members of the public wishing to find out more about the Council’s proposal to finance Port Marlborough’s share of the Waitohi Picton Ferry Precinct Redevelopment are invited to attend a public meeting or drop-in session in mid-January in Picton and Blenheim. Representatives from the Council, Port Marlborough, KiwiRail, Waka Kotahi/Marlborough Roads and the Harbourmaster will be there to answer questions and provide further information on the proposed finance option and other aspects of the iReX project. The meetings are: • Monday 17 January from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm - Zoom webinar presentation Go to: https://zoom.us/s/94081699723 The Zoom link is also available on this webpage: www.marlborough.govt. nz/your-council/waitohi-picton-ferryprecinct-redevelopment-financingconsultation

“While the Council does not accept these claims, we are undertaking further consultation on the bylaw to address these points and to address other matters that have arisen since the bylaw came into effect,” Mayor Leggett said. “We know freedom camping is a challenging issue in Marlborough and New Zealand. Now is the time for the community to read over the Draft Marlborough District Council Responsible Camping Bylaw 2022, and the accompanying documentation and make submissions regarding the proposed changes or identify any other issues relating to freedom camping in our region,” Mayor Leggett said. 31 “Once consultation closes on 17 January the Council will undertake a robust analysis of the submissions and aims to hold public hearings during the first quarter of the year,” Mayor Leggett said.

• Wednesday 19 January from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm - public meeting at Endeavour Park Pavilion, Picton • Thursday 20 January - public drop-ins at the Marlborough Events Centre, Blenheim (9.00 am to 12.00 pm) and the Endeavour Park Pavilion, Picton (2.00 pm to 5.00 pm). Port Marlborough has successfully negotiated an agreement that would see the redevelopment of Waitohi Picton Ferry Precinct and KiwiRail commit to the region for at least 30 years. New Interislander ferries have been ordered, due to arrive in 2025, and without this redevelopment the Port would not be able to handle these larger, more environmentally-friendly vessels. For further information go to: www.marlborough.govt.nz/yourcouncil/waitohi-picton-ferry-precinctredevelopment-financing-consultation www.irex.co.nz/

Turning rubbish into power

Wither Hills aerial spraying Due to weather conditions the Wither Hills annual aerial spraying work, originally planned to be completed prior to Christmas didn’t begin until Wednesday 5 January 2022. Depending on suitable weather conditions this work could run until Friday 21 January 2022. The annual aerial spraying programme targets woody weed species. This year a few heavier infestations will be targeted as a priority. The remainder will consist of general coverage over the extent of the farm park.

All work will be carried out in accordance with the Agrichemical Users Code of Practice NZS 8409:2004. Although public areas will remain open some high use areas may be temporarily restricted while work is being carried out for health and safety purposes. Signage will be erected at the main farm park entrances to alert users to the work and will remain in place until the work has been fully completed. For further information please contact David Aires at the Council on Ph: 03 520 7400.

Awatere and Dashwood rural boil water notice Water from the Council’s reticulation network to the Awatere and Dashwood rural areas should be boiled. It does not currently meet the NZ Drinking Water Standards and may contain bacteria or protozoa that are harmful to human health.

All water used for drinking, food preparation or cleaning teeth should be boiled before use. Treated water is available at the public taps on Marama Road, outside Seddon School. For further information contact the Council on Ph: 03 520 7400.


Our region’s rubbish could lead to future power generation at the Council’s Bluegums Landfill site. Solid Waste Manager, Alec McNeil said the Council had identified a beneficial way to use the gas generated by rubbish as it breaks down in the landfill. “One of the components in landfill gas is methane. Rather than burning the gas via the onsite enclosed flare we’re looking to convert the methane into electricity by using it as fuel source for a biogas plant.” Having sought proposals from the market, the Council has selected LMS Energy Pty Limited to progress investigations into this option. LMS Energy has significant experience in power generation from landfill gas across sites in New Zealand and Australia. Mr McNeil said the first part of the investigation will begin in the next couple of months and will assess the current landfill gas collection system to identify how more gas can be captured. Work will then be carried out to determine if the gas capture is enough to support an onsite generator that will use the landfill gas as fuel to produce electricity. Mr McNeil said while it’s early days it’s exciting to think that the Bluegums Landfill could, in future, generate power

Street Address: Phone: 03 520 7400 15 Seymour Street Fax: 03 520 7496 Email: mdc@marlborough.govt.nz Blenheim 7201 New Zealand

The onsite enclosed flare that could help produce electricity at Bluegums Landfill and lower Marlborough’s overall waste emissions profile. The Council identified the beneficial use of landfill gas as an option in the current Waste Management and Minimisation Plan. For more information about this plan go to: www.marlborough.govt.nz/ services/refuse/waste-managementand-minimisation-plan-2021-27


Wednesday January 12, 2022

one on one with the Sun

Don’s delight in the trotting game Waterlea harness racing trainer Don Morrison may have just one charge at the two-day Marlborough Harness Racing Club’s summer meeting which begins on Friday. But that does not mean he doesn’t fancy his chances of causing an upset with trotter Our Pegasus Pearl. He talks to Sun reporter Jacob Page about why his small team suits him, the importance of the meeting and why trotters bring out the best in him. Give Don Morrison a horse and he will make an adventure out of it. The long-time Marlborough standardbred trainer and breeder will be at Marlborough’s annual two-day summer racing weekend at Waterlea Raceway on Friday, January 14 and Sunday, January 16 with his lone charge Our Pegasus Pearl. The four-year-old trotter has a modest record of one win and a placing from 17 starts but the mare likes the country all-weather tracks and provides Don with the chance to take her around the South Island chasing success at the various summer meetings. “Ultimately, I think I could see her being sold to Australia and doing well over there but I think she’s capable of winning another couple of races here first,” Don says. “I’m hoping she can get them over this summer’s racing period. “She likes the all-weather tracks and I like going to places like the West Coast over the holidays, so it’s a bit of fun.” “When you only have the one horse, there is more pressure because if it gallops away at the start, your day is done.” Despite the challenges, Don says he believes he can get the best out of the horse. “The standing starts are always a challenge because that’s what you get more often than not with trotters but I believe horses are smart animals and

if you train them right, they’ll step off the mark right.” After almost four decades in the horse racing game, Don says he is looking to scale back. “Two horses is about my maximum and you can work them together where if you just have one in work like I do at the moment, I’m always looking for company from the other trainers at Waterlea.” Don says the harness racing community is a tight one and they are committed to producing a good weekend of racing.

“When you only have the one horse, there is more pressure because if it gallops away at the start, your day is done.” “I think it’s very important that the meeting continues,” he says. “It’s the only one of its kind here in Marlborough now and it’s important people get a chance to experience it,” he says. Both days will feature 11 races with the Marlborough Cup races for both the trotters and pacers headlining Sunday’s action. Entry is free on both days.

Local Don Morrison with Our Pegasus Pearl.

For superior double-glazing solutions scan the QR code to go straight to our FREE ONLINE GLASS SELECTOR Our new range of Low-E Double Glazing is designed to provide year-round comfort and reduce your reliance on heating and cooling. Your trusted local Glass Company for 48 years When experience counts talk to us

P: 578 0850 • 47 Grove Rd, Blenheim www.viridianglass.co.nz

The Sun

The Sun

Wednesday January 12, 2022

Marlborough Harness Summer Meeting At Waterlea Racecourse

• Two Days - Friday January 14 -Twlight meeting and Sunday January 16

Everyone FREE Entry Come and enjoy a day at the races Fun for all the family

Racing starts on January 14 with our Friday Twilight Meeting, first race at 2.27pm. and Sunday first race at 12.19pm.

• To gain entry on course you must present your ‘Vaccination Pass’ at the gate. The Marlborough Harness Racing Club. Waterlea Racecourse McLaughlan St . Phone: 03 5788599



The Sun

Wednesday January 12, 2022

Farmers’ fire remembered By Glenise Dreaver

January 10, 43 years ago in 1979, and these two fire crew members played a key role in stopping the spread of the Farmers’ fire into the CBD.

