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Volume 16 Issue 7

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June 26, 2014

TEAM #B5 ~GARY CARR & DENNIS KOEHN TURN THE TABLES ON TEAM #B3 DENNY OBENAUER & KEN KELCHNER TAKING 30 POINTS TO CLIMB WITHIN 3 POINTS OF FIRST PLACE Team #B5: Gary Carr & Dennis Koehn: Exacted a little bit of revenge against the team that vaulted ahead of them in first place in the previous weeks position round. Gary drops off a couple of strokes from last weeks round, coming in with a 54. The opening bogey was not to bad, but the par 5-2nd hole did major damage to the round. Gary added 5 extra strokes on the card. He stuck a double made on #4 between a couple of triples. One more triple showed up on the card on #6 and then Gary finished strong. He nailed a par on #7, bogey on 8 and finished solid with a par on #9. Good finish Gary and nice effort on the round. Gary notched (2) pars. Partner Dennis faired much better this week than last also, as he dropped

off 5 strokes to post a 47. The first two holes cost him back to back doubles to get off to a rough start. He made bogey on 3 and nailed a par on #4. The second par 5 was a duplicate score as the first with a double and he added a double on the tough double water hole #6. He also finished a bit better, posting bogeys on 7 & 8 and a par on 9. Good shooting Dennis. Dennis finished with (2) pars. Gary and Dennis are now only 3 points behind the leaders. Team #B6: Larry Ball & Norm Giraud: Larry and Norm have climbed two spots, holding on to 4th place after week 6. Larry posts his 2nd 50 round in back to back weeks. His first two holes hurt him from coming in under 50 as the took an

opening double followed by a triple. He nailed a par on #3 and bogeyed #4. The par 5, 5th hole cost him yet another double. After back to back bogeys on 5 & 7 he finished with back to back doubles. Good effort Larry. His partner Norm seems to be getting back into a golf groove after a long layoff. He stumbled a bit in week 6, going up 4 strokes from his previous weeks round, coming in with a 56. The opening quad hurt, but that was softened a bit by a very nice par on #2. He doubled #3 an bogeyed the first par three. Four of the last 5 holes really did the number on his round. He posted two triples, a quad and a double, at least making a par on #7. Good try Norm.

DENNIS KOEHN POSTS THE BEST ROUND IN THE ‘B’ FLIGHT PLAYERS COMING IN WITH A 47 ~~HONORABLE MENTION TO BILLY ALESSANDRINI AND MATT ZUBER POSTING ROUNDS OF 48!!! Team #B7: Ernie Danos & Steve Fleck: Ernie’s round went up since his last round played, but Steve’s round did go down. Ernie had all kinds of trouble on his first three holes. He posted back to back doubles and added a quad on #3. A bogey felt good on #4 but the par 5, 5th hole clipped him for a triple. He finished with two bogeys, posted on 7 & 9 adding a double on 6 and triple on 8. A valiant effort Ernie. Steve did knocked 5 strokes off last weeks round. His first three holes and final two holes cost him several strokes. 5 extra on #1 followed by a double and triple on 2 & 3. A bogey on 4 was followed by a triple on the 2nd par 5. Steve finished with back to

back doubles followed by back to back triples. Good try Steve. Team #B8: Bill Marsack & Ron Corfield: Bill & Ron continue to hang on to third place, but are now being crowded by Team #B6 Larry & Norm who are only 6 points behind them. Bill posted a decent round of 45 in last weeks play, knocking off 4 strokes from week 5. Bill absolutely played bogey golf his entire round. He posted nothing worse than a bogey, but also was unable to nail any pars. Well played Bill. His partner, Ron struggled a bit more this week than he did last week. He comes in with a 67, 6 strokes over week 5’s round. Ron opened with a quad and took a double on the first par 5. The

triple on #3 was followed by a bogey on 4. The second par 5 was a duplicate from #2 as he took a double. The quad on #6 was followed by a bogey on #7. The final two holes did the most damage to his round that cost him from bringing down his score as he posted back to back bacon strips, costing him 14 strokes. A valiant effort to Ron. MYSTERY WINNER IN WEEK 6: BILL MARSACK MYSTER SCORE: 45

Volume 16 Issue 7

Team #B1: Erv Rock & Jim Loughead: Neither player was present for the league night and I did hear something about fly fishing. I guess that beats swinging a club. Now that I think of it, you cast out a club on a line to hit the little white ball just to drain in a putt on a line to the hole in golf. Clever huh. Bank rounds were used to match up against their opponents. Jim had a 59 bank round and Erv had a 60. Team #B2: Tim Weigel & Matt Zuber: I understand that Tim was under the weather and still made golf. We will keep him in prayer for a quick recovery and that he feels better for next week. Tim came in with a 63, five strokes off last weeks round, and I am sure that not feeling well didn’t help. The first three holes did the most damage to his round. Tim started with 8 strokes over the hole par on #1. The next two holes did not help, a triple on 2 and then 5 more extra shots on #3. Tim seemed to recover some, notching a bogey on 4, par on 5 and double on 6 and bogey on 7. Then the bottom dropped out again with a quad on 8 and triple on 9. A valiant effort by Tim who finished with (1) par. Matt matched his previous weeks round coming in with a 48. Matt started with back to back doubles and followed with back to back bogeys. After one more double, this time on the par 5 fifth hole, Matt got on a bogey train. He finished his round with bogeys on the final four holes. No pars, but a good finish to a rough start. Nice round Matt. Team #B3: Denny Obenauer & Ken Kelchner: It was a bit of a let down for the first place team who lost this weeks match to the team

