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MEN’S CHRISTIAN GOLF LEAGUE 2013 Volume 15 Issue 14

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SEPT EM BER 12, 2013

TEAM #3 LOCKS UP FIRST PLACE WITH A 51 POINT LEAD AS OUR FINAL POSITION ROUND TAKES PLACE TONIGHT! Team #13: Doug Busam ((45) & Nate Hood (52): Doug got his round down in to the mid forties, coming in with a 45. Doug played steady, posting (2) pars in his round. He posted two doubles in a decent round. Nate went the other way, losing ground in his round coming in with a 52, 6 shots off his previous round. Holes 1 and 2 highlighted his round with a triple & double. Nate also took a triple on #8 and posted only 1 par. Good effort by both.

Team #16: Ernie Danos (57) & Steve Fleck (66): For the second week in a row Ernie posted a 57 in his round. Ernie got bit by two quads. He made bogeys on 3, 4, 8 & 9. He took 5 extra strokes to finish the par three hole #7. Good try Ernie. Steve continues to stay in the upper 50’s to the lower 60’s and last week was no exception as he came in with a 66, six strokes off his previous round. He posted quads and triples the most in his round. He finished with bogeys on 8 & 9. Good try.

Team #14: Wayne Davidson (47) & Rusty Ellison (50): Wayne has been posting some nice rounds by had his problems on the first two holes on the front. Wayne started with a double and triple in his round. He posted one more triple and finished with (4) pars. Wayne got bit by (4) doubles and only posted (4) pars. Rusty also struggled in his round. Rusty took four doubles and finished at 50. Rusty made (1) par in his round of several doubles. Good try by both.

Team #17: Greg Haigh (43) & Mike Kove (56): Greg continues to play some decent golf. For the second time in four weeks, Greg posts a 43.Greg’s notched (4) pars in a good round. His only two doubles came on #5 and 8. Good job Greg. Mike on the other hand has stayed in the upper 50’s, coming in with one stroke worse than last week, finishing with a 56.The first four holes told the tale, as Mike had 3 doubles, a quad on #1 and a triple on two holes. It was a great effort by Mike. Good try by both.

Team #15: Mark Dixon (53) & Don Theol (51): Both players struggled in their rounds last week. Mark is staying around the lower 50’s coming in with a 53. Mark’s round was filled with (5) doubles in his first 7 holes. He added a couple of bogeys and (1) quad in his round. Don also fell out of the forties round, coming in with a 51. Don posted four bogeys on his card. He added (2) doubles a triple and a quad. He finished on a good note, posting a par on #9. Good effort by both.

Team #18: Warren Hood (48) & Jim Koss (63): Pastor really struggled last week, coming in with a 48. The opening did extensive damage as he put a couple of bacon strips on the card. He made some nice recovery shots, posting pars on 3 & 5 sticking in a birdie on #4. He finished with one more par, and finished with a ugly triple on #9. Warren finished with (3) pars. Jim came in with his worse round in the league, posting a 63 last week. The first hole left a bad taste as he took 5 strokes to finish the hole. Jim’s card then was filled with (2) quads to go with (4) triples. Jim nailed his only par on #7 .Good try Jim.

MEN’S CHRISTIAN GOLF LEAGUE 2013 Volume 15 Issue 14

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SEPT EM BER 12, 2013

#9 DOMINIC DERITA & #5 PAT NELLIS LEAD ALL GOLFERS INTO THE CLUBHOUSE WITH ROUNDS OF 40!! HONORABLE MENTION TO #20 CHAD GUSTAW (41 WITH A 7 IRON )& BRIAN DERITA (42)!! GOOD ROUNDS GUYS!! Team #19: Mike Borovica (53) & Luke Borovica (57): Both players struggled in last weeks league play with both players going up 5 strokes from the previous week. Mike was ice cold on the first 4 holes, posting a triple, double and a hole that cost him bacon strips. Mike nailed pars on #5, #7 & #9. It was still a decent round Mike finished with (3) pars. Luke also had a struggling round, coming in with a 57. His first three

holes were filled with two triples and one double. Luke posted bogeys on 3 holes and added a double on #6 and finished with5 extra strokes in is round. Good try Luke.

Partner Ken also had a rough round, posting his worse round of the season with a 52. Ken opened with a triple and added a double on #2. He added another double on 4. He posted a quad on #6 and finished with two more bogeys and a double. A valiant effort Ken.

was used to match up against his opponent. Dan Jr did bring down his round and got back into the 40’s posting a 49. The first two holes cost Dan 5 strokes over the hole par. Dan nailed a par on #3 and then doubled the first par 3. Dan Jr added one more double and finished with three bogeys. Nice try Dan. Dan finished with (1) par.

Team #2: Dan Geiersbach Jr (49) & Dan Geiersbach Sr (Bk 55): Dan Sr has been working late on golf days and has been unable to play Thursdays for the last three weeks.. A bank round of 55

Team #20: Chad Gustaw (41) & Howie Trerice (49): Chad played a very conservative round, using only the 7 iron and a putter. Chad came in with a 41 (great round). Chad's first 5 holes saw 3 bogeys, 1 double and a lone par. Then it clicked as the 7 iron found

Team #3: Andre Viger (Bk 41) & Ken Huyghe (45): Andre was out of town and a bank round was used in week 17. Andre’s bank

the green in regulation 5 more times. Chad finished with (5) pars and a round of 41. Nice job Chad. Howie also struggled in his round. Howie opened with a quad. After a bogey on #2, Howie stuck back to back pars. He added three more bogeys and finished with a triple and double for his round of 49. Howie finished with (2) pars. Good effort Howie. Team #1: Denny Obenauer (58) & Ken Kelchner (52): Denny had a very rough start, as he posted back to back quads. He leveled out some, posting a bogey between doubles. His final three holes cost him 8 extra stokes. Good try Denny. round netted him 18 points. Ken H started slow opening with a double. He notched back to back bogeys before nailing pars on #4 & #5. He got stung by a quad on hole #6 that crushed his round. He finished with a bogey on #7 and back to back pars on 8 & 9. A valiant effort Ken. Ken finished with (4) pars in his round of 45.