It was on January 10 1979, in the early afternoon of a hot breezy day, that Farmers department store in Blenheim erupted in flames. Nigel Perry, who was there with his camera, says that every couple of months the fire alarm would activate and everybody would have to vacate the building, which stood on the corner of Arthur and Queen streets, where the Health Hub now stands. It was just standard practice that the local fire brigade members had to check it out thoroughly after each false alarm. So there wasn’t much concern when the alarm went off that day. “Everyone just said ‘Another false alarm’,” Nigel recalls. “But this time there really was

a fire.” He was at work when he heard the alarm, and went round at about 1.50pm to see what was happening. It was, he saw, all on, “So I tore home and got my camera.” He said by the time the brigade had arrived the fire was well under way “and they faced a daunting task”. It appeared to have started in the roof area near the Arthur Street corner, he said. He has high praise for the two crewmen who for hours steadily anchored the fight by aiming their hoses on the opposite side of the street to stop it spreading. He says that was key to preventing the fire spreading throughout the whole CBD. Surrounding brigades were all involved and the Woodbourne brigade was called in as they had

suits that allowed them to walk into the burning area. “It was some of those members that stopped the fire from taking hold over the road at the NAC office and drycleaners, although the corner shop was badly damaged.” There was, however, some damage to surrounding shops. “At Dawson McRobie’s small warehouse, a lump of burning material dropped through the skylight and into the building. “Another shop owner had left a broom against the nearby wall. Next morning there were only bristles.” Nigel says that although Blenheim lost a major building that day, it is clear that, without the determination and expertise of the fire crews, Blenheim could easily have lost another big part of its town centre.

Burglars targetting rural areas

On Now!

Choose furniture from our brilliant range and rest assured it’s going to be a great buy… now, and for years to come.

43 Scott St, Blenheim Ph. (03) 577 9506


Sergeant Michael Porter of the Blenheim Crime Prevention Group, says there is news for those living in the Speeds Road, Koromiko, Conders Bend Tuamarina, Marama Road Seddon, Northbank Road (near the start valley) and Murrays Road/Rapaura localities. “These areas have been targeted recently by burglars. “We have two vehicles that may have been involved. One seen in the vicinity of the Murrays Road burglary is thought to be an older style Subaru Station wagon - a dark colour with the usual lighter strip low down along the body of the vehicle above. (“The property had security cameras which has assisted.”) “Another vehicle acting suspiciously around Marlborough at the moment is a White Toyota Yaris with stolen plates EFJ968 on it (see the attached photo, below. It may have other number plates on the front. In Northbank Road, stolen property included tools and dog tracking gear, while in Marama Road, tools, a vehicle and jewellery have been taken. The vehicle has been near Bothams Bend in Tuamarina. In Murrays Road, tools were stolen. Sergeant Porter says RSE workers’ property has also been targeted with passports and other items taken. He says other trends are chainsaws being targeted, as are unlocked vehicles. If you witness any suspicious behaviour ring 111 straight away. Police also have advice for those thinking of getting security cameras. Get ones that give you the best resolution and don’t just go for

the cheapest.” Consider how the information that is captured is stored. Consider how the camera is powered up - mains power or battery. Can the camera send you photos remotely or are they held on a sim card within the device? Consider placement and lighting and how secure it is to the wall tree post or other place it is tethered. If you have any questions about security cameras please contact the local Police team. They will be happy to share information for you and may be able to visit your site to give an assessment on placement and what will work in your area. Sergeant Porter adds that they are working on identifying those involved in these burglaries . “If we have any other information to share about activity we will let you know.”

The Sun

Wednesday January 12, 2022

Ahh, the new year. It was made for getting something new. Has your fridge got another summer in it? Ours do.

Be sun smart this summer. Watch more TV.

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Offer valid dates vary. Please see individual product pages online for details. Some products on display in selected stores only - please call 0800 764 847 to check availability. *Apple, selected computers, game consoles, gift cards, clearance items and some promotional items are not available in conjunction with interest free offers. Flooring available on a maximum of 18 months interest free. Exclusions, fees, terms, conditions and credit criteria apply. Equal instalment amounts include one-off establishment fee of $45.00, a maintenance fee of $3.75 per month and exclude any insurance premium financed. Current interest rate of 23.95% applies to any unpaid minimum payments during the interest free period, and any balance after the expiry of (any) interest free period. See in-store or visit smithscity.co.nz/interest-free for details. #Discount is off our full retail price. Not available in conjunction with any other offer.


The Sun

12 Wednesday January 12, 2022

Summer Dining The Lemongrass

Vines Cafe

Chai Yo Asian Eatery

Prepare yourself for a sensory explosion with The Lemongrass Restaurant’s innovative and fresh Asian cuisine. Each dish is carefully prepared with fragrant spices, authentic flavours and plated in a way to celebrate each of the ingredients. The Lemongrass is open for dining and takeaway seven days a week and offers a convenient online ordering system. For Asian fusion at its freshest and healthiest featuring Thai and Vietnamese flavours, visit The Lemongrass Restaurant on Maxwell Road.

The Vines Cafe is one of Marlborough’s favourite dining destinations. A fresh and wholesome cafe where you are always welcome! Aside from casual dining, we can also host your summer function in our conservatory and outdoor grounds. Enquire today for options.

Chai-Yo Café is the place to go for fast, fresh and delicious Thai and Asian fusionfood for lunch or snacks. EXPRESS LUNCH is our specialty - takeaway or dine in, either inside or at the outdoor tables. All of Chai-Yo’s tasty recipes are based on authentic cooking – learnt in our mothers’ kitchens and refined while working in restaurants around the world. With over ten years’ experience cooking for our loyal New Zealand customers, we also pride ourselves on adapting our recipes to suit the Kiwi palate. In the Thai language, Chai-Yo means pleasure, happiness and success – come and experience it for yourself today.

Open 7 days for lunch and dinner Order online at www.thelemongrass.co.nz Bookings essential Ph 03 578 4887 | 17a Maxwell Rd

OPEN 7 DAYS Mon-Fri 8am-4pm Sat-Sun 8.30am-5pm Ph (03) 572 7170 info@vinescafe.co.nz 193 Rapaura Road, Blenheim.

The only Asian fast food joint in town! Open Monday to Saturday 9.30am - 6.30pm ORDER ONLINE at www.chaiyocafe.co.nz ph: 03 577 8238 | Queen Street, Blenheim

Bamboo Garden

Thai 9

From classic Chinese to Thai and Japanese dishes, the Bamboo Garden Restaurant embraces the richness and diversity of Asian cuisine. With top chefs from all over Asia and a commitment to using the freshest, highest quality ingredients, the menu is sure to deliver a new and exciting taste to your palate. Whether it’s a couple’s night out or a big group function, come and enjoy a truly authentic Asian meal in a sophisticated yet relaxing atmosphere where a team of friendly attentive staff awaits with a warm welcome.

The distinctive taste of Thailand is what brings customers back to Thai 9 Restaurant time and time again. All of the same great menu offerings are available throughout winter including the popular lunch specials, consisting of a starter and main. Thai 9 has also become well known for its Keto selection from the menu as well as convenient takeaway snacks from the cabinet. The restaurant is open seven days with Sunday and Monday only open for evening dining. Discover the taste of Thai.

Open 7 days for lunch and dinner ONLINE ORDERS & DELIVERY AVAILABLE www.bamboogarden.co.nz Ph: 03 579 1118 | 31 Maxwell Road

Advertise your restaurant in our

Summer Dining Contact Simon or Katrina today to secure a spot in next months feature. Ph 5777 868 or email: simon@blenheimsun.co.nz katrina@blenheimsun.co.nz

31 Scott St, Blenheim Open 7 Days 10.30am – 14.00pm, 16.30pm – 21.30pm


The Sun

Wednesday January 12, 2022


St Mary’s School Blenheim In Christ’s Light

Enrolments welcome from Tuesday 25 January 2022 Starting date - Monday 31 January 2022 Enquires - office@stmb.school.nz Phone 578 9494

Our Place Our Future Our People Making a Difference

Kia ora koutou, welcome back to new and returning students Thursday 3 - Friday 4 February Teacher only days Monday 7 February - Waitangi Day Observed Tuesday 8 February New students Pōwhiri at 8.45am All new students, meet at the top carpark to be welcomed onto QCC

Tō tātou tūranga Tō tātou wā mua Ō tātou tāngata Tō tātou painga

SPRINGLANDS SCHOOL 2022 Happy New Year and welcome back! School resumes on Tuesday 9th February 2022

School Buses will operate at normal times from Tuesday 8 February

Know Your Learner Teacher/Parent/Student meetings Thursday 3rd February The School office will be open for new enrolments, stationery and uniform sales; Tuesday 1st, Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd February 9am – 3pm

Wednesday 9 February Full School Attendance

Enquiries: Ph 03 578 5220 Email: office@springlands.school.nz

Only the following students attend on this day. New Students • Student Council • Year 13’s

Wairau School Wairau Valley Valley School FULLPRIMARY PRIMARY YEAR FULL YEAR00- 8- 8 School start start date: School date: Thursday February 3rd,2018 2022 Tuesday 30 January New enrolments and New enrolments and school visits welcome school visits welcome

Start dates for 2022 Year 8 Students Wednesday 2nd February Year 7 Students Thursday 3rd February to be seated in the Hall 8.50am start.