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they defeated last week. The still remain in first by three points. Denny started rough as he opened with a quad on #1. He nailed a par on #2 and added a double on #3. Denny posted bogeys on #4 and #5 before having some real problems on the next four holes. He made a double on #6, back to back triples on 7 & 8 and finishing with a double on 9 to take a promising round in the forties to a 52. Denny posted (1) par. His partner Ken K started his round in the hole as well, posting a triple on #1. He took a bogey on #2 but followed with a par on #3. The par three, hole #4 saw Ken put a double on the card and followed that with a bogey on the second par 5. Other than hole #6 where Ken posted a triple, he finished on a better note. He finished with bogeys on 7, 8 & 9 to salvage a round in the 40’s, finishing with a 49. Ken notched (1) par. Good try Ken. Team #B4: Billy Alessandrini & Mark Dixon: Mark was unavailable for the round as his job kept him away from league play last week. A bank round of 58 was used to post against his opponent. Billy was able to play and came in with his best round of the season so far, posting a round of 48. Bill stuck a bogey on #2 between doubles on 1 & 3. He nailed a par on #4 and then took back to back doubles on 5 & 6. He also finished on a better note, notching bogeys on his final three holes. Billy nailed (1) par in a decent round. Good try Billy.


June 26, 2014 TIPS FOR THE GAME

Three Wood Putt You know that annoying putt that has the ball resting right up against the cut on a green? You can't hit a wedge, and if you try to use your putter, you'll either grab the grass, or top the ball and bounce it halfway to the hole? Here may be a solution for you: Take out your three wood. Why does this work? A putter or an iron has a thin flange on the bottom of the club that causes it to grab, throwing the momentum and direction of the club off target. The three wood on the other hand, has a long, flat bottom that bounces into the rough and stays true. To execute this shot effectively, take your regular putting stance and putt the ball as you would normally, but choke up on your grip to where it meets the shaft. After a few tries on the practice green, you'll be putting out of this trouble spot with much more consistency. Remember, practice makes perfect, so practice, practice & more practice to get the feel of the shot to help you save strokes.


Volume 16 Issue 7

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June 26, 2014

TEAM #A4 BRIAN & DOMINIC GETS BUSHWHACKED BY TEAM #A6 PASTOR HOOD & PASTOR TURNER AND THE LEAD DWINDLES DOWN TO 22 POINTS WITH WARREN & JIM MOVING INTO 2ND PLACE Team #A5: Pat Nellis & Cory Routheaux: Pat ‘The Big Easy’ Nellis as most of his co-workers call him, put it all together in week 6, posting the best round of the season by anyone, coming in with a 1 under par round of 35. After an opening bogey, Pat got rid of that with a great eagle that rolled just past the pin on #2, stopping about 4 feet away. There was no stopping a determined player as he parred out the rest of the holes, 7 straight pars for a great round, Pat finished with (1) eagle and 7 pars. Great shooting Pat. Cory came in with the same score he posted the previous week, finishing with a 49.Cory started with a double and notched back to back bogeys on 2 & 3.The next two holes cost him dearly, as he made a double on #4 and triple on #5. He

bogeyed #6 with a fantastic 10 foot bogey putt. He notched his only par on #7 and finished with a bogey on 8 and double on 9. Corey notched (1) par. Good shooting Cory. Team #A6: Pastor Warren Hood & Pastor Jim Turner: Even though Pastor Turner was absent for the second week in a row and this time had a fairly decent bank round of 42 that took a lot of points from his opponent. Pastor Hood though did make it to golf and played a very nice round as he came in with a 44. They played the first place team and slowed them down and moved up the leader board into 2nd place. Pastor Hood opened with a double and followed that with a par on the long par 5, hole #2. A bogey on #3

Was followed by a double on #4. Pastor Hood nailed a birdie on #5 but then got stung by a triple on #6. Pastor Warren finished strong with a bogey on #7 followed by back to back pars and a very nice round. Warren finished with (3) pars and a birdie. Nice round Warren. Team #A7: Bill Gaunt & Steve Ciaramitaro: Bill knocked off (1) stroke from last round and Steve knocked off 2. Bill opened his round with back to back doubles to get off to a rough start. A bogey on #3 was followed by back to back pars on 4 & 5. He made one more double, this time on the tough sixth hole before finished with bogeys on his final three Continues on bottom left

PAT ‘THE BIG EASY’ NELLIS BRINGS THE FRONT NINE TO ITS KNEES AS HE POSTS A 1 UNDER PAR ROUND OF 35!! GREAT ROUND PATRICK~~HONORABLE MENTION TO BRENT CYMBALSKI & RAY RESSLER COMING WITH 38’s-2 OVER PAR~ holes, 7 8 & 9. Bill finishes with a 46 posting (2) pars. Good try Bill. Steve also bettered his last weeks round coming in with a 53. Steve started with back to back bogeys before getting beat up with a triple on hole #3. He nailed his only par on the #4 par three before things went south in his round. He made a double on the 2nd par 5 and then went back to back with triples. One more bogey

his final hole cost him a triple. Steve posted (1) par. Good try Steve. Team #A8: Doug Busam & Nate Hood: Both players were absent due to work. Nate was out of town and Doug was working until 11 that night of league play. Doug used his bank round of 45 and Nate had a little worse round of 53.