MEN’S CHRISTIAN GOLF LEAGUE 2013 Team #4: Billy Alessandrini (55) & Jim Lenkevich (56): Both players posted rounds above what they have been shooting the last couple of weeks. Four of the first 5 holes did major damage to his round. He had 13 strokes over par after 5 holes. The balance was filled with bogeys and (1) double. Good try Billy. Jim also had troubles in his round. Jim started with back to back doubles. He bogeyed the next three holes and then disaster struck again. A triple on #6 was followed by two more triples, a double & 5 extra strokes over par on the his next two holes. Good try Jim.

Team #5: Pat Nellis (40) & Cory Routheaux (Bk 48): Cory was absent and his bank round from 8/22 was used against his opponent. Pat continues to post very nice rounds and shared honors for the low round with Dominic DeRita. After a bogey on #1, Pat notched pars on the next three holes. Another bogey and then back to back pars. Pat finished with bogeys on 8 & 9. Pat finished with (5) pars. Nice round Pat.

Team # 7: Steve Ciaramitaro (51) & Steve Miramonti (Bk 42): Steve was absent and a 42 back round was used, and Steve M took 15 points with his bank round. Steve C returned from vacation and dropped 2 strokes off his previous round. Steve C played bogey golf the first three holes. Steve struggled on the next two holes posting a triple followed by a double. He made one more bogey and finished with doubles on his final three holes. Good try Steve C.

Team #8: Bill Marsack (Bk 40) & Ron Corfield (64): Bill was absent and used a very nice bank round of 40 against his opponent. Bill’s round took 19 points. Ron is staying in the mid 60’s coming in with his second (64) in a row. Ron’s card was filled with doubles and triples. He did notch a bogey on the final hole. Good try by Ron.

Larry comes in with a 53. Larry played bogey golf for the first three holes. The next three holes cost Larry a double and two triples. Larry then took doubles on 4, 8 & 9. He also made two triples. A valiant effort by Larry. Brad continues to struggle and came in with a 60 last week. The first two holes pretty much

dictated his round. A triple and quad started his down fall. He stuck a bogey in between a triple on 3 & double on 5. Brad added a double on #6, bogey on 7 and took 5 extra strokes on #8. Good try Brad.

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Volume 15 Issue 14

Team #6: Matt Zuber (47) & Tim Weigel (63): Matt brought down his round by 7 strokes coming in with a

Team #9: Brian DeRita (42) & Dominic DeRita (40): Brian continues to play good golf and comes in with a 42. Brian opened with a bogey on 1 and double on 2. After a birdie on hole #3, Brian made back

47. Matt started with bogeys and nailed back to back pars on #3 & #4. He made one more bogey, one more par and f finished with triples on the final two holes. Matt finished with (3) pars. Good effort Matt. Tim went up a couple of strokes coming in with a 63. The first hole dug into his round with (5) extra strokes. He nailed his only par on 2. Tim added two quads, 3 triples and a quad. A very good try Tim. Tim nailed (1) par.

to back pars. Two more doubles and then it was pars again. Brian posted (4) pars in his round. Dom has been practicing a lot and it is starting to show. After the previous nice round of 42, Dom tied with Pat Nellis for the lowest round coming in with a 40. Dom’s blemish holes were a bogey on 1 and double on #6. He nailed (4) pars and (1) birdie. Very nice round Dom. Team #10: Larry Ball (53) & Brad Dunkelberg: Larry continues to struggle to bring his rounds down into the 40’s.

SEPT 12, 2013

MEN’S CHRISTIAN GOLF LEAGUE 2013 Volume 15 Issue 14 Team #11: Stan Dreslinski (49) & Ray Ressler (44): Both players had their problems in week #17. They were trying to stay closer to team #3 but lost too many points and find themselves out of the running. Stan started rough posting an opening triple. He parred #2 and then got on to the bogey train. He made four in a row. His round continued to drop and Stan finished with double on his final three holes. Stan notched (1) par. Good try Stan. Ray stuck a par in between a double on 1 and triple on 3. Ray then parred the next two holes to help his round. One more

Page 4 Double and Ray finish with back to back pars on 8 & 9. Nice effort Ray. Ray notched (5) pars in his rounds. Team #12: Jim ‘Coach’ Loughead (56) & Erv Rock (62): Coach fell off his rounds of 51 that he posted the last couple of weeks. Jim comes in with a 56. Jim found a bogey to start but things went real bad on the next two holes. Jim got stung by a quad on the par 5, #2 and a triple on #3. Four more doubles crippled his round. Coach nailed one more bogey on #8. Nice try Coach. Erv came in with the same score he had last week, a 62. Two triples and 5 extra

SEPT EM BER 12, 2013 strokes started his round in a very big hole. Erv posted a bogey and a couple of doubles on holes #4 & #5. Erv posted one more triple and a quad . Good try Erv. Erv finished with a 62.

MCGL Newsletter Volume 15 Issue 14  
MCGL Newsletter Volume 15 Issue 14  

Weekly update on how the players faired in their rounds in week 17.