Enquiries: Ph. 5722715 Enquiries: Ph. 5722715 office@wairauvalley.school.nz office@wairauvalley.school.nz Karen O’Donnell, Principal

Waitangi Day Holiday 7th February School Closed

Karen O’Donnell, Principal

Meet the teacher Wednesday 9th February 5.30 pm End of Term 1 Thursday 14th April

MARLBOROUGH BOYS’ COLLEGE 2022 COMMENCEMENT PROGRAMME 2021 START OF YEAR PROGRAMME 2022 Start of Year Programme Welcome back to new and returning students

New enrolments welcome Year 0-8 Wednesday 2 February – Friday 4 February 2022 School office is open for uniform, stationery pack sales and enrolments Thursday 3 February 2022 Meet the Teacher Interviews Tuesday 8 February 2022 School starts for all students

Welcome back to new and returning students

Wednesday 27 – Thursday 28 January New Enrolments to Deanery

10.00am–12.00noon thursday 27 – friday 28 January New Enrolments Suite 10.00am – 12.00 noon Timetable changes with Deans to forGuidance Senior Students 9.00am–2.00pm Book onlineTimetable via: www.sobs.co.nz. This will openfor onSenior 20 January for bookings. changes with Deans Students 9.00am – 2.00pm Booking details to come. Monday 1 – Tuesday 2 February All Day STARS Mentors Training monday 31 January – tuesday 1 february

all Day

Mentors Training Thursday 4Stars February Year 9 and New Students Pōwhiri 9.00am – 10.00am thursday 3 february All enquiries to office@redwoodtown.school.nzParents, whānau and students welcomed to Marlborough Girls’ College. Meet at the front of the hall by the 9.00am – 10.00am flagpole. Year 9 and New Students Pōwhiri Students to meet outside reception. Parents and whānau welcome, depending COVID restrictions. All Year 9 students (withon device/pen/paper), Manutaki and STARS Mentors in school all day. School buses run from this date.

All Year 9 students (with device/pen/paper), Manutaki and Star Mentors in Friday 5 February 8.45am–3.15pm school all day. School buses run from this date. School Canteen open.

ALL students in school. Students to report to Level Assemblies friday 4 february 8.45am – 3.15pm Year 9 – To Whānau Classes ALL students in school. Students to report to Level Assemblies Year 10 – Hall YearGym 9 – To Whānau Classes Year 11 – New Year 12 – Old Gym Year 10 – Hall Year 13 – Old Library Year 11 – Hall All levels will have Whānau Year 12their – Old Gym Classes posted on the Parent Portal (a link from the MGC Website) in last Welcome back to school for 2022 week of January. Year 13 – Old Library

Spring Creek School opens for all students on Wednesday 2 February

Monday 8 February All levels will have their Whānau Classes posted on the Parent Portal (a link Waitangi Day Observed

All new enrolments welcome. We are currently not zoned and can take enrolments for all children, New Entrant to Year 6, living in Marlborough. The office will be open 8.30 am-12.30 pm on: Monday 31 Jan, Tuesday 1 February 2022.

from the MGC Website) in last week of January.

monday 7 february HOLIDAY UNIFORM SHOP HOURS Monday 25 January 12noon–6.00pm Waitangi Day Observed

Tuesday 26 to Wednesday 27 January 10.00am–2.00pm Thursday 28 January 12.00pm–6.00pm Friday 29 January 10.00am–2.00pm HOLIDAY UNIFOrM SHOP HOUrS Monday 1 to Friday 5 February 10.00am–2.00pm

• MBC Office and Finance Office re-open 8.30am – 4.00pm

Thursday 27 January 2022

• MBC Hall course confirmation - students with gaps in their timetable will receive an email asking them to attend the course confirmation • Year 12 9:00am – 10:00am • Year 13 10:30am – 11:30am

Tuesday 25 January 2022 and Wednesday 26 January 2022

• Any new students in Year 9 - 13 who have not already enrolled, please report to College Office at 10:00am to complete enrolment

SCHOOL BUSES WILL OPERATE AT NORMAL TIMES FROM WEDNESDAY 2 FEBRUARY 2022 Wednesday 2 February 2022 Years 9 and 13 attend

Year 9 and any other students new to the College, assemble at Francis Street east gate/front field for Powhiri (Hall if wet) • 8:50am – 10:30am Powhiri For new staff, Year 9, and other students new to the College. Family/caregivers welcome to attend Year 9 programme finishes 3:15pm. • Returning Year 13 students assemble in the quad by hall Year 13 programme finishes 1:00pm unless involved with Year 9 programme

Thursday 3 February 2022 - full school attendance, Years 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 • 8.50am ALL students go directly to Whānau Time

Friday 4 February 2022 - Athletics Day at Athletic Park (weather permitting, normal school otherwise) • 8.50am All students meet at Athletic Park (bus students walk from school to Athletic Park)

monday 24 January

10.00am – 6.00pm

Monday 7 February 2022 – Waitangi Day observed Monday

friday 11 february

12.00pm - 2.15pm

18 Jan, 10.30am-2.30pm • 20 Jan, 4.30pm-8.30pm • 22 Jan 12noon-5.pm 24 Jan, 10.30am-2.30pm • 26 Jan 11am-3pm • 27 Jan, 4.30pm-8.30pm 28 Jan 1pm-5pm • 29 Jan 12noon-5pm • 31 Jan 1pm-4pm 1 Feb 10am-2pm • 2 Feb 8.30am-12.30pm

tuesday 25 to friday 28 January 10.00am – 3.00pm Stationery packs can be purchased and new As at 17 February Uniform Shop will be open every Monday/Wednesday/Friday 12.00pm–2.15pm until monday 31 notice January 11.00am – 2.00pm further (closed Waitangi Day Observed 8 February). enrolments are welcome during this time. tuesday 1 to friday 4 february 10.00am – 2.00pm Enrolments can also be completed online Wednesday 9th february 12.00pm - 2.15pm via our website; www.springcreek.school.nz All enquiries to: admin@springcreek.school.nz p. 03 570 5514 c. 027 424 6602 52 Ferry Road, Spring Creek

Monday 24 January 2022

As at 14 February, the Uniform Shop will be open every Monday/Wednesday/Friday 1.00pm – 2.15pm, during term time, until further notice (closed Waitangi Day Observed 7 February).

The PTA Uniform Shop Hours for start-up 2022 are

14 Wednesday January 12, 2022

EDUCATION NMIT pop-up day NMIT’s Marlborough pop-up event is back on Thursday the 20th of January. Drop by the Marlborough Campus from 9am to 4pm and check out the study programmes available this year. One of our friendly team will also be on hand to answer any questions you have and help you work out the best study options to suit you. Whether you’re looking to gain a recognised qualification, upskill in your current industry, or change careers, NMIT offers a range of flexible learning options. From business to study and career preparation to viticulture and winemaking, we have over 25 programmes available, many of which have been tailor-made for local industry and aimed at addressing local skill shortages. Learn in your way and in your time with part-time, online or blended study, you might even be able to reduce your study costs with scholarships and free study options. There’s never been a better time to live, learn and earn in the region you love.

Marlborough Pop-up Event Left school, considering a return to study or considering a career change? Then drop by our Marlborough Campus pop-up event and check out some of the 25 plus programmes we have available this year including: > Apiculture

> Engineering

> Applied Business

> Horticulture

> Automotive Engineering

> Study and Career Preparation

> Aviation Engineering

> Te Reo

> Carpentry

> Viticulture and Winemaking


Thursday, 20 January 2022


9.00 am - 2.00 pm


Marlborough Campus, 85 Budge Street, Blenheim


The Sun

The Sun

Wednesday January 12, 2022

EDUCATION NMIT taster day, your opportunity to learn about cellar operations If you’re considering a career in the wine industry, come along to NMIT’s Cellar Operations Day on Thursday the 20th of January at the Marlborough Campus. Run with the support of Wine Marlborough and other key industry players, prospective students will learn how the local wine industry works and what’s needed to become part of a cellar crew and work on a vintage harvest. There will also be opportunities to visit local wineries and

take a campus tour to inspect NMIT's wine facilities and cellar operations area before tutors run through the programmes on offer. The day rounds out with a final meet and greet with key people from local wineries who will be offering insights into the dayto-day operations of their cellar operations. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how you can become part of the New Zealand’s wine industry.

Experience: Cellar Operations Interested in working in the wine industry? Discover what it takes to become a part of a cellar vintage crew during harvest and work in New Zealand’s premiere wine region.