Prayer Requests 6/19/14 Larry Ball is still having eye issues Johnny Murphy is in jeopardy of losing his leg Linda is battling a terminal disease-comfort for her and her family Continue to lift up Wayne’s Brother in prayer

Volume 16 Issue 7

Team #A9: Brent Cymbalski & Ken Cymbalski: This team had to play the bye this week and they faired pretty well. Brent took 20 points and his father Ken took 16 against the course. Brent came in with a very nice round posting a 2 over 38. A double on the first hole was his first blemish in his round. He birdied #2 and posted a second blemish with a bogey on #3. He then strung together 6 pars in a row for a very nice finish. Brent made (1) birdie and 6 pars. Ken got off to a rough start posting a triple on #1. He then got on a bogey train, lasting four holes before getting bit by his second triple in the round. He nailed a par on #7 before finishing with a final triple on #8 and bogey on 9. Ken finished with (1) par. Good try Ken. Team #A1: Stan Dreslinski & Ray Ressler: Stan continues to struggle to get his rounds down where he was last year. So far his last three round have been above the mid 40’s. This week it did come down, posting a 46. Stan got stung by an opening quad but seemed to recover a bit after that. He notched a par on #2 with a bogey on #3. He made back to back pars on 4 & 5 to continue to give himself a chance on a decent round. He posted back to back bogeys on 7 & 8 before finishing with a double on #9. Stan posted (3) pars in a disappointing round. A valiant effort Stan. Ray shared honors with Brent for the second best round of the night, coming in with a 2 over 38. He started with a bogey and then nailed pars on his next four holes with some nice shooting. After a bogey on #6. Ray followed with a par on 7. He slipped some posting a

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third bogey in his round on #8 but finished strong with a birdie on #9 to remove the extra stroke from #8. Ray finished with (5) pars and (1) birdie. Nice shooting Ray. Team #A2: Andre Viger & Ken Huyghe: Both players played some decent golf this week as they continue to climb back up the ladder into contention, moving into 3rd place. Andre brought his round down two strokes as he came into the clubhouse with a very nice 4 over round of 40. After an opening bogey, Andre made pars on #2 & #3 before nailing down a birdie on #4. The next two holes clipped his round for 3 extra strokes as he posted a bogey on #5 and doubled #6. Andre finished with pars on 7 & 8 finishing with a bogey on #9. Very nice round Andre, who made (4) pars and (1) birdie. Partner Ken posted the same score he did last week, coming into the 19th hole with a 41. After the opening bogey, Ken back on track towards a very nice round as well. Ken got on a par train, nailing four in a row taking him to the tough #6 hole. After posting back to back bogeys, Ken got stung with a double on #8. Those extra two strokes took his round above the 40’s mark. He did finish with a final par on #9. Ken notched (5) pars. Nice round Ken. Team #A3: Wayne Davidson & Rusty Ellison: Wayne comes back from vacation and after a couple of weeks off from golf, comes into the clubhouse with a very nice round of 41. He got off to a slow start, posting a double on 1 followed by a bogey on the first par 5. He then came around, notching back to back pars on 3 & 4 before nailing a birdie on the 2nd par 5. He took a bogey on

June 26, 2014

#6 and posted a par on the 2nd par three. Wayne finished with back to back bogeys for his round. Wayne made (3) pars and (1) birdie. Rusty slipped a bit after a couple of weeks of low rounds, coming into the clubhouse with a 46, four worse than last week. Rusty also started with a double and bogey on the first two holes. After back to back pars, Rusty added double bogeys on his next three holes. He finished with a bogey on 8 and solid par on #9. Rusty notched (3) pars. Good effort Rusty. Team #A4: Brian DeRita & Dominic DeRita: Brian started with an opening double on #1 followed by bogeys on his next three holes to get off to a slow start. He got his round looking better as he started a comeback notching a birdie on #5. He then made pars on 6 & 7 before dropping a stroke on #8 with a bogey. He finished with a par on #9 coming into the clubhouse with a round of 41. Dominic had to play against a bank round that matched his card in score. The first two holes cost Dom four strokes as he opened with back to back doubles. He also made back to back pars followed by a birdie on #5. He finished a bit worse than his father, posting a final par on #7 with bogeys on 6, 8 and 9 to finish with a 42. Still a nice round Dom. Dom made (3) pars and (1) birdie. Good shooting by all last week. We had several low rounds played in both the A & B division on what turned out to be a very nice night for golf.

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