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Ideas for your kitchen - by BLANCO


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FIND YOUR INSPIRATION! Welcome to the first issue of our new online magazine. Design inspiration is all around us. That’s why we started our blog - to inspire you with beautiful kitchen sink and faucet design. We hope you enjoy our magazine which features our talented BLANCO Design Council. The Design Council is a group of highly regarded kitchen designers and home improvement experts who we partner with to share information on the latest kitchen trends, innovations and of course - inspiration! Christy Emens, Marketing BLANCO

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Creating a timeless style

Susan Serra, CKD, CAPS

“Where we are going in the United States is a warm modern, clean line design,” states Susan Serra, CKD, CAPS, author of the popular blog “These simple forms and clean lines feel brand new, but have their roots in the 20th century. It’s not from the last year or two it’s a timeless look.” When Susan picks a product, like a sink for a customer’s home. She’s not looking for this year’s hot sink trend. She is looking for a global

design statement – where classic modern design has been incorporated from beginning. “It doesn’t read as a trend, it’s a different interpretation of what we’ve always loved,” states Susan. “That’s why good modern design is always in style, always appropriate.” Click to here play a video of this article.

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WATER CONSERVATION ONE KITCHEN AT A TIME... We touch a sleek stainless steel handle and safe drinking water fills our pots and glasses. We can’t possibly imagine what it’s like for so many people around the world who have to walk miles each day just to collect the precious water they need to survive. That’s why BLANCO is a proud supporter of Water for People - a charitable organization that ensures sustainable clean drinking water for all people. It’s also why we are fully committed to environmental and humanitarian manufacturing practices. To learn more about our water saving faucets, how design a green kitchen or BLANCO’s sustainability vision, visit us at

“On an individual basis, it's often easier to modify our behavior than it is our environment. Use the kitchen to further an eco-friendly lifestyle by shopping smarter and throwing away less. Each year we throw away 40% of purchased food.”

“Look good and feel great by reducing your consumption of red meat and poultry.” If every American skipped one meal of chicken per week, the carbon dioxide savings would equal taking more than half a million cars off U.S. roads. (Environmental Defense Fund)

Selecting new furniture can be fun and earth friendly at the same time. Look for latex foam, cotton, wool, linen or fabrics that have been minimally treated with chemical dyes or coatings. Extend your green efforts by buying antique or secondhand furniture.

Leslie Clagett, KB Culture

Andie Day, SHIFT

Vickie Payne, For Your Home

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Innovation Deconstructed BLANCO’s new MODEX™ sink has captured the attention of designers and design competitions including the prestigious red dot, Good Design, KitchenInnovation and KB Culture awards. We interviewed BLANCO’s Head Designer Brigitte Ziemann to learn more about the BLANCO design process, today’s hottest kitchen trends and what goes into making a successful launch like MODEX. What was the inspiration for the MODEX design? Vertical and horizontal lines bring more life and dimension to the kitchen. With MODEX, we played with volumes, nesting geometries, pattern and mixed colors. We see this approach as a very strong trend for the next 3-5 years.

today and stay fresh years from now. Reliable design is not always about the latest style. It’s about quality and durability.

BLANCO Head Designer Brigitte Ziermann

When we pick a color or a material – it must be long lasting. When we pick a new neutral for SILGRANIT® for

instance, it must combine well with counter surfaces and cabinetry. A successful color is one that will continue to maintain it’s fresh look for years to come.

How do you stay ahead of the trends? Design and Design Leadership is very integral to our culture as a company. We always look ahead and anticipate trends. We have a very strong team that constantly researches and experiments with materials, furnishing trends.

What sink do you have at home now? I have a MODEX at home. I am the biggest fan of MODEX. The material is durable, easy to clean. I have a lot of cutting boards so the integrated board is much better for storage and function. The new ash compound chopping board surprises with its filigree appearance and pleasant lightness. It We stay ahead of the trends by exploring limits and moves easily across the entire sink width to create moving boundaries – two points that basically an additional flexible work surface. apply to every area in the product development and manufacturing process of a future-oriented, leading Do you experiment with products at home? brand such as BLANCO. How does your family feel about that? What makes a design popular? Our challenge is to stay on trend while delivering well-designed products that will be both fresh

Yes, I do like to experiment with the new products in my own kitchen. And no... my husband is not amused when I’m always changing out the sinks and faucets.

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Designer, Ken Kelly reviews the BLANCO MODEX. Click here to see the video!

“The new ash compound chopping board surprises with its filigree appearance and pleasant lightness. It moves easily across the entire sink width to create an additional flexible work surface,” Brigette Ziemann, Head Designer for BLANCO. Page 7

Hot Tips from Kitchen Experts

Chef Eric Ripert in the Eric Ripert Kitchen by Poggenpohl - which features BLANCO sinks and faucets.

Kitchen experts agree that the ideal kitchen is not only gorgeous, but is the most efficient possible in allowing you to craft a perfect meal in your home and to create a convivial atmosphere around the table. According to Chef Eric Ripert, “High quality ingredients and simple methods are all that is needed for great design and great cooking.”

The Eric Ripert Kitchen by Poggenpohl embodies Ripert’s personal vision for a world-class restaurant kitchen reinvented for the at-home chef in all of us.

Chef Inspired Details: • A plating area in front of the cooktop to prep dishes •

The kitchen features a BLANCO Precision™ 16’’ SteelArt® sink and the BLANCO Meridian™ Semi• Professional faucet; complete with eco-friendly Poggenpohl cabinetry finishes.

Narrow pullout drawers and vertical cabinets to store all essential ingredients and daily cooking utensils right at the cooktop where the chef needs them most. Comfortable seating to surround the island so the host is entertaining guests and serving as he cooks. Page 8

I like accessories and design features such as built-in

colanders. Geeky things make designers happy! Kelly Morisseau Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Designer

We like to see small sinks in big islands especially for

chilling wine and entertaining.

Nick Lovelady Cupboards Kitchen & Bath

DonĂ­t neglect overmounts! They allow you different

countertop options.

Cheryl Clendenon InDetail Interiors Page 9

Scenes from BlogTour Living Kitchen Show Cologne, Germany featuring BLANCO Design Council

First of its kind and above the rest. Reinvent the kitchen with a vision in modern aesthetics. MODEX™ from our SILGRANIT® II collection takes design beyond the expected with a unique 3" profile that sits above the counter. Sloping geometric lines and a curated palette of Cinder, Anthracite and White blends artfulness, elegance and durability. MODEX – transforming the kitchen workstation into a fine work of art.


Design inspiration is all around us. That’s why we started our blog - to inspire you with beautiful kitchen sink and fauc...

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