Thursday, 20 January 2022


9.00 am - 4.00 pm


Marlborough Campus, 85 Budge Street, Blenheim

9.00 am

Welcome: A presentation of the Marlborough Wine Industry

2.00 pm

Overview: What does the Cellar Operations programme involve

10.30 am

Morning tea (provided)

3.00 pm

11.00 am

Winery visits

Meet and Greet: Mingle with staff employers in the wine industry

1.00 pm

Lunch - BYO or purchase your own from the Gingko Cafe

4.00 pm

Event end (potentially earlier)

Register today: nmit.ac.nz/experience-cellar-operations


The Sun

16 Wednesday January 12, 2022

txt talk with The Sun Great airline

EV road tax

Great work Air NZ the worlds’ safest airline in an annual survey. Just need more flights now. Bring back ‘normal’ ASAP.

One has to agree with others that the state of the highways is declining, now, timely for the government to do another U turn and bring in the Road User Tax, deferred from last year until after the next election. Why? They are heavier, the road free, as there is no tax on electric vehicles yet! Pretty powerful green argument for road safety.

Not thought through

Great year ahead? Can 2022 be a better year for those anxious to see loved ones and friends in other countries. Plus for all the businesses NZ wide who may have been stretched to near breaking point.

All or nothing They cancelled all these things in Blenheim, Wine Festival, Mistletoe Market, New Year’s but they have a summer concert at Lansdowne Park. It’s a joke, open everything up. What a joke, rules for when it suits.

Keep it beautiful People on holiday in Marlborough come here to appreciate the beauty and what we have to offer. I just wish they would respect it more regards leaving their rubbish around the place.

Need nurses Since the 10 nurses were dismissed from Wairau Hospital for not being vaccinated a further six have resigned, for various reasons, including stress from understaffing. Stay safe this summer people. Wairau Hospital isn’t the place to be right now. Congratulations Aggie on speaking up about the conditions nurses are working under at Wairau Hospital. It must have taken a lot of courage. The response from our DHB will be interesting.

To the person in Council paid or elected who made the decision to have the area by St John’s in Picton closed off during a three week busy time so that the streets are clogged up with boat trailers you need your brain reprogrammed, a brainless idea. Plenty of places for the helicopter to land very close by. I can’t believe that we pay people to do this.

Spray drift Wednesday, December 23. I drove down Waihopai and New Renwick Roads at 8.30am. It was very windy with trees bending over. 25-30kph, well above spray limits. I saw 7 or 8 non-recirculating spray units blowing most of their spray up in the air. It’s a strong westerly and that mist headed straight towards Blenheim. We have grape growers who consider compliance is only needed where you can be seen and don’t care because the council doesn’t care about citizens health so doesn’t care to police the spray limit rules. It’s no wonder anecdotally Marlborough is the cancer capital of New Zealand.

How rude On December 31, I was walking with my five year old granddaughter on SH1 just outside of town. We had an RSE worker riding a bike along the footpath try to ride between us. I said very loudly bikes should be on the road. He gave me the finger. Whoever is in charge of these people need to teach them about NZ manners.

No to gangs

Don’t let him back Thanks DJ for breaking our isolation rules, happy New Year to you too.

Show consideration Please be respectful of your neighbours when cranking up the volume when it’s getting late at night.

Christmas lights Leading up to Christmas Eve there were parents, maybe aunties driving around with kids looking at Christmas lights on houses when it was still day light. Come on people what’s wrong, what till it’s really dark.

txt talk of the week

I am mad after reading about gangs in that state house and elder people scared in their homes. This is your PC government, no guts they should never be entitled to a state house or their partners. Come on police kick them out of town now! They should not be allowed to intimidate anyone. I read that the number of gang members in Marlborough/Nelson has doubled in the last year! Don’t know the reasoning behind them coming here, I am just hoping they don’t like it and go back to their home towns.

Unforgiving water So many drownings this year. Must be horrible for the families involved. Watch your friends and family in the water and be careful.

Death wish To those drivers speeding along Muller Road. Do your families a favour, save them some money by building yourselves a coffin or go on a driving skills programme. You are unsafe, both to yourselves and the rest of the community.

Stay safe Remember the water takes no prisoners so respect it at all times. Life jackets are a must regardless of the conditions. We welcome your texts on 027 242 5266. Limit to 70 words please. We reserve the right to publish at our discretion. Please note the opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Sun management.

What a waste

Divided Done my bit, double jabbed but sad for families and friends split. Thought the PM said we are one people. Doesn’t feel right. What’s going on?

Crazy in Picton Silly season is upon us yet again and with it comes another influx of holiday makers hitting Picton. More boat users than carparks available so the harbour board goes and closes the overflow parking area in the marina, thus forcing day boaties to park their vehicles and trailers along Waikawa Road and surrounding streets. Use the Waikawa boat ramp the sign says, same issue there it seems. It’s tough when you can’t park near the dairy to get milk until the boaties have had their days fun and moved their trailers.

Good people Spent two days over Xmas/New Year up at after hour’s doctors, wonderful people, very busy place. Thank you for your care.

Wonder what is happening to the house corner Edith Street and Maxwell Road, looks abandoned … no one there for about a year, now has broken windows etc. Previous owners kept it so tidy. Surely with a housing shortage someone could be living there?

Great service Mayfield Motors amazing service, honesty and friendliness. Thanks to Matthew and the team.

No excuse Is anyone else sick of businesses using Covid for excuses? All sorts of people and businesses are using it as an excuse. Dr’s using it as an excuse as to why we can’t get a face to face appointment. A business uses it as ‘too late’ or ‘no service’. In NZ the hospitals are not overrun. The Dr’s are not overrun. Just because a mathematician says what can happen doesn’t mean it will. Ps. I am triple vaccinated.

You should feel guilty Poor dog paws Saw someone walking their dog in Picton the other day and it was so hot you could tell the dog was hopping around to stop its feet burning! Try walking around without your shoes on then you wouldn’t do it to your dogs paws. Great you are walking your dog but do it earlier or later in the day. No excuses it is not rocket science to work out.

Sunny days What a an amazing summer we are having, long may it last! Just don’t forget the sunscreen and stay hydrated.

While shopping on Thursday, to hear an older lady abuse a lovely shop assistant. She had a mask exemption for a reason and the woman was rude. Blenheim people used to be nice not any more. Stop going shopping if you can’t respect other people.

Kind person I would like to thank the kind man who paid for our groceries at the Countdown in Springlands. It was very much appreciated and unexpected. Thank you.

Got an important issue to share with Marlborough? Text your thoughts to 027 242 5266


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The Sun

Wednesday January 12, 2022


Whitehaven finalist Jess Wilson, Whitehaven Wines Marlborough is the one local finalist of the six competing in the 2021 Corteva Young Viticulturist of the Year Competition, and one of the four women of the six selected. Covid has seen the event deferred from August until Thursday January 27 2022. It will now take place at Indevin’s Bankhouse Vineyard in Marlborough and the national winner will be announced at the awards dinner the same night. “We’re excited and relieved that we can finally go ahead with the competition” says

Nicky Grandorge, the national co-ordinator. “The flexibility of everyone involved has been incredible and shows the strength, resilience and passion of the Young Vit community.” The finalists have been in limbo for quite some time, although they were able to hand in their research reports and give their presentations online which relieved them of some pressure. The topic for this year’s project was “Assess various pruning options during a labour shortage”, thus addressing one of the real challenges currently facing the wine industry. For the first time in the history of the compe-

tition which has been running since 2006 and is open to those under 30, there will be more women than men competing. Prizes include a Hyundai Kona for a year, an Ecotrellis travel grant, an educational visit to Australia with Corteva, Bahco golden secateurs

and other cash prizes. An auction will be held during the awards dinner raising funds for the Mental Health Foundation. The major items available to bid on are signed wicket keeping and batting gloves donated by Black Cap Tim Seifert.

Water leakage causes shutdown By Glenise Dreaver

On Tuesday morning, an emergency shutdown of water supplies had to be undertaken outside the Sun offices at the corner of High Street and Market Street, with traffic being diverted away from the area while work was done. Marlborough District Council’s operations and maintenance engineer Stephen Rooney said he’d been told at about 7.15am that there was a leak in the area near the pedestrian paved area and staff were called in to dig up the concrete and cobbles to investigate and fix the problem. “Water was bubbling up in the crack between the road and the cobbles,” he said. The first task was to dig down to see if the problem was a water main failure, or just a failure of the smaller connection to the

Welcome to 2022 Workers on the job before 9am.

building housing The Sun. Fortunately it just proved to be a connection problem and the work was completed, and the water back on, soon after midday.

from all of us at the


Now in its 20th year of publication!

The Sun

18 Wednesday January 12, 2022


minutes with

Les Whiteside The Blenheim Sun Publisher  Are you a dog or cat person? Cat (prefer birds).  What did you want to be when you grew up? Exactly what I’m doing - a newspaper publisher.  Not quite a hidden talent, but I’m very good at? Roller skating and represented NZ when I was a teenager.  If you could donate $1m to any charity who would it be and why? Starship to help young children in need as they are our future.  My all-time favourite food is? Ice cream.  The shop you can’t walk past is? A Boss clothing shop.  What song is likely to get you on the dance floor? Any Eagles or Elton John songs.  Your dream weekend involves? Anywhere overseas at the moment.  If you could meet anyone in history who would it be and why? My grandfathers, to talk about their lives, and Johan Cruyff, one of the best football players of all time.  Favourite programme or series currently watching? My wife would say everything and I’m keen to watch the new American series Yellowstone.  What’s one thing on your bucket list? To get back to Las Vegas to play in the World Series of Poker.

gardening this week Healthy crops, healthy you: By Wally Richards Our plants need to a very healthy soil (Soil Food Web) full of organic materials, along with all the minerals and elements possible. Add to this sufficient sunlight and water for the optimum growth of the plants. Also protection from elements and a suitable pH and even with all these in place a plant can get into stress through temperature fluctuations, chlorinated water and other chemicals. We know, generally speaking, that a healthy plant is less prone to diseases and insect attack (both are natures cleaners) but if the plant gets into stress then the chances are it will have pests and diseases attacking with more vigor. If we then treat with a chemical control the plant may overcome that particular problem but its immune system is further weakened making it more vulnerable to problems. We are very similar; if we have a home-grown diet of vegetables and fruit that are teeming with nutrition we are going to have healthy bodies. Even so if we get into stress for what ever reason then our immune system is compromised and we catch a cold. If our food chain is not really healthy and we are eating chemically-laden produce that is low in goodness then our health is in trouble. Our body is storing up poisons that it can’t clear out which leads to the major health issues we see today, cancers, heart and mental function problems.

One simple health example of this is sulphur. Our bodies need a daily amount of sulphur to peform several functions because our body does not store sulphur. It uses whats available at that time and expels any surplus. You can ensure your home-grown vegetables contain sulphur by spreading gypsum around about every three months. Also my calcium and health product contains sulphur and other important elements such as selenium. If you take sulphur food supplement which is called MSM for a few weeks you will find out if you are lacking in this mineral or not. Your first signs are usually a detox. More info if you are interested at http://www.gardenews.co.nz/ msm.html. A problem arises for some people in as much as they can’t grow big gardens of vegetables and have a good selection of fruiting plants. Lack of room can be a problem, yet with the smallest amount of space you can grow some really great health beneficial plants. Wheat grass is about the healthiest plant you can grow because it will take up all the 114 minerals and elements if they are provided in the growing medium. That is the minerals from the Ocean (Ocean Solids) the minerals from rocks (Wally’s Unlocking Soil) and the minerals from prehistoric times, Magic Botanic Liquid (MBL).

These are used in the growing of your wheat grass so that when you cut and either juice it or use it in green smoothies then your body is maxing out in goodness. Just 30mls a day of the pure juice can make the world of difference to your wellbeing. A question that I have been asked is the wheat juice gluten free? Yes because it is the wheat seed or more importantly the contents of the seed (flour) that is the gluten bit. It is now just the beginning of January and only five months to the shortest day. Planting of vegetables for winter cropping is a do ‘right now’ so you catch the most daylight hours possible before the days start to really close in. Use Neem Tree Powder with your plantings of vegetables and with your cabbages, cauliflowers etc use hoops and crop cover (bug mesh) over the plants to stop white butterflies from laying their eggs on the leaves. Leeks, silverbeet, carrots, parsnips should be planted now, the latter two from seed direct sown where they are going to grow. Keep planting salad crops so you have ample lettuce, spring onion and radishes. Winter flowering plants are also coming available and the sooner you get them in, the sooner they will establish and start flowering.


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Ashwood Park offers all the choices and amenities you could ever ask for in one convenient location. 118 - 130 Middle Renwick Road, Springlands | ph 03 577 9990 | ashwoodpark.co.nz

The Sun

Wednesday January 12, 2022

Race Fields

AY FRID uary JAN 14th

Race 1; 2.27pm HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAHAM BELL MOBILE PACE 1850m 1. Sir Monty D: R D Close T: D M Thompson 2. Maximilian D: A J Cameron T: M C Purvis 3. The Hyena D: K T Newman T: T L Fensom 4. Falcon’s Monarch D: T M Williams T: J D Harrington 5. Glover D: B N Orange T: T S Trathen 6. Adhika T: B A Waldron 7. Bromac Hype D: R T May T: Ms P Luzumova 8. Floras Diamond Deal D: R L Houghton T: R L Houghton 9. Amarla D: K L Gill T: M G Gill 10. Sharp Lou D: S J Ottley T: R C Rochford 11. Barnstormer D: J C Morrison T: D A Taylor 12. Cut Glass D: J W Cox T: G A Payne 13. White Star Orlando D: John R Dunn T: J C E & I R Thomas

Race 2; 3.03pm ASURE SUNDOWNER MOTEL TROT 2400m 1. Dragons Sunrise D: C A Butt T: R D Holmes 2. Far More Zealous D: P J Davis T: Miss M A Nyhan 3. Nordic Prince D: G N Thornley T: S G Lock 4. Just Ricky D: John R Dunn T: M G Gill 5. Ginas Majesty D: I R Cameron T: I R Cameron 6. Kohli Trouble D: G D O’Reilly T: B J White 7. Sunny Son D: B N Orange T: B J Borcoskie

8. Sheza Mighty Monarch D: C R Thornley T: C R Thornley 9. Rose Isle D: B F Crothers T: B F Crothers 10. Cashem D: K G Cameron T: K G Cameron 11. Jesper Fast D: R T May T: R D Holmes 12. President Pat D: R N Burton T: R N Burton 13. Ruthless Lizzie D: S D Iremonger T: Miss A S Mugford

Race 3; 3.38pm CHATEAU MARLBOROUGH HOTEL MOBILE PACE 1850m 1. Delta Three D: C A Butt T: R D Holmes 2. Gosakhi D: K T Newman T: T L Fensom 3. Arden Believer D: J C Morrison T: D A Taylor 4. Fleeting Major D: S J Tomlinson T: S G Matheson 5. Mikis Shineing Star D: S E O’Reilly T: G D O’Reilly 6. Zusak D: B N Orange T: G T Court 7. Pembrook’s Princess D: J W Cox T: G A Payne 8. Lunar Legend D: John R Dunn T: M C Purvis 9. White Diamond Gold D: R D Close T: Tony Thomas 10. Mossdale Terry D: B T Hope T: G P & Mrs N M Hope 11. Jibe T: S F Smolenski 12. Racey Rach D: S J Ottley T: A D Stuart 13. You Fly With Me D: G D Smith T: G D Smith

Race 4; 4.13pm SPEIGHTS ALEHOUSE MOBILE PACE 1850m 1. Hope For Love D: S J Tomlinson T: K B Ford & Mrs A J


Tomlinson 2. Ultimate Bird D: S J Ottley T: T S Trathen 3. Speciale Uno D: J F Curtin T: R W Stuart 4. With Grace D: S E O’Reilly T: M J Smolenski 5. Aveross Rustler D: K T Newman T: S G Lock 6. Kansas City Jim D: G D O’Reilly T: S G Lock 7. Lilac Change D: J C Morrison T: D A Taylor 8. Ride In A Concorde D: S D Iremonger T: Miss A S Mugford 9. Cab Calloway D: B N Orange T: K M Barron 10. Charlie’s Ace D: G N Thornley T: C R Thornley 11. Dramatist D: J H Abernethy T: D B Gale 12. Prodigal Son D: C A Butt T: R D Holmes 13. Sheezagoldengirl D: S J Thornley T: R S Thornley

D: K L Gill T: M G Gill 12. Take After Me D: R L Houghton T: F J Scott 13. Goose Healy D: R N Burton T: J R Withell 14. That’s Entertainment D: T M Williams T: J D Harrington 15. Danangus Fella D: R T May T: Ms P Luzumova

Race 6; 5.23pm WALLACE DIACK MOBILE PACE 1850m

Race 5; 4.50pm SPEIGHTS TROT 2400m 1. Rachmaninov D: T J Grant T: T J Grant 2. Make My Sundon D: S J Ottley T: Mrs A M & J W Best 3. Shiffty D: G D Smith T: G D Smith 4. Our Pegasus Pearl D: D C Morrison T: D C Morrison 5. Superfast Gorsey D: G N Thornley T: C R Thornley 6. The Last Gamble D: S D Iremonger T: D B Iremonger 7. Bryan Boru D: John R Dunn T: R J Dunn & Mrs J A Dunn 8. Zsahara D: S J Tomlinson T: K B Ford & Mrs A J Tomlinson 9. South Park D: K T Newman T: S G Lock 10. Anna’s Boy D: B N Orange T: D J Bennett 11. Gotta Ticket

1. Conquer Me D: C A Butt T: R D Holmes 2. Daggy Lamb D: L F O’Reilly T: D S Reardon 3. Whiskey Cavalier D: K G Cameron T: K G Cameron 4. Endless Dreams D: G D O’Reilly T: G T Court 5. Makwala D: R D Close T: A D Stuart 6. Honour Scroll D: S J Tomlinson T: S G Lock 7. Maid Of Money D: John R Dunn T: T D Bagrie 8. Scelta Uno D: J F Curtin T: R W Stuart 9. Precious Sara D: T M Williams T: W P Robertson 10. Songbird D: S J Ottley T: R G Higgins 11. Glen Elgin Tomson D: B N Orange T: K M Barron 12. Boudica D: J C Morrison T: Tony Thomas 13. Razors Edge D: J B Geddes T: J J & J B Geddes 14. Wavethebill D: R T May T: S J Adlam

Race 7; 5.56pm CLUBS OF MARLBOROUGH MOBILE PACE 1850m 1. Acento D: R J Butt T: D M Thompson

2. Swap Over D: J C Morrison T: J W Miller 3. Jeremy Wells D: B N Orange T: J D Harrington 4. Uncle Chan D: John R Dunn T: C D & Miss A D Edmonds 5. Givemewhatineed D: P J Davis T: Miss M A Nyhan 6. Zia Bromac D: T M Williams T: J D Harrington 7. It’s Me D: S J Thornley T: R S Thornley 8. Ned Kelly D: R L Houghton T: R L Houghton 9. Mac’s Tomado D: J H Abernethy T: D B Gale 10. Sophia Bromac D: S E O’Reilly T: M J Smolenski 11. Hello Adele D: S J Ottley T: P J Beveridge 12. The Optimist D: K G Cameron T: K G Cameron 13. Dalness First D: G D O’Reilly T: G P & Mrs N M Hope

Race 8; 6.24pm MARLBOROUGH H.R.C. LIFE MEMBERS MOBILE PACE 1850m 1. Mossdale Ben D: B T Hope T: G P & Mrs N M Hope 2. Major Collect D: S J Ottley T: Miss M R McIntyre 3. Arizonawildcat D: R L Houghton T: D R Halliday 4. Town Echo D: K T Newman T: R J Dunn & Mrs J A Dunn 5. Dennis Denuto D: B N Orange T: A D Stuart 6. Alene D: L F O’Reilly T: D S Reardon 7. Jenabella T: M C Purvis 8. Cloudy Bay D: T M Williams T: S G & Ms A L Telfer 9. Sweet Belle D: G D O’Reilly T: G D O’Reilly 10. Quarterback D: A J Cameron T: M C Purvis 11. Got You Covered D: John R Dunn T: R J Dunn & Mrs J A Dunn

Race 9; 6.49pm WATERFRONT BAR & GRILL HANDICAP PACE 2400m 1. Piece Of Gold D: S J Ottley T: Miss M R McIntyre 2. Journo D: John R Dunn T: T D Bagrie 3. El Sirrar D: K G Cameron T: K G Cameron 4. Donegal Carrickfin D: R L Houghton T: R L Houghton 5. Expressive Love D: B N Orange T: G T Court 6. Changeover Jo D: R N Burton T: J R Withell 7. Pennetta D: R J Butt T: P A Reedy 8. She’s Got Style T: M C Purvis 9. Classey Robin D: G D Smith T: G D Smith 10. Justace D: R D Close T: J D Harrington 11. Hes Fast And Furious D: A J Cameron T: M G Gill 12. Mrs Beau D: Craig D Thornley T: R D Holmes 13. Le Pole Dancer D: P J Davis T: Miss M A Nyhan 14. Just Holla T: J D Harrington 15. Tas Girl Bromac D: T M Williams T: J D Harrington 16. Tairlaw Toll D: C M Hanna T: K G Cameron

Race 10; 7.16pm KAM TRANSPORT MARLBOROUGH CUP PRELUDE (HCP PACE) 2400m 1. Dashing Major D: John R Dunn T: R J Dunn & Mrs J A Dunn 2. Hilarious Prince D: S D Iremonger T: D B Iremonger 3. Passion And Power D: T M Williams T: R J Dunn & Mrs J A Dunn 4. Where’s Daddy D: B N Orange T: M C Purvis

5. Artatac D: R T May T: M P Jones 6. Kiwi X Factor D: G D Smith T: R J Butt 7. Bensons Mate D: K T Newman T: C T Jones 8. Boom T: S F Smolenski 9. Homebush Lad D: B T Hope T: G P & Mrs N M Hope 10. Plutonium Lady D: S J Ottley T: M P Jones

Race 11; 7.41pm AJ BEST CONTRACTING/ MAISIE’S HOLDING VINEYARD HCP TROT 2400m 1. Idle Stuartia D: B N Orange T: R M Austin 2. Franco Josiah D: J C Morrison T: B A Waldron 3. Madeleine Stowe D: R T May T: Miss M A Nyhan 4. Ali Lindenny D: R J Butt T: D M Thompson 5. Mikemaro D: J F Curtin T: R M Austin 6. Bright Glow D: I R Cameron T: I R Cameron 7. Quik Shot D: G D Smith T: J D Harrington 8. BJ Lindenny T: R M Austin 9. Sods Law D: J B Geddes T: J J & J B Geddes 10. Blink N Bones D: B J Ford T: B J Ford 11. Salvo D: T M Williams T: J D Harrington 12. Sioux Princess D: S J Ottley T: M P Jones 13. Isla Elsie D: R D Close T: R W Todd 14. Overzealous D: P J Davis T: Miss M A Nyhan 15. Majestic Jag D: John R Dunn T: R J Dunn & Mrs J A Dunn 16. Baxter D: B T Hope T: G P & Mrs N M Hope

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The Sun

Wednesday January 12, 2022 Acknowledgement

GLENDA and Bill MacDonald, Jeanne and extended family would like to thank the many people who visited, brought gifts and baking, sent cards and phoned when we lost our dear mum Norma. Your kindness will always be remembered as will she.

In Memoriam Contact the Sun for details. 577 7868.

URGENT services Urgent Care Centre: Wairau Hospital Grounds. Entry off Hospital Rd, Blenheim, 8am-8pm daily. Phone (03) 520 6377. Ambulance: Urgent 111. Non urgent 579 4870. After Hours Chemists: Springlands Pharmacy: Monday - Friday 8.30am 6pm, Saturday 9am - 5pm, Sunday and Public Holidays 10am - 5pm. Closed Christmas Day. Ph 578 2271. Community Care Pharmacy: Within the Blenheim Warehouse, open 7 days 9am8pm. Only closed Christmas Day. Lifeline Marlborough: 0800 543354, 24hr helpline. Women’s Refuge and Sexual Violence Support Centre Marlborough: Crisis line number phone 0800 refuge or 03 5779939. Victim Support: 0800 VICTIM (0800 842 846) Alcoholics Anonymous: 0800 AA WORKS - 0800 229 6757. Citizens Advice Bureau: Free, friendly, confidential advice. Mon - Fri 9.30am 4pm. Phone 578 4272. Wairau Hospital: Hospital Visiting Hours: Daily 11.30am-7.30pm, children under 12 may visit parents only. Maternity Ward: 10am-noon, 4pm-7pm. Children's Ward: Daily 10am-8pm. Visiting at all times is subject to the discretion of the nurse in charge of the ward. Picton: Ambulance: Urgent 111. Non-urgent 579 4870. Chemist: Picton Healthcare Pharmacy. Ph 573 6420 Mon -Fri 8.30-5.30pm, Sat 9-2pm. Medical Centre Pharmacy, Ph 928 4265, Mon-Fri 8am-5.30pm

Death notices CRAGG, Anne Marie: On Wednesday January 5, 2022, peacefully at Ashwood Park Retirement Village. Aged 90 years. Loved wife of the late Ross and dearly loved mother of Steven, Rick and Dawn, and Lynne and Russell Wates. Loved Nan of Ricky-Jack, Kylie and Damian, and Nigel. Dearly loved Nan Nan of her six great granddaughters. Special thanks to the staff at Ashwood Park Retirement Village for their loving care of Anne. Messages may be sent to 8 Lancaster Avenue, Burleigh, Blenheim 7201. A private family farewell has been held.

TAYLOR, Thomas John (Jack): Recently of Kaka Road, Ward, died peacefully on Monday December 27, 2021 at Redwood Lifestyle Care and Village. Aged 92 years. Dearly loved husband of Lorna. Loved Dad of Campbell, Megan, Kristin, and Lachlan. Loved father-in-law of TH, Pete, Matt, and Ally. Proud grandfather of Rachel, Kimberley, Laura, Charlotte; Renata, Jesse, Danya, Rikki; Ruben, Joseph; Tamati, Georgia and Edward. Proud great-grandfather of Alex; Frankie and Wren. A well respected friend of many. Special thanks to the staff at Redwood Lifestyle Care and Village. He leaves behind a legacy of capturing the history of the Flaxbourne for us all to enjoy, celebrate, and learn from. Just one contribution of many to community life. Our local treasure now at rest. Messages may be sent to The Taylor Family, PO Box 122, Ward 7248. In lieu of flowers a donation to the Flaxbourne Heritage Trust would be appreciated and may be made to a/c 03-1369-0434209-00 Ref. TAYLOR. A private celebration of Jack’s life has been held.

Respectfully cared for by GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ Tel 03 578 4719

McGEHAN, Owen Lindsay: 19.08.1937 - 02.01.2022. Loved son of the late Lenard Thomas McGehan and Betty Ada Horride. Loved husband of the late Maureen McGehan (née Dunn). Loved father and father-inlaw of Brian, Glen, Peter and Shelley, and Keith Lindley. Loved brother and brotherin-law of Reg McGehan (deceased), Marge McGehan, Dennis Dunn (deceased), Lawrence and Helen Dunn (Australia). Loved by his many nieces and nephews, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Thank you to the staff at Aberleigh Village and Hospice Marlborough for taking great care of Dad. Forever in our hearts. Messages may be sent to 8 Lester Place, Witherlea, Blenheim 7201. A private service has taken place.

Respectfully cared for by GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ Tel 03 578 4719

STOLLERY, Lindsay Dene (née Hignett): Died peacefully on Friday December 24, 2021, at Ashwood Park Retirement Village, Blenheim. Aged 79 years. Dearly loved mother of Daniel, much loved sister of Cheryl Dalzell, Russell Hignett and the late Mike Hignett. Loved daughter of the late Joan Hignett. Special thanks to the staff and residents of Ashwood Park Retirement Village for their support. Messages may be sent to the Stollery Family, c/- P O Box 110, Blenheim 7240. A service for Lindsay was held on Thursday December 30, followed by cremation at the Sowman Crematorium.

Respectfully cared for by GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ Tel 03 578 4719

KENNEDY, David John, (Co Down, Ireland. Christchurch, Willow Bay, Marlborough Sounds): Passed away on Wednesday December 22, 2021 at Seaview Home, Picton. Aged 87 years. Dearly loved husband of Joan (Vina), loved father and father-in-law of David and Silvia (Perth), Joanne (Jack), the late Debra, Tania (Sam). A loved grandfather and great-grandfather. Special thanks to Seaview Home for their loving care of Dad and Marie-Jeanette for her prayers and blessing. Messages may be sent to the Kennedy Family, c/- P O Box 110 Blenheim 7240. At David’s request, a private cremation has taken place.

Respectfully cared for by GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ Tel 03 578 4719

Respectfully cared for by GEOFFREY T SOWMAN FDANZ Tel 03 578 4719

Our family caring for yours

Quick crossword ACROSS 1. Stench (6) 5. Rush madly (6) 10. Without purpose (7) 11. Pillage (7) 12. Martial art (6) 15. Befall (6) 16. Redeemer (7) 17. Adolescent (abbr) (4) 18. Wine sediment (4) 19. Grille (7) 20. Risqué (4) 22. Prohibits (4) 25. Amble (7) 27. Scan (6) 28. Stay (6) 31. Whip (7) 32. Spread from (7) 33. Chaste, pure (6) 34. Delicate or slender build (6)

Alastair & Emma Hebberd






Puzzles © The Puzzle Company






Fill in the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9







16 17

18 19



22 25





28 29



30 32




Last week

Across: 7. Clueless, 9. Errand, 10. Dirt, 11. Short-lived, 12. Bedaub, 14. Specific, 15. Cutlet, 16. Junior, 19. Bacteria, 21. Relate, 23. Relentless, 24. Barb, 25. Active, 26. Tangible. Down: 1. Sluice, 2. Next, 3. Sensible, 4. Seethe, 5. Artificial, 6. Inferior, 8. Spouse, 13. Antithesis, 15. Coalesce, 17. Uprising, 18. Latest, 20. Rather, 22. Thrill, 24. Blip.

Bringing you the

0800 546 570 www.shoneandshirley.co.nz 1

DOWN 2. Submerge in liquid (7) 3. Perspires (6) 4. Church recess 5. Continually find fault (4) 6. Athlete (6) 7. Deliberately vague (7) 8. Hamper (6) 9. Winter sport enthusiasts (6) 13. Erode (3,4) 14. Far off (7) 15. Meatworker (7) 20. Oppose (6) 21. Rust (7) 23. Determined (7) 24. Break apart (6) 25. Confidential (6) 26. Partial refund (6) 29. Chime (4) 30. Clutter (4)

MUNRO, Wellesley (Welly) James Douglas: Died peacefully on Wednesday December 28, 2021 at Wairau Hospital, Blenheim. Aged 86 years. Dearly beloved husband of Judith (Jude) for 62 years. Loving father and father-in-law of Michael and Janet (Canada) and Peter and Kim (Australia). Treasured Grandad of Ashley, Krista and Sean (Canada) Samantha, Connor, Fern and Jason (Australia). Loved brother of Gilchrist (Gil), Jennifer (deceased), Margaret, and Kevin (New Zealand) and Sheena (Australia). Special thanks to the staff of Wairau Hospital for your love and care of Welly. Our deepest thanks to Robyn (Jude’s sister) who has been such a cherished support for both Welly and Jude through these final days of Welly’s passing. He is at peace after a life lived to the fullest, helping people wherever he could. In lieu of flowers and cards, a donation to Alzheimers Marlborough would be appreciated and may be made to account 020600-0112284-00 ref. MUNRO. At Welly’s request a private cremation has taken place. A farewell for Welly will be held at a later date when all family can be present to commemorate his time on this earth. His life was one punctuated by community service and humour. There are countless memories of him, and you probably have one too. Share your story about, or memory of Welly at WellyMunroMemories@gmail.com and we will add it to his Life Story Book. “Someone only dies when we stop talking about them”.




T E S Last week








Last week

Insert the missing letters to complete ten words — five across the grid and five down. More than one solution may be possible.







The Sun

Wednesday January 12, 2022


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Wednesday January 12, 2022 Situations Vacant

Situations Vacant

Motel Cleaner wanted For an on-call, part time position.

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Wanted to Buy

Clothing Alterations: by Lynette Atkinson-Parker

Immediate start. Experience preferred but not essential.

Teacher – Mayfield Kindergarten – permanent, fulltime We require a registered Early Childhood teacher to join the team at Mayfield Kindergarten. Mayfield Kindergarten has a full year programme, so remains open during term breaks, closing at Christmas.

193 aorangi Manor Motel 193 High St, Blenheim

Gardener/Handyman wanted! We’re after a practical person to look after our grounds and carry out repairs and odd jobs. You’ll be physically fit, a self-starter with good time management skills and enjoy a job well done.

Relieving teachers – we are also seeking registered ECE or Primary trained teachers who are interested in day to day, short or long term relieving.

The hours can be tailored to suit but equate to a day a week. Some flexibility might be required. If you’re interested, pop in and see us at 238 Alabama Road or call Sion on 578 7674.

For an application pack for either of these positions email Sue at admin@mka.org.nz The position closes Fri 11 Feb, 5pm

SALESPERSON We have a position becoming available to join our sales team at The Blenheim Sun. Our weekly community newspaper is the market leader in Blenheim, established in 2002, with our local office based in the CBD We’re looking for a “go-getter or quiet achiever” whatever gets results! Someone with enthusiasm, a great work ethic and reliability. If you enjoy talking to people and think you could sell advertising space in our popular publication, then we’d like to hear from you. Position to commence in the new year with flexibility for part-time or full-time.


Send your CV and all relevant information to: les@blenheimsun.co.nz Alternatively phone Les for a confidential chat on 021360008


We are a Marlborough based Methode Traditionelle specialist winery with a history dating back to 1980. You will be working closely within our small winery team. Ideally at least 2 years marketing experience would be an advantage as this is not a trainee position. Key responsibilities include but not limited to: • Website, EDM & Social Media management. • Creation and co-ordination of POS, Merchandise & Dry Goods. • Events • PR & Advertising. • Sales support We are looking for someone with the following skills within a marketing framework: • Creativity • Technically savvy • Exceptional attention to detail. • Organised and effective time management • Comfortable working autonomously • A patient and diligent approach. Currently a part time position, however hours negotiable to full time for right applicant. Full job description is available on request. Please forward CV to, The Directors No 1 Family Estate, 169 Rapaura Road, Blenheim. Email: adele@no1wine.nz & sam@no1wine.nz Applications close 16th January 2022.

Full time If you enjoy working in a team environment and have a passion for the elderly, then we would like to hear from you. Please call at reception for an application or email reception1@ashwoodpark.co.nz Applications close 21/01/2022

Visit us online at


Colemans Road. Saturday, January 15. Start 9am. 52 George Street, 9am, Saturday, January 15. Office desk, office chair, A1 printer/plotter, bone china, ornaments, brick-a-brac, pictures and books.

Book your space now!

Phone 5777 868

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April 23, 2018to your safety and the May 13, 2018of the We are committed continuity performing arts. We are a vaccinated venue and require presentation of a valid vaccine pass and identification to attend our venue. Should COVID-19 regulations disrupt scheduled events we will notify all ticket buyers.

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Eric Jackson Antique Buyers, PO Box 665, Picton

DINING chairs x6. High wood back, excellent condition $180. Can delivery in Blenheim. Phone 5779188.

AERIAL spraying notification. Ernslaw One Ltd wish to notify the public that aerial herbicide spraying will soon be undertaken in its Byrons Creek Forest in the Waihopai Valley. Work will be undertaken by Marlborough Helicopters Ltd. Further information can be obtained by contacting the local Ernslaw One office - phone 5792498.

New Sports Hub – Lansdowne Park

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Gold Jewellery, scrap gold Pocket watches, wrist watches Old bank notes & old coins Military & other medals Sterling silver, Ivory, old pens Paintings & Maori artifacts Clocks, Fun Ho & tin toys Moorcroft, Clarice Cliff etc.

FREE working spa pool. Phone 5795222.

Public Notices

February 14th 2022, 6pm

112 Scott Street. Saturday 8amnoon.


For Sale

Quality Service Guaranteed


The Association offers leadership opportunities, great working conditions, high-quality professional support to all teaching teams and ongoing professional development.

(Maternity cover 12 months)

Phone 03 578 1010 or 027 578 1010

Apply to reception at:

If you are enthusiastic, passionate about teaching, and are eager to take on new challenges we would love to hear from you.


For your sewing requirements

Stamp collections, coin collections, old toys, post cards etc. Cash paid. Ph 021 138 8949.

23 & 24 May, 2018

According to Guinness World Records the largest ever firework display consisted of 810,904 fireworks

May 30th, 2018

Book online at asbtheatre.com Or phone 03 520 8558 Purchase from ASB Theatre Marlborough, 2 Hutcheson Street, Blenheim.

June 20, 2018

Service fees apply.

Nov 8 & 9, 2018


BookVisit online at asbtheatre.com asbtheatre.com for more Purchase Marlborough, informationfrom and to ASB join ourTheatre Theatre Club. 2 Hutcheson Street, Blenheim.

Service fees apply.

The Sun


Wednesday January 12, 2022


sports talk With Jacob Page

Black Caps rightly banged by Bangladesh My hat is off to the inspired Bangladesh cricket team for their first test win over New Zealand at Mt Maunganui last week. The touring team completely outplayed the Black Caps in every facet of the test at Mt Maunganui and deservedly earned their first ever taste of success on New Zealand soil. Like many, including myself, I thought a 2-0 series win was a fait accompli. Unfortunately, the Black

Caps played with that mindset and were deservedly and thoroughly beaten. There are several major concerns coming from the test. The all-conquering Kiwi seam attack were not able to get the ball to do as much as their Bangladeshi counterparts. The Bangladeshi bowlers got more seam movement, more swing and reverse swing consistently throughout the game and got the rewards.

The other issue was the Black Caps middle and lower-order batting which showed little application in either innings. New full time wicket-keeper Tom Blundell should already be feeling pressure on his spot. The Wellington gloveman’s work behind the stumps was average at best, with former captain and keeper Brendon McCullum mentioning it a couple of times on television

commentary. Blundell has also only averaged 12 with the bat in his last seven tests. You don’t need to be a cricket tragic to realise that is horrible for a No 6 batsman. The test side continues to struggle for a genuine all rounder in the No 7 position. They cannot blood youngster Rachin Ravindra in that role if Blundell continues to fail ahead of him.

Equally, Ravindra must score runs and be a threat with his spinners, none of which he managed in the opening test. It’s easy to say Ajaz Patel should have been picked in hindsight, the reality seems to be that a lethargic and uninspired Black Caps team, minus leader Kane Williamson were taught a test cricket lesson. They were essentially banged by the Bangers and deserved it.

New Year Regatta ends in fireworks Waikawa Boating Club’s annual New Year Regatta started with light winds on Saturday, January 8 but finished with explosive winds on the Sunday. This range of winds across the regatta gave every boat ample opportunity to put themselves forward as a contender for the regatta win. The Giesen New Year Regatta is one of the largest events held in Waikawa alongside the annual Women’s Regatta. Every January, dozens of boats compete over two days of racing on the waters of Queen Charlotte Sound. David Grigg, Sailing Rear Commodore said, “The spread of wind conditions across the two days of racing couldn’t have been planned any better. The light winds for Race one built in Race two until we had fireworks with strong winds for the final races on Sunday.” Friday night opened with the Ray White invitational race which served as an excellent warm up to the main event of the weekend. Thirty-three boats competed in the regatta with 180 crew from throughout New Zealand. 60 percent of the crew and several boats were from Marlborough with the balance coming in from Northland, Auckland, Tauranga,

Wellington, Tasman and Canterbury. Club Commodore Steve Dawson was delighted to see the event go ahead under pandemic conditions that are seeing many events cancelled. “The club put into action systems, checks and procedures which ensured that all competitors, staff and suppliers were fully vaccinated and that the entire event remained that way.” The event brought in some much-needed visitors to Picton and while several stayed on their boats, most chose to stay in commercial accommodation. There was also a considerable spend on food and beverages, all of which came from local Marlborough suppliers. As is the case with any event, they don’t happen without volunteers and there were 29 willing Waikawa Boating Club members available for the weekend, filling positions on and off the water. Summer racing is now under way with the Boom Town Summer Twilight series and the next race in the Versatile Offshore Series is on January 22. Anyone wanting to join a crew, particularly for the summer series, should get in contact with the Waikawa Boating Club.

Revs powering up Giesen New Year Regatta - January 9, 2022. Photo By Karmyn Ingram.

Havelock Community Theatre

NOTICE OF ELECTION Under the Marlborough Electric Power Trust Deed of Trust notice is given that on Monday 21st March 2022, an election will be held for four (4) trustees of the Marlborough Electric Power Trust under the First Past the Post electoral system by postal and online voting.

By arrangement with The Play Bureau (NZ) Ltd

The Marlborough Electric Power Trust was established by Deed of Trust dated 28 April 1993. The Trustees hold the share capital of Marlborough Lines Limited in trust for the company’s electricity consumers. The Trust Deed provides for three of the six Trustees to retire on the 1st of April each second year. The Deed further requires that any appointed trustee shall hold office only until the next following election.

Call for Nominations Nominations are therefore invited from the public for four positions on the Trust. Candidates must have a principal residence in the area served by Marlborough Lines Limited and be eligible to hold office under the terms of the Trust Deed, copies of which are available on our website mept.co.nz, or at the offices of Blenheim Accounting Ltd, 36 Maxwell Road, Blenheim. Each candidate must be nominated on the nomination form available during normal business hours from: • the offices of Blenheim Accounting, 36 Maxwell Rd, Blenheim; • by phoning 021 1200 737 to have one posted out; • by accessing www.mept.co.nz Completed nomination papers can be lodged to the above address, or posted to Marlborough Electric Power Trust, PO Box 1025, Blenheim 7240, but must be received no later than 5pm Thursday 20th January 2022. A non-refundable fee of $120.00 is required to be forwarded with each nomination, along with a candidate profile statement and photograph for sending out with the voting papers for consumers. Brenda Munro Returning Officer

ters and centric characgr Bursting with ecns play is eat fun. crazy shenaniga the

The Sun

Wednesday January 12, 2022






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Enquiry from $759,000

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